Rubinrot (2013) - full transcript

Gwendolyn Shepherd is actually a very normal 16-year-old teen. What's annoying is that her family definitely has a tad too many secrets. They all have to do with the time-travel gene that is passed down in the family. Everyone is certain that Gwen's cousin Charlotte has the gene, and so everything is all Charlotte, all the time. Until the day Gwen, out of the clear blue sky, suddenly finds herself in London at the end of the 19th century. She knows right away that she, and not Charlotte, was born to be a time traveler - even if she could certainly do without it. Just as she could do without Charlotte's arrogant boyfriend Gideon de Villiers, with whom she now has to forge an alliance in order to clear up the biggest secret of her family history. One thing is clear: she will do everything possible to solve the ancient mysteries. What isn't clear is that one should not fall in love between the times. For that really makes things complicated!

subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

This way! Quick.

They're catching up, Paul.

Go that way.
Don't let them get away!

That Way!



Gwendolyn will be safe now.
Grace will protect her.

Give up now!


subtitled by Dr / Said Helal


Living with my grandmother,
Lady Arista, is a real drag.

I have to deal with attitudes
from the nineteenth century...

...and a cousin who thinks
she's the eighth wonder of the world.

Charlotte, my dear!

Charlotte suffers from
a rare genetic defect

which apparently
makes her very precious.

She can't be...

Well lets just say she's not
like other children.

For as long as I can remember,
they've all made a big secret of it.

My Great-Aunt Maddy thinks

that one day this gene will
allow her to "travel through time".

But Maddy's always had a thing
for the supernatural.

A life of great responsibility now
awaits my lovely granddaughter here.

Here's to you!
Here! Here!

My mother and my brother Nick
at least try to be reasonably normal,

but in this family
that's practically impossible .

Gwendolyn, can't you put that
camera away?

Gwendolyn, we're having cake!

And that's me,

I'm known as the black sheep
of the family.

Oh Qwenny! You shouldn't try to
compensate your ordinary looks

with tacky clothing!

You'll never find a date
for the St Lennox's ball like that.

Nice party, Charlotte.
Can't imagine anything so exciting.

Silence is a virtue

that a lady of your age
should should have mastered by now.

Didn't I send your mother enough money
to buy you descent clothes for this dear?

Mom's right, your birthday's
tomorrow, isn't it?

There'll be leftovers.

It'd be a shame
to throw everything away.

Gideon! How lovely!
Lady Arista.

Gideon. Hi.
Happy Birthday! Thank you.

Would you be so kind as to get us
three glasses of champagne, please?

Ya... What?

Ya, why not...

How embarrassing!

Gwendolyn, really!

They all think
I'm a complete moron .

And unfortunately
I sometimes feel they're right .

Is that him, with the ponytail?

Hmm. He looks great with
Charlotte, right?

Do you think they're together?
I don't really care.

If she with him, they
deserve each other.

At least his ugly suit is ruined now.

Mr Bernhard, the dress!


Your family has more secrets than the
secret service and MI6 put together.

This is better than any soap opera.

Great dress.

Where are they taking Charlotte?
The Temple.

The Order of Count Saint-Germain.

What kind of order? Like a secret order?

They're a bunch of
fanatical old conspirators

who think they're incredibly important.

How's he involved?

Ya! Is he one of those guys?

Gideon de Villiers also has a
problem, much like Charlotte's.

So then he also carries the
extra special gene, I take it?

In the de Villiers family, the
gene's passed down the male side.

In the Montrose family,
down the female side...

That's none of our business.

And fortunately,
it's not our problem!

The Guardians of the Order

have been working towards
this moment for centuries.

Now we are about to witness

the last member
of the Circle of Blood shine.

"Time is in flux .

The Ruby marks the Alpha

and the end is foretold."

So did you find out what went
on with Charlotte at the Order?

They don't tell me anything.

Can you ask Maddy?
Not very reliable!

Last week she said I was going to
be queen of the ball, according

to what read in the stars, ha, ha!

And this morning she read
in her tea leaves that it...

that it would rain beans for me today.
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Not again.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Who can actually eat this stuff,
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Do you want my food too,
cover your blouse?

No, thanks.

So embarrassing, Gwenny!

Just ignore her.

I talked to Gordon, okay.

He's got a stepbrother who might
go to the ball with you.

Except, he's in Essex... you'd have
to cover his costs to get here.

Gwenny? I won't be going to the
ball anyway.

Hey, Gwenny! Watch out!
Are you crazy?

You can talk, you're the one
with the genetic mutation.

It is a gift, Gwendolyn.

It's all connected to your
birthday, isn't that right?

Are you in pain?

I mean, did they do any kind of
experiment or something?

And, and that guy...
Was he with you?

Gideon? Naturally!

Gideon and I have trained for
our roles for years.



Charlotte. Say something honey.
I'm still here, as you can see.

Are you dizzy?
They said that's how it starts.

Charlotte... Gwendolyn, go to your
room and play. Mr. Bernheart?

Gwendolyn, my angel. Come and
sit with me,

Keep me company, a bit.

Say something, my dear.

Glenda makes me really nervous!

You feel something, don't you?
I don't know.

Where's Lady Arista?

Your grandmother's in there
on the phone.

But I can't hear because
she's so quiet.

What if...

... we saw Charlotte vanished into
thin air, right in front of our eyes?

The de Villiers are expecting us
at the Temple. Come along.

So arrogant, the de Villiers.

Why is everyone's so sure that

Charlotte's the one
who inherited the gene?

I refuse to say another word.

Your grandmother would kill
me if I said anything at all.

Except there was an astronomical
occurance that day when Charlotte was born.

Mr. Newton envisioned
the date of her birth.

You mean our milkman? That Mr. Newton?

No, Isaac Newton,
the mathematician.

Sometimes it's better if you don't
know the truth. It's safer.

The Order... has a time machine...


They call it a "chronograph".

Hmm. Ya, right.
I've heard that before.

Oh, there all gone.

Go down to the shop and get some
more for me? Would you do that?

I want to go out and get some air.
I'll get the candy.

Don't you feel well, dear?

Help! I need help! Thief!
She tried to rob me! She's a thief!

Won't someone help me?
She's a thief! Thief!

Young lady. Give that to me!
I'm sorry...

Why does it stink so bad here?

She appeared out of nowhere!
She's a thief! She tried to rob me!

Me! I did not!

Are you serious?
Is she a lunatic? She's a lunatic!

Just what are you doing here?
Where do you live?

I, I live right here! That's my room!

You live here? In this house?

You'll see what we do with people
like you. Someone stop her!

It was awful!

They were going to put me in jail,
or in an insane asylum!

You went to another time!

Ya, or else I'm crazy, like those guys
who say they were abducted by aliens
in the desert.

And I don't know whats better. Going
crazy or traveling to another time.

You realize that you have the
gene, not Charlotte!

It's like a time travel defect.
It makes sense!

No! No! That can't be true,
it can't be me!

Isaac Newton's never wrong, is he?

Oh, the guy with the apple and gravity.

Blah, blah, blah... he had a lot
on his plate.

"Transcendence of all spirals,
quadratics, optics... blah, blah, blah..."

"...the law of gravitation".

So, "Transcendence of all spirals"
seams like the closest, right?

No, not really.

And, you think Gideon might also
do this too?

Yeah, you two can travel
through time together.

I can just picture you guys holding
hands when they execute of Anne Boleyn.

It's romantic.

It's not funny, I'm scared.

Where are you?

Millennium Bridge.

No, you have to get off of there!

I mean, if you were to suddenly
go back in time right this second,
you could end up in the Thames!

It might happen again? Really?

Ya! You better get going right now.
Talk to you mum!

"The Count of Saint-Germain..."

Mum, it's...!

May all of your wishes
come true, my darling.

How lovely! Thanks, Mum.
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It belonged to someone very special.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

It'll protect you.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Lady Arista would never approve
of such celebration!

All the more reason to
celebrate, Mr. Bernheart.

Um, if they keep Charlotte at the
Order, can I have her room?

And, what if Charlotte didn't really
inherit that stupid gene?

And, why would you say that?

Maddy. Are you alright?

Is she having a stroke?

Aunt Maddy.
She's having a vision, Gwen.

Lucy! Lucy...

The egg of sapphire...

A raven will hatch...

Time's running out...

The egg will then break.

Lucy! No!

Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn is falling!
She's falling! She's falling! Gwendolyn.

Watch out! Gwendolyn...

Aunt Maddy. Aunt Maddy.
I'm right here! I'm right here!
Momma! Aunt Maddy. Aunt Maddy.

Gwendolyn. Promise me
you'll take care of yourself.

Gwendolyn. Yes.
What did you see?

An egg of sapphire...

...a black bird, a clock tower...

...and Lucy.

She looked like she did back then.

Who's Lucy?
Your cousin.

She ran away from home
when she was 17.

In love and foolish.

Caused such a scandal!

Ever since then Her name's
no longer spoken here.

Do you think its true?

You know, Aunt Maddy's vision.

Sometimes I feel like...

...this family thrives on fantasy.

I think we would all live
a lot happier

if we just believed
what normal people do.


where did you come from?

Nice pyjamas.
But you died when I was six!

Yes, well it's not for a while away yet.
It's only 1994.

We're going to cross paths often.

Is this your first time travel?

My second. Does it ever stop?

Gwendolyn. We haven't got long,
so Listen:

Each time traveller is a
certain kind of gem stone.

You are the Ruby.
I've left you a message.

All eyes will focus on you and...

We must see Lord Montrose,

Quick, hide! Over there.

subtitled by Dr / Said Helal
ترجمة د/ سعيد هلال

Your daughter Grace, of all people,
gave them assistance!

The gene carriers Lucy and Paul
have stolen the chronograph

and escaped it into the past.

We were afraid of that.

How dare these traitors
endanger our cause!

And why is the Montrose family
involved in this again?

They mistrust you,
you shouldn't have lied to them.

And they've discovered that...
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Here, here and there.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

I'd hoped that it wouldn't happen again.
I'm a freak, Leslie. A total freak.

And that's why I like you.

My grandfather had to have known.
He wasn't surprised to see me, at all.

And look: my cousin Lucy. I found it in the
photo album last night. She also has the gene.

She ran away with a Paul de Villiers.

A picture from their school ball.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Another de Villiers.

But he doesn't look anything like Gideon.

Gwen. Do you know what Charlotte's
going to wear to the ball?

I think she's going to have a dress made.
I really don't care!

Now, you're not going, right?
Or did somebody ask you after all?

We're doing research
for an article there.

That's right.

About stuck-up school girls...

...who are caught between
cliché and lust.

You know that Charlotte will be
the queen of the ball. Yeh!

And you're as hollow as a chocolate
Easter egg! What? Excuse me!

Okay. I spent all night researching.

Its an incredible story, in fact
Pulitzer Prize I would say.

Alright. This Count Saint-Germain is
either one cool dude or a total imposter.

They say that he was immortal.
He founded the Order in 1745.

But what happens at the Order?

They act like they're out to
save the world. Its bizzare!

If you ask me, those kind of
guys want just one thing:

To rule the world!
Like in a James Bond movie.

I just want to know what
all this has to do with me.

Well, since Charlotte's not going to offer
advice, you'll just have to get close to Gideon.

Just spy on him a little bit.
How hard is that to do?

You'll have to use your female charm!
On that thing?


We'll going to be in trouble
if we're late for class again.

Crap, not again!

Seriously? Now?

Hide in the bathroom.
No one will see you.

What's going on?

Was that Gwendolyn Shepherd?

Where is she?
Mr. Whitman, hello.

Oh, Gwendolyn, here?

Ah... no... ya...

What happened?
She had to run to the toilet.

A virus! she was vomiting!
Diarrhoea, skin rash.

And I heard its contagious...
Don't lie to me again! Got it?

Gwendolyn. Stop!

Listen, I can explain everything.
I can't wait to hear that!

I didn't mean it like that!
So, how did you mean it, Mr. de Villiers?

This whole thing is
bad enough as it is.

It'd be easier if you didn't
work against me, you know.

We've got to get back. The Count
will be wondering where we are.

This seems so familiar.

It's not like they say it is.

You must question everything.
Have faith in your capabilities.

Don't let them mislead you.

Are you talking to yourself now?

Or is someone there?

A spy?

Gideon, there's no one there!

Thank God, Gwenny!

I told Mr Whitman you were puking your guts up.
He wanted to kill me.

Something really strange happened this time.

Ya, like what?
The liver goes there.

There were two of me.

It can't go on like this.
I want you to call your mum, OK?


So you're saying, you were
kissing a stranger, at a ball,

you're somewhere back in time and you
can't recall what the guy looked like?

It wasn't doing anything,
it was that strange doppelganger thing.

Okay. Were your eyes opened or closed?

Just concentrate! Was it a first kiss
or a "we've already done this" kiss?

Gwen. Come quickly! We have to go!

So, you mean everything that Aunt Maddy says
isn't nonsence and she isn't crazy after all?
Yes, its true.

I'm taking you to the
Order at Saint-Germain.

To that sect? Right now? Forget it!

They're the only ones
who can control it.

Ya, but it could be that I
don't have it, mom.

Gwendolyn, listen to me, will you?
Its not a game, OK?

Gwendolyn. It could happen to you
again and you could end up anywhere.

Like maybe the Great Fire of
London in 1600's.

Your school uniform
would go up in flames.

Okay. Here we are.

How may I help you?
It's you Ms. Montrose!

Shepherd. I married. I need to
speak to Falk de Villiers, please.

I'm afraid they're in an important meeting.
Tell just tell them that I've brought the Ruby.

Are you serious?
Do you think I'm joking?

How do you know your
way around here?

My father... your Grandfather Lucas
was Grand Master of this Order.

They studied the ancient myths and time
travellers, those who were just like you are.

Well, do you know how many of us there are?

As far as I know, twelve,
and most of them are dead.

You're the last.

Mom, do you know how
crazy this all sounds?

Grace. Lovely to see you!

Thomas George.
The others won't feel that way, I think.

It just happened. I mean, I didn't do anything,
but then, whoosh... there I was...

and there was a carriage
and a lady in a bonnet...

and some apples she was carrying with her,
oh, and she called me a thief...

Is that really true, Gwendolyn?

Your Ruby is right here!

Hm. That's impossible!
Charlotte is the gene carrier.

Newton said her birth date
was pre-ordained.

Gwendolyn was born on the
exact same day as Charlotte.


Your dad and I we... bribed the midwife
to falsify the birth certificate.
Ah, Ha...

Does this lady expect us to trust a
single word of anything she says?

She helped Lucy and Paul to
escape in case you forgot!

Wait a second! You faked my birth certificate?
What's that got to do with Lucy?

We hoped the one who inherited
the gene was actually Charlotte.

This is just ridiculous!

Gwendolyn was born with two left feet
and her intelligence isn't there!

It's quite clear that my sister is trying to
put herself at the middle of everything again.

Believe me, I'd be happy to let
Charlotte remain a guinea pig here

for these new-age

That was completely irresponsible.

I hope your conscience will
be able to bare it.

It's bad enough that you chose
to go off with that loser.

Still a little jealous Falk?

After all these years?

Grace. You still don't get it, do you?

How carelessly you set those...

pleasures of yours
above our ideals.

And, was it worth it?

Protect Gwendolyn from uncontrolled
time travel, or else she might get hurt.

That's all I ask.

If she's telling the truth,
it'll happen again soon,

and we need to get ready, I'd say.

Keep an eye on her.

Can't I just go see my doctor?

Gwendolyn, Go with them.

Unfortunately, they're the
only ones who can help you.

I'll wait at the reception.
Where the air's fresher.

Don't worry, my dear,

the new-age "pseudo-scientists"
don't actually bite.

I'm won't take part in any weird experiments,
in case you were wondering!

Your grandfather once told me

that even as a little child you were
actually quite strong-willed.

That impressed him.

Ah... He was a good friend. His
absence here is still extremely painful.

Who's the little boy?
Little boy?


Come. I'll introduce you to Gideon now.

Oh... Ah...
Gideon. This is Gwendolyn Shepherd.

Gwendolyn. This is Gideon de Villiers.

Ya... we've met, ah... already.

And my suit is still at the cleaners.
Oh, so you have to wear jeans now?

So sorry!

It's possible that Gwendolyn
is the new Charlotte.

That's a joke, right?

It's complicated, you see.

It's best you go into Dragon Hall and
they'll give you the details there.

Gwendolyn. This gene induces journeys
back to indeterminate points in history.

You could fall off a high-rise building
directly into the middle of a war, you realize,

or even be burned at the stake.

But, you're safe in this room here,
regardless of the time you're in.

Here, this is our insignia,
just in case you should meet one of us.

When will it happen again?

That's very hard to say. You see,
time travellers are all quite unique.

The Count of Saint-Germain was the
fifth of the twelve time travellers.

It is said that as a young man he made
up to seven journeys back per day.

You could imagine how
dangerous it could be.

You must be kidding? That's terrible.
I mean, I can't be like that?

Well, if you are the Ruby, then you'll be
able to elapse with the chronograph.

Elapse what?

Elapse, yes. We have a way to control
the unplanned time travel...

and send you to a fixed point
in the past for a few hours.

Now, to get started we'll just need
to take a few drops of your blood.

A time machine that runs on blood?

You could call it that, but it's
based on sound science, I assure you.

But if Lucy and Paul
stole the chronograph,

how can it be here?

Good question.

Well, there's a second chronograph. Luckily
we were able to get it in working order.

Any other questions?

When I went back in time
at St Lennox's, um...

I... I saw myself there...
there were two of me.

Yes. So in the future you
returned there...

I mean you're going to travel
there once again.

Such things do occur, although
we do our best to avoid it.

It makes things complicated.

On your journeys, it's often dark.

Another cookie, with orange filling?

Charlotte. Wait a minute!

"Phantom symptoms"?!

It's just so humiliating.

I mean, not that you even care at all!

No. Of course I do! It's just that
I'm worried about your cousin and
what could happen to her.

You're worried now?

We have been planning this and trainning
for years. She doesn't have a clue.

And now I'm in the middle of it.

Oh, Ya, poor Gwendolyn!

She's in real danger now.

But, think of the opportunities
you'll have, without this.

But this was all I've ever wanted!

With you.

Grandpa Lucas...

"Blood opens the lock
and you shall find...

...all that is written about you.

Trust in your magic."


That was almost 45 minutes.

Gwendolyn, is everything alright?
Where you by chance seen?

Ya, I'm okay. There was no
one there, except a rat.

Well! All of our plans.
It's all for nothing!

Gwendolyn can't catch up
on everything she's missed.

Etiquette, French, fencing,
dancing, history...

I'll have to finish the
mission on my own.

In history I was pretty good.

I'm sure that Miss Gwendolyn
will surprise us.


Who ruled England after George the First?

George the... Second?

Which royal house succeeded
the Stuarts in 1702 and why?

It was, a... give me a second.
You hear that? She can't even speak properly.

Charlotte is my partner. We trained together.
This girl is just a child!

Gwendolyn is the Ruby.

She deserves the Order's
care and protection.

Explain it again:

You need my blood so the
chronograph can read it?

To prevent uncontrolled time travel
and to regulate your journeys.

So then, with this machine
I can travel whenever I want?

The Order will be the ones to
make the decision as to

the date and length
of your journeys.

If I don't do it?

You'll be flung around in time, I'm
afraid, and you won't survive very long.

Shall I fetch Mr. George
and have him explain the details?

Now, hold still...

Where is the chronograph?

The last girl to ask me that question
was your charming cousin.

And... shortly thereafter she stole it.

Ya, why would she do that?
I mean, everyone's so nice here!

Unfortunately, your cousin didn't
follow the rules.

Ow... What was that?

You don't want to know.

H... Hello?
Welcome! I'm Madame Rossini.
I'm responsible for your wardrobe.

We can't have you
running around in the past

in that... dreadful... how do you say...
uniform, n'est-ce pas?

Quarante cinq, and now the hips .

You're like a young foal.

We'll be able to use a lot of the things
I prepared for the other one.

Ya, well I won't were that.
Yes you will, my child.


Charlotte is slimmer and a little taller.

Yes, such a string bean.

How lovely to be dressing
a brunette. So exciting!

Why do I need all the costumes?
For the mission,

my little swan neck, for the mission.

What's this mission?

Le mystère.. .

Le mystère.. .

I'm only the dresser, that's all.

"Ruby red with the magic of the Raven,
brings the Circle of the Twelve

home into safe haven."

Please, don't leave Gideon.
Nothing will happen to you.

"Ex hoc momenta pendet aeternitas. "

"The moment of Eternity."

"Twelve pillars
the castle of time will bear."

You will find your magic.



Elisabeth Shepherd:

the last in of the Circle of Blood,

you will honour Count
Saint-Germain and follow him.

You will defend our secret and
protect it with blood and your life.


You said "Circle of Blood"?

And how am I going to
"honour and follow" a dead man?

And what's this mission?

Gwendolyn. This is not the right time.
But my father wasn't a looser,

and my mother mistrusted the Order
for a reason, so why should I trust you?

You are the Ruby.

We are here to serve you.

You are unique...


...and special.

You will learn, my dear

to accept your gift.

Is everything alright?

How would you feel if you found out
your mother lied to you about everything?

I just wanted to protect you
from the Order.

I just didn't want them to try and
infect you with their ideas.

They think that they're
superior and elite,

with the right to rule over others.

Why would Grandpa be part of that?

I think he did what he could to
convince them to change their views...

...because two of his granddaughters
are gene carriers.

Listen to me:

Trust nobody!

What happened to Lucy, ma?
Why'd she steal the chronograph, anyway?

It was so long ago,
I only know a little.

It has to do with a great power

that's created when the
blood of all 12 time travellers

is read into the chronograph.

Lucy and Paul wanted to prevent it.
For what?

That's something I just don't know.

I mean, I trusted Lucy.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

She was distraught
when she came to me.

So then you trusted Lucy
more than me, I guess.

You won't ruin everything for me!
You can't!

I'm really sorry, please believe me.

Hands off Gideon! You got that?
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

I'm sleeping, okay?

Hello... Hello... Leslie?
I hear you now.

I didn't get much sleep.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

I'm going to pump Gideon dirtbag
de Villiers for more information,

assuming he'll speak to me.

Hm, ya, he's so full of himself.

Miss Gwendolyn, nice to see you.

I need some information for your file,
if that's alright with you?

Star sign, bust size, Social
Security Number, immunizations?

Do you take your tea with sugar?

And here's your credit card.

Sorry, but what's this for?

You need me to tell you that?

Rock concerts, shoes,
candy, lip gloss...

the things a girl your age needs.

And there is no limit.

So I can buy anything at all?

You're the Ruby,
you can have anything you want.

And if... I donated a ton of money

to my friend Leslie's
mother's cat rescue?

I'd ask you to bring me a
receipt for the donation.

Here, just sign it.

You had a thing with Grace Montrose?
Ah. A long time ago.

The Montrose women
tend to be rebellious.

You'll have to keep an eye
on Gwendolyn.

One of my easier tasks.

Love affairs between de Villiers
and Montroses

are always ill-fated.

Don't worry, Falk.

Gwendolyn is definitely not my type!

There's our little Ruby.

Be careful, or else she'll get lost.

You all think that I'm an idiot, right?
A little on the awkward side.

The problem is, the last gene carrier
from your family, stole the chronograph

with the blood of the
first ten time travellers.

Ya, assisted by the last gene
carrier from your family.

They has to be an actual reason why they'd
want to prevent the Circle from being closed.

Who says someone was trying to stop it?

Once the Circle is closed,
whoever possesses the chronograph

is given tremendous power.

Lucy and Paul wanted the power then.

However, Gideon has visited
six of the 12 time travellers in the past

and taken their blood
for the new chronograph.

Now we just need the last four:
Jade, Opal, Sapphire and Tourmaline.

What are you, then?

I mean, gem.

The hardest: the Diamond.

But there are complications
with Margaret Tilney, the Jade.

Your grandmother's grandmother,
born in 1884.

I visited her yesterday in the year 1902

and she told me that she would only
negotiate with you, I'm afraid.

With me?

Ya, you are "Gwendolyn Shepherd" are you not?

But how'd she know my name?

You might want to ask her yourself.

Ah! An elegant summer dress.

In 1912, women tended to conceal
their charms, as you can see.

Does you really think it works?
We have not finished, just yet...

Voilà!= That's it!

We have taken the ugly duckling
and transformed her...

...a swan!

Alors!= So!

Little steps,
chin up, chest out...

and... curtsey.

Can't I wear my own shoes?

Oh! Of course you can not!
Encore une fois= again

Little steps,
chin up, chest out...

and go.

That's a great hat!

Nice moustache. Walrus?

Or, circus ringmaster.
This is not a beauty pageant.

What matters is...

Authenticité! Correct'?

That is correct.


Back straight, legs together,
parallel to each other.

Raise the teacup.

You want to blend in.

What's that got to do
with how I sit?

It could be dangerous
changing anything in the past.

You might end up not being born.

Now, hold the cup by the
handle ladylike, and

then you want to place your little
finger away from the others, up.


I'm done acting like a fool!

See, you are an arrogant dunce!

A gentleman never laughs at a lady!

Of course, I'd steal your chronograph
if I knew where it was.

I'm kind of an expert
on that kind of stuff.

They don't trust you,
because of your mother.

Do you trust me?

I just won't let you destroy my work.

Be careful!
I'm not a shopping cart, you know!

May I?


So, what other supernatural
phenomena are there?

Ghosts? Aliens? Vampires?

Don't be ridiculous, Gwendolyn.
What are you, ah...?

Stay close to Gideon
and do what he tells you.

There's absolutely no way
she'll stay in character.

I can do it.
Stop it!

You'll work together.

A young couple: polite,
well-mannered, well-bred.


You time allotment for this
journey is three hours.

"Operation Jade" can begin.

Your destination is 16th of April 1912.

Weather: overcast
Temperature: 10° Celsius.

And the evening: scattered showers.

The watchword of the day is:

"Omnia vincit amor."

Which means, "Love conquers all."


Stand over here.

Don't move!

Sir Francis Drake, pirate to the Queen.

Welcome to history, Miss Shepherd.

Pleasant trip?

Extra! Extra! Titanic sunk!

Extra! Extra!

Impressed, Miss Shepherd?

You might say that, Mr. de Villiers.

We picked quite a good year.

And a good day.
Oh, God.

Those aren't right!

Quick, pull your dress over them.

Belgravia, we're in a hurry.
Ah, Yes Sir.

Oh! Visitors from the future,
how lovely!

I'm so pleased to meet you at last.

Ah, thank you. Nice to meet you.

How lovely you are.

Isn't she?

Lady Tilney,

I'm here about what we
discussed ten years ago.

My answer's the same:

You can't have my blood.
But let's go upstairs.

Ten years ago?

For Lady Tilney it was ten years ago,
for me it was yesterday.

Chatting is so much nicer
over a cup of tea.

Here we are.

That's a good boy.

Lady Tilney,
how come you know my name?

Other visitors from the future.
It happens quite a lot.

Oh! Your shoes look very comfortable.
Is that the latest fashion?

Yes, but yours are nice, too.

Lady Tilney, you're making a
mistake if trust the wrong people.

I agree. I always tell her that.

"You should be careful in who you
place your trust."
Stay where you are!

Paul, look who's come to visit:
Gwendolyn Shepherd.

I'll go get Lucy.

Gwendolyn. Is it really you?


You're so grown, so pretty.
Stop! We're leaving.

Why are you in such a hurry?
What do you want?

My name is Paul de Villiers.

It's strange to see you so grown up.

It's strange you know me, at all.
Don't talk to him.

I'm sure my dear brother Falk has
made you into a real fighting machine.

You've here to save the day, aren't you,
or rather the chronograph.

They gave their blood willingly.
Gideon. They don't know where it will lead to.

Actually, they just don't want to destroy what
the Order has worked so hard to protect!

You were brainwashed.

It's imperative the Circle is not closed.
The Count isn't as selfless as the Order believes.

We know the truth...
You lie every time you open your mouth!

You're really here!

My necklace was given to you.
Please take care of it.

Why did you come here?
Why did you run?

What you need to know, it's all about you...
We're leaving!

No, not yet! I want to know what's going on.

You can leave, Gwendolyn remains!

Lucy will show us the door!

Gwendolyn, listen to me. You're in danger!

We know what role you're supposed
to play, it's all in the Prophecy.

The Count is dangerous,
he will sacrifice you.

They must not win!
Don't listen! She's lying.

Look for the Prophecy about the Ruby!

Trust the Raven's magic,
it will save your life!

Don't shoot!
Hey! Run!

We'll be safe from those anarchists here.

What did he mean, "fighting machine"?

Krav Maga,
It's Israeli combat technique.

360-degree defence. Come on.

Let us thank the Lord
for the shelter of his house.

It was important.
They wanted to talk.

They really don't want
the Circle of Blood closed.

It was a trap!
I don't believe a word they say.

Lucy said "Prophecy".
What is that?

On each one of us travellers
there's a prophecy.

Only the Grand Master knows them.
They're top secret.

The two of them know something we don't!

It doesn't matter.

They are the traitors.

Ya, and how is it that you
are certain of that?

Maybe the Order did brainwash you.

You are ruining everything.

Charlotte just used to do
whatever I told her to.

Well, Miss Shepherd?

Is there anything
you want to confess?

Have you had any indecent thoughts lately?

Only if you confess your sins
to me Mr. de Villiers...

Oh, my heavens!

Don't worry, Miss Shepherd.
I won't mention your shameful behaviour.

What have you been doing in there?

The house of Our Lord has
protected us from heathens.

Shameful! You're fornicating in there!

Falk will lose it if we
don't go straight back.

They can't really want their time
travellers to starve now, right?

#121 Tandoori chicken with extra batura
and mango lassi.

Bombay Garden, best Indian around.

This is quite a "different" place here.

You and I are "different".

Oh! Too spicy Mr. de Villiers?
Welcome to the present.

Miss Shepherd. Though I know
how to act in the past,

you should know I have a
life of my own, alright.

Uh huh, and what does that look like?

I'm studying... medicine.

Though this semester is a washout.

And what is it that you do when you're
not trying to poison guys with hot curry?

I don't folk dance or play the violin.

Playing the violin isn't so bad.

Women certainly like it,
in every century.

You really are an arrogant jerk.

Thank you.

And you are the nicest girl in the world.

"The Diamond, the hardest of all."

His first curry!

It was a trap.

They wanted Gwendolyn. They wanted
her blood for their chronograph.

Look, they just wanted to talk.

Oh! Ya, and that's why they shot at us.

You found them engaging, right?

They said the Count is dangerous.


With Charlotte, this wouldn't have happened.

Ya, that's because Charlotte
dosen't have the gene!

It's not a surprise that Gwendolyn's
no match for Charlotte.

If that's the case then go get
another travel partner!

I could finish this on my own.

I checked the year 1912
and the years following

There's no trace of Lucy and Paul I'm afraid.

The likelihood they joined the
Florentine Alliance is quite high.

You mean the egg dish, right?
That's not funny at all.

The Florentine Alliance

is one of the Order's strongest enemies
and has been for years.

An orthodox Christian order.
They accuse us of heresy.

Lucy also mentioned there were prophecies.

What do those prophecies say about the Ruby?
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

You do not have the right to ask that.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Since everything's so secret, who can I ask
about it? The dead Count, for God's sake?

Okay, I'll travel back in time and ask him.

When do I go?

You'll get your chance to meet the
Count... in due time. Now get out!

Her curiosity's dangerous.

The Count will answer her questions
and that will clear up everything.

She must learn... to trust us...

...just as you have.

Is it wrong for her to ask
why we are risking our lives?

For mankind, my dear boy.

The sapphire egg in my vision
is an omen of tragedy.

Because a sapphire egg actually...

Aunt Maddy, if I hear about a
"sapphire egg" again, I'll scream!

One rises to the occasion,

you'll soon see that.

We hope for the best.
My tea leaves...

Right after school you'll
be driven to the Order.

Call me if anything's wrong, okay?

And don't let that Gideon impress you.

Young men like him
can't wait to break your heart.

Hey, Gwenny!
Can you bring me a dinosaur egg from the past?

Sure! Velociraptor or tyrannosaurus?

Gwendolyn. You realize
that this isn't a game!

You don't get that a "Secret" Order
is supposed to be "Secret".

Or do you think Gwen is
allergic to dinosaurs too?

You've no idea of the danger
you're putting us in.

Gideon was highly amused
by your "abilities" yesterday.

We call each other every evening.

The poor guy has nobody else.
Oh, Ya!

He suggested I give you lessons
when it comes to walking, sitting,

and especially in drinking tea.

But I said...
I can handle it!

Ya, well I said you were too stubborn
and stupid to accept my offer of help.

Now, that's the first time you're right.

But this is so important for our mission.

Then, it's a good thing it's not
your problem anymore, right?

Mr. Bernard! Would you please go pick
up my dress for the cherry blossom ball
down at Walden Jones!

Jack the Ripper was terrorizing the East End,
in case you went out there.

1888 was very dangerous,

so watch yourself, okay?

The plague was around pretty
much all the time, but in 1348...

...1528 and 1664
it was particularly bad.

Sounds awful.

My mum says thanks for the donation.
At least this is good for the cats.

This investigative journalism
is embedded in my blood.

What we need now are photos:

"Photos from the past",
what a scoop!

Did Gideon ever say what
this "Raven's magic" was?

I have no idea: I can't do magic, or fly,
and I don't see visions, like Aunt Maddy does.

I'm thinking it has something to do
with the prophecy about the Ruby, but

I don't think the Order really knows
what the deal is with that.


A meeting with the weird Count
could answer your questions for you.

Lucy said he's dangerous.
Here, this is all I can find:

"Master of alchemy,
occultism and composer..."

Leslie Hay and Gwendolyn Shepherd!
Open this door. Come out of there at once!

It's the girls' room.
You realize that right, Mr. Whitman?

Gwendolyn, I warned you, didn't I?

Give me your notes.

You have "Ravens", "Gemstones",
"Time Machines".

Mr. Whitman's one of them,
they're everywhere.

And now he's got my notes.

He didn't believe that I'm
preparing a paper on metaphysics.

You were you smoking in the bathroom?
No, you jerkoff, we just wanted
to talk in private.

You skipped class so you could talk. Girls!
Ya! Girls.

She must have had a makeover.
That's the only way she looks like that.

Looks pretty good. Sort of...

She's still clumsy, remember.

No makeover can ever change
that fact, of course!


Hey! Hold on!
Who are you?

If I may introduce myself:

James Augustus Peregrine

Who are you talking to?

Ah, this weird guy here.
He's standing right there.

There's nobody here.

Are you new here?
Ah! Please! That's an absurd question.

This estate has belonged to three generations
of the esteemed Pympoole-Bothames.

Our school?

You really see someone?
And he's talking? What's he saying?

He says St Lennox's is his "estate".

Tell me you see this guy?
You think he's a ghost?

Are you a ghost?
Who is this imbecile?

She should eradicate that
thing from her mouth.

He says that you're attractive.

How nice.
You deserve a scolding!

Lying is unsightly!

When were you born, James?
Good question.

The 31st of March in the year 1762.

Three weeks ago was my 21st birthday.

The ball was spectacular!

The 31st of March 1762.


One thing, um, I think I was there:

candle light, violins, wicked wigs...

Anyone who is anyone came to London
to see me in honor of the occasion.

Wow, you can see ghosts!

Is he see-through or is he black and white?

You... ah...

You don't happen to know a count
who looks like this, do you?

The Count of Saint-Germain,
a splendid likeness.

He was a guest at my ball, too.
And a fascinating man, as well.

They say he can read your thoughts, in here...

...get inside people's heads.

Hang on, James, wait a second!

Does he really think I'm cute?

Wow! That's quite a ride, huh?

I wonder if the rumors are true,
and Madonna's daughter does go to this school,

incognito, of course.

Ya! That's why they sent a
limo to pick her up!

So no one knows she goes here.
Incognito! Right?

Think he's taking her to the Cherry
Blossem ball? I'll bet he is!
Look, Wow, he's touching her.

He's holding her hand
and now he's kissing her.

Actually, it appears he is
quite good-looking. Here.

Hm... I'm not impressed.

Go on! Go ahead! Your limousine awaits!

Excuse me.

You get taller overnight?

No, Madame Rossini
shortened my skirt for me.

Let's go then,
the Count doesn't like to wait.

Corset and skirt:
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

not made of whalebone,
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

but of feather-light,
high-tech carbon fibre.

Voila. And the shoes have reinforced iron toe caps, for self-defence

Ah, quite an afternoon ensemble,
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

très élégante.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

I'm a genius.

You must absolutely tell me
what the Count wore. Oui?

Stand still, he won't eat you.

subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

It actually looks pretty good.

You used the toilet, didn't you dear?

Any just how you expect to
make a pee pee?

Have you ever actually seen
a toilet in 18th century?

Bonjour, Madame.


And now the hat.

Très chic.

You look quite... authentic.

Hm! From a guy in panty-hose.
Be careful that you don't get a run there.

But I had laid out the canary-yellow
stockings for you! Didn't you notice?
You little rebel!

They were too bright for me.

Yes! But the men from the rococo
period wore bright colours.

Please, have you any coins?
Any coins to spare? Any coins to spare?
I could use some coins. Thank you!

Oh...... mercy!......
Help me!

What's wrong with his fingers?

It's the plague,
the "Black Death".

That black coloring on his skin
means the tissue is dying.

But don't worry, you've been immunized.
Is there any way we can help?

We're not allowed to.

Besides, the Order feels

that such natural selection is imperative
to keeping the human gene pool complete.

"Natural Selection"?

Are you monsters
or just heartless idiots?

You'll see.
He's impressive, the Count.

Can he really read your thoughts?

What? Who said that he could?

If he can, I wasn't aware...

...or my thoughts weren't
just interesting to him.

And, if he attempts to read my thoughts?

Just think about nothing,
or something useless.

It shouldn't be too hard for you.
Something useless?

Don't worry,
I won't leave you on your own.

Is that a threat?
No, that's a promise.

Lord Brompton...

Allow me to introduce my great-great-great
grandson's great-great-great grandson,

Gideon de Villiers.

Lord Brompton.

I see my lineage has continued
to sprout quite elegantly, huh?

A dashing young man!

The venerable Count is attempting
to bring some entertainment to us again.

Amusing, highly amusing!

L'heure du rubis...

...est arrivée?

Nous avons malheureusement préparé La mauvaise personne pour La mission.

You don't even speak French?

Salut? Bonjour? Ca va?

Croissant... le Count?

So, am I wrong in thinking
that the Guardians in your era

do not take their duties seriously?

I believe the answer is in this letter.

So then, you're the Ruby.

What is your magic?

What's special about you,
ma petite fille?

There isn't anything special, Sir.

Then what are you doing here?

Ah, to find out what happens
when the Circle of 12 is closed.

And what its got to do with me?
Magnifique, magnifique!

Excellent entertainment!

I don't think that you're at all capable
of understanding what's going on here.

you see, the female blood is very sluggish.

My blood's anything but sluggish.

What does the prophecy say
about the Ruby?

It seems the female head
is also less alert than ours.

Girl, do you agree with my assessment?

Venerable Count,
this insolent young lady

is challenging you
in the most impudent manner.

I love the ladies...

As long as they don't try to think.

Senile old fart!

I won't get an answer from him .

Forget your questions .

The only thing that matters, my dear,
is that you follow me.

He's reading my mind .

Something useless, quick!

My dear!

I do salute your allegence to
your country, however...

...George III is the monarch of England.

So you should be singing
"God save the King".

That was an exceptionally charming
performance, young lady.

Um, this is our queen, Elisabeth ll.

She's very nice: she was a
guest at our school last year

and my friend Leslie got her autograph.

We'd best confiscate
this interesting box of tricks...

Careful, it's electric!

We now have a prime minister,
and a parliament,

thats been elected by the citizens,
ladies also.

And everyone's equal... and so...
My lady.

That's high treason.

No, I think you misunderstood me.

Long live the Queen!
The prime minister is just no one, really.

The Tower is for such traitors!

Next thing you know, they'll grant
the colonies independence

and before long, abolish slavery!

We must leave now.

I will not have my rules broken .

Do you understand?
Yes .

Au revoir, mes enfants .

He's really dangerous,
he almost choked me!

And, what about the Circle of Twelve?

I know less than you think.

You've been involved with them
for years and you don't know why?

What did you two talk about?
It was your magic.

The Ruby has always been described
as very unique.

I guess you're probably too ordinary.

That's not ment as an insult,
I mean I'm not saying you're ordinary,

You're just, you know, average.

Just average?

It's not your fault.
You don't know anything about me!

I know lots of girls like you,
they're all the same.

You're only interested in bass
players and clothes,

you whisper all the time
and go to the toilet in twos.

Ya! Right! You've never had the chance to meet
a girl anything like me in your whole life.

All you've done is learn French,
study folk dancing... Oh,

and you can also recite the succession
to the throne backwards.

What's the point, I mean, I'm getting out!
Hey, there! Stop!

Is this... Is this Hyde Park?

There's something's wrong!

Stay here!


Who are you and what
do you want with us?


Pray, if you know how!

I told you to stay in the carriage!

Come on! Get up! People are staring at us!

That was so reckless
and very dangerous...

...and also quite courageous!

But, you think I killed him?

Am I a murderer?

You had no choice,
it was self-defense.

Or, you were defending me.

Not that it was necessary, though.

It was very necessary,
Mr. 360-Degree-Defence!

Take a few deep breaths
and it'll pass.

It's going to pass?


Will I get over having killed a man?

And will I... get over having my life
turned upside down like this?

And will I get over an arrogant jerk
in panty-hose who has absolutely nothing

better to do with his time than stand
around and give me orders?

Even though I just saved
his pathetic little life?

This all just... makes me want to puke!

And while we're on the subject:
You make me want to puke, too.


Madame Rossini will kill you
if I ruin it.

Then I'll just say it was you.

We'll have to walk to the Temple,

I haven't got a penny on me.

You're impossible!

Did he hurt you badly?
Nah, it's just a scratch.

The bleeding has already stopped.

That shouldn't have happened.

They were wearing the crest
of the Florentine Alliance.

They were from the Inquisition?

Why would they want to kill me?
I'm not a witch.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

It's age-old rivalries:

clergy versus Enlightenment,
Church versus the occult,

belief versus knowledge,

good versus evil.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Are we the good or are we the evil?

Mr. George, Gwendolyn's exhausted.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

She needs rest.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

I wish I could just leave,

go some place far away.

You can't leave...

We're totally dependent on the Order
and the chronograph.

They own us.

But we can't just go on
as if nothing happened here.

Good night.

No, we can't.

We have to find the prophecy,
that's all.

Lucy said it explains everything.


What for?

I really think you did save my ah...
pathetic little life.

I thought that every night
you called Charlotte!


Me? Ya, you wish!
Where are you?

I'm just worried about you.

Since you've joined, we've had
one catastrophe after another.

And you're right, I have to do what
I can to find out about the prophecy.

And where will you find it?

Don't worry, I'll handle it.

I'm coming too.
l think.. .
Don't argue.

Where are you going... at this hour?
I can't tell you.

Just go back to bed.

Mom. I have to find out what's happening
and what it has to do with me.
Can't you understand?

I'm stuck right in the middle of this
and you can't help me.

Please, can't you trust me?

What's going on?
Where are you going, Gwendolyn?

Where is she going?

Maybe we should tell the Order.
This is simply not allowed.

Oh, Charlotte! Hey!
Come on dear! We both need our beauty sleep.

Bonsoir, Mademoiselle Shepherd!

A young girl like you, out at this hour!
Shouldn't you be in bed?

Come on. I know where to start.

The Order's secret archives.

There must be a clue in here.

Here. I found this when I went back in time.

It's from my grandfather.

"To find what is written about you,
Blood will open the lock .

Trust your magic."

It's about the prophecy,
but why did he write it?

Actually, I don't know...

...I don't really get any of this.

Found something:

"The legacy of the Count rests
above the heads of the dragons."

sounds like the prophecies.

The Count left prophecies to the Order.
Let me see!

"Above the dragons' heads..."

It must be over Dragon Hall, then!

Dragon Hall?
Wait a minute, it goes on:

"After several break-ins
by jewel thieves and.. .

...have been stored at the
Bank of England since 1943."

Let's add rob a bank to the list!

Or else we search before 1943.

Fortunately, we can...

Great! We're locked in!

I'm sure Mr. George has hidden
some cookies and whisky!

I could use alcohol
to loosen you up!

Since we're here, we should try
to find something else, if we can.

She's right.
I'll try to find some cookies.

What in God's name
are you doing in here?

Have you been here the entire night?

What were you looking for?

This will have
serious repercussions.

Um... You said my Grandfather Lucas
was a good friend of yours?

Yes, the best I ever had.

He left me something
that I need to check out,

and we need the help of a friend.

A letter from your grandfather,
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

this is quite nice, Miss Gwendolyn.

I don't want my grandfather,
you know... let down.

We must travel.

We need your help with it. Now.

Your target destination is the
24th of December, 1942.

The watchword for the day
is "Kýrie, eléison".

On Christmas Eve,
it's especially quiet in the house.


Ready when you are.

It's all clear.

Come on.

Merry Christmas, 1942.

"Blood will open the lock" .

And, why is blood's always needed?

Give it to me.

The observatory!

Signs of the zodiac.

What do they mean?


a raven .

The Ruby.

"Ruby red with the magic of the Raven,

brings the Circle of Twelve
home into safe haven."

"On mighty wings,
he hears the dead singing..."

..."dead singing"?
Go on.

"With the burning sun about to descend,

the death of the Raven's a glorious end."

The Raven? It means you.

I don't get it!
Go on.

"Ruby-red blood on the
ground snowy-white,

the Raven's icy death
shows us the light."

Raven's icy death?
That means, I'm gonna die?

This part's torn off.
They're up there!

We're just ordinary jewel thieves!


No! We have to help her!

"Ruby-red blood on the
ground snowy-white,

the Raven's icy death
shows us the light."

You promised me
unconditional allegiance!

You cannot escape me!

Was that all you've got?
Do you have any more circus tricks?
Ha, ha, ha, ...

Then, bring in the girl
and I'll tell you everything!

Wake up, you shouldn't sleep .

What are you doing here?

How did you get in here?
I play here .

My older brother took me here .

Aren't you cold?

Tell me how to get out?

You need a key .

Don't you have one?

But, Lucy said that you did .

There, you see?
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

I want an explanation.

Have you found Gwendolyn?
Isn't she with you?

What happened?

We have to find her!
Mr. George, come with me!

Inform Falk de Villiers.

To the observatory, quick!

She has hypothermia.

Her vital signs
are at a minimum, I'm afraid.

Find Gideon
and keep him away from here.

"The Raven's icy death",

that's what the prophecy foretold.

Should we let her go to asleep?

Have you found Gwendolyn?

Where is she?

She's ice cold.
We have to warm her up.

Don't just stand around!
We have to help her!

Doctor White!

Besides hypothermia...

...there's a laceration on her head.

She has concussion...

...some contusions, as well.

What matters is how quickly...
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

...she awakes.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

She won't die,
she's stronger than you think.

This will have consequences!

You can rest assured that those
consequences will rest on your head!

I'm will tell
the Inner Circle everything.

Come on. She needs you.

Be with her.

Stay with me.

I need you.

I was afraid you wouldn't make it.

In my mind I pictured this
a lot more fun that it is.

Actually, it is a lot of fun.

There are some wild parties
back in the 1800's.

You'll see.

I saw us...

We were at a ball,
wearing great wigs.

And did you see how we found ourselves
in danger, because you can't dance?

I could probably teach you,
I'm a good dancer.

Or would I first have to duel with
maybe a boyfriend or something?

Dancing with me
is more dangerous than any duel.

But, not for me.

What if...

What if the missing piece of
the prophecy is even worse?

No matter what it says...'s in our hands.

I'll take care of you, Gwendolyn.

Oh! You're awake!

What a relief, Gwendolyn.

How are you?

Is there anything in the annals about...

...a 16-year-old girl punching the Count
in the face, really hard?

Ah, well the Count could have
kept such an incident as that secret.

Stay strong, Gwendolyn.

The future isn't written yet.

Here. It's blurry and a little dark,
but, whatever.


A photo from the 18th century!

You should really take ton of these!

Except, Mr. Whitman has killed
my time travel article.

He said I've got an overactive
imagination and need counseling .Hello!

As long as you're okay.

Leslie, ready to go?
Just a sec!

Oh, and another thing...
There's more?

What is it?

Okay, listen.
The Order is going to buy you
the most amazing gown in London.

I've got to go. See you.

How lovely...
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

Lucy's gown.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

there's something I want to show you.

Grandpa Lucas?

I like that picture.

"Hic rhodos hic salta."

"Show what you can really do."

Our family's motto.

Then I'll show them.

You were born under a lucky star,


Him? That's Robert,
your grandfather's little brother.

So sad! He fell from a window at
the Temple as a child.

I think I understand
"the magic of the Raven".

You have a handsome date.

Go on.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

If he makes her unhappy,
I'll kill him...

...secret Order or not.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

I don't get how she did it!
I thought Charlotte would be his date.

You're not the only ones
who underestimated her.

It's not a date, okay! It's research
for the school newspaper.

I warned you.
You are driving me insane, Gwendolyn!

What else did you expect
from an average girl like me?

You are not average, Gwendolyn Shepherd.

I didn't quite catch what you were saying.
subtitled by Dr / Said Helal

You don't need any magic
to be special in these eyes.

subtitled by Dr / Said Helal
ترجمة د/ سعيد هلال

Gideon better keep his
hands off Gwendolyn.

She could really use a protector.

I have a feeling that
we'll see them again.

Yes... It's only just begun.

Don't turn around. There are two behind us.

You ready?
I'm ready if you are.