Romance in the Air (2020) - full transcript

Eden gets a forced leave from her ad agency job. At her parents' cabin at Lake Tahoe, she meets her childhood friend. He's single and has a hot air balloon business in need of advertising.

[bright music]

[car honking]

With all the complexity
in the world,

the noise, the pressure,
you have to find peace.

Your source of tranquility.

And that is where Blue
Cosmos Sandals come in.

Made from
earth-friendly material,

it's a win for your
feet and the earth.

So try on a pair.

The opulent comfort
will surprise you.

Take care of your sole,
and your soul will soar.

Ah, thank you, Eden.

Perhaps we should see
how Mr. Grayson feels?

You don't understand
our product.

I think I do.

Well I think you don't.

Our customers like
that we're simple

and ecologically responsible.

You have it painted like
it's some luxury bed

for your feet.

Well I thought comfort
would be a key appeal

given the steep price point.

We won't be using this.

Well, is there another angle
you would prefer I try?

That's all.

Mr. Grayson?

Let me just tell you we have
a interesting team committed

to doing the best
for your company,.

[clients chattering]


I researched, and researched,

and ran surveys and everything,

and Grayson is wrong.

His customers are
buying flip flops!

They want something comfortable
on their feet for cheap!

Well I'm glad you
didn't tell him this.


Don't we want our
clients to succeed?

We want them to be happy.

And we want them to
be our clients still.

Did they fire us?


No I convinced them to stay
and to give us a second chance.

Okay, well good.

I'll give them what
they think they want.

I'm giving it to someone else.

[solemn music]


Look, Eden, you're bright
and you're hard-working.

But lately, something's off.

You're not connecting
with the clients,

and it's like you
lost your drive.

You used to knock these
pitches out of the park,

with a passion to
rival PT Barnum.

Look, I can try harder.

It's not that you
don't work hard enough.

Maybe you need a change.

Are you firing me?

No, no.
I just...

[sighing] I want you
to take a break though.

Take a week or two
off, and recharge.

Figure out what you need,

and then come back fired up.


What am I gonna do?

Enjoy the time off.

Sure, and conveniently
ignore the fact

that my job is on the line.

He didn't say that, did he?

Michael, when your boss says
he doesn't like your work

and orders you to take time
off, none of that is good.

You deserve a good vacation.

Like I'll be able to enjoy it

while I worry about my career.

Take Michael with you.

You could come with me.

I wish I could.

Things at work are
crazy right now.

Tax season is over.

We've had a huge increase
in filing extensions,

for some reason this year too.

I just can't take
time off right now.


Speaking of, I should
get back to the office.

Well make sure you get
home at some point.

I'll call it a night around 10.

I'm sorry.

Thanks for dinner.


See you, Michael.

Good night, Kate, bye honey.


Okay, you should go somewhere.

I can keep an eye
on things here,

you know, grab your
mail and all that.

Right, you're great.

Well what are good
neighbors for?

I don't even know
where I would go.

What about somewhere you
can just clear your head?

There is one place
I can think of.

Hey, are you busy next week?

Other than hair
appointments, no.

We can get someone else
to pick up the mail.

Okay, where are we going?


[bright music]

I've never been to
Lake Tahoe before.

You'll love it.

This is your
family's summer home?

Yeah, it was my
grandparents' place

and they willed
it to my parents.

We'd spend every
summer here growing up.

I loved it.

My parents renovated it
a couple of years ago.

But no one lives here right now?

Not year-round.

I called my mom and
she said we could come

and dust it off.

Feel free to call me to
dust this place off anytime.

I know.

I barely recognize it.

I don't think I've
been here since

before my freshman
year in college.

Wow, has it been that long?

Do your parents come here often?

Not as much as they used to.

I think they rent it
out here and there.


Hey, who's that?


I don't know.

No one else should be here.

Excuse me, can I ask what,

[light music]




It's great to see you.

Yeah, you too.

I wasn't expecting you here.

I noticed there's a problem

with one of the sprinkler lines

and it wasn't getting
enough water to the area

so I thought I'd come over and

see if I could fix it.

That's nice of you, thanks.

Hi, I'm Kate, Eden's friend.

Hi, Riley.

Oh, yeah.

Riley's parents own
the cabin next door

so we would see each
other every summer.

So what brings you here?

Well I needed a break.

Kind of a forced vacation.

The cabin was available
so I went for it.

What about you?

You're living here?

Dad got tired of the winters
so he moved to Arizona.

And I took over the cabin
and started a business.

That's great.

What kind of business?

Hot air balloons.

You sell them?

No, no.

I do hot air balloon
rides around here.


That's certainly different.

It's a work in progress.

Well, I'll let you get settled.

It was great to see you.

Yeah you too.

It's nice to meet you, Kate.

Sorry about the,

Oh, no, that's fine.

Thank you for doing that.

No problem.

I'll just be a few
more minutes here.


Yeah well I'll see you around.




We need to get some
groceries tomorrow.

Sounds good.

So Riley seems nice.

Did you see him a lot here?

I did.

I don't even remember
how we became friends.

I think it was convenience.

He was next door when we
came here in the summer

and became my default friend.

Only a friend?

Yeah, why do you ask?

Just a vibe I got.

That was years ago.

He was the reason I looked
forward to coming to Tahoe

in my teenage years,
but that's history.

[phone ringing]

Oh, it's Michael.


Hey, did you and Kate
make it all right?

We did.

Hi, Michael.


So how is it?

So far so good.


Hey, I hate to ask you so soon,

but when do you think
you're coming back?

Ah, miss me already?

I certainly do.

[light music]

Morning, Spencer.


Yeah the valves on
this are good to go.

Minor adjustments
but it's solid.

Good, good, thanks.

Any new reservations?


No messages, anyway.

All right.

But we do have that one
later this week, so,


Hey, things will get better.

Of course.

[gentle music]

The water is gorgeous.

Isn't it?

Lucky you, coming
here each year.

I'm surprised you stayed away.

It wasn't on purpose.

Just work, life, you know.

How are you feeling about work?


How so?

Part of me feels,
what's the word?

Annoyed that they're
questioning my work.

And the other part?

I know it wasn't my best work.

Lately, I care, but
I don't enjoy it.

I don't know,
maybe I'm relieved.

I thought you liked it there.

I don't know.

I didn't even really think
about it until Reese benched me.

Well it'll be fine
when you get back,

after you have had
time to recharge.

But it's not my decision.

Reese seemed supportive
about me coming back,

but only if I'm back on my game.


It makes me
appreciate what I do.

Someone comes in, you
cut their hair, done.

Yeah, but you're good at it.

And you're good at marketing.

Am I?

It's something that I
chose when I was in college

and I just went with it.

Sometimes I wonder what
else I could have tried.

I don't know, maybe I'm
just overthinking it.

Why can't work just be work?

Well it depends on
what you want from it.

You know, a simple paycheck or
do you want some fulfillment?

That's the real question,
isn't it? [chuckling]

Come on, let's go try the water.


[light music]

You don't have to have your life

all figured out right now.

It feels like I
should have something

figured out though, right?

You have Michael.


Of course.

But career is a big part too.

Oh hey, there's this
place you need to see

around the corner.

Mr. Webber's store,
you'll love it.

[door chiming]

This was my favorite
hangout spot in town.

I'd always get the milkshake.

That sounds really
good right now.



Mr. Webber?

There's a familiar
face, Eden Clark!

That's right.

You're finally back.

Well, just for a little bit.

You know, I haven't seen much
of your family for years.

Not since your grandpa died.

How are your parents?

They're good.

They don't make it out
here much though anymore.

And who's this?

This is Kate.

I'm showing her Tahoe,

and I was just telling her that
this was my favorite place.

Well, thank you.

It's a pleasure
to meet you, Kate.

You too.

Go ahead and order something.

Of course I know what she likes.

Chocolate Brownie milkshake.

That's because of
the homemade brownies

you put in it.


How about you, Kate?

I'll try your
cookie dough shake?


Ah, sensible choice.

Why don't you go ahead and
go in there and have a seat

and I'll bring your order out.


Thank you.


How much is this one?

This one's 50.

Mr. Webber's place was the
hangout for all the kids.

I think he associated
me with my grandparents,

it didn't matter that
I was a summer visitor.

He treated me like a
local, like family.

I like him.

And his cookie dough
wasn't bad either.

I told you.

Hey, is this too much
for the two of us?

Nah, it should be fine.

But you know what we still need?


Onions and peppers.


Oh, over there.

I'll grab some.


[whimsical music]

Finding everything you need?

Mhmm, thanks.

I thought you didn't like salad.

Well, that's when I was 12.

It's not so bad now.

Ah, I see.

You still love bananas?

Allergic now.


Yeah, it was a sad day when
I had to give those up.

Oh, I'm sorry.

So what have you been up to?


Oh, let's see.

I was just fixing up some
stuff around the warehouse.

Leaky pipe, flickering
lights, that sort of thing.

And then this afternoon
was quiet business-wise.

And so here I am
stocking up my kitchen.

I didn't know you were
a fix-it type of guy.

Oh yeah, just call me
Mr. Do-It-Yourself.

It helps keep costs down.

You know I was surprised
you're still living here.

I'd have thought when
you were old enough,

you'd leave and
conquer the world.

In all fairness, I did leave

and try a slice of
life somewhere else

but then I came back.

Well, I'm happy
to see you again.

How long are you in town?

Ah, a few weeks.

It's a bit fluid.

Right, so you'll relax,
read a book, swim, shop.

That all sounds perfect.

Oh, and hiking!

You know what you have
to do while you're here?


You gotta go to our spot.

Our spot?

The overlook.


We should go together.

You can show your friend too,

I'm sure she'd love it.

What do you think?

Let's do it.

So what's so special
about this overlook?

Well, we'd go
there every summer.

It was tradition.

We, you and?

Riley and me.


So you'd just hike there?

It's a really pretty hike.



it's where we had
our first kiss.

Wait, what?

We'd hike up here a couple times

each summer you
visited, didn't we?

At least.

The view must really be good.

It depended on how noisy it got

as Eden's mom and
grandma argued.

They always fought about
who would cook each night,

what they would make and how.

Like your mom does
when she visits you?

Don't remind me.

Hey, how much further?

My feet are, well,

I didn't really
bring the best shoes

for off-road activities.

We're almost there.


[gentle music]

Eden, Kate, come on!

Oh, wow.

I need to get out more.

How are your feet?


Worth it?

Just as I remembered.

[uplifting music]

So Kate, what do you do?

I'm a hair stylist.

That sounds fancy.

I cut and style hair.

It's really not.

But hot air balloons
sound amazing.

That's what you do, right?


That must do well here.

I mean, what a great
view of the lake, right?

You'd think,

but it's been a bit
of a slow start.

You know it's a little pricey,

so it's difficult for the casual

or budget-minded tourist.

But it's Tahoe!

People come here to
vacation and burn cash.

Well, people come up
here, hike like we did,

and see the view.

Maybe that's enough.

You don't believe that, do you?

It's a hot air balloon!

It's unique.

Yeah, well.

I can only run tours
early in the morning,

or in the early
evening if I'm lucky.

So I'm starting to think
maybe I should get another job

to live on while I keep
this as a side job.

Well why don't you
add more tours?

Well the temperature affects
how well we can rise.

Then there's the wind, which
picks up throughout the day.

That's tricky.


It is fun though.

You both should come
see it for yourselves.

You mean in the air?


That'd be fun.

Job listing sites
are just scary.

Why are you looking at those?

Just in case.

But you weren't fired.

Look at this one.

This job description
is a full page.

I'm gonna need a special degree

to understand what
they're saying.

Probably not for you then.

What if I get fired?

Then I have to go out there,
find a job, interviewing,

I hate all that.

Okay, I thought
you were supposed

to be decompressing here,

not stressing out
about what-ifs.

It's time to eat anyway.

Well thanks.

This looks good.


Here you go.
Thank you.

Okay so what do you
wanna do tomorrow?

What do you want to do?

There's this insanely
over-priced spa.

Maybe a massage?

No thanks.

Why not?

It'd help you relax.

Not really into those.

But you should go ahead.

Mmm, nah.

I'll save that for another day.

Oh, what about the
hot air balloon thing?

Riley did text me

about a last minute
tour tomorrow morning.

He said there's room
if we want to go.

Want to?

Yeah, that'd be fun.


[glasses clinking]

[light music]


[fire whooshing]

Looking good.


Our group is late though.

Even so, here comes
the important part.

You ready for this?

I am, you?

Ah, a little nervous.

Welcome, good morning.

You guys get up this early

for every one of these tours?

You two ready for this?

I guess so.

Where's the rest of the group?

Good question.

[phone ringing]

Excuse me.

Hello, Hot Air Tahoe?


Oh, hey.

I'm Spencer.

I work for Riley.

Hi, Eden.


So what sort of fuel do
you get for this to fly?

Like a rocket fuel?

Just propane.

You're kidding.

The stuff we use to grill?

Yeah, the very same.

Who would have thought?


Okay, bye now.

Well, some of their
group are sick.

So I rescheduled them
for later in the week.

Oh, come on.

Well, maybe we can
go another time.


Nonsense, we're all set up here.

Let's hop in.

So who flies this?

I do.


Don't you need a license?

I got one.

[eneretic music]

You gonna open your eyes at all?

How far off the ground are we?

Why don't you take
a look for yourself?

Just give me a number.



More like yards but
it's not that high.


You two okay?


Speak for yourself.

Just relax and enjoy the view.

Is it safe up here?

As long as I do what
I'm supposed to.

Are you?

I haven't crashed anything yet.

What about the wind?

You said that the wind...

Okay, okay.

Are you trying to
make me more nervous?

I'm just curious.

I checked the expected
weather conditions

and we're fine.


Look how high we are!

Yeah, it's great!

You weren't kidding.

Wait till you see the lake.

Are you, like,
steering us over there?

I'm doing my best, yeah.

You really know how to fly this.

Yeah, let's hope so.

I got my pilot's license.

I was flying regional
commuter jets.


You're surprised?

Well you always said
you wanted to fly,

but we were kids.

Things change.

That's true.

It got to the point where I

never really felt like
anywhere was home.

I was always in the air
and detached from mylife.

I've been happiest here.

What do you think?

All those years coming here,

I've never seen it like this.

I have fond memories of
this place, but this,

this is the best.

Well then you're
gonna love this.

Hey Kate, hang on.


Are we falling?

Oh wow.

And this is the less impressive
side of my little company.

Here, I can help...

Just set them down over there.

How long have you
been in business?

Almost a year.

What's your favorite
part about it?

Floating in the balloon, just
above the lake's surface.

I don't think there's
anything more peaceful.

It's pure serenity.

What's the worst part about it?

Making a living at it.

I'll feel better
once it takes off.

No pun intended.

You know, I could
help with that.

With what?

I work in marketing.

And it sounds like you
need more customers.

This experience is amazing.

It should nearly sell itself
if enough people try it out.

But you're here on vacation.

I could use an opportunity
to sharpen up my skills.

People can't even
tell you're here.

Most people just call, so
I give them directions.

But you're on Main street
and there's lots of traffic.

This building can
be an advertisement.

Sounds expensive.

We don't have to
do anything crazy,

but this place can work for you.

I still don't know if
it'll make a difference.

What have you done

You know, a poster here
and there around town.

And I have a website too.

We can do more.

If you'll let me help.

You sure you want
to get into this?

I want to help you.

All right.


So much for relaxing.

It almost pains me though.

I can see he can do more

and make his business succeed.

How can I ignore that?

I guess you really
do like marketing.

I just want him to succeed.

Okay so how do you plan to help?

Well, for starters

he could use some more photos

and video on his website.

Especially of that view,
and the balloon launching.

Yes, okay, can you
send that to me?

I bet we can get some
social media buzz going too

with some simple ads.

I know he's nervous
about spending a lot

but I know some easy stuff
that will get the ball rolling.

Yeah that's perfect.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah.

Hot Air Tahoe.

He definitely needs a
sign for his warehouse.

I don't know just a vibe
with the sun and the sky.

Is that going to
be enough though?

You know how you always see

a gazillion tour brochures
when you stay at a hotel?

Guests look through those

and plan out activities
for their stay.

We just need to get
them to see Riley's

Hot Air Tahoe.

I so owe you.

No you don't.

Yes, I do.

This is amazing.

I'm glad you like it.

You can still make changes.

I didn't want to
put in a big order

until you saw it in real life.

It's perfect.

Let's print it.


And then let me take
you out to dinner.

Riley, you...

No, I'm serious.

A 'thank-you dinner'
is the least I can do.

Thank you.

So you never told me why you
were taking a break from work.



Unless you don't want
to talk about it.


No, it's not
horrible or anything,

but my boss told me
to take some time off

so I can come back and
be better at my job.


Sorry you asked?

From what I've seen,
you're great at your job.

I used to be.

I think that this was easier

because the stakes
were, more important,

than say, selling sandals.

Well hot air balloons are
a lot cooler than sandals,

so I get it.

Do you like marketing?

I thought I did.

You told me that flying airplanes
lost its appeal for you.

I guess we all change.


You haven't changed as much

as I would have thought.



I still see the
same girl next door.

The same girl who would
steal my shoes off the porch

if I left them out.

That's because you'd
stuff snails in mine.

You were always a
bit mischievous.

And you always got me back.

I couldn't let you win.

No, of course not.

I remember my dad was crazy
angry at you for something.

What was it?

You burned his entire
collection of baseball cards!

I thought they were yours!

Besides, you had drawn
on my face with a marker

when I was camping
in the backyard.

Yeah, that was pretty
good. [laughing]

You know, I was always scared

that your dad
would come after me

for burning those.

He never did
confront me about it.

Well that's because
I told him I did it.



Well, I didn't want
you to get in trouble.

Plus I was kind of impressed.

You really one-upped me.

I guess I should be grateful.

Do you ever wonder when it was
that we started to grow up?

Maybe when you stopped
coming to Tahoe.


And here you go.

Oh, thank you.


Thank you for dinner.

My pleasure.

But I still owe you.

Have you been by Mr. Webber's?

Of course.

You know he still remembers
my favorite milkshake flavor.

Mine too.

Bananas foster.


You're allergic.


I keep having to remind him
so he doesn't get offended

when I turn it down.

You wanna go see him?

I'll trade your bananas foster
for my chocolate brownie

if he unknowingly insists.



You two have made my day.

It's just like old times.

You work too hard.

Don't you have anyone to help?

I got a couple of
kids that come in,

work a shift now and then.

But this is my pride and joy.

And here's your Bananas Foster.

I'm always trying to get Mr.
Webber to take a vacation.


Where would I go that's
better than this?

Seeing you two back
together again,

that's the cherry on top.

[door chiming]

Excuse me.

Thanks for the milkshakes.



I wouldn't want you to have
an allergic shock here.

Well it's more like
I break out in hives,

but still, not fun.

So, no more bananas,
no more bananas foster.

You're not an airline pilot.

What else has changed?

I'm a terrible
businessman, apparently.

You just need some
marketing tips, that's all.

That's a very nice
way of putting it.

What else has changed?

I don't know.

Maybe I'm the same at heart.

HAve you ever been married?


I had a girlfriend,
a few, actually, but

one wanted to get married.

And then I realized,

well, I didn't love her, so.

What about you?

Never married.

Do you remember we used to
sneak out to the lake at night?


The last night of our trip.

Then we'd go to the dock and
lay out and watch the stars.

Talk about,

What we wanted.

And what worried us, anything
that was on our minds.

First day at school
or parents fighting.

Gossipy friends back home.


[both laughing]

I remember on more
than one occasion

you wished you could
stay in Tahoe forever.

Me too.

I miss those talks.

Me too.

[energetic music]

Hey Kate, you ready?


Do you want me to
grab you a drink?

Oh I just filled up my
water bottle, I'm good.

Oh hey, how was your
dinner with Riley?

It was good.

Kind of seemed like a date.


No, it's not like that.

Was it ever?

You two seem close.

There were a lot of summers.

I mean, sure, we liked each
other but we never dated.

Really it was just
when we were teens,

and when we were
younger, you know,

playing on swing
sets and monkey bars.


Just wondering.

[phone chiming]


Oh, it's Riley.

Oh, what's he want?

He wants to know what
we're doing today.

Do you want to invite him along?


I'll text him back.

[light music]

You know the problem
with living here?


You never take enough time

to appreciate how
great everything is.


It's like me going to
the beach back home.

You never do.


Because it's always there.

Well we have to make
sure you appreciate this

while you're here.

[waves lapping]

You got sunblock on your face.

You bet I do.

Oh, you have a smudge of it

on your cheek.



[phone ringing]

Should I get that?


I'll be right back.

[phone ringing]

Hey honey.


Sorry I missed your call.

I was on the water.

The water, huh?

Are you and Kate having fun?

Yeah, we are.

All play and no work.


there's a little bit of work.

I'm helping out a neighbor

with promoting his business.

Can you explain something to me?

I'll do my best.

I grew up in the same
house my whole childhood,

and even now I don't
live far from it, but,

I can't tell you the names
of more than three kids

I knew back then.

So what's your question?

Why are you and Eden so close?

I don't know if we still are.

We were when she was here.

Maybe it's...

There was this one year.

We were maybe 12,
13 at the most.

And for her, coming here
was a summer vacation trip,

something to look forward to.

So she shows up, goes
straight to the beach,

stays out all day and
was a lobster by night.

Is that why she lathers
on sunscreen like crazy?

Yeah, her skin burned
until she blistered.


And her mom forbade
her from going outside

for the rest of the week.

And I didn't want
her to be bored, so,

I brought her treats,
ice packs and games.

Milkshakes from Mr. Webber's.


And I kept her company.

And honestly it was one
of my favorite summers.

Whether that's the reason
we're close or not,

I don't know, but,

she was always a good friend.

Well, I've got good news.

Oh yeah?


My boss came to me
today and he told me

I'm being recognized
internally at the firm.

That's great!

Recognized how?

Well the annual company
dinner is coming up,

and they always give
out awards and what not.

Well this year, I get one,
along with a nice little bonus.

That's amazing!

You so deserve that.


The dinner is at the
end of next week.

Do you think you can make it?

Of course.

You and Kate will be back
from your trip by then?

I'll make sure we are.

I'm so proud of you.


I miss you.

I miss you too.

All right, have fun at the lake.

I will.



[light music]

Thanks for inviting me.

I'm glad you could come.

I'll see you tomorrow?

Yeah I'll drop by with the
flyers from the copy shop.

Sounds good.

Okay, bye.



So Riley's nice.


Is he dating anyone?

Not that he mentioned.

Does he know you're
dating Michael?

Well it doesn't matter,

we're just friends.

So your relationship's
just simple nostalgia?


What's Michael then?

He's wonderful.

Supportive, grown-up.

Don't you think?

Yeah, yeah, I agree.

Then what's the problem?


Okay, let's just
enjoy the trip here.


So your feelings for
Michael aren't changing?


And your feelings for Riley?



You're getting really
serious about this, huh?

Yeah, let's hope so.

Okay, here are
addresses of places

where you can leave the flyers.

Mention my name if
they look at you funny,

but I've talked to all of them.

And if you have friends
with businesses,

ask them about putting
one up in a window.

My cousin runs a bakery.

Best donuts.



So we all have our lists, so,

Let's get going.


Thank you.

[light energetic music]

Here, this is a good one.



Thanks for letting
me put this up.

Have a nice day!

You too.


[door chiming]

You beat me here.

Well I figured Mr. Webber
would be very supportive.

He says you owe him.

So you finished, then?

Yup, you?

Pretty much.

I wonder how long
it's gonna take

for us to see if
this is working?

I do have some online ads
scheduled to start running.

I should probably
check on those stat.

Whoa, calm down.

It'll be fine.

I haven't been this anxious

about an ad campaign's
performance in a long time.

I doubt that.

I'm serious.

I want this to go well for you.

Well, relax.

The rest is out of your hands.

In fact,

maybe it's time you stop
thinking about work, any work.


[serene music]

Oh, just like old times.



I love the sunset over the lake.

Yeah, don't get
that back home, huh?


Sometimes I come
down here by myself.

But it's not the same.

It's probably quieter.

Well, quiet's overrated.

It never gets this
quiet back home.

You could always come back here.

I guess so.

You should come back
here more often.

I've missed this.

Me too.

Do you ever think about the
last time you were here?


We went on that gondola.

Yeah, I remember.

My stomach didn't like it.

Yeah I was worried about that

with the hot air balloon ride.

I wasn't sure if it
was a heights thing.

Mmm, it's more of a rocking
back and forth thing.


And then afterwards,
we went on that hike.

To our favorite spot?

It was overcast that day

but I was determined to go.

I really wanted to see
how you felt about me.

We kissed.

I thought about
that for a while.

Me too.

And then I went home and
I wrote you a letter.

You did?


Well I never sent it.

But I thought about you.

What did the letter say?

Oh, you know.

Come on, tell me.

I wrote that I

wished that I lived here
and not so far away,

so that I could see you more.

And that I missed you.

I've missed you too.

You almost kissed him?

Does that make me
a horrible person?

No, of course not.

But you do need to come clean.

What? Why?

Because he deserves to know.

Do you mean Riley or Michael?


I'm with Michael, and Riley is,


What is he?

A nice memory.

It can't lead anywhere.

Do you want it to?

You don't know what you want.

I didn't say that.

And that's fine, but
you can't move forward

unless you let go
of Riley or Michael.

I don't have
anything figured out.

And I'm more confused
than when I got here,

and I still don't know
what's up with my job, and,

[sighing] I'm a mess.

No, you're not.

But if you don't figure
it out, you will be.


Oh, hey, Mr. Webber
called for you.

He did?

Yeah he said it was an
urgent freezer emergency,

and he was calling in a favor.

I've got things
here under control

if you wanna go and see him.

All right

[door chiming]

Hey, Mr. Webber.


Oh, this ice cream
mix is no good.

It's more like soup.

And the freezer won't freeze.

Okay, when did the freezer quit?

Well I came in this
morning to try it out,

and all I got was this
runny, soupy mess.

Well, let me see
what I can find.

Well it's drawing power, so

might be something
with the compressor,

maybe the wiring somewhere else.

I hope I don't have to
replace the whole thing.

I replaced the
stove two years ago.

I'll do my best.

Oh no pressure on you, Riley.

I'm talking to myself.

I'm just glad you
could come out today.

Happy to.

I didn't interrupt your
day too much, did I?

No, quiet morning.

Oh, really?

With all those flyers out there,

aren't they doing
any good for you?

Not yet.

Well, you better
enjoy the quiet times.

Because later on
it's gonna pick up

and you're gonna
be wishing for 'em.


So have you seen much
of your neighbor lately?

We've been spending
some time together.

You oughta take her
on a proper date.

I mean all I hear is
people hanging out together

and I don't, never knew
where that saying came from.

It's like a bunch of
monkeys hanging from a tree.

Well it's less risky that way.

Nothing risked, nothing gained.

I always thought you two suited.

Well, we never really
took that step.

Our lives went in
different directions.

And ended up right back here.

For now.

It's temporary.


You better get with it.

You fixed it!

Is that what is
usually sounds like?


Okay then.

Hey Kate?

Gone for that massage.

I'll be back in time for dinner.


[phone chiming]

[sighing] Reese.

What do you want on
my forced time off?

I hope you're
enjoying your break.

Could use your
perspective on a project

when you get a moment.

Looking forward to
having you back.

[phone ringing]

Eden, hi.


Am I interrupting?

I have a few minutes.

How are you?

I'm okay.

Uh oh.

I guess it's good.

Reese just emailed me.

Sounds like he wants me back.



So are you coming back sooner?

I'm trying to decide.

It's been nice out here.

Oh, I bet.

Tahoe sounds like a great place.

Well, I say take
whatever time you need.

Oh, but don't forget
about my company dinner.


No problem.

I'll be back for it.


Hey, and great news about Reese.

I knew it would all work out.

Yeah, it's good.

I'll talk to you later.

Thanks for calling.

Okay, bye.


I need to get out.

[gentle music]

Huh, when did we get these?

Thanks for coming with me.

Happy to.

I don't know when my
parents got these.

This wasn't really a
thing when we were kids.

You're making us sound old.

I thought it was neat,
and I figured we're here,

so might as well try it.

Well, I'm glad you called me.

I think once you try this
you're gonna get addicted.

You're never gonna
wanna go home.

Speaking of home, I got an
email from my boss today.


Well, he wanted my
input on some things.

Isn't that good?

Yeah, I guess it is good.

It's good to be missed.

I'm finding I don't
miss it at all.

Maybe you should
consider a career change.

That's too scary.

I did it.

So could you.

You're still flying.

And you can still market.

But is that what you wanna do?

It's not that I
don't like marketing.

There's a thrill
in it sometimes.

Like a pride in it.

How so?

When I figure the best way

to make something great.

Like a puzzle that
I put together.

You do like marketing.

I think I'd miss it.

So what's wrong?

Is it what you're working on?

I think it's easier to work
on something you believe in.

That could be it.

I don't know, I wish I had
more time to figure it out.

So tell your boss
you're not ready.

And risk him rethinking
and firing me

if I'm not even sure?

So you don't want to
let go of one branch

without having a
grip on another one.


Well the way I see it,
you have three options.

I do?


First one, you go back to
your old, unexciting job.

Next option please.

Second, come work for me
as a poorly paid marketer.

[Eden laughing]

Hey, I'm all for
you sticking around.

Can't blame me for trying.

The third option?

Do nothing.

Just take your time.

You don't have to make a
decision now or even next week.

I do have to make a
choice eventually.

But when you're ready.

Maybe after you've even had time

to discover some new options.

You know, if this hot air
balloon thing doesn't work,

you could be a career advisor.

Let's hope it
doesn't come to that.

Should we do this?



I think I got this.


Now use your oar to
move yourself around.

This is cool.



So what's your secret?

Trust yourself.

Oh, gee, thanks.

And tighten your stomach.

Supposedly it
helps with balance.


So let me guess, you
do this every weekend?


Every other weekend.


[light guitar music]

[light guitar music]


What are you doing out here?



I'm just thinking.


If I tell you, you're
just gonna lecture me.

I don't do that!

Okay seriously, I won't
do that, I promise.

Riley kind of insinuated

that he wants me to stay here.



Is that even tempting?

It is.

It shouldn't be though, right?

I have a life back home,
and a job, sort of,

and what he's saying
is a huge change.

Not just for job and home,

but relationship-wise too.

I know.

It's crazy.

And Michael is,

Amazing, supportive, stable?


Why would I let that go?

Riley was talking about
what I should do for work

and he said I don't
have to make a decision.

Maybe that's the same for here.

Maybe I just need
to put this aside

and enjoy the rest
of my time here.

It sounds like good advice

but you still need to be
careful not to hurt one of them.

Or yourself.



And the card's expiration date?

All right, you're all set
for Monday, party of five.

Yeah, sure thing.

All right, I'll see you then.

Party of five?

The phone had not stopped
ringing all morning.

We have every single day
booked for the next two weeks.

Are you serious?

That's amazing!

Your friend has really
got things rolling here.

I'm going to go get things
prepped for tomorrow's tour.

[phone ringing]

Hot Air Tahoe, can I help you?

Let me check.

So, guess how many calls I got?

How many?


No, actually it
was more than that.

I lost count.

I haven't had to answer
the phone that often ever.

But are people booking?


That's the crazy thing!

I'm starting to wonder if
we need to raise prices.

You probably could,
but maybe wait a bit.

I don't want this to
be an initial rush

with no continued
traffic from customers.

Look at you, talking
all business.

Have you set up
appointment booking online?

I asked Spencer
to, six months ago.

It's not going well.

I'm going to send you a link
for a site that handles that.

It's very affordable

and it saves you time so
you don't have to spend

the day on the phone.


So what you working on?

Web ads.

What do you think?

It looks...



Well, good, because you are.

I feel professional, and
I'm not even doing the work.

You are.

And I'm gonna give you options,

that way you don't have to
use the same ad all the time.

What for?

To change it up for seasons,
holidays, stuff like that.

Got it.


And there you go.

I don't know what I'm
going to do without you.

Oh, I think you'll do fine.

I'd rather not find out.

Any chance you'll stay?

You can get anyone to
help you with this.

Don't worry, it's not like
your business will lose out.

Well, it's not my business
I'm worried about losing.

So what are your plans
for the rest of your stay?

I've got clients
coming out of nowhere,

trying to get on my schedule.

I might have to work 10
hours a day when I get back.

It's good to be
in demand, right?

I guess.

I'm still dreading it.

Me too.

When's your next appointment?


Are you going back
to work then too?

I'm still figuring it out.

[thoughtful music]

Yeah just a few more
things to load up

and should be all set.


Yeah I've got to
get to bed early.

I've been used to sleeping in.

Oh yeah?

Well I'd say I'm
sorry but no sleep

means work and a paycheck.

I'll take it.

Eden mentioned we
should do something

to encourage customers
to leave reviews.

Yeah, like a follow-up
email or something?

Or we could give away a free
t-shirt for every good review?

I don't think bribery
is the way to go.

I'll have to ask her
for some ideas on that.

Well, is she staying?

I'd like her to, but,

But what?

Well, too early to tell.

Are you two dating?

Too early to tell.

Well, sounds like you
have a lot to clear up.

I'm just gonna
finish loading up.

All right, thanks, Spencer.

[light music]

These are beautiful.

Here you go.


Thank you.

Thank you.

This is just about done.



Oh, I'll get it.



So I was thinking
about your call,

and seeing you, and about Tahoe

and it dawned on me,

why not come for the
weekend at least?

I'm glad to see you.



Oh, hi Kate.


This is Michael.

My boyfriend.


Good to meet you.

Nice flowers.

Yeah, they're for Eden,
and Kate, as a thank you

for their help with my business.

Oh, you're the neighbor that
Eden's been helping out.

Uh, I guess so. [chuckling]

You didn't have to do that.

I know, but...


Dinner's ready.

Oh great.

I'm starving.

Nice tan!


I just wanted to drop those off.

Riley, I didn't know.

The response to the flyers
and everything has been great.

We've been getting
a lot of business.

So, thank you.


You have company.

Good night, Eden.



[solemn music]

[Eden sighing]

You know, I'll be right back.


You were right.

I'm sorry.

I don't like being right.

At least not with this.

Should I tell
Michael about Riley?

I think you could.

I don't want to hurt him too.

I think he would understand.

But it's more urgent
you talk to Riley.

I'm sorry I didn't
tell you about Michael.

I didn't mean to
keep it from you.

It's your life.

And we're just old friends.

You're more than that.

But not enough.

That's not true.

Isn't it?

But it's okay.

I've really enjoyed
seeing you again.

Me too.

And my business,

I really got a shot
now, thanks to you.

Thanks for letting me help.

And for being my friend.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Better get that to Riley
right away before it melts.

Oh, it's not for him.

I'm gonna miss these.

Are you leaving?


It's been wonderful, but
too bad it's just temporary.

Now wait a minute.

Not everything is temporary.

The way you feel here and
now, that'll stay with you.

[door chiming]

I should let you go.


If you go back, what do
you leave behind here now?

Thanks, Mr. Webber.

[melancholy music]

So how are your tax deadlines?

Ah, chopping away
at them, bit by bit.

It's nice not to be
in the office though.

Breath of fresh
air, and all that.


Listen, I should
have come sooner.

You asked me and I
just made excuses.

Well you're busy,
I understand that.

Well I was talking to Kate,

and she helped me
realize how upsetting

the last couple of
weeks have been for you.

Well, I wouldn't say
it was upsetting.


Either way, I should
have been here.

[phone chiming]


What is it?

Oh, it's Reese.

He wants to know
if I can make it to

an all-hands on meeting Tuesday.

Wow, he really wants you back.


He's seen what life's like
with you out of the office

and he doesn't like it.

I'm so glad this worked for you.

Me too.

Is that everything?

Yep, I double-checked.

Even under the furniture.

You're thorough.


Yeah, I'm just gonna lock up.

Okay, sounds good.


[light melancholy music]



We're leaving.

Work and all that.

Going back to it, huh?


I hope it works out.


I should go.

Hey, if you're in town again,

you should come by the shop.

See if we're following
your advice well or not.

I definitely will.

Goodbye, Riley.

Goodbye, Eden.

Hey, you want me to drive?

Yeah, sure.

[car starting]

[thoughtful guitar music]

All right, now normally
divide up assignments here,

and we'll get to that.

But I want to start
with some news.

Good news.

We have two brand new
clients under contract now.

Castle Vacuums and
MinFloral Air Fresheners.


This is gonna be great for us.

They're eager to hit
the ground running,

so let's get to work ASAP.

Bobbi, you take Castle Vacuums.

Eden, you up for MinFloral?




Come in!

Hey, honey.

How was work today?


Did you cook?

No, it's a new client product.

MinFloral Air Freshener.


Yeah I think it's because
it's pure minerals,

added with floral scents.

At first thought Min meant mini,

but this isn't that small, so.



So, I wanted to plan
out Friday's dinner.

Oh, what time does it start?

Well for once I wanna be early.

So are you okay if I
picked you up at 5:30?

I'll be ready.


What's the dress code?

I'm wearing a suit
and a new tie.

A new tie, hmm, okay!

I'll be sure not to
embarrass you then.

Oh, thank you.

[light guitar music]


How's it coming together?


The market survey I put
together comes back tomorrow so

that'll help me fine-tune
what I'm going to present.

I can't wait to see it.


[light whimsical music]

[door chiming]


Hey Riley, how you doing?

Good, I just wanted to
check on that freezer.

Is it running all right?

Ever since you fixed it.

It's got a few more years
on it now, thanks to you.


So what can I get you?

Oh nothing, I was
just passing by,

I thought I'd check in.


Well how's that business doing?

I see your balloon floating
around every morning.

It's been popular lately.

Good, good.

So have you heard
from Eden lately?

No, no.

Not since she went back home.

Well you could
call her, you know.

Yeah, I think she's moved on.

And that's okay.

As long as she's happy.

You're a good kid,
you know that?

Are you nervous about the pitch?

No, not really.

But maybe I should be,
because then I'd come across

as excited about it.

Well I'll admit, air
fresheners are pretty dull.


Could you ask Reese for
a different assignment?

It was either this or vacuums.

Oh wow.


Nah, it's fine.

It's work, right?

Well, you know, you could
still make a change.

What do you mean?

You know, quit your job.

I can't.

You just, you don't
seem happy to be back.

And maybe it's not just
because of the job.


You feel a migraine coming on.

The weight of the world
constantly on your shoulders.

But whether you're
at work or at home,

MinFloral can be a
sanctuary and a shield.

Let the natural mineral
aromas lift your spirits,

invigorate your body,
ward off the stressors

that come at you
in every direction.

In an array of award-winning
and inventive aromas,

MinFloral is the element missing

to feel stronger and renewed.


Mineral ingredients, floral
scents, fresher life.

[audience clapping]

Thank you.

I like it.

What type of ad
campaigns do you see

being most effective
for MinFloral?

Well the standard for the
air freshener industry

is print-based, but I
think that's outdated.

I want to get you on video

for the coupon
and shopping apps,

as well as targeted campaigns

in the online and
broadcast space.

Targeted to your
demographic, of course.

I love it.

One question though.

I don't think the
hot air balloon fit.



Ah, well, we can
leave that part out.

I was going for a parallel
of open, fresh air,

like when you're in
a hot air balloon.


All ads will get your final
approval before we run,

so don't worry about anything
that seems out of place.

Right. [chuckling]

If we hurry, we can
get these locked in now

while ad inventory is high.

I think we can negotiate
better placements now

rather than waiting
for too long.

That sounds sensible.

You had me slightly worried

with the hot air balloon thing,
but you handled it great.


There's a lot to do in a
short time on MinFloral,

but I think you can do
it if you're willing

to put in some extra time.

And then I have a
plant fertilizer client

that I want to assign to you.

Plant fertilizer?

The landscape and
gardening industry's

number three company.

They're aggressively
trying to take the lead.

So, I'll add that
to your accounts.


Maybe you should give
that to someone else.

What do you mean?

I mean, maybe you should
give all my accounts

to someone else.





I'm so sorry, ugh.

Today was crazy and
I totally forgot.

I'll be right out.


The freeway's going to
be a mess right now.

But we can probably make up
the time on another route.


So work was crazy today, huh?

Sort of.

I quit my job.

You quit?

You did?


Is everything all right?

That's kind of sudden, isn't it?

I mean what are you going to do?

I don't know yet.

But I wasn't happy.

You know maybe you
should think it over.

You could talk to
Reese on Monday.

No, it's fine.


If you say so.

I didn't know your job
made you so unhappy.

I don't think it's
just my job though.

What do you mean?

All this time.

I know.

It's hard because I love

and care for you so much.

I feel the same about you.

I guess we were never really
in love with each other.

It was comfortable.

And we let it go on.


So when did you figure this out?

When I got back.

But, I guess it
started in Tahoe.

There was a friend there, Riley.

And I realized that
what I felt for him was

different than how
I feel for you.


Are you upset?


Actually I know
exactly how you feel.

There's something I
wanna tell you too.

You and I started
dating but as it went on

we spent time with
each other's friends.

A lot of time.

Well, I started to...



I couldn't bring myself
to tell either of you.

I would hate myself if
I ever came between you.

I get it.

I want you, and
Kate, to be happy.

You do?


This day has gone very
differently than I thought.

For me too.


Oh, your dinner!

You know what, don't
worry about it.

No, you can still
make this, yes.


Eden, what's going on?

Go put on a nice dress.

What, why?

Because you are going
to a dinner party

in honor of Michael.

What, I am?


Hi Kate.

Okay Eden, seriously,
what's going on?

There's not a lot of
time, but to sum it up,

Michael and I broke up,

and Michael has had feelings
for you for a while,

and as I think of
it more and more,

you like him too, and
I couldn't be happier

for the both of you.

Okay, wait, what?!

Just think about it.

Even in Tahoe, you were
worried about me, yes,

but you didn't want
Michael to get hurt.

And you've been such a
good friend to me but

I don't want you to miss out

on something special with him.

And speaking of special,

Michael's dinner started
about five minutes ago.

So what do you say, Kate?

Will you come with me?

Be my date?


What will you do?

I don't know yet.

Don't worry about it.

Have fun.



[soft guitar music]

You all have a nice day.

Thanks, bye.

How was it?

Oh, fine.

No wind really.


Did the no-show come
while we were in the air?


I guess they just forgot.

Who's that?

I guess that's the no-show.

Maybe they just
got the time wrong.


[energetic music]

Did I miss the tour?

That was you?

I drove as fast as
I could to get here.

Sorry, you missed it.

Ugh, that's too bad.

You know, normally
there's no refunds,

but maybe I could take you up

for a private tour another day,

if you're in town for a while.

I am.

And I'd like that.

Maybe I might give
you a good review.

I didn't think you
were coming back.

It's like you said,

I needed time to figure
it out for myself.

And have you?

I think so.


'Cause I didn't
want to wait another

10 or 15 years to see you again.

Me neither.

[uplifting music]

I had two resorts
here contact me

about running a
marketing push for them.

I'm not surprised.

I think I'm gonna
pick one to work on.

Good for you.

Nice, huh?

This whole working for
yourself idea isn't bad.

See why I like it?

I do.

I really do.

[light music]