Razzia (1955) - full transcript

Henri, the Man from Nantes, comes back to his country after a successful stay in the United States, where he was working for Liski, the drug dealer. With the fame of being a tough guy preceding him, he sets himself to the task of knowing why the French operations were not so profitable - and soon he is master of all links of the organization. He can now get it honed to perfection - or destroy it. Only... the Police is following his every step! Is Henri what he says he is, or an undercover detective from the French police?

This movie shows a violent and ruthless
environment, unknown until now.

The authors would think they've
achieved their goals if the pictures

that follow could be a warning
to those who, due to weakness

might, one day, be the victims of that
terrifying plague: DRUGS


Shootout among drug dealers:
Fran?ois Pouldu, known as "le bosco"...

Hello? Criminal Police?

Connect me to extension 895 please

Hello? Vice Squad?

Leroux speaking. I'll pass the boss.


Hello, Lecharme... I'm listening...

What? Henri from Nantes has just
landed in Orly

Henri Ferret, known as Henri from Nantes
is on Air France flight to Orly.

Detailed report sent...

He took a taxi...
Do you know the address?

Where? ...Hotel Napoleon
Good, you and Dupont can come back.

What are you saying?
Don't worry, Leroux will take care of that.

O.k., Good bye...

Can you pay the taxi?

He's gone out? O.k., come back.
What? of course...

Lemoine! Thanks, Leroux.
Good work!

Mr Paul Lisky...

- Who am I to announce?
- Mr Lemoine. I've got an appointment.

- Henri Ferret?
- Yes.

It's necessary. The guy you will
replace had become weak.

- Le Bosco?
- Yes, I had to part from him.

In America, you've learnt...
very efficient methods

That will be useful for us.
That's why we asked you to come.

In France, the men in our
organization are self-indulgent

You have to reactivate everything
as soon as possible

Everything... Control the factory, check
on the distributors and their retailers

Make things move. And don't forget
compartmentalization is our main asset.

See to it that all stick to the rules.
Here're all the names and addresses.

Ciphered, of course.

Is the Napoleon a good place?
- Very good.

One million for your first expenses.

Ah... very important. On Broadway
you had that bar,"le troquet"

In a few days, you'll open
up "le troquet" in Paris.

On Monthyon street. The place is
mine. Secretly.

It used to be called "le montmartre",
it'll become "le troquet".

It will be your cover.
I've had all the staff dismissed,

so that you may hire
who you want.

And don't forget, you're
the only one to know me.


Be unmerciful to the middlemen.

The harsher you are...
Show them who the boss is.

No one can give up. There's only
one way to leave,

you know which it is...

Le Bosco had weakened,
he'd become too wealthy

Your suppliers are the Chinese?

No, the Balkans, they grow poppy
there. Opium arrives unrefined.

By rail.
It gets across borders.

You'll see.
It's stunning, really.

Hurry up!
What're you doing?

You're always afraid
being late!

You think the company
is not wealthy enough?

Maybe but I don't want
to get sacked

What a sucker! It seems
your pay is enough

If at the last strike, every one
had acted as you, we'd have had no raise.

You're a born slave!
I pity you!

Don't worry, it won't last.
One day, we'll overcome.

Shootout among drug dealers

Damn! Opium smells awful.
Like rotten beetroot.

The fools at the shop would
be stunned if they knew...

No way to have a decent ciggy
with this paper

You want OCB paper?

Won't say no! OCB is the best
especially when it's...

gummed. Mine is!

- Worked all right?
- As usual! I did as told.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Good bye, sir.
- What about my answer?

I wanted you to tell the boss
I'd like to stop

I'll forward it.

I've already asked
and didn't get any answer.

I'll forward it.

- So you want to quit?
- Yes...

Don't ask questions. Answer!

I want to stop. I'm fed up.
If they don't want me to...

Quiet. You could be overheard

I'll give you good advice:
don't try to stop

I can, can't I?

I want to enjoy the dough I earned.
I'm afraid of the cops.

One of these days... I don't
want to go to jail.

You'll go nowhere if you insist.
You get it, don't you?

How much have you made
since you're in it?

So... You'd be a sucker
to leave such a job...

You'd be nuts to, wouldn't you?

See table 14.

Say... that cashier is a hot one., Must be
great for the guy who shares her bed!

You can try your luck...
What've you got to lose?

Good evening... There's no room at the
back but here's a good table...

Coats to check!

Listen, cutie... If you felt like
practising judo. I'm an expert...

- Henri le nantais?
- Yes...

Roger the catalan...

- Glad to meet you.
- Hi!

- Some champ'?
- Not a bad idea.

Nino... give us
three glasses of champagne.

- So... glad to be back in Paris?
- Sure. I was fed up with travelling.

- China, South America, North America...
- Stayed long in the States?

Well... almost 10 years!

- Your friend looks like a loser.
- He's a good one

- What is he in?
- Dope.

- He sells some?
- Wholesale. He worked for Big Rossillo.

- You know why we're here?
- Yes. Lisky rang me.

- And you know who you're replacing?
- Le Bosco.

Quite a nice joint you've got!

- Better than it was, isn't it?
- Yeah!

Not bad. But it has to be improved.

Here are D?d? de Montreuil
and Auguste Le Breton. Excuse me a sec.

- Hi, D?d?!
- All right?

- Hello Auguste!
- Hi Catalan! o.k.?

O.k. What are you doing these days?

We're putting up craps
games in a cellar. Come by!

- Another drink?
- No thanks, I'm fine.

D?d? and Auguste have a game
of craps. I'll go have a look!

- Those guys are still doing
all right in gambling? - Yes

Let's go up to my flat.
It'll be quieter for a talk.

What about a date? We could
go and pick up daisies together...

Won't you behave!
Look... your friend's waiting!

O.k. You know what
it's all about, don't you?

Yes. We've come
to get the guy's picture!

There it is!
With all necessary information.

That's the quitter!
- Yes

And he left the last shipment
in the Simplon Express.

He's got nerve!

He's put 2 or 3 millions aside and
now wants to give up. How wrong he is!

I thought he'd have gone on.
But what's done...

It's your go now!

He seems a nice guy...
His address?

It's on that thing here...

Emile Lourmel... washer...
4 Rue de la Gare in Bobigny...

And... what about our money in this?

After the job's done.
Starting tonight I'm your only contact.

So, now, you're the boss.

- Yes!
- All right, let's go.

- I'm coming down with you.
- You're going down too...

The Paris to Strasburg train!

Someone on the phone.

For me?

Hello, Mimile speaking.

Of course, it's Mimile!

What? I shouldn't go home
But why?

I should run away... Hello?

You look strange!
Something wrong?

Not one cent wrong!
Everything's square!

- Julien?
- Boss?

What have you got in there?
Seems quite heavy to me...

- My things.
- Show me...

Bring that back where
you took it from.

You can't allow
theft, honey... Never.

I'm sorry, Mr Henri.
I lost at the races...

Rent's due tomorrow.
I've got kids. I was stupid!

- How much did you lose?
- 14000

Everything I had. A tip.
But it did not work...

Here's 10 Grand. Don't do it again
Next time I'll fire you.

- Thank you, Mr Henri.
- All right. Shut up!

Some advice. Forget about the races.
Nothing good can be expected there.

- All right, I'll go now.
- You won't have a quick bite?

No, thanks. I'm
not hungry. I'm sleepy.

I can drive you home.
My wheels are still there.

I'd like that, Mr Henri.
I won't have to pay for a taxi.

- Where do you live?
- Rue Geoffroy.

Let's go!

You've got swanky taste, honey.
Rue Geoffroy... That's a nice area.

I like it there.
It's a quiet street.

And I've been living there
such a long time.

You know what's it's like...
You get used to things and...

How old are you, Lisette?

22, why are you asking?

No reason.

- Here it is?
- Yes.

- You live alone?
- Yes, a room on the 6th floor.

You have no family?

No. My father died
and my mother remarried.

No boyfriend either?

Why are you laughing?

A nice piece like you could
have a Romeo...

I've got nothing, neither
clothes nor toothbrush...

Don't worry, you'll find
all those tools upstairs.

Too much light?

Don't tell me you've
still got your cherry. Have you?

I'm not saying anything.

Thinking you're worried about
a toothbrush with such chewers...

Give me another smile
so that I can watch them...

Clothes? Why would you want
to put all this in clothes?

There's a small clip at the top...

- Birot?
- Yes.

- Henri from Nantes
- My husband's expecting you.

- Henri from Nantes.
- I was expecting you.

- Everything's ready?
- Yes.

- How much?
- I made 50 kilos of white junk. Will it do?

Yes, I'll take 40 now,
I have a big shipment due,

the other 10 you'll give
to the carriers. They've been told.

Ah yes... Raymond and Lucien have
already taken a kilo each.

I have 8 left.

Where do you work?


You know the carriers must
not have more than one kilo.

I remember the orders. Trust me.

That way they're not tempted
to split with it.

How long ago did you get
the 50 kilos of morphine base?

I... got them... last saturday.

Process it quickly. I have another
big shipment soon.

- All white junk?
- Yes, all white junk.

- No need for morphine?
- Not at the time.

But make some junk.

Let's see... One fifth loss...
40 kilos... That will do for now.

But you work day and night.
I need them as soon as possible.

- Got it?
- Of course, Mr Henri.

- You're sending it to England?
- Mind your own business.

Excuse me.

- The acids!
- Yes I know that.

- You've got my parcel?
- Yeah, it's upstairs.

- I made 410-kilo packages. O.K.?
- Yeah.

Probably one of the carriers.

- It's Marcel!
- Open up.

- You want to see him?
- No, give me the packages. I'll be off.

Everything's here.

- Hi.
- Your second package must be ready.

You make me laugh.
Why not more than one kilo at a time?

It would avoid making so many trips.

- I'm fed up pedalling!
- I obey orders.

Solange, open the door!

Is that all you're telling me?

I've been waiting for you,
Mr Henri. I shouldn't have?

Getting formal with me now?

I've cooked something.
I thought you might be hungry.

You were right. I am hungry.

Mr Roger the catalan and his friend
came 3 times tonight.

- They did?
- They said they'd come again later.

- Though this late...
- You don't feel like some...

No, thanks. I had dinner
with the staff.

And it's late. I must leave.

- Where do you want to go?
- Home, rue Jouffroy.

Come sit here...

You had a good trip?

Give me something to drink.

Business was good tonight?

Not so bad!
The bar worked well?

Not so bad.

Go up to bed.
Don't wait for me.

What's up? Trouble?

- Sort of...
- Birot gave 5 kilos of junk to a carrier.

Shit! I'd reminded him the rules.

Yes but he's been snowed up
so much he's getting goofy.

- The carrier must have sweet talked him...
- Which one?

Marcel, the bike-rider.
He's hooked the whole lot.

The scum! You must try to find
him and the stuff too.

That's what Paul said.
But we need your help.

The guy will try to sell
the stuff and get in touch with dealers.

- I could do with a drink!
- So would I.

Go get two glasses at the bar.

- You don't want a plate to chew?
- No, I'm fine.

5 kilos! That's quite a lot!

- You don't say! a lot!
- Pass a knife, I'll have some p?t?.

You can't unload it like a handful
of beans. That's why

we have a chance to get it back.

Maybe. But afterwards
we'll have to take care of Birot.

- Lisky's order.
- Come on, you won't bump Birot off.

He's a jerk, right.
But he's a real expert.

What would Lisky do without him?

A chemistry engineer is not as
easy to find as a kick in the ass

Don't worry about yoour scientist,
Henri, we're not going to chew him up

we'll only teach him a lesson...
not a final one...

You take care of Birot, I'll
go look for Marcel. All right?

- Yes but...
- But Paul said you must stay with us.

You do as I say. It'll be faster.

I'll give a few phone calls and
I'll find that Marcel. Don't you worry.

- Let's do it that way.
- So we go to Birot's?

Yes but go easy...
Don't make mince meat out of him!

Come on, let's go.

You've come to see Birot?
This late?

What is it?
Well... What's wrong?

- We must have a few words.
- It's about...

As you say, asshole!

Thugs! Murderers! Leave him
alone. Can't you see he's sick?

Wait! We'll find a cure!

You'll remember. Never
more than a kilo at once.

Leave her alone!
leave her alone! you hear me?

She does want!
Leave her alone!

Shut your mouth!

- It's rolling downstairs?
- It's rolling. You can go down.

7 wins!


The gentleman says banco!

I'm with you.

No, banco alone.

You've got to show the dough, buddy.
This is not Deauville here.

Quiet, Victor!

Next one!

32 grand.

- You're in shape, buddy.
- I'm not complaining.

You want to bet on my hand?
I've got a lucky streak.

Why not? When it's your turn,
you'll roll it for both of us.

- How much do you want to start with?
- I don't know, 3 thou each...

If it works, we'll up it.

You go first, sonny.
Go first, I said.

11 wins!

Where are you taking me?

You will take me where
you hid the 5 kilos...

What are you doing here?

We wanted to see if it was
rolling downstairs.

You bet it does. I just
got our joker here.

- What about the junk?
- He was taking me there.

- We're going with you.
- Yeah, but I've got my car there.

Ride with us. We'll drive you back.

So... where's the stuff?

- Where's the other one?
- I sold it.

- Who to?
- Some guy. Don't know his name.

You take me for a sucker?

- It was a wholesale dealer.
- What's he called?

- Fredo?
- No.

Little Jean?
Charlie Suitcase?


- As you like.
- Don't shoot.

- Who is he?
- Fredo.

Pass the towel.

- What are you waiting for?
- I'm staying here.

Come. The big boss wants to see you.

- Get in, Henri.
- We've got to take him with us.

Don't worry.

Get in, Goddamn it, get in.

Yes... Dastot? Wait a second.

I'm going in the other room.

I'm listening...

Hey. There was nothing
I could do.

Of course. Had I known...
Of course, I'm right.

I'll do my best.

You have my word.
All right.

Good bye.

- You slept well, baby?
- Yes. What about you?

So so.

- Not coming back to bed?
- No, I've got work.

You told me we'd go get
my things together.

- You'll take them back in a taxi.
- You keep me with you...

I've got to.

- Tell me, babe
- Yes.

- If I get in a jam...
- What sort of jam?

Nothing... I'll tell
you more later...

You act strange sometimes, Henri.
I wonder...

Don't wonder too much, honey.
I own "le troquet" and that's it.

- La rue de Montceau, please?
- You're asking?

- Rue de Montceau.
- Henri the nantais?

Yes. Get in.

Well... What do you want to know?
I was told you were in charge.

I'd like to see a couple of
your retailers. It's a problem?

- Why d'you want to see them?
- You think I find it fun?

Do I try to know where the
stuff is coming from?

I act for the Big Boss. And there
are not enough sales

I have to make things move.

What are you interested in?
White or black? I do both.

- Both.
- Let's start with Lichian. He deals in black.

- Where does your Lichian live?
- Rue de Lisbonne

Don't push him
too hard. He'd take offense.

Hello, Lichian.

I'm bringing a very good friend.
He wants to talk about your trade.

Your providers complain. They want
you to buy more. Else...

- Else?
- No more junk!

So, you choose. Either you order
double or I forbid your being delivered.

But the stuff is expensive.
Customers are scarce.

My dealers don't order much.
Their customers are poor.

- You must understand.
- I don't give a damn. What I want

is that you'd buy more.
As for the rest...

Don't forget that out of a kilo
of opium, only a third can be smoked.

At 80 thou a kilo of raw black,
it's a very expensive passion.

You don't think we'd lower
our prices. We have expenses.

Where's your opium den?

In the past they were more numerous.
I was doing all right. Now...

- Your dealers?
- For them, it's worse.

That's why I'm asking.
I want to see one.

That won't be possible.
Only I know them.

- I'm telling you I want to see one.
- No, I'm sorry.

I'm telling you I want
to see one. Give me an address.


Give me an address!

128 rue de Chalon. Oh Yen.

Are you coming?

Don't worry. I'll come by tomorrow.

Is that what you call
not pushing people?

You're coming or not?

Why do you want to see the dealers?

Lichian says it's worse for them.
I want to know why.

- So are you coming?
- No.

O.k. then. Kenavo*!
(*good bye in breton)

Yes, it's a good idea.
But you must be quick!

O.K. but hurry up. I'm going
back to "le troquet" at once. Bye.

Hi, baby. You're all right?
Business was good tonight?

Somewhat crowded, huh?

We'd like to talk
to you. You've got time?

Sit down.

- Something wrong?
- Read this.

U.S. drugs dealer Big Rossillio arrested

40 kilos of heroin seized
in a ship by Le Havre police

Yeah... As you say.
Lisky would like to know your opinion.

He finds it strange. Don't you?

- What do you mean?
- Nothing.

Lisky wants to
talk to you. Now.

Where is Lisky?
At his place?

Certainly not. Anyway,
we don't know where his place is.

But don't worry,
he wants to see you.

You'll tell him that he wants to see
me, he can demand it himself.

I do know his address.
No use sending people for me. Got it?

Here's the Law!

Don't stop. Go on playing.

Nobody moves.
Stay where you are.

- Hey. Slowly. Business man!
- So am I!


- What are you?
- A shame for my parents!

Trying to be funny?

Hey there!

- What did you hide under there?
- I? Nothing.

Nothing? May I?

- You dirty pervert!
- Still warm!

Search this guy!
He may be a sales rep for weapons!

Hey, Chopin! Stop shooting.

- Who's the boss here?
- Not me!

- I'm not asking you if you are...
- I am the boss. What's wrong?

- Your ID card!
- My papers? Why? I'm a restaurateur.

Your ID! Come on!

- Give me my ID card!
- You'll get it back up there.

- What do you mean?
- I'm taking you in.


- You've got all the ID's, guys?
- Yes boss. We give the cards back?

No, we're taking all these nice people
in. We'll check at home.

- The women too?
- I said all of them.

Two English tourists.
What shall we do?

- Apologize.
- O.k. boss.

Come on, let's go!
You're coming too.

Don't touch me!

- Excuse me!
- Where are you going?

My car's there!

We've found a car for you.
With a driver too!

- I hope my car won't be stolen.
- You'll pinch another one!

I'd like to know why I'm
held here.

You'll be told!
Detectives office!

- He was trying to hide his piece!
- Detectives office!

- What about me, Captain?
- Check the lady. If everything's in order

send her away.
- What about my man?

He's going to fall for carrying.
You want him to fall as a pimp too?

A pimp? But he's got a job...
He's a metal worker!

Yeah, sure!
No "S?rie Noire" in here!

- What? You don't like my face?
- A wise guy! Take him with the others!

And what do I do?
I've got nothing to do with those guys.

I'll give you reasons to shout...
Take this one with the others...

And this one too!

- What were you doing in Le Havre
two days ago?

Me? In Le Havre.
You're kidding...

Yeah... I do nothing else.
You were seen at the "Select bar"...

- No, no.
- A snitch told us. Don't be stubborn.

- Come on. Stop it. I told
you I don't know the select bar.

There's too much light.
Switch it off, Lecharme.

- And those? You know them?
- No, I don't know these guys.

You're a real pain in the ass!
I'm fed up with all that!

You'll spill it. We're wasting time.
Who are you working for?

- Who made you come back from the U.S.?
- Who's the boss?

- Where's the opium coming from?
- The Balkans, right?

- Yugoslavia...
- Where's your lab?

- Where did you stay in Le Havre?
- You weren't registered in any hotel.

Go to hell!

The son of a bitch!

What about this one?
Take him with the others.

- I want to know the relationship
between those two.

And with Ferret.
They were seen together.

Listen, captain. We've got nothing
to do with all that

You can speak with a guy
without knowing what he does.

I don't know him. We go to "le troquet"
because the food's good.

That's right. We'd be
glad to invite you there.

That's it. We'll
have a little chat together.

As soon as Ferret is better,
go on questioning him. He must talk

and he will talk. Even if we
must stay awake for 2 days. Hear me?

I've witnessed the whole hullaballoo.
He didn't chicken out

So of course he got
a thorough trashing.

They should not keep him
over 48 hours. It's in the constitution.

- Well they really beat you up!
- The swines didn't miss me.

Afterwards they said it
was a mistake and they apologized.

I'm going up. I'm feeling...

Give me a mirror.

- I look real nice!
- I'll take care of that.

Everything went fine, sweetheart?
- Yes.

Don't worry! That's nothing!

I was frightened they'd keep you in.
- It's over!

- They'll never come back?
- No, don't worry!

- Le troquet works fine...
- It does...

- So why are you involved in that?
- No questions, babe! Never!

Run me a bath while I'm alone.

- Hello, fellow!
- Stay where you are, o.k.?

You're nuts!
We only want to know how you're doing.

Paul's sending us. He wants
to know if you need something.

- He can't phone here any more.
- We wanted to apologize.

They let us go when they
saw they would not get anywhere.

How did it end for you?

- Leave us alone!
- You don't want me to...

Go. Do as I say.

Don't worry! it's all right.

- How did it end?
- Why would give a damn?

You don't think I squealed, do you?

Lisky is worried. Not because
of the cops. He knows you didn't sing.

- So what?
- He wants to know if you can work.

It seems your little number
worked. Business is getting better.

Le Havre was a serious blow.
What would you have thought in his place?

Maybe. But I don't like
that kind of dance.

And I don't like being summoned
by people with rods in their pockets.

You don't have to be angry
with us. We were following orders.

Stop it now, Henri. Don't be stubborn.
What do I tell Paul?

Tell him that with my look,
I'll go back to work in a few days.

- Bye!
- Goodbye!

Tell him that next time he has
doubts about me, I won't forget.

I hate being bullied.
I don't give in to threats. Never!

- He's apologized, Henri!
- Stubborn as all the bretons, huh?

- Ciao!
- Kenavo!

I waited until they were gone.

I'll run the bath.

- Listen, Lisette!
- Yes.

You remember what I said about
my risking to be in danger.

- What danger?
- If one day...

See what I mean.
Well, you call TURBIGO 2020

You ask for Paul, on behalf of
Henri Ferret. He'll know what it means.

Paul, that's the guy who phones sometimes?

No, he's another Paul. Don't try
to understand. He's not the same Paul.

This one is a friend.
You'll remember? TURBIGO 2020.

Yes, TURBIGO 2020.

- You're not eating?
- I'm not hungry.

- So it's o. k: you're going with my friend?
- I've already told you.

I don't care if he knows my pushers.
Everybody knows I'm into junk.

That's the problem. Too many people.
You're a chatterbox when you're drunk.

I've got it. No use insisting.

It's o.k. I'm of age, ain't I?
I do as I please.

Hey, Lea... Who do you think you're
talking to? To those fags?

Be polite to my buddy. All right?

You bore me stiff.

Pipe down, Fredo.
Can't you see she's drowsy?

What's going on, children.
Dinner was not good?

- No, it's very good.
- Your cheek is red, poor kitten!

You're getting worked up, Mr Fredo.

Watch out, Lea! Otherwise,
you won't get one gram for your own use.

- Got it?
- Don't do that, Fredo.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know what I was saying.

You see? she's a good kid.

By the way, the dealers told me you
add lactose to the stuff

I intended to forget it, but as
you're being clever, I'm warning you

if I hear you've mixed lactose
with the heroin.

I lock you up a full week with
no dope at all. Get it, bitch?

But Fredo, who said so?
I swear it's not true.

Shut up... She'll go with you,
Henri. See what you want to.

Excuse me, I'll be back.

- Getting better, right?
- It won't last.

How old are you?

What does it matter?
We age quickly, you know.

Been using for a long time?

You mustn't believe Fredo.
I've never put any lactose.

If you knew those dealers.
Each is worse scum than the next.

What do you want
to see exactly?

Your retailers. Nothing else.

Strange idea... Well...

We could go and see one of them.
It's close and we're sure to find someone.

Cingalet? You know him? Before you
left for the U.S. he was convicted

in the postcheque case.
Don't you remember?

Oh yes. How much time did he do?

- 'Evening.
- Good evening.

- What are you drinking?
- Brandy.


- Hello.
- Hello darling.

A friend.

- Good evening.
- Hello.

- What are you drinking?
- Chartreuse.

He wants to see you working.
You've got deliveries tonight?

A delivery?
Why would he want to see it?

- Who's this guy anyway?
- Don't ask questions.

You're out of your mind.
Let an unknown guy see my customers.

You're nuts, aren't you?

Do as you're told
and don't try to understand.

- I don' underst...
- Do as you're told.

All right. What do you want to see?

I told you: a delivery.
You've got nothing tonight?

I have. I'm expecting
a phone-call.

We'll see that.

You brute! You hurt me!

What are you saying? When I was young,
they called me Sweet Henri.

It's certainly for me.
It didn't take long.

What a brute
your friend is.

Don't worry, beauty.
There's no danger.

- How jealous you are!
- Didn't you see how he looked at him?

- Yes.
- Door 105. As usual, same place.

- You're coming?
- Where is it?

Varenne subway station.

You'll go first.
I'll follow you. Right?

Not so bad.
Good work!

You'll tell the kid
I'm satisfied.

Sometimes we use this.
We slide the package behind and...

That's smart.
Come on. Let's go.

Fancy going to a club?

- Where's your carpet?
- In Montparnasse.

- Shall we wait for the next train?
- No, come on, we'll take a taxi.

- Good evening, Lea.
- Good evening, Yvonne.

- Sir...
- Good evening.

- The Bosco's replacement.
- Ah... delighted.

- Everything all right?
- I'm not complaining.

- I was speaking of the sales.
- So was I.

Yesterday, I sold 60.
I have an average of 45, 50.

I'll be back.

- 50 grams is not a good average?
- It is. I'm sure you could do better.

Think about it.
It'll be better for you.

You're funny!
Make us pay less.

- We'd get new customers.
- The prices won't come down, sweetie.

Find a way! Those who don't
order double will be fired.

- Understood?
- Understood.

- I'm thirsty now.
- We'll order a bottle...

- Don't panic. He's our supplier.
- Thanks.

Shall we go and
drink that bottle?

Give me 5 grams.
I've got customers.

- That flower-girl is quite good.
- I don't give a damn about her.

You hear me Henri?
Say yes. I like you.

Oh, I do like you.

- You won't come to my place?
- It's very kind. But you're out of shape.

You should go home
and sleep now.

Why should I go?

I must stay here.
In my office.

- Sh Sh Sh...
- I work here.

Supplies of every kind.
I supply all those jerks!

- Be quiet!
- I fill up their noozles.

I tell you: up their noses.

Eye them up.
Eye all those junkies.

- Come!
- Bloody fools! All of you!

- Come on!
- Dope yourselves up andcroak!

Dope yourselves and croak.
Dope yourselves and croak.

I really like you.
You can't imagine!

Come home with me, Henri.
Come with me. Come. Home come.

I've told you. You're out of shape.
Tell me where you hang out. i'll drop you.

Drop me... you're crazy!

I don't want to be left alone.

I'll go see the wogs.
They're not stuck-up.

Where's that?

Rue Vercing?torix. Near Montparnasse.
You can smoke marijuana there.

Tell him.
Tell the driver.

It's you, Lea.
How are you doing, girl?

- You're not alone.
- He's a friend.

Let him inside.

Give me three.

- What about you.
- Give me a drink.

Give me... rum.

Don't worry.
I'm a friend of Lea's.

- I'm Lea's partner.
- You are?

- It's hard to find marijuana...
- You know the"Timbuktoo"?

- In Pigalle?
- Yes. The gentlemen there supply.

That Lea is a wretched girl.
She is...

Believe me. I'll teach
her a lesson.

No, Henri. No philanthropy.
Find a replacement.

Someone deserving...
Hurry? of course there's a hurry.

I don't want to hear about that.
This girl is dangerous.

Really dangerous.

You're fine?

I'm fine, quite fine.

- Is he in trouble?
- No, it's nothing!

Julien! Kidneys and
Chicken Chambertin are finished.

Yes he wants a replacement
for Julia. Immediately!

You know... that dope-head who is
at Nanard's in Montmartre...


You're in a hurry, right?

O.k., bye!

- What will you have, Mr Jo?
- I don't know, everything repels me!

Well... I'll have some champ'.

- What's new, daddy-ho?
- Fake stuff!

- What's going on?
- My chick got busted last night

It's getting tough.
You can't defend yourself!

If it goes on that way,
I'm going to lose it.

- They'll let her go soon!
- Easy for you to say! You've got
your joint. What have I got?

Ah... We'll open a bottle!
Hey, sweetie, give us a Bollinger!

- Going to the Champs-Elys?es?
- No, I work at the Bois now

my man says it's better
for my health.

- You're taking a taxi!
- Of course!

- I walk all day long!
- You'll drop me at Madeleine!

- She's still at Nanard's?
- Yes, she's drunk.

- When you see all she drinks!
- Watch it when she comes out.

We don't know where they'll
try to knock her off.

- Yeah.
- See you later!

Ah, can't see him getting in.
I'm hungry...

Here they are! Watch out!


Aren't you finished
with those firecrackers?

- Or shall I call the police?
- Rascals!

Speed up!

Go to bed, sweetheart!
I'll close up and go up.

- You were closing down?
- Yes!

- Your gal?
- She hit the sack.

Why that look on your face?
What's going on?

- A real blow!
- A really hard one! We need you.

Switch off! Switch off!

The cops were waiting at Nanard's.
I bumped one. Or two. Don't know.

- Did they recognize you?
- You bet!

- Why were you at Nanard's?
- Nothing.

Come have a drink.

Pass the towel!

Why was the Law at Nanard's?
You're sure they were waiting for you?

Sure! I didn't even
have time to breathe.

If I hadn't had my rod in my hand,
they'd have pinched me.

We're on the run.

One hour from now, all the cops will
have our mugshot. We won't be able to move.

We need a hideout.

Now that I've been raided
I can't keep you here.

We aren't thinking of you.
Lisky must find a place.

Lisky! You're goofy!
Why don't you go to Birot's?

- Birot's? Why not at the police?
- We go where I said, Henri.

And as you're the only
one who knows the address...

I can't take to Lisky's this late.
I can phone him, no more.

We do as I said, Henri.

Don't be stubborn, damnit!
We must phone Paul. Quickly!

No. We're in this shit because of
him. He must help us. Let's go!

O.K. I'll drive you there but you
can be sure he'll be pissed off.

We don't give a damn.

You'll remember?

I will... TURBIGO 2020.

Hello? Turbigo 2020?

Mr Paul?
I'm phoning on behalf of Henri Ferret.

You're positive
you weren't followed?

We've already told you we weren't.
That's enough, Lisky!

Stop your games. I'm wanted for
killing a cop. I've to time for bullshit.

We want you find a hideout. Quickly!

- How did they know?
- I'm no burmese wizard.

- Who told them?
- Unless it's a coincidence.

Surely not. Someone ratted.

Yes... someone ratted.
Wait! I've got an idea.

Don't move from here.

If he double-crosses us,
he's going to get it.

Why would he doublecross us?

Here's 500 notes.
It's all the cash I've got here.

- You'll get more soon.
- Great! But where shall we hide?

I've got a house... 20 miles
from here. A former hunting-lodge.

You'll stay there a few days.
It'll give me time

to get the money and
the documents you need to get away.

For you, France...
is finished.

- That hunting lodge is safe?
- Nothing's safer.

I store the opium there.
The ideal hide-out!

Here's the map to get
there. Henri'll drive you.

You follow those lines.
You'll avoid the main roads.

Here are the keys.
Right... That's it!


As I get away with them,
you'll take care of the restaurant.

I'll have the staff informed.
Be careful when you go down.

We don't really feel like
playing the drums!

Good evening.

- You're sure it's the right road?
- Quite, yes.

As long as we avoid
the main roads...

- We must have made a mistake!
- Ah! Shut up!

- I think he's right. We fucked up!
- Stop, damnit! Let's see where we are!

We're too far!
We should have turned left before.

Couldn't you look at
the bloody map earlier?

I'll start thinking
you're doing it on purpose.

- Yeah! I want to be taken in with you!
- Let's get moving instead of talking.

- Now you know where you're going?
- I hope so!

Who the hell cares
as long as we're not on the main roads?

Will you shut up
with your main road?

I'm fed up! We've been driving around
for one hour like fools. You'd think...

- What do you mean now?
- Nothing.


We're getting to a village.

It may be the place.

Did you find the switch?

It stinks in here!
It needs airing out.

I'll light up the fire.

If we open up,
it won't stink so much.

You're nuts! Don't open the window.
I don't give a damn about the smell.

There are no shutters. Let's put
furniture in front. You never know.

Hey guys! Look!
We won't starve!

Lisky is really organized...

- You think he's the big boss?
- Not so sure!

It might be a kraut,
a wop, a yankee...

I think Lisky is only the French boss.
In America it was Big Rosillo

but I'm sure they're guys above them.

The real leader might be...
well, I don't know...

The big leaders.
Those we never get to see...

There's a way inside...
over there... up the wall.


Quiet! No cigarettes.

The cars are coming throug the forest.
The gendarmes are showing the way.

The only thing
missing is a tank!

Tell me... it's not a hunting-lodge.
It's an arsenal.

What the hell will
you do with such artillery!

I've always liked spray...

You could at least have
let me know, boss!

I couldn't, buddy!

What's the matter with you?


With that bloody window,
we're a sitting ducks.

- What's with you? You're both nuts.
- Shut up, damnit!

We're done, guys!
Someone ratted on us.

They can die!

Where are you, Henri?


- Coming, Lecharme?
- Yes!

Let's go!

Leroux! Remember what I said.
You... You don't move.

Don't hang up!
The boss is coming.

Hello... Martin?
Start the raid!

All teams move at the same time!
Let nobody escape!

I want to see them all when I'm back.
Fredo, the pushers, the Chinese... All!

Get going. Raid them all!

All right! that's all for now!
Hands up! or I'll shoot.

- What?
- I said hands up or I pump metal.

I don't believe it! He's
with them. Scumbag!

Hello! Commissioner Rominger speaking!

The house is surrounded.
Surrender! There's no way out.

Throw away your weapons.
Come to the windows, hands on your head.

Go f...

Henri from Nantes!
One of us...

Yeah. The boss said
I was to tell you.

Shit! Thinking we beat
the hell out of him!

Give up! The only thing that
can happen is being bumped off!

Keep your advice
and come out, scumbag!

You have one last chance. Surrender!
I'll take you to the boss, he wants you alive!

I want you dead!
Can you hear me, swine?

You're hiding... You're scared.
Just like a cop!

- You're brave only when...
- Here I am, dirtbag.

Take care of him.

- Doctor!
- Don't worry, Fernand! It's nothing.

- Where were you hit?
- Here. In the arm, but it's nothing.

Doctor, take
care of him. Quick!

He's detective Henri Ferret.
I was really worried.

- How did you know?
- The girl!

She told me they were taking
you to Lisky's. So we sped along.

You'd just left.

Thinking of it... Have the place searched.
Lisky stores his opium here.

More evidence to indict him.

Well... what are you doing here?

I'll follow, Fernand.

- What's wrong? You were wounded?
- Yeah! but don't worry. It's nothing.

- So you're a policeman...
- I am...

You see... It's strange, Henri.
I've always thought you were into drugs.

You think so? Well, I've been in
it up to there... for some time.

Now, sweetheart, you go home
quietly. I've still got lots of work.

It's no place
for you here. Come on! Go!

See you later, babe!

I'll wait for you.

Look! Here's the nice crowd.
Some are still missing. More are coming!

A really pleasant sight!

The guy seems pleased
with himself. He's worked well!

That guy was
only a bloody cop...

You think you're smart...
Arresting a woman! You dickheads!

Why ssshhh? Those bastards!
All dickheads!

Quiet! Shut it up!

Leave me alone!
I'm fed up seeing your mugs!

I'm going to croak!
Can you hear? I'm going to croak!

Morons! All of you!

Give her some dope.
She needs it!

Take her along
and give her what she needs.

Come with me!

Come! I'll give you some!

Well... I'd like to see
Lisky now... Where is he?



Subtitles by Cinephage
@ karagarga.