Ruff Sex (1990) - full transcript

Three social outcasts who live near the seaside interact with each other in increasingly disturbing ways. The trio of characters are a woman who has killed her sister, a man who enjoys necrophilia, and a female amnesiac. The first woman engages in sadistic pursuits such as capturing young women at the beach to force them to engage in sexual activities, including copulation with a horse and a dog.

Shin Toho Video Corporation


Kanako KISHI



Kazuhiro SANO

Hisayasu SATO

Horse, Woman, and Dog


No, stop!

Good boy.

I'm creating a kingdom where people
and animals can become entwined.

Of course, I'll let all of you in as well!

- Is that your horse?
- No, it's the Queen's.

The Queen's?

You'll meet her before long.
I'm just taking care of him.

I... can't remember anything.

When I came to,
I was inside there.

No, please!

The girl you just saw committed suicide
after being raped over and over by them.

I'm looking forward to
seeing how this will end.

This woman has amnesia.
Just let her go already.

She's been trespassing on my beach!
Have I ever forgiven something like that?

She has nowhere to go.
Just let her be.

I never imagined that you
were such a kind man.

I'll take her out of here
once her memory comes back.

You're having too much fun.
Think before you speak!

With those on, you can dream...
While you soak in the tropical ocean!

Just do as I command!

- You really don't remember anything?
- Nope.

Truth is, when you washed ashore,
I was the one who rescued you.

- I thought you would.
- Why is that?

I dreamed about you.

In it, you warmed my cold body.

I thought for sure
that you were dead...

I am dead...

Drowned corpses often wash in
with the tide around here.

Is this the entrance
to the netherworld?

Maybe it is...
There's even a horse here.

A horse?

I've read that horses are the guides
who lead people to the netherworld.


And behold,
a pale horse...

I wonder if she's dead yet?

- Shall we go check?
- Sure, in the morning.

She can't escape anyway.
Want to go tease Ryo some more?

Don't bother waking him.

You're nice to Ryo, aren't you?

- Yet so cruel to the girl on the beach.
- Shut your mouth! What do you know...

My brother and sister are both dead.
My time will come soon.

That wretched blood
still flows inside me.

But other women keep thriving.
I can't forgive that. I hate them!

Hey, I want to be alone.
Get out. Out!

Think our perverted lush of a
Queen has fallen asleep yet?

She's probably still drinking!

If I hang around her any longer,
she'll start telling that story again...

Ah, yes. On a fateful summer day,
her sister tried to push her off the boat...

...and ended up falling in herself.
That one, right?

I wonder if it's true.

If you believe the Queen's stories,
you're beyond all hope!

It's just an alcoholic's hallucination.

There, there.

Good boy. Drink up.

Come here...

What's wrong?

- Where were you?
- What's the matter?

- I had a scary dream.
- What about?

You're so warm...

This is calming me down.

- Want to run away with me?
- Where to?

Anywhere but here.

I'm flattered. But...


- I can't leave until I can remember.
- What for?

I just have this feeling...

If you leave, you'll still remember.

- You want to leave now?
- That's right.

This was in your pocket
when you drifted ashore.

You're probably the survivor
of a lovers' double-suicide.

When I saved you,
you kept calling a man's name...

I bet the gun was his.

What happened to him?
Where is he? Is he dead?

You have to load it first.

We had met in Tokyo...

But we couldn't live there.

I've used this only once...

I shot a person in Tokyo.

We sank into the water together...

But I was saved.

And then I got scared.
So I came back to this beach.


I had been here once before!

You mean...

The man you tried to commit
double-suicide with was me.

I'm the one you've been looking for!

But... I don't remember you at all!

You can't run away.

Don't act like that.
We're leaving this place.




Very nice...

I'll give you some sweet dreams!


Were you born with this?
What's with this birth mark!

- I don't know...
- Come on, tell me!

It only appears when I'm aroused.
It's usually invisible.

Are you satisfied now?

Give me your knife.

You're my little sister!

I pushed you into the sea,
but you came back.

Whenever I drink, I get the same
mark on the bottom of my right foot.

We're sisters, yet total opposites.

It was a terrible summer.

The summer sun bearing
down drove us both mad.

Untie her, quickly!

There was something nice
back in the storehouse.

Don't move!

I'll shoot!
Back off!

I'll shoot, I will!

Have you shot anyone before?

Come on!

- We can't leave with her around.
- I know.

You don't believe her story, do you?
It's total nonsense!

What do you know about me?

Did you see us at the ocean?
Me and my sister, on the boat?

Why is a person who sunk
into the ocean back now!

Because I called out for her.

I lived on inside
of my younger sister.

That's why she's come back.
To go back into the ocean!

To go back...

That's why I have to kill you...

That way you'll have died
back then in the summer sea.

This woman is leaving with me.

Listen to me, he likes to have
sex with the washed-up corpses!

He's a necrophiliac!

Let me back on the boat...

Just like that summer...

We can finally go, together.

That was my intention, but...

I found your photographs.

You were secretly collecting
those corpses, weren't you?

I was just another corpse...

I was the one you were looking for.
Keep searching for your memories...

Everyone just leaves
me with nightmares.

...and he who sat on it,
his name was Death.

Nothing drifted ashore.