Real Steel (2011) - full transcript

In the near future when people become uninterested in boxing and similar sports, a new sport is created - Robot boxing wherein robots battle each other while being controlled by someone. Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who's trying to make it in the new sport, not only doesn't do well, he is very deeply in the red. When he learns that his ex, mother of his son Max, dies, he goes to figure out what to do with him. His ex's sister wants to take him in but Charlie has first say in the matter. Charlie asks her husband for money so he can buy a new Robot in exchange for turning Max over to them. He takes Max for the summer. And Max improves his control of his robot. But when the robot is destroyed, they go to a scrap yard to get parts. Max finds an old generation robot named Atom and restores him. Max wants Atom to fight but Charlie tells him he won't last a round. However, Atom wins. And it isn't long before Atom is getting major bouts. Max gets Charlie to teach Atom how to fight, and the father and son bond strenghtens.

Hang on, hang on.

Where are you, Charlie?
More importantly, where is my money?

- You're into me for 30 grand.
- Alright,Jack..Jack..Jack, I'm going to pay you.

This ain't Jack! Lt's Bill Panner.

You owe Jack money, too?
You pay me first!

Bill. We're good, buddy. I got your
money. It's right here in my hand.

Why don't we meet up on the?

- Your phone's going all screwy. Hello?
- I'm losing you.

I can't hear what you're say...

Hey, mister. Is that Ambush?

- Yeah.
- Can we see him?

- You want to see him?
- Yeah.

Give me a minute.

This... Ambush. Wakey, wakey.

- What robot is he fighting?
- Actually he's going to fight...

Whoa, little lady. What are you doing?

Can we get a picture with him?

Sure. For five dollars.

You want five dollars? Seriously?

No, I want five dollars immediately.

Come on, guys.

- All right, I'm kidding. Three bucks.
- Whatever.

- How about $2.50?
- You suck!

It's going to be one
of those towns, huh?

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to the 2020 San Leandro County Fair.

Please take your seats. We're almost
ready to get this thing started.

I was told my bot
was fighting an 800-pound steer.

That is not 800 pounds, knucklehead.

Charlie "the Can Do Kid" Kenton. Time
has not been good to you, my friend.

- Ricky, we got a big problem here.
- Slow down there, hoss.

Last time I saw you, you were staring
at the ceiling at the Sam Houston Center

with the taste of my right cross
all over your face.

- Are we good to go here?
- Yeah.

We agreed that my boxer would fight
an 800-pound steer for three grand.

- Am I right?
- Yes, sir. We did.

That bull is like 2,000 pounds.

I'll tell you something.

Your bot don't fight,
you don't get paid! How about that?

Get the hell out of here.

Why don't we make this more interesting.
My bot against your bull, straight up.

- How much?
- Twenty grand, winner takes all.

- Twenty grand. You got 20 grand?
- In a safe in my truck.

All right, Charlie.

Twenty grand it is,
but if you lose and you welch,

I'll come after you and beat you
to within an inch of your life.

You know that I can do that
because I already done done it!

In life you get too close, in the ring
you stand back like a girl. Just shake.

All right. Shake and pow! Just like that
once again. You want to dance again?

Cheer for this guy. Give him some luck.
He needs some luck, y'all.

Don't touch that bull.

Ladies and gentlemen, I got to ask,

do we have any fans
of robot boxing here today?

Now, listen, friends, I understand

we can't all afford to go
all the way over there to Dallas

and pay $300 for one of those
World Robot Boxing League fights.

So, I decided that I would bring
a robot boxing match

right here to our little fair
here in San Leandro.

How about that?

Ladies and gentlemen,
I introduce to you,


Let's do it!

All right, big fella.

He's a big fella, ain't he?

Take a turn.
Let them see how beautiful you are.

Show them some power.

Look at that.
He's getting all kung fu-y on us.

Yeah, big fella.

Ambush's opponent today,
he's last year's runner-up

in the baddest of the bulls competition,

ladies and gentlemen,

Black Thunder!

- Let's get it on!
- Let's get this thing started.

Is that all you got?

Yeah, brother. Bring it on.

Take him, take him.

Ambush lays the smackdown
on that prime beef.

I got more for you, big fella.
We're just getting started.

OK. Jump, now!

Ambush, decks Black Thunder,

but when you mess with the bull,
you're going to get the horns.

You like that. I can tell.
You like that.

Turn around!

Ricky! Ricky, stop this thing!

Come on. We're still in this thing.
Just hop. Hop.

That's it. Come on.

Ricky, enough! Enough!

I can't hear you over the sound
of your robot being destroyed.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Come on, get up.

Get up! Come on!


Come on, no. No, no, no!

Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it
for our warriors out here today

at the 2020 San Leandro County Fair.

Thank you for coming out,

and we'll see you next time,
because there will be one.

Give me that leg.

Sure. For five dollars.


All right! That was ridonculous fun,
now wasn't it, ladies and gentlemen?

I'm going to come by for my money,
Charlie boy. You best have it.

- Everybody say "hey!"
- Hey!

- Everybody say "ho!"
- Ho!

How about that?
How you doing there, little robot?

My keys, damn it.

One more step
and I'll drop you like your girlfriend.

Charlie, relax.

I'm not paying you. That was a bogus
fight. It cost me my last robot.

- Just listen to us.
- Do you recall Caroline Fallon?

She's my ex-girlfriend. I haven't seen
her in ten years. What does she want?

Nothing. She died.

Do you recall Max Kenton?

He's my son. He's got to be nine.

- Eleven.
- Eleven. OK.

Is he dead, too?

No, he's fine. That's why we're here.

This court is convened
to address the custodial status

of one Max Kenton, age 11.

Mother, Caroline Fallon, deceased.
Father, Charles Kenton.

Debra Fallon Barnes,
you're the boy's aunt.

Yes. As I've already told you,
my husband, Marvin, is wealthy,

and we can more than provide for Max.

I appreciate that, but per Texas
state law, without a written will

next of kin retains custody.

Charles Kenton,
who is aware of this custody hearing,

and we are expecting him...

I need a new robot now.

I had a big fight
for Ambush next Saturday.

I got to show up with something.

Noisy Boy is for sale?
In his day, Noisy Boy was a killer.

How much? That's a good deal.
What's wrong with him?

I can live with that.

I don't have it.

Charles Kenton waived all of his rights
to custody right after the boy was born.

I can more than provide for Max.

Please be Charles Kenton.

Charlie, yeah.

I'm here to sign some paper
that releases my rights

to the custody of my son.

That's why I'm here.
Do I need to be here?


Do you even remember me?

- Debra, Caroline's sister.
- Yeah, Debra. How are you?

Mr. Kenton. Please take a seat.

Your Honor, may I please go
and see my nephew now?

Yes, you may.

- How about you, Mr. Kenton?
- What?

You can spend some time
with him, if you'd like.

- With the kid?
- Yeah, the kid.

- Max. Your son?
- All right.

You've been working with those robots
for so long, you've become one.

Honey, you wait right here.
I'm going to be back.

You take all the time you need,

Your Honor, I'd like to,
at this juncture,

step out and call my attorney,
if that's all right.


Come on. Come on. There you are.

He'll be in a foster home.

No, they find good families.
Young. Energetic. Yeah.

Thanks, Michael. I will. OK.

- Marvin Barnes. I'm Debra's husband.
- Right, yeah.

Debra really wants to adopt Max.

- I'm up for it. But...
- Seventy-five grand.

$75,000? You're serious?

The thing is...

...we're supposed to go
to Italy this summer

with my oldest friend and his wife.

Two months in Tuscany and all over.

Just the four of you. Sounds nice.

We'll be back in New York
by the end of August.

In August. A hundred.

- $100,000?
- You heard me.

- You're crazy.
- Not nearly as crazy as your wife

if you tell her I just signed over
that kid to the state of Texas.

There's a real way everyone gets
what they want here.

So here's what you're going to do.

You're going to tell your wife
I'll only sign over custody to her

if I get to spend the summer
with the kid first.

Just tell her how guilty
she made me feel

for being such
a terrible absentee dad,

how I want to make good with junior,
a little fatherly bonding, whatnot.

She'll buy it, you get to be the hero
and everybody wins.

OK. But not a word about the money
to Debra, you understand?

I understand.

I'll give you 50 grand tonight
when we drop off Max

and the other 50
when we get back in August

and you deliver him to us in New York.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Your Honor,
I'm happy we all took the time

to make the best decision for everyone.

- Happy?
- Yeah, it's me.

I'm buying Noisy Boy. I got the money.

Take him to Tallet's Gym
and I'll meet you there.



Some guy is here
with the robot you're buying,

and it smells like disaster to me.

Nice to see you, too.

- Might I also say how cute you look.
- Give it up.

God, I need a shower.
You want to take a shower? Come on.

Let me make something clear.

A creepy dude with a robot in a box

has been sitting outside my gym
for two hours.

Putting aside the fact
that you're doing

what I'm guessing is
a black market deal on my doorstep,

how will you pay him
when Ambush just got destroyed?

The money is on its way.
Just distract him.

I have been. It's exhausting.

- You're the best.
- Yeah? Really?

Is that why you're buying a $45,000
robot when you owe me six grand in rent?

- Because I'm the best?
- Three.

Six. There is a guy with real money
who wants to buy this place.

Come on. Like you're really
going to sell your dad's gym.

If you don't make rent, I can't make
payments and I won't have a choice.

Your father would climb out of his grave
and kick your ass

- if you sold this place.
- My father would climb out of his grave

and kick your ass.


- Don't.
- Don't what?

Don't do that.

- Don't what?
- Don't do that thing.

- No, you like that thing.
- No.

- Yeah.
- No, I don't like that thing.

I used to. Once. Briefly.
Now I like money more.

- I don't believe you.
- I don't care.


Your money has arrived.


Fifty grand, as promised.

Here are all our numbers
and contact info over in Europe.

So that's everything there.

So Marvin tells me
you want this time with Max.

- Yeah.
- You did the right thing,

giving me custody.

Caroline would have wanted that.

Now, have him back in New York
on August 27th.

That's a deal.

OK, let's go get Max.
OK? Let's get Max.

It's OK. You want to go around
the other side here and I'll get Max?

Hey. Max. See you, pal.

Max, we'll see you
at the end of the summer, honey.

I'm Charlie.

It's been a long time.
You know, I'm your...

- You screwed me.
- Nice mouth.

Do you know where they're going?

- Italy?
- Yeah, Italy.

So how did I get stuck here with you?

Relax, kid. You got a whole life
of fine living ahead of you.


Dude's pissed. He's going to take off.

- Did Marvin give you that money?
- Here, just close the deal.

I'll be right there, OK?

- I'm Bailey.
- Max.

Max Kenton.

- So this is your...
- Yeah, it's him.

Don't worry about it, OK?

I'm looking at you two and...

Just go and put Noisy
in the shop, please? Thank you.

You're going to stay here with her
while I'm on the road.

- How much did he give you?
- You're coming at this the wrong way.

No, tell me. I want to know.

Fifty thousand, OK?

He gave me $50,000
to sign you over to her.

Will you shut up now?

You sold me?

Sounds worse than it is.

- Really.
- It's to take care of you.

Give me half the money
and you won't have to.

- Where are you going to go?
- Give me the money. I'll be fine.

I told your aunt I'll get you
to New York at the end of the summer.

Now you're concerned for Aunt Debra?

You sold me for 50 grand.
You owe me half!

I don't have it! I spent the money
on a robot. It's gone! OK? Gone!

I'm through here.

What do we got?

Noisy Boy has arrived.

That's a lot of airline stickers
and customs tags.

- He's been all over the world.
- London, Japan, Brazil, S?o Paulo...

Hasn't seen North American soil
in over two years.

Maybe that's why you got
such a good price, genius.

Decided to stay?

This is Bailey. She'll be looking
after you for a few weeks.

I need you to look after the kid
for a few weeks.

- I want half that money.
- Are we back to this again?

Is there a real robot boxer in there?

Noisy Boy's in there.
You ever heard of him?

Of course. He fought Rubicon
for the WRB belt in 2016.

Holy crap, he looks amazing.

His composite armor has been replaced.
Let's see if the insides look as good.

I've watched that fight
with Rubicon like 20 times.

He should have had him
in the third round,

but Rubicon got lucky
with a huge right and ended it.

Relax, kid, he's on our side.

- Not funny.
- Kind of funny.

You know he has voice recognition,

- No, he doesn't.
- He didn't in the League.

When Noisy fought in Brazil,
they must have put it in.

Brazilians are crazy
about that talk-to-your-robot crap.

Right, left, uppercut!

Doesn't work. Right, left, uppercut!

I knew that price was too good
to be true. We got screwed.

- Let me see if I can fix it.
- Look how good he looks, too.

Give me two seconds.
Let me look at something!

- Why didn't you ask to look at it?
- Relax!

Was that Japanese?

Let me see if I can reset him
to English.

How do you know Japanese?

Video games.

You play video games in Japanese?

Japanese bootlegs are always better.

Give me that.

He's reset to English,
and I found his command matrix.

They have pre-Ioaded
a bunch of combinations.

They should be listed here.

Top salvo!

What did I tell you?

Gravity One Downtown!

I was due for some good luck!

- You're welcome.
- Thank you.

Bailey, help me put him in the truck.
I am going to go and get your money.

- Give me the keys.
- I'm coming with you.

- No, you're not.
- Why not?

Because I don't want you with me, OK?

I'm either coming with you, or you're
fishing for your keys in the sewer.

Your choice.
What's it going to be, old man?

Oh, my God. That was close, wasn't it?

- Don't do that again.
- That's scaring you, isn't it?

Don't do this again?

Get in. Just get in.
Give me the keys first.

Wait till I get in the truck.
Thanks, Big Pops.

Sweet ride.

Put on your seatbelt and don't talk.

I'm taking all bets!

Keep up. Stay close.

Charlie Kenton is in the house!

- All right, all right.
- Come on, man!

- Is that Noisy Boy?
- The one and only.

That's Noisy Boy!

Noisy's been in Japan.
Softer bots over there.

- Sure you want to fight him tonight?
- What do you got?

He can take any bot in this place.
You know it.

You can have any undercard you want.

Five thousand guaranteed.

A thousand every round
your bot survives.

Fight till the death!

No. Give me the main event.

- Come on.
- This is Noisy Boy.

An original Tak Mashido bot.

He was a World Robot League boxer.
Come on!

You want to fight Midas?

Fifty thousand guaranteed,
winner takes all.

Fifty? Really, 50? Now you're talking.

Listen, listen. No, look.

- Listen!
- Give me a sec.

We should take an undercard fight,
make a little cash and get out of here!

First, there is no "we."

Second, he's going to crush Midas,
and I'm going to make real cash!

We'll take Midas!

Tonight, our main event

features the gold-blooded killer!

This pimped-out punk

is programmed for pain!

I give to you the mighty Midas!

Against a bot

who ran with the big boys in the WRB!

He's been on an exile tour overseas,
but now he's back home,

and he's ready to make some noise!

Take your first look in a long time

at Noisy Boy!

Crash Palace,

who's ready for some destruction?!

Let's make some money! Come on!

We have Midas against Noisy Boy.

Noisy Boy against Midas.

You've been waiting all night
for this matchup, Crash Palace!

Scimitar right!

Did you see that?

Easy money, easy money all night.
All night long!

Come on! It's not over yet. Let's go!

Skull salvo! Firefight!

- Yeah! Go, Noisy!
- Undercard, huh?


Get in there. Shogun Trinity!

Let's finish him. Gravity Slam, Uptown!

This son-of-a-bitch is crazy!

Full Metal Feud! Bring it!

Southpaw! Pain Revolution!

I got something for you.

Don't you run from me!
You can't run from me!

Get up!

That's illegal!

This is the underworld.
There are no rules!

Now we're seeing the Midas touch.

No. Hands up!

Get back in that corner, bitch,
and take this whooping like a man!

He's getting killed in there!

It's a headset! You talk into it
and you tell him what to do!

Panic Shield!

That's it. One-Two Overlord!

No, no. Shatter Punch!

- Five Recall!
- Get some!

Jab, jab!

Right roundhouse!

Did he just spit his juice
in Midas's face?

No, you did not spit in Midas's face!

It's party time now, Crash Palace!

Use your left!

Noisy's trying to do something
with his one arm!

But Midas pins him,
and Daddy goes to work!

No, no! Get up!

Get some!

Move! Get out of the corner!

Midas! Midas! Midas!

Somebody's ready
to serve up a decappuccino!

I got something for you! You ready?

Good night! That's a home run for Midas.

And so long to Noisy Boy.

That sucked. You hungry?

I saved what's left
of Noisy's voice recognition board.

Other than that, he's trash.
I got to get a new robot together.

I need to find a mainframe. What?

- I hate hamburgers.
- What kid hates burgers?

Fine. More for me. Here, drink this.

You never should have taken that fight.

Really? Really? Thanks, genius.

Do you even think about the stuff you do
before you do it?

You had no idea how to fight that fight.

Those combination codes, you didn't
know what half of them even meant.

You threw them in there cocky
and half-assed.

- You never gave him a chance.
- He wasn't that good.

Noisy Boy was a great robot.

Was. Was a great robot
back in the League, back in the day.

But look around you. This place is
where once great robots go to die.

So throw him away.

That's what you do, right?
Anything you don't need you throw away.


It's been a long night.

If you want to sleep indoors tonight,
shut up and get in the truck.

Don't look at me like that way.
Get in the truck!

They gave me 400 for his head.

You stay put.
I'm going to look for parts.

I'm coming with you.
That drink has my heart pounding.

If I sit in this truck by myself,
my head will explode.

Whatever. Just keep up.


Stay back.

All right, keep up.

These searchlights are automated,
but you got to time them right,

so stay close.

It's all right.

Come on, come on.

- We're going to get caught.
- Come on.

Easy, easy. Easy, easy.

Quick, quick. Down in here! Go, go, go!

Robots are on the east side.
We got to be quick in here.

Once we're through here,
there's no more searchlights. Quick! Go!

- Here it is.
- What are we looking for?

Anything I could use
to put a fighting bot together.

- Hey, look.
- What?

It's so small.

Yeah. That's before your time.

That's a Generation One,
the very first fighting bot.

They wanted them to look like us.
The more human, the better.

Crazy how quick everything changed.
Put that in the cart.

- What changed?
- A good question. Human boxing.

- It just faded.
- Why?

Because the money moved on.
People wanted more carnage, more show.

You had the whole Brazilian underground,
the Gracies, the Machados,

jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai,
and a thousand styles in between.

Full-on ground-and-pound.

- Look at this.
- What's that?

I don't know.

Not bad. Good spot.

You still had human fighters,
human bodies,

so you couldn't give the people
what they really wanted:

True, no-holds-barred violence.

The next logical step,

get the humans out of there
and let the machines kill each other.

Do you miss it?

- Boxing. Do you miss it?
- Careful.

What? I want to know.

Careful, you're on a cliff.

That's a long way down.
If you fell, you'd definitely...

Charlie, help me!


- Charlie!
- Max! Max!


- Try not to move!
- I'm on some sort of robot arm.

Wait! Just easy, easy.
Give me your hand. Nice and easy.

Very slowly. Good. Don't look down.
Look at me. Look at me.

That's it! I've got you!
You don't have to be scared. I got you!

- It's so far!
- It's OK. I got you.

Give me your other hand. Nice and slow.

Just give me your other hand very
slowly. Reach back. Come on. Reach!

Look at me.
We're going to do this together.

You and me. Just look at me. That's it.

One... two... three!

That's it. I got you!
I got you. I got you. I got you.

You're safe. You're safe.

All right, I got you.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Come here. Easy. Easy.

You all right?

- You all right?
- Yeah.

I told you it was dangerous.

Careful. We're still on the edge here.

Charlie, I think
there's a whole robot in there.

So what? Let's go. Come on.

I'm taking him with me.
He saved my life.

He did not save your life.
I saved your life. Let's go.

Just bring the cart to the edge.
I'll use the winch to get him out.

You want that piece of junk? You get
the cart yourself. I'm through here.

This is what's left of Noisy Boy?

That's it.

His head does make a nice addition
to the front of the Crash Palace.

- It's not funny.
- Let's get a robot, you and me.

Good idea. You're broke.
I'm almost there myself.

- You destroyed the best shot you had.
- We'll put one together.

You're brilliant at this.
There's good stuff here.

- There's nothing here.
- There is. Look.

All your junk is... it's junk.

You're not even in the game anymore.

- It's all garbage.
- I heard you. It's garbage.

Don't get loud with me.

- You're your problem.
- What's that supposed to mean?

I have been here for you a long time.

In the ring, out of the ring, and the
whole ugly spiral down, and I'm tired.

My father invested everything he had
in your fight career. We loved...

He loved you like family.
And this is his home.

I'm just trying not to let it die.
That's my plan.

What's yours?

You're done, right?

You're finally done?
Because I sure as hell am, Charlie.

I got nothing left.

All right.

Maybe there's something here.

This robot the kid brought in last
night. Would you look at it for me?


I've never seen anything like it before.
He's Generation Two, but barely.

I found a power cell that fits him, and
I hooked him up to this old G-2 remote.

You can move him around, but he's crap.

Maybe I can get a sparring gig for him,
make a few hundred bucks.


It's my robot!

It took me half the night
dragging him out of there. He's mine.

He's yours? Yeah. But the parts
we're putting in him are mine!

You idiots should see if he powers up
before you fight over him.

What happened to you?

Watch out. Stay back.

Looks like he's got a shadow function.
That's pretty rare.

He can mime your movements
and store them in memory.

- Is there anything here we could use?
- Not much.

There's a bucket...

There's a bucket
I use to wash the truck.

Use it and clean him up.
He smells like crap.

Wash yourself off, too,
while you're at it. You stink.

I switched him to remote.
It's pretty basic.

Just use the toggles here
to steer him and walk him.

- You play video games, right?
- Of course.

Same idea, only this one's
a thousand-pound robot.



His name is Atom.
Can we get him a fight?

I don't think he was
ever a boxing robot.

He's a G-2, built in early 2014.
He was a sparring bot.

They must have built robots
like this one

that could mirror the fighting style
of any other robot.

OK, so can we get him a fight?

Are you not listening?
He's a sparring bot.

Built to take a lot of hits, but never
dishing out any real punishment.

You could always sell him off for parts.

- Can't you get him a fight?
- "Why can't you get him a fight?"

God, you don't quit, do you?

You want me to put him in some
bottom-rung scrap-fest to the death?

I saw how scared you were
at Crash Palace.

The places that would let you fight this
robot would make you pee your pants.

Excellent. Get him a fight.

Stubborn kid.

Surprise, surprise.

Let's take a walk.

Can you understand me?

Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.

You've known Charlie a long time.

Too long.
We both kind of grew up in this gym.

My dad, he trained him.

That's them. That's Charlie.

- What was he like?
- As a boxer?

- As anything.
- He was something.

He was lean, tough.

No quit, no fear.

Come here. I want to show you something.

I have this newspaper article
from Phoenix 2007

when Charlie fought Nico Tandy,
the top contender.

You were at the Nico Tandy fight?

I was. Charlie was supposed to be
a warm-up fight, an easy win.

Nico wasn't even supposed
to break a sweat, but...

...nobody told Charlie that, so he
just kept coming and coming at him.

Check this out.

That's Charlie.

First, Nico couldn't believe
the balls on this nobody.

But Charlie kept coming,
and that's when Nico looked scared.

- Really?
- Really.

He was toying with Nico.

The top contender,
number two in the world,

and Charlie was dancing with him.

Charlie was floating
inches off the canvas that night.

He was like a ghost.
Nico couldn't even see him.

I could.

He was beautiful.

He was beautiful.

So what happened?
Did Charlie beat Nico Tandy?

No, Nico Tandy put me on my ass
in the 12th round. Twice.

Second time for good. Lights out.

You were ahead on the scorecards

- going into the 12th round.
- Nico Tandy rung my bell

and went on to be the undefeated
world champ for the next three years.

- He knocked you out?
- Yeah. So did a lot of guys.

You knocked a lot of guys out, too.

- 24 and 19. It's not exactly a career.
- But every fight a knockout.

- Yeah.
- Win or lose, fight's not over

- till someone's on the mat.
- Till someone's on the mat.

- Your old man taught me that.
- Damn straight he taught you that.

- Who else did you fight?
- Go get your stuff together.

I don't need to.
Did you fight for the title?

Yeah, you do. We leave in an hour. Go.

Wow. Here.

Keep it.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

I like that kid.

He likes you.

- What I said yesterday was...
- No, nothing more to say.

I'm heading off to Atlanta tonight

to see if I can get a partner
or raise money to get a new bot.

That's what you wanted, right? Me gone?

Yeah, that's what I wanted.



The champ is here. Zeus is here.


Zeus! No one has ever gone two rounds
with this monster. Two rounds!

The champ puts his Real Steel world
championship belt on the line tonight.

He just may have a real fight
on his hands.

Zeus, greatest robot boxer of all time.
Ever. End of story. Good night!

- So cool. It's so cool.
- What?

Come on.

Listen up. I got to go find Finn.

I want you to stay in this area.

Out of the way. Champ coming through.
Zeus coming through.

Move, move. Champ coming through.

Farra Lemkova, daughter behind
the father/daughter Zeus team.

They say your father's the money
and you are the mind behind Zeus.

You're very kind,

but I assure you, the mind behind Zeus
belongs to the great Tak Mashido.

What did it take to lure
the reclusive genius, former boy wonder

and arguably the most important
bot designer in the history of the sport

out of retirement?

Why don't you ask him yourself?

Is this Tak Mashido's greatest creation?

Zeus is autonomous
and constantly evolving during a fight.

With his adaptive operating system,

he recognizes patterns and rewrites
his fight code instantaneously.

For myself and Joe Sixpack out there,
are you saying that Zeus?

I'm saying that no matter
what happens in that ring...

...the result of any fight is inevitable.

What Zeus sees...

...he kills.


I'm never going into business with you.

I just need a break here.

You got that old bot truck out there.
You always got something in there.

I got an old sparring bot,
ain't worth the paint left on it.

What am I supposed to do with that?

The Zoo. Take him to the Zoo.
They fight there tomorrow.

Even I wouldn't be caught dead
at the Zoo.

I just need a little loan.


- You're serious, Charlie?
- A loan.

Couple hundred. Few hundred.
Whatever you got.

You know I'm good for it.

I know you, and as much
as I like you, dude...'re a bad bet, brother.

Right, yeah.

Did you see that?
That's what's left of Axelrod.

Where you been? I told you to stay put.

You should have seen him.
Zeus was, like, amazing!

- Amazing, huh?
- Unbelievable, yeah.

He was just peppering Axelrod with
punches, but so fast. It was incredible.

Axelrod didn't even land a punch.
He didn't even survive the first round.

Is that what you think boxing is?

Zeus beating up some piece of steel
that they feed him?

Axelrod's not just some piece of steel.
And that is what boxing is now.

Deal with it.
And I love it, and I'm in it now.

You're in it now, are you?
You and your G-2 sparring bot?

He's more than that.
If you'd get us a fight, you'd see.

You're in luck, kid.
There's a lovely place called the Zoo.

Tomorrow afternoon,
you'll get your fight.

- Great.
- And it will be the end.

I told you I hate hamburgers!

It's a burrito!

Right uppercut.

Left uppercut.

Bend your knees.
Rise up with both hands.

Again. Bend your knees.
Rise up with both hands.

You been up all night?

Yeah. I cleaned him up.

I'm using shadow mode to program some
fight moves and sync them to the remote.

Yeah. I saw that double-up punch
you were showing him.

That's lethal stuff.

Let's do this.

Let's do breakfast first.

You know you're bringing him
home in pieces, right?

We'll see.

- Let me deal with this.
- Charlie Kenton. This is Max.

Kingpin. Call me Kingpin.

- All right, Kingpin, so...
- How much a round?

We on a field trip?

All right. He can fight my robot Metro.

I'll give you a hundred bucks
for one two-minute round.

- Take it.
- Three hundred.

One hundred. Baby boy, I'm going to
give you $100 just to get in with Metro.

How about 500 for two rounds?

Two rounds. Son, he ain't
going to survive one round.

- What if he does?
- He ain't.

Let's just say he does.

If he's still standing after one round...

...I'll give you a thousand bucks.

Shut it!

But if he dies in there,
which he will, junior...

...I get to keep what's left.

Take the hundred.


We're on. We on!

Let's go!

- You should have taken the hundred.
- I got us a thousand.

Yeah, if he wins.

You want me to drive?

He's my bot. I got this!

This ain't a video game.
This is for real. Right here.

You said he's coming home in pieces.
What difference does it make?

All right.

I got this.

Let's get it on! Let's get it on!

Let's get it on like
Ping-Pong in Hong Kong!

Give me a bell! Give me a bell!

Don't watch Atom. Watch your opponent.

Watch out for that foot.
He's looking to pin you.

I told you to watch for that foot plant.
Come on.

Here comes the sledgehammer.

Did you see that?

- Come on! Get him!
- Don't yell at him, control him.

Slip right. Back step.


- You're welcome.
- Shut up! You're not helping!

Actually, I think I am.

Backhand. You got speed on this guy.
Just keep moving. Bob.

Slip out of that corner.
Keep moving! Bob and weave!

That's it! Now you're listening to me.

He can take a hit. I'll give you this.
Your bot can take a hit.

You better slip that headlock.
This ain't gonna end well for you.

I'm trying!

Thirty seconds!

Thirty... Half a minute.

Half a minute! Keep moving! Just move!

You've got 20 seconds!

That's a thousand bucks.
Twenty seconds. Let me take over!

Move, then. Move!

Come on.

Get up, Atom. Get up, Atom.

Count with me! Count with me! One!

- Get up!
- You know you're talking to a machine?

Four! Five! Six!

Get up, Atom!

All the way up! All the way up!

Yes! Yes!

I'm going to fix it!

I'm going to fix it! Come on, now.

- This thousand bucks...
- Yeah, thousand.

...double or nothing
he can't make another round.

- Yeah, thanks anyway.
- Deal. Double or nothing.

Baby boy said it! We're back on! We on!

Are you crazy?
You threw away a thousand bucks!

He can barely stand up in there.

Look. I really need the money.

I know. Let's work.


- Watch that. Watch that.
- I got that.

- I got it.
- That's a system failure!

- I don't got it.
- He's going down.

- Yes!
- No!

Start the count!

Start the count!

One! Two! Three!

Four! Five! Six! Seven!

Eight! Nine!


You did it! We did it! Wow!

Time to go. Come on. Grab your robot.

I know, I know! I know! I know!

Kingpin, pay up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know, I know, I know.

- We owned!
- Let's go. Come on, come on.

- Yeah?
- Have I got a fight for you.

Saturday night. Guaranteed four grand.
Seven if he wins.

Four grand? You're on. Let's go!

Bailey, it's me. He won.

Can you believe that?
The kid's robot actually won.

I know.

Happy? Oh, my God. Yeah.

He's been bit. He's been bit real bad.


I just wanted you to know.

Jab, jab, hook.

Jab, jab, hook.

I think you have to move your feet.

Your feet. Feet.

Nice moves, kid.

How long you been out here?

Check it out.

I just spent the night
doing something I think is amazing.

Incredibly amazing.
If it works, you know?

- You know his remote was spotty?
- Yeah.

I killed it. Got rid of it.
We don't need it anymore.

How did you?

I had to start over.

But I was able to use
the spin frame from Ambush

and take the circuitry sleeve
out of Noisy Boy,

and it works.

He knows nothing, but it works.
It really, really works.

What works?

I got to turn it on.

Left jab, right uppercut!


You put Noisy's voice recognition
into Atom?

- Pretty smart, kid.
- Smart?

It could be genius!

It could be the most incredible thing
in the history of the entire world!

Easy there, chief.
Did you drink all these sodas?

I might have had a few.
I need you to teach him to box.

Are you kidding me? He's not advanced
enough to handle Noisy's voice command.

So he needs your moves. Your commands.

- Start over from the ground up.
- Forget it.

You were a boxer.

Yesterday at the Zoo, you could see
things happen before they even happened.

I haven't boxed in a long time.
I'm not starting now.

- Who's going to teach him to fight?
- You're doing fine.

You don't need me. Sorry.

That was really cool,
though, that dance.

You should do that on Saturday night.

- Don't make fun of me.
- I'm serious.

Before the fight, when you guys
take the ring, you should do it.

There's no way I'm dancing with a robot
in front of a boxing crowd.

Are you kidding me? This is just a show.

People want to see something
they've never seen.

Look. You think of all the greats.

Think Ali, Sugar Ray,
Prince Rakim, Gammer,

they all had their nicknames.

They had their personas.
They all had flair.

Now you? You might not have much robot,
but with that dance, you got flair.

Plus, you're a kid.
People love that kid thing.

- What are you? Like nine? Ten?
- I'm 11.

Are you sure you're 11?

Yes. I'm sure I'm 11.

Anyway, the point
is people want to see that.

You're really not messing with me?

I am not messing with you.
They're going to love it.

- Cool.
- But...

- What?
- I won't do it unless you help me.

I can't dance. You're on your own there.

No. Boxing.

- Oh, I see.
- I program the robot.

- You teach him to box.
- And you dance.

And you dance.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?



It's going to be cool.


You're going to be punching guys bigger.
You're going to have to punch up.

That's it.


You, too, old man?

Come on. Let's get to work.

Nice! Let's do that again.

Nice. Three-punch combo.


Again. Again.

Faster. Faster. Nice.

You're not even out of breath.
I like it.

Let's see how you move.

That's good.

Step around! Left hook! Left hook!

That's it. Every time.

Upper cut!

Great fight, fellas.

105.5, WRUT,
the satellite home of robot boxing.

Caller two, what do you got for me?

Have you heard about this little bot
out there, his name is Atom?

Oh, yeah.

My buddies and I saw him
the other night, and he dances.

- Did you say "dances"?
- You heard me.

He dances pre-fight
with this little kid,

and the crowd went nuts for these two.

You put the gimmick aside
for a second,

and I'm holding here a list
of the bots he's beaten.

Chaos. Wall Street. One-Eyed Jack.
No slouches on that list, right?

Atom's fought them all, beat them all.

This bot is fast! He escapes shots
from these bigger bots, it's insane!

No doubt. I'm telling you, listeners,
remember this name:

Atom. That's right, A-T-O-M.
This bot is one to watch.

- Awesome fight, sir.
- Thanks, thanks.

Great fight.

- You guys put on a good show.
- Thanks.

We'd like to invite you
to fight on our card,

Virgin America Spectrum Detroit,
Friday night.

Right. That's a WRB...
That's a League fight.

Damn right it is. What do you say,
fellas? You ready for the show?

Heck, yeah.

It's the undercard,
but it's still a League fight.

I just want you to be relaxed.
I want you to be relaxed.

No freaking out.
Don't get all freaky-deaky on me.

You go freaky-deaky,
this whole thing can go south.

Whatever you do, have fun, have fun.
You got to have fun, you understand me?

We've come too far to get out there
and freak out and blow this whole thing.

We're going to have fun,
and we're going to not freak out!

We're going to stay loose,
and we're just going to bam him.

I've spent my whole life waiting
to get here. We're going to...

I tell you what. Trust me when
I say no freaking out. You got it?

- I got it.
- Good.

You have been invited to Lemkova Suite.
Follow me, please.

What was that? One more time.

Lemkova Suite. Zeus Suite.

Sure. Yeah. Let's head up
to the champ's suite. Sure.


- Gentlemen, I'm Farra Lemkova.
- Yeah. I'm Charlie Kenton, and...

And this, of course, is Tak Mashido.

Holy shit. It's Tak Mashido.

I know you have a very important fight
tonight, so I'll get right to it.

It's a little far from the action for
my liking. It's nice. I like it, though.

Very nicely... Wow. That's a great shot.

Look at that. You want an autograph?
Would you mind?

I'd like to buy your robot.

He'd be useful sparring bot for Zeus.
And for that I'm willing to pay.


- Done.
- He's not for sale.

- Of course he is. We can definitely...
- He's not for sale.

You are 15 minutes away from getting
in the ring with Twin Cities,

a vicious League bot.

So, to be clear, my offer stands
until the starting bell.

OK. And just to be clear,
he's not for sale!

Not now, not ever.

Give me a minute to clear this up, OK?

Tak, how are you? Max!

Be smart. I know you love him,

but in 20 minutes
there may be nothing left to love.

- Think about it. Take the offer.
- You think about it.

Why does she want Atom?
Because he's different from other bots!

Yeah, he's different.
He's smaller, weaker,

- and he's going to get his ass kicked.
- He's a boxer.

We taught him to box.
You taught him to box!

- That's worth something.
- I think it is, too.

I think it's worth 200 grand.
Two hundred grand.

We can go round and round this
all night long.

Look at me.

But it's not going to happen.

I got a fight to get to.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight,

the march towards
the Real Steel Championship

makes its way through Detroit's

Virgin America Spectrum!

Kicking off the evening,
in our first undercard,

the two-headed tyrant,

Twin Cities!

Opposing Twin Cities,
in his first professional fight,

hailing from parts unknown,


- Nice work, boss.
- Thanks.

- Did you switch him to fight mode?
- Of course.

- This bot is tough to put down.
- Atom can do it.

Look over there. You see those geeks
with the joysticks and consoles?

They're controlling
everything their bot does.

They're monitoring his systems,

seeing what he sees,
stadium feeds of the fights.

This is not like the underground
handheld remote bots

we've been fighting.
This is the League. Stand on that.

So what do we do?

We fight smart, we be patient. And pray.

Seriously, pray.


- Ready!
- Hands up.

Fighters ready! Fight!


Slip! Right! Lean back.
Right, left! Cover up!

Duck! Left roundhouse!

Damn it.

Lean left! Lean right!
Cover up! Cover up!

- What's going on in there?
- He's taking too many hits.

Get your hands up!

Get out of that corner! Move!

He's getting killed in there!
Tell him what to do!

That guy's got two heads, a foot
of reach on us, and no blind spot.

He's got to have a weakness. Find it!

Wait, wait, wait.

Right shoulder, right shoulder,
right shoulder! He's got a tell!

He's got a hitch in his shoulder
every time he throws that right bomb!

We got him!
See? Here it comes again!

Duck! Spin!
Slide left! Roundhouse! One, two!

Backstep. Backstep.
Backstep. Lean right.

Come on, Charlie! Get in there!

Got to get in close where
he can't use that size and reach on us!

Left to the body! Right to the body!
Left to the body!

Yeah, it's working!

Stay downstairs! Left, right, left!

- These program modes aren't working.
- Left! Right hook, slip!

Right uppercut! Left uppercut!
Duck left. Counter right!

- Get him, Atom!
- Here comes the Charlie Special.

Three-punch combo to the body!
Out! In! Counter!

- Two-one-two!
- Two-one-two.

Stay on him! Lunging right!

Don't let him go. Right to the body!
Straight right to the head!

We got a systems crash!

Get him, Atom!

This is not happening, man.

- Put him away, Charlie!
- Spin left!

Spin right!

Finish him!

- Do it!
- Right uppercut!

He's down!

One! Two! Three!

Four! Five! Six!

We got him. Stay down!

He's out! He's out!



Corner! Corner.


In a time of one minute, 47 seconds

of the first round,

Atom has defeat...

I want to thank everyone
for coming out tonight!

Our little bot from the junkyard
got a shot at a League fight.

How about that?

And the last thing I want to say
to a special girl who won't be named,

Farra Lemkova.

That instead of buying my robot, using
your money to control this sport...

- That's it!
- I'm not done.

Why not give the littlest guy
the biggest shot?

Because I bet if you give him a shot,
he'll surprise you!

Wouldn't you like to see a little guy

get a shot at the
Real Steel Championship?

I challenge Zeus to a fight.

Any time, any place, anywhere!

You name it! We will be there!

I'm going to get us that fight!

Atom, Atom, Atom...

That was a ballsy move,
you challenging Zeus like that.

That's one thing to call it.

A lot of people would like to see that.

- You're damn right they would.
- You listening to this kid? Jeez!

- Good fight, fellas.
- Thanks, man.

- Look at this. Let's celebrate.
- Yeah.

- All right, 70-30, right?
- Yeah, 70 for me and 30 for you.

- That's so right.
- That's very funny.

- I told you we shouldn't have sold him.
- OK. No, no, no.

I remember now. Who's right?
Say who's right. Say "Max is right."

All right, all right. All right.

- We're a good team.
- No, no. Max is right.

That was unbelievable.
Thank you, Twin Cities.

- We set?
- Yeah.

- Let's do it.
- Charlie boy.

- Ricky, I was just going to call you.
- Oh, yeah.

I actually really was going to call you.

Don't worry about that.

That was a heck of a fight.

Congratulations to both of you.
That was good.

It was an amazing fight.
That was a great job, young man.

- Come on, man.
- What?

- You serious?
- You thought I was joking

when I said I'd beat you
within an inch of your life?

He thought that was a joke.
It wasn't a joke.

I got a kid here. And I have your money.
We don't have a problem.

I'm sure you do,

but I think we know it's about
much more than money, don't we?

All right. What do you want?
You want 25, 30? You want 30 grand?

- I got the money in cash here.
- Yeah, right.

Let's go! Max, go! Go, go! Run!

- Run! Come on. Keep up, keep up!
- Get him now!

Run! Come on!

Get off him! Get off him!

Come here!

Hey, Ricky.

That's his money!
Leave him out of this!



Take all his money. Take it all.

Your friend's a real dirtbag, kid.

He's my father!

Well. Looks like a little less
than an inch of your life.

Well, buddy, that will teach him.

Just like old times, Charlie boy!

Let's go, boys.

I'm sorry, Max. I'm sorry. Sorry.

- What are we doing here?
- Max, just...

Is it Farra? She called you, didn't she?
We're going to get the Zeus fight.

It's not the Zeus people. I've been
thinking about all this, and...


It's so good to see you.

- What is she doing here?
- It's better if you go with her now.

We get beat up,
so you call her to come and get me?

He's been beat up. I told you
he couldn't take care of him!

Yeah. I called her.
Look at us. We're a mess.

We're fine. She can leave!

Atom's fighting good.
We can make the money back.

Charlie, please.


Charlie, we're doing so good.

Charlie, please, no.

Don't. Don't. Don't.

Please. Please.

Trust me, kid.
It's better this way, all right?

I know you think you know
what's right, but you don't.

You're too young. You don't know.

Look at me, trust me.

And legally she has custody,
so what can I do?

What can I do?

I don't want your money, Marvin.

Max, we have our own swimming pool

and we have a hot tub and a lot
of super fun toys to play with.

Do you want to play with them?
It's going to be fun.

What's going on?

He won't even talk to me,
so thanks for that, Charlie.

I'm going to wait in the car.

You don't want to talk, fine. I'll talk.

What do you want me to say? I'm sorry?

You knew from day one what this was.

You decided to take the ride.

You thought me, you,
and a little robot from the junk heap

were going to ride off into the sunset?

No, you forgot who I was!

You deserve better...

...than me.

Will you say something, please?

I tried. What do you want from me?

I want you to fight for me.

That's all I ever wanted.

Don't ask.

So no Max.

It's better this way.
Marv and Debra have money. Max is set.

Did you not see the way
he looked at you?

That's the way I looked at my dad.

Even now I would give anything
to have that back.

Your dad was special.
He was in your corner from day one.

Me, come on. I blew it.

I blew it.

When Max was born I just...

...freaked out.

But something
would have been better than nothing.

I wouldn't know where to start.

- Yeah, you do.
- I don't.

- You do.
- No.

You do.

I got to go.

Twelve hundred miles for a kiss.

Worth it. Worth it.

Go get him, Charlie.

You sound like your dad.

Look, I know you think I abandoned you,

and I guess I did originally.

Then you sold me.


You have no business being here.

That's true.
You've got full custody. He's yours.

And I know I've done all kinds of wrong
by this kid, but if you'll let me...

...I'd just like to do one thing right.


- Where were we?
- You sold me.

Right, yeah, that happened.

- Wait, what?
- Then we had our asses kicked.

And you slept on a shelf in a truck,
and it was awful.

- And dangerous.
- Really dangerous.

I mean, I know. God. I'm sorry.

That's why you came?
To say you're sorry?

No. I mean, yes. Yes.

But no. No, I came to tell you
that I heard you.

I got it.
I'm a little slow, but I got it.

I know you had a bum ride, and I
wasn't there and I should have been.

I should have been.

Your mom was...

She was cool, wasn't she?

She was.

She was the coolest.

Yeah, she was.

And I'm sorry about...
what happened with her.

And I can't get those years back, Max,

but I'm here right now...

...and if you're up for it,
I'm ready to fight.

We got the Zeus fight.


No, no, we didn't.

You got the Zeus fight.

So what do you say, Debra?

Can we do this one last thing?

- One night.
- It's all we need. Thank you.

We'll probably get our asses kicked,
but at least we'll go down swinging.

Yeah? What do you say?

Welcome to New York's Bing Arena
and the Real Steel Championship Bout.

Tim, it's the fight
we never thought we'd see.

Zeus, the undefeated WRB champion,

against the underdog, rising star Atom.

The champ's handlers
have agreed to fight

outside the circle
of well-known League bots,

and have decided to give the people
a true David versus Goliath spectacle.

Now, Tim, help me out on this.
Has the Zeus camp lost their mind?

The greatest robot boxer of all time

gives a shot at the belt
to a G-2 named Atom?

Well, Herb, if you ask Tak Mashido,
Team Zeus has lost their minds.

Now, he may look cool
as he enters the arena,

but he has made no bones
about his disdain for this matchup.

Our cameras tried to catch up
with him earlier this week.

Look at this clip. Mashido wouldn't
even stop to talk to the press,

referring only to this fight
as an insult to his creation.

Now, Max Kenton, Atom's trainer,
did more than just challenge Zeus.

He did so publicly.

The challenge went viral and created
a PR nightmare for the champ.

No argument there. And I think the Zeus
camp knows exactly what they're doing.

That they do. Come on.

Giving a shot at the belt
to a nobody from nowhere.

This "junkyard dog," if you will.
That's a marketing stunt.

And judging from this crowd,
that stunt is working.

We can't win, can we?

We'll see.

As the challenger
makes his way into the arena,

you can hear the surge of excitement.

Atom has arrived
onto the WRB scene with a vengeance,

using a style,
some would call it human-like,

that bot fighting has rarely seen.

Atom and his pint-size trainer
step into the ring

and the look on
Farra Lemkova's face says it all.

Welcome to the bigs, junior!

I'm giving one-to-five odds that Atom
don't make it out the first round.

Who wants some?

I'll take some of that action.

Hey, there!
I'll take some of that action.

How's it going... partner?


That's great. How about a hundred K?
Is that funny?

Hundred K says Atom
doesn't see round two.

You carrying around
that kind of scratch?

- Yeah.
- Hundred K?

Tell you what.
Remember section 101, row C,

and you can bring me
my money right to my seat.

101, row C? Hundred K?

You heard me, homey.

- Homey?
- Right?


All right. Peace out, posse.

Come on, sugar. Let's go.

- Never beaten.
- It's showtime!

Never threatened.

The king of the ring,

the ruler of robots!

Bow down to the mighty Zeus!

Oh, shit!

That was awesome.

Come on, let's go.

Ladies and gentlemen,

in a bout scheduled for five rounds

for the World Robot
Boxing Championship,

in the corner to my right,
the challenger, Atom!


And in the corner to my left,

the undeniable champion
of this universe

and any other universe known
or unknown,

the mighty Zeus!

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
are you ready

for Real Steel!

This is what it's all about!

There's the starting bell
and we are underway.

The bots emerge from their corners.

Zeus decks Atom, and he is already down.

On your feet!

Looks like we are in
for another Zeus clinic.

Referee Matt Geiger
coming in the ring to start the count.

Get up!

Push up! Stand up!

But look at this.
The little bot's back on his feet

to get a second blistering attack
from Zeus!

Atom is down for the second time
in less than ten seconds.

- He's too strong!
- That's my boy right there!

Get up and get in the game!

Come on! No, please Atom, get up!

Get up! Get up! Get up!

Once again,
the challenger finds his feet!

Lean back!

Atom's getting pummeled into the corner!

- Get out of there!
- Move!

A demolishing inside shot.

Get your hands up!

Hands up!

Crush that little can!

Get out of the corner!

Kenton desperately trying to command
his robot out of that suicide corner.

Get your feet under you!

Good night, sparring bot!

It might have taken Zeus a bit longer,
but he's done it again!

Atom is down for the third
and possibly final time tonight.

- Stand up!
- Two!


Atom, get up!

- Get up, Atom.
- Get up, Atom.

- Six! Seven!
- Get up!

Eight! Nine!

I don't believe this! Against all odds,
this little bot is on his feet again.

Come on, Atom!

He can't survive this!

- Come on, Charlie!
- Right uppercut!

Atom has landed a punch!

Zeus is stunned as he reels back from
an uppercut that he never saw coming!


Fade back, counter right!

Fade back, counter right!

Right cross! Right cross!
Right cross! Left hook!

- Let's go! Come on!
- Take him down!

For the first time in his dominant run,

Zeus has met a bot
who simply won't back down!

The crowd is going nuts!
Zeus gives it everything he's got

as we reach the last 15 seconds
of round one!

Zeus corners Atom,
going double duty with both fists!

Downtown, uptown,
as the clock winds down!

- Hands up, chin down.
- Stay low, stay low!

Only five seconds left, as here comes
that piston-packed right of the champ!

There's the bell! I don't believe it.
Somehow Atom has survived.

We will have a second round.
And the crowd here is thrilled!

He made it! Yeah! Corner!

We got to get out of here.
We got to get out of here now!

We got to go this way. Come on!

OK, you sit down.

- Let's go, homey.
- All right.

I'll be back for you, baby.

Get your hands off me!

Both corners furiously working
on their bots.

This crowd came here tonight
expecting a massacre,

but instead they're getting a war!

- You got it?
- Yeah.

All right. Here we go.

What is happening?

He is fully prepared for all possible
contingencies. He will be fine.

What next?

Round two.

Round two kicks off,
and incredibly the challenger, Atom,

is giving the champ a run for his money.

Zeus tosses the smaller bot
across the ring like a tin can!

Kenton working his bot with a trifecta
of straight rights to the champ's dome!

Toe-to-toe they stand,
trading deafening blows!

Whatever strategy either corner
had cooked up has been destroyed!

Metal bashing metal.
Steel smashing steel.

This is a brawl!

The crowd is on their feet, watching two
machines driven to kill each other!

Something has to give, and it does!

Atom goes down again!

Lights out for the junkyard dog who put
on a heck of a show here tonight!

And yet again, Atom rises up.

Kenton must have hardwired
this bot with the will to go on!

Midway through round four, and Zeus
is looking to end this thing right now.

The champ is holding nothing back
as he cracks open the hurt locker!

Atom is stumbling around the ring,
apparently disoriented and dazed!

- Hands up!
- What's going on?

I think the voice recog is shot!
He's not responding!

Zeus has found yet another gear of
violence, drilling Atom's midsection.

No! Stop! Do something!

He can't hear me!

But the bell sounds, and once again
this little robot has stunned the world!

We're done, Max! He can't hear me.
This is murder. We've had enough.

- I'm disabling the voice recognition.
- He can't hear me!

- Yes, but he can see you!
- What?

I'm putting him in shadow mode.
Show him what to do.

Without the voice recognition,
he'll move even faster!

No way. No way!

Look at them. They are freaking out!

Rich girl is ripping him
a new one over there!

Do you know why?
Because they're scared.

Because Atom can do things
no other bot has ever done.

- But I can't do it!
- Yes, you can.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

Show him what to do.
You have to fight the last round.

Don't ask me. Don't.

Charlie... please. I beg you.

Are you kidding me with those eyes?

Damn it!


I can't believe I'm doing this.

I know you're in there! I'm not sure
if you're getting this or what,

but I know you're in there!

- Kenton. In or out?
- In. Give me a minute.

I know you can't hear me,
but you can see me, so watch me!

Watch... me.

- You know you're talking to a robot.
- I know. Shut up.

Watch me.

An epic battle being waged here tonight,

as the fifth and final round
gets underway.

Come on, Atom!

Wait a second. Are you seeing this?

Charlie Kenton is shadowboxing
just outside the ring!

It looks like Atom
has a shadow function.

So, basically,
that means Charlie Kenton

is fighting the last round
of this fight against Zeus.

It doesn't seem to help, because Atom
is backed up against the ropes again.

Help him! Fight back!

Not yet.

Tak Mashido supervising personally
as Zeus hammers down,

furiously trying to end this thing
once and for all.

I got to tell you, folks,
the champ looks tired.

This robot seems to be running on empty.

I don't believe it.
Atom is taunting Zeus.

- Switch to turbo!
- He's actually asking for more.

Please do something!

- Not yet.
- That's right, Charlie. Not yet.

Nitrous pistons, now!

He's not going to last much longer!

- Fight back!
- Not yet.

Hang in there!

Atom is riddled with the nitrous-fueled
Gatling guns of Zeus's blows!

Atom! Atom! Atom! Atom!

Wait him out, wait him out! Not yet!

Zeus is slowing down!

The champ's power core
is clearly depleted.

Charlie, please!

Hey, kid.

- Now.
- Now!

Get in there!

Knock that little bitch! Bust him open!

Yeah! That's right!

Do something!


Override. Switching to manual.

In a shocking move, Tak Mashido is
manually operating his robot personally!

- Work the body! Get inside him!
- Get him, Atom!

Look at this! The champ is trying
desperately to stay on his feet,

but Kenton is relentless, landing
blow after blow after blow to the body!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

A huge uppercut by Atom! Zeus is down!

This little bot has
dug deep here tonight

and shown something damn near heart!

One, two, three,

four, five, six, seven...

He's good!

Zeus gets to his feet,
but Kenton has Atom on him again,

landing punch after punch!

Tak Mashido and his super bot
have no answer.

Zeus pins Atom's left arm,
but Kenton is undaunted!

It all comes down to this, folks!

Drop him, Charlie! Now!

- Kenton is about to drop the champ...
- No! There's the bell!

Zeus is saved by the bell!

Amazingly, we will go
to the judges' cards!

Ladies and gentlemen,
after five rounds,

we go to the judges' scorecards.

Judge Number One scores the fight 47-48.

Judge Number Two scores the fight 48-46.

And Judge Number Three
scores the fight 47-46,

for the winner
and still World Robot Boxing champion,


Farra Lemkova,

you got way more
than you bargained for tonight.

Some would say that your bot
won the decision but lost the fight.

She looks pissed.

It took a little longer
than we thought,

but the result is as expected.

We won. Zeus is still undefeated.

Any comment on the absolutely
humiliating near loss

your bot suffered tonight?

- Nothing.
- No comment.

Max. Where's Max?

There he is. Max.

They're already calling your bot
"the people's champion."

What do you say to that?

People's champion?

Sounds pretty good to me.

Dad? Dad!


I really want you to know...

No, I need you to know.

Don't worry.

Your secret's safe with me.

Wait here. Wait here.


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