Rue de Paris (1959) - full transcript

While Henri was a POW during the war, his wife passed away and he returned to face the challenges of bringing up three children alone. Henri may get drunk and angry at times but he also has a better side that will not stay buried.

- These your civvies.
- If you don't like 'em...

- Where you wanna call in?
- My place?

-I'll be a surprise.
-After two years,

...I don't know
who'll be surprised.

-In 3 hours the train leaves...
20 minutes later the Od?on metro station.

I go up Rue de Bussy,
and stop at No. 26.

I climb five floors, ring the bell.
And who opens the door? Bobonne!

Leave it...

-Whadda you mean?
-His wife died a month ago.

-I didn't know.
-When you don't know, you keep quiet.

I think this stuff's
made out of wood fibre!

I'm gonna look like an idiot.
Yours is great.

-Take it.
-You don't have to.

Go on...I don't care.


G'day Simone.

They've really grown.

-At their age, two years
makes a big difference.

Sure does.

What'd their mother die of?

-She just died in childbirth.
The baby's in your room.

So then...there's that...

In this final of the amateur
sprint championship...

...which Lou Neveux
shouldn't lose, the likes of the new
Lucien Michard,

...that will confirm this for him.

Lou Neveux comes back...
he's neck and neck with Martin.

20 metres to go!
And then he easily passes him.

Neveux has won
the French championship.

Here before the cameras...

...we have the young French champion.

...we're at 16 Rue des Prairies,
at the bottom of the building...

...where the Neveux family live.
Lou Neveux is surrounded... quite a crowd.
Girl fans as well...

...he's a good-looking boy.

Half the neighbourhood
seem to have been invited.

Is your family here
in full force tonight?

Yes, that's Fernand.

The youngest.

-A future champion.

And here is Lou Neveux's sister
who's name is...


You're 22...
May I reveal that?

-You're a sales girl... a shoe store.
Still single?


I'm sure you'll find
Mr Right soon.

I should like to introduce
the one, without whom...

...we wouldn't be celebrating
the champion's jersey here,

...the one without whom
there?d be no champion Neveux...

...the champion's father.

All the people here this evening
seem to be friends.

You live here long?
-Yes, it's been quite some time.

Since the birth of my last in '42
when I came out of the army.

Do you think that
Lou Neveux...

...will turn professional?
-That's up to him.

-Could he become
world champion?

I hope so.

Us too.

We'll meet this summer
in Amsterdam.

Thank you, sir.

Here at Rue des Prairies,
this is Raymond Marcillac.

- I'll take you up to the Martini terrace.
We'll get a photo.

Monsieur Neveux,
are you coming with us?

If I don't buy a round,
there'll be a riot!

-Can I take your daughter?
-Yes, but look after her.

For sure.

A couple of bottles of white.

Shake hands.

Once again.


Congrats kiddo!
I was there earlier.

Great job.
-Thanks Mr Loutrel.

-We need to have a chat.
-No problem.

-What do you make?
-About 45,000 a month.

-Do you want to make more?
-Doing what?

Publicity photos.

-I'm telling you...
Martin stunned him at the pulling away.


You're the one
like a stunned mullet.

You don't know from shit
about bikes.

I saw the Tour de France go past
this summer.

That's what I'm saying...
you don't know from shit.

Seeing that is just a show.

-Any ideas about
-I've seen Charley Gaul.

-Charley Gaul!
I agree...a good competitor.

If you want to talk about road racing,
I know something about it.

There were bike riders
before Charley Gaul!

Not show ponies!

What about Christophe,
Alavoine, Thiss, Lambot?

Not to forget Henri.

Henri who?

Oh, Ernest!...
"Henri who" he asks!

Henri P?lissier,
my good sir!

Back when
they had no gears.

They really had to work
to climb a mountain.

I'd like to see your son
climb a mountain.

This idiot
takes my breath away!

When you talk politics
you can forget the niceties, OK.

But sport's serious

You compare climbers
with sprinters.

It'd be like mixing birds
with greyhounds.

Gildas, one for the road!

My round.

I'm sorry you were
spoken to like that.

In future, if you talk bikes,
don't talk bullshit.

I still don't understand
that pulling away.

Give me a bike
so I can show you!

I won't even mention
what gear ratio we're in.

...because in that respect
you don't know from shit!


You're on the rails
in the last bend, right?

You're leading the also-rans.

You're watching the guy
behind you.

Head down, arms bent...


You accelerate a bit.

The fucker behind you has to decide.

Does he stay on your tail
or does he go under.

You speed up a bit more.

And a bit more.

Hurry up,
the whistle's going.

-Cough up.
-I've nothing to pay.

You're jealous because I came top.
You got the same...

When Verdier was top,
his father gave him 500.

-Because of you, it's over.
-It's not the way it's done.

-500 + 500 makes 1000. Cough up.
-Leave me alone.

-If you touch me, I'll tell.
- Listen...

We don't want Verdier to be out of pocket.
You've been warned.


Your helmet?

What about my helmet?
-It's not meant to be...

...hanging like a decoration.
-Sorry, boss.

You remind me of
the 20th Artillery in Poitiers.

We had an adjutant...

...who carried on like you.
-You got 20 more years on you.

-Work safely.
-You probably wake up in yours.

-You got a skinful yesterday didn't you.
- Not so much.

-Did you manage to get to bed?
-No...I just had 3 whites.


Some people can celebrate
without drowning in plonk and porn.

Who's that remark in aid of?


At your godson's communion
I had to stop you...

...from dropping your trousers.

You know your godson
is turning professional?

It's the right move.

-And Odette's into photography.
The TV got her a chance...and she left.

I'm happy she got out of
selling shoes.

There was always some customer
trying to get off with her.

Publishing and fashion
is another world.

What about Fernand?

-He's another matter.

Whadda you mean by that?

Fernand's not a home product.

I've done more for him
than for the other two.

Too much more...
the other two left school at 14.

You're really pushing Fernand.

I know that my two
think about it.

Fernand's father might be
a good guy or a bastard.

I want him to learn things,
just in case.

I've done my duty.

You better get yourself
some visiting cards.

-"Henri Neveux, Dutiful Man".
-Cut it out.

-Why not?
You wouldn't have much competition.

More profile.

That's it.

Whadda you looking for?

-The shots of Sylvie.
-At the printer's.

-You could've got them back.
-Michel Ange was combing,

...he wasn't doing the floors.

Take off...

...your bra.

You don't need it
at your age.

There...much better.

Don't move.

There...once again.

Pass the cardigan.

What are you waiting for?

Where will I change?


-Where will I change?
-At home.

Take the Metro,
go home, come back...I'll wait for you.

Well may you shake
Daddy Loutrel's hand, kiddo!

It's all signed.

Three races.

-No kidding?
-You start the ball rolling in two weeks... Bordeaux, the following Sunday here
and the next at Rouen.

I've programmed you
with Renaldi and Fougeron.

3 match-races with 2 and 1 with 3.

- Renaldi...I can pace him
without pedalling!

I know a good brake supplier...
want the address?

Because you're not going to win
in Bordeaux.

-It'll be Renaldi.

You'll win the following Sunday.
Bordeaux's his.

-If I want.
-You go faster than Renaldi...

...and Fougeron.
You'll beat them separately, OK.

But 2 against 1,
you going to Plumeau's?

I cleared things up
to avoid that.

Then we have a revenge match-race.
It's a snack.

You're the big hope.
Renaldi's the certainty.

He's left some reminders.
You're worth 3 seats.

Renaldi fills a stadium,
if he can win.

-Races have never been thrown!
-What would you know?

You can refuse
the whole proposal if you wish.

Amateur sport...
fine, pure.

You'll go on winning
useless prizes every Sunday.

I'm a democrat myself.
To each his own.

You can go back
to your factory.

I need a decision right now
for Bordeaux.

It's either 'yes' or fuck-all!

It's yes, Mr Loutrel.

I have to tell you, Mr Neveux,
that your son is a brute...

...and a young hooligan.

Fundamentally antisocial.

I weigh my words.

Not content with punching Perrot,
one of our better students,

...he's extorted 1000 francs
from him.

was it you who did this
to your friend's eye?

He's no friend of mine.


-Was it you or not?
-It was me.

-A confessed sin...?
-No Mr Neveux.

That would be too easy.

It's not only his eye,

...and that he suffers from migraines,
but it's the matter of extortion.

Why did your son
want to blackmail my Paul?


We are talking about blackmail
aren't we?

"Coercion involving threats of harm"

Answer, Fernand.

We're waiting, Neveux.


Silence...the law of the underworld...
nice mentality.

I'm terribly sorry.

I'll repay the 1,000 francs.

-Don't bother
-Say thank you.

We could have asked
for his dismissal.

Thank you madam.

Make this boy
break his silence.

We grant him a reprieve.

Observe there was no apology,
not a word of regret.

The well is dry.



Come along.

What's the story
about this 1000 francs?

-Perrot's a poofter.
-That's not what I asked you.

If we could get 1000 out of all the poofs,
there'd be no need to work.

Giving him a whack is one thing...
but I don't like the money business.

Did he owe it to you?


You owed it to someone?

With my father, such a thing
meant the door.

That doesn't hold up
but there's still something that does...

-It's a kick up the arse!
-I'm not talking, especially to you.

Your head's right.
You're antisocial...

...and a helluva pain in the neck...
Let me tell you!

That's another thing!

Well then!

Isn't it nice?

We don't see enough
of each other.

I saw you every day
for 2 years.

That's a case when
the war years count for double!

I got life!
I need a remission of sentence.

You're having a go at me...
how about we talk about you.

-Still up on the girders?

-Still flogging shoes?
-Are you kidding?...

Get your photos out,
we'll show 'em something.

-These aren't retouched.
-Those aren't for our album..

They're for the press.


Want to see some
grounds for divorce?

This pay better than shoes?

Yes...and it's such
a different world.

It's all above board.
I checked it out.

-You know we've another making a new start?

-Would the champ like a juice?
-No thanks.

- We make our professional debut
next Sunday in Bordeaux.

-We'll win of course.
-It hasn't happened yet!

-You'll easily beat
those two clowns, won't you?

-The two clowns
know the track well.

In five minutes flat,
you will too!

He's a comedian.

Why don't you grab my bike
and lose yourself some weight.

You understand
today's youth?

In my day a father would have said
"You are going to win",

...he would have said "yes dad".
Now they just talk back.

Remember Grasset?
He won quite a lot of races.


-Do you know him?
-He's an idiot.

No!...a nice guy.

-So what?'re a real champ.

Not a word from Fernand?

His exploits lie elsewhere...
in boxing.


-There's a future in that.
-Let's change the subject, please.

As you wish...

-After lunch I'm going to take a stroll.
-I'm going to have a dance.

Me too!
You can challenge me there.

Well Odette?
-Dad dances like an angel.

-He was a gigolo when he was young.
-Don't be disrespectful to your father!

I'll go take a pedal-boat.

you're boasting too much.

You've come out with us
for some fresh air.

I suggest you forget boating
and keep your mouth shut.

It's a beautiful Sunday...
no time for arguments.

-Are you the kid's parent?
- No.

Then don't interfere,

...or things will get nasty.

Two steaks
with pat? to start.

Two more of those.

Good to see your kids
getting ahead.

-I'm going to stretch out.
-Come and take a walk instead.

Otherwise it'd be playing cards!

If you'll excuse me,

...if the young lady
would do me the honour?

The honour's mine.
Your friend's a good-looking guy.

The old boy's alright!


Do you come here often,

Do you come here often?

We usually go to Robinson.
Do you know it?

No, I'm a racing cyclist.
French Champion.

Have you heard of me?

Better track here
than at Bordeaux!

Who's that?

My trainer.

What's this?

-Don't know it.

Come on... Watch...
1-2, 1-2-3.

1-2, 1-2-3.

1-2, 1-2-3.

1-2, 1-2-3.

1-2, 1-2-3.


-Get a load of the old geezer.
-She's hot.

-That's disgusting...
a chick with a geriatric.

-Shut up, or I'll rearrange your face.
-You and who's army?

-One hand'll do.
-Oh yeah?

Sit down before I drop you!

-Cut it out!
-You want it grandpa!

I should give you
the same!

You fight during the week
and Sunday it's on again!

What did they say to you?


I'm sick of having this
round my neck!

Who do you get
this behaviour from?

You were made at Pinder's
or Bouglione's...not at our place!


-Did he get hurt?
-Don't feel sorry for him!

What'd I say?

We came to spend
a day in the country...

...and you tackle 3 guys.
I won't apologise.

And you're touchy
and sulky.

-You've got to pull yourself together.
-I'm thinking about what you said.

About what?

You're lucky...
I remember.

Did you want to go pedal-boating?
- No.

But if it makes you happy...

You think you're something!

The Dubourgs'll be wondering
where we've got to.

We won't talk.

Parents of boxers
need to come prepared.

I only tapped the guy,
you really gave him a whack in the mouth.

That's something else.
Keep pedalling.

I'm a pain in the arse,
but you still like me, eh?


We've got to get ready
for the big boat race... concentrate.

Let's see...

"Renaldi winner in Bordeaux."

"In Bordeaux, for his pro debut,
Lou Neveux had to bow...

" Renaldi."

There's a photo of your brother
in either 'Lib?ration' or 'Combat'.

Have a look outside.

I haven't got any change.

-Get off!... You fooled me!
-What are you buying?

-A veal roast.
-How miserable!

-With fries.
-That'll do it.

-I got home late last night.
-We had to eat without you.

-I didn't eat.
I worked til 3 in the morning.

A guy came onto me
while I was waiting for a taxi.

I'm sorry I haven't got a room
near the agency,

...for those nights
I finish late.

If that can help you
not have to be out alone at night.

There's a family boarding house nearby.
I'll check them out.

You know there's something else
I'd be happier with.

That's not funny any longer.

Take that...
I'll get the bread.

Hi Mrs Gildas.
Can I use the phone.

It's there.

Hullo, Jacques?
Yes, darling.

Yes, just now.

No, he didn't take it too badly.


Neveux threatens the best.
I always trained in secret.
My father didn't want me to do cycling.
My first win earned me my first correction.

There you are.
I was starting to get worried.

-I haven't forgotten.
-What do they say?

-What you'd expect!
-He came second.

Probably my fault. the papers!
Wanna look?

-I've had a look
at Loutrel's place.

-What'd they say?
-That you're a bastard.

-I'm telling!

I've seen what?
Don't you know about publicity?

You gotta tell fibs
to interest people.

-You just don't get it.
-I sure do.

-If he reads it, he'll take it wrong.
-He doesn't care.

I didn't say he mistreated me.

I just said that he didn't want me
to do cycling.

And all the tyres, the bikes...
who paid for them?

Nobody's ever cared about that.

The public want stories.

So we added
a few setbacks.

Make it more interesting.

According to 'The Team', you're a vegetarian...
You eat chicory every day.

He takes it as a joke.

Your salads stick in my craw.

You're looking smart!

Where you going?

-I'm going to the Bois.
Renaldi's gonna eat my dust.

-Dad OK?
-He hasn't seen you all week.

I said I'd be in Saturday-Sunday.
It's Sunday.

I warned you.

Look out!


-So there you are!
-I'm going to change.

Since you're leading a boy's life
the trousers are appropriate.

You'll change your mind
when you see the dress I was loaned.

You alright?
You got a funny look.

I been kicked out of school.

I nicked the letter from the head.
I'll have to pretend I'm there.

What a joke.

You wouldn't tell him?
You're too smart to do that.

Turn around!
You gotta stay calm and think it over.

I've been doing that all night

-You want my advice? Don't look!
-I can't think straight...tell me!

If Loulou wins,
grab that moment to tell Dad.

That's an idea.

If Loulou does another Bordeaux,
I'm history.


-You think Loulou'll make it this afternoon?
-If he doesn't win, he'll get a kick up the bum.

The first of a great run.

Here we are at Princes Park.
We're on the air...

...with the race for
the final of the sprint.

Lou Neveux and Renaldi
have qualified.

This is Lou Neveux's second
professional race.

He was beaten in the first
by Renaldi.

His manager, Jo Loutrel,
looks nervous and worried...

he's forever fiddling with his stop-watch.
The two contestants...

...are getting in position
on the starting line.

They're adjusting their toe clips.

They're off!

Lou Neveux got away quickest.

He's marking time...
forcing Renaldi to go ahead.

It's a handicap to Renaldi, as at the start
it's better to stay behind.

Renaldi moves off
and surprises Neveux.

He's 5...10 metres in front.
Neveux's coming back...!

...but he's not catching up!
Renaldi's not weakening!

Last turn.

Neveux climbs and dives
outside his opponent!

He's coming back hard
on Renaldi!

There's no more than
3 metres between them!

On the finishing line
he's a second in front.

-Bravo Neveux!
-12.2 seconds.

-He's going to be a bombshell!

-My son beats records!

-You don't realise what's happened.
-That's why I'm laughing!


Mr Gildas, You know I'm a friend,
but you're going to have to change your products.

If you're not going to bring out
the vintage stuff...

...we'll celebrate our victories elsewhere.
-It's cold.

It's a matter of status.

Take your cap off.


To see how big
your head has swollen.

I'll also make the door wider
so you can fit through.

Here's to you.

And to us, boyo!

What did Loutrel say?

He's got offers
from Milan and Brussels.

-Van Kopens is on the bill.

-He's no Renaldi.
-11 seconds...nobody gets past.

Watching you on the track
gave me regrets.

I should've had
a sporting career.

I was a pretty good
football player at school.

Henri Neveux...
1st prize in gymnastics.

-You were dismissed from primary school.
-The headmaster couldn't stand me.

-It was crazy.
-It happens.

-I've told you about it before.
-I've forgotten.

We sent messages in Morse code
with a pocket mirror.

One day the head
was watching us.

I send "Head is a shithole".
The kids laughed, but not him.

He'd done his army service
in the Signal Corps. I was kicked out.

My father gave me
an almighty walloping.

He was a hard man.

I'd do the same to you
if you did something like that.

He knows. He's promised that
in his next school...

His next school?

Fernand's been dismissed.

You make a good comedy team.
Congrats...I nearly fell for it!

It's true.

Stop your nonsense.

Agh! Missed.

What's this?

I've had enough laughs for tonight.
I'm going to bed.

You lot, too.

Fernand's going find
boarding-school life very boring.

I'll be bored too.
But we'll try.

He's the one taking the rap.

He tried to get agreement
It was just a matter of talking... scare him about
the boarding-school.

-You eating with us?
-No I'm off.


What did she come for?

Why ask me? You phoned her...
I'm not blaming you about Fernand. it.

Don't like envelopes these days...

Open it. A grand...
my fees for the 2 races.

The next ones will be better.
Loutrel will make the most of my advantage.

Great...hang on to it.

It's for my board.

-Board's 20 grand.
You've given it to me.

I gave you 2000 when I was making
4500 at the factory.

You've earned the extra with your legs.
It's yours...keep it.

So I'll take you to dinner.
We'll pick the most expensive... in Paris.

Of course you can take
your father to dinner.

Did you notice a car
waiting downstairs?

-There was a pretty swish one.
-The big one.


Your sister runs around in it.

Because it's an agency car.
They use it in photos.

Paris elegance,
French prestige.

-In an American car?
-They can't drape

...classy bimbos...

...over mopeds.
-Of course.

-Why won't you serve me?
-It's Saturday.

-I'll pay next week.
-How you going? Hi, kid.

A white
and a beer for Fernand.

Loulou's racing in Rouen tomorrow.
How'd you like to go?

-I gotta be back in the box by 8 o'clock.
-So you do.

We could go to the movies.
Wanna go this evening?

Your girl phoned.

She's doing photos this weekend.
She'll be back on Monday.

-Just like that?
-I'm just the messenger.

There's a gangster film,
and something about love.

She kisses in a straw hat.
That'd do me.

Hm? What the hell do you want
with a straw hat?

Take this for the pool.
Don't stay in the water more than 3 hours.

We'll meet back at the house.
If I'm late, without me.
There's some cold pork and eggs.


-Miss Neveux, please.
-She's not here.

-She's rarely here.
-I see.

I'm just in town for the day.
I'm her father.

Do you know where she is?

She left a number
to leave messages.

Poincar? 2871.

-Can I call here?
-50 francs.


Answering service,
what number do you want?

Poincar? 2871.

- Mr Pedrell?
- Er, yes.

The subscriber is away
until midday Monday.

You can call Montfort-l'Amaury 37.

-Come again?
-Montfort-l'Amaury 37.

-Any message?

No thanks.

Thanks madame.

Montfort-l'Amaury 37.
That's the 'Folly Inn'.

-Shall I call it for you?
-Not worth it, thanks.

-You got a white?
- Chablis, Sancerre, Muscadet?

A small Sancerre.

Those girls are
walking with 'Fido'.

-You don't know him?

Roger Morris,
a member of the Institute.

He's an old customer, very loud.
He was 'barking' all night!

-What do you mean?
-Before, he was lifting his leg...

...pissing along the hedge.
-Odd behaviour for around here.

There's Pedrell's lot.
They're very quiet.

The four of them sleep together,
two men...two women.

We should take photos
to show at Sunday school... examples.
That Pedrell does alright for himself!

See the little number at the rear?
She's fresh meat.

Working-class Paris accent.
He likes to take...

... this type.
Easier to manipulate!


-I need to talk to you.
-Things are in a mess.

So I see.

Don't I have a right
to come out to the country?

Oh yes!

Did you bring the gardening outfit
or did he give them to you?

-The gent outside.

Which one?

The one who paid for
your room.

Go on...put on
your usual act!

Give me the unworthy
daughter treatment!

-Whore treatment!
-How dare you!

That's the truth!
My daughter's a whore!

Oh, great!
The man downstairs is my lover.

We sleep together!

May I remind you
I'm an adult!

He is too...
and has been for a long time!

Have you looked at him?
He's my age and I'm your father!

I love him.

You love him?

He's refined!

You like his car
and his cash!

No one sleeps with an old guy
because he's refined!

He's charming.

Surely not in the sack!

You trying to upset me?

I'm trying to understand
why you haven't understood!

-That he's old!

That he has money...that you sell yourself
...that he buys you!

I knew when I came here
you'd be with someone,

...but a young guy
your own age!

Salesgirl was alright?

The whore and her john
is better?

-Pack your bag!

-I'm staying!

I'm fed up with
being the maid!

-Whose maid?

I have to wash in the kitchen!

Like me!

You won't accept progress!

Playing the whore is progress?

Stuff your morals!

It's been 3rd class for me
for 20 years!

-Now I'm in First, I'm staying!
-Sleeping berth supplement.


She's calling you.

-What are you doing there?
-I was waiting.

You won't get to your room by 8.

I'm fed up.

Fed up with what?

Supervisors, textbooks,
exercise books. I want to work.

You've never been a boarder.

I've been a soldier.

-You enjoyed that?
-That was something else.

Studying bugs me.

Do tell.

-You were working at 14.

You got tired of school.

I could've done better.

A foreman at 55,
you think that's an achievement?

There's nothing better
I could've done?

You live OK!

I'm not saying we live badly.
But four in a 2-bedroom,'s not ideal.

I'd like you
to do better than me.

Life's like a voyage.
I'd like you to arrive...


Be a good boy
and make an effort.

I'm asking you that.
I'll walk with you to the Metro.

You gonna say goodbye?

You want me to make it,
but you're happy to stay put.

Why learn to work out how fast...

...a bath empties.
-One day...'ll own your own bathroom
thanks to that.

-You're back from the country?
-Great news.

Jacques wants me to marry him.

I'll be Mrs Pedrell.

When he saw how upset I was
after you left,

... he asked me...

... to marry him.
It was lucky you came.

Jacques is wonderful...
I just can't tell you.

-I couldn't really tell you yesterday
-You'll make up for it!

He's the Pedrell in pulp mills,
newspapers...all that.

He has a fantastic apartment
and a country house in the South.

We'll go on a honeymoon
as soon as some problems have been fixed.

You two can afford to buy problems?
You stop at nothing.

Jacques is getting a divorce.
His wife's a bitch.

-Oh yeah!
-She's delaying things.

I'll see you down at home.
I've got a game of bowls.

Fix dinner for 8 o'clock.

Gimme a small white.

Got a phone book?

In the phone box.


A Mr Neveux is asking for you.

Well, since he's here.

Come in, my good man.

You must forgive me
for inviting you in at dinner time.

And not asking you to dine.

Tea and biscuits
are my diet medication.

Please sit down.

Peppermint, jasmine, rose?...

-No thanks.

Would you rather champagne
or scotch?

Probably a Pernod...
Max, do we have any Pernod?

No...shall I go get some?

We've already sighted each other.

-You're Odette's father

Please accept my compliments!
So what can I do for you?

You could turn off that thing
so we can talk.

"That thing"? That's harsh.

Bach's C minor Mass.
Would you prefer something else?

I don't have any
piano-accordion music.

For me, music stopped
at the 18th century.

Odette's spoken to me.
She told me what you wanted to do.

She did the right thing.

She told you
I was in the process of a divorce?


-My wife's opposing my plans.
I'll win in the end.

After which, if you allow it
and Odette still wishes it,

...we'll be married.


Excuse me?

You're into pulp mills,
not me.

Of course you're
more cultivated than I am...

But old monkeys like me
know all the tricks.

You have no intention
of marrying my daughter...

Why let her believe it?

I don't understand.

Odette's just a child...
young enough to be yours.

She's ambitious,
and to become Mrs Pedrell is tempting.

You think I'm just
having her on?

Yes. You've already had her
every other way!

That's quite enough.
This conversation...

If this marriage should happen,
I'd be very unhappy.

-That surprise you?

A little.

Did you think I came
to seek redress?

Offended father, forelock-tugger.
Long Live the Mayor!...

... and the party goes on.
How wrong you are.

To be quite frank,

...I'd rather you were her lover
than her husband.

It wouldn't last long.
You'll leave her one day.

You'll be missed.

Instead of being deceived.

How old are you?
You're on tea now...camomile close behind.

How about 'last rites' too?
Your condolences are a bit premature.

You're far too late
to get under old Neveux's skin.

I've finished.
You can go back to your Mass.

Sit's the old man.

The bowls must have gone on.

-The noodles'll be burned.
-And my evening diet?

Tea and biscuits...for my weight.

No good?

What's this then? For me
music stopped at the 18th century.

If you come home one day
with a kid from this guy,

...I'll keep it under glass...

like it was a Martian.


-That's your idea of winning?
You're breaking us up!


-So what if Pedrell fancies Odette?
-I'm your father, don't forget!!

Why go and see him...

...just when
he's talking about marrying her!?

-We spoke, I know!
-You didn't think it was a big deal?

This guy's in everything
from newspapers to cigarette papers!

I smoke tailor-made.

You only think of yourself!

A chick set up in Henri Martin Ave,
holidays down south.

We could go, too.

Big deal!

Not a good plan?

You know all about
good plans!

Your sister's getting laid
and we're on the cash register!

She's at it in bed
while we enjoy the deck-chair.

I got a load of one of your plans
2 months ago. Your race... Bordeaux... that I understood.
The 'France Soir' article,

..."Martyred as a Child"...
I saw that one!

Had to be said.

I found it embarrassing,
didn't you?

As embarrassing as
the envelope business.

Why fool your backers by
concealing half the dough?

Proving what?

That you're a cheat and an idiot!
Your prizemoney was given in the press.

I've got other plans
for my money!

You wanna put me
in boarding school too?

I'll leave you
in your 2-room dump.

I can do better for myself.

I'm a cheat, an idiot
and French Champion.

And for dirty tricks...
World Champion!

Mr Neveux?

-Something for you.

"Jean Jaur?s Boarding School"...
They don't waste any time...

...sending an account.

You don't look too happy!

The kid didn't go back to boarding school.
He must be at a friend's.

-Not to worry then.
-2 days at a friend's place?

-Tell them I'll be late.
-Where are you going.

To the police station...
where do you think?

I'd like fries,
and 2 sausages with mustard.


250 francs.

Plus service.

-How much is one sausage?

-Take one back and pay with that.
-You won't get far on that.

Leave it all...on my account.


Are you broke?

Out of work?

How old are you?

-What's with you?
-Don't get worked up!

Fries fill you up...
you want a drink?

You're very kind.

It's half-time.

In an hour I disguise as a society lady

and attack people eating onion soup...
What do you do?

Metal worker.

And you?

You're either simple or you're kidding me.
Isn't it obvious what I do?

Not really.

I'll buy you a beer.

-Emile, a middy!

-I should thank you.
- What for?

Nothing. Eat.

-You chasing schoolboys now?
-I'm relaxing...any of your business?

So what does she do?

She's a streetwalker. That's obvious.
I'm not dumb

Where do you live?

Last night on a bench...
tonight I've yet to work out.

-You don't have a home?
-I do but that's another story.

-You can use my bed.
-What about you?

I have others. I kick you out
when I come home at 7am...OK?

I'm off.
You don't need anything?

No, I'm gonna crash.

You've nothing else to do.

Good night.

You look cute like that,
just like a little kid.

Just a little kiss...

OK by me!

At first, it was true...
I just wanted to kiss you.

I lied when I told you
I was out of work.

-I should be at boarding school.

What I said.

-How old are you?

-How long have you been gone?
-Since Sunday night.

Would you rather I...

-... was unemployed?
-No...go to sleep. I've got to go.

I told you.

I'd hoped you'd forgotten.
Where are you going?

See some people.

You see friends at night?

You don't see friends, this life.

Tell me, Fernand, are you sure
you aren't more than 17?

I seem older?


Look after yourself.

And wait for me.

Up, young man.

-The fun's over.

Up...and no nonsense.
Get dressed!

You're one lovely
piece of garbage.

Don't be offensive,
she's just helping us.

You go well together.


Come along.

Did they force you
to give me away?

Hurry up...move it!

Go home...
you're a picture of misery.

-I didn't sleep all night.
-Nothing's happened to him,

...or you would have heard.
Don't get worked up.

"You've never been a boarder...
you don't know what it's like."

That's what he said.

He needn't have been sent there.

I thought it best.

I saw in the paper about a kid
doing himself in...

...for the same thing.

Could Fernand do that?

Shut up.

I don't go out on a limb
for the fun of it,

...but for him.

It seems that I'm unbearable,
as well.

The ideal father
has to be blind and deaf!


-Two men are here for you.
I think they're fuzz!

- Henri Neveux?

-We've come about your son Fernand.
-What is it?

-He's safe and sound.

He punched the officer
who arrested him.

-Just so.

He was picked up
in a pro's bedroom.

Where is he?

Waiting for
the judge's decision.

He'll want to see me.

If the judge wants it,
you'll be able to make a statement.

At Parquet de la Seine,
Judge Moineau.

I warn you though,
he's very strict.

Assault and abuse
of a police officer.

You don't seem to realise
how serious it is.

If my boy hit a cop,
it's because the cop hit him first.

That's their job.

The typical insinuation
of a certain class of person.

A class of which you seem a typical member.
The court will learn from that fact.

I'm not here to argue.

Just give me back my boy.

The children's judge...

...will decide if your son
should be released...

...or given a custodial sentence.

After what you have heard
that may seem desirable.

You may go.

Well my dear advocate,
what's your advice?

Your case looks bad...
I'm not joking!

That judge is the most disagreeable
in the whole Palais de Justice

Your father
rubbed him up the wrong way!

-He insulted the police.
-To the judge...amazing!

-Not me!

The court will never
give him the child.

He could be locked up
until he's an adult.


-My sweet.
-You have to fix it.

My dear friend,
young Fernand is a parent.

I wouldn't want a parent
in prison.

If this case is too minor
for you...

-There's a solution.
-I like that better.

Since it's the father who upset the judge...
we'll charge him clear the child.

It will require one of you
to look after the minor.

I'd be happy to.

You're the best placed for that.

But as for the father...

The father is still the father.

In actual fact...

Not exactly.

What do you mean?

Dad isn't Fernand's father.

He was a war prisoner
when Fernand was born.

Fernand doesn't know.

Dad thinks nobody knows...
I've got my case!

The return of the prisoner...
the child is raised in hatred.

-You have to hear the old boy out.
-It's not true, he loves Fernand.

Let's not muddle things up.
We haven't any choice...

Lunch is served.

I'm very good at explaining
while eating.

Caviar gives me ideas!

A can of tuna please.

-Big or small?
-Small. How much?

95 francs.

-A camembert please.



I put something aside.

How about that?!

Have you seen it?

- No.
-Your two kids in the magazine!

-Who would've ever thought that!?

Good luck doesn't come alone.

-Maybe Fernand'll become a politician.
-He can't miss.


A small white, Mr Neveux?

No, a Picon cura?ao.


That'll do.
You've had enough.

Gotta have one for the road.

Mrs Gildas... fill 'er up.

-They're a laugh!


Instead of saying to you
"I fucked up", they say...

"..I'm old enough".
-You should go.

-Wha' for?
-You haven't eaten.

-Go 'n pig-out on tuna
'n cheese...

...and wash up after...
you call that havin' a good time?

-Don't like tuna.
-Why do you buy it?

Just habit.

Fernand would eat tuna
any time.

-We had words because of that.
-Just because of that?

In the Neveux household,
vocal chords get well-used.

Now there's silence.
Silence isn't funny.

You're never satisfied.
You should see a shrink.

Off you go and hit the sack...
it's nearly 11.


Haven't been to bed so late
since I've been on my own...

...of an evening.
Haven't been out for it in 20 years.

-My love-life's stuffed.
-You don't have a love-life.

I demand a pardon!

Remember Arlette, the redhead
at the pension agency.

-That was a cuddly one
- A bit dim.

That didn't stop the cuddles.

I could grab 30 minutes
of a Saturday,

...all being well.
'cause if you add up...

...Odette's mumps,
Fernand's whooping cough...

...and Loulou's colds,
there are always interruptions.

Time now to interrupt you again.

-Go and get some sleep, eh?
-What about that Mauricette?

She failed in her studies.

There was homework in the evening,
lessons in the morning.

Fernand, with his provincial seat!

Took me a year to get a county.

Women don't like to be educated
That's why they dumped me.

Now they dump me...

...because they've grown up.

They're my kids...
grown up or not!

When they're 40
they'll still be my kids!

And I'll still be worryin'
'bout 'em!

If Odette gets dumped,
you'll see her back...

...with a bun in th' oven
for the rest of 'er fuckin' life.

Where do you find a guy to bring up
a kid that's not his?

You did.

I'm just a sucker.

The French Champion
crashed last Sunday.

I heard on the radio...
I called the team... get some news.
They think they're just so great!

On top of all that
there's the young offender.

Did a runner from school...
I shoulda known.

But why 'asn't 'e come 'ome?

Scared of a belting.

I never touched 'im.

Never lifted a hand...
Can't vouch for

...the others from time to time...
for good reason.

I'd made a promise.

I mean NEVER
lifted a hand.

So why isn't he back.
Eh? Why?

This is all far from satisfactory.

School record - bad.
Conduct in custody - bad.

Police report - deplorable.

If you hit an officer, you can't expect
a good report from the police.

It's nothing to laugh about!

Your file is bad.
Why do you fight all the time?

The headmaster of your previous school
classified you as an antisocial...

..quarrelsome and devious bully.
What do you say?

-It's the sneaks and informers.
-So now it's MORE serious!

You don't fight for pleasure,
but for quite a different reason.

The rules must be enforced... people following
your type of behaviour.

On the 17th of June in the schoolyard
you hit another boy.

What was he guilty of?...
Not giving in to your threats.

1000 francs or he'd be assaulted.
In other words - blackmail.

You know that blackmail
is a crime?

Several of your schoolmates describe you
as a "regular guy".

It's not a laughing matter!

In my experience "regular guys"
become gang leaders!

I don't like that at all!

If I release you,
I know what you'll do.

You'll be back in here
for stealing a motor-scooter.

-It becomes a habit.
-Not in our house.

You'll not speak
until you're asked!

On the 25th of June, you left home
to return to your boarding school.

In fact you met up with
a prostitute instead.


-A prostitute?


I'm waiting.

Playing dumb might be
what happens in gangs,'s not welcome here.

Listen carefully.

Where you finish up when
you leave that box, depends on me.

I advise you to
keep that in mind.


Why did you leave home?

As you wish, my boy.
Bring the first witness.

Miss Neveux.

Miss Neveux, why...

...did your brother leave home?

I don't know exactly
why he left.

This I do know,
that we've all left.

Life with father
became more impossible.

When I announced my engagement,
he slapped me.

He'd rather I was
Mr Pedrell's mistress.

Do you know why?

He couldn't forgive us
for being more successful than him.

He would have rather
I stayed a sales girl and my brother...

...a metalworker.
When Fernand wanted to work,

...he put him in a boarding school.
He finished up hating us.

Thank you, miss.

Next witness.

Mr Louis Neveux.

Mr Louis Neveux, you are the brother
of young Fernand.

You are 23 years old
You are a racing cyclist.

Yes, Your Honour.

To your knowledge, did your brother
have a reason to leave home?

It all started when I
became French Champion.

From then, my father
became jealous of everything.

He didn't get enough mentions
in the newspapers.

Once when I came second,
he said I'd lost on purpose.

It was like that
with everything.

Nobody could live
with such a madman.

Thank you.
Mr Prosecutor?

Your Honour,

...what I've just heard
inclines me to leniency.

Fernand Neveux
doesn't need to be punished,

... but to be taken in hand.

I propose that this task
be entrusted to the state

...rather than the father
about whom the information provided... to say the least, distressing.

Mr Neveux has a job, that's a fact.

He pays his rent, his taxes.
We could paint the portrait...

...of the perfect worker.

It's not the man
that's the problem...

...but the father within.

Fernand Neveux
assaulted a police officer?

What could be more normal!

The father has made
defamatory comments...

...about the police.

Mr he not,
like most bar-flies,

...a proponent of disorder,

...against church
and the defence forces?

Mr Neveux is a holder
of the Military Medal.

That's a fact.

But does he wear it
with pride?

It denotes a whole state of mind.

In front of a judge,
Mr Neveux has insulted the police.

I have no doubt that on leaving
he'll insult this court.

He'll insult it, because
it will have the foresight... place Fernand Neveux
in a supervised educational regime...

...until he comes of age.

Your honour,
my argument has been made.

It has been made by
the public prosecutor...

...who has had the foresight
to understand that Fernand Neveux...

...was not responsible.
But is the father really so?

I don't think so.
Obsessive at worst.

Obsessive because of misfortune.
I digress.

I am humbled by the misfortune
which befell Mr Neveux 17 years ago.

Oh, no...quiet about that!

For the last time,
hold your tongue!

Go on.

17 years ago, Mr Neveux
had spent 2 years in captivity Germany.

His wife died,
he came home.

At home he found
a third child.

This child,
which was not his, the child we see here.

I deeply regret
having to make this revelation,

...but it explains everything.
Why Neveux never loved...

...this child? Why he has always
been hard on him?

Because he was a reminder
of his misfortune.

Why was he kept apart?
Because he was the misfortune.

-The child felt it.

Be quiet!

I've known for years
that I wasn't his son,

...but that is my father there.
He's the one I would have chosen.

I wish I could be like him.

I ran away from school
to be with him all the time.

-You wouldn't understand that.
-We're going to try.

Mr Neveux, do you want to
take YOUR son back?

What's up?


Nothing...'cause I've got myself
under control.

When I think how I was
worried sick...

...while 'Lord Muck' here
was having it off with a floozy!

I'm not going to make a fuss about it,
but all the same, has to be said.

Let's talk about something else.

What would you like
to work at?

I want to go back to school.

Still gotta be
something else!

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