Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Hyouketsu no Kizuna (2019) - full transcript

In this prequel to Re:Zero Starting Life in a New World From Zero, we learn how Puck and Emilia met. We also learn about why Emilia is insecure.

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To protect her:
That is your reason for existing,
your sole objective

To protect her:
That is your reason for existing,
your sole objective

But you are forbidden to excessively
interfere in her life

To watch over her from afar is
the compromise between your existence
and your wish


That's enough!

Stop right now!



Thank goodness. They'll be fine now, right?


Daddy! Daddy!

Are you all right?

S-Stay away!

Silver hair...

Long ears...

Bluish-purple eyes...



Witch! The witch! She's the witch!

The witch! The witch! The witch! The witch!

Wait! I'm—

She's the witch! She's the witch! The witch!

She's the witch! The witch! She's the witch!

She's the witch! The witch!
The witch! The witch!

No... Stop...

Don't come near us, witch! Go away!

Witch! Witch!

Witch of Envy!



This is my power?

What happened to that family?

Silver hair...

Long ears...

Bluish-purple eyes...

If there are going to be people who
get so scared when they see me...

I'll just stay here forever.

Is something wrong, Lia?


Oh, I bet today's date was no fun, huh?

Yeah, I get that.

You're bound to be disappointed after your
first date was with a guy like Subaru.

It's not that.

I was just remembering something
that happened long ago, that's all.

It has nothing to do with Subaru.

I see.

You've been seeing lots of snow sculptures

since this snow festival
started yesterday, after all.


So I was just thinking...

about everyone who's still in the forest.

The Frozen Bond

Here it comes!

The girl from the forest?

Shh! She'll hear you.

Let's go.

Oh, it's you.

The usual, please.

Yeah, sure.

And shoes?


Shoes. Need new ones?

Y-Y-Yes, please!

As you can see, the last ones you
sold me are pretty worn out...


Thank you!

I think I talked twice as much as usual today.



Day after day, here you are,
working your tail off.

You have a way of saying things
that make them sound so awful,


It's true that I'm a spirit,

but when it's between you and me,
that's not the name you should use.


Yes, well done!

It makes me happy when you call me that,


You didn't show up yesterday.
Did anything happen?

Yesterday was my day off.

You may be constantly busy,
but I take breaks sometimes.


You have new shoes. Did you go to the village?

Yeah, I did!

He noticed my shoes before
I even said anything!

I bet he just remembers because

you always ruin your shoes
right after you get them.

He's probably pretty exasperated by it.

Even if that's why, it's a big step forward.

If I keep this up,

I might be able to talk
about the weather soon...

You poor girl...

Does the weather even mean
anything around this forest?

It's always either cloudy or snowing.
Nothing else happens.

That's fine.

Just being able to do simple
things like that is a big deal.

You know, Emilia, you work
far harder than you need to.

I have lots of things to do.

After I take care of everyone,
I inspect the forest,

and I have to make a map, too.

If you ask me,

it wouldn't hurt to ease up a little and
allow yourself some self-indulgence.

Self-indulgence? I don't know why,
but I hate the sound of that.

If you don't like self-indulgence,

how about living a slothful life?

Wait... that's a word I can't stand,

for some reason.

Shouldn't you get a new one of these, too?

Want me to make you a much nicer
robe with magic woven into it?

It's all right. That one is important to me.

To make sure I never forget that day...

What does that mean?
Was it a present from a boy?

If it is, I just might get jealous.

It's not that.

It's not?

You won't tell me, then?

Even I have my secrets.

Things you don't need to know.

I wish you'd trust me a little more...

I've been in my physical form longer
than usual, and now I'm sleepy.

Yes, yes. Goodnight, lazy Puck.

You always make it look like you're
dying when you disappear.

You learn the silliest things.

Puck, look!

There are so many shiny stones!

This is the jackpot!

This feels really nice!

It's almost like cleaning out someone's ear.

That's the impression you get
from such pretty stones?

I can't say I dislike that.

Don't take too many, though.

It'll make them less valuable.

There are still so many parts of
the forest that I don't know.

I had no idea there was a nearly untouched
mine in the Doddering Thicket.

The snow here in the Meandering
Forest seems deeper than before.

It's harder to walk through.

Um, do you ever feel like you should
give these places different names?


It makes them easier to remember later.

I think they're good names.

I do agree with that,

but it might be embarrassing
it anyone else saw them.

Plus, they're really simplistic.

Meander, meander... Meander, meander...

No complaining!

Meander, meander... Meander, meander...

This is my map, so I'll name things as I like.

Meander, meander...

I should have plenty of
shiny stones for a while.

Thanks to you, Puck, my forest
inspection today went really well.

Hey, Puck...

Are you already asleep for the day?


She still needs more time.

If possible... forever.

To watch over her from afar is
the compromise between your existence
and your wish

I'm scared... I'm scared!

That dream again...

What are your plans today, Emilia?

Why ask? You already know.

Same as every day.

I see. Sorry for asking.

You're so mean, Puck.

Emilia, I can't stay with you today.

Don't do anything dangerous, all right?

That's what I should say to you.

Don't follow any strangers, or...

If anything happens,

don't think about what you can do.
Just think about running away.

If it seems dangerous, don't hesitate. Just run.


Sure. I'll be all right.

A snow blight...

And this is fresh.

It's probably best to stay away
from this area for a while.

We finally found you!

It's dangerous to go beyond this point.

If you don't want to get hurt,

just turn around and go home.

You expect us to just say, "Yes,
ma'am," and do as you say?

There are a lot of perverts in this world.

Perverts who'd love to throw
a pretty elf in a cage,

and have their way with her!

Damn... Doing business with a
demihuman living in this forest?

The people in that village are guilty
of some pretty serious crimes.


What do you mean? What do the
villagers have to do with this?

Everything, that's what!

You guys lost in the war against the demihumans.

You don't have any rights!

Just breathing in the vicinity
of a superior human is a crime!

Did you do something to the villagers?

We didn't do a thing.

Of course, if that changes depends
on the answer you give us.

You'll have to pay for the villagers'
crime of assisting a demihuman

with your own body!

So, what do you say?

It doesn't matter either way to me.

We could always get the village girls
to pay with their bodies instead.

The villagers have nothing to do with this!

Well, then, any of the other long-ears
in this forest would work, too!

All right.

Let's see your face.

What you look like is the most
important thing, y'know.

Hurry it up!

I don't think I'll live up to your expectations.

When you see this...

Do you still want to put me in a cage?

Silver hair...

Bluish-purple eyes...

A silver... elf?!

It's the witch!

The Witch of Envy!

She's just like the Witch of Envy!

Oh, man, you're kidding me, right?

This is even better than I imagined!

What's so funny?

You! What else?!

I don't even want to let anyone else have you!

I'd like to keep you in a
cage myself until you die!

But if I run away now...

Don't kill her, and don't hit her face!
It'll bring her value down!



It looks like anxiety and doubt are
manhandling your heart just perfectly.


Get out of this forest right now.

And don't harm the village
or the people in it!

Then we can get along just fine.

Huh?! What the hell gives you
the right to order us around?!

I'm the one who should be giving orders,

and you should be taking them!

Don't get that wrong!

I'm not wrong about—

Shut up! Just get in this cage right now!

Please, let's just stop this now!

If this goes any further,
there'll be no going back!


You have to get away from here right now!

This area is dangerous!

What are you talking about?!


I told you!


Please, stop right now!

Don't do bad things in this forest!

Don't soil it with blood!

I don't want anyone else to...

Wh-What was that?

Did she... do that?

Wh-What's happening?!

What is this?!

W-Wait! Wait!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry, all right?!



No! Help me!


Help me!

Please... stop.

Please understand...




Failing to call my name the moment
this started is where you went wrong.

Good grief...

I'm away for just a few minutes,
and this happens.


Yep, it's me!

Your wonderful, adorable,
fluffy little kitty!


take a deep breath.

You don't need to think about
anything but me right now.


Now, why don't we discuss
what to do with all of you?

I saved you guys out of
consideration for her feelings.

She did everything she could
to keep you guys from dying,

and I respected her wishes. That's all.

If she hadn't been here,

all of you would've been killed... by me.

But you are forbidden to excessively
interfere in her life


Did Puck... save me?

The village! What about the village?!

No one... is here?


I-I didn't have any choice!


Forgive me!

Please forgive me!

I had to tell them about you,
or this village might have been...

Please, let this be the end of it!

Don't get anyone else involved!

Tell me just one thing.

Did those people do anything to this village?

They didn't hurt anyone, did they?


No one was harmed,

and those people haven't been back here since!

I see. I'm glad to hear that.

Please, look up at me.

Don't forget this face,
or what you feel right now.

Never set foot in the Frozen Forest.

That place is my garden...

My forest.


The witch of the white forest...

The Frozen Witch...

I swear!

I'm going to settle this!

I'll teach that elf bitch to—

You'll settle it, eh?

In that case,

there are other methods.

Other methods?

Instead of winning back the points you lost,

paying for your mistakes would
settle the score, wouldn't it?

That's the reaction I expected and then some.

I can't say I dislike that.

Wait, did you sell me out?!

Don't make it sound so heinous.

I received a word of caution
about settling the score

from this spirit before
talking to you. That's all.

Unlike this whiskered fellow,

that whiskered fellow is quite sensible.
It was a big help.

Y-You damn rotten cat!

That's awfully crude, whiskers.

You'd better choose your words
a little more carefully,

or I'll punish you!

Wh-What are you do—

You saw those ice blooms
in the forest, didn't you?

Want me to...

make them bloom again?


My name is Puck.

At least remember my name... before you die.

Could I ask you one last thing?

Can I consider that forest to be your...

to be the Beast of the End's territory?

If you swear you'll never speak of
that name or what happened today,

I'll tell you the answer is "yes."

Hey, Puck...

Is something wrong?

Are you not afraid of me?

You mean because you're so
cute that it scares me?

You always make everything into a joke.

Listen, Emilia...

Why not take this opportunity
to try leaving the forest?

If you can't trade in that village anymore,

you'll have trouble getting enough food.

People have even started coming
to this forest to look for you.

Doesn't this seem like a good time to move on?

I can't just go away and leave behind
all the people still sleeping here.

You really are stubborn, you know that, Emilia?

Why do you want me out of this forest so badly?

I just can't bear to keep
watching you punish yourself.

I don't understand why you'd choose to stay
in a place that only makes you feel bad.

It doesn't only make me feel bad.


Some things are important even
if they make you feel bad.

Am I wrong?

In that case, I have a suggestion.

Why don't I teach you how to
contract with a lesser spirit?

It would be nice if I could be with
you whenever you're in trouble,

but now we know that there are
times when that's impossible.

If you have a lesser spirit, it can help you.

Does that mean...

Nothing. Never mind.

I guess I'll let you teach me, then.

Just leave it to me!

I'll pick one with a great personality
and a promising future!


Puck, you're not...

going to leave me too, are you?

So now you've sent not only eyes,

but a part of yourself, I see.

Discussion... unnecessary.

I am... mediator, Melaquera.

This forest... frozen land, magic...

Ice blooms... countless... blooming.

Don't exaggerate it so much.

I was the one who did that.

I feel bad about it, honest.

All... your doing... speak lies.

Why would I need to lie?

Who besides me is even capable
of doing something so terrifying?


Would you like to find out for yourself?

I... warn you...

Omen of... destruction of balance...

I am... mediator, Melaquera.

Enforce judgment... perform mediation.

You're incomprehensible.
In simpler terms, please?


I understand your concern.

If I see anything that looks like
that, I'll send you a letter.

Just give me your address... er...

What a shame.

I don't think Melaquera

has enough sense to just back down now.

With me around to act as a front,

it doesn't seem like he's
found out about Emilia.

But if he comes after us
for real, it's all over.

I'm scared...

I'm scared!

I'm sorry...

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

Why are you apologizing?

Why are you crying?

Because I left you alone...

Because I couldn't find you for all this time...

But... I'm right here.

What's your name?

My name is...

Good morning, everyone.


Puck, are you here?

Morning, Emilia!

Good morning, but please,
stop picking on them every morning.

I'm not picking on them.

I'm just doing what anyone
should do to cat burglars.

You're the cat, Puck.

And you're the one who said
I should contract with them.

Are you still that sleepy
because you had a bad dream?

What kind of dream did you have?

A dream about when I woke up.

That's a funny way to put it.

You mean it's a dream you have often, right?

Yeah. It always starts at the same point,

and ends at the same point.

I can't remember anything
that happened before I awoke

from within the ice, though...

Right here...

and right here, there are dips in the ground.


I'll call this place the Thorny Thicket.

A mabeast...

A guiltylowe.

What... is that?

I can't touch it!

I have to depend on all of you!


It was very strange water.

It completely dissolved
a mabeast in the forest.

Black water?

No, this is the venom of a black serpent.

This is just a tiny bit of it.

It was actually a lot bigger...

I hate to say this, but you
didn't finish it off.

It's still alive.

Of course, I won't let it
get away with this, though.

It seems to be a pretty persistent one.

Anything less than this isn't
likely to take it down.

Wait... If this black water wasn't dead...

The bigger part that you left
alive is probably on the run now.

You won't get there in time.

Maybe not, but I can't just let it go!

All those people and animals
are in the forest.

The village is nearby, too!

Didn't you and that village
cut ties with each other?

I don't think you're obligated
to worry about them.

That's not right!

You always want to put yourself at risk
for people you should just ignore.

Your soft heart is a deadly disease.

Say whatever you want! I still—

Don't worry.

I'll go check things out.


If you want to make an excuse, let's hear it.

Discussion... unnecessary.

Refuse... answer.

You can cling to your suspicion all
you want, but my answer won't change.

There's no one in this forest but me.

You lie... much.

I am... mediator, Melaquera.

Enforce judgment... perform mediation.

You never give up, do you?

Just do a sharp turn to the
right and go home now, horsey.

Insult... mockery... absolute denial.

I accept... war declaration.


I can't just make Puck handle everything for me!

Please, lend me your aid again.

A red... lesser spirit?

You are a spirit, right?

Where are you going?

Is there something you want to tell me?

Now you've done it!

And now I'll return the favor!

Judge evil! Judge criminals!

Perform mediation!

This is a lot worse than I expected...

You... protect.

You... conceal... half-demon.

Silver witch...

I already... possess.


What did you do to her?!

No... This is too awful.

If it isn't stopped, it'll engulf
the entire forest...

and even the village.

I can't allow that.

I'll stop it.

I will stop you!

Please, everyone... I need your help!


Keep it coming!

Can I...

let it end like this?

I haven't done anything...

or apologized to anyone yet.

No! I can still...

try a lot harder!

No... I won't let that...


What are you...

I held out...

without relying on Puck.


Thank you.

It's because I had all of you...


Are you...

the thing from before?

Ultimate pleasure...

Yes, I love that expression.

That look on your face is
exactly what I wanted to see!

That voice... You can talk?

Slow-witted... Thick-headed.

You're too dense!

Those spirits that disappeared in your place
can't rest in peace if you're like that!

The man from the group that
came to the forest...

Comprehension, affirmation.

I'm the man you and your
spirit put through hell.

As you can see, I've acquired
the power to get revenge!

Revenge? On me?

Question, affirmation!

I lent my body to him in return for revenge!

And thanks to that, I'm feeling fantastic!

I understand what you're saying.

But why did you do that to my lesser spirits?

Why did you kill them?!

Simple and clear.


It gave me a chance to see you cry!

That's it! Be angry! Be angry!

It's your fault!

You are a witch!

I will exact judgment on criminals!

If I'm the one you're after...

Then take me on, and no one else!

Not the forest, and not my friends!

I'm begging you! Don't do anything to them!

Laughter unavoidable!

I'll burn up your friends, too!

My goal... your annihilation!

Destroy half-demon!

Half-demon? What do you mean by "half-demon"?!

Don't play dumb, half-demon!

No... half-elf!

You have the same appearance as the witch,

and were born with the same cursed blood!

The witch's encumbrance!

The witch's second coming!

A danger to the world!



a half-elf?


You... half-elf.

You are a contaminant.

You are the only contaminant in this forest!

I'm not like...

everyone else in the forest?

Is that why...

I'm the only one who woke up?

If you came here to kill me,
then you must know, right?

What did I do?!

Tell me!

Why was the entire forest frozen?

What did I do to all of them?

Why does everyone hate me?

Why am I alone?!


I... know nothing.

I don't know anything about
the crimes you've committed.

Then why are you after me?!

What do you want?!

Why is it always like this?!

If you're going to hate me,

make me the reason!

Why do people always hate me for
reasons I can't do anything about?

I am indifferent to your personal affairs.

You are a half-demon.

You are a witch.

Simply being alive is your sin.

Simply existing in this world is your sin.



I'm Emilia!

I'm just Emilia!

I don't know anything about
half-demons or witches!

Look at me!

Tell me about me!

I... I am...

mediator, Melaquera.

Judge, mediator.

Exact... judgment!

Perform... mediation!


That's enough.

This time,

you remembered to call my
name right at the start.

Good job, Emilia.


That girl is a half-demon!

That girl is a threat to the entire world!

The world, the world...

I'm sick of hearing that.

Just so you know,

no one cares about the world as much as you do.

Puck, no!

You can't beat him...

You'll die...

If you die on me, too...

I wish you wouldn't
underestimate me, Emilia.

Sure, based on appearances,
he definitely looks a little stronger,

but when it comes to being lovable
and fluffy, I'm the clear winner!

Bluff unnecessary. Resistance is futile.

You've exhausted all of your reserves.

Futile, you say? If that's what you think,

you can just turn into shaved ice right now!



This... can't be...

I'm going to use the spirit's power
to get revenge on that girl!

Even a mouse will bite a cat when cornered.

I know I'm a cat, but still...

This is what you'd call burning
the flesh to crush the od!




Puck, did you know?

That I'm a half-demon?

That I'm not like the others?

Emilia... There are no half-demons!

You can't call yourself that!

It's true that you're different
from the elves in the forest.

You're a half-elf.

That's the truth.

Why didn't you tell me?

It's all my fault.

If I'd known I had that blood in me, I wouldn't—

You're wrong!

That's not...

That's not a reason for you to be hurt!

I hate this.



To protect her:
That is your reason for existing,
your sole objective





Companion... folly.

Result... obvious.

Mediation... unhindered.

I am mediator...



If you hate me, that's fine.

But you hurt my lesser spirits and Puck, too.


My actions... remove obstacle.

Companion... sacrifice.

You are... sin.

If my being alive is such a bad thing,

then why was I the only one to
awaken from within the ice?

Was I born to bring misfortune to others?


You, involve... others, misfortune.

You... acquaintance... disaster.

You... threat... destruction...
world balance.

Your existence... grave sin.

Whole world... crave... your death.

I'm sorry.

Hell with that...

To hell with that!


How many times must you make her cry?!

How many times must you make her suffer?!

Companion, you...
destruction... unavoidable.

You don't get to decide why this girl was born!

She was...

Emilia was born because she
was wanted! She was celebrated!

She's going to find happiness!

She was born to find happiness!


Her existence... witch... return.

Thus... existence... world threat!

I experience... world end...
crisis... countless.

How is this girl a threat to the world?!

She's nothing but a crying child!

You're the one who created a dangerous
situation with the black serpent's venom,

then framed her for it and
forced her into fighting!

Details... argument... meaningless.

Both you and I would have done the
same thing if we were put in danger!

Are you saying she's not allowed
to do what anyone else would do?!


That is... fate.


Should you interfere too
deeply in her life...

Everything that makes you what you are,

your memories, feelings,
and goals,

will all be lost

I won't lose to some cheap concept like fate,

and neither will she.

Emilia, let's...

In other words,
you will cease to be you

Let's form a contract!


Be quiet, Melaquera.

This is sacred dialogue between
a spirit and his contractor.

You're always going on about rules,
so you know you can't interfere.

Puck, why...

Sorry this isn't the most romantic setting.

That's not it! That's not what I mean!

You've never talked about making
a contract before... so...

I always assumed you were
going to go away someday.

Then I'll make it clear right now.

You're precious to me,

and I want to protect you forever.

You were born to be happy,

so I want to help you achieve that.

You won't... go anywhere?

I won't.

I'll be with you forever.

You won't... end up hating me?

I don't think you'll find many people
who'll love you forever the way I will.


Then, please...

Let me trust you.

Of course!

I'm here because you summoned me.

For you, I can become anything.

The four great contaminants...

The Beast of the End.

I'm not too fond of that
moldy old nickname, though.

That girl...

Hindrance... disgust... fear.

Why... you... protect?

Because I believe that she's someone
who can work hard to find happiness,

no matter what state the world is in!

She won't become a witch!

You are... half-demon.

You are... witch... encumbrance.

World... balance... destroy.

Can you... deny... suspicion?

You're right.

It seems I am a half-elf.

I'm not like the others in the forest.

My silver hair and my eye
color resemble the witch's,

and a really immense power sleeps within me.

I understand why you say that's dangerous.

I'm weak and dependent on others,

so if I'm alone, what happened
today will probably happen again.

That scares me a lot.


Puck's going to stay with me.


I won't become a witch.

I am Emilia,

a half-elf who was born
and lives in this forest!

Details... understood.

You appeal... direct.

Subject... understood.

However, I am mediator, Melaquera.

I exact judgment.

I show... to you... in full.


When this battle is over,

can I call you "Lia"?


I am mediator, Melaquera!

My name is Puck.

At least remember my name... before you die!

I am Emilia.

Just Emilia.

I was born with that name,

and I'll live with it until I die!

I won't ever...

forget you!

What a beautiful sky.

If you had died, you wouldn't
be seeing this sunset.

There are still so many pleasures in this world,

precious as jewels, waiting to bring you joy.

Hey, Puck...

Why did you form a contract with me?

You'd rather I hadn't?

No, that's not what I mean.

It's just that... you never
brought it up before.

The reason I never mentioned
forming a contract to you was

because I took an oath.

I can't say with whom, though.

An oath?

To stop you from forming a contract with me?

But... Puck...

In all honesty, I was supposed
to uphold that oath.

But when I weigh that against losing you,

there was nothing to even hesitate about.

Is it really all right for you to do this?

Actually, I'm not sure what's going to happen.

But it'll be fine.

You don't need to worry, Emilia.

For me,

just being able to stay with you is enough.

Whoops, careful there.

I haven't taken this form in
a while, so I got careless.

I'm sorry.


Puck, did you apologize to me back then, too?


You had only just awakened,
so you were confused.

But I was happy.

You needed me.


In truth, I was going through
a rough time back then, too.

It had been centuries since I'd been born,

and I'd never experienced that before.

Never experienced what before?

Feeling glad to be alive.

It was the first time I'd ever felt happy.

Thank you, Emilia.

You gave me happiness.

Through all the time I've spent with
you in this forest since you woke up,

you've given me happiness.

Puck... There's something I was
never able to tell you, too.

I love you, Puck.

You're like a father to me.

Wh-Why are you laughing?!

It took a lot of courage to get over
my embarrassment and say that!

Sorry... I'm sorry.

But that was the first thing you said to me.


Wait, Puck...

Are you just making things
up because I don't remember?

That's quite a thing to say, my daughter.

You're already calling me your daughter...

I know it's not as if you remember it now...

But it seems like you felt the same way.

So I'm done keeping all my
affection locked up, too.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...

Why are you apologizing?

Why are you crying?

Because I left you alone...

You left me alone?

Because I couldn't find you all this time...

But... I'm right here.

What's your name?

My name is...

My name is Puck.

All this time, and from now on, too,

I'm a spirit meant just for you.


When you're scared, when you're sad...

I'll protect you.

When you're having fun, when you're happy...

I'll share your joy.

If you'll allow it.


Does that mean... you're my father?

I'll stay by your side and protect you.

I'm your family. You're right.

In that case, from now on, I'm your father!

You can depend on me all you want, Emilia.


Are you all right?

I-It's not "Emilia," remember?

Puck! You said you weren't
going to call me "Emilia"!

You said you'd call me something else!

You're right. Can I?

W-Well... I mean...

Of course!

You formed a contract with me, after all.

So from now on, we should both be more...

You know, more friendly with each other!

Then... maybe I can remember the
time we first met... and you...

So... um... I mean...

Calm down.

There's no need to rush,


All right, Puck!

You were a huge help!

What happened?

Thanks, both of you!

Think nothing of it.

Huh? Subaru?

Rem and Ram, too?

Good morning, Emilia-sama.


I'm glad you're here!
We just finished the repairs.

You all repaired this?

Barusu insisted,

so I was recruited first thing
in the morning to help.

I mean, when we got back from
our... date... yesterday,

you looked sad when you saw this
family sculpture starting to melt.

You wouldn't tell me why,

but I figured the thought of this
sculpture melting made you sad.

What brings all of you out
here so early in the morning?

Forgive us, Roswaal-sama.

We will prepare breakfast at once.

Let's go, Rem, Barusu.

Yes, Sister.

Thank you, Subaru.

Don't mention it.

If it made you happy, that's enough for me.

Aw, I guess it was no use after all...

But that's the way it goes.

No such thing as snow that doesn't melt,

and no such thing as ice
that doesn't melt, either.

No such thing... as ice that doesn't melt?


I guess even Subaru says
the right thing sometimes.

That's right. There's no such
thing as ice that doesn't melt.

I believe that, too.

One day, I'm sure...

The Frozen Bond