Roja (1992) - full transcript

Roja, a young woman born and brought up in Southern India, prays that the handsome young man coming to see her sister will be her future brother-in-law, only to have the tables turned on her when he openly choses her over her sister (as her sister loves another). So Roja marries Rishi and they leave the village to settle in the city, where both fall in love. Rishi, who works for the Indian Government, is instructed to go to the troubled state of Kashmir on a classified mission. Roja also goes along. Then her innocent world is shattered when Rishi is abducted and held for ransom by a group of jihadist militants who want an independent Kashmir and the release of a terrorist held by the Indian military forces. Will the passionate appeal of this young woman move cold and ruthless military and politician's hearts and minds? Two of the songs are worth remembering after watching the Hindi-dubbed version of the movie: "Dil hai chhotasa, chhotisi aasha, masti bhare man ki bholisi aasha, chand taroh koh choone ki aasha, aasmano me udhne ki aasha..." and the unforgetably hilarious and popular "Rukmani, Rukmani shaadi ke baad kya kya hua, kaun haara kaun jeeta, khidki mein se dekho jara...."

It's the only way.
Come on, go, go, go.

Come on let's get out of here. Go.

I'll stop them.
You guys get out of here.

I'll take care of them.
Go on, get out of here.

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

"A hope to reach the stars."

"A hope to fly free in the skies."

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

"A hope to reach the stars."

"A hope to fly free in the skies."

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"Just like the blooming flower.."

"..I too would bloom
and spread my fragrance."

"Wrapped in a drape of clouds.."

"..I will dance like crazy.."

"..binding the world in my locks."

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

"A hope to reach the stars."

"A hope to fly free in the skies."

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

"My heart blooms just like.."

"..this earth blooms like paradise."

"I wish to sing like a cuckoo.."

"..and wish to sway and swim
free like unrestrained fishes."

"My youth has woven
these colourful dreams.."

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

"A hope to reach the stars."

"A hope to fly free in the skies."

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

Karvatilal, where are you
off to early in the morning?

I can't find my goats anywhere.

Some robbers have
taken off with them.

Don't make a noise;
didn't you hear me?

Hey Kamla, is the car here yet?

Bholu, you idiot,
what are you looking for?

My goats are all missing.

When she lost her husband,
she did not go to find him.

Why will she bother
to find your goat?

For God's sake, what are
you standing around for?

Go, go, look out for them..

Hey you silly fellow, come over here.

Don't ask them, ask me.

Come here. Your goats must be
roasting on Raju's fire place.

Keep quiet, you silly goats!

Stay together, all of you..
Oh my goodness!

Roja, the car has come.

Go on, go on, run along..
Hey Kamla! Come here, help me.

Come on, come on, run along.

He's handsome, isn't he?

Oh no, cigarette!

Very bad!

Fallen in love already, have you?
I can leave you behind.

I don't mind.


Come on, let's run.

Karvatilal, your goats
are crowding the road.

Have you any sense? They
have blocked the car..

..of the man who has
come to see my sister.

Go on, hurry up. Go on, get
them out of the way! Go on, quick!

Be careful. He looks a
very intelligent type.

If you don't understand anything,
ask me, okay?

Intelligent! My goats! Go on,
you buffoons! Go on, get them.

Go, go..

Come on, come on, everyone.
Hurry up, hurry up.

The bridegroom has arrived.
You've to come to see him.

Oh, the bridegroom has come.
Let's go and see him.

Listen everybody.
My sister Laxmi's husband to be..

..has come to see her.
Laxmi's groom is here.

The bridegroom is here.
Come on, come on, everyone.

Laxmi, hey Laxmi..

Where on earth have you been?

You said you were going to
the market to buy vegetables.

I saw him, Mamma. - Do you
know how angry your father is?

I saw him. Can you
believe it? I actually saw him.

How does he look?

You be quiet. Mind your own business!

He's very fair-skinned, very
handsome and he's big and tall.

He looks very intelligent,
grandma. Must be very well educated.

He smokes too.. but he
looks like a decent man.

I really do approve of him.
It's great if you also do approve.

Roja, you silly creature!
What are you so excited about?

Is it your wedding or your sister's?

Oh, be quiet, grandma. I want
to stay here in the village.

I have no wish to marry.
But my sister Laxmi will.

I should light a
lamp to the goddess..

..for answering my prayers.
Hold still, Laxmi.

Don't move an inch.

Make a wish. Hey,
can I make one for you?

May this husband be the
nicest man in the whole world!

May he fall in love with
you at the first glance!

In four days time we'll have
a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Then you'll sit with him
in his car and leave us all.

At that moment, I shall
cling to you and cry and cry.

Mom, we have come
here to see a bride.

Why is half the village following us?

Specially these old women! Do
you want me to select one of them?

Very funny. I want a village
girl for you. So enjoy yourself.

What's the matter? What are
you murmuring between yourselves?

City people are very private.

Well, my brother, what
do you do for a living?

I am a cryptologist.

I don't understand.
You mean you make bricks?

What do you not understand?
He's a photographer.

What am I saying? By the way,
son, how much do you earn?

Sufficient enough.

Meaning? One thousand, two thousand..

..or is it five thousand?
Why don't you let us know?

Prasad Ram-ji, how
come you ask the groom..

..such a personal question.

But I was just..

Just a minute, just
a minute, stop, stop!

Well, you look fine on
the outside, young man.

Nothing wrong from inside, I hope.

You have left all the
city girls and have come.. marry a village girl.
That's why we are asking. - Yes.

You there, keep quiet. He's
picked a girl from our village.

We should be grateful.
Please, don't misunderstand.

Yes, my son.
- What wrong have I said?

After all it's the
matter of our girl's future!

Should we not ask?

You are an educated man. You tell us.

Look, I have ten fingers on my hands.

That's not what I meant.

If you wish, I can
carry you to the house.

Oh no, no, son! No!

Come on, come on!
- Please no, no.

Come on, don't be embarrassed.
Come on.

Oh God! Put me down son,
this is very embarrassing, son.

Put me down.

Laxmi, don't be nervous.
If he asks you something..

..intelligent, give it right back.
Don't worry about anything.

I've made a deal with
all the gods and goddesses.

Roja, you wait here.

Why, Mamma? Mamma!

Laxmi, take her blessings.

Come sit.

Now if this crowd just keeps
hanging around the two of them..

..then the girl will remain mum!
And my son too will..

..not open his mouth. Let's
leave these two alone so that..

..they can decide whether
they like each other or not.

Sister, what kind of talk is that?

Yes, yes. How can we
leave the two of them alone?

Sister, it is not allowed.

We have allowed the boy
to see the bride's face..

..before the wedding.
Otherwise, it is never allowed.

Listen, they don't like all
these old fashioned village ways.

Yes sister, he's a big city man.

Wait a minute! She hasn't
really said anything wrong.

After all, it's the two of
them who have to live together.

So what's wrong with
them having a little chat?

Oh my God! Roja, did you hear that?

The two of them are
going to chat alone!

In the last five years,
I've prayed everyday to you.

The boy who has come
to see my sister..

..please let him say yes.
I'll offer you whatever you ask.

And just like I had promised,
I'll also light a lamp..

..with pure ghee for you.
Whatever happens..

..just let him approve of her.

My son, ask whatever you wish.

After marriage, you won't
get a chance to ask anything.

She speaks from experience.
After marriage..

..her poor husband
has become a slave.

And he keeps mum.

They really can talk, can't they?

I was born and
brought up in the city.

So I have never come to a village.

But I had decided that
if I ever get married..

..I'll marry a girl from the village.

I seem to like this village.
The fields, the waterfalls..

..the soil, smell of the earth..
These old hags! I love it all.

What are these two talking?
I can't hear a thing!

Why do you want to hear their talk?

You don't interfere in
their private matter.

Look who is talking and
acting holier than thou!

All your life, you've
meddled in other's affairs!

What about you? I'd
like to hear your voice.

Say something. Say 'God is great'.

Abuse someone if you
wish to! Just say something.

This marriage.. This
marriage is not possible.

What? Come again.

Please, speak softly.
Please say no to this match.

Say you do not approve of me.

Hey Laxmi! Don't just keep
standing there like a statue.

Go on, and offer him a cup of coffee.

I'm in love with
Narendranath since childhood.

I've made up my mind
to marry only him.

But his father and
mine are sworn enemies.

So my father won't
allow me to marry him.

If we cannot marry..
I'll put an end to my life.

So please reject this offer.

Wait a minute!

Then why did you send me all
those beautiful pictures..

..of yourself and
dragged me here from so far?

You should have told
your father about it first.

These city men are just
never satisfied with talks!

My husband is the same.

Go, call your father.
I'll tell him myself.

If he gets to know, he'll
throw me out of the house.

So what do you expect me to do?

If you just keep staring
at him without speaking..

..then this is bound to happen.

Only you can help me.

Sir, you approve of
our girl, don't you?

Don't feel shy. You
can say what you feel.

Oh, come on! How can you
not approve of our Laxmi?

He looks quite pleased.
It's showing on his face.

Rishi, you like her, don't you?
Shall I give the go ahead?

Please, please,
please, please, please..

Please, please, please..

I like this girl.

Son! How will you ever
find peace of mind like this?

You've come from the city..

..studied in the best schools!

You came here to approve
of the older sister.

And now you say you like the younger
one! Do you have any integrity in you?

What is the use of education?

If this was someone else,
we'd have beaten him to a pulp!

Have you thought about poor Laxmi?

Who'll want to marry her now?

Who'll want her for a wife?

Son, it's a matter of honor for us.

Please, do not shame us like this.

That's all I have to say to you.

I've always been warning you not
to let her go prancing around!

But do you ever listen?
Now look what has happened!

The silly girl has
ruined her sister's life!

What have I done?

Tell me, what were
you doing in that room?

Your mother had told
you not to go there!

Why are you scolding her? She's still
a child. What wrong has she done?

What? You don't think she
has done anything wrong?

She was standing
there like a temptress!

Now he wants to marry her only!

Please don't scold
me for nothing at all.

Do you know I've been praying
everyday for Laxmi to get married?

Marriage is a personal matter.
Forget what other people think.

If the boy likes Roja,
then let him marry her.

Grandma, I don't want to get married.

Shut your mouth! You've
done enough damage as it is!

She's not really that
young anymore, my son.

We don't get boys like this everyday.

If he has chosen our girl,
we should consider..

..ourselves fortunate.

Our Roja too has
grown up now, hasn't she?

She's got to marry someday.

I know that, mother. But
how can the younger sister..

..marry before the older one?

I do have someone in
mind for our Laxmi.

Without further delay, let
her marry Swaramnath's son..

..Narendranath and end the matter.

And forget all these years of enmity?

All the humiliations he has caused?

Have I no dignity whatsoever?

That's right. You're sworn enemies.

You have crossed
swords with the father.. now you expect your
children to do the same too.

Don't do that.

Think about their future. They
too need a life of their own.

Stubbornness and pride
will lead you nowhere.

Please don't break their hearts.

Listen to me, my son. Listen
to your old mother of yours.

Go on. Let both
marriages take place together.

"Rukamani, what was it like
on the wedding night?"

"Who lost? Who won?
Peep in through the window."

"Rukamani, what was it like
on the wedding night?"

"Who lost? Who won?
Peep in through the window."

"With arms in arms, they
talk sweet nothings.."

"The bed has started
to creak slowly.."

"It rocks to and fro, things
are steaming up."

"Rukamani, what was it like
on the wedding night?"

"Who lost? Who won? Peep
in through the window."

"Uncle must have put his
arms around you.."

"Uncle must have put his
arms around you.."

"The young bride must have
tormented her husband.."

"Then the husband must have
beseeched with joined hands.."

"Then the husband must have
lovingly put her on his lap.."

"Their hearts must
have met lovingly."

"Rukamani, what was it like
on the wedding night?"

"Who lost? Who won? Peep
in through the window."

"He must have touched her finger;
she must have trembled.."

"Cupid must also have
danced with abandon.."

"The body must have shivered
as if lightning struck.."

"The bindi must have shone;
the bangles tinkled.."

"When two bodies met; youth
must have blossomed.."

"All joys of heaven and
earth were obtained."

"Rukamani, what was it like
on the wedding night?"

"Who lost? Who won? Peep
in through the window."

"With arms in arms, they
are having sweet talks.."

"The bed has started
to creak slowly.."

"It rocks to and fro, things
are steaming up."

Brother, we are very grateful to you.

We shall never forget
what you have done for us.

This was God's will.

Where is Roja?
- She is inside the house.

No, she is not there.
- She is not?

God bless you.

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

"A hope to reach the stars."

"A hope to fly free in the skies."

"A small hope lies in my tiny heart!"

"An innocent hope in
my euphoric heart!"

I do hope you'll enjoy
the dish I'm preparing.

Do you think this
much salt is enough?

No, that's too much.

Your grandmother
says you cook very well.

She says you can whip up a
banquet for thirty people.. just thirty minutes! But
my Rishi is not a fussy eater.

He is all the time
preoccupied with his books..

..and that wretched computer!
And if it's not that, it's music.

He sits in the toilet
reading the newspaper and..

..figuring out the crossword. I've
told him a hundred times not to do it..

..but still, he just
doesn't listen to me!

Don't pick on the food
while its still cooking!

God knows when he'll stop smoking!

What's the matter?
- Nothing, mom.



I didn't.. I didn't do
it on purpose. I am sorry.


Are you angry? I said
I am sorry. Look at me.

You know I'm not
such a horrible person.

In fact, I'm quite a nice guy.
Don't I look like one?

I'm taking you to meet my chief,
Dr. Chandra Mohan.

You know, we create computer
software for the Indian military.

We also encode and
decode a whole lot of..

..confidential files for them.
We need to have high security..

..clearance for everyone who
works in that department..

..including the family members.

That's why I'm
taking you to meet him.

Have you heard
anything I've just said?

Wait here.

Come in.

All right. Next Saturday.
Is it very cold there?

No problem. I'll be there in Kashmir.

Two, three days are more than enough.

I'll handle the courts once
I am there. Okay? Thank you.

Hello, Rishi! Congratulations!

Thank you. Sir, this is my wife.
- Where?

Why are you standing here?

You asked me to wait here.

Okay, come in.

Come, my girl. I'm Rishi's
chief but only in the office.

Name's Chandra Mohan.
I think he's very lucky.. get a wife like you. Sit down.

I hope you have married him
out of your own free will.

What did you say your name was?
- Roja!

I didn't ask you. Now, can I
have a conversation here please?

Which village are you from?
- Sir, it's a very small village.

My village is not small.
I'm from Sunder Bhanpur.

Sunder Bhanpur district!
Oh! She's from my village!

That's why she has
that glow on her face.

Its been ages since I've
met anyone from my village.

And this boy.. My girl,
he's a total city boy..

..from head to heart.

By the way, is the Mumbadevi
temple in our village, Roja?

Yes. I mean not in our village..'s 20 miles south of our village.

All the girls visit the temple
during the festival of flowers.

That's in autumn, right?

No, it's during the monsoon. We
girls collect our flowers in baskets..

..and then travel by bullock
carts to worship the goddess.

It must be wonderful.

Sir, I've got her for
the security clearance.

I'm your chief. I know
why you have brought her.

He must be bossing you
around too! Am I right?

So, are you missing the village?

Yes sir.

What did he tell you about me?

He said, "Don't talk to
my chief. Just be quiet."

"If you open your mouth, then you'll
display your innocence!" - Ignorance!


Just because this man is educated,
don't let him..

..bully you! Listen mister,
this girl is from my village.

She is not afraid of
anyone or any thing! Understand?

Roja, do you know how to
sing those old folk songs?

Sir, what about the
security clearance?

There is no need for that!
She's from my village.

She doesn't need any clearance.

Listen, can you sing
some old folk songs for me?

I have some fond
memories of these songs.

Maybe some of them.

I'm leaving for Kashmir
and will be back by Monday.

As soon as I'm back, I'll
come straight to your home.

And I want to hear you sing all
those favourite songs of mine.

What's the matter?
She should be saying..

"You're most welcome.
I'll be waiting for you."

I won't be here next Monday.
I'm going back to my village.

We've just been here for
four days. What's the problem?

I want to go to my mother.

For 18 years,
you've been hanging on.. her apron strings!
Wasn't that enough?

I'm missing my village.

Every time you miss it, you
can't just go running off, Roja!

Now this is your home.
Do you understand?

No, this is not my home. I
don't like it here. I feel uneasy.

I am not supposed to be here.
This is my sister Laxmi's house.

You've done her a great injustice.

Oh! So that's why you are angry.

No wonder you've been
sulking all this while!

Don't you have a heart?
Put your hand on your heart..

..and tell me! Would any
decent man do.. - Listen..

..what you have done?
You'd not get a girl like.. sister in a million years.
Even if you were.. search the whole world!
- Listen

Do you have any idea
what a woman feels..

..when you agree to a
marriage and then suddenly.. point at me and say
that I'll marry this one?

Can you understand
what she must have felt?

Now, how will I look my
sister in the eye once again?

I can explain you.. - This is
going to hurt me my whole life.

The entire village
practically spat in my face and..

..abused me as if I was the
one seducing you all this while!

Won't you at least listen to me?

Just because you're educated,
you can do as you please?

You're not understanding, Roja..

You can treat us like dirt?

What did you think before
you said in front of people..

..if not this, then this girl?
- Listen to me, Roja, calm down!

As if we were
vegetables at the market!

For God's sake, listen to me!

I did not reject her, Roja.
She was the one who rejected me.

This marriage is not possible.
- What? Come again.

Please, speak softly.

Please say no for this marriage.

No! This cannot be true. She
would never say a thing like that!

Hey Laxmi! Don't just keep
standing there like a statue.

Go on, and offer him a cup of coffee.

I'm in love with
Narendranath since childhood.

I've made up my mind
to marry only him.

But his father and
mine are sworn enemies.

So my father won't
allow me to marry him.

If we cannot marry,
I'll put an end to my life.

So please reject this offer.

I still can't believe this!

That's the truth. Whether you
choose to believe it or not..'s up to you.

I just spoke to Laxmi on the phone.

She's very happy in her new home.

She says I should
worship you like a God.

Without knowing the truth,
I got upset with you.

Please forgive me. I
swear to God, I am sorry.


I'm not such a horrible person.
I'm quite nice, actually.

You do forgive me, don't you?

Hello.. Yeah.. When? Which hospital?

Okay, I'll be there.

What happened?

Dr. Chandra Mohan has been admitted in
Remedy Hospital. I'm going to see him.

What happened, sir?

Don't be bothered by
all these gadgets!

They're just an excuse for
the doctors' huge bills.

Will you do something for me?
- Definitely, sir.

I was to leave for Kashmir on
a very important assignment.

I don't think I can make it now.
You'll have to go in my place.

What will I have to do?

In Baramullah, at
the Unit's South Post..

..all messages from
foreign nations are intercepted.

You'll have to
decipher coded messaged.

You think you can handle this?

It's better if you
go early so that the..

..intern there will
explain everything to you.

I think this is a very
good assignment for you.

Definitely, sir.

In the current circumstances,
I feel very awkward..

..sending you to Kashmir.
- Why sir? Kashmir is in India.

Why should we be afraid of
going anywhere in India?

Thank you. Thank you, Rishi.
All security arrangements..

..have been made by the military.

You don't have to worry at all.

Okay sir, no problem.

Roja, remember your promise.
You still have to sing for me.

Only if you promise to get
well soon, I'll sing for you.

Rishi, she's a nice girl.

I've called your father.
He'll take you to your village.

Now you can happily
go to your mother..

..and come back when you
feel like it! Are you happy?

But what will I do in the village?

Please don't leave me here.
Take me with you, please.

To Kashmir?

I've already
apologized for my mistake.

Stop all this talk now
and get ready to go home.

Ma, come with me, please.
- Where?

Please come
- What's the matter?

What happened?

You'll know in a minute.

Ma, please tell him
not to leave me alone.

Ask him to take me with him.

Rishi, its not even a week since the
wedding! Don't leave her like this.

Ma, I know what I am doing.

Think about it. She's a
young girl. You're newly married.

Take her with you.

My bag is also packed and ready.

Why is there no one on the roads?
- Curfew.

What? - Curfew. No one
is allowed on the roads.

Why? - Security. There're too
many terrorists around here.

To keep them in control.

It's frightening.

Where we are going?

"These beautiful valleys,
this open sky.."

"Where have we come? O my beloved?"

"My heart has bloomed like
a bud in these blossoms.."

"I've got you; I've got
every happiness.."

"Your lips dazzle with beauty.."

"Your cloudy tresses decorate
your cheeks.."

"The wind is fragrant with
the scent of your veil.."

"Your body is like
polished marble.."

"Sweetheart, I am your moonlight.."

"Sing some melody of love tonight."

"These beautiful valleys,
this open sky.."

"Where have we come? O my beloved?"

"This is the bond of love;
see that it doesn't break."

"This is an association for all
births; let it not loosen.."

"I have found my destination
in the shade of your veil.."

"I have found my love in the
shade of your eye lashes."

"These beautiful valleys,
this open sky.."

"Where have we come? O my beloved?"

"My heart has bloomed like
a bud in these blossoms.."

"I've got you; I've got
every happiness.."

"These beautiful valleys,
this open sky.."

"Where have we come? O my beloved?"

"I feel like settling
you in my heart.."

"Let me make you mine in
this naughty night.."

"Why are these storm clouds
hovering on my chest?"

"I'll love you will my heart,
my lover, my darling."

"These beautiful valleys,
this open sky.."

"Where have we come? O my beloved?"

"My heart has bloomed like
a bud in these blossoms.."

"I've got you; I've got
every happiness.."

"My sweetheart, I am
your moonlight.."

"Sing some melody of love tonight."

"These beautiful valleys..
- This open sky.."

"Where have we come?
- O my beloved?"

"These beautiful valleys..
- This open sky.."

"Where have we come?
- O my beloved?"

Roja! Roja!



Mansingh, have you seen my wife?

I'm not sure, sir.

Roja, Roja..

Have you seen my wife?

My wife.. did she go out?

I'm not sure, sir.

O God of Kashmir! I
don't know your name..

..but my father says
that all Gods are one.

So I've come to you. You
know my plight, don't you?

You're the almighty.
You know everything.

Before leaving my village, I
fought a lot with my God..

..and I told him I'll
never worship him again..

..because he made
me marry such a man.

I even told him that I
wouldn't even look in his direction!

But now I realize what a
good husband he's given me.

Thanks to him. O God of Kashmir..

..Please send this
message to my God..

..and please accept this coconut.

You'll speak to him, right?

You won't forget, will you?

Oh Lord, this is
going to be a problem.

You can't even break
a coconut in Kashmir.

No, you can't!

Who is it? Is it the God
of Kashmir speaking? - Yes.

You speak English?

I speak all languages. Tamil,
Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada..

..Hindi, Urdu,
English, German, French..

..Greek, Arabian, Persian.
I can tell you your past..

..your present. I can
even tell your future.

You are married, aren't you?
- Yes.

I am Chajju Maharaj from Polachi.

Well known tourist guide,
astrologer, travel agent..

homoeopathy, Ganapathy, Laxmipathy..

..psycopathy! I am the
jack of all trades..

..All in one, one in all!

Come, come, show me your hand..

..and I'll tell you your future.

Earlier, a lot of
tourists used to come here..

..but now, we get only terrorists.

By the way, are you a
tourist or a terrorist?

Oh no! We have some important work.

What is so important that
you have come to Kashmir.. such troubled
times with your husband?

Something big! Cryptology,
something like that. I don't know.

Is there something like
that too? Listen, Roja..

..I'm leaving for my
hometown in a few days.

Rail ticket, bus ticket,
platform ticket, I've got it all.

I can't take all these gun
shots and explosions any more.

As you can see, my
lifeline is already small.

Now if you want to
know your future, then..'ll have to come
to Polachi to meet me.

That's him.

Oh, your husband!


Let him go!

Leave him!

Please stop!

Rascal, do you think the police
station is your father's house?

Please listen to me, they
took him away! My husband..

Don't know where
these people come from.

Ten twelve people came,
abducted my husband.. front of my eyes! Listen to me!

I'm speaking over the phone.
You go there.

Tell me, what is the matter?

Some people, they took
away my husband in a car.

At gun point. Please help me.

What is going on there?

Don't know, sir. She is
telling something in English.

What happened now? Calm down,
please calm down.

They were wearing masks..

..carrying big guns.

Was it a robbery?

No, my husband! My husband!

Someone bring water for her.
Bring some water soon.

Please help me. They dragged
my husband. Took him away.

Calm down, calm down! I can't
understand what you're saying!

Sit down.

I don't want to sit. Right
in the middle of the road..

..they dragged my husband in
a car and just drove away.

And you want me to
sit down? How can I?

Wearing masks, with
guns in their hands..

..they just took him away.

They dragged him away ruthlessly..

..and you are not helping me at all!

Madam, calm down please
and tell me what happened.

My husband..
- Yes..

Five ten people..
- Okay.

Took him away..
- Abduction?


But when?

Today morning.

Where? -Temple.

Mr. Rishi Kumar, a
computer engineer from Bangalore..

..was today abducted
by Kashmiri terrorists.

This incident took place
near the famous Gulmarg temple..

..early in the morning a few
kilometres away from Srinagar.

Laxmi, Laxmi, come quickly.

Mr. Rishi Kumar who works
for the central government's..

..telecommunications department,
had gone.. assist in the Indian
Army's Intelligence Division.

After his abduction, the Indian
army, Border Security Forces.. well as the Jammu
and Kashmir police..

..have come together
to search for him.

All government
departments have been put..

..on high alert in
search of Mr. Rishi Kumar.

Brother, I..

Don't hit that girl!
- Why did you untie him?

How dare you raise
your hand on a woman?

These are never to be taken off!
- A big coward!

Shut your mouth!

We are not here to
give you any trouble.

So don't be afraid.
But if you act smart..

..we will have to kill you.

It's not a big deal for us. To kill.

I am not afraid of death.
- Javed.

What do you want?
What is it that you want?

Independence! Freedom!

Whose freedom?

Our freedom! Freedom for
the nation that's Kashmir.

Freedom for all the
citizens of Kashmir!

Everyone's freedom!
His freedom, his freedom!

My freedom! Freedom for every
little wailing child that's born.. this land! Every plant,
animal, living being that breathes!

Freedom for all of them!
Freedom from your slavery!

Hello, ma, ma.. It's me, Roja.

Hello, Roja. Roja,
any news of Rishi yet?

Nothing at all. Hello, I
have no clue where he is..

..and in what condition.

Hello, hello, Roja,
how did all this happen?

Some armed men
sprang out of nowhere..

..and just pushed him in their
car in front of my eyes, ma.

I couldn't do anything.

Roja, Roja, don't worry my girl.

It's all my fault.
It's nothing else, ma.

All because he married me.

Now, don't you be stupid.
I'm coming there.. the first flight I get.

No, ma, don't worry.
I'll handle this on my own.

Please pray at all the temples
and speak to Dr. Chandra Mohan.

I've already spoken to him.
He said there's an important.. alert to all
officials and that they will..

..soon come to an understanding.

Paper, paper.. Today's paper..

Sir, today's paper.

Paper! Paper!
- Ma, I'll call you later. Bye.

Here's the money.
- Paper, paper, paper, paper..

You'll live another
thirty years and..

..after thirty years,
you'll inherit a huge fortune.

But now, give me my money. I
can't wait for thirty years.

Here, take this.

What a lifeline! You'll
have a long, long life, I say.

How much?


Oh my God! Oh my God!

What happened? Where are you going?

My lifeline's at stake! Let me go.

This is not fair.
- She must not see me.

I've to go. Let me go.



Why are you running away from me?

No, no, it's not
what you think, Roja.

I have to conduct prayers
for Mr. Singh. I was on my way.

Can you please read
what's written here?

It's in Hindi and I
can't read a thing!

Is everything okay?
Read it to me, Chajju.

There's nothing in it, really.

He's standing there with armed men..

..and there so much
written and..

..he says "Nothing"!
Please read it, Chajju!

Wasim Khan is in prison. If in
three days they release him..

..then they'll allow
your husband to go.

What else is written
about his release?

If he is not released..
- Then what?

Then there will be big trouble.

Please read it for my sake, Chajju!

If he is not released,
then a day later..

..your husband's fingers
will arrive in a parcel.

Then next day, by the Shiva temple,
all his toes will be found.

And within a week, his entire
body will be received in bits!

That's what these
bastards are saying!

That's what they are saying.

Wait, Roja! Roja,
where are you going?

Listen to me. I'm also
coming with you. Wait.

Look madam, if you come
here repeatedly, then..

Take a look at this! Read the paper!
It's full of threats!

Now what do you plan to do?

Sir, it's about this article.
Can you tell us anything more?

See, this case is not
in our hands any more.

The army has taken over.
We can't do anything.

Now they will do whatever is
to be done. Go to the army.

I don't know anything about the army!

There are so many
uniformed men over here!

Just send some soldiers
and ask them to look for him!

Can't you do that much?

Please explain to her, we can't do
anything now. Whatever is to be done..

..will be done by Colonel Rayappa.

All right, sir.


Why are you agreeing with him?

Those people have
given us only three days!

I want to know what they
are going to do about it!

Roja, there's nothing he can do now.

The case is in the hands of the army.

We'll have to go
meet Colonel Rayappa.

Then ask that colonel to come here!

Until he comes here, I'm
not going to move from here!

Roja.. Roja, now don't be stubborn.

You heard me. No
matter how long it takes..

..I will not move till I
get some more information!

Come, sit.

Join us for a meal.
I.. I hope you like it.

Are all of you Kashmiri?

What is he saying, brother?

I'd like you to know,
Rishi. We have no..

..personal grudge against you.
I hope you understand.

Eat peacefully. Don't be scared.
When your government..

..releases Wasim Khan,
we shall release you.

Explain it to him.

This is a simple negotiation. As
soon as the Indian government..

..releases Wasim Khan,
you'll be allowed.. leave this place intact.
That's what they are saying.

Did you understand? Eat now.

Who's this Wasim Khan? How
many people has he killed?

I don't agree! They should not
release that killer for my sake.

What did he say?

Nobody has asked for
your opinion. Eat.

I prefer to die.. Than let
you use me as a scapegoat.. release Wasim Khan!

Full of pride, aren't you?

No! Patriotism!

Colonel sir, this is
Rishi Kumar's wife.

I know who she is.

It's been three days since
they took my husband away!

I have no clue where and
what condition he is in!

You're a man from the military,
a big officer!

Yet after so many days,
you haven't been able.. get my husband back to me!

He has come here under your care!

All the forces had taken
responsibility for his security.

But now that they have taken
him away, nobody is ready.. go and look for him also!
Please tell me..

..when will you
release that Wasim Khan and..

..get my husband back to me?

Do you know who this Wasim Khan is?

I don't care about him!
Just get my husband back!

He's killed 50 people! If we let
him go now, he'll kill another 50!

You don't care, do you?

I want my husband back.

Today if we release him,
tomorrow, they'll..

..kidnap someone else
and demand the release..

..of other terrorists!
This place will be..

Who cares about this lousy place?

I just want my husband!
- Shut up!

Who are you? Are you not an Indian?

Is this not your motherland?

Have you not grown up on this land?
Don't you love this land?

You're concerned about yourself!
Let this country go to ruins!

These terrorist forces get together
to reduce the nation to ashes..

..and you don't give a damn!
You think of your home..

..and your husband,
but not for your country!

Do you know how many soldiers
there are in these barracks?

5000! .. 5000!

Be it rain, fog, snow, they
remain at their positions..

..never knowing when a
bullet will strike them!

Miles away from their homes,
on the border.. Relentless!

If they too begin to think like you,
then there won't be any country left!

Are you aware what's
going around? War!

Do you know how
many people have died?

Soldiers, women,
children, all innocent people!

And all you are worried
about is your husband!

In this situation, if it were
a minister's son or daughter.. place my husband,
would you say..

..the same things that
you've just said to me?

Just being a minister's son
makes his life more valuable..

..and my husband's
life less valuable?

The government has put my
husband's life in your hands.

If anything happens to him,
you'll be responsible!

Until you get him back,
I won't leave Kashmir.

And I won't leave you!

Hey, sweetheart!

Hey, you're back!

I got something for you.

What is it? What's it?
What's it? What's it?

Close your eyes. I'll tell you.

Close your eyes.

Hey, come here.

Give me my clothes. Quickly.

Okay, okay.

Make it fast or your
sweetheart will freeze to death.

Not this. My clothes.

That's all you'll get,
sweetheart. Come out fast.

Give me my clothes.

Why don't you stand straight?

I'm feeling shy.

By the way, whose sweater is that?
- Yours.

Mine, right ? Then give it to me.
- What?

Take it off. Give it to me!
- No! - Come here, come here.

No, I can't give it to you.
- Hey, listen.

I won't give it to you.

Come here, give it
to me! Take it off!

Hey, sweetheart! Would you
blush if I said something?

It depends on what you say.

I love you!

Your government needs
more time to decide..

..for the release of Wasim Khan.

We have to give
proof of your well-being.

So record your voice.
Come on, speak into this.

If Wasim Khan is not released,
then you too..

..will not return alive. Speak!


Jai Hind!

Jai Hind!

Jai Hind!

Jai Hind!


"Roja, sweetheart;
you are my love.."

"My eyes belong to see you."

"Your longing does not
leave my heart.."

" do I live without you?"

"You are in my eyes, you
are in my tears.."

'If I close my eyes, you
are in my heart too.."

"In my dreams, in my breaths, Roja."

"Roja, sweetheart;
you are my love.."

"My eyes belong to see you."

"The wind feels like your touch.."

"The flowers seems to have
turned into thorns."

"I live with only your
love in my heart."

"Do I suffer because
of my love for you?"

"Death wouldn't touch me before
our meeting again."

"You come to me before
the day of judgement."

"Where are you? How are you? Roja?"

"Roja, sweetheart;
you are my love.."

"My eyes belong to see you."

"You are in my eyes, you
are in my tears.."

'If I close my eyes, you
are in my heart too.."

"In my dreams, in my breaths, Roja."

"This cold breeze appears useless."

"I wish to shun the moonlight,
without my companion around."

"The blossoming flowers prick me in
absence of my beloved tresses."

"The skies seem to mock me."

"Without love, my
life is sorrowful."

"No one is for me.
I belong for you."

"In my dreams, in my breaths, Roja."

"Roja, sweetheart;
you are my love.."

"My eyes belong to see you."

"You are in my eyes, you
are in my tears.."

'If I close my eyes, you
are in my heart too.."

"In my dreams, in my breaths, Roja."

Take me to meet Wasim Khan.

Who? That criminal? That
killer who is in jail?

I'll plead with him instead
of those government officials.

Oh God! Leave me in peace,
will you? I can't do this.

I have no wish to meet Wasim Khan.

Nor do I wish to live in Kashmir.

I know a lot of
people who'll help me..

..set shop in my hometown. I'm going.

Whether you come with me
or not, I'll meet him.

Don't be crazy. It's not a
good idea. He's a killer.

He'll kidnap you too.
Do you want that?

Will you take me or not?

Never. I wish to remain alive.
Leave me alone! For God's sake

Do we really have to do this?

He's coming. He's coming. My
heart is beating very fast.

Greetings! Salutations! How is
everything? Long life in jail!

Ask him to release my husband.

Sir, please sir.

Go on, Chajju.

Sir, her husband is with
your men. He's innocent.

Please let him go, sir.

Get out of here.

It's just been a
month since our marriage.

Look at this marital necklace.
He's a good man.

Is it fair to kill an
innocent man, you tell me.

You are an Indian and I
don't give a damn. Get out.

You heard what he said,
Roja. Let's go.

No, I won't leave. I
want my husband back.

Your fight is with the government.

What's my husband
got to do with this?

What fault is it of his, tell me?

This is jihad. The struggle
for Kashmir's independence.

You're a murderer. You've
mercilessly killed innocent women..

..and children and that's
why you are behind bars.

But my husband never came in your way

Then why did your men
kidnap him? Just tell me why.

Your time is up.
- Let's go, Roja.

My husband is an innocent man.

Why are you after his life?

If you don't like India,
then why don't you just leave?

Why are you sacrificing my
husband for your selfish means?

This is our goal. Our
mission and we'll do anything.. achieve it.

You call yourself a man?
To get out of here..'ll use my husband?

How many lives will it
take to quench your thirst?

Lady, that's enough.

Let go. I want my husband.

If you try to escape again,
I swear I'll kill you.

Go there.

Usman, take a look here.

Go back.

How many people have you killed?



More than that.


For our freedom. Our leaders
have chosen this path for us.

Who are these leaders?

From our country or
from across the border?

So you'll kill
anyone they ask you to?

He's your brother. If
they ask, you'll kill him?


Your sister?
- Yes.

Your mother?
- Yes.

- Jihad.

What's that?

You won't understand.

This is a holy war.

Against whom?

Against India.

You think you can win
this war with these guns?

Can you achieve your goals
by this merciless bloodshed?

You've driven thousands
of Kashmiri families..

..out of their homeland?
How and where will they..

..fend for themselves? Is
this not their homeland?

How will innocent kids
survive without food and shelter?

Think about it. You just
keep throwing parents..

..and children on the
streets and take over their homes.

You are.. you are all misguided.

Slaves to their orders.
Scrambling around with guns..

..puppets in the hands of
the neighbouring country.

Can't you use your own mind?
Allah has gifted you this life.

Why are you wasting it? Why?

We don't care about our life.
We just want Kashmir.

You are trusting a
wolf to guard your lambs..

..and as I said, guns
won't take you anywhere.

Why don't you try and
negotiate with talks?

Talks don't help.
Partition will solve this.

Not again. Not this time.

Dear Laxmi, hope all is
well at least in your life..

..not topsy-turvy like mine.

I think I must have committed.. a great
sin. Otherwise why would all this..

..have happened with me?
I can't take it any more.

Everyday I meet these officers
in the hope that they have..

..some news of him. I'm
living everyday in the hope..

..that they will find him soon.
Nobody has a clue..

..of his whereabouts. I fear to
think in what condition he's in.

We are looking for him
everywhere and doing everything.. the extent of showing
his photograph to people.. the hope that
someone may recognise him.

I don't know about the future
but what I'm sure about is..

..that I'm not leaving
this place without him.

I need your support. Please
pray that they find him soon.


How is Roja?

Is her groom back yet?

Who has taken our
dear son-in-law away?

If we were there,
within minutes we would have.. him back from those scoundrels.

Child, is there any
news of Roja's husband?

What kind of a man are you?

Someone has taken
her son-in-law away and.. are sitting at home and eating
your meals comfortably like a cow?

Go and do something.

Militant leader Wasim
Khan will not be released.. exchange of the
computer engineer Rishi Kumar.

A highly ranked central
government committee..

..came to this conclusion today.

This decision was taken in
wake of recurrent demands.. terrorists to get
their leader out of jail.. exchange for the
abducted high official.

Liyaquat, kill this bastard. Kill.

His government has
refused to release Wasim Khan.


"May our motherland
not be destroyed.."

"May our motherland
not be scattered.."

"May no bud wilt here.."

"May nobody ruin our land.."

"Whether a temple or a mosque.."

"Whether a Hindu or a Muslim.."

"May them continue to
live in love for ever."

"From Assam to Gujarat,
from Bengal to Maharashtra.."

"This is an
amalgamation of cultures.."

"This is a medley of languages.."

"From Kashmir to Madras,
say we are one.."

"Proclaim; we are one life!"

Who? Who is that?
- It's me, Chajju.

What is it?
- Roja,..

..the colonel wants
you to come immediately.


He wants you to come and identify.

What? What's happened?

Nothing's happened Roja. Just come.

What are you trying to say?

Come along, please.

Yeah, you take the charge.
You go that side.

You come here!

Yeah, go there and control the crowd.

Yeah, you come here.
Don't let anybody in.

Why have you brought me here?

Someone has been shot several times.

Can't even make out his face.

That's why I've brought you here.

Take.. take a look at him and see.


Please, it's not him. It's not him.

Go on.

It's not him. I won't go there.
I can't go there.

Come on, don't worry.

It's not him. I'm
telling you it's not him.

Chajju I'm telling you..'s not him.

I know.
- I'm sorry, but we have to do this.

I know it's not him.
- Come on.

No. It's not him.

It's not him. It's not him.

I told you, it's not him.

It's not him. It's not him.

Nothing can happen to him.
Nothing can happen to him.

We shall have..
- A free Kashmir!

We shall have..
- A free Kashmir!

We shall have..
- A free Kashmir!

Good bye!

They are going across
the border for training.

Sir, sir, this is Mrs..
Mrs. Rishi Kumar.

Wife of the
engineer who is kidnapped.

She just wants to meet
the minister for a minute.

Mr. Minister has a
meeting in Jammu at one.

He can't meet anyone. Just
give me a written petition..

..and I'll forward it to him.

Sir, I want to speak to
the minister for a minute.

Can you please take me to him?

I beg of you.

Excuse me, sir. She
is Mrs. Rishi Kumar..

..the engineer's wife. She
wants to talk to you for a minute.

My child, I can understand your pain.

We're doing our best.

You called me your daughter.
You do know..

..that my husband's life is
in danger. Please save him.

Please save him.
- Sir, that's not possible.

Sir, I come from a
small village in India.

I'm not even intelligent enough.

Maybe that's the reason why
I can't understand politics.

We don't have the
power to do this, sir.

They keep showing me
these dead bodies and..

..ask me if it's my husband's body.

I can't take it anymore.

They say we are talking..

..with the terrorists
and it will take some time.

How can I live with this uncertainty?

If something happens to him then?

They say he'll be back today,
definitely tomorrow.

It's killing me. - Sorry sir,
I think we should leave sir.

It's been so many
days since he's gone.

We may not be important people, but..

..we are citizens of India.
Is our safety not important?

My child, there is not much I can do.

You can do everything, sir.
You have to save my husband.

You are a godsend for me sir.
Please don't disappoint me, sir.

Please save my husband.
It's a request.

Okay, I'll take this matter up.
I'm going to Delhi tonight.

I'll speak to the Home Minister.
I will try my best.

Last evening while
crossing the Indian border..

..fifteen young armed Kashmiri
nationals were gunned down.. the Pakistani army. This
betrayal has created bitterness..

..among the Kashmiri
people and has also questioned..

..Pakistan's double standards
in regard to the Kashmir state.

Due to this, there is a
lot of tension in Kashmir.

People have come on
the street in Kashmir..

..and there is a
possibility of a curfew.

I am sorry.

Your brother was innocent.

He was a good boy.

He should not have died like this.

They told us to keep
spreading terror and leave..

..the rest to them..

..and now they are the ones
who killed innocent children.

It wasn't..

..It wasn't just my brother.

There were 15 others.

All innocent kids.

What crime did they commit?

They had so much more to live for.

We have been betrayed.

For so long we have been
fighting with you people. Why?

All these killings,..

..this terror, this
bloodshed for what?

If you realize terrorism is a
mistake, why don't you stop it?

We can't stop now. We
are in the midst of a storm.

No matter what the obstacles are,..

..we have to take
our mission to the end.

We do not have a choice anymore.

This holy war must go on.

Liyaquat, you are a
stanch Muslim. Then be honest.

Is all this terrorism, killing,

..acceptable to your Allah?

Does your religion say that.. man should kill another?

Are we happy with the
killings of these innocent children?

Why don't you leave your guns?

Instead of making people cry,
wipe the tears off their faces.

He is all right, isn't he?
Nothing has happened to him? Right ?

Wasim Khan is about to be released.

The government has
taken this decision.

Your husband will be
with you very soon.

- Really.

You pleaded with the ministers,
spoke to him.. length and now
you will get your due.

The man we had captured
with great difficulty..

..will be released soon. Happy?


You know, today I
am a very happy man.

You'll get your
husband; even you are happy.

By releasing a big scientist,
the minister is getting..

..a good name in the government.
He too is happy.

Happy. Very happy, yeah!

We went through a lot of
trouble to catch this man.

Now he'll roam freely.


15 soldiers, who
must be husbands too..

..sacrificed their
lives catching this man.

Died for nothing !

But I am happy.

I am very happy.

Because Wasim Khan will be
out to kill some more people.

All will be happy.

God bless you!

Good night.

Chajju! He's coming back.

He's coming back, Chajju.

He's coming back.
I told you.

My predictions came
right for the first time.

By the grace of Allah, Wasim
Khan will be released soon.

At last your government
has shown some mercy on you.

They have decided to
release Wasim Khan.

Back to the jeep. Take
him back and lock him up.

Just make sure that
he doesn't escape.

No matter what you do;
we'll be free one day.

You can't do anything to
prevent it. This is our Kashmir.

Why did they do this?

Where is he?

Why didn't they bring him along?

I thought I'd get your
husband back to you.

I am sorry.

Don't talk like that. He's all right

Have you seen anything yet?

They are just bloodstained clothes.
He's all right.

I know that.

My heart says that he is alive..

..That he's all right.

I won't give up. Wherever
he is, I'll search for him.

Wait. Where will you go?

I'll go to these terrorists' homes.

I'm sure they too have
women in their houses.

I'll plead with them.
If needed I'll fight them.

I'm not afraid.

I won't be afraid.

Wait a minute.

I'll come with you.

Until you get your husband..

..I'll be with you.

Don't leave him. Let him not escape.

I'm coming from the
other side. Don't let him go.

Hello, Alpha Bravo,
Alpha Bravo, Tiger here.

Call the 2132 and meet me
at 5 o'clock. Over and out.

Liyaquat,.. what will you do?

You can't kill me.

When your brother died,
I saw your pain.

You're not a terrorist at heart.
You're a good man.

With a clean conscience.
You can't kill me.


I'm leaving.

Do whatever you want.



This terrorist will wipe tears now.

Do you really love me?

"India is dearer to
us than our lives.."