Real (2013) - full transcript

A man decides to use a new technology to go inside the mind of his comatose lover.

I wonder what's the reason.

I have a feeling that I've been living with you since the day I was born.

And so it will always be.

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Of course we will!

No doubt about it.

The Day The Plesiosaur Became Real

[ 1 year later ]

Fujita-san, it's about time.


Everyone is nervous at the first time.


To be true, I also don't know what you feel when you enter the mind of another person.

But until now, everyone who succeeded found the experience fulfilling.

No, Aihara-sensei,

I'm not worried about the procedure.

I simply...

You're worried about Atsumi-san?
I simply...

You're worried about Atsumi-san?


Does she really want to see me again?

The purpose of this process is exactly to find out what she's thinking now.

As I explained before,

you and Atsumi-san are medically a good match

and you also have a strong spiritual bond.

The only person who's capable to enter her mind is you.

I know.

Of course, it may be hard for you to face the reasons why she committed suicide a year ago.

But, Fujita-san,

in order to wake her up from this deep coma

we need your help.


I'm Yonemura, the neurosurgeon.

Please lie down there.

Now I'll set up the interface.

Fujita-san, can you see that monitor?


This device contains around 300 coils.

They record the electromagnetic activity which is produced by your brain.

By this procedure the electric impulses inside of your brain are transmitted

to the patient's brain.

If two persons are connected by such an interface,

they can communicate like normal in a virtual reality.

This is, simply put, how this machine works.

Don't worry.

You'll feel as if you were dreaming.

Each session lasts for an appointed time,

but if one of you unconsciously shows a strong negative reaction, I will immediately terminate it.

I understand.


it's important not to rush things.

During your first contact be careful and proceed step by step.

Then it will be a success.

Welcome home.
You're late.

I bought two lunchboxes for dinner.

If you're hungry, eat.


How was your day at the sports club?


[ Roomi ]

Atsumi, say,
are you doing this all the time?


From morning till night.

I must observe the deadline.

I see.

I'm sorry, but I have no time for you now.


Do you remember the plesiosaur drawing?

The plesiosaur.

I think we were in 4th grade of elementary school

when I showed you the plesiosaur drawing on the island.


You said you wanted to have it, so I gave it to you.

Was there really such a thing?

You don't remember?

So what's with this drawing?

That plesiosaur drawing was a perfect.

Koichi, do you think we can find that drawing somewhere?

I don't know.

Can't you help searching for it?

If I could take a look at that picture again, I might

regain my confidence as a manga creator.

Okay, I'll try to find it.

Somehow I feel weird.

I'm totally relaxed while I'm drawing manga,

but once my hand stops, I start feeling dizzy.

The weight of this pen,

I don't feel it anymore.



I have to tell you something.


Stay calm and listen to me.

This here is not reality.

We are inside of your mind.

One year ago,

you were exhausted from drawing manga and tried to commit suicide.

You jumped into the sea from the quay wall, don't you remember?


Thank God, your life was saved,

but since then you're lying in a hospital bed in a coma.

But now, thanks to a special equipment,

I have direct contact to your mind.

Tell me,

why did you do that?

Attempting suicide?

I don't remember.

Was it perhaps my fault?

If it's so, tell me please.
I will accept it.

So please wake up!

We can leave this place

and start over again.

Then help me to find it.
The plesiosaur drawing.


I'm busy with drawing manga now.

Manga, manga...
Stop with this now.

Life isn't only about manga.

My life is!
Manga is my life!

Then, what about me?

Are you saying I must choose between you and manga?

No, I didn't say that.

I only say our life together comes first,

and then we should think about how to deal with your manga.

And how?

I don't know yet,

but our life revolves only around manga.
Isn't that weird?

So I should give up work and take care of you only.

Then you would be satisfied, right?

I didn't say that!

Fujita-san, can you hear me?

You're at the Medical Center.

I know.

This session lasted only one hour.

What did you experience?

We were at home.
Atsumi was drawing manga.

I talked a little with her.

It felt completely real.

That's why I spoke with her in my usual way.

In the end, we quarreled...

It was a success!

A great experience, wasn't it?

Fujita-san, congratulations!

Your first contact was a success.

Oh, excuse me.

I needed some physical activity.

Then, continue please.

Atsumi was continuing with the manga series where it was interrupted one year ago.

As if time had stopped.

I see.

She thinks I'm still working at that sports club where I quit 1 year ago.

And, she asked me to look for a drawing of a plesiosaur.


She said she drew it for me when we were in elementary school.

But I don't remember.

Why does she want such a thing?

She said if she saw it again, it might help her out of her slump.

Do you think you can find it?

If I search, I guess I can find it somewhere, probably.

Please try to find it.


Did you notice anything else?

I saw one of the characters Atsumi had drawn actually appearing in the room.

Only for a moment, however.

What kind of character?

A corpse.

A corpse?

It's unusual for a female cartoonists, but
Atsumi was famous for her realistic and grotesque style.

And, her serial manga "Roomi" deals with murders.


It's a sign the murderer always leaves beside his victims.

It was a manga series, so Atsumi was constantly thinking about the character of the next victims.

And such an image appeared in the room, right?


This could be a kind of side effect.

What do you mean?

The contact stress can lead to interferences between your brain and Atsumi's mind.

This can be the cause of hallucinations.

It's possible that from now on these imagines will appear in your real life too.

If anything happens, inform me please.


The drawing of a plesiosaur, right?


I wonder if Kazu-sensei has such a thing.

When did she draw it?

I was still living on the island then.
About 15 years ago, I guess.

Then, shouldn't it be in your parents' house?

In my parents' house?

Or in the storage room.

Storage room?

Yes, a lot of her stuff is stored there.

I didn't know.

What's this?

Could it be an unpublished manga of Kazu-sensei?

Yeah, that's possible.

It's great!
She created something like this.

Perhaps it can be published.

I'll call Sawano-san.


Here's Takagi.

I was sorting Sensei's papers when I discovered something amazing.

An unpublished work.

Yes, that's right.

Her fans will be exited, won't they?

Yes, understood.

Then, I'll drop it off at the office.

Yes, good-bye.

Takagi-kun, listen.

Before you publish it, I would like to ask Atsumi for permisson.

I think I'll soon be able to speak with her about it.

I understand.

You're right.
She might have a reason to hide it.

Okay, I'll take it along and talk with Sawano-san.

Takagi-kun, are you going to the office now?


I'll give you a ride.

I also want to take a look at that storage room.

You and Kazu-sensei were childhood friends, right?

Yes, but only during elementary school times.

On Hikone Island?


What was she like at that age?

What was she like?

Well, like an ordinary island girl.

I wasn't born on that island.


We moved there due to my father's work.

Building a holiday resort.

So I lived on Hikone for three years.

And so you had the fateful encounter with her.

Well, yeah.

But it took some time.

At first, the islanders were on bad terms with the families of the developers from Tokyo.

I see.

Well, I was only an elementary school student.

We returned to Tokyo before I entered middle school,

so I don't know how things turned out.

[Say "No" to the holiday resort that will destroy Hikone Island!]

Then, where did you meet her again?

When I was a university student.

Right after she came to Tokyo I met her by chance.

At that time, Atsumi was still at the begin of her career as manga creator.

She was drawing manga all day long,

but couldn't sell anything of it.

Her enthusiasm was amazing.

I see.

Perhaps this is one of her works from that time.

Thank you.


Just a side effect...


What brings you here so suddenly?

I'm looking for something.

Where is my stuff from elementary school times?

I really couldn't say straight away.

Miyauchi-san is not here, right?

Then I come in.
I'll look for it myself.

Hey, Koichi!

It's been a long time.
Shall I cook something for you?

No, it's okay.

I'll only take a quick look.

Here you go.

This brings back memories!

When you used it, your father was still alive, right?

Don't worry.
I will go before Miyauchi-san comes home.

You don't have to leave.

It's not that he doesn't like you.

It's alright, I'll be done soon.

I see.
How's Atsumi-san doing?

- Not bad.
- So?

She might regain consciousness soon.

Ah, that's good news.

You see, I haven't told him about the incident with Atsumi yet.

He knows about her hospitalization, but

after all, suicide...
It would cause quite a discussion.

I got it.

And these odd mangas she made.
I never understood what it was about.

It's okay, don't worry about it.

Atsumi will soon regain consciousness.
Then you can visit her.

You're right.
I'll do that.



Welcome back.

Why are you sitting here?

I couldn't make any progress.

Say, Koichi, do you think I'm already burned-out?

Perhaps I'm finished already.

That's not true!

What about the plesiosaur drawing?

Sorry, I haven't found it yet.


Anyway, let's get out of this room now.

Be careful, here's water everywhere.

Thank you.

Do you want to go outside?

But I'm a little scared.

This is a sign that you're regaining consciousness.

You think so?

How is it?
Shall we try going out?

I'll go and take a look around.

There was nothing to see outside.

Perhaps we should better stay here.


You're drawing manga again?

Atsumi, say,

shouldn't we have a serious talk about our future?

Koichi, isn't it time for your part-time work?

I've quit that job long ago.


One year ago.

After you

had attempted suicide.


in reality, you're unconscious since one year.

I know.

When you regain consciousness, there will be rehabilitation

and a lot of other things you'll have to undergo.

You should think about manga when you're fully recovered.

That's exactly why I'm continuing with drawing now.

Drawing here, what is it good for?

Why not?
It makes me happy.

Atsumi, you don't look happy at all!

You're constantly worried about the deadline,
isn't this only stressing!

It's because you haven't found my plesiosaur drawing.

What a nonsense is that!

Here we are inside of my mind.

Therefore, everything is possible here.

Fujita-san, are you alright?


The second session was a success.

It lasted for about two hours.
Everything went fine.

Did you notice any difference compared to the first contact?

When I left the apartment,

there was a thick fog and I couldn't see anything.

I wonder what's behind it.

I was afraid to go further.

That's probably the boundary of Atsumi-san's conscious mind.

She isn't aware of what's beyond that boundary.
I think it's her subconscious mind.

Anything else?

There was a person in the mansion hallway.

Someone you don't know?

A resident, I suppose.

He looked like a normal man, but he was no human being.

A philosophical zombie.

- Philosophical zombie?
- Yes.

Atsumi-san's mind creates them at will.

They have no substance, just an outward appearance.

They're a kind of symbol.
Take no notice of them.

Is this a final decision?

No, it's not like that,

but we can't put the series on hold for all eternity.

I see.

So let's declare "Roomi" finished for now,

and in case Kazu-kun wakes up, we start a new series.

Can't you wait for 3 month?

This may sound harsh,

but the readers also begin to ask questions.

They say perhaps she will never come back.

Excuse me,

how about we publish a special issue of "Roomi" out of sequence?

With this we could prove that Kazu-sensei is still alive and well.

And who will draw it?

That would be

her assistant, me.

You're a ghostwriter?

Well, it might work.


If it helps to continue "Roomi", then I agree.

But please let me ask Atsumi first.

How could you ask her?

It may be possible.
I'll try.

So please wait with your decision for a little while.

Welcome home.

I'm back.

Today, I'm in good form.

I'm making good progress.

I see.

Atsumi, listen for a moment.

What is it?

Takagi-kun is going to draw a special issue of "Roomi".

He said it's in order to show the readers that you're alive and well.

What's that supposed to mean?

Sawano-san said Takagi-kun could do it.


why didn't you refuse?

I'm drawing day by day so that the series can be continued

as soon as I wake up from this coma!

I know.

That's why I beg you,

don't take my manga away from me.

I'm sorry.

It was stupid of me.

I'll tell them to forget it.

It's okay.

I knew it would happen some day,

so I'm prepared.


will never

wake up from this state, right?

Don't say such things!

I won't let this happen.


today it went very well.

I properly observed the deadline.

Even Sawano-san and Takagi-kun might be surprised when they see this manuscript.

I guess it will change their view on me a little.

Here they are.



Please come in.

The manuscript is finished.

It went very well,

especially the middle part.

It's different from my former work, but I guess it's interesting.

Say, Sawano-san,

why do you let Takagi-kun draw a special issue?

And Takagi-kun,

didn't I always tell you not to imitate other's work?

Why did you volunteer to work as my ghostwriter?

You can't answer, can you?

I see.
Well, it doesn't matter.

But I made another sketch today that I want to show you.

You guys will never understand my manga.

This is me.

Don't forget it when you wake up.

Well, well, well, well...

The special issue will become a hit.


This will be Kazu Atsumi's spectacular resurrection!

Takagi-kun will make a second special too.

Well, if it turns out to be sparkling,
it'll be the begin of a new series, right?

Is that true, Takagi-kun?

Well... yes.



This character is good.

She could become the heroine of the new series.

How can I get it off?

Is it you, Fujita-san?

I'm Aihara from the Medical Center.

It seems Atsumi-san wants to contact you.

Can you come here immediately?

We've been waiting for you.

This is the first time we see a request for contact coming from a patient's brain.

What could this mean?

It may be a symptom of some new development.

Is it a sign that Atsumi will regain consciousness?

That could be possible.


What happened?


I've been waiting for you so long.


- I want to get out of here!
- Atsumi!

- What should I do?
- Calm down!

This is the world inside of your mind,

so if you calm down and resume your everyday life,
this world will turn back to normal too.

I don't want to resume that life!

Do you really think so?

I can't remember any time when I wasn't drawing manga.

Even though there must have been a lot of things I enjoyed.

It's as if I had lost myself.

Tell me, Koichi, who am I?

I understand.
Then, let's get out of here.

We'll go as far as we can.

What might be beyond this point?

I don't know.

These are philosophical zombies.

Philosophical zombies?

Don't worry, they're harmless.

Beyond this point begins my subconscious mind?


Here is the boundary.

I'll try to take a look.

Where are we here?

It's Hikone Island!

Hikone Island?

We're back where we've been 15 years ago!

So this is the island from my elementary school times?

This wakes memories!

Look at that mountain!

We often climbed it with our classmates, didn't we?

Look! My home.

I'm back!

[Say "No" to the holiday resort that will destroy Hikone Island!]



Look, my father, my mother, and my big sister.

Koichi, won't you eat with us?

Atsumi, let's go!

This isn't real!

It's all an illusion.

This place...

What is this here?

I remember this place!

That can't be, Atsumi.
This is not real.

This place never existed.

You again!?

Atsumi-san got in a state of shock so we terminated the session.

Kazu-san, can you hear me?


How's Atsumi?

Her brainwaves show wild swings.

That's all we know about her condition at the moment.

- Hiraoka, breathing mask!
- Yes!

Can you save her?

Here's the bag!

I don't think her life is in danger.

Kazu-san, can you hear me?

Atsumi-san's condition is stable now.

Thank God.

What happened in her subconscious mind?

We left the apartment.

At the end of the road there was a wall of thick fog.

Beyond it we found ourselves on Hikone Island.

The place of your childhood?


we met Atsumi's family in their home.

And suddenly we came to another place.

A young boy emerged from the sea.

A boy?

I don't know who he is.

But he already appeared several times in my hallucinations.

I thought it was a side effect of these sessions.

I see.

What should I do now?

Why do you ask?

Should I go back to the island?

If that's what you want to do.

Excuse me!



who are you?

I'm Fujita.

You're Atsumi's father, right?

So it's you.

Long time no see.

What do you want?

I only wanted to see the island again after all that time.

Atsumi's condition hasn't changed.

I see.

Let me help you.

I had never thought this place would become like this.

Then, what did you expect to see?

The desired dream resort?


You just didn't want to think about it.

Even an elementary student must have known that what your father did was not right.

On top of that,

in these 15 years since you left the island you didn't return a single time.

You were afraid to see what had become of the island.

Of course, I'm just as guilty.

At that time, I silently watched the island becoming like this.

As a punishment, I stayed here these 15 years.

But you run away.

And I bet somewhere else you made the same mistake again.

That's not true.

I'm sure my father also didn't think it would become like this.

Then bring him here to see it.

My father is dead.

He died of overwork.

It was an act of divine punishment.

My father was also a victim.

He only followed the company's orders.

Then, who is to blame?

Who should take the responsibility for this?

Thanks for waiting.


Are you Atsumi?


Stay away from there!

[ Hikone Police Headquarters ]

A case from 15 years ago?

Yes, some sort of case

or an accident.

One moment please.

There was a missing person report.

Who was reported missing?

Please wait a second.

Could it be

it was a boy?

A boy?

No idea.

There it is!

How was your trip to the island?

I found an old sketchbook.

So you found the plesiosaur drawing.


But it was in a bad condition and hardly to recognize.

With this, one of the matters you had on your mind is settled, isn't it?



Atsumi, listen carefully.

I found the plesiosaur drawing.

The plesiosaur?

I returned to the island and found it at last.

But the drawing is in a very bad condition.
I could hardly see what it was.

I see.

And then, I had an idea.

At that place, it might still be like it was 15 years ago.

Do you remember our secret place in the forest?

You know, the place where we hid our precious items.

A secret place?


That's just not possible!

I'm sure it was this sketchbook!

You drew the plesiosaur into it!


Forget it.


This dream that I had

is over now.


are you going to wake up?

It'll become again like it was before, right?

It's not like this?



Don't go away!

Don't tell me you...

Such a thing...

That's impossible.
That's completely impossible!

You are Atsumi.

You are the real Atsumi!

That's why I all the time...


Finally we meet, right?

The plesiosaur?


It's perfect, isn't it?


you said you were so stressed and couldn't draw it.

But now you're alright again, aren't you?

I was the manga creator?

Of course.
Are you surprised?

I thought it was the other way around.

Koichi, you are


lying in a hospital bed.

In a coma?


So actually you are contacting me?

I see.

But why?


at that time, you had some trouble with your work.

It was one year ago, do you remember?

One year ago?

Now I remember.

The series didn't work well at all.

I was very troubled.

I was drunk and walked on the river bank.

A long time before, you had made a pendant for me.

I had lost it,

and was always upset about that.

Then I saw something that resembled it,

but when I streched out my arm to grab it,

I slipped.

Stupid, wasn't it?

So it wasn't suicide!

I would never do such a thing.

I'm glad to hear that.

I thought it was you who were in a coma.

And I did what I could

to make you wake up.

So it was all an illusion!

But I'm happy

that you are doing well.

I've known what you were feeling, Koichi.

When I was with you, your feelings always reached me.

It happened spontaneously.

That's why I won't give up!

I will see you again!

I'm firmly convinced of that.


Then it wasn't in vain.

Are you crying?

You know, Koichi,

you haven't changed a bit.

Of course not.

I am as I am.

I'm so happy to see you again.

Honestly, how is my condition?

Is it serious?

I see.

There's not much time left.

You'll recover for sure!

I know it!

I still have a lot of manga to draw.

[ Have you forgotten me? ]

What happened?

I'm terribly scared.
I wonder why?

What are you afraid of?

I don't know!

It's alright!
Don't be afraid!

I'll always be with you!


I don't want you to leave me.

Kazu-san, can you hear me?

You're in the Medical Center.

The appointed one hour is over.

Did you meet Fujita-san?


I met him at home.

We could talk about various things.

It was a success!

Free her.


Kazu-san, you're free to go.

- Yonemura-sensei, his heart rate and blood pressure...
- One moment!

Kazu-san, please take a rest.
We'll handle everything else.

Excuse me...

His mind is still completely clear.

Yes, but

it's his physical condition.

- Get ready!
- Yes.

I was together with him until a moment ago.

I can still feel holding him in my arms!

I understand your feelings, but...

Sensei, blood pressure dropped to 40.

- Vasopressor, immediately!
- Yes!

Please wait a moment!

There are still things I have to talk about with Koichi.

His work, our life, and what he's afraid of!


please trust in us.

We'll bring him through this crisis for sure.

Koichi believed in his mind that I would be in a coma.

It seems he desperately tried to make me awake.

So that's how it was.

Why did he swap our positions?

In the past year, Fujita-san was many times connected to the interface.

Although he's in a coma, he probably understood what was going on.

Then he realized that you were always closely surrounded by me and the medical team

and came to the conclusion that you were in a coma
and he's the one who was trying to establish contact.

Was this

the last time?


Finally he had contact to your true self.

He must have a strong wish to see you again now.

This wish is so strong that he will survive.

I believe you, Sensei.

Sawano-san, is it you?
Here's Kazu.

I found yet another unpublished manuscript of Koichi.


No, I'll take it to you.

Yes, no problem.

I see...

This is good.

Although it is an early work, it has a resemblance to "Roomi", hasn't it?

That's true.
The Morio who appears here

is almost like the character who appears in "Roomi", right?

And they both have the same name.

I guess Fujita-sensei wanted to make this guy the killer in the series.


That young boy... the one in a swimsuit.

Speaking of it,

when Fujita-sensei was drawing that character,

he seemed somehow changed.

What do you mean?

As if he was scared of something.

Is that so?

No, not to my knowledge.

I see.


Anyway, with this, Fujita Koichi's unpublished works are complete.

His fans will be happy.

Sawano-san, here's the test print.

From what?

The Fujita Koichi feature story.

Oi, oi, oi, oi...

Don't bring such things here now!

I'm sorry.

Well, of course I know that it's too early for this.

But it's our job as publisher to be prepared to act quickly when the time comes.

Well, no matter how you look at it, it's too early, right?

Let's cancel this feature story.

Please forget it.

In case something happens,

I will inform you immediately.

I'm very sorry,

but please lock this test print away.


Excuse me now.

- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you.

- Now I see!
- What do you mean?

If you permute the letters of the word "Roomi",

it becomes "Morio".
It's an anagram.

So the boy Morio is indeed the killer.

Fujita-kun gave a nice little hint.

Good evening.


can you hear me?

It's me, Aihara.

Today, well,

let's talk about Atsumi-san.

Finally, you met the real Atsumi-san, didn't you?

It must have brought back memories.

How was it?


hasn't she changed in that year?

Is there anything you want to say?

Try to say it again.

Fu... ne... (ship)

Did you say "ship"?

Do you see a ship?

What will you do?

Do you board this ship?

It's alright.
Please get on board.

Do you see anyone else on board?

Who is it?

Who's that other person?

Get off immediately!

You mustn't get on that ship yet.

Get off at once.


Vital parameters?

Heart rate 40-50.

His heart is coming to it's limits.

- I'll fetch another blanket.
- Okay.

Excuse me.

Can I get connected to him now?

Please let me make contact with him!

That's impossible.

His EEG is almost flat.

He's as good as braindead.

But he's still alive!

I wonder about that.

Look at this!

Is this a sign?

Maybe Koichi wants me to contact him.

There must be something he wants to tell me.



let's give it a try.

- Take him to the session room.
- Yes.

- Oxygen supply?
- 3 liter.

- Then, increase to 4 liter.
- Yes.

One, two, three...

Please remember, 30 minutes is the limit.


It's done.

I'm ready.



You are Morio, right?

It's you, right?
Who's still going around in Koichi's mind.



Look, there's Morio.
We were classmates.


Now I remember!

That guy

was always hostile to me because I came from Tokyo.


He probably couldn't forgive that we became friends.

Oi, Morio!


At that time, all the boys on the island

competed with each other to reach that red flag.

Koichi, watch out!

Stop it!

Oi, stop it now!

Stop it!

Leave me!

Stop it! Both of you!


Koichi, I'll help you!

Stop it!



I'm alright, Atsumi.


At that time when Morio drowned,

there was nothing we could have done.

The only thing we did

was drawing the picture of a plesiosaur.

We put all the blame on this plesiosaur

and locked it up in the safebox.

That's right.

Look at this.
It's the pendant I gave you.

There it is!

This is it!


If you hold it this way, it looks a little like a plesiosaur.

A perfect resemblance, isn't it?

Now everything is alright.

Finally, my heart feels relieved.

Atsumi, thank you.

It's thanks to you.


Koichi, where are you?

You mustn't go!

Don't go away!

14:30 - cardiac arrest.

I'll confirm death.

Atsumi-san, are you alright?

You've done what you could.

- One more time please!
- But...

Once more, right now!

I'm sorry, nothing can be done anymore.

I'll bring him back!

There's still time!
Hurry up!

We'll do it again.

- Sasaki-san, do the preparation.
- Yes!




I'm sorry, but I have to go back.


I've come back.

That's not true!

Breathing has restarted.

He's coming back.


- The mask.
- Yes!

Atsumi-san, you've done it!

Out of the way, Morio!
Don't molest us!

I'm not coming yet.
Go alone!

I'm sorry that I forgot what happened to you.

You're wrong!
Koichi didn't forget you!

He's always been suffering because of you!

Koichi, where are we here?

What we did is indeed irreparable.

This is the striking proof.

Forget this here!
This isn't reality!

Don't take it for real, then everything will be again as it was!

Yeah, let's go.

Let's get away from here and go home.

We can't get away,

no matter what we do.

Seems our sins really can't be forgiven.





This is what you want, right!

Okay, I give it to you!

As a present from me!

And then you leave us alone, okay!

Come on!
Hurry up and take it!




I'm so glad!

I wonder what's the reason.

Since the day I was born,

I felt your presence in my mind.

And so it will always be.