Ringu 0 (2000) - full transcript

The prequel to the horror film Ringu, this movie provides the background story of how Sadako later became the vengeful murdering spirit. The story starts with her as a shy, somewhat withdrawn, college student who nonetheless gets involved in a drama club. The director thinks she has talent, but some of the other performers start to get jealous of the attention he gives her. Meanwhile, a reporter investigating Sadako's spiritualist mother thinks there's something very suspicious about the young woman, and arrives on campus to confront Sadako just as a series of strange deaths start sweeping through the drama club.

The Ring O Production Group

An Asmik-Ace Production

So, what's in this video?

Come on, Yukiko!

You saw it, didn't you?
You can tell me!

What? No way!

I'm not watching it!

A well?


Last night I had this weird dream.

There was a well in it.

A real old one.

The edge had crumbled away.

Inside it was pitch-black.

I couldn't see anything.

The house looked empty.

I went inside.

The place was a ruin.

There was a flight of stairs.

I went to go up it, but something
told me I absolutely shouldn't.

I just stood there. I couldn't move.

30 Years Before

Mrs. Sudo.

There's a reporter
to see you. In there.

Thank you.

Miyaji, from Chuo Nippo.

You taught a Yamamura Sadako
11 years ago.

I'm afraid there's no picture
of her. Would you like to look?

She came into the school
after the year had started.

Then her mother died
and her father came for her.

They left the island.

Dr. Ikuma Heihachiro?

Yes. Sadako was just here
till the middle of second term.

What was she like?

A very intelligent girl.
Very pretty.

I went to see her relatives.

They wouldn't talk to me.

There was all that trouble
over her mother, Shizuko.

Her suicide and all...

Did Sadako have the powers
her mother did?

That I wouldn't know.


...Sadako was terribly
afraid of the sea.

The sea?

All those children in the
picture drowned. Fourteen of them.

One swimming class,

they went to the beach.

Sadako was simply terrified.

"If you go in the sea,
you'll all die," she said.

No luck! No one knows
where Dr. Ikuma went!


Sadako was the only one
who didn't go swimming.

She just sat all hunched up
on the beach, staring at the sea.

Then from out in the bay,

the kids all started screaming...


"If I could be reborn,

even though it violates
the will of God himself,

I would want to be at your side..."

...with you.

If it were all a dream,

when I awoke,

if only you were there.

But the light of morning
shows me as I really am.



Take a break.

We'll break for lunch.
Everyone back in an hour.

Aiko's not herself lately.

Maybe if Mr. Shigemori
wasn't so irritable...

- Where should we have lunch?
- I don't care.

You're no fun!


What are you staring at?


You know, Aiko and Shigemori
got along fine before that girl came.

What do you mean?

Nothing... just the feeling I get.

Sadako, huh?

She works really hard
and she's so pretty,

but she is a little strange.

So, getting used to life in Tokyo?


Last time I gave you
a fairly strong tranquilizer.

Are you still seeing strange things?


I'm sure it's just nerves.

It's a psychogenic disorder.

I feel more relaxed since
I joined the drama troupe.

You do?

performing has therapeutic value.

Do you like the troupe?


Amazing! So drama
is the best medicine.


Don't be too enthusiastic.
People won't like it.


Come in!

Your dresses are done.

Hang them there.

Aiko, you've been looking
a little pale. Are you all right?

- Since that girl came...
- Who?

Oh, Sadako.

I keep seeing something behind her.

Here we go again!

And a well too.

A well?

I keep having these bad dreams.

I go into a house by the well

and there's stairs leading up...

...but I'm too terrified
to go up them.


I've had the same dream.

She was found
in the river this morning.

She fits the description
of the missing girl.

A scar on her face?


Is it her?

- Anna!
- Don't look!

She would hate to think
you'd seen that ugly scar.

I don't care how she looks!

If only I'd gone to see her
in the hospital!

Don't blame yourself.

There's no mistake.
That is my daughter.

I'm sorry.

It may all be for the best.

She might just as well have been dead
before this unfortunate accident.


Have you seen my daughter?!

She left your hospital four days ago!

Once a patient sets foot
outside my hospital,

she is my patient no longer.
Where your daughter may be,

I have no idea.

But that corpse in the river!

Was it her?!


it is my daughter who is dead.


lam the one in need of sympathy.

I must prepare for her funeral.
If you would excuse me,

I would like to spend today
alone with my daughter.

Right! Okay.

On to scene two.
We'll take a short break.



I understand you studied
under Dr. Ikuma Heihachiro.

That's correct.

But his ESP research
was too much even for me.

In the end,
he recanted his own theories.

And you agree with that?

Of course.

Do you remember...

...the experiment that got him
driven out of the profession?


And that a man died?

There was no connection.

This is a tape of that day.




It's nothing but a vulgar magic show!

- Don't be fools!
- Dr. Ikuma! You're being deceived!

What's wrong?!

She's a freak!

That noise appeared only
on this tape.

Can you explain that?


It's more than one man who died.

In the last 12 years...

...everyone who was there has died.

Not one of the reporters
at that demonstration is alive today.

Do you have any idea
where Dr. Ikuma might be?


Or his daughter Sadako?

I don't know.

So we don't even know yet
when the funeral will be.

- Do we open or not?!
- Wait! Wait a minute!


Losing Aiko is a heavy blow.

But we must carry on with the play.

She'd have wanted that.

Now, I want you all
to listen carefully.

I've decided our apprentice,
Yamamura Sadako, will take the part.

That's all.

Mr. Shigemori! Hey!

Why her?

Ignore them.





Who is this?

Why do you never speak?

- Andrei...
- Anna?

Is that you?


Do you know what will happen?!

Was that Andrei?

You died in that accident.

And soon you will be reborn!




...I could be reborn...

...even though it violates
the will of God himself...

...I would want to be at your side...

...with you.

If it were all a dream...

...when I awoke...

...if only you were there.

But the light of morning
shows me as I really am.

Still I want to say it...

...I love you.

Good night.

Good night.


It'll be great.


Mr. Toyama...

Don't look!


It wasn't me!


- What did you see?
- Toyama...


We don't have much time.
Are you all ready?


So you're going to be
working all night.

About your cue here,

take two beats after
the light comes on.

Raise the tempo,
but don't lose the tension.


Listen to this.


Hear that?

What is it?

This tape was on when Aiko died.

That noise wasn't there before.

So it got put in after?

Was that someone saying,
"You will die"?

Rain, huh?

Your mother?

She's dead?

Go away.

I'll make you a star.

I can do that, you know.

It's late.
Why not stay the night?

Yes, that's best.

I can't. Tonight
I'm to meet with a friend...

Still here?

Waiting for Toyama.

I've got to alter Sadako's dress.

Let her do that.
She's just an apprentice!

That's not an actor's job.

If you like. But Sadako and
Toyama have been acting funny.

I'd watch out.

- See you.
- Good night.

Did you see Sadako here?


Somethings strange...


So you took the dress!

What for?!

- Me?
- Don't play dumb!


It's like Kaoru said!
Since she came...

Stop it!

I'm sorry.

Sometimes I do things

and I don't remember them.

Last night, Mr. Shigemori
came to my apartment...

...and I don't remember.

Sadako, won't you tell me
what it is that scares you?

There's someone here with me.

Even now?

It's not someone...

...that I don't know.

It's like a long, long time ago...

But I only remember fragments

from when I was a child

and there's something there
that terrifies me.



Who is my father?

You were dreaming.

You fainted. Do you remember?

There's only coffee.


There's no one here, is there?



Yamamura Sadako

Dr. Kuno, please.

- Oh, Dr. Kuno.
- Yes?

Someone to see you.

I'm Tachihara Etsuko.
I'm in Yamamura Sadako's troupe.

She gave your name as a reference.

I'm sorry, I'm very busy.


Someone in our troupe is dead.
Right out of the blue.

Strange things have been happening
since she came.

Is there something unusual
about Sadako?

I'm afraid I'm not
in a position to say.

"The Mask", by Shigemori Isamu
Starring Yamamura Sadako


...keep away from Sadako. Please!

I met this doctor who knows her.

She's hiding something!

Not from me.


Mr. Shigemori's gone all weird.

You've noticed that, haven't you?

Everyone says
it's because of Sadako.

And it's not just him!

They say Aiko dying was her fault too!

She's not normal!

Places, everyone.

Get out, will you?

That's Mr. Shigemori.

- Please.
- Thank you.

I'm from Chuo Nippo.
My name is Miyaji.

I realize you open tomorrow.

Thank you for taking time for us.

Not at all.

I understand you've
chosen a new actress...

...for the lead role.


That's her.

If I could be reborn, even though
it violates the will of God himself...

- May I talk to her'?
- Certainly.


Miss Yamamura Sadako?
May we have a word?


That's her.

Find out where we can reach her.

Miyaji! There's someone here
from Oshima Island.

Over there.

What brings you all this way?

There was something I just couldn't
bring myself to say when we last met.

I've never told this to anyone.

It's about the Yamamuras.

I called on them once after
Sadako was put into our school.

By then, her mother,
Shizuko, had gone strange.

Suddenly, there was
no one else around.

I heard a crawling sound
coming from upstairs.

After that, I was always afraid
of the child too.

I'd think crazy things...

...like which Sadako...

...was at school today...


See for yourself.

The whole troupe is cursed.

And the one of me?

There are other people in the picture.

The reporters who died after
Dr. Ikuma's demonstration.

Dr. Ikuma claimed intention
could become a living thing,

that human thought
could change to energy.

But is that all it is?

Maybe it's another force
that summons Sadako.

A second one.

Anyway, this is one article
you won't be able to write.

This was never for an article.

Thanks for everything.

Don't you like having
your picture taken?

I've finally remembered

who your mother was.

I remember the story.

She killed a man during
some kind of experiment.

She didn't!

Aiko's death was no accident.

You'll do anything to be a star,
won't you.

Wait a minute.

Was it you who killed that reporter?

Just the woman I've been looking for!
You're perfect for an actress!

Sadako, do you intend to kill me?

You like Toyama that much?

If I die, I'll take you with me.

I'll tell everyone.

They won't let you live.

You're mine.

Is that you?


It's not me!


Mr. Shigemori!

You bastard!


You won't kill me!

Mr. Shigemori!

Toyama, don't!

Please! Keep away from me!

You're hurt!

Hold on, Toyama!

Let me in there!

The wounds closed up.

A deep cut like that.

Etsuko? This is Miyaji,
the reporter from earlier today.

I need your help.

They'll find Mr. Shigemori
in the morning.

I'll confess.


I won't let them torment you.

- No!
- It's the only way.

Your hand's hot.

It has been for a while.

Okay, time for TV.

Are you cold?

I'll get you a drink of water.
You wait here.

Is that the end of it?

Go get changed.

Sadako! Go to the dressing room!


Where's Shigemori?
He's vanished.

- What do we do?
- We can't cancel. We'll go on.

Mr. Toyama...

When this is over,
let's go away somewhere.

Don't worry.

You'll be great.

You're beautiful.

We're going to open the doors!

It's all right.

I love you.

The girl touched him,
and suddenly he stood up!

- Watch him.
- Doctor!

- How much?
- Eight hundred yen, please.

Your change.


Is it her?

- Anna!
- Don't look!

She would hate to think...

...you'd seen that ugly scar.

I don't care how she looks!

If only I'd gone to see her
in the hospital!

Don't blame yourself.

There's no mistake.

That is my daughter.

I'm sorry.

It may all be for the best.

She might just as well have been dead
before this unfortunate accident.


Could you come here a minute?

Mr. Shigemori's dead!


She did this!

Don't let her get away!

Toyama, Yuki wants you.

There's a problem.

I know the cues.
I'll take over.






Toyama! What are you doing?!
Hey, Toyama!


- What's wrong?
- I don't know!


What did you do?!

Don't you want to know about Sadako?

Who's that in the kimono?


It's nothing but a vulgar magic show!

Dr. Ikuma! You're being deceived!


What's wrong?!

She's a freak!

That sound...

It's the same as when Aiko died!



You have to stop.

You have a wonderful gift!

Settle down, you have to be calm.

Sadako! Calm down!


A second one...

Stop her!

Don't let her get away!
She's a monster!

Don't let her go!


- Toyama!
- Sadako!


- No!
- Sadako!

We won't do anything.

- We won't hurt you.
- Please! Stop it!


It's not me!


Stop it! Stop!



I wanted to do that!

But it's not over.

You've all had the dream
about the well, haven't you?

There's another Sadako.

If we don't kill her,
we'll all die under the curse.

Ikuma Heihachiro

Dr. Ikuma raised Sadako,

and he's hiding her
alter ego somewhere else.

But where?

Probably not far from him.

Kaoru, watch Etsuko and Toyama.

Are you here to kill Sadako?

There was only one at first.

But... at some point she split into two.

One took after her mother.

The other one was probably like
her real father.

It drove her mother mad.

All I could do was use drugs to stop
the other one from growing.


Don't tell me you brought Sadako here!

Please! Let them go!

Sadako's getting away!

She got away!

We have to get out of here!

Let go!

Let me go!

Over there! That way!


Please! Stop!

Come on!

Are the people chasing us?

- You go, Toyama.
- No. We go together!

Quickly! Leave me.


Over here! This way!


...want you to...

...get away!


Sadako! Not that way!

What are you going to do?!

Stay back!

I can't...

...do any more.


...I love you.




- Miss Miyaji!
- What are you doing? Run!

Sadako! Stop this! Sadako!

Get up!

Calm down!



Come on.

Let's go home.

This will calm you.


Who's my real father?

What a silly thing to ask!

I am, of course.

Of course.



...let's end this now.

I'll follow after you.


I can't breathe!

Help me!







Forgive me, Sadako!

Forgive me!

Father, no!

- Don't!
- Sadako!

Forgive me, Sadako!

Forgive me!




You were dreaming.




A Norio Tsuruta Film


Based on the Novels of
Koji Suzuki

Hiroshi Takahashi

Sadako Yamamura:
Yukie Nakama

Hiroshi Toyama:
Seiichi Tanabe

Etsuko Tachihara:
Kumiko Aso

Akiko Miyaji:
Yoshiko Tanaka

Executive Producer
Masato Hara

Produced by Shinji Ogawa
Masao Nagai

and Takashige Ichise

Takahide Shibanushi

Production Design
Shu Yamaguchi

Yoshimi Watabe

Shinichiro Ogata

Hiroshi Sunaga

Production Manager
Kensei Mori

Recorded by
Tetsuo Segawa

Visual Effects Supervisors
Hajime Matsumoto & Nobuaki Sugiki

International Distribution
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., LTD.

A Production of
Asmik-Ace Entertainment

Directed by
Norio Tsuruta

Subtitles by
Ian MacDougall