Real Estate Hunger Games (2019) - full transcript

A client pits Chrishell and Christine against each other. Heather sells her hot property and eyes a buyer for the unique home in the Hollywood Hills.

[Jason] Ladies.

Can we get you up here?
We're going to start the photography.

♪ Try to keep up ♪

♪ Try to keep up ♪

♪ Whoa
Flying faster than a bullet ♪

[Mary] Let's do it.

Chrishell and Christine on this chair.

Let's go red, black, red, black
on the couch.

- So, Heather...
- Okay.

Jason likes to do those photos
for the company,

so they're gonna feature
in magazines, flyers, website,

maybe even a poster in his bedroom.
Who knows?

Actually, why don't... Yes, stand.

Your shoes will be in the picture,
but kind of sitting right there.

- So we sit?
- Yeah, this is actually pretty good.

Our marketing shots are gonna be epic.

- [Jason] Or Maya and Heather, to switch.
- Yeah, exactly.

Maybe, just, when you're holding
the jacket, don't have your elbow up here.

- Have it come down.
- Okay.

And then it goes brunette, blonde,
brunette, too. Why don't you two switch?

- You have the Zoolander look right now.
- [Mary laughs]

I'm practicing.

Some girls definitely take it
more seriously than others.

I'm not gonna say names.


Christine. [chuckles]

Let's do some gangster ones
and some smiles.

Yup. Let's do gangster first.

You guys ready for gangster?

[Davina] All right, guys, look alive.

Do I look like a fat girl in a club dress,
like, sitting like this?

- What?!
- Like on a Saturday night?

[Michael] Good.

One, two, three.

Power pose. No smiling.

[Jason] No smiling.

Nice, loving it.

Good. Here we go.

- You guys all on the same page?
- Seriously, I'm sitting on an inch.

Seriously, my whole ass is numb.

[Brett] Just rub it out for a second.

[Mary laughs]

Good job, guys. Nice meeting everyone.

[Brett] Good, looking good.

Nice. Good job, good job.

[Maya] Do we have it or...

If you guys are looking at the monitor,
do you only look at yourselves

- or are you looking at everyone else, too?
- Myself.

[Jason] So many are good.

We're gonna drive each other nuts
if we look at this. There's no...

- We already drive each other nuts.
- But even more. This is good.

♪ This is the time of our lives ♪

♪ Here and now ♪

♪ Are we young and the silent? ♪

♪ Got it all figured out ♪

♪ This is the time of our lives ♪

[Chrishell] Mary, what did you get?


I like that you just said a law-tte.

- [laughs]
- If it's like a law-tte.

[Chrishell] Okay, Mary, I'm gonna take you
back home with me, girl.

If you got a law-tte.

Shoot, doggone, that's a law-tte.

Oh, my God.

I think all of us used to have an accent
at some point, didn't we?

- Oh, I did for sure.
- Yeah.

I still have it if I have a few drinks.

Yeah, no, I do, too. Mine comes out, too.

So I had a date with Jacob
over the weekend.

- Oh, you did?
- Oh, how did it go?

The chemistry physically wasn't there,

and it's just going to be
on a professional level.

- We're just going to be friends.
- Uh.

- Well, at least you know.
- Yeah.


- On to the next?
- On to the next. Right.

- [Chrishell] Hey, boys.
- [Christine] Hey, guys.

Hey, hun. I actually need to speak
with both of you briefly.

[Christine] Okay. Are we in trouble? Okay.

- Actually, good news.
- [Chrishell] Yeah?

I received a call from one
of the founders of Wag,

- you know, the dog-walking app.
- [Christine] Okay.

And you had met with her recently
at an open house.

- Her name's Alexandra.
- [Chrishell] Yeah. Yes, yes.

And you had actually represented
a colleague of hers in the past.

I think it was maybe a couple years ago.
So she actually wants to meet

or speak with both of you.


Like, a co-listing?

[Brett] I don't know
how it's going to work out.

To be honest, it's up to you guys.

This is her contact.

So she wants to meet with us
together or separate?

[Brett] I don't even know. I know
she wants to meet with both of you.

My priority is that she gets
the representation she wants.

Whatever works for her works for us.

All right. Real estate Hunger Games.
All right.

Someone who knows the Strip
would be the best for this client,

considering, you know,
Sunset Strip is my area of expertise.

Maybe she wants a charity case.

Maybe she wants to help a stray dog.
I don't know.

- Okay, thanks.
- Perfect, okay.

♪ Get ready ♪

♪ Baby, when you kiss me ♪

♪ Everything
Everything's shining bright ♪

♪ Baby, when you love me ♪

♪ Every single thing just falls in line ♪

♪ I'm feeling good ♪

♪ Yeah, everything's feeling right ♪

is my first big listing in a while,

so obviously it's super important for me
to make sure everything goes perfect,

because the first round of staging
didn't go as planned

and Brett was already giving me crap
about it delaying a week.

So, it's important that it sells
and it sells quick.

I feel like they're already losing
a little trust in me.

[Heather] Welcome.


- [Heather] Who's this?
- This is Kangaroo.

Kangaroo, how cute. Hi, baby.

[man] This is a cute little guest room.

[woman] Yeah.

[Heather] Um, the home was built in 1938.

- It was just newly renovated.
- [woman] Nice.

[Heather] Yeah, they put in
a little over two million.

Wow, look at this view!

- [man] Peter would love this.
- Hey, guys.

I just wanted to make sure
everything was going okay.

- Yeah.
- Do you like it?

- Yeah.
- Awesome.

- I'm looking to expand.
- Okay.

Uh, my wardrobe is getting too big
and my boyfriend's getting fatter,

- so we need more room.
- Oh, he is? [laughs]

So, uh, he needs a trainer
and you need a bigger closet. Got that.

We have a special spot
for Kangaroo right here.

- [woman] Aw, so sweet. Kangy, look!
- [Heather] Yeah.

Yes. I want to give you a brochure.

Um, are there any schools in the area?
'Cause I'm thinking of having a baby soon.

- You are? Exciting!
- Yeah.

Yeah, there are great schools in the area.

I love that you're gonna have a baby soon.

I know! I'm not pregnant yet.

Yeah, but, you know,
you're thinking about it.

- Amazing, thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

Bye, Kangaroo. So cute.

[Christine] Holly Drive is so cute.

[Jason] And so well priced.
I don't know what's going on.

She's looking, ideally,
south of Wilshire, but...

South of Wilshire, ideally? Oh.

[Jason] Mary, totally off-topic,

I'm looking at buying
a Picasso ceramic vase.

Do you mind taking a look at it?

I'm going to put it in my kitchen.

[Mary] Hey, Christine, do you want to buy
a Picasso vase for 35 grand, too?

That's it? That's a steal. Sign me up.

- Can you come look at it before I get it?
- We should all get one.

It's 12 inches by six and a half inches.

- It's cool, though. I really like it.
- I have the perfect spot for it.

Oh, originally 40 grand, now only...

- It's a steal, man.
- Yeah.

I mean, where did you find that?

[Jason] Uh, Belgium.

- I love their waffles and the...
- [Mary laughs]

Yeah, I'm pretty excited.

[Jason] Why don't we get
the team meeting started right now?

[Davina] Okay.

Come here, sweetheart.
Come see Papa. Come see Papa!

- Okay.
- [Jason] Okay.

Uh, Christine, what's up with you?

Um, I had a really interesting showing
the other day.

For the first time, I had someone walk out
without completing the tour.

I showed it to them and they loved it.
They thought it was beautiful...

And then you turn around,
you're like, "Wait, where are you guys?"

I was like, " Great! Let's go
to the other side of the house now."

And they're like, "We're good, thanks."

If it makes you feel better, I've had,
often times with celebrities,

I've had them pull up, take off,

and their manager calls me five minutes
later and says, "You know what?

They don't need to see it.
They don't like the outside."

[Maya] Yeah, it's so rude.
Like, it's so disrespectful for the time.

Unfortunately, honestly, in this business,
people waste your time all the time.

Um... Mary, what's going on?

- I just closed, uh, two escrows...
- [Heather] Whoo! Yay.

...and then another one this month
as well. So, yeah, that's three.

Oh, speaking of which, I'm gonna be
bringing you on a listing that I've got,

about three point six million, because
you have closed so many deals lately.

Oh, that's awesome. Thank you.

- You got it. You deserved it.
- Very cool. I appreciate that.

- Good job.
- I do not think there's any favoritism.

He rewards who kicks ass and sells homes.

There are three favorites in the office.

Mary, Mary, and also Mary.

Then you have Nico and Zelda.

So yeah. So we are probably
behind Mary, Nico, and Zelda.

All right, so I know
you all are working very hard,

but we do need to start closing
some more deals. Okay?

Speaking of closing deals, Heather,
I took this agent Kelsey and her client

over to your Sunset Plaza listing,
they loved it.

- Awesome. It's ready to go.
- That house is looking good.

It would mean everything to me
if he found a buyer for this house

and helped me close this deal.

- Let's get back to work, everyone.
- [all] All right.

Come on, sweetheart, jump.

[Heather] Oh. Ooh.

♪ Well, I'm doing ♪

♪ I know I'm not losing ♪

♪ There ain't no confusion... ♪

Do I look like a crack whore today?
'Cause I feel one.

Sometimes I'm like, "Yeah, I'm such
a supermodel today." And I'm like

"Who's that Lindsay Lohan
drug addict in my mirror?

I'm like... I hate when that happens.

Um, I'm a little nervous. I've never...

I've had this with like, you know,
when someone's listing their house

where they want
to meet several different agents,

- but I've never had it with a buyer.
- [Christine] And not at the same time.

I know, it's very strange.

So I don't really know what to expect.

It's like we've been given a mission.

Thanks, Charlie.

I love a good mission.


So a lot of times in Los Angeles,
you're talking to people's people.

I heard that Alexandra is representing
the owners of Wag,

and, um, she's delegated
to look at houses for them, so

hopefully we can find them
the right house.

- How are you today?
- Good, how are you?

- Great.
- So, this is weird,

but do people ever tell you that you look
like LC from Laguna Beach?

- Yes.
- Totally. Yes.

So we're excited to see you today.
I know obviously I met you before.

And I was curious how you heard about me,
because I think we have a mutual friend?

We do. So one of my colleagues, Eva,
she had mentioned you.

- Oh, my gosh, I love Eva. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah, so I definitely was like,

have to meet
and learn more about you

and kind of see what you see as my vision.

Please tell her I said hello.

I will, definitely.

So I remember you mentioned a little bit,

but I was telling Christine, I couldn't
remember exactly. What is it that you do?

So I'm one of the founding team members
of Wag, the dog walking app.

- That's it. Yeah.
- [Christine] I love that company.

So, I used to have a doberman,

- so I would hire you guys. Yeah.
- That's great.

I'm glad to hear of a user.

[Christine] Yeah, yeah. So, no,
I know all about you guys.

So, really I wanted to meet with both
of you to kind of give you an idea

of what he's looking for.

Do you have any idea of what neighborhood,
square footage, price point?

So, preferably, uh, Hollywood.

A big factor for him would be
finding a place

- that's in walking distance of work.
- Convenience.

Dog friendly, uh, place.
You want a yard? Okay. Got it.

Other than walking distance,

the price point we decided is
between four point two to four point six.


Um, seeing a range of places
in that price point would be great.

And then, three to four bedrooms,
three to four bathrooms.

- Three to four.
- Okay.

We do plan on just going with one person.

I feel that gives me more
of that opportunity to bond

and get that vision and have
the experience we would like.

So, as far as working styles,

how would you both say
you work with your clients?

- Do you want to go first?
- Um, well, basically,

I'm very hands on, so what I'll do is I'll
get a feel for what you're looking for.

I'll map it out. I'll write it down.

I'll do my research on making sure
that I can find you

not only what you're looking for,
but something

that's maybe not necessarily
out there on the MLS available to people.

And I'll do my best to negotiate,

get you a great deal,
stay within your price point,

and, um, make sure that you're happy.

- Awesome.
- You know? Yeah.

So just to add onto what she said,
because it was basically a perfect answer,

for me personally, I would just say...

I'm from the South,
so I'm very, like, one-on-one.

And I would just say,
I just bought a house last year

and it was very stressful,

so I would think my job is
to let you enjoy the process

and let me take the stress on,
'cause I think that's important.

I would just try and make sure
every step of the way

that it would be an enjoyable process.

So you, um, haven't been working
with the Oppenheim Group as long, correct?

I haven't. I've actually been there
probably about, I'd say, four months now.

Okay. And how long have you been
with Oppenheim?

I've been at the company for,
like, almost four years.

- I've known Jason for a little while.
- [Alexandra] Oh, wow. Yeah.

Both of you are awesome,
and we really do look forward

to working with one of you,

so over the next day or two I definitely
will make that decision

and then we can go to the next step.

Christine and I have the same resources.

We are both probably going
to be able to deliver

the same quality of listings
for her to look at.

I just need to make sure
that she wants to spend more time with me.

- [Alexandra] It will be great.
- We'll be in touch for sure.

- Awesome, thanks. Bye.
- Take care, we'll be in touch. Bye!

Okay, so...

[sighs] That wasn't what I thought
it was gonna be.

I know. I'm gonna stress eat. [chuckles]

[Christine] No, I know. I know.

That stresses me out.

It's gonna really hurt
your feelings when I get this.

How are you gonna deal
with this, Chrishell?


I know, baby. I know, Papa's here.

Um, what's everybody doing tomorrow?

[Maya] We're doing the Broker's Open,

and then I'm catching actually the red eye

because I'm having my first ultrasound
the next day.

- [Mary] Yay!
- [Heather] Oh, that's so cool.

- I wanted my husband to be with me, and...
- [Christine] Of course. Yeah.

[Davina] That's so exciting.

Are you sure it's his baby?

Um... Last time I checked, it was, yeah.


Um, you're gonna be back when?

- [Maya] So I'm flying Tuesday night.
- [Heather] We need you back.

- I'll be back Friday.
- Okay.

'Cause I have, like, uh,
showings on Saturday and Sunday.

[Davina] Here? Yeah.

Yeah, just showings, showings. I mean,
I need closing. That's what I need.

[Heather] We all need that, right? Yeah.

So, you guys, I have
my friend-slash-client coming in.

His name's Brandon.
I showed him the 40-million-dollar house.

- Awesome. Amazing.
- Oh, wow. How did it go?

[Heather] Really, really well.

Are you sure you don't want to get in?

I'm deciding not to swim today.

I think it's absolutely amazing.

He has someone that he thinks
would be interested.

Like, a Chinese investor.

- Is he a playboy model, too?
- [chuckles]

He should be,
but maybe you can, um, check him out...

I'll be the judge of that.

Oh, my God. If that guys buys it, you have
to get your friend the best gift ever.

I know. Well, I told him I'd give him
a referral if he obviously...

He's not buying it, guys.
My client's buying it.

Christine, you have to show some support.

- No, I'm happy for you.
- [Maya] Yeah, right.

In the meantime, let me work on
my $500,000 condo buyer.

- That would be awesome.
- Hey, everything counts.

- Everything counts. Including leases.
- Seriously, money is money.

[Maya] I agree.

- Hello. Hi.
- [Heather] Hi!

- Oh, here he is.
- [Brandon] Hello.

- Hi, welcome to my second home.
- [Brandon] Hey, how are you?

- Great place.
- Thank you.

- It's not mine, but thank you.
- You look fantastic, as always.

- How's everything?
- Good.

- Did you talk to him?
- A little bit.

I gave some hints. So I just need
a little bit more information.

[Christine] There's no competition
between Heather and I.

I was the first person to show
the property and I'm gonna be the last.

[Heather] Jason.

- Hey, how are you?
- [Brandon] Good, how are you?

- Brandon.
- Brandon Larkin. Very nice to meet you.

- You as well. Heather's told me about you.
- How's it going? I'm Brett.

- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.

This is quite a crew you guys have here.

Yeah, this is our office.
This is the team. Wanna meet the team?

Mary, Christine, Davina,
Maya, and Chrishell.


- Pleasure to meet you.
- And the dogs.

Let me get you a water.
And then we can sit down there...

- Sure.
- ...and discuss everything.

Excuse me. Thank you.

[Heather] Excuse me, baby.

[Heather] Are those frosted tips?

Like, people are still doing that?

I feel like he could have been
a Backstreet Boy in his previous life.

Like, he wanted to be a little bit.

It's like, Heather's new boyfriend
or something?

I mean, they look really cute together.

So tell me, you...
Tell me what the situation is.

I know you saw Hillside
and you have somebody who's interested?

Exactly. He's been looking for something.
It needs to be very LA.

You know, he wants a Hollywood lifestyle.
He wants something that nobody else has.

[Brett] And you saw the TV that comes up?

This house has tons of things
that no other house has.

I think they're just friends, though.

[Brandon] Heather, correct me if I'm wrong
on this, but this is the last one

that has the zoning ability to be able
to build it with this square footage?

- Of that size, yes.
- [Brett] You won't see anything that size.

There's a Hillside ordinance that took
effect last year, drastically reducing

the size of properties you can build
based on the land,

so in order to build a house that big now,
you'd have to have acreage.

And there's no such thing as acreage
in the Hills.

You won't see that again.

There's nothing that compares
to this house.

When dealing with billionaires,
they want what nobody else can have.

They don't want just another house
based on money.

The money has to make sense,

but want something to be really unique.
This moat...

It's the longest pool
in the Hollywood Hills.

See, now I have to tell you,
that's what my client would love.

And I know it's tough to walk
through a house without it being finished,

but the good side is,
you're the only person seeing it.

A handful of people are seeing it. We have
the exclusive on the house right now.

The more that we can do visually,
the better we're gonna be,

and with numbers,
because there's a language barrier.

Let's put a really good packet together
of the renderings,

a list of all the amenities.

Uh, perhaps we have some photos
of the furniture

- and the artwork.
- Okay.

And just try to paint the picture.
At least enough to get him out here.

Gentlemen, this sounds great.

- It was a pleasure. Cheers.
- It was a pleasure, man.

- Very good to meet you.
- Yeah, you as well.

- Heather, always a pleasure to see you.
- [Jason] Take care.

- Ladies, it was a pleasure. Take care.
- [Jason] Stop by anytime, my man.

- Thank you so much, guys.
- Yeah, good job.

[Heather] Are you guys gonna be
happy for me or jealous?

A little bit of both.

Okay, all y'all relax.
She hasn't sold it yet, okay?

Come on.
You guys are getting so hyped. Jesus.

[Heather] I love these girls,
but they're definitely catty.

I have a chance to make a ton of money
and I'm sure they want

a piece of the pie as well.

[Chrishell] You know, wanted
to get together with the pooches

and just basically tell you, you know,
in a casual setting,

I do think
that with a new, first-time buyer,

I just did this myself,
so I feel like I can be better equipped

to kind of, like, help you
through the process.

♪ If we only get this one life ♪

♪ Don't you wanna feel good all day
All night? ♪

♪ Bet you we could have a good time ♪


- How are you, babe?
- Good, how are you?

- Good to see you.
- You too.

I just got you a bottle of wine,
by the way.

- Oh, wow, that's amazing.
- You have to drink the whole thing

- in one session.
- Uh, delicious. I love wine.

Let's get you a drink.

I'm such a dog lover.
Obviously you are, too.

So... Oh, no.

Sorry, one second.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.



Cheers to Sunday.

I don't have a ton of clients.

Feel free to call me any time of day,
any time of night.

I'll always drop whatever it is.

I really would be dedicated to you.

And all my clients are all best friends.
Like, they all come to the parties

and we go out, and I love that.

So I feel like you and I would have
an amazing bond, you know?

So I found this for Norman.

- Little goodies for you.
- [barks]

- [Chrishell] Do you like it?
- [Alexandra] Oh, wow.

- Aw, he approves.
- I know.

I have more experience.

Chrishell's pretty new to the office, and
I think she's new to real estate as well.

Cheers to being smart enough
to pick me as your agent.


That's surprisingly really good.

♪ Da... Da... Dangerous ♪

♪ I'm a bit dangerous ♪

- [Mary] Um, Christine?
- Mm-hmm.

Did you get flowers again?

Yeah, I did.

[Maya] By who?

Like, you get more flowers
than anyone I have ever seen.

I'm glad that they're
from this person, actually.

- It's a new guy?
- Okay. Uh, do tell.

It's a new guy I've been talking to,
but he's really cute.

Like, blonde hair,
blue eyes, he's really tall.

- Picture, please.
- [Davina] Yeah, I agree.

This is, like, a terrible,
like, not a great photo.

- Pass it around for the class, please.
- Good body.

I had to, like, get that photo out of him.

He didn't want to send it, but I was like,
"Oh, just send a little shirtless selfie,

never hurt nobody." I wanted to see
what I was working with, you know?

I love that he's pulling down his shorts,

like, "What are you gonna see
if I pull it down a little further?"


I need to see what's going on
underneath the shirt.

I want to live your life.

I was actually at the Beverly Wilshire
on a date with this guy

and I thought he was so cute.
And he had a button-up shirt.

And then he goes to sit down,
and the button comes off

and there's
a belly hanging over his pants.

And I was like...

[Davina] Oh, gosh.

I was like, "I should've gotten
a shirtless photo

before I went out with him.

So it's just like, you never know.
I'm not into the surprise body,

so I told him to send me
a photo like that.

I love hearing your stories.

[Davina] Guys, we should probably do
some work. We are at the office, you know?

[Chrishell] Yes. Sorry.

Sir, I'm so sorry we're not talking
about real estate, sir.

Please don't punish me, I'm so sorry.

Heather, got some good news.

- [Heather] Uh-oh. What?
- Remember Kelsey?


Kelsey's coming back literally right now.


So, any second she's gonna show up.

I think they're trying to get the house
off the market before your broker open.

- Really?
- That's what it sounded like.

- So he loved it.
- Yeah.

If this offer comes in, this house will be
sold within 48 hours of hitting the market

which is incredible. That's pretty rare.

I'd say that happens
maybe ten percent of the time.

- Hey, Kelsey.
- Hey, guys.

You have good news for us?

I do. Thanks for meeting me
before the broker starts.

- Nice to see you.
- Hi, how are you?

- Good.
- What's going on?

Um, so my client
is interested in the home.

He wants to submit
an offer of five point three.

Five point three. Okay.

If we can get it today
before the broker's open starts.

- You wanna take it off market right now?
- [Kelsey] We do.

Yeah, I need to call them and see
if that number would work.

- Go ahead, take a minute.
- Okay, give me a minute.

Good. That works.

So he really liked it?

He does. It's perfect for them.


So I have some news.

I showed the home to a prospective buyer.

And I just met with the agent
and they want to submit an offer.

In order to take it off the market today,
what number do you want?

All right, Kelsey.

So I just spoke to my client,
five point three is a little bit low.


They are willing to settle today,
take it off the market,

but the number, the final number is

- Okay.
- And that's it.

So we can't go any lower than that.

All right. Well, I have him on standby,

so I'll just shoot him a text
really fast and I'll let you guys know.

- Okay.
- All right.

- It's exciting, though.
- Mm-hmm.

[Heather] I mean, but here's the thing,

everyone loved this home,

so if they can't come to the number
we want, forget it.

I'm totally cool with that.

Are you guys...
You're positive that's it, right?

Yeah. There's no wiggle room.
No. Absolutely not.

Yeah. We should
definitely play hardball right now.

I mean, there's nothing we can do.

That's the number they want.
I'm not gonna go against it.

[Kelsey] All right.

- [Heather] What?
- You got yourself a deal.

- Seriously?
- Yep.

- Today. Yes.
- Really? Shake on it. Okay.

- Congratulations.
- You guys got to take it off today.

- No broker's open.
- No.

- All right.
- Congratulations.

- Thank you, nice doing business with you.
- Thank you.

- I'll send over the paperwork. Okay. Bye.
- [Heather] Thanks, Kelsey.

Wait, am I imagining?
Did it really happen?

No, that happened.

This gives me confidence,
because it's been so long for me...

That's a six-figure commission.

- Yay!
- That's big.

Can we celebrate, please?
I've had so much stress, I need to...

Yeah. Well, first I'm gonna jump
in that pool.

Okay. Can I push you? Please? Please?

Let me get my jacket off.

[Christine] Any good homes, Maya?

Uh, there are a lot of nice ones,
you know?

Like, I mean, if I lived there I would
go to, like, open houses and stuff, but

I haven't seen anything
for the last year and a half.

[Maya] The silent of the lamb.


You what?

- The silent of the lamb.
- [chuckles]

[phone ringing]

This is Chrishell Hartley.

Oh, hi, Alexandra, how are you?

Good, thank you.

Uh, she's in the office,
just give me one second.

This is Alexandra. She asked...

Um, do you want me to put you on speaker?

Okay, one second.

- Yes, we're both here.
- Hi.

- [Alexandra] Hi, Christine.
- How are you?

- I'm good. How are you?
- Good, thanks.

Awesome. So yeah, I just wanted
to let you know my decision.

Thank you both so much
for meeting with me.

I really, you know, loved getting to know
both of you, and, you know,

both have a lot to offer.

After much thought...

I've decided to go with Chrishell.

Um, I just feel she'll be
the best fit right now.

Uh, but I really do appreciate
all the time you gave, Christine, to me.

And, um, yeah, you know, I'm looking
forward to working close with Chrishell.

[Chrishell] Oh, well, thank you so much.

- We'll talk soon.
- Sounds good.

Okay. Bye.


♪ Work hard, hard
Play harder ♪

♪ You go far
But I go farther ♪

♪ Motivate myself
I don't need no help ♪

♪ If I'm going, then I'm going
Then I'm going all out ♪

♪ Work smart
Then play harder ♪

♪ I play what I'm given
No matter the cards that I hold ♪