Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) - full transcript

In a realm known as Kumandra, a re-imagined Earth inhabited by an ancient civilization, a warrior named Raya is determined to find the last dragon.

I know what you're thinking.

A lone rider.

A dystopian world.

A land that's gone to waste.

How did this world
getso broken?

Well, that all began
500 years ago.


This is what we used to be.

When our land was whole,

and we lived harmoniously


Magical creatures
who brought us

waterand rain and peace.

It was paradise.

But then, the Druun came.

A mindless plague
that spread like wildfire,

as they consumed life

and turned everyone
they touched into stone.

The dragons fought for us
the best they could,

but it wasn't enough.

That's when
the Mighty Sisudatu,

the last dragon,

concentrated all her magic
into a gem and...

...blasted the Druun away.

Everyone that was turned
to stone came back.

Except the dragons.

All that was left of Sisu
was her gem.

It should have been
this big inspirational moment,

where humanity united
over her sacrifice.

But instead,
people being people,

they all fought to possess

the last remnant
of dragon magic.

Borders were drawn,
Kumandra divided.

We all became enemies,
and the gem had to be hidden.

But that's not how
the world broke.

That didn't truly happen
until 500 years later,

when I came into the story.



Looks like someone's trying
to be clever.

All right, Tuk Tuk,

let's show 'em
what clever really looks like.

Tuk Tuk!

Come on!


Thank you.

Hey, bud, that was awesome.
Give me some shell.

I got ya.


Wait a second.

This feels too easy.

Chief Benja.

I know it's your job
to try and stop me,

but you won't.

Don't mistake spirit
for skill, young one.

I promise
you will not set foot

on the Dragon Gem's
inner circle.

Not even a toe.

You might wanna take out
that blade.

You're gonna need it.

Not today.


Like I said, not one foot
on the inner circle.

You lost, Raya.

Did I?


I probably should have said
two feet.

Hey, don't beat yourself up
too much, Chief Benja.

You gave it your best.

I won't.

And it's either "Father"
or "Ba" to you.

You did good, dewdrop.
You passed the test.


The spirit of Sisu.

For generations, our family
has sworn to protect the gem.

Today, you will join
that legacy.

Raya, Princess of Heart,
my daughter,

you are now
a Guardian of the Dragon Gem.

Whoa. Ah...

Well, someone's excited.

Well, yeah!

I mean, anyone hoping
to steal the Dragon Gem

now has to face the fury

of the two baddest blades
in all the lands.

I'm glad
you feel prepared, dewdrop,

because I have something
important to tell you.

The other lands, they're on
their way here, as we speak.

They are? Uh...


Okay, no, we can do this.
I'm ready.

I know exactly
how we'll stop them.

Really? Tell me what you know
about the other lands.

First... Tail.

A sweltering desert
with sneaky mercenaries

who fight dirty.

Second, Talon.

A floating market famous
for fast deals

and fighters
with even faster hands.

Third, Spine.

A frigid bamboo forest

guarded by
exceptionally large warriors,

and their giant axes.

Fourth, Fang.
Our fiercest enemy.

A nation protected
by angry assassins,

and their even angrier cats.


so we're gonna need some
crossbows and catapults and...

Ooh! What about
flaming catapults?

Or, how about
shrimp paste from Tail.

lemongrass from Talon,
bamboo shoots from Spine,

chilis from Fang
and palm sugar from Heart?

We'll poison them?

No, we're not going
to poison them

and we're not going
to fight them.

We're going to share a meal
with them.

- Wait, what?
- I invited them.

But they're our enemies.

They're only our enemies

because they think
the Dragon Gem

magically brings
us prosperity.

That's ridiculous.
It doesn't do that.

They assume it does,

just like we assume things
about them.

Raya, there's a reason why
each land

is named after
a part of the dragon.

We were once unified.
Harmoniously as one.


That's ancient history, Ba.

But it doesn't have to be.

Listen, if we don't stop

and learn to trust
one another again,

it's only a matter of time

before we tear
each other apart.

This isn't the world
I want you to live in.

I believe that
we can be Kumandra again.

But someone has to take
the first step.

Trust me.

Things look
a little tense, Ba.

Don't worry,
I'm gonna open with a joke.

Please don't.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

People of Tail, Talon,

Spine, and Fang,

welcome to Heart.

For far too long,
we have been enemies,

but today is a new day.

Today, we can be Kumandra
once more.

Nice speech, Chief Benja.

But why'd you really
bring us here?

Are you gonna rob us?

Why would he need to rob us?

The land of Heart
already has everything.

Oh, it's easy to pontificate
on Kumandra

when you hold the mightiest
weapon in all the lands.

The gem's not a weapon.
It's a sacred relic.

Kumandra's a joke!

He brought us all this way

to talk about fairy tales.

This is pointless!

I have something to say.

Who's hungry?


Go ahead. It's all right.

I'm Namaari, of Fang.

Hi, Namaari. I'm Raya.

Is that Sisu?

Sorry, um, yeah,

I might be a little bit
of a dragon nerd.

Hey, I'm the one wearing
the Sisu fan necklace.

Come on.

Have you eaten yet?


Your mom actually said that?

Okay, next question.

Hand-to-hand or swords?

- Blades all day.
- Right?

Okay, dressy or casual?

Only a monster would choose

to wear this outfit
on the regular.

Uh, rice or stew?

I didn't think
that'd stump you.

Uh... This is actually
one of the first times

I've had rice in awhile.


Fang may look nice
on the outside,

but we have some pretty
big holes on the inside.


Sorry. Didn't mean
to bring it down.

So, where were we?

We both have single parents

who are terrible
at telling jokes.

We're both warrior women

who despise uncomfortable
formal wear.

And we're both Sisu superfans.


You know, Fang legend says
she's still out there.

Sisu? You're kidding, right?

Wanna see something?

Are you supposed to have that?


According to this,

after the Mighty Sisu
blasted away all the Druun,

she fell into the water
and floated downstream.

Legends say she's now sleeping
at the river's end.

But which river?
There's, like, hundreds.

I don't know.

But if we could find it,
could you imagine?

A dragon back in the world.

Things could be
so much better.


Maybe we really could be
Kumandra again.




From one dragon nerd
to another.



Come with me, dep la.
I wanna show you something.

The spirit of Sisu.
I can feel it.

It's the last bit
of dragon magic

left in the whole world.

I see why
Heart guards it so closely.

Thank you, dep la.
You've been very helpful.

In a different world, maybe
we could have been friends,

but I have to do
what's right for Fang.

Chief Virana, I'm so glad
Fang accepted our invitation.


There is no way
you're taking Sisu's gem.

Sorry. It's Fang's now.

You will not set foot on
the Dragon Gem's inner circle.

What's going on?

What is this?

making a play for the gem!

No! Spine should have the gem!

Not if we get to it first!

Our blades say different.

Listen to me!

We have a choice.

We can tear each other apart,

or we can come together
and build a better world.

It's not too late.

I still believe
we can be Kumandra again.


Out of my way!

The gem belongs to Spine!

Give me the gem!

No... No...


There's still magic in them!

- Get the pieces!
- No!

Ba! Come on, we have to go!

They're repelled by water.

Hurry! Get to the river!

Ba, get up! Come on!

Please, we have
to keep moving.

Get up!

Ba! We don't have time!

Stand up! I'll help...

Raya, you have to listen.

You are the Guardian
of the Dragon Gem.

Ba, why are you saying this?

There's still light in this.
There's still hope.

No! We can make it together.

You're okay.

Don't give up on them.

I love you, my dewdrop.





Please let this be it.


What are you doing,
you big fur bug?

Hey, buddy, focus.

Eyes forward, Tuk Tuk.

Good boy.

You're so easily distracted.

You're getting a little
too big for this, bud.

Six years of searching

and we end up
at a literal shipwreck.

That's not a bad sign, is it?



I don't know
if you're listening.

I've searched every river
to find you,

and now I'm here
at the very last one.

Look, there's not
a lot of us left,

and we really...
We really need your help.

If I can be honest,

I really need your help.

I made a mistake.

I trusted someone
I shouldn't have, and...

...now the world's broken.


I just really, really
want my ba back.



Here goes everything.

Suvaa de draa sim

Mandra de draa lim

Bavaa de draa

I know, buddy,
I haven't forgot...

Oh, my... Where am I?

Pengu? Amba? Pranee?
Are you here?

Oh, Mighty Sisu.

Who said that?




Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't see you there.

Not too bad.
Just a little dusty.

Let me get that for ya.


You are Sisu?

And you're people.

What's your name?

Raya. I'm Raya.

And you're not made of stone,
which means...

It worked!

We did it!

You hear that, Pengu?
It worked!

I didn't mess it up!

Is that food?

I was so focused
on saving the world,

I forgot to have
breakfast today.


When exactly
do you think today is?


I mean...

What is this delightful
culinary treat?

It's jackfruit jerky.
I dried it myself.

Well, compliments to the chef.

Wanna finish this, Skippy?


Sisu, there are a few things
I need to catch you up on.

Oh, yeah?

You broke it?

Oh, oh. Oh, my. This is bad.
This is bad.

I've been asleep
for 500 years,

you brought back
the Druun,

and none of my brothers
and sisters came back.

Why didn't they come back?

I don't know.

Also, you broke the gem!

But I still have
a big chunk of it, though.

Is that supposed
to make me feel better?

If you lost a puppy,
and I said...

"Well, we still
have a big chunk of it!"

Would that make you
feel better?

Can't you just make
another one?

No, I can't just
"make another one."

But you're a dragon.

I'm gonna be real
with you, all right?

I'm not, like,
the best dragon, ya know?

But you saved the world.

I did do that. That's true.

But have you ever done
like a group project,

but there's, like,
that one kid

who didn't pitch in as much,

but still ended up
with the same grade?

Yeah, I wasn't the one
who actually made the gem.

I just turned it in.

Whoa. Uh...

You're glowing.

Oh, thank you.

I use aloe and river slime
to maintain my...

No, no. Look!

Oh! This is my little sister
Amba's magic.

I got the glow!

Your little sister's magic?

Yeah, every dragon
has a unique magic.

Okay, what's yours?

I'm a really strong swimmer.

Wait, wait, wait,
you touched this gem piece

and it gave you powers.

You know what
this means, right?

I no longer need
a night light?

What? No!
You're still connected to the gem's magic,

and that means
you can still use it

to save the world.

If we can get
all the other gem pieces...

- I can reassemble it...
- ...you can reassemble it...

...and boom
the Druun away!

And bring my ba back?

And bring
all of Kumandra back.

Princess Namaari,

the Tail lands
are infested with Druun.

Benja's daughter is as good
as stone out here.

some useless dragon scroll

isn't worth the risk.

Anyone else wanna question
why we're out here?

Okay, so here's the sitch.

After the gem broke,
each piece was taken

by one of the chiefs
of the five lands,

Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon,
and Tail.

Where we are now.

Wow. So many questions.

First one,
why am I wearing this?

Well, we don't want
to attract attention.

Oh, you definitely chose
the right hat for that.

So, what makes you think
the Tail chief's here?

Because this place
didn't just booby-trap itself.

This doesn't make sense.

None of this
would stop a Druun.

It's not to stop Druun.
It's to stop people.



Why are you looking at me
like that?


I'm just not used to
seeing dragons.

Impressed, huh? Wait until
you see my backstroke.

I'm wicked
when I hit that liquid.

I got water skills that kill.

I slaughter
when I hit the water.

I'm, like, really good
at swimming, through rhyme.

I was trying to make that...

That I'm really good
at swim...

I'm a good swimmer,
is basically what I'm...

Okay, um,
we need to keep going.

- Oh, no!
- What? What is it?

We forgot to bring a gift
for the Tail chief.

I'm sorry. A gift?

Yeah. A gift says,

"You can trust me,
can I trust you?"

Aw. Hey there,
little fella.

This beetle's got a booty.

Uh... Careful.
It's a Toot N Boom.

Why is it called a...

Got it. Noted. Makes sense.


You have to admit though,

these bug booties
are kind of cute.

I'd say
we found the Tail chief.

What happened to her?

From the looks of it,

she was hoarding the gem

and became a victim
of her own traps.

Well, you gotta admire
her commitment.

Okay. Hold on.

Oh, we were doing
a jumpy thing!

So sorry. My bad.

I get it now. I'm with it.



Two down, three to go.

I just shapechanged!
Into people!

Dragons can do that?

This was my sister
Pranee's thing.

Look at my people arms
and my people face.

Look how close my butt is
to my head.

Now that
you don't have to hide me,

getting the rest of the gems
is gonna be a breeze.

Yeah, well, this one was easy,

but the rest of them
are being held

by a bunch
of no-good binturis.


That's not a very nice way
to describe an old friend.


What's drippin', dep la?

Oh, I see you've finally
made a new friend.

And here I was worried

you were gonna end up
becoming a cat lady

like me.

Something tells me
you're not besties.

Stealing Dragon Gem pieces,
are we? Why?

What can I say?
Bling is my thing.


I gotta admit, Raya,
until a few months ago,

I thought you were stone.

But then, someone stole
Fang's dragon scroll.

Oh, is that why
you're chasing me?

And here I thought
it was because you missed me.

Are you really looking
for Sisu?

What are you, 12?

Yeah, I actually was looking
for Sisu.

Oh, and guess what?
I found her.

Say hi, Sisu.


It's very nice to meet you,

and I love your hair
and your cats' hair.

Take them.


Not like that! Two legs!


Tuk Tuk! Roll!



Who was that girl?

That's Namaari.

She's the backstabbing binturi
that broke the world.

Wow, those cats
are really fast, huh?

What do cats and Druun
have in common?

Um... They have no souls?

And they both hate water.

- Oh.
- Hold on!

Hello? Is anybody here?

Welcome to the world-famous

My name is Boun.
I'll be your server today.

Would you like to hear
our daily specials?

Yes, please!

We got shrimp, we got congee.

We got a shrimp congee
that won't quit.

The captain,
where is the captain?

Let me go get him.

What's up, my new customers?

I'm Captain Boun,

the owner, chef,
and chief financial officer

of the Shrimp-orium.

How can I help you?

Well, I'm Sisu and...

And we need
to get to Talon now.

I'm sorry. The Shrimp-orium
is not a water taxi.

Toi, that's a lot of jade!

Half now, half when we arrive
in Talon. Deal?

Clasp onto your congee.

Today's special is

to go.

Uh, Captain Boun?

Does this thing go any faster?

Whoa! You didn't tell me
Fang was after you!

This is gonna cost you extra!

Don't worry, I got it.

What is she doing?

What is happening?

My friend's
a really strong swimmer.

Bye-bye, binturi.

Princess Namaari,
if they're after gem pieces,

their next stop
would be Talon.

We're not following them
to Talon.

We're going back to Fang.

I need to speak
with Chief Virana.

Sisu? Sisu?


Please get out of there.

I'm a water dragon.

This is water.
It's sort of my thing.

You wanna come in?

Someone could see you.

Oh. Do you mean Captain Pop
and Lock over there?

What, are you scared

he's gonna challenge me
to a dance battle?

Sisu, I saw people
lose their minds

over a Dragon Gem.

Can you imagine what they'd do
over an actual dragon?

Look, we need you
to make this all work.

Until we have all the gems,
you have to stay human.


Wow, you really
got some trust issues.

Look, my father
blindly trusted people,

and now, he's stone.

Hey, we'll get your ba back.

I got you, girl.
Come on, who's your dragon?

I mean, human. Because
I'm gonna be a human until...

Yeah, you... You get it.

Okay, who's hungry?

Oh, I am.

Two house specials.
How spicy would you like it?

Hot, hotter,
or Boun-goes-the-dynamite?

- Bring on the heat!
- Yeah, no.

No, I don't think so.

Uh, what are you doing?

We don't
know him. It could be poison.

Why would he poison us?

Yeah, why would I poison you?

First, to get my jade purse,

second, to steal my sword,

and third, I don't know,
to kidnap my Tuk Tuk.

All good points,
but if this is poison...


...you're gonna die happy.

Yeah, thanks,
but we got our own eats.

This is delicious.

By the way, not poison.

But it's...

It's hot. Ooh, it's hot!

It's hot! It's really hot!

Oh, my! Oh! Water!

Boun? Captain Boun?
We need water on deck!

I know, buddy.

You know, during the day,

you can almost forget
they're here,

but at night...

This is why
I never leave the boat.

You're a smart kid.

What are Druun, anyways?

A plague.
Born from human discord.

They've always been here.

Waiting for a moment
of weakness to attack.

They're like
the opposite of dragons.

Instead of bringing water
and life to the world,

they're like a relentless fire

that consumes everything
in its wake

until there's nothing left
except ash and stone.

They took my family.

They took mine, too.

Looks like we're here.

So, where are you guys heading
after Talon?

I might be heading there, too.

I mean, for a fee, of course.

Of course.

Wow! What a smart way
to Druun-proof your house.

Build right on the water.

People of Talon are geniuses.

Yeah. Talon may look nice,

but it's a hotspot for
pickpockets and con artists.

Lucky for me. Empty pockets!

Okay, so here's the good news.

I know where the gem piece is.

The bad news?

It's being held by
the notorious Chief of Talon,

Dang Hai.

What Dang Hai lacks in style,
he makes up in mean.



Now, we're just gonna have to
turn up the charm.

Let's go get him a gift.

Sisu, I think maybe
it's safer for you

to stay here on the boat.


Without you, we can't
put the gem back together.

But I wanna help.

I know, and you will.

By staying safe.

I'll be back
before you know it.

If you see any hungry faces,
send 'em my way.

You got it, Captain.

All right,
there's Dang Hai's house.

No detours
till we score that Dragon Gem.

Whoa. What in the...



Hey, baby, toddler, thing...

...whatever you're called.

It's really late.
What are you doing out here?

Where are your parents?

Hey, uh, whose baby...

What? Ongis?

Drop 'em!


Really? A con-baby?

Ah, this is giving me
bad feels.

Chief Dang Hai
does not sound like

someone you could smooth talk.

And Raya
didn't even bring a gift.

That's it. I'm going shopping.

Oh, wait.
I don't have any money.

You're an adult.

You could just put it
on credit.

Oh... Uh, what's credit?

It's kinda like a promise.

You take what you want now,

and you promise
you'll pay it back later.

Pay it back later? Huh!

What an amazing concept.

Thanks, Captain Boun.

I'll be buying this
with credit.

Oh, Dang Hai's
gonna love this!

Credit, please.

Oh, I like that. Uh, yeah,
I'll be using credit, yes.

I love credit!

Hey, you!

Are you going
to pay for any of that?


Right, right.
No, this is on credit.

Yeah, I'm gonna pay it
back later.

Pay us back later?
We don't know you.

You have no credit here.

- Pay us right now.
- Now?

I don't have anything,

but if I could just find
my girl Raya,

she has a sword, dried eats,

two Dragon Gem pieces.

No, we don't!
What? Who said that?

You better pay up, binturi.

This isn't a charity.

Who do you think
you're stealing from?

Get away from her!

Can't you see
she's new in town?

Come, dear. Don't be afraid.

It's okay.

Hey, watch out!




So, it's none of my business,

but using your baby charm
to rip people off...

...is super sketchy.

All right,
where is your family?





How would you like to earn
some honest loot?


All right, Dang Hai,

I'll take that
Dragon Gem piece.

Whoa! I'm not Dang Hai.

I'm Chai, the flower guy.

Where is Dang Hai?

He's right over there.

What? Who has his gem piece?

The most vicious chief

Talon has ever seen.

Those folks were,
like, crazy mad.

I just wanted
to bring some gifts

to the Talon chief Dang Hai.

Is that who
you're looking for, dear?

I know exactly where he is.

You do?

Mm-hmm. I will take you there.

See? That's what I've been
trying to tell my girl Raya.

And she's all like,
"You can't trust people."

"Don't talk to anyone."

"I only eat terrible foods
I dried myself."

Come, dear.

Chief Dang Hai
is just outside the city,

beyond the gates.

Away from
the water, huh? Wow.

He really likes living
on the edge.

Hi there, Dang Hai.

Um, I'm Sisu,

and I've come here
to offer you some...


Now, you're gonna tell me

where I can find
those other Dragon Gem pieces,

or I'll have to leave you
outside with that thing.

Take your pick.

But I... I trusted you.

Big mistake.

You better talk fast.

It looks hungry.

No. No, no. No, no, no!


Stop her!

Sisu, I told you
to stay on the boat.


Hold on to this for me,
will ya?


Yeah. That was
my brother Jagan's magic.

Three down, two to go.

All right, Captain Boun,
next stop, Spine...


Thanks for the new customers!

Yeah, I sort of promised
to buy them

all the congee they could eat.

Well, we're stuck with them
for a while

'cause ongis have
nine stomachs.

Oh, toi.

I can't believe it.

That old lady
was really gonna hurt me.

Well, I'm sorry, Sisu,

but that's what
the world is now.

You can't trust anyone.

Does that include babies?

- Uh, well...
- She's so cute.

I mean, look at those cheeks.

Hi, I'm Sisu.

She loves my face.

Yeah, watch out
she doesn't steal your teeth.

Here, let me help you.

Oh, that's so sweet.

Okay, that's, uh...
That's too much sweet...

Too much sweetness.
It's too much!

Chief Virana,
we're running out of room.

We need to expand
to the mainland.

And how do you propose
we handle the Druun,

General Atitāya?

Without proper protection,

it would be a death sentence
for our people.

I might have a solution
for that, Mother.

My little morning mist...

Oh, it's good to see you home.

I located Raya.
She's out stealing gem pieces.


I'd like to take
the royal army

and intercept her in Spine.

if she's going into Spine,

I doubt there'll be much left
of her to intercept.

She's more capable
than you realize.

We have to stop her.

Walk with me.

Look around.

We made all this
by making smart decisions,

not emotional ones.

We are safe.

Our canal protects us
from those monsters.

I don't think it's wise
to risk yourself

when you don't have to.

But you heard the general.

We're running out of space.
We need to expand.

If we had all the gem pieces,
we could do that safely.

You're right.

This isn't
an emotional decision.

It's the only decision
we can make

to secure Fang's future.

Namaari, you're truly growing

into the leader
I raised you to be.

General Atitāya,
ready the royal army

for my daughter's command.

Thank you, Mother.
I won't let you down.

Hey! Stop eating!


Sorry, buddy, I got this.

Did you just throw
a shrimp at me?

That's not even edible!

- Hey!
- Don't look at me...

Uh... Hey, guys?

...like that,
you fuzzy garbage can!

Do you wanna play

All right. Ready?



- Thanks.
- Two and a half.


Remind me to never have kids.

Being people is hard.




You have small heads.

No tails.

You lie to get what you want,

like the Talon chief
back there.

Yeah, well,
the world's broken.

You can't trust anyone.

Or maybe the world's broken

because you don't
trust anyone.

You sound just like my ba.

Well, he sounds like
a smart man.

Yeah, he was.

I really wanted
to believe him.

I really wanted to believe

that we could be
Kumandra again.

And we can.

Literally thousands of people
turned to stone

would argue otherwise.

That doesn't mean
you shouldn't try.

And I did.
And you know what happened?

I got kicked in the back
by someone who gave me a gift.

Look around.

We're a world
of orphans because

people couldn't stop fighting
over a gem.

Wanna know why other dragons
didn't come back?

It's because
people don't deserve them.

But you can change that.

No, Sisu, I am done trying.

Kumandra is a fairy tale.

The only thing
important to me now

is bringing my ba back.

Um... I think we're in Spine.


Hey, my congee!

Don't go anywhere.
I'll be right back.

Sisu! Come back! Please!

What... What are you doing?

I'm going to show you
that you're wrong!

How? By getting squashed by
a bunch of Spine rage-heads?


By proving to you

that if you wanna get
someone's trust,

you have to give
a little trust first.

Wait, Sisu, don't...

In hindsight,
maybe I was a little hasty,

but, uh, who's hungry?

No? I'll leave you alone.

Okay, where are we?

Interesting choice of digs.

You two must be
dung of brain

to think you could steal
Spine's Dragon Gem.


Who said anything about gems?

We have no interest in gems.

Okay, yeah, I can see how

that makes me look
like a liar.

Actually, I think
it was the lying

that made you look
like a liar.

I'm not sure what's funny.

Your fear
is like delectable nectar

feeding the tum-tum
of my soul.

It's good.

Tastes like... mango.

Oh. I love mango.

Of course you love mango!

Only a tongue-less
cretin wouldn't.

Oh, toi!

It's been such a long time

since I've last peered

into the eyes
of a trembling enemy.

Where has the time gone?

It's been so long.

He seems lonely.

No! I'm not lonely.

I'm a Spine warrior.

I was born and bred to do
only one thing.

To invoke fear

and to crush the skulls
of my enemies!

That's actually two things.

Look at your face.

Hey. What do you plan on doing
with us?

Oh, it's gonna be bad.


It'll take me two weeks
to clean up!

You have no idea, do you?

Yes, I do.

I'm formulating this
gruesome plan in my head...

Makes me sick
just thinking about it.

You... You just wait.

Until then, why don't you
just hang around?

Good one, huh?


A little one?

All right!

Phew! Good work, Captain Boun!

- Fang's here!
- What?

People of Spine,
we are hunting for Raya,

a fugitive from Heart!

Send her out,
or we're coming in!

You're the only one here?

My people battled the Druun
with much valor,

but lost.


But the Fang gang's here
for me, not for you,

so, um,
if I can distract them,

then you guys
can get out of here.

You're gonna fight
an entire army?

No, I'm just gonna stall them.

Look, I know how to push
Namaari's buttons.

And once you guys are clear,
I'm out of there.

What's your name?

The moniker given to me
is Tong.

Okay, Tong, look,
you don't know me,

and I don't know you,

but I'm sure that
you know a back door

or a way outta here,

and it's really important that
my friends stay safe, okay?

So, I am sincerely asking you,
will you help us?



Note to self,

don't die.

Burn them out.

Hey there, Princess Undercut.

Fancy meeting you here.

and the Dragon Gem pieces

are coming with me.

My sword here says we're not.

Yeah, I knew you couldn't
handle rolling solo.

You're nothing
without your band.

Stand down.

This shouldn't take long.

Did you need that, dep la?


Looks like somebody's
been taking classes.

Why are you stealing
gem pieces?

Oh, I'm just
trying to get a matching set.

You didn't happen
to bring Fang's gem, did you?

No? Never mind.

I'll just swing by
and grab it later.

Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this.

Yep, she's a dragon.

Let's go.

Come on!

Did you just hit me
with a shrimp tail?

When were you gonna tell us
she was Sisu?

Well, technically,
you always knew she was Sisu.


Why are you here,

divine water dragon?

Isn't that obvious, big guy?

My girl Raya and I
are gonna fix the world.

Bring everyone back.

You're gonna
bring everyone back?

I wanna help.

I'm sorry,
I can't let you do that.

It's too dangerous.

You're not the only one
who lost family to the Druun.


Let me help you.

I too wish to join
this fellowship

of Druun butt-kickery!

My big brother Pengu's magic.

All right, Captain Boun.
To Fang.

You got it!

All right, everyone,
here's the plan.

The last gem piece is in Fang,

the most heavily guarded
of the five lands.

Now, they're protected
by an artificial canal

that separates them
from the rest of the world.

The only way in or out

is by water.

Luckily for us,
we have a magic water dragon.

Now, the palace will be
swarmingwith Fang soldiers.

To sneak past them,
we'll need to...

I got this, guys.

I'll take care
of the first wave.

Tong will follow up

with hisgiant axe
of bad-axery.

And then come the ongis
and that crazy con-baby...

...who will toss the gem
to the Mighty Sisudatu.

And then, bye-bye, binturis.

Super flow plan, am I right?

Uh, no. Yeah, that's not flow.
That's a clog.

I agree.

Here's my plan.

We infiltrate Fang,

confront Namaari,

and offer her something nice
and go...

Hey! Wanna help us
save the world?

Because all it takes
is one gem piece.


I've been waiting
for someone to ask me!

Here you go!

Best friends forever!

Yeah, I think I'd rather
go with Boun's plan.



What, why?

Because it's Fang.

Their blades
are specially designed

for the stabbing of backs.

If it weren't for them,

none of this
would have happened.

They're the worst.

If we're just honest with her,

deep down, I got a feeling

she wants to fix the world
as much as we do.

You weren't there
when Namaari betrayed me.

We're sticking with my plan.

Whoa. Uh...
What's with the downpour?

Come on!
I need to show you something.

So, what do we do now?

I don't know.

Where are you taking me?

Sisu, why did you
bring me here?

This is where it all happened.

Yeah, I know.

- I was there.
- No.

This is where it all happened
500 years ago.

I want you to meet
my brothers and sisters.

The real mighty ones.

I miss them.

I never knew
they were here.

See that classy-looking one
over there?

That's Amba.
I get my glow from her.

And that's Pranee.
She's a shapeshifter.

Jagan, fog.

And Pengu.

He's our big brother.

He brings the rain.

We were the last dragons.

All the other dragons
had been turned to stone.

We were drowning
in a sea of Druun.

But my oldest brother Pengu
refused to accept defeat.

This is where
we'd make our last stand...


So, one by one,

they combined all their magic,

creating the Dragon Gem.

I don't know why
they chose me.

It could have been any of us.

All I know

is I trusted them...

...and they trusted me.

And so...

When they put their faith
in me,

it empowered me beyond
anything I could imagine.

The same can happen
with Namaari.

I really wish
I could believe that.

I once thought
that we could be friends.

After all this,

maybe you can be.

Even if she wanted to help us,

how could I possibly
trust her?

But if somehow you could,

you wouldn't just bring
your ba back.

You'd also bring back
his dream.


Do you think
he would even recognize me?

So much has changed.

Of course he will.

You remind me of him.

Oh, yeah? Strong?

with impeccable hair?


How would I even
approach Namaari

after all that's happened?

It may feel impossible,
but sometimes,

you just have to take
the first step,

even before you're ready.

Trust me.

Okay. We'll go with your plan.

What? My plan?
You're gonna go with my plan?

- Yeah.
- All right!

You're not gonna regret this.

But we're gonna need
a really good gift.

What do you think she's into?
Cats? Knives?

Cats with knives?

Knives with little cats
on them?

Actually, I know exactly what
to give her.

And that is how
the land of Fang rose

in spite of all the monsters
that wanted to destroy us.

Because we're smart, resilient,

and we take care of one another.

Mother! We need to talk.

It's Princess Namaari!

All right, all right,
now, run along, kittens.

I have to speak with the princess.

Mother, you won't believe what I saw.

You saw a dragon.

General Atitāya informed me

that you'd be returning home
without the gem pieces.

It was Sisu.

She can fix what we broke.

She can bring everyone back.

And that's what scares me.

When everyone comes back,

who do you think
they'll come for?

You forget.

The other lands blame us
for what's happened.

But we... We never meant
for anyone to get hurt.

Yes, but if we had the dragon

and the gem pieces,

we would be forgiven.

We could save the world.

But more importantly,
our people would remain safe.

But Raya isn't just gonna
give Sisu to us.

We're not going to give her
a choice.

What are you going to do?

That's no longer
your concern, my love.

You've done enough.

If she refuses to help,

we've just flushed
our tactical advantage

- into the dung pot.
- I know.

Yeah. She really has no reason
to help us.

I know!

This jerky's terrible.

I know!

Are you sure
those four miniature menaces

will be successful?

I don't know.




There's too much spice.

Uh, no.
There's too much bamboo.

What do you know?

You have the taste buds
of a tall baby.

Well, you dress like
a tall baby.

Give me the spoon!
I'm taking over!

Back off, tidal wave.
I'm the professional here.

May I?


That's good.

It's just a little
something my ba showed me.

Aw. Did he also show you

how to make
that delicious jerky?

No, that was all me.

It'll be nice to share a meal
with him again.

I know what you mean.

I have this really
obnoxious sister

who always tousles my hair.

I can't wait to see her
the most.

After we win the day,

I look forward
to filling my eyeball

with the joytastic image
of my village full again.

And you will be reunited
with your family, Noi.

Uh, what did you
just call her?

Noi. It's her name.

It's written on her collar.

Have none of you ever checked?

And they think of me
as the ruffian.

What's that mean?

It means we're on.


until we get that gem

and confirm Namaari's actually
on our side,

promise me you'll stay hidden.

I see you got my gift.

I never thought
I'd see this again.

Well, uh...

I tried to take
good care of it.

You're not the only
dragon nerd here.

The final piece.

Time to bring everyone back.

Sisu and the gem pieces
are coming with me.

- Sisu!
- Stay back!

It was foolish
to trust someone from Fang!

Don't come any closer!


it doesn't have to be
like this.

I don't have any other choice.

Hey. I got this.

I know you don't wanna
hurt anybody.

What are you doing?

You just want a better world.

Like we all do.


I trust you, Namaari.




What's happening?

I don't know.

It appears that
with the last dragon gone,

so too goes the water.

Now there is nothing
to stop the Druun.



Where's Raya?


Let's finish this, binturi.


She cannot see us.

Raya's blinded
by her own rage.

The gem's powers are fading!

All these people
are Druun food

if we don't get them out.

Come on!
Trust me, it's gonna be okay.

Stupid Druun! Out of my way!

Go, go, go!

Up we go! Yep!

Go, go! Hurry!

Get to the water!
Keep going! Keep going!

Come on! Come on!

I never meant
for any of this to happen.


I don't care
if you believe me.

Sisu did.

But you didn't trust her.

That's why we're here.

Do whatever you want.

But you're as much to blame
for Sisu's death as I am.

Tong, there's still
people back there!

We're running out of time!

Got it!

Everyone, out! Come with me!

Okay, Tuk,
these are the last of 'em.

Go! We're right behind you.

Tuk Tuk!

What are you waiting for? Go!


It's the one who slayed Sisu!

Raya! Raya!

The gem's magic,
it's almost gone!

They aren't backing off!

They're everywhere!

I don't know why
they chose me.

It could have been any of us.

All I know is I trusted them,

and they trusted me.

And so...

Everyone, give me your gems.

We can still put it together.
It can still work.

Sisu's gone, Raya!
We don't have her magic!

It's not about her magic.
It's about trust.


That's why it worked.
That's why we can do it, too.

By doing the one thing
Sisu wanted us to do.

What my ba wanted us to do.

To finally trust each other
and fix this.

But we have to come together.


After what she's done?

We'll never trust her!

Then let me take
the first step.

Raya! No!

It worked! It worked!

Tuk Tuk!


Pranee! Amba!






I am so hungry.

I got some jerky.

Not that hungry.


Aw, it's good to breathe in
your glorious dragon stench again.

Okay, I take that
as a compliment.


My baby!

Mom, look, it's Boun!

It's Boun!




Is that really her?

Chief Benja,
your daughter did you proud.

Hope you don't mind,
she brought some friends.


Welcome to Kumandra.

We have a choice

To build or destroy

To fight or to come together

Love is a bridge

And trust is a gift

We give it
And it gets better

There's an energy
in the water

There is magic
deep in our heart

There's a legacy
that we honor

When we bring
the light to the dark

Whatever brings us together

Can never tear us apart

We become stronger than ever

When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way

When you're broken

Open up your heart and feel

There's no difference
We're all family here

Despite all of our doubts

All our up and downs

There's never really
anything to fear

There's an energy
in the water

There is magic
deep in our heart

There's a legacy
that we honor

When we bring the light
to the dark

Whatever brings us together

Can never tear us apart

We become stronger than ever

When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We'll lead the way

Takin' my first step

I see you as myself

Nothing we can't do

Put the past behind

Learn from life this time

We can start brand new

There's an energy
in the water

There is magic
deep in our heart

There's a legacy
that we honor

When we bring
the light to the dark

Whatever brings us together

Can never tear us apart

We become stronger than ever

When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We’ll lead the way
When we just trust

Trust and believe it
You'll see that

We'll lead the way

Kumandra, Kumandra

Kumandra, Kumandra

Kumandra, Kumandra

Kumandra, Kumandra