Ruby Herring Mysteries: Her Last Breath (2019) - full transcript

Ruby Herring and Detective Jake Killian investigate a suspicious fatal car accident; they solve the case, then Ruby finds new evidence that casts doubt on their first conclusion.

So, whether it's about

fear of contaminants,


or just that crisp taste...

Bottled water has become

an $18-billion-a-year business...

And that... is news we can use.

Nick and Linda?

Speaking of taste, Ruby...

Is bottled
really better than tap?

It depends on where you live,

but let's see
if you can tell the difference

between our tap water
here at the TV station

and the leading bottled water.

Are you up
for an H2O taste test?

You know I love a challenge.

Bring it on!

Cold. Crisp.

I'm betting this one is bottled.

This one is from the bottle.

Let's take a look.


It was tap!
We were wrong!

No kidding.

Keep your water cold
and filtered

in one of these pitchers,

and reusable bottles

not only save you a bundle,

t they'll also help

save the environment.

So what is "on tap"

for tomorrow, Ruby?

We're going to take a look

into the growing world

of vitamin supplements.

Which ones can you trust?

We'll have

an exclusive interview

with the founder

of Natalie's All Naturals.

Well, I hope she can make

one of her signature smoothies.

Me too!

Thanks for
that refreshing report, Ruby.

And coming up,

with the influx of bears
in the Seattle suburbs,

cameras have been placed
in and around the Emerald City.


You have a visitor.

What a nice surprise.

I heard Linda and Nick
wanted smoothies in your report,

so I came bearing gifts.

You are so thoughtful.

It's the least I can do,

since you're profiling
my company tomorrow.

Well, I'm happy to do it.

Let me tell you,
following your fitness plan,

I haven't felt this good
since high school.

I'm even running now.

That's wonderful.

It's a miracle.

Okay, where's the chocolate?


Meet Natalie Billings.

I'm sorry.

Nice to meet you, Natalie.

You too.

You should try
her yoga class sometime.

It might help loosen you up.

Loosen me up?

Ha, well, I'm a news director,
not a cruise director.

Well, you're welcome
at the studio anytime.

I appreciate that.

I think it's amazing
that you're still teaching yoga,

after all your success.

It's just what I love to do.

And it keeps me connected
to my clients.

And on that note,
I've got to run.

I've got a marketing meeting
in 30 minutes,

and then a class.

I'm telling you,
this woman can do it all.

Thank you, Ruby.

I look forward
to seeing you tomorrow.

First thing in the morning.

I'll walk you out.

Nice to meet you.


She's a lot more down-to-earth
than I thought.

Off to the arson scene, boss.

Loved the H2O-in-the-know
segment, Ruby.

Powerful stuff.

Thanks, Todd.

Catch ya later.

I know...

Just give him a chance, okay?

I actually think the two of you

could make a great team
on the crime beat.

Does that include a raise
and some disinfectant?



You know that I like fighting
for the underdog

and sticking it
to the scam artists.

I just, I'm not sure
I'm ready to give that up.

And no one is better
at consumer investigations,

but sometimes it's nice
to flex a new muscle.

Loosen up a little.

I'll think about it.

I take Natalie's yoga class

with Jenny,

and we volunteer
for her charity, Oceans Aware.

That's cool.

I used to spend weekends
as a kid

cleaning up plastic
along the shorelines.

Have you ever heard of
the Pacific garbage patch?


Well, Natalie's charity's
helping to clean it up.

There are over 5 trillion
pieces of garbage

floating in
the Pacific Northwest alone.

That's no joke.
Good for her.

Ruby! I love this outfit.

I always see you in sweats.

"Reporter Ruby" today.

Tripp and I are here to shoot
the segment with Natalie.

Of course,
she said you were coming.

Although, I haven't
seen her this morning.

Let me get Amanda.

Yeah, Ruby's here for Natalie.

Amanda is Natalie's
Chief Operating Officer.

Okay, thanks.

Amanda's on her way.


I'm so glad to see you.

Thank you for having us.

This is Tripp, my cameraman.

- Hi.
- Pleasure.

Listen, I don't think

we're going to be able
to shoot the segment today.

Is everything okay?

Would you mind if Ruby and I
spoke in private?

I can set up over there.


This way.

So no one's heard
from her since yesterday?


When's the last time
you saw her?

Here at the office,
around 4:00.

She said she wasn't feeling well
after teaching a class,

and went home early.

She seemed fine
when she came by the station,

around 2:00.

Did she say what was wrong?

No, but we had
an important conference call

at 5:00,
which she missed,

and then she didn't respond
to any of my calls or texts

after that.

So I called her housekeeper
this morning,

and she said that her bed
hadn't been slept in.

That's not good.

I know, right?

This isn't like her.

She never would've blown off
this shoot with you, either.

Have you called the police?

I did, and they let me file
a report over the phone,

but they said
there wasn't much they could do

because she hasn't been missing
for very long.

Do you have the password
to her computer?

Maybe she has a find-your-phone
app connected to it.

Her assistant should have that.

Well, her phone is still on.

It's pinging
on Mountain Crest Road.

That's on the way to her house.

Looks like
it's right near mile marker 15.

- I should call the police.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry,
but you can't come any closer.

We were the ones who called.



What are you doing here?

I located Natalie's car.

Is she okay?


Sorry, Ruby.
She didn't make it.


Are you friends with her?

Yeah. Yeah.

I was supposed to shoot
a segment with her

for the news today.

She didn't show up,

so I tracked her
through her phone.

What happened?

Her car went just over
that embankment.

I'm sorry.


The weather's been perfect.

We're not sure.

Maybe it was an animal that
crossed the road or something.

Could she have been texting?

No. Her phone
was found zipped in her purse.

How did she just lose control?

I know.
That's why they called me.

I'm helping the team
get to the bottom of things.


Over here.

Okay, one minute.

Look, I gotta go.
I'm sorry.

Hey, Tripp, do you see that?


You think maybe
it's one of those bear cameras

we had on the news yesterday?

Could've captured the accident.


Well, the car
rolled over the embankment,

which is tragic.

- What?
- Yeah.


Ruby, how goes the shoot?

Didn't happen.

Natalie Billings... is dead.

I'm sorry, what?

Yeah, I know, I'm...

I know, I'm shocked, too.

Hey, listen, can I... can I ask
you to do me a quick favor?

I'm just trying to figure out
what happened here.

Of course.

I need you to look up

the wildlife
bear cameras for me.


Looks like it's camera 12,
off of Mountain Crest Road.

Let me work my magic.
I'll get you a link.

Great, thanks.

Look at that swerving SUV.

It's obviously Natalie's.


Did you see that?

That SUV
just turned back around.

Whoever was driving
had to see the accident.

Someone's in a hurry.

Who doesn't stop
for something like that?

No kidding.

Did you catch a license plate?

Couldn't make it out.

Did Tripp at least

get any footage of the scene?


but we didn't shoot the car.

It felt insensitive
in front of Amanda.


You didn't shoot
the wrecked car?

Journalism 101.

Some of us have scruples.

I hear
there's a surveillance video.

An exclusive like that

could really
move the ratings needle.

I'm not sure if I want
to air it.

Not yet, anyway.


I was just about to ask Ruby

if she thought

there was anything more
to the accident.

A clear day,
she wasn't on her phone...

and that mystery SUV,
it's what bothers me the most.

Sounds like a story
for the crime beat.

My crime beat.

I don't think
we have enough yet.

Journalism 101.

Don't rush to air.

I think
there's gotta be more to this.

I'm gonna pay Tommy a visit.

'Kay, that's a good plan.


I'm sorry about Natalie.

Thanks, Frank.

So good to see you.

Your folks invited me over
to dinner next week.

They always ask about you.

I finally told them,
"Ask your godson yourself."

So, what brings you by?

Natalie Billings.

Are you covering the accident?

Sort of.
Do you know how she died?

I really shouldn't be talking
about the case with you.

-You know I'm a vault.

And look how our last case
turned out.

Who could forget?

Did you get the footage
I sent you?

Yes, thank you.

We actually had our own.

Look, I'm reserving judgment
on how the accident happened

until I can meet with the police
mechanic in the morning,

and until Tommy weighs in.

So what do you got?

So... Tommy and I need to talk.

All right. Fine.

What do ya got, Tommy?

I'm not done my autopsy yet,

but an initial blood test

no alcohol, drugs
or prescription medications

in her system.

All right, what about
injuries from the crash?

They're typical
of this type of accident.

So she died from the accident?

Not necessarily.

I have more tests to run.

There could be
internal bleeding,

but I'd say unlikely,
with the air bag going off,

and she was wearing
her seatbelt.

All right, what about
heart attack or stroke,

or something like that?


but I'd say unlikely,
given her age.

And the amazing shape
she was in.

For sure.

So that's all I've got for now.

More answers soon.


Call me when you got something.

And Ruby,
thanks for your interest.

I will send out a press release
if there's anything newsworthy.


See you
at the police garage tomorrow?

Good luck getting past the gate.

Don't you say a word.

Who am I gonna tell?

The usual for my favorite
father-daughter duo.

- Thanks, Kiki.
- Thanks.

I've been bringing you
to this place

for 25 years now.

Vanilla's still the one?

What can I say?
I'm predictable.

The one thing I know for sure...

My daughter
is anything but predictable.

What's your gut telling you?

That a car doesn't just go
off the road on a clear day

without a good explanation.

With a wealthy woman
like Natalie,

money could be a motive,
if someone wanted her dead.

Well, you always taught me,

it's about love or money, right?

And I found out
how much she's worth...

25 million.

Well, okay then.
Someone just landed a windfall.

Any idea who's in the will?

Not yet.

I know she has a boyfriend.
He's a doctor.

And, apparently,

her sister Kate's
her only living relative.

What do you know about her?

Not much.

I see her in yoga sometimes.
She's not that friendly.

And when has that ever
stopped you before?

That was a hard class.

I should have na-ma-stayed
in bed.

Smoothies on me today.

Hey, guys. The usual?

Yes, please.

It's hard to believe
that Natalie's gone.

Yeah, so sad.

This place
will never be the same.

I'm surprised
the studio's even open today.

So many people wanted

to come by
and offer their condolences.

Amanda decided
to keep classes going,

almost like a grieving outlet.

That was nice.


So how's the painting going?

It's going.

The art world's a finicky place.

He's being modest.

His profile is rising.


Roger has a gallery showing
this Saturday.

I'm excited.


I would love it
if you would come, too.

Yeah. Yeah.

Jenny and I would love to come.

Sure. Yeah.

All right, I'm gonna go
hit the showers.

I have a meeting with
a potential realtor,

so I'll see you guys later.

Let me throw you
a housewarming party.

This one's beautiful.



- Hi.
- Hey.

How are you holding up?

Not good.

I just, I keep going across
the hallway to her office.

You two were so close.

I can't imagine
what you're going through.

It hasn't even
really sunk in yet.

I've just been scrambling
to try and take care of

the business and the charities.

Who's taking over Oceans Aware?

Me, I guess,
until I can find someone else.

But I haven't decided
whether or not

to move forward
with the fundraiser.

The tickets have been
sold out for months, but...

Well, it's such a big
money-maker for the charity.

But doesn't it feel too soon?

Well, I'm sure
she would want it to go on.

And the cause was
so important to her.

You're probably right.


When is the funeral?


I hope you can make it.

Of course, I'll be there.

Thank you.
That means a lot.

Well, I guess
I better get back to it.

And remember,

I'm always a yoga class away
if you need me.

You're so sweet, Ruby.
Thank you.


All right, well,
I'm gonna head out, too.

Work calls.

Good luck.

Excuse me. Hi.

Impound lot and police garage.
Can I help you?

Hi, Ruby Herring. 57 News.

Can I come in?

I just have
a really quick question.

Did you get your car towed?


Was your car in an accident?


Was your car stolen?


Then no.


Hi. I'd like to report
a car illegally parked

across the street from
the police department.

The car was solid.

Nothing wrong with the brakes,
the steering, the suspension.

Perfect condition.

So you think
it was human error?

Best bet, yes.

With the good conditions,

brand-new $80,000, turbo V6,

safety features...

Hold on.





You lost?

No shady mechanics around here.

Craziest thing...
my car got towed.

You didn't?

Didn't what?

Have your car towed
to sneak in here?

Who would do
something crazy like that?


Gonna introduce you
to my buddy, Jeff, at the gate.

Your little stunt's
gonna cost you 250 bucks.


He does owe me a favor.

Great. But check your phone.

We should see Tommy first.
He said it's urgent.


I'm ready to rule
on an official cause of death.

Off the record. Promise.

Okay. Fine.

But if I see one news report
about this,

it'll be more than your car
that's locked up

at the police station, okay?

You impounded her car?

Well, no, technically,
she impounded her car.

Nancy Drew strikes again.

You two confuse and intrigue me
at the same time.

Natalie Billings didn't die
of crash-related injuries,

or a heart attack or stroke.

Her organs shut down.

I found kidney and liver damage.
Respiratory failure.

Get this.

I found a drug in her system
called "colchicine."

What's colchicine?

It's an anti-inflammatory

that treats a type of joint pain
associated with arthritis.

People who are overweight
or have high-fat diets

can be susceptible.

That's definitely not Natalie.

So how'd it kill her?

Well, it's prescribed
to patients

in extremely low doses.

Too high a dose, it's lethal.

It's made from
a very toxic plant

called autumn crocus.

So she was poisoned?


and whoever did it
knew what they were doing.

Colchicine doesn't show up
on standard tox screens.

You have to know
what you're looking for.

I had a hunch with
her multiple organ failures.

I'm gonna have
to get some warrants.

I don't think

you're gonna need a warrant
for the yoga studio.

Amanda, it's Ruby.

We need your help.

There's Natalie in the lobby,
leaving for the day.

Was she carrying

one of those reusable cups
from the smoothie bar?

It wasn't in her car.

But I noticed a stain
on her console.


And if she took
her smoothie with her,

I wonder what happened to it.

Good question.

Well, I gotta get my CSI team
in here. Tonight.

Good. Okay...

I can't believe
her death is suspicious.

Tell me more about the guy
who makes the smoothies?



He's one of Natalie's
success stories.

When he came here,
he was grossly overweight,

he had a host of health issues.

That was before my time.

What was wrong with him?

I can't say for certain.


Excuse me.
That's me.


Amanda Kelly.

Roger's a local artist.

He's actually having
a show tomorrow night.

I told him I'd come.

You should drop by.

Maybe you could find something
for your bachelor pad.

No thanks.

But call me
if you need rescuing.

I'll be sure to leave
a glass slipper by the door.

Sorry about that.

No problem.

Can you tell me
more about Natalie's boyfriend?

Podiatrist, right?

Yes, Steve McClurren.

They've been together
for about a year.

Everything seemed to be
going okay.

Were they still together
when she died?


Actually, they were supposed
to go to a medical conference

in Vancouver,

but she canceled the day before.

Do you know why?

She didn't say.

He might still
be up there, though.

We're done here, boss.

Okay. Great.

Um, I probably
have more questions,

but I'll wrap up the team
and get out of your hair.


Can I ask you something?


Did you think

that Steve and Natalie
were on the outs?

I don't know, she didn't really
talk to me about him,

which is odd, because, you know,
we were pretty close.

That being said,

she didn't have the best
taste in men.

You didn't like him?

Steve is obnoxious.

What about violent?

No. No, no.
That's not what I meant.

I noticed that you had
a certain tone with Roger.

Do you have an issue with him?

No. Natalie did.

I sure didn't like
the way he spoke to her.

Well, what happened?

She commissioned
a painting from him

for the fundraiser,
to be auctioned off.

When he delivered it,

it looked nothing like
what they had agreed upon,

and she refused to pay him.

He must've been upset.

More like nasty.

I told her to let him go,
but she felt bad

he was a struggling artist.

Would it be okay
if I take Natalie's computer?

Yeah, of course.
I'll get it for you.

Okay. Great.

Ask about Roger's painting.


Natalie's sister, Kate, was
at Natalie's classes all week.

She hadn't been in months,

and, suddenly, she's back
the week her sister dies.

Were they close?

I don't know,
I never paid much attention.

See if she's on social media.

Last name?

Billings. Kate Billings.

Yep. That's her.

Is that weird?

There's not a picture
of or with Natalie.

Who's that?

He's tagged Rupert Waldrin.

CEO of Tide Well Shipping.

Isn't that the company

that just got fined
for polluting the ocean?

Yep, $2 million.

It looks like Natalie came out
in the press against Rupert.

That must've caused some tension
between the sisters.

I wonder if Jake's seen this.

Seen what?

Off the record, for now.


Looks like Natalie Billings
was poisoned.


Yeah. I'll have us something
to report soon,

but I really want to be
on this case.

I need to do it, for Natalie.


Okay, I trust your judgment.

I'll let Todd know
that's your story.

Can I watch?

You tell...

Is that a no?

Kate Billings?


Hi. It's Detective Killian.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

I'm a little confused
as to why I'm here.

I just have a few questions
for you.

I need your help
with the investigation.


Natalie was murdered?



I'm not at liberty to say how,

but I am doing everything I can

to catch the person
who did this.

You were at her studio
the day she died.

How did she seem?

She was pale.

She even ended class early.

I offered to drive her home,
but she said she was okay.

How was your relationship
with her?

It was fine.

There wasn't tension

over your relationship
with the shipping CEO?

I was actually gonna tell her
that day that we broke up.

I wanted to smooth things over.

That was your only issue?

Well, I mean, we didn't see
eye-to-eye on a lot of things,

but we loved each other.

What'd you disagree over?

It had to do with business.

I didn't know
you were involved.

No, I'm not,

but I gave her the money
to start up

her first yoga studio.

I'm sure she paid you back.

Of course.

But, when Natalie's All Naturals
took off,

she became obsessed
with philanthropic causes,

like Oceans Aware.

Last year, she gave away
millions in profits.

I was afraid she was
gonna give everything away.

You didn't like that.

I didn't understand it.

I mean,
she worked hard for that money.

Where are you going with this?

I'm sorry,

I'm just trying to understand
your family dynamic.

I really have to get going.

Are we done?

I'm sorry, again, it's just...

standard procedure.

Thank you for your time.

This isn't the way
we go to the next open house.

Yeah. I just need
to run a quick errand.

What kind of errand?

Where are we?

Roger's place.

We're at Roger's?

I just want to see
what kind of car he drives.


Whoever killed Natalie
was driving a dark-colored SUV.

I've already checked out
her sister's place.

Okay, well,
I don't see any vehicle here,

so we should probably go, Ruby.

This feels weird,
spying on him like this.

We're not spying.

We're just observing.

Besides, he's our friend, right?

There he is. Duck!

I can't believe it.

He drives a gray SUV.

Does that mean he's the killer?

I don't know,
but it's a gray SUV!

So I take it we're not
going to the art show tonight,

given the fact that
he could be a homicidal maniac.

We're definitely going.

My gosh, that is a cop!



Or should I say
"Cagney and Lacey."


That was a fun trip
back to the '80s.

Hey, that was my mom's
favorite show.

So, can I ask
what you're doing here?

We're... house-hunting.

- House-hunting?
- Yeah.

Didn't realize
Roger's studio's for sale.

- We were spying on him.
- Jenny!

I'm sorry, you know
how I buckle under pressure.

Meet my best friend,
Jenny Taylor.

Jenny, this is
Detective Jake Killian.

He's the detective
that you...


So Ruby's told you
all about me?

We're not in trouble.

And we have to go.
A lot of open houses to see.

So any idea
where Roger went?

He went that way.

- "That way"?
- Yeah.

Wow, you're like a human GPS.

I'll nab him in no time
with those coordinates.

I know that he'll be
at the gallery tonight.

So maybe we'll see you there.

In the meantime...

gotta run.

Wait. Wait, wait.

If you need help,
my mother, she's a realtor.

There you go.

All right. Drive safe.

He's cute.

Yeah, if you like
know-it-all detective types.

I know that look
since your first crush...

Bobby Daniels, third grade.

You like Detective Dreamy,
don't you?

Nice try.

What was that address again?




The paintings,
aren't they beautiful?

I love the ocean themes.

I'm actually gonna
look around some more.

Maybe I'll find a piece

for that house
I haven't bought yet.

There you go.

Derek, do you know anything

about a painting that Natalie
commissioned from Roger?

Yeah. Right over here.

Derek, you're close with Roger.

Why didn't he just paint it
the way Natalie wanted?

He wanted to make
a statement about pollution

with the piece.

Seems like
the water bottle theme

would be right up her alley.

Normally, yes, but Natalie
wanted to keep things positive.

She wanted this painting
to be uplifting.

- Not depressing.
- Exactly.

Did they ever resolve things?

Apparently not.

They got into a fight
at the yoga studio.

Roger got really defensive

and some customers
overheard them fighting.

He felt pretty embarrassed.

I've never seen
that side of him.

It only comes out
when his art is criticized.

You know, he's one of
the nicest people,

and, also, of course,

he's one of the most eligible
bachelors in Seattle.

Recently back on the market.


He was daring an older woman.


All I know is that
it was someone from the studio.

Is that...?

Detective Killian.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Derek, right?


I didn't peg you
as an art lover.

Well, I did paint my patio
a month ago,

but, I'm afraid
this is police business.

Unless I'm getting arrested,

this is my cue to mingle.

So, you came,

yet no damsel in distress here.

Well, I was hoping
to talk to our artist.

He won't return my calls,

and he didn't come home today.

Well, you're in luck.

The artist is coming
towards us right now.

Hiding in plain sight,

Ruby, I'm so glad
you could make it.

You... You look stunning.

Thank you.

Um, who's your date?

No, it's... he's not my date.

Detective Jake Killian.
Seattle P.D.

Yes, Detective Killian.

I'm sorry
I didn't call you back.

Yeah, why didn't you?

I've been busy with
getting ready for the show.

Okay, I'd just like

to ask you a few questions
about Natalie Billings.


I'm not sure
I can be of any help,

and it's not exactly
the best time, at the moment.

How about I come in on Monday?
You can ask me anything.

-Sure, 9:00 a.m.,
at the station?



You're staying?


Don't turn into a pumpkin
until midnight.

Plenty of time to find
your Prince Charming.

I'm sure. Okay, I,
I have a game to catch.

You two kids have fun,
all right?

9:00 a.m.

So, what do you think?

You are...

No, thank you.

So very talented.

is so thought-provoking.

Thank you.

What's the story
behind that one?

I call it
"Beach vs. Blight."

I really see it.

The water bottles
really send a message.


Yeah, it's what we don't see
that can impact us the most.

I mean,
the one bottle seems innocuous,

but it's indicative
of what's underneath.

You know, not one square-mile
of the surface of the ocean

is free from plastic pollution
anywhere in the world.

Wow. I don't think many people
think about it in that way.

Yeah, that's why we've got
to keep raising the awareness.


- Thank you.
- No, thank you.

I'm surprised
it hasn't sold yet.

Well, I, I did have a buyer.

What happened?

It was,
creative differences.



- Thanks.
- No, thanks.

These hors d'oeuvres
are delicious.

You should try one.

-I can't.


No, no, it's no big deal.

I'm on an anti-inflammatory,

so, sadly, no seafood.

Bravo, Roger.

We have to head out.
I got a text from the office,

and we do have
three open houses tomorrow.

Well, thank you,
ladies, for coming.

It was a nice night.

The pleasure was all mine.

Excuse me. I'm Tom.

I'd like to see
that painting there.

I think it's truly compelling.

- It's just great.
- Okay.

It's the perfect starter house.

I'm so proud of you, Jenny.

Graduating business school
at the top of your class,

all the long hours
you put in at your job.

You've really earned it.

-Well, I couldn't have done it
without all your pep talks.

Hi, ladies.

Janice Killian.

You must be Jenny.


And Ruby, of course.
I love your reports.

Well, thank you.

I'm so glad
Jake put us in touch with you.

-Me too.

I still can't believe

you solved the Sugar Tucker
murder together.

He said you were a big help.

He did, did he?

You know, that was his
first case back here in Seattle.

We're so happy to have him home.

Nothing more important
than family.

Is that why he came back?

No. Actually...

There was an incident
in New York.

I-I'm sorry.

He's doing great now.

In fact, why don't I show you
the kitchen first?


Something smells good.

Cookies are ready, Mom.


This is a good look for you.

Jake makes the best cookies.

I really should get going.

Please, stay.

You should stay, Jake.

Ms. Killian?

Would you show me upstairs?

Of course!

I... love this side of you.

A baker with a badge.

Yeah, okay, that's...
That's enough.

So how was the rest of the show?

You buy any Roger Rembrandts?

So you do know art?

There's a lot
you don't know about me, Ruby.

-Yeah, apparently so.

And, no, I didn't buy anything,

but I wanted to talk to you
about something Roger did,

or didn't do, I should say.

Okay, I'm listening.

He passed on the shrimp
and the scallops,

said he was on medication.

That's a sure sign
of a guilty man.

I'm being serious.

The drug that poisoned Natalie
was colchicine.

Remember, Tommy said
it was used to treat joint pain?

When you're on colchicine,

they recommend you stay away
from shellfish and alcohol.

Speak of the devil.

It's Roger?


What does he want?

For me to stop by his studio
this afternoon.


I purposely left something
behind in his gallery,

hoping he'd call me.

I just want to get a peek
inside his medicine cabinet.

That's not a good idea, Ruby.

Could you get a warrant?

Unlikely, at this stage
of the investigation.

do you have a better plan?

Okay, fine.

But I'm your back-up.

My very own Hardy Boy.

-No, this is serious.

I'm gonna wait outside,

and I want you
to keep your phone on

so I can hear everything.



-All right.

Take another.


Okay, whatever you do,
don't hang up.


Ruby, hey!

I thought
I heard somebody out here.

Well, here, after you.

So this is where
the inspiration happens.

Yeah, this is it.

I quit my day job five years ago
at a software company

and never looked back.

Wow. You must
really love painting.

Yeah, it's a life-long dream,

but it doesn't always
pay the bills.

Well, hopefully, you sold
a lot of art last night.


I sold
"Beach vs. Blight."

- No way.
- Yeah!

Well, congratulations.

Thanks, yeah.
That sale felt good.



You have my scarf?

- Yes.
- Great.


I want you
to do something first.


Come here. Here.

You want me to paint something?

Yeah, why not? Just express
what you're feeling.

No, I re...

I can't.

Of course you can.

Just let out your inner artiste.

Here, come on.

I'll help you.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Step right up.

So, where should we start?

How about we start with some...

So, um...

See, now, just right here...

We're gonna start with
just some happy little bushes.


Why not happy?

- There you go.
- Okay.

Now we're gonna make
our first big decision.

Okay, let's be bold.
Where does the tree go?

- Middle?
- Okay, here we go.

See look at that.
We're blending.

Wow. There you go.

Definitely a minimalist.

But it looks beautiful.

Thank you.

You know what,

could I borrow your bathroom
just to... wash up?

Yeah, yeah, of course,
it's just through that door.

- Great. Thanks.
- Yeah, no problem.

You okay in there?


Be a second.

Well, thanks.

You still have some paint
on your hands.

Yeah, yeah,
wouldn't come off.

I got something stronger.

No, no, no, no.
Don't worry about it.

I really should get going.

Get going?
You just got here.

I still have work
that I have to finish up,

but, really,
thank you for everything.

-Wait, you can't go.

Well, not without your...

not without your scarf.

Of course.

- Great.
- Yeah.

- Thanks.
- Here. Let me get that for you.

Can you arrest him?

Maybe on the charges
of blending.

I'm serious.

I don't have
enough evidence yet.

Here. One of his pills.

You know I can't
use this as evidence.

But in light of this,

I'll put a tail on him.


Wanna grab a bite?

Sure. Yeah. I...

I know a great diner,
it's an old cop hangout.

It's, um,

it's a little ways from here,

but, honestly, it has
the best burgers in town.

A break from kale?
Twist my arm.

All right.

What is it?

My dad and I have been
coming to this diner

since I was a kid.

What? So you do
know their burgers.

Actually, the vanilla ice cream.

Better than your green kale?


Can I get you kids
anything else?

No, I am stuffed.

That was delicious, Kiki.

No vanilla ice cream, sweetie?

Not tonight.

You really do know this place.

Yeah, Kiki's practically family.

So, do you think Roger did it?

Just when I was enjoying myself.

I know he looks guilty,
but I don't think he did it.

Well, you're the one that found
the drug in his cabinet.

I know,

but there are
people with stronger motives,

like Natalie's sister
and the boyfriend.

I think we should be
looking at them, too.


Sorry, I got lulled into
thinking we were a team again.

You kinda have a knack
for this crime thing.

You thinking about joining
the crime beat?

You know that's my dad's thing.

But I am realizing how much
I love a good mystery.

Solving a puzzle,
piece by piece.

Can't imagine what the victim's
family's going through.

Yeah, that's the toughest part
of the job.

Finding justice for them,
you know.

Is that why
you became a detective?

Yeah, definitely.

But my grandfather was a cop.

He still around?

No, he passed
a couple years ago,

when I was in New York.

Your mom said
something happened there.

It was a bank robbery.

A woman was being held
at gunpoint.

I, asked the perp
to take me instead.

What happened?

He got spooked
and fired his gun.

She didn't make it.

That's terrible.

It was a wake-up call for me.

It made me realize
what really matters.

So I moved home.

How about you?

You ever leave Seattle?

Pathetic, right?

You kidding me?

You're on the news,
you're making a difference.

I know, but some of my stories
are pretty trivial.

Okay, but how about
that little boy?

I mean, you got him
experimental surgery.

You saved his life.

You saw that?

Yeah, it was amazing.

Seems like you really put
everything into your career.

So how about you?

You have anyone special
in your life?

Not anymore.

Um, I, um...

I was engaged a few years ago.


In my heart,
I knew it wasn't right.

I couldn't go through with it.


Similar story.

Didn't quite
have a fairytale ending.

Maybe you and I are more similar
than I thought.

One cherry pie.
Two forks.

You are so bad, Kiki.

So bad. Thank you.

You gotta get in here, though.

I am so getting in here.

I'm here live,
on Mountain Crest Road,

and we have breaking news

in the death
of Natalie Billings,

founder of
Natalie's All Naturals.

Billings was found last week,

in what was believed
to be an accident.

But detectives
are now investigating this

as a homicide

and are searching
for a dark-colored SUV...

Caught on surveillance video.

Sources say
Billings was poisoned

and I've learned
that a local artist

is being brought in today
for questioning.

The Roscoe file

and make sure
that we have that al...


And you promised me you wouldn't
do this to me again, Frank.

It's not his fault.

I went off-script, Ruby.

The competition
got their hands on the story

and I had to run with it
to get it on first.

So you jeopardize
my relationship

with the lead detective?

I don't know what to tell you.

He needs to run a tighter ship.

My scoop came
from my sources in the P.D.

And you're okay with this,
with Todd on the slimebeat?

Ruby, I'm sorry.

I have to go.

So did you make
Natalie Billings a smoothie

the day she died?

-Yes. Like I always do.

Did she seem sick to you?

-Yeah, but it wasn't just that.

She seemed...
She seemed sad.

Any idea why?

I'd seen her get into it
with her sister before class,

but I couldn't hear
what they were saying.

I just picked up
on the body language.

I'd noticed some tension
between them recently, though.

I was told that you had
some tension with Natalie.

I mean,
she rejected your painting.

You two had a little argument,
didn't you?

-Yeah. Yeah.

But it was no big deal.
It was...

You know, just a painting.

Hey, you must've
been embarrassed.

I-I mean, she criticized
your art, right?

All due respect,
that woman didn't know art.

Was she the older woman
you were seeing at the studio?


Are you on
any prescription drugs?

I heard on the news
that Natalie got poisoned.

Is that what this is about?


She was likely poisoned
by something in her smoothie,

and by someone who drives

what appears to be the same
make and model as your SUV.

We have you on tape,

leaving the studio
right after Natalie.

Where'd you go after that?

I went home to paint.

I was there all night.

Can anyone vouch for you?

No, I was there by myself.

Did you kill Natalie Billings?


I want my lawyer.

Natalie was one of the most
selfless people I've ever known.

She chose to use
her financial successes,

not on herself,

but on a myriad
of worthy causes,

most notably Oceans Aware.

I think it was
growing up on the Puget Sound

with her sister, Kate,

that inspired her love
of the water and nature.

And we bonded

over our mutual passion
for natural remedies.

She wanted to heal the world.

And I think it's safe to say
she inspired every one of us.

She will be greatly missed.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

It was beautiful.

Thank you so much for coming.

Thank you for coming.

It was
a beautiful eulogy, Amanda.

I thought you should know,

that we are going to proceed
with the gala,

in honor of Natalie's memory.

I'm so glad.
I look forward to it.

Who is that woman?

That's Natalie's housekeeper.

She seems to be
taking the death very hard.

They must have really connected.

Will you excuse me?
I'm gonna say hello to Kate.

-Of course.


I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Natalie was
a very special woman.

Are you okay?

It seemed like
that man was bothering you.

That's just,
Steve being Steve.

If you'll excuse me.

Of course.

No, we are not
doing this again.

I had nothing to do with it.

Awfully convenient.
Your station broke the news.

I've known Ruby my whole life.

She's as trustworthy
as they come.

I'm sorry.
I can't take any more chances.

Sorry, Ruby.

I hope you know that
I want the same thing you do.

From what I can see
from the tissue,

her last dose of colchicine
might've been the fatal one...

but it wasn't the only one.

She was slowly poisoned.

For how long?

About a week,

but I can't say
with 100% accuracy.

So the killer must have
had access to her every day.

Most likely.

Hi. Can I help you?



I'm Ruby Herring.

An acquaintance of Natalie's.

I'm doing a story
for Channel 57.

Come in.

So, did you cook for her, too?

I did everything.

Her meals had to be all organic.

She had such high standards.

You must be an amazing cook.

Well, that's kind of my thing.

Did you make her smoothies, too?

Of course.

Every day.

She was more than a boss.

We were kindred spirits.

Did you work for her long?

No. Not too long.

I worked for her sister first.


Why did you leave?

Let's just say that

Kate isn't the easiest person
to get along with.

Yeah, I heard the sisters
didn't get along either.

They definitely had
their ups and downs.

Did they fight?

Yeah. Couple of weeks ago,
they had a really big one.

About what?

I'm not sure exactly.

I try not to eavesdrop, but...

it was about their boyfriends.

Kate's relationship
with the shipping guy

was really stressing
Natalie out.

Rupert Waldrin, the one
who was polluting the ocean?


What did you feel about Steve?

I thought he was a little cold.

Natalie was so warm.

I guess opposites attract.

Kate was concerned
that Steve was after her money.

But, funny thing,

Steve was concerned
that Kate was after her money.

Natalie was definitely
her personal piggy bank.

Kate hit some hard times.

She had to ask her sister
for money.

It was humiliating
for both of them.

-I'm sure.

Did you tell the police
any of this?

They only asked
to take a look around.

They had a couple of questions
and I told them what I knew.

They took her computer
and some paperwork.

Didn't even look in her safe.

She has a safe?

We need powder.

I once did a story about thieves
figuring out garage codes.

Maybe their tricks
could work on a safe.

Maybe this'll work.

See that?

Those four numbers
make up the code.

Like magic.

But there must be
thousands of combinations.

Yeah, but we've really
narrowed it down now.

It's gotta be a birthday
or an address,

something like that.

When's Natalie's birthday?

October 25th.


August... something.


What's the address
to this house?


3-1... 2-1.


When did she start her company?


You're good.

Well, here we go.

This looks like a will.

The things you learn on the job.

This will
is dated two years ago.

Looks like she left
just about everything to Kate.

This one's dated two weeks ago.

Is that around the time
the sisters were in a big fight?


Well, looks like she left
most everything

to Oceans Aware.

She cut Kate
completely out of this one.

Looks like
$1 million went to Steve,

and a million dollars to you.


Looks like you just became
a very wealthy woman.

Jake, did you get the photo

of Natalie's will I sent over?

Yes, and I have it already.

The one from two years ago?

How'd you get that?

I'm waiting on Natalie's
old attorney to send it to me.

I went to visit the housekeeper.

Turns out Natalie had a safe.

And it was open?

Not exactly.

I'm not even gonna ask.

The housekeeper said

that the girls were
at each other's throats

when the new will was drawn up.

Maybe Natalie told Kate
she was cutting her out.

Yeah, but did it make her
angry enough to kill?

I guess I got to bring her in.

What about
the housekeeper, Sarah?

She drives a gray SUV,

and a million dollars
is a big motive.

Yeah. Sure is.

That's why I got one of my guys
checking out her alibi.

And Steve?

Well, he never showed up
for his interview.

This job is like
herding cats some days.


All right, well,
I have to go, Ruby.

All right, thanks for your help.

Call Angela.

57 News.

Hey, Ange, did you find out
any info on Steve McClurren?

Already done.

So, according to Washington
State medical board,

he lost his medical license
due to insurance fraud,

but it was reinstated
not too long ago, and...

get a load of this.

He filed for bankruptcy
last year.

Bingo. Motive.

Does he have social media?


And he has
a standing tennis match...

every week
at the Balmoral Courts,

which happens to be

in 10 minutes.

I'm on my way.

Ho, ho, ho.

Thanks. Good game.


Dr. McClurren?


You're one heck
of a tennis player.

That forehand's like a bullet.


Do I know you?

Ruby Herring.
57 News.

Um, you're the TV reporter.


"News we can use," right?

Yes! Yeah. You're good.


So, what can I do for you?

I'm doing a story
on Natalie Billings.

Did you know she left you
a million dollars in her will?


Are you serious?

I had no idea.

Nobody's contacted me.

She must've
cared about you a lot.

We cared about each other.

I, um, I read
that you were listed

as one of Seattle's
top podiatrists.


So you're clearly
a great doctor,

but you lost
your medical license.

Yes, and it was reinstated,
due to a misunderstanding.

Patient with a grudge.

Well, that's terrible.

Must be so hard being a doctor
these days.

Yeah. Tell me about it.

I was curious,

why didn't Natalie come

to the medical conference
with you?

Did you two break up?

No. She wasn't feeling well.

In fact, she hadn't been
for about a week.

I told her to see a doctor,

but she said

it was nothing her
herbal supplements couldn't fix.

I feel so terrible.

If I had known,

I never would've gone
to the conference.

I heard her sister Kate's
not your biggest fan.

Well, she'd say anything
to make me look bad.

Look, I may not be
the easiest guy,

but Natalie...

she was the yin to my yang.

She was perfect for me.

That's so sweet,

and I'm sorry,

but you have to know
that it doesn't look good

that you didn't show up
for your police interview.

Look, you, and they,

need to stop looking at me,

and think about where the rest
of Natalie's money is going.


Everything okay?

Who are you?

Detective Killian.

Well, unless I'm under arrest,
I'm leaving.

No? Okay, then.

Wait, wait.
I... I just... just want to talk.

Okay, what were you thinking?

He has motive.

He's not exactly
high on my suspect list.

Cameras on Interstate 5
caught him traveling

to and from
the Vancouver conference

before and after
Natalie's death.

And the day she took
her fatal dose,

he was talking
to hundreds of people.

He's got more witnesses
than I can count.

So why are you here then?

Well, the guy's got skeletons.

I want to talk to him

you know, rule him out,

but that's not possible anymore
'cause of you.

But you're the one
who spooked him.

What about the housekeeper?

I cleared her.

She was at some
crystal convention.

And Kate?

She was at her house alone.
No solid alibi.



Okay. Yeah, okay. Got it.

What is it?

An anonymous tip just came in.

Well, what is it?

I can't tell you, Ruby.

Fine, then I'll follow you.

Did anyone tell you
you're relentless?

Someone may have
told me that before.


So what
are we doing at a marina?

Well, Roger has a boat here,

and the tipster said

there was something
we'd be interested in.

Don't you need a warrant?

I called on the way over.

Apparently, Picasso's boat
has been repossessed.

He hasn't paid rent
on his slip for over six months,

and the marina owner gave me
permission to come aboard.


Here it is.

Nice boat.

Classic sloop design.

Fiberglass hull.

Reverse transom.

Betcha she can get up
to eight, nine knots.

So, what exactly
are you looking for?

Well, honestly, I have no idea.

But tell me how
a guy slinging smoothies

can afford a 28-footer?

Remember, he worked
for a software company

before he quit
to become an artiste.


How do you know so much
about boats anyway?

My grandfather
had a sailboat.

Used to go all the time
as a kid.

I grew up sailing.

A man of many talents.

Hey, nothing better
than a warm day

and a strong breeze.

Did you find anything?

Well, just
paint supplies down here.

If this is Natalie's
smoothie cup...

we might've found
our smoking gun.

But please,
let me test this first,

before you report anything.

Don't you think
that was a little too easy?

Yeah, yeah.
But I can't ignore it either.

Jake gets a tip

and like magic, the cup appears.

Well, it certainly
fell into his lap,

but, sometimes,

that's how these cases
are solved.

What killer keeps
evidence like that?

It's a tricky one,
that's for sure.

So they believe

he poisoned her
with his own medication?

That's the theory.

Well, maybe he did
and maybe he didn't,

but you've chased down
every lead you could, right?

I wish I knew more
about the sister.

It had to infuriate her,
being cut out of the will.

And Natalie
was paying the bills,

she had the most to lose.

Do you think she did it?

Can't find any proof yet.

There is one other thing
that's bothering me.

Yeah? What's that?

Well, if the boyfriend
and the housekeeper

got two million from the will,

that leaves 23 million
to the charity.

Who's in charge of the charity?

You read my mind.

Natalie's C.O.O.,
Amanda Kelly, is, for now.

She could be a suspect.

She seems to care
so much about Natalie.

Then again...

that is a lot of money

to suddenly have
at your fingertips.


The gala's
tomorrow night, right?

Maybe you could talk to her.

Yeah, I will.

Just wanna check
something out first.

Hello there.

- Hi.
- You ready to order?

- Sure.
- Yeah, um...

I'll have the burger, Kiki.


I wouldn't have predicted that.

The usual.
Thanks, Kiki.

You're on.

My turn.

I am so glad you have an MBA.

This is all Greek to me.

Anything strange
standing out yet?

Well, there was something...

Oceans Aware
has some huge payouts

as "consulting fees."

Is that a big deal?

Well, not for private companies,

but this is a charity.

Lucky for us,

charities have to have
all their financials public.

So where are the payouts going?

Some company called
"Coral Shore Enterprises."

Found it...

but there's
barely any information.

And they don't make
any products,

as far I can see,

and there's only
one employee listed.

Somebody named "A. Sloane."

Does it ring a bell?

Not exactly...

but I have a hunch.

Follow it,
and I'll keep digging.

Cagney and Lacey, right?

Ruby, hi.

What brings you by?

I wanted to see
how you're doing.

That's really sweet of you.


tonight's gala is keeping
my mind off things.

Well, it should be a nice night.

-Please, come in.


I apologize for the mess,
I'm doing a little packing.

I noticed.
Are you moving?

Yes. Sweet little condo
with an ocean view.

This house
is far too much for me.

Can I get you some lemonade?

-That'd be great.


Lemonade's ready when you are.

Sorry, couldn't help but notice,

you're an incredible gardener.

Well, I love
my plants and herbs.

Just like Natalie.

Roger's arrest really threw me.

-It was a shock to everyone.

And to kill someone
over a painting?

You'd think an artist
would be used to rejection.

He does have
quite the temper, though.

And had access to her
that no one else did.

I mean, bringing her
those smoothies every morning?

Was the smoothie
reported on the news?

I'm not sure.

I think maybe Kate mentioned it.


It's work.

They want me to come in.
On a Saturday.


-It's okay.

Thank you.

Before I go,

would you happen to have
a program for tonight?

I just might.
Let me check.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

Found one!

Perfect. Thank you.

You're welcome.

And I'll see you tonight.

See ya.

I know that look.

I think you might
have the wrong man.

Someone by the name
of "A. Sloane"

has been getting money
from Oceans Aware

for consulting fees.

Right. And?

And I think it's Amanda.

Her full name
is "Amanda Sloane Kelly."

And get this,
I was just at her house,

and I found what looks like
autumn crocus in her backyard.

Colchicine comes
from this plant.

Look, Ruby.

We got a warrant
on Roger's studio

and we got the colchicine pills,

from his medicine cabinet,

and the cup from his boat
tested positive for the drug.

It matched the smoothie stain
in Natalie's car.

Yeah, but I think Amanda
planted the evidence.

And her white SUV had
a small patch of blue.

I think she painted it.

Look, everything you're saying
sounds suspicious,

I don't doubt that,

but it's out of my hands now.

The D.A. knows

it's a direct slam-dunk
to Roger's case.

What about Roger?

His SUV, was it a match?

Doesn't appear to be.

That's not enough to let him go?

Well, the D.A. doesn't think

the SUV angle
will hold up in court,

because we're not
100% sure it's his.

I wish we were both
more convinced, but...

that's the system.

The system stinks.

Look, I'm sorry.

Thank you for all your help
on the case.

I got to go.

Jenny, whatcha got?

Coral Shore Enterprises

is definitely funneling money
from Oceans Aware.

The hypocrisy of that woman.

The money's been going
to an account in the Maldives.

You know, the U.S.
has no extradition treaty

with that country?

I bet Amanda's planning
to leave after the gala.

All right.

I got to go.

You're the best, Jenny.


Ruby, stunning.

You have got to come
see this garden.

I'm a little busy.

Come on, you need
to smell the roses more.


Aren't these gorgeous?

Are you still working?

I'll explain later.

We should go mingle.

Derek, could you get me
a glass of wine?

-Of course.

Ruby, hi.
I'm so glad you could make it.

- What a lovely night.
- Isn't it?

I have to make a speech.
Wish me luck.

-Good luck.

Can I have everyone's attention
for a moment, please?

Come on in.
Gather around.

First of all, I want to thank
all of you for coming tonight.

For those of you
who don't know me,

my name is Amanda Kelly.

I'm the Chief Operating Officer
of Natalie's All Naturals,

and the interim President
of Oceans Aware.

It's kind of
a bitter-sweet night

for our Oceans Aware family,
isn't it?

Many of you may know

that this was always Natalie's
favorite event of the year,

and it's also
our biggest fundraiser.

And thanks to you
and your generosity,

it's our biggest
fundraiser ever.

Here you go.

You know what?

Can you hang on to that
for me, Derek?

Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.

I'm think of heading home.

I promise, I'll call.

Going somewhere?

Excuse me?

Do you always carry
your passport with you,

or just when you're traveling
to the Maldives?

-I-I don't understand.

I saw it in your purse.

You went through my purse?

I know you stole

the millions that Natalie left
to Oceans Aware.

That's ridiculous.

You transferred the money
to a shell company.

"Coral Shore Enterprises"
ring a bell?


It doesn't, actually.


Have you seen Amanda Kelly?

I just saw leaving the party,
out back.

Ruby was following her.

Okay, great. Thanks.

And I don't know where
you're getting

all of this nonsense from,
Ruby, but...

Unfortunately for you,

all charities have to make
financial transactions public.

But that's
the least of your worries.

You killed Natalie

and I have proof.

That's offensive.

She was my best friend.

It hit me earlier today
when I was in your backyard,

and I saw autumn crocus.

You grew it in your garden
and used it to poison Natalie.

Natalie was poisoned by
Roger's colchicine.

That's funny...

the name of the drug
was never mentioned.

Okay, I don't know
what's gotten into you, Ruby,

but I've heard enough.

I don't have
to take this anymore.

We can do this the easy way

or the hard way.

You've got the wrong person.

Roger Davis killed Natalie.

I know you two were dating.

And you framed him
for Natalie's murder.

I'm not admitting to anything.

And you painted your SUV white
to cover your tracks.

Amanda Sloane Kelly...

you're under arrest

for the murder
of Natalie Billings.

- Come on.
- You're making a mistake.

Roger killed Natalie.

Only 57 News has the story

behind the murder
of Natalie Billings.

Ruby Herring,
who helped crack the case,

is here now with the exclusive.

Ruby, incredible story.

Linda, it was

an investigation
filled with twists and turns,

and ended
with a shocking conclusion

at the prestigious Oceans Aware
Annual Charity Gala.

Nice report.

Thanks for
the exclusive interview.

You're a man of your word.

I try.

You know, I never
got a chance to ask you...

How did you figure out
that Roger was seeing Amanda?


after I confirmed
the petal you gave me

was indeed an autumn crocus,

I told Roger
that you found it at Amanda's,

and that you believed
in his innocence.

That made him talk.

And turns out, two weeks ago,
he dumped Amanda,

so that made him
the perfect patsy.

What about Amanda's car?

Well, initially,

when I went to her place
to ask her more questions,

I saw a white SUV
in her driveway,

and I stupidly didn't check
for the car registration.

even detectives
sometimes make mistakes.

So how did you
figure it all out?

Well, when you mentioned

that you saw blue paint
on Amanda's SUV,

I checked her DMV records.

Turns out her vehicle was blue.

So do you think you have enough

to make the murder charge stick?

Well, the case
is circumstantial but solid.

And we also have
a forensic accountant

who is looking into
the sketchy charity financials.

As far as I'm concerned,
she's done.

Look at us,
solved another murder.

And just to think,
I only sort of needed rescuing.

Well, you can hold your own,

but I'm always here

just in case you come across
any more crazy killers.

Did somebody say "killer"?


I noticed
you're back to vanilla?

I needed some predictability
after the week I've had.

You know,
I think you may be

an even better crime reporter
than I was.

Hardly, Dad.

No, I'm serious.

You're a heck of a sleuth,
Ruby Herring.

Thanks, Kiki.


I just connected the dots

and the dots happened
to lead me to a killer.

It's about love or money, right?

Yep, and you figured it out,
just like I knew you would.

I learned from the best.

Does this mean...

The crime beat?


Million-dollar question.

There's still time
to figure that out, Dad.


Let me help you with that.

That looks nice.
Thank you, John.

It looks good.

Officially yours.

Your first house!
So exciting!

I can't wait to start
working on the garden.

Well, just don't plant
any autumn crocus, okay?

Aloe vera, on the other hand,
is always good to have around.

Aw, thank you.


You like him.

Nice house.

Well, I had the best realtor
looking out for my best friend.

Speaking of Jenny,

I brought her
a housewarming gift.

- Do you mind?
- No.

It's actually a doorbell
with a security camera.

The perfect housewarming gift
from a detective.

Your mom said
that there was cake inside.

Did you bake it?


- I love a baker with a badge.
- Yeah?

Come on.