Rehla ilal kamar (1959) - full transcript

While attempting to take unauthorized photos of a spaceship, a man accidently launches it, along with its Germanic inventor and a meteorologist. After several misadventures, they land on the moon. There they meet a moon man and his bevy of skimpily attired Space Babes. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Also Starring: Edmoun Toeima
Ibrahim Youness, Souad Thawrat

First Appearance: Ghihan, Nevine,
Kamilia, Dinar, Nihad

and for the first time, The Robot

Scenes were shot and developed at
Studio Misr

Production Manager: Anis Hamed

Take as many photos as you can,
Without anyone seeing you

- and I'll phone the newspaper
- Sure

"XX fragile"

Akhbar newspaper? The headline is

The last pans for the German
rocket arrived now

Reserve 2 columns for me

I’m coming to you now

- Were you able to do something?
- I took 3 photos

Great, Lets go

"Cairo Airport" "Al Akhbar"

Ismail Ismail

- Wake up
- Lets go

Head to the newspaper

"Al Akhbar"

"Akhbar El Youm"

"The rocket is ready for take off"

Read the news Read the news

"The rocket is ready for take off"

What's the deal with this rocket?

It seems they'll launch a German
rocket from the Helwan observatory

Roushdy, we must make use of
this experiment

Its the first time this happens

Don't worry

I promise that as soon as I arrive
to the experimenting area

I'll record for you all you want

The pressure, the temperature


anything you want

I don’t understand, How can you be
annoyed to be given such a task?

If I were in your place, I would
have been ecstatic

How can I be ecstatic Farid'?

I lost the chance for a scholarship

The scientist I work with...
is crazy

and every woman I get engaged to
breaks up with me because I’m busy

and here I am waiting for a group
of journalists coming to report

and they didn’t arrive till now

Don't upset yourself, Here they are

Fine, I’m grateful

I'll get going

- Goodbye
- Goodbye

Your permits please

Thank you

"The rocket experimental area,
No photography is permitted"

Go ahead

I'll introduce you now to
Mr. Sharvin. He invented the rocket

and he's the one who'll give you
the permit to take photos

- Permit
- Yes

Go in

- Go ahead
- Thank you

Save him, they'll kill the man...
Oh my God!

Who is this idiot?

Get out, out

- Get out
- Yes sir

Pardon us Mr. Sharvin, he's
the driver for Akhbar El Youm

He didn't understand its a trial

May I present myself, I'm Roushdy

the observatory representative

- A pleasure to meet you
- Its my pleasure sir

He's the photographer from Akhbar
El Youm, here to cover the event

Photos? Impossible, Not permitted

- Police, please
- Yes Mr. Sharvin

Tell this journalist...

not to leave here, or take a photo

not to speak on the phone

There's also a driver outside

You must catch him,
and not allow him to leave, ever

- Do you understand?
- I understand Mr. Sharvin

Thank you

Pardon us, but we have orders to
obey all Mr. Sharvin's orders

- You must be patient
- I have no problem With that

You’re so lucky man!

You'll take unlimited photos

Good willing, they'll make you the
editor-in-chief for the newspaper

Excuse me, please go ahead

Commanders office?

Sir, Mr. Sharvin suspects that a
driver Who was here is a spy

I searched for him but could not
find him, It seems he is a spy

Search for him everywhere

If he resists, shout him
at once

Yes sir

Come and get a permit to leave

Look Mr. Roushdy

I made all this

Now you'll see something you
never saw before

This registers the altitude

and this is for the pressure

and this for the temperature

This is for the radiation high up

Yes Mr. Sharvin

There's something very important...

I want every half second...

the observatory to note everything

Sure Mr. Sharvin

Because if I die...

it'll be a loss to all the people

People Will be very upset

Of course Mr. Sharvin, but God
Willing nothing bad will happen

Great, Ill be the biggest
photographer in the newspaper


Mr. Roushdy

Only one man is capable of
operating this Me


Mr. Roushdy

The secret for all this is here

Yes Mr. Sharvin, yes

Get up!

What's the matter Mr. Sharvin?

This is the brakes

If it goes down the rocket
Will zoom upwards

What if the 3 go down?

Mr. Roushdy

I made this rocket

but I don't know where I'll head to

Oh my God!

Order from the military police

The escaped could not be caught yet

Repeat search carefully


I'll repeat

Shout him if he tries to resist

the suspect is a spy

Oh my God!

Who's the idiot, who doesn't value
his life and spies in such a place?

I need to ask you another favour

Yes Mr. Sharvin

Whos downstairs?

You're doomed man,
They think you’re the spy

I closed the door

Now, I must kill the spy

Hold this Mr. Roushdy

- This?
- Yes


You spy

- Save me Mr. Roushdy
- He's not a spy Mr. Sharvin

He's the driver from the newspaper

- Driver from the newspaper?
- Yes, I swear

If he's a driver Why photograph my

- No, he's a spy
- Come on!

- Spy
- Mr. Sharvin

- I must kill him...
- I swear Mr. Sharvin...

he's the driver from the newspaper

- I...
- Calm down Mr. Sharvin, please...

Calm down Mr. Sharvin

- What's the matter?
- Don't you want me to go upstairs?

You are protecting a spy!

- I'll shout you then
- No No

- Throw this
- Here

- Stand there
- Fine

- Your back
- Fine

- Give me your back
- Fine

Don't move

The spy must die

Where is the spy

so that I kill him?

I'll kill the spy with a bullet

He must be here

- Spy
- Mr. Sharvin...

- Come out spy
- You will kill an innocent man

- 1
- You’ll kill an innocent man

3, come out

He's a poor soul

- No he's not
- Yes he is, he's about to die

He died, How Will he come out now?

There he is, see? There's no one

- There's the spy
- No, please!

- Don't walk backwards
- I'll explain to you sir

Mr. Roushdy, tell him to stop

Don't walk backwards Ismail

Don't move backwards

The rocket was launched

Notify the concerned parties now

Oh my, Oh

The observatory calls rocket XX

Oh my, Oh

The observatory calls rocket XX

Oh my!

Oh my, Oh my

The observatory calls rocket XX

This is rocket XX

This is rocket XX

Oh my, Roushdy?

What happened? Whos with you?

How are you coping?

Driver Ismail fell on the controls
and the rocket got launched

What's wrong? Are you ill?

Not really

but Mr. Sharvin is unconscious

Use the first aid kit

- Listen Ismail
- What?

Go downstairs, there's a first aid
kit. Get cotton and gauze please

What's this? Why is the
damned man lying like this for?

Did he commit suicide?

No, he's unconscious

Now we can photograph this rocket

Get up

I'll get up I'll get up

Mr. Sharvin

- Mr. Sharvin
- Oh my!

- Mr. Sharvin
- What's happening Roushdy?

What's the situation? Tell us

- The situation is...
- Mr. Sharvin is still unconscious

How is the driver doing?

He's doing great, damn him

Mr. Sharvin

But how did the fool
fall on the controls?

Was he drunk?

Did I have time to get drunk?

Hurry Ismail

I'm coming

Mr. Sharvin Mr. Sharvin

What took you so long?
Cant you see the blood?

Blood? Oh my God!

He has a lot of blood, but when you
see him you think he's not human

- Take this
- Take What? I want to leave...

Just give me the paper!

Don't help him become conscious
when he's conscious and sees me...

he says bad things about me

What Will I do?

Are you crazy? Do you know that we
have been flying for 15 minutes?

If he doesn’t become conscious, we
wont be able to return home

What? Oh my God!

I beg you get me out of here,
I have nothing to do with this

Didn’t he become
conscious Roushdy...

What now? You are now 9000 kilos
above the ground

9000 kilos?

What is the pressure? Tell me

The pressure,
Hold here... Hold here

The pressure The pressure


Oh, then he's about to die

What about the temperature?

The temperature

went down to 26

Its over, the man is going cold

Roushdy, What's the situation?

The situation is unclear

Tell him What the situation is

Mr. Sharvin has memory loss

What Will you do then?

Ask the doctors

The doctors

Mr. Sharvin Mr. Sharvin

He's conscious now

He opened his eyes, Were saved

- Roushdy
- Yes

- Roushdy
- What?

- Mr. Sharvin
- Yes Yes

The doctors say he needs a shock

What should I do to him?

Either make him very sad or very
happy, What's up with you Roushdy?

Ismail, take care of him till I
deal with the damn

Mr. Sharvin

A shock, Does that mean I should
hit you With a metal rod?

Should I tickle you?

He's not laughing

I know how to make you aware you
damned man

The observatory calls rocket XX

The observatory calls rocket XX

Yes Farid

How is it going Roushdy?

No change, he's the same

I tried to understand something
from the drawings for the rocket...

I didn't understand a thing

The only solution is that you
contact Germany

and find anyone Who understands
in this damned rocket

Good idea, well be right on it

Mr. Sharvin, I'm beside you...

Mr. Sharvin?

Don't you remember me?

I'm Ismail

Ismail the spy

Don't you remember me?

Didn't you invent this damned
rocket to ruin us

Damn you!

Here, drink this cognac

You don't want? I'll drink it

Rocket XX calls the observatory

- Rocket XX calls the observatory
- Yes Roushdy

Imagine Farid, I just saw on the

the dog Layka, in the satellite


May youth return?

How is Mr. Sharvin?

The same, no reactions

You’d be a great meal Layka!

Mr. Sharvin

Mr. Sharvin

Layka, Layka...
the one in the Russian Satellite


Fine, here, take this

Take this, take

Shame on you, Shameless man

Listen here

Its me or you in this rocket

Mr. Sharvin

Why are you doing like this?
Do you want me to shave your beard?

You make a man want to give up

Come on man, get scared, Shame

Don't you have any feelings?

I'll show you

Do you think I'll let you be?

I'll persist till you cooperate

- No, don’t be crazy!
- He's making me lose my mind

- I swear I'll empty the gun at him
- What are you doing!

- You're crazy, What's the matter?
- Leave me

I'll make you lose your mind, I

What? Are you crying?
Aren’t you a man?

I'm a man, No, I'm a woman

Listen, as long as we are alive
then there's hope

Fine, tell me What well do

"The moon is at the door"

"Should I call it in"

Be patient man


I want to pass time
Did you bring playing cards?

Where would I get it from?

Did you bring backgammon or domino?

Where from? Take your camera and
pass time taking photos

Yes, you're right

Come, you're What ruined me...
may you get ruined

Move, Ill take a photo of him

- Ill take a photo of him
- Mr. Sharvin

Mr. Sharvin
Wake up Come on wake up

Mr. Sharvin

- Help me mother!
- The spy, I'll kill him

No please, I don't have the energy

- Where's the gun?
- It fell Sit Mr. Sharvin

Sit Mr. Sharvin, Sit Sit

Rocket XX is calling...

We flew up, up, Mr. Sharvin

. Up?
- Yes, up

- Did you become deaf?
- Wonderful!


- Just talk to the observatory
- Observatory?

Hello, XX...
XX is calling, XX is calling

- Yes Roushdy
- Mr. Sharvin will speak

- Observatory
- Observatory!

Tell me What is our altitude

5 fifths away from the moon


Just turn this damn thing round,
we want to return to Egypt

- Yes, we want to return to Egypt
- I also want to descend to Egypt

- Then What's your problem...
- There's little fuel

- What fuel?
- Petrol

What Will we do then foreigner?
I want to go home

Well go first to the moon

Then we land and descend there

and there it'll be a good way
for us to die together

What? Die?

- Is he serious?
- Of course Ismail

Does anyone live on the moon?

Please Mister,
I don't want to die now

- You're mistaken
- Why?

- If you die now
- Yes

they'll say a champion died

- not a driver
- I don't care as long as I live

I want to go to my mother

You got me into this, Take...

I'm upset at you...

Damn you, damn the rocket and damn
the one Who stays with you

Do you think we want to die?

Observatory calls rocket XX

What Farid?

Change your direction immediately

The meteors got very close from you

They are very fast

They reappeared suddenly

Mr. Roushdy


Mr. Roushdy

- Turn this till the end
- Sure

Hold on tight

Mr. Roushdy

This is something we would have
never been able to see from earth

Are you happy Mr. Roushdy?

I'm happy Mr. Sharvin

Farewell Nageiah

I wanted...

to see you before I die

I know you'll shed a lot of tears
over me

But What can I do?

Mr. Roushdy

Ask the observatory for distance

- Leave this immediately
- Sure

Rocket XX calling

Rocket XX calling

Farid, Answer


No one is answering Mr. Sharvin

No one is answering?


The radio has been cut

The altitude is very high

Oh really, the radio is cut and
that makes you happy?

Yes, it makes me happy

- very good!
- Damn this

They’re so ignorant, shouldn’t you
learn how to drive first?

Dear Roushdy

I bid you farewell

Turn to the right




More Stop!

Mr. Roushdy

Did you see the moon?

Its incredible!

Gods creation is amazing!

I'm happy I saw the moon

The cabin no longer has air

Who could have opened the door?

Who could open the
door downstairs Mr. Sharvin?

The door doesn't open alone

The idiot must have done something

Where are you going Mr. Roushdy?

Did you lose your mind?

Down below there's no air

and you have no pressure suit

- Wait here a While
- Sure

Its fine, Its fine!

Mr. Roushdy

Now you can go downstairs



"Dear Roushdy"

"I bid you farewell"

"I feel sorry for leaving you alone
with the crazy man"

"but there was nothing else to do"

"I'm going back to Egypt"

"Do you need anything?"

"What moon? What the hell?"

"I miss Nageiah very much"

"Don't worry about me, I wore the
rubber suit and went down"

Went down where you idiot?

"Farewell Roushdy"

Where did this crazy guy go?

Mr. Sharvin

Mr. Sharvin

Mr. Sharvin

- Mr. Sharvin
- What?

- Ismail went out?
- Thats much better

Have mercy, he's crazy... He thinks
he can go down to earth alone

He's an idiot with no brains

What can I do to him?

Mr. Sharvin have mercy

- We must find a way to save him
- Do we have to?

For my sake Mr. Sharvin,
I beg you Mr. Sharvin

Fine, go wear a pressure suit

I'll turn the rocket

and get him back inside

I'm grateful Mr. Sharvin,
I'll go wear it


An idiot driver becomes a champion?

The first man to walk in the air

We must get him back

Mr. Roushdy

The idiot is 10 meters away

You must be quick, Hurry

or the planets will adhere to us

Adhere to the rocket

- Are you ready Mr. Roushdy?
- Ready Mr. Sharvin

- Is the oxygen working?
- Its working

I'll count to 10 then you open


Idiot, were waiting for an idiot



Who is it? Mr. Roushdy?

I swear I'll miss you Mr. Roushdy

Come on, be logical

No, I have nothing to do with this,
I want to go down to Egypt

You wont go down nor up

you'll stay hanging in the air

No, I have nothing
to do with this, I miss my Wife

I swear if you don't grab the rope,
I'll leave you and go

Mr. Roushdy

if you don't get in immediately...

I'll close the door and leave

Fine, threw it, or the crazy man
might carry out his threat


You have only 10 seconds

2 1

Come on, before the
man leaves us and goes

Do you know Ismail,
if you don't stop getting drunk...

I'll ruin you totally? Understand?

- I understand
- Mr. Roushdy

leave the idiot down and come up


He's talking about me

The moon is very close

Hurry or well hit the moon

Yes Mr. Sharvin

Mr. Roushdy

The rocket must do this

and go up

and then descend gradually...

till the moon

Mr. Roushdy

Hold this

Put it in your shoe...
your boot

because after a While...

not to fly because of pressure

Mr. Roushdy

If anything breaks
in my rocket...

we will all die together

Thank you Mr. Roushdy

Don't worry Mr. Sharvin,
God Willing nothing will happen


Listen carefully to What I'll say

Sober up

Hold onto anything beside you

There Will be a strong impact
when the rocket lands on the moon


Mr. Sharvin

Mr. Sharvin

Oh my God!

In the name of God!

Mr. Sharvin

Oh my God!

Just say What you want Mr. Roushdy



Very good!

Very good

We are the 1st to come to the moon

Mr. Roushdy

You must see the moon

Yes, but I'm worried that something
might have happened to Ismail

Did he die? It doesn't matter

Oh my God!

What are you doing?
Did we arrive?

We arrived, come with me

Where to?

See the damned thing we landed on

No, I want my mother

Mr. Roushdy

From 200 medias, people wanted to
go to the moon to see what's there

- Go to hell
- But its impossible

Mr. Roushdy

Only me and you can see the moon

Wear this

and the idiot too must wear one

The idiot wont wear one

- So that you die?
- Just wear it and get it over With

Fine, from now on...
What the hell is this?

Oh my!


Mr. Roushdy

Impossible, I cant


Mr. Sharvin

I never saw anything like this

Not a tree

not a drop of water

and no greenery

There's nothing but rocks


I ask for your mercy God!

Look Mr. Sharvin

Something that resembles a gear

Yes, it is a gear

I don't know from which metal

The one Who made this is a genius

Much smarter than me

What got this gear here?

I don't know

Someone else must have come here

Someone must have made it here

- Do you think someone lives here?
- I don't know

Follow me!

Mr. Roushdy

I don't see anything

No way can anyone be here


But what got this gear here
Mr. Sharvin?

Maybe it fell from a rocket

Who knows?

Have a look Mr. Roushdy...


What are you doing here Ismail?

Don't mess with anything
and ruin us

I'm putting in the metal piece

I'm getting you something With me
to warm you up

What? Where are you going?

Do you see something over there?

There's nothing

Look there too

I'm looking, there's nothing

Look well over there...

there might be something

I'm looking Mr. Sharvin

Look carefully, look

Look Mr. Roushdy

I am looking Mr. Sharvin

Look Mr. Roushdy

What's the matter Mr. Sharvin?
I am looking

I swear the crazy man is right

The metal makes one walk well
Without jumping

Mr. Roushdy

Mr. Roushdy

I brought you some cognac

Mr. Roushdy, Mr. Roushdy..

What's the matter With you?

Did you fight with him as well?

Here, take, don't bother yourself

This man fights with everyone

Never mind, Anyway...

you're younger and he's the old
man who's going senile


What a coincidence

Did you do this to them?

Mr. Roushdy

What happened?

I don't know Mr. Sharvin

Tell me please Mr. Roushdy,
Where are we now?

I told him I don't know

Yes, Does that mean that right now
you don't know Where...

- Idiot
- Why idiot?

- Shut up
- Come on


All is well brother, All is well

Lets go, Lets go

Lets go

Oh my God!

My head

Please Mister, don't you have an
aspirin or even a cup of tea?

Its over

What's over?

All the information in your brains
was copied here


The equipment you were now in...

makes you breathe anywhere...

and tolerate any pressure

And Who may you be sir?

I was the director of the atomic
laboratories When the war started

Does that mean you're retired now?

Who made all this?

I did

I built this hideout

because I expected the war to
breakout at any moment

So no one else lives here?

There is a small number I saved

There was no time

The war was everywhere in seconds

I hurried to save my only daughter
along with some other children

When did this war happen?

15 years ago

The poor soul I couldn’t save...

was my Wife

My condolences

Thank you

Were all destined to die

Radiation didn't kill the children?

No, they were raised here

Where are they then?

- Yes, Where are they?
- Shut up

No, it seems this man has a temper,
lets go

- Otto
- No need for Otto

Did you make this sir?

I made many like him

We used them for defense purposes
and household shores

Oh, then he must be your
butler sir

Something like that

Before anything, Id like
to tell you that this apparatus...

has one purpose, to distinguish
lies from the truth

Thats Why I'm warning you




Mr. Sharvin

Why did you come here?

Was it to search for uranium so as
to use it in atomic bombs?


What uranium are you talking about?

We just wanted to go for a ride and
get a breath of fresh air

- What is this?
- I warned you before not to lie


Please, I beg you

A simple punishment, you're stupid

Your brain resembles an animal

Animal? Will he insult me?

You're brain is limited

- its appalling
- What do you mean by appalling?

- What? Will he Stan being rude!
- Shut up

No, I wont shut up, What?

- Otto
- Otto?

Sir... Please Please

Tell him to get off
please please

Fine, stop Otto

Its over...
Otto, Autobus, Autograph

If you lie again, much more
will happen to you

I apologize

Please Mister, Please big guy

May God bless me for you

Do you have here...

a piece of bread, of cheese,
I'm in a very bad state

Yes, we have food here to last us
thousands of years

- Where is it?
- That way

Rejoice, well stay here for years

- Excuse me
- Move

Idiot, A huge idiot

What is this?

Is this the food for thousands of
years? What does he eat? Lupine?

The man truly invented something...

but its very tasty

Mr. Sharvin, over here we overcame
all the functions of life

We overcame sleep

We compressed food into tablets

Every pill is enough for a persons
lunch for a Whole month

By the way

Your friend shouldn't exceed this

When he takes the pill he must
drink some water With it

because it wont have an effect
unless he drinks water with it


What's wrong with you?

Look behind you, to be honest...

this house is haunted

What is this rubbish you're saying?

Yes its haunted

Who is haunting it?

- Did you eat from these?
- What?

Where is the food?

Did you eat from these?

These, I ate around 50, 60, 70
from them

- Fine, listen
- Yes

Don't eat any of them nor
drink a glass of water...

- till I ask the old man
- Oh Oh

- What? What?
- Look behind you

Help me sister!

Otto, Otto

Otto, What Otto?

- Otto
- Don't be scared StellaC

She never saw strangers before

Come girls, Don't be scared


- Luna
- Bless her, Bless her



- Marshia
- Hello

- Terra
- Nice to meet you


Now, please go rest

Mr. Sharvin

Please come, I want you

Move, may your hand hurt you

As I monitored your rocket
with this apparatus...

I noticed that it moved slowly

What kind of fuel do you use?

- The fuel Mr...
- Cosmo

Mr. Cosmo

Thank you

Its a pleasure to have you Misses

and please feel at home

Have a seat, Have a seat

The speed of my rocket is 15,000
kilos per hour

Still its very slow

What is this?

What did I eat? Salt?

Leave this water

- Leave it
- What? What's the matter!

He ate 30 of these pills

- What's happening?
- Help me Mr. Roushdy

- What? What's the matter?
- He ate 30 of these pills

- Thats the matter here
- Oh, don't worry, don't worry

- What's happening?
- Stella

Get the indigestion medicine

What indigestion? Why not give me
Stella and forget indigestion

- What did the idiot eat?
- Now is not the time Mr. Sharvin

He says I'm an idiot!

I might be an idiot but I ate

Thank you very much

Press on it, damn you

Thank God



You can see the whole earth

Mr. Cosmo

This is a telescope I never saw
one like it anywhere

What is your name dear?

- Luna
- What does Luna mean?

- It means moon
- A moon Within a moon? Beautiful!

- And What is your name dear?
- Astra

Astra, you make milk, I know you

- And you?
- Venus

Oh, venus, venus

- And you?
- Terra


- And you Madame?
- Marshia

Marshia! God bless you

- And you Madame?
- None of your business, Zanouba

Zanouba Oh, Zanouba Hello

- And you Madame?
- Sola

Sola Ia, Sola Ia!

Mr. Cosmo

I am looking at Egypt now


Come, let me show you the best
country in the world Egypt

- Please give me Mr. Sharvin
- Wonderful!

- With no wonderful please!
- Fantastic!

Please tell him honourable sir
that I want to see Egypt...

- You scientist, great scientist...
- 70 degrees!

- I beg you I want to see
- 71 degrees

What are you, mummified?

- Oh dear, Please Miss
- 72 degrees

I beg you Mr. Sharvin
I want to look at Egypt

Mister, Grandma, Auntie

Uncle I beg you, Oh scientist
I beg you genius...

- Idiot, Shut up
- Ooh!

Mr. Cosmo, Would you like
to take a look at our rocket?

- Mr. Cosmo...
- With pleasure, let's go

Mr. Cosmo...
Why not Mr. Rivoli, Rivoli

Beautiful, The Abbaseya district

- Show me
- Wait please

- Yes, here's helipolos
- I want to have a look

Yes, I'll show you

There is Sayeda Zeinab square

Here's the Taloun mosque

Where is 26 July street, year 1958?

And What else is there...
Where's my house? Where's my house?

Oh, here's our house My Wife My

Shame on you you impolite low woman

- Why? What happened?
- No cat, the mouth plays around

If only I could get to you, I would
break your neck, Oh you...

- Oh my head!
- What's the matter?

No, nothing

- What?
- What?

No, don't look Miss

If you see What I saw
you'll get upset

Oh you rude woman

Oh my God, Oh my God!

What's wrong with you Ismail?

Down below I found a man
kissing my Wife, my Wife

Fine, so What?
You're in heaven here stupid!

I'm telling you a man is kissing my
Wife and you say heaven?

Don't you have any feeling?

Don't you like any of these?

- Why?

I love the woman being kissed down

I personally think you're an idiot

Idiot, idiot, Why would you care?

Are you married?

Oh, you kissing my Wife!

Oh, I didn't offer you a cigarette

Would you like a cigarette?

Cigarette, cigarette

Yes, cigarette

Its good for the nerves

Do you want a puff?

- Puff?
- Yes, puff... Like this

Do you want a puff?

What's the matter Stella? Stella?

Stella, What's the matter? Stella!


Take this

- What's this?
- It leads to drunkenness

It leads to drunkenness?

What did you do?

Nothing, I gave you a kiss

- Kiss?
- Yes kiss, Like this

Do you kiss like this on earth?

And much more

- Did you kiss anyone before me?
- No, Never

I never kissed anyone before you


No, What I mean is...

I never kissed anyone like this

Like this how?

Like this


I'll tell you in all honesty

I kissed a lot of girls

but I like you the most

Did I say the truth?

See I was saying the truth

Tell me, Isn’t there anywhere
Where we could sit alone...

because I have a headache

- Upstairs
- Upstairs?

Is there no one upstairs?

- You Will only rest
- Only, I swear

Look, look, They're dancing for you

They're dancing for me?

No I don't want...
I don't want to stay here

Why are you standing alone?

Surely you're married

Are you married?

No, Great

Do you want a drink?


What? No, you might get drunk,
I have nothing to do With this

Fine, Don't cry, don't cry...

Take Give me your hand

Come, Hold this


You cant reach,
I'll help you drink, Drink

Can you imagine Stella, the people
on earth think...

that there isn’t any life here on
the moon?

Even though I found on the moon
What I was searching for for ages

What did you find?


I love you and I want to marry you

Marry me?

Yes, its something we have on
earth, when people love each other

they marry each other

What does marry mean?

It means they live together

sleep and wake up together

they eat together and they kiss

What else?

When we get married I'll tell you

What do you think Mr. Cosmo?

Great, great Mr. Sharvin

But still don't you think that this
invention is primitive?

Primitive? But this is the first
rocket to come to the moon

and it can also return to earth but
there's no fuel

Don't worry Mr. Sharvin

We made here fuel that can make
you fly for 1000 years

1000 years?

And it can carry 10 times its

Where is this fuel? This petrol?

On the other side of the moon...

which you cant see from earth

We used the cave as storage for
our atomic fuel during the war time

We must get it Mr. Cosmo, We must

- Do you insist?
- I strongly insist

But if you succeed and don't face

you must return here before 3 days

- When can we Stan?
- Immediately Mr. Sharvin

How about if we leave?

Give me your hand

Listen to me,
Listen to me...

Do you want a drink?



Mr. Cosmo

Can you tell me What is the future
for these girls if they stay here?

- Roushdy
- What darling?

What are your houses like?

Not all the houses are alike

Do you have a house?

I have a small flat suitable for me

If you see it, you'll like it a lot

- Do you want me to describe it?
- Yes


You enter from the big door...

- to find a piano on the right side
- Piano?

A piano is for music,
Then you go to the left...

In the kitchen there's an oven

Do you know how to cook?

What does cooking mean?

Do you think we eat pills like you?

- We eat casseroles and chicken...
- Mr. Roushdy


- I have great news for you
- What Mr. Sharvin?

After 3 days well return to earth

- Is that true?
- Yes its true

- Who told you?
- Mr. Cosmo

- Is that true Mr. Cosmo?
- Of course, for sure...

I'm grateful Mr. Cosmo, Thank God

Thank God Mr. Roushdy...

All of us here will return
together to earth

- All of us?
- All of us

- And Stella?
- And Stella

Otto I'm afraid to


What's this?

Oh my God!

Otto became undone!

Oh poor you Otto,
You were gone too soon darling

Oh dear me, Otto...

- Otto!
- Otto!

I beg you to wake up dear, What?

What's this? What did you do idiot?

- Idiot
- What idiot, you asshole?

Otto was the one Who was going to
protect you during the journey...

when you go to get the fuel

Why are you going to get fuel?

Because we all decided to go back

Fine, I can go get you the fuel

Ismail stop arguing,
How would you know the way?

I'll ask someone,
If you ask you don't get lost

- Shut up, don't utter a word
- I'll shut up

I'm forced to send With you my
daughter Stella to show you the way

No, you can send you daughter
Stella with us so wed drink her

- I told you to shut up
- Fine, fine...

Stella is your responsibility Mr.
Sharvin and you too Mr. Roushdy

- What about me?
- I told you to shut up

Fine, fine

I'll stay he to repair Otto

Goodbye, Goodbye

Follow me, follow me!

Take this please and repair
Ottos shoe

Good bye

"I'm always..."

Roushdy, Roushdy

Foreigner, Stella fell in the well

Idiot, There is no time

We must go to the cave, we must

Mr. Roushdy, take care of the girl
get her out of the well and hurry

Hurry, join us later, hurry

Hurry, hurry


Damn you foreigner!

Why did you invent this rocket?

Well get in trouble

- Mr. Ismail
- What?

Do you know the way to the cave?

Damn, How come you kept walking?

You kept saying hurry!

Idiot, Who is the idiot now?

Mr. Idiot we must go back and get
them so we can go to the cave

Move in front of me

Move in front of me

Go on, may you suffer

- What's happening?
- Shame on you foreigner

Don't disturb them, they’re kissing

Tell them to come out because...

I get embarrassed


Mr. Roushdy

Now is not the time for kissing

Lets go immediately to get the fuel

Fuel with some food


We must catch up with them

Here's the cave

- Here's the cave
- Fine, and what's this?

Don't be scared, Its dead

Where's the Marshal?

- We want atomic fuel
- Who are they?

They are people who came from earth

They need fuel to return

- Did they discover the atom there?
- Yes

What a pity, What a pity

Their destiny Will be like ours

I'm the General Who won the war

I wiped away my enemies, I
destroyed everything on the moon

I left no trace of life

and here are my heroic officers

Look at them

They're What's left from the battle

We insisted to Win and we won

We won the battle under my command

We won the battle We won

The fuel is in this cave

Take it all

but you must put into consideration

that the cave is fragmentized

Any sound or echo, it can collapse

Help me mother!

This idiot must wait here

- Inside there's danger
- Thats correct

- Shut up and sit...
- This is What you're good at

Listen you...

Ismail sir...

- Ismail
- Yes

Do you know What this is?

It looks as if its diamonds


This Will make you the richest man

- Do you want to buy?
- How can I afford it?

I'm broke, my wallet is on earth

Do you want to take all this

- and give me that?
- The jacket?

- Yes the jacket
- Fine, take it quickly...

before you change your mind

No, pay me first


Take it off

Go easy Mr. Sharvin or the cave
might collapse

Mr. Roushdy, Mr. Roushdy

Mr. Roushdy

See What the stupid man gave me?

What shush'? What's happening?

- Don't move
- Or the ceiling will fall on us

Yes, but the man...

What? Just break it!

Mr. Sharvin, I'll go get something
from the Marshal...

- so we break slowly
- Yes, thats vital, vital

Break like this Move away

Marshal, is there something we can
cut with Without making noise?

We have nothing left,
fend for yourselves

Move... Move

Surely the cave collapsed on them

Ismail, Mr. Sharvin

Ismail, Mr. Sharvin

Return, they already died

Save your own life


There's no use for sorrow

Its better that you take your
friend and leave

What's the matter Roushdy?

The cave collapsed on them

Did they die?

Well soon arrive Stella

Lets go

Mr. Roushdy

Mister Roushdy

I'll die

Mr. Sharvin, Mr. Sharvin

- What's the matter Mr. Ismail?
- I don't know!

The cave collapsed on us

Listen Help me mother!

Slowly, slowly Ismail

Help me mother, Help me mother!

What's wrong with your mother?

Lets get out, I beg you

lets search for Mr. Roushdy or
they might think were dead

and leave us and go

- Lets go
- Lets

Mr. Roushdy

Oh, come this way, Idiot

Idiot, come

Please, did you see Where the
people Who were with us went to?

They left half a day ago

- Great!
- Mr. Ismail

- What do you want?
- We must hurry

Lets hurry!



We must catch up With them Stella


Thank you, Thank you Mr. Ismail,
Thank you

I'm worried we wont arrive in time

I'm worried they think were dead

The rocket took off

The rocket is gone, gone...

- Oh my!
- Gone


I cant walk any longer

I'm an old man, I must die

You are still young

I'll wait here till I die

Go to the tunnel, you might survive


Are you that humane!

Fine, I swear I wont go anywhere
unless you come with me

even if I have to carry you

You're a big idiot...

- but a kind man
- I'm your younger brother

Dad, if you're upset... don't go to
earth, lets return

Stella, there was a scientist Who
could understand me

Why would I go to earth now?

Its Otto, He must see something

What's this!

They didn't die

I'm very happy,
I'll get them immediately


I'll go tell them downstairs

Astra, Luna, We found them

We found them, Come, We found them

- We found Sharvin and Ismail
- Ismail!

Yes and well return for them...

Mr. Sharvin

Why did the rocket rise that high?


They must have seen us

Thank God



My dear Otto, My darling Otto

Give me a kiss autobus

You want to get drunk again?
No dear, you might break your neck

Fine, I'll get you

No, No, You rest Mr. Sharvin

Otto is a specialist in everything

We are out of the moons gravity

Now you can use the radio
to contact earth

Rocket XX calls the observatory

Rocket XX calls the observatory


The observatory speaks to rocket XX

Were returning from the moon and
we have with us beautiful guests

Mr. Sharvin sends his regards and
says that the trip was a success

Well land in the same place

Tell them to send my regards to mum

The rocket speed is
15 kilos per second

turning at a sharp angle

It'll land any minute now

Notify the responsible departments

The people in the rocket have
not been identified yet

The rocket is going upwards

Hello, Hello

Hello Farid


- Stella, Farid
- Hello

Welcome back


- We missed you very much
- Where is Mr. Sharvin then?

Up of course doing calculations

What do you mean?

My calculation was wrong from the
Stan Mr. Cosmo

Yes Mr. Sharvin

Will you marry me?

Of course, immediately darling

The editor-in-chief sent this
contract for you to sign

Congratulations, you became a
writer in Akhbar El Youm

Thank you

Tell him I'll pass by tomorrow


The End