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Revisions (2019) - full transcript

Daisuke Toujima is a second-year high school student who was abducted when he was young. He was involved in a special phenomenon called Shibuya Drift with his childhood friends Gai, Ru, ...

That day, that time...

We were thrown into the future,
into the year 2388.

We continued to struggle
without a way to return to our time.

Some people who felt we were at a dead end
under these circumstances

released Mayor Muta

and planned to negotiate with
the Revisions again.

All that did was cause the deaths
of Mayor Muta and Chief Kuroiwa.

Now that we've lost two people
who held Shibuya together,

what are we going to do?

Yes? Izumi speaking.

The Revisions?

Can you give me more details?

At the scramble crossing,

there's someone calling herself
a Revision.

They said that in a few hours,

they will start
seizing people indiscriminately.

You must be kidding.

What about that Revision?

The police currently have her surrounded.

Since the Chief is dead,
we don't know who's in command.

All right.

Anyway, I'll be there right away
with the SDS members.


I have something to report.

My time leap is coming soon.


You mean you're going away? From here?

If we lose you too, Milo...

You must be kidding.


I'm sorry.

Like I told you before,
I have to save you in 2010.

With the death of Keisaku, there's been
a big deviation in AHRV's predictions.

Of course, I plan on fighting
by your side until the last minute.

Are you sure?

You're really leaving?

Yes, I am.

You must be crazy!

You're leaving us at a time like this?

Don't you care about us
who are trapped here in the future?

Do you only care about
the AHRV mission going well?

Hold on, Daisuke.

-Milo is going back to save you!
-I know!

I know that,


At present, Civilians are

gathering at the border.

What about that Revision?

She gave that warning then disappeared.

We need to dispatch
the String Puppets right away.

They are running out of power.

What's wrong?

It looks like there isn't much power left.

It's because we have been supplying power

and providing electricity
for our daily living.

You're kidding.

The String Puppets
won't function properly like this.

And the Revisions are going to attack.

Does that mean we can only fight
with what's left in the String Puppets?

There's hardly anything left.

If we're going to fight
using the String Puppets,

they would probably last
for only half a day.

Half a day?

Are we going to die?

Milo, isn't there something we can do?

I get it.

Since you'll soon be going to the past,

this doesn't matter to you.


How dare you say that?

Don't you see that she's leaving us behind
and escaping to the past?

Cut it out, Daisuke.

I didn't want to leave you all here.

But this is our destiny.


You call this destiny?

All you've been doing
is obey orders from your superiors!


First, we lost Keisaku,
then Mr. Kuroiwa too.

Now, we're going to lose even you, Milo?

Saving everyone may have been impossible
from the start.


How are we supposed to protect this place?

I mean, we're not special.

We're just high school students.

We've been trying to do the impossible.

That's so unlike you two, Gai and Daisuke!


I don't know how we can protect everyone.

I have no idea
why we're doing this anymore.


What's wrong?
Did you get separated from your mother?

Are we all going to die?

That's what everyone is saying.

No, that won't happen.

You and your mom

will be protected by these guys
using their String Puppets.




You know what? We need to do this!

The future of the people here
depends on us!

What's going on? You're all here.

How come you haven't dispatched yet?

Because the String Puppets
are running out of power.

Are you serious?

You're kidding.

Without those,
we can't fight off the Revisions!

Can't anything be done?

Milo is having a look at them now.

But as the government,
we need to give the people some assurance.

Let's use the Shibuya Emergency
Broadcast System

to reassure the people--


Why are you giving the orders, Ms. Izumi?

You're just the SDS' supervisor--

Then why the heck don't you take charge?

-Without Chief Kuroiwa or Mr. Muta around,
-I didn't mean...

-if someone doesn't take the lead...
-I didn't...

I know they said that the people
on the list are the Revisions' ancestors,

and there will always be some
who will react radically,

but even the first group of returnees
were violently seized.

I really doubt
that many people believe the Revisions.

You're right.

The enemy did say
they will be indiscriminate.

But where should we hide?

I have an idea. Let's move everyone
to an underground area.

Can it accommodate everyone?

Well, to be honest, I don't know.

But if we use the railroads, which are
off-limits, then we can probably manage.

Then let's announce it right away using
the Shibuya Emergency Broadcast System.

Will we be able to do it?
We're running out of time.

We'll help you with that.

To make sure nobody is left behind,
we'll round people up.

Mr. Yokoyama!

That's a big help.

I'm the Neighborhood Association President
after all.

I thought you were just a mean old man.


Don't underestimate me.

There's no way I can leave everything
in your hands, you kids!

Ms. Yumiko.

Yes, I've asked her to handle
health services for the neighborhood.

I'm glad that I could help.

Okay, we don't have much time.
Get to work and accomplish your tasks.

Yes, let's get to work right away.


Everyone, listen to me.

I want to propose a plan that
we can implement in Shibuya right now.

I've realized that since I'm restricted
by the orders of AHRV,

I may seem useless in your eyes.

However, I swear I will succeed

on my mission to save you,
to save Daisuke in 2010.

This is my personal wish.

It's all right, Milo.

Earlier, Daisuke was just whining.


That's one thing about him
that still hasn't changed.

Hey, stop it.

Fortunately, due to tectonic movements,
the crust of the Earth at the border

between Shibuya and the future world
has significant elevation differences.

That limits where the enemy can penetrate.

That's where they battled
the police before, right?


Then, our weakness
and the Revisions' objective,

the people who aren't their ancestors,

will be moved to the underground area.

We're expecting
that they will head that way.

We just need to defeat each enemy
as they appear.


We'll use everyone as a decoy
to lure in the enemy.

So that we won't waste
the little power we have left,

we must concentrate our targets
into one area.

We really have our backs against the wall.

A String Puppet will snipe from afar.

Another one will take down
any enemy that gets through.

Coordination is essential, Daisuke.

I know.

But will the enemy

gather in the target area?

I'll be the decoy for that.

Once they realize
that I'm a member of AHRV,

the Civilians will surely come after me.

You can't do that.

But don't you have to time-leap
to 2010 soon, Milo?

It's all right.

At least, let me do this for you.

Now, let's discuss the details
of the plan.


Proceed orderly and don't panic.

There is enough space for everyone,
so don't worry.

Looks like we will be relying on Milo
until the very end.

Won't we ever see you again?

I'm sure that we won't.

When this is over,
I won't be in this time anymore.

Milo, thank you for everything.

The same goes for you.

Goodbye, Milo.

Goodbye, Lu.


You're in command.

Okay. Take care, Milo.



So, you really are going.

That's right.


I'm sorry about yesterday.

Pilot Daisuke Dojima confirmed.


I never told you this before,

but the interface on your String Puppet

was modeled after my sister.

My parents
and my sister died protecting me.

After that,

I didn't know anymore whom I was
protecting or whom I was fighting.

I simply obeyed orders from AHRV.

But I'm different now.

The people of Shibuya must live,
especially you guys.

That's what I want.


And if...

If the word "destiny"
is causing you so much trouble,

would it better if I don't tell you
anything about that?

No. Tell me that.

Ever since then, that word

has supported me.

All right.

I swear that I'll tell you

that it is your destiny
to protect everyone.

I swear that I'll never forget it.


I'll make it a reality.

All right, everyone.

It's hunting time!


I will pass through the zone soon.

They're here, Lu!


Everyone, you must survive this battle.

I know that you will find a way.

You're amazing, Lu!



I'll show you that I can protect everyone!

Hurry up!

Everyone, stay calm.

It's all right.

The SDS will protect us all.

Yes. The Revisions haven't come here.

Like you predicted,
they're not coming after their ancestors.

Excuse me.

Give this message
to Marimari and the others.

Tell them that we're fine
and that we're doing our best.

Lu! There's one on the base!

What? You must be kidding!

A lot is coming from Dogenzaka!

There are so many of them.
This is way more than we expected.

Please do your best.

I didn't realize
that there were still many of them.

Daisuke, let me relieve you.

So, this is a competition to see
who kills the most, huh?

You got it. What will we bet?

Lunch A in the cafeteria.

Right. With a drink!

Language data received
from unknown source.


"I will never forgive you,

Daisuke Dojima."

It's that guy!

Gai! It's the dark one!


Are you playing around, Mukyu?

Buzz off!

It's important
to make the ancient people feel despair.

Shut up and watch.

What? Who's that?



do you know
why we have to change the past?


It's time!

What are you talking about
at a time like this?

A single life can only exist
during a single flow of time.

Therefore, for those of us
born after the pandemic,

our only fate is to suffer
with this disease.

We never had a choice.

Disparity and extinction.
Despair and hope.

Fate and destiny.

All these things

are brought about
only because the thing we call time

flows in one direction.

Are you trying to act like a philosopher?

When you speak
beyond your status and ability...

This is something

that appeared in place of the boy who
has disappeared into a gap in time-space.

Therefore, it must be something
that signifies time.


I understand it now that I'm connected
to the artificial quantum brain.

Hey. What are you doing, Nicholas?

I will merge with the Crystal of the Void

and escape the shackles of time!

I'll use normal
and burst rounds simultaneously

to gain an advantage!

What should I do?

I can't defeat this one.

What's that?

It's right above us!

Crap! It has discovered
the people underground!


Sorry, I can't respond right now!
Enemies are coming from every side!

What the heck are you doing, Daisuke?

I'm the one you need to fight!


Ms. Yumiko.

Are you okay, Temari?



As long as this is safe...

"Everyone hates you.

-I'm sure you're aware of it.

-But by acting like you don't know,
-How dare you say all that crap?

you've just been protecting yourself..."


-"Run away, Marimari."

Could that be...



Keisaku? Is that you, Keisaku?

Get back, Daisuke!

Gai, don't shoot!

This might be Keisaku!


Daisuke, behind you!

"Accept that everything

-is impossible."

Daisuke! Are you all right?

Yes. I'm fine.

We won.


I'm going to time-leap to 2010 now.

I want to make a final confirmation
of the mission details.


Balancer Milo, your mission
to accomplish in 2010

is to eliminate Keisaku Asano.

Feign a kidnapping

and eliminate the Puppet Master,
Keisaku Asano.

I repeat. You must eliminate

Keisaku Asano.


Subtitle translation by Brian Athey