Ravening (2019) - full transcript

Two chaste lovers bow down to social taboos and repress their feelings, but doing so pushes them towards a horrific crime.

Excuse me!

The clinic's shut today.

Sister, my friend's
having an emergency.

Can you take a look at him?

But, I'm a pediatrician.

You should take him to the hospital.
Its not far.

He's in a bad state.
Please have a look at him.

His house is in the next lane.

Brother, today is her off day.


Piku is upstairs.
I'll back in a bit.

Thank you so much.
You totally saved the day.

So what exactly
happened to your friend?

He is overeaten I think.
He is turned green.

He is been puking
for the past 2 hours.

Also shitting.


Just what I needed
on a Sunday morning.

Right, right...

- Whose house is this?
- My friend, Rajesh's.

What did he eat?

Actually, he's a vegetarian.

His parents are out of town.

So he wanted to eat
meat for the first time.

He liked it so much that
he overate, and now...

- You ate the same meat?
- Yes, Sister.

Where? Some dirty place
I guess....

Not at all.
We cooked it ourselves.

The rest of us are fine.

I think his system
couldn't take it.

Sister, help me.
Please save me!



- Can you make ORS?
- Yes.

Don't worry.
Its just indigestion.

I've given medicines,
you'll be fine soon.

And next time,
go easy on the meat.

I won't even utter
the word meat’ again!

Meat isn't the problem.

Gluttony is.

Why did you feed so
much meat to a vegetarian?

Actually it was his idea.

He also paid for the goat.

You mean the mutton?

No I mean a whole goat!

We don’t buy dressed
meat in the "Meat Club”.

- "Meat Club...?"
- A meat eaters' club.

Not really a club.

But a union of like minded
students at the University...

These days people put
anything in their mouths.

Not knowing where
the meat came from...

How was it stored,
how old is it...

Feels sick just
thinking about it.

But in our Meat Club...

...we buy the thing live,
slaughter, cook and enjoy it.

Hey! My house...

Sorry Sister, for
going on and on.

No its fine.

I like your idea.
Meat Club!

Thank you.
Eh... your fees...?

Doesn't matter!
I barely did anything.


Okay so tell me...

...this meat you
cook in your club...

...does it taste any different?

It tastes like meat.


Just bring me some meat
next time you cook.

- Then we'll be even.
- Good idea.

But I hope your
palate's adventurous.

We don't exactly cook broiler.

As long as you don't
feed me dung beetles.

Elias bro!

Where the hell were you?

Don't ask.
Have we lost?

Not yet!

Elias bro!
I'll take the final shot.

No. I'll take it.

Come on,
Elias bro!

Elias bro!
Come on!

Come on,
Elias bro!

You can do it!

- Want to hear a joke?
- Hmm.

So this guy
goes to church to confess.

He says, "Father, I have sinned.

....I've had sex
with my patient."

The Priest says,
"It's ok my son...

"Sometimes it happens
between doctors and patients."

But then the man says,

"Father, but I’m a vet!"

Seems there's
no work at your clinic...

You're on WhatsApp, Facebook
all day, hm?

Picking fleas off the dogs
of the rich doesn't take hours.

Talk about hating your job.

Forget it.

Tell me more about
this Rajesh episode.

Nothing much beyond
what I said already.

Damned fool almost
died in his lust for meat.


The doctor was
such a nice person.

Guys these days...

...they're all unfit.

Lazy, flabby, no discipline...

Eddie’s not like that.
He's so fit.

Hard in the right places,
soft where he should be.

It's all fun till
you get caught.

Who's going to tell?

Let me get some chicken.

Its so nice to drive at
night in Guwahati, no?

Do you remember
that time?

When we drove from
Maligaon to Noonmati...

...in under 15 minutes?

Nobody drives
faster than Dilip.

Remember how Rakesh
kept yelling like a baby?

"Dilip...! Slow down!
Slow down, please...!"

Its been so long
since we all hung out.


Next time, whenever
Dilip's in town.

Where's Dilip da?
When's he back?

God knows.

In the field his phone
just doesn't work.

He'll pop up without
warning one of these days.


Text when you
reach home.

Hey listen.

Tomorrow we're watching a play.
At four.


If someone asks, lady.

Uh. Oh?

But Jumi,
I don't like all this.

It's all under control.
Just play your part.


Screw the meeting.
Come with me.

No, Elias bro.
I have to go.

Just drop me at Jalukbari.

You guys just had a feast.
This will be more fun.

- It's a tea estate.
- What'll I do there?

The plantation has
rabbit pestilence problem.

They've caught a whole
bunch of wild rabbits.

And they want me to
neuter them.

Fees apart, he's
promised me a rabbit lunch.

Wow! Why didn't you
tell me before?

So you'll come?

Am I not already!

- Is Sister in?
- Do you have an appointment?

No. I've got something
for her, actually.

Oh. Its you!

- All well?
- Yes... I'm good.

How's your friend?

He got better
the same day.


What's that?

Your fees.

Ooh! Meat Club food?
You didn't have to!

- It's rabbit meat.
- Rabbit?

I've never had it before.

I have.
It’s very tasty.

Let's see
what it looks like.

- Bora brother.
- Sister?

Can you ask Mina,
to bring some plates?


Do you like it?

its so soft.

Its not like
mutton at all.

These are wild-rabbits.

We got them from
a tea garden.

Did you cook it yourself?

That's the basic
rule of the Meat Club.

Meat's eaten best
with your fingers.

I know. But I've
this mental block.

I can't eat with my hands.

Scared of infection right?

You get it.

Usually people think
I'm being pretentious.

You and pretentious!

There’s not one pretentious
bone in your body.

What did you study
at the University?

I’m a research scholar at
the Dept of Anthropology.

I've just started my PhD.

...on meat eating
traditions in the North East.

And Meat Club...?
Part of your research?

No. That's just a passion.

But who has the time
to buy fresh meat?

And we can't possibly
go to restaurants...

...to see where the
meat came from.

....how it was kept, cooked.

We have hectic lives.

There're many
places that serve REAL meat.

But you'll never go to those.

What? Why?

You know, they are not
exactly posh.

What do you take me for?

If the place is clean
and the food is good...

...I'll go anywhere.

"Sister, Sumon here.
Please save my number."

Hey what's up?

You've been
distracted all evening.

Nothing like that.

How was the rabbit
meal with the doctor?


She's so wonderful.

If I'm not wrong, she's
also someone's wife.

Oh come on!
It's not like that!

Hello Sumon.

I will save it.

Hello Sumon.

Do you remember?

It was a night just like this.

When we first...


Let's get out of here.

You, me...

...and my new car.

Thanks again for the
rabbit meat.


Just a minute.

No problem!

It was my pleasure.

Are you at home
or at work?

At home.

Having dinner.

What's for dinner?

Meat :)

When I was ten...

...my father gave me a rooster.

He said, "Its yours.
Take care of it."

It was so beautiful.

He had a regal red crown
and brilliant colourful plumage...

For a month...
I took care of it.

Then, my father
asked me to cut it up...

...for dinner.

And you ate it?

Didn't you feel bad?


But I also felt hungry.

How's the food?

I've never had any meat cooked
with banana blossom before.

Squab is fattier
than chicken.

So it goes very well with
protein rich vegetables.

Next time let's try
catfish with colocasia.

Next time?
No way!

If I keep eating like this
I'll turn into a football.

You'll stay healthier, actually.

Want something else?

Where to Sister?

After dropping him off.


Sister...have you
heard of Gondhipuk?

The bug that stinks a lot?

Yes, some people
eat it, raw.

- Raw...?
- Yes.

They pick it up, squeeze
out the fluids from its body...

...and pop it
in their mouths.


In some parts,
they eat anything.

That's not the
crazy part though.

Squeezing out the fluids
from the bug is important.

Like how you need
to de-vein a shrimp.

If you don't...

...else it poisons you.


The Gondhipuk fluid
isn't poisonous...

...but you go on a trip.
An amazing trip!

You just want to
hide inside a hole.

That too for
about 48 hours.

For about 48 hours.

Come on.
That's a tall tale.

I swear!

My friend from there
says, "Come to my village...

You'll see people under
blankets, inside baskets, in wells...

And if you ask why
they say...

'Fool drank
the bug's piss'.

So I sometimes wonder...

Is Gondhipuk...

...food or is it
a hallucinogen?

An optimum amalgamation
of food and hallucinogen.

So tell me...?

- No ma'am...actually...
- What 'actually?' I mean.

You’ve got such a
great chance.

You've worked so hard.
Now you say you won’t go?

- Yes ma'am...
- Yes ma'am?

How many Phd students
get such a chance in their first year?

What's wrong with you?

No Ma'am...
I have an issue.

'Issue?' What issue?

Is something wrong at home?

No ma'am.
Just...an issue.

Ok... I get it...
You won't get very far.

I've seen too many
research scholars likefy you.

You are such a
sincere student...

Yes ma'am.

Your thesis will
be really special.

If only you could
have been my Guide.

Hope you didn't mind.
I was just kidding.

Why will I mind?
I like talking to you.

Today Piku scored
an A+ in Math!

Look how thrilled he is.

Fresh fish by the
river tomorrow.

You'll have to
use your hands.

Never seen anyone pick fish
with a fork and spoon before today!

It was awesome.

Looks like you're doing
your PhD only to eat meat!

Well done!
Two birds with one stone.

When I eat out
with you...

I feel like eating
only the meat.

The rest of it
doesn't even register.

How strange!

I'm so glad to be
of value in your life.

And I can say
the same for you.

- Is Sister in?
- She's nursing a headache.

Yesterday was
too stressful for her.

Oh hi.


What's up with you?

You have to tell me.

Right now!

I have a migraine.

You take forever
to return my texts.

Our phone calls are shorter.

You don't hang out
with me anymore.

What’s up with you?

Have I done something?

Its not you, Jumi.

Does it even occur to you,
I could have my own plans?


You're having an affair!

Are you crazy?

Can I just sleep?

Ah ha!
Now it all makes sense.

What nonsense.


Just tell me his name.

Its nothing like that.
I'm not you, okay?

Yes, you're not me.

For I would never judge
you for having an affair.

Fine, I guess I'll go then.

There's this one guy.

I hang out with him.

He takes me to places...

...where they serve
unusual meat dishes.

Did you know...

...you can cook
catfish with colacasia?



Is this an
affair or a food show?

Will you stop
saying that?

Okay okay.

Carry on...

There nothing else.
That's it.

Oh really?

I think...

...he's developing
feelings for me.

And you?

Come on!

I’m so much
older than him.


I have a kid.

That doesn't answer
my question.

It doesn't matter,
how I feel.

It’s wrong.

Ok, then stop meeting
him for a while.

He'll get the hint.

You’re right.

I'm going to put
a stop to this.


I’ve never laughed
so hard in my life!

My stomach hurts!

There's only one
cure for that.


Not tonight.

Dilip's coming tomorrow.

I should go back.

Get the house in order.

Yeah. Actually,
I should go too.

Have lots of work pending.

What? Why didn't you
tell me before?

You shouldn't have
come tonight.


What’s the point
in all of this...?


You said you're arriving
tomorrow morning!

All these years and
you still can't predict me.

I love it!

You should've called.

Have you had dinner?

Waiting for you.

I've got some yam
straight from the fields.

Mina is cooking it
right now.

I missed you, Niri.

Just a minute.

Didn't you eat well?


Just felt like
eating some meat.

We faced a big wave of
Japanese Encephalitis in Merapani.

It's amazing how quickly
diseases spread in remote areas.

Actually one would think
it would be the opposite.

And to top it we had a
breakout of influenza in Cachar.

I went crazy
coordinating our teams.

I wonder how much
longer I can do this.

I met this interesting
person a few weeks ago.


He's doing his PhD
on meat eating practices...

...in different parts of
North East India.

Call him over
for a lunch.

Will be nice to meet him.

Let's see.

A shirt for your dad and
a chador for your mom.

You shouldn't have!

This is a good decision.

You need to be
away from here.

Away from her.

There you go again.

Its nothing like that.

Is it?

Tell me how your
studies are coming along?

You're becoming obsessed
with a married woman.

It's making you lose
focus on your studies.

Remember when we
had a chat about love?

You teased me for
being afraid to love.

Now when I do
love someone...

...you're discouraging me.

I had said that in
some other context.

And now you're
calling this love?

It's an illicit affair.

Illicit affair?

I haven't even touched her.
Not even by accident.

Taken a vow to not do
it with a married woman?

No Elias bro.

I'm afraid of losing
whatever I have with her.

We're having a small
get together tonight.

Please do join us.

Tonight at 8 p.m.

I'll definitely come.

What's on the menu?

Broiler chicken, canned
fish, imported frozen lamb.

All the things
you love to eat.

Is it?

I think I'll be vegetarian
tonight ;)

You must be Piku.


- Thank you.
- Sumon!

Meet Jumi.



Sumon Boruah, Sister.

Just call me Jumi.

Meet Dilip.


Honestly speaking,
I prefer the village life.

People there are so simple.

And they go out of their
way if they want to help you...


This is Sumon.

Hello young man!

Nirmali talks highly of you.
Meet everyone.

Everyone this is Sumon.
He is a journalist.


PhD student.


Do you drink?


The bar's over there.
Choose your own poison.

Feeling shy?

No, not at all.

Then enjoy yourself.

I’ll go check on the meat.

...everyone knows
everyone in a village...


Will you take this around?

He's such a cutie.

There you go again!

He's a nice boy.
Just leave it at that.

A nice boy - who's
in love with you.

As if...

Its so obvious
every time he looks at you.

God, hope Dilip
doesn’t catch it.

You know Sumon...

...I had once gone to a
small flood-affected village.

...to supply medicines.

I had to trek through
waist high water.

When I got out of the water...

...there were a dozen
fat leeches stuck to my clothes.

But its part of the job.

In some parts of Europe that
would've made for a great meal.

Anyway, it was worth it.

If we hadn't reached
there on time...

...Cholera would've
wiped out everyone.

Dilip, you're
truly awesome!

Just a minute.



You’re with Jumi, isn’t it?

I'm Nirmali sister's guest.


- Excuse me.
- Oh, sure!

Thank you.

...and that's why...

...someday your selfless service
for the people will be rewarded.

You’ll do us all proud
and win a National Award!

And that'll
just be the start!

Thank you.

And there's a
saying in English...

“Behind every successful man...

There is a....



Without her love and support,
I’d be nothing.


Now let's have dinner.


You know...

...last time we had a
camp at Goalpara and...

Take some more chicken.

No, no, serve Sumon.

He won't eat it.
It's broiler.

Sir, I don't eat
processed meat.

The duck is really tasty though.

Well I will. I get enough
country chicken in the field.

Can't eat anymore...

It’s ok.


Go wash your hands.

I don't care what
kind of meat is served.

As long as
it's cooked well.



How about a
perfectly cooked crow?


I meant
normal meat Dilip.

Actually, the definition
of 'normal' isn't universal.

When it comes to eating
meat, what's normal for you.

May be abnormal for others.


Out comes the academic
from inside him!

No no...
He's right though.

I have seen people eating
the strangest of things.

Strange doesn’t cover it.

At the department...

...we've catalogued meats
eaten by people in our region.

Wild animals such as
deer, elephant, monkey...

...wild birds to what is
considered taboo...

...like dog and cat meat...

And truly bizarre stuff like...











Weaver ants


Hey we're still eating here...

Ah, where did I keep it?

It hasn’t even been a week.

Ah, Niri, please...

Our camp will shut down f I
don't go submit the certificate.

But it hasn’t even
been a week.

What to do?
They need me there.

And us?

Piku and me?

We don't need you?

Oh God, Niri.
What's wrong with you?

You’ve never acted
like this before.

You know this very well.

To serve those left behind.

And Niri...
You yourself used to say...

...that if we don't make small
sacrifices, how will society progress?


Against the great
unwashed who are yearning...

for the love and care
of Dr. Dilip Saikia...

...how can we
possibly compare?

The certificate is
in the study.

Where are you going?


Where's she going?

She didn't say!

That night when you talked about
forbidden and bizzare meats...

...it was sojnteresting.

Have you eaten
all of them?

Not even half as
much as I'd like to.

Have you had dog meat?


I love them.

You loved your
rooster too...

But you ate it.

You want to try bat meat?

Hello Elias bro,
I need your help.

Where are you?



I told Dilip, I've gone to
see a play with you.

Welcome to the club Niri...

Just shut up.

I'm only going
out to eat with him.

Who said anything
about anyone?

Look. I just had a
fight with Dilip.

And I don't want him
to know that I'm with Sumon.

Elias bro said
I can take his car.



I'm going for a movie with Niri.
Might get late.

So this place...
does it have a name?

No name.
Its deep inside a plantation.

Only those who
know go there.

But the meat is
really tasty.

As long as
I get a spoon!

- I love this...
- This song is so.

Anything else?

No thanks.

Shall we?


Just drop me here.


I'll walk from here.

What’s wrong?

It was going so well.

I was thinking...

If she’s eating
bat meat with me...

...what else will
she do tonight?

Just then I noticed...

a bit of food
stuck on her chin.

Just below those lovely
tender lips of hers...

I reached out
with my finger...

...like this.

And she leaned in...

And then...?

No idea.

The whole mood of
the evening changed.

But...that's not
what's important.

She leaned in,
before she moved back.

Stretching it a bit,
aren't we?

Not at all.

She really wanted
me to touch her.

Don't you get it?

I knew all along that
she has feelings for me?

What I get is...

...that a desperate guy
is trying very hard...

...to convince himself.

I’m telling you.

If she wasn't married,
things would've been so different.


You're just a
useful idiot for her.

A pleasant distraction
in her dull life...

having a lovelorn younger
man follow her around.

I bet she laughs about it
with her friends.

Now let me
finish my work.

I just don't understand...

...why you dislike her
so much.

How does it feel?


...you'll be inside it.

Hey Sumon.



I'm done here,
let’s go.

Elias bro...

...I'm going to feed
her my own flesh.

Yeah, yeah, sure.
Let's go now.

Good morning,
Elias bro!

Elias bro!
Good morning!

- What’s gotten into you?
- Have your tea.

When was the last
time you got bed tea?

Did you not sleep
at all last night?

No. I was working.


I swear.

I was up all night

But now, I need
a bit of your help.

Ah. So, hence the tea.

Ugh...no sugar...

- I need a sample.
- Sample?

A sample of meat.

A sample of meat?

A sample of
my own flesh.

Your own flesh?

For an experiment.

I need to
get back to sleep.

Elias bro...

Just a sample of my meat
for research.

Leave me alone.
Let me sleep.

Please. I wouldn't bother you
if I could do it myself.

I read up. Extracting a sample of
your own meat isn't easy.

I don't have the
experience, tools or an OT.

Will you just
let me sleep?

Look, look...

...all you have to do is
cut a small sample...

From here or here.

What do you say?

No way.

You should remove
your shorts.

Take this.

Elias bro.


Listen, it'll still hurt.

After the anesthesia
wears off.

No problem.

No pain,
no gain.

Feel anything?

Not a thing.
Cut away.

Bora da.

Oh. Sumon!


Busy with a patient.

No problem.

Can you
please give her this?

What is it this time?

Just give it to her.

She's with a patient.

- Wait for a while. Give it yourself.
- No, no.

Please take it in right now?

- Right now...?
- Yes.

But she’s with a patient.

Please Bora da!
Just tell her it's from me.

Give it.

Told you she's busy.
I've kept it on her table.

Ok, thank you.

I'll be off then.

I'm really sorry if I
upset you inadvertently.

I've left something
for you to taste.

Hope you like it.

Hi Piku.

Hello Ma.

What are you up to?

- Is it done?
- Yes.

Go freshen up.

I'll be with you in a bit.

Will you eat something?

What’s there?

I had made
some onion fritters.

Isn't there any meat?

You've been eating
so much meat lately.

Sumon got me a
tiffin at the clinic.

I saw.
Its some kind of egg dish.

- Egg?
- Yes.

With some kind
of meat mixed in it.

Is it?
Bring it over.

Here it is.

Hi. Thank you
for the dish.

I loved it.
Specially the meat.

Never tasted
something like this.

What kind of meat was it?

I'm so glad you liked it.

I had cooked it
with a lot of effort.

But what it was...

I'll tell you in person.

Whatever it was,
I want more, ok?

Now tell me.

Uh...l cooked a duck egg.

I know that.




Carrots, chillies...



A bit of my own flesh.


I cooked.

...a bit of my flesh,
from my thigh...


Actually I...

Don't say a word.

I get it.

You like it?

Is this...?

All day and all night...

...It's all I think
about now.

I feel as if I’ve tasted the
fundamental flavour of life.

And this has made
me forever hungry.

The small bits
that you feed me...

...do nothing for me.

I want more now.

Well cooked...

...and bursting with
that amazing flavour.

Hey Niri!

Missing him...?

I told you, you should've
brought him along.

Oh Jumi.

If you only knew half of it.

Have you...

...done it with him?

Shut up!

What kind of vulgar
question is that?

Just asking.

I know, you're not
like me and all that.


So, what did I miss?

Nothing much.

You've barely
touched your food.

Everything I eat...

...tastes like straw.

My stomach gets filled...

...but I am always hungry.

I am not hungry.

The hunger gnaws at me.

All I do is wait...

...for the next time
you'll feed me.

There is a slight infection.

I have given some medicines,
that should take care of it.


Bora da!

Bora da!


Who got that?


Don't you remember?

The medical rep
who had come...?

He gave it to us.

That’s all.

Sometimes I feel...

...this infinite hunger
is affecting my mind.

Sister, can I help you?

You know so much
about meat...

Brother, move, move!
Watch out!

...isn't there any place
where they serve this meat?

Brother, did you get hurt?


You don't have to
go anywhere.

My whole body is
here for you.

"I don't want you
to suffer anymore.

So I was thinking...

I don't really need my toe.

I'll be doing
desk-bound jobs anyway.

If I were to lose it...

...bet I won't
miss it much.

What do you say,
Elias bro...?

Cut it off then.

Elias bro...?

I spoke to Jayanta
the other day.

You’ve been
cooking in your room?


Tell me the truth.

This is not about
your research.

What sick shit are you
and that doctor into?

Forget it, Elias bro.

Forget it?

You're cutting yourself!

And for what?

Technically, you're cutting me.
Not me.

Okay, fine.

Not any more.
This ends here.

Forget about the toe.
Just from the usual place.


Do you think
I’m joking?

When I'd told you...

...that this was
an experiment...

...I wasn't lying.

I wanted to see if
there are other ways...

...to get physical
with your lover.

And for both of us...

...the results are
very encouraging.


You're not well.

Go back home to
your parents for a while.

Or this will destroy you.

These days all you
do is give sermons.

Just cut me,
I'm getting late.

Get out.

So, you won’t do it?

You heard me.
Get out.

Fine, then.
I'll do it myself!

What are you doing?

Give it back!

Give it back!

Give it back I say!

It's not possible.

Yet, it is.

I've seen your
case history.

You've consulted doctors
from here to Bombay.

You can't be pregnant.
You have ovarian dysfunction.

You should do
one more test.

It's the third test.

Done it twice before.


And you're sure...

Yes. It's Eddie's.

Not Rakesh's.

Oh, Jumi.

I can't abort it.

I've wanted a baby all my life.

I know, Jumi.

Why Eddie?

Don't worry.

We'll work
something out.

"Sorry Sister, won’t
be possible today."


Where are you...?

Can you come
to the hospital?

Right now.


This one's unclaimed.

Just came in a few hours ago.

Absolutely fresh.

Accident victim.

No disease.

Let's cut some of
the meat and take it.

But quick!

Someone may come.

Some from the leg...

...some from the arm.


...and arm.

What are you doing?


Someone may come.

Just look at yourself.

This isn't you.

- Let's get out of here.
- No!

Today's my eating day.

- Please.
- I shall eat today!

Yes, you shall.

Yes, you shall.

I will feed you.

Elias bro refused to cut me...

...but he's not the
only one is he?

Give it to me.


I don't want your
pathetic tidbits any more!

I want more.

I want this!


Let's go.

I thought you'd
understand my hunger...

...that's why I'd called
you to help me.

The whole hospital has CCTVs.

You think no one
would've found out?

I’m going insane, isn't it?

This is all my fault.

I can't bear to
see you like this.

Then help me!
Help me!


Just tell me...

I'll do anything.

Walk me home?

You're right...

Stealing from the
morgue was a stupid idea.

I have symptoms
of acute addiction.

I can either struggle
with it for months.

years, maybe forever...

...or I can eat my fill once...

...and get over it.

If I could eat well just once.

I'll never crave it again.

What do you
want to do?

Randomly slit someone's throat?

It's easier to poison.

But it may
contaminate the flesh.

Can't believe you're
thinking so seriously about it.

Then what should I do?

Sit back.

And let the hunger
consume me?

I got a call from Dilip today.

Even Piku feels it.

God knows what
Mina and Bora da think.

I need to get over this
before it gets worse.

What if the pposite happens?

What if you want to eat more?


...you eat your fill once.


...I'll get the meat.


I'm almost there.

I started this...

...and I'll finish it.

Or you may actually
try to kill someone.

...and that would be
a disaster.



It's your eating day after all.

Thank you for doing this.
I'll never forget it.

Sister, I can't carry the
meat back to my hostel.

What do I do?

Bring it to the clinic.
I'll be up.

Don't get the whole body.

Just from the arm,
and from the leg.

Stop right here.

Brother, the rent is 10 rupees.

Hey, what're you doing?

Please let me know
once you're done.


What's going on?


Deka! Ali!
Catch him!

What were you doing, huh?
Who were you cutting?

Hold him, he was
cutting up a man!

Sumon Boruah, do you know
how much trouble you're in?

Sir, his phone is buzzing.

You have no right
to see my phone!

What the hell is this?

Tell me everything.
From the beginning.

Look, I can do
this all night long.


O sister...?

Its 6.30 already.
Piku's school...?

Did you sleep here all night?

Nirmali Saikia?


You'll have to come with us.

You're under arrest.

Ok roll!

Right now we are
in Beltola where...

...as you can see the police
has just arrested a lady.

You'll be shocked to
know that she is a doctor...

...and she has had a person
murdered just to eat his flesh.

Only to satisfy
her bizarre hunger.


Big breaking news!

A PhD student
from the University...

...along with his lover...

...has murdered a
man to eat his flesh!

Details of this shocking
and barbaric crime..

exclusively on News.

Today's incident has brought
shame to all Assamese.

The fact that in our
quiet and simple society...

...such depraved people exist...

...has shamed us
around the world.

Esub created and edited by
Sayeem Shams

Aamis [MEAT]
Ravening (2019)