Rue de l'Estrapade (1953) - full transcript

While Henri Laurent speeds along on the racing circuits, his pretty wife Françoise goes from luxury boutique to luxury boutique with her best friend Denise. One day, Denise lets her know that Henri has a lover. Outraged, Françoise moves out of marital home and rents a maids' room in Rue de l'Estrapade. Henri tries to get his wife back but Françoise does not listen. She even looks for a job in a prêt-à-porter shop and lets herself be courted by Robert, her neighbor across the landing...

Oh no... Look...
Eat from your own plate!

Let me have my share.

Help yourself from the dish.


I don't want you to disturb
Mrs. Bonnet when she's eating.

What do you want?

I need some wine.

Monsieur asked for me, didn't he?

No, no, don't bother.

- I thought I heard Madame though.
- No, no, no.

Oh, I forgot the wine.

Bordeaux just beat
Nice at home.


- I have to go.
- Yes indeed. That's life.

Are you crazy?

You're not going to wear
a woman's scarf, are you?

Why not? It doesn't suit me?

You're so silly!
So silly!

- Come on...
- I like you!

- You're pretty, so pretty!
- Stop it!

And you know it, don't you?
And take advantage of it.

Wretched creature.
I'll give you everything.

Rings, earrings,
sable coats,

- I love you, I'm crazy about you.
- Come on...

Excuse me.
May I clear the table?

Yes, do it.

All right.

I'm off. Good bye!

Wait! I'm going too.
You can drop me off.

Quick! I'm in a hurry!

I'll do the washing up.

I'll tidy up.

And then I'll go.


I didn't eat my fruit.

They're very good.


So now you're going to
a fashion designers?

Yes, to see what's
on sale, with Denise.

- Good idea!
- I won't buy anything, of course.

Whatever you say.

Thank you.

Mrs. Laurent, please.

Excuse me,
are you Mrs. Laurent?

- I am. - Come quick,
you're wanted on the phone.

Hello. The lady has been found.

- Mrs. Laurent?
- Yes.

Here you are.

Hello, operator.

Hello? What, you?
Where are you?

I'm still at home.
Marcel is about to go.

About to go...
So, hurry up, please.

I'll be there soon.
Marcel will drop me on the way.

Please, hurry up.
It would be nice.

Thank you.

- At last!
- I had to tell Fran?oise to wait.

What did you do with my raincoat?
I can't find it.

- I'm in a hurry. Fran?oise's waiting.
- I'm in a hurry too

but I won't leave without my raincoat.

- Your raincoat.
- Yes, well?

I remember now.
I put it in a very odd place.

- Unusual.
- Hurry up!

Don't take your raincoat.
It's useless, it never rains.

It does. It rains all the time.

No, no...
I know, I know.

On the balcony.

I washed a stain out and put it
there to dry. I'm pleased.


I can see Laurent.
Come say hello.

He's going.

How strange!

Come on, quick.

Come to the other room.
You'll see better.

I see very well.

Here, madam.

You have a better rear view.

It's pretty, of course.


Mrs. Fourcade!
Mr. Jacques is asking for you.

Do you know that woman?

- Which one?
- Not the one who's just arrived,

The other one, near the mirror.

Ah, at last!

I've tried on almost the whole house
while waiting.

It's really pretty.

- She's not a customer.
- No, I've never seen her before.

She came for the sales.

Give me a twirl.

Try to find out who she is.

- She must have that dress.
- Pardon?

Nothing. Do what's necessary.

- It's like it was made for her.
- That's right.

It's gorgeous, madam.

Maybe but it's a dress you can
only wear once in a while.

- It's not very practical.
- Well, it isn't a suit.

You mustn't hesitate now.

You can have that dress
for half the sale price.

I hope we'll see you
here again, madam.

- You're really lucky.
- Indeed.

I think I'll keep it on.

I'll get my things.

See that, Simon? It's a joke,
this thing can't go the distance.

Don't worry. With bigger wheels,
it will be all right.

I wish I were sure.

That's a good one.

You drove quite fast though.

Did I? What speed?

- 150.
- Not bad, is it?

Next Sunday, at the Grand Prix,
we might have some fun.

You bet we'll have fun.

I wasn't really going at full throttle.

I still had some leeway.

You'll have to see how it
holds together.

- Don't make a stink, chink.
- I'm no chink!

- Yes you are.
- Why call him a chink

when he's a little French fink!

- What's cookin', good lookin'?
- What's shakin', bacon?

- Don't forget to pass on my message.
- I won't, Mr. Henri.

Wait for me.
I'll go see if he's here.

Great dress!

Mr. Laurent isn't here?

Mr. Laurent.

You didn't see him go out?

He said to tell you to meet him
at the corner bar as usual.

At the corner bar... corner...

He's waiting for you there.
He said that you know the place.

It is you, I hope.

Yes, it's me.

He told me about a little
redhead, so you see...

Sorry, a customer's waiting.

- Hello.
- How much?

Ten gallons.


The bar's this way.

Please catch up with that lady there.


Leave me alone.
I've got something to do.

What's wrong, Fran?oise?

Henri's cheating on me.

I can't believe it!

There's no doubt about it.
Now please leave me be.

- Don't forget, ok?
- The lady's been by.

I sent her to the bar.

What are you saying?
Here she is.

- Mr. Laurent!
- Hello.

- Well?
- Nice greeting!

- What's with him?
- Wait. One second.

- She was taller?
- Yes, quite.

- Blonde hair?
- Yes.

- So what?
- Wait, will you?



So, lady, what do we do?


Really, Denise, you'd better go.
Go away!


I'll wait until you've gone.

Hey, make yourself at home.

Well... Fran?oise...

Excuse me. I'm waiting for a girl.
I thought it was her.

You're waiting for a girl?

Yes. Why?
Is it so surprising?

You didn't leave a message
for her at the garage?

I did. How do you know?

But where's Henri?

At the garage. You didn't see him?

I'll go back to the garage.

- Hello?
- I've just seen her.

It'll work.
She's coming to the garage.

You're a real bastard!

Say, I was told Mr. Laurent is here.

Mr. Henri?
He's here all right.

I never told you different.
But you said to me

"Mr. Roland," so of course...

What a surprise! Fran?oise!

Ah, my love!

My love, if you knew...

I thought you'd been unfaithful.
It was horrible.

- I think I've never loved you so much.
- Come on...

Ah, you!

Well, I forgive you.

Sorry. Everyone can make mistakes.

It wasn't your fault at all.

Thank you.
You're very nice.


I can't tell you how happy I am.

I'm back from the brink of disaster.
It was awful.

What was awful?

Of course, you can't understand,
my dear love.

You'll see, I'll be a wonderful wife.
You'll be happier than ever.

I'm very happy with you.

No, you'll see.
It will be much better.

We'll take you.

Come, you take that taxi
and wait for me at home.

- You're not coming with me?
- I won't be a minute.

- I'll wait for you then.
- No. Come on, go!

See you in a short while.

44, quai Louis Bl?riot.

You can come out now.

I'm sorry but I'll have
to take you home now.

There we are!

We won't meet again?

It's probably better.

That's fine.

Sorry but my wife's best friend
lives just across the street so I...

She does? Where?

Up there.
The balcony with flowers.

There's no one home.

For now, no.

Stay there,
I'll open the door for you.

- Well, good bye.
- Good bye.

Don't you find it silly
to part this way?

We might kiss, mightn't we?

- Of course...
- No, no.

Now is not the time
to watch that balcony.

You can watch now.

- You can't understand, she...
- Of course, I do. Very well.

I'm sorry.

And... thank you.

You're most welcome.



Who was on the phone?

I don't know.
I was too late.

- You're bringing me flowers now.
- Yes, as you can see.

I'm very nice.


May I speak to Mrs. Laurent, please?

Hello. It's you, Denise.

Is Fran?oise in?

Hello. Denise?

Is Henri near you?

Yes, he's here.
Very close.

No, come on!

We must meet tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- What are you doing tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow morning?
I don't know yet.

I'll be at the hairdresser's.
We might meet there.

All right.
See you tomorrow.


I'll sit there, near my friend.

It'll be over soon.

- Is it too hot?
- No, no.

Very pretty girl.

She's the one.
I saw them together yesterday.

Lovely. Who is she?

She's your husband's mistress.

Your husband!

What are you saying?

That girl is Henri's mistress. I saw
them together, it's disgusting.


Come on, madam. Be sensible.
You must stay still.

We're very quiet today, aren't we?

Not especially.

What are you doing?

You see, I'm going out.

And where are you going?

- To different places.
- Why so secretive?

What are you up to?

I'm putting this newspaper
in my handbag.

What for?

- No special reason.
- Let me help, will you?

No use damaging your handbag.

You're putting on a hat?

Yes, I'm putting on a hat.


What number did you want?

Tell my husband I left.

I didn't want to disturb him.

All right, madam.

I'd like to see Mr. Jacques Christian.

- What about?
- Mrs...?

- Mrs. Laurent.
- Are you expected?

- I am not.
- Mr. Christian won't be able to see you.

He is working.

And no one must disturb him
when he is working

- Good morning.
- She wanted to see Mr. Christian.

I told her it was impossible.

- We shall see. Can you wait?
- Of course.

Mr. Christian might make an exception
for that lady.

Please, come.

It's not very important.
I don't want to disturb Mr. Christian.

I can come back some other day.

- Sit down. I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.


Please come in.

Sit down.

Well... I came to see you
because I intend to find work...

That's quite good. Nowadays,
everyone wants to work.

I work too.

Do you think you could
give me a job?

That's quite a different story.

I assume that
you have never worked before.


But I've always been interested
in dressmaking.

- Have you?
- Yes I draw a little bit.

I'd have liked to be a dress designer.

You don't say.

Draw something.

What could I...

I don't know.

Well... draw a key.

A key?

Draw a pretty key.
As you like. Quickly.

I'll try.

Jacques... Mr. Christian.
Mrs. Delmar is here to see you.

I'm not in.

You know, I don't
know exactly...

I like it very much.

I do.

I'll keep it.

Look. I'm putting it here.

That said, I have
no need for a designer.

I've already got too many.
You can't imagine.

But I'll find something for you.
I will.

In my own interest,
I must hire you.

You see, I like having
nice-looking faces around me.

I mean, human.

What could I do?

We'll find out.

We'll find something nice,
don't worry.

Now go. All right?

No. This way's better.

And come again tonight.


Yes, in the daytime,
I can't do anything.

I'm so busy.
You can't imagine.

But I'm afraid I can't tonight.

Tomorrow night then?

All right.
What time should I come?

Come after dinner.
Around nine o'clock.

All right.


Number seven,
rue de l'estrapade.

I think it's near the Panth?on.

Excuse me,
are you the caretaker?

- Yes, madam.
- I come about an ad in the paper

- about a furnished apartment.
- It's not an apartment.

I know but is it still available?

Yes, until now.
Several persons came to see it,

but no one has made a decision yet.

- And what is it like?
- Very very modest.

I'd still like to see it.

- Can I see it?
- Of course. Thank you, madam.

That's really not necessary.

This way!

If I may, I'll go up first
to show you the way.

- Beautiful staircase.
- XVIIth Century.

Unfortunately, now we'll
have to use this one.

It's quite steep as you can see.

Let's start the visit here.

Don't wet the ground
in front of my place.

- I have to clean everybody's dirt.
- Shit, shit, shit!

Sorry, madam.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, madam.

- Good morning, madam.
- Good morning, sir.

A former maid's room, like
all the rooms on this floor.

So I see.

South east exposure.
Sunlight all day.

That, of course.

A view of the Panth?on.

Henri IV secondary school.

- Where's the kitchen?
- It's just opposite.

Where is it?

It's here.
Across the corridor.

- Let's see.
- No point getting the key.

It opens easily.

You see?

A small detail.

It's a problem.

I'll tell the owner about it.

Saucepans, kitchenware.

You also have a few plates,
spoons and forks.

- Two water pitchers.
- There's no running water?

Running water is
at the end of the corridor.

Well, I'm pleased.
It will do perfectly well.

I'll move in tomorrow.



I've bought lots of food. We'll have a
little feast together. It'll be great.

A little cold chicken.

A little foie gras.

And look!

You did buy a lot of things.

Only cold things.
There's nothing to cook.

That way, you'll stay near me.
Do you like it?

Afterwards we'll go out.
We'll go to the theater.

- I feel like going out.
- No theater, not tonight.

We'll go some other time.

Just the two of us tonight.

What's more, I've bought
four new records

the sort of soft music
that you like.

We'll play them while we're eating.
It'll be very nice.

I'll go.

Play the last one again.
I'd like to hear it again.

No, it's really too sad.

I'm really too sad too.

I like that record.

You've had a lot to drink,
haven't you?

I've never seen you like this.

- You've had a lot too.
- Yes, but much less than you.

Let's dance.

No, I won't dance with you.

You're crazy.

All right, I will.
But in a proper way then.

You're funny.

No, don't start.

I'll dance with you, but only
as if we hadn't met before.

I know you well and
I've known you for a long time.

All this is so bad for me.
Champagne, music...

You see. I shouldn't have.
What I'm about to do is very bad.

I'm so sad.

I'm so sad.

You're really not doing so well.

Henri, we're so unhappy.

Poor little duckling.

You know I like you after all.

I can't help feeling
the greatest fondness.

Let's go to bed.

If you knew, Henri.
If you knew.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What's wrong, my love?

- It's horrible.
- Come on. You're not funny at all.

You'll never drink again.

Each time you drink, you think
of death and burials. I've had enough.

I'm not thinking about death.

You'll see tomorrow.
You'll be in for a big surprise.

Of course not.

- How so?
- Nothing.

Yes, you were talking about
a surprise.

You said I'd be in for a surprise

Did I say that?

You hear, at funerals

only words of surprise

about this mortal being dead.

There we are.

Don't you think that's
a wonderful idea?

It is. It's very good.

Let's go to bed. Come!


You hear, at burials,

At funerals.

You hear, at funerals,

only words of surprise

about this mortal being dead.

Did you understand?

You didn't.

It means

that we're always surprised

to see people die

whereas we shouldn't be
surprised at all.

Because it's natural.

It is!

- You're not interested?
- I am! I am!

Let's not think about that now.

That was written by Bossuet.

In his sermon about death.

Oh no, Henri, it's not possible.

What's wrong?
What are you doing?

- I'm looking at you.
- You're mad!

Let me sleep!

I don't know what I must do.

You must sleep.

- You don't understand.
- I do. Let's sleep.


Fran?oise, can you answer?

- Hello?
- Hello, Henri?

Yes. Good morning.

Simon made the mechanics work
all night. He wants us to test the cars.

All right.

- You're coming?
- Yes, straight away.



Mrs. Pommier!

Go back inside, Mrs. Pommier.
I'll phone you later. Go back!


Well, Mrs. Pommier?

It's awful, sir.
Mrs. Laurent has left us.

What are you talking about?

Will you get back inside, please.

Come on!

Get inside, Mrs. Pommier.

What's all this? A joke?

- Mrs. Laurent's gone.
- Ridiculous!

What happened?

We took the big trunk down,
both of us.

Great, Mrs. Pommier! Great!

Will you go on, please.

- And Mrs. Laurent left.
- You should have told me at once.

You were sleeping!

Believe me, if I'd had my way,
this wouldn't have happened.

Where is she?
I'll go there.

Don't know!

You don't know her address!

She didn't give it to me.

Don't you get it?

You heard what she told the driver,
didn't you?

She must have given an address.

I came back straight away.

Did you think of looking
at the number plate?

No, sir.

Did she tell you why was leaving?

She left a letter for you
in which she explained everything.

- That's what she said.
- Where is this letter?

Thank you. That'll be all.

It's her, sir. It's her!

- Hello! Hello!
- Of course not!

It's the alarm clock.

And rest assured...

She won't phone, I know her.

She's only too happy to have
vanished without a trace.

She will phone me, sir.

She said she'd ring me today.

She wants to know how I feel.

You will tell her that I've read
her letter

and that I haven't said a word.

I went and washed up as usual

and you even heard me sing
in the bathroom.

Do insist on that:

I sang in the bathroom.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, Sir.

Come on!

- Hello! Hello!
- Who's speaking?

Hello, Simon?


You must come at once.
We're in Monthl?ry, waiting for you.

- You knew?
- Yes, Roland called.

I'm coming.

I have to be in Monthl?ry
all day for tests.

Come here, please.

- Now, listen carefully.
- Yes.

When Anne phones, tell her
that I've left for Monthl?ry.

For the last tests.

Very dangerous tests.

And tell her that when I went
I looked bad.

You follow me?

Say I was overwrought.

And that I wouldn't eat anything
before I left.

- That's it!
- So I can't say that I heard you sing.

No, drop that.

So, Mrs. Pommier...

- I can count on you?
- Yes.


And you'll stay here
until she phones, right?

I will.

Sorry I'm late.

- Indeed. But we were...
- Races aren't the only thing in life.

Let's go!

Live from the Opera-Comique
you heard the second act

of Reynaldo Hahn's "Ciboulette"

After a 12 minute-intermission,

during which you'll hear
a program from the studio

you'll hear the third act of "Ciboulette".

She's beautiful, isn't she?

- So you won't?
- No, Robert.

You owe me five thousand,
that's enough.

Right, enough talk.

- No, you don't have to.
- I do.

Pass the other one.

You know the kitchen well.

A girlfriend of mine lived here.
We had lots of fun.

Did you?

It's great, isn't it?

I could spend hours watching
children play.

Excuse me, I've only just moved in
and I need to make my bed.

I'll help you.

No need, really.

Yes, there is. I know how
making beds is boring.

I lock the door, I don't want
the neighbors to see me.

Go on the other side.

All those words

that one dare not say,

all those words in my song

go round and round,
they are here,

only to say to you

that those words,
those words are love words.

All those words...

All those words

All those words
that I dare not say,

All those words in my song

go round and round.

Would you mind
lending me a grand?

You won't?

I will. I'll give it to you.

Pretty, isn't it?

You think so?

Could you put it on?

Does it look good on me?


Come on in!

This is my pal.
He plays the guitar.

We're working on a great show.

What's your name, by the way?

Fran?oise Laurent.

He's Freddie.

- Shall we go?
- Yeah!

My name's Robert.

Excuse me but we have to rehearse
a song. I have to go.

Yes, go. I understand.

We'll come back soon.

Thanks for the thousand francs.


- Going out?
- No, I'm going into my kitchen.

When you go shopping, tell us, right?

We'll show you the shops.

All right. I'll let you know.

She's got nice fur coats.

No kidding?

- Good evening.
- Good evening, madam.

- Still there at this hour?
- Yes, madam.

I've come to bring you a pheasant.

My husband had it sent from his hunt.
I'll show you.

- See how fine it is.
- It's fine indeed.

- Mrs. Laurent is not in?
- This dear Denise.

Would you come here please?

I'd like to have a word
with you.

Come on, come on.

Fran?oise isn't in?

Look, I brought you a pheasant.

Marcel sent me some game.

You're the one who told Fran?oise.

- Now, Henri Laurent...
- Shut up!

Don't open your mouth.

- You saw me with the girl, didn't you?
- Well...

Did you or did you not?

- What I saw...
- Of course, of course.

You're always on your balcony,
like a fool.

You spend your days spying on
your neighbors.

I don't!

What's more, you didn't understand.

Because that girl means
nothing to me.

You must have been so pleased.

You rushed to Fran?oise
to tell her the good news.

I hate you. Get it?
I hate you.

There's nothing good in you.
You're all bad.

Come on, get out!
Get out or I'll strangle you.

And take your pheasant, goddammit!

We don't want your pheasant here.


- Well, answer it.
- I don't dare, I might mess up.


Mrs. Pommier?

Yes, madam.

Are you alone?

Yes, I'm alone.

I didn't phone earlier but

I wanted to ask you to stay evenings
to prepare Mr. Laurent's meals.

I've already prepared dinner actually.

"The address"

Hello? Hello?

Madam, I meant to ask you

if you might... perhaps...

What's the address?

Don't worry, Mrs. Pommier,
I'll give it to you in a few days.

Something bad

Listen, madam, it's something bad.

If something happened to me, you'd have
to tell her, so you need her address.


Madam, I meant to say

if something bad happened,
I'd need your address.

To tell you about it.

You're alone, are you?

Yes, madam.

You've got a pen?

Yes, madam.

Well, write:

Number 7, rue de l'estrapade.

Sorry, I didn't understand.

Number 7, rue de l'estrapade.

7, 4 and 3.

Thank you, madam.

Everything's all right?

Yes, madam.
Your husband is fine.

I'm very happy.

Mr. Laurent is very happy.

Good for him.

- Good bye, Mrs. Pommier.
- Good bye, madam.

Bravo, Mrs. Pommier.

- Was it all right?
- You were great, I'm pleased.

7, rue de l'estrapade!

I'll have a bath, I'll shave
and 7, rue de l'estrapade!

Oh my!

- What's up?
- You cleaned up!


- It's so clean.
- At home, it's like this.

My mother knows
how to tidy a place too.

What are you doing in my room,
you two?

- Come on...
- No, we're staying.

You can stay if you want to
but I am hungry.

So I'm eating!

Well, you're not taking any
short cuts!

What are you going to eat?

Well... an artichoke
and roast beef.

And don't think you'll take
my appetite away!

- You like artichokes?
- No, not really.

You're wrong, it's very good.

And this one is really great!

When will you invite us to dinner?

Whenever you like.

I would have invited you today
but I must leave: I have a date.

- She wants us to leave.
- Not at all.

- You're not bothering me at all.
- You'll really invite us one evening?

You'll make pepper steaks then.
We love them, don't we?

- All right for the pepper steak.
- With lots of potatoes.

- If you like.
- He's always hungry.

- Will you have a biscuit?
- Thank you.

- I'd rather have some red wine,
I'm thirsty. - Help yourself.

I must get another glass
from the kitchen.

- Don't. I know where it is.
- Good!

My parents had a hosiery shop.

Well... There's...

It's you, Pierre!

See? These young men are keeping
me company while I eat.

Coming, Freddie?

- Well, come in!
- No.

As you like.
I was about to go out anyway.

I must go to the Champs Elys?es.

- I can drive you. My car's downstairs.
- All right.

If it's no trouble.

Not at all.

I apologize for disturbing you.

You didn't disturb me.

Those boys are nice, you know.

They're like kids.

One is a singer. His voice is not great
but he's got something.

He is charming.

Who's that guy?

I don't know and I don't care.

I came to see you because
I thought you'd need some money.

Just tell me how much you need.

- Mrs. Pommier gave you my address?
- Yes, she pleaded your cause.

In a very touching way.

I'll thank her.

But I don't need anything.

First one on the left.

I'm going to Jacques Christian's.
You know, the couturier.

I found a job, fancy that.

At his House.

It's a night job then?

He couldn't see me in the daytime.

Don't you find it strange that
he should ask you to come at night?

I have nothing to fear.
He isn't interested in women.

By the way...

I wanted to tell you, I...

I haven't seen her again,
I mean, the little redhead...

It's funny actually because...

I was saying goodbye to her

when Denise saw us.

You were probably wrong,
that girl was lovely.

It will be difficult to find
another one like that.

Good evening.

Anyone there?

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

How silent the place is!

Quite so.

- You're alone?
- I'm alone.

It doesn't bother you, I hope.

Come with me.

While I was waiting,
I had an idea.

Yes, which one?

You'll see. I thought we could make
the most of this one-on-one

to have a try. Excuse me.

There we are.

You'll try on a dress.
This one, for instance.


No, that one will be better.

That'll be fun, won't it?

You want to hire me as a model?

I might.


And gloves!

I'll wait for you out there?


- Ah, there you are.
- Am I disturbing you?

- What do you want?
- Nothing.

I was passing by, I saw the light,
I thought you were working.

So I...
I came up to work too.

I'd rather you went home.

Do you mind?

I do.

You can go home just the same.

Very pretty dress.

I'd already spotted
it in a magazine.

Great fabric too.

I'd rather you didn't talk.

Lift your head!

Walk towards me.

Come closer.

You don't button up this one.

Turn around.

You again!

You look lovely in that dress.

I designed it.

Can I change now?


She's very nice, don't you think?

Who's that girl?

A model to be, why?

You want a slap?


- What's her name?
- Fran?oise.

Fran?oise? How lovely!

It's a name that suits her, isn't it?

- You don't need me any more?
- No, you can go.

You're not coming tomorrow.
It's the English week.

See you Monday then.

All right for Monday.



A little corner
under an umbrella

against a corner in paradise,

she looked a little like an angel

A little corner in paradise

against a corner under an umbrella,

I didn't lose out, indeed.

One more time.

It rained hard on the road.

She was walking without an umbrella.

I had one, probably stolen

the very morning from a friend.

Running to her rescue,

I proposed to shelter her.

Drying the water from her face,

With sweet looks, she said yes.

A little corner
under an umbrella

for a corner in paradise,

she looked a little like an angel

A little corner in paradise

for a corner under an umbrella,

I didn't lose out, indeed.

While walking on, how sweet it was

to be two to hear the pretty song

that the water from the sky
made us hear

on the roof of my umbrella.

You play too loud,
I have to shout.

Come on, let's start again.

It rained hard on the road.

She was walking without an umbrella.

I had one, probably stolen

the very morning from a friend.

Running to her rescue,

I proposed to shelter her.

Drying the water from her face,

With sweet looks, she said yes.

A little corner
under an umbrella

for a corner in paradise,

she looked a little like an angel

A little corner in paradise

for a corner under an umbrella,

I didn't lose out, indeed.

She's not in.

You're right, she's not in.
She went out.

Come on, let's go.

Shut her door.

Careless to leave the keys.
One day, they'll get stolen.

I'm telling you this
won't happen again.

I'll have the kitchen door fixed.

You're cross?

Not at all.

When will you invite us to dinner?

Well... One of these days.

We're free tonight.

Come, the two of you.

Bring your guitar, Freddie.

All right, madam.
Thank you, madam.

- I think we'll eat a lot.
- Ah you know...

- You think she can't cook?
- I don't know but I'm going alone.

- No, pal, she said the two of us.
- So what?

She wants me to bring my guitar.

I don't need it.
I can sing without a guitar.

Nice! Thank you!

Come on, don't make a face.

- Try to be quick.
- One second!

I'll just be a second.

Good morning. Is madam in?

- You are?
- Henri Laurent. She knows me.

I'll tell her you're here.

- Who is it?
- Mr. Laurent.

- Laurent? It can't be.
- Yes, madam. He's here.

I don't want to see him.

I really don't want to see him.

Tell him I went out.

Denise! It's me, Henri.
May I come in?

What do you want from me now?

A friendly call.

Hello, Denise.
You look charming in that jacket.

It's an old one though.

Could you put these in a vase?

That's very nice.

Yesterday, I was a little snappy.

I was but all is forgotten,
I don't hold it against you any more.

- So Fran?oise is back?
- No, she is not.

I'm glad to see you.
You're the only one who can help me.

You're Fran?oise's friend, you know
her well. That's crucial for me.

- So yesterday I went to see her.
- You did?

- You went to see her?
- But I didn't say what I needed to.

You understand. That ridiculous story
with the girl holds me back.

Well, the meeting was disastrous.

It was?

Goodbye, Denise.
You'll have lunch with me.

- What?
- Yes, you'll have lunch with me.

So we'll talk together.

Look, Henri Laurent...

See you! Come at one,
I'll be back.

No more chicken. Thank you!

- You're sure?
- I'm sure.

Thank you.

You know why Fran?oise
left, don't you?

Because of the children.

You haven't got any.

That's the point.
I should have some.

I didn't want any.

What a fool I was!

I have a dangerous job.
Something bad may happen.

But I'll have children.
I'm telling you, I will.

I'll have three.


It's madness not to have any.

In our time, it's the only way
to keep a woman.

- There may be some truth in that.
- What?

Women escape from us, it's obvious.

They leave their husbands
for no reason.

Do you know that Fran?oise
has found a job?

No, you don't say!

She has.
She doesn't need me any more.

Doesn't need anything.

She manages on her own.

That's it! I have to go.
I'm expected.

No, you stay here.

Mrs. Pommier will take care of you.
She'll give you some dessert.

- I was very pleased to see you.
- So was I, Henri Laurent.

So we'll meet here tonight.

- Again? It's impossible.
- Why?

Marcel's back?

- No, not yet.
- You're alone. You have dinner with me.

- I don't want to impose.
- You don't!

You're Fran?oise's friend.
I'm pleased to see you.

- I am.
- Let's have dinner at my place then.

Well, all right.
Goodbye, Denise.

I like you, Denise.
Marcel is lucky to have you.

- Come at eight.
- Understood. Goodbye.

He is charming.

Did I frighten you?

So? You're preparing my dinner?

- As you can see.
- Don't cook so many potatoes,

Freddie won't come.
- What?

Yes. He'd forgotten he had
something to do.

- How annoying!
- Yes.

- You're still free?
- I am, yes.

- Like it here?
- It's all right.

- What was it like where you were
before? - It was nice.

For example, to peel potatoes,
I had a special knife.

A knife that makes
very fine peelings.

It feels strange not to have it.

- It was expensive?
- No, not expensive at all.

Why? You'll buy me one?

Even if I had one,
it wouldn't be the same.

That one I'll never have back.

Let's go into the bedroom.

Staying here is very unhealthy,
because of the gas stove.

Is there a leak?

No but staying near a burning
stove is very unhealthy.

- I don't know where you got that.
- It's true.

That's it, all done.

Dry your hands.

You're silly!

See you later then.

I'm coming back.
I'll get something.

- What's that?
- Can't you see? It's a phonograph.

Give me that.
You'll see, it's funny.

But it's you speaking.

Yes. It was Freddie and I,
and other friends.

Listen to Freddie, he's funny.

It's always the same.
All that is useless.

We wanted a recording and
it's all a joke.

It costs money.

Ah, he was good!

Hello to auntie, to Nini
and caresses to all.

Coming! Coming!

- Marcel! - You took long enough.
What were you doing?


Leave me alone. I'm sick.

- What's wrong with you?
- I don't know.

My eyes are running.
I blow my nose all the time.

- You've got a cold.
- A cold maybe but...

I must have something else.

Can you get the suitcase?
It's on the doorstep.

Come, Marcel.

My hunting friends said
I had a frightening look.

- You heard me?
- It's not true. Come on!

The table's set?

Yes, yes. As you can see.

You can sit down.

This is caviar!

Yes, yes.


Start eating. I'll be right with you.

Thank you, Henri Laurent.
You're too kind, you shouldn't.

I'm sorry. It's ridiculous.
Marcel came back unexpectedly.

He meant no harm of course but...

Our dinner is postponed.

Take your flowers back.

Denise... You know, Fran?oise
hasn't phoned me yet.

- I don't know what to do.
- Go see her again.

Do it, she expects you to.

Go quickly, goodbye.

- You were talking to someone?
- Yes, at the door. It's nothing.

You know, you really don't look good.

You have no idea.

When I eat caviar, it's like
I was eating soap.

No taste at all.

Don't eat it then!

Easy to say.
I've got to eat something.

All the same!

You see? It's on my chest.

- Leave that for now.
- It's all done.

I'll tidy up later.

- Why are you laughing?
- It's the way you're looking at me.

You have Russian eyes.

It's no good?

It is. It's very nice.

My mother is from Russia.

Is she? Does she live in Paris?


My father is a musician.
He's a great composer.

They live in a small room
because they're very poor.

My father is handsome.

My mother is very beautiful too.

They're very young.

How old are they?

- Forty-five.
- Both of them?

Yes, both.
They're the same age.

They married young.

They're very much in love.

I'll take you to see them if you want.

I'd like to.

I said "tu", didn't I?

Yes, it seems.

Do you mind?


Yes, I'll take you to see them.

You'll wear one of your dresses
and your fur coat.

And they'll be amazed.

You think so?

Of course!
You're beautiful, you know.

You look like a fine lady.

Do you like me?

You can tell me.
I won't mind.


You're charming.
I think so.

The suit isn't mine,
I borrowed it from a friend.

You should have seen me before.
I had no clothes. It was all torn.

If you'd met me then,
you wouldn't have looked at me.

Oh yes. No doubt.

Oh no, you wouldn't
have looked at me.

Well, no matter.

You're extraordinary, you know.

Do you love me?

No, you don't?

You told me a while ago though.

What's wrong?

You know, the man who came here...

Yeah. So what?

He is my husband.

I know, the janitor told me.

You see, I loved him very much.
Well, I love him very much.

He is so...

No, stay.
I'd like to explain it to you.

I'm not interested.

It's always the same with you broads.

Actually I don't care.

Today I'm broke
but I'll be a success one day.

I'll be very famous
and have a lot of dough.

You'd be surprised, right?

That's something I'm quite sure of.

I'm sure of it too.


Like it?

Very much, yes.

Can I play the record again?

If you want.

It isn't an LP?

An LP? You know how much
it costs. For 500, no way.

I'd like you to go now.

I'll see you tomorrow, all right?

I don't know if I can,
I have plenty to do tomorrow.

I'll take all this.
Good night.

The race is exciting now.

There are now only four cars left.

Two Italian cars
and two French cars.

And watching my chronometer,

I can see that there are only
30 minutes left.

I'd like to get in, I'm Mrs. Laurent,
the driver's wife.

I'm sorry but I can't let you in.

- But I'm telling you...
- Come in, madam.

And Henri Laurent is here again,

he drives car number four.
He's about to pass in front of us.

But what's going on?
He's slowing down

and stopping
for the car to be serviced.

- Oil?
- All right.

- Water?
- 80.

You needn't have come.
Go away! You're not wanted.


The two Italian cars
have just overtaken.

They're in front of Roland
Moulin's car, car number three.

Roland Moulin is now third.

Who's there?

- Going to bed?
- Yes.

May I come in?


I was at a friend's.

There were girls,
we drank too much.

It was awful.

- Was Freddie with you?
- No.

No, it was another group.
Freddie doesn't know them.

You see, I...

I'd like to stay here near you.

- How?
- This way.

All night.

I do understand but soon
I'll be going to bed.

We'll go to bed later.
There's no hurry, is there?

Let's not think about it right now.

It's fine to talk for a bit,
but in a while you'll have to go.

You really disappoint me.

I thought that you were a nice girl,

- that you'd see how pretty it was.
- No, Robert.

All that's too important.

Precisely, it must be important.

To me, it's important too.

For a man, it isn't the same.

I hate flirting.

I find it disgusting.

Besides, I'm staying here.

No, Robert, please.

You'll go out tomorrow.

We'll go to the country together.

You see, I feel like
going everywhere with you.

And tomorrow,
we'll begin with the country.

Tomorrow I'll be very tired.

Because if you stay here,
I won't go to bed.

I'll stay in the armchair all night.

- Robert?
- Yes...

Give me the key.

I'm thirsty,
I want to get some water.

Never mind!

It doesn't matter.

You're really thirsty?

Yes, very thirsty.

I'll go.

You'll let me come back, right?

Let it run a little
so that it will be cool.

I'm not going, it's a trick.

Leave your jacket with me.
That way, you'll be sure.

All right, I'll leave my jacket.

I'll leave my watch too.

You're waking everybody up.
You're crazy.

Go to bed. Come on, come on.

Open up!

Good evening, Robert.
Good night.

Open up! Come on!

- No!
- Come on, open up!


Do it or I'll smash everything
in the kitchen.

If you don't open up,
I'll smash everything in the kitchen.

I don't mind. Smash it all!

What a place!

Quiet! Shut up!

You're making this noise?

Not at all.
I'm going back home.

I'll complain tomorrow.
You'll see, my friend.


Will you stop?
This is unbelievable!

You can go inside.
I'll keep watch.

Go to bed!

Put on your dressing gown.
You don't want to catch cold.

Go back to bed.


What's wrong?


- Is that you, Henri?
- Yes.

You were going to bed?

- What's wrong?
- Speak softly. We mustn't be overheard.

What's wrong?


- Who were you with yesterday?
- Yesterday?

Yes, I came yesterday night.

I wanted to come.

I came around ten
but didn't want to disturb you.

- You seemed to being having fun.
- Did I?

Come sit near me,
I have to explain something.

I think I'll forget about all that.

If you could only see...
I'm in love. It concerns you.


- Be quiet!
- It's not true, it's impossible.

- It could be true.
- You're kidding.


Well, no.
There's some truth in it.

Here it is: I've met a boy.

What boy?

I don't know him,
I only saw him.

I wasn't in love with him in fact.

I found him charming.
I've never told him, of course.

We were hardly speaking.
Saying hello. No more.

Where does this boy live?

I don't know. Over there.

Where? On your floor?

Yes, over there somewhere.


My love!

Are you listening to me?


Are you listening to me?

Fran?oise, I'm sad.
I love you, you know.

Excuse me!

What happened?
He threw a fit?

Leave me alone!

You're in trouble?

Of course not.


- I'm sorry.
- So am I. I assure you.

I apologize.

Henri! I want you to take me back.


You see, she's going
and she'll never come back.


English subtitles by cinephage
and nottsforest @ kg