Real Life (2004) - full transcript

Aris, 27 years old, returns home after a long journey... His mother, an eccentric and lonely woman lives together with her secretary, Sylvia and her loyal gardener mute Christos. Her house is famous not only for its view in Acropolis but also for his pool: the deepest in Europe. Determined to leave behind his past and start a new life, Aris, will search the secret of his youth, he will fall in love with a poor girl, Alexandra and he will confront his own ghosts. In the meanwhile a fire turns Athens into a living hell...

Aris, Aris!

I hope you're not
having one of your fits!

- No. I think I'm lost.
- How so?

I don't know where to
turn off for the airport.

Let's go back to the party.
We'll get the next flight.

I want to get
out of here now.

You' re mad and
I love it. Here...

Turn here.

Think so?

In this city, you always
have to turn somewhere.

- I adore you.
- Me too. You'd be lost without me.

- Fuck! now we'll never make it.
- That's what you think.

- Hand me the coke.
- What for?

- Hand it over.
- What's your problem? Here!

What are you doing?
Aris stop! That's all we've got!

Stop, Aris, stop!

Aris stop,
I'm telling you...


It really is the deepest
pool in Europe!

Did you locate the problem?

The water circulation vent
is probably out.

We'll need special equipment.

We don't know what's inside.
It's old and probably rotten.

When was it made?
In the 50s or 60s?

I'll let you know
within the week.


Yes, I am a recluse,
not 'cause I hate people but...

'cause I love
them desperately.

I chose an intense, deep,
revolutionary life...

but with lightness and humour.
A life where, as in art...

the incursion of the wonderful,
the pervasive atmosphere...

the triumph of the lie
over truth would be...

...its very meaning!

We've been over this before.
Shall we go back to the facts?

The facts, Sylvia?

You know the facts.
You can write them yourself.

You returned to your house
at Sounio for one night.

Yes, to that damned house.

Father was giving a party
right here, in this garden.

As usual at the last moment he
changed his mind and didn't come.

- Your husband?
- Who else?

- Those days were a nightmare.
- Why?

I never knew. He was heading
in a direction of his own.

One that was to lead him
to his final fall. Literally.

When I returned late at night...

I found him lying dead,
as we all know...

at the foot of the staircase.

That's all.

Let's drop this story.
Whom could it interest?


- Aris!
- Yes, Mom.

Were we expecting you
today? Sylvia!

Come! Sit! We're through.

This biography is turning
into a horror story.

Welcome back, Aris.

So, where was I that night?

The official story was that
you stayed in Hydra. Remember?

How could a five year old
remember a night in Hydra?

I remember nothing
of those years.

You're lucky.

ever forget that!

So you were in there
quite a while this time, no?

- Six months.
- Six months!

- Some water!
- Must have been some detox!

I had time to think.

What did you think about?

About myself, you...

about all the things
I can't remember.

Like the house at Sounio.

The best thing that happened to
that house was the '81 'quake!

- Is that when you sold it?
- Yes!

And then they built
a hotel, right?

Christos, come!
Look who's here!

- Are you well?
- Fine.

- Where have you been?
- ever mind...

- I missed you.
- So did I.

I see you haven't forgotten
sign language!

And you, I see always true
to tradition.


Isn't medical science wonderful!

Keeping us always
so zesty and alive.

Yes, alive!

I'm so glad you're back.
To your return!

And you? How are you?

Always trying to find time for
myself but nobody lets me.

Sylvia torments me
with this biography.

Had I known,
I'd have written it myself.

Then again, it's the house
which is getting old...

The eternal business
with the pool...

This city that intoxicates you,
even from a distance.

Whose triviality has a
sensual grandeur.

All these things which never
let you lead a real life!

Sylvia? Did you jot that down?

Doing anything tonight?


Street's closed,
turn right.

- How can I get to Sounio?
- o idea. Move on and turn.


Leave me alone! Get lost!

Please, listen to me!

Sweetie, that doesn't look like
no bottom of the sea.

Plus, people are supposed
to be looking at our clothes...

not the octopuses.

- They are not octopuses.
- Whatever.

Come again tomorrow
and we'll see what we can do.

Bye, sweetie.

- Are you OK?
- Yes, fine.

You're bleeding.

It's nothing.
What's your name?



Stay with me for a while.

If you want to...

- It's that young man.
- Aris' friend.

- I'll have him sent away.
- Don't you dare!

Aris will be so happy
to see him.

- I'm not sure.
- Why?

He needs to have some fun.

He's so sweet.

But why should he be
so accident prone?

I thought you were inside.

I haven't been here in years.

Since you were a kid.

- How is it?
- What?


- Better. It was nothing.
- Let me see.

You don't need this.
I'll change it.

What was the house
in Sounio like?

What do you mean?

- It was white inside, right?
- Yes.

Why do you ask?

- I'm trying to remember.
- You were very young.

My Dad? Was he
as horrible as they say he was?

- I didn't know him well.
- Did he love me?

Is there a father who
doesn't love his child?

...then again how one
expresses that love!

What a mess this place is.
All these things.

But that's Christos' charm.

I detest objects. I never keep
anything. They depress me.

I was going for a walk in
the garden. Will you join me?

o, I was about to go out.

But I do hope we get a chance
to talk soon. Goodbye Christos.

Hello Nikos.

- Where've you been?
- I was in an accident.

- You OK now?
- Yes.

- You've changed.
- What about you?

I've been looking for you.

- I owe you money, right?
- Yes.

Sorry man but the way
things happened...

- Is it OK?
- I was really pissed off at you.

I got fuck ed for this money.

I mean it.

- Well, I'm off.
- Where to?

- Don't you want a hit?
- ah, I'll pass.

- You sure? I got good stuff.
- I've been clean for 6 months.

- No way!
- Really.

Your loss...

I'm off. See you around.

- Have you been waiting long?
- Is 27 years long?

Is this where they teach you
how to construct sea depths?

This is where I study fashion.

The sea depths I construct
to earn money.

- Was it that bad?
- It made me stop.

- The sea depth?
- What else?

- Does it hurt?
- A lot.


- Where do you want to go?
- Far away.

Some place we don't know.

Listen, darling, you know
how long I've been waiting?

- Fuck me... will you?
- Here we go again.

Hi, Mom.
Will this be enough?

- Hello. How are we today?
- Fine, honey, and you?

Yeah, in five,
over there, OK.

Five people are going nuts
waiting and you're being a jerk.

- Shut up, you're being a pain.
- You're losing it!

Cut up!

If you're going back there,
I'm out of here.

You don't say! I got goosebumps!

Cut up the stuff.

- Where's the phone cards?
- In the drawer.

I said the first drawer!

You just said the drawer,

What are you doing?
Are you mad?

Leave some for the others!

- What's your problem?
- Mine?

Dick! My dick,
other dicks. What's yours?

Yannis, cut it out,
I'm not in the mood.

When are you gonna dump that
prick? He ain't even a gay.

I'll be the judge of that.

Yeah, alright. A blowjob with
2 grams of coke at 5am...

I've seen the movie.

Lay off
or there will be trouble.

You won't tell me who I like
and who I don't. So cut it out!

You are hurting me. Let go...

And they call me a crazy bitch...

What are you looking at?

Your eyes.

- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.

I have my eyes shut.

Did we fall asleep?


Sylvia! Sylvia!

- Calm down. What's wrong?
- A fish... A fish leaped out!


I thought you might want it.

The house at Sounio?

Don't need
to tell your mom.

I won't. Don't worry.


- Shall we go dancing?
- Where?

Someplace we don't know.

Just Coke? Why?

Because when I drink I become
a different person that's why.

- Meaning?
- Better drop it.

Let's go.


Your papers.

Thank you Mr Kalligas.
You may go.

Mr Kalligas?

You're asking for the impossible.
You forget we're at war.

I'm asking you to think with
your heart, Eric... For once...

Hi, Mom.

Where were you? You are late.

Were you with Eric?

Why don't you tell your mother?

Eric is a good boy
and he loves you.

We've got two children, Eric,
and they're in danger...

He may be rough but
he has a heart of gold.

Yes Mom, I know...

And don't forget you have
two children together.

Hey you!
How about hello?

- I can see you're busy.
- Where've you been?

What's this older brother
routine all of a sudden?

I am your older brother.

ik o, I am tired,
I want to go to bed.

- What have you got against me?
- You're strung out like a wire.

- Is that what bothers you?
- That too.

- What do you want?
- I just wanna talk.

Me too...

But we can't when you're like
this and you're always like this.

You got along so well
when you were little.

- Now you're always fighting.
- Give us a break, Mom.

We're not fighting.

Since that woman came into
our house nothing's the same.

What are we going to do
about Mom?

She doesn't even recognize us
any more.

It's better this way.

Hello. How are you?

You're staying here too?

- Hi, Alexandra.
- Hi, Johnny.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- What about that T-shirt?
- Next week.

- Shall we go?
- Yeah. Bye, Alexandra.

This is for the phone bill.
I think it's been disconnected.



You always make the decisions.

I make the decisions because
I alone can make them.

This time I'll talk to him.

And tell him what?

Haven't you said enough already?

The truth!

And where will that get you?

You think it will change
your relationship in any way?

All you'll accomplish is
to destroy ours.

Our love is founded on a secret...

and that is what
makes it magnificent.

Only the relationship.
That's all you think about.

Why do you say things
you don't believe?

- I am tired!
- Tired of what? Of me?

Of everything.

Of this life.

This is our life, Christos.

You also have another life.

Yes, I have another life...

but my real life is this one.

With you.

You and I are the same.


I have never been to Sounio.

Me neither. I mean,
it's as if I've never been.

- Enjoy your stay.
- Thanks.

So... does it remind you
of anything?

Absolutely nothing.

- It sucks here, right?
- It's perfect!

This is the house
your Dad died in?

That's what they say.

D'you think we
might see his ghost?

Aris stop.
It's not funny.

D'you have any more photos?

one, Kalliga
never keeps anything.

I have a couple of my
Dad's from magazines.

This is from a magazine too.

If we could find that issue
I'm sure there'd be more.


Do you think anything will
change if you remember?


And if it does,
will you still love me?


Maybe even more!

- Lik e how much?
- Lik e the ocean.

That little?

You're strong.

But not that strong.

- I'm very strong.
- I can see that.

- You're going in.
- Don't.

Aris, please stop.

You're going in.

Aris, please... stop.

I can't swim!

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Because I was ashamed.

My Dad was a seaman. He was
in a shipwreck when I was six.

He was missing
for two weeks.

Then a fisherman found
his body caught in his nets.

My mother identified him
from their wedding ring.

She went mad,
never really recovered.

ot even for us.

She adored him.

Later she developed a form of
Alzheimer's and lost it completely.

So, she never took us
to the seaside again.

So, I never learned to swim.
either did my brother.

Now do you understand?

I'll teach you. Now!

Not now.


Don't let go of me.


Aris! Why did you leave me?

- I'm sorry, I got dizzy.
- What happened? Are you OK?

Let's get out of here.

Always problems
with this pool I see...

Unsolvable, I'm afraid.

I think I'll have to close it.

But I'm keeping it for
sentimental reasons.

Your grandfather adored it.

It was his achievement.

But then again I hate the hassle.
It will take so long...

And it will deprive me of
my favorite place in the world.

My only refuge.

Doesn't a refuge end up
by becoming a prison?

And isn't it hell
being in love?

Quite the opposite.

The universe
acquires meaning...

Or becomes insignificant.

- Is she pretty?
- Very.

- Smart, too, I guess...
- Yes.

- Her family?
- What about her family?

- Have you met them?
- Not yet. Why should I care?

- Don't be so sure...
- What?

- What's her name?
- Alexandra.

An irresistible name!
I want to meet her.

Can you take it?

This one or this one?


What's his name?

- Aris.
- What?

I'll tell you tonight. OK?


Bye, Mom.

Don't forget to feed the cows.

- Time I should be going.
- Too late.

- I don't think it's a good idea.
- Come on, don't be silly.

She's not some monster.
Well, maybe she is a little.

C'mon! I'm kidding.
You can handle it!

I want you to see what
you've rescued me from.


We've been expecting you.

You must be Alexandra.

Aris has told me
so much about you.


I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

It's so pretty here.


- We need to go back.
- Not yet, please.

We must. Come on.

But you fell in the pool!
How is that possible?

Poor darlings!
Are you alright?

Sylvia have them bring over
some dry clothes.

I would suggest that you
take a shower, too!

What an adventure!
Well I must be off unfortunately.

These eternal appointments!
I leave you with Christos.

Alexandra, it's been
a real pleasure.

I am sure we'll meet again.

Get off.

Don't do anything stupid.

- Aris, I feel terrible, really.
- o!




Nikos, my brother.


What's going on Nikos?

Are you nuts?
What's the matter with you?

What's going on, Niko?

Get lost, you asshole.

- How do you know my brother?
- Tell her how you know me.

I didn't know you were
brother and sister...

- Why, man?
- Honest I didn't.

- Why?
- Take it easy.

- You knew it.
- Calm down!

- You both did!
- Relax.

You're putting me on!

Calm down.

Aris, stop!


I'm out of here.

You take care.


Thank God there were
no victims.

And most important...
the temple wasn't damaged.

There'll be some restoration
a little cleaning up. Nothing more.

In less than a year everything
will be like before, if not better.

I'm handling it personally.

I was there that night at
Sounio, I remember.

I remember them yelling,
him pushing her.

- What happened?
- I don't know anything.

- She killed him!
- Stop it! Are you mad?

What are you saying? You
think your mother killed him?


You've gone too far.
You know that?

Why did you hide it from me?

Your mother wanted
to protect you.

- From what?
- The press.

- The press?
- They were all over you.


I'm fed up.

Your mother loves you, Aris.

We all love you.


Are you drinking it or not?

Since when is a glass
of champagne a crime?

Besides, now is the
perfect time for it.

Everything happened
exactly as I told you.

The only thing I hid from you
was that you were there too...

You were so little, what
good would it have done?

What if I wok e up?
What if I saw something?

What if, what if...

You were asleep, Aris! Asleep!

The first thing I did was to rush
to your room and you're asleep!

You know
what your problem is?

You stick to the past...

to things that don't matter,
instead of pushing forward.

When you were little,
you drew so amazingly.

You could have been a successful
artist, a business tycoon, anything.

You're young, good-looking, rich!

Move on! Have fun!
Spend! Live!

- Joy Martinocosta just arrived.
- Who?

I forgot to tell you. She was
passing through Athens...

and I ask ed her over for a drink.

We haven't seen her for so long.

Sometimes I feel like
strangling you!

Not now, dear.

It's been ages!

Must be some new fad.

- Nothing ever changes.
- Some things do.

I've missed you so...

There's a fish in there?

- Is that possible?
- What?

We'll have such a great time
when we're married?

- What could change?
- We'll have a big family.

- We're never bored together.
- Never.

- What time is it?
- I don't know.

Too early, too late...

Hungry? Should we eat?

- Sleep?
- Not yet.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...

Punish me.

- Please stop.
- Punish me.

Because you stood me up,
or because you are coked out?

- That's the last time, I swear.
- I don't believe you.

Look at me!

- Let's get out of here.
- And go where?

The U.S., France,
wherever you want.

- We can catch the first flight.
- Just lik e that?

What's to stop us?
Nikos is gone.

We'll get someone
to look after your mother...

And you? There is nothing
holding you back?

Nothing. Just you.

We can live in New York...

or in the countryside,
I know the perfect place.

If you don't like the States, we
can go to London, Paris, Barcelona.

We can travel around,
until we get bored.


We'll have a new life together
far away.

- We can get married.
- Aris stop.

- You want to get married?
- Stop it!

Tell me.

I don't know...

When we're not together,
I get scared...

I fall apart.

Hello, Alexandra.


Sorry for coming unannounced,
but I had to talk to you.

Come in.

How do you do? Kalliga.

- Has something happened?
- Yes.

Last night they brought Aris
home in a terrible state.

Is he all right?

Not to worry,
nothing serious.

In the past, ambulances were
his main means of transport.

I'm joking, of course.

Aris has a serious problem and
I don't mean drugs.

Perhaps you know it, if
he hasn't already told you.

Aris has had a serious
psychological, or, rather...

psycho-neurological problem...
since childhood.

He isn't getting any better.

For some time now he's been
getting treatment...

which unfortunately he stopped
when he met you.

He must return to the clinic
at once.

Your relationship mak es him
dream he can mak e it on his own.

But things are getting worse.
You must have realized that.

I know you love each other
and want to get married...

but believe me
that would be disastrous.

Your're asking me
to break up?

Of course not.
He just needs to be on his own.

For a few months,
a year, perhaps.

A year you also need.

How do you know
what I need?

You're young, beautiful,

You've got talent and lots
of ambition. You're different.

Your feet are planted on the
ground. You can make it.

Isn't it pity to waste it all
in pursuit of a fantasy?

You've never done it?

Let me help you.

I know it's hard
but it's the only way.

Go away for a while,
continue your studies in Paris.

I will provide you with a
very comfortable life.

So you can devote yourself to
your art without distractions.

I will introduce you to powerful
people who will help you.

You will get ahead. You will
acquire everything you need...

so you can really help Aris.

You understand
what I'm saying.

I think I do.

As for your mother, she can
go to one of the best clinics.

I'll take care of it personally.

She'll have a very comfortable
life, I promise you.

And then?

Then if all goes well, Aris
will have completed his therapy...

You'll have reached your goals.

You can make
a new start together.

My future with Aris is something
I'll decide with him.

If only Aris was capable of
making his own decisions...

Alexandra, I'm afraid!

I'm his mother!

I love Aris!

I know.

And I want this love to survive.

I hope you make the right
decision for the two of you.

You can be certain of that.
Anything else?

o. I have to go.

Give me a call.
As soon as possible.

Good bye.

A pleasure...


- I said to go somewhere quiet.
- This is very quiet. You'll see.

I am going to the john.
I'll be right back.

Everything OK?

I found the magazine
you were looking for.

What magazine?

The one with the photo
of your house at Sounio.

Oh! Where did you find it?

The school library.

"A Greek Tragedy"

Enough with tragedies. Now I'm
starting a new life with you.

To our new life.

"When I drink I become
a different person. "

That's what you said to me.

To that different person then,
who adores you.

- What are we celebrating?
- Joy! This is Alexandra.

Yesterday you stood me up!
All afternoon.

ever make a date with Aris.
He'll never turn up.

But then again
that's his charm. o?

Joy and I
grew up together.

You can imagine
how hellish that was!

I love your hair!

I'm going to the toilet.


What were we saying?

Nothing. It's not important.

That looks fantastic!
I'll go wash up.

- What did I do?
- You know damn well.

- But I didn't do anything.
- Please. Keep out of it.

- OK so kill me!
- Your nose is bleeding.


Where are you going?
You're leaving?

You! You again!

- Me what?
- This is all your doing.

- What have I done this time?
- You want to be in control.

- Nonsense.
- What did you tell her?

- Let go of my arm. How dare you?
- Out with it!

I helped a situation that
was already out of control.

Let me be the judge of
that. It's my life.

You see your life
next to this girl?

Will you, Aris Kalligas,
live a married life?

You wouldn't last a month.

It looks wonderful because
you know it can never happen.

Shut up!

Any possibility of the contrary
would kill off all your desire.

Shut up!

You're already bored
and you're acting spasmodically.

You're always telling me
what I am and what I feel.

What do you know about me?

And you think you know? You
think you'll find out this way?

Taking a dead end to destruction?
You're hurting me!

Where is she going? Tell me!

We are not like other people.

- We're different and you know it.
- Bullshit! Where is she going?

You want to destroy her too?

Come on Aris, give her a chance.
Let her live.

Where is she going?

Paris. There, now, run.

The Air France afternoon flight.

Good morning.
Your tick et please. Luggage?


You startled me!

What's the matter, Christos?
Have you been drinking?

- I'm sorry.
- For whom? Yourself?

Both of us. Game over.

Oh God, what a scene!

And we lost.

Stop laughing.
Don't you get it?

Sure. You're drunk and
getting melodramatic again.

And, as usual,
you blame me.

Don't talk to me
about lost lives.

I gave you everything!
What did you do?

I couldn't do anything.

You could, but you didn't want to.

You lived a life
with no responsibility.

You had everything
you wanted.

A huge fortune. An easy life.
Your garden. Me.

It was all a lie.

Yes but in this lie
you lived the way you wanted.

You'd rather have a truth that
would destroy us in seconds?

What would we do? Get married?

Announce that Aris is your son?

It was a mutual decision.
And you got the best part.

I was deprived of my son.

So was I.

No family is ideal.

I loved you more than any other
man and you know it.

But now, please... stop.

You can't love anyone for real.

For real?

either can you.

I'm leaving.

Is that a threat? Go then.

Who is stopping you?

No one ever stopped you. You're
going where, to do what?

Who's waiting for you
out there?

I'm to blame.

There is something
you should know.

Christos was your father.

What are you saying?

He was the son of my nanny,
three years younger than I.

We grew up together.

And fell in love.

We were just kids.

He was so handsome.

When I got pregnant
everything changed.

I decided to k eep the baby
and start my own life...

...away from my father.

I was 20, and Christos
under age.

And of course he was always
the deaf son of a servant.

I foolishly married someone else...

thinking I could simply divorce
afterwards lik e everyone else.

I was so wrong. That man
was my nemesis.

You should be happ y
he wasn't your real father.

Why did you never tell me?

Because we got used to this lie.

Now what?

He loved you so much.

What do you expect me
to do now?

I don't know...

What kind
of person are you?

So then that was the truth?

The truth, Sylvia?

The truth is I'll miss him terribly.


- What time will you be back?
- Not too late.

You have a family?

Everybody does
Ms Martinocosta.

It's true. I have some cousins
I never see.

The rest are dead.
Everybody dies on me.

Not too tight.

How do I look? Truly?

Very beautiful. As always.

What's he doing?
He should be here.

- Will you still need me?
- o. You may go.

Aris will be here any minute.
Have fun!

Enough for today.

Sylvia, why do you stay here?
With me?

It's a very good job!
With an excellent salary, too!

Help me take it off!


I can't!

I can't!

Where were you?
Why weren't you here?

I'm sorry.

- Baby put that down.
- Leave me alone!

Calm down.

Let me go!

What are you doing?

Don't go!


The nights have started
growing longer.

Which season do you prefer,
winter or summer?

In this city
it's the summers that count.

My darling Christos,
so sentimental.

He never threw away
a single thing.

I wok e up in the middle of
the night when I heard shouting.

I saw you fighting at the
edge of the staircase.


I'd been trying to get a divorce
a long time. He k ept refusing.

That day without my knowing it...
he had seen us with Christos.

When I got back that night
he was drunk in the bedroom.

He'd tied up Christos nak ed on
the bed and was torturing him...

humiliating him.

As soon as he saw me,
he attack ed me.

He hit me and threatened to
say everything to the press.

I didn't care any more.

I got away from him
and started to run...

He caught me at the staircase.

I got between you.

You tried to stop him.
You pleaded with him.

He hit you too.
It drove me mad.

He grabbed you by the neck
and tried to strangle you.

He would have if you hadn't...

I pushed him
with all my might.

My necklace brok e in his hands.
He took you with him as he fell.

- I killed him.
- No, Aris. You saved me.

Aris! Aris!

- Why did you tak e off lik e that?
- I'm sorry.

- This is a family meeting.
- But I'm family too.


Go on...

He died instantly.

You just suffered
a minor concussion.

our doctor was in Hydra.

The same night he took you
to Switzerland.

You spent some time in bed.

When recovered thank God,
you remembered nothing.

I sent you to boarding school
in England and left.

I couldn't face the reporters.
Father took care of everything.

- I was away for years.
- And Christos?

He waited for me.

I returned when my father died
and we took up residence here.

You know the rest. Our
life was a well k ept secret.

- I knew. Dad had told me.
- Knew what?

That they were brother and sister.
The maid's son and your mom.


The gardener who killed himself
was the illegitimate son...

of your grandfather and the maid.
Dad often spok e about it.


Yes. We were
half brother and sister.

What are you talking about?

It made our relationship stronger.

And a reason to k eep it secret.
You know what people are lik e...

What kind of a life was that?

Anything else I should know?


- Let's go, my love.
- Please. I'm dead beat.

Where are you going?

Far away from here.
Home. Good bye, mother.

- Aris, you know I love you.
- Yes. But so do I.

It's dawning.
You should get some sleep.

So much for the truth!

in the new TV series SACRIFICES

Mrs Kalliga is donating
her house to charity...

and leaving Athens for ever with
a ball to honor the unveiling...

of the new Akropolis.
How's that?

Hold me.

You'll come with me, won't you?

How strange!

I'm leaving this place and
I feel practically nothing.

I might even say I'm happy.

Aris, it's been so long.
I was afraid you wouldn't come.

- What time is the show?
- Right now.

Thank you.

- You look well.
- So do you.

- Happy?
- Should I be?

- Of course. You deserve it.
- For what reason?

For many. Primarily
because you're my son.


Alexandra, I am glad
you could make it.

Thank you for inviting me.

I always keep my promises.
You're the talk of Paris!

Of course,
I knew it all along.

You seem to know things
about people...

they don't know
about themselves.

Joy, let me introduce you to an
old friend of Aris, Alexandra.

We've met. A long time ago.

- You've changed your hair, right?
- Yes.

It's nice! You've seen Aris?

- Not yet.
- You must. Where is he though?

Aris! It's Alexandra!

I'll be right back.

- When did you get back?
- Yesterday.

You're staying?

I am leaving tomorrow.
I came to see my mother.

- How is she?
- She's much better.

I am glad. Nikos?
I know. He's become an actor.

He's starting in a serial.
He's fine.

- You've changed a lot.
- I know.

- Are you happy?
- Are you?

- What do you think?
- You look well.

Why did you go?

I think you know why.

You could have
spok en to me first.

I tried to. Remember?

At any rate you got on very well
with my mother.

All I needed was a little time
but you ran away.

So did you!

you've met Francois?

I didn't expect to
meet you in this lifetime.

Thanks a lot Mom. I will never
forget this evening.

Isn't that the point
to any party?

I thought you'd decided
to have a real life.

That's what I'm doing darling and
I assure you it's no easy matter.

I am going to find Joy.

Marvellous! Like a fairy tale!

Don't you want to go home?

No, I want to see the show.
It will be one of a kind.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Joy, where are you? Come on!

I'm going.

I love you.

I'll see you later.

Where are you going?

I've got to go.


- Why did you come?
- I wanted to see you.


- I shouldn't have.
- Please stay.

Tell me nothing has changed.

Everything's changed.
Can't you see that?

Tell me you still love me.

I still love you.

Take me with you.


Somewhere we don't know.

Is there such a place?

One more chance.

It's always beautiful here.

- Will you forgive me?
- Will you?

Of course.

- Come with me.
- Where?


We don't need to do
anything any more.

Just swim.

for Herbert
1958- 1984