Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (1979) - full transcript

Long ago the Lady Borealis placed the evil Winterbolt under a magic spell, and put the last of her magic into the nose of a newborn reindeer: Rudolph. But now Winterbolt's awake. He gives Frosty's family magic amulets to keep them from melting until the Fourth of July so that Frosty and Rudolph can help Lilly's circus and Milton can marry his girlfriend on the high-wire, and Santa will use his sleigh to make sure everybody gets back to the North Pole in time...which leaves Winterbolt alone at the North Pole on the Fourth...

Hey, Frosty!

Hey, Rudolph!

What a great
June day!

Positively balmy.

Only ten below.

Rudolph, can the kids watch
your jumping practice?



Milly, Chilly.

Okay, daddy.

Here we come.

Would you light up your nose
for us, Uncle Rudolph?

Just once. Please?

Okay. Just once.

Uh, Rudolph.

What's the matter
with your nose?

I-I don't know.

It's-it's-it's going out.


[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]


[music continues]

chirp chirp chirp

[music continues]


[music continues]

Yes, sir.
Believe it or not

Rudolph's nose went out

and all because of
something that started

years and years ago,
and I mean years.

Long before I came
to the North Pole

all this territory
was ruled over by..

...a powerful magic king
of the North Pole named..



And this terrible
tyrant's powers

came from
a scepter of solid ice.


[indistinct chatter]

And all the good creatures

who dared defy his wickedness
were destroyed

or driven away from
their northland homes.

Ha ha ha.

Old Winterbolt's tyranny
lasted for ages.

But one day..

Ohh! Who's..

...there came a being who
was more than his match.

Lady Boreal

the Queen
of the northern lights

who took on human form
in order to defy Winterbolt

and defend
the oppressed and innocent.

King Winterbolt..

...for years, I have seen
your malevolent cruelty

'and now I take human form
to command thee'

stop this tyranny
at once!

You've caused enough
pain and unhappiness.

You don't frighten me.

Be gone.


You had your chance,
cruel monarch of the north

and now I must silence you.


Alas, nothing is forever.

But you will fall
into a deep, deep sleep

and so you shall remain

so long as my magic
burns bright.

Aah! Aah!


Too powerful for me.

Your force...

And he fell
into a profound sleep

of many, many winters.


And eventually

Winterbolt and all his evil
were forgotten.

The good and gentle creatures
returned to the north.

First, the animals.

And then the little ones..

...the kringle elves.

And I suppose it was
Lady Boreal's good grace

which led me and my young bride
to these northlands.

The perfect place for me
to build my toy factory

'and carry out
my life's mission'

'far away from
all who would stop me.'

[instrumental music]

And the passing years
were good to all of us

but Lady Boreal's
monumental efforts

had drained her
of most of her magic

and all of her strength.

She knew her days as a human
were numbered.

Alas, nothing is forever.

But in Santa, the northlands
have a kind and true leader

and I may rest with ease.

And she became again

the magic glow
of the aurora borealis.




I am awake.

I live again!

Ha ha ha.

Winterbolt lives!

I can't wait to see

what's been going on
while I've been resting.

Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

Ho ho ho.

Who is this, my magic
eye of snow shows?

He looks to be a king.

But there can be no king
of the north save me.

I must rid my northlands
of this ho-ho-hoing creature

and his flock of
Christmas interlopers.

But how?

Tell me, o Genie
of the Ice Scepter.


His power comes from
the love he receives

from children
all over the world.

Is he as powerful as me?

At the moment,
far more powerful.

Then I shall make
the world's children

love me instead of him.

Tell me, how does he
please these children?

Each Christmas eve,
he sets forth in his sleigh

and leaves every child
a toy before dawn.

Ha ha ha.

Is that all?

Genie, tell me how I might stop
him from going forth.

Next Christmas eve..

...have the snow dragons

'create a storm
of ice and fog'

'the likes of which
the north has never seen.'

jingle jingle

'Santa will become
hopelessly lost'

'and the toys will
never be delivered.'

Bravo! Excellent!

Then I shall set forth

with my own supply of toys
in my own sleigh.

Ha ha ha.

Why, I could be
greater than Santa!

I'd give the little brats
twice as many toys

and they would love me more.

They'd become lazy
and dependent on me

and I would rule them all!

And when they grew up
why, the whole world

would be my own
personal snowball!

(Lady Boreal)
'How little Winterbolt knows'

'of the ways
of Santa and children.'

'There's more than
just giving toys.'

There is kindness
and the loving warmth

of a family
on Christmas morn.

These things cannot die.

I will not let them.

Ahh. But I am
so old and weak.

Ice and fog on Christmas eve
to hinder Santa's sleigh.

I must leave him

...small, I fear,
to guide him on his way.


And a little later that day
a tiny reindeer was born.


Have no fear,
my little one.

Soon your father
will be home.

Ahh. And I must rest
for the moment.

Ha ha ha.

Little one..

...I have so little magic
left to leave thee.

'Use it wisely and well.'

On this small hoof,
a magic mark I make.

The Christmas star
cradled by a snowflake.

And with this secret mark

the magic of the northern lights
lives in thee.

'How, you ask?'

Think good thoughts,
and you will see.


Will the magic last forever,
you wonder?

Nothing is forever

as I have often said

but this magic is strong

and your nose will glow

so long as
you use it for good.

If you are tempted,
even once

to use it
for an evil purpose

it will be
extinguished forever.

Do you understand?


And will you never
use it for evil?



And now I leave you,
little babe

to your mother's love.

Use your secret magic well.

Oh! What was that?

Was someone here?



Oh. Can't you make up
your mind, my little one?

(male #1)
'Hey! Where's my boy?'

(female #1)
'Here, my darling.'

Flew 300 miles
in only 15 leaps

when I heard
the news and..

Ahh, will you
just look at him?

Ha ha. My little buck.

'We'll name him..'


- Ahh.
- Ahh.

* Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer *

* Had a very shiny nose *

* And if you ever saw it *

* You would even
say it glows *

* All of
the other reindeer *

* Used to laugh
and call him names *

* They never let
poor Rudolph *

* Join in
any reindeer games *

* Then one foggy
Christmas eve *

* Santa came to say *

* Rudolph
with your nose so bright *

* Won't you guide
my sleigh tonight *

* Then how the reindeer
loved him *

* As they shouted out
with glee *

* Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer *

* You'll go down
in history **

jingle jingle

Wild snow,
what's this you show?

A red-nosed reindeer?

So that's how Santa
defeated my snow dragons.

Heh heh heh.

It will be a different story
next Christmas eve.

A red-nosed reindeer
is no match for King Winterbolt!


Hey, it's really going out.

What's happening,
Uncle Rudolph?

What's wrong
with your nose?


...darker, darker, dimmer.

Rudolph's magic
shall not glimmer.

Dark and dim.

Dim and dark.

Now extinguish magic spark!



It's all over,

My nose is..


I feel..



Aw, Rudolph, your nose
just can't go out.

Santa depends on it.

Yeah, but..

There's little kids
all over the world

who'd never get
any Christmas presents

if you didn't
light the way.

You're right, Frosty.

I can't lose my nose.


What are you tryin' to say?

Can't remember exactly.

Something a pretty lady
once whispered to me.

I...I dunno.

But my nose
just can't go out!

Don't worry.


beep beep beep

- Yay!
- Yay!

I'm okay now!

Good old Uncle Rudolph!

It's impossible that his power
is greater than mine!

There must be a reason.

He has the wonder of the
aurora borealis within him.

A power far greater
than thine.

So long as he uses
the nose for good

it can never go out.

Then I shall see that
he uses it for evil.

Not in these northern lands,
o master.

'The memory of Lady Boreal
still glows here'

'and protects him.'

He must be made
to leave the North Pole.

He sets forth
but once a year.

'Christmas eve.'

I cannot wait!

There must be a way
to make him leave now!

Help me, o Genie
of the Ice Scepter.

Look into thine
magic eye of snow.

'There you will
find the answer.'

[instrumental music]

'Wh-wh-what's this?
A balloon?'

How can a hot-air balloon
help me lure Rudolph away?



Heh heh heh.

I wonder..


Hey, Rudolph!

Hey, it's Milton!


The flying
ice cream man.

'He keeps
his stock up here'

'where it won't melt.'

'And this time
every year'

'he picks up
a big load'

'to take down
to the seashore'

'for the 4th of July

Wait till you meet him.
A million laughs.

Come on.

Frosty! Milly! Chilly!

Dinner's ready,

Sorry, Crystal.
I gotta meet somebody.

Rudolph says
he's a million laughs.

But I've got dinner
on the table.

It'll get all warm.

You can always
cool it up in the ice stove.

Come on.
A million laughs!

(in unison)
Come on! Come on!

How you doin', Milton?


What's wrong,

I'm in love!

With who?

You're in love
with the whole circus?

I'd call a guy
like that fickle.


Just with her.

Lainie Loraine.

Her mother owns
the circus.

We were gonna
be married

right on
the high wire.

Hired a preacher
and a net and everything.

Well, what happened?

Aw, the circus
is going broke.

And another showman

a crook named
Sam Spangles

is ready to pay off
the back taxes

and take
over the show!


Okay, tack it up
over here.

So ya see?

Laine can't even
think about romance.

'And if
her mom's show'

doesn't get
a big audience on the 4th

it'll be sold
to Sam Spangles on July 6th.

'Lainie will have
to go on the road..'

'...and we'll never
get together.'

Oh, ha ha ha!
What luck!

Thank you,
eye of snow!

Rudolph will never
suspect a thing.

First, however,
I shall put a little idea

into Milton's empty head.


tinkle tinkle


I don't know what to do.

Hey! I just got
a great idea!

There's only one guy who could
draw the kind of crowds

the circus
by the sea needs.

- And that's you, Rudolph!
- Me?

Why, the kids would
just pack that tent

to see you and your nose
in person.

Oh, wow!

Uncle Rudolph
in the circus?

Hey, wait a minute.

you just gotta go.

Well...if you
say so, pal.


It would be wonderful
if we could go with him, Frosty.

I sure would like the twins
to see a real circus.

Wow! If you'd appear,
too, Frosty

we'd have to get
a bigger tent!

- Aw, daddy!
- Can we? Please?

We'd be good!

No way! The seashore
on the 4th of July?

We'd be real misfits.

We'd melt
in ten seconds flat.

(in unison)

Bein' snow people
has its drawbacks.

Sometimes I feel like
a real misfit.

Aw, Frosty, I just
forgot for a minute.

I'm sorry.

Why, I wouldn't have us
any other way.

[instrumental music]

* Everything
I've always wanted *

* You are everything
I've always wanted *

* And I'll never
let you go *

* I will take
deserted byways *

* Dusty roads
or cement highways *

* Follow you though
rain or sleet or snow *

* In my wildest dreams *

* I never dreamed
I'd find somebody *

* I would love much more
than I could ever show *

* You are everything
I've always wanted *

* More than anything *

* And if there's any doubt
well now you know *

[music continues]

* You are everything
I've always wanted *

* More than anything *

* And if there's any doubt
well now you know *

* And if there's any doubt
well now you know **

That melting business
is a nuisance

but it doesn't make you
all misfits, Frosty.

Take it from
another misfit.

If only there was some way
to make you unmeltable.


(in unison)

Like a Fairy Godfather.

Oh, ho ho.

Just say I'm an old,
old magical friend

who wishes to help.

Heh heh heh.

Children should see a circus
at least once in their lives.

So I

Ha ha ha.

But what can you do, sir
to stop Frosty and his family

from melting?


Magic amulets.

'If Frosty, Crystal,
Milly, and Chilly'

'wear them about their necks,
they cannot melt.'

Even though the temperature
be hot enough to melt steel

still they will remain
cool and icy.

Wow! Our troubles
are over forever!

No...not forever.

On each is a design.

'The letter F,
four times entwined.'

Yeah! "F", "F", "F", "F"!

What's that stand for?

That means the amulet's
magic only lasts

until the final firework
fades on the 4th.

You must return here
before the fireworks finish

or you will melt in the heat
of the summer eve.

But until then? will be safe.


(in unison)
Wow! The circus!


Wow! He certainly does
blow in and blow out.

[all laughing]

Well, I'm delighted you're all
going for a summer holiday

but...I never heard
of any icy Fairy Godfather.

You should have
seen him, sir.

I wish I had.

Who could he be?

Hmm. Well, I guess I'm..

...just being overcautious.


Uh, you-you all go on
and ha-have a wonderful time.

Yay! Yay!

Just one thing.

What's wrong,

It's too bad the kids have to
miss the 4th of July fireworks.

But half a vacation's
better than none, I guess.

No, you're right.

Children should see

Let me think.

And now to entwine them
just a bit more

into a morass from which
they will never escape.

Ha ha ha.



tinkle tinkle

Hey! I just got
a wonderful idea!

Mama and I will fly my sleigh
down for the 4th.

We'll pick up
Frosty and family

just before
the fireworks finish

and whisk back up
to the North Pole

by the time
the last one fades.


What a neat idea.

I can't believe it.

Rudolph, Frosty,
and-and now Santa.

Why, this-this really
will be the greatest show

in the-in the universe!

Ho ho ho ho!
Yes! It will!

[all laughing]

* Everything
I've always wanted *

* You are everything
I've always wanted *

* And I'll never
let you go *

* I will take
deserted byways *

* Dusty roads
or cement highways *

* Follow you though
rain or sleet or snow *

* In my wildest dreams *

* I never dreamed
I'd find somebody *

* I would love much more
than I could ever show *

'See you in a few days!'

* You are everything
I've always wanted *

* More than anything *

* And if there's any doubt
well now you know **

[music continues]

'Oh, Frosty,
it's lovely.'

Oh, look over there.

It's the circus!

'Yup. They're starting
to set up their tents.'

Come on, you guys,
let's get this tent up!

Oh, mama, look.
It's Milton.

[all cheering]

Hi, Lainie.

Hi, Mrs. Loraine.

Oh, mama,
isn't he wonderful?

He's the greatest
ice cream man in the world.

Oh, forget him, honey.

There's one thing
life's taught me.

You can't live
on banana splits.

[instrumental music]

Lainie, look who
I've got for the show.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
and Frosty the Snowman!

- In person.
- In person.

Well, I'll be, uh..


Oh, mama,
we'll be a hit!

What do you think
of Milton now?

Maybe I was wrong.

Milton's like
the butter pecan he sells.

A little nuts
but mighty yummy!



Oh, Milton.

[instrumental music]

Oh, Lainie.

Now everything
will turn out alright.

Rudolph and Frosty?

I can't believe it.

And Santa Claus, too.

Santa, too?

What an idea
for a closing act!

[gun firing]
Print more tickets!

Why, it's just like Christmas
is coming early this year.

Oh, Milton, everything
is just perfect now.

Now we got something
to work for.

Come on with that tent!

'Heave ho ho ho!'

'Heave ho ho ho!'

What's with
the "ho ho ho?"

Well, it is Christmas,
isn't it?

* Christmas in July
seems early *

* For a holly *

* Holiday *

* In this world
of hurly burly *

* We need it *

* Every day *

* Remember you should have
the Christmas spirit *

* Only for the
whole year through *

* Every day
is just like Christmas *

* As long as I'm *

* With you **

And I suppose they believe

everyone will live
happily ever after.


And now for
the snow dragons.

Make yourselves ready,
my pretties.



Build fury
in your hearts.

Soon I will have
a very special job for you.

'Ha ha ha.'

What is thy will,
o master?

Genie of
the Ice Scepter

find me a reindeer
as mean as Rudolph is kind

as cunning as Rudolph
is guileless

as selfish as Rudolph
is giving.

A corrupt, cunning
knave of a creature

with ambition
to equal my own!

But why, o master?

All part of my plan,
good genie.

All part of my plan.

Find me such a reindeer!

Beyond the forest
of the burned Christmas trees..

...and the hill
of the broken baubles..

...there you will find
the caves of lost rejections.

Ask the keeper for..


[intense music]

He's in cave number 13.

I wish to see him.

You ain't the only one.

I've been tryin' to
throw him out all week.

(male #2)
'Behind in his rent, he is.'

'But he's mean, and I don't
fancy riskin' my neck.'

Thirteen, you say?

That's right. This way.


[animals grunting]


'What you want?'

Come forth.

'Heh heh heh.
Make me.'

Very well.


'Hey! What's happening?'

Alright. For crying out loud.

I'll pay the rent.

I don't want the rent.

I want Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

And you will help me.


Don't mention that name.

I was all set to be one
of Santa's reindeer

when he came along.

Indeed. Santa fired you
to make room for Rudolph?

Well, I also
stole some toys

and ate a whole new
batch of candy canes.

Excellent! Ha ha ha.

It was all downhill
from there..

...till I finally ended up
in this joint.

Good. How would you
like to work for me?

Mmm. Doing what?

Destroying Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Sounds like a good job
to me. Heh heh.

What do I gotta do?

Oh, nothing much.

Spend a few luxurious days
at the seashore

get to know Rudolph

lead him astray
as it were.

Gee, it sounds like
a pretty good idea.

Ha ha ha.

Now go at once and find a man
named Sam Spangles.

And then..

Well, Mrs. Loraine,
we're finally ready to open.

We worked night and day,
kid, but we made it.

Boy, running a circus
is no easy job.

Well, I tell ya, Blinky,
it's got its ups and its downs.

Life with the circus
is like life with a guy.

'Sometimes you're low,
and sometimes you're high.'

* Chicken today
and feathers tomorrow *

* One day is good and the next
day there's sorrow *

* I don't care what *

* Long as I got my guy *

* Chicken today
and feathers tomorrow *

* One day I lend and the next
day I borrow *

* I don't care what *

* Long as I got my guy *

* I'm like a river *

* Rollin' along *

* A carefree river
singin' a song *

* And where my hat is
that is where I belong *

* Chicken today
and feathers tomorrow *

* Life is that way *

* There's some joy
and some sorrow *

* I don't care what *

* Long as I got my guy *

* I'm like a river
rollin' along *

* A carefree river
singin' a song *

* And where my hat is
that is where I belong *

* Chicken today
and feathers tomorrow *

* Life is that way *

* There's some joy
and some sorrow *

* I don't care what *

* Long as I got my guy *

* I don't care what *

* Long as I got my guy **


Now, have you memorized
your instructions?

Don't worry.

Me and Sam Spangles
will take care of everything.


Nibble on these.

'These are Santa's
magic feed corn.'

Hey. That means
I'll be able to fly

like Donner and Blitzen and all
those other goody-goods.

[dramatic music]

Now fly forth
and do my bidding.

What's the hurry?

Soon, my pets here
will blow up

the worst snowstorm
of the century.

Well, what if I get lost?

I mean, I don't have
a red nose, you know?

You'll be well out of these
parts before the storm hits.

Ha. I think..

Will you go forth


Oh, soon.

Soon, my little pets.

We mustn't be hasty.
Ha ha ha.

Timing is everything

if my intricate plan
is to succeed.

[instrumental music]

You really are looking forward
to this trip, aren't you?

Papa, I haven't had
a summer vacation since..

Can't remember when.

We work too hard, mama.

Oh, I guess
I'm not the easiest man

in the world
to live with, though.


Well, only when it gets
close to Christmas eve.

Oh, ha ha ha.

Ah, we have had lots and lots
of Christmas eves, mama.

They were good times, papa.

And I still love you.

Just as much as
the first day I saw you.

Instead of talking,
you gave me a lovely China doll. toys
is my way of..

...saying hello.

And showing my love.

I know that, papa.



[both laughing]



Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Eleven o'clock, papa.

- Oh.
- The circus parade's at 12:00.

- Oh.
- Hurry, or we'll miss it.


- Ha ha ha.
- Ha ha ha.

Yes. Hurry.

Go on, laugh,
you old fools

while you may.

Ha ha ha.

[indistinct chatter]

Thank you,
little kringles.

We'll be back..

...late tonight.

Don't wait up.



Away. Ho!

[instrumental music]

[dramatic music]

Use fog to blind
and snow to bury

wind to tear
the heart that's merry.

Ice and gale
and sleet, and hail

Santa must,
in his mission fail!



Oh. Brr.

Ooh, that's an angry wind
for this time of year.

Yes, I-I don't
like it at all.

- Oh, papa!
- Huh?



'My goodness! No!'

We've got to get back!

Back! Dasher!


It's too late, papa.
It's got us.

Hold on, mama!


Oh! If only Rudolph
were here!

[dramatic music]


[marching band music]

Ha ha ha.


jingle jingle

Well, we're safe here
in the storm's eye, mama.

But I'm afraid it's only
for a little while.

Papa, do you think
we'll ever get out?

Well, storms are
strange things, dear.

Uh, I mean..

Are you frightened..

...of what may happen?

No, my dear.
Not at all.

Even with this storm..

* I see rainbows *

* When I look at you *

* And the rain goes *

* As the sun
comes through *

* All things wonderful *

* Are what you are *

* You shine brighter *

* Than the brightest star *

* I see roses blooming *

* In the snow *

* Roses growing *

* Everywhere you go *

* I see rainbows *

* When I look at you *

* Rain or shine *

* I'll be part of your life **



...we've gotten out
of worse situations than this.


I say the best
thing to do

would be to get down
from these stormy skies

and continue
on the ground.

Alright, mama.
We'll try it.

Hang on.

[instrumental music]


[instrumental music]

* Don't let the parade
pass you by *

* Live livin' it up
till you die *

* Always be hep *

* And keep in step *

* With the times a-changin' *

* Change your life
when it needs rearrangin' *

* You've gotta believe
in your gut *

* You'll never
get caught in a rut *

* Don't be afraid *

* You've got it made *

* If you don't
let the parade *

* Don't let the parade
pass you by *

[music continues]

* With the times
a-changin' *

* Change your life
when it needs rearrangin' *

* You've gotta believe
in your gut *

* You'll never get
caught in a rut *

* Don't be afraid *

* You've got it made *

* If you don't
let the parade *

* Don't let the parade
pass you by go fly *

* Don't let the parade *

* Pass you by **

Smile, Frosty.

Lilly says
that in show business

you gotta keep smiling.

But I'm kind of worried

that Santa won't
be here on time.

Daddy, the show
must go on.

That's what
Aunt Lilly says.

Okay, but I got
a feeling tonight

there's gonna be
a real wet act

and it won't be
the seals.

[music continues]

Are you Sam Spangles,
the circus man?

How can I be a circus man
without a circus?

I think I might have
an interesting proposition.

[both laughing]

Just do your act like you did
in rehearsal, Blinky.

and we're bound
to be a hit.

I'll try, Mrs. Loraine.
I sure will try.

Well, I gotta give
a pep talk to the clowns.

Hang in there, Blinky.

Hey, Rudolph.


Oh, the big star
remembers his old buddy.

We were never buddies.

Let bygones
be bygones.


What's the matter?

Boy, I am really
down and out.

Haven't had a bite
to eat in three days.

Think you could
get me a job with the show?

I guess we could always
use another roustabout

to help with the tents.

You're a prince, Rudolph.

A prince!

I'll speak
to Mrs. Loraine.

Yeah, you do that, Rudolph.

You just do that.

Ha ha ha.


Perfect. Perfect.

Everything going
according to schedule.

Now to tighten the net.

Ha ha ha.

hiss hiss hiss

Ah, what a magnificent
sleigh and team

the snow genie
has created for me.

Instead ofreindeer

I haverein-snakes.

Ha ha ha.

To the top of the porch

to the top of the wall

now slink away, slink away

slink away...all.


'Ha ha ha.'

Onward! Onward!

[instrumental music]

Ladies and gentlemen

welcome to the new edition

of Lilly Loraine's
circus by the sea.

Bring on the clowns.

honk honk



This is a great job
you got me, Rudolph.

Well, just do it well

and I'm sure
you'll get a promotion.

Oh, I ain't complaining,
ol' buddy.

Oh, uh, Mrs. Loraine
wants me to get something

out of the office wagon

but it's all
dark in there.

I think a fuse blew.

Will you come in with me
and give me some light?

But I've gotta
do my act.

Oh, but it won't
take a minute.

Let me finish
hauling this thing

and I'll meet you
over by the wagon.


Oh, you really are
a buddy, ol' buddy.


This is hard.

Oh, it..

It's so late, mama.

Poor Frosty.

We're doing everything
we can, papa.

Look up there, mama.

Black as pitch.

Not a star in the sky.

[dramatic music]

Onward! Onward!

We don't want to miss
the fireworks, do we?

'Ha ha ha.'



I forgot my parasol.

How many times
I got to tell you?

Make notes
for yourself.

Yes, mama.

[audience cheering]

[instrumental music]

And now..

...presenting one
of our star attractions

'Frosty the Snowman
and family'

in a sensational..

...spellbinding exhibition

of world championship

Now meet the folks.


Like I always say

the family that
slides together

abides together.

You don't always
say that, Frosty.

Stick to the script, daddy.

If Santa don't
get here soon

we'll be sticking
to everything.

Come on.

[music continues]

Hey, I've been
waiting for you

over by the office wagon.

Come on, Rudolph.

[instrumental "Rudolph The

That's my warning cue.

Look, as soon
as I'm done

I'll meet you
by the wagon, I promise.

That's my buddy.

Ha ha ha.

Lights, please.

Bring out the fog machine,


[music continues]

'Are you ready, Rudolph?'

'I am ready.'

Then lights on, Rudolph.

'Lights on.'

'He's burned off the fog.'

Let's hear it for Rudolph.


'He'll be back, folks.'

'He'll be back.'

His act is over. Quick.
Here's the rest of the disguise.

Just think.., Sam Spangles,
a policeman.

Ha ha ha.

Here he comes.

Good ol' buddy.
Now turn it on.

She said it's under
the table here.

What are you
looking for?

She said it was a little
leather suitcase.

Oh, there it is.

Gee, thanks, ol' buddy.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

I hurt myself.

Just taking a little
fall like that?

I twisted my nose

my neck, or something.

Now I can't pick up
that suitcase.

Buddy, would you
do it for me?


All this fuss over
a little suitcase.

What's inside?

Well, she didn't say.

Just pick it up

and give it to the cop
waiting on the corner.

Okay, but..

Hey, this bag is
filled with money.

The night's receipts.

Oh. That's why she wants
to give it to the cop.

So he can take it
to the bank

and make a night deposit.


And now for our grand
Christmas in July finale.

[instrumental music]

* I heard the bells
on Christmas day *

* Their old familiar
carols play *

* And while they sleep *

* The words repeat *

* Of peace on earth
goodwill to men **

Whether July or December

Christmas lives
in our hearts

but it's up at
the North Pole, remember

where Christmas always starts.

Ho ho.

Ho ho.

Ho ho.

Hee hee.

Ha ha.

Hoo hoo.

Ho ho.

Ho ho.

Where are my elves?

Oh, hark.

Here they come now.

thud thud


I thought the midgets
were gonna play the elves.

Nah. They wanna play
the polar bears.


Very good, elves.

But I have an idea

of what will bring
all of us lots of cheer.

So just to please
all the girls and the boys

why don't we have
a parade of the toys?

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

And now, to make us
all feel jolly

my very best toy..

...a dancing dolly!

[instrumental music]

* Rockin' around
the Christmas tree *

* At the Christmas party hop *

* Mistletoe hung
where you can see *

* Every couple tries to stop *

* Rockin' around
the Christmas tree *

* Let the Christmas
spirit ring *

* Later, we'll have
some pumpkin pie *

* And we'll do
some caroling *

* You will get a sentimental
feeling when you hear *

* Voices singing
let's be jolly *

* Deck the halls
with boughs of holly *

* Rocking around
the Christmas tree *

* Have a happy holiday *

* Everyone dancin' merrily *

* In the new
old fashioned way *

* You will get a sentimental
feeling when you hear *

* Voices singing
let's be jolly *

* Deck the halls
with boughs of holly *

* Rockin' around
the Christmas tree *

* Have a happy holiday *

* Everyone dancin' merrily *

* In the new
old fashioned way **


Oh, thank you,
me fine lad. to the bank.

Where were you,

Frosty, something
funny is going on.

I don't think
it's so funny.

I'm just about ready
to give up hope.

Oh, I don't mean that.

Here's your star.

Aw, Frosty,
Santa gave his word.

'He'll be here before
the fireworks are over.'

I don't know.

You ever see a policeman
wearing a helmet?

No, but then I never
looked for one, either.

Sure I'm not too heavy?

No, but you're
kinda chilly.

[applause and cheering]

Well, that's the show, folks.

A little corny,
but expensive.

Be sure and hang
around outside

for a free 4th of July
fireworks display.

And come back again
next year!

[instrumental music]

You hear that, Rudolph?

Time for the fireworks.

I heard, Frosty.

I just don't understand.

And all that business
with scratcher.

Something's real
wrong here.

Come on, daddy,
Uncle Rudolph.

Don't want to miss
the fireworks.

Miss 'em?
I'd like to stop 'em.

Why do you want
to stop them, daddy?

- Aren't you patriotic?
- Sure, I'm patriotic.

My only regret is

I only have but one life
to melt for my country.

Wait a minute, Frosty.

What you just said!

Maybe we can stop
the fireworks.

Yeah. Let's find out
who's setting them off.

You go this way.
I'll go that.

boom boom

- Ooh!
- Ahh!

Mrs. Loraine,
you've gotta help me.

Anything, Frosty.
You just name it.

Stop the fireworks.

You named the wrong one.

- Huh?
- I can't stop 'em!

Once the main fuse is lit
they keep goin'

even if a cloudburst poured
down on top of 'em.


- Ooh..
- Ooh..

Why do you
want 'em stopped?

Well, I-I got a funny
kind of feeling.

About fireworks?

No. About melting.

How many are there?

Exactly a hundred.

That's number three.

I'm counting,
I'm counting.


[audience cheering]

Which one's number 100?

Right over there.

'That's my number, alright.'

And when my number goes up,
my number is up.

And where's Santa?

jingle jingle


Still no sign of it
lettin' up, mama.

I'm afraid we're
gonna be too late

to save Frosty.

It's not your
fault, papa.

All we can do
is keep going.

Hyah! Faster!


That's number 72.

Daddy, why are you so worried
about the pretty fireworks?

Children, you must
be very brave.

Aw, gee.

Why did I get
everybody into this mess?


Seventy four.

We promise to be
brave, mommy.

I'm very proud of you.


Seventy five.

Oh, Frosty.

There, there, honey.

I just want you to know that
I'm sure glad I married you.

I am, too, love.

* You are everything
I've always wanted *

* More than anything *

* And if there's any doubt *

* Well now you know **


Seventy six.

Boy, I remember when
I could only count to four.

The good ol' days.

boom boom

Ha ha ha.

Now to go down and put out
Rudolph's light for good.

'Hey! We've been robbed!'

I went to get the money
to give to Officer Kelly here

and it's gone!

He's the policeman
it was supposed to go to?

Well, yeah.

Didn't you send
scratcher to fetch it?

Me? Let a roustabout reindeer
handle the loot?

I ain't that daffy!

- Oh, wow!
- Hey!

What do you know
about this, Blinky?


Ninety one.

Daddy, mommy, look!

- It's Santa!
- Frosty, it's a sleigh!


Oh, boy!

Wait a minute.

It's a sleigh, alright
but it's not Santa.


[dramatic music]



Oh, how I've waited
for this moment.


Ninety three!

Sir? Sir?

My name is Winterbolt.

King Winterbolt.

A king?

Your-your Majesty

Santa never showed up.

Yes, I know.

Frosty's time is almost over.

Just seven more fireworks.




That was number 94.

You've just got to
make those amulets

last a little longer.

Maybe even a lot longer.

Of course.

Of course,
my dear friends.

You hear that, Frosty?

Oh, wow.

Wait till I tell
the wife and the kids!

One moment!



Ninety five.

Oh, we don't have to bother
keeping count anymore.

Oh, yes, you do.

What do you mean?

I will make the amulets'
power last, Rudolph

only so long as your nose
remains extinguished.

My nose is not

Try to light it.


Ninety six!

Go ahead, Rudolph.

I'm trying.

I'm trying
real hard.


Ha ha ha.


What's wrong?

It-It won't
light up.

What did you
do to it, Winterbolt?

I didn't do a thing.

You did it to yourself.

You used your nose
for an evil purpose.

You robbed the money
from the box office wagon

and gave it
to one Sam Spangles.

Sorry, sucker.

I don't understand.

They tricked me,

Well, I'm gonna
set things straight.

I'll tell everybody
what really happened.

No, you won't.

I warn you, if clear your name
to save your nose

the Frostys
all will melt.

Admit your guilt, and I will
allow them to remain frozen.


Ninety seven!


'Ninety eight!
Only two more.'

'What do you say, Rudolph?'

Okay. I won't tell
anybody the truth.

I'll take the blame
and let my nose go out.


Ninety nine!

But you-you just can't let your
nose go out forever, Rudolph.

I don't have
any choice, Frosty.

Come on. We only have one
firework left.

[all laughing]

Only one more.
Where is Frosty?

Hey, what's
goin' on here?

Mrs. Loraine,
I-I stole that money.

- What?
- Uncle Rudolph?

I don't believe it.

No, he-he..
I mean, I can explain.

No, Frosty, don't!

I stole the money, ma'am,
and I gave it to Sam Spangles.


That means he
takes over the show.

what got into you?

I can't explain.


One hundred!

Oh, Frosty!

Relax, Crystal.

We aren't going to melt.


Why, you're right!

'Mommy, we're saved.'

'Oh, daddy, we're not
gonna melt.'


Now you don't
have to worry.

I'm sorry, Rudolph,
but I don't want the twins

associating with
a dishonest reindeer.

Aw, Uncle Rudolph.

Why'd you do it?

No, wait.
You don't understand.

Frosty, you must never tell them
that I didn't do it.

- But, Rudolph--
- Never!

What's more important?

A silly old red nose or the
lives of my best friend

and his family?

Aw, Rudolph,
what can I say?

You sure are a friend.

Hey. That funny
little mark on your hoof

the star inside
the snowflake, it's gone!

Yes, I know.

[all laughing]

Come. You're the number one
reindeer of the north now.

You bet!

Away! Away!

[instrumental music]

So long!

Okay, creeps, there's gonna be
some changes around here.

Y-y-you don't
own the show yet!

Wanna bet?
Who's gonna pay to see..

* Rudolph
the unlit reindeer *

* With a very
nothin' nose **

Ha ha ha.
He he ha!

I can't wait
till tomorrow night!

(in unison)

'I'm sorry'

but I can still
do my jumps.

(in unison)
'Boo! Boo!'

(in unison)
'We want our money back!'

'We want our money back!'

'We want our money back..'


How can you even
speak to him

after what he did
to my mother?

But there must
be some reason.

We're old friends.

You can tell me,

There's nothing to tell.

I stole the money and gave it
to Sam Spangles.

- But, Rudolph--
- Just-just let me be, Milton.

You heard him.
Let's go, Milton.

Goodbye, Rudolph.

Goodbye...for good.

[instrumental music]

* No bed of roses *

* That's how life
seems to be *

* No bed of roses *

* No easy way for me *

* You were my star glow *

* But now you're gone *

* You took the roses *

* But left each thorn *

* Go on without me *

* But if you
change your mind *

* One thing about me *

* I won't be
hard to find *

* If there's a glow again *

* I know that life can be *

* A bed of roses *

* For you and me **


There must be something
I can do alone

that wouldn't
hurt the family.

Maybe I could give Winterbolt
something in exchange.

But what do I have
that he'd want?

Ha ha ha!

What indeed?

His corncob pipe?

He does have something.

I dunno. He might
have something.

Why not ask the genie?

Frosty the Snowman
has his own magic

which could prove
quite valuable.

Tell me, what is it?

His hat.

Let me show you,
o master.

[instrumental music]

* Frosty the Snowman *

* Was a jolly
happy soul *

* With a corncob pipe
and a button nose *

* And two eyes
made out of coal *

* Frosty the Snowman *

* Is a fairy tale
they say *

* He was made of snow
but the children know *

* How he came
to life one day *

* There must have been
some magic in *

* That old silk hat
they found *

* For when they placed it
on his head *

* He began
to dance around *

* Oh Frosty the Snowman *

* Was alive
as he could be *

* And the children say
he could laugh and play *

* Just the same as you
and me **

Just think,
if you had that hat

and could find the secret
of its magic..

' could duplicate it
over and over again, o master.'

[drum roll]

Why, you could bring an army
of snowmen to life.

[drum roll]

'And Frosty, the only one who
knows the true secret'

'of Rudolph's nose..'

'...would be lifeless.'

and I would be safe.

But what could I give
Frosty for his hat?

Lie to him, my master.

Deceive him.

Tell him you have the power
to restore the borealis light

to Rudolph's nose.

The light.

Ha ha ha.

Of course.
Of course!

Gee, I'd do anything,
anything to help Rudolph.



I know what to do.

'Faster! Faster!'

'Back to the circus lot.'

[dramatic music]

More fireworks?

(Lady Boreal)

That voice.
I remember.

I am no more..

...but my love, in the form of
the northern lights

watches over thee.

Oh, what am I gonna do?

Have no fear
when you defend the helpless.

I don't understand.

Be brave.

Be very brave

and the star
in the snowflake will return.

You mean there's a chance
my nose will light up again?

Be brave.

Be very brave.

Don't go!

Alone again.

(Big Ben)
'Rudolph, is that you
up there on the beach?'

- What now?
- Out here, in the water.

Big Ben.
The clockwork whale.

'Remember me?
I work for Father Time.'

Sure, I remember.
What are you doing here?

Strangest thing...
like I was led to you.

I was under the water

following the glow
of the northern lights.

Came up to get
a good look

'and there you were.'

Aw, Ben.
I've got problems.

Well, little feller,
you tell 'em to me.

I got a big shoulder
to rest your head on.

'And it's wet already,
so a few tears won't hurt.'

'Heh heh heh.'

So you want to give me
your hat, eh?

Only if you can turn
Rudolph's nose back on.

Why, of course I can.

What did you say?

Oh, it's hardly worth it.

It is to me.

This hat is what
keeps me all living.

- Without it--
- Oh, very well.

I'll make the trade.

Would you say goodbye

to Crystal, Milly,
and Chilly for me?

Especially Crystal.

Oh, Crystal, if only we could
be together one more time.

'But that's impossible.'

So I hope you'll remember
all the good times.

[instrumental music]

* Now and then *

* Will you think of me *

* Not I hope
as a memory *

* I'll always love you *

* As I always loved you *

* Wherever you may be *

* In my heart *

* There's a golden glow *

* You alone
keep it shining so *

* Parting brings sorrow *

* But maybe tomorrow *

* With luck
we'll meet again *

* If only now *

* And then **

And that's the whole story,
Big Ben.

Oh, that's terrible.

Rudolph, you gotta
get your nose back.

I can't.
If I tell the truth

that means Frosty
has to melt.

Not necessarily.
No time to explain.

I gotta swim
like thunder.

[instrumental music]

Where are you going?

To south Amer...ica!

South America?

Now, give me your hat.

[dramatic music]

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha.

'What's going on here?'

The poor frozen fool
gave me his hat

when I promised
to return your nose.

You know you can't do that.

Yes, I know.
But he didn't.

Ha ha ha.

Okay, Winterbolt,
you asked for it.

You've got to
catch me first.

Ha ha ha!




Frosty, where are you?

Oh, no!


Don't look, children.

[dramatic music]

Come on out from there!

I know where you're hiding.

'Come and get me.'

Okay, I will!

[dramatic music]


Ha ha ha!


'Ha ha ha!'




Ha ha ha!

You don't frighten me.
The hat is mine.

'Try and get it.'



Oh. Oh, no.

It's impossible!

It's like
Lady Boreal said.

It's back for good.
Ha ha ha!

I warn you!

'I warn you!'

I will not
be defeated!


Oh, daddy.

But-but can't he get
another hat, mommy?

remember him as he was.

Poor roly-poly
little son of a gun.

all you jerks

clear out of here.

Show's mine now.

'Not so fast!'


Hey, you got
your beak back.

That's not all
we've got back.

Go ahead, officer.

Here's your money,
Mrs. Loraine.

Rudolph was tricked
into taking it.

He's innocent
as a newborn babe.

Well, I'll be blasted!

One other thing.

'Rudolph risked his life
to get this back.'

For you, sir.


Happy birthday.

[all cheering]

What are we


Oh! Good idea.

Here's your dough.
The circus is still mine.

I'll be taking that.


You won't be
needing it in jail.

Oh, Rudolph, we're so sorry
for the way we acted.

What can we do
to make it up?

Aww. It wasn't
your fault.

Gee. Thanks, Rudolph.

Thank you. You gave
everything you had for me.

Well, didn't you
give everything for me?

I mean, us misfits
got to stick together.

Put it there, pal.

[all cheering]

* We're a couple
of misfits *

* We're a couple
of misfits *

* What's the matter
with misfits *

* That's where
we fit in *

* We're not
Daffy and Dilly *

* Don't go around
willy nilly *

* Seems to us
kind of silly *

* That we don't fit in *

* We may be
different from the rest *

* Who decides
the test *

* Of what is
really best *

* We're a couple
of misfits *

* Not a couple
of nitwits *

* What's the matter
with misfits *

* That's where
we fit in *

* Why am I such a misfit *

* I am not just a nitwit *

* I'm a dear of a reindeer *

* Why don't I fit in *

* Why am I
such a misfit *

* I am not
just a nitwit *

* There's no man
like a snowman *

* Why don't I fit in *

* We may be different
from the rest *

* Who decides
the test *

* Of what is
really best *

* We're a couple
of misfits *

* Not a couple
of nitwits *

* What's the matter
with misfits *

* That's where
we fit in *

* That's where
we fit in **

[all cheering]


Not so fast.
I still have my scepter.

to you all!'

This one looks
like my job!

But, mama, there are only
blanks in those guns.

Yeah, but the guns
are made of iron.


No! powers are gone!

'When the scepter dies,
I go, too.'

I turn...I turn...turn..

I turn..



[all gasp]

- Oh!
- Wow! Ha ha.

What an exit!

jingle jingle

Mama, the storm's gone.


...a miracle.

Now we can be to the shore
in a few minutes.

Up! Up!

Dash away all!

[instrumental music]

Well, our troubles are over.
Kinda dull, huh?

Well, I'm glad old Winterbolt's
powers are gone.

Me, too.

- Hey! Wait a minute!
- What is it, Blinky?

If all his powers are gone

that means those amulets
are no good, either.

Frosty! Crystal!


Lainie, what happened?


Well, the sun came out,
and...and they just-just..


'Aw, gee whiz!'

'Aw, after all
we went through.'

'I should
have realized.'

'It's too late now.'

When Frosty melts,
nothing can help

except a magic
December wind to unmelt him.

And this is July!

Yeah, but where
are we gonna find

a Christmas wind in July?

(Big Ben)
'Right here!'

And I brought
Jack Frost with me.

Hey, Rudolph!

How'd ya do it, Ben?

Had to go all the way
to South America.

That's where winter
goes in July.

Heh heh heh.

Jack Frost,
do your stuff!

I've got to aim
real carefully

or I'll give colds to all
the kids on the beach. goes.


[instrumental music]

(in unison)
Happy birthday!

[all cheering]

Come on, gang.
Let's dig them out.

Keep that cold breath
on them, Jack.


[music continues]

Great jumpin' geraniums!

Santa Claus is finally
comin' to town!


Papa, we'd better get going
before Jack runs out of breath.

I'll stick with
the show, sir

until they're
out of debt.

Well, they should be
out of debt real soon.

Ho ho ho.

I gave Lilly some of
my magic corn feed.

The kind that
makes animals fly.

Wow. A circus by the sea
is one thing

but a flying circus
by the sea.

(in unison)
Daddy! Daddy!
Can we stay and see it?

Oh, Frosty, could they?

No deal!
Enough's enough.

[all laughing]

Then...then let's get going!

Ha ha.

[instrumental music]

Gee, I kind of miss
not being with Santa.

Blinky, you want to lead
something through the sky

you got it!

- What?
- Forget the sleigh.

It's time for the flying
circus parade

with you
right up front.


[instrumental music]

* Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer *

* Had a very shiny nose *

* And if you ever saw it *

* You would even
say it glows *

* All of
the other reindeer *

* Used to laugh
and call him names *

* They never let
poor Rudolph *

* Join in any
reindeer games *

* Then one foggy
Christmas eve *

* Santa came to say *

* Rudolph with your
nose so bright *

* Won't you guide
my sleigh tonight *

* Then how the reindeer
loved him *

* As they shouted out
with glee *

* Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer *

* You'll go down
in history **

[instrumental music]