Reign of Fire (2002) - full transcript

It is twenty years in the future, and the planet has been devastated by vicious fire-breathing dragons. The last vestiges of humanity now struggle for survival at remote outposts. In a ruined castle in the English countryside, Quinn is desperately trying to hold together a band of frightened, restless survivors. As a boy, Quinn watched his mother die protecting him from one of the beasts, and is still haunted by the memory. One day, a group of American rogues shows up, led by a brash, tough-guy named Van Zan. He claims to have discovered a way to kill the dragons once and for all, and enlists Quinn's help. But doing so will force Quinn to confront his own frightening memories. This, and Quinn's responsibilities to those that are under his protection, results in a battle of wills between the two men. In the end, events cause them both to realize that they must work together to defeat the monsters--both without and within.

Hello, Quinn.

Good morning, Quinn.
How's it going, mate?

What's up, guys?

Working the late shift,
are you?

Ha! Someone's got to
clean up after you guys.

All right, Quinn.

Oi, oi, oi.
Come on, then.

You're not havin' one
yourself, then?

I'm trying to cut back.

You heard from the school,
then, didn't you?

Down you go.

Good night, lads.

- See you, Karen.
- Great work. Have a good weekend.

Oi, Karen,
here's the new recruit.

- Employment office is up top.
- Hi, Mum!

Quinn, how are you, mate?

Have you been smoking?

No, I told you... I only smoke
when I've been drinking.

What's wrong?


Quinn... what is it?

You've got something
you want to show me.

You know what it says.

Scholarship was worth...
£3,000 a year.

We don't have
that sort of money.

Maybe we could ask Dad to pay.




Got a problem at number 4.

Jess says he's hit
some sort of a void.

Oh, that bitch hasn't a clue
to what she's doing.

Hey... Quinn.

And what brings you
to the arsehole of the world?

You're passing through it.
What's that make you?



Why don't you go inside
and have a wee look?




- I know it's still...
- Well, I covered it.

What... Quinn!

Mum, there's something
in there.

There's something in the hole!

Damn it, Jess!

It's unsafe conditions!

Let's look at this void.

It's unsafe!

I'm just going to wash
your eyes out, okay?

Mum, we've got to go!

No, no.
We've got to do this fast.

Open your eyes.
Open them up. Open them.


Give me that.

Get in!

Mum, there was something
in there!

Come here!

Come on! Come on!






I've kept this for years,

because someday
it will be up to you.

I don't want you to be afraid.

I want you to understand.

Knowledge is the only weapon
we've got left.

In the beginning, it was
ignorance that destroyed us.

I saw the first, but soon
the world saw millions.

No one knew how they spawned
so fast.

They swarmed like locusts,

burning everything
in their path,

driven by one purpose...
to feed.

Even then, we couldn't believe
they were real.

Ancient man had made them
into myths,

but nature had made something
far more terrible.

Too late, our scientists
discovered their true identity...

a species which had burned
the dinosaurs to dust,

whose ash had brought on
ice ages,

who, in eons past, had scorched
the world clean of life,

Then starved, then slept,

waiting for the Earth
to replenish itself,

5... 4... 3...waiting
to start their cycle anew.

- 2... 1.
- Our weapons shot fire back at them,

yet for every one of them

a hundred took its place.

They seemed invulnerable.

We could only look on
as our leaders used

their greatest arsenal
to destroy them.

But in the end,
we only helped them,

till the world burned

and the few of us
that were left fled the cities,

found shelter where we could.

You have to understand our past

because you will decide
our future.

They're starving now,

and they're more dangerous
than ever.

But we have to go on.

We have to outlast them.

Only one species is getting
out of this alive.

Hey, Quinn!

Come and have a look at this!

It's a straight drop now
from the water tower.

You just pull the plug,

500 gallons per minute
hits the walls.

Don't care about the specs,

1,200 centigrade...
can it take it?

Yeah. Course it can.

Remember, I used to build
blast furnaces for a living.

I know all about fire.

Of course you do.
Sorry, mate.

Nice one.

Eddie's gone psycho.

- Jared?
- Yeah, Quinn?

Keep 'em at it.
No slacking!

You heard him.
No slacking.


I shall always walk.

Ye, though his brethren rose

like locusts
from the Earth, Quinn,

- no weapon could save me!
- Yeah.

- No fire could extinguish theirs!
- Yeah.

- They will prepare...
- Cheers, mate.

What's up, Quinn?

What are you doing, Eddie?

Me and a few others,
we're going harvesting, Quinn.

No, you're not.

It's not ready.
We spoke about this.

Half the stuff's not ripe. You
pick it now, it won't germinate.

That means no seeds. That means
nothing to plant next season.

There won't be a next season.
We'll be starved to death.

What is this?
We can do it, Eddie.

We decided, all of us,
you as well...

dig in, work together,
outlast them.

Kids can't eat hope, Quinn.
Edinburgh's gone.

We haven't heard from Pembury
or Norwich in two years!

We're on our own, Quinn.

Yeah, we know that. That's why we have to hang on.
Maybe we are all that's left.

Eight years I've listened
to you, and for what?

Two kids and a wife
buried on the road.

I'm not losing these, Quinn,

not when there's food
out there.

Sorry, Eddie.

You're not going anywhere.

- Give me the keys.
- You bloody take 'em from me.

It's a community, not a prison.

Eddie... you can argue
as much as you like.

It makes no difference.

The point is,
if you go out those gates,

then you jeopardize
this community...

you can stay out there,
because you're not coming back.

All right.

I'm keeping these.

Hey, Quinn.

You know, I'm your best friend,

and sometimes
even I don't like you.


"Join me,"
the black knight says,

"then we can end
this conflict forever."



"I'll never join you,"
the white knight says.

"You killed my father."




The black knight stares through
the holes in his shiny mask,

and he speaks words that burn
into our hero's heart forever.

"I... am your father."


Did you make that up,
Mr. Quinn?

Course I did.

All right, kids.
Time for bed.

- No! One more!
- No!

Tomorrow. No, no.
Prayers first.


- "The Lion King"!
- Yeah! - Yeah!

Prayers first!



What do we do when we wake?

Keep both eyes on the sky.

What do we do when we sleep?

Keep one eye on the sky.

What do we do when we see them?

Dig hard, dig deep,

run for shelter,

and never look back.

Well done.

Good night, guys.



Good night.

Why can't we stay up later?


Quinn's asleep.

I took the keys.
Let's go.

You keep quiet.

Hello, Liam.

Willem says it's dragon breath.

Don't you listen to him.
It's just the wind.


Oh, God.

Ajay, alarm.

Take cover, kids.
Come on, now.

There we go, then.

Okay, children!

Head up!
One at a time!

1... 2...

Single file.
Single file.

Let's move!


Move the kids.
Let's go. Come on.


- Yeah?
- You got a count?

Yeah. We're good.



In the field.


Go get Eddie.



I'm here!



- Devon!
- Michael!

- D... where's Michael?
- Michael?

Michael! Michael!

You okay?

- Where's Matt?
- He's dead.


Let's go! Move!



- Come on! Go!
- Come on, Michael!

Go! Move!

Keep going! Come on!


Dad... w-what'll we do?

We're trapped!

Come on!


- Move it!
- Hurry up!

Go! Come on!

Get in there!
Get in!

You okay?


Come on, Creedy.
Come on, Creedy!

- It's gonna blow up!
- Back up! Back up! Back up!

Oh, my God! Back up!

I'm going as fast as I can!

Back up! Back up! Back up!

Stop! Quinn, stop!

- Let me bloody go!
- No!

No, Quinn!

Devon's there!



He doesn't care about us.

He just wants the damn ash
off that field.

Creedy's one-and-only
black label,

aged two weeks
in a steel barrel.

Now, the secret's
swallowing fast.

That way it just burns your
stomach and not your throat.

Go on.

Sip it and weep.

Poor bastard.


Who? Eddie?

A father's not meant to bury
his kids.

It's supposed to be
the other way around.

Yeah, well,
he wouldn't have had to

if he'd just listened, would he?
- No.

No, Creedy.
Maybe he was right.

It's easy to square your shoulders and
bear it when you don't have kids.

Maybe there won't be
another harvest.

No. Not now,
with half the crop gone.

God knows how we're
going to get through.

You remember when we'd go out
and bring in 80%, 90% of it?

Not anymore.

Not in the last few years.

They're hungrier, too.


you're not giving up on me,
are you?


I just thought
if we could hang on,

somehow we'd make it through.

This is a national civil defense
alert for all who can hear this...

no choice but to authorize
the use of nuclear weapons...

The sole survivor was
a 1 2-year-old boy...

Roger that.

I'm going in.
Stay high on my...

Charge all weapons.

Hey, Barlow, I've got voices.

Ajay, what are you smoking?

I'm not messing
with you, Barlow.

Take a look.

A look at what?

She's not moving.

Forget the bird
and use the scope, you wanker.

Oh, dear.



I've got to go.

All right, lads,
this isn't a drill!

Move it along!

Get those out.
One to Creedy.

Another one to Jared!

Here's Creedy's.

All right, all right!
Come on, then! Come on!

Extra shells!

Come on!

We haven't got all day!


Years since we've seen them.

Well, look on the bright side.

At least we're not alone.


Only one thing worse
than a dragon...


Oh, what a dump.

Who's in charge?!

Well, that would be you, then.

Anything happens,
you know what to do.

Uh, no.
I have no idea.

Me neither.

That's a big tank.

You responsible for this place?

Who are you?

Name's Van Zan,
Kentucky Irregulars.

You're a long way from home,
Van Zan. You lost?

Rebuilt a National Guard C5A.

Flew it 8,000 miles on 2 engines
and tried to set it down

on the old strip
outside of Manchester.

Lost 1 22 men
and most of my fuel.

We need shelter and a place
to refit artillery.

We'll be out of your hair
by 1 800 hours tomorrow.

That's a good story, especially
the bit about the plane,

but there hasn't been anything
in the air for 20 years.

That's their territory.

It's my territory.
It's your territory.

They're just rentin' it.

Turn around, Van Zan.

Don't be a fool.

We can do this easy...

or we can do it real easy.

You try it.

You ever seen one of these?

Not many men have.

Got it off the first one
I killed.

The plane was better.

So now you're a dragon killer.

That's not even original.

It was in a wheat field

just south of Coffeyville,

It was late November.

It's a month of mist.

And we were caught in the open.

The sun was setting behind us.

There was nowhere to run.

Twice it came in on us,

and twice it missed
the heart of us.

And that's when I had
an epiphany.

You see, they have
great vision... in the day.

And they have
even better vision at night.

But in the failing light,
they can't focus.

Magic hour.


It's etched in American history

because the outlaw Dalton boys
were killed there.

Ordinary townsfolk rose up
and took 'em down.

Maybe you're the Dalton boys.

No, no...
we're the townsfolk.

You try anything...

I'll kill you.

Didn't get your name.


Well... I'm sure you've got

a perfectly good
explanation for this,

but I'm buggered
if I know what it is.

He's a dragon slayer.

A what?

He's a dragon slayer!

Oh, he's a dragon slayer.

Oh, good.

And I suppose that makes you
King Arthur, does it?

Christ Almighty, Quinn.

I mean,
even if you believe that,

and you'd have to be
an imbecile,

do you not think we'd be easy meat for these guys?
- You weren't there.

Look at this guy.
Look. Look.

I mean, he looks like... like a...
like a rogue Marine.

You remember those guys?
Oh, yeah, sure.

They blew up plenty of dragons
in their time,

but they also took
half the world...

You weren't there!
I saw his eyes, Creedy!

Move it! Move it!
Move it!

Great job.

We ran a 30-mile grid
in every direction... nothing.

Could be on the moon, Denton.

Quinn, this is Alexandra Jensen, U.S.

Oh. Captain Creedy.


How you doin'?

Denton Van Zan.

How are you?

Excuse me.

Who are they?



1 7 seconds...

once they jump from the chopper,
that's their life expectancy.

You never thought
of giving them parachutes?

They're not much help.
They're bulla men.


They were used by gladiators
to snare other men.

Not men, dragons.

So, you guys, uh,
jump out the chopper

and use a net to snare dragons?


I mean, sure, yeah.

I mean you would, wouldn't you?

Three watches,
eight hours each.

All the kids in the shelter.

Rifles on the keep and walls.

Excuse me.

Aren't you forgetting
who let them in?

Don't mean I trust 'em.

All right, guys.

I just brewed a fresh pot, if
that's what you're looking for.

A whetstone, actually.


Is that your son?

Got him from the pound.

Hmm. Is that where you
get all your children?

I found him in a village
near Bray.

3 years old,
sitting with his mum.

He kept trying to wake her up.

She had been dead for days.

We were making our way up here, a few of us...
me, Creedy, and Barlow.

No idea how
we were gonna survive.

Anyway, I grabbed him.

What else was I gonna do?

Leave him.

Most men would have...

especially back
in the early years.

Everybody's just running
for their lives.

Well, I didn't.

Regretted it ever since,
of course.

What are you doing here?

What do you want?

You want to know anything,
you ask Van Zan.

Goosh, you alive?!

Not even close, Denton.

Alex! Radios are down!

Cover the east ridge
and tell me what you see!

Men, get ready
to rock 'n' roll!

We got a dragon to kill!

- Goosh, set the triangulators!
- Roger that!

Tito, Mead, Piscatella,
bounce your butts!

Move out!

Alex, what do you see?

No sign of it.

Visibility is about 3 miles
on the deck.

Roger that.

Stay on the deck
till I get the verticals up.

Copy that, Van Zan.

Waiting for triangulator.
Safety first, guys.

Safety?! What part of this job
do you find safe?!

It's not you I'm worried about.
It's my chopper.

Oh. Cold.
Ha ha ha ha!

First vertical's up.

Vertical 1 up, Alex.

Copy that.

Second vertical is up.

Second vertical is up, Alex.

Now, once I have radar,
you go to 5, 000 feet.

Fly directly back
above my location.

Gideon, you and the boys bring
that bitch right down on my head,

and I'll take it from there.

Copy that, Van Zan.

Alvarez, you're the bait.

Jefferson, you and I
are the gunners.

We don't open our chutes

until you give us confirmation
that it's down, right?

Bogey on our tail, 200 yards!

- Go, go, go, go!
- Roger!

I'll try to lose it up
in the clouds.

Piscatella, do you read me?

- God damn it, Piscatella!
- Get your vertical up!

Come on, number 3!
Piscatella, that's you!

I'm almost there!

I'm almost at the top of the...

God damn it, Piscatella.
Come in.


Can you hear anything?

Van Zan's trying
to take it on, Quinn,

using some kind
of 3-d mapping device.

If they don't get
that third vertical up,

Alex is flying blind.

Hyah! Ha! Hyah!


Come on!

Van Zan, what's going on?

I'm at altitude.
We're blind up here.

Can you give me some time? I'm having
trouble with the third vertical.

Come on, number 3!
Piscatella, that's you!

Get your vertical up!

All right, Piscatella.

Third vertical's up.

Alex, we have visual.

Monitor's coming up.

Hold on!


It's right on us!
It's right on us!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Damn it!

Talk to me, Alex!

Angels are flying.

Alex, do you have a reading?!

Okay. Target...
1,500 feet.

Copy that. Alvarez, do
you have a visual?!


Damn it! It's right on top of me!

Shoot at what?!
I can't see a thing!

Nets away!

Great shot!

All right, Jefferson!

Roger that.

Alvarez, can you see it?

I think it's down.

Copy that.

Shit! Alex, both nets
just flew right by me.

Alvarez, can you confirm
that it is down?

Copy that!

Negative! It's on me!


Jefferson, I'm not getting
any contact with Alvarez.

Keep your eyes open.

Roger that.

- Jefferson, look out!
- Oh, my...

Gideon's down.


- Piscatella, do you read me?
- Van Zan.

Who is this?


Quinn, where's Piscatella?

- He's gone.
- Are you ready to ride?

'Cause you got about 30 seconds
till the bitch is on top of you.

You bring her to me.

You're the bait, Quinn,
1,600 pounds of horseflesh.

Ride her right down my throat.
Do you read me?

Ride the north road
to the quarry.

Bring her to me, Quinn.

I'm coming.

Hmm? Here we go.

Okay. Okay.

Come on!

Line up 20 yards
south by southwest!

Come on!

Come on!

1,200 yards.

Wind velocity... 1 0.2
north by northwest.

Come on! Come on!


Yeah, this is really
good stuff. Thanks.

¶¶ I don't a-care about that ¶¶

- ¶¶ Got a new fool ¶¶
- Hey, good day, Quinn, yeah?

- ¶¶ I'd like to laugh at ¶¶
- All right, Quinn.

¶¶ I have only one
burning desire ¶¶

Hats off to you, mate.


¶¶... stand, baby ¶¶

¶¶ Listen here, baby ¶¶

¶¶ And stop actin' so crazy ¶¶

¶¶ You say your mom ain't home ¶¶

¶¶ It ain't my concern ¶¶

¶¶ Just a-play with me ¶¶

¶¶ And you won't get burned ¶¶

¶¶ I have only one
itchin' desire ¶¶

¶¶ Let me stand next
to your fire ¶¶

¶¶ Let me stand, yeah ¶¶

¶¶ Let me stand, baby ¶¶

¶¶ Let me stand ¶¶

Envy the country
that has heroes, huh?!

I say pity the country
that needs 'em.

What are you celebrating?

One dragon down,
three men dead? Oh, yeah.

At that rate, we might just be getting
somewhere in about 320 years.

Is that what you want?

You want a little


These beasts live on ash.

They feed on death.

There's no middle ground...

not for them, not for us.

And sure as hell not for my
men who died out there today.

But you go ahead.

Have your little... soiree.

Personally, you disgust me.

We bury our dead at dawn.

What are you doing here, Quinn?

You're standing on ground
where I've buried hundreds.

This is my home.

I'm asking the questions.

What are you doing here?

I lead... you follow.

I kept these for you.

They sent them off proud, Alex.

Alex is the keeper
of the dead, Quinn.

She's our memory.

When this thing is over,

she's gonna build a wall
with those things.

And, unfortunately, it's
gonna be a very long wall.

I'm out of resources, Quinn.

I'm out of men.

Alex, tell him.

- Did you see the one we brought down, the big bull?
- Yeah.

Well, it wasn't.
It was a female.

There was at least one egg,
probably more.

We've hit over 200 of them,
and as far as we can tell,

they're all females.

How about you, Quinn?
You ever seen a male?

I don't know.

When I'm running for my life,

I don't stop
to look at the plumbing.

Well, we have.

Alex discovered it
about two years back.

She worked out how
the fire in the glands...

Two glands in the mouth secrete
separate chemicals, yep.

That's right.

Combine in exhalation...

Yeah. Well, the chemical
engineer is dead now.

That was his theory.

We figure they're like fish.

The females spawn the eggs.

One male passes over
and fertilizes thousands.

Did you hear what
she said, Quinn?

One male.

That's why we never see any
others, 'cause there's only one.

Now, we tracked the
epidemiology of these things,

and we found out
where they're from.

And that is why we're here.

We kill the male,
we kill the species.

We're going to London.

Good luck.
It's that way.

No, I need soldiers.

- Quinn, are you listening to me? I need men...
- Men from Pembury went to London.

And maybe she's right, because
they disturbed something.

90 of them died,

and then it backtracked them
to their fortress.

And you haven't seen destruction
like that, Van Zan...

not even in this world.

So we walk over dead men...

Not with my people, you won't!

I've got a castle full of them.

I'm trying to keep them alive.

You're just letting them
die slower.

I said no.

I made a mistake letting you
through those gates.

I saw something in your eyes. I
thought it was awe. I was wrong.

It's madness.
You're insane.

And I want you out
before you do more damage.

Look out the window.

Eden's not burning.
It's burnt.

Why don't you want to go?

What happened there?

My mother was working on a railway tunnel...
project engineer.

She died there, okay?

You've seen it, haven't you?



There's nothing magical
about 'em.

They're made up
of a collection of organs.

They have a mind, a heart,
and a liver.

You take out one of these,
you bring down the beast!

Is that it?
Four of you?


Eddie, what you doin'?

You got kids, man.

That's why I'm going,
Creedy. That's why.

The volunteer section of this campaign's now over.
It's time for the draft.

Tito, Mead...

get the six strongest men
they have and load 'em up.

- Right.
- Got it.

Dig your own holes.
Die in 'em.


I said no!

No, Quinn!


Huh! Huh!

- Get out of my way, Quinn.
- Ahhhhhhh!






Uh! Uh! Uh!



Ah! Uh!




Okay, okay.

Get him off!

I'll kill ya!
I'll kill ya!

I'll kill ya!
I'll kill ya!

- That's what we need.
- I'll kill ya!

He's gonna bring it back here!

All right.

All right, he's had enough.

Go, London!

Come on!
Move 'em out!

Come on!
Grab those guys!

You, you, you!

He would have killed you.

He doesn't feel things.

That's the only way
he can do what he does.

Here. Take this.


Hurts like hell,
but it kills anything.

Good luck, Quinn.

You too busy to say goodbye?

You're not my father.

You can't stop me, Quinn.

I can be an archangel.

Gideon says he'll teach me.

1 7 seconds.

Did he tell you
that's how long they live?

Not the good ones.
Gideon's an 8-year veteran.

At least
they're still killing them.

A couple of years, Jared. That's
all I'm asking for. Give me that.

After that, you'll be old
enough, and you can lead 'em.

That's what I want. Out of
everyone, you're the best.

It's a waste of time,
Quinn... all of it.

You're right.
I'm not your father.

I can't... Iock you in.
I can't make you stay.

And if you think you're man
enough to speak like that,

then I guess
you're man enough to go.

Goodbye, Jared.

You look after yourself.

That dragon smells like shit.

Are you gonna burn it?

I love it.

They hate the smell
of their dead.

It's the only thing
that scares 'em.

It might buy us
a couple of days.

Sorry, Quinn.

So am I.

This time I was thinking
I got rid of you for sure.

Van Zan, what are we doing?

Do you see a way through?

It's blocked for miles.

As far as the river, Denton.

Head back, Alex.

- Find me a way around.
- Copy.

Is this Pembury?

This looks like Pembury.

Do you want to turn back?

Nukes must have done this.

Nukes didn't do this.

Should we set
the triangulators?

No time.

Man the 50-cal,
lock and load,

cut the engines,
and take your positions.

You heard him!
Lock and load!

Let's move! Let's move!

I think it's playing with us.

It's not playing with us.

It's setting us up.




Easy. Easy.

Easy, girl.

Van Zan, it's Alex.
Can you read me?

Van Zan, can you hear me?

Van Zan, if you can hear me,
I'm coming back.

Can anybody hear me?

Van Zan!

Van Zan!

Van Zan!


what happened?

It was him.

Where are the soldiers?

One pass.

He flew over just once.

The castle.



Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

Get the hell out of there!
Take cover, everybody!

Get it moving!


Anybody upstairs?!



- Creedy!
- Quinn!

Have you got them all?

Creedy, help!

I'll get him!
You take her downstairs!

Hurry up! That big boy won't
stop until it's killed us all!

Katie... she won't move.

Come on, Katie.
Willem, get on my shoulder.

Katie, come on.
Let go of the wall.

Let go. Let go!

Take her! Take her!

Everybody, move to the back!

I've got all the kids.
Okay, keep pushing up.

Katie's blanket.

Where is everyone?!

Don't you go up there, Quinn!

There's 65 people up there,
Creedy. I'm going!

God damn it, Quinn.

Don't you dare leave!
It's too dangerous!

I'll clean it up.




Creedy! Ahh!



Creedy! ...Creedy! ...Creedy!

What do we do when we wake?

Keep both eyes on the sky.

What do we do...

What do we...

What do we do when we sleep?

Keep one eye on the sky.

What do we do when we see him?

Dig hard, dig deep,
run for shelter,

and never look back.


We're alive!

We're in here!




Back away!

You were right.

I salvaged what I could
from your armory.

We got one rifle,

two automatics, two crossbows,

and explosive heads.

You, me, and Alex...

down the coast in the chopper.

Stay tight to the cliffs.

The Thames will take us right
into the heart of London.

I know where he lives.

Magic hour...

you say that's when
they're the weakest.

We'll see.

You're going home.


Yeah, Quinn?

You keep them safe.

Well, this town's gone to hell.

They must have heard us coming.

What's stopping them?

It's not us.

Either way, we gotta
get in there.

Come on, guys. We're
outnumbered hundreds to 3.

I know this city
from the sky down,

and I know it
from the bottom up.

If we can get in quiet, I can
sneak us into some tunnels.

That should get us close.

Good Christ.

Did he see us?

They must be starving.
They're eating their own.

Oh, we're dead.

Look on the bright side.

Now we've got him
outnumbered 3 to 1.

Now... you ready?



You lead. We follow.

There's an underground

leads to the construction site!

Down here!


Four tunnels meet
at this shaft.

Leads up to a square. There
used to be buildings up there.

If they're still around,
could be good coverage.

Yeah, if it goes to the street,
that's what we take.

Alex, give me the sticks.

Quinn, these are
highly volatile heads.

You fire them
with your crossbow.

Now, when you...

He knows we're here.


How tall is that shaft?

1 50 feet.

All right.
Here's the plan...

when we get to street level, we gotta
bring that bull's ass to the ground,

and I'm gonna take care
of that.

Now, one shot's gonna kill him,
and it's gonna be with this.

He only exposes his chest
before he breathes fire.

Now, these are magnesium-tip
C-4 arrows,

and they only fly
about 50 feet.

So, when you fire, you gotta
be standing in the furnace.

So do not hesitate.
If you do, we die.

Ah, he's playing

More like cat and mouse.


Use it!

Oh, he's eating it up.

I can't see
a damn thing, Quinn.

What am I looking at?

This is an enclosed square.
It's about 1 00 meters across.

There's a building right
in the middle.

That chimney looks down
over the lot of it.

What do you think?

I don't know yet.


you scared?


It was your idea
to come to London.

Yeah, I thought
I'd be at 3,500 feet.

Yeah, I thought I'd have over
200 men with me right now.

Life's got a funny way of turning
out different, though, don't it?



See that railcar?

It'll give us a better view.


Drop your packs...
weapons only.

Okay, we're gonna
have a window...

1 0, maybe 1 2 seconds every time he
makes a turn, and we're gonna use it.

- How?
- We're gonna split up.

We stay together, take
a hit, and we're gone,

so we gotta use every angle.

Now, Quinn, you're gonna
take that west wall.

Don't lock and load till you get there.
You got it?

Okay. What about you?

I got the north.

Alex, I need you
to stay right here.

Now, when Quinn and I make a
move, it's gonna draw him off,

and I don't think the
son of a bitch can count.

Now, he's gonna make
another turn.

When he does, I'm
gonna tell you to go.

- You're gonna run like hell to that east wall.
Don't think about it... - It's water!

Keep it.
You're gonna need it.

We have paid a terrible price.

And now we got a chance
to make a difference.

We will.

Now, that's our first window.





The arrows.


In about 8 seconds,
we're gonna have a window!

Now, when I tell you to go,

you run like hell straight
to the base of this chimney!

Are you ready?!

Go! Go!


Run like the wind, baby!

Come on, big boy!

That's right.






I'm fine.

What are we gonna do?

I lost the explosives.

We're gonna find 'em.

Keep going!

Go around the other side!

I'll slow him down!

He's not moving.
He's waiting for us.

Quinn... by the truck...
the arrow.

By the wheel.



He always thought
you could do it.

And you did.

Come on.

Quinn! Quinn! Quinn!

We got a signal!

We got a signal.

Well, what's the problem?

They're speaking French.

Well, don't come to me.
I'm lousy at French.

They want to speak
to the person in charge.


Well, that would be you, then.

Just keep 'em talking.

Get us a good bottle
of wine or something.

Go on, now.

Thanks, Quinn.

Go on, all of you.

- All right. Cheers.
- Well done!

You think it'll last?

I don't know.

It's been, what, three months

since we saw the last one?

If they come, they'll
burn, we'll build.

Or maybe I'll just kill 'em.

And here I thought

optimism was against
your nature.

It's a recent development.

Well, here's to evolution.

¶¶ These embers burn down low ¶¶

¶¶ And with my face aglow ¶¶

¶¶ You are all I know ¶¶

¶¶ Set this place on fire ¶¶

¶¶ Let the flames rise higher ¶¶

¶¶ And as they reach
the ceiling ¶¶

¶¶ At your feet I'm kneeling ¶¶

¶¶ Drawing ever near ¶¶

¶¶ My cause revealed as clear ¶¶

¶¶ Yes, I burn for you here ¶¶

¶¶ Set this place on fire ¶¶

¶¶ Let the flames rise higher ¶¶

¶¶ And as they reach
the ceiling ¶¶

¶¶ At your feet I'm kneeling ¶¶

¶¶ With every trailing plume ¶¶

¶¶ Know it bears me home ¶¶

¶¶ Let it burn ¶¶

¶¶ Let it burn ¶¶ ¶¶

¶¶ Find me ¶¶

¶¶ I'm falling ¶¶

¶¶ And fooling myself
that it's flight ¶¶

¶¶ Imperfect ¶¶

¶¶ I plummet ¶¶

¶¶ And ponder ¶¶

¶¶ Pushed away on principle ¶¶

¶¶ Walk away and I stare ¶¶

¶¶ Would you stand me up
again? ¶¶

¶¶ Wonder if I've said
too much ¶¶

¶¶ And we'll never speak again ¶¶

¶¶ Forfeit ¶¶

¶¶ My future ¶¶

¶¶ For feelings
of few far betweens ¶¶

¶¶ Mindless ¶¶

¶¶ Of merciful ¶¶

¶¶ Measures ¶¶

¶¶ Making ends preempt
the means ¶¶

¶¶ And I searched your eyes
for an answer ¶¶

¶¶ And shuddered
at what I found there ¶¶

¶¶ As my skin shrunk away
from conclusion ¶¶

¶¶ That you lack
the strength to care ¶¶

¶¶ Walk away and I stare ¶¶

¶¶ Would you stand me up
again? ¶¶

¶¶ Wonder if I've said
too much ¶¶

¶¶ And we'll never speak
again ¶¶

¶¶ Never speak again ¶¶