Ready, Willing & Able (1999) - full transcript

Samantha Martin is injured during a mission and is forced to retire from the CIA. She discovers a mole within the CIA is working with terrorists to acquire chemical weapons set to be destroyed by the U.S. Goverment. Unable to contact the CIA, she forms a rag-tag group of fellow CIA cast-offs to stop the terrorists and uncover the rogue CIA agent.

(woman vocalizing)

(dramatic music)

- You'll arrive at
the pickup point

in approximately five minutes.

Our agents in the Caribbean

are depending on you,

so remember to handle the
package with extreme care.

Wilson, you and Martin

will make your way
through the front,

Beckett, you will
cover the back.

- Yes, sir.

- All right, let's kick it.

- [Man] Is that some Wonder
Woman bullshit I hear, Martin?

- No, sir.

- You're responsible
for your team members.

Steady yourself and
serve the mission.

- Yes, sir.

- [Man] My next contact
will be in 30 minutes.

- Copy that, out.

Now that's a good look for you.

- Bite me.

(dramatic music)

(woman vocalizing)
(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

(gun fires)

(suspenseful music)


- Shit.


(suspenseful music)

- Oh, this is great.

Sam, what the hell
are you doing?

I thought you, I told
you to stay at your post.

- [Sam] You know that's
a bullshit assignment.

I know what I'm doing,
Nana, check this out.

- Oh, this is great,
look at this shit.


Control, the package
will not be delivered.

I repeat, the package
will not be delivered.

- [Sam] What do we have here?

Connor, it's a trap.

(suspenseful music)

- Shit, retreat.
- Darryl.

Abort, abort, abort.

- [Connor] Come on,
move, move, move.

(suspenseful music)

Let's go, get out of
there, Sam, come on,

come on, come on,
come on, come on.

(suspenseful music)



Sam, oh no.



(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

(reflective music)

(car beeps)

(reflective music)

- I can't believe that
I'm gonna be a free woman

for two whole weeks.

This weekend, I am gonna
have some serious relaxation.

- Well, I know the kids
are at camp, right?

What about Nate?

- Back to back trade shows.

Everything that you
ever wanted to know

about RV rentals.

- [Sam] Sounds like fun.

- Oh, loads.


- What are you gonna do
with your new found freedom?

- Oh, I'm gonna read
a romance novel,

all the way through
without interruption.

I'm gonna watch TV
without channel surfing,

and if I'm really ambitious,

I'm gonna work my tan.

What about you?

Have you heard anything?

- Well, yeah.

They sent me my walking papers,

no pun intended, of course.

But a nice little pension.

- I'm sorry.

I know that's not what
you wanted to hear.

But civilian life
is not that bad.

You are better off without them.

- Yeah, but will they be
better off without me?

- [Waiter] Can I get you
ladies anything else?

- Get out of my way.

(dramatic music)

- Call 911.

Can I have a refill?

Do you want anything?

(suspenseful music)
(guns cocking)

- Got it.

(suspenseful music)

- Gentlemen, as
luck would have it,

we're going stateside after all.

Here's your passports.

Pack it up.

We leave tonight.

(suspenseful music)

(computer beeps)

(suspenseful music)

- I can assure
you, Mr. McDowell,

that the 23 years of experience,

one moment.

- Excuse me, Mr. Vaughn,
your 11 o'clock is here.

- Fine, tell him I'll
be right with him.

- It's a she.

- Whatever.

As I was saying,

Fortress leads the nation
in corporate security.

- I wouldn't be
here if you didn't.

- And with Chem
Co's recent contract

with the government,

well, disposing of
chemical weapons

can interest a lot
of dangerous people.

- Exactly,

and that's why I'd
like you and your team

to come onto our facility

and evaluate our
current security system.

- Certainly.

There is one thing,

and it's really
something I have to ask,

as I mentioned before,

there are a lot of people

who would love to
get their hands

on the chemicals weapons
you'll be disposing of,

so my question to
you, Mr. McDowell,

is how much money would it take

for you to look the other way?

- Mr. Vaughn, there isn't
that much money in the world.

- Good.

That's exactly the kind of
answer I needed to hear.

I'll have our
secretary set up a time

for the inspection.

- Good, I'll see you soon.

- Yes, sir.


- Mr. Vaughn.

- [Vaughn] What?

Sam Martin.

- Right.

- [Vaughn] Please, come in.

You're interested
in our headquarters

security management position.

- That's right.

- I think that's great.

Let's take a look.

You have an expert rating

in a wide variety of weapons.

That's very impressive.

When were you handicapped?

- I was injured in
the line of duty.

It was a while ago,

so I'm perfectly capable of--

- No doubt.
- Doing anything.

- As you may know,

Fortress has a reputation

for providing the very best
corporate security available

for both the firms
and their executives.

See, many times,

there will be
volatile situations.

It must be handled quickly
and with deadly force.

- Well, if you'll notice,

my training and expertise
are in those types

of circumstances.

As a matter of fact, I'm--

- I can see that yes.

The security manager's
position is critical

for two reasons,

first this is a cut
throat industry.

The security manager must guard

against competitor
espionage at all times.

- If you'll notice--

- Second, when clients
visit Fortress,

our image and skill level
must be well represented.

- I understand--
- Great.

I'm glad to hear that.

Nice meeting you.

I'm sure we'll be in touch.

- Great.

(phone rings)

- Susan, get Howard
on the phone.

- Yes, sir, right away, sir.

(phone beeps)

- Howard.

I thought I told you
I only wanted to see

the five most
qualified candidates.


What about Samantha Martin?

Are you kidding?

Look, I don't have
time for this.

If you can't--

Then get it right.

- [Man] One, two, three.

- [Group] 15.

- One, two, three.

- [Group] 16.

- One, two, three.

- [Group] 17.

- Manard, take over.

- [Group] 18.

- [Manard] One, two, three.

- [Group] 19.

- Go, pick it up, Felton.
- One, two, three.

- [Group] 20.

- You're beginning to
sound like Madison.


- Oh that hurts.

How you doing?

- Good, how are you doing?

- [Manard] One, two, three.


One, two, three.

- [Group] Four.

- Felvin, get off your face.

God, these guys are
killing me, bunch of wimps.

- [Manard] One, two, three.

- But you were tough.

- Were, still am tough.

Went to Fortress today.

- To corporate boys?

I know 'em.

How'd it go?

- Like shit.

After 10 years in the agency,

people still can't
get past the chair.

- Yeah, I know what you mean,

I'm not exactly working
in the field, either,

at least the agency
gave you your pension.

- I don't want a pension.

I want a job.

- [Manard] One, two, three.

- If you hear of
anything, would you?

- I'll give you a call.

- Thanks.

Maybe you should
come over, you know?

I'll make dinner.

- I've had your
cooking, remember?

- Oh yeah.

Well, we could order pizza.

- Okay.

- All right, good.

That'll be good.

- One, two, three.
- Two.

- One, two, three.
- Three.

- One, two.

(insects chirping)

(dramatic music)

- So when did you
start painting?

- [Sam] In rehab.

The they told me it
would be good therapy.

- Oh.

It looks like you
could use a therapist.

- Hey.

They expel all my demons.

I mean, I think they're
very Anne Rice esque.

- That's one way to put it.

So how's your love life?

- Not as good as
your romance novels.

- Are you seeing anyone special?

- Vicky, it's Friday night and
I'm sitting here eating pizza

with you.

- Good because I
saw Eric last week.

- What'd you do, go
visit him in prison?

- No, he's home
early, good behavior.

Something like that.

- That certainly
doesn't sound like Eric.

- He asked about you.

And he was just wondering

how you were doing?

And I think that he's
still in love with you.

(dramatic music)

- I turned him in.

- He knew what you
did for a living.

I think that he just
wanted to get caught.

- Oh yeah, embezzling
is so tiresome.

- Everybody makes mistakes, Sam.

He paid for his.

- [Sam] Yeah, well so did I.

- I gave him your phone number.

- [Sam] Are you crazy?

- He wants to see you.

- Does he know about this?

- Yes.

- Probably just
feels sorry for me.

- No, I think you've
got that job filled.

(phone rings)

- Fortress Incorporated,
can you hold?

Fortress Incorporated,
can you hold?

Fortress Incorporated,
may I help you?

Yes, one moment,
I'll check that line.

- Excuse me, I was talking
to Mr. Vaughn last week

about the security manager--

- Can I help you?

- [Sam] Yes, I was inquiring
about the security manager.

- That's me.

- Really?

- You caught me on
my first day here,

but if you don't mind
waiting a few minutes,

I'll get some forms
for you to fill out

and we'll determine
the level of protection

that you require.

(phone rings)

(dramatic music)

(pencil sharpens)

- How long have you been
in the security business?

- Fortress has been in
the security protection

business for years.

My background is
in law enforcement.

- What exactly does your
training consist of?

- The academy and my own
martial arts regimen.

Don't worry, you'll be
safe as long as Fortress

is protecting you.

- Oh, I have no doubt
that I'm in capable hands,

especially in this building.

You must have a massive
security system.

- Oh, it's state of the art.

If you like, I'll
take you on a tour.

- Love to.

- I'm sorry, Sam.

- They are so asinine.

I should teach them a lesson.

- I'm sure you'll
think of something.

- I already have.

- Oh, I know that look.

- What was the name of
that strange little guy

that re-wired your
security system?

- You mean Feud.

- Feud.

(dramatic music)

(computer beeps)

- I think your evaluation
of our security system

was right on the money.

We're gonna need you
to fill in the gaps.

- Mr. McDowell, you'll
not be disappointed.

Fortress will work hand and
hand with your own people.

We'll turn your company into
the safest in the nation.

- I'm counting on that.

(dramatic music)

- Vicky says you've
been busy lately.

Busy doing what?

- [Feud] Enrolling.

- Enrolling in what?

- Schools.

I can't seem to stay in them.

- [Sam] Why is that?

- They keep kicking me out.

Probably, probably
has something to do

with the fact that I'm smarter
than all the professors.

They find that
kind of irritating.

And I've given up on
the whole college route.

I'm working on the
trade school thing now.

- So, what do we want
to be when we grow up?

- Interested.

In anything.

- Get bored easily, do we?

- Yep.

As a matter of
fact, I'm starting

to get bored right now.

- Is that why you
rigged your professor's

chair to catapult
him across the room?

- I was trying to make a point?

- Okay well then
what was the point

when you painted the new slogan

on the campus water
tower every night?

- I see you've
done your homework

into some of my
extra-curricular activities.

So are you part of some
scholastic behavioral committee

or am I here for a reason?

- I have a little project
I need some help with.

I'm looking to hire
a creative thinker,

to help me engineer
some tools for my trade.

- What sort of project?

- Let's just say that
I need to make a point.

* Makes me feel I can be found

* Makes me feel

* Makes me feel

* So I come without you

* Oh

(upbeat music)

* I am waiting for
the next big thing *

* Bringing on quick time to me

* I tap my fingers to
the same old thing *

* Dream of better
things to see *

* I can't tell you

* Apart becomes my name

- Or just cameras,
here, here, and here.

- Okay.

This, this.

Will freeze up the
image on their monitors.

It should give you about 10
seconds to pass each area.

- Cool.


Infrared here, right here.

It's off when the
cleaning crew is working,

which should give
me about 20 minutes.

I think that should be a breeze.

(phone rings)

- Do you want me to get that?

- No, the machine
will pick it up.

This is Sam, you know the drill.


- [Eric] Samantha, I
guess you're not there.

It's Eric.

I was kind of hoping I
would get the machine.

It's a little easier
that way, kind of.

Anyway, I just wanted
to hear your voice.

I hope you're doing okay.

I'll call you later, bye.

- Do you wanna take a break?

- No.

No, let's keep going.

- Okay, so Friday,

most people should
clear out by say, six.

When does the
cleaning crew arrive?

- Well, that's 6:30, seven.

- And you just wanna--

- Oh absolutely.
- Waltz through the front?

- I think if you're
going to make a point,

it should sting a little.

- What was, what did
you say in that letter?

- Oh.

I told Vaughn that his
lack of consideration

of my abilities was shortsighted

and that those
kinds of decisions

can be costly.

I also said that as we
face the millennium,

discrimination is gonna
take a backseat to justice.

- [Feud] What does that mean?

- I have no idea.

It just sounded
good at the time.

- [Feud] Fortunes say never
bite off more than you can chew.

- Never underestimate a woman
who's been trained to kill.

- I'll remember that.

- It's probably a good idea.

(woman vocalizing)
(dramatic music)

- [Boss] One, two.

Go ahead and start,
guys, I'll be right in.

(dramatic music)

(elevator dings)

(dramatic music)

(woman vocalizing)
(dramatic music)

- Yes, absolutely, that's right.

I'll get a hold of him.

Get confirmation today.

We're on schedule.

Look let me call you
back on a secure line.

(dramatic music)

When we know the
transportation are out.

Is that good enough?

It doesn't give us enough time.


Look, dammit, chemical
weapons are delicate.


If they even suspect you,

we'll all be compromised.

Okay, fine.


I'm sending it to you right now.


(dramatic music)

- Night, Mr. Vaughn.

- [Mr. Vaughn] Good night.

(woman vocalizing)
(dramatic music)

- [Custodian] Hey, Grace,
we're done out here.

- [Grace] Okay, I have to
do Mr. Vaughn's office.

Go ahead and set the alarm.

I'll fix it in here.

(woman vocalizing)
(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

(door creaks)

(suspenseful music)

- Look, I admit
that that seems odd,

but I don't know where
you're going with this.

I mean, did you actually
see the computer screen?

- No.

- [Man] Well, did
you get the disc?

- No.

- Well, did you hear
anything substantial?

- [Sam] Substantial
or suspicious?

- Substantial.

- No, but, you know me.

You know that I wouldn't be here

unless I felt in my gut
that something was wrong.

- Your gut is not
always accurate.

Remember Prague?

- But Prague was different.

- Look, you're sure
that you're not reading

more into this than
there actually is?

You know, filling a
void or something?

- I'm telling you that
something isn't right.

- All right, I'll poke around

and see what I can
dig up on Fortress.

This Vaughn, okay?

- Okay.

- In the meantime, you stop
looking for conspiracies.

There's enough of that
out there already.

I'm sure Mr. Vaughn is harmless.

- Now you'll see why I
installed the new cameras

for your interior
office surveillance.

Now showing a thief
caught in the act.

- [Mr. Vaughn] In her
final performance.

- We could press breaking
and entering charges.

- I didn't hire you for
being in law enforcement.

I hired you for
being kicked out.

You're gonna handle this
problem, permanently.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)


(dramatic music)

(gun fires)
(glass shatters)

(dramatic music)

(engine revs)

(dramatic music)

(engine revs)

(gun fires)



(dramatic music)

- Thanks.

- [Man] Maybe you
should see a doctor.

- A doctor's not what
I need right now.

- All right.

Let's say that this
has something to do

with Fortress and Chem Co.

Now, dealing in chemical weapons

is not something that you
just pick up as a sideline.

You gotta work up to
serious shit like that.

- Well, who says
Fortress hasn't?

- What do you want me to do?

I checked them out.

They came out clean.

This guy, Vaughn,
isn't exactly a saint,

but he's not a criminal either.

- Not yet.

Look, just push
Madison, will you?

- He won't buy it.

- Just do it.

(insects chirping)
(dramatic music)


- All right.

The guy hates me.

- [Sam] Oh, hate's
kind of a strong word.

- Yeah, but accurate.

Look, you wanna stay here?

- No, thanks.

I've found someplace
they won't find me.

Don't let me down, okay?

- Never have.

- Okay.


(dramatic music)

- Dante.

You've been briefed?

- Yes, my men and I are ready.

As you as you deposit our fee.

- Don't worry, I'll
take good care of it.

(dramatic music)

- So what did he do?

I mean, do you think
that you're safe here?

- [Sam] For tonight.


Hey, Feud, thanks for coming.

- What are we gonna do,

toilet paper Vaughn's house now?

- That stunt we
played at Fortress

has made life a
lot more difficult.

- I'll say.

- Look, I've got some
work for you to do.

- I'm game.

- Okay, good,

but first I've got this computer

of Vicky's and I'm not a hacker.

Do you know one?

- No.

- Oh, no, no, no,

there's no eating in here.

This is a new couch.

Sam, tell him.

(insects chirping)

- Well?

- I can do that.

- By tomorrow?

- By breakfast.

- Go for it.

(insects chirping)


What are you doing here?

- Vicky says you need a hacker.

(dramatic music)

Okay, I'm into Fortress,

but their encryption
program is pretty intense.

- Meaning?

- Meaning it's gonna
take some time.

- Isn't this violating
your parole or something?

- What are you gonna
do, arrest me again?

- Very funny.

I just don't think
this is a good idea.

- No, you see, embezzling
25 million dollars

from the Demoney family,

that wasn't a very good idea.

Besides, I was looking for
an excuse to see you again.

You know, you look great.

Look, I know we've
had our problems,

but I learned two things
when I was in prison.

One, you wouldn't
have put me there

if you didn't want
to protect me,

and two, patience.


Got it.

- What?

- This definitely
violates my parole.

- Donuts?


- Move over, let me see.

- Don't.

- Why not?

- Because in this case,
ignorance is bliss.

Would you please make a
couple copies of this for me?

Feud, let's get everything
together, we're leaving.

- Hey, what's going on?

- This has just become
a lot more dangerous

and I don't want you
involved any more

than you already are.

- But I--

- Will you please just trust me?

- So where are you gonna stay?

- I know a place.

(dramatic music)

- Gonna have it.

This is where, good for
down and out of sights.

(dramatic music)

Yeah, it's dark in here.

- [Sam] Careful.

- Oh.

- You okay?

- Yes.

(dramatic music)

- At least he's still
paying his electric bill.

- Yeah.

He probably has so much money,

he doesn't even think
about stuff like that.

* It's a dream for me

* That is waiting patiently

* For when push comes to shove

* Which it usually does for me

* It's only a two way explain

* More than any ways to gain

* They sneak up behind you

* And start your mind for free

(rock music)

- Okay.

I'm in.

What, now, this is
only secondary access.

We won't be able to
get far from here?

- Don't worry about it.

All I need for you to do

is access the agency
pitcher files,

and then just find me anybody's

who's been pensioned over
the last couple years

that live nearby.

- Okay, you got it.


- You don't have to
do this, you know?

- And you do?

- Yeah.

- Then so do I.

- Okay, so, what's next?

- I'm gonna go talk to Conner,

and then I think you--

- Don't even think
of trying to talk me

out of working with
you on this thing.


- Look, this is not a game.

This is not a school prank.

This is real life,

and potentially real death.

- You need me.

And I'm not leaving.

- [Sam] Conner.

- Hey, what's going on?

- Did you speak to Madison yet?

- Tomorrow, why?

- It's not enough to convict

but it's enough to
know that I'm right.

- Wait a second,
where are you going?

- Watch your back.

(dramatic music)

- [Conner] Where
are you gonna be?

(suspenseful music)

- Yo, are you the
lady of the house?

Gotta very special
offer just for you.

Oh, yeah?

I got your offer right here.

- [Feud] Angel Lawrence.

- [Sam] Why do I
recognize that name?

- [Feud] He was
an expert marksman

and infiltration specialist.

- [Sam] And his partner
got killed, right?

(phone rings)

- Hello, may I inquire, are
you the lady of the house?


I have a lovely
offer for you today.

Madame, when is the last time

you had your carpet
steam cleaned?

- No one wanted
to be his partner.

They said he was erratic

and sometimes has
multiple personalities.

Now he spends all his
time flying ultra lights,

arrested twice for
buzzing pedestrians.


- It's a real hot dog, isn't he?

- [Eric] But if you
think he's something,

wait till you see the next guy?

- [Sam] Really, what's the deal?

(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)

* Let's talk about sex

* The dos, the don'ts,
the can'ts and won'ts *

* Ecstasy

* Let's rate it X

* The Rs, the Ps, and
dreams and screams *

* Fantasies

* The muscles flex

* The lean, the mean,
and in between *

* She machine

* The market flex

* The ying, the yang,
the shot, the fang *

* Reality

- Thank you.

- Thanks.

Well, cheers.


They won't kill you.

- [Sam] There is a reason
why we're here, right?

- What do you
think you're doing,

hitting up on my woman.

You son of a bitch.

- Fuck off!

- Oh.

- There he is.

Mo Cooper.

(glass chatters)

Awarded three times for
bravery in the field.

He's an explosives expert

with extensive weapons training.

You're gonna love this part.

He specialized in
chemical weapons.

- You okay?

- Anyway, he was injured
in the line of duty,

June '96, an explosion
shattered his ear drums.

He lost about 40%
of his hearing.

- Let me take out the trash.

- Since then, he's been
living on his pension

and working odd jobs,
mainly as a bouncer.

What do you think, like him?


(door clatters)

- Where did you get this?

- Sam Martin.

- How'd she?

- I never asked.

You know her, she's
pretty resourceful.

I want you to put me
on that transport.

- Impossible, that's
highly classified.

- Sir, some of the
information on that disc

is classified and the only way

that Fortress can get
their hands on it,

is if it were leaked
from the inside.

- Possibly.

- Probably.

Look, somebody's already
tried to kill Sam once.

She came to me because
I'm her partner.

She trusts me.

- I'll have more qualified
personnel handle the matter.

Besides, you no longer
work in the field.

- And why is that?

- I don't have to
justify my decision

to you, Sam, or God Almighty.

Your job is to do
what I tell you to do.

- And your job?

- My job is to make
sure that whoever I send

out in the field has
a high probability

of coming back alive.

If I were to put you
in that transport,

I wouldn't be doing my job.

- And if I'm not on that truck,

you and I both know
that Sam will be,

one way or another.

(cars driving)
(birds chirping)

(gun cocks)


- We have company.

(door creaks)


- Who's this?

- That's Feud.

He's one of us.

- Nice to meet you.

- Told you.

- You okay?

- Loaded.

- [Cooper] So what's going on?

- We're waiting for one more.

- Thanks for coming.

Nice little fixer upper.

- Oh, everybody, this is--

- [Group] Angel.

- No.

- So, you two know each
other, that's great.

- Yeah.

I never forget a traitor.

- What was that?

I couldn't hear you.

- Have you got anymore
of your partners killed?


- I did not get
my partner killed.

- No, you just left your son,

out completely exposed

and without backup.

- Stop it, both of you.

- Bastard, you weren't there.

- That's right, 'cause if I was,

you'd be dead.

- I don't know what
kind of baggage

you're carrying, but
you take it outside,

keep it outside and sit down.

(dramatic music)


- Agent Samuels Madison.

Is your team assembled?

Good, you have your orders.

Keep it simple.

Steady yourselves and
serve the mission.

Good luck.

Our next contact
will be in 48 hours.

- Mo, Angel, we've
asked you here today

because we need your help.

Your expertise.

We found that Fortress is not
only in corporate security,

but into black market
arm sales as well.


- Mo, could you get the
light for me, please?

- This is Lamont
Vaughn, CEO of Fortress.

The latest client,
Chem Co, has been

contracted by the government

to dispose of chemical weapons

confiscated during
various black op campaigns

in the Middle East.

Now this Fortress
Chem Co connection

in and of itself is unimportant,

but we discovered that there
is a mole inside the agency,

and connections to either
a terrorist organization

or mercenaries acting
as a go between

with a foreign buyer.

Either way, it's a problem.

Now this is Brian McDowell.

He's CEO of Chem Co.

His involvement at
this time is unclear,

so we're just gonna
keep tabs on both him

and his family just in case.

- So why isn't the
agency handling this?

- Apparently the mole is
pretty high up in the company.

I was informed by my old
partner, Conner Wilson,

that as of yesterday,

all evidence we provided
have been erased

off that agency computers.

Director Madison has
secretly assigned Conner

to the upcoming transport,

but until the mole
is discovered,

any large scale
action on the part

of the agency would be futile.

- So why should we help?

- Because it's what
you're trained to do.

It's what you do best.

Or would you rather
sell carpet cleaning

for the rest of your life

to the little ladies who really

just want someone to talk to?

Or make sure that
drunks keep their hands

off of strippers,

unless of course they
pay for the privilege

of doing so?

You both are better than that.

- [Mo] What's next?

- Gathering intelligence.

- Some need more
intelligence than others.

(dramatic music)

(cars honking)

- The fence is electrified.

There is guards about 500 feet.

The perimeter is pretty solid,

except for where Mo
and I will go in.

Now, they're also susceptible
to an aerial assault,

so Angel, you'll
land your ultra light

over by the loading dock,

and then you'll go
to the front gate,

where you'll take
out the guards,

allowing Eric accessing
to the security computers.

Now, while I release the gas,

Mo, you'll be in the basement.

Disabling the
communications system.

You go join Angel, Eric,

and I'll go down
to find McDowell.

Now, Feud, you'll
stay in the van

which will be the
control central.

They'll be arriving
in a truck apparently

designed to look
like a moving van,

so you'll have to be alert

and let us know when it arrives.

Which should be
in about 20 hours,

so we'll go in tonight.

- We using deadly force?

- No, not unless
things get really ugly.

We're gonna be using
these dart guns.

They will render the victim
unconscious for about 12 hours.

We'll have standard agency
handguns just in case.


Let's get to work.

(dramatic music)

- So this should keep us visual.

- Okay, and then I have
this for communication.

A little transmitter,
receiver in here.

- Do we have something
stronger for Mo?

- Yeah, if he needs it.


- I brought the additional
security you requested.

- Terrific.

Let's take 'em on a tour,

show 'em our assignments.

- Yes, let's.


(insects chirping)

- It's gonna be a long night.

Get some shut eye.

(insects chirping)

(dramatic music)

- You doing okay?

- Yeah, I can take
care of myself.

- I know.


- I'm sorry, I'm
just, I'm so tired.

(dramatic music)

- I know.

Everyone believes in you.

You can stop trying to
prove you're Wonder Woman.

You can stop avoiding me.

- I'm not avoiding you.

I just don't know
what you want from me.

- I just wanna talk to you.

Like old times.

- It won't be like old times.

Not ever.


- I know.

It can be better.

- What did you do,

spend all your time in prison

trying to figure out
ways to annoy me?

- No, I spent a lot of
time thinking about you.

It kept me going.

You know, maybe if you
didn't spend so much energy

trying to push me away,

you'd see we have
a second chance.

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

You were always hard to seduce.

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

There was a moment though.

Feeling it.

- Good night.

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

- I could feel it.

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

- [Feud] Okay, radio
check complete Sam.

We're ready.

- [Sam] Okay.

Angel should be
landing any minute now.

Stay sharp.

(suspenseful music)

- Dante, status.

- All secured.

- See, McDowell,
everything's fine.

Your entire family
is being watched

over by some of
my finest people.

I've got men stationed
all over your facility

to make sure everybody's safe

and out of harms way.

- What do you plan to
do with the weapons

once you have them?

- Sell them, of course.

- To whom?

- My, my, my.

We're getting
inquisitive, aren't we?

- My God, man, do you understand

the destructive power
of those weapons.

- [Vaughn] I wouldn't
be here if I didn't.

- Hundreds of thousands
could die instantly.

- Brian, what's your point?

- How much money does
it take to silence

all their screams?

(dramatic music)

- Angel has landed, he's
inside the compound.

Repeat, Angel has landed.

(dramatic music)

Prepare for entry.

(dramatic music)

(computer beeps)

(dramatic music)

(gun fires)
(man groans)

Here goes.

(computers beeping)
(dramatic music)

You're clear.

- Okay.

(dramatic music)

- Stage one complete.

- Copy that.

(dramatic music)

Move it, you're under 30.

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

We're going alive in five,






Here goes.


- How long?

- I don't know, it's
gonna take a few minutes.

- I'll be right back.

- Yeah, Dante, this
is security central.

- Go ahead.

- Yeah, we just had
a minor energy flux,

kind of scrambled
things for a minute,

and I'm getting
inconsistent readings

from sector five.

- I'll check it out.

(dramatic music)

- Hey, you know, that Joe?

Man, he's a real pisser,
you know what I mean?

No, I mean literally.

Every five minutes, the
man has got to take a piss,

you know?

(dramatic music)

I ask him if it hurt, you know,

when he took a leak
and everything,

but, you know, he
wouldn't answer me.

And I kept telling them,

you know, it was his prostate
or something, you know.

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

- Drop it.

(suspenseful music)

- Oops.

(dramatic music)

- I think he's afraid.

Afraid that a doctor
will play finger puppet

with his asshole.


(dramatic music)


Hey, hey where's Larry?

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

- You okay?

- Yeah.

- How's it going?

- I can't get through
the firewall from here.

We gotta get to
the main computer.

- I'll clear a path.

Stay close and stay low.

(dramatic music)

- Uh uh uh uh.

Mr. McDowell, relax.

I have no wish to harm
you or your family.

As long as I get what I want.

- But you don't mind
killing thousands

of innocent people?

- Nobody's innocent anymore.

- Sector seven, report in.

(dramatic music)

Sector eight, report in.

(dramatic music)

Mr. Vaughn, I think we
might have a problem.

- Well, do we or don't we?

- [Man] Copy sir.

- Dante.

- We have intruders.


- [Vaughn] Shipment arrives
in less than 20 minutes.

I want a full security sweep.

- Understood.

(dramatic music)

- Problems?

- For your family's
sake, I hope not.

You see, Brian, one call,

and you're ordering coffins.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)
(woman vocalizing)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- Dante, security breach.

Gas released.

- Cozin, Arrie,
Manuel, bring your men.

Meet me on the west side
of the main building now.

(dramatic music)

(woman vocalizing)

Where's Manuel?

- I'm here.

I thought you might need these.

- All right, listen carefully.

Cozin, your men
will come with me.

Arie, you and Manuel split up.

I want you two to
man the entry gate,

I want you and you to
search the outer perimeter

of the property.

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

Our shipment is in
route, gentlemen,

so make it thorough and quick.


Let's go.

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)
(woman vocalizing)

- I see something.

Come on, we found 'em.

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

No, you stay here with him.

- Stage three complete.

(dramatic music)

(gun fires)

(man grunting)


(dramatic music)

(gun fires)

(suspenseful music)
(woman vocalizing)

- We're locked out.
- Damn.

(suspenseful music)

We're stalled, we
can't break in.

I repeat, stage four is stalled.

- We have intruders locked
in the computer room.

- Don't worry boys, the
calvary has arrived.

Step back.

(dramatic music)

- Your problem,
you solve it now.

(dramatic music)

(gun cocks)


- Man, we don't have to
worry about him anymore.

- Yeah, I'll say.

- Had to be a hero.

(dramatic music)


- Well?

- I'm working on it.

- This is simple but effective.

I like it.


- I'm heading down to
the gate, are you okay?

- Sure.

- What?

- Don't leave him, got it?

- Got it.

(dramatic music)

Hurry up.


- Dante, you still got
two in security central?

(dramatic music)

Now what do we have here?

(dramatic music)

I'm terribly sorry
but visiting hours

are from eight to five weekdays.

I'm afraid you've
broken company policy.

(dramatic music)

Stevens, show us
your new friend.

(dramatic music)


Oh, now, this is a treat.

I guess you didn't get
our letter of rejection.

(dramatic music)

Well, I've got your
little friend here.

He's a nervous little guy.

I've got a remedy
for his condition.

(dramatic music)

(gun cocks)

(dramatic music)

- They're coming.

(dramatic music)

- Bring him.

(dramatic music)

- The convoy's on its way.

- [Eric] Almost got it.

Just one more second and
I can shut them down.

- Oh, yeah, well here they come.

Come on.

- Mr. McDowell, gotta wake up.


Okay, come on, we
gotta get out of here.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

(dramatic music)

- Okay, all right,
in the closet.

If anybody opens
that door besides me,

you shoot them, all right?


(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

(dramatic music)

- Take them.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

Uh uh uh, no running
in the halls.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)
(woman vocalizing)

(guns firing)
(suspenseful music)

- Bitch, I'm gonna kill you.

(guns firing)

(suspenseful music)

(punches landing)
(dramatic music)

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

- All sections report in.

All sections report
in, Arie, Cozin.

(dramatic music)
(punches landing)

(woman vocalizing)

(gun fires)

(dramatic music)

Dante, Dante, where
the hell are you?


(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

- You guys okay?

- Yeah.

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

- How many are left?

- Not many.

(guns firing)

I could be wrong.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

- Business transaction, a
simple business transaction,

well damn you, McDowell.

- Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have an appointment to keep.

- It's okay, I think
that's everyone.

- No, not quite.

(gun fires)

- Eric!

(dramatic music)


(gun fires)

- The party is over now.

(gun fires)

(dramatic music)

- You're fired.

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

(gate crashes)

(dramatic music)

- Come on, be all right.

(tires squeal)

(dramatic music)

- Sam!

(dramatic music)

Wait here.

(dramatic music)

- Help Eric.

- What happened?
- Help them.

- Where are you going?

- On scheduled flight.

(dramatic music)

(tires squealing)
(dramatic music)

(woman vocalizing)
(dramatic music)

(tires squeal)

(engine sputters)

(engine revs)

(dramatic music)
(engines revving)

(tires squealing)

(dramatic music)
(engine revving)

(engine clicking)

(suspenseful music)

(gun fires)

(suspenseful music)

(ramp whirring)

- Looks like I need a ride.

- [Sam] Gear it up, Conner.

- I can't do that, partner.

- Then we have a problem.

- Yeah, it looks like way.

You know, I should have took
care of you in Trinidad.

Know what you cost me?

(dramatic music)

The agency boys are
here, this should be fun.

So what's it gonna be?

(dramatic music)

- What happened to you?

- It was just gonna
be the one time

that you couldn't stay put.

Now look at me.

I just got a better deal.

Benefits and retirement.

- You were such a good agent.

- Yeah, so were you.

(gun fires)

(tires squeal)

- Control, this is Alpha one.

The shipment is secure.

I say again, the
shipment is secure.

- I'm sorry about Angel.

The agency picked up
the cost of the funeral.

It's the least we could do.

- The least, it's
pretty accurate.

- Look, with
McDowell's testimony

and your heads up work,

Vaughn and Fortress
are out of business.

We don't know how
much damage Conner

caused the agency,

but we're doing our best
to rectify the situation.

You served the
mission even though

you were unauthorized to act.

In appreciation, I'd
like to offer you

the recently vacated
trainer position.

- Why didn't you
move in earlier?

- [Madison] What?

- The agency's not
gonna put one man

in a potential arm sale

and just hope for the best.

You were watching.

The question is, why
didn't you move in earlier?

- Because the products
were not in danger

of being sold while they
remained on Chem Co property.

- The products?

- [Madison] Our mission was
to find out who the buyer was.

- But what about
the responsibility

for the lives of the team?

- You were not on our team.

- Right.

And I'm not about to
change that status either,

despite your generous offer.

I'm starting my own company

where people come first.

(dramatic music)

- Here you go, Mr. McDowell.

- [McDowell] Thank you.

- It was very generous of you

to fund the Angel
Memorial Foundation.

- Heroes should
not be forgotten.

- Well, we appreciate it,

and we want you to know

that we're ready to
fulfill your needs,

and as you know, we can
handle any situation.

- I have no doubt about that.

(dramatic music)

- Thank you.

Well, guys, let's get to work.

(dramatic music)

- Wasps, huh.

- If you're gonna
make a point...

- It stings a little.

- Exactly.

(upbeat music)

* The next big feeling

* Can be found

* The next feeling

* The next big feeling

* So come with you, oh

(upbeat music)

(rock music)

* Oh yeah

* There's a lot about our ways

* Been meaning to write

* And this song every
night, to sing *

* We guess when they left

* But today, on a leash

* Is to see what
tomorrow will bring *

* It's Wilson and
12 and I need you *

* Wilson at midnight and you

* Even if I take a reaction

* It won't be a
minute too soon *

* I'm through

* Through

(rock music)

(dramatic music)

(woman sighs)

(dramatic music)

* Objects in the mirror

* Are closer than they appear

* When you see in
your looking glass *

* I'm your greatest fear

* Who am I

* Can you answer
the riddle of life *

* Do you see what
you're hating me *

* You find inside yourself

* Now all I ask is
take me as I am *

* Don't punish me
for being myself *

* And take me as I am

* My weakness can
be your strength *

* And take me as I am

* As I am

* As I am

* It's a dream for me

* That is waiting patiently

* For when push comes to shove

* Which it usually does for me

* No time to explain

* Oh, your many ways to gain

* To sneak up behind you

* And start your mind for free

(rock music)

(upbeat music)

* Go with the punches

* To bend and not break

* The end becomes, to
rise to the challenge *

* The stream, when
lives are at stake *

* I'm running, at stake

* With it

* Enabled

* I'm running, enabled

* With it enabled

(woman vocalizing)

* Hey

(woman vocalizing)

* Ooh