Real (2017) - full transcript

A criminal aspiring to build a casino finds himself in endless threat when a man starts imitating every single thing he does.

(Kim Soo-hyun)

(Sung Dongil / Lee Sung-min)

(Choi Jinri / Jo Woo-jin / Lee Kyung-young)


(Chapter 1

Let’s speak frankly
and openly.

Frankly, as you say.

Ask away.

Mr. Jang Tae-young,
What is your occupation?

As it's written there,
I run an export company.

My friend also owns
an export company,

he gets nervous without his phone.

But not you.

He must have a small company.

Your mannerism is quite courteous.

You know how to dress elegantly,
wearing nothing but luxury goods.

Even your neck tattoo
is of the highest quality.

So what do you think I do
for a living?

My first impression was
a smart gangster with a rich backer.

But after our chat,
I thought I might be wrong.

You’re a natural-born leader
and an ambitious man.

You should be a leader,
not a henchman.

I crippled a town bully
and went to the juvie.

I met him there again
and a fight broke out.

So I castrated him.

With passing GED,
I went to a decent college.


he came after me out of the blue
and stabbed me in the waist.

I cut his face in return
and he died from shock.

I did 3 years for that,

I was made after meeting my backer
and did a stint in prison again.

But now, that backer
works for me.

Is this what you wanted to hear?

On the surface,
I look like a hooligan.

This was a gunshot
from someone else’s fight.

I got a scratch,
so I filled it in with tattoo.

A crazy tramp bit off my nipple
so I had it sewn back on.

Got stabbed in the thigh
by a loanshark.

Got my private part pierced.

Both balls in tact.

That is all, doctor.

That was quite enlightening.

Being this honest will work?
I mean your treatment.

If you don’t strip too often.

Aren’t you afraid of me?

Should I be?

That’s what I’m used to.

Yes, a little bit.

You’re looking for someone
with the same tattoo,

could you explain why?

My woman was raped.

Okay, we’ll get to that later.

These are Russian nesting dolls.

Pick 2 that you fancy among these.

Biggest and 2nd biggest.

- Between the 2?
- Biggest.

Different faces and colors,
but why pick by size?

Which one do you think
was made first?

- Well...
- Please tell me.

- I’m not sure.
- Just blurt it out.

“Not sure” is my answer.

But just one.

I said I’m not sure.

Your action was a good answer.

I went overboard.

No, you’re a patient
and I’m a doctor.

I’m responsible for anything
during a session.

Let’s get back to your story.

I have Mr. Jang’s charts
from the rehab center.

After removing the pins,
the collarbones went up.

Ms. Song Yoo-hwa
from the rehab center.


My shoulder’s giving me trouble,
could you please take a look?

Do I need physiotherapy?

The ligament is damaged
quite a bit.

You should get it
examined properly.

Thank you.

How long have you treated his rehab?

Over 6 months.

Thank you.

Wow. Never knew our clinic
had such a beauty.

How long have you dated her?

How did you know?

Trade secret.

Only 4 weeks left
of your treatment.

Are we going to chit chat
the entire time?

As far as now, you exhibit symptoms of
dissociative identity disorder.

As you know, your being is
divided into 2 egos,

and you share the name, age
and gender with the other ego.

When it takes over,
you suffer short term amnesia,

this condition cannot be treated
even with modern technology.

So why did you guarantee
a full recovery?

Mr. Jang, you’ve committed murder,
have you not?

What I do is something similar
in a different sense.

For the next 4 weeks left,
we’ll murder your hidden the other ego.

I’m getting the chills.

Will you consent?

Please lie down
and we’ll get started to meet him.

I’ll try to keep you here
when you wake up.

I know, there’s a place
he goes to.

The other ego is
still part of you,

were you not anxious or insulted
by the use of word ‘murder’?

Not at all.

Answer my questions freely
with memories that pop up.

You can sleep if you want to.
Please close your eyes.

You’ve seen your other ego
with your own eyes.


was that?

(Councilor Choi proposes
a Resort-Casino Combo)

Mr. Jang, no wonder
you’re our best fixer.

Can you see well?

Let’s continue our chat.

Is it the first time waking up
since last week?

Staying away from drugs?

Made some money
as gonzo journalist?

I sold stories to stations
and magazines as a freelancer.

No name on your account
or photos on your profile.

Reporting must be done discreetly.

How can someone believe
that you’re real with this?

Doesn’t matter.

Philip Marlowe...

“If I wasn’t hard,
I wouldn’t be alive.

If I couldn’t ever be gentle,
I wouldn’t deserve to be alive.”

Did you live that way?


I wished to live that way.

I’ve seen cases where
egos transform,

but I've never seen something
like your case,

that the two have no contact
and different physical traits.

How does it feel to have a body?

What was it like to see him
for the first time?

Were you afraid?

If you die here,

another being will die too.

Your ego was killed 3 years ago
after overdosing,

so you’re untreatable.

There are 2 options…

overdose again,
or commit suicide while high.

But there are 2 of you in there.

So it’s murder.

There’s a way
for you to die alone.

- Who is he?
- Car accident victim.

Let’s move him.

We cannot exclude
willful negligence,

upon his death, the government
may seize his assets.

It’s too early to judge
whether he’ll die.

You’re thinking too far ahead.

But go ahead with the trial.

Even if he’s brain dead,
according to the law,

our law firm will handle
his inheritance as per contract.

(Vegetative state)

(A man came in)

2 people cannot exist
in a single body.

Another man lives in my body,

so I can't kill myself.

Doctor’s method for
killing just me

was rather simple.

I will now enter your body

and confirm that death.

You’re going to die
as a vegetable anyway.

When I first saw you,
your body was in shambles.

How did you stay alive
with so much pain?

Don’t worry.

I will now choke you to death.

When you die, I will die too.

If you wanted to live,

I’m sorry.

I don’t believe this!

Leaving already? Oh no!

What the...

(Chapter 1 Birth)

Alright, now everybody,
enjoy Siesta!

Let’s all chant
and get things started!


Enjoy Siesta!

Yes, doctor.

What’s certain is,

he witnessed a patient
he regarded as a friend die.

So your insomnia
went away 6 months ago.

I’m sure the other ego is gone.

As I promised.

It went away
when the vegetable died.

Enjoy your game.

Thank you for everything.

(Chapter 2 VS)


How else would I know Cho and
the governor’s arrangement?

Why must I...

hand over half of the casino
stake to that gangster Cho?

Let me take this.

What did I say I’d do
if you ever touch drugs again?

I’ll never give my stake
to that bastard.

(Freelance journalist
Jang Tae-young)

Shall we stop tailing?

If you’re willing to pay the premium,
I can get you anything here.

Name change is done,
still several left for asset distribution,

but you’re free
to transact your money.

The plastic surgeon Cho said
that the surgery was a success,

especially the forehead came out
exactly as you wanted.

And vocal cord will be
worked on next Wednesday.

Mr. Jang Tae-young.

May I ask why you changed
your name same as his?

It was my name.

Call me that name again.

Sure, I actually like that name too.

Mr. Jang Tae-young.

You’re complicating things.

No greetings?

Shouldn’t you lay low
a lot longer?

I heard you killed people.

You know me?

“You know me?”

Don’t be agitated, Mr. Jang.

What happened was...

How about we start
with an apology?

‘Siesta’ is a name I gave.

You look like
a small-time hooligan,

why not keep to yourself?

Getting agitated shouldn’t
be the only thing you do.


Who cares about that.

Regardless of who built it,

I bought it,

so it’s mine.

If it’s unfair, then buy it back.

Don’t be a crybaby if you
don’t have money, bastard.

I really like your fighting spirit.

Do whatever it takes to
put together a war chest.

Who knows,

I may lose.

I’m off.


Look into brokers around Cho.

What is it?


There are other patients too,
so please be quiet.

Looks like you got wrecked.


I’m rebuilding the body.

What’s with the voice?

It’s temporary until
my voice is reworked.

Mr. Jang Tae-young.

You two have same names.

Mr. Jang, please follow me
to the rehab pool.

Good to meet you,
Mr. Jang Tae-young.

I’m Jang Tae-young.

Mr. Baek, I’m sorry...

It’s... all my fault, Mr. Baek…

Please... Mr. Baek...

I can put together
$6 million by tomorrow!

I'm serious. Don’t kill me!

It’s all my fault!

I’m a damn bastard! Mr. Baek!

Please... Don't kill me...

Excuse me.

My VIP client is very much interested
in Siesta Casino.

Who should I be talking to?

I crippled a town bully
and went to the juvie.

I met him there again
and a fight broke out.

So I castrated him.

I cut his face in return
and he died from shock.

He’s an enthusiastic type,
so he bit the offer immediately.

His condo was empty.

Due to his casino business,
he lives at a hotel right across.

One of my men searched the condo
and found this in the drawer.

He was a gonzo reporter.

It was quite a find.

It’s a 24-hour access key
to the rehab center.

Ms. Song Yoo-hwa will be
assigned to you.

This is something I put together,

you’ll find this toy
very interesting.

Um. This is real.

It’s the real pasta.

Can you hear it well?

This is real.

It’s the real pasta.

Is your insomnia really gone?

And no more therapy?

Yeah, migraine’s completely gone too.


Why did you call it that?

I don’t know,
it just came to mind.

Win or lose at the casino,
it’s all just a nap.

I thought you’d say
something spectacular.

There's no such thing. The only thing
spectacular is right here.

It’s too bright here.
Let’s go to bed.

Then put this on.


You look like
an action movie star.

So we meet again.

Do you know each other?

Probably a coincidence.
Your voice is...

I’m getting used to
the new vocal cord.

Very interesting.

What’s with the camera?

A professional habit.

I’m a freelance gonzo reporter.

- That’s unexpected.
- What is?

Being a millionaire,
I thought you didn’t work.

I’ll let you two talk in private
and keep in touch later.

As your lawyer mentioned,

match Sewon Idea’s
$60 million investment,

and just collect the dough
every month.

It’s a good deal.

I heard the terms.

A recently released gang boss
stole capital you were working on.

I could be in danger
if we partner up.

Are you backing out?

I didn’t have to come if you did.

Don’t misunderstand.

Dangerous, perhaps,
but there’s work we must do together.

How about dinner on the weekend?

Happy birthday and I love you!

Come here!

These are people I work with.

Good to meet you.

Good evening, welcome.

This is the greatest dish
from my hometown.

It’s called Beggar’s Chicken.

A beggar stole a chicken,
and hid it in the mud,

Qing dynasty emperor was
passing by and tried it,

and instantly became a hit.

How is it?

It may look disgusting,
but the taste is top-notch.

Dishes and people shouldn’t be
judged based on looks.

I may feel like
a sore thumb to you,

but we must partner up
for both of us to survive.

No, you need to bail to survive.

Even if you start a war
against me,

we’re still just pawns.

You got the brand,
I got the history.

We split the casino half-half.

I got your back from now,

this is my gentle proposal for you.

No, sounds like a threat.

I know you don’t have
the funds yet.

- Bluffing doesn’t suit you, old man.
- Did Choi say that?

I’ll give it a thought.

By the way...

I saw this tattoo somewhere.

I heard you’re looking
desperately for it.



My baby!

Oh. You were hiding here?

See you again.

Did you hide long?

Let’s go!

So the old lady took off
her denture and said,

“we swapped teeth
and did it, man.”

We got many older patients,
so we start the day with these jokes.

Same jokes never get old.

Speaking of dentures,
I got a story too.

My partner Noh is
an ex-homicide detective.

He was quite a character.

We hack and listen in
on the police radio,

and arrive at crime scenes
before they do,

so we wear diapers in the car
during stakeouts.

Is this you?

I’m usually behind the camera.

We were caught doing it,
got out and took off the pants,

showed the diapers,
we played the crazies

Why do you do this?

I’ll save the shoptalk.

Well, anyway...

- This is...
- I’m Han Ye-won.

Sorry for being late.

She’s my girlfriend.

Is this a joke?

What is?

You appear suddenly
and ask to partner up,

same name, same rehab center,
and now this woman.

You’re playing with fire.

It’s a trendy dress,
I feel terrible.

Shall I go get changed?

I should be saying that to you.

From where I stand,
you’re just a name,

and you came to me
desperate for funding.

Yoo-hwa, my apologies.

I’m slightly drunk.

We’ll let you two chat.

Ye-won, let’s go to eat some food.

Cheese gratin here is amazing.

To be honest,

I wasn’t interested in
casino business.

Is that so?

Don’t misunderstand,

you’ll get the money as promised.

But there is a condition.

I’ve been after
a mob boss for years,

he was recently released.

Cho Won-geun?

Yes, I need him
to dig even deeper.


Is this a coincidence too?

I need to deal with him too.

That’s why I want to
partner up with you first.

What is it that you’re after?


You are really grotesque
and unnerving,

but we just perfectly click.

It’s weird...

Let’s do it.

Got any other requests?

I want to carve your face out,

and put it on my face.

This face is rather troublesome.

I could forgo the contract
and kill you.

It was a joke.

My apologies, if I offended you.

This is the contract.

I heard Jang’s funds dried up,
where did he get the money?

What happened?

This casino deal’s making
me so stupid.

Bon appetit.

Frying it lightly
removed some poison,

but there’s enough
to kill you in 3 days.

I’m sorry, sir.

Have a great meal.

Should I start now?

Ready, action.


Why did you call it that?

I don’t know,
it just came to mind.

Win or lose at the casino,
it’s all just a nap,

I thought you’d say
something fantastic.


“Something spectacular.”

Try again.

Okay, gonna be late?

I brought something good,

could I come in for a bit?

How could you not drink this?

Speak your mind
and please leave.

Where did you work 2 years ago?

A private hospital.

You had a husband then.

Get out!

Should I call the police?

Since you’re assigned to me,
my lawyer vetted you.

He was a CRPS patient.

Incapable of love,
and always in pain.

It was a paper marriage,
for insurance purposes.

Fell in love when he was in pain,

and left him after
his treatment was over.

You’re dating Jang
for similar reasons.

In summary,

I was told to watch out
since you love men in pain.

It was something like that.

Quite a story.

If I don’t take this med,
you’ll hear my scream.

That was not in your chart.

It was left out,
so you wouldn’t know.

But that’s...

Come take this off.

I came to ask you that.

I was afraid to look at it alone.

Why didn’t you take the pill?

Because you love men in pain.

Got any more?

Look at my face.

What do I look like?

Leave it on, it might not heal.

Take the rest off.

Banker 0, player win.

You should get some sleep.

I lost half in 2 days.

As you said, Song displayed maternal
instinct when I was in pain.

How did you know?

Those who look after sick parents or
animals as children have a syndrome.

The instinct gets stronger
when they're more in pain.

I thought Song was such case.

So, to Song, is Jang Tae-young

someone readily replaceable?

She’ll always fall in love with
a ferocious man who needs her.


Do you want to steal his woman?

$100,000, as promised.

Please send me
Jang’s charts by next week.

Cho Won-geun, you damn jerk...

Are you going to
blame me for it too?

Your lawyer is exceptional.

Because he’s expensive.

Here’s a card key.

(Jang Tae-young)

You wore glasses back then?

Your questions are irritating.

With this condo over to you,
the contract’s fulfilled,

- so now...
- Now,

we go after Cho.

I’m already on it.

Let me know when you’re ready.

Want one?

I’m dying to know
what you look like.

You’ll find out soon enough.

I hope you like it.

If there’s validity to that tip,

shouldn’t we get the intelligence?

We wouldn’t be enough.

They’ll bring a warrant
to the immigration office.

Did you send the warrant?

Yeah, I've just sent it.

How did you know
Cho was hiding here?

You’re very forthcoming.

This is a raid from
the immigration office!

Hurry! Hurry!

Move it!

This should be
a death sentence for Cho.

Do you know how to use it?

Our contract ends here,
so we don’t need to meet.

Casino accountants can
settle the rest.

Do you hate me that much?

Did you think I’d like you?

That face,
and how should I put it,

you feel like my imitation.

A stalker,
are you something like that?

Or did you get close
to me for a story?

I heard you changed your name.

I’m your imitation?

Stop wasting our time, Mr. Writer.

If you mimic me again,
I won’t let you breathe.

And don’t come near my woman.

When did you start doing drugs?

Did you go through my locker?

It’s a synthetic drug,
side effect is terrible.

My woman was raped.

1, 2, 3.

Siesta, its effects will be
felt in 7 seconds.

Fishy taste will roam in the mouth,
and hallucination will be felt.

With lower body temperature,
memory loss can be prevented.

This is documentation
for my report.

Documentation for my report.

I can conquer myself.

This is...

documentation for my report.

I can... conquer myself.

(Choi Nak-hyun)

(Cho Won-geun)

(Prof. Kim?)

Oh, and...

this too.

How is it?

Is it the face you wanted?

Like something out of a movie
has happened.

A domestic mob was caught
for producing with drug ingredients

from abroad
and distributing illicit drugs.

Seoul Prosecution Office called for
immediate arrest of the mob boss

and his henchmen for distributing
a large quantity of cocaine...

A lot of suits upstairs
will get the axe over that.

But I’m good.

How did they know
the exact location?

Who helped you to go after Cho?

He’s a Russian businessman,

Sergei, he’s a Korean-Russian.

I’ll introduce you.


This case was investigated for many years
by our station’s reportage freelancer

Jang Tae-young, who was
instrumental in the arrest...

Having investigated violent,
and drug crimes for many years,

I realized that the addicts of
these crimes were the real monsters.

The woman I love
went missing due to this case.

It’s been 3 years,
but I will not give up.

I don’t know if he’s here,
but I’d also like to thank

my partner-in-crime
Det. Noh Yum for this honor.

Thank you.

It’s been a while.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you for the invite.

Love the game, right?

We opened this VIP room.

Do I look like a leader now?


There’s a lunatic
who’s trying to mimic me,

what kind of condition is that?

It’s called Giovannini
Mirror Syndrome,

one mimics mannerism and
habits of those around him.

It feels appalling,
like out-of-body experience.

I don’t think this is
something I can help with.

Making someone disappear
in real life is your specialty.

That’s quite creepy.

Take care.

What’s so funny?

It was awkward
since we’re the same.

I said I’ll kill you
if you mimic me again.

Did you ever think that you’re
the one mimicking me?

You better leave right now.

Why should I?

Don’t forget, I own half of this.


You better just enjoy this.

Shall we toast?

Raise your glass.

Cheers, everyone.

A drink would be nice.

Old man,

give yourself up
and get a private cell.

I’ll bring some Beggar’s Chicken.

Who wants to bury me?

You don’t even suspect me?

You like me.

Tell me which Russian
was behind it.

If that reporter testifies,
you’re dead.

If you want to live,
you’ll have to help me.

Ah. After the party,

I could get the reporter
to go wherever you want.

Isn’t that enough?

Hey, listen.

Where did you see the man
with the same tattoo?

I’ll call back.

It’s been too long,
you feel like a stranger.

How are these
missing person cases related?

They were the addicts
of the drug we’ve been after.

The truth will come out
when Cho is caught.

The one who worked under Cho
was Prof. Kim’s right-hand man.

Prof. Kim is Cho’s hostile
rival drug dealer.

No, Russian mafia
to be precise.

Real name is Sergei.


He’s in the country right now.

Come with me.

Let’s dig together.

1, 2, 3, 4...

Crazy bastard...

5, 6...


Did you...

give me drugs?

It’s been too long, hasn’t it?


Crippled a town bully
and went to the juvie,

did you really do that?

Wanna hear the truth?

You went to a regular school,
and a model student at that.

A crazy tramp bit off your nipple?

You actually got hurt
while on a case.

You knew, didn’t you?

That you’re my imitation.

Shut up!

You became an addict 3 years ago
while chasing the drug.

So you emerged from me
to play a gangster like a mold.

Do you know how old you are?

3 years old.

My woman was raped.


You never had a woman.

How dare you try to kill the real thing
when you were parasitic?

You cannot become me.

But I can though.

Mimicking isn’t good enough.

Everything is inside me,

it’s all mine!

I’m real.


Where’s the next party?


Buying drugs on the streets?

Why can’t you quit?

What does it matter to you?

You’re a fake.


I’m someone who loves you,
despite knowing the truth.

I’m your real.

Do you know why you love
a schizophrenic 3-year old?

Because he’s an ego derived
from wanting to quit drugs.

Don’t be like him.

Conquer it.

Like me.

Get out!

Get up, get up!

You want to call it even
for killing that damned reporter?

Find out who came after me
and bring him to me.

Or she’s dead.

(Det. Noh Yum)

(Chapter 2 VS)

Mr. Baek.

Baek Jong-gu.

(Final Chapter Real)

Hey, Tae-young,

stop pressuring the Russians,
they’re partners.

You’re embarrassing me.

She’s been kidnapped for 3 months,

it’s unlikely that
she’s still alive.

She’s alive.

How can I help you then?

Hand Ryu Kil-su over to Cho.

Planting Ryu in his mob
was the source of trouble.

That may be difficult.

If you don’t want to lose all money
and flee to Russia,

you better hand Ryu over.

Where’s the bastard?

I’ll help you up to here.

I can’t do anything more.

Be careful.

You came back
after greenlighting me?

I know Cho,

let me contact him,
I’ll get it done.

She’s mine, I’ll take care of it.

If you come back,
I will kill you.


Stay out of this case.

It’s my work.

(Euphoria That Changed the World)

Who have you brought?

Just a single rat, that's it?

Do you really have
the balls to sell me off?

Who do you work for?



look at my eyes.

You know me well.

Boris... Boris...

Where’s the girl?

You feel totally different.

Talks like a douche,

you’re a different man.

What’s with this faggot outfit?


Bring me Boris right away.

Did you bring it?

Walther PPQ Striker,

it’s the best polymer pistol.

Next up, Sergei Kim.

He was an infamous character.

I assigned a 24-hour
bodyguard to you.

Former Spetsnaz officer
and mafia enforcer,

and known as Prof. Kim.

(Det. Noh: 2 New Messages)

Who are you?

So you’re real,

and the one I dealt with
is a fake?


You’re confusing me.


Let me ask you something.

What’s my favorite dish?

You shot the wrong one.

I know I shot the writer.

Damn, I’m so confused.

Where’s the girl?


Boris, know them?

Let’s start with Sergei.

He’s working with that reporter.

Kill anyone who gets in the way!

Kill anyone who hurts me!

Hey, councilor.

Who’s Boris?

Answer me.


This Siesta...


You asked about a man
with the same tattoo.

It’s my family doctor.

He’s safely guarding
your woman.

(Lawyer: Boris Rognof,
Choi Jin-ki)

So you’re Boris?

No, I’m not Boris.

Just a doctor,
who develops new meds.

Drugs, you mean.

So the meds you got
while here were drugs?

Did you take them to get high?


See? You are reborn.


This gave you a new life.

Depending on how it’s used,
it could save or kill a man.

Siesta, it means “nap.”

Isn’t it funny?

Even in vegetative state,
you were an addict.

To survive the addiction,
you created a new ego,

and used it to witness
your own survival in detail.

That was intriguing.

Then something interesting happened.

The new ego that was separated
to exist in painful hell,

went to you, who was suicidal.

Coincidence? Fate?

Existing in a shell,
like a ghost,

you latched onto the ego
coming to you like this magnet.

Where’s Yoo-hwa?

Right here,

but the person who left her
didn’t say she was 3-month pregnant.

She’s a filthy rat, who stole
painkillers of patients.

She was already a Siesta addict.

The only ones who got over
Siesta’s addiction are you, me,

and Jang Tae-young.

Die off, or the survival instinct
brings out the real you, like Jang.

We’ll all die.

It’s okay, it’s okay.