Richard Jewell (2019) - full transcript

American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the press who falsely reported that he was a terrorist.

Who are you?

I'm your worst fucking nightmare,
that's who I am.

I'm talking to you! That's who!

What? I don't give a damn!

You're violating the most basic and
sacred rights of a small-business owner.

We're talking about a kid
who doesn't have the means to fight you.

gonna bury you, you motherfucker.

You threatening me?

Hey, do it to my face.

You got a pen?
We're at 75 Spring Street, eighth floor.

Come on by. We validate.

Good talking to you, too, Senator.

- Hey. Hey.
- What? Hey.

- Hey, I'm talking to you.
- Yeah.


I'm Richard.

sorry I was listeni

I didn't mean to be rude.
I wasn't raised like that.

You always start
every sentence with "I"?


I'm sorry, sir. I'm the new...

I'm the supply room clerk.

Eavesdropping on me?

No, sir.

Well, good. I need
some more tape, so get on that.

Yeah, about that.

You're gonna want to check
the second drawer down, sir.

Tape and a new box of pens.

I saw you were running low.

What's that?

You might want to check
the next drawer down.

The one on the bottom.

How'd you know I like Snickers?

I knew you liked them

'cause I saw you had the wrappers
in your trash can.

Don't go in my trash.

Nobody goes in my trash.
What's your name?

Richard Jewell.

From now on, I'm gonna call you Radar.

Like from M*A*S*H?

Get out.

Pretty tough crowd
you're running with here.

Got a little nervous coming in.

How you doing, sir?

Don't worry, all right
I come here often.

Ooh. Nice shooting, Radar.

Thank you.

This is actually kind of like practice
for my future in law enforcement

APD, FBI, maybe Secret Service.

What the hell'd
you wanna do that for?

'Cause I believe in
protecting people, sir.

I study the penal code every night.

Sounds like a humdinger of a night.

- Yes!
- Oh.

Yeah, it's not bad.
You got some beginner's luck.

Yeah, what's wrong with 9,700?

nothing's wrong with
for a first time.

First time?
All right, come on, let's go.

They only give me 30 minutes for lunch.
I got to head back in a minute.

Shut up.

You can say you're with me.

Let's get it on.

Oh, shoot. All right.

- You ready?
- Yes, sir.

Let's see what you got, hotshot.

Yeah, I mean business, too.

- Yeah?
- You ever do it with one hand?

Mr. Bryant?

Oh, Jesus Christ.


Uh, I'm a little busy.
Not... Not a good time, so...

- Yeah...
- Talk later?

I know you're busy.

I just wanted to
come by to let you know,

I... I'm not gonna be
working here anymore.

Came to say bye.

Got a new job doing security.

- Okay.
- So, that starts tomorrow.

All right. Hey, good to see you.

I wanted to give you something
before I leave.

Just to say thank you.

Hey, okay,

Thank you.

I noticed you were running low.

All right.

Hey, come here.

- What?
- You got enough money?

Yeah, I guess so. Why do you ask?

This comes with a quid pro quo.
You know what that is?

Yes, sir. Quid pro quo is Latin.
Uh, "This for that."

That's right
Well, this comes with a quid pro quo.

Fair exchange. So, here's the deal.

When you get your badge
and I can see that day's coming,

don't become an asshole.

You got me?

No, sir, I won't become an asshole.

A little power can turn a person
into a monster, Richard.

Don't do that

Do you understand?

Yeah. Um...

Yeah, I'm gonna get that back to you
the first paycheck I get, sir.

I'm gonna pay you back
with interest.

Okay. You do that.

Thank you, Mr. Bryant

She said that she
played soccer. So I was like...

"You want me to balance
a tricking beer on my foot?"

God, you dumbass.

I got flustered. Get the door.


Nice try, hotshot

It's that rent-a-cop.


Open the door.

Yes, officer?

I heard a little noise complaint.
Thought I'd come take a look around.

You're gonna need
a search warrant first.

Son, you're gonna
have to take your hands off me.

I'm just taking a little look-see.

You're not even a real cop,
first of all,

and you're not allowed
to search a room without a warrant.

- Boy!
- We pay rent. We pay rent.

It's like we live here, man.

Boy, this is my job.

I'm gonna have to have you
let me do my job, Curlicue.

- And this is our room.
- Yeah.

Are you aware of the notion
of unlawful search and seizure?

Asshole, you're not supposed to
just walk in here.

Keep pushing me. Keep testing me.

- See if you like where it gets you.
- Yeah?

You all right?

What did I say
freshman orientation week?

I said, "No drinking on my campus.11

I don't know why no one called
my attention to your file before.

I mean, all these complaints about you.

Physically assaulting a student.

And have you really been
pulling people over on the highway?

Um, yes, sir, I have.

I figured that if you do
the drunk tests on the road,

trouble never gets to the campus.

We don't have any jurisdiction
on the highway.

And I realize that,

but I believe in law and order, sir.

- You can't have a country without it
- Mmm.

And you were dismissed from the
Habersham County Sheriffs Office.

"I don't want any Mickey-Mousing
on these grounds."

Isn't that what you said?

When did I say that?

You said it at Founders' Day last year,
I believe.

You were by the punch bowl.
I walked up to you,

and you said to me, uh...

Well, I had interrupted you.

I apologized, I introduced myself

and I said I was gonna be the greatest
campus security guard you ever had.

And you said, "That's good.

I don't want any Mickey-Mousing
on this campus.11

I think I mighfve even wrote it down.

I write down most things.

and I get a fucking
Kenny Rogers concert.

It could be worse. Could be equestrian.

- I'm getting my tits done.
- I don't see how that applies here.

This time next year, we're all gonna be
scrambling for jobs on TV.

What do you think, D cup?

I'd miss you, Kathy,
but I don't think they would.

Ladies, I'm sorry my hot-ass murders

keep knocking your boring bullshit
off the front page.

I'm so sorry.

You wanna get a drink?

I'd just slow you down.

Suit yourself.

Yeah, if you think
that's the best thing.



I get to go to Centennial Park.



We're out of toner and copy paper.



If I go, you'll have to
answer the phones.

No, I'll go.

There's a sale at the mall. It's 10% off

if you name anyone
from the US Olympic team.

Oh, joy.

I know. People smiling for 16 days.

going to be awful for you.

No, it's gonna be wonderful for CNN,

Coca-Cola, and anybody
with a parking lot.

I can't believe it. It's really here.

Yeah, this is it, Mama.

I do this Olympics gig well,
maybe someone might make me a cop again.

He, in a few days,

will try to become the first man
to ever win Olympic...

Yeah, you just do the best you can.

Hey, I might not move out
until after you've had your surgery.

You might need me for something.
What do you think?

Oh, you go on now.

We got plenty of time to tend to that
after the games are over.

No heavy foot of yours driving there.
No heavy foot.

No heavy foot Yes, ma'am.

And why is that?

Because you'll kill me
if the insurance goes up?

That's right I'd have to kill you.

You'd have to kill me.

Hey, uh...

It's still law enforcement, ain't it?
Even if I'm just

watching over
a bunch of stereo equipment and whatnot?

Heck yeah.

You're still the good guy
ing off the bad guys, aren't

I'll see you later, Mother.

Come on down to the park,
you get bored with yourself.

Have fun.

Muhammad AH, of course
an Olympian, as young Cassius Clay,

gold medal boxer,
1960, the Games of Rome,

What a moment

The opening of the 1996
Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta,

On a warm summer's eve
On a train bound for nowhere

/ met up with the gambler
We were both too tired to sleep

So we took turns a-starin'

Out the window at the darkness

The boredom overtook us
And he began to speak

So / handed him my bottle
And he drank down my last swallow

Anywhere's fine. Thanks, man.


No trouble.

- You guys need anything else?
- No, thanks.

Vail guys need anything,
give me a holler.

You got to know
When to hold 'em

Know when to fold 'em

Know when to walk away, know when to run

You never count your money

When you're sittin'at the table

There'll be time enough forcountin'
When the dealin's done

- You're up close and personal.
- Yeah, I know.

You see him? He's right there.

I can't believe
it's Kenny Rogers!

Know when to fold 'em

Know when to walk away
And know when to run

You never count your money
When you're sittin'at the table

There'll be time enough forcountin'

Hey, Tom.

When the dealin's done

Well, well, well. Hello, Kathy.

Welcome to the happiest place on earth.

Fucking nightmare.

Isn't there anything crime-y
going on anywhere?

How would I know? I'm here.


You wanna dance?

I'd love to, but I am on duty.

Oh, fuck duty. Come on.

Might as well.

Excuse me, ma'am.

- You need some water?
- Huh?

Uh, water. It's a warm night

Are you just giving them away?

Yeah, I keep them in here
for police officers,

or when I see a pregnant woman,


- You have a good night
- You, too.

All right.

You got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em

Know when to walk away
And know when to run

Excuse me, sorry.

You got all these athletes
complaining about

getting to the venues late
on account of the traffic.

But what about the cops?
We can't get anywhere, either.

I had half a mind to
run my siren last night

just to get to the supermarket.

- Mmm-hmm.
- So damn crowded.

It's just poor planning
by the city.

There ain't a one of them jake-legs
got a damn clue about traffic patterns.

- Yeah.
- What do you think, Richard?

Think the city's a bunch of jake-legs?

I don't know. I think, you know,

it's hard coordinating all this
and MARTA and all that

I'm glad I don't have to do it.

Come on.


It's tough, doing all the logistics

and getting everything right.

You see that guy over there
with the ponytail?

Does his backpack look funny to you?

Funny how?

Now, I'm losing him now.
I'll be back, guys.

Excuse me, sir?

Hey, man, how about a cola?

Hey, brother, thanks.

Cheers, dude.



Jesus Christ.

You forgot the turn.

- come on, why so grim, big guy?
- What the fuck is this?

- Because I'm bored. It's boring.
- We're all bored.

These guys aren't bored.

This dance is a real thing, huh?

I just feel like I was made for
something better, you know, than this?

Yeah, you think I wasn't?

To have a little more time
to reflect

I'm writing a book right now,
not about myself...

My, my, he sure is handsome.

You sure you don't want a sandwich
or anything?

No, Mama, I'm not feeling well.
It's my stomach.

Something you ate?

Yeah, I guess so.

I was in the bathroom all morni

Why you eat that fast food junk?

What is wrong, Richard?

I just look around this place
and I just think

the world owes you
better than this, Mama.

Shoot, the world owes us both.

This is what we got

Go do your job, son.

Oh, God.

Okay, now.

Yo, Atlanta!

How you feeli

You feeling all right?
Say, "Yeah!"


/ know a place

Ain't nobody cryin'

This could be a good thing.

How's this a good thing?

We could bring you out
to the diving venue.

We could have you fart
the national anthem,

Do not make me laugh right now.

Why don't you switch shifts
with someone? Go home.

This is my favorite band.

Jack Mack is your favorite band?

I'm not leaving. I'm fine.

All right.

I'll be right back.



- Look, Mom, I'm Kerri Strug.
- Do that again.


Who are you?

Dad, look, I'm Mitch Gaylord.

That's awesome.

Come on, let's go get some ice cream.

- Yeah.
- Okay, guys, enough gymnastics.

Ain't nobody cryin'

Ain't nobody worried

Ain't no smilin' faces

No, no, no

Lyin' to the races

Come on, now
Lyin' to the races

/ say now
Lyin' to the races

Excuse me.

Vail better stop what you're doing.

Right now.

What's going on, lard and in charge?

This fucking guy!

Yeah, what are you gonna do,
cancel my phone service?

Yeah, let me tell you
something, hotshot.

The police, they're not gonna
ask you as nicely.

They see the drunk and disorderly,

that's cuffs and a night in the lockup.

He's threatening us.

You're gonna have to
catch me first, lard-ass.

You think you're faster
than a cop car, son?

- Yeah.
- You think you're that fast, roadrunner?

Yeah, I'm Michael Johnson, okay?

The fastest man on earth.

You wanna see my medals?

He's got medals. He'll show them to you.

- I can show them to you.
- He'll prove it

Dude, where are you going?

Come on.

You just wait. You wait.

Yeah, bye-bye.


Who the fuck left this monstrosity?

- It's like some...
- Gl Joe.

It's heavy.

I think we should take it.


Excuse me.

Hey, guys. We got some drunk guys
breaking bottles against the tower.

They're not listening to me.

Maybe they'll listen to you.

People respect the badge.

I think we should take it down
to the House of Blues

and see how much we can get for it

That's a clutch idea.

Hey! Get away from there.
Go on! Get off it.

What you all doing?

Go on, get outta here!

- Hey, you guys. See if...
- Go on. Run home to Mommy.

Hey, see if they left a backpack
under my bench.

Atlanta 911.

Can you understand me?

Yes, Go ahead.

You defy the order of the militia


I got another weird one.

it ain't theirs, Richard.

I don't like this.

We got ourselves a suspicious package.
We better call it in.

Probably just somebody run off drunk
and forgot they left it.

I still think we ought to call it in.

Just take it to lost and found, Richard.

Shouldn't we unzip it,
and see what's inside first?

No, no, you don't wanna touch that.

You got to follow protocol.

Son of a bitch had to get left
under your bench, didn't it?

We need assistance
on an unclaimed bag-

A suspicious package.

A suspicious package
over at section four.

We ought to set up
some kind of a perimeter, too.

- Just back away.
- Perimeter?

Richard, you crazy?

You know what? I would rather be crazy
than wrong right now.

Shit, Richard. It's just full of beer.

take you there

Somebody help me now, y'all

/'// take you there
Break it down, break it down

Hey, guys,
there's a situation downstairs.

We're gonna have to get you outta here.

What kind of situation?

Well, we're looking at a suspicious
package in front of the tower.

Law enforcement is aware
and they're on the scene.

Well, if the cops tell us
we gotta go, we'll go.

The band's in the middle of a set.
We can't just shut down.

Yeah, you know what,
if I have to come back here,

there's gonna be no questions
and no hesitation.

Hey, guys.

We got a bomb scare
in front of the tower.

You should be aware of that.

We get bomb threats all the time in DC.
They're never anything.

Cool for you. I'm out of here.

You got anything?

Local cop discovered yesterday

he's actually second cousins
with a Polish gymnast

Is that a story?

Doesn't get me hard.

Me, neither.

You look nice.

Oh, thanks.

Do you have a lighter?

You know I don't smoke.

All right, I'm gonna go find a lighter.
I'll be back.

Those'll kill ya.

Well, gotta die of something.

Not today.

Silver, still got 11 people inside.

I made them aware of everything.

We're not evacuating just yet

Listen, you know this is a false alarm.

- Okay? Calm down.
- You gentlemen looking for the package?

- Yeah. What have we got?
- Follow me.

Right down here.
Excuse us, coming through.

Excuse me.

Atlanta 911.

There's a bomb in Centennial Park.


You have 30 minutes.

Do you know the address
of Centennial Park?

I'm gonna need you
to move forward.

Excuse me, folks.
Excuse me, if you could move in.

I need you boys to get off the bench.

I'm getting tired, Mom.

- Guys, get up, please.
- Yeah, me, too.

I need you ladies
to move off that bench.

Come join us.

Let's get the last of these pictures
and we'll go home.


Move this way.

Right there.

I don't know how long it's been there.

Oh, Lord. They told us in training.

It's real.

"You ever see the bomb guy
go pale, run.11

We got three pipe bombs in that bag.
Biggest I've ever seen.

We need to clear
a 100-foot perimeter immediately.

Vail got a bomb blanket?

The Render-Safe team
can be here in 20 minutes.


I'm never giving you shit
about anything ever again.

- All right, we need to move!
- All right, back up.

- Everybody back now.
- Everyone, start moving forward, please!

Everybody, we need you to help us out.
Away from the tower, please.

Move forward!

Folks, we're gonna need you to help
secure a perimeter.

We need you to move forward,
please! Right now!


Please, move forward.

Move forward, please!

These people on the end,
ease back.

Keep moving.

I blinked. Take another one.

Start moving down that way.
Clear out.

Left, right, left, right.

Move forward, please.

Please, everyone's fine.

Keep moving.

Go back. Keep moving. Watch your step.

We need your help right now.
Do not worry.

Keep it moving, please.
Ma'am, keep it moving.

Thank you. Keep it moving. Thank you.

- This way. Come on.
- Nice and safe.

Be careful of that bench right there.

Hey! We've gotta go right now!

We've got a bomb! Get out right now!

Downstairs right now!

Keep moving! Everybody, watch where
you're stepping, please. Be careful.

Excuse me.

Guys, we have got to evacuate!

Hey! Are you listening to me?

We gotta evacuate the tower!
We have a bomb! Right now!

A little closer to the stage.

Just come a little further away
from the tower, everybody.

Guys, we gotta go right now. Come on.

We got a bomb! You've gotta go now!

You afraid you're gonna miss
the Jack Mack concert?

Come on! Get down there right now!

We got a bomb!

Come on, guys. We gotta move!

Move, move, move, move, move!

Get the lead outta your pants!
Come on now!

Building's all clear.

You should get out of here, Richard.

- Yeah, you, too.
- Go.

Guys, move away from the tower!

- Come on, move away from the tower!
- We have to leave the whole area?

What is happening?

Go toward the street! Anything but here!

Are you kidding me?

We got to move! There's a bomb...

You two all right?

Yeah, I think so.


Come on, this way. Let's go.

Come on, darli

Let's go.

You run out

Oh, God.

Hey, hey!

Hey. You all right?

How bad?

I'm fine.

- I'm fine.
- All right

You're gonna be all right, brother.

Help's on the way. Don't move.

Can we get some
medical over here, please?

Move them back!
There could be a second device!

Let's go. Keep it movi

Let's go. Keep it movi

Right now.

Several people down. We need assistance.

We need it right now!

Keep moving. Follow these arrows.


A Team,
there was an explosion.

Send as many ambulances as you have.

Hang on. I'm gonna need help.

And please, whoever he is,
let him be fucking interesting.


Are you Jewell?

- Uh, yes. Yes, sir.
- I'm Tim Barker, AT&T Media Relations.

Did I hear this right?
You're the one who discovered the bomb?

Yes, sir, I did.

That makes you a hero, you know that?

I was just doing my job, sir.

That's a nice thing to say, Richard,

but we're getting requests from a lot
of people who wanna talk to you.

Would that be okay?

CNN, Katie Couric, those types.

Your superior gave the okay.

I gotta tell ya, there were a whole
bunch of folks clearing people out.

Police personnel, medics.
It wasn't just me.

You're the one who spotted the package.

You're the one
people wanna hear from, okay?

Can we get you something to drink,
take care of you?

I could use a cup of coffee

- if they're gonna make me speak on TV.
- Sure. Absolutely.

With us now is Richard Jewell,

the security guard who first spotted
that knapsack that contained the bomb

and began clearing people away
before it exploded.

- Richard Jewell, welcome,
- Thank you.

A lot of people are calling you a hero.
Do you feel like one?

No, ma'am, I feel like, uh,

/ was a person that did the job
that I was supposed to do.

/ was in the right place
at the right time

and used my training
in the way I was taught

The real heroes are
the paramedics and the firemen,

all the agents that placed themselves

between the bomb and the people
that were refusing to move

because they took
most of the shrapnel themselves.

Good for you, Radar.

You played a big role.

You were in the right place at the
right time and you did the right thing.

Thank you very much,
I really appreciate that

Thanks so much
for coming in.

Thank you for having me,
I appreciate it

And we'll be back with more
from Atlanta right after this.

My boy.

Find it.

That's it. Find it.

Right here. We got one.

How'd you feel
about that one, Richard?

I think it went well.
It was...

Everybody was really nice.
Made me feel okay about it.

- Yeah. You were great,
- Good job, Richard.

Hey, thank you.

Hey, I had a question for y'all.

I worked with some guys
who got injured last night.

Green, Silver, Miller.

You know if they made it out all right?

Yeah. Word is all the cops
are gonna make a full recovery.

- That's great Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

Richard, there's someone
I'd like you to meet.

This is Mr. Brenner
from Bernstein and Crane.

You know the company,
they publish books.

Uh, nice to meet you, sir.

Hello, Richard. Pleasure to meet you.

I would like to talk
to you about your story.

Are you free?

- Uh... Am I free? Can I talk to him?
- Sure. Sure.

All right. Let's get a cup of coffee.

Better yet, let's get something to eat.

You're not gonna hear a complaint
out of me for that.

Let's get you something good.

No, no, no. I gotta go. I gotta go.


Oh, my Lord.

You're everywhere.

I mean, the phone has just been
ringing off the hook.

I need a secretary.

Yeah, I think I might
need a secretary, too.

Some guy from New York
just asked me if I wanna write a book.

You don't mean it

No, I'm not kidding you.

They tell me, apparently...

Oh, Lord.

Apparently, they got somebody who
they think up all the stuff in the book,

they type it out
and then they just ask you,

"yes or no," "true or false/1
"did it happen?" Then they pay you.

You do that for money.

Oh, my God, you're a rock star.

Tom Brokaw was even talking about you.

I can't even think right now.

Are you all right?
You've been up for so long.

- Oh, my God, it was so horrible.
- Mama, I'm sorry. I didn't even hug you.

- It was so awful. Awful.
- I know, I was there.

Oh, my God.

Be thankful that you weren't there.

- You could have been there.
- I know.

- I couldn't have handled that.
- No.

You were there two nights ago
for Kenny Rogers.

Can you imagine
if you were there last night?

I know. I know. Sit down. Sit down.

You must be really hungry.
I'm gonna give you some food.

Oh, my goodness.

Oh, Mama, I'm telling you what...

It was complete chaos, Mama.

And to think I could've called in sick.

Think about how I was feeling yesterday.

- I know.
- I could've called in sick.

I know.

- Then what?
- Oh, my Lord.


- No, I gotta go.
- Doing okay?


That bomb went off on my watch.

That's my fucking park.

We didn't have enough eyeballs there.
That's on us.

Let's just catch
the son of a bitch, yeah?


I need you to get out
to Habersham County.

Background on a former sheriffs deputy.

Might have some connection
to the bombing.

Who is it?

The security guard.

Hey, Richard!

Hey, way to go, man.

You made us all real proud.

Thank you.

Dr. Cleere, we wanna thank you
for contacting the FBI

regarding your suspicions
about Richard Jewell.

I want to be clear,
I haven't accused him of anything.

We completely understand.

I just...

I see the attention he's getting.

It's the kind of attention
he was always seeking here.

Harassing students,
pulling people over on the highway.

Just crazy behavior.

And I decided if my fears were correct,

if he actually wasn't the hero
they're making him out to be,

and I had information
pertinent to the fact,

which I failed to bring to light,

it could jeopardize lives.

Well, Dr. Cleere, you did
the right thing in calling us.

We will, rest assured,
follow up on this.

Do you mind if we
take this folder with us?


We'll make a copy
and get you the original back.

Why is the goddamn ACOG
reopening that park?

We don't have shit!

Okay, I wanna hear more about Jewell.


All right.

Well, when I look at Jewell,

I think about the bomb scare
at the LA Olympics in '84.

A bag left on a bus by the same cop
who then discovered it

And the fires in Idaho this summer

started by a firefighter who wanted
the credit for putting them out.

A profile emerges here.

The false hero.

In interviews, Jewell's account
of the bombing seems vague

and he looks uncomfortable
discussing the victims.

I also found that his mentioning on TV

that he wanted to get back into
law enforcement a bit inappropriate.

There's a lot here that's troubli

And everything that Agent Shaw
has learned about him

syncs up with this profile.

You agree with that, Tom?

Yes, sir, I do.

Let's put eyes on him.

- Watson?
- Yeah?


If so, that's an affirmative.

It's Richard Jewell.

"Richard Jewell" Richard Jewell?

"Richard Jewell" Richard Jewell,
line one.


Mr. Bryant

Hey, I'm sorry to bother you.

I just got your number from Information.

I hope you remember me.

Radar, you can call me Watson.
You're a national hero now.

I'm glad you called.
We're running out of Snickers,

Thank you, sir. How are you?
How's your family?

we're all fine, yeah, yeah.

/ see you've moved up from video games.

Yep. Yeah, I didn't mean to,
but I guess I did.

Good job. That's a prideful thing.
What can I... What can I do you for?

Sir, I was calling you

because I wanted to know,
have you ever done a book deal?

What, uh... Why?

With this whole bomb thing,
I got these New York guys

who are asking me to write a book

and I don't really know
anything about that.

So I thought maybe I could call you,
you might be able to help me.

Sure, Sounds a little far-fetched,

but contracts are contracts,
but, yeah, we could talk.

So, are you not the US
Small Business Admin anymore?

'Cause I tried there first

No, I moved on.

Oh. How come?

Lifestyle decision.

What's your phone number?

My phone number is 404...


- 194...
- 194...

- 8188.
- 8188.

All right, well,
you just don't sign anything

until I see it first. We'll start there.

Yes, sir.

Yeah, I won't put a pen to the page.
I'll wait on it.

Hey, and thank you, sir.
Thank you for your time.

You got it

All right, bye.

- Stay in touch.
- Yes, sir.

- Okay.
- Bye,

No, no.

Don't get too excited.

- No.
- Yes.

No. Simmer down there, hot sauce.

Well, Bill Miller.

It's nice to see you. It's been a while.

It's nice to see you, Bobi.

Where's the hero?

Oh, he's in here. Come on in.

What kind of charge
you figure it was?


I'm not sure what kind of explosive
the guy used.

It could have been
black powder, match heads,

maybe some kind of
chlorate packed with nails.

You know, the funny thing is the package
was supposed to blow out, right?

So, when those drunks,
those kids knocked it over,

they saved a bunch of lives.

Because it was supposed to blow out
into a crowd for maximum casualties.

But when they knocked it on its back,
it blew upward.

Most of the ordnance
going up into the sky.

It blew up.

So, all in all, what you're looking at
is some kind of battery,

and some kind of timing device,
like a simple clock.

Maybe awristwatch like I'm wearing.

Depends how high-tech the guy got.

Some of these guys,
especially if they're ex-military

or they're some kind of whiz
out of some university,

they're gonna use a combination
of different bomb tactics.

Other people are following it
like a recipe.

- They're probably losing a finger to it
- Yeah.

But depends on who you're talking about
and who's making the bomb.


I like getting your opinion on it,

and I'm sure
you've studied it quite a bit.

- Who knows?
- Mmm-hmm.

That's the thing, too,
about these bombers.

It could have been you or me.

These guys, some of them,
look like regular people.

Lot of them do.


Must be a lot of pressure on you guys.

No more so than usual.

Sure, just another... Thank you.

Just your average deadly bombing
on US soil during the Olympics.

No big deal.

I don't know, you guys must be
feeling the heat, too, huh?


CNN is going wall-to-wall with this.

Is that why we get this


So, then give me something I can print.

Kathy, you know I can't do that.

That's all right. I already know
the Bureau's looking into somebody.

Yeah, what makes you think that?


- Friends?
- Sources.


Who is it?

Well, Kathy, if you couldn't
fuck it out of them,

what makes you think
you're gonna fuck it outta me?

You know what bothers me, Kathy,
is that people don't understand

how much work goes into
making a case like this.

It's effort 24/7.


You're right

Why don't you educate me?

I will not have this screwed up.

That was a massacre out there.

It's a miracle
more people weren't killed.

I would never go to print

without independent corroboration
from a second source.

And that would put us
in a very different zone.

As you know.



What kind of zone?

You have to find out

We're looking at
the security guard, Jewell.

- No shit?
- No shit.

You always look at the guy
who found the bomb,

just like you always look at the guy
who found the body.

But this guy, he's got a bad past.

Fits the profile of
the hero-bomber to a T.

That fat fuck who lives with his mother.
Of course.

How did I miss that?
I mean, that is amazing.


You are good.

You're very good.


This kind of puts a clock
on things, though.

You wanna get a room
or just go to my car?

This is happening.

This is happening.

Let's get the fuck outta here.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Sugar, I need you to do
one of those better word things you do.

You mean rewrite you?

Yeah, you know I write like a brick,
and this one is kind of special.

What is it?

Oh, nothing. It's just that the, uh,

the FBI is looking at
Richard Jewell as the bomber.

Do you have time for me now?

- I got all the time you need.
- All right, let's work.

Tell me everything.

Where you going?

To get my notes.

"The security guard who
first alerted police to the pipe bomb

that exploded in Centennial Olympic Park

is the target of the federal
investigation into the incident

that resulted in two deaths
and injured more than 100.

Richard Jewell, 33,
a former law enforcement officer

fits the profile of the lone bomber.

This profile generally includes
a frustrated white man

who is a former police officer,
member of the military,

or police wannabe
who seeks to become a hero.

Jewell has become a celebrity
in the wake of the bombing,

making appearances on The Today Show,"

FBI knows you have this?

Oh, yeah,
My guy says everybody's got it.

Networks have it.

CNN has it.

Got a guy at GBI says the same thing.
Bureau's looking at Jewell.

Then why isn't anyone reporting it?

Anybody feel like
we're getting worked here?

God damn, John, these are our Olympics.

If we don't lead on this story,
what the fuck are we doing here?


Tear up the afternoon edition,
and replate the front page.

We're running it

Thank you.

This is CNN Breaking News,

We've been asked to relay the story
to you verbatim, which we'll do.

"The security guard," and this
is a quote from The Atlanta Journal,

"who first alerted police
to the pipe bomb

that exploded in Centennial Olympic Park

is the focus
of the federal investigation..."

Now, to recap quickly,
we are just getting details

on what appears to be
a major development,.




Who the fuck leaked this investigation
to the AJC? Huh?


- Sir?
- Get Jewell in here.

Nonconfrontational interview,

- Hello?
- Richard Jewell?

Yeah. I'm... I'm Richard.

Special Agents Dan Bennet,
Tom Shaw, FBI. You got a minute?

Yeah, I've got...
Yeah, I've got a minute. Come on in.

Thank you.



Um, Mama, this is Agent Bennet and Shaw.

- Nice to meet you.
- This is my mother, Bobi.

- How do you do?
- Pleasure, ma'am.

What can I do for y'all?

Well, the Bureau's actually
putting together a training video

on how to deal with suspicious packages,
and we'd love you to be a part of it.

How's that sound to you?

I would love to help out with that,
yeah, absolutely.

You did it, Richard. You showed them
what kind of cop you can be.

Look at this.

See, the only thing is
that we're shooting it today.

So, we'd need you to follow us
to the field office right now.

Because time's a little bit tight.
Is that okay?

You know what? I would love to,
but I still got to work today.

I got my shift

Uh, this won't take long, Richard.

Yeah, you know what?
I bet we can make that work.

I can call in and tell them
I'm gonna be a little bit late.

I mean, I want to help you all,
and I'm law enforcement, too.

- We know that Yes, indeed.
- We know that.


- All right
- So, you're all set to go, then, huh?

- Yep. Yeah.
- Great.

- Let's do it
- Lovely to meet you, ma'am.

- Thank you very much.
- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Lovely home.

I don't know what's going on.

I'm so proud of you.

Oh, goodness.

- Mr. Jewell...
- Why are the FBI here?

Mr. Jewell,
what have they told you?

Are they letting you go back to work?

Uh, yeah.

They're letting you go to work?
You're good to go?


Are the FBI investigating you?

I imagine they'll investigate anyone
who was at the park that night.

That includes all of you, too.

Have they told you yet
you can't leave town?


Mr. Jewell,
are you under arrest?

You're free to go
wherever you like?

You're free to go
wherever you'd like, Richard?

- Who are you working with?
- What happened out there?

What do you think of
the appearance that

people are saying that
you are now the prime suspect?

What's going on, Richard?

I'm not a suspect.

Why are you
talking to the FBI?

Mr. Jewell, what does
the FBI want with you?

Can you give us any more information?

Sorry, I think I got some
media following me.

No. Those are our guys, bud.
Those are our guys.

"Richard Jewell, 33,
a former law enforcement officer,"

the story goes on to say,
"fits the profile of the lone bomber.

This profile generally includes
a frustrated white man

who is a former police officer,
member of the military,

or police wannabe
who seeks to become a hero.

The security guard who first alerted
police to the pipe bomb

that exploded in
Centennial Olympic Park,"

So, up until
it obviously went sideways,

everything pretty normal
about that evening, right?

No, it was a regular night
from what I could tell.

Everyone was having a great time.

It was like a celebration.

Yeah. No air of...

Yeah, you were having fun.

I was having fun. It was a good time.

But there was some guys

with beer cans or something like that?

Guys behind the tower.

What were they doing there?
They were throwing...

- Beer bottles.
- Beer bottles. Yeah.

They were horsing around, fooling.

I broke it up and I gave them
atalking-to, and they left Yep.

And that was behind the tower?

- Yes, sir.
- Right

then you came back around the tower

and that's where you saw
the package unattended?

- Yes, sir.
- Right

And did you see anyone
walking away from the bench?

No, sir. I would've
tailed them if I did.


So, you have no idea
who might have put that package there?

No, sir.

But whoever did,
I think they ought to fry.

Yeah. We think so, too, Richard.


So, here's what we're gonna do.

We're trying to be
as authentic as possible

and part of that has to do
with how you treat a suspect.


All right? So, what we're gonna
is we're gonna pretend

that we actually brought you in,
in that regard.

- Right?
- That...

And we read you your Miranda rights
and you've agreed to waive them.

- In fact, we have a form you can si
- Yeah. Why don't you..

This'll be good.

Just so it looks real.

Yeah. So, you just sign
on the bottom there

and we'll get that on tape

and then we'll continue on
with the interview.



I'm sorry, Richard,
maybe I wasn't clear.

You actually have to
physically sign the paper.

This is a real document.

Well, of course.

We're going for
authenticity here, Richard.

It has to be real for the video.

sorry, sir.

I don't think I would feel comfortable
signing something like this.

Richard, we just want...

You know what? Why don't we...
Why don't we take a quick break?

- Go ahead and stop the camera.
- Okay.


- Yeah. Okay.
- We'll just talk for a second.

- We'll be right back.
- Right back.

I was a sheriff deputy.

Habersham County.

All right, Richard.

We're gonna pretend like
none of that ever happened.

Let's get a new tape going. Okay?


What we're gonna do now...

There you go. I got it

Get her out there
and we'll throw it away.

What we're gonna do now is

Agent Bennet's gonna
come back in the room,

he's gonna reintroduce himself,
show you his credentials,

just like a professional interview.

And then we're gonna
actually read you your Miranda rights.

Why would he do that?

To make it more authentic, Richard.

We want this to look
as authentic as possible.

Come on in, Agent Bennet.

Mr. Jewell...

Special Agent Dan Bennet, FBI.

- I'm sorry. I think... I'm sorry.
- You have the right to...

I think maybe I should
contact my attorney.

Now, why would you
wanna do that, Richard?

I mean...

You're the hero, right?

Unless there's something
you wanna tell us.

No. But I just

think I better call him.


Here you go.

Press nine.

Yes, hello, I'm calling Information
to get ahold...

The name is Watson Bryant
He's a lawyer.

Thank you. Yeah, connect me.

I'm getting his message machine.

So, I'm gonna leave a message for him.

Go ahead.
Leave a message and that'll be...


This is Watson.

Watson Bryant, this is Richard Jewell

calling in regards to, urn,

something somewhat serious,
I would like you to call me back.

I'm at the FBI office in Atlanta,

If you could call me back
at your earliest convenience.

Thank you. Bye,

You can't leave your phone off.
I have to be able to reach you.

What's wrong?

You need more toner?

- He called three times.
- Who? Who called?

Who? Richard.

Three times from
the FBI interrogation room.

All right, all right,
all right, slow down. Slow down.

Jesus Christ.

Am I the only lawyer this guy knows?


The paper says...

Paper says the Bureau has him
dead to rights.

Where I come from, when
the government says someone's guilty...'s how you know they're innocent.

It's different here?

I don't know. Looks pretty bad.

I don't care.

We'll get three or four cases
as juicy as this tomorrow

and you have so much else to do.

All right, all right. Connect me with
the field office, would you, Nadya?

Right away.

Thank you.

Unless you're too busy.

- Don't you have any work to do?
- I have nothing else to do, no.

Yes, this is Watson Bryant,
attorney for Richard Jewell.

I'd like to speak to my client, please.

I'm sorry, sir,
we have no one here by that name.

Yeah, you do, actually.

Put me on the phone with my client now.

Please call back later, sir.
Maybe we'll have more information.

Dial that number again, would you?

Yeah, this is Watson Bryant again,
attorney for Richard Jewell.

My next call is gonna be to
Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes

to ask him why the FBI
would deny a citizen

his constitutional right
to legal counsel.

Can I have the spelling
of your name, please?

Got a call for you.


Richard, it's Watson.
What are you doing in there?

They said they needed me
for a training film.

No, they don't need you for...

You're a suspect
Have you read the newspapers?

Have you signed anything?
Have you confessed to anything?

No, of course not. I didn't do this.

All right, listen to me.
Listen to me real carefully.

Just don't say anything to anyone.
You understand me?

Get your ass out of there.

Let me talk to the agent in charge.

He wants to talk to you.

This is Agent Shaw,

This interrogation's over.
Not another word, you hear me?

He's been cooperating fully.

Hey, did I stutter?

No more questions!

- Get his ass out of there, you hear me?
- Okay, Well,

have a nice...

He hung up on me.

You have a very loud lawyer.

Were you charged?

Did you do it? Did you set that bomb?

what has the FBI said to

Richard, what did they say to you today?

What did the FBI
say to you, Richard?

Did the FBI charge you?

Did you
set that bomb, Richard?

What can you tell us
about the FBI interview?

Richard, what did the FBI
say to you? Just tell us.

We are having some trouble
connecting to Wayne Scott

We hope to have more from him later.

He can update us
about the traffic situation,

also since Centennial Park is...

They're all after me now.

...he may be our only view of the park
for a while.

So we will checking back.
Right now we're gonna throw it back to

NBC News and Tom Brokaw.

The speculation is that the FBI

is close to "making the case,"
in their language.

They probably have enough
to arrest him right now,

probably enough to prosecute him,

but you always wanna have enough
to convict him as well.

There are still some holes in this case.

Why did Tom Brokaw say that about you?

That was Tom Brokaw

with the latest update on
the Centennial Park bombing.

When we come back...

I don't know.

- Hey, who's this?
- I don't know.

I don't know who this guy is.
Come with me. Let's get him.

Sir? Sir? Sir? Sir? Who are you, sir?
Are you Richard's friend?

Who are you here to see?
Who are you here to see?

Are you a friend of Richard's?

- Why are you here?
- Who are you?

I'm a friend of Richard's.

Can you give us some insight?
Did you help him set that bomb?

What's your name?
Tell us anything at all.

Are you a family member?

I'm a friend of Richard's.


- Hey.
- Shit show out there.

You got that $100 you owe me?

Oh! You must be Mom.

How are you? I'm Watson.

I'm so sorry the world has gone insane.

Oh, that's annoying.

Let's get rid of that, shall we?


It's kind of like a drill in your ear.

For the next little while, the only
person you need to talk to is me.

He does not open his mouth again

if there's a cop present,
or an FBI agent

or someone from GBI,
or a crossing guard.

Is that clear?

I was raised to respect authority, sir.

Son, authority's what's outside that
window looking to eat you alive.

How about a beer?

- Yeah, sorry. Let me grab you something.
- No, no. Thanks, Radar.


I'm gonna need to be
alone with your son.

I hate to be rude, but if there's
a third party, there's no privilege.


Yeah, third party,
then they can

- compel anything we say.
- No.

Very nice to meet you.
Sorry to be rude, Bobi. Thanks.

You belong to any
extremist groups, Richard?

No, I hate all that stuff.

Any anti-government affiliations or...


Any of your friends affiliated
with any fringe organizations?

Not unless being a Baptist
is a religious cult.


N... Is the NRA a fringe group?

You ever hung out with any
Ku Klux Klan members?

If I did, it wouldn't have
been on purpose.

You contacted any other lawyers
about this book deal?

No. You're the only one.

Richard, this is capital crime here.

This is death penalty.

I can help you,
but only if I know the truth.

Did you do this?


Are you asking if I did it?

I'm asking you if you had any part
of the Centennial bombing, yes.

So, if you had anything to do with this,

had any part in this...

I did...

I did not plant that bomb
in Centennial Park

and I made the mistake
of assuming you knew that.

All right, well, let's beat
the hell out of these bastards.


Are you his attorney?

What is your relationship
with Richard Jewell?

I think the FBI
would be derelict

not to investigate Richard Jewell.

They're just doing their jobs.

When are you meeting
with him again?

they're just doing their job.

They're just making sure
no rock is unturned.

Are you gonna meet
with him again soon?

Excuse me.

Yes. I've been friends
with Richard for ten years.

- Are you his lawyer?
- I am.

- Did he set that bomb?
- You are his lawyer?

- Yeah.
- What is your name?

You'll be defending him?


Not quite real estate law,
is it, Mr. Bryant?

Whoa! Jesus Christ!

Who the hell are you?

I could be the best friend
you'll ever have.

Kathy Scruggs. AJC.

Of course you are.

Get out.

Have you secured an actual
defense attorney for Richard yet?

No comment

- Get out of the car.
- See, "no comment" doesn't help me,

which means I can't help you.

Is that what you wanna do?
You want to help me?

Watson, I don't get the sense you grasp
the tank that's about to roll over you.

We're talking about
the US government here

investigating a terrorism suspect.

- You need me.
- Okay. Listen, crazy lady,

you want me to call the cops?

Oh, please do.

The cops love me.
I tell their stories all day.

Let me tell yours.

I'm just gonna ask a couple questions
that'll help you tell your story.

- And you need me to help...
- Get out. Get out of my...

- You got some balls, man.
- Yes, I do.

- Get out.
- Come on.

I'll just ask you a few questions.

- Get out.
- We can go together.

- Come on. Til get my notepad.
- Get the fuck out of my car now!

Get out of my car!

I'm sick of this shit.

You know where to find me.

- Yeah. Don't worry.
- Never been on TV before.

You'll be fine.

Mr. Jewell's attorney, Mr. Bryant.

- Thanks for coming in.
- You're welcome.

What are the authorities
telling you about

- their suspicions about your client?
- Uh, nothing.

No communication whatsoever?

All they've said to me is that
they're not going to arrest him.

That's what they told me yesterday.

You believe that?


You think they are going to arrest him?

I don't think they'd tell me whether
they were or they weren't That's all.

What do you think of the manner in
which the FBI has treated your client

- pursuing this investigation?
- I think whoever the bum was

that leaked that Richard Jewell
was the focus of this investigation,

he deserves to be prosecuted
or dealt with in some serious way.

I don't think that this investigation

should be conducted under
world spotlight, if you will, like this.

What's your client told you about this
cabin that's being searched today?

It's his former residence,
as I understand it.

You need to understand somethi

I have barely had the time
to take a breath in this case

since it started the other night.

We have been reacting
to the media, to the FBI,

and I have not sat down

and conducted an in-depth interview
about all these things

that y'all are asking me about.

Then why are you so convinced
of his innocence?

Because I've known Richard for a while.

I've looked him in the eye
and I've asked him the question.

But you've admitted to me
you didn't even know he had a cabin.

You didn't know about this...
this prior arrest.

You didn't know about
the prior misdemeanors.

There's a whole lot of priors
you didn't know about.

I have not conducted a thorough
investigation into Richard's history.

No, I understand all that.

I guess what I'm asking you is
considering that you haven't done that

and considering there are things
that you didn't know,

why are you so convinced
of his innocence?

Because I believe him.

Plain and simple?

Yeah. That's right

I don't know a whole lot of things
about a whole lot of people that I know.

I don't have Richard's police records.
You may. I don't...

I have not gotten up to speed
on some things. That's all.

But just because
I don't know these things

doesn't mean that I don't have a feel

for where I think
Richard is in this case.

Were you aware that
the Habersham Sheriffs Department

had asked him to seek
psychological counseling?

I don't know that either.

But I know a lot of people who ought to
have psychological counseling.

Watson Bryant, thank you very much.

See ya Thank you.

Twenty-two past the hour.
We'll be right back.

First of all, we wanna
reassure the public that

Atlanta is a safe place
in spite of the tragedy of last evening.


Were you arrested
for impersonating an officer?

Yeah, once.

- It was complicated.
- It was...

Were you planning on telling me?

Yeah, of course. I just...

In all the hoopla yesterday,
I guess I just forgot.

Jesus Christ! What the...

Was there anything else that you forgot?

'Cause I just had my ass handed to me
on the fucking Today Show!

Thanks a lot

More great news.

The man who would be king,
Michael Johnson, Waco, Texas

attempting to do what no man
has ever done in Olympic competition,

win both the 400 and 200 meters.


Flashbulbs flashing,
Ato Boldon away last

Here's Frank Fredericks,
And here comes Michael Johnson,

About the right speed, I guess.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

They're approaching
the top of the straightaway.

Michael Johnson reaching deep.

What are we clocking?

He has the lead, Michael Johnson
is closing on the finish!

Michael Johnson running for gold!
And it's Olympic history!

He destroys his own record!

- Time.
- Six minutes.

Okay, we know the second 911 call
was placed at 12...


From the pay phone that was right here.

We also know that
Richard was inside the park

near the sound and light tower at 12...


When Bill Miller called the backpack in.

He would've had to
cover the distance in...

One minute. So he couldn't have done it.

Could've ridden a bike, I guess.

There and back? No.

He really didn't do this.


This kid's getting railroaded.

We're gonna help this guy.

We're gonna help this guy.
This kid's getting railroaded.


You don't talk. I talk.

They're just gonna look around.

You got any guns in the house?

Yeah, we're... we're in Georgia.

Yeah, of course you do. Go get them.

Lay them on your bed so we can see them.
We don't want any surprises.

How many of them are coming in here?


There... There's a couple.

Can they leave their shoes
outside the door?

Well, I could ask them, Bobi.
I don't know if they would oblige.

Oh, God.

Oh, good Lord.


Were you expecting a zombie invasion
or something?

No, I wasn't expecting zombies.
I expect deer. I hunt.

You hunt? Okay.

Radar, let me explain something to you.

All you're guilty of right now

is looking like the kind of guy
who might set off a bomb.

But everything you do that
promotes that image is gonna hang us.

Sorry. Poor choice of words.

Those jackals out there,
they want your ass on a chopping block.

I just...
Is there anything else odd or quirky

or fucking weird
that I'm gonna discover today?

Yeah, kind

I haven't paid my taxes
in about a couple years.

This gets better and better.

Guns, guns, guns. I hate guns.

Every time Richard goes hunting, I say,

"Don't you dare drag
a dead Bambi in here.

I don't wanna eat Bambi."

But you know what?

Richard, when he was deputy with
the Habersham County Sheriffs,

he got 98 out of 100
on his shooting test.

It was awesome. Mmm-hmm.

That's great.


You don't talk. I talk. Say it.

I don't talk.

But I want those guys to know that

I'm law enforcement, too.
Just like them.

See, right there?

That's talking.
That's what we don't want, okay?

You picked the right lawyer, Richard.

We all set?

- Yeah.
- All right, let's go. Come on.

Let's start in the back.

Bring it in. Let's go.
By the numbers, everybody.

By the numbers.

Hold on.



Yeah, so, you guys go ahead
and take everything.

Take the carpet, whatever you need.
I'm law enforcement, too, so I get it

Just know that whatever you take,

it's just gonna prove
that I didn't do anything.

Yeah, we've done this before.

You'll be counsel, Mr. Bryant?

That's the plan, yeah.

All right, if you're gonna stay here,
you're gonna have to put these on.

Yeah, let's go. Gloves and booties.


You heard the man. Booties and gloves.

they're taking my Tupperware.

All right, let's play ball
right now. We'll get it back.

If y'all need help finding anyth
feel free to ask one of us.

We can help.

Just trying to help.

It's in there.

You ever read that book?

Got a lot in it about police procedure.

It's a good one.
It's kind of controversial.

It's a good book.

It's a good book.

I can help you with that.

I babysit with those.

You know what?
Actually, it might be easier

if you guys just waited outside
while we did our jobs.

- Good idea Yeah, let's do that
- Thank you.

Let's do that, Richard.
Let's get the hell out of here.

Thank you.

Johnson, Rosario, anything?

What was the agreement?

That I wouldn't talk.

Yeah, whafd you do?

I talked.

They wanna fry you. You understand that?
You know that, right?

Everyone here wants to fry you.

You're a little piece of bacon.

Well, on a lighter note,

you never did tell me the name
of the firm you moved to and whatnot

I opened my own.

What made you do something like that?

Firms mean partners, and partners
think they can tell you who to be.

I don't care much for being dictated to.

Hey! You have no right

- Come back here.
- Mama, what's wrong?

They went through my underthings.

How much indignity
do they want us to take?

All right, Bobi.
Hey, hold on, fellas. Excuse me.

Mama, hey...

Bobi. Excuse me, fellas.


- Excuse me.
- What did they take from you?

Hold on now. Hold on.

let me take care of it for you.

Can I take care of it for you?

gonna go get them. Excuse me.

What can you share with us?

They found some
really dangerous pantyhose, apparently.



Come here for a sec.
I want to talk to you.

- Come on inside.
- Yes, sir.

What can I help with?

Just come on inside. Just for a second.

What did they pull out of the house?

Did he do it, Watson?

No, he did not. Richard Jewell is
an innocent man. He's a hero.

If he's innocent,
then why is the FBI here?

We welcome the FBI.
We're glad they're here.

No, you don't.

You know that's not true, Kathy.

Can I see those boxes, please?

All right, here's what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna hand you this phone,

and when I do,
you're gonna wait till the beep

and then you're gonna say into it,

"There's a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes."

I'm, uh...

I'm sorry, Why?

We need a voice exemplar.
Like you to say it a few times.

"There's a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes."

It might be the only way
to clear your name.

I do wanna help y'all.
I'm law enforcement, too.

Well, yeah. Then you should know
how evidentiary this is, right?

So, "There's a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes."

"30 minutes." Okay.

- After the beep?
- Yeah.

There is a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes.

Okay, one more time.
Just a little louder.

There is a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes.

Okay, that's great.
Can you do it one more time?

Maybe let's do a series.
We'll do a couple in a row.

All right.

There is a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes.

There is a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes.

There is a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes.

There is a bomb in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes.

There is a bomb in Centennial Park.

Are you fucking kidding me?
No, no, you don't talk to him.

It's standard procedure, they said.

No, hell it is.

- In Russia.
- Mr. Bryant, listen.

Your client volunteered this.

bullshit. Maybe you can do this.
Maybe you can't.

You're not doing it today.
Let's go, Richard.

- Let's go.
- I told them I'm doing it

if it helps clear my name.

- Let's go! Not today.
- Your client agreed to this.

I'm gonna sue your ass...

- for intentional violation...
- Okay.

- ...of his constitutional rights.
- Okay.

I'm having all this shit excluded.
You guys are full of shit

Let's go.

We got it.

Oh, God.

Have a good night.

What do they want
with the vacuum cleaner?

All right We're done here.


I'm fine. Yeah, I'm fine.

What's wrong?

Let's get you inside.

Dave, can you get her
something to drink?

- Maybe some water?
- Yeah. Sure.

What's going on?

It's nothing.

I'm fine.

They took all my Tupperware.

What would they need with my Tupperware?

The bomber used Tupperware
to hold the nails.

That's standard.

Well, what does that
have to do with you?

And they took my babysitting tapes.
My Disney movies.

Yeah, I think they did that
because they wanted to see

if we mighfve recorded something
on the tapes

like a political statement or something.

Why do you keep defending these people?

I'm not defending. I'm just explaining.

Well, stop it!

- Hey, there she is. Hey.
- Hi.

- How you doi
- Hello.

This is, uh... This is Nadya
She is, uh...

She tells me what to do.

Here. Let me take that.
That's very nice of you.

I thought you might want some dinner.

Bless your heart.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

Hi, I'm... I'm Richard.

What did I tell you about talking, Rich?


Oh, God, yeah.
I guess I can't talk anymore.

Come on, Richard,
you can't hide anymore.

- Richard, one question. That's all.
- Did you do it?

how many bombs have you made?

What did the FBI
take out of your house, Richard?


Hand grenade?

- What do you got a hand grenade for?
- Yeah, it's hollowed out

It's a paperweight. I bought it
from a military surplus store.

- Yeah.
- But it's nothi

Christ, of course you did.

Piece of the bench?

Splintered piece of...
What does that mean? What is that?

Yeah, I took a small piece
of the bench from the crime scene.

- From where the bomb was?
- It's a souvenir. A memento.

What'd you do that for?

I think it was a pretty memorable night
where I did something pretty great.

So, I thought maybe
that was worth holding on to.

Wow. Okay.


- Hey.
- Hey.

They want your hair now,
and your palm prints.

Good times.

Come in.

25 pulled, 25 collected.

I tell you, you might have
a warrant for this,

but if you were to do this to me,
you'd have to fight me.

You'd have to beat the shit out of me!

Not very lawyerly of you, counselor.

Yeah, well...

Can we just get this over with
before my mama comes back?

I'd like her not to see this.

Tell me, Richard,

you still proud to be law enforcement?

You know what?
Maybe if I did my job a little better,

and got people far enough away,

then I wouldn't be
sitting here right now.

Yeah, he's a real monster.
Boy, you guys nailed it.

Have you dummies done the math yet
on the call from the pay phone?

Hey, listen, fuck the pay phone! Okay?

My clients were the people
in the park that night

that didn't deserve to get
their fucking heads blown off.

You know, I actually feel
sorry for you guys.

When the real bomber does it again,

and the country asks,
"Where was the FBI?"

You're gonna say, "We were busy getting
hair samples from Richard Jewell.11

- I'm done here.
- All set? Great

Oh, good.

Well, Richard, thank you very much
for your professional consideration.

You know, cop to cop.

"We're the FBI."

I got your cop to cop. Right here.

- Uh-huh.
- There's the door.

Found it Thank you.

Richard, we need to be a little less

solicitous and a little more
righteous with these assjacks.

I mean, it's just hairs.
They'll grow back. It's fine.

Whafd you say?

They're just hairs. They'll grow back.

They're just hair. Hey!

Why doesn't this shit make you
as angry as it makes me?

I am angry.

You could have fooled me.

You're angry?

'Course I am.

I don't know if "angry" is even
a big enough word for how I feel.

- Come on.
- Then stop being such a doormat.

Stop trying to be their best friend.

You know, they're making
fun of you out there.

- You know what they're calling you?
- I know that!

I know what it means
when he says "cop to cop."

He doesn't mean cop to cop.

- He thinks I'm the Pillsbury Doughboy.
- Do you? Could have fooled me.

I thought you guys
were gonna get engaged.

Hey! Richard!
You go for a cookie right now,

I'm gonna chop off your hands
and shove them up your ass!

Try eating a cookie then, fucker.

Why'd you wanna represent me
and be my lawyer?

Hey, you looked like
you needed some help.

You look like you might've needed
money from a book deal.

Well, let me ask you, why'd you pick me?

There's a lot of lawyers in the
phone book. Whafd you pick me for?

I picked you because
you were the only one

at the US Small Business Admin bureau

who didn't treat me like
a five-year-old, and call me,

"bag of snacks" and "blimp,"

"Michelin Man/1
and "Pillsbury Doughboy."

You're the only one who treated me
like a human being!

And now you're just yelling at me,
telling me to be somebody that I'm not!

I don't know how to be that guy!

You're that guy! I'm me!


I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, my Lord.

How can they do that?

easy because you don't matter.

That's how come.

We need to go!


You guys gotta

We need to evacuate!

Mr. Dutchess.

You got a minute?

I got that.

There you go.

- Can I finish my food?
- Nope.

Mmm. That's good.

They've decided that since

you can't have placed
the 911 call yourself

that you must've had a partner.

They think your partner
must be your homosexual boyfriend,

which they decided is probably me.


They asked me to wear a wire.

I told them to shove it.
I said you were a hero.

And they said,
"Well, if he really is a hero,

then he's got nothing to worry about
and neither do you."

They also told me that, uh,
one of your GBI buddies

you know, the one you made lasagna
for when he came over...

Yeah, Miller.



He was wearing a wire, too.

He's got a lot on you.

one other thing.

They asked me if I'd ever had
any experience with pipe bombs

and I had to tell them the truth.

You know, the little ones.

We used to drop them down gopher holes
when I was a kid in West Virginia

David... Lord.

I told them this was years
before I even met Richard.

I told them a couple times.


I'm sorry.

It's okay. Yeah.


It's okay.

I did what was...

Hey, turn...

Come on! What are you doing?

We can't be watching movies
with bombs and explosions

when they're listening.



I'm... I'm trying to do the right thing.


Guys... Are they not listening?

Hey, Mama, I'm sorry.

Mama, I'm sorry.


Mama, come on out.
We can watch whatever you wanna watch.

I don't mind.

Mama, please, I...

I won't say nothing about anything.

Just come on out.

Mama, I'm sorry. I'm...


Mama, please?

I know.

I'm scared, Richard.

I'm right there with you.

It's all right.

I don't know how to protect you
from these people.

Hey, you know... You know what?
You don't have to protect me.

I do the protecting. I do.


Come on. Come on out

You just sit down.
You watch whatever you wanna watch.

I don't care.

I don't care.

And I'm sorry I yelled.

Yeah, she's had about three days
to be proud of her son

and then taken away from her.

Yep. That ain't right

sorry, Richard.


You ready to start fighting back?



Are you here to turn yourself in?

Don't see why we can't just let
the FBI do this.

You trust them with the results?

You're in good hands here. Just breathe.

Richard, whose idea was it
for you to take a polygraph test?


How do you think you'll do on it?


Do you know who put that bomb
in Olympic Park?

No, I do not know who planted the bomb
in Centennial Park.

Hey, maybe we better talk-

Nah. He passed.

Highest level. No deception indicated.

Oh, Jesus Christ

my God.

Thanks, man. Hey.

Thank you.

Hey. Look at you, huh?

You did it, man.

- Yeah, we did it
- You did it.

We must be firm in this.

We cannot be intimidated
by acts of terror.

/ want to thank
the brave security personnel.

Cocaine use is up
from women in their 60s.

Oh, yeah?

- Yeah. Look at that.
- Lucky them.

Holy shit, it's Jewell.

Is that Kathy Scruggs?


Is this what it's like
behind the curtain?

- Richard Jewell here.
- Hello.

We're just about to go
demand a retraction.

Then we're gonna go get a hamburger.
You wanna come?

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

This is, like, top-rate science fiction.

"Bomb suspect sought limelight.11

Are you kidding me?
Who the hell do you think you are?

Mr. Bryant, what I do
is I report the facts.

- You lead the public, is what you do.
- I report the facts.

- The facts?
- That's right That's what I do.

- You ignorant, arrogant, ambitious...
- Excuse me? Excuse me?

How did you get this job?

- How'd I get this job?
- Yeah.

Mr. Bryant, if you have an issue,
you can take it up with the FBI

- for investigating your client.
- Oh, bullshit.

It has nothing to do with me. All right?

What I do is, I hear the facts,
I report them.

- That is my responsibility.
- The facts? What about the truth?

My guiding principle
is to report the facts.

What fucking principles?

This isn't a principle
standing next to me.

Fuck your principle.
This man's name is Richard Jewell.

- He's a hero. He saved lives.
- You're unbelievable

- just coming in here.
- I'm unbelievable?

Do you have any idea
what kind of wildfire you started?

You've ruined this man's life.

- Maybe you owe him an apology.
- Listen...

How about that?

- Mr. Jewell...
- You know, you are a... What?

I said I'm sorry for what you
and your mother have gone through.

You are a miserable
excuse for a journalist.

You're a parasite.

Anything to sell a goddamn paper,
you know that?

Why don't you go chase
another ambulance?

Kiss my ass.

He's out of order.

Vail can go back to work.
There's nothing really to watch here.

You can just keep doing your jobs.

He didn't do it.

Oh, fuck.

You got a lot of
fucking nerve sitting here.

Jewell couldn't have made the call.

The math is wrong.

I covered the distance from the site
to the phones.

There's no way
he would have made it in time.

Yeah, we know.

You know?

He had an accomplice.

An accomplice?

Sure. Why not?

What about the lone bomber profile?

The wannabe cop? With an accomplice?

Well, first of all, profiles are
always just ajumping-off point.

Oklahoma City had two bombers,
if you remember.

Okay, so who did it? Who is it?

Like I'm gonna tell you
after the way you burned me.

Fine. Til just write that the case
against Jewell is starting to weaken.

Bad facts, et cetera. See how that goes.

You know what?
I'm not sure where you get this idea

that I work for you,
or that we work together.

I don't even know
why I'm fucking talking to you.

I know why. And you need me
just as much as I need you.

You know what, sweetheart?

I don't need you a goddamn bit.

Can I have one more, please?

Next to me is Bobi Jewell,

mother of Richard Jewell.

By some savage twist of fate,

Richard Jewell has been wrongfully and
falsely accused of murder and mayhem.

Her son's accusers are two of the most
powerful forces in the world today.

The United States government
and the media.

For the past four weeks,
these horrific forces have combined

to make her
daily existence a living hell.

As I speak, they continue to crush
the very life out of her

and her only son.

I introduce Barbara Jewell,

the 113th victim
of the Centennial bombing.

My name is Barbara Jewell.

I am employed as a claims coordinator
with a local insurance agency

and I have worked there for 13 years.

Approximately four weeks ago,

over 100 people were injured

and two people lost their lives

as a result of the Olympic Park bombing.

My heart goes out to these victims
and their families.

I am so very drained.

I hope and pray to God that nobody
ever has to go through this again.

I do not think any of you can even

begin to imagine
what our lives are like.

The media has portrayed my son

as the person
who has committed this crime.

They have taken all privacy from us.

They have taken all peace.

They watch and photograph
everything we do.

Like the media,

the FBI follows his every move

and watches my home constantly.

And why?

My son...

My son is innocent.

Richard is not the Olympic Park bomber.

Richard is not a murderer.

He saved people's lives.

Please hear me, Mr. President,
and help me.

You have the power
to end this nightmare.

My son is a hero.

I think the FBI knows that by now.

If they do not intend to charge my son,

please tell us.

Please tell the world.

Mr. President...

You did good.


Oh, Mama.

Oh, thank you for doing that.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I cried.

I didn't mean to cry.

No, you did real good.
You did better than good.

You ready?

Let's go show them who you are.

Oh, God.

I'm so glad that's over.

You did good.

All right.

Gentlemen, please have a seat.

We'll be right with you.

All right, let me tell you
how it's gonna go.

They're gonna ask to see me first,
set the ground rules.

I wanna make sure they know I'm not gay.

Richard, I think
we got bigger fish to fry,

but you'll get the chance
to tell them that.

I'm sure.

Agent Shaw.

Dare you to see
if he's got any Snickers.

Kind of hungry.

You know what a 1001 is, Radar?

Yes, sir. It's lying to a federal agent

It's a felony.

You say anything in there
that isn't true,

they can put you in jail
without ever proving you're a bomber.


You don't know what to say,
you say nothing.

You ask for a five-minute break,
you consult with me.

You do not improvise.

You got that?

Yes, sir.

So if you don't know what to say,
what do you do?

- I don't say a damn thi
- That's right

Mr. Bryant?

Can I help you?

I was taking a look.

How do you guys wanna handle this?

We're gonna ask you some questions,
and you're gonna give us some answers.

How's that sound?


Sounds good.

I'll go get him.

Hey, you ready, boyo?


I think so. Yeah.

No, I mean ready.

Look at these guys not as
suspect to agent, but as cop to cop.

Don't give them any more deference
than they're due.

- And don't keep calling them "sir."
- Yeah, well,

they're still the
United States government.

No, they aren't
the United States government

They're just three pricks who work
for the United States government

You understand the difference?

Nobody in that room
is a better man than you.

You understand?

Come on.

You'll be fine.

That's it Sit right there.

Right here?


Thank you for joining us.

Uh, Mr. Jewell,
we've got a few questions

regarding the events of July 27th, 1996,

as you probably know.

Specifically the bombing
in Centennial Park.

Mr. Jewell, you ever find yourself

accessing an Internet site
called Candyman's Candyland

regarding the contents
of The Anarchist Cookbook?

No, I have not.

But you do have police training
in handling explosives?

Asked and answered.

Did you ever collect any pieces of pipe

from the construction
of Centennial Park?

No, I did not.

Do you remember
telling anybody at the park,

"Take my picture now, because
pretty soon I'm gonna be famous"?

No, sir.


You sure about that?


How about, did you say,

"I'm on my way to Atlanta
It's gonna be a mess out there"?

I was referring to the traffic jams.

Mr. Jewell,

why specifically did you want to be
stationed at that sound and light tower?

I just liked listening to the music

and, the night before,
I got to bring my mama down.

We got to listen to Kenny Rogers.

She liked that. That was nice.

And I guess
I also get a nice vantage point

to take a look at all the pretty girls.

I am not a homosexual.

And neither is David Dutchess.

So you and David Dutchess
are not lovers?

Asked and answered.

Mr. Jewell, you said before

that in your comings and goings
back and forth

from the stage to the tower

that you couldn't get an exact fix
on the time. Is that correct?

Yes, but when you have the runs,

which I did, excuse me,

you're not thinking about
what time it is.

You're just trying to

crab-walk to a bathroom, you know?

So you don't remember the exact time

that you saw the drunks throwing
the beer cans against the tower?



You don't remember the exact time
you first saw the backpack?

That's correct.

You ever seen a backpack
like that before, Mr. Jewell?

Yeah, I suppose so. Yeah.

You ever see that specific
backpack before, Mr. Jewell?

Asked and answered.

Can we move on?

Mr. Jewell...

Did you conspire
with David Dutchess or anybody else

to plant a bomb in Centennial Park?


Then how the fuck did you know to be
on the other side of that AT&T tower

where you knew you'd be protected
from the blast?

A bomb went off
right where you were stationed.

Chaos erupts. Bodies hit the ground.

Cops go flying. Hell, I was one of them.

You come out without a goddamn scratch.

How does that happen, Richard?

Can I ask all you fellas a question?

Jesus. What?

Do you have any kind of case against me?

I mean evidence.

Like, any traces of anything
on my mama's Tupperware?

Or did you find any bomb-making
materials in her apartment?

did you find some-
- Hey, hey. Hey.

Richard, we don't need to volunteer-

I'm gonna say this
if I'm gonna say anything.

I walk in here and I look at the circle
decal on your windows there,

and I'm thinking...

I... I used to think that
federal law enforcement

was just about the highest calling
a person could aspire to.

And I'm not sure I think that anymore,
you know?

Not after all this.

I did my job that night,

and some people are alive
because of that.

Do you think that the next time
some security guard

sees a suspicious package,

that he or she's gonna call it in?

I doubt it.

You know? 'Cause they're gonna
look at that and they're gonna think,

"I don't wanna be
another Richard Jewell...

So I'm just gonna run."

How's that make anybody any safer?

Y'all can keep following me
around some more

doing what you're doing. I can stand it.

But I just know that
every second you spend on me

is time that you're not spending
on the real guy who did it,

and it's like Watson said...

What happens when he...

What happens when he does it again?

So, do you have anything
you wanna charge me with?

Can you?


I think it's time to

How'd he do?

He did great.



Go on.



Agent Shaw.

Got something for

What's this?

Marriage proposal.


My lucky day.


Well, this is a good start.

When's the press conference?
I'm assuming you'll be

announcing to all the news outlets,
Tom Brokaw and the like.

Mr. Bryant, let me be perfectly clear.

I still think your client
is guilty as hell.

Have a nice day.

Well, you're entitled to your opinion.

"This is to advise you that
based on the evidence..."

It's over.


Is it really over or is this
just another one of their things?

You won. It's over.

You did good.

I wanna see...
I wanna see Mama.

You wanna see Mama?


We can do that.

That's real?

That's what it says.

"...not considered a target
in the federal criminal investigation

of the bombing of July 27th, 1996,

Centennial Park."




Thank you.

Thank you.

You got it.

Thank you.



Hello, Watson Bryant


What can I do you for?

How are you? How's, uh...

My God, how's Nadya?

They found him, Richard.

Found who?

Eric Rudolph.

He confessed to the bombing
at Centennial Park.

You know when he's being arraigned?

I don't know.

- Can you find out for me?
- Yeah.

Look at you.