Ruby Herring Mysteries: Prediction Murder (2020) - full transcript

When crime reporter Ruby Herring receives clues to a murder that happened five years earlier involving a local psychic, she joins forces with Detective Jake Killian to help crack the case.

Oh, the "death" card...

Could be a...
a time of renewal.

But you are gonna have to let go
of this negativity.

Just wait. I am...

I'm sensing something else.

So, with the recent rash
of burglaries,

leave your lights and a TV on
when you're out,

lock up your valuables,

and don't hide a spare key
under the flower pot.

The thieves could be watching.

And that is news we can use.

Linda and Nick?

Great information, Ruby,

and you have one more trick
up your sleeve,

in case you ever find yourself
a victim of a home invasion?

Yes. Criminals often tie up
their victims with duct tape,

so I'm gonna reveal
a little secret

on how to escape.

Linda, could you give me a hand?

Of course.

Wrap that around my wrists
three times.

"Ruby Houdini."

Anyone can do this.
It's simple physics.


The tape is super-tight.

All you have to do is raise
your hands above your head

and bring them down fast,
like this.

- Ready for the real thing?
- Ready!

Oh, wow!

And I call that...

"news we hope
you never have to use."

So true.
And before you go,

we have an important
announcement here on 57 News.

Ruby, who has brought you

hundreds of eye-opening
consumer investigations,

is officially joining
our crime beat team.

Congratulations, Ruby.

Thank you, both.

I'm looking forward
to this next chapter.

And we might just have
your first crime-beat story.

The Seattle Police Department
has announced

it's reopening
a number of cold cases.

Beginning with the unsolved
murder of psychic Rose Vitello.

Known as "The Pawn Reader,"

she was shot
in her North Seattle shop

five years ago

by an unknown assailant.

Detectives say they're
re-examining all the evidence,

all the witnesses,

and say they will leave
no stone unturned

until her killer is caught.

Ruby's relentless
pursuit of justice

has already solved
two Seattle Murders,

and my crystal ball tells me

that our very own
Sherlock Holmes

is just getting started.


More like "Sheer-luck."

I suspect

she gets that "Herring Hunch"
from her dad, John,

one of the finest
criminal investigators

Seattle has.

So, let's all
raise a glass to Ruby,

and a warning
to the bad guys out there--

you better watch out.

Thank you, all.

To the best news team
in the business.

Enjoy yourselves, guys.

May the best man
or woman win.

How about you cover
your crime-beat stories

and I'll cover mine,

and we will see who
the best journalist is, Todd?

That's an easy one.

Excuse me,
I've got some awards to shine.

Ooh. He's kind of like a snail.

Tough on the outside
and slimy underneath.

Mm. Accurate.

Hey, are you still able
to help with the reunion?

Yeah, I'll be
at the high school tomorrow.

I heard a rumor
that Luke's coming.

Have you guys talked,
since, uh...



But, you know,
we're both adults.

There's no reason
it needs to be...


On that note,

thank you, both, for coming,

I appreciate it.

Oh, we're both proud of you.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow.

See you.

How's my favorite godson?

Really good.

Any new interesting cases
down at the morgue?

it's been kind of slow lately.

What are you hiding?


Did you get that raise
you were asking for?

Not yet.

The new hybrid?


It's a girl, isn't it?


Dish! Who is she?

Her name's Dakota.

She's the new ballistics expert
at the P.D.,

but we're just friends.

Oh. Sounds promising.

I can't wait to meet her.

In time.

Congrats again, Ruby.

Thanks, Tommy.


Want to get a refill?


I saw they reopened
the psychic murder.

I'm not surprised.

That case haunted
the department for years,

especially my buddy,
Detective Quinn,

who was the lead on the case.

You covered
that story, right?

Mm. Last one
before I retired.

Why couldn't
they crack the case?

Well, there were
a lot of suspects,

but the murder weapon
was never found.

A bunch of items were stolen
from the pawn shop,

including a gun.

Burglary gone bad?


Whoever did it
wiped the surveillance video.

You know,
it always bothered me

that the victim
was shot at close range

during a reading.

It felt...

personal to me.

So who did you think did it?

There was one suspect
that stuck out.

Travis Tru,
a rival psychic.

Oh, yes.
He had threatened Rose,

but he was never arrested.

Psychic versus psychic...

"Prediction: murder."


Well, I think I'm gonna ask
Frank for my first assignment.

Hey, if you need me
to fend off Todd,

I can bring the muscle.

I got this, Dad.

Okay. I'll dig up
my old case file.

You're the best.


"She claimed to see the future,

"she was nothing but a fake,

but despite her hocus pocus,
a life you should not take."

"After your run,
follow the numbers to the gun."


Meet me at the news station.


A poet
with a penchant for crime.

What do you make of it?

Whoever wrote that is hoping,
if we find the weapon,

we find the killer.

Why not just send the clue
to the police?

Maybe the poet is the killer,
playing a game with us.

Either way, I think

our wordsmith is hoping

that this
ends up on the 11:00 news.

I just hope
you don't end up on the news

for the wrong reasons.

I'll be fine, Dad.

I've got the location.

The North River
near Shannon Falls.

Used to be
a popular hiking spot

back in the day.

I say
we follow the coordinates.

You think it's safe?

I'm coming with you.

I'll drive,
and we're calling the police.

Okay, keep me posted.

Call Detective Killian.


Aw, yes...

Oh, oh, oh... no, no, no!
Don't-- don't go... ay-yi.

Detective Killian.

Hi, it's Ruby.
Are you free?

Oh, it's my day off.

I was just, uh...

You're baking, aren't you?

How can I help you?

Yeah, can you meet me
at the North River?

Near Shannon Falls,
off of Interstate 90.

I'll send you the coordinates.

I'm afraid to ask.

I think
it involves a cold case.

See you soon?

See you soon.

I haven't seen you
use that thing

since I was 10

and we went looking for
"pirate treasure" on Alki Beach.

Oh, we brought in
quite the haul that summer.

Yes, we did.

Did you hear that?

I don't like this.

It's probably just an animal.

This looks like the area.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

All right.

Here you go.

What's that?

Let's see.

No, that's just a metal pole.

I hope
this isn't a fool's errand.

- Oh...
- What's that?

I got a major hit.

Dad... it's a gun.


Looks like a .38 Special,
six-shot revolver.

A lot of older cops carry 'em.

Not just for old-timers...

I got one myself.



So, you wanna tell me
what I'm doing here...

and why there's
a revolver in the water?

Someone left that at my door.

You're thinking
the psychic murder?


And I think that's the gun
that killed her.

You gotta be careful, Ruby.

That's what I said.

Okay. Point taken.

Well, the serial number's
been filed off.

I'll get the evidence team
out here.

And get our new ballistics
expert to get on this.



Tommy mentioned her.

Think he might have
a little crush.

Oh, well,
that's an interesting match.

Wow. You came prepared.

And I'm coming with you.


Oh! Uh, Ruby.



Hi. I'm Ruby Herring.

I know exactly who you are.

"News we can use."

Loved your segment

on the best make-up brands
that don't test on animals.

"Humane makeovers."
I'm glad you liked it.

Tommy has me hooked
on your reports.

Isn't she incredible?

Yeah. Um, the revolver?

Oh, yes.
Of course, Detective.

Well, that's my cue to leave.

Have fun getting
to the bottom of this one.

See you at the gun range later.

Gun range?
What have you done to my Tommy?

Horrible aim.

But really sweet of him
to show me the ropes,

Hey, listen, if, um,

if you feel uncomfortable
with a reporter here--

Are you kidding?

Come to my work station.

So, what's happening here?

It's called
"raising" the serial number.

When the metal's stamped,
it's compressed.

The acid eats away
at the softer metal

surrounding that.

I think
we're getting something.


There's your serial number.

Nice work.

I'll get a trace request going.

I still need to do a test fire

to prove that the bullet
from the crime scene

actually came
from this revolver.

That will never fire.
It's completely rusted out.

Not in my lab,
Detective Skeptic.

I might have
some more magic in my hat.

I just need a bit more time.

Oh, and I almost forgot.

A bullet
was left in the chamber.

It was crazy corroded,

so I sent it off to the FBI lab
for rush testing.

Good job.
You keep me posted.

- Mm-hmm.

Detective Killian.

Yeah, I'll be right there.

Something with the case?

Uh, another one.

I gotta go.

- Thank you, Dakota.
- Mm-hmm.

And. Ruby, as usual,

per department protocol,
I'll send out a--

- Press release when you...
- release once I have--

- ...have more information.--
- ...more information.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Tommy says
you're quite the sleuth.

I call it a dash of persistence
and a pinch of luck.

Oh, something tells me
it's a little more than luck.

Aw, you're sweet.

Here's my number.

Oh, and you should know,

Tommy's one of the good ones.

Text me, okay?

- Will do.

Hey, Dad.


I found
the old police case file.

And I've got the serial number.

You said a gun was stolen
from the pawn shop

the night of the murder, right?


I got the info right here.

Is the serial number listed?

Sure is.

Okay, I'm sending you
the number now.

It's a match.

We may have found our killer.

The revolver was registered
to Elijah Bards.


Looks like Elijah's not gonna
be doing too much right now.

Why not?

Because he died.

Mm. The victim was a medium.

Maybe she was killed
by Elijah's angry ghost.

The police file said
that he had a son, Henry Bards.

- Henry?
- Yeah.

He's the one who sold the gun
to the pawn shop.

Oh, he's the pro at
Redwoods Golf and Tennis Club.


You know what?

It's been a while
since I've had a golf lesson.

I will book you in.

Oh. Golf, huh?

Looks like

someone has a little extra time
on their hands.

I guess that makes sense,

when you get a hot story

handed to you
on a silver platter.

Handed to me?

Well, unless you magically knew

where the murder weapon
was hidden.

You must be
part psychic yourself.

That's right, Todd.

I cast a magic spell called
"following the lead."

You see...

viewers trust me
to find the truth,

so they send me tips.

Oh, Todd. That reminds me.

Someone called in
with a tip for you.

Caller said someone's
been stealing lawn ornaments

on Mercer Island.

Expensive ones.


Who knew Seattle's elite
had lawn ornaments?


in that neck of the woods,
they're known as "sculptures."

Ah. Now...

if you'll excuse me,
my people await.

"My people"?

He's just
a couple million bucks short.

Okay, call me if anything
exciting or newsworthy happens.

And I am off to high school.

Oh, good thing
you don't look a day over 17.


I like it.

Hi. I'm Ruby Herring.

Derek Saylor.

Yeah, we signed up
to help volunteer.

Yes, of course.

I'm Sloan Waller.
I'm one of the teachers here.

Thank you so much
for helping us out today.

We have you guys on gift bags
and decorations.

Oh, great.

I'm so excited for your
dance-off rematch with Beau.

Oh, it's hard to believe
the shellacking I took.

This time, I'm ready.

So good.

Oh, did somebody call a doctor?

I have
some gift bags to fill up.


- Ah, hi, Luke.
- Hi.

I heard you were coming to town
for the reunion.

Yeah. I mean, it's been so long
since I've seen everyone.

How have you been?

Good. Yeah, good.

on your promotion.

Oh. You saw that.

Yeah, I always watch
your reports online.


Hey, so, I was wondering

if we could get together
before the reunion.

I don't know.

Say, dinner? Tomorrow night?

Let me think about it, okay?


I hope to see you tomorrow.

Hi. I'm Luke Baldwin.
I'm here to help.

Is someone
a smitten kitten again?

You forgotten the part

where we broke up
the day of our wedding?

It was mutual.
Not insurmountable.


There's still hope.

You two are so good together,

and you could do
a lot worse than a cardiologist.

Yeah, well,
that hope is long gone,

along with
our Maui honeymoon deposit.

- Mm.
- Ugh.

Nice swing.

Are you my 1:00?

I am.

Ruby Herring, and thanks.

Well, I'm, uh, Henry.

It's nice to meet you.

So, uh,
how'd you hear about me?

Rumor has it
you're the best pro around.

And you played
on the amateur tour?

Yeah, for a while.

But you know golf,
it's kind of a mindset.

I could never quite master
that part of it.

Here, try another swing,

but keep this arm straighter
this time.



So did you ever try
a sports psychologist?

Yeah. I tried everything.

Even a psychic?


What a coincidence.


Henry Bards?


Jake Killian, Seattle P.D.

What's going on here?

I'd like to ask you

a few questions
about Rose Vitello,

the psychic.

Is this about
you reopening the case?

I saw that on the news.

Yeah, we're taking
another look.

Did you know her well?

Um, no, not really.

Is this your partner
or something?


You mind if we talk about this
somewhere else?

So, Rose Vitello--
what's your connection?

My ex-fiancée, Sloan,

she used to see Rose
for readings.

A lot.

Sloan Waller?


I understand
she and Rose were close.

That's an understatement.

Sloan couldn't do anything
without consulting her first.

You didn't like that?

Psychics, they're such...

You know what?
I'm gonna stop right there,

before I say
something I'm gonna regret.

You said
Sloan was your ex-fiancée.

What happened?


Apparently, our stars
didn't align.

Was the breakup bad?

Yeah, it was pretty rough.

Luckily, I met Monica

and she helped me
pick up the pieces.

Then, well, we fell in love.


My wife.

we're having a baby.


Do you know
if it's a boy or a girl?

It's too soon.

I shouldn't have said anything.
It's too early.

We haven't even
told our families yet.

Our lips our sealed. Right?


When's the last time
you talked to Sloan?

Well, not since she broke up
with me five years ago

and moved to Singapore
to teach English.

I heard she's back in town,
subbing at Patriot High School.

Right. I think I met her
last night at the high school.

I'm volunteering
for my reunion.

So, why'd you pawn
your dad's six-shooter?

Guns aren't really my thing,

so I just wanted
to get rid of it.


You forgot your lunch.

Can we pick up this golf lesson
some other time--

if you actually
were here for a lesson?

I'll be in touch.

Why'd you let him go?

I mean,
he's your closest connection

to the murder weapon,

and he was definitely
acting like something was up.

Oh. "You have the right
to remain silent,

for acting
like something's up."

I'm being serious.

I mean, didn't you notice
he was being defensive?

Almost angry.

All right, we're talking
about a revolver

that came from a random clue,

that we haven't even
linked to the crime yet.

By the way,
nice swing you got there.


I was on my college team.

Do you play?

Here and there.

Actually, there's this, um,
charity golf tournament

the department
puts on every year.

I was thinking about entering.

Since you seem to know
what you're doing, I...

Wait a second.

Are you asking for my help
with something?

I'm asking you to donate
your time for charity.

I need some light coaching.

Well, I am a sucker
for a charity case.

We should get you some clubs.

There is a pawn shop
just up the road.

I see where this is going.

Well played.

People came
from all over

to tap into Rose's "gift."

She must've been really good.

If you believe
in that sort of thing.

I take it you don't.

Rose had great intuition,

but she was
all smoke and mirrors.

How did that
affect your relationship?

Mm, let's just say
we were very different people.

Your mom and dad divorced?


I'm sorry. Why?

Rose drove him away.

She treated her clients
like gold,

but us,
on the other hand...

You ever meet
a client named Sloan Waller?


Of course.

You didn't like her?

She was just...

always around, you know?

Did, uh, Rose and Sloan
ever have a falling out?

Sloan was the daughter
she always wished she had.

Her ex, on the other hand...


Yeah. Henry.

Henry thought
Rose was scamming Sloan.

She spent a lot of money
on her services,

including the down payment
they had saved for their house.

Henry threatened to sue Rose.

I didn't see that in the file.

That's because all the money
was in Sloan's account.

But I think
what really got Henry mad

was when Rose told Sloan
she shouldn't marry him.

Thought she could do better
than a washed-up golfer.


These are pretty pieces.

Are they all real?

Yeah. Yeah, Rose refused

to sell fake jewelry
in the shop,

and I decided
to keep it that way.

I can, um, give you a deal

on an engagement ring,
if you'd like.

Uh... no. I'm good.


Is there any way we could
see the backroom?

Of course.

I found her laying there,

on the ground.

Her "evil eye" necklace
was just staring up at me.

So no surveillance back here?

Rose believed in privacy
for the clients.

She had video in the store,

but the footage
was stolen that night.

Rose was in a reading
when it happened.

Did she keep a client schedule?

She did,

but there was no record
of this one.

What were the cards
that were left on the table?

Just one.

The "Magician" card.

78 in a deck, and, to Rose,
every single one was the gospel.

Did she use a crystal ball?

Oh, no,
she didn't believe in that.

That was Travis Tru's thing.

"The Truth Teller."


He threatened to kill her
on a group chat.

Said the "Death" card
was coming for her.

How did their issues start?

Rose was blabbing all over town
that Travis was a fraud.

Then these random bad reviews
started popping up online.

He figured she was
having people write them.

Okay. Well, I've got
enough for now.

Thanks for your time.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Rose is in a better place now.

Well, up for
the driving range, later?

Uh, sorry, I have
an early dinner with my dad.


Yeah. Tomorrow.


What does your gut tell you
about the golfer?

I find it suspicious
that Henry never mentioned

that Rose was the reason
his fiancée dumped him.

He had way bigger issues
with her than he let on.

And my favorite psychic?
Mr. Tru?

Ah, I've always been curious
about crystal balls.

Might need a glimpse
into my future.

Buckle up.

He's a character.

So, the police file
that your friend gave you

doesn't have everything
on the case,

but it's been really helpful.

How so?


Rose was wearing her ruby ring

and her diamond
"evil eye" necklace

when she was murdered.

If it was a burglary,

wouldn't the perp
have stolen those, too?

They were listed
as costume jewelry.

Yeah, but how would
the killer know that?

Her daughter, Emily, said that

Rose only sold the real thing
to her customers.

And the killer would know that,
if they knew Rose well.


Like her daughter.

It was... strange.

Emily kept
calling her mom "Rose."

It was so cold.

Not to mention,

with her mom gone,
she inherited the store.

You think
she could've done it?

She definitely had the means,
motive, and opportunity.

Hey. The evidence log
lists 77 tarot cards.

Emily said that there was 78
in a deck.

Look at that.

It's Luke.

John Herring.


It's good to see you again, man.

How long are you in town for?

Oh, a couple days.
For the reunion.

All right, well, listen,

take my seat.

I'm late for a basketball game
with the other professors.


What? They need
their star player.

I'll catch up with you later.

See you, John.


Sorry. Busy day.


I can't believe it's you.
It's been years.

It has been years, Kiki,

and I have been praying

for a piece of
that famous cherry pie of yours.

Coming up.

What happened to your dad?

Oh, he had to leave.

Ah, but I am very happy
to take his place.

Ruby, there's something
I need to say to you.

I wanted to apologize for how
things left off between us.

Hey, look, that was both
of our decision.

You know, you dreamt of
something bigger than Seattle,

and I wanted
to stay close to home.

I'm just glad we realized

it wasn't gonna work out
before we said "I do."

Well, it looks like cold feet
got the better of us.

So, are you... single?



How about you?

Yeah, I am now.

I was dating an actress,

but let me tell you,
they can be a handful.

Yes. I can only imagine.

One takeout order
coming up, Detective.

Okay. Thank you, Kiki.

So, how do you like
working on the crime beat?

You know,
hanging out with all those cops?

They're nice.

They've been mostly helpful.

Thank you.

And crime
is definitely interesting.

But it has shown me
that everyone has secrets.

Oh, yeah?

What are some of yours?

It's a work emergency.

Hey, um, wait.

Would you be my date
to the reunion?

For old time's sake?


You know what? Maybe.

Let me call you. Okay?

Oh, I see Dakota's
keeping you in the loop.

Yeah, she is.
Gotta love her for that.

Did you know
one of those tarot cards

was missing from Rose's deck?

There were 77 listed
in that log.

Mm. Guess the original
detective missed it.

I'll check the evidence box.

Dinner of champions, huh?

Hey, take what I can get
when I'm on duty.

How's dinner with your dad?

Oh, he had to leave early.


Oh! You were at the diner.

Might've been.

So you saw...

- Maybe.
- ...Luke.

Yeah, he just showed up,

and my eternally
optimistic father

just left me there
with him.

He was your ex, I take it?




Look, Dakota's waiting,
and whatever she has,

she says is a game-changer,

The revolver on its own
was too rusty to fire,

as you predicted,

but all we really need
is the barrel,

so I removed the old barrel

and I attached it
to a new base.

And guess what?

It fired?

A clean shot.

Once a bullet passes
through the barrel,

it's left with
a one-of-a-kind imprint.

They're called "striations."

Like a fingerprint.


From there, I was able

to compare my test bullet

to the bullet
found at the crime scene.


Perfect match.

We officially have
our murder weapon.

Nice work.

Time to put some pressure
on our killer.


Go ahead and report this.


And exciting.

Good scoop!

Thanks to you.

Be sure to mention that
to Tommy.

I think you two
could make a good match.

Are you and Jake...?

Oh. No.

You will be.

I've got a weird sixth sense
about these things.

I've been hearing that
a lot lately.

See you on TV.

Our top story today--

breaking news

in the murder
of psychic Rose Vitello.

An anonymous tip
has cracked the case wide open,

and crime-beat reporter
Ruby Herring

has the exclusive details.


This cold case
is heating up fast.

A revolver was discovered
on the outskirts of Seattle,

and I can confirm

it was the weapon
used in the murder.


"You're on the right track,
but pick up the pace.

The killer's still out there,
and the tape's not erased.

Press 'play'
and follow the way."

That's Rose's shop.

The day of the murder.

Caucasian male.

And that's Rose.

He looks angry.


رسانه اینترنتی مای موویز جامعترین سایت فیلم و سریال

Someone came in after him.

This is where it cuts out.

Can you go back?


Yeah. There.

I can't make out his face.

Can you zoom in?


That's as far as I can go.

Are those golf clubs
on his hat?

I think so.

Henry Bards!

So why did you go
see Rose that day?

My fiancée left me
because of her.

I couldn't just let it go.

That's something you may have
wanted to mention

the first time we talked.


you made me very nervous.

You know,

it's quite the coincidence
that the revolver you owned

was a positive match
to the murder weapon.

Why would I sell Rose the gun
just to steal it back?

Maybe to cover your tracks?

Anyone could've
stolen that gun.

Yeah, but not everyone
had motive like you did.

Sloan hadn't been happy
for a long time.

Rose just made us both see
what was right in front of us.

Someone entered the shop...

right after you that day.

Do you remember this person?


He was kind of


This guy?

That's him.

Do I need a lawyer?

Why? Do you have
anything to hide?


Mrs. Winters?



Call me Gladys, dear.
You're not a student anymore.

I brought your favorite--

banana-flavored taffy.

You're such a dear.

These aren't easy
to find!

Well, if anyone can,

it's our investigative reporter.

I'm on the crime beat now.

You don't say.
You know...

the only time you were on
the wrong side of the law

was when you and Derek
set the frogs free

in science class.

Mr. Scattergood was so mad.

Oh, he was hoppin' mad.

You had everyone chanting.

"Free Kermit!"

...Free Kermit!


Free Kermit!

This thing's dangerous.

Don't worry.

These kids don't even know
who "Kermit" is.

So, are you here
about the reunion?

Actually, I was hoping

you could help me
find Sloan Waller.

Ms. Donovan's sub.

She's on a spare right now.

A lot of the teachers
unwind out in the courtyard.

Thanks, Gladys.

See you this weekend.

See you then.



Hi. Ruby Herring.

We met the other night
in the gym.

Yes. Hi.

I don't know if you know,
but I'm a reporter with 57 News.

Uh, sorry.

I haven't seen the news
in a while.

I've been out of the country.

Singapore, right?

Yeah. Just got back a month ago
after five years.

I missed Seattle.

How'd you know that, anyway?

I've been assigned
to the Rose Vitello murder.

You knew her?

Rose. Rest her soul.

I'm actually scheduled
to go to the police station

for an interview.

Apparently, they're talking
to everyone again.

Were you able to help
with the initial investigation?

Not really.

I knew a little bit
about Rose's relationships,

but that's it.

You two were tight?

I lost my mom and dad
when I was a little girl

and my grandmother raised me.

Rose became like family.

That's nice.

I actually met
her daughter, Emily.


Did you like her?

Look, I don't want
to say too much.

Emily didn't have
a whole lot of respect for Rose.

How so?

She was always
questioning her mother's gift.

Did you believe
in Rose's gift?

I did.

But it was more than that.

My ex hated that I spent
so much money on her,

but what he didn't understand

is that Rose gave me
love and guidance in return.

Makes sense.

Why did you leave for Singapore?

It's gonna sound cliche,

but I needed
to find myself again.

Henry and I were
supposed to get married,

and I called everything off
right before the wedding.

I went through
something painfully similar.

Actually, my ex is in town
for the reunion.

Huh. Good luck.

So, what... what happened
with you and Henry?

We drifted apart.

It was for the best.

He wasn't the right man for me.

Better to figure that out
before you say "I do."

- Right?
- Mm.

And the invitations
had already gone out,

the venue was paid for.

We even had our engagement photo
in the paper.

How did Henry take it?

He was mad.
A little embarrassed.

I felt terrible.

I actually have to get going
to my next class.


Oh, by the way,

Uh, I heard
that Rose had some issues

with Travis Tru,
another psychic.

He was a total fraud.

So many of them are.

See you later.



Any interest in knowing
what the future holds?

Can I help you?

Yeah. I'm Detective
Jake Killian, Seattle P.D.

I'd like to ask you
a few questions

about Rose Vitello.

When is this thing gonna die?

Pardon me?


Poor choice of words.

It's just
I already talked ad nauseam

with that other detective
about Rose.

I didn't kill her,

I don't know who killed her,

and I can't predict
who killed her.

I still have
a few questions for you.

I need to do
a reading on you first,

feel your energy.

It's the only way
I can trust you.

You know, no disrespect,
but, um, I don't do psychics.

I prefer
"intuitive advisor."

I just have a few questions
for you.

Sit down with me,

or sit down
with me and my lawyer.

Ah, fine.

Hmm. That looks like
Jake's car.

Uh, we should leave.

Oh, no. We're not leaving.

Let it all go.

Silence your mind.

with the universe.

What, you need my palms, or...?


Should I think of a number?


Just relax.

Close your eyes.

Your aura
is balled up like a cobra.

Why are you
so uptight, Detective?

I'm not "uptight."

Just bre-e-e-eathe.

I am breathing.

I'm always breathing.

I'm receiving a communication.

From who?

An older woman is here with us.

Very special.

I'm feeling... a "D."

Or a "B..."

A "B,"
her name starts with a "B."

My grandma's nickname
was "Babs."

She says

that she loves you,

and to always remember
what she taught you.

I smell... vanilla?

I helped her bake
when I was a kid.

She's always with you.

But I'm sensing
a new woman in your life...

a fiery gem.

Oh! That's you!

She makes you smile...

and also makes you crazy.

But I see a rival
on the horizon...

for her affection.

She's close.


Is someone there?



How long
have you been standing there?

Oh, we just got here.

The whole time.

- Derek!
- You know psychics freak me out.

This negative energy
is clogging my chakras.

I think
you all should leave.

You said the death card
was coming Rose's way.

Did you kill her?

No. I just wanted to scare her.

I spent hours
talking to that detective

five years ago,

and now I'm done.


I'm gonna wait in the car.

Well, thanks a lot.

I was about to get him to talk.

Not to mention

I had to listen to that guy
tell me how to "relax."

He was eerily good, though,
don't you think?

I don't think he did it.

Are you getting another one
of your "Herring Hunches"?

Because you know those aren't
admissible in court.

No, it's just...

why would you threaten to kill
someone on a public forum,

and then actually do it?

Not a smart move.

Well, he thought
his comment was anonymous.

And that tip you gave me,
about the missing tarot card?

That was the "death" card.


Well, all I know

is I can see
into my future right now--

three hours of listening
to an original interview

with an "intuitive advisor."


Well, if you're not too sleepy
in the morning,

I will be at the driving range.

See if we can't work out
some of that balled-up energy,



Hi! Can I get you something?

Yeah. A muffin would be great.

Monica, right?


Oh... you were talking
to Henry the other day.

Yeah. Yeah,
I still want that lesson.

He's really good.

Yeah, he is.
It's a shame he quit the tour.

He had so much promise.

Yeah, he said it was something
about "mindset."


What got him rattled?

Sloan. His ex.


She threw him off his game?

He was hung up on her,
and she barely noticed.

And she was
so into that psychic.

I hate to say it,

but when Rose died
and Sloan left town,

Henry became a different man.

He was so much calmer.

How soon after his breakup
did you two get married?

Couple months.

Wow! Quick.

And I hear you're expecting?

Henry told you?

Don't worry,
I won't-- I won't say a word.

Well, we've been trying
for a while.

It's our little miracle.

Well, that's wonderful.

Ah, I didn't mean to keep you.

Oh, here. Keep the change.

You enjoy your day.


Good morning.


Wow, those clubs are...


These are my grandpa's.

Bab's husband?

Yes. Grandpa Fred.

Mm. Yeah, well, my dad gave me
this bag 10 years ago.

I've since traded up the clubs.

Might be time for a new set.

We'll see, we'll see.

Well, why don't you grab
a club out of there?

Let's see what you've got.

All right,
let's try this rusty five.




So, I was talking to Monica,
Henry's wife,

before you got here.

She didn't have anything nice
to say about Sloan or Rose,

to say the very least.

Well, I'm not surprised.

Her husband got dumped by one,
and might've killed the other.


Okay, hang on.

Okay, um,
at the top of your swing,

you're just leaning
back on your heels a little.

- Can I...?
- Mm-kay.

- Do you mind?
- Not at all.

Okay, great,
now bring your arms up.

- Mm-hmm.
- Bring your arms up...

Great. Now you feel this?

Hmm. Yeah.

- Better?
- Yeah.


Feel that?

- Yeah, right.
- Yeah. Better.


- There you go.
- Got it.

So I hear Sloan's coming in
for an interview today?

How'd you know that?

Might've bumped into her
at the school again.


Did she say
anything I should know?

Well, the, uh,

the breakup with Henry
was definitely one-sided.

Sloan was calling the shots.


Okay, now, at the bottom
of your swing--


...right when
you come through,

keep your weight centered
and swing through your hips.


- Feel that?
- Yeah, I do.


Yeah, but Monica seemed to think

that Sloan cared more about Rose
than him.

Try one.


Yeah, those psychics sure
have a hold on people.

Tch. I don't get it.




There you go.

- Great. Thanks.
- You're welcome.

So, um...

what's the deal with your ex?


He's a cardiologist
from California

and he goes to Africa
twice a year

to perform free surgeries
on children.

Wow, the underachiever type,


Were you two just, uh,
catching up, or...?


Yeah, the last time I saw him
was on our wedding day.

You know,
the one that didn't happen.


Can I ask...?


You know what?
We were...

we were together so long,
it's just...

we were doing what we thought
was the next logical step.


logic isn't a reason
to get married.

Love is.

So how was seeing him again?


At first.

You know, we have
so much history together,

and we're also going
to the same reunion

this Saturday, so...

Any chance you two
will get back together,

you think, or...?


Well, hey,
you only deserve the best, so.

So I've been
hearing a lot about how upset

Henry was with Rose, over you.

I mean, she had this intuition
that we wouldn't last,

and I trusted her.

Was Henry ever violent?


He did have a temper, but...

Yeah? How so?

Well, this one time
on the golf course,

he got so frustrated
that he started

chopping all the flowers
with his sand wedge

and calling everyone
a cheater.

Did Henry ever hurt
any people?

Not that I'm aware of.

Just because
someone's angry sometimes

doesn't make them
a killer.

Well, that depends.

Ruby, right?

Hi again.

Do you have
any other golf clubs?

Preferably not in pink.

I did get a set in,
as a matter of fact.

Over there.

Oh. Great.

Do you play golf?

Do pigs fly?

I take that as a "no."

It's just
it's not really my sport.

I'm more into hiking.

My dad really
liked golf, though.

Did your mom
ever meet anyone new?

There was one guy
who caught her eye.

A boat captain.


He does dinner cruises.

On the Sound?

Emerald Cove Tours.

How did they meet?

She was hired as a psychic

at a bachelorette party
on his boat.

He convinced her

it was "in the cards"
they needed to date.

She found him handsome
in a rugged kinda way.

Did you like him?

He's not
a "forever" kind of guy.

So I take it,
it didn't last with the captain?

Rose broke up with him
when she found out

that his rough side
was really rough.

How so?

Something bad happened
on a commercial fishing boat.

I-I don't really know,
but it spooked her.

Then she quickly found out
you do not dump Richard.

He did not take it well.

Did the police talk to him
about the murder?

I'm sure they did,

but they need to again.

They also need to be
talking to Henry.

Did you figure out anything
else about him?

Oh, no.

That detective
doesn't tell me anything.

So, what hikes do you like?

I've been looking
for some new trails.

Oh. Well, anywhere
I can disappear, really.

Less people, the better.

Can I ask you something?


Why do you call your mom

I call her "Rose"

because she never
treated me like a daughter,

more like an inconvenience.

Now, if you don't mind,
I'd rather not to talk about it.

Of course.

So, um, the golf clubs--

I'll take 'em.
How much?

Top of the line.

A thousand bucks.

They were worth $1,500
five years ago.

I'll give you 500.



I need you to trace somebody
for me.

His name is Richard.

He's a boat captain
with Emerald Cove Tours.

On it.

Richard Kirk
is his full name.

Wait. That would
make him Captain Kirk.


Not a Trekkie. Okay.

I am searching
for the criminal record.



This guy's got a rap sheet
a mile long.

He's violent, Ruby.

Yeah, something happened
on a fishing boat.

Yeah. Here it is.

He was accused of homicide
on the high seas,

for killing
a guy on a boat.


He went to trial.
It was a hung jury.

They never re-tried him.

Please tell me you are not
going to see this guy.

I have to.
Story research.

Ruby, please.

I'll be fine.

You better be. Bye.


What do you want, lady?

Sorry, you scared me.

Captain Kirk?

Who's asking?

Hi. I'm Ruby Herring.
57 News.

The boat show
was last month, Judy.

It's Ruby.

I-I wanted to ask you
a few questions

about the case
that I'm working on.

You know, you shouldn't be
out on the docks by yourself.

It's not safe for a lady
here at night.

I wanted to ask you
a few questions

about Rose Vitello's murder.

What about it?

I heard you two
had a falling out.


You've been talking
to her daughter, haven't ya?

Yeah, she didn't like me much.

Did she have a reason?

Thought I wasn't
good enough for her mom,

but she didn't even like her.

Blamed Rose
for driving her father away.

Just another angry girl
with daddy issues.

Angry enough to kill?

Who knows?

But Rose did say

that Emily was skimming
off the top at the pawn shop.

I told her
to turn her into the cops,

you know,
teach her a lesson.

Did she?

She threatened to do it,

but I don't think
she ever did.


Told my son
to never get married.

They're not worth the hassle.

Well, thank you for your time.

Hey. Wanna go grab a drink?

I'll pass.

I'm buying.

I said no.
Thank you.

Come on, Judy!


You heard the lady.

Hey, relax, John Wayne.

Don't want no trouble.

All right,
what were you thinking, Judy?


But I had it under control.

Let me guess. Angela?

She was worried.

Look, this guy?
He's dangerous.

I'm assuming
you already checked out

his alibi from the night
of the murder?


And the harbormaster's log

showed he was out on the water
when she was killed.

He was on his nightly cruise.

He seems like
such an obvious suspect.

Well, I could've
saved you a trip out here,

if you'd called me.

I'm late for something.

Mr. Be-Still-My-Beating-
heart surgeon?

I promised him
a quick bite to eat.

Maybe I'll stick around

and share some takeout
on the Love Boat.

Who needs rescuing now?


See ya.

Sorry I'm late.

Ah, that's okay.

You look nice.


How's your trip been so far?

Oh, you know,
being back with Mom and Dad

it's the best.

Your mom is a riot.

I still can't believe
she hired a skywriter

when you graduated top of
your class in medical school.

Hey, do you remember
when we went up to Victoria

and sat on that whale-watching
boat for six hours,

and me,
I didn't even see a thing,

because all I could notice
was you.

Then we walked back
from the marina

in the pouring rain.

And we ducked into
that antique shop,

and there it was,
in the display case--

princess cut,
rubies all around it.

It was
the perfect engagement ring.

Yeah, it was.

I still have it, you know.

You do?


What are we doing?

Getting reacquainted.


will you be my date
to the reunion?

Hi, Kiki.

Two nights this week.

What do you kids want?

Coffee? Dessert?

I will take another slice
of your apple pie, of course.

She will have ice cream.

Strawberry, right?

I'm-- I'm good, Kiki.

I'll just have coffee.


How hard is it to remember
vanilla ice cream?

It's the most boring flavor
on the planet.

So that's it?

You're gonna let ice cream
determine your future?

What future?

It's not like
he was down on one knee.

It's not that simple.

How does
Jake factor into all this?

We're just friends.

I'm not even sure we're that,
half the time.

Would you get back together
with Luke,

if he asked?

I don't know.

He's smart, funny, handsome.

He's perfect on paper.

Yeah, so are
fish and chips, Ruby.

Question is,
is he perfect for you?

Can we change the subject?


Like the case.

And that's
your not-so-subtle way

of telling your old man
to butt out, got it.

Hey, no. You know
that I always value your advice.

You are the smartest man
that I know.



Fill me in.

I went to see Rose's ex,
a boat captain.

Rough character, right?


But with a good alibi.


He was accused
of killing someone

on a fishing boat.


What was his alibi again?

He was out on one of
his dinner cruises

when Rose was murdered.

And the police are 100 % sure?

I mean, apparently, it was
in the harbormaster's log.

The boat was definitely
on the Sound that night.

Maybe worth
verifying yourself?

See? Smartest man I know.

Thanks for the walk.

Well, you'll figure it out,

and I'm always here
if you need me.

Love you, Dad.

Love you.

Can I help you?

Mr. Fontana?

At your service.

Ruby Herring. 57 News.

I hear you keep a log
of the boats that go out.

Sure do. Goes back decades.

We got a good, old-fashioned
filing system.

Pencil and paper.

I don't like change much.

What do you need?

I was looking for the log
from March 22, 2015.

Emerald Cove Tour boats
apparently went out,

helmed by Captain Kirk.

I'll get that for you.

That's a popular log.

A detective came by.

Said he wanted to look
at that, too.

I've got it right here.

Let's see... March 22nd.


"Captain Richard Kirk."

He said he has a son.
Do you know his name?

Sure do.

"Captain Kirk Junior."

Could he have been the one
operating that night?

Did anyone confirm
with the guests

that it was actually
Richard Kirk Senior?

Well, I don't know,

but that boat goes out
like clockwork

every night, 7:00,
Senior at the helm.

Would you have a list
of the guests from that night?

Oh, that'd be long gone
by now.

But there is one thing that
we do computerize around here.

We started saving
video surveillance

about five years ago--

liability purposes.

The detective
never took a look at this?

Well, he seemed satisfied
with the log--

and he had an eyewitness.


I saw Richard get on the boat
that night,

just before 7:00.

There it is.

Just like the log said...

Boat took off
7:00 p.m. that night.

Can you go back to before
the passengers got on?


Is that his son?

Yeah, that's him.

Son of a gun.

Senior traded places
with Junior.

Do you mind if
I record this with my phone?


You think that detective's
gonna want to see this?

Oh, you can count on it.

It's not my fault
my son didn't write "Junior"

at the end of his name
on the log.

He's my back-up.

Yeah, but still,

you lied
to the original detective

about being on the boat
that night.


Didn't feel like
getting tangled up

in another investigation.

You know we can add "perjury"
to your extensive rap sheet.

Better than "murder."

Where'd you go that night?

After you left the boat.

To see Rose.

To talk.

About what?

I wanted her back.

I mean, it's not every day
a pretty pearl like her

is into an old barnacle
like me.

How'd she feel about that?

Ah, she was done with me.

So I said goodbye and left.

I'm not one to beg.

I heard you took it
a lot harder than that.

Look. I didn't do it.

There was no way
I'm going back to the joint.

I spent a year in there
before my trial.

Never again.

How did Killian miss this?

I kinda got there first.

Beat the brass? Nice.

He's interviewing
Captain Kirk as we speak.

You think "beam me up, Scottie"
could've done it?

He has a violent past,

but if he wanted
to get rid of the gun,

why not just
throw it in the ocean?

He was out on the water
every night.


And those clues you got

didn't really connect
to him, right?

They seem to point
more toward Henry,

but it doesn't mean
Richard didn't do it.

I wonder
who sent you those clues.

Travis Tru, maybe?

Speaking of...

I checked out Mr. Tru for you.

He's got an arrest record.

Sealed. Darn.

Good thing I've got
connections at the courthouse.


What was he arrested for?

Fraud. Travis bilked
tens of thousands of dollars

out of his clients for
some phony crystal procedure.

Rose convinced them
to go to the police.

When he found out,
he was irate.

I think it's time to see

if the "Truth Teller"
is really telling the truth.

Good luck with that.

Hello, Ruby.

Please. Please.

Sit for a reading.

I'm good.

You're troubled.


You know, I was--
I was wondering

if you could tell me more
about your arrest.

I heard that Rose was leading
the charge against you.

You're afraid.

Afraid to make
the wrong decision, again.

Okay. This isn't about me.

Rose tried to ruin you.

Rose was a wretched woman
who practiced hocus-pocus.

She deserved to die.

Your ex left you
at the altar, didn't he?

No! No, that was
a mutual decision.

And how do you know that?

I'm psychic, remember?

Why have you been
looking into me?

I haven't...

Ruby Marie.

How about you
stay out of my life,

and I'll stay out of yours?

Did you send me those clues?

We're done here.




What, are you a psychic now?

I'm here because
I found out about the lawsuit.

Yeah. I don't think
he's talking anymore.


But I do think that Travis
knows who killed Rose.


He might've been the one
who sent me those clues.

He knew all this stuff
about my life,

and then he used the words
"hocus pocus,"

like in the first clue.


The FBI found something.

So get this.

When a person loads a bullet,

their fingers leave behind
a tiny amount of sweat.

And when the bullet's fired,
the heat vaporizes the sweat.

A chemical reaction
with the metal

etches the fingerprint
permanently into the casing.


Are you telling me
you have a print?

Well, a partial.

But it should be enough
to find a match,

if your killer's in the system.

Oh, got a hit.

Monica Bards?

Why are her prints
even in the system?

Oh, looks like...

she got a "reckless driving"
charge in 2010.

Explains why
she drives a golf cart.

Well, I'm putting out
a warrant for her arrest.

But Rose telling Sloan
to dump Henry

only helped Monica.

Why would she kill her?

Well, maybe she did it
for Henry,

or with Henry?

People do
twisted things for love.

I did not
have it out for Rose.

But Henry did.

Did you kill her for him?


And yet there's your print
on the bullet.

How do you explain that?

I can't.


Um, there was a day that Henry
and I went to the range.

I loaded his revolver
for him.

Henry said
he didn't like guns.

Because of me.

Look, I know my way
around a gun,

but I had a brother
who died in a hunting accident.

After that, I told Henry
to sell the revolver,

and we never went back.

So you're saying
Henry sold a loaded gun

to a pawn shop?

There must've been a bullet

accidentally left
in the chamber.

Look, I'm bringing
Henry back in.

Do you know where he is?

He's teaching at a golf camp
down in Oregon.


Okay, well, we have
to bring him back here.


So, how was dinner with Luke?

It's nice to see him
again, I guess.

You guess?

I mean, I don't know.

Kind of feels like old times.

Like an old shoe,

or like old
high-school butterflies?

He kept the engagement ring.

Whoa! The one with the rubies?


Did he get down on his knees
and propose?


Uh, hang on.

I'll be back in a minute.
- 'Kay.

Hey, Ruby.

Hey. How's
the teaching gig going?

Really good.

Oh, but I'm hoping to get
something full-time.

I'm sure it'll happen.

Cool tattoo, by the way.

Oh... just a silly
high school thing.

Oh, where'd you go?


Our arch rivals.

I know, right?

Here I am,
organizing a Patriot reunion.

Anything to get into
Principal Nardone's good books.

How're things going
with your ex?

Ah, it's getting better.

What about you?
Have you seen yours?

No, he's too busy
with his wife.

You know,
expecting a baby, so.

He's having a baby?


I think I saw it
on social media somewhere.

Um, I actually have to go check

when the drinks
are getting delivered.

Excuse me.


Henry and Monica

said they haven't told anyone
about the baby.

How would Sloan know?

That is weird.


Unless she found a way to know
everything about Henry's life

when she got back
from Singapore.

When did she get back?

She said a month ago.

Mm. Let's check.



Her profile says

that she stopped teaching
at the Singapore school

two months ago.

And that's when
her posts stopped as well.

Maybe she came back
earlier than she said she did?

I noticed
that tattoo on her arm.

That's the "Karma" symbol.

Sloan said her engagement photo
was in the paper.

See if it's still
on her website.


Weird. No tattoo.

She told me she got it
back in high school.

Why would she lie about that?

I don't know.

Oh. Karma...

Mm. Karma.

I'm starting to wonder

if Sloan wasn't as cool
with her breakup with Henry

as she's letting on.

She's still single.

She has no real job.

She comes back, finds out
that he's having a baby...

and he's happier
than he's ever been, but...

I think you may be
on to something.

I wonder if she hikes?

Or if she lives
near Shannon Falls?

She said
she went to Taft High.

That's close to the falls.


Oh, she lived
with her grandma.

There is a "Mary Waller"
in the area.


And we know the clues,
they point to Henry.

Oh, can you pull up
the first clue?


Do you see that?
The date.

It's not written


The day is first.


Day first, month second.

I think Sloan
was trying to frame Henry.

Hey, Ruby.

Hey, could you
look into something for me?

Like, right away.


Sloan said she came back
from Singapore a month ago.

Can you see if that's true,

through her passport
or something?

Think she may have
come home sooner.

I can.
Only if you tell me why.

I don't think
Monica's the killer.

I mean, the motive,
it just...

it doesn't make sense to me,
it never has.

I have my own reservations,

but we have evidence
that's hard to refute.

So what are you gonna do?

We're gonna hold Monica
for 48 hours,

bring Henry back in,

and wait for the D.A. to decide
what she wants to do.


One more thing.

Are you free tonight,
by any chance?

I am.

Would you be my date
to the reunion?

Uh... sure.

Yeah. What-- What happened
to the doctor?

Oh, I'm not going with him.

Meet me at Patriot High, 7:30?


Well, hello, Beau.

Derek Saylor.

I see you left
your varsity jacket

at home tonight.

I don't live in the past,
like some people.

Is the dance-off
still happening?

Oh, it's on.



You look beautiful.


This is so great.

The chance to meet Tommy's
high school friends

was too good to pass up.

Oh, did Tommy tell you
the time when he--

Sorry, Ruby.

The statute of limitations
on embarrassing stories

ended after the 10-year reunion.

Come on, let's dance.



You look breathtaking.

You clean up well yourself,

Ruby, I gotta
be honest with you.

I have missed you immensely,

and I just wanted to know
what you thought about

the possibility of us--

of giving us a second chance?

We live
a thousand miles apart.

I-I know.

But we could work it out.

Can't we just dance tonight
and have fun?

Ruby, I honestly would love to,

but the hospital called

and I have a last-minute
scheduled surgery

in the morning.

Yeah, of course, I understand.

Ruby, we're great together.

Okay? I don't want you
to forget that.


Come see!

I'll call you next week, okay?

- Bye.
- Bye.

The winner

and new champion--

Derek Saylor!



Gladys. You look good.

It's all those Pilates
I've been doing.

Have you seen Sloan Waller?

She's over there.

Oh, great.

Could you tell her

that Principal Nardone
wants to see her in his office?

Of course, dear.

Where is he?

Ruby? What are you doing here?

I have some questions
I wanted to ask you.

Can you believe it?

Monica, a killer?

I saw it on the news.

She's no killer.

What do you mean?

Henry's the one
who had a grudge against Rose.

He's the one
who should be behind bars.

You think he killed her?

Well, it's obvious
he had motive.

Because Rose convinced you
to break up with him,

and she took all your money

that you two had saved up
for a house?


Henry hated her.

So is this about karma?

Henry should pay
for what he did?


Why did you tell me

you got your karma tattoo
in high school?

I saw your engagement photo.

No tattoo.

I covered it up with makeup.

I didn't realize
you were so nosy.

I think you know more

about Rose Vitello's murder
than you're letting on.

I have my suspicions,
but that's it.

You said
you knew about Henry's baby.

There's no way
you could've known that.

I heard it somewhere.

What does it matter?

Henry told me

that Monica was so much better
for him.

She was desperate.


She never loved him
the way I did.

You tried to get him back,
didn't you?

But he rejected you

and you blamed Rose.

I don't like your tone.

Back away.

I followed your hunch, Ruby.

Turns out Sloan was here
for two months, not one.

So, what,
you gonna arrest me

for coming home
earlier than I said?

And you've been staying
at your grandmother's house,

not too far
from where we found the gun.

Grandma Mary's, was it?

I got a warrant
for your old bank records.

You were broke
when you left for Singapore.

Almost every penny you had
went to Rose.

Tell us
what really happened, Sloan.

Tell us.

I realized Henry really was
the right man for me...

but it was too late.

Said I never should've
listened to Rose.

So I thought that

if I could get the money back
for our house,

I could fix it,

so I went to see to Rose

and I told her how she'd been
wrong about Henry,

and I begged her

for our money back.

She laughed at me!

She never cared about me!

I mean, she was a con artist.

And I was angry,

so I went back later,

and pretended
everything was okay,

and asked for a reading,

And you killed her

with the revolver
from the pawn shop.

I trusted her!

Why lead me to the gun?

I thought it was a chance

for Henry to get
what he deserved.

Is that thing on?

Say "hello"
to the class of 2005.

Sloan Waller,

you're under arrest

for the murder
of Rose Vitello.

Oh. Uh, this is for you.

Sorry I can't stay.

After five years,

the case of murdered psychic
Rose Vitello

has finally been solved

with the help
of our own Ruby Herring,

who is here now
for the exclusive story.

Thanks, Linda.

It all started with a note
that was left on my doorstep,

and it ended with an unexpected
arrest this weekend.

So, looks like exclusives
are becoming your thing.

With your help.

So we found poetry
all over Sloan's apartment.

And that would explain
the bizarre clues.

And hidden
in one of her books

was the missing "death" card
from the deck.

Can't believe she kept it,
like a souvenir or something.

I think she thought
it was all a game.

One thing bothered me.

How did she know
about Henry's baby?

Well, apparently, Henry wasn't
watching your news segments.

He still leaves his spare key
in the same place

from when he lived with Sloan.

Under the flower pot.

Sloan's been spying on Henry.

She was obsessed with him
and Monica.

She was clearly
watching me, too.

Yeah. Creepy, huh?

you, uh, outsmarted her.

We outsmarted her, actually.


So how was the rest
of the reunion?

You took getting being called
to the principal's office

to a whole new level.

Not the same without you.

Why were you so late, anyway?

I had to find a flower shop
that was still open,

you know, for that corsage
I got you.

It was beautiful.

Oh, hey. And I know
it's last-minute,

but I could use a partner
in this golf tournament.

Are you asking me
to be your... partner?

I need a ringer.

So, "bye-bye, Luke"?

On his way back to L.A.

Yeah, saving lives
in the California sun.

What's the status of you two?

He wants to give us
another shot.

Does Jake know about Luke?


But not that he wants us
to get back together.

Well, we're just friends,

In fact,
we are playing as a team

in the golf tournament
next weekend.

Well, my advice for golf
and dating is the same--

play with your head,

but trust your heart.


And steer clear
of the rough spots.

Thank you.

Oh! Love it.

Good morning.


Wait. You didn't?

A present from the pawn shop.

Thank you.

Play to win, right?

True. Very true.

Look at these. Gorgeous.

You know,
I have to ask you something,

Did you take me to the reunion
as back-up, or...?

I mean, I knew
it couldn't hurt

having a savvy detective
close by,

in case things got ugly.

Truth be told,

I just wanted a ringer on my arm
to make all the ladies jealous.


Can I ask you something now?


What's my favorite ice cream?

Vanilla, right?

You're not keeping
your eye on the ball.

Yeah, just a little distracted.

Okay, try again.

Loosen your grip.
Head down.

Wait. You giving me an order?

Well, if you're gonna be
on my team.

Oh, it's your team now?

Wasn't it always?


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