Ruby Herring Mysteries: Silent Witness (2019) - full transcript

When consumer news reporter, Ruby Herring stumbles onto a murder, the intrepid redhead inadvertently discovers a knack for crime solving. With the reluctant help of a handsome detective, Ruby finds a new career covering crime.

So, get off your couches,

And remember,
every step counts.

I'm Ruby Herring and this is
News We Can Use.

[camera beeps]

According to these,

I took 212 steps during
my two-minute report,

and my heart rate got up to
120 beats per minute.

Sue and Craig?

Uh, any more heart logger
tidbits for us newbies?

Beware of models that claim
to count calories.

These trackers are far from
perfect when it comes to that.

Like my diet on the weekends.

Well, you're in luck.

I brought you both
my favorite model.



Thank you for that report,

Coming up next...

Ooh, one of those for me?

You really gonna use it?

If it tells time, sure.

Here, you can count your steps
to the vending machine, Frank.

Aha, very funny.

I just wanted to say thank you
for working tonight,

and have a great time
at your sister's wedding.

Oh, and tell your dad
I owe him coffee.

Will do.

Gotta run, boss.

Oh, Ruby?


Try and relax a little, huh?
That's an order.

Have fun.


All right, I'm outta here.

Ooh, look at you, Ms. Sporty.


Your sister feeling good
about her big day?

I think so...

But you know how she worries
about everything.

[phone ringing]

Ah, speaking of the bride
to be...

Hi guys.

Can't wait to see you
in your dress on Sunday.

Thanks, Angela.

I'm all set to pick up
Mom and Dad,

and I'll see you
in the morning.

Everything good?

Packing stress,

there's a million little things
to remember.

[laughs uncomfortably]

The hotel's only
30 minutes away,

so you'll be fine.

Just take a deep breath,
and I'll see you tomorrow.

All right.

Love you.

Love you more.

A beautiful resort, five days
of R&R before the wedding.

You better relax.

A girl can try.

See you Sunday.

See you Sunday.

It's so beautiful here.




There's my baby!

There they are!



You're glowing, honey.


Oh yeah, I think you're kinda
glowing here, Kevin, huh?


Good to see ya.


I really wish you would bring
a date to the wedding, Ruby.

It's not too late.

Well, I left several messages
for Prince Charming,

but he hasn't got back yet.




You better catch the bouquet,


You do know that I am okay
being single?


I'll rig the toss,
make sure you catch it.

Oh, will you?

[all laugh]

Okay you two, break it up,
let's get checked in here.

Oh, speaking of the reception,

uh, Charlotte, have you seen
Sugar yet?

Only in her magazine articles.

I'm just so excited.

She's baking your
wedding cake.

I know, it's such
an honor.

Can't wait to catch up.

Haven't seen Sugar for,
what, John?

A few years?

Apparently, she's been pretty
busy building her,

uh, big empire here.


Tell me again, why is this
famous lady baking our cake?

Call it serendipity.

I told her about your wedding,

and it turned out she was
already going to be

at the resort for the baker



Ruby Herring.


Oh, I love the pink.

Thank you.


You remember Mom and Dad
and Charlotte,

our beautiful bride-to-be,
and her fiancé, Kevin.

And this is Derek, he's
the general manager here,

and also a good friend
from high school.

Charlotte, I'm thrilled
you chose us.

Me too.

But it was all Ruby.

She researched every
wedding venue

within a hundred-mile radius.

Well, I'm glad she's putting
those investigative skills

to good use.

Even in high school, Ruby was
in the know about everything.

That's our little overachiever,
right there.



Come on, let's get you
all checked in.

Oh, Derek, have you seen Sugar
Albert around, by any chance?

I know she's arrived, um,
I'll find her for you ASAP.

Thank you.

Well, there she is.

The grand dame of baking.

Bonnie Herring as I live
and breathe.

Oh, it's so good to see you,

I'm sorry, I've just been...

It's been crazy at work.

Oh, don't be silly.

We're just so happy
for your success.

And besides, with an old friend
like you,

it's like no time
has passed at all.


Sugar was in my bridal party,
you know.


Well, I'll leave you ladies
to get reacquainted.

Thank you, Derek.

You two know each other?

We almost worked together,

but it wasn't meant to be,

Enjoy, ladies.

Now, look at these beauties,
Ruby and Charlotte.

That's right, yeah.

And, is this Charlotte's
wedding cake?


Ooh, it's beautiful.

Only the best for you, dear.

I never had kids of my own
to bake for, so...

this is a labor of love.

Oh, pardon my manners.

This is my niece,
Megan Montrose.

Megan is a baker by trade,

but I showed her the ropes
at the company,

and it turns out she has
a real knack for business.

I'll be running the booth
all week.

You should come by when
we're handing out samples.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, we'd love to.

But first, dinner tonight
with you and Sam.

Sam won't be arriving
till tomorrow morning,

but I would love to come.

Great, well, we'll see
you tonight.


Seven o'clock?


We'll see you at dinner.

I'd like to propose
a little toast.

As a 30-year veteran
crime reporter,

I know every cop
on the force.

And there was a time when
I was ready to have anyone

who got near my daughters


But, when I saw the way Kevin
treated Charlotte with kindness,

respect, and love...

Good job Mom and Dad...

I knew I wouldn't have to bring
in the cavalry.


Kevin, Charlotte,

wishing you happiness
all your days together.

Thank you, Dad.

I may be teaching journalism,

but remember, I still got the
Chief of Police on speed dial.

[all laughing]


Kevin and Charlotte.

[glasses clink]

I just love your family.

Yeah, we're very lucky.

And thank you for always being
so sweet to my mom.

Oh, well I could say
the same about her.

You know that she was the
inspiration for Sugar and Sam?



It's true.


At our reunion, she said she
wished she was a better baker,

and I said, anyone can master
the most complicated recipes

if they have the best

and the right measurements.


I can't believe you came up with
that idea from one conversation.

Sometimes big things
come from little moments.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I need to use the restroom.

And I want to hear all about
your TV career when I get back.

You're so sweet.

What a doll.

She loves you.

I'm so glad we got
to connect.

Why do you have
to be like this?!

I won't let you ruin this!

And Dad was probably serious
about arresting

at least one of your


Don't you threaten me!


Sorry about that.

Don't be sorry,
are you okay?

Oh, I'm fine.

It's just business.

Listen, I'm a little tired.

Would you mind if
I left dinner early?

Not at all.

And it was really special
hearing stories

about you and Mom, Sugar.

Call me Verna.

That's my real name.

Well, have a good night,

Oh, trust me, I will.

It's the only time I sleep
like a baby.

Out here in the fresh
mountain air.



That was weird.


Oh, wait, here, hold this.

I come bearing the gift
of fitness.



I've always wanted
one of these.

Now you can count
your steps.

Does it count your blessings,

Cause today feels pretty great
with you here,

and Mom and Dad.

I can't believe I'm getting
married in five days.

Promise me we'll always be
this close,

even after you're married?


Race you.

[sighs] It's breathtaking
up here.

[terrified screams]
Somebody help!

Do you hear that?


It's coming from down there.

Come on.

This way!

Hang on, we're coming!

Help!!! Somebody help!

It's Megan.

Help, it's Sugar,
help me!

Charlotte, call 911.

Help, it's Sugar,
help me!


(Operator) 911, what's
your emergency?

I need help.

A... a woman is drowning.

Help! Help!!

She's trapped!

I'm at the... at the creek,
at, uh, Clear Mountain.

Ruby, come on, pull!


Below the cliff.

At... at Sunrise Point.


Come on Sugar, please!

She's trapped under a log.

She's... she's in the water.


Okay, this way.

I got her!

I got her!


Come on, Sugar!

Come on, Sugar!!

Stay with me,
stay with me!

Her name is Sugar Albert.

They're doing CPR now,
please hurry.

Please come back to me,

Please, come back to me, Sugar!

Please. It's not working!

It's not working!
She's not breathing!

Help me!

It's okay. Take a break!
Take a break!

Sugar, please, please,
please come back!

She's not breathing!

Come on, Sugar.

Come on!


So, how long were you out here
hiking for?

Um... An hour, about.

Sugar wanted to go take
a selfie

up at Sunrise Point
for our website.

Did you go with her?

No, I had to go back
to the baking convention.

What time?

Um, around 7:00?

How'd you know to come back,
that she was in trouble?

Excuse me?
And you are?

Detective Jake Killian.
Seattle Homicide.


Yeah, it's standard protocol
for an unattended death.

So, how'd you know she was
in trouble?

Well, I was walking back, and
then I heard this faint scream,

and I turned around and I
started running towards it,

and it got louder and louder,
and then it just stopped.

And it took me a couple
of minutes,

but then I saw her.

Sugar, she was trapped
under a log in the creek.

And how was she trapped?

Her body was jammed
between the rocks and the log.

Oh, you were here too?

Yeah, I helped try to pull
her out.

My sister and I were
hiking nearby.

Any idea how she got
in the creek?

She could have fallen.

It rained overnight,
gets real slippery.

The current could've carried her
until she hit the log.

Could she swim, Megan?


Maybe she hit her head
on the way down.

Yeah, that's possible.

I should have never
let her go.

You did everything you could.

Okay, thanks everyone.

Did... did we get their contact

All right, we'll be in touch,

I can't believe she's gone.

You need anything,
anything at all, okay,

you just call us.

Thank you.

Now get some rest.

Okay to bag up the body?

Not yet.

I called the M.E.


Falls happen all the time
around these parts.

My money is on an accidental

Excuse me, I just got the call.

Is that my wife?

You Sam Albert?


I'm terribly sorry, sir.

What happened?

We think she slipped and fell
off the cliff up there.

Uh, we're still investigating.

Where are you...

Where are you taking her?

Oh, she'll be taken to the
morgue when we're done here.

The morgue?

But if it was an accident, she
should go to the funeral home.

In cases like this, the M.E.
has to do a full autopsy

before returning the body
to the family.

Can I see her?

Yeah, of course.
You wanna show this to him.

I'm gonna go back
to the hotel.


I know that look.

I'm sorry, but you saw
her husband.

He acted like it was
a business deal.

And how would you react
if that happened to Kevin?

Not like that.


We should get back.

Tell Mom the news.

Yeah. Okay.

Hang on a second.

This is the point where

the officer said Sugar
could've fallen from.

Look, do you see that?

Doesn't that look like
freshly broken branches?

And that area right there,
it looks...

it looks like it's
been disturbed.

Here, hold this.

And the sign's crooked,

[camera shutter snaps]

Hey, look.

Do you see that lens?

I think that popped out of
someone's glasses.

[camera shutter snaps]

That would be a scary fall.

Ruby, you're scaring me.
What's going on?

I need to talk to Dad.

I'm not sure this is
an accident.

I can't believe Sugar's dead.

It's obvious how much you cared
for her, Mom.

We're so sorry.

Would you like some tea?

I know.

You need to talk?


- Yeah.
- Come on.

Something feels off.

And there was a homicide
detective at the scene.

You don't think Sugar's death
was an accident?


It may be, I don't know, I don't
have half your instincts.

No, no, no.

Don't sell yourself short.

Let's just talk it through.
Talk to me.

All right, just tell me
what's bothering you.

Well, the detective at the scene
automatically assumed

that Sugar fell off the cliff
and drowned.


But I got a good look at her
body when I was doing CPR.

It was pristine,
not a scratch.

That's odd.



Look at these photos I took
at the scene.

If she fell down that cliff,

she would've hit the rocky slope
on the way down.

And she would've had
visible injuries.

I don't think she fell.

All right, can you prove it?

Well, look, see that?

Looks like there could've
been a fight.

I mean, maybe someone tried
to push Sugar,

and she got away.

And they chased her down
to the creek,

and... and drowned her.


And there's more.


Sugar's husband, Sam,
showed up at the creek,

and he seemed completely

unemotional for someone
whose wife just died.

That's strange.

Dad, what should I do?

You need to follow
that Herring hunch.

You have always had a knack
for digging deeper

on your consumer investigations,

So, you could just dig deeper
on this.

I'll start running tests
right away.




I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to interrupt.

What are you doing here?

You two know each other?

Not really.

We just met.


Someone going to tell me
what's going on?

This is one of my witnesses.


Yeah, I was at the scene today
on the mountain.

Charlotte and I were hiking.

Sugar Albert was one of
my mom's good friends.

Oh. Sorry, Ruby.

I forgot that's where
Charlotte's wedding is

this weekend.

This has us all really rattled.

Well, I'm sure Jake will get
to the bottom of it.

He just transferred
from New York.

Actually, I'm from Seattle

Ruby's an investigative consumer
reporter from Channel 57.

"News we can use."

Her dad John's my godfather.

John and my dad,
they're best friends.

Oh, small world.

Sure is.

So, Ruby, how can I help?

I haven't started
the autopsy yet.

Maybe we should talk later.

Well, if it's about the case,
speak openly.

Well, I'm... I'm worried Sugar's
death might not be an accident.

Ruby... what was your
last name again?


Ruby Herring.

As in "red herring?"

Hmm, it's cute.

Is it cute if a killer walks?

Cause I think I saw some things
that could be evidence.

Don't you have a wedding
to go to?

I'm fine.

Maybe you two should move this
to my office.

(whispers) I don't like tension
in front of the victims.

Of course.

I'll get started
on those x-rays.

Thank you.

I'll show you where
Tommy's office is.

I know it's the same thing
about the lack of injuries,

but I'm not ready to call
this a murder.

What if I told you Sugar
was threatened last night?

I heard her on the phone
arguing with someone.

And you saw her husband
at the scene.

He was cold as ice,
barking out questions.

Okay guys, let's see
what these bones can tell us.

Yeah, how about we do this
in private?

[clears throat]

Off the record, right Ruby?


You can trust her.


But against my better judgment.

Good, so nothing
broken here.

Nothing here either.

No obvious head trauma.

I'll look closer later, but I
don't see any major injuries.

Also, didn't find any cuts
except for

where she was caught
under the log.

So, does this mean she didn't
fall off the cliff?

Definitely raises doubt.

I would expect to see trauma
to the body

based on how you described
the height and the terrain.

Let's take a look at her lungs.

Now we got something.

You see that?

Pulmonary edema.

Fluid in the lungs.

She likely drowned.

Or someone drowned her.

We still have to run a lot more
tests to be sure,

but I think there's enough here
to call this a suspicious death.

Alrighty, then.

I'll get started on
a full autopsy.

(Both) Good.

Can I get a comment
on the record?

Not yet.

And I'd appreciate you don't
report on anything

you saw here today.

If the public thinks
it's an accident,

then the killer
won't see me coming.

Hmm, can't promise anything.

Thank you for your time,

I'll see you at the wedding.

Got my dancing shoes
all ready.

Save me a dance.


Any advice on how to get her
to back off?

Not really.


You don't know Ruby.

A woman is dead.

The police think that
she could've been murdered.

This New York City detective
can't tell us how

to do our jobs.

He's actually from Seattle.

What's his name?

Jake Killian.

Hmm, sounds handsome.
What's he like?

What is this,
the dating game?

I know that he's not happy
with me poking my nose

where he thinks
it doesn't belong.


How do you feel about helping
Craig out on crime beat?

You know since you have an in
on the story.

I don't know, this is my mom's
friend we're talking about,

and I have to get back
to Charlotte.

Oh, come on, Ruby.

The baking event is at the same
hotel as the wedding.

There could be suspects,

right under your nose.

The nose that doesn't belong.

This is your mom's good friend,


Yeah, okay, I'll help.


I'll let Craig know.

Ruby, is there any more news?

Tommy thinks Sugar drowned,

and there's no easy way
to tell you this, Mom,

but the detective doesn't think
it was an accident.


You mean she was murdered?

Right now he's calling it

but Tommy's doing an autopsy.

Who would do this to her?

Do they think the killer's here
at the hotel?

And what about Sugar's niece?

She was at the scene.

Megan? No, she tried
to save her.

I think it... could be
the husband.

Mom, how well do you know Sam?

Not well.

Uh, Sugar met him after college.

Uh, Frank wants me to do some
investigating here at the hotel.

If you think it'll find
Sugar's killer,

then you should.

I'm always here if you wanna
just talk things through.

If you... if you need it.

Thanks, Dad.

And Charlotte, I promise,
as your Maid of Honor,

you always come first.

Hi, Herrings.

My condolences about Sugar.

I know you're all very close.

Thank you.

Uh, Derek.

The station wants me to look
into the story.

I was wondering, uh,

I was going to head over
to the baker's conference.

Maybe you could introduce me
to the organizer?

Oh, of course.

Come with me.

Great, thanks.

Bye guys.


Ellie, how you holding up?


Our keynote speaker is dead.

Not exactly good for business.

Oh, uh, this is Ruby Herring,
a friend of mine and Sugar's.

Oh, my condolences.

I recognize you,
from TV, right?

That's me,
Channel 57 News.

[cell phone dings]

Oh, I'm wanted
at the front desk.

Uh, thanks, Derek.

So, what brings you
to our event?

I'm actually staying here at the
hotel for my sister's wedding.

I was just curious about it.

Okay. I'd be happy
to show you around.

That'd be great.


So, this happened at 7:00 AM,


All right.

Any other hikers
in the area that...

that might've seen something?

It was early.

The only people around were
Ruby and Charlotte.


Did Sugar have any enemies
that you know of?

She was a tough business woman.



What are you saying?

Oh, I'm just being thorough.

Poor girl.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going
to see how she's doing.

Thank you for your time,

My pleasure.

Come back next year when things
are back to normal.

Hi, Megan.



We seem to keep bumping
into each other.

I'm beginning to think
you're following me.

How are you holding up?

Honestly? I'm numb.

This has been like
a bad dream.

Well, thank you
for your time.

We'll be in touch, okay?

Can you tell me
what's going on here?

Why does that detective
keep asking me questions?

(quietly) Someone might've been
out to get Sugar.

Seriously? But why?

Everybody looked up to Sugar.

She wasn't just my aunt,

She was my mentor.

I can only imagine how hard
this is for you.

Uh, you said that Sugar
took selfies,

do you know if she posted them
to the website?

No. But, um, she sent them
to me

because I do the social
media stuff.

Do you still have them?

Yeah, I just shared them
with that detective.

Could I take a look?

Do you mind if I send these
to myself?

No problem.



May I have your attention,

I know we're all saddened
and shocked

by the passing of our
dear friend, Sugar Albert.

She was a visionary.

I have a quick note
from her husband Sam here

that I'd like to share with you.

"I want to thank you for
your prayers and condolences.

"Sugar and I were not
only partners in business,

"but partners in life.

"We had a saying.

"A couple that bakes together,
stays together."

[laughs mockingly]
"Bakes together stays together."

That's ridiculous.

What do you mean?


I'm not one to gossip, but Sugar
and Sam were all business.

That was a sham marriage
if I ever saw one.

"...Hope to see you there."

Thank you.

I'm Ruby.

Ah, Marian Rabbel.
Marian's Organic Bakery.


I was Sugar's mentor.

Taught her everything
she knew about

the organic baking business.

Not that she was ever grateful.

She stole some of
my best recipes.

So, you're the one behind all
Sugar and Sam's great recipes.

Well, I'm not one to brag,
but yes.

Do you come to this conference
every year?

I do, yes.

It's nice to see what
the competition is up to.

Well, hopefully it's not
all work.

I mean, did you get a chance
to see the hiking trails?

They're spectacular.

Oh, no. I don't...


Can we please talk,

Talk to my lawyer.


Yikes, who was that?

Oh, another traitor.

Who knew bakers
could be so bitter?


Are you Ruby Herring?

The investigative reporter?


I knew it, you have the most
beautiful red hair.

Will you take a selfie with me?


[shutter snaps]

I got my money back
from a shady car repairman

because of you.

"News we can use."

Your timelines have a lot of
inconsistencies, Mr. Albert.

I'm telling you the truth.

Well, you told me you were in
your car still 20 minutes away

from the hotel when you got
the news about your wife.

Yep, that sounds about right,


You see, the problem is,
I've got your phone records.

You can't do that.

Well, you're on a joint plan
with your wife, so...

yeah, I can.

And they tell me that your cell
phone is pinging off a tower

near the hotel at that time,
which means you weren't driving,

you were at the resort.

It was a frantic day.

Maybe I was closer
than I thought.

Tell me.

How's your marriage?

We had our ups and downs
like every other couple.

But I loved Sugar.

Can you tell me about the fight
you had with her last night?

How do you know about that?

Just answer the question.

It was a business disagreement.


You, um, you ever gone hiking
around the trails in the hotel?

No, that was Sugar's thing.

Can you tell me where you're
going with all of this, Detective?

The officer said that
it was an accident.

Yeah, well, that officer
was mistaken.

Do I need to get myself
a lawyer?

Well, have you done anything


I've answered
all your questions.

I'd like to go now.

You're free to go.

But don't go far.

Oh, and uh, with Sugar's
death... the business.

It's all yours now, right?

So, what are Kevin and
the groomsmen wearing

in their boutonnières?

White roses to compliment
my bouquet.


[phone rings]

Oh, it's Angela.

Give me a second.

Hi, Ange.

What's the latest on the case?

Well, I'm still suspicious
of the husband,

so I'm keeping an eye on him,
but in the meantime,

I met someone today.

As in a date for the wedding?

No, Cupid.

You're just as bad as my sister.

A new suspect.

Do tell.

Okay, go online.
Her name is Marian Rabbel.



She doesn't look like a killer.

Well, she's not wearing dark
glasses and a hoodie,

but she's got a bite to her.

And she had a feud
with Sugar.

She posted something earlier,
did you see it?

It's cryptic.

This one.

"Cut sugar out of your life.

You're better off without her."

What does that mean?

Is that a typo or evil subtlety?

I'd say the latter.

She said that Sugar's marriage
was a sham,

and maybe Sam and Sugar
weren't even together.

So, you're back to thinking
that the husband's a suspect?

I know, I know, this whole crime
thing is like a twisted game

of ping-pong.

I have an idea.


Will you check out the accounting
clerk's website for me,

make sure those two
are even married?

And her real name
is Verna Albert.

I can see why she went
with Sugar.

Good call, Ruby.

They filed for divorce
not too long ago.

Oh, but wait...

They withdrew their filing

and there are two different
addresses listed.

Hmm, maybe Marian was right.


We need your opinion over here
on the bridesmaid bouquets.

Angela, I gotta run.

Let me know if you find
anything else.

Like I said, Detective.
It's policy.

Policy. Okay.

All I'm asking for is your
surveillance video

from yesterday morning.


If I have to get a warrant,
I will,

and I can have officers
crawling all over this place.

I didn't say I wouldn't
give it to you,

I told you I needed to clear it
by corporate,

which I will do first thing
in the morning.

You know, I'm gonna meet you
guys in the restaurant.

Is that the detective?

He's cute.

Are you serious right now?



Looking gorgeous as ever,

You know this guy?

You know this guy?

Yes, and yes.

Uh, is everything okay?

I was explaining company
policy to the detective.

Call me the second you hear
from corporate.

Ah, no taste at all.

Does that tactic ever work
for you?

I know what I'm doin'.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, I guess, since I have
no video to look at.


Look what Marian posted
on her page.

Oh, sugar-free cookies.

Yeah, she definitely killed her.

You're not reading
between the lines.

Between that and the mud
on her shoes?

Do you know how many people hike
around this place?

Okay, then how about Sam?

Did you know that he and Sugar
filed for divorce,

and then later changed
their mind?

I bet their company's worth
a fortune.

$15 million.

A better motive than stealing
cookie recipes.

Look, I gotta go.

Wait, can I show you
something else?

It's important.

All right.

[clears throat]

I took photos at Sunrise Point
on the cliff's edge,

right after Sugar died.

Yeah, we took our photos too.

Okay, so then you saw
the difference

between Sugar's selfies

and the photos taken later
at the exact same point?

Yeah, I'm meeting our cyber guy
in the morning.

Okay, well, I'm no cyber expert,
but look.

In Sugar's selfies taken
at 6:28 AM at Sunrise Point,

the sign and the branches
are intact.

In my photos, taken at 8:32,

the sign is crooked and
the branches are broken.

Oh, and did you see the lens
on the ground?

Yeah, we took it in for testing.

Well, does Sam wear glasses?

Have you brought him in yet?

I can't tell you that.

You did, didn't you?

He is a person of interest,
and that's all we know.

And that's off the record.

Look, tough to step away
and let me do my job.

I think you're forgetting
this is my job.

Oh, well I thought you were
"news we can use,"

"do your homework," "a little
time saves a lot of money."

You watched?

Yeah, I uh, I caught a couple
segments online.

We could work together,
you know.

No, sorry. I only work
for Law Enforcement.

See you, Ruby.



Hi, Frank.


What do you got for me?

There's been a break
in the case,

but not to be reported
yet, okay?

Uh, let me hear what it is,

They're looking into Sam Albert,
the husband.

Ha, it's always the husband.

Nice work.

Well, they're just looking
into him for now.

I'll keep you posted.

(TV) There are new developments
in the suspicious death

of Sugar Albert.

Albert died yesterday morning
during a hike near her hotel.

It was initially believed to be
an accidental fall off a cliff.

But was later ruled to be
a suspicious death.

Police are now looking
at her husband,

and business partner,
Sam Albert,

as a person of interest.

[chokes and coughs]

The big question now...
was it murder?

This is Craig Powers,
on the Crime Beat.

Hi, Ruby.

Oh, Ellie. Hi.

That was such a sweet note
you read from Sam

at the baker's conference

What a love story.

I can't imagine losing your best
friend and business partner.

How is he doing?

Sam's doing just fine,
despite a certain news report.

Yeah... How well
do you know Sam?

We're acquaintances.

How about that news report?

The mystery deepens.

Wait, Ellie, I just had...

So only a few days till
Charlotte's big day.

I'm sorry you have to do
all of this.

I know, I should be
in full wedding mode.

Hey, can I ask you
a question?

Did Sam check in to the hotel
the morning that Sugar died?

As I told that pushy detective,

I can't disclose personal
guest information.

Not even a friend of
the guest?

Well, technically,
since Sam isn't a guest,

I guess I can make
an exception.

Wait, are you saying that Sam
didn't check in?


Sugar and Sam requested
adjoining rooms,

so he needed to check in
to get his own key.


Do you think maybe I could
possibly take a peek

at the surveillance videos?

I don't have a badge.

Plus, don't you want to know
what happened to Sugar?

Nothing like a good mystery
at the hotel.

Well... I suppose
I owe you one

because you helped me pass
calculus in senior year.


Everything goes on the cloud.

Just click on the thumbnails

and you'll get times and
locations on the property.

You're amazing.

Oh, by the way, you said
something in the kitchen

about Sugar the day
we arrived?

It didn't mean much then,
but now...

Oh, my comment about

"not working with the grand
dame of baking?"

She was close to offering
me a job.

You know I have a degree in uh,
food science, right?

How did I not know that?

It's true.

Well, at the very last minute,

she offered the job
to her niece.

Nepotism at its best.

I was surely more qualified
for the job,

but the two were so close.

I know she was a family friend
of yours,

but her nickname was
Sugar the Shrew.

Mm. Harsh.

All right, let's get to work.

We've got a lot of video
to get through.

Wait, there he is, at 6:00 AM.

Uh, that's room 102,
our largest suite.

Let me check the guest registry.

Ellie Bluth.

Ellie Bluth.

Well, let's see what time
he left the room.

Ah, he didn't leave again
until 7:30.

Sugar died a little after 7:00.

That could clear him.

I'm not convinced.

I saw Ruby talking to a very
attractive police officer.

Any updates from
Detective Dreamy?

It's Detective Killian,
and after this morning

I'm pretty sure he'll never talk
to me again.

Frank ran the story about Sam
being a person of interest,

even though I asked him not to.

But this is becoming a really
big story in town.

Not just here, it's been
on the news everywhere.

Yeah, even though Jake is still
calling it a suspicious death.

It's like he's waiting for a
confession to fall on his lap.

Ruby, um...

I mean, he was a New York
City detective,

I can't imagine they worked
at this pace there.

He's so stubborn.

Well, maybe he's just thorough.


Standing here.


I... I was...

Mom, um, we have a meeting
with the pastry chef, remember?

Sorry man, he's making
a cake

in the shape of a golf course,

Detective, we could really use
some help filling these bags.

Oh. Um, okay.

Is she serious?

Oh, yeah.

Mom doesn't joke about her
candied almonds.


[clears throat]

I'm sorry about this morning.

You know, maybe since
you don't cover crime,

I should tell you that
"off the record" means

"not reporting
critical information."

Yes, I know what it means,

and I did ask my boss
not to run it.

I thought you were
the reporter on this.

Don't you have any say?

No. Remember, I'm
a consumer reporter.

Yeah, I'm only helping
out on this

because I was at the scene
of the crime,

and because Sugar's a friend.

I didn't ask for this story.
Literally stumbled onto it.

Crime is my dad's thing.

Yeah, he's quite the legend back
in the department.

Yeah, he had a real knack
for it.

And the detectives
respected him.

Seemed like uh, it'd be
a natural fit for you

to cover crime too, no?

I never wanted to be compared
to my dad.

To be honest, I was afraid
I'd let people down

if I didn't live up
to his reputation.

And most importantly, I didn't
want to let him down.

Yeah, and I don't want to let
my chief down.

Sugar's a big name in this town,

and it's my first case
in Seattle.

I'm, uh, glad I could help out
with the wedding prep,

but I've gotta go see a
highfalutin manager about,

uh, these security videos.

Um, yeah, about that.

I kind of already saw 'em.

I knew you were gonna
say that.

Get this.

Sam was already in the hotel
the morning that Sugar died.

He was walking
into a room at 6:00 AM.

Okay, well, I guess that
explains why his cellphone

was pinging off local towers.

You know the room?

Ellie Bluth.


Baking fair organizer, huh?

I wonder why he went
to her room so early.

Well, whatever the reason was,

Sugar was murdered
around 7:00 AM,

so Sam couldn't have killed her
if he was with Ellie.

It was room 102.
The ground floor.

They have patios, so they
could've both slipped out.



And Ellie's still here,
so we could go talk to her.



Ruby, I got this.

But I know her.

Okay, how about I give you
the exclusive

when I'm ready to make the story
public, okay?


Ruby, there's a problem.


He came down with the flu.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, I'll start calling
all the bakeries.

This wedding is cursed.

No, no, no.

Don't say that, dear.

Hi ladies.

Just here to pick up
all my baking tools.

I'm headed home today.

Is everything okay?

We don't have anyone to bake
Charlotte's cake.

Oh, I could do it.

You have so much going on
right now.

Oh, we could never ask you
to do that.

It would actually really help me
take my mind off things.

I haven't slept in days,
and this has been really hard.

Oh, you poor thing.

Are you sure?

I'd be honored.

I could use Sugar's sketch.


Ellie Bluth?

Can I help you?

Yeah, Detective Killian.

Seattle PD.

I need to ask you some questions
about Sugar Albert's death.

Well, I really don't know

Why was Sam Albert in your room
the morning she died?

Um, he came by to go over

some last-minute arrangements
for the conference.

At 6:00 AM in the morning?

We had a lot to do.

That was the first day.

I know you're insinuating that
Sam could've had something

to do with Sugar's death,
but he was here with me.

The whole time.

I really have to go now,
Detective. Um...

Sam? Where are you?

Call me.


Oh, hi, Ellie.


You seem to pop up a lot.

I just had a few questions
for you.

So now you're playing bridesmaid
and detective?

I'm just trying to find out
the truth.

My mom can barely focus on my
sister's wedding she's so upset,

but thank you for your time.


If you want to know who really
had it out for Sugar,

talk to Marian Rabbel,
the baker.

There was bad blood
between those two.

I know that Sugar
stole some recipes,

but was there more to it?

A lot more.

Marian was the first to have
an organic bakery in the area.

She was Sugar's mentor
before she left

to start her own business.

Not only did Sugar become
the main competitor,

but Sugar and Sam kept getting
bigger and bigger.

Marian didn't like it.

She didn't take it very well.

Enough to kill her?

Truth be told, she does have
quite the temper.

You should talk to her
partner of hers,

Nicole Willworth.

Actually, soon to be
former partner.

They're trying to sell
the business and part ways.

Can I ask you just
one more question?

Do you know why Sam and
Sugar called off their divorce?

I think I've told you enough.

[rain patters]

Uh, Detective.


I just talked to Ellie.

Of course you did.

She said that we should be
looking into Marian Rabbel.

To divert attention away
from her and Sam.

She's already saying
they're each other's alibis.

So, are you gonna bring
Sam in again?

He lawyered up.

What about the autopsy?
Is it done?

Bye, Ruby.

[rain patters]

[phone rings]

Tommy Madden.

Tommy, it's Ruby.

What's the latest
with Sugar's autopsy?

Off the record,
right Ruby?

Detective Killian
will have my head.

Yes, of course.

I'm expecting the last
of my tests back today.

In the meantime,
after you left,

some post-mortem
bruising appeared.

I found a foot-sized bruise
on her back.


What do you think it means?

Well, she was either kicked or
forcibly pushed down by someone.

So now can you officially
call it murder?

I'll have my final ruling
by the end of the day.

Okay, I'll see you later.

I'm on my way to check out
a lead.



Hi, I'm Ruby Herring
with Channel 57 news.

I saw you at the baker's
conference yesterday?

How can I help you?

I just wanted to ask you a
few questions about Marian.

I can't talk about her.

We're in the middle
of some legal stuff.

It's about Sugar Albert's death.

What about it?

I heard Marian had some
pretty big issues with Sugar.

Just looking into some motives
for the news.

Wait, you think Marian
could've done this?

I didn't say that.

How do you take your coffee?


It's delicious.


I'll talk to you about Marian.

But not on TV.

So, um, how long
did you know Marian?

She brought me in as a partner
a few years ago.


I think this is the best
marble cake I've ever had.

I can see why Marian wanted
to go into business with you.

It's a secret family recipe.


But the business
isn't doing so well?

We started losing money
after I signed on.

The bakery was empty
half the time.

Couldn't compete
with Sugar and Sam.

Their flagship store

became a real tourist
destination in Seattle.

Anyway, Marian started
cutting corners behind my back.

Using cheap ingredients.

We were supposed
to be all-organic.

Did anyone else know
about this?

A supplier told Sugar,

and that's where
it gets complicated.

Marian was in the middle
of suing Sugar

for stealing her recipes.

So, when Sugar found
out Marian's secret,

she used that against her.

As in, "drop the lawsuit
or be exposed."


Sugar was going to destroy
Marian's reputation,

and mine too since I was
half owner of the bakery.

So, what's it like to work
with Marian?

Oh, that woman has a temper.

What, is she violent?

She'll throw a few things
in the kitchen.

But if you're asking if
she could murder someone?

I find that hard to believe.

You've reached the voicemail
of Detective Killian,

Seattle PD Homicide.

Leave a message.

Detective, it' s Ruby.

I know you're not interested
in the cookie lady,

but I learned some pretty crazy
stuff about her feud with Sugar.

I'm headed to her bakery now.

[door bells jingle]



Hello, anyone here?

Who said you could
come back here?

Marian, you scared me.

Are you here as a customer
or a reporter?


I'd be happy
to buy something.

All organic, right?

What's that supposed
to mean?

Just curious if it's still
an organic bakery.

I heard that you've been looking
into me.

You better stay out
of my business, Red.

Word is, Sugar heard
about your choice ingredients

and threatened to expose you.

Sugar was a horrible person.

Is that what you were talking
to her about on the trail

the morning Sugar died?

I wouldn't blame you
if you got mad.

Saw the mud on your shoes,
just a guess.

Look what you made me do.

[door bells jingle]

Ruby? You there?

Yeah, in the kitchen.

Where'd she go?

She went that way.

[camera shutter snaps]

Marian Rabbel, I
need you to stop.

No, leave me alone.

Detective Killian.


I need to ask you a couple of
questions down at the station.

Why? I've done nothing wrong.

Well then, you have nothing
to worry about.

Fine, but I have
to lock up first.

Good thing I was here
to rescue you,

could've had a dough-ing
on our hands.


Is that the best
you can do?

"A dough-ing?"

And this damsel
was not in distress,

I had it covered.

Well, I'm uh, taking her in
to question her.

Good. And I think I should
be there.

You spooked the suspect,

she might not give us
anything anymore.

And I gotta spend the night
with the cookie lady,

and not at my poker game
where I should be.

Well, I wouldn't want a good
lead to get in the way

of your full house.

You do realize I should be
with my sister right now,

who's getting married.

What's stopping you?


Listen, I talked to Marian's
business partner.

You're gonna want to hear
what she had to say.


And look what I just got.

Tommy told you about
the footprint on the body, huh?

All right, at the station,
you need to be quiet,

like a ghost, okay?

Got it.

[sirens wail]




So, uh, I got her in
the interrogation room,

I'm just about
to interview her.

But you can't come.

Of course.


Oh, and make sure you ask her
about Sugar's threats.

All right, I will.

Stay here.

Got it.



Sugar wouldn't take
any of my calls,

so I had to wait for the chance
to be alone with her.

I got up real early 'cause
I know she likes

to watch the sun rise
when she's at the resort.

This was about Sugar's threats?

That reporter lady
has a big mouth.

I planned on telling Sugar
that I was dropping the lawsuit

and selling the bakery.

I figured I could keep
my reputation intact

if she'd back off
on exposing me.

Did you find her that morning?

Yes, by the trailhead.

She wouldn't hear me out,

Said she was meeting someone to
go hiking and didn't have time.

Did anyone see you together?

I don't know, but you have
to believe me.

The only thing sweet about
that woman was her fake name.

But I didn't kill her.

Then why'd you run away
from me at the bakery?

Red was making me feel
like a suspect.

Could I please get
some water?

It is hot in here.


Be right back.

Caught a glimpse.


I'm starting to wonder
if she's innocent.

I'm starting to wonder
if she's guilty.

She has motive, her business
reputation are at stake,

and she was with Sugar
that morning.

Yeah, but you saw her limp
back at the bakery.

How could she chase Sugar
down and drown her?

Hmm, people want someone dead,
they find a way.

[phone beeps]

Oh, it's Tommy.

So, what are you gonna do
with her?

Uh, keep her in there.

Let her, uh,
bake a little.

Hmm, I would hate to be
on your bad side.

Who says you're not already?


Shouldn't you be
with Charlotte?

The wedding's in three days.

I'm taking her for drinks later
with the bridal party.

So, what'd you find?

Well, pending a couple
toxicology reports,

the autopsy's done.

(Both) And?

What's with you guys?

After excluding all other
manners of death,

it's my official ruling that
Sugar or Verna Albert, drowned.

No surprise there.

Yes, but I found
some other things

that are quite intriguing.

The vic had a high level of
diphenhydramine in her system.

What is that?

Sleeping pills.

Oh, that's odd.

She said she sleeps like a baby
in the fresh mountain air.

Well, it's odd, all right.

She had double the recommended

Not to mention, the level
never should have been

that high first thing
in the morning.

Can you tell when
the drug was ingested?

I can't pinpoint it,
but given the high level

and the fact that she was still
able to hike on a mountain,

best guess... within an hour
before she died.

Maybe the killer put it
in her breakfast.

Or in her water bottle, so
she'd be groggy for the hike.

It would make it easier to drown
her that way.



How about the bruising
on her back,

you said it looked like
a shoe print.

Any idea what kind of shoe?

Given the tread markings,
probably a running shoe.

Remember, Marian had mud on
her tennis shoe that morning.

Yeah, still could've been Sam,

It's a clue to be sure, but
I have an even bigger one.

I found skin cells
under her fingernail.

I sent a sample to the lab.

Turns out it's not Sugar's DNA.


We get a match and we might
have our killer.

It's a good thing,

'cause I'm listing Sugar Albert's
manner of death as homicide.


So, what do we do next?

Well now, the police, as in me,
continue to investigate.

We need DNA samples from
everyone involved in this case.

Do you think they'll give them
to you willingly?

Well, I hope so.

Getting warrants is gonna
be tough.

Someone dies on a quiet

you've got a circumstantial case
at best.

Can I ask you for a favor?


I really need you to hold
this story.

The killer doesn't know
any of this,

and remember, you get the
exclusive when I make an arrest.

I'm a vault.


Wait, aren't you
forgetting something?


Your suspect asked for water.

(Both) DNA.

Where was the water cooler,


Sorry. Police business.

[clears throat]

Well, you're free to go now,
but, um, don't go far, okay?

You're not going to interrogate
me underneath the hot lights?


We'll save it for the cop show.

Can you send this to the lab,

Thank you.

That was easy.

Yeah, yeah.

I wish I could say the same
for Sam Albert.

He's not too happy
with me right now.

Well, maybe I could help.

I could pay him a visit,
try and get some of his DNA.

No, I don't want you interfering
with a suspect

at a critical point
in the investigation.

Okay then.

I have a date with my sister.

Ellie Bluth.

Ellie, did you for...


Hi Sam.

I'm Ruby Herring.

I wanted to come by and give
my condolences from the family.

John and Bonnie's daughter.


Well, thank you.

That's very nice, thank you.

You probably know I'm a reporter
with Channel 57.


I wanted to highlight some of
Sugar's business accomplishments

for a story I'm doing.

You know, it's only been
three days since she passed.

I... I don't think I'm ready
for that right now.

Wait, please, it'll only take
a minute.

Sugar really meant a lot
to my mom.

I want to learn more
about her legacy.

Come in.

You know what, um,
could I grab a water?

I'm just thirsty
all of a sudden.


Beautiful flowers, thank you.

Of course.

There you are.


You're welcome.

So, tell me.

What do you want
to know about Sugar?

Excuse me, could I use your
ladies' room really quick?

Sure, uh, it's just, uh,
down the hall on the right.

Okay, got it.



He'd probably miss this.

This I can work with.

Ruby, is everything okay?

You know what, I completely
lost track of time.

I forgot I have an appointment
that I'm going to be late for.

Could I come back another time?


That'd be great, thanks.


Can I ask you a personal

Well, I guess it depends
what it is.

Are you in a relationship
with Ellie Bluth?

You weren't kidding
about personal, were ya?

Look, my marriage to Sugar ended
a long time ago.

The romantic side.

Ellie and I are old friends,

we were discussing what to do

about a critical and private
business decision that morning

in the suite.

So, you called off the divorce
because of business.


You should tell
the police that.



That'd only make things worse,
give them an even bigger motive.

I mean, you just, you watch
those crime shows,

the husband's always guilty.

I really am sorry about Sugar.

Thank you.



Oh, my goodness! You scared me
half to death.

What did you not understand
about not coming here?

What, I'm not allowed to pay
condolences to my mom's friend?

And how'd you know I was here,

Well, apparently, my guy's
a fan of yours.


Well, next time I'll be sure
to wear a hat and dark glasses.

Speaking of, did you know
that Sam wears glasses?

All right, well,
since you're here,

did you find anything else?


Just call me Nancy Drew.

Bet you didn't know
she was a redhead.

More like a strawberry blonde.

You read Nancy Drew too,
didn't you?

I will neither confirm nor deny
that I read Nancy Drew.

This is from his hairbrush,

and this might have
Ellie's DNA on it.


Well, these are both
inadmissible in court,

and I could get in trouble if,

my chief thinks I asked you
to do this.

Yeah, but you didn't.

You have to use it.

At the very least to help
exclude or include Ellie and Sam

as suspects.

All right. I'll put a rush
on it.

And, um, nice work.



Thank you.

I have to... go,
I um, to meet

with the cake baker
and the caterer,

there's a whole list
of things...

that I have to get done.

Oh, I know Sugar would've given
you her stamp of approval.

It's beautiful, Megan.

And thank you for doing this

under such difficult

You know what,
it's my pleasure.

I never knew how therapeutic it
would be to make a wedding cake.

Charlotte, let's go.

Would you mind if I asked you
a couple questions about Sugar?

Anything to help.


Did you know that Sam and Sugar
called off their divorce

because of the business?


You knew about that?

He mentioned it.

He also said something about
a "critical business decision"

the day that Sugar died?

He was probably talking about
the conglomerate

that wanted to buy Sugar and Sam
out for millions.


Sugar wanted to sell
but Sam didn't.


Well, did she convince him?

She didn't have to.

Sugar owned 51 percent
of the company.

Why didn't he want to sell?

I mean, that's a lot of money.

He loved running the company,

and he didn't really want a
bunch of strangers stepping in.

Besides, he thought
if he held out,

he might take the business
to new heights.

What's gonna happen
in the business now?

I... I haven't really found
the right moment to ask, um.

Sam's been planning the funeral
all week, so...

I'm sorry.

Ruby. Are they gonna catch
whoever did this?

I wish I had the answers.

We've gone really far, I think
we should turn back.

Not yet.

You've been really distracted,

What's going on?

Well, I didn't want
to say anything,

since we're supposed
to be relaxing,

but I'm looking for Sugar's
water bottle.

Tommy found sleeping pills
in her system,

we think she might've
been drugged.



The map says that the creek goes
about another three miles.

Three miles.


If you think it'll help.

You're the best.

I guess we should head back.

It's probably long gone.


It's okay.

Hey, what is that?

Can you hold this?


Oh, my goodness, Ruby.

You found it.

Yeah, maybe.


What are you doing here?

Yeah, I just came to take
a second look,

see if I missed anything.

You too, huh?

Oh, I don't think
you've formally met my sister.

This is Charlotte.


on your wedding.

Thank you.

There's a lot to do.

I'm gonna head back
to the hotel,

um, are you okay here?

Yeah. I'll be right behind you.


Nice to meet you.

You too.

I found this a couple miles
down the creek.

I think maybe the current
could've carried it.

Could be Sugar's.

Well, thanks.

I'll, uh, I'll get
it checked out.

Find anything
with the DNA test?

No, no, not yet.

What about the eyeglass lens?

It turns out that's for someone
who's nearsighted.

Beyond that,
couldn't tell us much.


[phone rings]


Uh, it's the lab.

Yeah, it's Killian.


Got it.

All right, thanks for putting
a rush on it.


I can't tell you, Ruby.

Was it Sam?



[clears throat]

Oh my gosh, it was Marian,
wasn't it?

Look, Ruby.

I appreciate everything
you've done,

but your Nancy Drew
moment ends here.

Uh, whatever you think you know,

just put a lid on it until
I can bring her in, okay?

[bushes rustle]


Hello, who's there?


You scared me.

Don't look so surprised.
Believe it or not, I hike.

So, how's the investigation

I'm not really working
on it anymore.


It's hard to believe that Sugar
met her demise on this mountain.


Well, better catch up
with my sister,

she's waiting for me.



We don't need to be playing
games here, Ms. Rabbel.

How do you explain your DNA
under her fingernail?

I tracked down a hiker,

a witness who saw you threaten
Sugar the morning she died.

It's not what you think.

When I saw Sugar that morning,
she tried to get away.

I... I blocked her.

She stumbled and she grabbed
my arm for balance.

Her nail cut my skin.

I still have the scratch, see?

But she stumbled,
and I fell with her.

I inflamed an old knee injury.

There was a running shoe imprint
on her back,

size 9.

If I'm not mistaken,
you're a size 9?

Yeah, me and millions
of other people.

You have motive, opportunity
and means.

In light of the new evidence,

I'm placing you
under arrest for murder.


Cuff her.

[clears throat]

Can I take my apron off?


I love that color.

[phone rings]

Hmm, it's Ange.
It'll be quick, okay.


Hi Ange, what's up?

I just heard from a source at PD
that Marian Rabbel was arrested.

I can't keep this from Frank.

Can't keep what
from Frank?

Marian Rabbel was arrested
for Sugar Albert's murder.

They have her DNA.


I promised Jake I wouldn't say
anything about the DNA.

I can't believe he didn't
tell me she was arrested...

Oh, so it's Jake now.

Are you still a reporter,
or this Jake guy's new bestie?

I don't think Marian did it,

that woman is a straight shooter
if I ever saw one.

Yeah, well, DNA doesn't lie.

Sorry, I'll call you tomorrow.


Well, that is a new record
for the shortest career

in crime reporting ever.

At least someone's
been arrested.

Yeah, the wrong person.

You know what, I don't want
to talk about the case anymore,

I want to focus on you.

I have a surprise.

Oh, this is so sweet.


Look at you in front of
the camera.

I was always so envious
that you knew what you wanted

at such a young age.

You wanted to be
a ballet dancer.

That was a kid's dream.

I ended up an accountant,
played it safe.

But you also wanted to be a wife
and a mom,

and you're embarking on that
journey right here

and right now.

I'm jealous you have your
personal life all figured out.

We're two halves,
always have been.

I love you, Ruby.

I love you more.

I'm so rigging the bouquet toss.

You're so bad.


[sighs happily]

Is that Sugar?

Yeah, those are her selfies
she took at Sunrise Point.

Wait, do you see that?

That speck in Sugar's glasses.

Looks like shoes.

Looks like pink running shoes.

She wasn't alone on that hill.

I... I need to find Dad.


Did you talk to the detective
about this?

He said my armchair sleuthing
days are over.


Just when I thought we were
in this together,

he got pretty arrogant.

Well, detectives, they carry
a lot of baggage.

But I think you should
call him.

Show him what you found.

But, I am afraid you're going
to have to let this go.

See you at dinner tonight,


Love you.

[phone rings]



Detective, I need to talk
to you.

I guess you heard.

We got our arrest.

As promised, the interview's
yours if you want it.

Yeah, about that...

Oh, please don't second-guess

You've got the wrong person.


Marian makes sense.

The DA agrees, he reviewed
all the evidence,

he wants to move forward
with the murder charges.

Okay, just hear me out.

Take a look at the second selfie
Sugar took.

Do you see the reflection
in the photo?

Those are pink running shoes.

Yeah, and?

And Marian was wearing
white running shoes.

Derek, the hotel manager
was wearing pink running shoes

when I saw him today.

Oh, well he does look
killer in pink.

No, I'm being serious.


Well, case closed, then.

Look, Ruby.

Maybe the person in pink
was just a hiker

who was there when Sugar was
taking the picture, you know?

It's a popular spot.

I'm sorry, I'm not buying it.

Did you notice that Marian wears
reading glasses?

The lens in the dirt belongs
to somebody who's nearsighted.

When I was looking at
surveillance videos with Derek,

he took his glasses off.

He's nearsighted.

We don't even know if the lens
belonged to the killer.

Did you test the water bottle?

Did it have diphenhydramine
in it?


Look, the water bottle
was found miles away

from the crime scene.

It could... it could be

But you need to test it.

Look, Ruby.

I... I got paperwork to finish.

Enjoy the wedding.


Hey Ruby.

Hey, Megan.

Big day tomorrow, exciting.


You know, you should really try
that steam room,

it's so relaxing
before all the mayhem.

Oh, I was just about
to do a workout,

but maybe I'll go after.

I didn't know
you wore glasses.

Only when my contacts
are bugging me.

So, uh, what's next for you?

Actually, I have some
good news.


Sam decided not to sell
the company,

and he promoted me to
vice-president after all.

Oh wow, that's wonderful.

I know.

Do you like your
fitness tracker?

Cause I have the same one.

I can't live without it.

10,000 steps a day, minimum.

[to herself] Same water bottle,
pink running shoes...

Do you use the heart rate

Sure do.

160 beats a minute, and I know
I'm getting a solid workout.


Okay, well, see you later.


Bye Ruby.


Did you watch the report

I did the other day
on fitness trackers?

Oh Ruby, we never
miss your segments.

Well, this is Megan's tracker.

I swapped hers with mine.

Oh yeah, good thinking.

Now we can see what was
really going on

with Megan on the trail
the morning Sugar died.

Might tell us if something
got her heart rate up.

Like murder.

Very clever.

Okay, so Megan said
that she found Sugar at 7:00

on Tuesday morning.

Look at the pattern
of Megan's heart rate.

At 6:30 AM it spikes
to 160 beats per minute,

and at 6:40 it drops
to 60 beats per minute,

and that lasts for 20 minutes
until 7:00,

when her pulse shoots back up
to 160,

the time that she claimed
she tried to save Sugar.

Wait, I don't understand
one bit of this.

Well, Megan said that she
was walking back to the hotel.

If that's true, then why
would her heart rate spike

and then drop for 20 minutes,
and then spike again.

Well, if she had
just committed murder,

wouldn't her heart continue
to race?

Yeah, but this was premeditated.

I mean, Megan knew
what she was doing.

What do you think, Dad?

That's a good point.

I mean I've done plenty of
stories on sociopathic killers

who are as cool as cucumbers
after committing murder.

Okay, then what was Megan
doing during the time

that her heart rate dropped?

Well, I think Megan tried
to push Sugar off the cliff,

but Sugar fought back,

so Megan chased her down
to the creek and drowned her.

Then she waited 20 minutes,

before calling for help
to make sure she was dead.

With Sugar gone, she's now
the vice president.

She got everything she wanted.

I think you just solved
your first murder.


Very proud of you, Ruby.

Thanks, Dad.

One thing I'm not sure of
is how this new technology

will hold up in court.

I think you need hard evidence.

Then, we set a trap.

Wow, it's a work of art, Megan.

Oh, I'm so glad you like it.

It really is beautiful.

Oh, did you hear there's been
a break in Sugar's case?

Yes. Marian Rabbel.

I knew those two had issues,
but murder?

Well, actually there's
new evidence

that cleared Marian's name.

Now they're looking for somebody
with pink running shoes.


Wow, well..

I hope they find that person.

They think it's someone here
at the hotel.


Anyways, so much to do.


We'll check in later, Megan.



Angela, I'm positioned
out front.

Okay, we are on
the hotel's cloud.

I can see you, John.

Great, and we're out back.

I got you too, Ruby.

[elevator dings]

Guys, Megan just got off
the elevator,

she's heading towards
the back entrance.

She's headed back in.

Angela, can you see
where she's going?

I don't think she knows.

Oh no, the feed just cut.

Can you get it back?

I'm going in.

Be careful.


Are you... going somewhere?

Have you seen Megan?

Uh yeah, she was headed
towards the kitchen.

Go find Dad!


Megan, stop!


What's in the backpack?


Then show me.


We know you killed Sugar.


That's crazy.

You acted like she was
your savior, but...

she was gonna sell the business
and leave you with nothing,

so you had to do something.

I know the pink shoes
are in there.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Must have been so hard

when you found out Sugar
didn't care about you.

She only cared about
the money.

Megan, it's over.

Okay... I am not going down
for this.

She always put on a happy,
sweet face,

but she was ruthless.

Sugar only cared
about herself.

Why do you think I nicknamed her
Sugar the Shrew?

I gave that woman
my heart and soul,

and so did Sam,

and then she pulled the rug
out from underneath us.

Put the knife down, now!


I gotcha.

I should have pushed you off
the cliff when I had a chance.

That was you in the bushes.

How'd you know to come?

Uh, your dad called me.

Nice to meet you, Detective.

Told you I'd call in the cavalry
if anyone messed with my girls.


On the way here, the lab called
me about the water bottle.

You tested it?

Yeah, it had diphenhydramine
in it,

and the metal was able
to retain a print,

even in the water.

Who knew that shoplifting
as a teenager

would come back to haunt you?


You're under arrest for
the murder of Sugar Albert.

Megan Montrose will be
arraigned Monday.

She faces first-degree
murder charges,

and if convicted,
life in prison.

I'm Ruby Herring
for Channel 57 News,

on The Crime Beat.

Back to you in the studio.

You're up, Maid of Honor.

You've never looked
more beautiful.

Ready, ladies?

[elevator dings]







Nice catch, but that
looked rigged.

And you look like
a wedding crasher.

What makes you think
I'm a wedding crasher?

John Herring
is my friend.

That's my Dad.


And, I wanted to say
thank you.

I'm sorry, did I,
did I hear you right?

Yeah, yeah you did.


I caught your news report.

Thank you for the exclusive

Frank really enjoyed it.

He thinks I might have a future
in this crime thing.

Oh, well maybe I'll see you
around the PD, then.

Putting my nose where
it doesn't belong?



How about a dance?

What would the boys at
the station think about that?

Oh, well... how about we keep it
off the record?

Oh, good idea.


Shall we?