Re-Generator (2010) - full transcript

The citizens of a small town face a nightmare of apocalyptic proportions after a government plane crashes nearby, unleashing a top-secret government experiment that can't be contained.

(intense music)

(intense music)
(radio-transmitted conversing)

(indistinct conversations)

- I'm Robert Kolinzki.

I'm a reporter from the,
uh, weekly L.A. newspaper.

- Good for you.

- Can we get started?

- I'd like to order coffee
first, if you don't mind.

- Okay, sure. Uh, let
me get the waitress.

I saw her. Waitress.

- My name is Maria, and
I am your waitress today.

May I help you, please?

- Coffee.

- [Maria] Coffee.
- Straight up, black.

(Mr. Karr speaking Spanish)

- Yes, sir.

And for you, the young one?

- Uh, just a hot chocolate.
No whipped cream.

- No whipped cream. Okay.

For the sir, black coffee,
no sugar, no cream.

And for the young one,

hot chocolate, no
whipping cream. Okay?

I will come back.

- I'm gonna set some ground
rules here for ya, understand?

- But you told me you would
tell me everything you know.

- And I will.

But you must promise,
never divulge my name.

Or any description of me.

No recordings, no photographs,
no likenesses, no nothing.

I must remain
completely anonymous.

Do you understand?

If you want to refer to
me, you can refer to me as

a high-ranking government
official or an inside source.

- Okay, Mr. Karr.

- Let me ask you something.

Have you ever divulged a source?

- Never.

I once spent three
months in jail

because I wouldn't tell the
judge what my source was.

- I know. I checked up on you.

- All right. Then you
know I won't tell.

- Very well. Let's begin then.

First things first.

I want you to
picture, if you can,

an indiscriminate white van

traversing city streets.

Nothing particularly
remarkable about this van,

except for the cargo
which it contained.

And when it reached
its final destination,

it delivered its cargo.

And it was The Beast.

- Okay.

- Let me explain.

(dramatic music)

- [Voiceover] Project
S74 is among our

highest classified
military programs.

The subject underwent

severest scrutinization

This program centers around
an induced physical ability

of every cell in the subject's
body to rejuvenate itself.

He is, in essence,

His primary function is to
serve behind enemy lines,

where he functions solely
as a killing apparatus.

He has the distinct
advantage over the use

of biological weapons in
that he has the ability

to distinguish between
friendly forces and enemy

by means of a computer chip
implanted into his allies.

He is programmed
to kill anything

which does not
possess such a chip.

He is not, unfortunately,
programmed to stop
once he starts.

And he requires a full
20 seconds to rejuvenate.

(jet engine whining)

(ominous music)

- That motherfucker
killed Ramirez and Carter.

There's no way this
motherfucker's gettin'
off this plane.

- He's not gettin'
off this plane alive.

(suspenseful music)

- You ready?

- Yeah.


(guns firing)

- Mayday! Mayday!
(guns firing)

(dramatic music)
(jet engine whining)

(horses whinnying)
(cows mooing)

- Come here, boy.
(horse whinnying)

(high-pitched engine whining)

(jet engine roaring)

- Get out of there,
get out of there.

(high-pitched engine roaring)

(horses neighing)


Did I just see
what I think I saw?

Or maybe it was a
little bit too much

of this here.

I-I'm gonna call the
Sheriff's office.

(phone ringing)

Yeah. Yeah, hey, this
is Old Man Johnson

out here on, uh,
I'm on my ranch,

and I just saw a plane go down.

I mean, it crashed over there.

Yeah, you bet.

Yeah. Well, you,you tell Grady

that there's a plane
crash out here.

Yeah. All right.

All right. Bye now.

(country western music)

- [Voiceover] Sheriff.
Sheriff, what's your 20?

Sheriff. Sheriff,
what's your 20?

Sheriff Grady, do you read me?

- Come on, Jenkins.

This is Barett City, not
L.A., I'm in my truck.

I'm about a hair
past Juniper Point.

- [Voiceover] Copy that.

Do you see anything out
there close to Juniper Point?

- Jenkins, all I see is the
trees and the settin' sun.

- [Voiceover] We got a
call from Old Man Johnson

about a plane crash.

Do you see any smoke, anything?

- Old Man Johnson, huh?

Was he sober?

- [Voiceover] I
guess, probably not,

but he sounded
pretty convincing.

- All right. I'll take a look.

- [Voiceover] Copy that.

(engine starting)

(country western music)

(siren blaring)


(engine shutting off)

- Carl.

- Grady.

How ya been?

- I've been good. And you?

- Been awhile.

- (chuckles) Yep.

(grunts) Oh, yeah.

- Kinda missed ya,
you know what I mean?

(Grady laughing)

Want a sip?

- Oh...

(coughing) That's good stuff.

- (laughing) Thank you.

- Yeah. Whoa.

You been hittin' that
a bit much today?

- Well, now, that's
a fair question.

I'll tell ya this...

I saw what I saw.

- You saw a plane go down?

- Yes, sir.

- You sure about that?

- You've never known me to
be a liar, have ya, Bill?

- No, Carl, I don't
know you to be a liar.

So, whereabouts did you
see this plane go down?

- Well, it was right...

right over there.

About a mile and a half up,

right over that ridge there.

- Hm.

Did ya check it out?

- (laughing) Walkin' isn't
one of the best things I do

these days, you know
what I mean? (laughing)

- (chuckling) All right.

I'm gonna go call the deputy.

Do you mind if I take
another pull off that bottle?

- (laughs) Oh, sure enough.
You betcha. (laughs)

(moaning and coughing)

Don't, don't be going
anywhere with that there.

- (gasping and clearing
throat) Yeah, Jenkins?

- [Voiceover] Go ahead, Sheriff.

- I'm over here at
Old Man Johnson's.

Yeah. He's pretty sure
he saw a plane go down.

Yeah. Have you heard
anything from the FAA,

or the airports or anything?

- [Voiceover] Negative.
Nothing at all.

- [Grady] Nothin'?

- [Voiceover] No, sir.

- [Grady] Uh. All right.

- [Voiceover] Are you
gonna check it out?

- I'm gonna go check
it out. Yeah, yeah.

- [Voiceover] Copy that.

- Go easy on that, big boy.

I'm serious.

- [Johnson] All right.
Don't worry about it.

I'll take it easy.

Now, you all be careful
out there, ya hear?

(engine starting)
- You be careful.

I might need your help.

- [Johnson] Okay. All right.

Hey, be careful, ya
hear? Be careful.

(rock music)

(indistinct conversations)

- [Kirk] Hey, brother.
What's up, man?

- We've got a small problem.

- Problem?

Wh-What are you
talking about, problem?

You told me that your brother
could handle everything.

- Problem, Kirk.

I don't think you pansy-asses...

can handle all
this glorious beer!

- Oh, yeah!

(shouting and laughing)

- Plus.
(hooting and hollering)

We got a couple bottles
of the hard stuff!

- Dude!
- Yeah! Woohoo!

- Bringing the hard
stuff. Good man!

- Finally. Jeez.

- [Mike] We are
gonna get so wasted!

- [Both] Yeah!

- Yeah. This weekend, we
are gonna redefine wasted!

- Fuck, yeah, motherfuckers.
(hooting and hollering)

- Dude. (crunching)
They have no idea.

- This is gonna be
the best weekend ever.

- Oh, great. I'm going
camping with Cheech and Chong.

- You love it.

- Good job, brother.

I don't know why
I doubted ya, man.

This is, this is lookin' good.

This is a nice selection.

(indistinct conversation)

- Um, you guys do know
we're just going away

for the weekend, right?

(indistinct conversation
and laughing)

- Apparently, these kids
went up into the mountain

for a weekend of drinking
and sex and debauchery.

- Yeah, you know, uh, fun...

they were gonna
let off some steam.

That's what kids do.

- Call it whatever you like.

On top of that, two
curious reporters

from a local newspaper,

decided to stick their noses
where it didn't belong.

(country western music)

- What are you staring at?

You've been lookin' at
that thing for hours.

- I had the most interesting
text earlier today.

- What was it?

- It's a video.

It's this convict.

He's all chained up
and being transported

under really heavy gunpoint.

- Who's the convict?

- I have no idea.

But the interesting
part about this?

He's being transported
by the military.

- That's interesting.

- Yeah, it is.

- Well, where'd you get it?

- I got it from my brother,
but he got it from someone.

- Well, did you ask your
brother who he got it from?

- Of course I did.

I'm, he hasn't
called me back yet.

I want you to check this out.

This could be something.

- Is our coffee ready?

- Where's that waitress?

Here she comes.

- This is chocolate.

Be careful. It's
really hot. Enjoy.

Here is your black coffee.

No cream, no sugar. Enjoy, sir.

- Please, continue.

- [Voiceover] They had
managed to procure some

used beer kegs from
a relative or friend

that worked in a liquor store.

Anyway, these beer
kegs contained

backwash, or very limited
amounts of alcohol in them.

But still enough
to get 'em drunk.

(suspenseful music)


- Okay, babe, look. It's fine.

Let's go.

- Babe, we're not even done
settin' up the tents yet.

- Okay, there's gonna be plenty
of time for pitching tents,

all weekend. (chuckles)

Let's just sleep
here, under the stars.

It'll be romantic.

- Um, no. I'm gonna
sleep in the tent...

and you, you'll sleep
wherever you pass out.

And that's not gonna
be on me again.

- Okay, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa...

that was one time, okay?

One time that
happened. Thank you.

(distinct singing)

Yeah (laughing). Yes.

Yeah. This is gonna be

the best weekend
ever! (laughing)

* Don't have to be funny

* 'Cause he don't care

* No need for money

* 'Cause there's no doubt

* He'll respect you

* When you put out


* My brother tells you

* Maybe you should smile

* And your sister says you could

* Run a couple miles

* But your dad shuts up

* 'Cause he knows
what it's about

* Boys respect you

* When you put out

(suspenseful music)



(suspenseful music)

- Miss Martha.


how later are you
and the Senator

planning on staying tonight?

I just want to make
sure everything is
clean for tomorrow.

- We are going to leave
when we're going to leave.

And it's better you don't
come back to this office

until we're gone.


- Huh. Aren't we high
and mighty today?

- Today.

And the next day.

And the next day.

And the next, darling.

- Okay.

I'm not gonna argue.

Especially with someone who--

- Who what?

What were you going to say?

You're done here.
You're done cleaning.

Leave. Leave.

- It's not worth it.

It's not worth it at all.

- If you continue,
you'll be done, for sure.

I promise you.


- Uh, Miss Martha, is
there anybody waiting

in the reception area?

- [Voiceover] No, there isn't.

- Excellent.

I wanna see you at
the office the lounge

in five minutes.

You know, our...


- [Voiceover] No, I thought
this would never happen.

I can't wait to see you.

- Okay then.

- [Miss Martha] Oh!
- Oh, yes.

- Ride the bologna
pony. (moaning)

Oh, sorry! (laughing)
- Don't be sorry.

Oh, oh, yes. (moaning)

Oh, yes. I promise I will.
- Martha] The bologna pony.

Oh, yes, yes. Ooh,
baby, baby, baby!

Yes (moaning). Come on.

(phone ringing)

Don't stop, don't stop!

- No, no, no, no. I gotta
get this. (groaning)

Hello. Senator Struggess.
(breathing heavily)

All right.

- Well, I thought that
meeting went well.

What'd you think?

- Yes, sir.

I think he's got a good
handle on our needs.

Seems to be behind
us all the way.

But you can never
tell, you know?


- General, I'm glad
you're still here.

Senator Struggess
requests your presence

at his office.

It's an emergency.

- Wait here.

Let me see what
this is all about.

- Yes, sir.

- (chuckles) Hi.

- Um, excuse me, Senator.

You have a wet spot.

Stain on your pants.

- Well, you know how it is.

- No.

Sir, I don't know how it is.

- Well...

Project S74 has been activated.

The subject's loose,
due to a plane crash.

I'm giving you full

and do whatever means necessary
to recover the subject.

You'll have full support of
this office to help you out.

He was found in the
woods of Colorado.

A place called, uh,
uh, Juniper Point.

- My god.

S74 is on the loose.

Sir, we'll get right on it.

- Thanks, General. Oh, and uh...

let's not have
any fuck-ups here.

I need this to be cleaned
up and kept under wraps.

You understand.

- Yes, sir.

As it is.

Oh, as you were.

We got a serious problem.

- Sir?

- What I'm about to
tell you is top secret.

And I want your input on this.

- Anything I could
do to be of service,

you can count on me.

- Good.

What I'm about to tell you,

only a handful of people
in the world know this.

A Russian scientist defected.

He was a pioneer.

A leader in his, uh, in his lab.

- What happened to
this scientist, sir?

- Well, over the past 40 years,

and the advent of technology,

we set him up in a
state-of-the-art laboratory.

We gave him all the
equipment he needed.

And he finally finished
his masterpiece.

A soldier that has total
regenerative cells.

The ultimate killing machine,

who can infiltrate the enemy

and wipe them clean.

- That's incredible.

- We implemented a chip

that allows him to
detect friendly forces

and not fire on them.

- Amazing. It's...

it's unbelievable.

- Well, he's on the loose.

And our mission
is to capture him,

and neutralize him.

- How?

- We'll use a magnetic field.

It will neutralize the
brain and reset that chip.

Then he'll be manageable.

- Okay.

- We've just gotta make
sure that he has no contact

with any civilians, like
hikers, campers, and hunters.

Because if he has,

they're gonna be
shit outta luck.

- This is Karr. Who
the fuck is this?

Yes, General, it's a
fucking secure line.

What the fuck do you think I am,

some kind of fucking amateur?

Look, I told you what would
happen if he got loose.

The ball was in your court.

You guys dropped it.

Yes, General, I can do that.

Oh, you know...

since we're drinking buddies.

But you fucking owe me for this.


The only way any word
will ever get out

is if I leak it myself.

(intense music)
(helicopter blades whirring)

- Go, go, go, go, go, go!

(intense music)

- [Soldier] Got visual?

- Negative.

- You finished?

How was your hot chocolate?

You enjoy your coffee?

- [Mr. Karr] Gracias, senora.
- Gracias, senor.

Thank you. Sure, my pleasure.

- While I was still
in my vehicle...

Are you out of
your fuckin' mind!

How in the fuck did you
let that bastard get away?

Do you know how much fuckin'
trouble we're gonna be in,

if this gets loose?

It's one of our
contingency plans, General.

Yes, I'm quite sure.


You guys fucked up,

and now you want
me to clean it up.

But I'm gonna
clean it up my way.

(intense music)

- Command, command. This is
Cobra One. Command, over.

Roger. We have reached
primary objective.

Stand by for a
report. Out, copy.

(intense music)

Command, command. This is
Cobra One. Stand by to copy.

Roger. We have two KIA. Break.

The package does not appear
to be on sight. Out, copy.

- Roger that. Keep me posted.

And again, gentlemen.

I need to stress that
discreetness is the key here.

- Roger. Moving out.

(intense music)

- Deputy.

Deputy, come in.

- [Voiceover] Go ahead, Sheriff.

Are you gonna check it out?

- Yeah, I am now.

Did you get any reports
back on a plane going down?

- [Voiceover] No, sir.

Nothing from the
FAA. Nothing at all.

- All right. 10-4.


(suspenseful music)

I'll be damned. He was right.

(approaching footsteps)

Who are you guys?
I'm the town sheriff.

- [Soldier] Get outta here.
- [Soldier Two] Leave!

- [Soldier] And stop
asking questions.

- All right. Okay.

(suspenseful music)

- Well. What are
you waiting for?

- [Jenkins] Coffee. Black.

- You got it.

- Hey there, Jenkins.

What's goin' on?
You're in late tonight.

- Hey Derrick. Sheriff's
got me workin' late.

- Really?

Why's that?

- No, I am not
tellin' you nothin'.

- You can tell me, Jenkins.

What do you know?

Come on, you can trust me.

I know you know somethin'.

- Promise you won't tell anyone?

- Yeah, I promise.

- Well...

apparently, there
was a plane crash.

- A plane crash?

- Yeah.

- Where?

- Just outside of old
Mr. Johnson's farm.

- Really?

- That's the word.

- Huh. There has been any
word from the FAA or anything.

- Yeah, I know.

- [Derrick] Well, did
anyone else see it?

- (sighs) Just old Mr.
Johnson. (clicks tongue)

- (laughs) Is that so?

- But Grady believes him.

- Hm. What do you think?

- I think it's
worth taking a look.

- I mean, it's not like
we're doing anything anyway.

- You said you
wouldn't say anything.

- We're not gonna say anything.

We're just gonna
go take a drive.

Let's go.

(humming and guitar strumming)

(intense music)

(sighs) Come on, come
on, come on, answer.

- Still no answer?

- No.

- That's so strange.

Your brother always
called you back.

- Yeah, I know.

(indistinct singing
and guitar strumming)

(ominous music)

- You're the
prettiest girl ever.

You are. You're so pretty.

(ominous music)

(rhythmic slapping)

- Zach, what the hell did
you bring that thing for?

- That's fuckin' awesome, man.

Here. Let me see it.

- Hey, hey. No.
- [Kirk] Just for a sec.

- Don't let him
touch it, please.

- It's like my guardian angel.

- This is the truth.
This is the truth.

- You know, that might
be true in your world,

Zach, you clever dick-fuck,

but in the rest of the world,

you bring a gun around here,

your chances of accidental
death go up by 44%.

You add alcohol to that...

your chances of mortality
goes up exponentially.

- Hey. What if we add weed.


(ominous music)

* He'll respect you

* When you put out


* If you put out
and have a gun *

- Come on.

I'm just sayin'.

All right, let's shoot
some shit. All right?

(howling and shouting)

(indistinct conversation
and laughing)

(ominous music)

- What is that?

- That's something you don't
see in Bear Mountain every day.

- You got that right.

- [Soldier] Road's closed.

I'm gonna have to ask
you to turn it around.

Just turn the car around.
Find an alternate route.

(engine starting)

(dramatic music)

- But...

why did we have to set up our
tent so far from the group?

(mud splashing)


- (slurring) Was
a good question.

The answer is because I know

that you like to scream.

(ominous music)

- Got that right.


- (slurring) So, ya
wanna get down and dirty?

(ominous music)

- Hold that thought.
I have to go pee.

- But why?

You always gotta pee
all the time. (slurring)

- Don't you have pee
after all the beer

you've been drinkin' all
night, you silly goose?

(ominous music)

- Yeah.

No. No, I've gone like
20 times. I'm good.

- I bet you have.

Okay, I have to go pee. Whoa.

You. You get little
Kirk ready for me, 'kay?


- Hey. Hey!

It's big Kirk!

He's big.

Big Kirk.


(ominous music)

(thudding and grunting)

Honey, that is hot.


- What the fuck. Ah!

(slashing and thudding)

(suspenseful music)

- (heavy breathing)
Who are those guys?

(engine shutting off)

- [Voiceover]
Nothing from the FAA?

- No. You?

- [Voiceover] Nothing.

- That's strange.

Hey, have you heard from Grady?

- [Voiceover] Nothing at all.

- Try his radio again.

(suspenseful music)

- Katie, are you sure?

- Am I sure about what?

Of course, I'm sure.

This story's gonna be huge.

- Yeah but, I mean,
have you thought about

what we might find?

I mean, think about it.

- I want this story. Let's go.

Hey, let's shoot a piece.

- Here?

- Yeah, here.


- Ready when you are.

- [Voiceover] So basically,
the idea is really

an exploration of the
duality in human nature--

- This is Katie Donahue,

reporting live,
just off Highway 5.

Where reports have come in
that a plane has crashed,

just off Juniper Peak.

No other details are
known at this time.

But take it from this reporter,

we will find out.

Stay tuned.


- Deputy? Deputy, come in.

(footsteps approaching)

- Holy shit. What was that?

- [Katie] What?

What'd you see?

- Something just
moved behind you.

- What? (heavy breathing)

- [Derrick] Oh, shit.

- Okay. Come on, come
on. I want to see.

Okay, great.

- All right.
[Katie] Hurry up.

I want to see. Okay.

Okay. Right there.

What was that?

- I don't know.

But it's out here somewhere.

Let's get outta here.

- Are you kidding me?

- No, I'm not kidding you.

Th-There's something
not right here.

- You know what?

And that's what's gonna
make a great story.

- This is insane. (crunching)

- Come on. You've got a gun.

I'll get the camera.

Let's go.

This way.

(suspenseful music)

- Man, I'm fuckin' high.

- Dude, I hear you. (laughing)

I could fly away right
now, I'm so high.

- Think you got something
that can do that?

- I don't think.

- Hey, man.

You remember that
story about the killer

who's out here on the
loose in the woods?

'Cause I don't. (laughing)

- [Zach] Don't say
shit like that.

- [Ashley] Yeah, seriously.

(ominous music)

- (laughing) What if you
were like...(laughing)

What if you were like,

you were like
swimming in the ocean,

and there's a dead dog there?

- [Ashley] How is that
fucking funny? (laughing)

- That wouldn't be cool, man.

(indistinct talking)

(ominous music)

- What the hell, Zach!

- [Zach] I forgot my gun.

- (sighs) That's
not the gun I want.

(ominous music)

(fire crackling)

(approaching footsteps)

- Dude, where's my gun?

- Dude, I don't know.

- I left it right here.

- I don't see it.

(ominous music)



- (laughing) Ooh, she
really wants it tonight.

- [Zach] Yeah, well,
it's been almost a year.

- Dude, what are
you waiting for?

- [Zach] Good point.

Hey, tell me if you see my gun.

- Yeah, sure.

(ominous music)



(Mike laughing)

(grunting and thudding)

- Mikey. Hey, Mikey!

Let me see the gun, man.

Give it here! Right to me.

- No!

After I've seen you
piss on yourself

at Mr.Magniputi's math class,

I ain't gonna give you the gun.

It's gonna stay
right here with me.

- I want to shoot it though!

- No, Brett, you're too
high to shoot a gun.

- Oh, I am not. (mumbling)

- Brett, I bet you're so high,

you can't even find
the woods. (laughing)

- Yeah, dude, you couldn't
even find the woods. (laughing)

- Ah, you can't!

- [Mike] Let's go with this.

- Go with what?

- Let's have a contest
between Brett and Joe.

- A contest?

- I bet that neither of
you could find the woods.

- Dude!

We're in the woods.

We win.

- (laughs) Yeah. We're
in the woods. (laughing)

- Listen.

I want you to get all
the boys together.

And I want you to get 'em
up to Juniper Point, ASAP.

(suspenseful music)

- Let's have a race.

- What kind of race?

- A sleeping bag
race. (laughing)

- Like a, like a sack race?

- (coughing) Exactly.

- I'm in.
- [Brett] That's gay.

- No, that's fun! Do it, do it!

- Yeah, dude. Do it.

- Okay, I'm in.

- [Mike] (laughing) Sweet.

- (squeals) What the fuck! Help.

- [Joe] Dammit, Brett.

- (laughing) I'll go
get the sleeping bags.

- Honey, didn't the
kids and Zach go camping

up at Juniper Point?

- Yeah, I think they did.

- Well...

I heard earlier that there
was a plane crash up there.

- So? Call 'em.

- I did.

- (laughing) Well, of
course you did. And?

- Well, I got nothing. I mean...

it went straight to voicemail.

- Well, I'm not surprised.

I mean, would you answer a
phone call from your mother

if you were out camping
with your friends?

- I guess you're right.

- And besides, if there
was a plane crash,

or something serious,

I'm sure we would have
heard from the kids by now.

As they would have
probably filmed it

and put it on the internet.

- That's true.

- On your marks!

Get set!


- He's like a rabbit!

(laughing and
indistinct talking)

(laughing and
indistinct shouting)

- (laughing) Hey,
yo! Check me out.


- Get away from
me! W-Who are you!

Get off me, man! Get
off me, please, please!


(ominous music)

- Hey.
- [Mike] Hey.


- [Tiffany] What!

(ominous music)

- Come on, let's
just try and relax.

Enjoy the night home alone.

- Okay.

So, what do you have in mind?

- Well.

Remember the night
we went camping?

- (chuckles) Yeah.

You were a naughty boy.

- Yeah...

It's been awhile.

- Yeah.

- In addition, we were
armed with smart bullets

that would render
him incapacitated

for a period of
approximately 20 seconds.

This is enough time to enable us

to put our device onto his head.

- Okay. I get it.

Uh, this is pretty fantastic.

- It's also the truth.

- Please, continue.

- (crying) What the
hell was that, Mike?

- I don't know,
and I don't care.

- (crying) What
about our friends?

- Do you want to
go back to them?

- Yes, Mike, you have
a gun, don't you?

- Do I?

- Yes, don't you?

We have to go back
for our friends!

- Do we?

- Yes! They're our friends!

You have a gun. No
man can stop a bullet.

- You're right.

- Let's go!

- Let's go get
that piece of shit.

(suspenseful music)

(gun shooting,
screaming and yelling)

- [Soldier] Hit the ground! Now!

(Tiffany screaming)
Shut up!

- [Tiffany] Please help us!

- [Soldier] Shut up!

- [Tiffany] Are
friends are out there!

- [Soldier] Shut up!

Get a hold of yourself.

- We just saw our
friends get cut in half!

(muffled yelling and screaming)

- How many?

- I don't want to die. I don't.

- Goddamn.

- [Tiffany] I don't want to
die. I don't want to die--

- Shut up.

- (heavy breathing) You're
freaking me out, Tiffany.

Shut the fuck up.

- Get down.

- Are you kidding me?

I don't want to die.

Please, I'm sorry if
I don't know how to.

I don't want to die.

You're gonna
compromise and shut up.

- Sorry to burst your bubble,
but I think he already knows.

(crying) I don't want to die.

- Oh my god. You
gotta help us. Please!

- Please. Right now.

- Oh god. Don't go!
- [Tiffany] Please, god.

- [Voiceover] Well, folks,
if you haven't heard,

Juniper Point has
been closed down.

Uh, James, have you
heard about this?


It's a military exercise.

We've got a call into
Sheriff Grady's office...

- Hi.


- Has anyone talked
to the sheriff?

- No.

- Oh my god.

I've been calling
my son all night.

He hasn't answered his phone.

(clock ticking)

- (sighs) I can't believe
this is happening.

(suspenseful music)

(heaving breathing)
(bushes rustling)

(ominous music)


(heavy breathing)

(ominous music)



- Hey man, are you okay?


- (gasping and panting)
They're all dead!

- Who?

- All of 'em!

- Okay. Okay. Okay.

Come on, get up.


(ominous music)

(moaning and crying)

(suspenseful music)

- [Voiceover] Sheriff,
this is Deputy Dillon.

Eric Taylor was just
picked up on a dirt road

covered with blood.

- What?

What he, what he say?

- [Voiceover] They're
all dead. All dead. Over.

- What? What, who?

- [Voiceover] I don't know.

- Has anyone talked
to the parents?

- [Voiceover] I don't think so.

- Well, don't you think
that'd be a good idea?

- [Voiceover] I'll contact
Jenkins right away.

- Yeah, get on it.


Seems like we got ourselves
a little situation here.

Ah. (groans)

- Office Jenkins, what
the hell is going on?

- Listen, everyone.

At the moment, we don't
know what's going on.

But we are trying
to figure it out.

(clock ticking)

The military has the road into
the campground sealed off.

They aren't letting
in any traffic.

- W-Whoa. The military?

- What? The military?

(suspenseful music)

- You got visual?

- [Soldier] Negative.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh, god.

Oh, no, no.

(retching and vomiting)

Who did this?

- Katie, that video
wasn't a hoax.

It was real.

That plane went down there.

He's out here somewhere!

- That must be why
the government's here.

Let's get some of
this on camera.

- [Derrick] What?

- Let's get some footage.

I mean, what has
our government done?

How could they let this happen?

Why wouldn't they warn us?

It just doesn't make any sense.

How could they let this happen?

(twig snapping)

Keep it running.

(approaching footsteps)

Oh, Sheriff!

Oh, Sheriff.

Thank god it's you.

- Katie, what are
you doing here?

- Sheriff, what's going on?

- Oh my god.

- Sheriff, what the
hell is going on?

- I don't know.

You two probably know
just as much as I do.

- Well, we think
we have an idea.

- Well, why don't
you enlighten me?

- Well, it may sound strange.

- Derrick, things
are pretty strange.

(indistinct panicky pleading)

- [Tiffany] Oh my god, no,
please, no, no. (crying)


- The hell with this!
I'm going up there!

- Let's go. I'm going too.

(dramatic music)

- Good evening, gentlemen.

Nice of you to come.

- We know there's a
fucked-up situation.

Tell us what you know.

- You know that information's
highly classified.

- Why did you call us?

- We didn't call the two of you.

We called you.

See, that's where
you're mistaken.

Who's he?

- He is, shall we say...

someone who needs to know.

If you want approval for
any situation you have,

he has to listen in.

Got it?

- Okay.

We need to clean up
a little situation

that has to deal with
national security.

Gentlemen, we're gonna blow
up a mountain top in Colorado.

And we need your approval.

- You're gonna what?

Blow up a mountain?

- Exactly.

It's the only way to
guarantee full containment

of the situation.

Putting it simply,

we need your approval,
and we need it now.

- What's your cover
story going to be?

- We'll tell the masses that
a military jet went down

carrying full ordinance.

Close off all the roads and
the access points to the area

until we clean up.

- Sounds plausible.

What do you think?

- I like it.

Let's blow the shit
out of the mountain.

- There you go.

- General.

We're a go, sir.

I will. Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

- Listen to me.

Don't tell me how to
do my fuckin' job.

Do you understand?

If you did yours, I
wouldn't have to do mine.

Now, I'm the clean-up expert,
and I'm here for a reason.

Now, you listen to me, General,

and you fuckin' listen
good, motherfucker.

'Cause you owe me.

I own you.

Do you understand?

- You getting this?

- Oh, yeah.

(intense music)

- Oh my god.

There is a plane, Derrick.


A-And it's the same
one from the video.

I looked, it's the
same tail number.


- What happened?

- I don't know.

I don't know, but
let's do a report.

- Ready when you are.

- Hi. This is Katie
Donahue, reporting live--

- Turn that camera off!

- [Tiffany] Hey,
what's going on?

- Turn that camera off!

- What is going
on? We have rights.

- Not anymore.
- [Sheriff] Hey. Hey.

Where you taking them?

- [Soldier] Move!


- [Tiffany] What's going on?

- No! Please, don't! (screaming)


(suspenseful music)

- [Soldier] Is he in your sight?

- 12 o'clock. 100 meters.
10 feet up in the tree.

- [Soldier] We got him.

- No one gets through.

No one. I said no one.

No parents, no cops,
no sheriffs, no one.

(suspenseful music)

- [Soldier] Is he in your sight?

- 12 o'clock. 100 meters.
10 feet up in the tree.

- If you should fail,

we have no other option

other than to blow the
top off that mountain.

- We got him.

- He's coming down.

(suspenseful music)

He's trying to set us up.

Look at him.

He's not hiding at
all. He's not movin'.

Maybe we can get him in time.


- Listen to me.

You have eyeballs on him. Shoot!

Don't wait.

Fire at will.

Yes! What are you fucking
waiting for, moron?


- Do you still have
him in your sight?

- Yes.

- Why aren't you firing?

- He's trying to set us up.

- Take the shot.

(gun firing repeatedly)

- Target down. Move.

- Target is down.
Target is down.

Move. Move. Move.






Move. Move.







Cobra Three, this is Cobra One.

- He's gone.

- (exhales) He's recovering
faster. Continue pursuit.

Be advised.

You have 15 seconds to collapse
on target after impact.

Stand by for mark.

- Have your men fire at will.

You have the magnetic
pulse bullets, right?

Well, use 'em!

Take him down.

- [Soldier] Execute. Execute.
(shooting) Execute. (shooting)

Target is down. Target is down.

Move. Move. Move.






Move. Move.







Cobra Three, this is Cobra One.

He's recovering faster.
Continue pursuit.

- Yes, General.

I understand that.

General, I insist on
extracting my troops

before we blow the
top off that mountain.

We went in with the sole purpose

of incapacitating
him long enough to...

we have a sophisticated
magnetic resonating device

that will attach to
his right hemisphere.

Will reset the
chip in his brain.

Thus rendering him
more or less...

controllable, for
lack of a better word.

- Let's move.

- Good god.

I'll get back with you as
soon as I can, gentlemen.

We have to proceed
with our last option.

We're going to blow
the mountain top.

(intense music)

radio-transmitted talking)

(intense music)

radio-transmitted conversing)

(intense music)

(jet engine roaring)

(intense music)
(indistinct radio conversing)




- You got visual?

- [Soldier] Negative.

(ominous music)

(jet engine roaring)

(intense music)

- So, now we've got a bionic
psychopath on the loose,

cannibalizing the
good citizens of...


(indistinct transmitted


(helicopter blades whirring)

(suspenseful music)

(helicopter whirring)

(jet roaring)

(helicopter whirring)

(jet roaring)

(helicopter whirring)

(jet roaring)

(helicopter whirring)

(helicopter whirring)

(suspenseful music)

(jet roaring)


(jets roaring)

(blades whirring)

(jet roaring)




(fire crackling and roaring)

- Watch his head.

- Be there in
about five minutes.

(helicopter blades whirring)

(dramatic music)

- Our orders were to blow
the top of the mountain off.

We used a sophisticated
smart bomb

that not only wreaked
havoc and destruction,

but it also emanated
a magnetic pulse

so intense that it was

closely akin to that emanated
by a nuclear explosion.

We had to detonate an
explosion large enough

to make sure it
could get The Beast.

But it had to be within
a restricted area

so we could control it.

So, we flew in a B-2
with jet fighters.

Then we dropped
these smart bombs.

Then, we flew in helicopters
and extracted our troops.

I stayed on the mountain
until the last man left.

When I looked back,

I could see the destruction
that we had wrought.

I feel sorry for those kids
who were left on the mountain.

I'm sure they had no idea what
they were going to encounter.

You have to
understand something.

The Beast is programmed
for survival.

If he needs protein, he'll
eat whatever's available.

Including human flesh.

It's not so much that
he's cannibalistic,

it's just that he's
programmed to survive.

You understand?

So, to sum things up.

We blew the top of
the mountain off.

We extracted our team.

And we recovered his body.

The rest is classified.

- What do mean classified?

You told me you were
gonna tell me everything.

- And I have.

That's all there is.

- Is The Beast still alive?

Is this program still going on?

You know, who's gonna
pay for all the lives

of all these kids
that are dead now?

You're going around
blowing up mountains,

wreaking havoc, all
in the name of peace.

Who's gonna pay for this?

- I'm afraid you are
this time. Senora?

The receipt, please.

- Oh, thank you. So good.

- There you go.

I'm sure you can handle that.

By the way...

I couldn't help but notice you
had such a wonderful family.

- What...

the hell are you talking about?

- Well.

- When did you see my family?

What you know about my family?

- I stopped by to
see them yesterday.

- What the hell is this?

- Well, I stopped
by to check on them.

You have a lovely wife and
two beautiful children.

And I even managed to have
a picture taken with them.

- What the fuck.
You motherfucker.

- I told 'em I was gonna see ya.

Now, Robert...

you listen to me.

You follow my rules,

and you and your
family will be okay.

Got it?

Do you understand?

- Look, look, I'll
follow your rules.

Just leave my family alone.

But you gotta tell
me. Is he still alive?

- And don't cross me.

- Karr. Karr, is he alive?

Dammit, Karr!

Is he alive?

Is he alive?

(ominous music)

- [Voiceover] The government
agencies which protect

our freedoms are faced
with many harsh decisions.

We make these decisions,

some good, some bad,

the very best we can.

There are many reasons
why we cannot divulge

the complete truth to
the public at large.

Security breaches, panic,
pandemonium, anarchy,

to name but a few.

But they all lead back
to the same reason.

They protect us,
and our way of life.

For this reason, what
you see and hear,

and what actually transpires,

are not always the same.

Peace is best obtained
through superior weaponry.

Be it nuclear, chemical
or special ops biological.

The quest for military
supremacy is essential.

It is not just a race,

and it much more
than a marathon.

It is an unceasing struggle
to maintain an advantage

over those who would harm
us, and our way of life.

Second place is not an option.

Sleep tight, and goodnight.

(dramatic music)

(helicopter blades whirring)

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)