Ready or Not (2019) - full transcript

A bride's wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Alex, this way!

Come on!


Get in and don't come out.

Daniel, I'm scared.


Daniel, please.
They're trying to kill me.

Please help me.
Daniel, please.

He's in here.

No, no, no! God, no!

No, Charles! Stop!

- Helene!
- No, please, stop it!

No! Charles!

No. No.


No, please. Please, stop.

Please. No. You don't have to do this.

Daniel, I'm so proud of you.

Please, listen to...

You don't have to do this.
Nothing's gonna happen.

Helene! Helene,
please just talk to them.


Please, no! No! No, please!


To have and to hold.

From this day forward.

For better, for worse.

For richer, for poorer.

In sickness, and in health.

Till death do us part.

And even though your family
is richer than God,

the hell out of me...

your dad definitely hates me,

and your alcoholic brother
keeps hitting on me...

I honestly can't wait to be a part
of your moderately fucked-up family.

That's pretty generous.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Holy shit!

You look perfect.

What're you doing?

You smoking? In my old room?

Give me that.

We should get down there.

Your dad looks
like he's at a funeral.

- He hates me.
- No. He doesn't hate you, Grace.

He thinks
I'm after your money.

Well, I mean, that's true.

- You just gotta give it time...
- So mean!

What? No, it's true.

Honey, just give it time.

- Okay.
- Okay? We sprung this on them.

- Yeah.
- They're used to a three-year courtship.

And not what we did.

The, I don't know,


"Bone-a-thon"? Okay. Yeah.

- We should put that in the vows.
- I did.

- Oh, good.
- Mm-hmm.

Anyway, who cares what they think?
They're horrible people.

Well, I-I care what they think.

Because they are the family
of the man that I love.

And I want them to accept me.

Are you okay? 'Cause I'm
nervous enough as it is.

No, it's not that. I just...

Without you, I'm...

- One of us.
- Hey.

- Daniel.
- I've been sent to fetch you.

♪ Here comes the groom
shitting his pants ♪

♪ He cannot believe

- ♪ That his entire life is over ♪
- Daniel, you fuck. Stop it.

I'm gonna let you go
in three, two... release.

Take it easy.

It's not too late to flee,
you know.

You don't belong
in this family.

I mean that
as a compliment.

Okay. Well, if you're still
determined to be a Le Domas,

then would you please
get yourselves outside. Okay?

Congratulations, you fuckface.

Thank you.

I can't believe
that in half an hour...

I will be a part of
the Le Domas gaming...

dynasty? Empire?

We prefer "dominion."

- "Dominion."
- Yeah. But...


You know, Daniel's right.

We could just... leave.

Oh, sure, yeah. "Thanks for the presents.
Go fuck yourselves."

No. I'm serious, I'm serious, honey.

I'm giving you an out.

Right now.

No, thank you.
I'm all the way in.

Are you ready for this?

Oh, fuck no.

Smile, please.

He could've
done so much better.

You're just saying that
because he's your favorite.

Oh, please.
I love all of you... equally.

Two years
is a long time, Alex.

I started to think
we'd really lost you.

Smile. Smile, please.

The more natural the better.

Okay, that's good.

Don't take it personally.

They're just trying to figure out
if you're a gold-digging whore.

You know, like my wife.

To the left.

She's pretty enough,

in a "last call at
the dive bar" kinda way.

But she'll never be one of us.

Of course not, dear.

She has a soul.

Where the hell's your sister?

I'm sure it's Fitch's fault.

He's useless.
But he's one of us.

Is Grace?

There you are.



- Give me a hand.
- Oh. Okay.

It's a beautiful case, wow.

Thank you. It was my mother's.

Do you smoke?

Oh, no.



Because your blood
isn't blue enough?

They said
the same thing about me.

They did?

Stand tall and fuck 'em.

The only thing that matters
is what Alex thinks.

And that we know.

- I love you.
- I love you.

I have something?

Oh, shit. Shh.

Do you remember
anything that happened today?

It's a goddamn blur.

- But I'm pretty sure...
- Yeah.

- Did we get married?
- We got married.

Are you my wife?

- Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.
- Yes. You're my husband!

Oh, my God. Shit. Oh, babe.

- Babe.
- Hey.

It's hard with this thing.

- I know. Listen.
- Hold me.

- I have to tell you something...
- Mm-mm.

Shut up.
Take your pants off.

No, I have to tell you

- Grace, honey.
- I'm taking 'em off.

Holy shit! Holy shit.
Someone's here.


Jesus, Aunt Helene!
Can you give us a minute?

You'll have to hide
better than that.

We're not fucking hiding,

Everyone is waiting.

Yeah, we'll be down
in a few minutes.

- I'm sorry, honey.
- What the hell was that?

That's my aunt Helene.

She has, um...
well, she has boundary issues.


Of course
you have a secret door.

It's a servant's corridor.

They run
all through the house.

Um, sorry, who's waiting?

That's what I was trying
to tell you. Um...

So, at midnight
you have to play a game.

It's just something we do when
someone new joins the family.

- A game?
- Yeah.

What game?

I don't know.
Uh, you draw a card.

Could be backgammon, croquet,
checkers, for all I know.

I know. I know. It's stupid.

It's a little weird.

Why, exactly?

I guess, because we made our money in
games, it's part of the initiation.

- Do I have to win?
- No. You just... you just have to play.

- And then...
- And then you...

you are officially
part of the family.

Honestly, it means more to
them than the wedding itself.

- That's it?
- Yeah, that's it.

I know it's ridiculous.

It's just a weird
family ritual.

And we only have to
do it once. All right?


- Yeah.
- Okay.

If it gets your family
to accept me,

I will play the shit out...
of checkers.

- I'm really good at it.
- Okay.

Okay. You go buy me ten minutes
'cause I gotta put on... my game face.

- I see what you did there. Very good.
- Right.

Okay. So, uh, I'll meet you
downstairs. Music room.

Ah. Yes. A totally normal room
to have in a house.

Just... It is just downstairs.
It's your second door on the right.


I thought
I might find you here.

I'm sure Mr. Le Bail
is with us today.

So, how much
have you told her?

And I never will.

Tomorrow we're gone.

If she pulls that card,

are you prepared
to do what's necessary?

Excuse me, whatever you wanna
say, get on with it please.

You better hurry your ass
up and get here before midnight.

Call me when
you get this message.

Dora, two more, please.

- Grace, darling.
- Hi.

- Your vows were beautiful.
- Oh. Thank you.

Alex didn't tell us you were
brought up in foster homes.

Not that he tells us anything
these days. Champagne?

Oh. Thank you. Thanks.

My foster parents
were great people.

And, you know,
they did what they could.

But it was always temporary.

I always sort of dreamed
of having a... a family.

I mean, I'm sure Alex would've
loved living in sin forever.

I don't doubt it.

But he, um, he really understood
how important it was for me to...

finally have a real,
permanent family.

And I just don't
wanna let you down.

Grace. When I first saw you,
I said to Tony:

"Finally. One of our children
has brought home a good one."

And you don't know how grateful we
are that you brought Alex back to us.

But please...

try to bring him back
into the fold.

We're his family.

I promise.

Oh, sweetheart.

I knew you would.


- Hey.
- Hi!

Mom, I'm just gonna
steal her away. Okay?


- Hi.
- Hi.

What'd she say to you?

Oh, she's so sweet.

Did she say anything?

No. No.

All right.

Are you okay?
Did something happen?

Yeah, no.

I just,
I don't feel very well.

Well, if you wanna lie down,
can't we just play the game tomorrow?

- No, no, it has to be tonight.
- Hands up!

- Kill, kill, kill! Kill, kill, kill!
- No! No!

- Hey!
- Get him, Georgie!

We made it, Daddy.

Take it off, now!

- Daddy?
- You just keep on playing there, buddy.

Oh, you're so tense.

- Le Bail's gonna get you.
- Asshole.

- Kill, kill!
- Mr. Le Bail!

You. Lady in white.

Look at this, you must be the bride.

- Hi.
- Fitch Bradley.



- Alex.
- Hi, Fitch. How are you?

Well done.
Sorry we cut it so close.

We couldn't get our regular charter
out of de Gaulle this morning.

And I cannot fly
commercial anymore, right?

- It's the worst. You understand.
- Grace!


- Hi!
- I'm Emilie.

Oh, my God,
your dress is amazing!

I've been totally
stalking you on Instagram.

Oh, really? That's...

We're gonna be best friends.

Hi. Nice to see you.

I'm so excited to be
a part of your family.

Me too, me too!

He will decide that, my dear.

Aunt Helene.
It's nice to see you.

Brown-haired niece.

You continue to exist.

Ladies and gentlemen,
it is 11:55.

This is gonna blow your mind.

Oh, okay.

So this room is reserved
for family members only.

After you, my dear.

Holy shit.

enjoyed his games.


Have a seat.

Do you like to play games?

Um, I guess it depends on
what we're playing.

Well, we'll know in a moment.

I gather you've noticed our
family is big on tradition.

And now, well, now the time has come
for you to join us in those traditions.

Ooh. Story time.

As you may know,
my great-grandfather, Victor,

set up a modest printing shop
during the Civil War,

manufacturing playing cards.

A generation later,

my grandfather expanded into
sporting goods and board games.

Under my leadership, Le Domas Family Games
acquired four professional sports teams

and reached,
well, even greater heights.

Some may call it luck,

but, well,
it's a little more than that.

You know, it's almost as if
someone's watching over us.

It all began with
a very generous benefactor.

And this box.

You see, originally,
Great-Grandfather was a merchant seaman.

It was a hard life.

And, like so many,
he wanted more.

On one of his
many excursions abroad,

came to meet a Mr. Le Bail.

He was a... He was
a passenger aboard the ship.

A collector, of sorts.

Purchasing exotic antiquities
to resell to wealthy Americans.

After discovering a mutual
passion for games of chance,

they passed a great many hours
playing cards.

And among Mr. Le Bail's
possessions was...

that box.

And one evening,
after indulging in more than

their fair ration of rum...

Mr. Le Bail
proposed a wager.

If Great-Grandfather could
solve the mystery of the box

before arriving at port,

Mr. Le Bail would finance any
endeavor of Grandfather's choosing.


Great-Grandfather whiled away the
long hours at sea studying the box.

Until finally...

And since that time...

whenever the Le Domases are presented
with a new addition to the family...

we place a blank
playing card into the box.

Our initiate then has the
privilege of drawing the card,

and Mr. Le Bail will tell us
which game to play.

I got chess.

I got Old Maid.

what the fuck is Old Maid?


So I just take out the card?

My dear, it is your turn.

What does it say, girl?

Oh. It says...

It says, "hide and seek."

Are we really gonna play that?

Everything okay?


Yeah. Yeah.
Those are the rules.

Hide and seek, right, Dad?

Yes, indeed.

Those are the rules.

Okay, so, uh, who...
who hides and who seeks?

Well, it's your initiation,
my dear.

You get to be the one
to, uh, to hide.

Of course.

This is gonna be fun, honey.
Yeah, just come meet me in my room, okay?

- No, I wanna play for real. This is so weird.
- No, no. I know.

Um, so, to Mister... Le Bail.

To Mr. Le Bail.

- To Mr. Le Bail.
- To Mr. Le Bail.

The rules are simple.

You can hide
anywhere inside the house.

We then count to 100 and
try to, um... well, find you.

Well, don't you think you have
a little bit of an advantage?

Oh. No, no.
We never use the cameras.

We always play the games as they would've
been played in Great-Grandfather's time.


So, there's no way
for me to win, right?

Well, you could, I mean,
stay hidden till dawn.

- No, thank you.
- No.

We're gonna start the count

just as soon
as you leave, okay?


Grace, good luck.

Who wants to play a game?

It's time for hide and seek.

♪ Run, run, run

♪ Time to run and hide

- ♪ Run, run, run
- "Here we may reign secure...

- ♪ And now I'm going to find you ♪
- ...and in my choice reign
is worth ambition..."

♪ Hurry, I'm behind you

♪ Don't you speak

♪ Hide and seek

♪ Tiptoe to the cellar
or crawl under your bed ♪

♪ Anywhere you've fled

♪ I am going to find you

♪ Stay inside the shadows

♪ All you girls and boys

♪ Don't you make a noise

♪ Or I am going to find you

♪ Run, run, run

♪ Creep up on my prey

♪ Run, run, run

♪ Stalk the night away

♪ You can scuttle off
into the night ♪

♪ But what will be
behind you ♪

♪ Don't you speak

♪ Hide and seek

♪ Like the frog
inside a skillet ♪

♪ The lobster in a pan

♪ You don't understand
that I am going to find you ♪

♪ Be still as a mountain

♪ And quiet as a mouse

Tony, what the hell is this?
How old is this thing?

♪ And I will surely find you

♪ Tick, tick, tock

♪ Are you ready or not

♪ Tick, tick, tock

♪ Listen to the clock

♪ Hasten off into the black

♪ Don't waste
another heartbeat ♪

♪ Don't you peek

♪ Hide and seek

Let the countdown begin.

♪ Ten, nine, eight ♪

♪ even, six, five ♪

♪ Four, three, two, one

Ready or not, here I come.

Sweetheart, maybe
you should just stay here.

Watch the door.

Thank you, Charity.

So, how was your
wedding night, Grace?


It was just great.
Just great. I, uh...

I sat in a dumbwaiter.

Alex, honey,
do you want some company?

Oh, fuck me.

How long is this gonna take?

How long
does this usually take?

There is nothing usual
about this.

It's only happened once
since I joined the family.

Am I really supposed to know
how to use this thing?

Oh, you know what?

I'm just gonna
make a quick pit stop.

I've got a nervous stomach.

You know I've never
liked you, right?


All right.

That's enough of this.



Oh, shit.




- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Jesus.

- I nearly pissed myself.
- I know.

- You need to listen to me very carefully.
- Georgie.

- Shit. Come with me.
- Wait. What are we doing?

- Get down. Grab your dress, grab your dress.
- Okay. Jesus.

I know you're in here.


Over here!
Over here, over here!

Guys, I found her!

I did it!

Dad! Daddy, I did it! Look!

Daddy, come see what I mean...

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

This is Clara.

Does she look
like she's wearing

a giant, white
wedding dress, Emilie?

Why did you shoot her in the
face, sweetheart?

You're supposed to maim her.
She needs to be alive for the ritual.

I don't know.

- I heard a shot.
- Yeah.


Well, if she dies,
does this count?

Of course it does not count.
It must be the bride.

Well, what do we do now?

Well, I don't know.
I'm... I'm thinking.

Clara, hey.

It's gonna be okay.

Oh, Daniel, could you?

Come on, let's take a walk.

She's gonna die, guys.

Walk it off.

So, what do we do with her?

Move her.
We don't want Grace to see.

Give me the fucking lanterns.

Okay. Call it.

- Heads.
- Heads it is.

- You get the legs.
- Okay.

Hold on.

It's slipping. Yeah, good.
Oh, good. Okay. Go.

She was my favorite.

Wait here. Don't move.

Okay, sweetie, you gotta get up.
We gotta get you out of here right now.

Okay. Stand up, here we go.

Okay. Okay, grab...
grab your phone. Grab the keys.

Fuck. Shit.

Okay. Stevens must've
taken the phone, so...

- Alex, what the fuck?
- You're gonna have to run, okay?

Hide and seek.
You pulled the one bad card.

They think... They think they
have to kill you before sunrise.

- What the fuck?
- Follow me.

One sec!

I forgot my gun.


Okay, girl, no more fuckups.

- You're a winner.
- You got that?

- Okay, you have your shoes?
- Alex.

Honey, I need you
to put on your shoes.

No, Alex, Alex,
what the fuck is going on?

I need you to put
your shoes on. Right now.

Okay, here we go. Here we go.


They think that
if they don't kill you,

something very bad
will happen to the family.

Now... I had to play along
so that I can get you out.

But the house is on lock down right
now, so it's gonna be really tricky.

You knew what would happen
if I pulled that card.

- I didn't think they'd actually go through with it.
- Fucking knew!

No one ever pulls that.
It never fucking happens.

- Yeah, but you knew about it!
- No, no, I didn't.

- I'm Richard Babis.
- And I'm Charlie.

And today's segment is called

"Getting to know
your crossbow."

Oh, fuck. I really...
I thought it was safe.

But if I didn't
pull a card at all, then...

Then your crazy family
wouldn't be trying to...

- Oh, my God, they're gonna kill me.
- No, then we'd both be dead.

When you marry into this
family you have to play a game.

And if you don't, you die.

I know that sounds crazy,
but you have to believe me, it is real.

It happened to my great-uncle.

He got married, he didn't play a
game, next morning he died.

His wife too. Same thing
happened to my cousin Rachel.

Same thing happened to a bunch of people
that I never even met before. You just...

You have to play.

You said your family
was... fucked-up,

- but you didn't say psycho killers.
- I know.

- You... you brought me here, you didn't warn me.
- You wanted to get married.

- So it's my fucking fault?
- No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- Are you fucking serious?
- Shh.

- We could've eloped.
- I know.

- We could've...
- No, no. There are rules.

You can't just elope.

You... you have to have
the wedding here,

and you have to play
the fucking game.

You didn't even fucking talk to me.
You could've told me. We could've...

- Just...
- If I told you, you would've left.

And if I didn't propose,
you would've left.

You're everything to me,
and I promise you

I'm gonna get you
out of here, okay?

All right?
So just listen to me.

You just need to go

straight down this hallway until
you get to the service kitchen.

I'm gonna go down
to the security room.

I'm gonna unlock all the doors.
I'm gonna unlock all the doors.

- No. Don't fucking leave me.
- Then you just fucking run.

I have to. Honey, I have to.

Just... just stay inside the
walls until you get to the kit...

Hey. Hey. You can do this.
Where you going?

and then, um, kitchen.

To the kitchen.
Good. Good. Hey. Hey.

You're gonna make it.
It's gonna be okay.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Go. Go.





Oh, hey. Any sign of her?

No. She could be anywhere.

Found her.

Jesus! Fuck!


Emilie, aim for
the center of gravity!

I don't know what I'm doing!

Help, help, help, help.



I just came to get a drink.

I have to call the others.

No, you don't.


You can help me. Please.

This doesn't end well for you.

I just don't wanna be
the one to serve you up.

Daniel, I'm begging you.

I'm really sorry
about all this.

It's true what they say:
The rich really are different.

I'll give you
a ten-second head start.


One, one thousand.

Two, one thousand.

Two and a half, one thousand.

She's in the study!

the weapon away from you.

You lost her?


You're pathetic.


Could you at least
pretend to care?

Oh, I'm sure you'll find her and
kill her with or without my help.

You know, something did
occur to me, though.

Alex may have been wrong
to keep Grace in the dark...

but do you remember
how you reacted

when I told you about this?

You didn't fucking blink.

I mean, you couldn't wait
to sign your soul away.

You know where I came from

and what my life
was like before.

I'd rather be dead
than lose all of this.

Well... from your lips.

- Where is she?
- I'm afraid you just missed her.

Tony, Alex got out.
I'm so sorry.


Who's the fuckup now, right?

Still me?

Did you find her? Is it over?

No, it's not over.

And now she knows
what's going on.

Oh, but Emilie shot Clara
in the face.

So she's dead.
That's just a side note.

Clara's dead?

She was my favorite.

Cock! I forgot my gun.

Daddy, I forgot my gun.
I suck.

- Oh, it's okay.
- I suck!

You don't suck, sweetheart.

Here, hon, why don't you
just use mine.

Mr. Le Domas, Mr. Le Domas,
I just saw her running...

- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God.

- Okay, now...
- Why does this always happen to me?

- Come on!
- Okay. Calm down.


- Yeah, okay, that's okay, honey. Come on.
- Don't be mad.

Let's go take a walk, find you an
edible, even you out a little bit.

Maybe we'll find the other one that's
still alive to clean that shit up.

So, wait.

Does the help count?


Why does everyone
keep asking that?

We must...

We must...

Oh, what the fuck!

We must kill the bride
by dawn.

We're fucked.
I mean, we are so fucked.

Calm down. Work the problem.

We should use
the security cameras.

You have no respect
for tradition.

No, she's right.

Don't you think

would've used the security
cameras if he had them?

I mean, it's not tradition that
he was born before cameras.

That's... that's stupid.


Times change.

Speaking of which, may I please
use a weapon made this century?

- I have a gun in my purse.
- You do?

No. No. We use Great-Grandfather's.
That's tradition.

You pick and choose.
Pick and choose.

At least you're not making us
wear those fucking masks.

Oh, no. That was Dad's idea.

It was the '80s.

- Our reverence must not wane.
- Goddammit, Sis!

If we don't find her and perform the
ritual before dawn, we're all dead.

take Daniel and turn on the cameras.

Everyone else fan out,
and somebody find Alex.


Fucking shit. Fuck.

Come on, Alex.

Monitors. Monitors.


Oh, shit.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

Your aunt always
gets lost in the details.

Who gives a shit
how we find her?

Oh. I agree completely.


- Looks like we're not the only ones.
- What?

Someone turned on the cameras.


Open doors.
Open fucking doors.

Oh, fuck.


I'm afraid I can't do that.

The ammunition
is display only.

Now, did you really think
I would be stupid enough to...

Fuck yeah!

Open the door, Alex!

She's in here!

Open the goddamn door!

Goddammit, Alex!

Open this door!

No, no. Hey, no!

If you're not gonna help
us, get the hell out.

You fucking leave her alone!

You understand me?

- Alex!
- That's my wife!



you don't have to do this.



Oh, God. Oh, God.

I know, I know.

- I know.
- You gotta help me. You gotta help me.

- She's everything to me.
- I know. We'll get her out.

- Okay, thank you. Please.
- I promise.

- Whose side are you on?
- I distracted him, didn't I?

Call it.

Oh, fucking who cares?

Tails. You take the head.


- Wait, wait. I gotta get my gun.
- Just come back for it.

Move your ass!

I'm carrying
the heavy part, Father.

Years of alcohol and drug
abuse have taken a toll.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.

- I don't understand what's going on.
- Okay. Okay.

I need you to be quiet, okay?

Look, I'm not even a maid.

Mr. Le Domas,
he just likes the way I dance.

Okay, let's swap places.

Yeah, cause they're looking for
me, they're not looking for you.

So, come on. Come on.

- Please.
- She's over here!

- She's here! She's over here!
- No, no, no, no.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Ow, ow, ow!

Help me, please.

- Shit.
- Please.


- Tony.
- Yeah?

- What are you doing?
- Well...

We're trying to
bring him back to us.


Oh, man.


I was unable to repair
the security system.

The doors and windows
remain unlocked.


And I'm afraid that
Dora has been crushed, sir.

By the dumbwaiter.

And then there were none.

Jesus Christ.

She's taking us all out.

- How's she doing this?
- Sweetheart.

It doesn't make sense, Becky.

- She's a little blonde twig, and I don't...
- Tony.

Take a minute.

But just a minute.

We can't let her get out.
We've got to guard the doors.

He lost his way.

You should never have
let him leave us.

Excuse me?

He and I have
always been so much alike.

I knew the girl
would draw that card,

and that he would face
the same choice I faced.

Horse shit.

None of us expected
to be doing this tonight.

I got a tee time at eight.

And, in case
you didn't notice,

it wasn't much
of a choice for him.

He's been helping her
from the get-go.

- He hates us.
- No.

He's simply afraid
of who he truly is.

Like I was.

You'll never know
how it felt that night

to be told that the only man
that I'd ever loved had to die.

But I should not have
fought it.

I should have
killed Charles myself.

There's still time for Alex
to do the right thing.

He only has to
accept the truth.

Uh, um, what truth is that?

That he is meant to lead
this family, not run from it.

He's hated our
pact from the very start.

He's the good son.
Do you remember that?

Then why is he
the only one of us

who has ever seen
Mr. Le Bail in his chair?

Good God. He was five.

He was probably,
I don't know, dreaming it.

Or maybe he made it up.

Well, if you say so.

"What up, dawg?"


Not much.

Family shit.


Oh, thank God. Okay.

Okay, listen, I know this is
really, really scary, but...





You little fucker!

I got you.

I got you, bitch.


She's outside, running
towards the north fence.

I'll get the others.

Help me!

Please help!

Help. Please help me.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Help! Wait, stop.

Please, please help me.

Oh, thank God.
Thank you, thank you.

- Get the fuck out of the road.
- Please wait.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

You fucking animal.

You piece of shit, little, tiny
dick-licker, fucking asshole, fucking I...

Fucking rich people.


She must've gone
into the woods.

But don't worry, sir,
she won't get far.

I'll find her.

And I'll fix the fence


she's out.


this was fun.

What do you say we, uh, divvy up the
wedding gifts at brunch tomorrow?

Do you think
that this is a fucking game?


Hide and seek, remember?

Do you realize that if she lives till
dawn, that we're all gonna die?

You all remember what happened
to the Van Horns, right?

Um... didn't they just die
in a house fire?

Yeah, that's what
the press told you, but they...

You don't wanna know how
they really died. Trust me.

No, you don't
fuck Mr. Le Bail.

Mr. Le Bail fucks you.

You couldn't have negotiated
better terms, huh, Vic?

You couldn't have, uh...

Oh, I don't know,
maybe talked him down

on the whole
eradication clause?

Well, here's to you, fucker,

because now
we are all fucking fucked!

I think you made your point,
sweetheart, thank you.

Oh, holy dick.

Go wait for Stevens.
He might need your help.

Not you two.
I want you out of the way.

Take the maids
to the goat pit.

And, pumpkin,
try not to kill anyone else.

Cleanup duty for the fuckups.

- No. Daddy.
- Come on, Em.

Listen to your mother.

Hey, hey. So, at what point
do we just cut and run?


I mean, come on. Right?

Fuck you.


Daniel, help!



Why did she have
to pull "hide and seek"?

Do you think it's real?

What? That we'll implode

or burst into flames, or
whatever, if we don't kill her?

I don't know. Can you...

All right, I'll...

- I need, I need you to...
- I can't. If you barf, I'll barf.

One, two, three.


But you were with them the last time
they played hide and seek, weren't you?

Were you six, seven?

Do you remember anything?

I remember all of it.

Alex was with me too.

I tried to protect him.

I don't know what he saw
or what he remembers.

You always looked out for him.

If that were true, I wouldn't
have let him marry Grace.

He deserved a better brother.

And we all deserve to die.

My kids don't.


Honey! Georgie.

Are you okay?
What are you doing out here?


I followed that lady
down here,

and I shot her
with that gun I found.

Why would you do that?

That's what everyone else
was trying to do.

Oh, sweetie.

I am so proud of you.


Come here, Grace!

Fucking asshole!

You motherfucker.

Thank you
for calling Trip Safe.

Please stay on the line
and you'll be connected

to the next available

Good evening. This is
Justin. Your call may be monitored...

People are trying to kill me.
Can you please help me?

Uh, yes, I can help you
with that.

Um, do you need
medical assistance, or...

Can you call the police,

Yes. I'd be happy
to help you with that.

Sorry. The computer's
acting up again.

Let me
just quickly reboot here.

just call the fucking police.

Ma'am, it says here that
the car was reported stolen.

I'm sorry,
but I have to shut it down.

No, what?

No, what the fuck?
Are you fucking kidding me?

It's company policy, ma'am.

- There's nothing I can do.
- No, no, no, please. Justin.

Just stay with the vehicle, ma'am.
Police are on their way.

Just start the fucking car!

- 'Kay, there's no need for profanity.
- Start the car, Justin!

Jesus, there's nothing I can do.
My hands are tied.


Hello? Justin!

Is there anything else
I can help you with?

Yeah, you can go
fuck yourself, Justin!

Okay. Thanks for using Trip Safe.
Have a great night.

Okay. You're okay,
you're okay, you're okay.

Police are on the way.

Police are on their way.
Everything's gonna be...

Good night, Grace.

Alex, is that you?

Hey. Hey, you're safe now.

We're leaving.

Where are you?

We're approaching
the rear gate, sir.

We'll be there shortly.

All right.
We are back in business.


Hey, Stevens! Look behind you.


Turn down the fucking music,
you idiot!



Oh, no.

Oh, fuck.


Déjà vu.

It's funny, I... came out here
to escape the madness.

Thanks for crashing a car
into my tranquility.


You don't wanna kill me.
You don't want me to die.

No, I don't.

I like you, Grace.

So let me go. Okay?

I'm weak.

You're a good guy.

You're a really,
really, really good guy.

And Alex, Alex loves you.

And you love him.

He's not gonna forgive you
if you do this.

Maybe not.

But at least he'll be alive.

I can't let my entire family
die because of you.

It's insane.

Can't you see it's insane?

No one's gonna die...
No one, no one is gonna die.

And you can
do something about it.

It's bullshit!


I am not who you think I am.

Alex is the one who got out.

If anyone was gonna save you,
it would've been him.

You can come out now.

What, you knew I was here?

I'm drunk, I'm not blind.

Ooh, we gotta move.
Less than an hour till dawn.

And we still need to
prepare her for the ritual.

Where's Grace?

She's indisposed.

You didn't think I was just
gonna let it happen, did you?

With family,
one hopes for the best.

The thing is...

I like her.

I don't wanna do this.

But we have to
protect the family.

If she dies...

I'll kill you.


then I suppose
I'm dead either way.

Yeah, and maybe it's a crock of
shit and nothing will happen.

Oh, please.

If you believed that, you wouldn't
have let her draw a card at all.

Why did you leave us, Alex?

Oh, I don't know, Mom.

I don't know. Maybe one night when I was
chanting and slicing the throat of a goat,

it occurred to me that that wasn't
a completely normal thing to do.

But, and this is
what scared me the most...

it felt normal.

It did.

And I realized that you'll
do pretty much anything...

if your family says it's okay.

And then I met Grace.

She's the opposite
of all of you.

She's good.

And she made me feel
like I could be good too.

So, if it comes down to
you or her, I choose her.

I don't believe you.

And I don't think
that you believe

that a girl that you've known
for a year and a half...

knows you better than I do.

Our family has a very special
friend named Mr. Le Bail.

Mr. Le Bail is the reason we
have all the nice things we have.

But sometimes Mr. Le Bail wants
something from us in return.

You got this, Fitch.

You got this, Fitch!

Don't be a bitch, Fitch.

Don't be a bitch, Fitch.
You got this, bitch.

I know tonight
didn't go as planned.

But I'll make it right,
Mr. Le Bail.

You'll see.

We renew our
pledge this night,

as our ancestors before us...

with this offering
of living flesh and blood.




You son of a bitch!

Oh, God.

What did you give us?

Stuff we poured on the maids.
White bottle, little red cap.

Hydrochloric acid!

Come on, up and at 'em.


- Did you... Did you just kill 'em?
- No, I just gave them a nip.

I Googled it. They'll shit weird
for a week, but they'll be fine.

- Don't worry, I'll get Alex out too.
- Find them!

We don't have...

I knew you'd help me.

I didn't.

All I knew was, at some point,
somebody had to burn it all down.

Never thought it'd be me.


Get out of the way.


You really don't care
if I die.

You don't have to...

Daniel. Daniel. Daniel.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Where do you think
you're going, bitch?

Who the fuck
do you think you are?

Our family's
weathered worse than you.

You're just another sacrifice.

You're another goat.

Fuck the altar.

I'm gonna do it right here.


Daniel. Daniel. Daniel.
Hey. Hey, hey.

Hey. Look at me. Oh, my God.
Hey, hey, look at me.

In my defense,
it's been a while.

Don't go. Don't go, okay?

Daniel, don't go! Don't go!
I need you, Daniel! Don't go!

I meant what I said this

I thought you were
gonna be the new me.

But I'm not gonna let you
hurt my family!

You can die.

You don't deserve a family.

Fuck your family.

Fuck your fucking family!


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

Daniel's dead.

You won't be with me
after this, will you?




- You're hurting me.
- She's in here!

No, please, no, no!


Let me go!


Oh, Becky. Oh.

The sun is about to rise!
We must do it now!

It is time for your boys
to take their place.

Deliver us, O mighty one,

from all past error
and delusion.

That, having set our foot
upon the path of darkness,

we may not weaken
in our resolve.

But, with thy assistance,
grow in wisdom and strength.







Hail Satan!

Hail Satan!

Hail Satan!

Hail Satan!

Hail Satan!

Hail Satan!

Hail Satan.


It is lost.

Forgive us.


nothing's happening.

I knew it.

I fucking knew it.
It's all bullshit.



so, what...

What should we do about her?

I know it is too late.

But I will not fail you again.

The girl still dies!


What the fuck?

Who wants to play a game?

It's time for hide and seek.

♪ Run, run, run

♪ Time to run and hide

- ♪ Run, run, run
- FITCH: Oh, fuck.

- ♪ And now I'm going to find you ♪
- I think you were right.

♪ You scurry off
into the darkness ♪

- ♪ Hurry, I'm behind you
- Mr. Le Bail, I take it back.

- ♪ Don't you speak
- I wanna go home.

- ♪ Hide and seek
- Fuck!

- Hide! Hide!
- ♪ Tiptoe to the cellar

♪ Or crawl under your bed

♪ Anywhere you've fled

♪ I am going to find you

♪ Stay inside the shadows

♪ All you girls and boys

♪ Don't you make a noise

- No! I did everything right.
- ♪ Or I am going to find you

- ♪ Run, run, run
- I played by the rules.

♪ Creep up on my prey

- And I'm in control...
- ♪ Run, run, run

♪ Stalk the night away

♪ You can scuttle off
into the night ♪

♪ But what will be
behind you ♪

♪ Don't you speak

♪ Hide and seek...

No, don't leave.

Don't leave me, honey.
Honey, I'm really sorry.

- I don't wanna die. But...
- Neither did I, you selfish fuck.

- No, I'm not like them. I'm not like them.
- ♪ Tick, tick, tock

I'm not like them.
No, you made me better, honey.

- And he's not taking me.
- ♪ Hasten off into the black


I get a do-over, sweetie.

And that's because of you.
Yeah? Sweetie?

Grace, I'm really scared.

Don't fucking touch me.

- No, okay.
- ♪ Ten, nine, eight

- Alex.
- ♪ Seven, six

- Yeah?
- ♪ Five

♪ Four, three

- I want a divorce.
- ♪ Two

♪ One


♪ Love me tender,
love me sweet ♪

♪ Never let me go

♪ You have made
my life complete ♪

♪ And I love you so

♪ Love me tender,
love me true ♪

♪ All my dreams fulfill

♪ For, my darling I love you ♪

♪ And I always will

♪ Love me tender,
love me long ♪

♪ Take me to your heart

♪ For it's there that I belong ♪

♪ And will never part

Ma'am, are you okay?

Can you hear me?

I've got someone
on the south lawn.

We need paramedics
over here right away.

Copy that.

Jesus Christ,
what happened to you?


♪ Love me tender
and love me true ♪

♪ All my dreams fulfill

♪ For, my darling
I love you ♪

♪ And I always will

Ready or not, here I come.