Real Cases of Shadow People The Sarah McCormick Story (2019) - full transcript

Three students went missing in October 2018. Sarah McCormick, Kyle Miller, Joseph Moore. Authorities have now come forward with the information that video surveillance was found inside of ...

- I felt like somebody was
pulling me across the bed.

- My daughter disappeared
when she was eight years old.

- Before my brother went
missing, he used to see

a shadow person.

- They even move objects, flip
the lights on and off too.

- When I was little I
would see them passing

through the walls at night.

- I felt this cold
sensation just touching me.

- He described it as being a
man, with no features at all,

just dark solid entity.

- Sometimes when I'm sleeping
I get this odd sensation

that wakes me and
they're there waiting me.

- I didn't know exactly what was going on.

- And it got to the
point where I don't even

open my eyes if I wake
up, just because I know

that they're there.

- I will never, ever
forget this experience

as long as I live.

- What I think she was seeing

was shadow people.

Right now we're tracking

new developments in the search
for three missing people

and earlier today
investigators located a car

connected to this case.

We're tracking the search

this afternoon for three
people who are missing.

- Now these
are people who just vanished

disappeared without a trace.

Investigators announced today

they are no longer actively searching

for missing 23-year-old
woman, but that doesn't mean

the investigation is over.

State officials spend much

of last week investigating
a missing persons case

and now they say-

- The
23-year-old woman has not been

seen since Sunday, her family and police

are asking for your help in finding her.

- The vehicle
of three missing students

was found at an abandoned
mine was earlier today.

Still under investigation.

Why you got so much shit?

- This is actually a small suitcase.

- Is it all
feminine product and shit?

- You know it.

Jesus Christ.

- See it fits.

I guess.

So what frame rate and
shit do you wanna shoot in?

- Frame rate?
- Yeah.

- I don't know, technical
stuff that's all you.

I'm gonna be the one that's
asking at the questions though.

Right, well.

- That stuff-

- You just want me
to run with it and do it?

- Hmm-mm.

- What if you don't
like it when I'm done.

You're like, oh you should have do this.

And I'm like, but you didn't
fucking tell me to do that.

- I mean we'll just roll
with it, what we'll go over.

- You're setting
me up for failure, Sarah.

Come on dude, you gotta fucking hurry.

Joe's gonna be here like any minute dude.

Come on.

You ready?
- Yeah.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- So this is it?
- Yes.

We're doing it.

You should like, you
know, introduce yourself

and tell people what the
fuck you're doing, right?

- Introduce myself?

- Yeah man, you gotta
set it up and you know.

This is your documentary.

- Okay.



- Hi, my name is Sarah
McCormick and my crew and I

are going on a quest.

Actually, don't do that.


Hi, my name is Sarah
McCormick, and me and my crew

are going on an adventure to find out more

about the shadow people, and
we're going to be interviewing

a couple of.

Can you do it again?

Adventure's not right either,

that didn't sound right.

That doesn't sound right.

- I should write it down.

- Come on, you don't
have to write this shit down.

- Do we have to do this now?

Can we wait til later?

No, come on Sarah.

Hurry the fuck up.

You've got something in your eat.

- I do?

All right, you ready?

All right, here we go.

- Hi, my name is Sarah
McCormick, and me and my crew

are going on an ad-

- You suck, all
right, you're writing this.

What's up, bro?

- Hey.
- How you doing, man.

- Good.

Good to see ya, good to see ya.

- Get the fucking camera out
of my face.

- You can go and put
this shit in the car, man.

Check one, two, check one, two.

Guys I don't know which
one I want to go with.

I either want to go with this boom.

Pick one.

Or with this stereo application.

We are switching back and forth between.

Okay there's definitely
a lot more road noise

on the stereo I think.

If I go to the boom, it's
gonna isolate our vocals,

our dialogue better.

- All right, why would
you have a dream catcher?

Why is there a wolf on your chest?

Why do you have a wolf
tattooed on your chest,

glaring over the mountains?

- No regrets.

- It's an American wolf
coming out of the mountains

'cause me and my daddy, we
like to hunt, we go hunting

and I got a plate of fucking
American jerky werewolf.

- You've got a tattoo on your butt?

- Yeah, and God-dammit
it, it's a God-damn wolf.

- Shut the, no!

- It's the God-damn
American jerky werewolf

surrounded by dream catchers.

- What was your inspiration for that?

- Didn't you ever see
Pee Wee's Big Adventure?

Are you fucking serious?

- Didn't he get
caught for masturbating.

- Hell, yes he did.

- Can't he just
watch that shit at home

like everybody else on their computer?

- That's what I'm saying.

He never porned nubby?

He never jerked off the nubby porn?

- Oh you mean where they have amputated?

That's right, Joseph.

That's right, these are
women who have no legs.

And they are getting burned
out by motherfuckers.

- Oh in the Lion King I used

to actually have a crush on Mufasa.

- I can't knock to
that, Mufasa's bad-ass.

I'd fucking do him.

- I saw both of
them and I was like ah, man.

- Everyone fuck Mufasa.

Just do your maps.

- That's what I'm doing.

- You have an iPhone right?

- Yeah.

- It's barely hanging on there.

It looks like it's been through
fucking two Robocall movies.

You should have seen that movie.

- I love that movie.

You know what?

That is one of my
favorite all-time movies.

- It is one of the
best movies ever made.

- I don't get a fuck.

I'll buy that for a dollar.

- What are you doing?

Man I love that movie.

- Just type it in.

- I did.

- Okay then, will you zoom out

because there's a part where it says turn.

Like go to the.

THere's a part where we need to turn off.

But where?

- That little nick.

Yeah, what's that say?

Just tell me the road, 'cause
I know how to get there.

All I need to know is the road.

- Three 38.

Oh, look a flea market.

- I used to think flea markets had fleas.

See, we're like two miles to 258.

- Two miles.

Yeah, yeah, 'cause I knew we were close.

- What was your point
with this tree thing?

- It's a good shot.

The B roll shot. You know
the B roll things, right?

When you see the camera
out the windows in a movie

so that you know they're driving

and then it just B roll so
it's just the trees and shit.

I played banjo when I was a kid.

Turn right on.

What made you stop?

I used to give lessons.

Turn right, turn right.

You mean stop?


- My mother was killed
right in front of me

and I had to go to a
psychiatric institution

until I was 15 from the
age of eight until 15

'cause I didn't talk.

- Are you serious?

Joe, stop fucking around dude.

Do tell her shit like that.

That's such a lie.

His mother is alive and well.

He's never been to a psychiatric place.

- You're an asshole.

- Well, he's probably
been to a psychiatric hospital.

- Why am I an asshole?

- 'Cause I was about to get emotional.

Oh Sarah.

It's okay.

Ouch, shit.

Don't you fucking touch her

after I fucking insulted her.

# Send her to the motherfucking curb #

- Yes?

Sarah, your corn is burnt.

- It's fried.

Oh shit.

Kyle, eat.

All right.

Sarah why are you mutilating your corn?

- I don't know, it gets
stuck in your teeth.

You are mutilating your corn.

Dismembering your corn.

Look how much corn it turns into.

I know.

- Let me tell you a secret, I eat corn.

Listen, look at me, don't bite the corn.

You suck that motherfucker and nibble it.

You nibble and suck it
the like this.

Here's the kernel right here.

- See it's all in his
teeth. It's all in his teeth.

Look here, look here.

Damn I gotta get a poker now.

Oh God.

Two hours I'm gonna meet Mr. Shepardson.

His daughter disappeared in May

and both of them, her father
and her saw the shadow people.

- Turn the radio
down do I can get this.

We gotta get this right.

- Okay, we're two hours
out and we are going to-

Hold on, stand by, stand by.

- We're going to Stephen
Shepardson's place.

His daughter disappeared in May

and right before she
disappeared both of them saw

the shadow people, but
warn you, both of you,

he's a little

No, honestly, guys he's like.

Seriously guys, I think he only wants

to talk about like certain things to us.

He seemed off.

I'm not filming you by the way.

You better not be.

She's falling down in the woods

Sarah cannot make it.

She got trapped by a cat.

She's seen him behind

Just get out and piss then dude.

Jesus, might as well, but
do it towards the cameras

so I won't film.

- You won't see

Did you see Joe's pecker out?

- No.

- I saw you got strangled
by that vine over there.

You got mad.

- I peed on my sandal.

You peed on your sandal?

What if an animal smells it right now

and tries to attack you.

- Sasquatch?


What if a Sasquatch tries to attack you?

I stepped it in your pee.

You stepped it in?

I told to walk around the front.

- And I peed on my foot too.

- I told you to
walk around the front.

- There should be nut
art because every time I do it

I get bad-ass designs and shit.

I'm getting some neat
looking intermittent shit,

so I'm thinking wow that's like art.

If I would have put
that on a fucking canvas

and sell it as nut oil, I
mean I may have a banger.

Somebody may be interested in nut oil.

- Are you going to let them
know that it's actual cum?

- Oh yeah, we're
gonna call it nut art.


That's it, it's nut art.

if you were like Sting

you could sell nut art, but you're not.

But wait til you see my designs.

Wait till you fucking see
the designs I make bro.

- Wait, wait, wait
we're not starting yet.

We're not starting yet.

So we're gonna start right now.

- What do you mean
it can't be abbreviated?

- It can't be like R-D, like road.

It has to be fair word.

- I used to play
this game with my step-dad

except we'd have to take
our clothes off every time

we got it right.

- Filming?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'll do all the talking, remember?


Did he know we were coming?

- Yeah, of course.

Well, maybe he fucking forgot.

- No he didn't forget.


- There's no way he forgot.

Shall I knock again?

- I don't seen
anybody in there man.

Yeah, fucking knock again.

What the fuck man?

- Look I'm
sorry, I can't do this.

- Mr. Shepardson, it's me, Sarah.

We talked on the phone.

I know who you are.

I just don't feel comfortable doing this.

- Listen, we drove really
far away to get here.

We're not gonna be here long.

I'm just gonna ask you
a couple of questions.

If there's anything you
don't wanna talk about

we won't talk about it.


Thank you so much for having us.

I promise we won't stay that long.

This is Kyle, the camera guy.

This is Joe the audio guy.

- Hey, how you do?
- Hi.

You guys can just have a seat over there.

I'm just gonna take a
minute if that's all right.

Yeah, yeah, take it.

- Where do you wanna set up?

- I don't know man,
what the fuck this guy doing?

- I don't know man.

Just let him do it and
let's get this footage.

I guess right here man.

Don't touch anything.

- Yeah, don't
break any Faberge eggs.

Sorry about that.

No problem.

Thank you again for having us.

I really appreciate it.

So where do you want to begin?

- When was the last time
you saw the shadow man?

- There's more than just one of them.

I guess it was after my
daughter Allie was born.

- Can you describe what it looked like?

What they look like?

- Basically just silhouettes.

They'd hide in the shadows,
but they were even darker

than those shadows,
just solid pitch black.

- How many times have you seen them?

- More than I would have liked to.

So often?

- Yeah, it got to a point
where I was seeing them

several times a night.

- Where did you see them?

- They were usually down the hallway

by Allie's bedroom door.

If I got up to turn the light
on, they would disappear.

I know as she got older,
she started seeing them too.

I just never told her that
I was seeing them as well.

I should have, but I didn't.

- Why didn't you?

- I was scared.

- Scared of what?

- I didn't want her to know
I was worried about it.

I mean when you have a kid
you're supposed to be able

to protect them and I
didn't want her to think

that I couldn't protect her.

- All right, I understand.

When did she go missing?

- It was a few days
before her 10th birthday.

She had come in and woke up her mom and I

and told us that the shadow people

had gotten into her bedroom, and they were

pushing her down on her bed, telling her

not to wake up.

We told her it was a dream
and just to go back to sleep,

and she did and that was
the last time we saw her.

She was gone in the morning.

- Did you call the police?

- Absolutely, and do
you know what happened?

Her mom and I were named as prime suspects

in her disappearance case.

Do you have any idea what
it's like to be accused

of your own daughter's disappearance?

Nobody looks at you the
same way, nobody trusts you.

I lost my wife, I lost my job of 15 years,

I lost everything.

- Oh my God, I'm so sorry.

- Yeah.

So what do you want from all this?

- What do you mean?

- What are you hoping to
accomplish with these interviews?

- I think this is, I think
this is a serious matter

that needs more attention.

- Look just, trust me, don't
get involved with this.

Just pack up your equipment and go home.


- Hey, how's it look?

Well, it cuts off kinda weird.

- Are you serious?

What did we get?

- Well, I mean we
pretty much got everything,

but look just check this out.

- What happened,
did the battery die?

- No, battery's fine
and the memory card's fine too.

- That's fucking weird.


- I'm sure it's nothing.

- Are you sure the battery didn't die?

I'm positive.

I checked all that shit.

# You know I said I'm sorry #

# Show you what I'm all about #

# Oh you know I said I'm sorry #

# Show you what I'm all about #

Hey Kyle, help me get this open.

What's that?

- So we are from here about two hours out.

This is our last interview in Florida.

Who we gonna see?

- Her name is Mae Montgomery
and she's an older lady.

I already talked to her on the phone,

she seems really sweet.

Her husband disappeared
a couple of years ago.

So we're just getting her story.

Yep, two hours, huh?

- Yep.

- Very good with that
take, do you wanna do it again?

That's good.

- Sharpie, put a circle round it.

Chapter eight, verse 21,
section two, circle it.

Put a highlighter on it.

Put a Post-It note next to it.

Circle it.

Hold on, I'm missing this.

So you're saying a woman did do it?

You had a chance.

For a friend?

A friend of yours did it,
- it was a girls night.

but you've never done it back.


- What, that's like
the time I let this dude

suck my dick and I didn't
suck his dick back.

- Wait, seriously?

- I've had what do
they call it, like a-

Dick in your mouth before?

- Yeah, but.

One time, listen, I was in a bar.

First time I ever had a squirter.

I was in a bar and this
chick, she was like

kinda gross, whatever.

And all of a sudden she just
squirts all over the place.

The dick was like that
big, it was rock hard.

I had to borrow my brother's underwear

so they were like Jockey
underwear, which I never wear.

I had to get a whole handful of napkins

and literally put napkins in my underwear

and wear like a pad for
the rest of the night.

My underwear was still
wet when I went home.

Jesus Christ.

One time I used to have this
chick worked at the Undertone

and I would have sex with
her and the whole bed

would be wet, but she wasn't a squirter.

She just got wet.

- She just pissed
all over the place.

She probably just peed.

She got nervous and pissed.

No bullshit, this dude
wanted me to piss on him like

- and then she asked me specifically

- And then he wanted to report it.

- Unless she asked me
specifically to piss on her

then I would never piss.

- I think he was
drugging her then taking videos

of people pissing on her and shit.

- For himself?

Yeah, absolutely.

He was a fucking weirdo.

He was my best friend.

His name's Roger, I've been
with his wife all the time.

- We had that dinner
and I was telling him,

this is the last time.

- Do you guys even
believe in this shadow man shit?

- Yes.

- I don't doubt it.

It's not like, I guess it's
like she is with religion.

I guess I'm agnostic.

I don't doubt that it exists, but I also,

unless you see it, unless
I saw it, I wouldn't

believe in it either.


- Well hello there. How nice
to meet you, come on in.

- Nice to meet you too.

- Hello gentlemen, come on in, welcome.

- Thank you.
- How you doing?

- Do you mind if I get a few
shots of things around here?

You guys wanna set up on here?

I guess the couch would look good.

- Yeah, that's fine.

- My
husband loved to paint.

He taught me how to do
that nice painting there.

You did this?

- I did, yeah.

He was also a chef and a lot of things.

We had the most beautiful
dinners together all the time.

- That's awesome.

- Well if you kids are hungry,
I've got some leftovers.

- We just ate
on the way over here,

so I'm stuffed.

- Okay, it just seems that ever
since my husband disappeared

everything I make goes to waste.

I can't finish it by myself anymore.

- I see.

I'm probably gonna be
hungry later obviously.

I know they will, it's been a long drive.

- All right, you just let me know, okay,

All right, thank you.

Thank you for offering.

My husband's family

was from Ireland actually.

Was he really?

What part?

- County Cork.

We never did make it over there.

Although we did go to Europe.

We went to France and Italy.

You can see some of the
photographs there on the wall.

- Very neat, that's neat.

How long you been here for?

- 26 years years.

- Oh wow, that's a long time.

All right, so we all set?

- This couch?

- Yeah, that works right?

Is this all right for you?

- Yeah, sure, whatever you want.

- Right.

Can you first start off
by introducing yourself.

- My name is Mrs. Mae Montgomery.

Sorry, I'm a bit nervous.

- You don't have to be
nervous, don't be nervous.

We're just talking.

We're just gonna be asking you questions.

If there's anything you
feel uncomfortable with

or any questions, just let us know.

We'll talk about something else.

- Okay.

- Do you remember the
first time that you saw

the shadow man?

- Oh yes, I was probably
around 10 years old then.

I've been seeing shadow
men for a long time.

- Can you tell me your
experience when you saw them?

- When I see them, it's
like their using telekinesis

to make me look their way.

They can cause intense fear
until you get used to it.

I think they do that because
you can't take your eyes

off of something your mind
is telling you is there.

Your mind won't let you
take your eyes off something

you fear can harm you.

I think they feel whatever
energy your emitted to.

It's gotten to the point where
I can hear them whispering.

But it's at a very odd frequency.

I think they can see your thoughts.

They know everything you
fear, so the moment you think

of something you fear,
they'll use it against you.

You must learn not to fear them.

I've noticed a decrease
since I've given them

what they want.

Once in a while they still get to me,

but I'm pretty used to them now.

- When was the last time you saw one?

- Just a few days ago.

I noticed it on the wall,
it looked a lot like me

and I swear it was like seeing myself.

After I realized what they
really are I felt sorry

for the shadow people.

The shadow people we see, only we can see,

they're a part of us,
but in a shadow realm.

They envy us our lives, having
what they've always wanted.

It was hard for me to
understand what it really meant.

It can mean many things.

99% of them are evil and
will try to make you weak

and possess you, but mine wasn't evil.

It was good and I would do
almost anything in the world

to help it because I love
myself, even the darkest parts.

Most of the time you see
shadow people, it's because

they want something from you.

The light just flickered.

- You got that?


- Does that happen often?

- Sometimes, it's nothing.

- So you told me on the
phone that you think

your husband was taken
by the shadow people.

- Oh yes, they told me.

- They told you?

- They told me they needed him.

It's doing it again.

Did you hear that?


- I didn't hear anything.

- You didn't hear that?

I didn't hear anything.

- Joe you heard it?

Kyle did you hear it?

There it is again.

I hear it.

- You're telling me you don't hear that?

- I don't hear anything.

- Is there somebody
else hear in the house?

- No, I live all alone now.

You've seen them haven't you?

You've seen the shadow people.

- No I have not.


We actually have a long drive.

We have to go to Georgia
for our next interview.

Thank you so much for having us.

- Please, stay a bit longer.

I don't get much company out here anymore.

- We have a long drive.

Guys just pack up.

Stop, stop.

- Sarah why the fuck
did you cut the interview

short like that?

- I don't know, I was
just getting freaked out.

- Well that may
have been our only chance

to get some good footage.

- You're right, but when
the light started flicking,

I felt like I got chills in my body.

I felt like someone was there.

But we should have investigated

the noises and shit.

- Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

She was really starting
to fucking creep me out.

I'm sorry.

Like what are we doing this for?

What's the point of doing
this if we're not gonna

investigate noises?

That was the perfect
opportunity for us to get

some good footage on this fucking trip.

I don't get it.

# Let me check it out with May #

# I'm just another cheap flight #

# You can fly tonight #

# We'll be whistling Dixie #

# And tomorrow we'll
catch the first ride #

# Out of this town #

# On a Greyhound #

# Out of this town tonight #

Give me a cigarette dude.

But don't tell anybody I smoke.

Look at that bug on me guys.

Oh my God, please somebody get it off.

I didn't bring my light either.

Honest to fucking God.

Oh there we go.

Excuse me, bud.

Thank you my man.

Thank you.

Yeah, no problem.

Welcome to Savannah.

- Thanks a lot man,
appreciate it very much.

What gives it away?

95 out of 100 arch.

And action.

- We are here in beautiful
Savannah, Georgia,

and we are able to meet with Mrs. Philips.

Her daughter recently went
missing and we're going

to have a little talk with her.

She seems like a real nice
lady and I'm interested

to know her story, we are.

Really good.

That was fucking fantastic.

- Really good.


The bugs don't bother you?

Yeah they do.

They don't get to you?

Okay, it's you too.

I was like it must be me, I'm stinky.

- So bad.

- Another cute face.

That's funny, that's so funny.

- They're everywhere.

I know it's crazy.

It's stupid.

- I need a shower.

# The world has lost worst thing #

# I cling to the old rocket cross #

Whoa, stones.

I know, it's like rock climbing,

seriously, seriously.

Oh shit, okay people we've got
Sasquatch finding right here.

I'd like to go ahead
and document this one.

This is document finding two 14

on the Sasquatch findings catalog.

Oh God-damn it.

Sarah I'm trying to get
the fucking focus man.

Two 14, got it, cataloged
it, got it, thank you.

We're way on down there.


Who are you talking to Sarah?

- My mom.

- Oh, tell her I said hi.

You don't ever wanna
ride one of those things.

Always smell of shit.

- Somebody else has got to hold this dude.

I can't look at it, I'm driving.

- 200 feet, or
no 100 feet now, 50 feet.

Turn right?

- In 800 feet turn
left on Turner Boulevard.

There we go.

- So hold on a second.
Somebody made a Cheetos.

- No there's a Cheetos
they found that like.

- No, someone fucking found a Cheetos

that looked like the
God-damn gorilla, Harumbe?

- And they sold it for 100,000.

- Stop.
- Let's buy a ton of Cheetos.

- It's fucking 100
degrees in this piece of shit.

The seats are uncomfortable
and I got boogers in my nose.

- Hey you're human, it's okay.

- Well at least you
don't bitch about stuff, Joe.

- That's the thing, I don't ever bitch.

Good thing about me.

I don't ever complain,
I'm not a complainer.

Jesus Christ.

It's a green light, keep going.

- Oh God, oh Jesus.
- Jesus.

Point four miles, take a left.

I could do Siri's voice.

I'm tired too.

Let's all nap.

- No, pussies.
- That makes it hot?

- Yeah, 'cause
it's like fucking running.

You can shut it off for a while.

I think we're good.

- I definitely had
a paranormal experience.

That's one of the reasons
I've been so obsessed

with this film, this documentary.

If I never went through what I did,

I wouldn't be interested in it.

Where do I start?

Besides personal experiences,
it's one of those things.

I know everyone, there's always
things, paranormal things.

There's superstitions,

there's things that you wanna believe,

but you're not sure if
they're actually real.

I really just wanted to interview people

that have experienced the shadow people

and the fact I'm actually
doing a documentary on it

with my good buddies I'm just so thankful.

# All the things that light has deprived #

Well there it is, the sun's down.

- Here you go, keep it
right here in the fire.

Pick it up a little it,
keep the fire burning.

I can use this right here and flip it.

Sometimes I get a big log
like that and just flip it.

I just get a big old log
like that, see that big one?

I just flip it around,
keep it from burning.

Get a big old piece of
driftwood like this,

it better be on.

- Do we have enough wood?

- We got enough
wood for a couple of days.


- In fact we can live a
couple days on this wood.

- Hello, my name is Kyle Miller.

Tell me about yourself Kyle.

- My name is Kyle Miller.

You're too close.

My name's Kyle, I'm out of focus.

No you're not.

- Today, I'm here.


Do you wanna fight karate, karate?

- I want you to listen to me.

As I sit on the plains of the Earth,

the atmosphere is one with me.

- Hi, do you wanna be taken serious?

Do you wanna live the life you love

and love the life you live?

Teach a man how to eat fish.

I want you to know that two
weeks ago I weighed 325 pounds,

just three short weeks ago.

- This is fucking
absolutely incredible Joe.

This fucking sky right now
looks like a million bucks dude.

Here he comes, your cookie's
right over here mate.

It's right over here,
it's right over here.

He's got the cookie mate.

He strikes a bit.

There you go.

You took the cookie, mate.

- It took the cookie.

- Look here he comes again.
- Go.

Look, there he is mate.

Looking for more cookie.

He's got a lot of balls on him.

Go lay down.

- I think we got a lot of footage today.

We did good.

Do you think so?

- Yeah.
- We got some good stuff.

Yeah I mean it was pretty good.

There's a couple things I wish
we'd have done differently.

- What?

- Well, I don't
know, in hindsight 20/20,

you always wanna do shit
different after you're done.

Where they going?

Where they need to be?

- Albuquerque.
- Albuquerque, mate.

- I'm glad you asked that
question, Albuquerque.

Albuquerque, mate.

I need to forewarn you
guys, I sleep in the nude.

Every night at 11 o'clock I take a poop.

- Is it actually like,
do you have a specific time.

- 11 o'clock
daily, so what time is it?

It's like 10:58, 'cause it's urging.

I know when it's time.

Look I know the time by poop feel.

It's not funny.

It's not fucking funny.

What time is it?

- You guys better
not fart in the tent,

I swear to God.

Oh well, I'm a farter.

You know how people are huggers?

I'm a farter.

When I meet people I'm like

Oh, sorry.

- Honestly guys, if you're
honest, how do you feel

about the interviews so far?

Do you think they're solid?

Do you think that?

- Well, do you want me
to be honest or do you want us

to make it through another
couple days of shooting?

I think it went well.

I do too.

I think it's going real well.

- I just wish I did.

- We should have
investigate those noises

a little more, that fucking
lady's house, but whatever.

It was still good.

- Kyle, who taught
you how to make a fire?

Yeah 'cause it sucks.

It does.

- You make the
worst fire I've ever seen.

So what do we do with it now?

Jesus Kyle, oh my God.

- Have you ever
farted and shit a little?

I think that's what just happened.

Fuck it stinks.

Oh my God.

I'm gonna change it tomorrow.

- That was the fucking
baked beans you ate earlier.

Joe, that's disgusting.

I'll be changing them tomorrow.

- Check your
pants, that's horrible.

You pooped, you pooped.

Did you really poop dude or what?

Just a little, just enough

to make it last all night.

I've got a little pouch,
can you get a camera shot?

I sure can.

Of my pouch.

- Yeah, yeah, you
got a little poop pouch.

I'm just holding it.

- I'm not sleeping
in the fucking tent

with you guys tomorrow.

This is bullshit.

- Why?

'Cause you fuckers fart.

- I don't fart.

You're stinky.

- I have unicorn dust, I don't fart.

- His fucking feet
are right in my face.

Your feet stink.

- I'm just gonna pre-warn
you, I'm a farter

and I have bad foot fungus.

- You're gonna have
to turn the other way dude.

Hey wait, listen, listen, listen.

- Oh my fucking God.

I can't do this, I can't do this.

I'm sleeping outside with the raccoons.

I swear to God.

It tastes like cinnamon.

- If I fucking smell that, I swear to God.

If that's I swear to God.

- Hey, y'all wanted to
do the barbecue spot earlier.

You gave my body them beans.

- If I farted guys,
what would you guys do?

Would you accept it?

I don't know, fart and let's see

what it's looking like.

- It depends on
which one it came out of.

- Not forcefully fart.

I just did.

- That was a forced one?

I forced the hell out of it.

Well, he did, so I fucking had to do it.

He's not gonna be the only
one to fart in this tent.

How can you force a fart?

It's like a mental thing.

- Look I want you
to know that I only fart

when I'm really, really
comfortable around people.

So you should take that as a-

I'm uncomfortable.

I fart when I'm
uncomfortable around people.

So exact opposite.

I still would really appreciate you-

- I don't fart, I've never
farted before in my life.

Girls don't fart.

- No.

I told you, it's unicorn dust.

Yeah right, it's just pixie dust.

- Pixie dust.

It's all glitter and shit.

And it makes a sound like ring.


What's the magic sound?

How do you do the magic sound?


No, that's a God-damn old phone.

Like magic, magic like shing.

Joe you just did a phone too.

- I know, but mine
was just a smaller-

- You have like
a rotary dial phone.

Can we just go to bed please?

All right, all right,

I'm turning the motherfucking thing off.



Get up Sarah.

- Kyle, turn it off.



Wake up.

- Stop.

Wake up.

Joe, wake up.

Get that thing out of my face.

- Wake up.
- What time is it?

It's like seven.

- Okay, Kyle, turn it off.

Wake up, Joe wake up.

Get up, let's go.

- Five more minutes.

Five more minutes, just five, please

Nope, let's go.

You guys look sexy in the morning.

Thank you.

- Did any of you
guys get lucky last night?


Somebody put it in my ass.

You guys getting bit?

'Cause I'm getting bit.


I forgot the spray.

- Yeah, there
should be some in the car.

- Kyle.

Turn up my jams dude.

Turn up my jams bro.

- All right guys, we are
going to see Mrs. Philips.

This is actually a recent case.

She seems, she still seems
really shook up about it,

which I can imagine.

Turn right here.

- Well, hello there, you must be Sarah.

Mrs. Philips.

- This is my dog Beau, he's
friendly, he won't bite.

- This is my
AV crew, Kyle and Joe.

- It's a pleasure to meet
you both, come on in.

Beautiful place.

- Thank you so much.

Can I offer you something to drink?

it's okay.

It's okay, little Beau.

Beau Beau, you're fine.

Can I offer you guys something to drink?


- Okay, do you boys
want something to drink?

A water too?

- Sure, thanks.
- Yeah sure, thanks.

- All right, thank you.

I'll be right back.

What type's the doggie?

- He is
part chihuahua part pug.

You guys made it all right?

The drive, you're comfortable?

You can stretch your legs.

- It's very long,
especially with these two.

The feeling's mutual.

Oh is that how it is?

- Are they
getting on your nerves are they?

Just a little bit.

You wanna?

Here, I'll take that.

Okay, great, thank you.

So you guys drove all
the way from Florida.

Is that right?

Yep, Tampa area.

- That sure is a long drive.

That's a long drive, but I'm
so glad that you're here.

Thanks for coming.

Thank you for having us.

You're welcome.

- If you're ready, we
can get started if you want.

- Yeah, certainly, that'll be fine.

- We just need
to bring in some stuff.

Won't take us long.

- All
right, that's no problem.

All this cool air.

- Yeah,
Florida is not normally known

for its cool temperatures.

It's so humid.

- It is, it is,
especially this time of year.

- It's not the
heat, it's the humidity.

That's right,

and you can never keep your hair.

- Oh I don't even
bother straightening it.

Just let it go frizz.

That's right.

Thank you again for having us.

Oh you're so welcome.

I'm so grateful that you can come.

I really wanna explore
this when I tell the story.

Pardon my dog, his clickety-clacking

will calm down I'm sure.

You said his name's Beau.

Yes, Beau.

Beau, hey Beau.

- He likes new people, once
he gets a little comfortable.

It's just the hardest thing
that I've ever dealt with.

I miss her so much.

It must be so difficult.

- It is.

How old is Katie?

- She was eight going on 18.

So full of personality.

- Is that her?

- That is, that's my baby.

- Oh my gosh, she's so beautiful.

- Thank you, she was my joy.

- Do you mind if the camera sees it.

- Sure.


- I have some more pictures over here.

Henry, you're home early.

- What's going on?

- Nothing, there's just some students here

making a school film.

- A school film about what?

You're doing what I think you're doing.

- Honey listen, I wasn't
going to say anything.

- You all need to leave.

- Henry, these kids drove
all the way from Florida

to do this interview.

- I don't care where they came from, go.

- I'm sorry,
I really didn't think

this was going to be a problem.

Honestly can we please go back,

'cause I wanna freaking get some answers.

I'm so fucking mad, we
didn't say anything.

Hey Sarah.


Do you have any more cigarettes?

Do I what?

Do you have any more cigarettes?


- I'm pretty sure
that's somebody's home

and trash can.

Oh my God.

God-damn do these bugs are crazy.

Is there like a dead body around
this motherfucker or what?

Holy shit.

- Those people.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


- I'm telling you, he
could be going there.

Making human soup.

Human soup?

- Human soup.

- I love human
soup, it's my favorite.

Holy Christ of God himself, I've gotta go.

You wanna head on over
to Memaw Restaurant?

Get on over there to Memaw's,

get me some country fried
steak and some grits

and some corned beef hash.

We'll call it a day with
a thing of orange juice.

It'll be a good day.

These bugs are out of fucking
control out here dude.

Stop get his iPhone charger and shit.

God-damn it man, I told you
stop and fuck in Dublin.

I told you three times.

You should have told me earlier.

- All I do is the fucking Indian.

That's Jamaican.

No that's Indian.

Let me tell you.

Let me right now tell
you what's good for you.

Me know Jamaica boy.

You don't know Kingston
like me know Kingston boy.

Let me tell you now

shit right not on your face boy.

I'm gonna tell you, me know
what me doing right now.


Me rocking down to the bottom.

Me not fuck, none of that, okay.

Then come the Indian.

Right after the Indian say
okay, when you're done.

When the Jamaican finished
the Indian say okay,

that's how that fucking accent works.

These are my fucking eyes.

Oh no, he's gonna die.

Look at how he's suffering.

It's coming out of my nose.

- I can't watch
him suffer like this.

- Are you seriously
using a paper map right now?




- I haven't seen one
of these in 20 fucking years.

Oh that looked creepy.

Put your hand behind it,
it looked like a monster

or spider or something.

Oh my God.

Look at this the dragon.

Oh shit.


Oh my God we almost died,
seriously we almost fucking died.

- How did we almost die?
- I fucking got it.

I fucking got that man.

We almost fucking died.

That was a ghost.

That was a fucking ghost.

We've now proven it.

Sarah McCormick has proven the validity

of the shadow man.

We have seen him on
route into Chattahoochee.

That's all I use, I used to do-

- National Four S.

No problem.

My data is excessive.

- Well there goes into Macon
area, Atlanta, Georgia, now.

We're heading on up.

We are en route to find the shadow man,

which we have just proven
in front of us here today

on this very route, we
have seen the shadow man.

- You know the game
called Legend of Zelda?

- Yes.

That's why it's about a map.

- I'm glad I can be a part of it.

# I can't see a thousand miles from here #

# But I can feel #

# Slim up all falling down #

# It's so good #

# Black ten #

# Scratch ten #

# Treat all wood #

# I got love for the only
people that I should #

# Dip down #

# Here we got that
people about to change #

# And I ain't got that #

# Congratulations #

# Father strangulation #

# Row row row your boat #

# Up and down the stream #

# Merrily, merrily, merrily
life is but a dream #

I feel like we're all losing.

- We're all in our own
world right now I believe.

I'm the only sane one.

I highly doubt that.

- I remember just like that.

I was on the same road,
1967 I just got out

of the psychiatric
institution for a long string

of addiction to heavy
narcotics after fighting

in the Korean War and losing my pinky toe.

Some people talk about losing their arm,

losing their leg, I lost
my motherfucking pinky toe.

You don't ever get your pinky toe back.

How many motherfuckers you seen
down at the prostetic clinic

getting fitted for a pinky toe.

Not one.

I still walk with a limp, can't
find socks that fit right,

they always too loose or too tight.

Heaven forbid I ever find me
a woman missing a pinky toe.

Heaven forbid 'cause I
will marry that woman.

Put babies up inside her.

- If she has a pinky toe or
if she's missing a pinky toe?

If she got a butt hole,

she gonna be missing a
butt hole, 'cause I'm gonna

fuck it right out of her.

And I'm gonna cut her
fucking pinky toe off

when I'm leaving the house.

- I'm eating tuna.

- So how are we
suppose to find this dude?

- He told me he'd be
the only car out there.

We won't miss him,

so he says.

- I mean this sounds
like a mob hit or some shit.

- I know it really does. It
should be very interesting.

This guy is very to himself.

He hasn't really, he doesn't
give me his name or anything

or any information, but he
does want to show us a video.

So it should be interesting.

- He doesn't
wanna give you his name?

- No, no information at all.

- Well, what the
fuck is that all about?

I don't know.

- And we're going the
right way to find this guy?

Where the fuck are we?

I guess this is it.

I'm sure that's his car.

It's gotta be.

It's the only car around.

I don't see any other cars.

I don't trust sitting in it.

There's no man in it.

Are you sure?

Yes, do you see?

No, you're right.

Where the fuck this guy is.

- It has to be his car.

Where else?

What the fuck do we do then?

I don't know, just wait.

I mean it's possible.

- Oh my God.
- Shit.

- Sarah?
- Yes, that's me.

Hi sir.

- Okay, have him turn
off that camera right now

or I'm outta here.

Okay, Kyle turn it off.

Do you have a fresh battery tested?

Yep, ready to go.

- What do you really know
about the shadow people?

I mean really.

Yeah, nothing I take it.

- I know about them.

- Okay, do you really think
that you're the only people

who tried to document this?

- Seriously, who else has?

- Exactly.

- What do you mean?

- What I mean is, they were here one day

and then all of a sudden they
were gone, they disappeared.

Do you get that part?

- What do you mean?

- They were gone.

- What do you mean they disappeared?

- Okay.

I'm gonna show you something one time

and only one time.

This is a video that was never online.

My security camera
recorded this in my office.

I'm gonna show it to you,

but I'm only gonna show it one time.

And I don't want this being filmed.

- Right.

- So they're gonna have
to shut the camera off.

- Who is that?

- Just watch.

- What's he doing?

- Just watch.

- Oh my God.
- Holy shit.

= What the fuck happened?

Can we please just watch it one more time?

- No, I said one time,
I'm gonna delete it.

- Dude, so what
the fuck was it man?

- It was so fucking freaky man.

What was it?

Well, tell me what you saw man.

Tell me what the fuck you saw.

- It was surveillance
video and it looked like

it was taken, it was
like a camera mounted on

a building across from a
building, maybe five stories

and the camera was probably 100 yards away

and you see this guy walking on a ledge

and you could see his
skin, you could kinda

make out the pattern of his shirt,

you think he's gonna jump.

That's what I thought.

- Yeah, he looks like he's gonna jump

'cause why else would you
be walking on the ledge

of this building for no
fucking reason in the middle

of the fucking day, and out of nowhere

comes like shadow.

- Oh, fucking stop.
- Like fucking shadow man.

No shit, I'm not fucking kidding.

- I swear to God.
- Get the fuck out of here.

- And you think because
of the way he just pops up

and he's right next to
him, it looked like he was

gonna fucking push him, did it not?


- I thought he was gonna push him.

That's exactly what I thought.

- That's what you're gonna go
with, that's what I go with.

Is he gonna push him.

So they just looked
like they were talking.

Then out of nowhere, bam, gone.


Shut the fuck up.

I swear on my life.

I swear on my life, he just disappeared.

- Listen, all that
shit can be faked so easy.

What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

- Yeah, dude I've seen a
lot of fake shit, I agree,

but this did not look fake.

At all.

# I'm happy only if I wanna be #

# I don't ever want to leave #

# I'm in a perfect world #


# I eat my dinner in a bathtub #

# Then I go to sex clubs #

# Watching freaky people #

# Getting it on #

It's like a rain forest.

- What the bloody hell
you doing with that mate?

- Look at you, you so mad right now.

Look at the teeth on the monkey

He's trying to reach at your face.

Look at him trying to reach out on you.

He's on your face, Sarah.

- That's so creepy, get him off.

I can't, I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to do.

- It's probably a spider.

- I can't let go of
my camera, I'm a cameraman.

Get her eyeball.

Shall we get it coming in slow motion?

Turn left onto Airport Road.

In a quarter mile, turn
left onto US-64 West.

It's pretty warm.

It's warm?

- Yeah.

I missed my mouth.

Sarah's messy.

- This is amazing.

Please be careful Sarah.

I can't save you 'cause
I gotta hold the camera.

So if you go, that's it.

That's it Sarah.

Jesus, please.

Oh God no.

Oh my God, look at this.


Oh my God.

Wow, dude.

That is so sick.

I can't even begin to tell
you how incredible this looks.

All right, I gotta get you into this.

This is your documentary.

- My quest.

Yes, quest for the truth.

- Adventure.
- Adventure?

- Sasquatch walking.


Boom, I'm fucking shooting again.

Point seven miles.

- It's fucking hot.

Look at that ceiling.

Show them that ceiling.

Part of the deal of us
staying in this room

is we gotta fix it.

Look they shoved like toilet paper.

No, that's not toilet paper.

- It's toilet paper
shoved in that hole.

Look at that big fucking dog.


I didn't bring my light either.

Honest to fucking God.

Oh poor guy.

Oh Jesus, Joseph.

Did he already go to sleep?

- Yeah.

Are you kidding me?

We're in the middle of nowhere right now.

Oh shit dude that's bull.

- What part is this?

Let go.

- Tell him to fuck off man.
- How do you like it?

- What the fuck are you guys doing?

What time is it?

It's time to get up.

- Jesus Christ dude, we slept
like fucking three hours.


this fly up here.

What are you looking for?

- This fly up
here, he's been sleeping

all night watching you.

Oh shit that was red.


Good thing we got Florida tags.

Look at that shit.

What else you got in there?

- I got my porn videos.

- Really, you have
to bring it with you?

It's that bad dude, holy shit.

It's an addiction.

That is an issue.

- What's up.

Cap, take that.

- I got like
crazy doing a Superman.

Upper cut bud.

All right.

She likes to stand on that cliff.

- No bashing.

Sarah, no, what the hell?

This one's shaky Joey.

# I can seem to get you #

# Off of my mind #

# And that's fine #

# I can't seem to get you #

# Off of my mind #

# And that's fine #

- What's that movie where the
guy gets stuck in the rock.

24 or 200 hours.

200 hours, 24 days.

24 days.

The first 24.

The first 48, nine and a half weeks.

That's definitely not it.

Seven days.

Hey deer, deer.

- You want me to get a
picture of you doing that?

She's just trying to get in the picture.

Hang on, let me get a picture of you.

I'll send it to you on Facebook.

Take you top off.

- I'll put this right
on you while you're eat

the entire time.


That's wicked.

- There's no point
flying to Lookout Mountain.

To travel
in Lookout Mountain

as well as

and the Chattanooga National
Military Battlefield.

Traveling up the mountain,
you'll find the air is cooler

since there's an approximate eight degree

temperature difference
between Chattanooga Valley

and Lookout Mountain.

The incline of the track

at the steepest point at the top is 72.7%,

giving the incline the unique distinction

of being the steepest
passenger railway in the world.

- Hey, you're rolling right?

What's that?

- You're rolling?


- We are in Tennessee right now.

We are on our way to our last interview.

This is Miss Stephanie Yost

Miss Yost and I really believe,
I think it's going to be

a really interesting story.

I sure hope so.

- Why do you say that?

Most of them suck man, honestly.

And if the dude would have
showed us the security camera

footage that you guys saw,
that may have been cool,

but because the camera
couldn't see any of that,

I mean it's not making much
of an impact for your film.

- But honestly can we just
have this positive attitude

about it though 'cause I
feel the more we dwell on it

the more, we got what we got.

- You said you'd
do this project with her.

You got me involved, I'm
involved and whether or not

we're all gonna go off and write memoirs

about our experience
together one day or not,

we need to be civil and we
need to be focused on the goal.

What's the goal?

It's to create our best work.

Your best work as a cameraman,
my best work as an audio guy

and a motivational speaker.

- I'll be honest guys, I'll be honest,

I have not been a good interviewer.

I feel like I've been
nervous and it's different

when you're actually interviewing somebody

and you're feeling their emotions.

I forget how I'm gonna say my question.

You don't wanna come off, you
don't want to offend them,

you don't wanna say too much.

You don't say too little.

- Yeah, but you gotta
understand too though man

this is your one shot.

This is it, so you have
to make the best of it.

- I know, that's going
back to not being negative.

- And the truth
be told, who gives a fuck

because even if you offend
them, something like

the damn Mr. Philips dude
can walk in and completely

take it away.

So if you get robbed of
it, you might as well

get what you can out of these people

when you have the chance.

- But what-

- I mean just like
no limits, no limitations.

No limits.

Just ask them everything

because that's what people wanna see.

You got us lost didn't you?

No I didn't.

- What's the map say?

- I'm trying to figure that out.

We're lost.

- Joe, shut the fuck up.

We just need options.

We're not lost.

Is this it?

No, Kyle.

I swear to God.

- Well, there's a
fucking house right there.

Well then where the fuck is it?

You said it was right off
of the highway, Sarah.

I'm looking at my map right now,

it's telling me to keep going straight.

Oh my God.

Is that her?

Yeah, I think that's it.

Is that her?


All right.

- She doesn't really look happy.

I don't know.

- Nice to meet you, this is my crew.

- I see that.

Are you ready to get started?

You wanna set up in there?

- Now look I don't know you.

I said I'd do this interview,

but you're not going in my house.

- Okay, that's fine.

Are you fine doing it out front?

- Yeah, that's fine.

- So you were the oldest out
of three siblings, correct?

- Yes, it was me, my sister
Ann, and my brother Robert.

- Were your
mother and father around?

- My father left about a
year after Ann went missing.

Why did he leave?

- I just think he didn't want
to deal with this anymore.

- So after that happened,

how long until Robert went missing?

- Robert would have turned 10 that year,

so about two years after Ann.

- What do you think happened
to your brother and sister?

- Well Ann was the first to see it.

She used to wake up
screaming a lot at night.

She said there was a shadow
man living in her room.

But nobody believed her.

It was never anything
that we could see anyway.

And several months after
that, she was just taken

right out of her bed.

And soon after that, Robert started

to have the same visions.

Robert had a really tough time of it.

He used to say that it would
hold him down in his bed

and not let him get up.

Robert just started to loose it

and that's about the same time my dad

had his breaking point.

Not long after that, Robert disappeared

the same way Ann did.

We just woke up one
morning and he was gone.

The police thought my
mom and dad had something

to do with it and honestly
at first I wasn't so sure.

I thought maybe my dad came
back and took him or something.

But that very night something
woke me out of my sleep

and there was a shadow
standing at the end of my bed.

It didn't have any features,
it was just a black figure.

I just started screaming for my mom

at the top of my lungs.

It just stood there until my
mom came running into the room

and turned on the lights
and then it disappeared.

Anyway, my mom packed a
suitcase and we left that night.

We went and lived with
her brother for a while

until we could get on our
own feet, but never went

back to the house ever again.

I haven't seen the shadow ever since.

- What happened to the house
and all the stuff in it?

- It's still there.

I mean it's been abandoned for 30 years,

but it's still there.

We have a cousin that goes
over and cuts the grass

every of often, but it's
pretty much falling apart now.

Where is the house?

- It's a few miles from here.

- Are you serious?

Can we go over there?

Just to get some footage.

- Did you not hear what I just said?

I haven't been back there in 30 years.

I'm sure as hell not going back now.

- Okay, I completely understand.

Would it be okay if I
bring my crew over there.

- You shouldn't go there.

- Miss Yost, it would
be incredible footage

for this interview if
we can go over there.

- Are you sure?

It's on the main road you came in on.

It's about three miles back.

56 Pearson Road.

- 56 Pearson Road.

Thank you.

- You shouldn't go.

- Listen, I can't tell you
how much this means to us.

This is gonna be wonderful.

Anything that happened to
you, I couldn't be more sorry.

Thank you again.

I didn't know it was this.

- Oh, oh.

I lost my cigarette.

Pull up.

Yeah, just pull up through here.

Or what used to be a pool.

Oh my God.


- God-damn dude.
- What do you think?

Right here?

I guess.

- You guys wanna take a swim


It looks pretty refreshing.

- It's 90 degrees
out, are you kidding me?

I got my swim trunks on under this.

- Wow, they have
everything still in there.

Is there still shit in there?

What do you think Kyle?

This is fucking crazy dude.

Oh my God, dude, look at that.

Look at that shot dude.

Oh my God, how fucking
creepy is that shit.

Look at those God-damn
dolls sitting over there.

- It's like a nun's home. I'm short.

Let's do this.

Make sure we figure out.

- I can't really
fucking see anything.

You can't see anything?

No, it's pitch black in there.

All I can see is your reflection.

- Right now I'm in Tennessee
and right behind me

is the actual house where the
Yost children went missing.

They say that the shadow
men had taken the children.

Will you cut that?

Whenever you're ready.

- Right now I'm in Tennessee,
documenting the disappearance

of the Yost children.

Right behind me is the
actual house of where

the children went missing

and the family members seem to believe

that the shadow people are responsible

for the disappearance of the children.

Is that all right?

- It was good.
- It was good.

- Are you sure?

- Please, ladies and
gentlemen watch your heads.


It's sharp.

Oh, sharp little fuckers.

Was that necessary?

What the fuck you doing?

Oh shit.


It's open.

Guys, we're not going in.

We're not going in.

- Look, are you serious?

- She never actually
said we could go in,

she said we could go to the location.

- Nobody lives here.

- I'm aware of that, we're not going in.

- The house is unlocked,
the house is open.

- That's breaking and enter.

- Sarah, it's no
breaking and entering,

the fucking door's open.

- Yes, I know the door's
open, we're not going in.

That's not breaking and entering.

- Not if anybody doesn't come here,

it doesn't fucking matter.

- Sarah.
- No, that's no right.

What are you talking about?

We gotta fucking do this.

- I just don't feel right going in.

- Listen to me, if
you can't go in this house,

then you're not cut out for
fucking filmmaking, man.

You're not cut out for this shit.

Honestly, this is what
filmmakers do, we take risks.

We get shots.

That's what we do, that's
what this is all about.

- He's right, we're here to make a movie

about the shadow man.

- Okay, fuck it, let's do it.

Let's fucking do this.

I wanna be in and out.

In and out.


There's nobody here.

Well I don't fucking know.

Holy shit this is like walking
into a fucking time warp man.

Look how old this shit is.

Holy shit that's fucking creepy dude.

Come on.

First of all we're breaking and entering

and then I feel like-

- Sarah, we are
not breaking and entering.

What did we break to get in here?

We didn't break anything.

Look at these old wine bottles.

I can't even see this
shit, it's so fucking dark.

Don't touch anything.

- We should drink some
of this fucking wine dude.

This place really isn't in
that bad of shape is it?

- Somebody made
the beds really well.

- No, so they just
fucking picked up and left

all their shit here, huh?

Woo, it's creepy in here.

Let me get the fuck out of here seriously.

Oh shit.

- Okay, you got
your footage, let's go.

Dude, listen.

I got a fucking idea.

You're not gonna like it.


She definitely doesn't
wanna hear this shit.

I probably don't, what?

- Dude, we need
to stay in here tonight.

Hell no.

I'm fucking serious man.

Listen to me, listen to me.

If we stay in here, I've got
my little fucking sports cam

that I can put up around the house

and do like security cam footage

and we can fucking monitor wirelessly.

- I'm not fucking
staying here Kyle.

What if we get

the fucking shadow fucking man in here,

can you imagine that?

It would be the most incredible footage

you've gotten yet period.

He's right.

- You actually?

Really, you think?

- Against my best judgment he's right.

Even if to just have the footage.

- What if there was a
chance, just a chance

that the shadow man is here.

Wouldn't you want to get that.

Come on.

You've left every scenario.

We've had the chance to get it

and we didn't take it.

Let's take it.


I don't see the harm.

If someone comes and tells
us to go, we'll tell them

what we're doing and we'll leave.

There's nothing that's gonna happen.

That's the worst case scenario.

Sarah, come on.

- The worst case scenario
is nothing happens

and we stay in a stinking whole house.

- You guys are fucking insane.

Yeah, but come on, come on.

Come on Sarah, come on Sarah.

- Sarah!

That's a yes.

- I see a yes, that
looks like a yes face to me.

Dude check it out, I got great,

listen man, I'll put a
fucking security camera

right up here, we'll put a
little fucking sports cam,

we'll shoot this whole
fucking area, put another one

in the back.

- One up there.

- [kyle[ Yeah Dude. We
can shoot this whole area.

- Now there's not gonna be
audio on any of that shit,

but still I mean.

- They don't have any running water.

- No, there's no fucking
power or anything in here.

What do you mean?

Take a shower?

- Yeah and to go to the bathroom.

Go outside.

- No.

So we're fucking doing it.

- Let's do it, let's get set up.

Let's fucking do it. Yes, man.


We're doing it.

We're fucking doing it Sarah.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here

is our sports cam.

Also going to be our
security camera footage.


this entire area here with the hallway

and a portion of the living room and den.

Thank you for joining us
Sarah. We're going ahead.

We're walking through the process now.

A matter of fact what we're going to need

to go ahead and do is mount that one.

I'll show you, I'll show you later.

What we're gonna do is we're
gonna mount another one

right up in this general area in here.

The living room as well,
so it will be well covered

for this general area.


so we'll need to out it back here

and I think our best bet is.

How many of those do you have?

- Three, three, so
we'll have this one here

covering the living room, that
one back there in the den,

covering that area, and that one will also

cover this hallway.

So I've got another one
mounted here already.

So with that said, we're pretty
well covered in the house.

What we'll do is we'll
wirelessly transmit the signal

to a program I have and
we'll be able to wirelessly

watch all the security
camera footage as we sit

in the comfort of the kitchen.

- What about batteries?

Are the batteries good?

- Every four hours we'll
have to put new batteries in.

But we're pretty well covered.

Joe can you hear anything?


So maybe it's all for nothing.

Let's hope not.

- I'm about to go lay in
one of those fucking beds.

- Yeah.

I'm tired.

- Yeah, me too.

But we didn't come here to sleep.

We came here to get something.

Yep, trust me I'm tired too.

Joe let me look at this shit man.

- Yeah.

I gotta pee.

So go pee.

Will one of you come with me?

What, can't you go pee alone?

- I mean someone walk with me.

Kyle will you go with her?


Come on man.

I'm too lazy and tired to get up.


- Yeah, walk with me.

Stand outside the door.

Good lord.

Jesus Christ.

I don't wanna fucking walk back here.

Do you want me to come in
there and help you out?


You sure?


Oh it's so dark.

You still there?

Yes, I'm still here.

Are you fucking done yet?


The shits.

You gotta shit?

I said I can't see shit.

You said you gotta shit.

Oh man.

You guys, oh my God dude.


- I just saw this
fucking stuffed animal move

or this doll.

Stop it.


I'm not kidding.

What happened?

- Are you being
fucking serious man?


- He said a fucking
stuff animal moved.

What happened?

- He said a fucking
stuffed animal moved.

Shut up.

That's what he said.

Joe you being serious?


Stop fucking around man.

Check it out.

Watch, I'll rewind it.


Just keep watching.


- Did you see that
thing pop up? Watch.

No, no, no, no.

There it is.

Oh my fucking God.

Watch this thing.

- Holy shit, no way,
get the fuck out of here.

I wanna leave.

Oh my God, no fucking way dude.

I wanna leave.

You guys I wanna leave.

Kyle, Kyle.

Holy shit man.

Get the fuck out of here, that's insane.

Kyle can we please leave.


- I feel, I feel really nauseous.

Can we please leave?

Are you fucking serious?

I wanna go right now.

Let's go.

Stop it.

Just chill out.

You gotta be kidding me.

- I just don't feel
good about this right now.



- You saw, you saw,
what we just looked at.

How do you feel comfortable right now?

Do you not feel a presence at all?

- Sarah this is
what we're here for.

This is what we're here for.

- I just feel so clammy.

Sarah, come on, sit down.

Just relax, just relax.

Come on, hey, seriously.

Come sit down.

Come sit down.

Come sit down. Seriously,
it's going to be okay.

This is okay.

Can you imagine what this is going to do

for the documentary?

Think about that.

Think about that for a minute.


Come on sit down, just sit down.

Let's see what the fuck
else we can get man.

- You guys, there's
something I never told you.

What are you talking about?

- This is the reason
I've been so intrigued

with this documentary.

- Sarah, what the
fuck are you talking about?

- I should have told
you guys this actually.

When I was a little girl
about eight years old

my dad left us.

He sat me and the family
down at the table and said

that he never meant to hurt
us and he just had to leave

and about a year or so went
by and he came back home

and I was under the impression that he was

going to be back to normal, but he wasn't.

I barely ever saw my dad.

He kept himself locked in
his room most of the days

and one night I walked in on him

and he was talking to himself,
but nobody was in the room.

That same night I woke up
to a loud banging sound.

I shot up from my bed, I
looked down the hallway

and I saw a shadow figure and it moved

and all I did was blink and it was closer

and obviously being actually terrified,

I put my head in my
covers and I shut my eyes

and I felt like I was
under the covers for hours

knowing you're that scared
you can't even move.

When I finally had the courage to.

I feel so ill right now.

When I finally had the courage
to get out from the covers

it was shadows right over top of me

and I just got up from my
bed, I ran down the hallway

where my parents were

and there was my dad dead.

You know what he did?

He shot himself.

He shot himself.

Why did he shoot himself?

- Oh shit, did
you fucking hear that?

Oh my God dude.

This fucking clock is on.

Look at this.

It wasn't on before?

No, I got a shot of it.

I totally got a shot of this thing earlier

when that motherfucker was not on.

- All right, fuck it
I'm getting out of here.

I'm getting out.

Shit, I got that.

I fucking got that.

- Kyle, I don't give a
fuck, I'm getting outta here.

We're getting out right now.

Are you guys serious?

I'm packing up man.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

You gotta be fucking kidding me man.

Oh shit what the fuck was that?

- Dude, I just saw the fucking door slam.

- Where?
- I just saw it slam.


- Just saw it slam.

In the back.


Kyle, don't go back there.


Oh my God Kyle.



Go, go, go.

Joe, Joe,

Joe, where are you?

# I'm holding my neck #

# If blood rush through my fingers #

# I don't feel #

# But alive #

# I hardly feel like I could die #

# As you hold my hand #

# I could understand #

# All the things that I've been denied #

# All the things the things
that light has deprived #

# Inside out inside of you #

# Inside out and upside down #

# Inside out upside of you #

# Inside out and upside down #

# As you hold my hand #

# I could understand #

# All the things that I've been denied #

# All the things that light has deprived #

# Outside of you #

# Outside of you #

Translated By: Beatlejuice