Reshenie o likvidatsii (2018) - full transcript

The ruthless extremist Bazgaev responsible for terrorist attacks which lead to deaths of hundreds of civilians, among them school children, is planning new actions. A group of security officers is to track and destroy him.

Please voice for:

Come on, get out!
Hurry up!

North Caucasus, 2002.

Hurry up!
Shamil doesn't like to wait.

Take it easy.

Yegore Aleksandrovich,
will he kill us?

If they wanted to kill us,
we'd have been long gone.

We'll kill you, do not worry.

-They'll surely exchange us.
-Shut up!

Get them over here!

- U spoke to me about this?
- Yes, Shamil.

A Captain, gold mine. We
caught him a month ago.

The soldier is a driver.
It's been a long time ago.

We'll deal with the Russians later.
We've to go or we'll not arrive in time.

The Russians killed Ahmed today.

Two for one of ours is too much.

Hey, Shamil!

Shamil, don't!
U promised me.

Shamil, do not kill him.

How am I going to
exchange my own? Please.

Officer's enough for U
to exchange. Take him.


North Caucasus, 2004.

"The bird" is on the Nissan !
- Shoot!

How can U miss it?
Did U do everything right?

Murade, one more!

Hurry up!


Why did not U make it?

U said U've an acquaintance who
knows all about these missiles.

Yes, Shamil. An ex-officer, a Captain.

I want to meet him.
Arrange an appointment.

Federal Security Bureau

"Needle" -- Airborne Transmission System.
(PPS - Pulse Per Second)

It cuts goals at altitude up to 4km.

The latest model the Army got recently.

We keep track of where
he finished each piece.

It's fr/ the warehouse in
Ingushetia, 5 sets were lost.

-R U sure Bazgaev is involved?
-I am.

We've reliable evidence that
it is used in the attack.

Now, he has PPS.

-But he dunno the activation codes.
-What if he knows?

Or if he managed to
break the security code?

The old man gathered the
Deparment for special purposes.

We work all over the Caucasus.

We have all the powers needed.

We R subordinate directly to the Central.

He wants U to turn on everthing.

It's about your old acquaintance.


No. Try to solve this w/o me.

-I thought I was leaving the Bureau.
-What do U mean leaving?

-Yegore, U R a very capable operative.
- I did it with that.

I'm tired.

I feel tired when Bazgaev
put a gun on the Private.

He was with me in captivity as well
one kid, Zenja. The idiot killed him.

The guy called me
& looked me in the eye.

U know how he's in captivity.
He was like a son.

Then they took us out. Chromium's
thinking - Which of us'll be dead.

I was upset.

U'll not believe me, but I
prayed to God to save me.

And he saved me.
Bazgaev killed Zenjko.

I do not know how to live after all,
and U call me back to work.

I can't look his mother in the eyes.

Think a bit more.

Yegore, we need U very much.

-Hi, Yegore Alexandrovich.
-Hi, Natalya Nikolaevna.

I really wondered who brought
flowers on Zenj's grave.

Come & eat something.


-Take this.
-What is that?

It's for Zenj.

But I already get everyone's
month after 150.

It's a supplement.
Now it belongs to U too.

-Should I sign somewhere?
-No, I already signed it.

U could have lunch with me.

Sorry, Natalya Nikolaevna,
I have to go.

I understand.



Have U got the guy
that killed Zeny ?

We did not.

We'll destroy him.

Here's "Sokol-16", over.

I'm online, over. We arrived
at the destination, over.

I understand!
I'm staying online.


-All right, let's go!

According to data from the Central,

in the last few days,
terrorists got a lot bigger

funds from abroad.

Same time, a large robberies
recorded across the Caucasus.

We've the info Bazgaev
stands behind all this.

That means they need money.

A lot of money, urgently.

Check your old contacts, informers,
relatives, acquaintances,

women rebels, ev/thg
that's available to you.

We intercepted 3 conversations.
It maybe Bazgaev.

Hardly for the Chromium uses
the same phone over & over.

They call once, mostly twice,
then change the phone.

Nevertheless, just in case,
Check it out.

Do not touch anything there!
What R U doing?

I'm sticking up a photo.

-Abu Salama.

-What do U mean?

He was Hatab's right hand. Rumors
that he's also involved w/ Bazgaev.

Does not our associate know that
it's a trash he's killed a year ago?

From "your".

Ravil ...

Do U remember Mamed?

He was arrested on charges
of money supply to the rebels.

After that, we let him go.
Make me talk a bit with him.

We have reliable info that it is
Ahmed Sotirov Bazga's connection.

-Where did U get this info?
-Fr/ Magum, our proverbial man.

Listen to me, rookie!

Before U say, suggest anything,
or let God not change sth,

first, count to hundred
and check the info well.

Otherwise U'll lose a lot of time
& strength. Is that clear? - Clear.

It's your job to listen & execute
orders! Is it clear? - Clear.

-The first time U R in the Caucasus?
-Another time.

I'll explain ev/thg to U, Timur.

There is the term "Blood feud".

Magum is a "bloodthirsty" Sotirov.
It's where he came from, understand?

Ev/thg is hate. He preempted the
cadres, he pre-warned the police ...

Now he filled your head,
U understand?

-I understand.

Good check Aleh.

He's a little chicken, but the first campaign
we've connected him with Bazgaev.

-They say he paid him well.
-I understand.

Remember, rookie. It's not like the
academy. No estimates R shared here.

-Inter alias...
-How's it going?

-Timur, what R U doing?
- I'm checking the info.

-What is this?


Japanese way to calm down.

Only devil'd know why
they were assigned this.

-Selam alekum!
-Alekum selam

Shamil ...

Who is this?

Hussein. The feds're at their home.
U told me to check.

He says he doesn't cooperate w/ them.

He says he does not cooperate?

U know, Murade ...
Faith must support the power.

Faith power. Punishment is the best thing.

So we'll have more loyal people.

Take him.

Get him out of here!

One of my acquaintances
got the missiles.

He said he had good
missiles in Georgia.

One old, Soviet.

No program "my other way".
They can obstruct any aircraft.

Shamil ...
We don't have the whole amount.

Money from our Arab friends
will come in two days.

Arrange it.

We need extra insurance.


Ilham, get ready for the trip.
We'll have money in two days.


I have one.

Dad, dad!

To warm the milk?

- Did U recognize me, Isa?
- Yes, Shamil.

Local authorities've discovered
with whom Bazgaev meets.

Probably among them is a man
who needs to deliver money.

This is especially interesting to us.

Sultan Ibrahim.

Several times we're interested in
him, but every time he escaped.

In short, monitor everything.

That includes local operatives,
listen to phones...

& pay special attention to Ibrahim.

-Ibrahim is back.

The guest waits for you, but U R
skiing s/where. That's not nice.

Why do U think it's a connection?
Maybe he just got a car on the repair.

We'll soon find out.
Here it is, it goes out.

-Looks like he brought something.
-Steak packet.

-What is that?

Alot of money.

Maybe he'll take us right to Bazgaev.
They should set up a "box".

We can't, it's too dangerous.
We've instructions not to do this.

Damn with instructions!

They'll escape, Ravil.

Hey you!
Get out of there!

Excuse me, just a moment.
I just need a minute.

Why did U stop there?
Get your car out.

What's going on there?

-I'll give him this ...
-What happened?

-I give up.
-You're already dead anyway.

Reject this.

-Let's try it.
-Come on.

-It's Ok, go.

We can't go thru the village anyway.
We'll follow the signal.

-He'll return.
-He drops off cash & returns.

He should be arrested.

-Yes, we got everything. Thanks.
-Put it there.

Guys, get to know
our dear guest.

Get him off the cuffs.

-We can continue it ourselves.
- If U need anything, we're here.

U've a greeting from Moscow, Omar.

From your brother.
Read, they'll be interested.

I know it's part of a big piece
he was transferring to Bazgaev

Finished in Moscow in the account
of a small construction company.

To our knowledge, U stole
150,000 cash U look after.

Correct us if we're wrong.

No need to explain to U what's
waiting, your family & your brother

...when your friends
find out U R a thief.

Listen to me carefully.

We R not desk clerks. We have
papers. If U want, U can get them.


To whom U bring the money?
I dunno. His name is Ilham.

They told me where to take it &
I took it. That's all I know.

U mean U handed money
to an unknown man?

But who it is, I dunno.
He seems to live in that village.

Or some of his cousins.

How to find the house where
U dropped off the money?

The fourth on the left.

The gate is old, blue.

That's Ganijeva's house.
Raisa Ganijeva.

- U know her?
- Yeah.

Her brother is Ilhan Ganyi,
one of the bodyguards of Bazgaev.

-Looks like we're lucky.
-What R U talking about?

For a long time we prepare to
recapture him, but it's not worth it.

She is an alcoholic.

Alcoholic in the area?

If she were not her brother,
she'd have been stoned long ago.

Drunk like a lion.


-Raisa, Raisa!
-Raisa, Raisa...

Where is your brother?
I need to know badly.

Raisa, Raisa, Raisa!

I already told you.
All in vain.

Ok ... let's just get some more
we plow the perimeter of the village.

We should not be hiding.

R U insane?
Ev/body's at least 3 Kalashnikovs here.

I think we'd better try it.
Catch a live bait.

It'd be better for the local people
to see us, so let them know.

The Feds came to his sister.

-He'll surely come to check.
-No, no, no...

No, Yegore. R not they killed
Serjoga Popova a year ago here?

And what should we do?
We have no other choice.

He's the closest Bazgow's
man we have.

Hide yourself a little if
U want. I'll be out in public.

My, wear it ...

Bet that they'll not shoot at us.

I got it.

I'd like to bet that it will
for Gani to show up today.

How do we get him?
We need help.

We'll figure it out.
They'll not escape us.

No one knows how many of them'll be.

-Everything is clear.

Attention, we noticed movement.
Attention, we noticed movement.

-U heard, guys.
-God protects U. Wait for the signal.

Take position.

-R U crazy, rookie?

-U could have entered their yard.
-Why did U call us?

There was nobody all night. Only
when the rebels appeared.

How many R there?

Maybe three, maybe four.
I did not see it very well.

U fell asleep?

Get this over here!
Let our guys go.

What about Ganni?

-Break it over with that.
-I'm Lieutenant, I have 2 kids.

Listen to ... a rookie w/ children.

Your task's to observe not sleeping.

Lieutenant ...

Where're you, w/ many children?

-Why do U ask?
-U stay here.

Why? - You're not going w/ us.
Take this. It's an order.

Cover the right side!


-It's clear.

-She's drunk like a fish.
-What's up? - Clear.

-Did U check the shed?
-We did.

Damn! How many were there?

And my rookie...

So Gany did not come.

-U ass hole!
-Don't shoot!

-Do not shoot!

Do not shoot!

Cover me!

-How R you?
-I'm all right.

-Help him!
-I got it!


Hands behind back!


I'll take the gasoline & burn him.

Get a lighter! -Hu?
Get a lighter? A lighter!

Here, shit!

I'll cut your tongue.

Stay put!

-Ravil Muradovich, it's against the rule.
-Yegore, what R U doing?


Stop, I order you!
Stop, Yegor!

-Where is Bazgaev?

-Where is Bazgaev?
-Stani, no!

-Bazgaev? -Kinchu Barzoj village.
-Lied! -His father is there.

Now U can take him.

Take him to the station. I'll call the
armed helicopter fr/ Igoumenia.

Tie him up.

Did U hear about stealing weapons
fr/ the arsenal in Ingushetia?

I did.

Did U participate?

I did.

-Who planned the target?
-I do not know.

-Who planned the target?
- One ... a Major.

From the internal control service.

Shamil's people R ev/where.
Both in the police & in the army.

U stink.

Is Chromy too much fun?
why the rockets did not fly?

It's nothing. Soon they'll buy others.

-Where'll they buy them?
-What the rockets look like?

-Ask him yourself.

I order the Commander of
operative-combat units

to launch a strike on the target.

According to the available
data, in that area...

is the HQ of Shamil Bazgaev.

We're ready for target strike.

Everything is chopped,
like a stitching tape.

Yes, like a tailor.

Ok, we'll check it later.

Just in case, ev/where our
people should be put up.

Unfortunately, ev/one who's here,
It's lying there.

The bodies're burned so we do
not know how many of them.

Listen, & what if
Chromium was not there?

He can come with
his father or anyone.

If it'll be easier, I can tell
U he certainly was there.

We shake the local population a bit.

Two people clearly confirmed
they saw Bazgaev w/ his escort,

moving towards the
village of Kinca Barzoj.

Isa, we've 30 seconds, speaks faster.

- How's the border?
- I'm here, I'm waiting.

They check my car.

Continue, U'll succeed.

- Look, Shamil ...
- Congrats, the daughter goes to school.

It'll remember that day well.

Everyone'll remember it well.

A group of armed men in two cars

Sneaked in girls high school.
The number 1 in the city of Beslan.

The terrorists lured everyone
to the yard & surrounded.

At least three people died.

All three were killed R civilians.

I do not understand who'd do it?


Something went wrong ...

A policeman's in the building.
One of the attackers was killed

Terrorists managed to badly hurt a cop.
Kids & parents're locked in the building.

According to various info,
it's between 250 & 400 people.

-Do U understand?
-Yes, I wrote.

I got it!

Timur, what R U doing?

Lieutenant Sapetov, stand up!


Nearly 350 people're killed,
most R children,

this beast's still at large
& we R powerless.

Comrade Colonel,
permission to speak.


On the eve of September 1,
a call caught by satellite.

The same one they were talking to
fr/ the house of Bazga's father.

-Who called?
-It's impossible to determine.

Specialists consider it to be called
from the territory of Ingushetia.

-It's also not possible to determine.

-Who called, whom they called
-Dunno. -Great info, Timur.

We only find out that it's called in
Dagestan; Mahachkala, Mendeleevskaya street.

There R private houses over there.

The local police has a list of all tenants.
We'll get them to check everything.

-Do we have footage? - We have.
-Get them.

Why didn't U say Timur?!

U said that I only communicate
with verified info.

This is Bazgaev's man.
I know him.

Madina, do not think.

No Viri.

-It's hot today.
-Yes, it's terribly hot.

Very hot.

Dad, dad, dad ...

Tell her she should not.

No Viri.

Easy girls.

-U look.
-I do not know.

Why R we standing there?
Let's go inside.

-What do U want?
-To talk to your friends.

Then U better go to jail.

I did not have much
left from life.

I'm not in that story long ago.
Now I have another life.

-But I'll not betray my friends.
-Who R your friends?

I'm not asking U for names.

What kind of people R they?

These R my brothers by faith.

Remember the exchange?

When U wanted to change me &
that young boy for his relatives.

Didn't the Chromium risk at that time?
The future of your family?

Do U know why? He owes
it to U & your family.

He'll do it for his own purposes to
stab a/one who finds him on the road.

Not only you, but your children.

Half of the children who died
in Beslan were Muslims.

Will your girls be there in school?

Just do not tell me about
your own brothers by faith.

Who R U with, Isa?

R U with them?

People R tired of war, Isa.

Our children should live in peace.

Your daughters'd live in peace.

No one needs to worry anymore.

-Selam alekum!
-Alekum Selam, Aslan!

-Ala bless this home.

-Selam alekum, Aslan!
-Alekum selam!

Shamil, R U crazy?

What do U intend to
do in that school?

We R no longer fighters for
independence of the people

just terrorists & bandits.

The Russians already think
about it for a long time, so what?

Now that's what the
whole world thinks.

Who'll want to work
w/ children killers?

Don't worry, ev/thg'll be fine.
One strike & that's it.

Listen, Shamil, U R already
deep in dirty blood.

Your cruelty'd have some limits.

What does it matter who
accuses me of cruelty?

Every war is dirty & sinful.

Aslan, only victory is important.

You're a former officer.
At least it should be clear to U.

I am a soldier,
but I kill no children.

And I am ready for the victory to
do ev/thg & I'll go to the end.

I already told U that
I'll solve this problem.

Aslan, there's no need to argue.

We both fight for the same thing.

U went too far, Shamil.
There's a line we'd not cross.

I've already crossed my own.

Listen, Shamil ...

Do U know how many
of your people...

went to Kadir's side after Beslan?

I don't want to have any
more business with you.

And R U going to
cross over to Kadir?

Shamil ...

We must stop this type of war.

Shamil, it's over.

-Did U buy rockets?
-It's only left to bring them fr/ Georgia.


Shamil, can U tell me
What R the rockets?

Have U ever been to Leningrad?

Or what is it called now?

I was there as a kid in school.

-Great museum.

U'll have another chance to visit it.

Soon, Leningrad'll host
an important meeting.

Summit of the President, the lord of
the world. Everything is ready.

Our people R barely
waiting for these missiles.

Do U plan to kill them all?

Do I look like a fool?

If I kill them all, who am
I going to negotiate with?

Who 'll help us?

Our goal is just one man.
The President of Russia.

Yes, Shamil ...the summit
is an ideal opportunity.

It'll not be difficult to
foresee arrival of his plane.

That's right, Murade.

It'll be a nice sight.

Russia has just begun to rise,

and we'll cut off her head.

Yegore Aleksandrovic ...

The info fr/ the Central just came
about some sort of Chloe.

Major ...

Nothing special.

He was in the Army for a long time ...

Military unit 57-104.

That sounds familiar.


Do U have a minute?
Excuse me guys.

At first glance, ev/thg
seemed normal to me.

He even got a medal for
impeccable service.

Look where he served.
With who?

Unit number ...

Do U have anything about
him except the Army?

Yes, Bazgaev & Chloev're together,
but it doesn't prove they're cooperating.

Bazgaev also studied in
Moscow half a year.

If we check with anyone who
knows him, it takes time.

We'll check him out.

I could bet he helped
Bazgaev to go in.

-Did U personally see it?
-No, Ravil, I did not see.

Remember what Gany said, they
helped a big beast around the warehouse.

-Ok, this is already a clue.
-Then, let's go.

R U crazy? Such an operation
must be well planned.

What's more, if it's a big fish,
Ev/thg needs to be cleared up & checked.

U R right. I've already
checked everything.

There, except his wife Chloe,
2 old people & one grandma.

Leave the village.

Let's go. I'm starting to roar.
He'll have to leave later on.

I can not. Today I change
the old one at Central.

U go. Take Timur with you.

The rookie!

We've arrived.

-Where R U going?
-I'm going to see guests.

-What do I do?
-Stay in the car.

-Where R U going? We've no warrant.
-What was the order?

To observe. Sit & watch.

Cover me if something happens.


I hear.

I'll call U later, U can't hear me.

-I'm listening.
-Hello, come here. I've sth for U.

-I'm waiting for you.
-Today? Can't be tomorrow?

No, come right now,
before I change my mind.

-What happened?
-Get in the car.

In short...

As soon as the owner
returns, call me right away.

I have to go to one place.
You'll get out at the bridge.

For the tiny thing, call me.
Don't do anything by yourself.

Wait for me.

Open your eyes well.

I don't know where Shamil is.

He always looks for me
when he needs.

He asks how I am.

When the cargo is loaded in Georgia,
my job is to transfer it across the border.

What kind of goods?

He did not tell me.

When has it used to happen?

I do not know.

R there people at the border?

I need to find a brave man myself.

There is no need.
We'll find it for you.

Hey, Isa !

Get up, get up ...
Come on, get up, get up ...

What is it?

I'm all right.

We'd take U to Moscow later.
There's a good doctor there.

Ok. I have my daughters.

U saw where they are yourself.

I do not even know how
I deserve such happiness.

I do not know.

Maybe because U R helping people.


U should not leave Timur alone.

It's neither human nor regulated.
U did not.

A 25-year old with two kids...

-I went only to Isa.
-Who is that Isa?

-Former bandit & bandit aide.
-Yes, but he is our last hope.

Did he confirm that he'll be
in Georgia driving PPS?

Bazgaev didn't tell him everything.

Or Isa did not tell U everything.

If it is real that Bazgaev bought
PPS in Georgia, it'll not go well.

Do U remember the papers we
found at home of Bazga's father?

-Think of those tapes?
-Yes, yes. Yes...

They R not any tapes.

It's a copy of the flight order
on line, Moskva to St-Peterburg.

We can only guess what Chromium
could do if the PPS really involved.

It'll be worse than in Beslan.

Listen, another way to get to
Bazgaeva does not exist.

As far as I'm concerned, General ...
After Beslan, many people've changed.

Isa'll drive a cargo for Bazgaev.

He'll meet on the Russian border a
Customs officer & that'll be me.

Does that Isa know what
risk he takes on yourself?

Aleksandre Nikolaevich,
he just wants this war to end.


I understand, Shamil, understand.

-Where's Ravil?
-There's somewhere.

-Is Ravil here?
-He's there, on lunch.

Comrade General, very well.

In short:Bazgaev called Isa.

In 3 days Isa needs to come from
Georgia, it's a very important shipment.

The content of the item
is unknown for now.

Kamaz truck - he'll drive.
Here's the picture.

He needs to bring fr/ Georgia to
Ingushetia to the village of Tarska

and they should wait
there, people of Bazgaev.

We could put the transmitter
to the truck at the border.

I don't like the whole operation.
What if your Isa really works for them?

I trust him.

We'd smash the Kamaz & give it to
him we get up in the air with Bazgaev.

This is only considered if Bazgaev
to drive that truck personally.

Listen, he is eagerly
waiting for the PPS.

He personally took part in
the attack to a military unit.

I'm convinced he'll be there too.

I hope so, I really hope so.

What d'U think about the Kamaz truck?
In motion?

No. Bazgaev thinks the truck'll go
the usual route, but Isa knows the shortcut.

This'll shorten the trip in 2-3 hours.

For now, eat something.


- R U worried?
- It's terribly hot.

How is it in 40 degrees
in the shade.

I only have half a bottle of water.

There is no air in the cabin.

-I'll get U some water.
-No, don't attract attention.

Let him go.

What's this shit?

Take the phone.

-Isa, listen to me carefully.

I can not talk long.

You'll join our man.
Do ev/thg he says to you.

What's going on there?

And I'd like to know
what's going on there.

Well, what R we going to do?

So, your Isa is w/ them.
He betrayed us.

Why did he hurry so much?

The transmitter was to be installed.

Looks like Bazgaev'd
no confidence in him.


Find cars to follow them.

They'll immediately notice
that we R following them.

Why, we can send a drone.

Drone'll be useless.

As soon as the wind is a
bit stronger, it is unusable.

Well, what R we going to do?

-I think it'd better to interrupt the ride.
-Do we give it to Bazgaev?

-And let's call the helicopters.
-U'll tell Isa to step out of the truck,

-They'll blow up the Kamaz truck.
-He's right. We've nth better.

Yes brother...
It's hot in here with you.

Those cars should not be
following them all the way.

-Is not it?
-I do not think so.

-Do not be risky.
-No need to take a risk.

And they know that I can
notice people from Kamaz.

-By the way, there R several MUP stations.
-Call them?

Where could they stop them?

Wherever they want.

What's out there?
Nothing, deserted.

Everywhere is deserted.
There is only a gas station.

Fill to up!

Give me water.

Two bottles.

Make it three.

Isa, pay him!

Don't drink the water.

-How much?

-Keep the change.
-Thanks bro.

-U want it?

I'm going to sweat even more.

Come back, we'll be on our own.

What is this?


Operation appears to be
in in the final phase.

How R you?

U Ok?
Take a rest.

What's wrong with him?

Careful, the truck is mined.
Repeat:The truck is mined.

What's up?
Everything is fine?

We R waiting for specialists.
We must not touch anything.

-What is it?
-It's safe. U can work.


Give me a hand.

One such toy could kill
30 people in Caspian.

-Where's the PPS?
-We checked everything.

Hold on.

Here they are.

We do not have time, Ravil.
We need to put our "stuffs".

-Shall we close it?
-Yes, if U close it almost.

Hold on.

Greetings from Timur.

R U afraid?

Call Kamaz Bazgaev,
to return to his daughters.

I agreed with them.

If something happens to me,

They'll take care of my daughters.

Please, check if they
fulfilled the promise.

-Of course.

I promise U'll come back.

Remember, we R with you.

With cameras & the mic we
set up. We see & hear U.

If U need something, we hear you.

Call Kamaz & return immediately.
There's a bunch of cameras on the truck.

We'll not blow it up until it's done
Keep a safe distance.

You'll give us a sign
like this and get away

The explosion'll be fierce.
U have one minute.



We'll not lift it in the air
until U give us a sign.

Until we meet again.

U slept well.

U've been boiling for three hours.

I'm tired and old.

Where R we?

We R approaching Maysk.

-What's the matter, Isa?
-Engine cracks.

We should do something.
What do we do, Isa?


He blocked the road.

What is it?
Isa, what should I do?

-Why R U not talking?
-I dunno! Never drive an apple!

Wait in two minutes.
The engine was boiling.

I dunno what happened. Let
me see. Sth with a engine.

Didn't U understand me?

Two minutes & then we move.
What's not clear to you?

Just two minutes.

No need to argue. It's a engine
Prokvao, we'll immediately go.

-Let's get him out of here.
-Don't U understand Russian?

The engine broke.

Two minutes. We'll bring him in line.

There R also children here.

-Comrade Gen, what can we do?
-He'd know what to do.

Call Isa.

-Get married to Bazgaev.

What a fool.

-What is it?
-It's over. He was crushing.

Call Shamil.

What is this? Where's the
missing picture fr/ the drone?

Stay in the truck.

-The picture fr/ the drone's lost.
-Camera from Kamaz?

The camera works, but
it does not really help us.

The mountain road looks
the same everywhere.

Here is your fucking technology.

What R U fooling around?
Send people to follow them.

-Why do U leave?
-Can I come home now?

Shamil wants to see you.
Get back in the wheel.

Where R we going?

Just a little, we'll arrive soon.

Our people R reporting

they tow the Kamaz, but not
towards Tatar as we expected.

-But where?
-We do not know.

They'd not be following them.
We could spot them.

Listen, what's the link to where they go?
We have cameras on the truck.

As soon as Chromium shows up,
We blow it up in the air.

What if Bazgaev orders to meet
s/w in the city, in front of the school?

Then U R gonna blow it up in the air?

Signal from the transmitter is back.

He still has God.

Ingushetia, Ekaževo village

It shows that they stopped
near the village of Ekaževo.

Too many movements.

Just let the Chromium appear.

-Selam alekum, Isa!
-Alekum selam!

U made it.

Thank you, well done.


Thank you.

-I knew I'd count on you.
-Thank you, Shamil.

-Selam alekum!
-Alekum selam!

Is that him?

Shamil, I'm very tired.

Now U can rest, Isa.
Thank you.

Isa, wait.

Help me.

Bashir, give me the instruments.

Isa, what's wrong with you?


-That's him. Press the button!
-Please wait.

He gave a signal.

-Press it!
-Let's wait.

-Press the fucking button!
-I promised Isa.

10 seconds!

Press it now.

Take a look.

It looks like his.
We'll send it to the expert.

It belonged to Bazgaev.
I'm sure.

Guys, wait.

Thank U guys.

Good job.

We're going back to the Central.
We've a lot more work to do.

I'm listening. -Smirnov Yegor Aleksandrovich?
-Yes. - Apocalypse.

I've already spoken to your wife,
now I'm speaking to U as a father too.

- Who R you?
- Your elder's senior officer.

Your Misha brought fish &
release them to the school pool.

then w/ the others, more problem
he jumped into the water to chase them.

& something else...

All participants in the operation
R rewarded with special orders

but their names never been published.

VNCH Ngoc Truong
24 December 2018