Roads (2019) - full transcript

Two lost teenage boys, from Congo and Britain, meet in Morocco and take a road trip in a stolen RV to France, encountering poverty and refugees on the way.

Yo, Seth. What's
goin' on, man?

Uh, yeah, I'm in a
bit of a situation,

and well, I could
really use some advice.

Um, yeah, if you get this,
can you please call me back?

All right?


How's it going, man?

Look, I know we haven't
spoken really since the party,

but uh yeah, I should probably
say I'm sorry about that,

but I know you're
away and all that

but just give me
a call if you can.

I could really use some advice.

Uh, all right. Uh, well,
have a good holiday.

Max. Hiya.

Yeah, it's, it's
Seth's friend, Gyllen.

Look, I know you work
in a garage and that,

and well, basically, I've got
this like, old school RV thing

and I'm on holiday in
Morocco and I drove it.

And I turned it off
and for some reason

it won't start up again.

So I could really
use some advice.

Cheers. Just give me a call
if you get this, thanks.


You all right?

You a Chelsea fan?

Why you all wet?

Fell in the pool earlier.

Yeah well, I jumped
in, actually.

Do you need a
drink or something?

Jump like this.

Yep. Yeah, I was
singing Vanilla Ice.

You know, "Ice, ice baby,"

and it got to that
really good bit.

You know, the "Stop,
collaborate, and listen."

You're on holiday?

Theoretically, yeah.

Yeah, I'm staying over there

with my mum and my stepdad
and my little sister.

See that one with
the flashing lights

and the boisterous
music coming out of it.

Well, I was.

What're you doing here?

This is your car?


Can I show you something?

This is your car?

Fuck no. No,
it's my stepdad's.

Does he know you took it?

No, I borrowed it.

Do need a lift?


Like, can I take
you somewhere?

Where are you going?


I mean, Spain first,
obviously, and then France.

With this?


Wanna come?

Thank you.


Fuck me.

Where, where are we here?

You see?

Oh, looking fancy.

Where are we? Do you know?

Hi, mate. Look, I could
really use a hand here.

Do you know where?

Could you tell me where
we are on the map?

Could you point
out where we are?



Yeah, the ticket.

I need a ticket.



Okay. How much?


Hundred dirham.
All right, okay...

Uh-huh, mm-hmm.

Dollar. Euro.


I don't have a hundred euros.

Everything all right?

He's trying to get me
to pay a hundred euros

for a parking ticket.

Sorry about that, man.

But, what are you doing here?

This is not a place
for tourists, you know.

This is not Spain or France.

You are in Morocco.


For 200.

No, I don't have 200.

You just said a hundred.

No, no I don't. I
can give you 100.

two, 200.

I don't have 200.

Go inside, go inside.

You go inside.

Go, go, let's go.

Let's go.

- Drive.
- Hey, hey.

So they
were a team, huh?

Yes, of course.

That was a trick.
It's what they do.

Fucking wankers.

So what is your plan?

You will drive back, cross
the border, go to Ceuta.

And driving through
the harbor with this?

This is your plan?

Man, they're gonna catch you

and take your card and
put me back in prison.

Do you wanna hear my plan?


That guy.

The fat one?

No. No, the one
he's talking to you.

See the Rasta hat
and the denim vest.

You're think he
look trustworthy?

No. No, no I don't.

But, well it looks like
he's got nothing to do,

and maybe needs some money
and speaks my language.

I'm gonna go talk
to him. All right?

You wait here.

And if I come back with
him, hide in the bathroom.


Yeah, I'm Gyllen, by the way.


Stay sassy, classy.
And a bit bad assy.

So this your camper van?

Yeah, yeah. This is
my camper van, yeah.

Freakin' extra.

How old are you?


And you're going to?


British passport?

Yeah, yeah.

But no driver's

And you?

Me, what?

Where are you going?

You're asking the wrong
fuckin' questions, man.

Were you ready to fight those
evil spirits, Wolf Song?


Do you have the
heart of a lion, Wolf Song?


I am a lion, and
my heart is strong.

Do you have the heart
of a lion, Wolf Song?


So roar like a
fucking lion, Wolf Song.

You all right?


What's he doing?

He's crazy.

Is this going to work?

Yeah, yeah, it'll work.

Okay, so by now they
know that I'm gone,

and maybe even
that I took the RV.

It's gonna work.

Where the fuck are you going?

Just the toilet.

Hold on, man.

Take this and just
drop it in the toilet.

My buddy, he's got the
la diarrhea, la diarrhea.

I can't speak Spanish.

What are you doing in Morocco?




Are we in Spain?

Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

The question was to give a
fuck or not to give a fuck.

And I decided, "Fuck all of you.

You can all kiss my fuckin' ass.

Chuck it in the fuckin' bucket."

'Cause I'm no longer a slave.

I'm free, Wolf Song.

Now break your chains
and ride, brethren!

Fuckin' slow wifi,
and waiting in line.

The fuckin' idiots taking
up two parking spaces,

getting on the bus
before everybody's off.

Fuck these people, man.

Fuckin' pay taxes.

You gonna be all
right to drive?

This message
was brought to you

by the First Amendment.

Listen, why don't you
just hop out and uh,

make sure that I don't
start hitting stuff.

Then give me
directions and shit.


What the fuck you want, huh?

Try some good vibes, man.

What's so hard to
fucking understand?

Just hop outside and
give me directions

so I can get fuckin' this
piece off this fuckin' boat.

One second.

Hold on, hey, hold on.

No. That's my car.

- He's stealing my car.
- Hey, wait. Hold on.

- Hey.
- He's stealing my car.

Wait, wait, wait.

He's stealing the fuckin'.

- Stop. Now wait, wait, relax.
- Okay.

- Boy, relax. Okay?
- Hey, hey.

Go on, use the stairs. Go.

- Hey!
- Hey!

That's my fucking car.



Can you come back
here for a second?

William, where are you?

Can you come back
here for a second?

I'm not in the camper.

What do you mean,
you're not in the camper?

William, don't freak out,
but I'm not in the camper.

I'm in Algeciras where
the ferry landed.

What do you mean
you're not in the camper?

I'm in Algeciras,
Algeciras, Spain,

'cause the crazy
German hippie prick

stole the camper from us.

So I'm not in the
camper with you,

but I need you to stay
exactly where you are

and I'll come and
find you, all right?

How're you gonna
come to where I am?

I don't know where
I am. I don't know.

How do I get out?

Don't get out. No,
no, no, no, no, no.

Don't get out. Please,
please, don't get out, okay?

Don't get out.

I will find you. I'll
come to where you are.

We gotta take the camper back.

Just stay where you are.

Just send me a pin.


A pin. Drop me a pin.

- Tell me...
- What's a pin?

Google Maps,
iMap, satellite map.

I got maps. I got maps.

Okay, okay.
Send me the location.

I'll come as soon
as I can, I promise.

Okay, okay, I'll
wait. Hurry up.

Goodness it's
cold out, isn't it?

And I thought this
was bloody Spain.

How do you do?


Nah, no, I've got
this Batman bike

with this like, battery on it.

And I'm doing 40, 45
miles an hour, easy.

Yeah, it's like an e-bike.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Yeah okay, I got your map.

Yeah, I should be with you
in like, an hour, tops.

Okay, sweet. Just
stay where you are.

All right.

Fuckin' come on.

Yeah, I can see you.

Sounds good.


Fuck you, and fuck you.

I came back from a
battle and I did that

for this fuckin' reason.

Is it a big fuckin'...

For your fuckin'
filthy, lazy...

Our Father who art in heaven

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

I need to explain myself
to these fuckers?

I'm the only one
who takes responsibility!

Taking care of business!

So that these bitches can eat.

I've seen that RV
at a vintage car market.

I can sell it tomorrow for 40,000.
It's easy as pie, man!

Where's the
fuckin' dope at, Luttger?

Give us this day
our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses.

- Where is the dope?
- It's easy, Bodo.

Just come up with a story
for these losers.

Then there'll be 20,000 for you
and 20,000 for me. Basta.

Why do you guys
always start speaking German

when it comes to money?

- You don't have the dope?
- No, but the car.

I hope you die,
you spineless cunt.

What the
fuck are you doing here?

Fucking back off.

- No. Stay here.
- Back the fuck off.

- Don't stop!
- What the fuck are you doing?

Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go.

Fuck you.


Yes, yes.


Yes. Fucking come on, yes.

Sleep all right?

Very good. And you?

Yeah, good.

You're actually a
really good driver.

I was only scared.

Yeah, me too.

Those people, they
were a little crazy. No?

No, they were really crazy.

They were a bunch of
really crazy hippies.

You from Great Britain?

Uh-huh. London.

So you and your
mum, and your stepdad,

and your little sister

drove to Morocco from
London with this?

Yeah. Indeed.

Why didn't you take a plane?

Well, my mum's
afraid of flying,

and my stepdad's
obsessed with the desert

and wanted to show her.

But actually, when we got there,

we ended up spending all
the time in the hotel.

Pool all day and then cocktails
for the grownups at night.

And then you decided
to stole this camper car?

No, then I got
grounded actually,

for jumping in
the pool, singing.

Even though it was
my fucking birthday.

And, but then, I jumped
over the balcony,

nicked the keys for
this little beast.

So now I'm going to
France. See my dad.

It was your birthday?


When we met and
you were on the roof?

Yeah, yeah. 18.

Happy birthday, man.


And you?

I'll be 18 in one month.

No, I meant what's your plan?

What, do you have
to, I don't know,

get a visa or find
some work or something?

No. I'm looking for my
crazy brother, Baptiste.

What makes him crazy?

He just is.

Last time we heard from him,
he was in France, in the north,

waiting for a chance
to go to England.

So what happened?

I don't know.

We have not heard from
him for a long time.

And my family got so
worried that one evening

I decided to jump in the
pool singing and go find him.

How come your
English is so good?

I watch a lot
of American films.

Why you don't like Chelsea?

Sorry mate but uh, no.

No, I'm actually
offended by that t-shirt.

I'm Arsenal.


I support Arsenal.

That must be hard.

Never winning any trophies.

Well, must be even harder
never going undefeated.

Never won the Golden
EPL or 11 FA Cups.

We won the Champions League.

Yeah well, with that
as a unit of measurement

Nottingham Forest must be
one of the biggest clubs

in the world.


You're crazy.

So we both gotta
get to France.

Wanna to come?

What do you
mean, "Wanna come?"

The way you drive, you will
still be driving around

in southern Spain two days.

To the left, to the left,
to the left. To the left.


Try the side one, the
button on the side.

- This one.
- No, no, the side.

- Yeah.
- Push it.

Yeah. No, it doesn't work.

But, this is a cruise control.

Yeah well, it's clearly
not working, is it?

Try the side one, please.

I just did. It's not...

No, no. Push, push it.

- Which switch, you need to...
- Push it on the side, eh?


Yes. Push it.

- Yeah.
- Yes?

- Yes.
- Yes.


Where you going?


Are you okay?


What is that?

That is hash,
William. Lots of hash.

A huge chunk of hatch.

Oh my god.

That crazy fucking German
hippy, stealing, lying bastard.

Bless him.

You're not a bit tense though?


Tense, or you're not stressed?

No, I don't know.

No. I don't think so.

'Cause I am, to be honest.

You know, the
driving and my mum.

And, from personal experience,

I've found that hash can have
a very relaxing effect on you.

You know?

Don't wanna lie to you but
uh, I feel a little tense too.

Think that might be too much?


Nah, I just gotta
fill the entire room.

The entire room?




Why do you keep laughing?

Maybe hit one of the buttons.

Maybe the other one.

That isn't it.

Try another one.

So I'd say, smoke
some, sleep really good,

and be well-rested for a
full day of driving tomorrow.

Makes sense.

Close your eyes.

Now when I say something,
open them. Okay?


Hip hop star.

Football player.

Child soldier.

First black man on the moon.

Man trying to sell
you sunglasses.


All right now, you go. You go.

Boy band member.

Child abuse victim.

World class darts player.

White supremacist.

Youngest magician in Vegas.

Son of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

You cannot be the son
of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

What, why? What?

I can be a white
supremacist though?

Of course.

What? And you can be Jesus?

Of course.

Well Jesus, I know
what we have to do.


Senor? Senor?

Senor? Hey, hey.


- Shovel.
- Yeah.

Shovel. We can't
find the shovel.

Let's remove all the sand.



You good?


This is Gaston.

And this is Joseph.

Joseph has papers
and a driver license.

- Oh, great.
- And they need to go

to the north.

So, maybe they can drive
us to where your dad is.


Sound good?

Yeah. Very good.



I have a question. You
don't have to say yes.

But if it's okay with you,

we will take some people over
the Pyrenees and into France.

What people?

Some people from Africa.


Yes, there's border
control in the Pyrenees

between Spain and France.

But it's illegal.

Yeah, of course.

Okay. Thank you.

Can I ask you something?


Can I keep the pants?

Yeah, of course.

Keep the t-shirt as well.

Thanks, man.

Why don't you come with me?

We could talk to Paul.

Sorry, that's my dad.
Everyone calls him Paul.

He's a really good guy and
he knows people, seriously.

He could help you.

We'll work something out.

I promise.




No, it's me.

Yeah, it's me. It's Gyllen.

Yeah. No, I'm, I'm here.

No, I'm in Arcachon.

Yeah, yes.


Uh yeah, I'm at the Super-U.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Okay, cool, yeah.

Yeah, all right, um,

well I'll see you in 10 then.

Okay, yeah. Bye.

It's okay?

Yeah. He'll be here in 10.

Hey, man.

Yeah, right.

Hi, Gyllen.

Uh, this is William.

So, where's the car?

You did take Max's RV?

Yeah. Yeah, I
did take Max's RV.

I mean the RV that
is owned by Max.

Mm-hmm, and then you drove
it from Morocco to here.

Yeah, I did.

Or, we did.

Sorry. Paul, this is William.

William, this is Paul, my dad.

Are you out your fucking mind?

Yeah. Yeah, I think that'd
be an accurate statement.

Where's the RV?

It's not far.

Show me.



Yes, he's, he's here.

He's here.

I , yeah, I know.

Me too.

Yeah, I will.


Right, look, listen,
Beth, listen,

I'm standing in front
of it right now.

I've got the keys in my
hand. All right, it's not...

So yeah. Put him on the phone,
tell him I'll speak to him.

Hi, Max.

Uh, yeah it, no, it looks good.

It looks in good shape,
actually. Surprisingly.

Nice RV, by the
way. What is that?


Okay. Yeah.

All right, well, bye for now.

Yeah. I'll, I'll...

Let's go.



Hey guys.

So you've put on some weight?

Yes, I did.

And, I actually thought
he told you, to be honest.

Well uh, yeah. Sorry.

I, I just, I didn't wanna
tell him over the phone.

Oh, okay.

Then this is uh,
William, Gyllen's friend.


Good evening.

And happy
birthday, by the way.

Oh, yeah. Cheers.

Well, come in.

You wanna jump in the
shower real quick?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

You know, I
mean, to be honest,

we all just wanted to enjoy
a good bit of jazz piano.

You know?

But you know how Mum is.

She got bored and then
she got boozed up.

Then she decided to start
singing "How Deep is Your Love?"

She's actually got a
pretty good falsetto.

You've gotta give her that.

Yeah, but then she got cocky.

So I gave her a good
hard slap around the face

and I grounded her.

Did she hit you?


Yeah, but it's okay.

It's actually the most
honest thing she's done

in a long time.

So we're, we're headed
to Berlin tomorrow.

So, for now, Valerie and
I will take you with us.

And then we'll put you
on a plane back to London

when Elizabeth gets home.

I'm not going back to Mum's.

So you don't want
to finish school?

Oh yeah, good point.
Good point actually.

Um, school, what a really
wonderful invention.

God, we are all really
impressed down here.

You know, there's something
that a lot of people don't know

is that you actually can leave.

Maybe you need to stop trying
to be Mr. Funny for a second

so we can work out whatever it
is that's going on with you.

Be careful what
you wish for, Paul.

So where are
you from, William?



And are you a refugee?


No, no, he's not.

He's looking for his brother.

Are you attending school?


How old are you?

I'll be 18 soon.

Uh, so you are a minor.

Are you traveling alone?

What do
you mean, alone?

I mean, he's an
unattended minor.

Can I use your toilet?

That was great.
Honestly, really fantastic.

Thank you so much for the water

and the wonderful,
exhilarating discussion.

But we should probably get
going, it's getting late.

- Hey, you sit down.
- Get on the road.

Sit down now.

Make me.

What did you just say to me?

I said, "Make me."

- Paul!
- Stop!


- Stop, you fucking bastard.
- Paul, stop!

Stop it.

You wanna
go? Then get out.


Get out.

Hey, Gyllen?

Are you there?

Gyllen, are you there?

My brother died
when he was 10.


Got hit by a car when he
was going around a corner

on his bike.

So that's why my
dad was such a dick.

And my mom is so crazy, and
I'm such a pain in the ass.

Lawrence was the craziest,
wittiest, funniest

pain in the ass you
would've ever met.

Always driving people mad.

He loved pranks. Just loved
driving people up the wall.

Got the worst grades in school
but everyone still loved him.

How old were you?

I was 13.

For me, school was
always pretty easy,

so I'd help him with homework.

All he really wanted was I'd
play him some Stone Roses or,

or chat about Arsenal,

or read him a Taoistic story.

Since then, mum's been
suffering panic attacks.

She's become scared of
pretty much everything.




And she can turn into an
ice cold bitch in a second.

Yeah. I'm also not
an Arsenal supporter.

Lawrence was. I don't give
a shit about football.

You still going to
find your brother?


Do you mind if I come along?

So, that's my
brother, Baptiste.

When was that?

That was the first
video he sent from Calais.

So, a Zodiac's like a dinghy.


The little boat you were
talking about in Morocco.

A dinghy is like a boat
you blow up with air?

Yeah. Yeah, like
a rubber dinghy.


Do you have a motor for it?

No, it's just the...

- Paddles.
- Mm-hmm.

So you tried to
get to Spain in that?

Just, just with paddles?

No, to go to Spain with
a Zodiac is impossible.

So, what do you do?

You try to get out of the
12 mile zone around Morocco

and hope that the
Red Cross finds you.

But most of the time,
the Moroccan military will catch you.

So the main thing is getting
past the Moroccan military?


When you're up by Lim, you
already made it very far.

Because first you have
to get to the beach.

No, first, you buy
a Zodiac from a guy

that stole it from
some other refugees.

Then you have to pay somebody
to get you to the beach.

But sometimes they take
your money and fool you

and drop you at the wrong place.

What do you mean,
the wrong place?

They make you think that
you're close to the beach,

but you're not.

But before you
realize, they are gone.

Some even put you on the boat,
then drive for a long time,

and then they put
you on the beach

and they scream at you,
and tell you to hide.

And in the morning, you
realize it's not Spain.

It's still Morocco.

So they drive in circles
and take you back to Morocco?

Yes. That's what they do.


Yeah. Dirty shit.

Can I ask you something too?

Yeah, of course.

You did not know that
the new wife of your dad

was pregnant?


She's not his wife.

As far as I know.

Are you gonna
talk to your mum?

I'm fine with my mum.

It's just, no. No, sorry,
I'm not doing this.

I'm not talking about my mommy
issues. I'll feel like a mug.

I mean, obviously I am a mug,
but at least there's a chance

that I'm not that much of a mug.

I understand.

What's a mug?

Mug's like, like a clown.

You know, like a fool.


So, if a guy would sit
next to me and tell me,

"Oh, William, you think
your story is so bad,

I've seen 200 people die in
the sea, you are just a mug,"

what would I say?

By the way, I'm not
a Chelsea fan either.

My t-shirt is from Baptiste.

And I learned English
in a Christian school.

I mean, I watch
American films too,

but uh, I learned
English in that school.

All right. Maybe sometimes
you can be a tiny bit of a mug.


Two fries and two cokes.

It doesn't work.

Just two Cokes.

Give him two euro, please.

Let's go.

I'm finishing
my drink, William.

- I
- think we should go.

What's he doing?

What do you think?

What are they saying?

What do you think he's doing?

You have problem?

- Let's go.
- Race view,

and a sprinkle of homophobia,

- is that it?
- Yes. Let's go.

We're on the money.

Yeah man, I was just wondering
who you were related to.

These your kids?

Or maybe you're their dad and
their uncle and their brother.

Or maybe...

Gyllen, let's go.

Gyllen, let's go.

You're one big loving
family. You're related.

Is that it?

Yeah. Come on,
man, come on, man.

What the fuck are you
gonna do? Come on.

Come on, have a go.

They attacked us.

You insulted them.

They insulted you, us.

I don't have a passport.
I don't have anything.

I'm not welcome here.

I can't go looking for fights.

Well, I'm not gonna
keep my mouth shut

when something like
that happens to you,

or to me, or to any of us.

And you think
you do that for me?

Because I don't need it.

I need you to be my friend.

That's all I need.

They can call me bad
names, make stupid jokes,

or not look at me, pretending
that I don't exist.

I don't care.

I care about other things.

That I can do something,
that I can learn,

that I can do what I like,
that I can become somebody

for my people and my family.

I need to make my
risks small, not big.

I need to be calm, not crazy.

I need to be smart, not stupid.

What the fuck you on about?

Everything, every tiny
thing, every big thing,

every fucking medium-sized
thing that we have done

since the very
first second we met

has been crazy, risky, stupid.

And that's what got us here.

We are literally team
crazy, risky, stupid.


Hey. I'm looking
for my brother.

His name is Baptiste.

He's from Congo.

Are you a refugee?

No, no, no. I'm just
looking for my brother.

But do you have like, papers?

Do you have a legal
status to be here?


I'm really sorry, you
can't be in warehouse.

Yeah but he's
just looking for his brother.

It doesn't matter.

We're having like,
so many problems

with the French
police right now.

They're looking for absolutely
any excuse to shut us down.

And if you are in here, that's
just another reason for them.

I'm really sorry.

Hello. Cheers.

that man the ticket.

Hello. How are you?

Do you have a ticket?

Do you know him?



That's right. He's
Congolese, Congo.

No? No?

That's my big brother.

His name is Baptiste.
He's from Congo.

Do you know him?


No? No?

Did you saw him?
That's my big brother.

No? No?

You don't know? Never saw?

- Hi.
- Hi.

If you just come
around this way.

All right. All right.

Hello Tom, how are you?

How are you?

Very good.

- You enjoy that, friend.
- Good, thank you.

We go to the Congo
distribution point after this.

You should probably
head down there

if he want to try
and find his brother.

There you go, man.

So they
don't mix at all?

Just, different ethnicities,
different cultures,

different places.

This is largely Afghans
with a couple of Sudanese.

People kind of liked to
stay amongst their own.

Some up here.

- All right.
- All right.


He's your friend?


Yeah, he's looking
for his brother.


This guy say it
is very, very sweet.

Oh what, it's
too sweet for him?

No. He likes that very much.

Oh, okay. Good.

You good?

He's not here.

Sorry, man.

Do you know how sad mama is?

Why have you never tried calling?!

Couldn't you have done that?

Are you out of your mind?

It's impossible. It
is a problem for them.

You, you, you cannot
stay in the bush with us.

It is not safe
for you or for us.

Yeah well, then I
can just sleep like,

200 fucking yards away.

Or we can get hotel.

I've still got
Paul's credit cards.

Bring everybody, I don't care.

It's impossible.

Let's talk tomorrow.



All right.

Hey man, you
need a place to stay?


One night he hurt himself
when hiding under a truck.

His leg was broken.

He was in a lot of pain.

Before the accident he was strong.

Always dancing.

Always in a good mood.

But he has changed.

He started drinking and taking drugs.

To endure the pain.

He's not well.

Will you take him home?

Back to Congo?


Hey, Alan.

- How you doin'?
- Hey, Eric.


This is Gyllen.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- All right, Gyllen.

Still got
that bunk in a back?


I think we still
got a free room.

Yeah. Come in, man.

Hey. Speak English?


a Taoistic story?


You said
that sometimes Lawrence

wanted that you
talk about Arsenal,

or you read him
a Taoistic story.


this emperor has a
guy who advises him

on what horses to buy.


One day he calls him.

He was like, "You know
you're gettin' pretty old.

Who's gonna advise me on
horses to buy when you're gone?

I hear your sons
are pretty good."

The horse adviser shakes
his head and says,

"My sons are pretty good.

They can tell a good
horse from a bad horse.

But they can't tell
a supreme horse,

a horse that raises no dust
when riding at full gallop,

from a good horse.

I have a friend I think
you should try out."

A few months later, the
emperor calls this guy back.

He's like, "Yo, what the fuck?

This guy you sent
me's a fucking idiot.

I asked him to get
me a white stallion.

You know what the
wanker sent back?

A fucking black mare.

He can't even tell
the difference

between a horse's
sex and color."

So the horse guy just shakes
his head and smiles and says,

"Nah. Nah, that just means that
he's even better than I am.

'Cause he's so in tune
with the essentials

that he doesn't
pay any attention

to any of the
superficial aspects.

I ask you, try that horse."

So the emperor did.

And it was the best
fuckin' horse he ever owned

in his entire life.

That's Taoistic story.

I would love to be able
to tell a story like that.

I think my story,

the meaning will be that

you can follow your life,

follow your struggle,

but at the same time be,
be somebody's friend,

or somebody's brother.

Even if you've never
met him before.

It would mean
everything for me to,

to say something that, that
makes you understand that.

I love you.

Love you like you're
my own brother.

Of course I'm not
saying that I love you

like you're my own
brother because

I know that you
would not like that.

Fuck off.

Seriously. Fuck off.

Not doing any of that "it was
nice to get to know you" shit.

Fuckin' leave me the fuck alone.


Do you fucking understand?


Hey. Hey, hey.

Get the fuck off.

Off of me!

Leave me alone!

Sometimes I hate myself so much

I just don't know what to do.

What was the
nicest thing Lawrence

would ever say to anybody?

"You made my day."

You know, with that
really, really big smile.

No. No, you have to
hold it for 20 seconds

for the endorphins to kick in.

















Let's take it out, measure it.

And, we need more men's
stock than we do women's.

So unless it's like
clearly feminine,

then we'll use it as men's.

Okay. You take the trousers.

Come in. Come on in.

So where are you?

We arrived in Paris.

We'll stay in the refugee
center for a few days.

How's Baptiste?

He's good. Better.

When you going home?

We don't
know yet. And you?

I think
I'll stay for a bit.

I met this chef from London,
he's like a proper good chef,

has his own fancy
restaurant and everything.

Came out here to cook.

like a good guy.

Yeah, he is.

Good to hear your voice.

Yeah, you too.

You made my day.

You made my day.