Ruby & Quentin (2003) - full transcript

After hiding his loot and getting thrown in jail, Ruby, a brooding outlaw encounters Quentin, a dim-witted and garrulous giant who befriends him. After Quentin botches a solo escape attempt, they make a break together. Unable to shake the clumsy Quentin Ruby is forced to take him along as he pursues his former partners in crime to avenge the death of the woman he loved and get to the money before they do.

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Tais toi! = Shut Up!

Hands up, it's a hold-up!

The money. Hurry!

What's that?

It's Yen, Sir

I don't want Chinese money

Not Chinese, it's Japanese.
The exchange rate is very good

I don't care! Euros... French Euros!

We had some, but
the Japanese took it all

They robbed you?

No, exchanged their Yen


Where can I change your Yen?
Can you change it?

I only have Sterling
and Canadian Dollars

What the hell is this place?

Exchange bureau, Sir

I thought I was heisting a bank.

You still can,
there's one on the corner

A small bank?

Yes, but serious money, BFC

Hands up, this is a hold-up!

He went to the Cineplex!

Sir... please...

Please, sir!


I am Quentin, I'm from Montargis

You eating?

No, I'm shitting

Good one.

Butter biscuits?

What do you want?

I'm asking if they're butter biscuits
but they're surely butter biscuits.

Always eat on the same side
of your jaw?

Gonna bug me for long?

I'm guessing your teeth are rotten
on the left, so you eat on your right

I knew a guy, called Michaud

or Michelet, I forget...

Shut your trap,
I wanna eat in peace.

Go ahead eat,
it doesn't bother me.

That guy, Michaud, Michelet
or Mishalou, whatever...

He was like you, left cheek always swollen.

I used say to him,

You look like an ass,
with only one buttock.

-Keep it up, I'll crack your head!
- Alright!

'Half ass', I used to call him.

He made chomping noises
like you, like a steam shovel.

I used to say to him, 'Hey half ass,
you eat like a steam shovel'

Him again, the asshole!

I don't understand

We were talking quietly,
then he jumped me.

Can't keep him here indefinitely.

I know, but I don't have
individual cells

Each time I put him with
another prisoner...

There may be a way
to get rid of him.

Concentrate. What do you see here?

A stain?

Yes, alright. But, what does
this stain remind you of?

Focus well.

A dry cleaner?

Quentin, this is about
the stain's shape,

not how to clean it.

Oh, pardon me!

It's a fly, I missed it.

So, the stain?

There's one on your tie too

No, I mean that one!

This one, I could care less,
but that one bothers me.

Don't move...

Oh! What a dumbass! Damn!

I got it

I told him 'it's a stain'

Sorry, I can't take him

No, don't say that.

I examined him -- he's not crazy.

He has a small mind, able to totally
abstract himself from the present.

Speak clearly, doctor

OK. Clearly, he's incredibly dumb.

Doctor, I must get rid of him.
Surely he's better off in an asylum

The asylum's for crazy people,
not dumbasses.

If we'd build asylums for idiots,

imagine the size of the buildings.


Had fun today?

Nothing special, just some shopping

He hasn't opened his mouth
since he got here, not a word

I don't know the sound of his voice

See, I can do it too

I can shut up for hours,
staring at the wall

We've found the body

Keek looking at your wall,
while I project a movie for you

A forest, at night.

A plastic bag buried, with
a decomposing woman in it.

A beautiful woman who Vogel shot
because she slept with you

Do you like it?

Let's go on to the next scene

An armored van hit by a bazooka

Carnage on the road

A guy comes out of nowhere
to snatch the robbers' money

This one's good too, right?

Do you still like it?

Now, another scene.

Now we're in Vogel's personal hotel suite

You worked long enough for him

No need to tell you how beautiful
and luxurious it is

The only ugly part
of the decor, is Vogel.

He's furious, because you
hit him where it hurts most.

His wallet...

Ruby, I want Vogel, not you.

Give me Vogel and the money

and I'll get you outta here quick.

Keep looking at your wall,

replaying the scene with
the plastic bag in the forest.

If it becomes unbearable, call me.


I'm Quentin, I'm from Montargis

Fuck if I care.

You don't wanna talk.

It happens when you're
in the hole too long.

How long you been here?

I knew a Martiniquan African
from the Antilles.

If he's from the Antilles, he's
Antillean, asshole, not African!

No, he's African, named Joseph.

Aren't there Antilleans
called Joseph?


Maybe, yeah.

See, now you wanna talk.

What's your name?


Then you're African!

No, Antillean, asshole!

Just like the other Joseph, he's
African, Martinian, and Antillean.

You looking for a fight?

No, on the contrary, I like Africans

Pointless to get mad, yell
or slap him around

I know him well.
He'll just stare at his wall.

He's old school he won't rat.

Oh no!

Not him again!

What's happening?

Quentin He's a disaster. He's so
dumb, he always gets into fights

Look at this half-wit. He pissed off
5 prisoners in 2 weeks


I'm Quentin, I'm from Montargis

What are you looking at?

Can I look?

I don't see anything

Ah, yes!

That spider?

I tried to train one once.
Honestly, I was disappointed.

It wasn't too keen.

I'd give it an order,
and it wouldn't listen

Simple stuff, too!
Sit, lie down, go back...

Nothing!.. It just stared at me.

Didn't seem to understand.

Maybe I just came across the
dumbest spider of them all.

I did it for a month.
I didn't push it.

If you like, we can try
with this one.

But I'm afraid you'll be
disappointed too.

Imust say, I really like your hair

and you have eyes like a horse.

Don't take it the wrong way,
It's true.

You have eyes like a colt

Very Good!

When I was small
I wanted to be a jockey.

But I didn't stay small
and couldn't be a jockey.

But, I was a stable boy.

There were horses with beautiful
eyes, just like yours.

I loved the stable,
it smelled good.

The horses look at you
with their big eyes...

...sad eyes.

I'm happy to be
in this cell with you.

It's a bit like being in a stable.

That was a thirsty horse.

Wanna hear a horse that
wants to go out for a run?

He'll crack for sure.

He sits in his cell.

Silent. No contact with anybody.

Give the order,
I'll have him wasted.

How will I get my money?

If I know Ruby, he'll be out soon.

I'll be waiting at the exit.

You alright, Quentin?

Great, Warden.

Getting along with
your new cellmate?

Very well

He's real nice,
interested in everything.

Doesn't talk much, though.

No... But he listens.

I can tell him anything.

He never says, shut up,
or cut the crap.

I can talk all I want.
He listens.

He's my friend.

Some bread?

Are you asleep?

I had a dream, I have to tell you

In the dream we got outta here
and opened a bistro together.

You know, like one of those
bistros near Paris

In Montargis, for example

We called it "Aux dex amis"
(The Two Friends)

I served beer, coffee or small drinks

You were at the till
chatting to the customers.

I don't usually have such lucid dreams.

I remember it like I was there.

"Aux dex amis"

What have you done?

What have you done?
That was really dumb!

What have you done?

Help! Open up!

Open up! Quick!

Open up!

You must eat, Quentin.

You hear?
You can't go on like this.

Is he coming back?

He's not coming back.
You have the cell to yourself.

I won't put anyone with you for now.

But you must eat, ok?

Where is he?

Where he can treated.

Don't be sad,
he's not your friend.

Ruby isn't anyone's friend.


You're a hard man to find!

See?... I did just like you.

As I began to pass out I understood.

This is the real "escape". It's a beauty.

I don't think I ever felt so good

But don't do it again, for
the sake of those left behind.

We haven't known each other very long,

but I never really had a friend.

You won't do it again, huh?

You can't leave me alone.
I won't leave you either.

You'll always have
your buddy by your side.

What are you doing on that bed?

Can't you see you're
sitting on someone?

Pardon me.

There... he passed away.

Shit, I killed him!

What's going on?

He sat on the old man.

He's so small, I didn't
see him. I killed him.

No, he was a terminal case.
You didn't kill anyone.

Unplug him.

I'll tell you how I found you.

You're not gonna sit on him again?!

Oh, he won't mind.

They told me your name is
Ruby, from Puteaux.

But he's not, at all, dead.

Well, get up, then!

Ruby of Puteaux and Quentin of Montargis.
Sounds good together, no?

What are you doing here?
You should be in your bed!

I'm going.

When this bed is free,
keep me in mind.

Eat your meat, you need to take care
of yourself. Build up your strength.

Eat the meat, I tell you

Ah, Doctor, how are you?

Funny, I was thinking of you
just yesterday.

-Oh yeah?

I got ketchup on my sleeve.

Made a hell of a stain.

I thought, too bad
you weren't there.

How are you, Ruby?

Still silent?

If you stay silent.

I'll have to stop treatment.

He's fine, if you wanna
discharge him.

Listen, Ruby, a suicidal
man who refuses to speak,

cannot stay in the hospital.

We transfer him to a psychiatric unit.

I don't talk either.
Only to tell you this...

...otherwise I never talk.
You should transfer me too.

Be good, Quentin. Let me work

I too, tried to cut my wrist,
may I remind you.

Just one word, just one, and I can avoid...

Avoid having to commit you,
and all that entails, Ruby

Fine, I'll take care of you.

If you don't bring me with him,
I'll crack my head on that wall.

Stop your nonsense, Quentin

Doesn't look too bad.
No apparent brain damage.

I don't mean to be nasty, but
he hasn't got much to damage.

What medication can we use
keep him out of

the record books as
the dopiest man alive?

He's coming to.

You alright, Quentin?

My skull hurts.

That happens, especially when
we bang our head on the wall.

I can't order my thoughts.

Leave them scattered, no big deal.

Where's my buddy?

Where's my buddy?

You're strapped down because
I'm not sure if you're suicidal

or a faker planning to escape.

We'll unstrap you in a few days.

Meanwhile, I'll put you on Aldol.

It's a heavy dose, but that way

there's no question of escape.

Aldol: 5 milligrams.


100,000 euros if you get me outta here.

You're not the first patient
to propose this to me.

I'm the first who stole 20 million.

Check my file.
I may not be the craziest,

but I'm the richest.

I'm listening

He asked me to get him out.

When I said I'd tell my superior

he said to contact you
for the money.

How much?

100,000 euros.

He said I'd pay 100,000 euros?

Did you guys hear that?

He told this guy I'd pay
that much to get him out.

I have to give him 2 shots a day.

He'll become a vegetable.

If that's what you prefer,
take me back to my car.

What nerve! Steals 20 million,
then wants another 100,000!

He'll give me an answer tomorrow.

I don't like this guy,
he gives me the creeps.

Is he your friend?

Not exactly.

Why would he pay
100,000 euros for you, then?

Because he and I have a rendez-vous.

A rendez-vous he can't miss.
He'll pay, I guarantee it.

Seen my friend Ruby?

From Puteaux.

Tall, husky, brown hair,
big eyes like a horse.


He can't be far, we both went
crazy at the same time.

Merrrde! (shit)

What's with him?







What's wrong with you,
shouting 'merde' like that?




He agreed.

I'll bring an ambulance on Wednesday.

I'll hide you in the back.

I'll need civilian clothes.

It's taken care of.

Now we go for a walk.

You gotta look nice and dopey,
as if you took the medication.



Where you been?
I've been looking for 2 days.

Something's wrong.
Is he sick?

He's having treatment.
Leave him alone.

What "treatment"?

What are you doing to him?
He can't even walk!

He's fine. Now, piss off, or
I'll return him to his room.

They're transforming him
into a vegetable.

I was a psychiatrist back in the day.
I dunno how I got here.

I'm not complaining. I'm OK.
I have fewer responsibilities.

He's not unhappy. We imagine

vegetables to be unhappy;

being a spinach or brussel sprout

it's just a state of mind.

I didn't understand a word.

It's very simple...

Hello, my dear colleague.

How are you, Nosberg

He doesn't look too functional.
Did you lobotomize him?

You need to find another friend, Quentin

Call someone on the outside,
I'd let them visit, you know.

Do you have family?

You have friends, no?

I had one, but you
turned him into a vegetable.

I'm trying to help you, Quentin.

I don't think you know the "real" Ruby.
He's a killer.

He has as much sensitivity
as this rock.

We'll open a bistro together.
We'll call it "Aux deux Amis".

What did you do before
going to jail, Quentin?

I robbed.

Besides that.

I went to jail.

You never worked?


Yes, once.

Doing what?


Don't you have any friends
in construction?

Anyone you'd like to see again.
Call them.

You shouldn't be alone, OK?


Don't you think you've
had enough, Martineau?

L-l-last one for the road.



Hang on.

It's for you.

For me?


This is Quentin, Martineau.

Quentin from Montargis.

You still in the can?

Not anymore, I'm in the nut house.

I wouldn't say better.

Like prison,
there's both, good and bad.

Say, Martineau...

when I get out, I wanna open
a bistro with a friend

and I thought of you.


We'll eventually need a partner
so I told my friend

Martineau knows bistros.

Well, yeah...

Oh, that's my glass!

Hang on, this is important.

Are you serious?


But you gotta ease up on the drink!

We don't need a silent partner.

Oh, no way.

Tell me Martineau

You still in construction?

We'll cross the garden as usual

towards the parked ambulance.

- He'll be waiting for me.
- Eh?

The guy who paid you has surely
prepared welcoming commitee.

None of my business.

Oh, yes, he'll be waiting for you too.


To recover the 100,000 euros,
then kill you.

Are you trying to be funny?

After you...

I'm out. I'll return the money.
I knew this was bullshit.

If I were you,
I'd worry about his reaction.

When we're out,

blast the siren,

run every light.

There'll be no problem.

I agreed to get you out,
not fight a gang of killers!

Why's the dummy following us?

What's this crap?

We're escaping, buddy!



You pitiful idiot!

You look good, now.
Less like a vegetable.

Hello, yes... Psychiatric Center,
we have two escapees.

Oh, shit!

Well ?..


They're returning.

The idiot's drunk again!

-The crane driver

I told him, if he helped us
he'd get a piece of our bistro.

Psychiatric Center, again...

The two escapees have gone again

Yes, they returned,
but they're going again


Where are you going, Martineau?

He's just not serious!

What do we do?

I knew he wasn't crazy.
Look at the result

With the medication he was on,
he'd be incapable of escaping

Better revise your treatment, then.

This wasn't an escape

What was it, then?

Looks to me like an abduction

Quentin threw him, bodily,
into the hoist.

Quentin kidnapping Ruby?

Ruby was incapable of setting

one foot before the other.

So, the stupidest guy in the asylum
abducted the most dangerous guy?

Isn't that odd?

I've been a psychiatrist
for 20 years. So, please...

His jump, half-way down,
doesn't surprise you?

It's no surprise that
they fucked up my car.

Please, we'll get to you later.

And, I lost a nurse.


The guy watching Ruby
disappeared too.

Let me get this straight,
we have to find:

a nurse, a crane driver,
an idiot and a killer

We got our work cut out, boys!

Are you hurt?

Listen, Montargis!

No, Quentin.
Montargis is where I was born.

Cut the crap!
I know exactly who you are

You work for the cops.

You freed me
so i'd lead you to the loot,

and you're playing dumb
to fool me.

Only you overdit it
Nobody could be that dumb.

I'm no fool

You're more intelligent
than you look.


Yes, much more!

What is it?

Nothing, it's just...

It's the first time someone
called me intelligent.

I know I made mistakes

The crane stunt,
it's true, wasn't smooth.

Shut up!

I shoulda told Martineau not to drink
But you can't think of everything.

Nevertheless, we're free.
Thanks to me.

I'm really happy you think I'm intelligent.

We're on the lam, broke, in pyjamas
and all the cops in France on our tail.

And he thinks he's intelligent?

No, you think I'm intelligent.

You just said so.

What's going on?

I didn't see anything.
I won't call the police. I swear

What do you sell here?

Party supplies, novelties, practical jokes.

We need clothes and money!

These are all the clothes I have.

Do you have larger sizes?

You wanna walk around as Zorro, asshole?

Is that all?

I just opened. Business is bad

Don't think of calling the cops.

No! I swear!

Paris 5th District Police

Who are you calling?

My wife.

Is your wife called 5th District Police?

Get in!

I swiped these
for my godson in DASS

I was also in DASS.
(Child Welfare dept.)

Sounds like the real thing, huh?

A cow.

A cow, farting!

Get out, Montargis!




Well, what?

Did you get him?


Why not? Where is that bastard?



What's this crap?
Where the fuck are you?

Back in the wild, Vogel.

Where are my men?

I left them on the sidewalk,
a bit roughed up.

I thought we'd arranged this
with your nurse.

I thought I knew your character,

but by killing Sandra,
you went beyond what I could imagine.

Give me what you stole,
or you'll end up like her.

Don't kid yourself.

You're not the hunter,
I'm not your prey.

I'll flush you out
and you'll pay.

Contemptible fool, you're
alone, the cops are after you.

You haven't got chance!

We had him in the car but the
other one jumped us from behind

A gorilla. Incredibly strong.

What's this rot?

Ruby's a lone wolf.
He works with nobody.

I dunno, but they left together

With my BMW!

It's got GPS. We'll find it easy.

They're in the countryside.


When I called,
they were near a pasture or stable

Lots of cows around.

We found the crane
driver in a bistro near the asylum,

totally drunk.

Did he talk?

No he puked.


His confession.


I've been a crane driver
for 25 years. I never...

Shut up!

Now we're sure that

Quentin is the brains
of this operation.


Quentin: "brains of the operation".

Now I've heard it all.

They robbed a crack-a-joke shop.

Stole 15 euros and a whoopie cushion.

We split up, here.

What do you mean, "split"?

Thanks for lending me a hand,
bye, bon voyage.

We can't leave like this. We're a team, no?

No, we're not a team!

I don't team up anyone,
much less a cop.

What cop?

Wanna do me a favour?

Yes, of course.

Then, say, "Yes, I work for Commissioner
Vernet of the crime squad"

"Yes, I'm here to recover the 20 million."

Yes, I work for Commissioner
Vernet of the crime squad

Yes, I'm here to recover the 20 million.

There, isn't that better?

So, we're a team, now?

Are you taking the piss outta me?

No, why?

Call Vernet, tell him

you have the situation in hand,
and the cops should cut you some slack.

I have the situation in hand,
and the cops should cut me some slack.



Where should I call?

The Crime Squad idiot
Are you doing this on ourpose?

No, what's the number?

You don't know the Crime Squad's number?!

No, why should I?

You just told me you work for them.

Yeah, you said to do you a favour.

What's wrong?

I don't get...

Don't move!

It's a dislocated shoulder.
I had one before

I know how to set it. Sit here.
- Beat it!

If you leave it,
you'll be totally stiff tomorrow, come.

I know it hurts.

Hold on.

Don't be afraid. I'l be gentle.


It's reset.


Who are you, really?


Quentin from Montargis.

You'll have no worries with me.
You'll see.

Feeling better?

Fractures are a pain in the ass
But, in my opinion, it's nothing.

You a doctor?

No, why?

I wish I was...

Not in Paris, but in a small town,
where everyone knows each other.

In Montargis, for example.

I'd treat them for free.

Patient says: "pain in my kidneys, doc"
It's appendicitis!

"What do I owe, doc?"

Nothing, it's free.

I'd do a few break-ins,
to make ends meet.

Shut up!


Nice machine!

I swiped this same model once,
it was great!

But they nabbed me right away

It has a satellite gizmo

so the guy you stole it from,
can locate it.

Ok, ok, I'll shut up.

Why didn't you say so earlier? Dumbass!

Stop shouting, you scared me!

I'm the idiot,
I shoulda thought of it.

No, you're not. You're like me

You can't be always at your best.

They're passing through Nanterre.

They're heading to Boulogne.

Stop here.

They're following us.
We can't keep this car.

We gotta go on foot,

in our hospital pyjamas,
and I can barely walk.

If you like,
I can steal a car and clothes.

No, don't.


Because I've seen you at work.

I had clothes and an ambulance.

You came along with your dumb crane,

and thanks to you,
I dislocated my shoulder and hip.

All we've managed to do
is steal a box that goes "moo"!

Oh yeah, where did I put it?

If you take that thing out again!...


Sorry I screwed up your escape.

I thought I was helping.

They'll wait for night to get us,

and if we're dressed like this...

They're coming!

Let's find another car and clothes.

Leave the key in it,
and the doors unlocked.

Someone could steal it.


Is that you, dear?


Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you.
Where are your clothes?

Who are you? How did you get in?

Is this yours?

It can't be! Stand up.

What's your size, little fella?

Forget it, give us your car keys.

Ah, Julian Lefebvre!
I remember he was a jockey.

It's Julian LeFebvre.

Don't wreck it,
I just bought it

Don't worry Mr. Lefebvre!
We won't damage it.

I respect men like yourself.

I, myself, was once a stable boy.


I'm Quentin from Montargis.

I don't believe this!
Go on, tell him my name, too!

Pardon me.

That's Ruby, from Puteaux.

Oh, fuck!


Tell me it doesn't look like you!

See the eyes?

Like yours.

Who are you talking to, dear?...


He was very gentle.

Voila, they swiped
the Beemer. Told-ya!


What do you mean "great"?
They probably have no license.


Follow them.

We're almost caught up,
what do we do?

Good enough.

Stop them, dump the other guy,
and bring me Ruby.

At their age, I stole mopeds.

We're minors, we don't
give a fuck about cops.

We're not cops, we don't
give a fuck about minors.

Don't move.

Let's go.

If I had to compare
a Beemer to a Mercedes...


Mercedes rides smoother
and BMW is sportier.

I said no!



I'm coming, Vogel,

No need to send another car,
this one'll do just fine.

A Beemer is maybe
a little nervier.

I'm waiting, asshole!
You don't scare me.

Sandra's waiting for you to
lay down beside her, I promise.

Four guys with guns

We thought, no problem
they're just cops.

They weren't cops.

Then two huge drag queens,
took them all down.

Two what?
Two enormous drag queens.

They beat up the 4 guys,
and split with their car.

I couldn't call earlier,
we had a little problem.

Nothing serious.

They swiped the Mercedes,
but we retieved the BMW.

Are you going to keep changing
cars, for much longer?


We'll catch them in 5 minutes.
This time, no problem.

Where were they headed?


Thay're coming here.

What do we do?

Get back here before they do.

What are they doing?

Taking a shortcut.


Your shortcut's no good.

There's construction on
Charles De Gaulle Avenue

They're taking the piss.

They'll get there before us.

Who are you calling?

You've reached the police, don't hang up...

You've reached the police, don't hang up...

After all we did to break him out,
you wanna put him back in jail?

Got another way stop them?


Maybe not for us.


Hey, look what's coming.

Hot damn!

You've been ratted out.

By who?

The idiots are desperate.

Look at those two idiots!

That's us, dumbass!

Shit, I didn't think it was this bad!

Got a smoke?

I don't smoke.

Got some cash to buy a pack,

No cash, no problem,
we take credit cards.

Hand it over.

Don't bug him. I know him,
he's very quick to anger.

No kidding?

Hear that? I'm so scared.

What happens if "she" gets angry?

You get bitchslapped,
and end up flat on your ass.

I'd like to see that!


I told him.

Fucking shit!

Don't be crude!

Sit down.

So, what happened to you?

Two fags.
We asked them for a cigarette.

They knocked us down
and swiped our clothes.

These guys?


I'd really like my clothes back.

No Xavier, I can't tonight.

I can't, I told you,
I'm working.

Stop, I'm not seeing anyone,
I'm working.

Call you later, kisses!

Hello Jean-Charles,
it's Cristine.

I'm all freed up,
let's have dinner. See you...

Oh, shit!

Stupid kid!

Oh, thanks. It's my third
one stolen, thank you.

If you don't want it stolen,
walk along the buildings.

It's Ruby, get me Vogel.

Stick close to the walls,
then there's no room, get it?

Hello, Vogel, I was delayed, but
don't get impatient, I'm coming.


They're blocking off the area.
We need to separate.


They're looking for two men,
We're too conspicuous,

So, every man for himself.
Good luck.

What should I do?

It's not my problem

I could go back to my adoptive family.


But they're all dead.

Fucking pain in the ass!

No, I just remembered.

It's just as well, the old man used to hit me,
the old lady was drunk all the time.

You got any family?

Go away, I don't want this
to end badly!

How can it end badly?
You're my buddy.

It always end badly with you.
You cling to people...

...and you drive them crazy.

I don't cling to anyone.

Oh, yeah? What are you doing now?

Where are you going without a car?

You want me to steal one?
It's my specialty.


Yes! Don't move.
You'll see in 10 seconds.

Count to ten.

I don't understand,
I unpugged it.

-Damned alarms, always screeching!
-Shut up!

That's better!
It's so irritating!

I'm going alone.
If you follow me again...

I swear, I never had problems
with cars, before. problems will be
your least worry.

Go, I swear, I won't follow.

But if you're going to kill
that guy, that's no good.

I dunno what he did.
I'm sure it's serious, but

Don't kill him.
It's not good to kill people.

What's your trip?

Mother Teresa of Montargis, or what?

You're not a killer, Ruby.

You're a good person,
you shouldn't kill people.

You'll get to heaven ahead of the rest.


I've never seen
such a simple mind.*

Good luck, Quentin of Montargis.

Hands up, no funny stuff!

Where's the other guy?

Why did you hit me?

Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

Calling, all mobile units.

Be on the lookout
for a police car

Peugeot 806; white.

They're not happy 'cause we swiped
their car, but they started it.

If we stay in this piece of crap,
we'll be caught in 5 minutes.

That sucks, because it's
great for running red lights.

Watch this.

It's so much fun!


See that?
First time a cop ever waved at me!

Stop right now, moron!

OK, OK, don't be mad,
I'll steal another one.

Oh, damn!

Hands up!

I didn't do anything wrong.

It's my car, I lost my keys.

Get out of the car.

Ok, coming. It's tight.


Hands on the roof.

It's me, don't be scared.

What the hell is this?

I swiped another one.

Bit of trouble with the cops,
but it's OK, they're sleeping, now.

I said, get rid of this cop car.
And you bring a second one?!

But it's not the same one.

Oh, this is serious

Let's go

I'm not getting in a cop car...
Motherfucking, shit!

OK, OK, don't get mad,
it's bad for your health.

Pardon me, sir.

Rue Violette, please?...

What's this, an Opel?

It's German too, but we're
moving down in the world.

If they steal one car, it makes
us look like idiots, but two?!

they swiped a third.

Are they collecting them, or what?

-An Opel. Not ours.

Listen carefully.

Ruby's disabled. The other's
been disabled since birth.

If they're still free by morning.

you're all on night patrol
in the skids, is that clear?

The bullet's out,
I made you a bandage.

This bistro's for sale.

I cased it before I went to jail.

Ideal place, don't you think?

What do you prefer?

Cashier or waiter?


Rest, against the wall.

A bistro like this, shouldn't cost much.

What do you think?
Twenty thousand? Thirty thousand?

-Maybe less?

I mean, to set it up.



I stole 20 million euros from Vogel

- How much?
- 20 million.

I've got two things
left to do in life:

kill Vogel, and split
with the money.

Buying a bistro with you
is not in the program.

You got that?

You program is to surrender the cops.

You're not a great criminal,
they'll be lenient. Lay it all on me.

I got something to eat
I thought you might be hungry.

I got jam.

Oh, shit!

It's laxative jam.

I'll pay for your dream.

I'll put money in an account, when
you get out, you'll get your bistro.

I don't want it.


Because my bistro is called
"Aux Deux Amis".

How could you think for
a second, I was your friend?

Aren't you my friend?

Don't eat that, you're gonna
shit all over the place.


What do we do?

She looks just like her.


'S matter?

Shh, let her sleep!

Do we wait here till morning?

Shut up!

Anyone here?

- Dumbass!
- I didn't mean to.


Who's there?

You're in no danger. I'm injured.
Just hiding out till I'm better.

OK, go if you want,
but you're in no danger.

Hi! I'm Quentin from Montargis.


What a jack ass!
- Me?

You scared her, dumbass!

How? I just introduced myself.

She saw a huge idiot,
pop out of nowhere.

"Hi! I'm Quentin from Montargis"
She got scared!

Sorry, I say that all the time.
People react pretty well.

Nobody gives a fuck if you're
Quentin, from Montargis!

Not there, go away!

Who does she look like?

Fuck off!

To me she's just a
squatter in our bistro,

but to you, she's
sonething else.

She looks like the girl Vogel killed.

You loved her?

If you want, I can go find her.

No point, she's too far now.

Why did Vogel kill her?

Why'd he kill her?

You're pissing me off
with your questions!

OK, I'll stop.

You're hurt.

Need anything?

Why did he kill her?

How'd you manage
to stay alive, this long?

I didn't know where to go,
and it's cold.

Here, take the bench,
he can sleep in the hall.

- No!
- You scare her!

No, he can sleep here.

You're too kind.

Come on.

Are you asleep?

Are you asleep?

Not now!

I didn't wanna wake you
but I don't like all this.

- What?
- That girl.

We don't know her.

She just shows up in our place.
We're asking to get robbed.

Rob what, your whoopee
cushion and cow box?

She doesn't feel right.

She's the type, when two buddies
wanna start a business,

a bistro, for instance,

she'd swipe it all*


Mark my words.

You had a nightmare
It's nothing, don't be scared.

Scared the hell outta me!

Feel like talking,
or should I leave?

Where are you from?


You have no papers?

How long have you been
squatting here?

Three days.

It's amazing how much
you resemble her.

- What?
- No, nothing.

Try to sleep.

Not to worry... hah!

Good night.

I dunno why we're panicking.
We got dogs and cameras.

Nobody can get in this fucking house.

In the park! There!

No, that's Henry!

I'm gonna be alone again, I can feel it*

To hell with friendship.

I find a friend, then a girl
comes along, and goodbye, pal!

How long do you plan
on getting on my nerves?

After all, it's better this way.

Yeah, better this way.

She may make you give up your plan.

I won't give up my plan.
Not for her, nor you.

Tomorrow, I'll kill Vogel,
but now, I'm gonna sleep!

You'll get killed.
Just leave with her.

We're five, we're armed to the teeth.
Why would he mess with us?

We're talking about Ruby!

He's no superman.
He's just a hired gun.

A hired gun
who knows how to use it.

Everything OK?


I hope he comes.

I hope he's crazy enough to come.

Hello, may I talk to Mr. Vogel?

This is Quentin, from Montargis.

I escaped this morning with Ruby.

I'm listening.

Good evening, Mr. Vogel.

I know you're looking for Ruby.

I can tell you where he's hiding.

What do you want from me?

I know he took a lot of money.

I'd like to have
a little piece of it.

I'll call you in the morning
to set up a meeting.

Good evening, Mr. Vogel. Good night.

Sleep well?

Diabetic biscuits.
Taste one, they're not bad!

Where is she?

She'll be back to get her stuff.

What's with you?

I had an idea, last night.

An idea?

When are you going to see Vogel?


I thought I'd give you a hand.

Oh, no!

Oh, yeah, I have a plan.

What plan?

Never mind, you won't be disappointed.

If you pull another stunt like crane...

No, don't worry!

Oh, I worry, Goddamit!

Thanks to you I have a broken
shoulder, hip and a bullet in my back.

What's your next plan?
A skull fracture?

Don't worry!

Want some?

What's your name?


What are you gonna do now?


You can't squat here forever.

'Course not, we're gonna
start construction soon.

If the cops catch me,
they'll send me back to Albania.

For me, it's jail.

It's the same.

I gotta go, good luck, Katia!

Take me with you!

-I can't
-He can't

Shut up, you!

I won't bother you, I swear!

I have something to do,
it might go wrong.

I don't care.

Take me with you!

Hello, Quentin here.

I wanna speak with Mr. Vogel.



Nothing, yet.

I read an article
on big game hunting in Africa.

You know what's the most
dangerous animal to hunt?

The Buffalo.

If you don't kill him
on the first shot

then he hunts you.

Even mortally wounded, he'll chase you.

He thinks only of killing you.

Put a 24 hour watch on Vogel's house.

It's our best chance of catching Ruby.

Wait here, a sec.

Where are you going?


So: four by eight...

Where is he?

He went for a spin.
Won't be long. Have a seat.

For a spin?
You said he was injured.

He won't be long. Sit.

You'd better hope he comes soon.

Stay here.

They'll ask no questions,
as long as you pay.

Why are you doing this for me?

I've been running all my life, too.

And you remind me of a woman I knew.

Ok, I gotta go.

-Won't you stay a while?

I wish I could, but I can't.

You'll get through this, I'm sure.

Maybe I shouldn't tell you,

but, your friend
made a call last night.

To some guy named Vogel.

My cellphone!

I didn't get all that he said
but he talked about money,

and said he'd call
this morning to set up a meeting.

Oh, fuck!
That was the idiot's plan!

You made us come for nothing.
You piece of garbage!



Quentin, can you hear me?


You came.

Was this your plan?
To draw them here

so I could get to Vogel?


Clever, no?

Yes, very clever.


It was a formidable plan,

and we'll develop it futrher.

Call him.


Got him.
We're bringing him to you.

Attaboy, see you soon.



...kill him.

Don't kill him, Ruby!

It's not nice.


It's them!

They're here.
Ruby is at Vogel's place.

Wait here. When I'm done,
I'll come for you.

Let's go.

So, who's the prey now? Huh?

And who's the hunter?

It's a good day for me, Vogel.


Watch out, he's armed!

You have five seconds

to tell me wherethe money is
or I'll blow your head off.




Shit! I killed him!

Vogel, it's Commissioner
Vernet, open up!

Open the door, and come out!



Can you hear me?

I'm not hurt bad.

The house is surrounded,
come out with your hands up!

You'll be alright.

Someone's hurt! Hurry!

It's Quentin. He's injured.

I'm not hurt.

They'll take care of you,
don't worry.

We won't get our bistro.

Don't say that!

We'll get your bistro.
It'll be great, you'll see.

I'll work the till and you'll wait
on thecustomers. Everyone'll say:

"You gotta go to 'Aux Deux Amis',
it's a great bistro!"

You're just saying that

because I'm gonna die.

You're not gonna die

You'll serve beer and fries
and ham & cheese sandwiches.

No fries, they take too long
and smell up the place. No.

Say, you feeling better!

Yeah, we'll be busy enough with
toasted sandwiches, hot dogs and...

I say,

you're in bad shape!

He's not too bad.

Oh, come on, I've been shot!

We killed Vogel.

You gotta release us soon
'cause we got stuff to do.

Oh, damn!

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Shut up!

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