Raw Nerve (1991) - full transcript

Jimmy Clayton is a race car driver who has visions of the murders that have been happening locally. The police do not believe him and he is not aware of what is happening to him. When he has a vision of his sister Gina being murdered, he needs to make an investigation of his own. With the help of local reporter Gloria Freedman, Jimmy tries to determine who the murderer is and analyse his visions.

Isn't this great?

Look at that.

Can you believe this?

Look at that one.


Marcia, where are you?

Marcia, is that you?


Stop it, Brenda.

This isn't funny.

Stop it.

You're scaring me.


Oh, man.

Come on.


Jimmy, breakfast is ready.

Come and get it.

Don't even think about going
to school dressed like that.

And don't you dare say a word.

I had a little trouble shaving.
It's not that funny.

To me it is.

I meant what I said
about those clothes.


You know what.

No, I don't.

And if I did, I'm sure I could
be of some assistance to you.

The way you're
dressed is what.

You came by the
raceway like that,

half the guys would
drive off the track.

You are, of course,
taking into consideration

that those guys
are all brain dead.

Well, that might be,
but the other brain's

alive and kicking, if
you know what I mean.

Oh, I know what you mean.

Do you?


I don't just go to
school to make grades.

I also have to deal with
being a woman, which I am.

Even though you're about
the only man alive who

hasn't noticed it yet.

You know, maybe if
you went on a date

every once in a while
like normal people,

you'd have more of a true
understanding of such things.

But we're not going
to get into this right

now, because I've
got some great news,

and I'm not going to let
anything spoil it for me.



I'm ready.

Wanna take a guess?

Gina, just tell me.

I got accepted into
the pre-med program.


Let me see that.

This is great.

Gina, I'm so proud of you.

You know Mom and Dad
sure would be too.

You really think so?




I guess that means I better
start making some more money.

And you know what that means.
- I do?

Yep, I gotta get
my ass to work.

Look, you can wear the skirt,
but lose the shoes, OK?

High heels are out
of the question.

Come on, Jimmy.

Out of the question,
especially red ones.

But red ones go
with my outfit.

All right, all right,
I'll 86 the shoes.

Hey, here's
looking at you, kid.

In the top of the clouds.

Come on, man, let's go.

We're gonna be late.

Quit screaming.

We got plenty of time.

Oh, man.

You all right, man?


It's your fucking helmet, man,
never leave home without it.


What are you doing?

Come on, let's go.


Want some?

It's pure protein.

At 6:30 in the morning,
pure insanity is more like it.

Hold it, good
buddy, just hold on.

I'm your uncle.

I ain't your little
sister, so don't

start treating me like her.

What's wrong with the
way I treat my sister?

Come on, man, what's wring
with the way I treat her?

You treat her like a damn kid.

Oh, bullshit.

It's true, Jimbo.

I'm tell you, your trouble
is you don't go crazy.

You don't date, you don't
drink, you don't do nothing.

You expect her to
live the same way.

Never happen.

What the hell are you,
our family counselor now?

Listen, four wives and six
kids, I'm telling you the way

it is, my boy.

Gina's 18-years-old.

She needs to be out running
around, getting laid.

Oh, man, don't say that.

It's true, Jimbo.

I don't care if it's
true, just don't say it.

OK, I won't say it.

But it's true.

Please, all the
way around the race course,

for your own safety, and the
rules here at the Riverside

International Raceway, you must
be back 20 feet from the fence.

You must remain 20 feet back
from the fence with your cars,


This is not only a
rule here at Riverside,

but it's for your own safety.


400 horses under there, and
350 of them are out grazing.

Come on, man, you'll have
to do better than that.

We sponsor...
can win this race,

he'll get us a real gig.

Yeah, that's what I heard.

That right?

Yeah, they're gonna
build a whole new fucking

race track just for you.

Race starts in two minutes.

How about getting your
sorry ass out on the track

or get the hell out of here.

One more time.

One more time, I'm gonna
... that man

hardly 20 minutes.

Well, let's win the
race first, all right?

Then I can hit him?

Hard as you want.

Then, the pain got
so bad, I couldn't even

stay on the track.

Was it like in a dream state?

I don't know.

I don't know, man,
but it was weird.

You think I outta see a doctor?
- Shit.

What for?

Guy's gonna give
you a pill, tell

you to go to sleep for a couple
of days, it'll cost you $100.

I could teach him,
three bucks a pop.

You get a lot more
kick in the ass

than that store bought shit.

Pop one of them,
go to bed, get up

in the morning a brand new man.

- Stop the truck.
- Why?

Stop the truck?

What is he doing?

Hell of a time to go to
a fair, ain't it, buddy?

This is it.

This is where it happened.

A girl died in there last night.

I saw it, man.

I saw it happen.

Slow down.

Maybe you're just taking
this thing just a little

bit too far?
You know what I mean?

Hey, you got a quarter?

Come on, man, you got-- shit.


Jimmy, you all right?

It was real, man.

It was real.

You got problems.

Big problems.

Mrs. Needlemyer, this is the
seventh rape you've reported

in less than two weeks.

Mercy, me, isn't
it just terrible?

What's the world
coming to, Sergeant?

Don't ask me.

OK, who did it this
time, Mrs. Needlemyer?

Well, of course,
I can't be positive.

He was wearing a mask, you know.

But I'm pretty sure it was
my neighbor Mr. Dettles.

That's with two T's.

Yes, ma'am.

We'll get right on it.

Thank you so much.

Bye now.

Bye bye.

Oh my goodness,
I almost forgot.

I baked a fresh pound
cake this morning,

and I thought you
could enjoy a slice

with your coffee, Sergeant.

Thank you very
much, Mrs. Needlemyer.

Now, don't forget, that with--

Two T's.
I got it.

Bye bye.

Bye bye.

Just another day at
the desk, huh, Sarge?

Hey, Gloria.

How's the newspaper business?


Why don't you make it better
and give me some thing

juicy on the latest killings?

Sorry, not a chance.

Oh, come on.

If I say a word, the captain
will nail my nuts to that wall.


Good morning, Lieutenant.

I wish.

Hey, Bruce.


I need some help.

Yeah, you and everybody else.

Come on, give me a break.

Hey, you give me a break.

I got some nut out there
running around like a raw nerve

shooting girls.

The Captain's about
to blow a gasket.

Bruce, just give me
a couple of minutes

and I'll get out of your hair.

That's what you said
when we got divorced too.

That's not fair.


You're right.

Listen, when I got
something, I call ya.

I'm glad you could make it.

Sorry, sir.

I got hung up in records.

It's all right.

What have you got there?

This is it.

Counting the two last
night, we've got six

dead bodies, all young females.

No priors on any of them.

I've bee over it and
over it and over it.

I can't find one thing that
links them all together.

What else?

Well, I talked to this
shrink down in metro,

he's working up a new
profile on the killer.

He says it's going to be tough.

One thing we got on this
creep is he likes to shoot

young girls in the face.


It's always the face.

Maybe it has something
to do with the eyes.

We found this at the scene.

So she wore shoes.

Well, we didn't
find the other way.

Maybe the killer's got it in his
car or his house or something.

Maybe it's going to rain
$100 at midnight...

What good does that do us now?

Being stuck behind this
desk is driving me crazy.

You know, he's out there.

He's out there looking
for another victim,

and he's going to
find one, and then

he's going to find another,
and another, until we stop him.

Will get him, Captain.

Oh, yeah.

I want to tell you something,
you turn that lunatic over

to me, and I give you
my word he'll never

see the light of day again.

You understand me?

Understood, sir.


All right, let's
go over this again.

No, not a thing.

Nobody's talking.




OK, this is the deal.

I'm going to meet with the
shrink in about an hour

and see if I can get a
different angle on this thing.

No, I don't know what
it's going to be.

At this point, I'm just
reaching at straws.

Excuse me.

I need to see
somebody in charge.

So does everybody, pal.

What's your beef?

It's about the murders
last night at the carnival.

I think I can help.

You think?

I saw it happen.

Hold on.

You may be just what
the doctor ordered, pal.

Follow me.

I think I just
found our angle.

I'll tell you later.

Come in.

What is it, Sergeant?

I got a guy out
there says he witnessed

the murder last night.

Maybe we got a
break after all.

Don't just stand
there, send him in.

Yes, sir.

I'm Lieutenant Ellis.

This is Captain Gavin.

And Your name?


Jimmy Clayton.

Have a seat, Mr. Clayton.

I understand you
might be able to help

us in our investigation.

Yeah, I hope so.

Well, why don't we start
with just exactly what you saw.

OK, um, I saw a girl
running through a big room

full of mirrors.

And then?

Then I saw somebody following
her, chasing her, I think.

Did you see a face?


It was too dark.

Just exactly what did
you see, Mr. Clayton?

Well, then I saw a gun go off.

A shotgun, I think.

You remember the exact
time of this incident?

Somewhere around 10:30.

Coroner put the
death at 12:40.

The coroner
isn't always right.

Why didn't you call
the police right then

and there from the carnival?

Well, I wasn't
at the carnival.

I was at work.

Let's back this thing up.

When you say you were at
work 10:30 last night, let's

start from there.

No, not last night.

This morning.

I saw it at work
10:30 this morning.

That's it.
Get this man out of here.

Wait a minute.

Don't you want to
hear the rest of it?

I've heard all I
want to hear, mister.

Look, I'm telling
you, I saw it happen.

I got this pain in my
head, and I saw it.

One more word from you, I'm
going to pick up the phone,

and you're going to end
up on the funny farm.

But you're making a mistake.

We've all made
mistakes before.

Where do they come from, Ellis?

I don't know.

I sure hope the news media
don't get a hold of this.

That's all we need.

That's for sure.

Sir, excuse me.

Do you mind if I ask
you a couple questions?


Well, I couldn't
help but overhear--

You're a detective?



Well, you might say
I'm an investigator.

- I'm through talking with you.
- No.

Please, wait--

Look, lady, do I have
the word idiot stamped

on my forehead or something?

You people made a fool
out of me once today.

I'm not coming back for
seconds, you got it?

Please, just a
minute to hear me out?


I just want to hear
what they have to say.

That's all.

Trust me.

Come on, there's a little
place around the corner.

I'll buy you a cup of
coffee, and we'll talk.

What do you say?

Come on?



Let me know if I can
get you anything else.

So anyway, to make
a long story short,

the pain got so bad, I
couldn't stay on the track.

This sort of thing has
never happened to you before?


No psychic
episodes of any kind?


I hope it doesn't happen again.

It's very painful.

But if it does,
you might be able

to solve the case ....

I just want it to stop.

I want the pain to
get out of my head.

That's all I want.

Can we stop talking
about this, all right?



You OK?


Look, I better be going.

Wait a minute.

I said I would take you
for a cup of coffee.

Jim, listen, I'd
really like to talk

to you some more about this.

How about dinner tonight?

My treat.


I don't think that
would be a good idea.

I won't take no for an answer.

8 o'clock?



I'll see you then.

What a story.

I don't know, Lori.

I mean, I know he's really
good looking and all that,

but he's kind of
a jerk, you know?

No, I don't want to go out
with a nice guy who's a nerd.

I'd rather go out
with a really nice

guy who's really good looking.

Yeah, I know, I know, but
it doesn't hurt to wish.

Here I
come, ready or not.


OK, I'll see you then.
I gotta go.



What do you think?

You look great.

- You really think so?
- Yeah.

Turn around.

Let me see.

Oh, you look hot, Jimmy.

I don't know who this chick
is, but unless she's boring,

you're going to drive her crazy.

Well, let's not get
carried away, sis.

It's not exactly
a date, you know.

The way I see it, it's
whatever you make it out to be.

We'll see.

Lori picking you up tonight?


In about a half hour.

Well, I better scoot.

Hey, remember to lock
up, and be home at 12:00.

I always lock up, and
I'll be home by 1:00.




OK, 12:30.

If you're home by 12:30, too.


Are you sure?

You look great.

Now, go on, knock her dead.

Sometimes, he acts
like such a child.

Tried and tried to
get his ...,,

but he couldn't do it.


What did he do about it?

Magnets in those pockets?

You playing with
steel balls, Blake.

I got your steel balls, buddy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So anyway, this palm reader
tells him to do it blindfolded.

- Blindfolded?
- Yeah.

Blindfolded so

Yeah I done that before.

Good old Suzie.

You done it with Suzie?

I done it with Suzie.


Blonde Suzie with the big--

It was a brunette Suzie.

Flat chested.

So then she tells him to do
it blindfolded and nothing

else on but his shoes.

Then, she takes
his hand, and she

starts rubbing
his little finger,

like in little tiny circles.

Wouldn't you?


What are you deaf?

He thinks he's going to
lay right on the table,

wouldn't you?

Wait a minute, don't you want
to hear the rest of the story?


Hey, pal.

You want to hear
a hell of a story?

Hey, honey, bring me a
beer, will you, please?

there was this girl tried
and tried to get his old lady

pregnant, but couldn't do it.

Have you heard this story?

Hey, buddy, let me
tell you something.

Thank you.

Hi, this is Gina.

And this is Jimmy.

Sorry, but we're
not home right now.

Gina's at the school dance, and
Jimmy's out swinging his hammer

in all the wrong directions.


Leave us a message and
we'll get back to you.


Or maybe not.


That's my car
you're digging in.

Hey, pal, get
yourself a drink.

Oh, thanks, mister.

I think I will.


Anyone want to rent
another car, I'm your man.

You got it.

I feel guilty.

Like a teenager.

I never thought I would
do this on the first date.

Me neither.

Do you mean me or you?


You're not going
to tell you're

married or something, are you?

You really think I'd
bring you in my apartment

if I was married?

I I don't know.

Stranger things have happened.

The answer is no.

How about you?

Is there anybody
special in your life?






Her name's Gina.

18-years-old, great legs.

I can't compete
with that, huh?

Nobody can.

She's my kid sister.

the The most special
thing in my life.

That is maybe up until now.

How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel
like a teenager.

Here they are.

Here they are.


Shouldn't they come to us?

Are you kidding?

Didn't you see the other way
the girls are looking at them?

Come on.

Hi, Kennie.

How you doing, Lori?

Looking pretty good.

So are you.

Um, Gina, this is Brad.

Brad, this is Gina.

Hi, Brad.

I know you, don't I?

Well, kind of.

I mean, we're in
chemistry together.


I recognize your eyes.

Let's slip outside,
and do a little doobie.


I don't think that's
a very good idea.

Oh, come on, Gina.
Everybody does it.

Hey, that's cool.

We'll just do it without her.


Gina, come on.

Oh, god, Lori.

That's some good shit, bro.

It's the best, man, shit.

That's for sure.

No, I don't want any.

Come on, Gina.


Go on.

Come on, you guys.

Come on.

All right.

Did you hear that?

Don't get paranoid
on us, Gina.

She heard something.

No, I don't want any.

Come on, Gina.

Don't worry.

I'll see to them in the morning.

Ken Mitchell, and let's
see, that was Brad Felker,

wasn't it?

That was Mr. Felker, was it not?

Yes, sir.

Say, I'm quite disappointed
in the both of you.

Especially you, Gina.

You've got a bright future.

Don't throw it away.

Now, this will not happen
again, am I correct?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

See that it doesn't.

That was close.

Come on, let's go find the guys.

Just forget it.

I'm going home.


That's not funny, Brad.

You asshole.

My god, you nearly
scared me to death.

I'm sorry, I thought
you were sleeping.

I thought you were too.

No such luck.

What did you do to your hand?

It's nothing.

i dropped the knife in
the dark, and picked it up

on the wrong end.

It's only a scratch.

Why don't you
come back to bed?

Can't sleep.

Got too much on my mind.

The murders, or
whatever they are.


It's a lot to take
all at one time.

That's understandable.

Listen, I better
be going home.

Give me a second to
throw something on,

and I'll give you a lift.

Stay in bed.

That's OK.

I'll make it.

Jimmy, you're welcome to stay.


But I really need time to think.

Besides, Gina is probably
worried about me.


Jimmy, what is it?

Jimmy, what's happening?







Can you hear me?

Are you all right?


Yeah, I'm OK.


Let's go.

What is it?
Jimmy, what happened?

It was Gina.

Come on.



Oh my god.

Come on, Jimmy.

Come on.

Sit down.

It's gonna be OK.

It's going to be OK.

No, it's not.

So what in the hell
are you doing here?

Try and show a little
compassion, will you, Bruce.

That was his sister.

His sister?

Yeah, his sister.

Gina Clayton.

Well, Gloria, I think you've
got your wires crossed again.

That's not Gina Clayton.

That's Lori Ann Cline.


Lori Ann Cline.

Where's Gina?

Where's my sister?

Hey, back off, pal.

Right over there in my car.


Oh my god, Jimmy,
it was horrible.


Lori's dead.

It's OK.

She's dead.

It's OK.
It's OK.

Come on.

Let's get out of here.

Hey, where the hell
you think you're going?

I'm taking her home.

I'm not done
questioning her yet.

I'm taking her home.

So you found another way to
get your stories, huh, Gloria?

That's ugly, Bruce.

Very ugly.

I just call them
as I see them.

Once a cop, always a cop.

You got it.


I had it.

I got rid of it.

What do you want?

I know who you are.

I want you to leave Jimmy alone.

He's had enough pain in his
life, so just stay away.

Should I take
that as a threat?

Take it anyway
you want it, lady.

Just take it.

Don't tell me.

7 murders in 14 days, and we
haven't got a clue, right?


What do you mean wrong?

I've got a partial license
plate number for a vehicle

leaving the scene.

Teacher over at the school.

Is that all?

That's it for now.

I'm running it, but you
know about partials.

Could take hours,
could take days.

Don't remind me.

What about that Clayton girl?
She was there.

She must seen something.

She was found unconscious.

Says she remembers
a gun blast, but she

doesn't remember a face.


Come in.

You realize it's 3:30
in the morning, Captain?

Well, I thank you for
that information, Belker.

Now, perhaps you can get me
some information for possibly

for changing this case.

Have a look.

I can't read this.

What is it?

What it says,
Captain, is that this

is a classic case of
object induced dream

state psychotic dysfunction.

What the hell is
that supposed to mean?

This is guy that you're
after, he keeps taking

things from the victims, right?

High-heeled shoes,
pieces of jewelry,

small items of clothing.

See, this guy looks at an
object and it's somehow connects

in his subconscious and pow,
elimination of the person

connected with that object.

Namely murder.

It's insane, but it's
still premeditated.

Just a minute, what
you're trying to tell me

is that this nut gets
locked into something,

and then sniffs out his
victim like a hound dog.


Crudely put, but correct.

I preferred to refer to this
person as someone suffering

from maladaptation and
socially dysfunctional traits.

You know, I didn't call you
in here to get an education.

OK, Captain, OK.

Just what is it
you want from me?

I want a list of all
the people in the city

in this state that has a
modus operandi anything

near that profile of yours.

And I want a follow up that
might give me some idea when

this maniac might strike again.

I'll get on it
at first daylight.


You'll get on it right now.

I should have been a dentist.

I should have been a florist.

Well, I like flowers.

Hey, you awake?

Sort of.

Come on, get up.

I brought you breakfast.

Breakfast in bed.


You OK?

I guess so.

What time is it?

I've got to get to school.

There's no school
for you today.

Jimmy, I have to go to school.

I have finals.

I talked to your principal.

He's going to let you
make up finals next week.

I guess you really
did thank of everything.

Hey, what are
big brothers for?

Now, eat.

I gotta go clean the kitchen.

Here's looking at you, kid.

From the top of the clouds.

Morning, Lieutenant.



Captain, you've
been here all night?

Yes, I have.

Want me to get
you some coffee?

I don't want any coffee.

Here, sit down.

Now, the good doctor
gave us his new profile.

We've spent the last
four hours going over it.

Come up with anything?

Five possibilities.

There's one you might
find very interesting.

I'll be damned.


Did you get anything on
that license plate yet?

Still waiting.

Don't wait.

Get out on the street, and
try to find that character

and bring him in.

I'm on my way.

One thing.


What led you in
this direction?

A hunch.

A hunch?

Hell, I wish I could come
up with hunches like that.

When you do,
you'll be captain.

Go on.

All right, I'm coming.


Didn't I tell you,
Jimmy ...??

Didn't I tell you not
to talk to anybody?

It's nice to see
you too, but what

the hell are you talking about?

Didn't I tell you not
to talk to the police

in the first place, huh?

Didn't I tell you to
keep it to yourself?

It was good advice, Jimmy.

You should have taken it.
- What?


And that ain't all, amigo,
look at who wrote the thing.


I thought she was a cop.

Well, Bubba, now the whole
city thinks you're a fruitcake.

Jimmy, it's not
what you think.

It's really not.

Oh, no, then
what exactly is it?

I had to print the story.

It's my job.

You lied to me.

No, I didn't lie.

Now, I told you that
I was an investigator,

and that was the truth.


What the hell do you
know about the truth?

Would you just please
let me explain everything?

I don't want to
hear your explanation.

Then why did you come here?

Good point.

Jimmy, please let me explain.

I didn't want it
to happen this way.

I really didn't.

OK, I was after
a story at first.

I admit that.

But then it changed.

I care about you.

Please, believe me.



I slept with you
because I wanted to.

You used me.

You lied to me, and you used me.

It was my fault. I
should have known better.

God damn it, I should
have known better.

I don't know how you live
with yourself, Gloria,

but whatever it takes, I
hope this was worth it.

You're not listening
to me, Jimmy.

I tried to dump the story,
but my editor wouldn't let me.

It was the story or my job.

Well, take your
job, and your story

and sleep with them tonight.

Damn it.



Get in this car.

No chance, buster.


Get your sweet butt
in this car right now,

or I'll put you under arrest.

For what?

For anything I
damn well please.

You wouldn't dare.

You try me.

Now, get in the car.


OK, Bruce, what
is this all about?

I'm sorry about
the rough stuff,

but I had to talk to you.

It's really important.

We don't need to go
for a ride to talk.

We do for this one.

If the Captain knew
I was talking to you,

I'd be writing parking
tickets for the next 10 years.

Well, then, please, tell
me what this is all about.

I can't stand the suspense.

Jimmy Clayton.

Damn you, Bruce.

We've been divorced
for three years.

I'm going to go
out with other men,

whether you like it or not.

So don't you sit
there and lecture

me with your
sanctimonious bullshit,

because I've heard it.

Will you shut up
and listen to me?

I don't care if you
go out with other men.

Well, maybe I do, but that's
not what this is about.

I came here to warn you.

Warn me?

About what?

Jimmy Clayton
is our number one

suspect in the face killings.


If this is your idea of a
joke, Bruce, it's a sick one.

It's no joke.

The department shrink's
ran a profile on it.

The computer spit him out
as number one on the list.

I don't believe this.

Gloria, listen to me.

Stay away from this character.

He's trouble.

His past bears it out.

I want to hear about it.

Off the record?

Off the record.

According to the
report, Jimmy Clayton

lists the classic
pattern of a psycho.

Doc says he may even
have a split personality.

He was an abused child,
sexually abused, by his mother.

Oh, no.

Apparently, it had been
going on for a number of years.

One Day his father caught them
in the act, killed his mother.

He shot her in the face, then
he turned the gun on himself.

I guess the kid was
about 14 at the time.

He spent the next three
years in a funny farm

on the ....

You getting the picture yet?

Take me back.

Yo got it.

Listen to me, Gloria, we may not
have the evidence on this guy

yet, but we'll get it.

Trust me.

I got a real strong
urge about this one.

Lieutenant Ellis,
please respond on tack 7.

Lieutenant Ellis,
response on tack 7, over.

This is Ellis.

What is it?

That vehicle ID you were
waiting for just came in.

Only three possibilities, over.

All right, let's have it.

What are you doing here?

Ain't that just
like a reporter?

Asking all the questions.

I need to see Jimmy.

That ain't possible.

What'd you do to him?

Question is, lady,
what'd you do to him?

Please, would you
tell me where he is?

It's very important.

Just can't get
enough, can you?

Can I at least use the phone?

Sorry, temporarily
out of order.


Take some advice,
reporter lady.

Don't push your luck.

Over here.

You're Gloria, right?


You must be Gina.

I've heard a lot about you.

I've heard a
lot about you too.

Who is that crazy
man in your house?

Uncle Blake?

Don't worry about him.

He's harmless.

You're in love with
him, aren't you?

I mean, Jimmy.

I think so.

I knew it.

I just knew it.

Listen, I think I know
where you can find Jimmy.

See, there's this
place he likes to go

whenever he wants to be alone.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know.

The police-- the police
think that you're the killer.

That doesn't surprise me.

Do you believe that?


No, I don't.

But they do.

It doesn't matter
what they think.

She'll know.

It's all going to come back now.

All of it.

From the past.

The pain.

I'm over it.

She doesn't know
how your parents died?

She knows how her mother died.

See, I'm her brother
and her father.


I guess it's time to go.


James Clayton.

Stand up.

Don't worry, Jimmy, I'll do
everything that I can to help.

Put your hands up behind
your head, and step forward.

Real easy.

That's it.

You're wasting your time.

He didn't do it.

We saw the truck leave
the school last night.

We've get a positive ID.

A truck?

Keep moving.

I said, keep moving.



What's he doing?

Come out of it.

What the hell's going on here?

You got me.

Come out of it, Jimmy.


Get him up.

It was Blake.


It was Blake.

Blake Garrett did it.
I saw him.

He's the one you want.

Who is Blake?

It's his uncle.

Oh my god, he's with Gina.


Blake is with Gina.

He's going to kill her.

You've got to let me go.

Please, listen to him.

Put him in the car.


Get the hell out
of the way, Gloria.

No, Bruce.

He's not running away.

He's running home.

Please, let me take you there.

Let's go.

Move it out.

I want to know what
happened to him back there.

I want to know now.

He was having a vision.

Something about the murders,
and he saw Blake Garrett.

You believe that nonsense?

I saw it happen
last night, Captain.

It's not nonsense.

Go back.

Go back, that was Jimmy.

Can't do that.


Why are the police after Jimmy?

You don't want to know.

Go after them.

Go after them, god damn it.

He's got my sister.

You're not listening to him.

Don't worry.

We'll pick them up.

Wait a minute.


He had airline tickets.

He's going to the airport.

That's it. call it in.

Follow me.

Uncle Blake, I'm not going
anywhere until you tell

me what the hell is going on.

We're leaving the country, and
I'll explain on the plane, OK?

What about Jimmy?

We can't wait.

Come on.


See ya, kid.


Go, go, get out of the way.

There he is.

Cut him off.

There she is.

There's Gina.

I'll get her.


Gina, are you OK?

What's going on?

Oh, honey, don't worry.

Everything is going to be OK.

Stay on him.

Better give up, Garrett.

You got no place to go.

I'm going to give
you one minute,

Garrett, to get out of there.

If you don't, we're
coming in to get you.


Captain, let me talk to him.

Come on.

He'll listen to me.

Take the cuffs off him.

You gotta come with me, Blake.

I don't think
I'll be doing that.

Come on, man, what
the hell are you doing?

What were you doing at
the school last night?

You really don't know, do ya?


You know, the day
your father died,

he made me promise always
look after you and Gina.

That's the trouble with
promises, sooner or later,

you gotta pay up.


Hold your fire.

See ya, kid.


I'll be damned.

Hi, Gina.

Oh, Gloria, you look hot.

Do you think he'll like it?

I think you're going
to drive him crazy.

I'm heading off to the movies,
so you two can be alone.

And I'm going to be
very disappointed if you

behave yourselves, understand?

You're embarrassing me.

And don't worry,
I'll knock real

loud before I come back in.

Go on.


Hello, Gloria.

Aren't you going
to tell me how

great I look in my new outfit?

I'm sure you look just fine.

What is it, Jimmy?

What's wrong?

Just thinking about it all.

Look, I know that this
has all been terrible,

but you have to let go of it.

It's all over now.

I don't think so.

Why would you say that?

I know Blake didn't do it.

Jim, of course, Blake did it.

The police found all the
evidence in the apartment,

including the murder weapon.

He set it up that way.

He was just covering.


Covering for who?



Billy's the one
who started it all.

I never slept with
my mother, he did.

He's the one who's been
doing all the killings.

Blake's the real snake.

He knew it was Billy all along.

He's just trying to cover up.

I'm sorry, Jimmy,
but I don't--

I don't understand.

Who is Billy?

I'm Billy.



Jimmy's not here anymore.

And he won't be coming back.

Jimmy, no.

I'm Billy.

Don't you understand that?

Jimmy is hiding.

Jimmy always hides
when things go wrong.

He couldn't take it when
mother came in his room

with her red high heels on.

He couldn't take it
when Gina was born.

And he can't take it when
it comes time for killing,

so I do it for him.

But I like it.

Pretty good at it,
don't you think?

Getting better all the time.

So tell me something, Gloria?

What did you really
see in Jimmy?

Was it his boyish charm?

His dashing good looks?


Cat got your tongue?

You should have
went for a real man.

Like me.

I'm sorry I don't
have a gun, Gloria.

I'd really prefer to
blow off your face,

but we'll just have to make do.

Bye bye now.

Come on.

Come on.

Please answer the phone.

Sorry, dead.

Jimmy, don't do this.

It's me, Gloria.

Can you hear me?

Jimmy, come out.

You've got to stop Billy.

Don't let him do this.

It's not going to work.

He's gone.

Jimmy, I love you.

I killed them.

It's going to be OK.

Fooled you, didn't I?

Chop chop.

You all right?

Can't come back now, can he?

How did you know?

Just a hunch.