Rose and Tulip (2019) - full transcript

An acclaimed painter travels to Japan for an exhibition where he takes advantage of his free time to enjoy a Japanese bath or onsen. However, there is more to it than that. He is told that ...

You partied all night again?

Ajumma, shut up!

Thought we were the same age, though?

If I'm an ajumma, wouldn't you be an ahjussi?

Stop talking nonsense and
just get me some medicine for my hangover.

I'm afraid there's no time for that now.

You know you have work to do . . .

since a Nero exhibition is opening this week in Japan.

You take care of stupid things like that instead.

Mr Nero

There wouldn't be anybody who can sub for you
even if I look all over the world.

I'll give you an hour. Okay?

He has burst into fame like a comet
in the world of contemporary art --

Korean artist, Nero Park.

Many of his sophisticated works are highly recognised

by art curators and collectors all over the world,

bringing him every art award in the world!

His first ever art exhibition in Japan will be held

at the Royal Victory Hotel Gallary.

"Dear my fans in Japan, please come to my exhibition."

Daewon, look!

That person really looks like you!

Doing contemporary art or whatever.

Contemporary(hyundae) art?

Does he paint on a Hyundai car?

It's not an Italian car, but an "itai"(cringeworthy) car . . .

I see. You mean that one?

No. That's "ita-sha."


Ah, I almost forgot.

I'm going to this fan event in Akihabara.

What's your plan?

I LOVE ONSEN (hot spring) !

Are you a grandpa? Why do you like 'em so much?

No Onsen, No Life!

Okay, okay. Enough.

(Nero Park Exhibition)

First, you'll attend the ACA Art Festival's award ceremony.

Then you have to check the exhibits the hotel has purchased.

And there's also a reception in the evening.

The main event will be a live painting in front of cameras

from TV stations. You'll have to do that and . . .

What rubbish!

I won't do it.


Don't call my name casually!

Ms Myung-A, let's not forget one's place.

I beg your pardon.

Here's a list of works reported for plagiarism.

Find the painters and sue them.

Mr Nero

Your paintings are copied this much.

Do you know what this means?

There are so many fans who love your works

all over the world.

Those amateurs don't know anything about art.

What worth could my paintings have . . . ?

"Found a fake Nero at the Inn Shin-Kadoya. Lol."

Mr Nero

You are the best creator and . . .

Shut it!


(Closed for the day)

5000-yen. (Counting the condolence money.)

Sorry, from Nakajima-san, too.

5000-yen? OK.

She was just joking when she told us
to use that photo for the funeral . . .

but I really didn't imagine I had to see this day . . . !

It's true that she had hypertension
as well as being always hyper . . .

but how could she die of a cerebral hemorrhage?
I thought she was just sleeping!

Perhaps she was having a really happy dream

and got too excited.

Let's try to think of it that way.

We can say she died happily

in the arms of handsome guys at least in her dream!

I want my end to be like that, too!

Have some tea.

Thank you so much.

Kaori-chan . . .

Your tea.

So, could you tell me . . .

if you have thought about the inn's future.

What can I do?

Since your father passed away right after you were born,

your mum had to work so hard to manage it singlehandedly.

Though mired in debt,

this inn really means a lot to your mum.
You must already know that.

But I can't possibly take over the business . . .

and you know I work at a flower shop as well, don't you?

It's not like you are a full-time worker there, is it now?

How long has it been since you left home?

Well . . .

I left right after I graduated from high school.

But it's not even a decade yet.

And I've been working really hard
so that I could open my own flower shop someday.

You've had enough time for that, don't you think?

But I can't . . .

Perhaps it's too much for you anyway . . .
considering you can't even use honorifics properly.

Right . . .

Perhaps we just have to close down then.


But you know, even so . . .

we still have to honour the reservations already made.

It'll have to be managed for a while by the two of us.

The two of us!?

With me!?

You see they are already exhausted by the funeral and all.

They need a break, too, don't you think?

Now we have no time to lose, okay?

Let's get a move on!

Right now?

Kaori-chan, come on!

Hurry up!

Huh . . . ?

Why do I even have to work here?

You've still got it.

Come back to life now.

You are good! Nice work!

Isn't it though?

Oh, no! Look what you are doing!

We can't get it wet! Not the painting!

Just hold this while I wipe off the water. What is this . . .

Did my father paint this?

Your mum used to say this to me all the time:

"Van Gogh was appreciated after his death,
and so, I'm sure my man would be, too!"

You mean this!?

Looking at this now closely for the second time . . .

Nope. Not this one.

I agree. This makes no sense at all.

Not in a million years.

I almost forgot.

I'm going to go shopping now.
So, I'll leave the bathroom cleaning to you.


It needs a good scrubbing so it won't go mouldy, okay?

The bathroom as well!?

Ah, I'm in heaven(tengoku)!



Why a girl . . . !

In this situation, you should say; "Ah, this is paradise."

I . . . I'm sorry. I'll get out now.

Wait! Not there!

Hey! Are you okay!?

You can't . . .

die . . .

Mr Nero

Where the heck are you now!?

Cancel everything on my schedule.

I'm going to take some time out at a hot spring.

What are you talking about!?

You know you can't just . . . !

Thank God! You are alive!

Are you okay, Mister?

Are your memories all intact?

Tell me your name and what you do.

Yoon Daewon

I'm a college student,

and my parents have an appliance shop.

My hobby is hot spring hopping.

And I don't have a girlfriend.

I don't know what you are saying.

Could you say that in Japanese?

I'm Yoon Daewon.

I'm a student.

My parents have an appliance shop.

My hobby is hot spring hopping.

As for a girlfriend . . .

I'm so relieved.

Being able to speak that much is a good sign.

These aren't my pants!

Well, they are what another customer left behind,

but don't worry about it -- They've been properly washed.

What is it?

Did you see . . . ?

Sure I did.


It's fine! It's nothing!

Being a daughter of an Inn, I'm used to seeing men naked.

It was quite normal, okay?

Don't say it was normal!

Sorry. I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have left a bar of soap there. My fault.

Sorry I almost sent you to paradise, and not figuratively.

I want to make it up to you. Why don't you stay here
as long as you like until you get well again?

We are closed anyway.

Do you really mean it?

Can you give me your contact number here, just in case?

I'm Kaori.


"Kaori." The Korean word "gaori" means . . .


What!? That's different.

"Ah, nice scent!" This is "kaori."

I see . . . "hyanggi."

So it's "hyanggi" in Korean then?


Well, then. Have a good rest.

We can go out for ramen or something later.

My treat.

Wow! Hot spring as much as I like!


How come?

When did you have time to change?

You even look as if you've got an upgrade.

What is this? My fan?

You shouldn't be up and about like this!

I came to see Tachibana Kiyoshi.

You know my father?

But he passed away quite some time ago.

Did you like that painting? Just take it. It's yours.

I don't see anything in it anyway.

Go back to your room now, okay?

Ah! I'm in heaven!

Wait . . . I have to say . . .

You are supposed to say, "This is paradise."

Get out.

It's closed for private use from this moment.


You have the same face as me.

Same eyes, nose, and mouth . . .

You are Korean? Me, too.

Don't tell me . . .

you like me so much that
you've got your face done to look like me.

What the . . . !?

You are mistaken. Who are you anyway?

I'm THE Nero Park. Don't you know me?

No, I don't! Have we met before or something?

Hey, come up here a bit.

Why!? Can't you see I'm naked!?


Anyone here?

Mr Nero!

You were here!? I've been looking all over for you!

Please wait a minute. I'm . . .

Never mind! We have to hurry now.

Driver, what are you doing? We have to go.

Your bath is ready now.

Hot springs are nice,

but this is what suits you better.

You need to relax and get your energy back
since you'll be busy from tomorrow.

Go on.

But this is wrong. There's a misunderstanding.

What misunderstanding?

You're wrong. I'm sorry but please stop.

Wrong about what?

My name is Yoon Daewon.

I changed places with this person called Nero
because he asked me to.


He said he'd give me 10 million won, and so . . .

How tall are you?




Yoon Daewon!

. . . if you please.

And this . . .

He asked me to give this back to you, Miss Myung-A.

Did Nero really hand this to you?

So about this . . .

It's just a joke, isn't it?

He's coming back now, isn't he?

He isn't!?

You . . .

Do you speak Japanese?

A little.

You're good.

That's a relief.

There's no other way then.


I'm counting on you, Daewon-ssi.

You aren't going to sleep tonight.

Huh . . . ?

One job done. What's next now?

Kaori-chan, what are you just standing there for?

We've still got lots to do . . .

He's just so my type!

Who in the world is this handsome guy?

And what's this wad of notes!?

I feel all hot!

What is this, Deawon? This much money!?

You heard me.

I'm buying Tachibana Kiyoshi's paintings.

Do you have any more?

Are you being serious?

I'm willing to pay.

Kaori-chan, at last! This must be it!

What? What is it?

You know, what your mum said about
an artist being appreciated after death!

Like Van Gogh!?

Exactly! Finally the moment of truth!

Bring other paintings of his.

Mr Daewon . . . Sir . . .


Right away! With pleasure!

Wait a second!

Something doesn't feel right, don't you think?

Why would anyone want to pay this much for his paintings?

Who cares? Anyone that handsome can do anything.

Kaori-chan, look! I think I found something.

Do you think the PIN code would be your mum's birthday?

Can you give it a try? Her birthday. Though I may be wrong.

It's not locked . . .

Isn't it a safe!?

What's this key for?


It's a book of paintings.

We can sell this to him, too.

I didn't know there was even a book of his paintings.

Could it be he was actually famous as a painter?

I should have known. Mum paid for the publication.

(Tachibana Kiyoshi Art Book
Publisher Hitomi Publishing
Date of Issue 18 Jan 1992
Published by Tachibana Hitomi)

1992 . . . ? That's when I was born.

I must say this key's got to be something!

This can lead us to where other paintings are stored.

I'm going to find them whatever it takes.

You might get to pay off the debts then! Isn't it great?

I'm not sure I'm getting it . . .

but I don't get the paintings anyway either. So I'm in!

Yes!!! Let's sell them all!

Debts no more!

That's not it! How many times do I have to tell you?

Nero wouldn't look that timid!

Show more confidence!

Straighten your back!


You can't look down at the floor.

Don't look down!

Not the floor!

And keep your back straight.

Where are your eyes!?

My work is . . .

just a coincidence turned into an inevitable . . .

Put on more airs. You have to sound grandiose!

There. Again.

My work is . . .

My work is a coincid . . .

My work is . . .

My work is . . .

a coincidence turned into an inevitable . . .

just that . . .

What's the title of this painting?


Wrong! "Solitude"!

Next. How about this!?

That's "Despair"!

Are you stupid?

You haven't memorised anything!

"Despair" is this one!

This one is "Hope"!

But, to me, they all look like . . .

some stains on the wall.

I know, but now you still have to learn them all no matter what!

And if someone asks you a question, whatever it is,

you just say "whatever you felt is everything" or

"all answers can be found in the painting" etc.

Just say something abstract, mysterious, and philosophical.

Got it?

So tiring.

I wanna go home . . . !

I'm coming in!

No . . .

. . . I'm saying it's not . . . !

Wait . . .

Listen to me . . .

Good boy.

It's okay now.


This is a fight I simply cannot lose.

Let's just say I didn't see anything now.

Excuse me!

How relaxing . . . !

By the way, I looked about but couldn't find anything more,

. . . which leaves us that key.

Ah, this!?

Oh! I found something you might like. Here!

Please take a look.

I'll take all of them.

Is 500 enough?


On second thoughts, can I have a copy back?

Mum published it in the year I was born.

I want to keep at least one copy.

Can't do that.


I take everything.

I don't get it.

What's so great about those paintings?

What is it?

You can't possibly be . . .

. . . my father's illegitimate son!?

Where does that come from?

Come to think of it, he does have his looks!

See, their noses look identical.

You see that, too!? That must be why he wants all of his paintings!

Are you two stupid or what!?

You must have been lonely till now. I'm so sorry.

You can call me Sis from now on.

I just want to buy the paintings.

That's all.


I knew it. Look at him closely; they don't look alike at all.

Remember? Your father wasn't good-looking in the least!

You are right about that.

There's another thing though.

We haven't found where the paintings were stored yet,

but I'll let you know when we do.

Well, then,

I'll just take this copy.

Hey, give it back . . .

There's this ramen shop just round the corner
where you can have tasty ramen in rich and thick broth.

How about we have a rich and deep lunch tomorrow.

Deal? We promised!

We'll go fifty fifty, okay?

(In memory of Tachibana Hitomi)

(Collected Paintings of Tachibana Kiyoshi)

You were gonna disappear on me as well?

I'm sorry . . .

I don't think I can do it after all.

I can't. I don't want the money either.

I'll pay you another 100 million.

I'm sorry.

I really can't.

Thank you for everything you've done for me.

Just a moment!

You leaving me now would put me in trouble.

There's nobody but you.

I'm begging you.

I need you.

Many people are going to come here tomorrow.

How can we not have Nero here in that situation?

There's no way we are going to let them down.

Think about being wanted by so many people.

I'm jealous.

You see, my parents have an appliance shop.

Not that I have to take over the business or anything.

I came to Japan without thinking much,

and majored in electrical engineering without thinking much.

When that's why my parents sent me here without worry.

It's time for graduation before I knew it.

All the others have got job offers . . .

but I . . .

You don't have a girlfriend?

How could I?

When you have the same face as Nero?

We might have the same face,

but I don't have anything.

I don't know what I want to do with my life,

and I can't imagine there's any place where I'm needed.

That's all the more reason . . .

you telling me that you need me, even as a substitute,

made me happy.

So, thank you.


Since I'm also someone who's not needed,

I know what you mean.

There's no way you are like that.

To say the least,

I am one who really needs you right now.


It would have been nice if you were Nero.


Thank you for coming.

Hello! Happy to be here for another year again.

I'll take that.

Akimitsu-kun, how have you been?

Please check in at the reception.

You see that boy has a rather weak constitution.

So he comes here every year with his grandpa,
about this time of the year, partly to have a good rest.

I see.

Seems like a huge success.

I wish I could have . . .

let Nero see this, too.


Can't you see there's no way that hard-headed professor
would allow such things as flowers to be painted?

I mean he is the leading artist in contemporary art in Korea.

Don't I know it.

And why tulips of all flowers!?

He's gonna kill you once he knows about this.

It's been my dream.

When I was young,

I had been in the hospital for so long.

You know I have a scar from a surgery on my chest, don't you?

The thing about hospitals is

everything is so white and without colours.

And so, it's boring all the time.

I always found my only consolation
looking at the tulips blooming in the flower bed.

Since then, gifting a painting of colourful tulips

to the hospital has become my dream.

Even so . . .

I want to make every kid smile.

Since I became well looking at this flower.

All right.

It can't be helped then.

I'll pose for your painting.

Even the professor might relent if it's a beauty and tulips.

No, thanks.

I don't want any impurities mixed in.

Hey! How could you call me impurities!?

So you like tulips?

I like roses.

Here's your beer after a bath, sir.

You like to paint?

You do.

Do you want to be a painter by any chance?


I see.

That's very good.

I like how you paint.


Where did your grandpa go?

I don't know.

Sorry about this.

I was enjoying my bath too long and I got sleepy.

You looked 100% dead to me . . .

I never imagined you could be her daughter.

Now I know where your beauty comes from.

Th . . . thank you.

Three years ago, when my wife passed away . . .

that's when I came here for the first time with my grandson,

and Okami-san (landlady) was so kind and good to us then.

I see.

And she told me she had lost her partner as well.

It's like I come down here every year

to sing "Gin-Koi" -- the duet with Okami-san.
("Ginza no koi no monogatari": a classic go-to duet song)

I don't know what this is . . . this feeling . . .

I might say I have a crush on her.

A crush . . . ?

I was looking forward to it this year as well,

but I guess there's nothing I can do if she's sick in bed with a cold.

My grandson tells me . . .

I can't tell him she's passed away . . .

. . . looking forward to coming here every year.

He says he can paint more comfortably,
taking his own sweet time, than when he is at home.

Is that so . . .

So you see, we both love this inn so very much.

Thank you so very much.

"Do not stretch out the sound at the end of words."
"Pur on airs.”

"I'm handsome."

Namyong-a . . .

Out of my way, please.

Here's your tea.

Please take your time and enjoy the meal.

This dried fish has a rich taste, doesn't it?

I tell you what, the rich . . .

Good morning.

Isn't it a nice work?

He says he wants to be an artist.

Forget it.

How could you?

This is a painting he worked so hard on!

It's impossible.

You are so overbearing! Who do you think you are?

I say this is a very nice painting.

You love to paint?

Loving it is not enough.

Give it up.

Akimitsu-kun . . .

Don't listen to him, okay?
It's just that Japanese is a difficult language.

You see he is handsome, right?

You might be too young to know,

but being handsome justifies everything.
That's the way of the world.

It's a truth universally acknowledged.

So, let's get back to your room now.

Shall we?

Your grandpa is waiting for you in the room ♪

Why did you have to be so harsh on him?

I just told him the truth.

Seems like this studio has been . . .

entertaining a primary school pupil.

Here at this long-established college,

producing a work that's so common and worldly

is unacceptable.

Professor, pardon me,

but this is a motif Namyong has been dreaming of painting . . .

Stop it this instant.

Or you'll fail this class.

If he fails, he can lose his scholarship.


It's fine.

As you say, professor.

I'll start another work right away.

I'll just take this home and . . .

Don't you dare! Just quit it.

Anyone who would paint such childish stuff

is a disgrace to this college.

You can just leave,

or quit that right now and hand in a different work.

Got it!?

I understand.

Don't draw lines.

You should draw shadows.


I guess you're a nice person after all.

Simple-minded or what?

How would I be a nice person?

What's that?

Sure. I sure am the nicest guy here.

Stop it! Flirt!

Don't even think about touching me!

Smells nice.

The scent of soap.


It's "hyanggi" and not "ray."


(shop manager)

I see.


I apologise.


Your sweetheart?

No way!

Manager of the flower shop.

I'll have to return to work on Monday, or he's going to fire me.

You see I love flowers.

That's why I wanted to be a florist.

But now I know loving it is not enough.

My mum was was very supportive,

always telling me to do whatever I want to do.

It helped me leave the inn and try to become a florist.

But lately I started to wonder
if it's okay for me to let it go out of business just like this;

Wouldn't my mum be disappointed if that happens?


I shouldn't have bothered you with something like this.

Please just forget what I said.

I want to know what kind of person Tachibana Kiyoshi was.

You do? But I'm afraid . . .

I don't remember much about him.

What I know is that he loved to paint,

and he was always away from home, travelling to foreign countries.

This is what my mum told me when I was little:

"You daddy's been looking for something the whole time."

"He's been trying to find where his talent for art is

for a very long time."

But then,

he ended up dying abroad without finding it out.

Foolish, isn't it?

Still, I believe

my mum and dad would be rejoicing now that you liked his paintings.

So thank you.

I now realised that you weren't such a bad person.

So I'm not taking your money.

I'll just give you the paintings and the books altogether.

I know they would be happier that way.


You are mistaken.

I'm not such a nice person

you seem to believe I am.

What did you just say?

Make sure to smooth out the wrinkles.
- Of course.

About this live-painting tomorrow,

I told them you'd hurt your right hand

and changed it to a public talk.

Sorry for the trouble. I did try and practice.

Excuse me.

Could I leave the tulips for you here?


Thank you.

Those flowers won't do. Get rid of them.

Why is it?

Aren't those a gift from his fan?

For Nero,

it has to be roses. Nothing else would do.

That can't be . . . !

Don't meddle in! You're just an impostor.


I went a bit overboard.

Still, tulips won't do.

Someone meek,

weak-minded and childish

can never survive in this world.

It's something that Nero himself knows it so well.

Nero has . . .

done away with tulips

and got himself a rosy life.


I might be the one who made him throw them away.

That's all the more reason

I have to go all the way, together with Nero.

I did it!

Tell me.

What's your name?


It means bright light.

Bright light.

And your name?

I'm . . .

He's Daewon.


So Daewon,

could you please come here next year again
and tutor me how to paint?

We'll be waiting for you here.

Please come here next year again and show me your paintings.

I'll be here always waiting for you to come.

Nero . . .

The crowd is filling the place today again.

They are all

your fans who love your work.

I think I know about your solitude and suffering.

If you are tired of contemporary art,
how about changing your style?

I believe

we still have limitless possibilities.

I beg of you.

Come back.

You think I'm hopeless, don't you?

I'll do my best.

Now I really know

how important Mr Nero is to you.

Though I'm a fake,

I'll do my best to become Nero Park.


You are such a funny person.

In celebration of our Nero Park exhibition,

we now invite you to a live painting by Mr Nero!


Excuse me, but I thought the live painting was cancelled.

Oh? That's new to me though?

How can this be?

There seems to be a communication failure about the cancellation.

What shall we do?

Just stress that you've been hurt and try to get away.

You can do that, right?

But they are all waiting for it.

Now let's welcome Mr Nero!

Hey, what are you trying to do?

There's nothing for it but to do it now, is there!?

Thank you so much for taking good care of us.

We'll make sure to come here again next year!

Thank you very much.

I had a great time. Thank you.

Please have a safe trip home. Thank you for staying with us.


Take care.

Ah . . . I couldn't tell him after all . . .

about my mum.

What? But I already did.

No, you didn't!

Don't you know he had a crush on my mum?

It's fine!

Here's another face just like hers anyway.

Plus, there's no way he'd mind the face to be younger either!

Didn't you see the way he was looking at you?

This is kind of shocking . . .

Where did it go?

Daewon? Anything you need?

Are you okay with it?

Okay with what?

You said you'd be waiting for him here next year again.

I know. Perhaps I shouldn't have.

But it kind of slipped out of my mouth.

I just wanted to make him smile.

Today, at a hotel in Tokyo, the Korean artist in the spotlight,

About this . . .

Nero Park did a live painting to commemorate his exhibition in Japan.

Wait, what?


That's you on TV!

While over 200 fans watched over him anxiously,

Nero has produced a brilliant artwork,

taking its motif from a certain culture, particular to Japan.

The motif is my favourite . . .

hot springs in Japan!

That's our genius Nero Park!

He just turned the lobby into an art studio in an instant!

Even a simple symbol like the one for hot springs
can be turned into an excellent work of art by this genius . . .

It's you, isn't it?

Wait. But how? When did you . . . ?

Tell me, Daewon, what's going on?

. . . although he's always been producing works of contemporary art,

Nero Park has now changed his style and . . .


And why do I see my father's paintings over there?

I'm not Daewon.

That's Daewon.

We changed places.

What's that?

What are you talking about?


I have a favour to ask.

Take me to Tokyo.


Daewon-a, you really did great!

Someone wants to get that painting for 100 million won!

I can't believe it.

How can anyone want that king of painting?


Don't you see your painting has moved someone's heart!?


Trust me.

How about working full-time for Nero Company?

Do you mean as a fake Nero?

You might be a fake,

but you already are a real deal.

A real deal.

You are no longer

someone who doesn't have anything.

Ms Myung-A,

there's nothing to worry about any more.

I'm sorry. I just got carried away.

There are reporters downstairs.


Could you come tomorrow if you are here for an interview?

I'm Kinugasa from the Gendai Journal.

The thing is, there was a tip-off
that Mr Nero's works were some other painter's copies.

Excuse me?

This is the book of paintings sent in to our editorial department:
It's by a painter called Tachibana Kiyoshi.

They look too much alike, don't you think?

I must say they do look alike,

but he might be the one who copied.

There's been so many cases of plagiarism we've had to deal with lately.

But this book of paintings has been published 26 years ago!


Mr Nero. Is it true that you copied the works?

We shall inform you of this matter at a later date.

Let's go.

Mr Nero. What's your explanation?

Find this man called Tachibana Kiyoshi

whatever it takes,

before any of the reporters!

Is it true? About plagiarism?

No way.

What is this place?

Never mind. Are you sure you aren't really Daewon?

Dad's paintings . . .

This is too much! My head is going to explode!

What are you doing here!?

This place is off-limits to the public.

Mr Nero

Was there anything wrong?

I want to change the order of my exhibits.

I need a few of you to help me.

Right away, sir.


The paintings disappeared?

"I'm afraid so. Mr Nero has taken them away
and we haven't heard from him since."

So, where are you planning to take them?

To the sea.

The sea?


"Nero-ya. Where are you now?"

"Please tell me, I'm beggin you."


"It's causing a stir that you copied another painter's works."

I know.

I sent it to the press.



I've been a fake all this time.

I'm the one who made you so.

I want to go back to those days again

when it was fun for us two to paint together.

It's fine.

I'll somehow sort it out.

You know I've always been good at it.

And this time again . . .

"I want to bring an end now"

to this fake self.

Thanks till now, Myung-A.

"Wait a second."

"You can't just quit it on your own!"

"I'm the one who made Nero!"

I love you.

Are you okay?

I . . .

took Tachibana Kiyoshi's paintings

and copied them.


"I'm sorry that I can't send you money."


I'm the one who's sorry.

If I had given up on college and started to work . . .

I could have made your life a bit easier.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm telling you you have a gift for painting."

"I have to go now, son. It's time for my shift."

Going to work now? You are working the night shift?

But it's bad for your health.

"You don't have to worry about me."

"Just paint what you like to your heart's content.
You can do it! Okay?"


"Right. Well then."

Mum . . .

I can't paint what I like any more.

I don't even know what I should paint now either.

(Tachibana Kiyoshi Book of Paintings)

I knew it right away.

How good his paintings were.

That's why I copied them.

I wanted to apologise to him for so long.

But then,

Tachibana Kiyoshi had already passed away.

I was relieved.

And then, I felt devastated.

It meant . . .

I had to go on playing Nero Park.

Do you hate me now?

Hate you?

I'm not sure if I'm getting this right,

but what you are saying seems to mean that
my father's paintings had been recognised all over the world.

That itself kind of makes me happy.

I guess what you did was wrong,

but I feel my mum and dad would have been happy
if they had known about this.

Don't do it again though, okay?

Seriously . . .

you really are simple-minded, aren't you?


The girl with a scent of soap.

What is it? What does it mean?

Ah, I'm thirsty.

Get me coffee.


You are working me so hard!


Did you hear

that painting of yours won the first prize!?

But I haven't entered the competition.

I hear our professor had sent in your painting

because he thought it couldn't go wrong with that one.

Myung-A . . .

Actually, that painting was . . .

You did it, Namyong-a!

I'm so very happy for you!

What's this?

Where's Nero?



"It's me! Kaori."

"I need your help."


Sorry for calling you this late . . .


"What's the matter? Anything wrong?"


I . . .

I got an award.

Is that true!?

"That's great, Namyong-a."

"I've always believed you were going to make it."

"I'm really happy for you!"

"You made your mother really happy."

What are you doing looking at that old painting?


Do you like my paintings?

Why of course.

Do you like me?

I do.

I love both you and your paintings.

Namyong who is meek,


and so childish that he likes tulips so much

has no chance in this world.


Please give me a new name.


I'm gonna come up with a name for you
that's good enough for someoone who conquers the world.

How about "Nero"?


Nero, the tyrant.

The tyrant who was crazy about roses.



What do you think you are doing!?

Funny, isn't it?

I want to die, and yet

I don't even have the courage to die.

I'll give you whatever money I have left.

So please just let me stay being you.

I'd rather die if I have to . . .

go back to be myself again.

Please let me stay being

a carefree student who has enough free time

just like this.

Someone with no talent

or anything he wants to do.

Not wanted by anybody in the world.

Is that who you want to be?

Don't make me laugh!

Don't you know how much Miss Myung-A was worried about you!?

She really needs you,

it can't be anybody else,

and she wants to be needed by you so much!
Why don't you get that!?

I'm different from you.

I'm not gonna run away!

I'm going to keep living just as this useless me!


Sorry it came to this.

It's fine.

I think I went too far as well.


I rather enjoyed being a fake.

Silly you. You weren't just a fake

but an impostor of another fake.

That I enjoyed it is actually a lie.

Being a fake of someone else

can never give me fun whatever I do.

You're right.

I want to become a real thing as well

this time round.

So do I.

Is this . . .



It's a picture he painted

for his loved ones.

I love this painting so much.

I didn't know my dad could paint this kind of picture.


Are you happy?

We can see dad's talent

in this painting, too.

I've let you down, haven't I?


I guess I really don't have a good eye [for people or art].

I'm sorry.

But you know . . .

if it's your painting, whatever kind of work it is,

I still think it's the best in the world.

I'm such an idiot that you must be disappointed in me, right?

(Nero Park Exhibition Notice of Cancellation)

Has anyone put away the bedding in the Lily room yet?

No. Kaori-chan, could you take care of it?

Oh, no! I can't do it! I have to get my flower shop ready now.

Don't "oh no" me! Who's going to do it then?

I'll leave it to you then!

You must know the flower shop is keeping me busy enough!


Please let me work here.


You see I've been thinking about this:

What might be the thing that I love?

And I realised Onsen is actually the only thing for me.

Of course, I know loving it is not enough.

I thought I'd like to make someone happy through my work here.

So please let me work here.

You've got the job!

That's great!!!

By the way, why are you selling flowers here?

Why, it's because

I love both the inn and flowers.

Does doing both bother you?


I love flowers as well.


I missed you!

I'm happy to see you!

Let's make sure to have this rich and deep lunch this time!

Excuse me, but who are you?

Nice to meet you . . .

What are you talking about? Daewon!!!

Please do something about this!

I changed my mind about working here!


Don't call me by that name.

Sorry. It was just out of habit.

I got these for what little money I had left.

Since they are already in full bloom,
they'd scatter away soon unless you paint them quickly.

I didn't know . . .

how beautiful blossoming tulips could be.


they are as beautiful as roses.