Ready to Mingle (2019) - full transcript

A wannabe bride seeks professional help to find a husband and, in the process, finds herself.


Do you realize I'm the only one
of my friends who's still single?

You're not single.

- You know what I mean, Gabriel.
- Ana, it's not a good time.

You said you'd give me
a ring nine months ago.

- What matters is that we're together.
- Set a date!

When am I getting my ring?

- Don't say "soon."
- Soon.

If you can't set a date,

we shouldn't be together.

You're right.



We should break up.


I don't want to waste your time.
I don't want to get married.

You know what? Forget what I said.

- Forget it.
- I can't give you what you want.

No, Gabriel. We can't break up.

- Calm down.
- Please don't do this to me.

If you don't calm down,
I'm going to have to leave.

Look, I won't pressure you anymore.
No more wedding talk.

- It's not just that.
- I can be more spontaneous.

We can try new things.
In fact, if you want, I can...

I'll do anything you want.
Just tell me and I'll do it.

- I'm leaving.
- I'll do it!

But please don't leave me!

- This is ridiculous. I'm leaving.
- Gabriel, where are you going?


Don't leave, Gabriel!


- Is that your sister's car?
- Yes. What's she doing?


Damn it!

- Where are you going?
- Thanks to you, I just crashed my car.

- About twenty times, right?
- Nothing happened to it.

Are you coming in?
Mom and Dad are waiting.


Seriously. I've had enough.

- What's she doing?
- I don't know. Let's go in.

- Hi, Dad. Happy Anniversary.
- Hi, sweetie.

Thank you! Do you remember Huevo?

Didn't we meet at her wedding
about three years ago?

No, that was Julia. Ana is making us wait.

I'm going to eat something.

Love, wait you can't eat that.

Can I have some paella?

I don't like seafood and greens.
Can you take all that out?

- Do you want just rice?
- Yes.

That's not possible.

How's everything?
Are you back with Gabriel?

No, I'm giving him some time
to realize what he's lost.

Six months isn't enough?

What beautiful girls.
Just like their mother!

- It's so nice of you to say so!
- Thanks.

- Congratulations.
- Oh, sweetie!

Thank you, dear.

Congratulations, Mari.
We brought you something.

You can exchange it if you don't like it.

No way! It's from my favorite store!

So, where's that handsome boyfriend
of yours?

Is something wrong?

It's just that Gabriel broke up with Ana.

Well, actually...

I broke up with him.

Well, practically, he dumped you,
didn't he?

Weren't you going to get married?

You never know. A friend of mine
got engaged after a seven-year break-up.

And now she's happily married.
It's all she talks about.

Poor Ana, so unlucky!
She just can't find a husband.

- And she's cute.
- I know.

It's a bit late to meet someone.

- Well, it's not the 20th century anymore.
- She's right.

Some people don't get married.
Like Tamara, for example.

- Tamara!
- What?

You haven't told them
about my Tammy?

We were having dinner
at a Japanese restaurant.

I knew something was up.
But I never imagined

that my ring would be inside
a fortune cookie!

In front of everyone,
Benny knelt down and said,

"Omae to kekkon shitai."

It means, "Will you marry me?"
in Japanese.

Isn't that incredible?
I'm getting married!

- Incredible? Not really.
- It's really cool.

And so original, in Japanese.

So, where is this dreamy Benny?

I don't see him anywhere.


Come meet my cousins.


What's up?

- How did you do it?
- How did I do what?

I was with Gabriel for ten years
and you got engaged in three months.

Are you drunk?

Tell me your secret.

How did you get him to give you a ring?

There's no secret.
We fell in love, that's all.

You're not fooling me.

There's something fishy going on here.

I'm way prettier than you.

How did you do it? How!

Okay, you got me.

I took a workshop.

What do you mean, a workshop?

A workshop on how to find a husband.

That's pathetic.
You really outdid yourself this time.

You know what?

Being alone will do you good!

Today we're celebrating 35 years together.

Damn, just saying it out loud
sounds crazy.

I still don't understand
how she convinced me.

Maybe it was because she baked
such wonderful brownies.

In the end, my Mari caught me.

Before I knew it,
we were married and had two lovely girls.

Wild haired and feisty!

- Especially feisty. A little.
- Not true.

Thank you so much for celebrating
our anniversary with us.

Cheers, my love!

- Cheers.
- Thank you.

Thank you for everything,
for giving me so much.

- Bravo!
- Bravo!

I don't have much to add
to my husband's long speech.

But there is something
I want to tell all of you.

I've never baked brownies in my life!

Thank you for coming.

Can I borrow that?
I want to say a few words.

I just want to congratulate you
for staying together so long.

- Thanks, sweetie..
- Thank you.

It's hard to find someone who wants
to spend their whole life with you.

- Especially nowadays.
- I think that's enough.

I'm not done, Mom. I'm not done yet.

- What's she on?
- My point is, life is unfair.

One day, you're about to get married.

And the next,
you're at your parents' house,

congratulating your loser cousin

on her engagement.

- Sorry. Someone had to say it.
- Anita.

No, I have something to say.
I want to say something!

That's the way it is.

In life, if you want it,
you can't have it.

If you don't want it, you get it.
And that's that.

But not everything is lost.
I still hope to find someone.

If you want to help me,
please dial 5540-3242.

That's enough!

- Lovely speech.
- Thank you.


It's ruined! The party is ruined. Ruined!

Don't worry. Just go to bed.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.

It's all because of
that fucking ugly Tamara.

Why didn't he want to marry me, Julia?

Because he's an asshole, Ana.
He did you a favor.

- Forget about him.
- But he's so handsome.

You haven't seen him
without a shirt. Really.

Please, we'll talk tomorrow.
Please get in the car!

- What do I do?
- Just let her go.

- Not that one, Ana!
- Not that one!

- What the fuck?
- No!

- Wait. What's up with you?
- It's this one.

- Should we give her some club soda?
- We're not giving her anything.

- Why not?
- Because you hate club soda!

- Honey, she might puke in the taxi.
- She won't. You won't, right?

- What?
- Hush, just watch your head.

- Why are you laughing at me?
- He's not laughing.

- I saw him!
- No, he's not laughing.

I'm not laughing, Ana.

He's not laughing.
No one is laughing at you.

- Settle down.
- Don't worry. She's fine.

- I love him!
- Yes, I know.

But you'll get over him. Watch your feet.

Honey, pull down her skirt.

Watch your feet.
Let me know when you get there.

- Are you sure she's okay?
- Gabriel.

I don't know.







What the fuck?


what are you...

What are you doing?

I thought you were alone.
It was a surprise.

Ana, wait!

I'll be right back.


What the hell is going on?

Who's this?

- Remember Ingrid, from work?
- Ana, Gabriel and I are engaged.

- What?
- I never found the right time to tell you.

You're joking, right?

I don't get it. We just broke up.

Honestly, your relationship was over.

- Shut up, fucking whore.
- Ana!

Gabriel, my parents are waiting for us.

You said that she was your friend.

That she had bad breath.

- That she was annoying.
- Listen.

We don't choose the person
we fall in love with.

I'm going.

I'm leaving.

You said you weren't ready
to get married.

To you.

I hope you get run over
outside the church.


- Hello.
- Tamara?



What do you want?

I need you to send me the info
about the workshop you took.

I thought you said it was pathetic.

- It's not for me. It's for a friend.
- Ana, I saw Gabriel's Facebook.

I shouldn't help you
because of the way you treat me.

But I think you need it.

Call them.
It will save you a lot of dates.

Tell them I referred you.

I got along great with the teacher.

The school has good karma.

Did you get it? Ana?




Fuckin' Ana.

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hi, princess!

Can I help you?

- Hi.
- What's your name?

Ana Mendoza.

Here's your welcome kit.



Isn't this nerve-racking?

Hi. I'm Ema.


You look familiar.

Didn't I see you
in the "Master your sexual self" workshop?

This is my first workshop.

Yeah, mine too.

Never jump into a lake
if you're wasted.

- Do you think we'll find a husband?
- I hope so.

More than anything,
I really hate wasting my time.

One of my friends took the course
and married a millionaire in six months.

She doesn't have to pay rent anymore

or date creepy old dudes
because she feels past her prime.

So, all of you are on a journey
to find a man.

And what have you done to find him?

I signed up for a workshop
to find a husband!

Well, my aunt paid for it.

Well, I downloaded Tinder...

and other apps,
but no one takes you seriously.

Maybe you're the ones
who don't take yourselves seriously.

How many failed dates
have you been on?

How many times have you waited
for that phone call that never came?

No need to answer.

I can imagine.

We live in hard times.

Technology allows us to find
a partner with one simple click.

And with another...

we can get rid of them.

Men have more options
to choose from nowadays.


so do we.

My name is Lucila.

In this course you'll learn
all the secrets for getting a husband.

Did I say something funny?

No. I think this workshop
isn't right for me.

I'm leaving.

Fine. Leave.

Go back to your boring, miserable life
while everyone around you gets married.

My life isn't boring.

"Go back to your boring, miserable life."

Your face is miserable.

I can't answer
because I'm planning my wedding!

Please leave your message.

You're too much, Tamara. Too fucking much!

That workshop was full of desperate women,
and I'm not desperate.

Oh, shit.

I've got to go now. I'm running late
and I have a lot to do.

Why the bad mood? What's up?

You could've said
you didn't want to help.

What would you have done?
You have no money.

Why are you being so mean to me?
Why does everyone hate me?

Cut the drama.

Why are you surprised?
Your car's been messed up for months.

Why would I pay to have it fixed

if I was about to get married?

- What does that have to do with it?
- We wouldn't need two cars.

- I care about the environment.
- That's your answer to everything?

- The environment?
- Your life is stuck, Ana.

Does life start when you find a husband?

You know what? I don't need your help.


Can you get me an Uber? My phone's dead.

- I'm getting you a shared Uber.
- Why?

Just because.

"Why don't you get your life in order?"


The first thing you need to do
is get rid of that outfit.

But it's a designer suit!

That suit screams,
"I have no social life

and I eat canned tuna at my desk
every single day."

You have to wear clothes
that are casual but feminine.

You're looking for a husband,
not a job.

You should be wearing
dresses and skirts.

Not too loose but not too tight,
so you don't show your flaws.

Wear solid colors, not prints.
Remember that less is more.


You've been there for ten minutes.

Who are you? What do you want?

My name is Ana. I was here before.

- You said my life was miserable.
- Yes, of course.

I changed my mind. You're right.

Too late. Close the door behind you.

Please! I'm begging you!
I don't want to die single.

I guess I can always rise to a...


Where was I?

You said, “Wear solid colors, not prints.

Remember that less is more.
You've been standing... "Oops.

Memorize this: men only notice looks.
They can't help it.

It's in their DNA.

So if you want their attention,

you must improve your looks.

Shouldn't we be with someone
who sees beyond appearances?

I don't know.

You tell me.

How many men have been interested
in your big heart?

Like it or not, girls,
these are the rules of the game.

Use them and you'll be living it up
for the rest of your life.

That's great!

Five thousand pesos?
That's what my whole wardrobe is worth!

It's not that expensive.

Think of it as an investment.

In six months, you'll have a husband
who'll pay that and more.

Great idea! Maybe I'll ask him
to pick out my clothes for me.

Sure, why not?

Don't worry.
I'm used to people staring at me.

I wasn't staring at you.

Six months is perfect for me.

I have a wedding dress on hold
and I have only six payments left.

But you don't have a boyfriend yet.

I can't find anyone I like.
But that dress was love at first sight.

- How are you doing?
- Good.

Let's see, Ema. Try this on.

Are you serious, Lola?



Lots of guys like them.

You must look feminine at all times.

Unless you're not looking
for a man, of course.


Men don't want a wife
who looks like a stripper.

- They don't?
- No.

They want a wife so they can think
about the stripper.


They're men. Don't try
to understand their logic.


Well done, Sandra.
Much better!

This isn't going to work.
This isn't me, Lucila.

You can be whoever you want, Ana.

Take this.

The new you is going to need that.

Make it quick, ladies.
You still have to get your makeovers.


- It's your sister.
- Oh, no. What does she want now?

Open up! I know you're in there!
I can hear you!


What is it?

No electricity? Why all the candles?

Anita, you have a knack for showing up
at the best time.


What's with the new look?

And your face?

I decided to try the workshop
Tamara told me about.

- The workshop for desperate women?
- Yes.

They're not desperate.

Well, she is. I'm not.

- Ana, why did you do that?
- You told me to get my life together.

- That's not what I meant.
- What did you mean then?

There are many ways
to make your life meaningful.

- Buy a dog, like everyone else.
- Yeah, a dog.

You know I hate dogs.

You went off the deep end.

For you two...

it's so easy to judge.

- Where are you going?
- We'll talk later.

Your future husband is out there,
and it's up to you to find him.

Lucila, there's nothing. There's no one.

Maybe you were too busy stalking
your ex to find the time to go out.

I'm not stalking him.
He blocked me ages ago

on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You've made your point, Ana. Thank you.

If you really want to meet someone,
you have to leave your comfort zone.

Change your routine.

No more chaperoned dinners,
Netflix nights, or cyber sex.

- I told you that in private.
- For privacy, find a priest, dear.

Stop going to Pilates
and find a class with more men.

Or women, if you prefer.

- Is she talking about me?
- Join a gym.

Go out! There's a whole world
of possibilities out there.

Isn't that why we have internet?
So we don't have to go out.

And look how far it's got you.

I'm not telling you
to give up social media.

Instead, use every possible resource
to maximize your opportunities.

I got it!

Before the next class,
I want you all to go out on a date.

- What?
- In one week?

- That's why I'm here!
- Exactly!

- We need more time.
- What if we double date?

Such a weirdo.

The first thing you have to do
is get his attention.

Usually, a smile is enough,

but I don't think that will be enough
for you girls.

The next step is to find a subtle way

to break the ice.


Do you know how to turn this on?

Yes. With the "on" button.

Come on.

If this doesn't work,
take an object to start a conversation.

Or see if he has something.

Everyone dies.

- What?
- Your book.

- Is it good?
- Yes. I'm on page 20.

- It's great. I recommend it.
- Ready?


Whatever happens, keep trying.

You're not getting any younger.

Stop retreating and attack!

Keep your guard up!

Is that all you've got?
Come on, soldier, go!

Sorry! Are you OK?

Blow him off. He's an asshole.


If you played your cards right
and you want to see him again...

Hey? have to find a way to make him

- come back to you.
- Could you give me some classes?

Yeah, sure.

I'm not really into working out.

I signed up for a spinning class,
but I dropped out in two days.


when I was little, I really liked ballet,
but the teacher was a bitch.

One day, all the girls ran up
to the bar saying, "Me first..."

Ana, we don't want your whole life story,

and neither does he.

- Yeah, that's boring.
- Just answer what they're asking.

Don't open up too much
until you really know each other.

But... what if we have
a special connection with someone,

and he tells us things
he's never told anyone before?


that's the oldest trick in the book.

Men will set all sorts of traps
to discover your flaws.

- Don't fall for it.
- They'll find out eventually, won't they?

- Yes.
- Isn't it better to be up front?

Information is power, girls.

Show only your good side.
Besides, they'll do the same.


"Hey, Ana, I had a phenomenal time.

What if we go back to my place?"

- Yes!
- Sexy!

First of all, who says phenomenal?

Answer the question, Ana.




- Yes?
- No!

That's what I said! No!

Not if you want to keep him
interested! Listen, girls.

You won't gain anything
by having sex on the first date.

Except for some pleasure,
but that's what vibrators are for.

- There are some really good ones.
- Lucila, but...

No exceptions.

What about a hand job?

Does that count?


You haven't understood a thing.

Am I imagining things,
or does Lucila think I'm gay?

- You're not?
- Of course not!


- Do you think she's married?
- I heard she's been divorced seven times.

Twice from the same guy. Some rich banker.

Maybe he's single?

I just hope her methods work.

So do I. I don't get it.

I go out drinking with a guy.
We party hard.

We have an amazing time.

Then without warning, the next day, poof!
He disappears.

Not even breakfast.

I totally get that.

I know you think I'm perfect,
that there's no way I'm single,

but it's been rough for me as well.

I know. I wasted my best years
with a good-for-nothing.

We got divorced because
he said I worked too much.

What's with Ana?

Come on, Ana! We don't bite.

I just want someone handsome,
romantic, and sensitive.

Basically, someone who doesn't exist.

As long as he's not a psycho.

- Exactly!
- Oh, no!

Hey, you didn't tell me the show
was yours. Well done!

I'm more self-centered than I look.

So, what do you think?

Were the polka dots and sprinkles
your idea?


You have a great eye.
That was my original idea.

The juxtaposition of colors
and shapes are suggestive.

- It makes you...
- Crave the donut.




So, how can a girl like you
still be single?

A girl like me?

Yes. You're pretty, nice.

You're terrible at boxing,
but you can hold your own.

Did you have a bad time with an ex?
What's your secret?

What if we talk about it
once we know each other better?

If you don't tell me,
I'll imagine the worst.

All right, fine.

We broke up 'cause
he wasn't ready for marriage.

And six months later,
I found out he was engaged.

- To a co-worker.
- No!

- What? Really?
- Yes, a real piece of work.

- Wow.
- But you're not like that, right?

What? Me? No. Not at all.


Ana, tell me everything.
I want all the details.

Who's this?


- Who?
- Ema, from the workshop.

What's up?

- Can we talk later? I'm busy.
- Hello there!

All the girls are here on the line.

There's not much to tell. His name is...

My night was a mess.

We went to watch the game
with his friends.

Finally, when we were alone,

he asked me to...

- He asked me to sit on his face.
- I'm jealous!


My date brought me
to an incredible place.

This guy is seriously hot.

At first things were great.
He's a lawyer, good looking.

But the asshole spent the night
on his phone, supposedly working.

- Sounds like someone I know, Sandra.
- What? I'm not like that.

- Yes, you are.
- Just a little bit.

We ended up having a party at my place.
I feel lucky tonight!

- Wait, here he comes.
- Lola, can we borrow your room?



I think I should go now.
I can barely keep my eyes open.

- Why are you whispering?
- I'm not whispering!

Are you still with the photographer?

If I had said no,
he would have found someone hotter.

Don't worry. Lucila exaggerates.

- For sure he'll call you again.
- He will, right?


- Bye!
- Sleep tight.

Yes. For sure.

- Hi, I'm Max.
- Hello.

- I'm Ana.
- Wow, you look just like my ex.

Sorry, these are for you.

- My favorite.
- Sweet.

Her name is Monica.

She's dating someone else now.

What if we skip dinner
and watch a movie at my place?

- I live around the corner.
- Thanks, but I'd rather not.

- Why? Are you a screamer?
- What?

Do you want to share?

The portions are small.
We can try lots of things.

All right.

How about octopus ceviche?

How about something
without tentacles?


How about a pizza with anchovies?
Or mushrooms?

Why don't we order separately?

Tell me. Why did you break up
with your ex?

He wasn't a good person,
but I learned a lot from him.

Excuse me.

- Is that work?
- No.

My wife.

You're married?

You don't mind, do you?

Thank you.

See you.


We had a nice dinner. I drove you home.

Gross! No!

I love you!

Can I see your ID?

- Are you joking?
- Sorry, store policy.

I don't have it on me. I left it at home.

So, go home, get your ID,
and come back later.



Do you know how long ago
I stopped being underage?

It's a rhetorical question.

Sorry, I can't sell you beer
without an ID.

It's beer, not meth.

Can you buy me some beer?
The clerk won't sell me any.

I don't know.

I don't want to get in trouble.
How do I know you're old enough?



- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Did you find everything?
- I did.

What about his ID?

That'll be 96 pesos, sir.

Thank you.

- Your receipt.
- Keep it.

- Well, bye.
- Bye.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

What's your name?

Diego. What's yours?



- You look great."
- "Thank you.

You look great too."

"Do you want to kiss me?
Just kidding."

Okay. Just like that.



- Hi.
- Hi,

- how are you?
- Fine.

- I have the tickets. Shall we go in?
- Okay.

Did you bring your ID?

I wouldn't like it if you couldn't get in.

Want some?

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- Did you like the movie?
- Yes.

I don't know
why I'd never seen it before.

Maybe when you went to see it,
you fell asleep.

No! Why?

No reason.

No way. I never fall asleep at the movies.

- Never.
- Well, that's good to know.

Are masago the little jelly-like balls?


- Do you know what you're having?
- There are too many choices.

- I recommend the omakaze.
- Oma... what?

The chef makes a special dish
with the catch of the day.

It's great if you like to try everything.

Sounds good.

Two omakazes, please.

Well then, cheers.

Tell me about yourself.

- What do you do?
- I work in a digital media firm.

Our company handles corporate
social media and creates content.

- How long have you been there?
- Four years. No, five.

I thought it would be temporary.

- But I stayed.
- That happens.

I spent eight years
at a firm and the time flew by.

- Are you a lawyer? Architect.
- Architect.

Thank you.

This is called ankimo.

Thank you. It's a kind of foie gras
made from fish liver.

- Wow! Yeah.
- You'll love it.


Did you like it?

- It's really good.
- I told you.

Thank you very much.

I can tell everyone I tried ankimo.

That's a bold statement.

I think we have company.

It's my neighbor. She's really nosy.
I hate her.

Should we go in
or keep entertaining her?


You know what?

I just remembered
I have to work tomorrow.

Super early.


I have an early meeting tomorrow too.
Maybe some other time?

All right. Are you sure?

- I'm sure.
- All right.




Okay. Everything's fine.

It's fine. You did well, Ana.


- So?
- We had our first kiss.

- French kiss?
- No.

- Then it's not a real kiss.
- Good.


Well done, Ema.

I must admit I had no faith in you.

But you've surprised me.

- Thanks?
- I'd also planned a fourth date.

But Álvaro had to leave town,
so we postponed it.

- Didn't he leave three weeks ago?
- Yes.

- That's strange.
- He's a businessman.

I don't know.

I wanted someone romantic and sensitive,

but Tonatiuh is a bit rough
and he curses. And he doesn't like cats.

Maybe he's allergic?


Lower your expectations, girls.
There are no perfect men.

Only women who can't shape them.

I'm not so sure.
How do you shape a guy who's married?

That's terrible!

All men are pigs.

- Not all of them.
- What about you, Ana?

Have you heard from him?

At first, I thought his phone
was broken, because...

Just because.

But I just saw the idiot
logged on to WhatsApp.

- What?
- How long since you heard from him?

Two weeks. I don't get it.
He liked my posts.


What if I call him?

- If he's interested, he'll find you.
- Come on! Just a five-minute call!

- A Facebook message?
- There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Go out! Meet new people.
The same goes for all of you.

Is that him?


- Shitty cellphone news!
- I hate it.






You look good.

Although you look much better
in your profile pic.

Thanks. It took me a long time
to photoshop it.

I can imagine.

How about a drink?

- Hilario here makes a killer michelada.
- Hello.

- What are you having?
- A michelada.

- And you?
- Some pulque, Hilario, please.

That'll be 100 pesos.

Oops, I forgot my wallet.

Can you take care of this round,
and I'll pay for the next one?

- I'll be right back.
- Thanks.

Your profile says you're a musician.

Yeah, I'm gonna record an album.

We've got the studio lined up
and we're getting the money together.

- Hello.
- Hi, Ana!

- Diego?
- I hope you don't hate me.

The truth is I've had a lot of work.
How are you doing?

Good, all good.

What's up?

Are you busy right now?

No, I'm not busy.

When can we get together?

This week is a little complicated,
but maybe I can make it on Saturday.

- Saturday's perfect. Let me know.
- Deal.

Well, bye.

- Do you like the place?
- Yes.

I love it.

This place has fantastic homemade cheese.

I like how excited you get
when you talk about food.

Really? I can also be a little annoying.

- Really?
- Yes.

That place has a Pad Thai to die for.

What's in it? Shrimp?


- You've never had Pad Thai?
- No.

Can I order you one? You won't be sorry.

A little less.

Less. Less than that.


Do you like it?

- A lot.
- Really?

It doesn't look like it.

- Ana, you don't have to eat it.
- But I want to.

You really don't have to.

I have a better idea.
Let's eat something you like.

Would you mind if we start with dessert?

Not at all.

What about mangoes?

Too stringy.


Only if it's jam.

Obviously no seafood.

Why obviously?

- I can tell.
- It smells too much like the ocean.

- But it's not obvious.
- I told you so.

I really like chocolate ice cream.

I'll have a serious talk
with your parents.

Whenever you want.

Are they still together?

Thirty-five years.

They just celebrated their anniversary.
I have pictures.

Let's see them.

I think I deleted them.

- What about your parents?
- Divorced. My sister and I were little.

- And you stayed with...?
- My mom. My dad moved away.

He had another son...

and named him Diego.

- No way.
- Way.

Holy shit.

Do you look alike?

Yes, but I got the good genes.

- Really?
- Really.

What happened?

- What happened?
- What happened?


- Morning.
- Good morning.

- I have to go to work.
- What?

No, I don't want you to go.

- Is this your way of trapping me?
- No.

- No?
- This is.

I have to go.

I really have to go.

- Good luck with your meeting.
- Thank you.

Don't say hi to her.

- Dinner at my place?
- Yes.

See you there.

I'm crazy about you.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

- Let me see it.
- Look at it. It's beautiful!

- It's beautiful!
- Can I try it on?


- My mom says I shouldn't.
- Your mom won't let you?

- Isn't it a bit big?
- I don't know.

What's going on?

- Tonatiuh gave me a ring.
- Because she gave her ring to him.

On our way back from the beach,
he took out a cute little box,

and asked me to marry him!

Isn't it amazing, Ana?

Who would have thought
I'd be the first one!

Ana, are you all right?

Yes, why?

Your face looks weird.

No. Why? I'm smiling.
This is my happy face.





am I the only one amazed by Ema's news?

- No. I am, too.
- You mean her engagement?

Yes. I don't want to be mean.
I like her and all,

but she's not the smartest
or the prettiest.

- How did she get a ring so fast?
- I'm not taking it personal.

It was beginner's luck.

I don't think it was luck.
The ring looks super fake.

- Wasn't it too much?
- Don't despair, girls.

Each case is different.
You'll get your ring too.

- First, find out if he wants marriage.
- Men don't like that topic.

That's why you'll have to find out
without them noticing.

- But how?
- Make up an event.

Something to help you figure out
exactly where you stand.

For instance:

"I was offered a job abroad."

"My best friend is about to get married."

"My lease is about to expire."

That's crazy.

My lease is about to expire too.
What a coincidence!

Once you've put the idea in his head,

you'll create the perfect moment
for him to give you a ring.

- A trip is always the best option.
- Or you can always get pregnant.

Oh, no. No way!

- And if he doesn't want to get married?
- Keep looking.

It's better to lose three months
than to spend a lifetime waiting.

- That's right.
- How nerve-racking.

This way.

What a beautiful view!

Look here, babe!

My favorite!

Your plan is to never leave the room,

I'm going to take a shower.
I'm all sweaty.

- Hi.
- I forgot my bag.



As you can see, this wine
is light and easy to drink.

It's very crisp,
with some citric undertones.


It needs to breathe more, but I like it.

I don't taste the citrus.
It tastes more like...


Why did you become such a wine expert?

Obviously, to impress a girl.

- An ex-girlfriend?
- A girl who loved wine.

I took a class to get closer to her.

And then?

It turned out
she wanted to impress someone else.

- Was she pretty?
- Yes.

- Not as much as you.
- Yeah, right.

So, who dumped who?

Let's say it was mutual.

You got dumped.

What happened next?

She went on a trip to find herself.

And then?

During her spiritual quest,

the tour guide got her pregnant.

- No!
- Yes.

- Wow!
- Wow.

Why did you break up with your boyfriend?

Well, we wanted different things.

He wanted to date his co-worker
and I didn't.

Well, I'm very glad it didn't work out.

So am I.

Hold on a second.

I'm getting sort of hungry.

- Aren't you?
- Right.

Shall we get some food?

- Let's go.
- Sure.

I'd love to stay,
but I want to beat the traffic.

Yeah, me too.




I need the bathroom.

We need to talk.

Sure. I'll just take this down.

I'm pregnant.

Are you sure?


I can't believe it!

No wonder you look a little chubbier.


It's not what I had in mind, but...

Will you marry me?


- Yes?
- Yes!

I'm going to be a dad.


To Ana and the brave man
she managed to reel in.

- Congratulations!
- To the brave man!

Ana, when I found out, I felt like crying.

- You felt the same for me, right?
- Exactly the same.

You know what we should do?
A double wedding!

Picture it. We walk in
from different corners.

Celine Dion is playing,
rose petals everywhere.

If I were you,
I wouldn't miss that chance.

How did you get him to propose?
Give us some tips.

It's all thanks to Lucila.
I just followed her advice.

It's all thanks to her. Thank you, Lucila.

Yeah, that's right.


I didn't think you'd manage
to do it so fast.

What did you do?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You're not exactly a star student.

Fine, but please don't judge me.
I feel awful...


I lied about being pregnant.

That was a risky move.

I hope it works.

Ana, here you are. Come here.

- Why? What?
- It's starting.

- What?
- You'll see.

Let me know if you want a private dance
or anything else.

I get a special discount.

She's getting married! She's the one!

So am I!


- Godzilla!
- Godzilla!

- Godzilla!
- Godzilla!

Give her a good farewell!

I'd love to see your work.

Ana told me you're a great painter.

Actually, I no longer paint.
I mostly teach now.

I always say my wife's talent
is wasted.

We have some news to share.

We're getting married.

You're not going say anything?

What do you mean?
When did you start dating?

- Three months ago.
- Six months ago.

- When's the wedding?
- Next month.

We don't want to waste
a whole year planning it.

Isn't it too soon?

Unless they had a slipup.

Come on, Dad.

Of course not.

Well, actually...

Are you pregnant?


Well then.

Cheers to that. Congratulations.


I know it's a bit rushed, but...

Your daughter's in good hands.

We're out of wine.
Will you help me, Anita?

I'll be right back.

What the fuck?

Why didn't you tell me anything?

- We haven't seen each other.
- And you don't have a phone?

Not long ago, you were crying
over Gabriel, and now this.

- You don't even know him!
- Of course I know him.

What are his parents' names?


and Agustín.

You're pregnant.

- Do you need something?
- You should come back to the living room.

Don't touch me.

I said don't touch me.

What is it?

Your mom had a bit too much to drink.

You're shameless.

Do you know who came home at 3:00 a.m.
with some friends he made at a bar?

- It wasn't 3:00 a.m.
- They were high school kids, Héctor!

- Do you know how ridiculous you look?
- Hey.

Why don't you talk about this
in your own home?

Your mother doesn't want me
to have a life. I'm retired, not dead.

What I want is not to be
the only adult in the room.

- You tell me the same thing.
- You don't say.

You know what?

It's getting late
and my head is about to explode.

- It was nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Congratulations, sweetie.
- Nice to meet you.

I think we should leave too, don't you?

- Shall we leave?
- Yes, let's leave.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.


- Welcome to the family.
- Thank you.

Sorry. I don't know what got into them.

You know my parents are divorced.

It's all right.



we don't want to upset our little bean.

Don't worry, babe.

What the hell happened yesterday?

You're so stressed out.
Have a drop of tequila.

I don't want tequila.

Maybe a sip.

No way! Not even a sip.

You're pregnant, Ana.

You made me look like a fool.

You're ruining the happiest time
of my life!

We're getting divorced, Ana.

We wanted to wait until after the wedding.

But there's no point in delaying it.

Her idea, not mine.

You can't do this to me.

I'm about to get married!

Look, Ana.

This has nothing to do with you.

Well, just a little.

Yesterday, after hearing your news,
we started thinking.

We realized that life is too short,

and we don't want
to spend any more time together.

I'm so glad I could help.

I can't believe how selfish you are.

- Ana...
- I will not allow you...

to ruin my wedding.

I'm not a fan of lace. What do you think?

You're supposed to be
helping me choose a dress.

We were already here.
Plus, drinks are free, Ana. C'mon.

- Ema, I thought you already had a dress?
- It's always good to have options.

- Am I showing too much cleavage?
- Can you even breathe?

Of course.

Don't look now,

but there's a fucking stalker
at the window.

- I'm going to get him!
- It's Gabriel!

Your Gabriel?


Here he comes!

Did he leave?

Here he is.


How are you?


What are you doing here?

Just trying on my dress.

Are you getting married?

With whom?

To a better man than you.

- Do I know you?
- Babe?

I'm ready. Shall we go?

Hi, Ingrid.

Is this the skank who stole your man?

Excuse me?

She has the worst bad breath! Gross!

It's called halitosis. It's a sickness.

Don't talk if you don't know about it.
Gabriel, can we leave?

Let's go!

- Why were you just standing there?
- Have a mint.

Ana, do you want a sip?

You look beautiful, Ana.


- No, you're going to drink it all up.
- There's more.

Everything's fine.

What are you doing here?

We need to talk.

What do you want?

I messed up, okay? I acted like an idiot.

I thought I was over it,
but I saw you in the sh...

Stop, Gabriel. I don't want to hear it.

When you saw me in the shop?

I miss you, Ana.

I can't forget you.

Oh, Gabriel.

Why now?

- Do you know how hard it was for me?
- I never meant to hurt you.

I never should have let you go.

- The way you smell.
- Vanilla oil.

I love vanilla.

Gabriel, I'm engaged.

I don't care. So am I.



Are you still with Ingrid?

Yeah, so what?

- No?
- Oh, Gabriel.

Fine. I'll leave.

If you change your mind, give me a call.

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be planning your wedding?

Okay. This might take a while.

I thought I wanted this,
but now I don't know.

Or if I'm making a huge mistake.

It's normal to have doubts.

Once you're on your honeymoon,
this will be a thing of the past.

I'm not so sure.

I'm not sure because...

Because I don't know
how to keep up with this...


Just do what you've been doing.

You did what you had to do
to get what you wanted.

Now it's time to enjoy it.

Is it true you've been married
seven times?

That's my story, Ana.

Not yours.

If you don't mind, I have a class.

So, all of you are on a journey
to find a man.

And what have you done to find him?

How is it?

- It's really good!
- Yes.

I like this one more than the other two.

- Okay.
- Let me try this one.

Delicious. It's unbelievable.


Hi, babe.

Can we talk?

Of course.

But first, try this.

Delicious, right?

- What are you doing?
- Gross! It tastes too much like fish!

Can you give us five minutes please?

What is it? Do you feel sick?

Is it your parents?

- Is it hormones?
- No, it's not hormones.

I'm sorry. So what is it?

It's me.

You deserve someone
much better than me.

What are you saying?

- Let's talk somewhere else.
- There's nothing to talk about.

I'm sorry, but I don't think
we should get married.


Ana, wait!

What are you doing?


Why are you running?

Stop running, please!

Don't run!


This is ridiculous.
What are you doing? Stop!


Wait. Where are you going?


Ana, don't.

- Ana, open the door.
- What for? I'm doing you a favor.

I'm not leaving until we talk. Okay?

Open up, Ana!

Can you...

All right.

Can we talk?

I get it that you're nervous.

But we don't have to be like your parents.

That's not it.

Then, what is it?

We're having a baby.

No, we're not having a baby.

What do you mean?

You lost the baby?

Ana, no.



- We didn't lose the baby.
- What?

Did we or didn't we?

We didn't lose it because...

there was never a baby.

I made it up.

I know it was wrong.

It was very wrong.

I didn't know what else to do
to get a ring.

Please forgive me.

Ana, what is it? What happened?

I can't understand you.
I can't understand anything.

Come inside.

What's wrong now?
Did you get dumped again?

I'll be in the bedroom.

Calm down.


That's it.

That's it.

I've screwed up so much, Julia.

All because I wanted to get married.

I don't think it's a lost cause.
Why don't you call Diego?


I ruined it.

The worst part is...

I think it would have worked with him.

Oh, Ani.

I'll never have the perfect life
you two have.

What perfect life?

Please, Julia.

You and Emilio?

You're like those couples in magazines.

You have no idea.

We haven't had sex in six months.

- What?
- Six.

Not even during my worst dry spell.

- Thanks.
- Sorry.

It's not like we're considering
a divorce or anything.

We really love each other
and we're going to work it out.

Why didn't you tell me anything?

Because it's hard to talk to you
unless it's about you.

Look how you reacted
to our parents' divorce.

How are they?

Dad found an apartment,
and Mom is selling the house.

Their life is upside down,
but they'll be fine.


I'm sorry for being so selfish, Juls.

- I'm here for you.
- Yes.

You're so pretty.


Except for that disgusting monster snot.

- It's so gross.
- Really?

- Is it gone?
- No, it's watching me.

- You're so gross.
- You are!

You and your snot!

Thanks to you, Ema,
I learned to watch chick flicks

and enjoy them.

I learned that concerts are better
when you're with someone.

That there's nothing wrong with saying...

- I love you.
- Is it free?

- Tona...
- Is this seat taken?

Thank you. Excuse me.

Tona, I've always heard
that opposites attract.

But I never believed it until I met you.

You weren't what I was looking for,
and yet you couldn't be more perfect.

Thanks for showing me
that love has no rules.

May these be the first steps
into a happy life.

I declare you man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

How have you been?
Have you shaken off the blues?


- Have you heard from Diego?
- No, nothing.

I hope he can forgive me someday.

What will you do?

- Go back to the workshop?
- No! I've had enough.

- Even if you die single.
- Even if I die single.

It was a sexist workshop.
I've aborted the mission.

- It worked for me. I got my ring.
- You're getting married?

Yeah! Let me introduce you.
Edmundo, sweetheart?

He was just featured in Forbes.

- Nice to meet you.
- This is Ana.

- Congrats.
- Thank you.

I hope this one works out better
than my previous marriages.

He's so funny.
Would you like a drink, sweetie?

- Sure.
- We'll be right back.

- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.

No kidding.
This will be his fourth marriage.


What else is new?

See the chubby guy
eating quesadillas?

- He's gulping them down!
- He's my ex-husband, Lola!

- Sorry.
- We're giving it another try.

Maybe it's a mistake,
but we're making the most of it.

We've done it three times in the bathroom.
That's why he's hungry.

- Well, cheers!
- Cheers!

- Hey. Me too, girls!
- Yeah!

- You look lovely!
- Oh, thank you.

Now I get why you kept
that dress on hold.

Thank you, Ana. I'm so glad you came.

- How about a photo?
- Yes, a photo!

- Photo.
- Come here!

- Look happy, girls!
- Why not sad?

- Don't forget me!
- Ouch, easy!

- You're squishing me.
- One, two, three!


- Would you like to dance?
- Not right now, thanks.

I'll be at the bar
if you change your mind.


Come here, Ana!

Subtitle translation by Trina Brown