Re-Animator (1985) - full transcript

A medical student and his girlfriend become involved in a bizarre experiment into reanimating the dead conducted by the student's incorrigible housemate in this campy sendup of an H.P. Lovecraft story. The emphasis is on humour but once the dead walk, there is gore aplenty.

Re-Animator Unrated - Horror H P Lovecraft 1985 English

[ birds chirping ]

[ ambulance siren wailing ]

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[ man crying ]

Dr. Gruber!

[ crying continues ]

Herr Doktor!

Herr West!

[ continued crying ]

Herr West!

Hera us kommen!

[ glass smashing ]



[ continued smashing ]

[ man screaming ]

My god.

You idiots! You'll
ruin my notes.

I have to record
his vital signs!

No! No!

Dr. Gruber?

Dr. Gruber, wie geht's dir?

Dr. Gruber?

Er ist tot.

Of course, he's dead, the
dosage was too large.

You killed him.

No, I did not.

I gave him life.

[ distant sirens wailing ]

[ EKG beeping ]

[ breathing machine pumping ]

All right, I'm gonna
zap her again.

Charge up the paddles.

Come on, let's go! Let's go!

Sorry, doctor.

Hold the compressions.


[ Doctor ] Straight line.

All right, let's call it.


She just needs a little more
time for the drugs to circulate.

[ Doctor ] Cain, we
have done everything

that can be done for this woman.

She has not responded.

She's gone!

Cain, your optimism is
touching, but a waste of time.

A good doctor knows
when to stop.

- Dr. Hatred, 'gust...
- Take her.

And take her to the morgue.


Mr. Cain.

Hey, Mace!

I got another one for you.

They ain't locked. Doc
Hill's in the autopsy room.

Ch, thanks.

Don't know why they keep
locked doors around here.

[ Mace ] Nobody wants in...

and ain't nobody gettin' out.


Full house.

[ sizzling ]

Oh, I'm sorry, Dan. I
didn't mean to scare you.

Ch, it wasn't too
bad, Dean Halsey.

I just didn't know
anybody was here.

You mean, "anybody else".

Dan, this is Herbert West.

He'll be joining you
in your third year.

He was doing independent
research in Switzerland

with Dr. Gruber shortly
before he died.

Mr. West, this is Daniel Cain.

One of Miskatonic Medical's

best young hopes for the
future of medicine.

What were you researching?


Alan, we don't see you
around here much any more.

Well, I was just showing
our newest student,

Herbert West here, the
not-so-grand tour.

This should interest you, Carl.

He worked with Hans Gruber.

Uh, Mr. West?

This is our eminent brain researcher
and grant machine, Dr. Carl Hill.

I know your work, Dr. Hill.

Quite well.

Your theory on the location of
the will in the brain is...


though derivative of Dr. Gruber's
research in the early '70s.

So derivative, in fact, that in
Europe it's considered plagiarized.

And your support of the 12-minute limit on
the life of the brain stem after death...

Six to 12 minutes, Mr. uh...

West. Herbert West.

Frankly, Dr. uh, Hill?

Your work on brain
death is outdated.

[ clearing his throat ]

Uh, Carl, while I remember,

we're having a grant
committee meeting Thursday.

Megan and I would love it
if you came to dinner.

Well, I'd love to, Alan,

looking forward to it.

And, uh, looking forward to
seeing you in class, Mr. West.

[ office chatter ]

[ phone ringing ]



No. No.

Yes! Oh, yes!

Uh! Rufus!

Thanks a lot, buddy.

I have to go.

No, stay.

Daddy knows I'm here.

I don't care what
Dean Halsey knows.

Be reasonable.

If I didn't come
home one night...

just one night...

What would he do?

Expel me?

He's out of touch
with the times.

That's just the way he is,

the world's last living Puritan.

I really hate it.

The day that you graduate,

the minute you get your
M.D., I'll marry you,

and I'll help you,
and I'll be with you

as much as I can until then.

I promise.

Back to square one.

Well, at least it gives me a
chance to housebreak you.

Housebroken, is it?

I'm going to have to teach
you a lesson, my girl.

What are you doing?


Dan... stop, don't.

[ laughing maniacally ]

Dan, stop it!

Come, my pretty.

Dan, I don't like that.

There's not a jury in the
world that would convict me.

Dan, stop it!

Doctor Dan!

Dan, don't, come on, stop.

I really have to go.

Come here! Come to me.

- Oh.
- What?

Oh, shit.


Can I help you?

[ Dan ] You're, uh, here
about the apartment.

Huh, yes.

[ Dan ] Didn't we meet this
morning? You're, uh...

West. Herbert West.

Excuse me just one sec.

Come in.

Thank you.

I startled you.

Yes, you did.

Uh, may I introduce my
fiancee, Megan Halsey?

- Miss Halsey.
- Mr. West.

I'm afraid the place is still
kind of a mess, Mr. West.

Ch... Herbert.

So, you've, uh, just
come from Europe?


What was Dr. Gruber like?
He was pretty famous.

Yes, pretty famous...

Does this building
have a basement?

Oh, yes.


I think this will be just fine.

I have my things outside,
shall I move in now?

Uh, look, I have to go.

I think you and Mr. West
have a lot to discuss

before you decide anything.

Ch, I've decided.

Well, I'd like-—.

You know, you'll never
even know that I'm here.

Dan, I...

Except, of course, on
the first of the month.

Mr. West?

Miss Halsey?

You didn't say why you
left Switzerland.

Uh, there was no more
I could learn there.

Do we... have a deal?



You make the incision at
the base of the skull...

cutting away enough
of the faschia...

to get your fingers in...

And then grasping
firmly with both hands,

you pull the skin
forward over the head,

very much like peeling
a large orange.

Once the skull is
plainly visible,

you take the bone saw...

[ whirring ]

And you cut around
the perimeter.

[ bone saw slicing ]

And there you have it,
ladies and gentlemen,

the human brain.

Once the brain stem
of an individual,

I'm talking about the
reticular activating system,

heart regulation,
respiratory center.

Once these activities cease,

the brain can only survive an
additional six to 12 minutes.

Six to 12 minutes.


brain death brings about an
irreversible conclusion.

We all want to retain
our personalities

in some idyllic afterlife.

We all pray for some miracle,

some drug, potion, pill.

Perhaps, though, it
takes something else.

[ Dr. Hill ] Perhaps it takes
desire, an obsessive desire.

Perhaps it ta...

We will discuss the location of
the will in the brain structure

at another time.

Mr. West!

I suggest you get
yourself a pen!

Class dismissed.

How can you teach such drivel?

These people are here to learn
and you're closing their minds

before they even have a chance!

What are you here for, Mr. West?

You know, you should have
stolen more of Gruber's ideas,

then at least you'd have ideas!

Mr. West!

It is going to be a
pleasure to fail you.

I would like to propose a toast

to the National
Science Foundation

for recognizing the
genius of Dr. Carl Hill,

and for awarding
Miskatonic Medical School

its largest grant ever.

Your new laser drill is going
to revolutionize neurosurgery.

To the foundation,
and to Miskatonic.

It's all right, sweetheart,
you can drink up.

We're celebrating.

I know, Daddy, but
I have to go soon.

After preparing such a
feast, you must be tired.

I have a study date.

With Daniel?


Daniel Cain'?


Herbert West has moved
in with him, hasn't he?

For the time being.

[ doorbell rings ]

Ch, that must be him. Excuse me.

So, your daughter
is seeing Cain, eh?

You think that's wise, Alan'?


Hello, sir.

Dr. Hill.

Would you join us for
a glass of wine?

Actually, we have
some work to do.

Why don't you study here?

Well, I've her home
soon, don't worry.

Well then, one last toast, hmm?

To Megan...

my esteemed colleague's capable,

beautiful, loving daughter,

the obsession of all who
fall under her spell.

- [ crickets chirping ]
- [ dog barking ]




Okay, what is it?

I don't know, it's...

Look, it's not you, really.

It's just a lot
of little things.

Like what?

Well, West is always in his
room with the door closed.

I mean, do you ever see him?

Does he ever eat?

I told you, he's a
little cracked.

He bothers you, too.

No, don't be ridiculous.

Rufus is terrified of him.

When West comes in,
he runs and hides.

Rufus hides and
runs all the time,

it's standard cat activity.

Yes, but not when
we're together,

then he's all over us trying
to get your attention and...

Where is he?

I haven't seen him
since we got here.

It's okay, he's around here.

I haven't even heard him,

usually he at least knocks
something over when I'm here.

Pss pss pss pss.

[ distant shuffling ]

Rufus... Rufus... Rufus.

Pss pss pss pss.

Come on, you fat cat.

Here, kitty!


Come on now, you mad animal.

Don't you try to hide from me.

I know all of your tricks.

Rufus? Where are you, boy?

Here, kitty.

Here, kitty!

Here, kitty.

Rufus. Hey, boy!





Hey, boy-

Rufus, are you in here?

Here, boy.

Here, kitty.


Ch, Dan, I think it's...

What are you doing in my room?

- How dare you come in...
- Dan!

What's the matter?
What's the matter?

I thought I was renting
a private room, Dan!

Meg, what the hell are
you doing in here?

Would you please leave, now!


In the fridge.

I was going to show you.

Shut up.

What happened?

It was dead when I found it.

You killed him.

He hated you!

Meg. It suffocated.

It knocked the garbage over and
it got its head stuck in a jar.

You weren't home, so
I put it in there.

I certainly didn't think you'd
want to find it like that.

I didn't want to
stink the place up.

I was going to show you.

You couldn't call,
or write a note?

I was busy pushing bodies
around, as you well know,

and what would a note say, Dan?

"Cat dead, details later"?

I knew you were fond of it.

You killed him, I know you did.

He killed him.

Besides, I do not like
people in my room!

All right, that's enough.

I think you both
better leave, now.

What the hell is this?

That is none of your business.

Yeah, I think it is my business!

Just as it is none
of my business

that you're sleeping with
Dean Halsey's daughter.


You know, I would not want
to see a fellow student,

especially one as
promising as yourself,

be thrown out of school,
out of the profession...

on moral ground.

I think Dr. Halsey
just might understand.

Oh, do you?

Well, you may well be right.

Are you sure you
want to find out?

[ beastly shrieking ]

- [ distant crashing ]
- [ more beastly shrieking ]



- [ shaking the knob ]
- Herbert!

You hear that sound?

West! West!

West, what is that?

[ beastly shrieking ]

- [ beastly shrieking ]
- [ Herbert ] Quiet!

Get off of...


Get out of here!

Get it off of me!

[ crashing ]

Stay away!


[ demonic meowing ]

AW, shit.

There he is! Shit.

Don't move.

[ Cat growling ]

Look out!

There it goes under the stairs,
it's under the stairs.

[ bucket clanging ]

[ more demonic meowing ]

Okay, I got it.

I got it.

[ Cat growling ]


Look out!

[ sinister laughing ]

It's really quite simple.

All life is a physical and
chemical process, correct?

It stands to reason then, that if one
could find extremely fresh specimens

and recharge that chemical process,
bang, we have re-animation.

- The theory is not new, West.
- But my reagent is.


"With various
animating solutions,"

"I have killed and brought
to animated life,"

"a number of rabbits, guinea
pigs, cats, and dogs."

I've broken the 6 to
12 minute barrier.

I've conquered brain death.

"With the higher animals
and the consequent"

increased strength of solution,
reaction has become more violent...

and my research has
become more difficult.

Which is why I need
you to help me.

Help you?

You are the perfect
person to assist me.

You're hard-working, bright,
people respect you,

and you have access to
certain authorities.

We can defeat death.

We can achieve every
doctor's dream.

You'll be famous...
and live lifetimes.

You haven't done this on people?

I've done all I can here.

I'll need new lab space.

You will help me.

- No!
- Why? Because it's mad?

No, because I don't believe you.

How can you say that?
You've seen the results.

No, Rufus wasn't
dead to begin with.

You drugged him and
reduced his vital signs.

You lowered his
body temperature.

He couldn't have been dead.

Do you agree that he's dead now?

Do you agree that he's dead now?

West, no!

West, stop!

I'll show you.

- Then you'll help me.
- No!

Yes, you will.

That is why I brought the infernal
beast back to life in the first place.

- In the brain?
- Of course.

Don't expect it to tango,
it has a broken back.

[ faint yowling ]

God! Why does it
make that noise?

Birth is always painful.

It was dead.


[ screams ]

- Oh, it's him!
- Baby, what are you doing here?

It's Rufus! HOW did...

- Come on, let's go upstairs.
- Oh! Oh, my god.

Herbert West has effected
re-animation in dead animal tissue.

Mr. Cain, I'm surprised.

No, I've seen it.

He brought back a dead
animal, a cat, back to life.

I hadn't expected such
nonsense from you, Mr. Cain,

but I should have guessed it
when you took up with Mr. West.

I know he's unstable, but
I've seen the results,

and so has your daughter.

What have you been doing
with my daughter?

She walked into an experiment.

You've involved Megan
in your insanity?

I never intended to involve her.

Tomorrow morning, you will
submit to me a written apology

for this entire affair.

These experiments were clearly beyond
the scope of your legitimate studies.

They've obviously interfered with
your ability to do your class work.

If any equipment from the
hospital or from the laboratories

of Miskatonic University were involved
in any of this unauthorized activity,

criminal charges may be pressed.

You will, in any case, have
your student loan rescinded.

My loan?

I won't be able to
continue school.

As for Mr. West, he needs
submit no apology.

You may tell him that he may
continue with his research

without the impediment
of an education.

As of now, he is no longer a
student of this university.

Sir, can we please
just discuss this?

I think you're being
blinded by your emotions.

That will be all, Mr. Cain.

Don't take this out on Meg.

She tried to stop me.

I said that will be all.

- Oh, they keep on a comin', don't they?
- Oh, yeah.

You ain't got my lunch
under there, have you?

Yeah, one meatball
run over by a semi.


I lost my appetite. You gonna
be around for a while?

I might go catch me some coffee.

- Take your time.
- You got it.


Just put your shoes on.

Ch, damn, if we get caught...

Ch, well, what will they do?

Embalm us?

Let's go.

Burn victim.

- Here's your meatball.
- Oh.

Shotgun wound to the head.

Ch, god, he's rotten.

- Malpractice.
- Shit.

Let's go, we're not
going to find anything.

Wait. Wait!

Yes, I think you.

How long?

He arrived early this evening.

John Doe, apparently
just dropped dead.

No record of any damage.
It's almost perfect.

Why "almost"?

Could be heart damage.

Then let's just
find another one.

No! We do not have time!

All we need tonight

is a specific,
conscious reaction.

He's been dead for hours.

Any evidence of re-animated
consciousness will justify proceeding.

Start the recorder.

Start the damn recorder!

Make the entry.




- Subject: Male.
- Age?

Age, early twenties.

- Physical condition?
- No deformities.

Appears to have been in
excellent physical condition.

Apparent cause of death...

um, what?

Heart failure.

Heart, uh, failure.

Time, 10:33 PM.

10:33 PM.

15 cc's.

15 cc's of reagent
being administered.

He loves me, we're
getting married.

He's mad! I've seen this happen
to medical students before.

Good ones!

Dr. Harrod, is Mr. Cain
loose in this hospital?

In the morgue, I think, doctor.

I specifically told Dr.
Riley to suspend him,

and to take him off the floor
if he reported to work!

Dr. Riley's been in emergency
surgery for four hours.

- I haven't seen him.
- [ sighs ]

Time elapsed.

15 seconds.

Something should have
happened by now.

[ phone ringing ]

It's not working.

Let's get out of here!

Obviously, the human
dosage factor is unknown.

Increasing the dosage,
20 cc's of reagent.

- Herbert, let's go!
- No!


Page Mr. Cain and have him
report to Level L security desk,

and make sure that she
stays right here.

You can't stop me! I followed you
here, and I'm gonna follow you

- until you listen to me!
- Megan!

- I love him!
- You're my daughter,

and you'll do as you're told!

Sit down, Miss Halsey.

Mr. Cain will be up soon,
you can discuss it then.

Don't blame him, Daddy!

We failed.

Come on, let's go!

I mean, someone could
be coming any minute!

He failed! Not I!

[Woman on PA ] Mr. Cain,
Mr. Daniel Cain,

please report to the
security desk, Level L.

Ch, god.

Cover him up.

- Let's go!
- All right!

[ screaming ]

[ distant crashing ]

Grab him!


It listened to me.


[ Dean Halsey ] Cain?

Cain, open up this door.


Get help!

Is West in there with you?

You're in a lot of
trouble, both of you!

[ crunching ]


Let go!


For god's sakes!

Dan... look out.

Come on.

Find the recorder.

- Herbert... no.
- Did you see him react?

He listened to me. It
made a conscious act.

He heard you as an animal would.

Herbert, no, you
can't be serious!

Hell, you may be right.

It'd probably been
dead too long.

It wasn't fresh enough!

We probably only revived the senses
and the instincts, so, come on!

Help me get him up.

Is he dead'?

Of course, will you
give me a hand here?

Now, he interrupted an important
experiment in progress.

Granted, it was an accident.

But this is the freshest body
that we could come across

save of killing one ourselves,

and every moment that we spend
talking about it costs us results!

Now will you give me a hand?

Dan, we can bring
him back to life.


Now, get the recorder.

Find my serum.

This is a dream.


Here. Do his other hand.

Ch, good.

Unbreakable plastic, one of
man's few durable inventions.

Certainly more
durable than this.

We need you in the crash room.


12 cc's being administered.

The dosage lessened in accordance
to the freshness of the subject.

5 seconds.

5 seconds.

Come on.

I'll show you.

15 seconds. I'll show you!

17 seconds.

Re-animation at 17
seconds! The eyes opened!

Doctor. Dr. Halsey,

you once did me a favor by letting
me into your medical school.


Welcome back to life.


[ Megan ] Dan?

Damn the bitch.

Megan... Meg?

Dan, what is it,
are you all right?

Dan, he's trying to
speak, the recorder!



Daddy, no!

No! No, Meg, don't go near him!

What the hell happened here?

Dan, you all right?

Who's that?

Uh, that is Dean Halsey, sir.

You see I came down
here to visit Mr. Cain,

who was here working
and Halsey entered

and started ranting at
us, rather irrationally.


He was just angry!


Meg. What happened?

Who's that over there?

Uh, just a corpse.

You see, Halsey came in,
grabbed that thing,

and, well, went crazy.

Dean Halsey?

Dean Halsey!

Arrest them!

I'm calling the police!

Ch, Daddy!

Shock... don't worry.


He can't hear you, or see you.

That's a one-way mirror.

What is wrong with him, Doctor?

Will he ever be...

Until we know exactly
what happened to him,

there's no way to determine
his course of recovery.

That's why I need you
to sign a release,

so that I can perform
exploratory surgery on him.

Is that absolutely
necessary, Dr. Hill?

I know how difficult
this must be for you,

but I'm convinced that your
father's problem is neurological.

Of course, we'll take
every precaution.

You must trust me.

I want to take a look at
the right frontal lobe.

I'll open the skull here...

I don't want to know.

Just help him.

Please, doctor.

Please let me talk to him.

[ Dr. Hill ] No.

I must insist you leave
his treatment up to me.

I want you to think of me as someone
you can come to with your problems.

Or if you're ever lonely.

I know you're all
by yourself now.

I'm going to take
care of him, doctor,

and I'm going to find out
what happened to him.

[ door closing ]

What are you doing here?

I've been waiting for you.

I have to tell you.

What did you do to him?

What did you and West do to
him to make him like that?

It was... it was horrible.

I didn't...

What did you do to him?

He's not insane.

He's dead.

No. No.

You're insane, you
are insane, no!

You know it's true, Meg.

You know it's true.


Daddy. Daddy.

I'll tell you, Meg, everything.

[ Man ] Good evening, Mr. West.

What do you want?

I want to know why Halsey's
heart fibrillated.

I don't have to talk to you.

Why his pulse is erratic.

I've told everything I
know to the police.

Why he cries out in pain.

You can leave now, doctor.

When we both know
he is quite dead.


Interesting little
laboratory you have here.

Ah, Mr. West, I
recognize this, hmm?

What do you want?

Yes, we are both scientists.

Let us get to the point.

I want your discovery.

Whatever it is that gives the
dead the appearance of life.

Ch, it is not the appearance
of life, it is life.

This is not magic, as you
say, I am a scientist.

I'll have you locked
up for a madman...

or a murderer.

You will do...

what I tell you to do.

Ingenious, Mr. West.

Your extension of that old fool
Gruber's work is really quite...


Has Dr. Hill examined
your father?


He wanted to do exploratory
surgery on him.

Oh, shit.

Then he'll find out.

Eventually he'll find out.

Let us see...

my new serum at work, hmm?

Dead cat tissue.




Yes, Mr. West.

I will be famous.

Laid to rest.



I've never done whole parts.


Yes, doctor.

It's Herbert West.

What are you thinking?

How do you feel?


" You."


[ screaming ]

[ Megan ] Dan!

Ch my god, what has
Hill done to him?

Looks like a laser drill.

Your father's been lobotomized.

That's it.

My work! My work!

What's going on?

My work is gone.

It's all gone.

He took my serum!

Except for what I have upstairs.


What happened here?


Hill took my serum!
My notes! Everything.

Herbert, you're insane!

- Now, what happened here?
- I had to kill him.


He's dead?

- Not any more.
- No, Herbert.

This has gotta stop!

Look, he tried to
blackmail me, Dan.

Enough is enough!

And he wanted you to disappear!

Oh. Oh.

Ch, that's why he
did it to Halsey.

What? You've seen Halsey?

He lobotomized him, so he
could control him in case

he ever tried to talk or
tell somebody what happened.

So he could protect
his discovery.

- Yes.
- Very clever.

I gotta tell Meg.

What does Meg have
to do with this?

Hill's got this
weird file on her,

it's full of napkins and
hair and photographs.

I think he's projected some sort
of psychotic need onto her.

[ glass shattering ]

Ah... yes.



Ch... yes...


It's... time for you...

to come out now.

Is that you, Dr. Hill?

Of course it's me.

Break time.

That's... better.

- [ knocking on door ]
- [ Dan ] Meg? Meg!

Dan? Dan...

- I was so afraid.
- What is it?

What's the matter?

Well... l don't know.

I was just worried about you.


L... l just feel horrible
about everything.

I guess I'm just
getting paranoid.

It's just...

so hard to lose you.

You should go away.

Transfer to another school.

Don't worry about me.

You're the one that
should get away.

Go live your life.

Find somebody.

I tried to hate you.

I wanted so much to hate you.

I love you.

No! Daddy!

Dr. Halsey.

No, Daddy!

Ch, no, Daddy!

Daddy! Daddy!

[ muffled screaming ]

[ flesh sizzling ]

[ banging on door ]

The door.

Ch... yes.

Dan? Dan?


Come on.

Ch, well, you'll be all right.


Ch my god.

Where, Herbert?

He's at the hospital I
imagine. Can you stand up?

Let's go.

Ch... Meg.

[ maniacal laughing ]

I've... always...

admired your beauty, my dear.

I think I've always loved you.

You will love me.

You will.


Please stop!

Let me go!

That's it, my dearest Meg...

more passion!

- Oh my god!
- Yes, my love!

[ West ] I must say, Dr. Hill...

I'm very disappointed in you.

You steal the secret
of life and death,

and here you are trysting
with the bubble-headed coed,

you're not even a
second-rate scientist.

Ah... Mr. West.

I'm actually glad to see you.

It saves me the trouble of
having to send for you.

You'll never get credit
for my discovery.

Who's gonna believe
a talking head?

Get a job in a sideshow.

I wonder why

an intelligent young
man like yourself

should make such a
foolish, fatal mistake,

of coming here to challenge me.

Ch... l have a plan.

So do I.

Let go of me!


I will show you power, Mr. West!

[ Dr. Hill ] My discovery,

a laser surgical drill.

It makes possible a new
technique in lobotomy,

which results in total mastery

of the human will.

[ Dr. Hill ] Re-animated subjects

have proven to be the best.

They will give me power!

Undreamed of power.

Stay behind me.

Daddy, listen to me.

It's Megan, Megan!

- Hill, they'll kill her!
- Then I'll give her life!

Look at me!

[ growling ]

Meg, come on!

Let's go! Come on!


I am not through here!

Megan, no!

- Let me go!
- I told you, I have a theory!

- Overdose!
- No!

[ glass smashing ]

[ Cain ] Herbert!

Look out!

- [ Meg ] Daddy!
- [ Cain ] Go, Meg.

My notes.

[ West ] My notes!

[ screaming ]

Let's go.

Come on!

My god! Megan!

Take her into number three!

Bring her this way!

Hurry, hurry, she's got nothing.


Air on.

Somebody give me some paste!

On three.

Okay, everybody off.



[ Nurse ] Nothing.

Bringing back air.

The trachea's fractured.

She's fixed and dilated.

No response.

Cain... Cain.

I love you.

[ screaming ]