Robot Riot (2020) - full transcript

Unconscious soldiers are dropped into a testing site and discover their memories have been wiped. Once docile machines are the new intelligence.

Where the fuck am I?

Ah, God!


What's your name?

I don't know. I can't
remember anything.

What, it's not Shane?

Yeah, I guess.

Oh, God, do you got one
of these things too?

Yeah, what does it do?

How the hell would I know?
I can't remember my name.

All I know, I woke up
about five minutes ago,

tangled up in a parachute
with this fucking thing

jammed in my neck and
the next thing I know,

a robot the size of King Kong
is trying to kill me, okay?

That's all I know.

Thank you for that, by the way.


Where'd you get the artillery?

Strapped to my pack. I
know about as much as you do.

So we're pretty much fucked.

Let's scramble your gear

so we can find a way
out of this place.

Oh my God.


Oh, shit.

C101, please come in.

C101, do you copy?

Initialize boot up sequence.

C101 loading sequence.

We read
you loud and clear.

We see here you're
not fully intact.

See what you can find nearby.
Improvise with what you have.

Copy that.

Start up
the Roamer program.

Copy that. C101
will report in three hours.

- Voice options execute.
- Human voice one.

- Human voice two.
- Human voice three.

You all right?

Saw you over there. Figured
you'd need some help.

I found some food and I
got a little extra water.

Where are we?

I don't know.

What'd you find?

Some kind of weapon.

I don't fully know what it does.

Did you see somebody
run outta here just now?

It was really weird.


But welcome to hell.

The headaches will last
a least a day or so

and they sent us in
with hardly any food.

They? Who's they?

What's with the siren?

They go off when they
send in new recruits.

Seems to be a couple
times a day now.

Most don't make it.

I keep coming across mangled
and chicken fried bodies.

This doesn't make any sense.

I mean, what is it,
some kind of game?

Yeah, it's a game.

And you're losing.

- Hey.
- Oh fuck yeah.

It's good?

Oh, watch out, watch out.

Okay, come on, let's go get him.


What the hell was your plan?

I don't know, self defense?

That was a rough
landing. You okay?


Got one of those
things too, huh?

I'm Madison.


Got about a week's worth
of MREs in your pack, Brock.

Maybe a day's worth of water.

I'd say maybe 10 matches
because most won't work.

A utility knife and a machete
to fight these things.

From what I can tell,
it's about six p.m.

West is in that
general direction.

I think. Good luck.

Wait, hold on, hey, hey.

Wait, hold up, wait, I really
think we should stick together

Clearly, you're an ass.

That brilliant move
you pulled back there

could get us both killed

and I'm not interested
in being target practice.

Okay, but I, hey, hey!

I really think that we
should stick together.

I don't.

Well, you should
at least give me

your weapon and

Holy shit.

God, I hate this place.

Some kind of barrier.

Well, looks like
you're stuck with me.

Looks like it's
us versus them.

Wait, hold up.

Looks like somebody
was here before us.

Bastard got what it deserved.

All right, let's
get outta here.

We're way too exposed.

Hey, there might be some food.


I'll go see
what's around back.



Don't turn around.

Put the can down. Throw
your weapon over there.

- Okay.
- That's it.

Look, we're on the same team
here, all right? I'm Shane.

I don't give a
fuck who you are.

You had to
have seen the robots.

Keep your hands up
and your mouth shut.

Give me your bag-

Whoa! Shit!

Found this
outside in her pack.

What the hell was that?

What, did you want me
to introduce myself first?

Well, I mean, the more of
us, the better, you know?

She didn't really seem
like the reasoning type.


Now that we are all
here, we can begin

our little exercise.

Do not be alarmed.

Remember, you all volunteered
for this little experiment.

And as many of you have
figured out by now,

we are in the process of testing
our new military equipment.

The mech series, some of
you were not as sharp.

We need to find out what variables
we are dealing with here.

In this case, the
human variable.

We're guinea pigs.

You have all been
given the necessary tools

to make this a fair fight.

Your fate is dependent
on your will to live.

We are all pulling for you
in this little exercise

and of course, the government

of the United States of America

thanks you for your service.

This is bullshit.

They can't do this,
can they? Can they?

You heard the man.

Let's show them what
they're working with.

Well, I think it's safe to say

they're tracking our movements

with these damn
things in our neck.

Probably monitoring
our vitals as well.

And I'm guessing if
there's a perimeter,

that we're not gonna
have access to it.

Well, you're finally
starting to sound

like a soldier, Shane.

I don't feel like one.

How many do you
think are out there?

We don't even
know where there is.

There might not be
an end to this place.

Oh no, no, there
is always an end.

I think our friend back
there found out the hard way.

Why do you think they
needed to erase our memories?

Well, knowledge is power.

I mean, think about it,
makes it a fair game, right?

Robots without awareness versus
humans without awareness.

Maybe we don't
want to remember.

Maybe you killed a bunch
of insurgents, maybe...

Maybe I killed my husband.

Well, it definitely
seems to be, you know,

within your skillset.


You just blew a stranger's
head off and I'm an asshole?

Okay. Okay.

Well, why don't you just
take a break, all right?

I'll take the first watch.

We should probably
snuff this out, though.

It's like a beacon.

Oh shit, this can't be good.


More humans.

We're surrounded.

Yeah, no shit.
They're everywhere.

Screw this.

Come on, let's go.


Shane? Shane!


Oh no! No!

Piper, I'm out!

No, no!


- Can I get an assist?
- I'm out.


These are new.

Nasty little fuckers.

You fought the
big ones off too?

Well, there's a win
for the human variable.

How many are with you?

- Just us.
- Holy shit.

What do
you two remember?


Apparently, I'm
Piper. He's Shane.

- I'm Madison.
- Brock.

No offense, darling, Shane
seems like dead weight

and I am not about to be
robot target practice.

Four is better than three.

Fine, but if we're
gonna drag his ass around,

I'm gonna need one of
those fancy little kicks.

They boned me out on drop
and how did you get two?

- Four is better than three.
- Listen,

I'm outta ammunition, all right?

There was a building with
medical supplies and food.

I'm guessing if they drop us
in here to test these things,

there's probably some stores
of ammunition somewhere.

I counted 15
buildings in the area.

Appears to be one main road.

Yeah, I don't know,
maybe 10 across?

Most of the vehicles
are bombed out

which means we're probably
not the first unit.

I'm sure we could find
something to jump start.

Try to get our way out of here.

We were dropped
in from out of town.

We ran into a barrier.

We think it's about 10
miles wide all around us.

So we got to fight
whether we like it or not.

Yeah, it sure looks like that.

Just don't get me
fucking killed.

Sir, that Spyder unit just
deviated from its programming.

It had 'em trapped.

It's been 30 hours.
No human casualties.


There's no reason
why they shouldn't

have completed their assignment.

Sir, I was pinging
their subnet addresses,

but they just kept repeating.

It doesn't make any sense.

Some of the mech-4s aren't
reporting anything at all.

When did this start happening?

The first drop yesterday.

I'm working on it.

They're all together now.

Let's up the ante.

Yes sir.

- Hello?
- Come on out.

That's far
enough. Turn around.

Show us your neck.

What do you remember?

Not much.

Not really anything, actually.

My head's a mess.

You didn't get a weapon?

I woke up a few
miles from town.

Immediately attacked by
one of those machines.

I lost my pack running
from that thing.

Well, Blake, you aren't
gonna do anyone much good

hiding like a little
bitch, now are you?

On my way in, I
passed what looked like

a storage facility, like trucking
docks, things like that.

I thought it might
be well stocked.

Was waiting til dawn
to make a break for it.

And then
there were five.

Pull up the
remaining inventory.

Have any Mech-4s in the area?

Yes sir.

But communications
seem to be interrupted.

Sir, we have two in proximity.

We believe we can lure
them towards the subjects

via radio signal.

The suspense is killing me.

I hope it lasts.

Well, at least we made
it through the night.

That's a plus, right?

I'm hungry.

Gonna have to stop
and refuel soon.

We stop to eat and we're dead.

We can wait til I get a firearm.

Oh yeah? Who
put you in charge?

Nobody had to.

You guys were obviously
having a much harder time

dealing with the situation
than I am, so it makes sense

that a man like me would
have to pull up the slack

for you guys, don't
you agree, darling?

Touch me again and I'll
fucking blow your brains out.

Guys, chill, all
right, we're all hungry.

We all want to survive this,
so just calm the fuck down

and we'll take five when we
get to the facility, okay?


Plus a grenade launcher
at point blank range

is probably not a good idea.

That'd end our day pretty quick.

Take cover!

Take that one, go, go!

Fine, I'm going up high, see
if I can start something up.

Shit, shit.

- Where's Blake?
- Where the fuck is Shane?

Hell yeah.

- Where's Blake?
- Where the fuck is Shane?

Pull up Agent
Shane on the screen.

Sir, we've lost
contact with the mech-4s.

We're losing control
of this mission.

Your job is to observe
and report, Sergeant.

We are right on track.


Cooling down, hydraulics
down, control panel down

and no signal.

I can see the damn
screen, Sergeant.

Hey, run!

Gun, I need a goddamn weapon!

There's another
mech-4 incoming.

Sir, we are losing control.
He's completely offline.

he learned something

from his brothers in arms.

How's our other soldier doing?

He seems to be
doing okay, sir.

It appears to have assimilated
just fine with the group.


We need him to stay with them.

Nice shot.

We need to get back to the
facility and arm ourselves.

- Where's Blake?
- I don't know.

Another mech, run!

Over here.

- I think they're gone.
- That was close.

You pussy.

Where the hell were you, huh?

- Hey.
- Hey, enough, enough!

You want me to fight
'em with my bare hands?

Apparently I'm not wired
for combat like you.

Hey, enough, all right?

If we want to get out
of this shitty bubble,

we got to start working
like a team, okay?

Let's just keep
it together, okay?

I don't want to end
up like that guy.

We won't if we
play our cards right.

If this facility of yours
is a hit and a miss,

I'll feed you to
the mechs myself.


General, we have a real problem.

There are 30 mech-4s offline

and another 60 Spyder
mechs unaccounted for.

I'm sorry, sir, our last
option was a Trojan horse and

I've searched for all
backdoor access or any way

anyone could have
gotten in, but it seems

that they're communicating
on their own.

Learning, yes.

Isn't it beautiful?

It's criminal.

Sir, these mechs belong to
the United States government.

And you've turned
'em into an AI army

that we can't even
communicated with.

Have you even
considered what happens

if they breech MechWood?

I talk to them.

I speak their language.

I am their father.

You know what, Sergeant
Peterson, you're right.

We do have a problem. You.

Send him out.

What? No, sir!

You heard me!
Get him out there!

I can fix these mechs.
They'll kill me out there!

But you need me! I'm
a coding engineer!

Pull up the
ground level camera.

Yes sir.

No, General!

Please, let me back
in, please! General!


Facility's South of here.

What else do you see?

Looks like there's some
kind of control tower

just a few miles
out to the north.

What is it?

There's a massive manhole.

Appears to be the
dead center of town.

Why is it here?

Maybe it leads outta here.

Let's arm up before
we waste any more time.

We're sitting ducks here.

I say we split up. One unit
heads South to the facility.

The other will scout the
structure to the north.

We'll rendezvous
back here by sunset.

I don't think we
should split up.

Well, nobody asked you, bitch.

All right, I'm gonna go north.
Don't trust this guy's intel.

I'll go South with Madison
and Brock, you good with that?

Roger that.

They're separating.

This could be fun.


Hey, come back.

Come on!


Shit, I didn't see anything.

We're wasting time. Do you
think this is necessary?


Yeah, it's about 20 feet
tall, armed to the teeth,

programmed to kill
us, you happy?

We're clear.

What a bunch of junk.

We're not too far off.

Seems to be some kind
of control tower.

Start talking. Who are you?

I'm Sergeant Brett Peterson.

I'm a coding engineer with the
army special warfare division

Where's your jumpsuit?
And the shit on your neck?

I didn't sign up for this.

I was taking orders
from General Dex.

That voice you've heard
over the speakers.

We didn't quite see eye to eye.

So I got sent out here
with you guys.

But I'm not as helpless
as he thinks I am.

He's forgotten.

I coded these mechs.

You built these fuckers?

Give me one good
reason why I shouldn't

blow your fucking
brains out right now.

Because if you kill me,
you kill your only shot

at getting outta here alive.

What'd you think?

This all ended with a pat
on the back and a medal? No.

This all ends when
we get terminated.

How many of those
things are there?

Too many.

And we'll run out
of food and ammo

before we even get a
chance at getting 'em all.

And they've been acting
different lately.

They're not taking commands
from the general anymore.

Somehow you can help us.

Yeah. There's a kill switch
on the outer perimeter fence.

If we get to that, we
just might have a chance.

Holy shit.

Think they're on?

I don't know, Blake.

Why don't you go touch one
of 'em? See what happens.

But can they detect us?

I don't think so.

We're alive, right, so.

That's good.


Intelligence, is
it only in the human brain

or can it be transferred,
or maybe built?

Imagine a place where
intelligent machines

are working hand in
hand with humans.

Welcome to MechWood where
the future meets you.

If you're watching this film,

you're one of the
special chosen families

who gets to live in this
experimental community

on the cutting edge of
innovation and technologies.

You will see around
you an efficient system

of sustainable living
built and operated

by mechanical machines

or mechs, as we
like to call them.

They handle many of the
dangers and menial tasks,

giving humans a worry
free and luxurious life.

You'll be able to spend
more time with your kids,

pick up that hobby that
you've been wanting to do

all while mechs handle
our trouble for us.

Using human recognition coding,

they can decipher a human face

from nearly a mile
away and are programmed

to steer clear of danger
to us, so don't worry.

You'll be safe around
these gentle giants.

Isn't that right, boys?

The engineers at MechWood
designed nearly 30

different types of
robotic assitants,

all of which are under an
intricate and state of the art

network of communication.

The first in our
series is the mech-4,

designed for
construction and repair,

the mech-4 stands at a
staggering 30 feet tall

and weighs nearly
62 metric tons.

One mech-4 can repair and
replace 10 power lines

in one day or perhaps build
and rebuild brick buildings

in three days.

We also have smaller mechs
like the spyder mech series.

These gentle creatures

are proving to be
extra helpful indoors.

Need help jacking the
car up for cleaning?

Maybe you need someone to
run for errands to the store.

Spyder mechs are
quick and agile.

Using spatial recognition,
they can scan their environment

to see oncoming obstacles
in a fraction of a second

and are able to calculate
the correct movements.

So sit back and relax.
Welcome to easy living.

Welcome to your new life.

Welcome to MechWood, where
the future meets you.

You've got to be kidding me.

Corporal Diana Blaire.

I appreciate you considering
me for this opportunity.

I've heard nothing
but good things.

Have you seen combat?

Yes, I've been deployed
three times, learned a lot,

but I'm ready for more.

I think that going to
MechWood would really push me

to a new level.

I would love to go to MechWood.

I'm Private Second
Class Jennifer Harrison.

I'm really just looking for
a way to deepen my training.

I think this could be a really
good opportunity for me.

Have you seen combat?


Too much.

What do you
know about MechWood?

Well, I hear it's where
the best of the best

go to learn, to train.

I want to be the best. I
want to go to MechWood.

My name is Daniel
Brown and I just thought

it was pretty
badass to be a part

of something so elite, you know?

What do you expect
to learn at MechWood?

Well, I heard the
people that go to MechWood

are the best, and I'm the best,

so obviously, I
want to be there.

I don't dick around. I take
my training very seriously.

And everybody that
knows me knows

that I'll do whatever it
takes to complete my mission.

I'd love to be
on the cutting edge

working with the mechs to
help foster a safer future.

What do you
know about MechWood?

It's the military's most
elite training ground.

Humans and the latest of military
robotics working together.

It'd be an honor
to be sent there.


They lied to us.

- That can't be good.
- C'mon, let's go,

let's go, go, move, move!


Peterson thinks he's a hero.

Adding him into the mix

could be a nice challenge
for the mechs' AI.

Bringing the
band back together.

What do we have near town?

We have five
spyder mechs headed

toward Main Street, sir.


Give or take four minutes.


C'mon, c'mon.

Did you get some ammo?

Yeah, who's this guy?

We need to find cover.

We've got at least 20 mechs
on our tail, maybe more.


Hey, he's with them!
He's with the general!

I coded him!

I should've blown your head
off when I had the chance.

Put it down. Whatever you
have in your hand, put it down.

We're not gonna ask you again.

You coded that mech.
You gave it life.

But life does have a way of
coming around full circle,

doesn't it, Sergeant?

You put me in here.

Now you're really gonna find out

what kind of variables
you're working with.

The human kind, General.

Let's go, soldiers,
on your feet!

Hold tight! They attack
in a circular pattern.

Will someone tell
me who this guy is?

Sure thing, can we get
outta here alive first?


They've never been good boys.

Fire, fire, fire!

Dump their data.

Then ready X22.

So you gonna tell us what
the hell is going on here?

We need some answers.

Yeah, but first things first,

I gotta remove these control
chips from around your necks.

You put one hand on me

and I will splatter the
ground with your brain matter.

Hey, he's fine.

That madman dropped him in
here like the rest of us.

Yeah, plus he
sniffed out Blake, so.

I knew we shouldn't
have trusted

that weaselly little shit.

As long as these chips are
on the back of your necks,

the tower can see every
one of your movements

and read your vitals.

And if you tamper with
it, it could detonate

and terminate you immediately.

So you work with the general.

I saw my recruitment video.

Yeah, it might hurt a little.

As long as these chips are
in the back of your necks,

the tower can read
all your vitals

and track all your movements.

You weren't the
only ones lied to.

These mechs are no longer
under the general's command.

We're dealing with
true AI out there?

The general made these
things self actualizing,

self sufficient.

If one goes down
during an encounter,

the others learn,
they pay attention.

Making them the most
efficient killers on earth.

Groups like you
have been coming in

every couple months
for the past year.

Red, blue, green.

Yeah, we've seen the bodies.

White seems to be
the color in fashion.

I gotta admit, though,
I've never seen anyone

make it as far as you have.

I think we have a
real good chance.

Going up against these
things at night is not wise.

Especially without night vision.

We should just stay here
and rest. Who's next?

Ladies first.

What the hell is going on?

Peterson, sir,
looks like he removed

all their coding devices.

And we've lost visual on them.

Sir, it appears
there's a comm request

coming in from the field.

Well, put it through.
What the hell is going on?

You're on.

- Sergeant Peterson.
- Blake.

- Is.
- Yes.

We know about the traitor.

- I am sorry, sir.
- You did what you could.

They reloaded, but
not before I could lead them

to the facility.

You have served your
country well, soldier.

Your life is not over.

You will be rebuilt
and you will be better

than ever before.

Thank you, sir.

But why take our memories?

You were told to
wipe your memories

so you'd have a clear
mind out in the field,

but in reality it was so that
you wouldn't know the truth

about what you were
getting yourself into.

All this feels kinda hazy.

Most of your memories
should come back.

There are a few that
may be lost permanently.

Some of you may welcome that.

You said there's a kill
switch for the perimeter?

Every program is
built with a backdoor.

MechWood is no exception.

The kill switch would bring
down the outer perimeter field.

We find that, we get
the hell out of here.

The genesis of MechWood
was founded on Project Titan.

Human controlled weaponry.

Humans and mechs
working together

to foster a better future.

That's right. That's the
reason why I came on board.

But the general
deemed it inefficient.

He was more in favor
of an AI interface.

Welcome to MechWood.

Where the future meets you.

There's an underground bunker

that houses the remains
of Project Titan.

It's where all this started.

We find that, we
find the kill switch.

Where is it?

I'm working on it.

They must all still
be in that bank.

If so, we have
no way of pinging

their exact location.

There's a mech-4 on the
corner. Pull up that camera.

It's quiet out there.

All right, the Titan site's
about a quarter mile from here

Remember, stay down low.
They can't see well below them.

Also, their vision
can't multitrack quick.

Yeah, without the nerd,
we're doomed. No offense.

All right, we're gonna form

a tight circle around him, okay?

You heard the man.

Stay as low to the ground as
possible and don't stop moving.

Copy that.

Piper, Piper, no, no!

Where the fuck are they?



We're back in business.

Okay, here we go.
Now we're talking.

Data, data, data!

We're flying out that
door. Out that door now!

- Go go go, c'mon.
- Let's go.

- Let's go, let's go.
- Let's go.

One of the agents
appears to be terminated.

Why are they still
firing into the bank?

The spyder mechs should've
transferred the location data!

We have visual, sir.

Give me the comm.

Next we got to remember to
zigzag until we get there.

troops, you've only lost one

while managing to take out
a record number of mechs.

Yeah, I see you hiding on
the corner of block eight.

Piece of shit.

Lucky for you
those cameras don't fire back.

All right, guys, we
gotta stay focused.

Make our way to the Project
Titan site, all right, Brock?

Take the front, Madison,
middle, I'll take the rear.

All right, ready,
go, go, go, move!

They're heading over
to Project Titan bunker.


Sergeant Shapiro,
open the hatch.

Sir, the X22 prototype has
never been fully activated

nor has it ever proven stable
enough for active combat.

I didn't realize you
wanted to join Peterson

out in the field.

Yes sir.

This is my world.

And I've got three rogue agents

and a fallen comrade
back from the dead,

roaming around in it.

I think it's time we tested
our full capabilities.

Shit, I was here
on my first day.

It's quiet out there.
Something seems off.

This whole place is off.

So let's hurry
this the hell up.

Got 'em.


How far along are we?

Initiating sequence
has been activated.

Wake up, big boy.

There it is.

What, are you saying,
the Titan's in that safe?


Hurry up.

You're first.




Well, this must be the Titan.

What does it do?

You get in it.

Yeah, that ain't
my thing, hombre.

I'm not about to trust a mech.

All right, I'll do it.

- More power.
- Apparently,

they didn't send us in
here with the good shit.


No, they did not.

- This should help.
- Hopefully.

System malfunction.

There we go.

Titan hatchway
open. Awaiting pilot.

Let's find that kill switch.

Leave that to me. You
guys go give 'em hell.

Oh no.

One of ours?

Yes and no.

It's Titan.


My new family versus
my bastard son.

I hope you brought your popcorn.

You got eyes in there?

Oh yeah, we're in business.000

Let's open her up, see
what she can do, huh?

Let's kill some robots.

- Whoo!
- Yeah, it works!

As soon as the X22 is
active, we're launching.

Hydraulics are up. Fuel up.

Power's up.

It's beautiful.

Oh shit.


I've never seen this
programming language before,

but it appears as if
all the other mechs

are dumping their
data to the X22.

It's now self automating
on all functions.

Brock, you in position?

C'mon, let's go go go, move!

Hey, hey over, you


Why are the other
mechs not reacting?

They're all over Main Street.

I got more of this,
you piece of shit.

Take out the Titan, dammit!

There we go.

I'm going down!

Fish in a barrel.

- Sir, we got a problem.
- No shit, sergeant.

Shane, Shane, get outta there!

What the hell are they doing?

Beats the hell outta me,
but I ain't complaining.

Shane, Brock, get
in, come on, let's go!

All right, come on, let's go.

- Sir, we have a problem.
- I'm not blind!

There's corruptions

It's corrupting
our own databases.

They are heading out of
town towards the perimeters.

Is the perimeter
kill switch ready?

- I hope this works.
- It'll work. I built it!

Warning. Warning.

warning, 100 yards.

We're gonna hit the perimeter.

- 50 yards. Breach imminent.
- Here goes nothing!

Perimeter access granted.

What are you waiting
for? Seal it up.

- Hold on.
- Perimeter warning.

This can't be happening.

What are the protocols
we have for this?

Perimeter warning.

Perimeter warning.

Perimeter warning.

Compose yourself, soldier.

This was always a
possible outcome.

Perimeter warning.

Perimeter warning.

Perimeter warning.

- What are you doing?
- Perimeter warning.

Perimeter warning.

What camera is this?

Perimeter warning.

Perimeter warning.

Perimeter warning.

The government of the
United States of America

thanks you for your service.



It was an honor dragging your
dead weight around.

Brock, I hope I
never see you again.

I hate to break
this tender moment up,

but let's get the
hell outta here.

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