Raven's Hollow (2022) - full transcript

West Point cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise in upstate New York are drawn by a gruesome discovery into a forgotten community.

Somebody want to tell me why
we're going to see a scarecrow?

- Lord is my shepherd.
- I shall not want.

How makes a scarecrow like that?

Effective, wouldn't you say?

What are you doing, Poe?

Maybe it was natives.

There aren't
any natives here anymore.

Sir, can you hear me?

Who did this to you?


Well, what did he say?


He said raven.

Raven? What does it mean?

Let's just bury him
and be on our way.


I don't think so.

- Suits me fine.
- Let's go.

We shouldn't
leave him like this.

We're not leaving him.

We're taking him home.

What are you talking about?

Surely someone's missing him.

We don't even know
where he's from.

How far could it be? Really?

It's none of our business.

We're honor bound.

Honor, is it?

What is this?

I beg your pardon?

Which one of you
is the reverend?

You'll find no reverend here.

I see.

- Your soldiers.
- Cadets, ma'am.

U.S. Military Academy.

We've been field training.

What's your business here?

This poor soul you can see.

We found him
a few miles from here.

We have reason to believe
this is his home.

Why do you believe
he belongs here?

Well, the name of your town.

He spoke the word raven
before he died.

Go on then.

Must warn you, Miss.

He was the victim
of a gruesome murder.

I'm not afraid.

Do you know him?


What my mother means is he was
a stranger passing through.

Then you did see him.

Does anyone know this man?

Young man, we can't help you.

Unless you need a hot meal
and a room.

We keep the boarding house
in town.

Good day to you all.

You believe them?

Not at all.

Now what?

Anyone here argue
the warm bed for the night?

If only for sake of prudence.

- Have I not made myself clear?
- Anyway, I don't...

We've decided to stay.

Is there a stable
for our horses?

Usher will see to your horses.


...the corpse?

Put it in the ice house.

Thank you.

If I may, I'm Dr. Garrett.

As you are staying,
it might be useful for me

to tender my professional
opinion on the deceased.

If you wish.

You certainly are the most
dashing guess

we've had here in a long time.


Edgar Poe.

Lawrence Bishop.

Will Taylor.

Thomas Cricke.

Lutz Becker. Looking forward
to that hot meal, ma'am.

We haven't heard
your name, Miss.

Charlotte Ingram.

My mother, Eliza bet.

Tell me, Ms. Ingram,
is there a town constable?

There's not much
of a town anymore. Mr. Poe.

Why do you want to know?

A man has been murdered.

Not here.

But possibly by someone
from here.

You said he passed through.

Did he take a room?

- He stopped for a meal.
- That's all.


If he had stayed, you'd have
his name in your book.

We may never know who he was.

See to the cooking.

We could probably use this.

You having fun, Doc.

Do you want something, Daniel?

You know what I want?

As you can see,
it's not a convenient time.

I'm here now.

It'll have to wait.


Now, I don't like your tone.

Things are different now.


So they are, Daniel.

So they are.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Where is it exactly?

Farnsworth, Boston.

Prints sent me over,
the horse feed.

Man, you need to relax.

You say this stranger
was tortured?

What else would you call it?

Tied to a rack and...

sliced opened
from stem to stern.

It looked like a bird
about to fly.

The rack did.

And he was alive
when you find out?


How long do you suppose
a man could...

Survive like that?

We can only hope not for a long.

Seemed to me it just happened,
the blood being so bright.

He said he spoke.

Just the one word.

Well, we can't know all that
goes on out there.

His fate was between him
and his God.

And someone with a knife.

- What of the other death?
- The funeral?

Very keen.

- A girl.
- She died in a home.

I suppose one unexplained
murder is more than enough.

You there.

They're dry, and I brushed them
all down.

There's hay and oats
in the stalls.

Thank you.

Something you want to say?

You must go, young soldiers.

Ride out tonight.

Don't wait for the morning.

Or you might not make it.

It doesn't take to strangers.

What is it?

It's the torture rack
you spoke of, isn't it?

I am not delicate, Mr. Poe.

In fact, I should be happy
to discuss murder, if you wish.

You're teasing me.

It is very strange,
though, isn't it?

What do you suppose
happened to him?

Well, I...

don't know.

- It's alright.
- You can tell me.

I'm sure your mother would
not approve of the subject.

I can handle my mother.

What exactly are you telling us?

Ain't no man responsible
for what's in that ice house.

What is?

The Raven.

Did this bird take him to death?

Ain't no bird.

I couldn't say what it is.



Indians call it bad medicine.

It's been here
since before their time.

Have you seen it?

Might have.

Either you have or you haven't.

You don't always know.

Well, in that case, we'll go
right in and tell the others.

Don't stay too long.

It'll come.

It always does.

Hello, my friend.

I have something for you.

Don't tell the others.

Edgar, what are we doing here?

A man has been tied to a rack,
fashioned to resemble a bird.

- Yes.
- With his dying breath,

he utters the word raven,

for which the nearest town
is named.

- Yes.
- The residents are secretive

and brooding.

They are.

That isn't intriguing
enough for you?

Just remember,
we're expected back for classes.

We'll be there.

Well, there is one thing
you forgot.

She's beguiling, isn't she?

Just an observation.

Night, Edgar.

Good night.


Thomas is gone.


There's no one here.

He was awfully spooked.

- By what?
- The old stable hand.

He said a spirit, devil
is coming for us.

Called it the Raven.

Spooked enough to run
without his coat?


- Of course.
- I'll go. Keep looking around.

Someone check the stable
just in case.


Cadet, are you alright?

One of my men is missing.

Have you seen him?

No, we haven't.

Well, perhaps
he went for a walk.

What about wolves?

There's easier pickings
for a wolf.

I got some good news, though.

We have agreed that
since there seems no known

home for your stranger, we
shall bury him in our graveyard.



Now you don't need
to worry about it.

Apart from the matter
of who killed him.

Yeah, of course there is that.

And my missing man.


Whatever we can do to help.

Mr. Poe.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Aren't you cold?

Now that you mention it.

Shall we return for your coat?

You must have been in a hurry.

Well, yes.

One of my men, Thomas,
is missing.

You haven't seen him, have you?

- The shy one?
- That's him.

Not since last night.

You, um, keep unusual hours,
Ms. Ingram.

I was collecting eggs
for your breakfast.

Actually, I meant last night.

I happened to peer out
the window

and I saw you walking.

At night?

Can't imagine that.

A dream, perhaps.

Thank you for your company,


- He's not in a church.
- Any luck here?

Could be. He didn't ride off.

His horse is in the stable.

Town fathers can't wait
to be rid of us.

Where is Thomas?

I told them I don't know.

Yet last night
you warned us away.

Today our man is missing.


No, sir.

Ah, yeah?

Explain this.

That's blood.

I must have scraped myself.

And I'll do more than that.

What you do to Thomas?

I warned you what would happen,
and it did.

It took him.

The devil?

The Raven.

I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

So you best get on with whatever
you feel you got to do,

or let me get on with my work.

Are you trying to scare us
away, Usher.

No, sir.

I think you'll never get away.

We should go for help.

That will read well
in our field report.

Lost a man, went for help.

Ever been to
a court martial, cadet?

I meant one of us.

We lost a man, Edgar,
another one is dead

We don't know where to begin
an investigation like this.

We have already begun.

Thomas left of his own accord,
or he was attacked.

He went outside first?

Yes, drawn perhaps
by a sight or sound.

And then what?

Was he murdered on the spot
or taken somewhere else?

Thank God for that.

- Fresh droplets.
- Someone was just here.


After them.

I can feel their eyes.



You're far from home,

Where I go is my business.

Why'd you flee from us?

I don't know you.

Poe, Taylor.


You dig graves, Mr. Clay.

Do you build things as well?

I didn't build that evil device,

and I don't have
to answer to you.

One of my men is missing,
and circumstance

is currently against you.

So I'm afraid you do.

Give it to me.

Good poochie, poochie.

Come on.

My Christ.

So, you lost a man, huh?

He's missing.

He's dead.

How do you know?

Ever seen the devil's claws?


My God.


How did this happen?

Your scars, what made them?

The Raven.

What is the Raven?

It's not a bird.

I've seen these are the things.

It would have me!


It's alright.

Happened when I was a child.

Scars could be
from a bear or a wildcat.

And it doesn't explain
why you were in the field.

I wanted to see it.

I wanted to see that thing
that took my father

and left that in his place.

The thing that took her.


Someone else.

Someone I...


But why go to the field?

Your dead man,
someone put him there.

For it to find.

One more thing, Mr. Clay.

How does a gravedigger
afford opium?

- Garrett.
- The doctor.

He supplies me. I supply him.


I dig them up,
he calls it research.

Your father's pain
must be unbearable.

It's not for the pain.

It's the fear.

He's waiting for it
to come back.

To finish him off.

Try not to ride out in the open.

The hand?

It ate it.

He was dragged away.

You see the marks?

Someone tried to cover it up.


You did this.

When we saw that unholy rack,
we should have kept riding.

If we had turned
our backs on him,

I promise you'd have
to seen his face every day

for the rest of your life.

I can think of what else
he knows any better.

- I say we go.
- No.

You're not in command here.

I'm the only one qualified
to command.

You're not in the army, Poe.

You're a cadet, same as us.

- Don't you see?
- This is your field training now.

What you do here decides
the kind of soldier you will be.

- Thomas is dead.
- What does that say about you?

Oh, I see.

Cowardice rules the day.


Get off him! Get back!

Come on!

All action, no brains.

If you'd pause to consider,
you'd see we have the answer.

What answer?

We can be certain
our killer was a man.

What kind of devil hides a body
under the floor?

And he did chop him up.

The axe.

What the hell are you doing?

This man is under arrest.

He is the killer.

Here is your Raven.

You foolish men.

Usher is no murderer.

Your loyalty to him
is commendable,

but we found him with blood
on his clothes, carrying an ax.

For chopping wood,
which I asked them to do.

Just hours before discovering

the mutilated body
of our comrade.


Hacked into pieces,
like you might do with an ax,

and hidden under the floor
of a cabin.

Two murders in short order,
both violent and gruesome.

How can they not be related?

Furthermore, just yesterday,
your man threatened our lives.

He wouldn't.

Not Usher.

He suggested we would be
killed by a Raven.

- It's a legend.
- We all know it.

Which does not explain
away the murders.

The man obviously has
a disorder of the mind.

Let me see the body.

If it was an axe
that did the job,

there might be indications.


You're wrong about Usher.

I'm sorry.

We're taking with us tomorrow.

Please do not try to interfere.

I am sorry.


I'm so glad you're here.

You've examined the remains?


I imagine you've concluded

an ax did not do this.

How did you know?

What does this to a man, Doctor?

Will you tell us it's a monster?

I couldn't say.

What reason could you
possibly have

for protecting such
a diabolical murderer?

I'm not.

Here, have a look.

The bones, you see.

No scratches, no fragments,

no crushing anywhere.

Even the sharpest blade
couldn't do that.

What could?

Surely you don't believe him?

Bones tell their own tale.

Edgar, you said it yourself.

The people of this hollow have
been lying since we arrived.

We have the man.

If you don't mind, Will,
I'll walk alone for a while.

Ms. Ingram.

Good evening.

The legend of the Raven.

It has been told longer
than anyone here can remember.

It is confirmed
in the markings of the land.

A tree split by the Raven,
stones scratched by its claws.

Such stories are best
told to children.


Don't run off or
the Raven will get you.

I have heard it often.

Only sometimes, Mr. Poe,

it does get you.

Because it is real.

I've seen it.

That year we had
an Indian summer.

It was so nice out,
my parents decided to picnic.

It came from the sky.

We thought it was a bird.

But it wasn't.

By the heavens, it was no bird.

It took my sister, Lenore,

and we never saw her again.

My father died of...


My mother cannot bear
to remember,

so she has made it not real,

as if I lost Lenore
had never existed.

This is the secret that is never
spoken in our home.

I'm sorry for you.

It is an incredible story.

Usher cared for me
when my parents could not.

In many ways,

he became a father to me.

He could not have murdered those
men any more than I could have.


Please don't
take him away from me.

I beg you to reconsider.

You've lost your damn mind.

One more day, that's all.

But why, Edgar?

I believe there's more
to these murders.

- We have Thomas killer there.
- Him!

Let us be absolutely certain
before we condemn a man.

It was him!

You was certain
enough yesterday.

If by tomorrow
we've uncovered nothing new,

we'll go.

Do what you want.

We're leaving today
with the prisoner.

Go if you must,
but not with him.

You can't stop us.

I believe I shall try.

They're gonna hang you, Poe.

And by Christ,
I'm going to watch.


Mr. Poe.

It's restless.


Where's Taylor?

My God.

Come on, help me.

There we are.

Welcome back.

You've had a shock
to your nerves.

This'll help.

What happened?

The legend is true.

It was the Raven.

Let's go.

So, you saw it?

I did.

What is it?

A creature, if you will.

Black and winged in form,

but in its essence...


Just so.

Why didn't it kill you?

- I don't know.
- It had every opportunity.

And this heart...

What say you, Doctor?

What? What would...

It is your hobby, isn't it?

Picking over its leavings?

You must have learned
something about it.

Well, I suppose.

Go on.

If I was to have a guess,

I'd say he's playing with you.

Is there anything I can say?

Come with us.

I can't.

You'd have to be mad to stay.

Madness is increasingly

Need I remind you?

Will ran.

But at least it's a chance.

Ride smart,

stay under cover,
maybe it won't to see you.

We'll get back with help.

- Let's go.
- Hyah!

Let's go, come on.

And what is he up to?

He's got his little box.



Brave man.

Leave it.







I saw Bishop ride away not...
Not one hour ago.

Help me, Clay.

Help me kill it.

You don't kill it.

You escape it.

If you're lucky.

Whoa, whoa.

What's gotten into these two?

Couldn't wait to get away,
could you, girl?

Don't know about you,
but I feel better already.

I feel better.

I think we're going to make it.

We're going to make it.

What's with you?

What's with you?

Stop it.

Want me to knock that smile
off your face?

Jesus Christ.

Did you find what
you were looking for?

- Easy now.
- Was merely...

Poking your noise
where it doesn't belong.

No one asked you
to come here or to stay.

Don't sound
much like an innkeeper.

Is this how you treat
all strangers?

I've had enough of you.

And again they're strangers

and strangers you know.

- Who was he?
- Get out.

Not until I have answers.

You will die in this spot
on these boards.

You knew him, all of you.

It's why you're burying him
in your cemetery.

What was his name?

Will you have the decency
to put it on the stone?

I dare you.


Go away.

Mother, no.

- Charlotte.
- Who put him on that rack?

- I don't know.
- What is this?

What does it have
to do with the Raven?

- What Raven?
- Eliza bet!

You pretend it's not up there.

How do you live
with what you know?

- Stop it.
- It took your own daughter!

Don't you say that.

Your flesh and blood!

Stop lying!

Stop pretending.

I'm here.

I'm with you.

Get out of here.

- Get out!
- Charlotte.

My child. Charlotte!

You are a cruel man.

Take your mother to bed now.

You don't know
which are playing at.

I only want the truth.

Well, almost got it straight

from the Almighty himself,
didn't you?

I should doubt it.

I've been in your church.

There is no God here.

That's right, so go.

During the funeral
is the last chance you'll get.

No need to say it.

The writing's on the wall.

The wall.

Very keen.

A girl, she died in her home.


My God, your alive.

What happened?

Are you hurt?


I... didn't see your horse.

Let's talk.


Don't you want to talk?


Love. What of it?

Do you love?

I loved my mother and father.

You're afraid.

Aren't we friends?



I don't believe you're Lutz.


Is he dead?


What are you?


What do you want?

Why are you different?


- Come.
- I don't understand.


- Damn you, butcher!
- You built the rock.

- No!
- I'll send you to hell!

They're eating him!

My father!

Finish it.

It finally came for him.

The creature followed me
to a house,

the Reverend and Mary Keene.

She was his wife?


The Reverend was young, new,

said it was a demon
and we had to get rid of it.

That we were conspiring
with the devil.

He left the Hollow
for a few weeks,

and when he came back,

he had new prayers, rituals

he said, we send it away.

All it did was make it angry,
and it took his sister.


But the grave.

Town fathers were afraid
the same thing

would happen to them.

She convinced them to do
the one thing the legend said

would protect them.

A sacrifice.

I wanted no part
of their unholy pact.

Why would the Raven attack
my men and not them?

Why not you?

The funeral.

This is our chance, Clay.

- For what?
- To kill it.

They'll all be there.

I told you it can't be killed.

A beast that leaves scars
like I saw on your father

surely is made
of flesh and bone.

Even if I believed you,
why would I try?

What makes you think
it's finished with you?


You have weapons?

I believe this Raven
has the ability to appear

as anyone it wishes
by bewildering the mind.

Poe, even if it is there...

Not to worry, I'll see it.

You're saying
this thing can look like us?

The opium.

Perhaps something
that powerful on the mind

can eradicate the confusion.

I know you fancy her...

I saw the way you looked at it
when you rode in.

I used to look at her like that.

She looked at me.

She does not fancy me.

She changed.

After her unfortunate sister.

Charlotte doesn't have a sister.

Yes, she told me.

The Raven took her.

- Sister?
- Her twin, Lenore.

She doesn't have a sister,
twin or otherwise.

The Raven took Charlotte.

Took Charlotte?

Like Mary Queen?

And sister.

You see, Eliza bet
saw the whole thing.

My heart was broken.

All our hearts were.

And then a few months later,
she came back.




She didn't say where she'd been
or how she got back.

After a while,
folks quit asking.

You alright?

Did anyone else ever come back?


- Neither did Charlotte.
- Don't you see?

It's her.
She's the Raven.

- Charlotte?
- It has to be. Come on.

We most hurry, Clay.

I don't know
if I can shoot Charlotte.

It's not Charlotte.

You better be sure.



I'm fine.

Hold yourself together.

Just be ready.

I was wrong.

Or perhaps the mixture
doesn't work as I thought.

We are done here, Poe.

Well then.



It's her.

Eliza bet?

Don't you see?

Profit still, if bird or devil.

I don't see anything.

Oh, I do.

I see.

Far as the night's
Plutonian shore,

Oh, ghastly grim,
ancient, Raven.



He was a strange.

He suffered.

Now he's in this hole.



Come with me, please.

Let go of me.

Everyone stand back!

What are you doing?





What is this?



I'm sorry, Mr. Poe.

I truly am.

Usher, please talk to me.

Why are you doing this?

- I gave you every chance.
- I did everything I could.

What of Thomas?

You put him
under the planks, didn't you?

I knew if you found him
you'd stay.

Figured it was better
if you thought he run off

and maybe you go
and look after him.

But you all were moving
too quick for me.


She was fond of you, Mr. Poe.

That's how you were able
to stay alive for so long.



She loves it, you see?

And maybe it loves her.

The Raven?

How could she love it?

I'd say it has a hold on her,

but that's not
entirely the truth.

'Cause she has
a hold on it, too.

When I saw how it was...

Well, I did the best I could
to raise some values in her,

and that's all I could do.

The beast killed
with her consent.

How could I stop it?

Do not judge me, Mr. Poe.

The way I see it,
when she came back,

less folks went missing.

Till that young Reverend Keene
came with his ideas.

Please, Usher.

Not this, I beg you.

Please, Usher.
I beg you.

Don't do this.
Don't do this.

- Don't do this.
- All I can do for now.





Please don't leave me!


And the breath of God is still.

That a boy.

Get the apple.

If you can.

Get the apple.


You can't get me.

Don't even try.



Not you, too.

Begone, ghost.
I refuse you.

I am no ghost.

- You are a ghost.
- No.

All of you all have been
tricking me-e-e.

What of her?

Them old bones?



Go on, finish it.

I have faith the spirits
of the dead will never leave me.

Mr. Poe.

Forgive me for what I've done.

Forgive the girl.

She was just a child.

Eliza bet.

Ms. Eliza bet.

Ms. Eliza bet.

Usher, he's insane.

He killed my mother.

You wanted to kill you, too.


Let's ride in the twilight.

Are you mad?

If I am,
we are meant for each other.

What do you know about love?

You can't have me.

You can't run.

Do you know what love is, Poe?

Love that reaches
beyond life and death?

Love that is more than love?

It's still there.

You can't see it,
but it's there.

It will do anything for me.

Follow me anywhere.

Follow you.

If you harm me,
it will kill you.

If you stop, it will kill you.

If you escape,
someday, somewhere.

You will never know
what true love is.

It can't love.

You're wrong.

I don't want to die.

I could not kill you.

I know what love is.

Beauty, exquisite
in all proportion.

Less bright are the stars
of night than your radiant eyes.

When I saw you first,

I thought I should not
breathe again.

My heart would stop for fear
you belong to another.

It's you who does
not understand.

Tenderness between
a woman and a man.

Delicate caress,
shutter of ecstasy.

If only you knew.

I would love you.

If it loves,
it will not suffer with sharing,

risk losing that love
to any man...

ever again.



In the case
of Cadet Edgar Allan Poe,

this court concludes the charges

to be true
and sentences Cadet Poe

to immediate discharge
from the military academy.

Due to the horrific
circumstances of the matter,

it is so ordered
that the case shall be sealed

and all records kept
from the public evermore.

It will kill you,
someday, somewhere.