Rue princesse (1994) - full transcript

Emile, his wife Fanta and their four children lead a comfortable existence. Jean, the eldest son, is interested only in music to his father's regret. One day Jean is sent away from home because of it...

Princess Street


I'm coming!

Look at this gal!
Such a chic one!

- You're as pretty as your car.
- How flattering!

Let's go if you're ready. I don't want
to spend my time under the sun.

It's so noisy! It's impossible!

You'll get used to it.
Let's go to the workshop.

Well, I hadn't realized
how good you are at your job.

I got used to it.

I understand why your father
wants to keep you.

My father is too narrow-minded, he won't
understand I don't like this job.

Well kid, you shouldn't have
dropped your studies.

I only like music.
I just got a contract with a local band.

It's good you're here, I'm thirsty.

My tapeworm is hungry,
I hope the meal is ready.

Yes. The children didn't wait for you.

- What do you say?
- Hello Daddy!

Hello kids.

Today, we're having noodles.

Thanks to the Italian!




Conaretis and tutti quantis.

Emile, what's the matter again?

Do you call this food?
I wonder where the real food goes.

Look at Maurice, he's so skinny!

I bet the kid has two tapeworms!

Don't force us to be disgusted by the food.

What about your contract with Rokia?

- I just signed it.
- Ah!

By the way, have you seen Jean?

I suppose he's watching the workers.

Or maybe the workers are watching him.

I'll have a report on his behaviour
at work before the end of the week.

Mom, what is conaretis?

A recipe your father made up.

- Who wants the last piece of chicken?
- Me!

Felix! Are you crazy?

No. If somebody wants to eat it,
he can have it. Otherwise I'll eat it.

You're disgusting...

Listen to me, Jean! I don't want
no musician in my family!

- It that clear?
- Absolutely.

You won't see me again,
neither in your factory nor in your house.

Loot at Jean, I'm so proud of him!

He's very talented.

But I don't have much time
to take care of my kids.

He's tough, doing this job
after his shift at the factory!

He's done with the factory.

Now he will dedicate
his life to his music.

- He's had his own house for a week now.
- Really?

What about you?
Still no hope to become a mother?

Not yet.

We're taking our time.

So you've become Emile's
business partner!

I didn't know you were into business.

I hate it, Fanta!

I just need to be busy for a while.

The clothes are worn by star models.

They are empty frames for
the designers' imagination.


And now...

Here is a piece created
and designed by...

Fanta Ciss?, who is amongst us!

Very, very nice.

You're great!

I'll buy the whole collection tomorrow!

Who is Jean's girlfriend?

A student from a good family. Emile
hopes Jean will accept to marry her.

The fashion show is over. I'll go back
to the workshop to bring the collection.

Can you take Jean home?

- Shall we go for a walk?
- No, it's too late.

- Also, Uncle Fod? would be mad at you.
- Don't worry about him.

It's agreeable, all the lights at night.

All the men and women walking,
I wonder what they are looking for.

Where are you taking me?

Let's take our time.

I want to caress you!

Aunt Rokia...

It's just the two of us, call me Rokia.

It's difficult.

- So you don't like me.
- Oh yes I do!

You're what we call
a "super gal"! But...

You're my mother's friend,
how could I look at you?

You can look down next time you see me.

What does this mean?

Get out and start your apprenticeship!

Take this!

Take away this client's innocence.


Well I'm busy.

I have a rendezvous with a client.
But I'll arrange something for you.


This client knows nothing.

Show him how it works.

- You have too many clients already?
- I have a rendezvous.

- Come.
- No, I'm fine.

What's wrong? Come!

You have nothing to loose
and I have 10,000 to earn!


Aren't you thirsty?

My throat is so dry!

You're cute.

That's what they say.

And you're tall.

You're a three-story house!

What is it? Sit down!
You're standing still like a tree.

Do I scare you?

I'm not a killer.

Just a whore.

A toutou, as they say.

And you?

I'm a musician.

Apart from that bill,
do you have money?

No. Nobody is as poor as me.

I knew it!

- Take this.
- No.

- Take this!
- No!

All the better,
because I'm really tired.

But... Jodie...

- You never get attacked?
- They don't have time for that.

As soon as somebody approaches, I blow
this whistle and all the girls are here.

Anyway, I'm going to
open a bank account.

I was told there is this banker
you can easily arrange something with!

- Do you want a doughnut?
- With pleasure!

Have some, they are delicious.

It stinks!

- Where does it come from?
- My socks.

I stepped in a puddle!

It stinks so bad!

Thank you, you are nice.

Don't forget to visit me sometimes.

If I ever forget,
come find me at the theater, okay?


See you! Bye bye!

- Working extra hours?
- There was a hell of a traffic jam!

Fod?! You're sweating!

And all sticky. Let me dry you.

You know...
I had an amazing idea.

And it's not a caprice, I swear!

I know you want to have a child.

And so do I.

So what?

An anonymous donor...

is out of the question,
I already told you.

Imagine! Carrying something
for somebody you don't know!

So, I have chosen.

I want...

Jean to give me
the baby you can't give me.

- Are you kidding?
- Not at all.

With him, I won't feel like I'm cheating
on you, and your honor will be safe.

This is an evil idea.

And I love evil ideas.

In this case, you have to help me.

I can see you coming!

What a hangover. My mouth is furry!

Emile, I came home
very late last night, let me sleep.

Shut up, make an effort.

If you feel so vigorous, Emile,
why don't you go to Princess Street?

You won't trigger my desire
with your remote control.

Vanda, there must be
a failure in your system.

You have not always said that.

20 years ago,
when you woke up in the morning,

you'd always have a nice word for me.

Well, many winters have come.

It caused erosion.

Oh, thank you!

This is such a nice word.
What a great way to start a day!

Emile, don't drown my whiskey!

No, just what it needs.

- Rokia, have a drink with us.
- No, thank you Emile.

Sea water is all I want now.

- What a businesswoman!
- Oh yes!

- And very determined.
- Oh yes!

- Emile!
- Yes?

- Do you know were my robe is?
- No I don't, darling.

Well, I'll sunbath then.

Don't you marry so young!

Enjoy your youth.

This is an advice from
a woman who admires you a lot.

Sleep with all the men you want, but...

be as discreet as you can.

You will never regret it.

- Jean, call us when it's ready.
- Yes, Father.

- Fod?, let's go under the coconut trees.
- Oh yes!

What's up Jean?

Why the long face?

I'll be sweating so they can eat.

Jean! You are so childish!

Look at the friend of your father.
He is a real man.

Please, don't mind me and go.

Fod?, I'm going to grab some food.

I hope no coconut will fall on my head.

I heard it happened to a tourist
right after she arrived here.

She went straight back home!

- You're kidding me.
- Not at all!

She was still in a coma
when she went home!

There will be no danger as long as you
stay with me. Come, come closer. Here!

- Be careful, your wife may see us.
- Rokia?

She has other fish to fry.

I hope this is well done
or my gum will ache again.

- Would you rather have ground meat?
- Don't be silly.

Your son is very well-built,
he looks like you.

But I think the son is better.

- Sometimes you're a bitch.
- Yes!

Since I came here,
I never saw you flirt with Jean.

He's so inoffensive,
it's just a family agreement.

Really? So how do you do?

About what?

- Your needs.
- I wait for propositions.

So, let's say tomorrow,
from 1 to 2 PM, in my office.



- See you on Thursday.
- Okay.

- Hello, Mister Banker.
- Hello.

What are you doing?

I'm lying down.

I get it.

So this is my reputation
in this fucking city?

The advertisement
for my bank was saying...

"The bank that stretches."

Come have a seat.

Indeed, some losers transformed
the original meaning.


All my savings are here.

15 millions.

That's a lot of working hours,
so I want a lot of interest.

- Mister Banker, are you listening to me?
- With attention.

The usual rate is 6%.



Is that a lot?

The more the money,
the higher the rate.

- I can make an exception and offer 8%.
- 8%.

Stop. No, stop. Not here.

I don't have much energy now.


And we'll meet later.

- This won't be a problem.
- How should we proceed?

I live in Love Street.

- Princess Street?
- Yes.

We don't lack good things over there.


From 4 to 5 PM, on Monday.


- Oh, you're ravishing!
- Thank you.

Yeah, she is the real girl!

If she were a guy,
I'd have her hotter than red-hot iron.

This is a nice outfit.
Congratulations, Scarlet!

Put it aside for me, Scarlet!
How do you like me, Jean?

- So-so.
- You don't look thrilled.

Mom, if you had some gas for me
it'd be of great help.


Rokia, can't you see Jean is here?

So what?

It's like I'm wearing a swimsuit.

Anyway, how could Jean
be interested in me?

I'm his mother's friend and
his father's business partner.


Here is your gas.

Why not walk? At your age,
your body should be functioning well.

Well, everything depends on
the motor under the body.

- Goodbye.
- I won't forget you.


- Hello Jean.
- Jean.

Come in.

I just came by to say hi,
I have to go to my rehearsal.

- Right now?
- In an hour.

So we have time, why the rush?

- What about your clients?
- They need my ass, I need their money.

It's not a big deal.
You want to see my stock?

Not really.

Look at this! Look:

- Are you collecting them?
- Collecting? I'm using them!

You can have one. What's your size?

1 meter 85.

- Not your size...
- Oh!

Baby bottle.


I have one here.

You look shy but
you're hiding your game.

They come from all over the world,
they are like gifts.

Listen, Josie, I have to go.
It's my first rehearsal, I can't miss it.

- Can I come with you?
- Yes, but you will lose your clients.

It doesn't matter. I don't know why
but I feel like partying today.

So listen,

I'll lay my business off for operational
reasons, get ready and we'll go.

Meanwhile, you tidy up
my professional tools.


You're going to the theater
dressed like this?

- Why? You don't like it?
- No, it's not that.

- But people will look at us?
- So what? I'm used to it. Let's go!

Josie! Where are you heading,
dressed as a minister's wife?

- To the theater.
- The theater? At this hour?

- Josie, don't lie to us!
- Here are my comrades.

This one is DC10, her war name.

- Hello!
- And here is Double-Coke.

- Hello.
- Wow! Hello!

- I'm the White Woman. Hello.
- Hello.

He is... Baby Bottle.

Hey, Josie!

So you found a nice boy
with a nice tool!

Hey girls, he's not a client!

DC10, I have a favor to ask.

Please, if I have clients,
take care of them.

But don't forget this...


- Bye!
- Bye!

Taxis are on the other way
and my name is Jean.

I know. Baby Bottle is your war name.

Hey, taxi!

No! No! No!
Stop it! Stop!

Stop it. You, Jean, you come forward.

- Close the show with your music.
- Yes, Sir.

Okay, let's do it again..

Very good.

We will continue on Monday, okay?

You, Jean, you come here.

You have to work on your chords.

They must be
more present, more intense!

You must break the cords of your kora!

- Have a nice week-end.
- Thank you Sir.

It was nice.

You are beautiful when you play.

When I listen to you,
I have goosebumps.

- It's exciting.
- This is very serious!

You be assured.

Me will tell you secret
to have good man.

- What is his name?
- Jean.

Oh yes, Jean! Clear! Like this.

No, he's black.

Black? Oh yes, you are black.

His size is small?

No, he is tall.

Oh, man is tall!

See this?




Oh yes!

Stronger than cannabis.

Just a bit and okay!

You tell now wallay.

- What does wallay mean?
- Wallay?

It is "I swear".

- Go. Wallay.
- Wallay.

- Wallay.
- Wallay.

- Wallay.
- Wallay.

- Wallay.
- Wallay.


Go take the bread there.

Remove your cloth.

Wash with fetish water.

After you lay on sacred mat here.

So you purify.


- Jean!
- Oh, Scarlet.

Let me introduce you to Josie.

He is Scarlet, he works with my mother.

- Scarlet?
- Yes, Scarlet.

Because of Rhett Butler
in Gone with the wind.

If you haven't seen him kissing,
girl, you haven't seen nothing.

- Jean.
- Yes?

Your girl makes me go floppy.

By the way, I hear
you're becoming famous.

Don't you have some gas for me?

Man, my girlfriend
owns a gas station.

You can ask her.

In this case
I'd rather be broken down.

- Bye.
- Okay, see you later.

Baby Bottle, your friends here are...

- This and that.
- Oh, you're one to say!

Why are you doing this job?

After my father died,
his young brother took care of me.

The man sent me whoring
with his friends.

I thought I'd rather
do it for myself.

And so I became CEO of my body.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

Wallay! It's good.

- Two Situations and one whiskey-coke!
- Right away!

Why "Situations"?

It's the beer of the poor.

Even if you drink 20 of them,
you'll still be the same.

Whiskey-cokes are always for Maryam. One
of his customers nicknamed her Double-Coke.

He always drinks whiskey-cokes.

When he comes to see us,
I can't tell you what he does.

- I know somebody like him.
- Really? Maybe it's my client.

There's no way
he goes to Princess Street.

- When will you bring our plates?
- Right away.

Josie, I'll take my whiskey-coke
and leave.

There's a white customer hitting on me.

Braised chicken!

- What does she run on?
- She as Londoner.

That's how we call girls
who give the white tremors.

Wow, what a vocabulary you girls have!

- I'm hungry. Bon app?tit!
- Thank, you too.

See the little girl over there? During
daylight she's a seller at the market.

And when it's dark
she takes her clients to the maquis.

Look at Double-Coke.

And just behind you.

The woman acting like
she is first-class.

She's a THOT:
Terribly Hot Overaged Tramp.

Don't you recognize the insignificant
man sitting in front of her?

He's the Mayor!

This world is scary.

- What should we do now?
- I'm sure you know already.

You decide.

I'm sure you're used to it.

You can choose between
my flat and my car.

I like your car better.

- It's more exciting.
- We're gonna have a good time.

Do you know
what I'd like to offer you?

No. Tell me, quick!

Operational problems
every Saturday and Sunday.

Hey, White Woman!
Guard my place, I'm going to the beach.

- The beach? There's already a client!
- I can't. Operational problems!

I'm happy to go!


I swear I'll make you swallow water!

You'd have to come here first!

Stop! Stop!

Let's make peace.

My lips are so salty
I feel like a salted cod.

It's so good to rinse!

- Baby Bottle!
- Yes?

- It's my first time to the sea!
- It won't be the last!

I hope so.

It's almost done. Hurry up!

It made me so hungry!

What is this?

This? Snake.


Chicken will be enough.

You are brave.

When I think that the snake
will go to your belly and make babies.

And the babies will tie up your intestines
and poo inside you everyday.

- It makes me wanna throw up.
- It's fine, you're gonna eat some.

After this...

I will lay down under the coconut trees.

So I can sleep well.

Jean, I'm talking to you.
Are you listening?

With me, even someone peeing
must stop peeing and listen to me.

Jean, what are you looking at?

There's a huge lizard behind you!

Josie! Come back! Come back!

- Come back!
- No!

Come on, come back!

Come back!


How are you doing, honey?

Now you understand why
we call this place the bay of the sirens.

Hey, Josie, I'm talking to you.

What are you thinking about?

- Nothing.
- Nothing?

You look sad.

Not at all.

Sometimes I get lost in my mind.

In my dreams.

It never lasts long.

Baby Bottle, listen...

I love the sound of the waves so much!

Play the kora again.

It's marvelous!

But you're a secretive person.

Before my father died...

I wanted to be a singer.

Why don't you ever talk
about your mother?

I never knew her,
she died when I was born.

You and me are alike.

I lost my mother when I was eight.

Let's not talk about this anymore,
it's sad.

You know what you should do?

Register at the conservatory
and take singing courses.

The night fell fast.

We should go to sleep.

How nice of you
to leave me in the dark!

- Can you see a black in the dark?
- No!


- Have a good night.
- Good night, Josie!

It was the best day of my life!

You're right, it was a beautiful day.

Apart from your lizard!

- Jean.
- Yes?

Come near me.

If your lizard comes back,
we will be two.

Now I'm not afraid anymore.

You're very hot.

No, it's the emotion.

- Hello Fatou!
- Hello Aunty!

Artist = Jobless!
Artist = Jobless!

Hello Double-Coke.
Is Josie here?

She went to the theater a long time ago.
Come drink a Senegalese coffee with me.

- Where is the coffee?
- There's none.

Senegalese have no coffee,
it's just hot water with milk and sugar.

I can't drink this kind of coffee.
But you're nice, thanks anyway.

Don't you make me angry in the morning!
I've just spoilt my sugar!

- I'll bring you real coffee tomorrow.
- Okay!

Step back. Step back! Make way.
Okay. Okay.

Jean, hurry up for God's sake!
We're waiting for you to start over.


It's wonderful!

- I'm sure you will fit in the band.
- You're nice.

- Jean.
- Yes?


And yes!

I'm a fan of yours.

We will talk later. Okay?

Everybody take place!
Everybody take place.

In place?

We will start now.

Mom? Let me introduce you to Josie.

- I'm glad to meet you.
- Me too.

Say, Baby Bottle,
you're mother has greatly calibrated!

- I see there are nice things.
Can I have a look? - Sure.

- Baby Bottle? What's that nickname?
- It's my war name.

There are some invitations for a show
on the pedestal table.

Take one, it will be crowded.

You may meet important partners.
Acquaintances who can open doors for you.

- I'll go with Josie.
- No, it is a selective event.

Your girlfriend won't give
a good impression.

Don't ruin our show.

By the way, I don't see you
hang out with Aki anymore.

- Aki? She's so chic!
- Isn't it a quality?

Not for me.
She's more the kind of a thot.

What a way to talk!

- Where does this one come from?
- Her? She is in our band.

Who is it?


I came to see Jean.

He is busy. Who's asking for him?

It doesn't matter.

Goodbye Miss Itdoesntmatter!

- Where you talking to someone?
- To Miss Itdoesntmatter.

- How was she?
- Wearing a hat, looking like a bird.

- What did she want?
- I don't know.

If she needs to remove the spider web
she has between her legs,

- I can give her a broom.
- You're so mean!

I'm not mean, I'm jealous.

This double coke is for me. Thanks.

- Do you want a glass?
- Yes, why not?

Thank you.

I'll have a glass of wine later.

Sir, this is a chic event, you can't
go in, you wear no pocket handkerchief.

- You're right, but what's the point?
- You just need one.

Okay, no problem.

- Is it better now?
- It's the greatest of the handkerchiefs.

Josie, you're clever!

- Can I offer you my handkerchief?
- No, thanks.

I'll be drunk with pleasures!

Josie! Look at all this food!

- I'll start with that!
- Go ahead.

- Who are these persons?
- You son's friends.

I wish I knew where they come from.

I will keep investigating.

- What are you doing here?
- I've been invited.

Well, I don't know you.

I'll give you 10,000 Francs
as a bonus on Monday.


- What did that CEO want?
- To sew my month.

- Really? - Shall we dance?
- Okay.

- You're too close, you'll hurt your eyes.
- This is my favourite disease.

- DC 10! Yes?
- Where are the grasshoppers?

There is no Senegalese rice,
no Japanese food. Nothing!

Darling, just put everything
in your plate!

What is this black thing?
You know everything.

- This is called caviar.
- This looks like cat poo!

But I want some fish!
Waiter, I want some fish!

- There is none.
- Don't you have sardines?


Hey, White Woman,
there is cake over there!

I don't want no cake,
I want some wine.

I don't want to see you with my son.
Otherwise I will put you in jail!

You'd rather call all your friends
and disappear quickly!

Go sit down!

You! You tell your husband
to leave us alone!

- Anyway, I'll reheat my plate.
- Call me when it's ready.

Hey, you. What are you doing here?
Who are you looking for?

- Hello, first.
- Hello.

- I want a woman.
- There is none.

- Good night.
- Goodbye.

You seem weird,
what did my father tell you?



So what is it?

You will understand.

Emile used to come to see me.

But now he goes to Double-Coke.

He is the client
I told you about.

I didn't know he was your father.

We should stop seeing each other, Jean.
I don't want you to have troubles.

- Don't worry. Nothing will happen.
- That's what you think.

They are very powerful. They can get us
in trouble whenever they want to.

Even if I stop doing this job...

they will keep bothering me.

Thank you.

Jean, I was looking for you
to make peace.

Can I have a drink?

Thank you.

- What is this?
- A cure for sadness.

Do you want to taste it?

Not really.

Where is the place
where prostitutes gather?

Thank you.

The guy completely ruined our night.

There were so many good things!

Marie, bring us some water!

Excuse me. Josie?

I'm looking for Jean.

Jean is not here.

- Lady, sit with us, we're gonna eat.
- No, thanks.

You're here to look for Jean,

but he is not here.

Tell your husband Double-Coke said so.
He knows me very well.

Albertine, the condoms
the government gave us,

they are not designed
to sell ice-creams.

This is not good.

- What does your father say when
he sees you with a girl? - He's mad.

- I feel dizzy.
- You've drank too much.

Show me you're a real man.

- You're crushing my breasts.
- What is a breast?

It's this. With two little nipples.

- And what's down here?
- Wallay, it's good!


Wallay, it's good.

You're coming home very late,
what happened?

I was investigating on Princess Street.

- Do you know your son is a whore's lover.
- He's not the only one.

Who else is?

Well, you should know better than me.

Here are the results of the tests.

Maryam Sidib?.

You can go.

Kouam? Ako Souah.

You can go.

Akissi Komfont.

You can go.

Brigitte Kon?.

Wait here. Yes, go over here and wait.

Josie Kwam?.

You can go.

And don't forget that
Thursday is a special day!

Claire Nouga.

Wait here.


I'm scared for Brigitte.

The way the doctor told her to wait.
It made me shiver.

By the way, why did the doctor
mention Thursday?

He's my client.

Oh, I get it! He's part of our club!

Bitch! Whore! What did I tell you?

You want sex? I'll give you some! Bitch!
I'll teach you how to denounce people!


- Let go of me!
- What's going on?

It's this guy. One woman is
not enough for him. He wants all of us.

I'll be back.
And it will be bad for you!


Double-Coke! Hurry up and call Jean!

Double-Coke, I'm talking to you!

Why do you want her to call Jean?
Are you afraid of this man?

Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!

- Jean! Your father wants to kill us!
- My father? - Your father.

- Chief, I have to leave. It seems
there is a huge problem. - Okay, go.

Follow me!

It will be easy to catch them, inspector.
They have an old car.

I wonder what's gotten
into this little brat!

The youth, nowadays, is terrible!


I'm sure the brat took her to
his grand-mother. Let's go there.

- Oh, fuck! We're out of gas.
- Oh no!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

It can't be true!

Josie, I'll buy gas in the next village.
I'll be right back.

- What am I supposed to do?
- We went far. We are out of trouble now.

Out of danger, that's what you think.
I'm not reassured, Jean!

Don't be too long!

How can he drive a car
and not put gas in it?

- Should I fill it?
- Only 5 liters.

I ran out of gas.

Let go of me!






- Captain, the whole city fucked her!
- Aren't you from the city, too?

No, it's not what I meant.

Where is he? Where is he?
That guy, where is he?

What do you want?
What's going on?

Who do you think I am?

Captain, can I talk to
my son in private?

You're not talking to anybody!

If you don't let Josie go,
we will go on strike.

I'll call the reporters and
tell them everything!

You're our client! You're our client!
You're our client! Everybody will know!

Listen, we don't want no scandal.
Take your girlfriend and leave.

But, Captain!

There is no doubt, Madam,
you are pregnant.

You are one month pregnant,
that's why your periods were late.

What? One month?

At least one month.

I'm gonna kill him!

I'm gonna kill him!

Josie, I can see a marriage!

- Stop kidding me.
- I'm not kidding. Make a wish!

I'm not working today!
Double-Coke is tired.

What's the matter?
Who is it? Come in!

Excuse me, Double-Coke.
I forgot my glasses, I'm sorry.

I forgive you.

- Here.
- You made your wish? - Yes.

Let me throw the dices and
see what will happen.


This marriage is not a small thing.

All our clients are married men.

If I were to marry Jean,
he would go to a whore too.

Oh, Maryam, don't be stupid!

Okay, I'm stupid. But if you marry him,
what are you going to do?

We will work together.

He will have a woman and you will
have a man. You'll make a double-date.

Josie, you're too clever!

We will work together
at the theater.

You know, Maryam. I will only make love
with my heart from now on.

Not with my belly.

What Jean did for me,
nobody did before him.

When you will be in your room,
you will say...

"My love, take me like this..."


What about the money?
Where will you find it?

Because I love money.

I'll keep doing this job
until somebody tells me...

"Granny, have some rest now!"

But I won't rest! I'll keep working!

- Rambo, can you take me to my grandma?
- Sure, but you'll sit with the sheep.

Thank you!

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Is my grandma here?
- No, she went to church.

Okay, thanks.

- I'll come back later.
- Okay.

The Holy Virgin is my catholic faith.

But talismans are African.

You see, Jean, the kingdom in the sky...

is open to everybody
who confesses to Jesus.


are part of the world.

You need the Christ.

And Josie too.

If you want to marry her,
let me tell you.

For me, as a catholic,

I will say it's good, my child.

But for me as an African woman,

I'll tell you not to do it.

You, grandma, are part Mary's legion.

You told me the kingdom is the sky
is open to those who confess to Jesus.

I want to marry Josie. Help me.

Get down on your knees.

We will have to pray.

- I already made up my mind!
- You have to take your responsibilities!

Josie and Baby Bottle
are going to get married.

We must offer a great gift to Josie.

Her room is free now.
Fatou, the new one here, will replace her.

But, Fatou, we don't want no drug here!

If there is no drug,
the police will leave us alone.

And we must always think
about the diseases!

Look at Brigitte.

She used to work without condoms,
and know she has AIDS.

Once Josie gets married,
we will help you, okay?

Darling you're right.

This thing may kill us all.

Have you seen my purse?

I don't mess with my clients.

It's always full of condoms.

With these little pieces of rubber,
we can have all the fun we want.

Do you have a condom?
Do you have one? And you? You?

- Do you have one?
- No. - Take this, it's 50 Francs.

- But it was free before!
- Don't you discuss! Times are tough.


Jean is handsome!
I want to marry him too!

Don't worry, after this party,
we will all taste him too.

Oh, I like that!

I ran as fast as a wild chicken.
I want to see Josie's marriage too!

The Mayor!

Where did you meet the bride?

She's my client.

The ceremony is about to begin.

Has anybody anything to say?

Yes! Me!

This girl is a whore!


Do you know how people call me?
The White Woman, because of this.

But now I'm a black woman, yes!

Look at all the women here. Can you
tell who sells love and who doesn't?

Look at all the men here. Can you tell
who buys love and who doesn't?

You keep talking but
you are the real bitch here.

Starting from now, Josie's belly
is not for the clients.

It's for Jean.
No I don't want no bullshit!

- Isn't it true?
- It's true!

Okay, okay, we got it.

Silence now.

We will proceed to marry two citizens.

I won't bother reading the whole text.

It's very hot and I'm tired of marrying
people who divorce in two months.

Mister Jean Ciss?,

do you accept to marry

Miss Josie Kwam??


Miss Josie Kwam?,

do you accept to marry

Mister Jean Ciss??

So what do we say?







This is a marriage ceremony,
not a brothel!

You're the brothel!

Keep acting like this and
the ceremony will be postponed.

I declare you husband...

and wife!

They are so beautiful!
I'm gonna find a real man too!

- You?
- Yes!

Wearing these three bears?

Subtitles: tadanobu@KG
Proofreading: flipflink & joachim