Raw Love (2008) - full transcript

A portrait of the last days of high school. Two friends spend all day long together, but this will inevitably come to an end. A beautiful sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that dare not speak loud.

Call Ivan - 0505,
available for all of you.

You'll cum three times
in less than a minute, babes.

Call me at 0-800-hard-on.

I'm handsome, they're not

Oviedo, you're not funny.

Not only will you have
a night of passion...

...but I can also keep
fluent conversations,

- listen to you.
- Virgin!

Maru, this kiss goes to you...

...you are the love of my life.

Kisses to Valentina, to Maia,

The fairy's lollipop.


I hope Hugo loses it,
he is old enough.

And I hope Natan loses some weight.


It was you, buster.

No, it wasn't me.

- Otherwise, I would tell you.
- It's ok, admit it was you.

It wasn't me!

Fatty, you farted!

You ate that rotten
sandwich this morning.

- Say you are sorry.
- No!

Say you are sorry.

I'm sorry.

- Do you swear it?
- Yes.

Be quiet!

Be quiet!

You asshole!

You like that!

Are you sleep?


What are you listening to?

Come here.

You idiot!

Boys, it's cold.

- Did you bring a coat?
- No.

Lend him something,
don't let him go out like that.

Take it.

You beast!

At least you are good looking.

Look at this face.

You are so handsome.

You are always with him...

...does he have a girlfriend?

He never tells me anything.

Is he with a girl?

He was recently.

Stay out of it.

So he had a girlfriend.

What was her name?

Ok, don't tell me her name.

But is she from school?

You can tell me that,

I don't know any
of your classmates.

Yes, she's in our class.

She's from school!

I know who she is then.

No, you don't.

How do you know
who I'm thinking of?

I know and it's not her.
That girl is a monster.

Come on, you like her!

How long did they date?

Three days.

Three days only?

Yes, she discovered something...

...and so she left him.

Something bad?

No, something good.

What did you do?

I cheated on her
whit her best friend.

Let's go.



- Come here.
- What?

We are working on something.

Take a look at this...

Hold him down!

Say hello to the camera!

A kiss for the camera!

Here's Jerem?as...

...a.k.a. 'El Bertu'

This is a message for
all the girls, to say that...

...he's a great guy,
we like him a lot.

We only beat him up
when he misbehaves.

Even though on Friday
we'll stop seeing each other.

...we really like him
and he'll stay in our hearts.

We love you, Bertu!

A kiss! A kiss!

Can anybody
give me an example?

No one can
give me an example?

We've gone through this
for the last two weeks.

I know it's the end of the year...

...you have your parties,
your boyfriends...

...you girlfriends...
But when do classes finish?

The very last day of class.

Buttoms up!

Come on!

- It's not that strong.
- Why do you have that face?

A girl's face.

What if we stay
awake all night?


We go straight to school.

- Let's vote!
- Me!

Fatty, what's up with you?

Don't ruin it.

Don't be a little girl.

The little girl didn't bring
her contact lenses solution.

"Oh, my contact lenses!"

Let's call the girls.

- Not me!
- Me neither!


Oviedo, you're not funny!

Do you love me?

Of course. You are my friend.

But what do you fell for me?


"That" what?

That you are my friend.

How did it go?

I answered everything,
I'm sure I'll pass.

Are you coming
to the biology exam?

No, I don't need to
come here anymore.

Shall we go?

Let's stay a little longer.

What for?

I don't know!

This is for all
the pretty girls...

He is cute, isn't he?

So thin and good looking.

Look at this six-pack!

Don't be gross!

Be quiet!

Say you are sorry.

I'm sorry.

I hope we all go
on vacation together...

and that we don't
forget each other.