Rudhran (2023) - full transcript

Rudhran is a happy IT man living with his family until the moment his life is turned upside down. He comes upon a major criminal network including a businessman, Rudhran embarks on a mission to expose him the criminal network. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Ten years ago,

Bhoomi was a nobody.

Today he has risen

to heights demanding

30-40% commission

to do business.

On seeing him, you

will shiver in fear.

But I...

will slit his throat!

People who spoke against Bhoomi

have become fed to

fish or buried under.

How do we believe you, Shankar?

It's a problem only if

we don't do anything.

What if we kill him?

You people just say the word...

I will kill him!

I guarantee your

businesses and lives.

Brother, Bhoomi is arriving!

Sorry, I ran a little late.

Why are you

standing? Sit down!

Shankar, come on, speak up!

Come on. I heard your

voice as far as my house.

Why are you hesitating

after seeing me in person?

Speak up!

How dare you say that

you will slit my throat?

I'll give you all two options.

One: Do business

under my mercy.

Two: Die by

my hands.

Now you people decide

what suits you best.

Why do you care

about others death?

Instead of issuing a death

certificate, you

went to the police.

Please spare me. Please!

Do you think you're the

only doctor in this town?

Before the news gets out,

do you want to see me issuing

a death certificate to you?

Sasi, brother!

Sasi, brother! Sasi, brother!

What are you

guys waiting for?

Bloody hell, go

and check who it is?

Hey, who the hell are

you? Show yourself!

[multiple overlapping voices]

Who the hell is he?

It's Rudhra!

[reporter] I'm reporting

from the site of murder.

Are the forensics here?

Sir, this is Sasi. He's a big

drug dealer in North Vizag.

He's from Bhoomi's gang.


Look what they have

done to your brother.


Hey, wake up.

Your brother is here.

Don't spare anyone who's the

reason for my husband's death!

Despite the fact he's your

brother. They killed him.

Brother, don't!

Let go, damn it!

Hey! In 24 hours, I need to

kill the person

who killed Sasi.

[boys jamming to local folk]

Like that. Just hit it!

That's right, homie.

Drop the beat!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Where is he?

He drank and

now sleeping.

He drank and

now sleeping.

Hey, shut up!

Guys look, the

officer got him liquor.

- Hey, go from here.


If you go to work, who

will play with your mother?

Like mother like son!

Don't peg him to

be irresponsible.

One day he will

take up the entire

responsibility of

running the family.

- Dear...
- Yeah!

Did you forget?

I'm looking

because I forgot.

Do you know what today is?

My headache day!


Why are you
calling me by name?

Did you forget that today's

our wedding anniversary?

Oh, God, help me!

As I lost the document,

I was a bit worried...

I'm sorry...

Please bless me!

How do I thank you for

putting up with

me for so long?

- Don't stop dancing.

Performance is loading.

Oh, God, no! What's

this nonsense?

What is it?

Romancing in broad daylight.

Hey, I ought to...

Today's our wedding anniversary.

So your mother seeks

blessings from me.

And I was...

Understood, it's your wedding

anniversary. Let

me rip them off.

Happy married life!

Thank you.

I bless that you have sixteen

children and live happily.

Stay blessed!

I love you, dad!

Get to the point. What do

you want? And how much?

You usually pay

me 2000 rupees

and another 10,000

on top of it.

10,000 rupees for what?

It's my parent's anniversary. I

need to throw a

party for my friends.

Hey, this is our anniversary.

Why do your

friends need a party?

We find an excuse every

day. Today this is our excuse.

Oh, so you use our anniversary

as an excuse to party.

Dad, come on! Mom...

...there's a lot of

mouths to feed.

Hey, hey, take your hands off!

Even though you know,

you keep looking for it.

Here it is! You

pretend well, dad!

Is there anything left

in your shirt pocket?

Bless and give it

to me. Don't scold!

- Give it to me!
- Enjoy!

Aah... thank you!


What else do you need?

Today's your anniversary.


- I'm heading out.
- Okay!

You two will

be home alone.

So romance is in the air...

Hey, brat!

Is this how you

speak to your parents?

- He's too much.
- Yes, he is!

You reminded me

about our anniversary.

Like our son said... romance...

My dear sweetheart!

Damn you! Where

did the cat go?

File, file, file. I

was just kidding. I

believe you started

the romance.

I hope I land a

job this time.

Give your interview properly.





Are you Rudhra?

Is your name Rudhra?

Hey, come closer!


Your name is Rudhra!

Mother's name - Indirani.

Father's name - Devaraju.

You're here for an interview.

Am I right?

Is she a modern astrologer?

You know so much about me.

Are you following

me on social media?

Yes, I'm secretly

following you...

...from Gajuwaka signal.

If you've been following

since Gajuwaka signal,

you're bound to

have feelings for him.

I'm feeling shy.

To hell with it!

You both were gawking on

the road and dropped your file.

And now looking for it.


How would you pass the

interview? And land a job.

Dude, she's cursing me!

Erm... please don't

curse him. He's like a kid.


You did not just bring

his file but my friend's life.


As you are here, please

wish him all the best.

As if it's important.

- You see...
- Madam...

...if a beautiful girl like

you wish him all the best

even 5th grade flunk will

become an accountant.

Yes, even a guy from

Aamalapuram will go to America.

Wrong timing for rhyming.

Okay, I dropped it.

All the best!

She wished you.

You could say it with a smile.

This is enough.

Oh, God, I have

fallen for her.

Enough, first

attend the interview.

- Excuse me!
- Yes?

What question

did they ask you?

They asked me if

I could make soup.

Soup you say!

Yes, ma'am. Mr. Rudhra!

Wait! I'm coming.

- Excuse me!
- Come in!

Good morning sir.

Good morning!

Good morning, madam.

Have a seat.


So, tell me about yourself.

It's already in the

resume. You can read it...

So, we need to read it?

Sorry, sir.

Why is it not opening?

My dad's file. I'm holding

on to it as a sentiment.

Take a look.

What are they

looking for in my file?

This is a rare technology

that he has studied.

I think he's the right person.

Oh, God!

He is glaring at me now.

I understood!

I won't get a job.

I'll take my leave.

Give me back my file.

Rudhra! Please sit down.

I said, sit down, Rudhra!

You are appointed!

Shall we discuss your CTC?

I'm going to change

the face of IT!

Ma'am what's your name?


- And your name?
- Sweety!

Shall we taste Sweety?

" Come and do your flip

and dip Lift and dip, Brother! "

" Dip down and lift it up "

" Like this "

" Like that "

" And now it looks

like something else "

" Hit it! "

" Oops! "

" Oh, no! This song? "

" This is some “different”

kind of a song guys "

" This song was a rage

everywhere and all over "

" Now, change the

beat and play it, bruh! "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" If you're the Joker,

I'm Spade Ace "

" Sthothiram means

God is Jesus "

" If you're Local, then

you must dance like it "

" Don't drink and

fight me, Ill end you "

" But first, give me junk

food and bulk me up! "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" Come at me bro, I'll

slice you like a watermelon "

" Talking is not

my strong-suit "

" I punch like Roman

Reigns, God Promise "

" Like Cabbage that

sticks to Fried Rice "

" Find yourself real friends,

not these girls

after your money "

" I will never change, no

matter how much money I get "

" I will forever dance "

" 'Cause Hyderabadi

Is the face, a Local guy "

" Stop giving

advice to the youth "

" Live young and carefree "

" If questioned We'll

treat them ice cream "

" While he paints the

walls of his roofless house "

" Someone breaks in and out

backdoor fast as Usain Bolt "

" He lustfully searches

the house for someone "

" When it gets dark, the missus

gets up to no good

on the video calls. "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" Even if you stop, Rudhra’s

leg would never stop grooving "

" If you pull string on him,

He will strum like a guitar "

" All they have are the same

stunts That drives us bore. "

" And we play everybody’s

favourite character role "

" You just have to give the

voice And town

will march behind "

" I shower love like

season's offer sale "

" The more you

mingle The better he is "

" But the more he gets

tensed, He will rip your skin "

" We need to shelter

The one's who seek help "

" If you break your

promise, You'll

invite ill fate "

" You climb up without slipping

With the ladder of humility "

" But if you trouble the

children, I'll kill you! "

" The one "

" Another One "

" On the whole "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

" Stop bugging me

Stop chasing me "

" Stop flexing yourself, I'll

send you to bed with a fever "

- Buddy!
- What is it?

Do you want to hide

that you're drunk?

Keep it steady

and walk straight.

Keep it steady

and walk straight!

Come to the right

don't go left.

Bless me, mummy!

Bless me!

My parents are

very good people.

It's obvious, they're

indeed good people.

Oh, God, I pity him!

Hey, do you want a

pillow or a comforter?

It's okay, buddy. I'll

adjust. It's like my home.

- He's very adjusting.
- Yes!

Hey, you always give him

a chance to criticize you.

Why don't you join

your dad's business?

Instead, you say you're job

hunting and end

up getting drunk.

Oh, no!

How can you say that

we were lurking around?

We came straight

home. I swear!

Don't mind. They

won't understand.

I agree old people

don't understand.

If you knew the

reason why I'm drunk...

he will pour me a drink.

How dare you talk

to your dad like this?

Oh, no, your

thighs are exposed!

Exposing in your old age?



Do you know to

read English?

I found my pocket. Do

you know to read English?

Never mind.

Hello, excuse me!

Here you go. Read it!

We are steady

but he's staggering.

That's why you

need to drink daily.

I can't believe!

What is it?

He got an appointment order.

He got a job.

Did you get a job?

My dear, son!

- Oh, God!
- What a changeover!

Why do you have to scold

him for drinking

just one day?

Why didn't he

mention it earlier?

Had I told you whether

you would pour

me a drink?

He would rather have one.

Hey, your father

is laughing!

I know, he's

laughing. Awesome!

Stop glaring! I'm sorry.

Angry bird!

Welcome! Welcome!

Greetings, sir.

Please take your seats.

So, tell me, Das...

Had it been someone else, I

would not have

lent six crores.

The properties he owns

will sum up to three crores.

But he demands six crores.

I'm lending him money

because I trust you.

Sir, I never met God.

To my family and

me, Das is the God.

If we are well to do

it's because of Das.


What are you saying?

I'm telling the truth.

Because of your hard

work, you're well-to-do.

But Das, make sure the

interest is paid on time.

We will pay off the interest

and the entire

loan in six months.

That's how perfect

is our business plan.

- Am I right Deva?
- Yes!

- Sixer!
- Yay!

That's it!

Is Dhoni out?

Hey, manager is here. Scoot!

It's Dhoni who is

playing, you idiot!

Manager! Manager!

Manager must be

gawking at someone.

Oh, no, the manager

is behind you.

Good morning, sir.

You look thin. Do

you want popcorn?

What are you doing Indirani?

I'm preparing

the grocery list.


- Catch this mummy!
- What?

What happened? Your

antics are over the top.

It's because I just got

my first month's salary.

Did you get your salary?


- Wow!
- Come, on.

Enough dancing

and bless me!

Stay blessed my child!

Wait, wait, wait! I'll go

and stand over there.

- Hi!
- Greetings ma'am.


Your husband is pretending

as if he did not notice us.

Call him!

Dear, listen...

Please come over here.

Can't you see I'm busy?

I said, come over here.

[humming a song]

What is it?

Your son is here.

I can see that.

Ask him to sit.

That's enough. Stop it!

Your son has received

his first month's salary.

And he insists on

giving it to you first.

Hey, give it to him.

Give it!

First month's salary.

Bless me, dad!

- Hey, wait!
- Stay blessed.

Hey, hold this.

I knew he will create a scene.

- Hold it!
- What is it?

Give it to me.

Mahesh, Govindu,

everyone come here.

You too stand up.

What is he doing?

Now say, why

are you here?

I just said I

wanted to give you

my salary and

take your blessings.

You won't lose

anything if you repeat it.

Do it for you dad.

Oh, he expects an audience!

I understood.

He will say it.

I received my first

month's salary...

I wanted to give it to you

and take your blessings...

Why do you

have to laugh?

You won't fall

on my feet?

I asked, won't

you fall on my feet?

If not he'll feel bad.

Bless me, dad!

Das, did you see?

You always used

to find faults in him.

That he's irresponsible,

lurking, and invites trouble.

You never had faith in him.

Uncle, I ought to...

I'm going to thrash you.

He brought his

first month's salary...

and came straight to

me to get blessings.

Uncle, he is lying.

I did not give

it to him first.

I gave it to

mom. And she

insisted and

brought me here.

Did anyone ask

you the entire story?

Come on everyone

get back to work.

- Hi, uncle.
- Hi, dear.

That's enough.

- Hi, Ma.
- Hi, dear.

I was out doing wedding

shopping with my friend.

Oh, shopping!

My friend is waiting outside.

If you don't mind,

shall I invite her too?

Dear, you don't have

to ask. Please bring her.


This is my friend, Ananya!

Hi, dear.

Ananya, this is

Sakthi, my fiance.


This is Rudhran,

Sakthi's best friend.


He's a like a brother to me.

Please sit down.

Deepika your friend

looks like a Goddess.

Not like a Goddess.

She's a Goddess!

My son, Rudhran

works in a IT company.

He draws a salary

of 80,000 rupees.


Hey, eat!

He's been working

for three years now.


Shut up and eat!

I forgot to tell

you all something.

Me landing a job,

and throwing a

party to all of you...

she's the reason for it.

If not for her, nothing

would've been possible.

- Oh!
- Is it?

Have you both met already?


Yeah, we are very close...

We have met.

I have met him, Ma.

I met her once.

What do you do?

I'm a lab technician

at Be Well Hospital.

Where do you live?

Where are your parents?

- Right...
- Hey!

Keep eating!

Please go ahead.

I lost my parents

during childhood.

I grew up in an orphanage.

Now I am along with

Deepika in the hostel.

Don't feel sad.

We are there for you.

I am there too.

I meant, we all are there.

Don't feel upset that

you don't have parents.

If God did not bless

you with parents...

there must be a reason for it.

God works in
mysterious ways...

Hey, hey...

That's enough don't

sass her too much.

Hey, you leave.

Go, sit there, and eat!

It's okay you continue.

I'll sit here and eat.

That's more like it.

Do you like to have noodles?

- No! Okay.
- Hmm-Mmm.

No! She's not my girl.

Where is she?

Deepika said that

she works here too.

Oh, God no!


- Hi!
- Hi!

- Hi, how are you?
- I'm good!

I can see that.

You're doing well.

- Very good.
- My hand...

Oh, oh... I'm sorry.

What brings you here?


Shopping at the hospital?


I'm here for master check up.

For you?

No for mother.

Is your mother here?

No, she's not here.

First, I need to

know the process...

Will it work or not?

Then we need to

match horoscope charts.

All of it should match...

What are you talking about?

I wanted to

know how much it

costs to do a

master check-up.

Bring your mother in the

morning on an empty stomach.

I'll take care of it.

I'll starve her since night.

No, no, no, no, no!

Hey, what happened?

What is it?

- This is coffee.
- Coffee?

Mom, you should not have

coffee before a master check-up.

You need to be on

an empty stomach.

When did I say I wanted

to do a master check-up?

You did not ask.

But I am saying so.

I am doing well.

You think you're well.

You're not well. Listen

to me. Come along.

Hey, the coffee

is going to waste.

Fine, I'll have the coffee.

Oh, no, it's hot!

Where are you taking me?

You did not let me

finish my coffee.

Come with me.

Don't get angry.

Here, go this way.


We're here. Where are you?

You wait at the

reception. I'll see you there.

Bloody torturer!

Is this why you

brought me here?

Yes! Don't disturb!

Step aside.

- Hi! Welcome, Ma.
- Hi!

I hope you're on

an empty stomach.

Since night she's starving.

Please come.

See who's here!

- Sit down.
- This guy I say.

Why is she

shocked to see us?

Place your head

on it and breathe.

- Mom!
- What is it?

Be careful. You might

hurt the machine.

All your reports are here.

Okay, shall we leave?

Get going!

My dear, I'll have coffee

and wait at the parking lot.

You speak all you

want and get there soon.

Did you have coffee?

Yes, I did.

- Did you have snacks?
- Hmm!

Say you did not!

I know you did not.

Take mom and go

have some snacks.

- I said, go!
- Okay.

I think you'll get

married before me.

Is that a problem to you?

Don't make me beat

you. Keep moving, dear.

What about you mom?

I'm leaving, dear.

Please come home one day.

Oh, God!


She's torturing me!

You're very beautiful.

You too are beautiful.

Now please leave.

I need to talk.

What is it?

Nothing! I'll get

straight to the point.

Mom invited you

home for dinner.

Not just one day. I wish

to live my life with you.

Daughter-in-law to my

mother and a wife to me.

Shall we get married?

Do you want to

know more about me?

Shall I tell you

about myself? Okay?

I don't like to smoke

or chew tobacco.

Occasionally I have a drink.

If you don't like it...

you can pour

some water

to my drink,

sit and enjoy.

Forget about it.

I won't promise

to say that I

will not make

you shed a tear.

The atrocity I rain,

you'll cry your eyes out.

But I know how to

compensate and

make it right.

What I am trying to say is...

whether you cry or smile

I'll be the reason behind it.

Did you in love because I

took good care

of your mother?

If that's the reason...

I take good care

of all my patients.

I did not fall

for you because

you took care

of my mother.

'The other day, when I lost'

'my file, I saw

you on the road.'

'You went looking for'

'underprivileged children...'

'bought them books

and stationery'

'and you found God'

'in their smiling faces.'

That is God!

And the selfie you

took with the kids...

Wow! On that

day I fell for you...

- Phew! That's enough!
- Okay!

Take your time. Take as

much time as you want.

I'll wait right here!

Think well and

reply in two seconds.

Take all the time

you want. No hurry--


- Shush!
- Oh, shush!

- What?
- Ananya...

Madam, It'll be great

if you give me a reply.

I won't give you a reply now.

I'll tell you tomorrow...

at the wedding.

Oh, at the wedding!

Greetings, sir. Welcome!

Why is she not here yet?



- Hi!
- Hi!

Listen, you promised to tell

me your decision

at the wedding.

I said you would tell me

your decision at the wedding.

- That's why...
- Oh!

I came well dressed. So

that I can match your style.


I'm here for my

friend's reception.

Can we talk later?

Hey, please listen.

- Mom...
- How are you, dear?

Mom... She made

me mumble to myself.

Happy married life.

Thank you!

How about a hug for me?


You see, you're

pushing it too far...

I go speechless

when I see her eyes.

Mom, ask her if

she loves me or not?

I'm very tensed.

- She promised to give me a

reply today - Do

you love him or not?

This kid is annoying.

Listen, dear...

It doesn't matter whether

you love each other or not.

But I've made up my mind

that you're my



Mom did she say

okay or not?

...please give

him a reply soon.

People are waiting

with gifts to meet us.

You're a lousy friend who's

worried about gifts more.

Miss doe-eyed!

Support your bother

for once. Speak up!

What's wrong with you?

He's a poor thing.

Please say yes to him.

You focus on your

wedding. I'll handle him!

One minute, Ma.

I'll speak to him.

Come with me.

What do you want?

I want you!

Okay, take me!

One minute.

Look, I don't

have parents.

You will be my all!

Will you take good care

of me just as you do now?

I won't!

I will take better

care of you.

Okay, then I love you!


Mom, she said I love you!

"Brother, am dazed by her "

"Am sold to her "

"She sweeps me off'

'And takes me with her "

"Yes, That’s my girl "

"She confessed her love'

'And changed the scene "

"Look around at my'

'popularity in the town "

"I'm rocking, Who else now? "

"I look like the'

'fire in black "

"I rightfully walk my path "

"To see your beauty "

"Even thousand'

'eyes aren’t enough "

"Girl, there is something'

'about your eyes "

"Fell in love the'

'moment I saw them "

"She came to sing a song'

'Had never been sung yet "

"She came to see the eyes'

'That were never seen yet "

"She came to speak the language'

'That were never spoken yet "

"She came to dance in'

'my heart Like a damsel "

"I came to sing a song Which'

'had never been sung yet "

"I came to see the eyes'

'That were never seen yet "

"I came to speak the languages'

'That were never spoken yet "

"I came to dance'

'in your loving heart "

"I came to dance'

'in your loving heart "

"The magic happened in me "

"Your visit must have been the'

'reason You have to visit again "

"Your visit is essential "

"My heart’s door'

'in yearning for it "

"You chose me'

'among the thousands "

"Changed the'

'beginning and the end "

"You showed your eyes,'

'Aroused my desires "

"You blew the breeze'

'By tussling your hair "

"The top is made of'

'breeze Aah Ha Ha "

"Became a dress made of'

'flowers Hmm Hmm Hmm "

"The top is made of'

'breeze Aah Ha Ha "

"Became a dress made of'

'flowers Hmm Hmm Hmm "

"Bangles in hands'

'Goes Jal Jal Jal "

"Should we talk with'

'our eyes? Tell Tell Tell "

"I came to sing a song Which'

'had never been sung yet "

"I came to see the eyes'

'That were never seen yet "

"I came to speak the languages'

'That were never spoken yet "

"I came to dance'

'in your loving heart "

"Oh, moon, did'

'you get the news? "

"Did the desire come'

'From the relationship? "

"Oh, moon, did'

'you get the news? "

"Did the desire come'

'From the relationship? "

"Can we keep playing'

'Like this in hiding? "

"Should I come'

'closer and talk? "

"She came to sing a song'

'Had never been sung yet "

"I came to see the eyes'

'That were never seen yet "

"She came to speak the language'

'That were never spoken yet "

"I came to dance'

'in your loving heart "

"I came to dance'

'in your loving heart "





Brother, I interrogated all

suspects who

could've killed Sasi.

One of these three

would've killed Sasi.

This is Stephen.

'Last week Sasi killed'

'Simon at a fish factory...'

he is his brother!

Ganga, I agree we

planned to kill Sasi.

But someone else

did it before us.

- I did not kill him.
- Bloody!

How dare you tell me about

the plan to kill my brother?

Only if we kill him the

other two will confess.

This is Soundar.

'He's the brother-in-law'

'of the Councilor'

'who filed a'

'complaint against us.'

Hey, I did not kill Sasi!

If my men knew you brought

me here, they'd kill you all.


Bloody, threatening

my men to kill!

- Guna, Ganga!
- Brother.

Something is not right.

Whoever killed Sasi...

is not here.


Buffaloes, you're

wasting time with me.

Now that's Bhoomi.

He's very sharp!

Who is this?

Brother, he is Sketch!

The man behind is

his henchman, Pencil.

Yeah, my name is, Pencil.

They sell stash against Sasi.

Hey, show me his face.

Bhoomi, your brothers

are not capable of thinking.

You! Only you

who uses his brain.

You are great!

My knees are hurting.

Shall I stand up?

Bhoomi, how do you

think they found me?

I went to say hi as they

enquired about me in my area.

They grabbed and

brought me here.

Would anyone kill your

brother and say hi to you?

He must've evaded

to Bihar or Kashmir.

You're a person who plans

to execute from

where you are.

Imagine how

powerful he must be

because he brought

you out to hunt.

I don't think the plan

was to kill Sasi but you.

Sorry, I meant

it was you, sir.

Give me a day's time!

I will bring you the

person you're looking for.

Trust Sketch!

You must think,

how will I pull it off?

The place where your

brother, Sasi got killed...

we need to enquire all the

menial workers in that area.

They won't utter

a word to you.

Because Sasi

died in my area.

Only I know how to extract

information from them.

Brother please hear me out.

He may look like a fool.

But he has a point.

Moreover, he's a local hand.

Let's give him a day's

time. It will work out.

- Ganga, come with me.
- Okay!

Guna, you stay with him.

Okay, brother.

Thought as much!

Follow me!

You're awesome, brother!

No one can

mess with you!

Sketch! Sketch!

I was investigating the people

at the spot of Sasi's murder.

Why is he panting

and running?

The guy who killed, Sasi.


Someone saw him!

Who is it?

He's a Kulfi ice vendor.

Did you bring him?

Yes, they're bringing him.


Why did you bring

the cart along with him?

If we have liquor and eat Kulfi

ice, it gives a fantastic high.

- You think so?
- Hmm!

Learn from him!

- Step down.
- Push him down.

Get lost!

Who? Who killed

my brother?

- Tell me! Tell me!
- Hey!


Don't you know how

to deal with a boy?

He's young and timid,

making his living

selling Kulfi.

And you are

threatening him!

My dear savior. Bless me!

Stay blessed!

Hey, remove your mask!

Why are you coughing?

I have cold for three days.


If you insist I'll remove--

No, no, social distance!

Don't remove your

mask. Understood?

Wear your mask properly.

Don't worry I'm here for you.


Oh, no!

Did you see who killed Sasi?

How do I know who is Sasi?

You're right. How

did the killer look?

Brother, I saw him...

Tell me.

...they were far

and it was dark.

I could not see

both their faces.

One guy was tall

and another was short.

Can you help us

make a sketch!

If I knew to sketch, I

wouldn't be selling Kulfi.

Even if I knew how to sketch

someone I saw in the dark.

What kind of question

are you asking?

Being smart it is!

But you fail to

identify a murderer.

Sorry brother!

Now I cracked the case.

Which one?

- Hey!
- Boss! Boss!

What did the murderer

say when he stabbed Sasi?

If you ask me like

this, I can reply.

Come on, say it!

I'm telling!

Say it precisely!

The murderer

stabbed saying, "Ooh."

And Sasi screamed, "Aah."


The murderer

stabbed saying, "Ooh."

And Sasi screamed, "Aah."

Do you get it?

Don't you get it?

He's explaining it correctly.

Stop it!


Hey, are you

trying to mock us?

Bloody I'll break your jaw.

What did the murderer

say when he stabbed Sasi?

If you ask me like

this, I can reply.

You won't beat me right?

No I won't!

The murderer

stabbed saying, "Ooh."

And Sasi screamed, "Aah."

Bloody, he's ranting

the same nonsense!

Boss is angry.

Sorry, brother.

Let go! Let go!

Please control him.

Let go of me.

Do you peg me for a fool?

Brother, don't get angry.

I'm frightened to

look at your eyes.

If you keep antagonizing

me, I will get angry.


If you show me how the

murderer used his weapon...

I know how the men in

this area use their weapons.

I will use it find the killer!

How's my idea?

Okay, brother.

You're genius boss!

Awesome idea!

You come here and

stand opposite him.

Give him the weapon.

Why are they

giving me a weapon?

Hold it!

I'm scared.

What you saw the other day...

you should replicate

the incident now.

Brother, you're a genius!

Come on, do it!

Before stabbing he spun

the weapon like this...

I dropped it!

Why did you drop it?

Hey, hold it right!

Even the kids these

days handle it well.

But you're useless!


Do it right! Understood?

Hey, cheer for him!

You should stab him

and he should scream.

- Come on, stab him!
- Come on!

He held it like this. Then

he spun the weapon.

Then he did something

and juggled the weapon...

and stabbed!


Hey, I told you to

pretend to stab him.

But you stabbed

him for real.

What will I say if

the police arrive?

Hey, you?

Hey, it's him!

Who do you mean?

He's useless!

Hey, kill him!

Oh, no!

Oh, God!

Hey, Rudhra!

I know you're here

to settle the score.

Looks like you did

not get enough of us.

You bloody killed my brother!

You'll die by my hands!

- Oh, no!
- Brother...

I thought you

were a ice vendor.

But you beat everyone

and sent them to ICU!

You dared to beat up Bhoomi's

men and made them eat dust.

You seem like a powerful man.

Let me join you as an assistant.

I know what Bhoomi

and his men are up to.

It's in your best interest

to keep me with you.

I don't care a damn. I

don't want any trouble!

Brother, I won't expose you.

I'm leaving from here.

Do you know everything

about Bhoomi?

I know everything!

Come with me!


First peg and

first kiss...

the taste hits differently.

Sir, you left him

with us to take care.

It's really annoying

to take care of him.

Who the hell is he?

Either he's full tight and high!

Or he looks like

he lost something.

I can even make

peace with it.

We can't figure out

where he's going?

The other day he was

sitting alone and crying.

Sir, one he was

completely sloshed!

If he keeps this up

he'll mess up his health.

Why do you guys drink?

What kind of question is that?

To get high!

Do you know why

Rudra drinks?

To forget his pain.

If you guys had the

same problem as his...

you guys won't even

survive for a day.

One decision turned

his life upside down.

It's fate!

'London clients'

'were impressed'

'by your project presentation.'

They want you to

come to the UK

for 4-5 years and

develop the project.

Are you happy?

Sir, I'm happy that the

client liked my project.

Please don't mind...

I don’t' have an

interest to go abroad.

What's wrong, Rudhra?

Many are waiting for

this kind of opportunity.

If you cooperate, go to the

UK and finish this project.

Our company's profit

will go up by 20%

And your salary

will be in pounds.

Sir, this company, my salary...

more than anything to me

my parents are paramount.

They're getting older.

Leaving them alone

in old age...

does not agree with me.

For the sake of the family,'

Rudhran rejected'

the on-site offer.'

But during that'

time, a situation'

came up where he'

'had to reconsider it.'

- Dear!
- Das...

I've been looking for Das.


What happened to you?

I've been noticing you...

you have been

a little off with our

son and me for

the past few days.

'When you get a call, you go'

'to an isolated place and speak.'

'You did not come'

'for Sakthi's reception.'

What is the problem?

There's no problem.

At the office...

I know you're hiding

something from me.

Don't lie to me!

Am I lying? I'm

lying you say!

Why should I lie?

Why would I lie?

- Das cheated us!
- Oh, no!

- Das, brother?
- Yes, dear!

Remember we took a loan

of six crores to

start bus travel.

He swindled all

of it and evaded.

Oh, no!

'His phone has been'

'switched off for a month.'

'I was confused and'

'went over to his house.'

'But he vacated the house.'

'Wherever I went to'

'enquire about Das...'

'no one has a clue

where he went.'

'Ethiraj has

profusely called me,'

'asking me to pay

the first EMI.'

'I used the rotation'

'money to pay the first EMI.'

After that... It's not

like a small amount...

it's six crores to payback.

Oh, no!

Oh, God, please help.

We did not wish
harm to anyone.

He was an old friend

and betrayed me.

Please come and sit down.

I'm not able to bear it.

Please come and sit here.

Look... Look at me.

I don't know what to do.

Your son and me

are with you.

Please don't worry about it.

I can't take it.

You're important to us.

It's just money.

We'll figure it out.

Don't tell Rudhran about it.


He does not need to know.

I won't tell him.

Only now he got a job.

What happened?

What happened?

Give me some water.

Here you go!

Oh, no!

What happened to you?

What is happening to you?

Tell me what's

happening to you?

Is it hurting?

My chest hurts!

Is it hurting?

Hey, Rudhra!

- Rudhra!
- Mom!

- Rudhra!
- Mom!

Oh, no, what's

happening to you?


Look at me. Open your

eyes and look at me.

- Mom!
- Hey, Rudhra...

Mom, what happened?

- Dad! Dad!
- I'm afraid!

Let's take him to hospital.

Mom, where are the car keys?

Hurry up! Let's

go to the hospital.

Dear, please open

your eyes and see me.

Don't worry. We'll

take him to the hospital.

Come on, dad, stand up.

Come on, dad. Nothing to worry.

- Oh, God!
- Come on!

- Dad!
- Be careful.

- Dad!
- Oh, no, what happened?

Oh, no, what's happening?



Let's take him
to the hospital.


Please open

your eyes and look.

Dad! Dad!

What happened to you?

Please wake up.



'Rudhran was looking for'

'Das, who cheated on his family.'

'On the other hand,'

'Ethiraj threatened'

'Rudhran's mother'

'to repay the loan.'

'To save his family honor'

'and to repay the debt...'

'Rudhran decided to'

'sell the travel business.'

Here's your cheque.

I'll take my leave.

'Rudhran rejected the on-site'

'offer to go abroad'

'for his family...'

'begged his manager and'

'requested to go abroad.'


Son, who are you?

Hey, lock it up.

Who are you?

Son, ask him
not to lock it up.

Lock it up!

- Hurry up!
- Don't lock it up!

Please don't lock it

up. What are you doing?

Don't lock the door.

Go and speak to him.

Please consider.

Son, I beg of you.

Don't lock it up.

You know to borrow money...

Does it feel humiliating?

Both you and your son go

to the boss and get the key.

Everyone board the car.

Son, please don't it.

- Get lost!
- Mom!

Look the son has arrived!

Hey, don't fight!

Rudhran don't do

it. Spare him!

How dare you lay your

hands on my mother?

His father took a

loan of six crores.

It's seven crores

now with the interest.

He said he would pay me three

crores after selling

his travel business.

Ask him when he will pay

the balance of four crores.

What do you have to say?

Sir, I'm going to

London to work.

I will get paid five lakhs per

month and pay it all to him.

Hey, what's with

going to London?

Mom, everyone is

looking. I'll explain later.

Why are you afraid?

Please don't be afraid.

We'll speak at home.

Mom, please hear me out!

We'll discuss later.

Wait I'll ask him.

Do you have any proof?

One minute, I'll give it to you.

This is the offer letter

for the job in London.

Hey, Ethi, it looks genuine.

Agreed it's genuine...

But something is not right.

He won't stop
until I beat him.

I need my money back.

Sir, this is atrocious!

We have agreed to

pay him three crores.

To pay the balance, he's going

abroad, far from

family, to make money.

How is it fair if he

does not agree to it?

Sir, he has a point.

Stop creating problem

and take the money.

Okay, I'll agree

because you said so.

But verbal promise

is not enough.

Ask them to give

it in writing!

Mom, please stop.

Your son is going

abroad to London!

You left without

saying a word.

But he's informing

before he leaves.

You guys abandon me!

I'll die in solitude!

- My ill fate!
- Mom!

Mom, please hear me out!

You first hear me out!

You should not go abroad.

We will sell this house

and pay off the debt.

We will shift to a small

rented house and stay happy.

Mom, how can we

sell the house?


Mom, we lost jewels,

car, travels, and money.

If we sell this house...

then what's the use of me

being the son in this house.

Mom, Dad gifted this

house to you with love.

Let's not sell this house.

Hey, explain to her.

She does not seem

to understand.

Mom, shortly after he joined

work, he got

offered to go abroad.

But he rejected the offer!

Now he literally begged

HR and got the offer.

Let me say something...

If you ask who's his favorite

person in the

world, he says, mom.

When he agreed to leave

you behind to make money...

please understand your son.


Hey, Indirani!

What happened?

You see, yesterday...

there was an

issue at my place.

Police station...

They took you to
the police station.

I know there was an issue.

And you agreed to go to

London to repay the debt.

Am I right?

Six years will pass in a blink.

This is our family.

I will take good

care of our mother.

You go away

with no worries.

But before you leave for

London, get married to me.

Get married and leave.

Are you kidding?

What's wrong in it?

Stop joking around.

- Why are you blushing?
- Hey!

I've got so much

on my plate.

I don't care!

Get married and leave.

You go and speak

to my mother.

I can handle your mother.

You're in a hurry, dear.

Let's go!

Come on!

" This time I live with"

"you Is enough, girl "

" Enough are these days, When"

"your smell is palpable, dear "

" You’re the blue sky "

" What is life without you? "

" You are the one "

" Who decided to"

"reside In my empty heart "

" Because of you "

" My dumb heart today"

"Is like a lightning bolt "

" I see your eyes shine"

"like a star in the water "

" You are the sky"

"I am the dawn "

" You and I play in the house "

" What else do"

"we need, my girl "

" Whatever the desires"

"in the world Is all yours "

" Reaching out as far "

" Only to touch you "

" The next day’s"

"dream is yours as well "

" You are the one "

" You are the one "

" Who decided to"

"reside In my empty heart "

" You are the one "

" My dumb heart today"

"Is like a lightning bolt "

Eat on time. Take

your medicines on time.

Sleep on time. Okay!

If you miss anything, I'll

scold you from London.

I hope you understood.

Don't cry. Please smile

and bid me goodbye.

- Smile now...
- Okay.

Stay blessed my, son.

Please take

care of your health.

Okay, mom.

- Eat on time.
- Okay.

Sleep on time.

Also, please call everyday.

Okay, mom!

Okay, now smile!

Now that's more like it. Bye!

Very good! Bye, mom!

Mom... Mom!

- Bless me.
- Stay blessed.


Don't worry. We'll

speak over video call.

- No issues at all.
- Bye!

Ananaya, get inside.

I'll be back, mom.

Hurry up!

Bye, mom! I love you!

Look at me.

As you're going abroad,

please take care

of your health.

Don't eat out a lot.

Cook and eat the

stuff mom gave.

Sure, sure, sure!

If you don't know call me.


Go safe!

I love you!

Go safe, buddy!

I'm leaving!


Brother, I came
to deliver water.

Hey, everyone sit down!

Guna, brother!

Sir, Bhoomi has arrived.

Guna, brother...

Bhoomi, look what

they've done.

Guna, brother!

Bhoomi, why did

you come over here?

I would've come

and met you.

Bloody hell! He keeps

killing my brothers...

and you expect me to

be a mere spectator?

This vehicle is parked

here with no relevance.

The killer could

be the Kulfi vendor.

Is it the Kulfi vendor or

someone pretending

to be one?

The forensics are

collecting evidence.

We will find him!

To hell with them.

You don't have

to do anything!

Someone who knows us...

must've killed

Sasi and Guna.

He's not a gangster

or a rowdy.

He is one of them.

No one should even get

the idea of opposing us.

How did the muster

the courage?

Do you have all

their fingerprints?

Yes, sir!

Give these

fingerprints to the AC...

and ask them to match the

fingerprints from

Guna's murder site.

Sir, one

fingerprint matches!

Tell me!

Bhoomi, one

fingerprint matches.

Whose is it?



- Ganga!
- Brother!

He reminded me

of all the crimes

I had committed

all these years.

No evidence that points to

me should be

inside this room.

Nothing should be present.

What is it?

Sir, I enquired downstairs.

Four boys stayed

with Rudhran.

All four have absconded.

Arya, Rudhran's daughter.


Ganga, how far

is Annavaram?

It'll take two hours.

Who do we have there?

Bachi, brother!

Brother, call from Ganga.

- Bachi!
"- Tell me, Ganga!"

I'm sending you a photo.

There are chances

he's in Annavaram.

At the sight

of them, take

out both him and

her daughter.

Brother, please come in.

Get inside.

Hurry up, come inside.

- Who is he?
- I'll explain.



Oh, God!

I missed you, dad!

Look I got you a new dress.

For me?

Thank you, dad!

Why did you not come

last week to meet me?

Sorry, dear.

Dad was busy with some

work, so I could

not come over.

Does that mean you will

spend the week with me?

Yes! I will spend

it with you.

Will you take me out?

- Take you out--
- Why?

Okay, I'll take you.

- Promise?
- Promise!

Yay! I love you, dad.

Dear, look at the mountain. It

seems like God is

lying on the earth.

Hey, why did you

uncover my face?

- Yay!
- That's it.

- Dad come with me.
- Where?

Let's go over there.

Wait, I'll get you

what you like.

Let go! I'll go by myself.


Hurry up!

I got the cotton candy.

Dear, I got your favorite.

Dear, come over here.

- Come on, hurry up!
- Wow!

Cotton candy.

Run to me, dear.


Dear, what happened?

Dad, it hurts!

Hey, don't stand. Scram!

Dad, it hurts!

Dad don't leave me.

Sit down.

- I am scared!
- Sit down.

Dad, don't leave me.

Please be with me.

- Brother.
- Tell me, Bachi.

I spotted Rudhran

and his daughter.

He's at Annavaram

temple carnival.

Hack down his daughter

in front of his eyes.

Please don’t leave me here.

Please stay right here.

What about Rudhran?

I will come and kill him.

Okay brother.

First, kill his daughter!

Dad, don't leave me here.

Please stay right here, dear.

Please stay here for a while.

Please, dad don't leave me.

Don't go, Dad!

Please listen to me.

- Don't leave me, dad,
- Arya!

Do what I say!

Hey, don't stand

there. Run!

Okay, I'm running!

Dad, please don't go! Dad...





I'm scared!



Dad, I'm scared!

Please save me!

Dad, come over here.

Dad, come over here.

I'm scared, dad!


Hit me!

Hit me!

Come on, hit me!

How can you think

of killing a child?

Have you ever seen

deity Rudhrudu?

I am that Rudhrudu!

Hello, Bhoomi!

Is your head

spinning, looking

at the dead pile

of your men?


I will hunt you

down by tonight.

I'm not a wild

boar to hunt down.

I'm the king of

the jungle, Lion!

If you mess with me,

you'll be doomed, Bhoomi!

Hey, don't forget

I'm Bhoomi!

Hey, I'm the God who

created the Bhoomi.

Don't you get it?


Since you elevated

your lifestyle,

have you forgotten

your true identity?

I will capture you!

I will!

That's my daughter.

Come here, dear.

This is Rudhra.

- Hi, brother.
- Hi!

Hey, are you a murderer?

I doubted when

I saw your room

full of pictures

and information.

Sir, we even asked you.

You certified him

as an honest person.

What did you tell me?

You told us his

mother was murdered.

But I see him

killing everyone.

Our area is swarming

with the police.

If he does not surrender

himself, we will get arrested.

Hey, stop flipping

like a chicken.

Aren't you safe here?

Do you call this safe?

The police think

we are partners

in crime and

looking for us.

Look, we came

forward to help you...

but now you made

us run for our lives.

You're going overboard.

Rudhra, you feed your

daughter and put her to bed.

Dear, you take him

and serve him food.


Take him inside.

Sir, you're a police

officer helping a murderer.

Sir, did you take

a bribe or what?


Yes! Rudhra is a murderer!

He will continue to kill!

Not just today, I will

help until my last breath.

When the entire police

department is

looking for him,

do you know

why I took the

risk of bringing

him to my house?

Because I respect

his pure heart.

I am not doing this

money, my friend.

It comes from the heart.

Hey, step aside.

You too, get moving.

- Sir...
- Let go!

We are doing this for you.

Please sit down. Let's talk.

Sir, I need to know

everything about Rudhra.

The police are hunting

Rudhra on one side.

But you're a police

officer, yet helping him.

Didn't you say

he went abroad?

What happened after that?

Hi, hi!

Do you notice any difference?

Difference? You

look beautiful as ever.

Not that! Okay, fine,

I'll give you a clue.

Okay, clue. Go ahead.

- Doctor!
- Doctor?

Is it true? Tell me!

You're going to be a father.


My wife is pregnant.

Look at her!

Thank you.

Listen, you need to

have your food on time.

It's hurting that you're

not with me right now.

I miss you!

You should not cry

in this situation. Smile!

" A bond that won't"

"end even after eons "

" My world unfolds"

"at your sight "

" I floated like a"

"feather Flew like a leaf "

" I showered like rain for you "

" Day Night Summer Winter "

" You're my world, my love "

" My love, I won't even let"

"your shadow touch the ground "

" I will turn into your shadow "

" And protect you as a cocoon "

Look at me dear.

Arya, look at

your father!

Look at me, dear. Oh, God...

Say Hi to dad.

- Look here.
- Hold her right.

Dad is on the

phone. Say hi to dad.

- Look at her...
- Arya!

" I feel lonely as you're not"

"here to give me company "


- What happened?
- Light cold.

Did you go to the doctor?

It's not cold but fever.

It's because he's

staying alone over there.

Mom, please hear me out.

Swear on me. Not a word

anymore. Understood?

" I get lost in your manes that"

"sway gracefully to the wind "

" I floated like a"

"feather Flew like a leaf "



" Day Night Summer Winter "

" You're my world, my love "

Why did you

leave mom alone?

I'll explain, come with me.

Come on. Don't

get pissed off.

Ananya, mom is not well.

How can you

leave her alone?

She's scolding me that

I'm not taking

care of you.

I thought you'd be happy

to see us, but

you're pissed.

I call mom. You

speak to her yourself.

Ananya is calling.

Here you go!

Why did you send

Ananya to me?

You see, the child...

You want me

to be happy

when you're

suffering out there.

Listen, she did not

do anything wrong.

'Don't get angry

and hear me out!'

You're thirty-four, yet I

can't be away from you.

'She's a child and is not'

'familiar with how

her father looks.'

Listen, we'll take

care of your mother.

That's not the case.

You hang up and

speak to her.

"Stop whining!"

Mom, don't hang up...

" I will hold you in my eyes "

" I will shower you"

"With unconditional love "

" When you blush It"

"seams constellation "

" I'd listen to you"

"speak Like a poetry "

" Like a blossom"

"from the first rain "

" I'd relish your beauty "


This is for my

grand daughter

and this is for grandson.

"- Do you like it?"
- Yes I do.

" I floated like a"

"feather Flew like a leaf "

" I showered like rain for you "

" Day Night Summer Winter "

" You're my world, my love "

" My love, I won't even let"

"your shadow touch the ground "

" I will turn into your shadow "

- Hi!
- Hi, daddy!


Why do you look upset?

What happened?

Why did you not let me

know about mom's report?

You know...

Deepika is a fool.

Why did she even

send it to you?

Deepika sending me

the report is acceptable.

Mom is very weak.

I checked the report.

I'm afraid!

Don't get worked up!

This is why I

did not tell you.

I checked the report.

I even consulted

with a doctor I know.

What did they say?

They said, 'There's

nothing to worry.'

I'll take care of mom.

I even booked the ticket.

I'll go and take

care of mom.

What about me?

It's festival time,
Christmas and

New Years are
around the corner...

there were no tickets. I could

get only one

business class ticket.

Moreover, it's a

connecting flight.

It's a matter of three months.

You take your time

and finish your work.

Meanwhile all our

problems will be over.

Fine, how will

you travel alone?

Don't worry about me.

I will take care.

I'm eight months

pregnant now.

Even if I want I can't

travel next month.

Okay, are you sure

nothing is

serious with mom?

I swear she is fine.

Nothing will go wrong.

She'll be fine!

Because you're with her.

That's right I'm there.


I'll miss you, mom!

I'm going to call

you every single day

I'll take my leave.

I want to talk

to mom, dad!

I'm trying to

reach her but

am not able to

get through.

Buddy, please don't

mind me asking

for a favor.

Go ahead!

I sent Ananya on

her own to India.

And now you're telling me?

You see...

she wanted to surprise

mom so I did not

say anything.

'She was supposed to call'

'once she reached home.'

'But nothing yet.'

I've been trying to call but

have been unable

to reach her.

Please go home

and ask her to call me.

Okay, I will do it.

What is it?

He got me doing chores.



- Ma!
- Ma...

- Ma!
- Ma...

Ma? Ma!

Hey, splash water on her.


Please open your eyes.

- Ma!
- Ananya!


Ma, what happened to you?


Hey, there's no pulse.

Call the ambulance.

Who brought the patient?

Sir, it's him.

Are you her son?

No, doctor. Her son is

in London. I'm his friend.

How is Ma? Is

she doing okay?

I'm sorry to say.

It's a massive heart attack.


it's been 7-8 hours

since she passed away.

Please inform

her son right away.

Sorry! Come.


How am I going to

convey this news to him?

How am I going to

convey this news to him?

He said Ananya

returned to India, though.

Sorry, important call.

'Hello, did you go home?'

'Did Ananya reach home?'

She-- She did not reach yet.

Ananya, did not reach yet?


Perhaps the flight is delayed.

She will be there!


you give the phone to mom.

Listen, mom-- mom--

mom's not keeping well...

What about mom?

- Hello?
- Mom passed away!


Nothing would've
happened to mom.

Mom, passed away!

Perhaps her blood sugar

is high, and she's dizzy.

Take mom to

the doctor.

Speak to him.

Brother, mom passed away!

Excuse me! One second!


Oh, God!

Doctor, it'll take a couple

of days for her

son to arrive.

No problem!

There's a place

called William & Co.

It's a paid, private mortuary.

If the relatives of people

settled abroad pass away,

until they return

from abroad,

they have facilities to

keep the remains frozen.

You can find ambulance

drivers outside the hospital.

'Enquire them about

William & Co.'

'They will guide you'

'about the process.'

Hold on a minute.

Sir, William & Co?

That's me!

We own the company.

How can I help?

My friend's mother passed away.

'He is abroad. It will take a'

'couple of days

for him to arrive.'

The doctor suggested

approaching a private mortuary.

Not an issue. I

will handle it.

What happened?

I'm speaking to him.

Who is on the phone?

My friend!

May I speak to him?

Rudhra, the mortuary

owner, wants to speak to you.

Give him the phone.

Greetings! I am Raja!

If the relatives of the people

settled abroad pass away,

I am running a service

to complete their last rites.

I can understand

that you're devastated.

Moreover, finding flight

tickets will be stressful.

Please tell me if

you can't make it.

I have a package for you.

I will relay all the rituals

on live HD video with sound.

It will be as if

you're present here.

Sir, give me the phone.

If you wish to...

Sir, what are you saying?

One minute...

Sir, what are you saying?

He went abroad

for his mom.

He will come!

Hey, what nonsense

is he talking about?

You don't worry.

You come down.

Please be gentle when you

inform Ananya about mom.

- She's pregnant.
- Okay.


Buddy, did Ananya arrive yet?

Not yet!

Not yet?

She left for India

two days before me.

How come she has

yet to arrive?

Didn't you say she

took a connecting flight?

What if it got delayed?

I'm afraid because she's

pregnant and traveling.

Don't be afraid.

She'll arrive soon.

Let Deepika take

your daughter home.

We will go and

check on your mother.

What is the name?


- Which area?
- Marripalem!

Box number - 13.

Sir, please come.

" The mother who birthed me "

" Where did you go "

" leaving your"

"yearning son behind? "

" The mother who birthed me "

" Where did you go "

" leaving your"

"yearning son behind? "

" The one who brought"

"me up Is now lying lifeless "

" Speechless and breathless "

" Color of saree which was"

"used as a cradle

hasn’t faded yet "

" But the one who sang the"

"lullaby isn’t there anymore "

" For the one who walks me"

"to the door in

her yarn saree "

" I bought her a silk saree"

"now, but she lies lifeless. "

" Bearing in the womb"

"Yearning in the dreams "

" The Sacrificial figure"

"Who laboured me to life "

" To hold your saree’s end"

"To Bury my tender face "

" Will I get another life to"

"walk in your shadows? "

" To give you a good life in"

"the village That loved you. "

" I travelled across"

"the seven oceans "

" You fought your"

"breath to give birth to me "

" You protected me"

"Under your saree’s wings "

" I wonder, What"

"that heart bet for? "

Dad? Dad?


Why is Grandma

not waking up?

When will Grandma

speak to me?

Dad, where is mom?

Your mom...

...she's on her way, dear.

What happened, Rudhra?

I thought Ananya arrived.

Sir, It's getting late.

Let's complete the

ritual before sunset.

Ananya is not here yet.

Who is Ananya?

She is his wife.

Has she not arrived

yet? Where is she?

She will be arriving soon.

" There is no father"

"To lend his shoulder "

" No lap to put me"

"to sleep, my mother "

" I stand alone"

"like a lone tree "

" Withering away"

"due to mother’s loss "

" Mother, your coziness"

"Your icy warmth "

" Will I get another"

"change to life? "

" People gathered,
pulled the chariot,"

"But there is no
goddess to be seen "

" Even with the countless"

"god, My mother was not spared "

" There is no pleasure even"

"in the wealth acquired... "

" ...after so much struggle "

" Without you, my mother,"

"My breath is not mine "

" The mother who birthed me "

" Where did you go "

" leaving your"

"yearning son behind? "

" The mother who birthed me "

" Where did you go "

" leaving your"

"yearning son behind? "

" The one who brought"

"me up Is now lying lifeless "

" Speechless and breathless "

" Color of saree which was"

"used as a cradle

hasn’t faded yet "

" But the one who sang the"

"lullaby isn’t there anymore "

" For the one who walks me"

"to the door in

her yarn saree "

" I bought her a silk saree"

"now, but she lies lifeless. "

'With the pain of'

'losing his mother...'

'and learning about the fact'

'that Ananya is

yet to arrive.'

'He enquired everyone,'

'from her friends to colleagues."

'With no idea what to do, he'

'went to file a

police complaint.'

- What is your name?
- Rudhra!

Hmm, okay, I'll

speak to you later.

Sign it!

Last month we received a

similar missing complaint.

Okay, sir.

We strenuously looked

for a couple of days,

but ultimately,

he killed his wife.

I'm saying this because...

At present, the person filing a

complaint turns out

to be the murderer.

Let's go to the commissioner's

office to file a complaint.


No matter where

you file a complaint

it will be forwarded

to the local station.

I will have to

find the missing

person and take action.

That's my power.

Do you understand?

He will go to

London to have fun.

Then he will send back his

wife and claim

she's missing.

After which, he will

come and file a complaint.

And he expects us to

find his wife immediately.

Hey, get the vehicle ready.

Okay, sir.

Sir, sir, sir, please, sir!


Don't you dare touch me!

I love my mother dearly.

I went to London

to pay off the debt.

But before I returned

from London...

my mother passed away.

We completed her

last rites yesterday.

Meanwhile, I don't know

what happened

to my wife.

My wife is eight

months pregnant.

I'm afraid!

I understand.

Only you can help us!

I beg of you, sir.

Hey, don't do it.

Please don't

fall on my feet.

Constable bring

me the complaint.

It's all a mess.

I don't understand.


I observed everything

that happened inside.

The inspector still does not

believe you're

telling the truth.

The flight ticket is

not enough as a proof.

Bring anything

else if you have.

What else?

Take my advice. Head

straight to the airport.

The flight number your wife

arrived, passenger

list, arrival time...

collect all these details

and bring it to the inspector.

Without an FIR copy,

would they give


to the common public?

I'll give you a number.

Make a note of it.


'Only after Kalpana'

'referred him did I meet'

'Rudhran for the first'

'time at the airport.'

Kalpana madam asked me

to meet you. This is for you.

Take it back!

Not all the

policemen are corrupt.

Kalpana is like

a sister to me.

She told me everything.

Here are the details.

'Even if we can't watch the'

'CCTV footage

from the airport,'

'we could confirm Ananya's'

'name on the'

'passenger arrival list.'

'We checked at the taxi'

'booth if she had

hired a taxi.'

Sir, did you say

Ananya Rudhran?

'We took the number of the'

'taxi driver and

contacted him.'

That's right, sir.

I did pick up the woman you

mentioned from the airport.

Do you remember

where you dropped her?

'Sir, on my way to drop her...'

'the vehicle broke down'

'after I came

down the flyover.'

'Later, I helped her hail'

'an auto and

sent her away.'

Did you note down

the auto number?

Yes, I did note it down.

Sir, let me speak to him.

Hold on, the husband

wants to talk to you.

Sir, greetings.

'Greetings, tell me son.'

Sir, where are you?

I'm at Gopalapattinam

Govt. hospital.

Sir, please wait. I'll

be over there soon.

Please give me

a cup of milk.


I stepped out to

buy milk for the kid.

Come to the milk booth.

What color shirt

are you wearing?

I'm wearing an

off-white checked shirt.

Great! I spotted you!

Brother, please wake up.

Brother, look at

me. Look at me!

Brother, brother, brother...

You were going to give

me the auto number.



Help me lift him up.

Where are you going?

We might get into trouble.

He needs help!

You're not supposed

to be here. Let's go!

Buddy, pull over!

'Two days ago, she messaged'

'about coming to Vizag.'

'What is your name?'

'Did you note down'

'the auto number?'

'Yes, I made a note of it.'

'Brother you were going to'

'give me the auto number.'

Stay calm. We have filed

a complaint with the police.

In the morning, we'll go to

the commissioner's office.

I know a contact over there.

Do you still believe in police?

They killed the

only witness that

could give information

about Ananya.

Don't you get it?

Listen, there's a huge

conspiracy at play.

Ananya did not go

missing on the flight.

Something terrible

has happened to her.

I'm sure hereafter;

no one will help us.

We should look, find

and get the truth out.

Do as I say.

Call Deepika and ask her

to go to your

place, not mine.

If you repeat it. I will

put you behind bars!

I'm sparing you

because of your wife.

I swear I won't repeat it, sir.

Step aside. You may leave.

'CCTV footage of'

'him getting dragged'

'by a chain outside'

'the hospital...'

The PC from
airport is calling.

Attend the call.

Where are you now?

I'm at Gopalapattinam!

I'll come to the subway

nearby in ten minutes.

Can you come over there?

Sure, sir! I'll be there.

My clothes are

stained with blood.

Are there clothes in the car?

Yes, your suitcase

is in the car.

- Sir...
- Come with me.

I know what's on your mind.

It's about the

taxi driver murder.

Yes, sir!

It is a modus operandi...

that was reported four months

ago at Bhemili

police station,

and that case was dismissed

due to lack of evidence.

Please share the details

of that case with me.

His name is Johnny.

A notorious criminal.

He works for politicians and

black money business people.

If he's involved in

your wife's matter...

I am trying to understand if

the target is

you or your wife.

Varadha, brother, I'll call

you once the

work is done.

Why did you kill

the cab driver?

Someone told me

to kill him, so I did.

Otherwise, I don't

know anything else.

Are you sure?

I'll confess!

Varadha, brother, who is he?

Hey, kill him!

Where are you now?

A factory near Lenkalapalam.

Confess! Confess!

Confess, I say!

Hey, who are you people?

Why are you people

messing with my life?

Tell me!

Are you going to confess or...?

Come on, confess!

I'll confess!

I will confess.

Come on, confess!

Tell me! Who

are you people?

'Fifteen years ago in'


'Bhoomi and I were recidivists'

'serving sentences on and off.'

'It was Lawyer Pandu'

'who used to bail us out.'

'No matter what case it is,'

'the people of that'

'town and nearby'

'come to Pandu'

'sir for legal advice.'

Don't worry. Until a

lawyer like me exists,

truth, justice, and

honesty will rot in prison.

'One day that lawyer came'

'to see Bhoomi in prison.'

How long have you planned

to commit petty crimes?

Don't you both have the

urge to move to

the next level?

We have the urge, but

not sure what to do next.

'After we got out of prison,'

'we went to meet

the lawyer.'

'On that day, he told us'

'something unexpected.'

Recently I read the

news in the papers.

Only a few children who

leave behind

their old parents

to study or

work abroad

return to show their

love and gratitude.

But the majority...

get lured by the lifestyle

and settle down abroad.

People over here take

that as an advantage...

kill the lonely old parents

and swindle their wealth.

They don't stop there.

Before killing them...

they take their

signatures and

transfer the deed

in their name.

Bhoomi, this is

happening all over.

'Pandu got a

job for Bhoomi'

'at a most sought-after'

'businessman, Subbiah.'

- Sir!
- Stay blessed.

Did you discuss salary?

Sir, I don't need a salary.

It's a great honor that

I get to work for you.

'Ten years ago, Subbiah's son'

'went to America to'

'pursue education...'

'and married to an'

'American and settled down.'

This harvest

season will be ten

years since you

moved abroad.

Dad, I'm in a

business meeting.

Hang up. I'll call you later.

Please hear me out--

'After Bhoomi got'

'acquainted with Subbiah...'

'one day, the lawyer invited'

'us to meet at his house.'

Bhoomi, use this injection

on the old man's neck.

If used this injection, no one

would suspect it as murder.

When the medicine

mixes with blood...

he will die of

a heart attack

and ceased blood


but no one will

suspect you.

Sir, we'll do

as you say.

Here you go!

You are quoting

everything for half price.

Do you think I'm

unaware of the

current rate running

in real estate?

It's a total of fifty acres

of land. Fifty acres!

Son, don't speak

out of turn.

You can't go back on it

if you speak out of turn.

I'm holding your

father's will.

Do as you, please.

Oh, no, what are you doing?

Stop gaping and

hold his legs.

Sir, please don't do it.

Hold is legs!

You never turned up

for your dad's funeral.

But came running

to get his wealth.

Die, you bloody!

'The world of

fun is yours...'

'I'm going to

have it all!'

Thank you, sir.

Is one lakh not enough?

Here take another lakh.

Oh, God! Two lakh rupees.

You're too generous.

You're wise, sir!

You're wise!

There's chicken but where's

my favorite dish, egg?

Please wait, I'll bring it.

Get it soon!

Eggs, I need eggs.

Sir, here are your eggs.

Why are you serving

from behind?

Hey, Bhoomi, what

are you doing?

Come on, hold his legs.

Hey, don't do it.

Hey, come on.

Hold his legs.

'When he realizes that the'

'lawyer is of no'

'use to him anymore'

'is when Bhoomi'

'shows his true colors.'

'On the day the lawyer'

'suggested this idea...'

'is when Bhoomi decided to'

'defraud Subbiah

of his wealth.'

'Bhoomi did not kill'

'Subbiah for lawyer'

'but for him!'

Criminal lawyer!

Eliminate the lawyer.

We'll take the criminal.

What will we say

to the people?

We will tell people he

died of a heart attack.

Remember, he taught us.

Fall on the feet of the

Guru and take blessings.

Blessings from

a dead body?

Did you say a dead body?

He's the guru who

taught us to kill

the old parents and

swindle their wealth

of children who

settle abroad.

Fall on his feet and

take his blessings.

Be well!

We made so much money

by killing just one person.

Many have left their

parents and settled abroad.

All the money on this earth

is going to be Bhoomi's.

'If we kill a police officer,'

'another will replace him.'

'So we bribed the Police'

'officer who started'

'to trouble us...'

'and kept him

under our control.'

'That's when

it all began!'

'A massive property.'

'But Bhoomi's

target is'

'lonely old parents

of children'

'who cared little about'

'them and settled abroad.'

'He takes their fingerprints,'

'digital signatures,'

'and bank details'

'and forges a'

'document stating they'

'sold the property to'

'him for a lower price.'

'He will show the'

'documents to the'

'children from'

'abroad and cut a deal.'

'The registration will'

'complete in two weeks.'

'Bhoomi formed a

strong network.'

'A North Indian client required'

'property in a prime location'

'to start a new Jewelry'

'showroom branch in Vizag.'

'That's why we'

'targeted your house.'

'Local area brokers,'

'vegetable vendors, watchman,'

'laundry, and handyman.'

'We used these people'

'to follow our targets.'

Bye, Mom!

Tell me!

Did you eat?

Don't lie to me!

You were hale and healthy

when you were in India.

But yesterday, in the video,

I saw you'd lost weight.

Don't mind. I'll be

back in three months.

Listen, an important

surprise is awaited.

Surprise? What

kind of surprise?

You continue watching TV. I'll

make a video

call in ten minutes.

Hey, tell me what it is.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Shall we make a video call?

Pick up the call mom!

Was it you people...

who killed my mother?

So, that means she did

not die of a heart attack.

You people killed my mother!


Hey, let go!

Hey, don't do it.

Let go of me!

Please hear me out!

Don't do it!

Hey, let go of me!

Hey, don't do it!

Don't kill him!

Why did you kill my mother?

If he dies, we won't know

what happened to Ananya.

Hey, Rudhra!

Hey, hey, hey...

Hey, wake up!

Hey, wake up!

Wake up. Tell me

where's Ananya?

Hey! Hey!

I told you. You

never listened.

He died!

Hey, please speak up!

Hey, speak up!

Hey, Rudhra!

Hey, don't kill him!


Varadha, look, I'm here.

Hey, kill that man!

Don't do it!

Kill him!

Let go of my friend...

My friend...

I pegged you to be like other

people who settle

down abroad.

That was my first mistake.

Do you know

what gives you

high than cigarettes

and liquor?


If you think of making money

through honest means...

you'd be doomed!

Only I can stop

myself from

committing the crime I commit.

I thought no one

would dare find me.

But you did!

Do you think you

can take me down?

Do you know how

many injections

and deaths built

this empire?

You came looking

for your wife.

Do you know what

happened to your wife?

Ganga, a woman, is

coming toward the house.

What do we do now?

Hurry up! Clear


Take her fingerprints!

Take out the laptop.

Enough, everyone go and hide.

Switch off lights.

Come on, hurry up!

I flew over seven

seas to surprise you.

But you are watching

TV and dozing off.




Mom... Mom...

can you hear me?

Mom, look, I'm here!

Mom, can you hear me?

I'm sure you're alright.

Please look at me.

Please talk to me. Oh, God!


What do I tell your son?

Hey, she's calling someone!



Hey, kill her!

- Hey, wait!
- Hey!

Without consulting

Bhoomi, don't do anything.

Tell me, Varadha!

A girl walked in where we

came to kill the old woman.

We hit her. I think she's

the daughter-in-law.

Is she alive or dead?

She is still alive.

What do we do, Bhoomi?

That house is important.

Kill that girl!

Don't leave any evidence.

She's pregnant, Bhoomi.

Do as I say, Varadha.

Who are you, people?

Why did you come

to my house?

Why did you

kill my mother?

I don't know!

But my husband will

come for you people.

He will find out everything.

On that day, he will

wipe out everyone.

Dear, even if your husband

comes looking for me...

I will be the last person

he will see

before he dies.

Hey, give her the injection!

Don't do it. Please don't!

Please don't kill my child.

I don't have parents.

You will be my everything.

Like always, will

you take care of me?


Your wife did say that

you'd come looking.

And I told her that I

would send you to her.

Pour petrol across the

factory. Don't spare a corner.

After it's burned

down, the police

should not find any

trace of evidence.

Okay, brother!

Hey, don't spare any corner.

Rudhra! Hey, Rudhra!


Rudhra! Hey! Hey!

Rudhra, get up!

Bad things should not

happen in anyone's life...

it all occurred

in Rudhra's life!

Look at this girl.

What was her fault?

At such a young age, she's

a widow and has

lost her life.

Bhoomi's greed is

the reason for all of it.

Only he has to live well,

and others have to die!

It's not wrong to kill him!

'That's why Rudhra collected'

'information on Bhoomi.'

'He hunted down his'

'companions one by one.'

Now tell me, what

Rudhra did is wrong?


Hey, what are you doing?

Brother, please forgive us!

Brother, I'm sorry!

These guys did not know

anything and

spoke out of turn.

I will apologize

on their behalf.

You know I don't cry no

matter how

much it hurts.

I always keep smiling.

After listening to your

story, I could not stop crying.

Let's wipe out Bhoomi's

family without a trace.

Hereafter, no parents

should die because of them.

A man responsible

for a mother to

shed tears does

not deserve to live.

My husband, your mother, Ananya,

their pain while dying

Bhoomi should endure

100 times their pain.

Rudhra, it's your mother's

blessing that has

kept you alive.

History is proof that mother's

blessing has never failed.

When he decided

to kill a child...

Bhoomi does not

deserve to live.

Get down and strike him!

Rudhra's Wrath!

Give me the phone!

Tell me, Ganga.

'Brother, Rudhra is at'

'Kala Bhairava temple.'

I will kill him and build a

tomb for him at that temple.

The Old Bhoomi is back!

" The brave one'

'with the fierce "

" The Hero with'

'the crookedness "

" The brave one'

'with the fierce "

" The hero with'

'the crookedness "

" To daringly stand'

'up for anything "

" Rage that explodes'

'across the border "

" Fire that opens'

'the third eye "

" The heads of injustice'

'are going to scatter "

" Rudhra! "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

Brother, you wait!

Let me go!

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "


" End the one
who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" End the enmity'

'With the blood "

" End the war, By getting'

'used to eating meat "

" The bond that gave love'

'Got snatched by these bonds "

" The milk that was given by the'

'mother Came to an

end by this pain "

" There is nothing to lose,'

'The inner wounds are inflamed "

" If they keep coming'

'even after killing, "

" Then, open the third eye "

" [shlokas] "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" Rudhra's Wrath! "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" Bawl, bawl, my'

'heart is bawling "

" The enmity and life'

'growls at me to end it "

" Growl, growl, the'

'anger is growling "

" My flesh and blood is'

'boiling beyond it’s limit "

" [shlokas] "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" Rudhra's Wrath! "

Hit it!

Rudhra's Wrath has ended!

Now begins Bhoomi's Wrath!

Bhoomi's Wrath it is!


In the world, no mother

should die as I did.

I have challenged them.

My husband will come

and find out everything.

I told them, "No one will

remain alive on that day."

Kala Bhairava!

Rudhra, this is

Ananya's voice. Wake up!

Wake up, Rudhra!

" The brave one'

'with the fierce "

" The Hero with'

'the crookedness "


Rudhra is

indestructible, Bhoomi!

Bhoomi's Wrath ends,

and Rudhra's Wrath begins!



" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" End, end, end,'

'end the enmity "

" End the one'

'who gave the pain "

" Foot, foot, this is'

'Lord Shiva’s foot "

" The enemy will'

'shiver at this sight "

" Hail Lord Shiva "

" Hail Lord Shiva "

" Hail Lord Shiva "

" Hail Lord Shiva "

" A son to the mother "

" A mother to the son "

" Is this a new avatar'

'of sacred bond? "

" Gives her'

'shoulder to the cry "

" And her lap as a solace "

- Dad!
- Yeah... What is it?

We're running late for

the event. Let's leave.

Sure, I'm helping them

get ready. Are you ready?

You get ready.

I'll bring them.

Okay, dad!

Get ready soon.

We're running late for the

event. We are going to be late--

I'm here!

Finally! Come on, let's go!

'[Emcee] Greetings to all.'

'Happy Senior

Citizen's Day to all.'

Among the children

who neglect

to take care of

their parents...

is a person who is taking care

of many parents as his own.

On behalf of Senior

Citizen Welfare...

we are proud and glad to

present the award of Youth Icon

to the Chairman of

Indira Foundation, Rudhra.

Mr. Rudhra, please

come on the stage.

The award will be

presented by Vizag

Deputy Commissioner,

- Congrats!
- Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you so much.

Hey, sit down!

Greetings to one and all.

The main reason how I could

expose such a heinous crime...

is Narasimhan. And I

extend my gratitude to him.

My friend's wife who took

care of my child as her own...

I extend my gratitude to her.

My mother, my wife, my

unborn child and my friend...

When I lost everyone...

the life felt meaningless.

Only after that I decided...

no one should endure

what my mother endured.

I started a foundation

under my mother's name.

In that foundation...

I'm a son to

many mothers.

I see my mother's

face in all of them.

For God's sake...

Please don't leave your

parents at an orphanage.

After abandoning

them at an orphanage,

no matter how many

Gods you pray to

you won't be blessed!

Not just abandoning

at orphanage is wrong.

Despite being home,

you don't respect

your parents

as much as your

mobile phone.

We don't spare five

minutes to speak with them.

You don't realize

the worth of your

parents when

they're around you.

I realize because

I lost them.

Please take care

of your parents.

Thank you!

If today my daughter

is getting married...

it's only because of Das.

In four months, we'll return

the loan along

with interest.

Is that okay?

" Is this a new avatar'

'of sacred bond? "

" Gives her'

'shoulder to the cry "

" And her lap as a solace "

" Heals you with her'

'unconditional love "

" No one can'

'differentiate the bond "

" If they do
It'll be a lie "

" Like a river That'

'nourishes the roots... "

" you came to me my son "

" He incubates'

'everyone with his love "

" He protects the'

'humanity with his love "

" He protects the'

'humanity with his love "

" He's a son to mothers'

'Who are deprived of love "

" He bears them all'

'like a Banyan tree "

" He only lives for'

'the sake of his land "

" He's a noble man who'

'showers love on the lonely "

" He believes love is the'

'only color of humanity "

" He's a God that not'

'lives inside a temple "

" He's a God that not'

'lives inside a temple "