Rdece klasje (1970) - full transcript

An ex-partisan and current political activist sets out to Styria region in Slovenia to buy out the wheat from peasants and convince them to form the farming collective. His ostensible success (based on blackmailing rather than convincing), as well as his love defeat, make him disturbed and he kills an innocent man while performing a social mission.

Slavko Polajner!
- Yes?

How much?
- 8 hectars!

- Three thousand.

And how much did you give?
- Two thousand two hundred.

And the rest? - I don't have more,
comrade Alojz. - You're lying!

You have here hard working family.

That's the master and his sons!

They don't give their obligation,
they hate people's authority.

They're hiding wheat, we've
found it on the attic!

And they don't want to go to kolkhoz!
But we'll show them the world has changed!

When will we get the wheat?
- Never!

What's that? - We'll give it.
- Louder so others can hear too!

We'll find it...
- You keep your mouth quiet!

I'm the master, I make decisions.
We won't give it!

Father, don't be stubborn,
we'll sell the field in Luzica.

If you can wait until Sunday?

No need if you join the collective.
- Alright! We'll join.

There's no mercy for class enemies!

Don't hesitate,
press them against the wall!

Only like that we will create
working collectives on time!

Only like that!


Based on the novel
'On the Village' by Joza Potrc.

In the old system, the villagers
were working only for themselves.

They were working in the old ancestral way.

They were working for
sipahies and capitalists,

for kulaks and speculators.

They were working like that and they were
dying of starvation and making others rich.

In new kolkhoz system,

the villagers are working together,

with tractors and agricultural machines,

working for themselves and their kolkhozes.

They live without capitalists
and sipahi aristocrats,

without kulaks and speculators.

They're working so they can improve
their material and cultural position

day after day!

That's what comrade Stalin says.

Our direct goal is to provide cities
and working people,

this country is being
rebuild in all fields.

Our ultimate goal is,
collectivization, comrades!

I'm looking for comrade Liza.
- She's over there.

Death to fascism!
- Freedom to the people!

Hello, comrade!

There you are, here I am,
lets give the gas!

But not like Alojz on the brickyard.

You know how to treat with
class enemy, Juzek.

My method will be on voluntarily
base, without terror, comrade.

Just be careful not to be shot on
the Pile like Strafela.

He was fooled with democracy too, and now?

My respect to him, he was
a good man, but a fool.

I believe in kind word, not in force.

We'll see soon enough.
These are the obligations,

16 tons of wheat and a wagon of pigs.

They haven't given a half of it yet.

And we'll see a kolkhoz too in a month.

Comrade Karba suggests that we name
'Styria proletarian'.


No, that's not how it's done.

People have to be convinced.

Madam Rozi!
- Yes, Juzek?

Should I kiss your hand or kick you in
the ass? - What question, Juzek!

You didn't answer me.
- Whatever you want, Juzek.

This is for you!

Madam Rozi, if you manage to clean
all of this up behind me,

I'll join you to SKOJ!

Why do you go so suddenly, son?
- I'm leaving, madam Rozi,

You know how it is, state business. I'm
leaving, but my heart is with you, Rozi.


Goodbye, madam Rozi!


Where are you going,
pretty boy, all dressed up?

On the Pile, my friend.
- To take the wheat?

If you go like Strafela,
you'll go back like Strafela!

Cheers. - Who is in a hurry to get to
heaven, this is the fastest way.

I'm looking for the Chairman of the Board.

At your disposal. My name is Curic,
instructor for physical culture.

Chairman Janza is heckling the villagers.
I'll show you the way myself. - Hop on.


So, you're taking?
- Yes, we're taking.

You're taking, like Germans!
- For kulaks, that's requisition.

If you mention Germans one more time,
you know what will happen! - Alright,

and what should I feed the sick man?
Don't you know that my husband is dying?

I've been working hard the whole summer...
- Find a way, Zefa, like others.

Is that fair, people?
- Don't sob, Zefa!

If you don't like it, join the
collective, there's no obligation there.

People will start to hate you.
- They already hate me.

You see how easy it is to shit, but it's
hard to clean it up with bare hands.

Look, there around the cottages,
there are farms over there.

Listen to me, you bust in,
you take, and that's it.

Let them complain later. Villagers are
like that, always trying to trick you.

When he loses what's his, he's small again.
- Whose dove is that, Chairman?

If you didn't see female kulak ass
until now, there, look at it!

Remember what I say!

I told her a hundred times. 'Hana, your
father is sick, now we're alone,

who will help us if you go in the city?'

And you? What are you looking at?

Jesus... does it hurt?
- Less...

Less, madam. I feel like an
angel caressed me with his wings.

I look at you and I keep thinking,
you're not ours.

Your eyes are too hard.

Those eyes are bringing misfortune.

Don't be like that, madam.
It's not my fault.

It's different time now,
it's shade for the poor,

we make it hot for kulaks a bit.
- That's why they shoot.

What can I do?
I survived the whole war,

and here on the Pile, my soul
almost flew away, like a pigeon.

Zefa, bring me the clarinet!

Tunika, give that guy something to eat!


I feel weak...

Hey, girl, wait up!

Mister Juzek, mister Juzek!

Look over there, hurry!

Who is it?
- Just look!

Who fired, bastard?

How should I know, comrade?
I never went across the door step.

Where is the wheat?

You're not giving the wheat, huh? - I gave
everything, by the rules! - You're lying!

What about you? Maybe you remembered.

Can you hear what he say?

Who shot at comrade Hedl?
- I don't know, Janza!

Put them in water, let the hen gets
cold, it'll lay eggs later!

Help, help! They're killing!

Stop it! What the hell are you doing?

What do you want, delegate?
Comrade Marko gave the order.

Who are you, scum?
- Watch your mouth, comrade,

I'm interrogating here! - What do you
interrogate? Get the hell out of here!

You'll pay for this.
- Turn that shit on and fuck off!

Is that the way to treat people?

You'll pay me for this, saboteur!

I will, with hard currency!

Rascal! The pig isn't satisfied with Captain
rank, he wants to become a Major,

I know that kind good, from the war.

He's already a Major, comrade Juzek.
- Fuck, I screwed up!

What Major, he would like to be
Generalissimo, son of a bitch!

Listen, friend, what's your name?

Stanko Rudolf. - And yours, uncle?
- Franc Sostar.

And you two, pals?

Pista Sijanec, they call me Klobasa.

Vinko Toplek, sir. At your service!


tell me honestly,

how much wheat you have on your attic?

Well, to be honest,

about 700 - 800 kilos, I gave the rest.

And you?
- Well... maybe a 150 kilos more.

But we're a bigger family
aren't we, Janza?

And you're a bigger kulak too, damn you!

You probably shot him!
- Enough, Janza!

We have more important things.

So, you Rudolf, prepare 700 kilos
for the country by tomorrow, alright?

What ever you say, comrade.
If I have to, gladly!

I spent it already!

I don't have anything anymore, Janza!

And me? I can pull you out of the water?
We can do everything, you nothing!

Sell your pigs and buy wheat and
this charade will be over, alright?

Alright! But I have to ask my wife first.

Gather the trucks.

We're pretty much done with wheat.

There's buckwheat left.
- And pigs.

How's it going?
- Bad!

Why's that?
- When I see you, it can't be good!

You just wait, I'll fuck you up!
- Yes, but tomorrow.

It's over with that, Janza. From now
one we'll talk to people.

We'll have to create a collective.
- Oh, damn you...

You eat too much, whenever
I see you, you chew.

Who eats a lot, doesn't work hard.

Don't worry, mistress, I'm fine here.

I don't mind if I have to go to the mill.

It's seems it didn't work for a long time.

Since you've cleaned everything up,
both ours and someone else's.

It'll work again, don't worry!
- When?

When we create a collective.

Zefa, we're finished.
- I'm coming!

Don't worry, miss, I fell from a tree
as soon as I looked at you.

Can I help you?
- There's no need, thank you.

Goodness, you're beautiful, girl!

You won't get away that easy!

Let me go! I'll scream!

Let me go, you rascal! - Scream,
I don't care! - Help me!

Let me go!

A rascal! Let me go!

Aunt Stefica!
- What is it?

My mom sent you this. We picked it today,
since you didn't come, I brought you.

As you can see, we're alone here.
What can we do?

And there's so much work...

I heard that Hana is
coming home every Sunday.

Yes, her leg doesn't hurt anymore,
just on a weather change.

And our dad wants us to be around him.

Who's this guy?
- He lives in our house.

He came to help me.
- Hello, aunt, to stretch a little!

Hello, sonny!

And if we'd tell you
to do it, you wouldn't!

Mister Hedl, what are you doing?
Leave that!

Your ax is dull, uncle Vinko,
it could use some... - Be my guest!

- Come with me.

Like a honey!

We had such a yield this summer,
it couldn't have been better.

Bite it, mister Hedl.

You haven't eat that apple yet, I promise!
- Should I put it in my pocket?

In your stomach and
in your pocket, mister Hedl!

You have a nice horse, uncle Vinko!

Thank you for pulling me out of water.

If you weren't there, I'd be singing
in the heaven's chorus now.

Forget that, uncle Vinko,
that's all in the past. Turn it!

I'd like to ask you something.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Why are you quiet? You don't
seem to have a tongue?

Did they cut it of when you were a child?

You don't know Slovenian!
- What do you mean?

I know.

I know why you came in our house.


How a man sharpens, that's how he kiss.

Well, it cuts like hell!

Now I see who kiss who!
- What are you saying?

I was hunting once, too.

Only Vinko was better than me.

He could've shot a wild boar
from a kilometer distance.

Well done, Juzek, I haven't eaten a
better rabbit in my life.

Autumn is here, winter is getting close.

Can you hear me, Hedl? What's your name?
- Juzek.

How do you like it here in the Pile?

Not bad, it's alright.

Do you have your land?

I don't have anything, master,
I'm a proletarian.

I'm a pilgrim.

Where are you from?

From Zakrizje.

Father is from Styria,
mother is from Zagorje.

I think we agreed in an honest way.

Yes, master.

I thought,

I will be able to stand up,

but I see now, nothing will come of me.

You'll help this women?

Why not? I'm a villager's son myself.

Jesus, what would us
women do without men?

I don't think anyone will come.


Thank you, Vanc! Much obliged!

They're swearing and you thank them!
Like it's our fault!

What else can we do, Marika?
Times are like that now.

You won't get far, you carrion!

You'll come to dinner!

You'll get hungry you son of a bitch,
what will you do then?

Franc, are you crazy! Drop that, man!

Hello? Comrade, Liza?
This is Hedl speaking.

Juzek Hedl. Well... it's going,
slowly, but we're making progress.

What did you say? Are you crazy?

Alright, you don't have to convince me.

I'm sick of everything!
Look what Prelog did to me.

From now on, you build
socialism without me!

You have an ass like a God's cushion!

They're coming to get pigs.
- I told you, but you didn't listen.

How much do we have?
- 10 pigs, 3-4 buckets of fat.

Come on. - Where? You just want...
- Let's talk to people.

Hello, Sergej, how's it going?
- It goes than it stops.

Were on Party meeting? Where is the pig?
Are you a Communist too?

And Communists aren't
suppose to live, Janza?

I'm a poor man, ask anyone you want
in the Pile, everyone will tell you.

Janza is all over me, to destroy me.
Others have full pens and nothing,

And he just talks against Sergej!
- Alright, comrade,

but that's your duty for the Party. - I don't
have it. - Then join the collective.


You think that Russians could've made
kolkhozes with convincing?

Comrade Karba himself told me
how it was there. He's an old Bolshevik.

I read comrade Stalin, too.

You can't achieve too much by
being nice, you understand?

Let me handle things and
we'll have plenty of pigs.

You have nothing you say? Where is the fat?

All those pigs and no fat!
- Are you deaf, Janza?

I told you we sold it, how else
could we buy all that wheat?

What is that, Stefica?

Damn hag!

Thank you, thank you very much, comrades!

At least now we know
what kind of neighbours we have!

Hello. - Hello.
- Uncle Janza, I barely soften my grandad.

He didn't want to hear about it,
and I told him 'Listen,

if you don't give to the country,
they won't give me a scholarship.',

and he believed me. - Give me the sack
and take the pig to the pen.

Where are you going with that?
- To grind it, Chairman!

What are you doing, Juzek?
- Grinding, madam.

Our red flour, mistress. - Pick up the
weir first, you can do it like that.

It's cold...

Tunika, you know what?

I love you.

No, Juzek!

Why not?
- I don't know.

Hurry up, the sun will go down any minute.

Him too, him too!

What are you laughing at?

Let's bathe him!

I won't have to go to the bathroom.

Hana, let him go!
- It feels good, huh?

You'll miss your bus.

Goodbye, father, until next week.

Tunika, come right back.

How are you, master?

Juzek, Juzek! The cow is calving.

Everything went lucky.

She's just licking him. - Put some hay
under her. - Yes, I forgot.

I'm completely drunk.

Don't worry about me.

I'm all greasy around my mouth.

What is this here?

Let me go.

Old man will hear us.

He won't, he's asleep.

Where is your wife.
- She went to report, by your order.

Yes, order, orders are here to follow them!

You do what you want, Janza,
we'll survive that too.

Now everything is going smooth for you.

Comrade delegate was talking differently.
- You hid a pig as a Party member!

And you know the penalty for sabotage.

Do you have to take everything, comrade
delegate? - Where is Janza?

He's here somewhere.
- Janza!

New tasks, new obligations.

What are you doing. - We took everything
we needed, comrade Juzek.


Where is Janza?

Thirty eight, thirty nine...

How many more?
- Around 10, 15, no more.

Not even one third.

Not even one third.

When it's the harvest, you pick
both ripe and green grapes.

So we won't either. - They won't forgive
us this. - They have nothing to forgive.

We're making action, not phrases!

Fat has to be here until friday.

You can see yourself,
this isn't working anymore.

You can talk that on Women's
Antifascist Front!

We arrested your husband,

You hid the pig.
- We slaughtered it.

And the meat? Where's the meat?

We sold the meat, we needed
the money to buy bread.

Alright. Your husband is in jail. You have
your obligation, and you don't have a pig.

That can be fixed.

If you want, I'll tear this up,
there's no obligation,

and we can have some fun in your bed.

If you do that again, I'll kill you!

You get in the house! Remember that, Janza!

Life has become complicated, and villages
are falling behind.

Transformation is before us, do you agree?

If only I could get up.

In spring, in spring...

I heard some functionary
lives in your house.

What would us women do without him?
He just turns around and the job is over.

We couldn't have done that alone.

- Farewell.

Doctor, what do you think?
- You know that yourself.

You really can't help him?
- Miss Toplekova,

His intestines are eaten.
Who will give him new intestines?

What is it, girl?

Tell me, what is it?

My father is getting worse.

Everything will be fine.

I'm scared, Juzek.

It's hard. I feel it, misery
is on our doorstep.

Don't be scared, Tunika, I'm here.

I'm with you.
- Juzek,

I would gladly kiss you.

Move away... let me go!

Let me go! Let me go!

Go away!

Enough, it's been enough!

Not anymore!
- Kill me, kill me!

You don't need me anymore?
You want someone younger?

- Did you hear that?

No, I didn't hear anything!
- Zefa!


Where is Zefa? Give me my tea!
Where is your mother?

What is Zefa doing?

Mom is asleep.

Well, well, look at our delegate.

Open your eyes well! That's our mess!

What is that?
- Sabotage! They poisoned them.

What sabotage?
They got wet on the rain so they died!

What are we going to do now? - Nothing,
delegate, now we have Communists left.

Maybe they'll give it voluntarily.



Don't joke around, Franc!
That's not how it works!

And it works to kill the pigs?
- Alright, maybe you're right!

But you can go to jail because of that rifle!
- Don't worry, Janza, I'm used to it!

Gestapo taught me while you were
cleaning count Haizenber's boots!

I heard you were hiding
Partisans, and helping them.

Because I wanted to, not because I had to!
And now I don't want to! Get out, back off!

Why are you avoiding me?

Zefa, hurry up!

I won't be your burden for much longer.

Devil is taking me because of you, Zefa.

Damn you... damn you!


I brought you your obligation for the fat.
- And where should I get it from?

I don't know. Talk with Janza.

Look what did you send me.

To give 50 kilos.

That is two full buckets.
- Well give it.

Were you fighting for that, to rob us?

We know you have it. - And what
should I feed the sick man with?

You care so much about him.

You're making fun of me,

and it's not easy for me.

He would like me to sit
besides him entire night.

He was torturing me my whole life.
- Quiet!

And Tunika... It seems she knows about us.

She will end up in a monastery, you'll see.

She's different than us,

like she's committed since birth.

Someone needs only God to make a living.
- Someone yes, someone no.

And I, sinner, will burn
in hell when I die.

Now, now, calm down.
What's the matter with you?

After every meal, wash your working
teeth. But not from left to right,

but from up to down and reverse.
And you won't have caries anymore.

Marika, here you go.

Not even half.
- Who didn't give?

Zefa Toplekova!

- Should we erase her?

I mean, she's alone, it's not easy for her.
- Read on.

Where is you mother?
- She went to get wood.

Take it to the pen.
- Well done, Juzek.

I'm leaving!

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

I want to talk to you.

To talk about what, Juzek?


I want to tell you something.

To explain.

If I did you any harm, forgive me.

What do you want from me?
What do you want?

Damn her!

What do you think? That I'm a saint?

Damn you!

I one month, I'm going to Russia!

Comrade Karba promised me.

Why would I care about Toplekov girls?

Comrade Hedl is going to Russia!

If you took our grease,

and spilled our wine, it doesn't
matter, just stay here, Juzek!

Don't worry, he won't call for me tonight.

I fed him with poppy like a child.

You've gone mad completely!
- Yes, I've gone mad!

Life smiled me for once,
why shouldn't I go mad?

Mad, mad!

Jesus, he's dead!

Go get dressed, you'll catch a cold.

Hana, you'll have to go home.

Poor Tunika.

She was the only one who loved him.

Difficult trip. I came
across the fishpond.

Comrade Hedl,

comrade Karba is looking for you. He said
to come to town quickly, for committee.

Cut the trees down,

pears, apples, grapes,

'SOCSAD' Slovenia!

Comrade Karba, comrade Hedl is here.
- Did I ask you anything?

Do you want me to jump
in your stomach? I want

to see the collective
in 10 days in the Pile!

In one word, kolkhoz. Kolkhoz!

And then, to Moscow, to college!
We don't have experts, go to college!

If you fuck this up, I'll jump in
your stomach, understand?

I chose you, you punk!
Because you're young, you're crazy!

Because you have perspective! Because
you're fucker, a Communist! Get lost!

I understand, comrade Karba, but
just one question,

Can I take villagers with me?
- Of course!

But those from jail?
- Alright lad, take them!

Take propaganda too. You can't have
anything without propaganda today!

You can't have anything
in socialism without it!

Who is from the Pile, step out.

Comrades, I came to get you,

but only under one condition, you have
to give your land to the collective.

Where are you going?

I don't eat that bread!

And you?

Us, comrade, what ever you say.
I won't go back to prison, not even dead.

Now you got away, Stefek,

but some other time...
- I have luck.

You would have shit if Juzek
didn't take you out.

Hurry up!
- I can't, my feet are swollen.

Come on, come on, don't smell.

I'll suffocate of your smell.
- I can't, damn it!

Who are you think you're fucking with?

Get out, you shitheads,

put on your shoes outside!

I, Markec Postrak, am voluntarily joining

to our first Styria kolkhoz.

I, Pista Sijanec,

am joining in proletarian
kolkhoz of our Styria.

It's good that you've come.
Sit down, Juzek.

Golden Juzek! What would become
of house if it weren't for men?

Take a chair and sit down.
- Why don't you sit on master's place?

You could go and get wine.

What are you waiting for, for God's sake?

Jesus, if you're going inside, you
get the wine, I'm so thirsty.

God bless you!

If it's not right for you, you can go!

Jesus, come on, let's talk!

I never could with old man! He would
do his thing and that's it.

Come on, say something.

Where to?

I don't know.

But I have to leave your house.
You see that yourself.

Because of Hana?
- I don't know.

There are stories everywhere...

I'm forcing people to join the collective,

and you... you just care for one thing.

I have to go.


I'm scared. How will I manage all alone?

And if I join the collective?

You're joking.

Everything for you! Come here.

Do what ever you want, I'm yours.
Let everything else go to hell,

only when you're mine!

I grab her by her belly button,
then put her down on the bundle,

then I say to her,
good morning, God help you!

I grab her by her belly button,
then put her down on the bundle,

then I say to her,
good morning, God help you!

Here's the food.

And you're laying, my boy, laying.

You'll have to lie in what you lay.

Five of them.

With you, that's six. - We need one more
and then we can found it, by the law.

Comrades, anyone else?

Can I ask something?
- Yes, what is it?

Tell us, young man,
why do we need a collective?

To live better!
- We live good like this too!


He will plunge palings with gunstock.

Where will he plunge it?
- Where? On cemetery!

Crosses aren't popular anymore.

Jesus, it's true. He brought bad
fortune to Toplek family too!

First he was talking about Communism,
and now he's eating our land.

And I'm telling you, he can go back
where ever he came from!

We lived without him before,
so we can live without him now.

Here, Zefa Toplekova
will join the collective!

What is it? Why are you laughing?

What is so funny about that?
- Ask the late Toplek,

he would explain it to you!

Cut the crap, you're not at home, Stefica.

I don't need a tutor in my old days.
I'll eat the thing I cooked!

Hello, comrades, how are you, comrades?

Citizens are sending you books
for your collective.

So you can rise culturally, comrades!

I heard you were forced
to join the collective.

Forced me?
- Well, yes.

Who will join them voluntarily?

Uncle Vinko says they won't see him there.

I don't care about uncle Vinko,
I'll do it my way.

That's why is Stefica saying that everything
on Toplek's land is ready for the collective.

For God's sake, Hana.
- Stop it already!

Like it's God's fault for what's
happening on our land.

Everything I done
I did because I wanted to!

I hate you. You're just worried

not to find fault with your dear God.

Where are you going, God's chicken?
- Don't talk stupid.

Well, the mister is upset.

How you like to kiss with me little, Juzek?

Comrade, where is your strength?

My mom didn't drain it all, did she?
- Shut your mouth or I'll...

Let me go!

Franc, it's always been like that,

if you're a whore, you go by like a train,

and if you're honest, you're screwed.

They say, where a woman is master,
a wolf is the butcher.

But Zefa's younger daughter,
that's something else.

You're right, she's a real angel.
- Yes, I've never seen a better girl.

The older one is just like Zefa,
but well done for the younger one.

Let them all go to hell!

I'm against pornography, Hedl.
I'm for the purity, you understand?

All of our virtues, are my virtues too.

But this is the best anti
religious propaganda.

I one word, one ideal for another,

nudity for a dinar!

Five and a half a piece and it's yours!


Is anyone home?

Are you alone?
- I am.

You're just like Zefa.

Her daughter, an apple doesn't
fall far from the tree.



My comrades,

your dream is now filled.

Long live the collective
'Styria proletarian!'

Drink, comrades! Everything is ours now!

Down with kulaks!

Why aren't you eating, Zefa?
It's so good, to eat it all.


Let me go!

I understand everything!
And it's all my fault!

Wait, Zefa!
- Let me go!

It can easily happen to
you to get hurt in life.

You're crying when you should be singing!

Now you're among real people!
You're among proletarians, you kulak!

Juzek Hedl is a proletarian,

and that's why I don't have any
job and Toplek's in the Pile!

You're all dirty, Juzek. Let me go.

God helps three times, Juzek.

First time you have trouble, second time
too, but the third time everything's good!

Shut your mouth, Palek!

Maybe Juzek will create collective
whore house. - You fucking bastard!

So you've come to your end.

Let's see.

First, violent creation of the collective
without consent of the Pile's residents.

Second, breaking the rules of the
Communist Party and authorities,

and third, murder.


Go fuck yourself!

You already fucked everything!

Good afternoon, comrade Juzek!

The word is, comrade, you're the best.

What are you doing here?

The mildest, that's not
the same as the best.

If you don't arrest and beat people,
you're not for them.


God, what have we done to be
tortured like this, like the Christ!

Mister, they arrested me last night.

I have a sick wife,

she's wheezing.

Do you think they care about that?

They tied me up like a steer,

they hanged a board around my
neck that says


They conducted me trough the streets
today, like I'm a bear,

Come on, sit down and eat in peace.

They locked me because
I don't plant tobacco.

They gave me a nurseries,

but where did you see tobacco in Styria?

Comrade Juzek, did you maybe
see my Lizika?

We're failing. We're failing
completely, comrade Juzek.

If you'd joined the collective,

everything would be different.

Do you really think that, comrade Juzek?

Death is big. We belong it
even when our voice is happy.

Translated by Inglourious @KG