Ritual (2022) - full transcript

The discovery of a chopped-off hand in a Brussels canal forces Belgian police diver Kiki to face deep guilt from the past, her own and her country's. Based on the book 'Ritual' by Mo Hayder.

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Take care, Tom. Wait.
- Kiki, do you have those timetables?

Yeah, I got it.
- Are you okay? Careful, Dad.

Did you get it?
- Yes, I got it.

Kiki, are you checking the distance?

Going forward, they want to
undergo in half an hour.

Are you ready for your big moment, Elisabeth?

Okay, final briefing.

Dad, I was thinking last night.

We better stay only five minutes
at minus 100.

How? No ten?
- No, Tom. Five.

Allee. Cézaire, not ten minutes?
- At 100 meters, five minutes is already good.

So. Descending fifteen minutes.
Five minutes at minus 100.

And 3.5 hours to get back up,
including stops.

And Tom, at the stops
stay still this time, yes?


Okay, final checks?

Thanks again, honey.

You only live to be sixty once, Mom.
- I know that.

Dad? Mom?

What happened?
- They came up too fast.

Where are the parents?

Those are still downstairs.
- Signal the helicopter.

Did you do your stops? Your stops?

I didn't find them.
I only saw them pockets.

Go with Tom.
Take him to the hospital.

I go downstairs again.
I'll get them upstairs. Go with Tom.

Hey, Tommeke.
- Hi.

Is something wrong?
- No, it's Mom's birthday, isn't it.

- It's been a year, so I thought:

maybe we should finally
clean up Daddy's desk together?

Yes, but I still have to eat and....
- Take it easy. Come when you're ready.

Yes, but I also have to go to the store....

Tom, we have all weekend.

In the afternoon or so?

I just keep thinking,
if I hadn't panicked at the time that...

It's okay. I'll do it.

Central Bank of the Belgian Congo

- Lieutenant Schelfthaut?

Code 608 on the canal in Molenbeek.
Please report as soon as possible.

I'm on standby.
Have you called the shift guard yet?

Those are gone, requisitioned by the prosecutor's office.

Okay. I'm coming.

I've been coming here for about four weeks now.
I am addicted to cocaine.

Thank you, Marijke.

- I'm addicted to crack.

It started when I was sixteen,
just with a joint. You know how that goes.

I'm still a little tired.
I don't know about you guys....

Sweating, getting mad at everybody.
- Jonas?


That's the name, isn't it?

Um, yes.

So I'm Jonas.
I'm addicted to heroin.

When I was twelve, I was abused
by a teacher of mine.

I started to throttle.

Then that wasn't enough anymore,
starting to spray and stuff.

My parents found that out.
They threw me out.

Moments later, my friend also died.

I really want to get rid of it now.

And I want to get rid of your bullshit, Jonas.

Just last week it was your parents
who had died

And your girlfriend you had put out.
Or don't you remember?

If you can't be honest with yourself,
you have no business here, Jonas.

You're all the way to the right now, chief.
I would come back a little more central.


Yes, now you should be hanging above it.

If we can believe that witness.

Nothing to see here yet.

Back at the wall.

Are there any other divers in the water?



No, nothing.



Kiki, is something wrong?

No nothing, Stan.

The stupid lamp fell out of my hands.

Greasy gunk, goddamn it.


Found something?

Okay. Yes, give it to me.

Ah, Nick.
- Hey.

Say it, Borsu.
- Yes, so the diver has...

Good afternoon. Nick Cafmeyer, federal.
- Christine Schelfthaut.

You turned up that hand?
- Yes.

Did you notice anything in particular?
- No, you don't see anything underwater there.

But you found them quickly anyway.
- It was a good tip.

A grandfather and his granddaughter
saw a hand floating.

Hands do not float.

They may have seen the hand, but
then at the moment she fell into the water.

Five seconds later
And you can't see anything.

That's bizarre, though.
There was no one else around.

Wasn't that yesterday
that it poured like that?

We need to get to that drain over there.

Will you join us?

Because of the rain, it may be
That hand is washed out here.


Yes, do.

That is impressive.
- That amazes you exactly.

No, not at all. It's...

Sad birthday. I'm thinking of you.
If you want to talk, I'm here.

Could we have a moment...
That cistern would issue into the canal.

Ask Waterworks
if they can get in there with a camera.

You think we're still going to find pieces?

There is a third drain.
- Across the street.

Do you have some change for me?

Do you have some money for me?

Do you have something for me?
- You don't even have money.

Do you want something?

Do you have something?
- Yes.

On Friday, I will receive my benefits.
- No worries. Come.

Come on.

Get in.

- Hi.

When I see you, I see your mom.
- Cézaire.

It's been far too long. My fault.

You must be very busy.

I found an old picture of you and Dad.
I thought you would like it.

Are you diving again already?
- I've only been out for a month.

- I smell standing water.

Are you serious?

That really creeps into your hair and pores.

What about you? Are you still working on your book?
- It comes out the day after tomorrow.

You will come, won't you?
- Yes, of course.

So, what did you find today?
A treasure? A missing person?

One hand.

The one from the news?
- Yes.

The hand in the canal, that's you?
- Two hands. They came out of a rain drain.

A dream career. But it may be
the only thing I'm good at.

Then again.

I rounded up 107 corpses.

But my own parents...

The Boesman hole is way too deep.
- I know.

I tried to find them.
- I know that.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.

I still blame myself
also still a little bit.

I'm losing them, Cézaire.

My image of them is becoming increasingly blurred.

I wanted to tell you.

I saw her. Mom.

Some things are better left alone.

I saw her.
She wanted to make something clear to me.

Did you give that to Dad?

I need to see her again.

That's garbage.
It just brings your head down.

Your fears. Your memories. Your desires.
It's junk.

I still want to tell her so much.

It will not bring clarity.
Only chaos.

I know someone who can help you.
- Help with what?

Money. To stop.

Or maybe more of this?


Okay, go ahead.


It's him, chief.

Can this thing be off already?
- No.

Why do I have it on?
- Where we are going is a secret.

Otherwise there would be too many people.
- Just drop me off here.

We're almost there.
- Drop me off here.

I still say...
- Please.


He jumped.

Are you still sleeping that badly?


You weren't fired, were you?
- No.

I am working on a new business.

Tom, you were going to stay employed for a while, right?

I know, Kiki,
but this is really a gap in the market.

Are you still seeing your psychologist?
And the medication?

If I pass up this opportunity,
then I'm flipped. Really.

I know some guys
and they import chandeliers from the Czech Republic.

You don't see that in any antique store
hang. That...

That's going to sell like crazy.

And they want to make me partner.
- Partner? All of a sudden?

No, not all of a sudden. I've had some dinners,
some meetings with those guys.

Partner? In what legal form?

Yes, shareholder.

That's why I should borrow your car tomorrow.
- My car?

I can hardly get there with my moped
moped. I can't.

Kiki, everything depends on that meeting.

Good day.
- Start already. I'm coming.

Excuse me. Do you know where I can find
Mr. D'Aldekerke can be found?

They are still in Switzerland, in the mountains.
They might come back tonight.

Are you from the police?
- No, I am from...

I saw you earlier at the combo.
You also start work early.

You are here for the blood, I suppose.
- Blood?

Yes, on their new Mercedes. All blood.

See. All the blood.
It was dripping off.

Check it out.
Madam was almost hysterical.

Excuse me, could I speak to Commissioner Cafmeyer
speak to?

I'll check to see if he's still inside.
- Yes.

Ah, it's okay. Commissioner?


- I may have something.

One possible clue
why the hands were cut off.

Do you know the owner of the company
where the hands were found?

I can check that out.
- D'Aldekerke.

Their family fortune was amassed in the Congo.

With rubber plantations.

Perhaps it is worth
to investigate

Whether those hands have anything to do
with the exploitation

of the Congolese people
in colonial times.

That's an interesting train of thought.

My grandfather was a district officer
in Bukavu. My father was born there.

They remembered the D'Aldekerkes.
- Nick?

A few weeks ago, the car
of D'Aldekerke was smeared with blood.

There are pictures of.
- Nick?

Do you want to put that on mail?
We have to go to Molenbeek.

Those hands have been identified.

Who is it?
- A junkie. We think it's drugs.

Ah, okay. I will make you work. Sorry.

- Jonas.

I want to get rid of it.

Now really.

But you know what we said.
- I found a private clinic.

They want a cash advance.


You know what I have to do, what they do to me
do, to get some money?

Those men...

I don't want this anymore, Mom.
I have to get rid of this.

I already thought I saw something in my mirror.
- Jonas found a clinic.

No. We will not come back to it.

A private clinic.
- They want a cash advance.

In cash? Really?

Allee, Inez... Everything we have
given him, he injected into his veins.

I know.
- Plus everything he stole from us.

But this is different, okay?

It is a gradual therapy
of gentle withdrawal.

Oh boy. If the hard hand doesn't
helps, what would the soft it do?

No, Inez. He has his allowance
And not a penny more.

It is for its own good.

Can't you miss it or what?

Careful, eh. He's fueled up.
- You're an angel, really. Merci.

Ah, Kiki. They're at it again.
In Boesmansgat.

A record dive. Two Australians.
They want to get to the bottom.

Allee, merci.

We dive to the bottom of Boesmansgat

Hi, we are Ben and Andy.

Within 48 hours, we are going to leave this flag at the bottom
of Boesmansgat, 270 meters deep.

We'll keep you informed here,
so sign up to get notifications.

Come on, keep walking.

To the left. Left.


It stinks here.

To the left.

Wait here.

What is this here?

Stay here. I'll be back.

Here, while we await the orders
awaiting the chief's orders.

Tell your chief that without a condom is okay.

Fistfucking is also good,
but I'll do it. Okay?

And just ... no too weird stuff.

And I'm not a toilet.

I'm sorry.
- What are you sorry for?

You are a true friend.

Thank you.

We have been training for more than a year.
Hopefully we will get to the bottom.

Few divers made it to 270 meters.
There have been a few accidents.

Just last year the Belgian divers.

We will have to be very well prepared.
It will be difficult anyway.

The conditions must be perfect
and we also have to be lucky.

What is it?


The cops...
- What?

The cops...

How much did you drink?

Everything is fucked up, Kiki.
It's fucked up.

Make them go away. I'm not going to ask you
ask you, but make them go away.

Keep your cool.

Hey, Kenny.

We've been chasing you
Crossing behind you.

Why didn't you stop?
You see our flashing lights, right?

Have you been drinking?
- No. Why?

Because a sober person doesn't drive like that.
You were almost there. And us with it.

Yes, I... I couldn't stop.
My bladder was bursting.

I have to do it by the book. I have
already passed everything on to the control room.

So if you would blow for a moment.
Pro forma.

If it's negative, I'll pass it on
to dispatch and I'm also finally done.



You look like you don't believe it.


This is the last time I lie for you.

Damn, Tom.

Allee Tom, boy.
Goddamn. Dirty pig.

Chief, found anything yet?
- Nothing.

Thank you, ma'am. Have a good day.

Are you Mrs. D'Aldekerke?

Hello, ma'am. I am Christine Schelfthaut.
I found these hands here.

Are you okay?

Ma'am, are you afraid of something?

Your car was recently smeared with blood
and now those hands...

Are you being threatened?


Are you okay? What happened?

She asks questions and...

Who sent you?

No one. Madam was not feeling well and...

And you are?
- Civil Protection.

Lieutenant Schelfthaut.
- Schelfthaut?

Family of Brecht Schelfthaut?

Yes, the daughter.


We were shocked
when we learned about it from your parents.

Your father often spoke of you.
Yes, he was a man of vision.

We found two sawed-off hands
right in front of your door.

Given your family's connection to the Congo....
- And of yours.

Hence the link came to me as well.
- That the link came to you?

Always those unsavory sensational stories.

Never once anything about schools,
hospitals, infrastructure.

All the good things we accomplished
in the colony. Until today.

With your father's great commitment
For donations and charity

you should know better, miss.

Schelfthaut is still a name in Congo.

Are you being threatened, sir?
- Why would I be threatened?

Our company is one of the few
who are still investing in Congo and Rwanda.

Our credits provide employment and income
to countless families.

That's one side of the story.
We both know the other.

If you are being threatened, I can
in contact with the detectives....

There is no reason for that. My wife
and I are grateful for your concern.

Your wife is afraid. I think that has to do
with what we found.

It just has to do with her
blood pressure. It's rather on the low side.

Yes, tell me.
- I'm here to see Commissioner Cafmeyer.

Never mind.

Your mermaid is here.

I'm going to debrief.

Sorry, excuse me.

Wesley Raemaeckers.

Arrested a few times with heroin,
reported missing by his mother

and other than that, we don't really know anything
about him, not even whether he is still alive.

But he was still alive
When his hands came off.

We really don't have any leads.
No address, no enemies, nothing.

Raemaeckers is the family name
of his mother.

The father, unfortunately, is not known.

I think I did something stupid.

I talked about those hands
with the D'Aldekerkes.

- We were diving there this afternoon

And they just came home.
- You didn't go in, did you?


What makes you think he has anything
to do with it, this D'Aldekerke?


From 1885 to 1890, the colonial
machine of Leopold II swept through the Congo like a tsunami.

Leopold II urgently needed
needed financial resources

And the rescue came from unexpected quarters.

The automobile. Everyone with money,
or with pretension, wanted an automobile.

Cars needed tires.
Tires made of rubber.

And in the Congo, rubber dripped from the trees.

In colonial Congo, villages were
imposed a quota for rubber production.

If the village did not meet its quota,
villagers could be executed.

The soldiers had to provide a severed hand
as evidence for each bullet fired.

But the villagers
struck a deal with the soldiers.

Instead of getting the bullet,
they had their hand cut off.

The soldiers thus saved lives and bullets ,
but were able to present the necessary hands.

The hands became a means of payment.
That is the perversity of the system.

They pitted Congolese against Congolese.
Village against village.

And Congo is still being exploited today.

It used to be
for the king, rubber and ivory.

Today for cobalt and coltan.

Up to here this passage.

I'm not going to read the whole book.
If you want to know more,

then you can purchase a copy.
Any questions?


I have the impression
that things are changing after all.

You mean the king's regret?
- Nothing changes at all.

There are an enormous number of reports and studies
that deal with the new slavery.

Children languishing in mines,
rape as a weapon of war in Kivu,

the atrocities committed by Rwandan army groups.

What is done with those reports? Nothing.

And meanwhile, the corrupt government is allowing
loot the Congolese land.

The oligarchs amass fortunes
while the population cremates.

The first step is indeed
the recognition of the genocide

and reparations.
- I have great respect for you

and for the processes
that you have set in motion.

But what has
your court battle already accomplished?

Has the genocide been recognized yet?

Was even one guilty person punished?

Black lives matter,
as long as we get to exploit them.

You are an old man with old weapons
fighting a rearguard action

against the colonial ghosts of the past.
And meanwhile our homeland is creaming.

6 million dead, 4 million refugees.

And the rest of the world turns a blind eye,

because we still need coltan,
and cobalt, copper and gold.

Do you have a cell phone?
And you guys use batteries?

Then we are all complicit.
- All of us. Justice for the Congo.

Hey, Ombayi.

A long time ago.
- A lot has happened.

But we remained true to the struggle.

Take good care of yourself.

He was born in 1959. He was still a baby
when your grandparents fled with him.

His parents were shot
in the 1960 riots, so...

he was about eight months old.

His father was a gardener with my grandparents
and his mother a cook.

He grew up here
As a brother to my daddy.

Glad you came with your friend.
- Colleague.

Did your colleague learn anything?
- Yes, absolutely.

I didn't know that slavery
still existed in the Congo.

No one in Europe wants to know
that his cell phone was made with slave sweat.

Are you sleeping better?

Do you still hear your mother?
- Fainter and fainter.

I wish I could help you.

I know.

You are leaving?

Yes. Being mobile is part of business.

A colleague told me
That your wife is afraid.

My wife is a sensitive nature.


Has anyone threatened you or your family?

No. Besides, that wouldn't work either.

Is that your car?

That would surprise me.
My driver is very fond of cleanliness.

I had the image analyzed.
It's your car.

No complaint has been filed.

Yes, a vandalism, surely? Hangouts
with too much money and too much time on their hands.

And those hands are also a vandalism?

Or. do you not care
Who those hands belong to?

Look, the sewer is public domain.
What you fish up there is not my concern.


Do you know this man?

I don't have the honor, no.

Wesley Raemaeckers.

Does that name mean anything to you?


And yet I have
a strong memory for names...

Commissioner Cafmeyer.



Unusual name.

I put my light on
about your companies.

A big light is not needed for that.
We facilitate investment between parties.

There is also an ongoing investigation
into the laundering of fortunes

of Congolese rulers.
- That kind of investigation should be expected

If you operate in that region.
That's geopolitics.


Then I'm sorry
for bothering you

with local suckers like Wesley Raemaeckers.

Borsu, I have a job for you. I've
checked to see if D'Aldekerke has any enemies.

The Congopiste.

That is a demand by the court
for reparations to Congo

for looting by the Belgian state
and some 20 companies and families.

Declared inadmissible.

And D'Aldekerke is among them. Don't say
That mermaid of yours is right.

Who made that claim?

The JPPC. That stands
for Justice Pour le Peuple Congolais.

Who are they?
- Very good question.

Therefore, this is a job for you.

You know people at State Security, don't you?

Just call them.

The JPPC is a small protest movement

who was particularly active in the Brussels
universities and in the Maton district.

They also raised money
for education projects in Congo.

The JPPC had filed a claim with
the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Their lawyer was Master Schelfthaut.

Family of?
- Father of.

And perished a year ago
along with his wife.

They asked for recognition for the ten million
deaths in the Belgian Congo as genocide

and reparations for looting.
Complaint declared inadmissible.

Even worse, they themselves were condemned
for the riots afterwards.

Incitement and incitement to violence. And then
landed on the radar of State Security.

Here. Ombayi Mualuke.
She is the leader, or at least one of the.

I saw her at that book presentation
of Cézaire Nduka.

Is the JPPC still active?

I have a list of the companies
and families they have sued,

whose fortunes they claim are based
on blood rubber and mining slaves in the Congo.

D'Aldekerke in the lead.

We'll go down that list.

Mr. Lelièvre?

Federal Police.
I want to ask you some questions.

Yes. Make an appointment
with my secretary.

Through the website it is easiest.
- The easiest is for you to answer now.

Your transport company
operates in Congo and Burundi.

We are active
in very many sectors and countries.

We are part of a Canadian group.
Our company has an excellent website.

The JPPC, does that mean anything to you?
- I would have to look it up.

Have you recently been threatened, you or your company?

Not myself, no. The company...

Our general manager
will know the answer to that.

The best way to contact him...
- Through the website.


Excuse me.

Federal Police. Inspector Borsu.
Can I speak to Mr. Deloitre, please?

I'm sorry. My husband is not here.

And I myself am not informed, so we
unfortunately can't speak to you today.

Okay, then we'll come back later. Thank you very much.

Hey, friend.

Why am I still here?


A little more.

One without a hand.

I think we finally found him.

The lab is on its way,
so bring him over.

- Hey.

- Wesley Raemaeckers probably.

Stan will explain it to you.

Yes, Cézaire?

I'm coming.

- Can you help me?

Iboga or ibogaine.
A hallucinogen that is more manageable.

Not like that mushroom.

Do you believe in it?
- The dead are up here.

So are you talking to them or to your thoughts?

Justice for Congo.

After the rejection of their demands
there were still riots,

but then the JPPC was dissolved.

Two of them did return
to Congo

and have been linked there to
protests against cobalt mines in Kinshasa.

Then disappeared without a trace.

About five have remained active here,
including the leader Ombayi Mualuke.

They are popping up left and right in demonstrations
against slavery in cobalt mines.

So that's the hard core.
- Yes.

Then we will put those on the grid.

Ombayi is in Brussels. I've seen that one.
Put some people on there.

That's Cézaire Nduka.

When we were scared at night,
we would also lie down like that.

With our guns beside us.
When I was a child soldier.

You might bring up things
that you no longer knew you knew.

One shaman describes iboga as cracking open a skull
cracking open and letting the light shine into it.

It will work out. You are almost redeemed.





Kiki? Kiki?
- Mommy?

I don't want to choose.

Where is she?

I just wanted to dry my hands.


Come on. Hey.

What did you do?
- I'll explain that to you.

What does she have?
- Leave her alone for a moment.

I want an explanation now.
- She needs to rest.

What does she have? What did you do?
- Don't shout like that.

It's really okay.
I just need some rest.

Eaten something wrong. Nothing more.

That's you in the picture, isn't it?
- Did I deny it sometimes?

With whom were you at the demonstration?
- With fellow demonstrators.

That's Wamu Kudjabo.

Dieumerci Lukoki.

And Shabani Mpeko.
All members of the JPPC.

And the woman in the middle is the leader.
Ombayi Mualuke.

I've been
sympathized with the JPPC, yes.

You were a member.

I helped them
to demand recovery through legal means.

Our demand was laughed away in court
and ignored in the media.

And after that?

Did anger surface?
Thoughts of revenge?

After that, nothing more.

When no one listens to you,
the protest dries up.

Or it becomes clandestine and militant.

Are you okay, Kiki?

Aren't you with that ambulance?

What is this? What happened here?

Why are you questioning Cézaire
as a criminal?

I'll explain everything to you later,
but I'll take you home first.

I want an explanation.
I expect you at the station tomorrow.

The JPPC no longer exists.
They were students.

They have graduated.
They are working or looking for work.

Please leave them alone.

They already have enough trouble
to build a life here.

Will it work?


I don't know if that's a good idea.

Then don't, eh.

Kiki, if you want to talk about this,
it doesn't have to be now or with me, but...


Good morning. Eight o'clock. The news.

Since this morning in the woods around
Sint-Joris-Weert a search operation is underway

to a missing 68-year-old woman

who was admitted
at the Blanden psychiatric institution.

She is wearing a bathrobe and...

What are you doing here? That door was locked.

It was open.

You said your father supported the JPPC.

I didn't say that.

Then I must have read that somewhere.

He has been their advocate.
He coordinated their fundraising efforts.

But that stopped
when they had disagreements.

That woman we saw
at that lecture by Cézaire. You know her.

Ombayi Mualuke, yes.
She was a child of ours.

Papa and Cézaire helped her
with that fundraising effort.

For the JPPC?
- Yes.

Did your father keep records
of those fundraisers? Correspondence?

Is that why you came along?

You have
on that trail of Congo.

Yes, I seriously regret that too.

Help me.

Help me.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Goddammit, Tom.


What the fuck, Tom?
- Kiki, that's going to burn if I...


I had been waiting all evening for
those Czechs with their fucking chandeliers.

They did not come.

I called them. They didn't pick up.

I then started drinking gin and....

All the way home
I whimpered like a little child.

And all of a sudden on that road, from behind a tree,
comes that stupid fucking pussy.

I couldn't stop. I couldn't.

And what did you think?
I dump her in the trunk, solved?

You're going to indicate that.
- No, no.

Tom, goddammit.

We're going to put that corpse back.
- No.

And then you're going to turn yourself in.

You should have let me drown, too.

- I have an appointment with the commissioner.

Nick? That leader of the JPPC
has been spotted. Brussels center.

I'm sorry, but I have to leave urgently.
Please wait here. I will keep you informed.

Missing: Greet Laroms

We have to stay as close as possible
to the truth.

You have been depressed for a year.
Your doctors can confirm that.

You wanted to drive my car around
to blow off some steam.

You felt a lump and you thought it was
it was a well. The place is full of wells.

You went home and it wasn't until
when you saw that wanted notice,

That you have begun to doubt.
Left or right?

- I don't know.

- I don't remember.

Okay, Tommeke. We're going back.
We'll start over.

If necessary, we do it ten times,
twenty times, until we find it. Yes?

Here, number 34. We have permission
from the investigating judge.

Justice for Congo

She really needs to get out of here just right.

JPPC - Press release
Down with modern slavery - Our demand


Oh, no. Fuck.

These are detonators for explosives.


Hey. Stop. Stop.

Stop. Stop.

They have one of those backpacks with them.

Stand up.
- Let me. Take the backpack.

It smells like thinner,
but very strong.

And that inflammation...
I don't know if you can see it,

but those wires lead to a cell phone.

Okay, get out of there, Inge. Don't touch anything.
I'll send an explosives team.


Stop. Stop.

The backpack.

Release the backpack.

Release the backpack.

Let me go.

Quiet. Don't.

Wait, wait. Yes, yes.



Please help.


Ready to fire.

They are bags of red paint.
It was a paint bomb.

The site can be released.

Don't let me down, Kiki.

Tom, of course not.

I won't leave you alone. I am with you.

We go to the police together.

Don't stick anything in your head. You did that
to protect us and everyone here.

Is Ombayi still in critical condition?

She's having surgery now?
Okay, keep me informed. Good?

You can talk to someone immediately.
- Nick?

Nick? I'm sitting here with a tax return.
Can you give me a hand?

Go ahead. I'll be right there.
- Nick?

What happened?

Ombayi was shot. That's what happened.
- What?

Surely she's not...
- I don't know.

Just take him to the two.
- How can that be? Should I...

No, you really don't have to do anything for a while. I've been
way too far along in all your story.

We shot someone
for a stupid pot of paint.

Hey, not with Tom Schelfthaut,
but lets go after the beep.

Really. Fucking asshole.

I'll hang you by your cowardly balls,
fucking retarded shithead.

Justice for Ombayi.
Justice for Ombayi.

Justice for Ombayi.

We accuse the oligarchy of Congo and
Rwanda of crimes against the Congolese people.

We accuse Belgium, the EU and the UN
of complicity.

Yes. We'll come back to that in a moment.

First, the previous facts.
How did you meet this man?


The shooting incident
will be investigated to the bone.

By the fascists who shot her?

Look at this photo. Wesley Raemaeckers.

I don't know that one.

This one might refresh your memory.

His hands were sawed off
while he was alive.

They were sent
to the families of former colonials.

Do you think we have an obsession
with colonials of the past?

An eye for an eye?

That's just what the establishment wants
us to think.

That our anger is directed at colonials
who have been dead for a century.

Easy. Here we remove a statue,
there we change a street name.

Then we don't have to point the finger
at the outrageous acts.

And leaders in the Congo continue to
receiving bribes from powerful industrialists

and take advantage of
the Rwandan army troops ravaging Kivu.

Do you know Wesley Raemaeckers, yes or no?

We accuse the oligarchy of Congo and
Rwanda of crimes against the Congolese people.

We accuse Belgium, the EU and the UN
of complicity.

And with those sawed-off hands....

we have nothing to do.

That is the work of a psychopath.

Those sawed-off hands, they're not, are they?

I shot at the wrong one, Nick.

How are we going to
be able to explain that to her family?

I'm going to clear all of that board
And start from scratch.

Wesley Raemaeckers was a junkie.
We're going for that drug track again.

Do you request his bank information?

Today is the day.
In a couple of hours, we're going down.

Thanks for the support and keep your fingers crossed.

We will film everything and put it online,
so keep following everything here.

Hey, Nick.
- Kiki, Ombayi is currently in surgery.

I will keep you informed.

But Cézaire is in the media
portraying us as a bunch of racists.

He is that BLM movement
booing against the police.

I'd really like you to convince him
that it was an error of judgment on our part.

That man calls for resistance.

He filed a complaint for attempted
manslaughter with racist motives.

I really can't
face him right now, Nick. I can't.

You put us on that trail of Congo.

I would like
that you take responsibility.

Tom? I'll pick you up in an hour.
You can make sure you're ready.

Tempers became heated.

The youths threw rocks at
the police and they deployed the water cannon.

The incidents took place
in and around the Maton district,

where a large black community lives.

Did your friend send you?

What happened is terrible. But what you
write about Nick and Borsu is unfair.

Not fair?
Ombayi is in intensive care.

One of the most beautiful persons I know.
- She wanted to set off a bomb.

A paint bomb.
- No one could know that.

They were students.
- We feared an attack.

As a result, it was misjudged.
- Misjudged?

They would have been better off making a real bomb.

Do you realize what you are saying?

Do you know how many promising people
I've seen lost in the Congo? And here?

Because they were not given opportunities. How many
more lost generations must we tolerate?

It is changing. Slowly, but it is changing.
You are the best example.

Everybody respects you. And grandma and grandpa
have always seen you as their son.

Like a mannequin.

A charity project to
at parties and receptions.

What are you all saying?

Tell your police friends

that I won't change a single letter
to my statement.

I will not let my people fall when things get
difficult. I am not like your father.

My father?

Dad has helped the JPPC for years.

Until they became extreme.
He stopped when he no longer agreed.

That was his right.

Your father sold us.

But that's...

That's not true. Not true.

Humanitarian aid.

The money of benefactors and corporations.

It served to bribe officials.

Humanitarian aid
in exchange for mining permits.

The only thing we fed with our actions ,
was the new slavery.

Child labor in mines.

We wanted to expose that
with the JPPC. They destroyed us.

Dad would never participate in that.

Your father was weak.

He succumbed
under pressure from the mining lobbies.

He sold us.

That's not true.

Christine. Christine?


How is it?

I come from the hospital.

I wasn't allowed in.

Is there any news from Ombayi?
- She is stable.

And they continue to keep us informed.

Nick, I got
got that bank information in.


See, every year Wesley Raemaeckers received
the same sum on the same day.

From a post office box company associated
with a Luxembourg subsidiary, Corwinvest.

Corwinvest, that tells me something.

Who are the shareholders?



Tom, goddamn it. Where are you?

I don't remember it all.

It's all so confused.

There's nothing confused, Tom.
I'll smash your head against the wall at once.

Well... Your car is dented.
That corpse has been in your trunk.

They're going to think you did it.

You're going to say you did it.
- No one is going to believe that, are they, Kiki?

With that psychiatrist's diagnosis,
the trauma,

all those pills I've been taking for a year,
all those lies I always tell...

And you've already told the cops
that you drove that night.

They even took an alcohol test.


There is no evidence
That I was gone that night.

That meeting with those Czechs
didn't happen, so...

It's your word...

against mine.

And against that of that traffic flick.

And against the marks in your suitcase.

We're going to have to come up with something else anyway.

Surely you know all those spots in the water.

We're going to do this together, Kiki.

You and me.

Nick, D'Aldekerke's cell phone is
triangulated at the Mooi-Boswijk in Uccle.

I've been there.
With that woman from Deloitre.

Good evening. Federal Police.

I would like to come in for a moment.
- Okay.

Good evening.

Us knows us?

I sit with Inez Deloitre and Alphonse
Lelièvre on some boards of directors.

From a mining consortium. Including
a number of cobalt mines in the Congo.

We are economically active, yes.
Is that still allowed?

We have concrete evidence
that all those threats had to do with

With your illegitimate son, Wesley.
Wesley Raemaeckers.


Uh... That...
- That's confidential company data.

This has to stop.

Manu Lelièvre. We were the first to
received threats.

A small wooden box
With drawings of severed hands.

The day after Christmas.

We had to deposit them a sum in bitcoin.

But my father
doesn't let himself be blackmailed easily.

On January 4, they pulled me
pulled me off my horse and drugged me.

Only then did we pay them.

And you remained silent?

Do you think Jonas is still alive?

This is...

Jonas Deloitre, 23, junk.
Left home with slamming doors

after his parents turned off the money
had turned off.

And his body hasn't been found yet?
- No.

The three families have
received a threatening letter

containing payment instructions in bitcoin.

None of the three responded.
They had also mutually agreed to do so.

Thereupon, each time
a family member was kidnapped.

In the case of Lelièvre's son, they have
sawed off one hand as a warning.

The father paid immediately.
The boy was immediately released.

With the other two, they
really more gruesome.

Both hands sawed off
and sent with a video attached.

D'Aldekerke did not yet find it necessary to
pay for his illegitimate son.

I don't understand why they didn't come
have come to us.

Afraid their past will be brought out?

Or the present?

We are back on dry land.
Thanks for staying to watch.

We have good news,
but also sad news.

The good news is
that we broke the record.

The sad
that we found two fellow divers.

We think it's that Belgian couple.
May they rest in peace.

This is the woman.

And this is the man.

And then Andy discovered something disturbing.

We reported it, the police are looking at
whether they can round them up.


You have to wait here.
- I know it here. I can show the way.

Really. Procedure. I'm sorry.
- Fuck procedure.

If he gets out of here...
- We'll do it by the book this time.



Cézaire Nduka's jeep is not there.
Otherwise, everything seems normal.

No signs of rushing off.
- Nor is he at work.

No, chief.

He doesn't.
We can let Him live.

Go ahead, I'll take care of him.

It is good.

It is good.
- Everything is going to be all right.

Printing. Print.

- There.

There. There.


No. No.


What happened to you, Cézaire?

What happened to my people.
And is still happening, day after day.

Mutilating and killing people...

I can straighten things out.

Let me continue.

That is the only way
to punish the real culprits.

Mom and Dad were recovered.

Your father was a traitor.

What happened to your mom was an accident.

I couldn't foresee them...

Everything at?

This is a good place to hide her.

In that niche they are never going to find her.

We once
searched for a missing person.

What is there? What are you thinking about?

That I chose you.

I could have gone after Mom, but....

I chose you.

I'm going to get some more lead.
Otherwise she'll never stay under.

Merci, sis.

I'm nobody's sister anymore, Tom.

No one's daughter.


- Police. Get out of that water.

Out of the water. Run, come.

Final warning.

Hands on your head.

On your knees.

Legs crossed.


In memory of Clare Dunkel
(Mo Hayder) 1962 - 2021