Ravanasura (2023) - full transcript

Junior lawyer Ravindra is a goof whom no one seems to take seriously. But there's more to him beneath the surface.

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I've come to Nizamabad on
some urgent factory work...

Coming back... ok...

Hey, go fast

Ok sir.

[indistinct conversation]

Show the C book and license to sir.

- I'll be right back sir...
- Yeah.

Sir... Sir... Buy at least
one balloon sir... Please sir.

Go away!

Sir... please sir... buy a balloon.

I said no, right? Go away

Sir... please... sir...
just one balloon sir.

Don't you get it?

Don't you get it?

Don't want it... Go...

- Sir, it's a bit urgent.
- I asked you to wait!

- Please sir!
- Leave...

- Please sir...
- Hey!

- Sir, please.
- Take your hand off.

- Please sir!
- Hey, didn't I say No? Leave now. Go!



Why are you late?

Waiting for half an hour.

How's Harika?

You wanted to meet me urgently.

About Anand pharma?

Anand why do you stress so much
about that pharma? I don't understand

His file is waiting for
my approval for 3 years

They can't sell that medicine in
the market without my approval.

So just relax.

[bottle breaks]
[man groaning]


What Kanakamahalakshmi madam...
Did you get the witness?

We'll catch him sir...
Need to be patient...

We will nab him.

You have a good reputation as a criminal
lawyer and have a good demand in the market...

Why are you wasting time by
taking up such petty cases?

I've set up a meeting with Mudireddy sir...
Just quote your price...

Sir, not all people have
a price tag on them.

least of all someone like me.

Defence Lawyer sir,

you can buy a rope for a buffalo, but you
can't buy a buffalo because you have a rope.

Why are you saying all this?

Well, you have been waxing eloquent to
the madam all along. Can't I say one?

You can start the proceedings.

Your honour,

the defence promised they will present the
witness 5 times before, but taking adjournments..

Is there really a witness or not?

Or are they doing this because they don't
have a case to argue? I am not getting it.

My lord... My junior lawyer is
out to bring the witness here...

He's going to get him...

Please give me some more time.

How can you produce him now when you
weren't able to present him for 2 weeks?

Looks like the Defence folks
have hidden the witness

and preventing him from being
produced in the court...

It's taken a while to trace his location.

If you don't produce the witness in 15
minutes, I will pronounce judgement.

are you the one sent by Kanakamahalakshmi?

Yes... it's me... Ravindra, MA, LLB...

Are these details enough to get smacked?

What's the time dude?

Oh yes, it's 12 already madam.

Where is he?

I will get him... Don't get tense...

Defense lawyer sir,

we can find if you search but
we can't search what is found.

Why do you say that?


I should be doing something right?

As the prosecution team couldn't provide
any concrete evidence in this case...

One minute your honor

Where is Subbarayudu?

You seem to be oblivious of
anybody else once you see me...

- Subbarayudu...
- Silence!

Sorry... your honour. Sorry

Subbarayudu... Why do you look everywhere
else when I am talking to you Subbarayudu?

- Me?
- Who the hell is he?


You fool,
didn't I send you his photo as well

My data pack is over madam...
WhatsApp is not working...

I seem to have seen
this fellow somewhere...

Did Kanakamahalakshmi send you?

Why didn't you say dude?

How do I know sir,
I thought you came to save me.

Then why did you follow me
all the way to the court?

I shuddered after seeing you
and hence remained silent

Of course, I know you will and the situation
also worked out in your favour, right?

- Judge: Hello
- Sir...

If you stop talking,
we will pass the judgement.

Okay sir...

Maybe losing the case for the first time

This case is dismissed.

My husband did warn me not to take
up a case against Mudireddy...

You dragged me into all this by
promising to get the witness...

How did you bump into me dude?

You were my senior in college...

Aren't you ashamed to join as my junior?

Of course, I feel madam..

But I need a paying job...

And our old ties...
My affection towards you...

Hey... stop there... go back...

Will go back madam. What else can we do?

As it is,
loafing around without getting married.

So what?

Is that true? As if I didn't know.

- The other day Hussain came and...
- He came and?

He threatened he will kill
you if I take up the case

How dare he threaten you?
I will take care of him...

Hey.. that's not the point.

If he had to threaten me,

he would have threatened to bump off
my family members or my husband...

Why did he take your name?



He thought there's something
going on between us

Why are blushing?

Oh my God...
The thought itself is naughty...

Remembering our college days Kanakam...

Our love affair was the hottest
topic in college, do you remember?

Love affair?

Dude, Except giving devilish glances like
this, you never proposed to me in college.

Where did you give me
an opportunity madam?

You chose a successful lawyer like
him over a struggling lawyer like me

Don't bring that issue again...

It's irritating... The ruckus
you created during my marriage...

ensured my in-laws didn't speak
to me for 3 years, do you know?

Well, I was drunk at that time Kanakam...
Didn't know what I was up to

Did I create such a big mess?

O Kanakamahalakshmi...

Don't desert after loving me.

Hello, my dear boys and girls.

Please listen to my sad story

My girlfriend abandoned me,

And I am going bonkers.

I am mad in love;

I am local Baba Sehgal
while you get married.

I am humming break-up songs

after giving my heart to
you while you punch it.

You gave him green signal
while leaving me in the lurch.

Gave me a big cauliflower
for being a sincere lover!

Bathing in the tearful showers,
nobody to console me!

Trying to mend my heart with
this broken whiskey glass.

Looking like Goddess Lakshmi at home,

while posting Instagram
visuals like Jyoti Lakshmi,

Facing music now,
the map you made of my life

made me turn to you even if heart broken.

For me all gunfire,
but you dance to joyful beats,

Myself in flames.

You are up in the sky,

When I give you greeting card,
you show me wedding card.

What did you see in him that made you
walk out on me, missed a golden chance

You will have merry dance festival,
while I drown my sorrows with my glass.

Hey Dude

why did you stop?

She is into merry making,
beat the bloody blues away!

A man is in trance,

causing his pain-points to distress him more.
But destresses from that by trying to forget

otherwise, life's going to be hell.

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes.

My husband is a good man,

so he was cool. Anyone else would
have divorced me immediately.

Whose divorce are you talking about?

He wants me to divorce you and marry me.

Hey you, just move out of here, man!

Okay... Okay...

How do you put up with this girl...
In the evening...

Hey, leave now!

Okay, leaving now...
Care to join me Kanakam?

Hi dad... how're you doing?

You are looking all fresh today, dad.
What's up?


Dad look at me...

Dad please


Please pass it on...

your moustache is fine,
nobody's going to touch it. Don't worry.

Didn't come in the morning?


Today, its afternoon shift.

When your son is around, you don't react.

But when the nurse comes, all fired up...

- Sir...
- Yeah...

Why does your father say Shanti...
Shanti to everybody?

Who is this Shanti sir? Your mother?

Oh, No...

Oh, is it his daughter?

- Not at all.
- Then who is it?

She is the doctor who treated him earlier.

He connected well to her.

Since then, he calls everybody he
sees as Shanti... yearns for her.

Oh oh... Look how he's staring at you...
perhaps serenading you... Okay...

What's your name, dear?

Munni Sir.

Hope you don't become my aunt!

Hey, Babji,
life is overloaded with violence...

Need some romance now...
Change the channel for some romantic song.

I just remembered when
you said romance sir.

Didn't you say you had a gala time
with madam during college days?

Hahaha... Yes, unfettered time!

Did you kiss her once?

What are you talking?

Why is he pondering so much?
Does it mean so many times?

He tried to...

You might find it funny bro...

I struggled with it then as I was torn
between Kanakam and the new girl...

Babji, who is it?
The girl... is quite cute.

You are?

I am Harika... came to meet madam.

You can tell me what you want to tell her.

I am everything for him... Even I feel
he should tell me... But you tell sir.

I requested Kanakalakshmi madam to
take up the case... She refused...

So I came here personally
to meet her and convince...

- You are?
- Ravindra, M.A, LL.B.

Senior-most Junior Lawyer!

A junior lawyer?

Yeah, it's just titular...

I direct her in the court, she acts.

Infact, whenever she forgets the law
sections, our Sir gives the cues to her...

What is your issue?

He is my father.

I am really sorry madam

I can't understand why she
doesn't want to take up this case?

That scoundrel should be hanged twice...

once for committing murder and again
for handing it all on a platter

The fellow who killed my
father-in-law should be...

- Excuse me?
- What do you mean?

I mean, the fellow who killed
your dad will be hanged...

We are taking up this case...

Actually, you got it wrong.
The dead person is not my father.

Don't tell me, it's your dad who did it...

Father-in-law status cancelled...

But my dad didn't commit the murder...
He is innocent...

Please persuade Kanakamahalakshmi
madam to take up this case...

please sir.

'Justice Chowdhary', 'Nyayam Kaavali',

'Dharma Chakram', 'Chattaniki Kallu Levu'
(Telugu films), 'Andha kanoon' (Hindi film)

You don't worry madam,
our Sir will convince her somehow


If you take up this case,
she will become my wife.

If I take up her case,
I will lose my reputation.

Oh come on, madam... The case
will drag for atleast 5 years more

In the meanwhile, we will get married
and have at least two children.

Madam... madam... madam..please..please

I said no.

Not possible.

So, you won't take up this case?


Are you sure?


I can't work with you anymore... I quit...

Thank You Very Much...

Oh, did I impulsively say QUIT madam?


One last selfie...
As a symbol of our association please...


You are so sweet.

What's this snap?

There's a rumour about our affair, right?
I have proof.

Harika madam, you are here, is it?

I assured her I will guide her throughout the
case and convinced her to take up this case.

She relented.

Thank you sir... Thank you so much...

I can't believe you fell at her feet to
implore her... Can't thank you enough?

So, you saw all that?

Now tell me, will you take up this case?

I won't... you can tell anyone about it.

Madam... madam... please madam...

This is how he convinces...

please madam. Please

Show some mercy madam...

Will name my children after you madam...

Whether it's a boy or a girl, we will
name the child Kanakamahalakshmi madam

Yeah... Go to hell.
(please... please... please)

Who's the fellow who kept
the blinds open here?

You want everyone to see what's going on
inside, is it? There are many perverts here.

Do you want an audio along with the video?

Couldn't hear you properly?

Then it's okay...

you please go to our home, we will
rock the investigation, okay please?


A for...

A for apple.

Do we have to go through all over again?


What are you doing?


She got tired after playing and forgot
to do homework...

So I am doing it on her behalf.

Is my handwriting matching hers?

Yes, it looks like her grandfather's

Okay, let me try with my left hand then

Sir...Commissioner Sir
sent this case file for your perusal.


Ha...Hanu...I want to talk to you regarding a case...
Can you come to the office please?

Hey, I am on leave.

I am in a big mess...

The governor said, 'Put your best officer on the case'...

and you are the best option I have.

I am going to retire in two months,
why do I need new cases now?

Just listen to the case once...

Then take a call, your word is final.

Apple, Ball over...

Let me finish Cat and Dog and
then read the file.

What Sir...It's getting late,
but madam hasn't arrived yet?

Why will she come?
Must be getting ready...

They care more for their makeup than if the men are in ICU or jail.

But evidence against him is so strong sir.
How can we get him out?

Let's talk about the facts, okay?


We must face the music if he doesn't get released.

Why Sir?

Be practical...

Father is rich, daughter is single...
I am a struggling junior lawyer...

he won't let his daughter marry me,

might infact try to polish me
with his men for this misadventure

Yes Sir.

So, it suits us if he
gets a death sentence.

Your thoughts are at times
quite dangerous sir.

Everyone's thoughts are as treacherous...
if only they speak out...

When did you come madam?

Since you spoke about ladies and makeup.

And you didn't warn me
even after you saw her right?

I didn't see her coming sir

But you saw her touching feet the other day, right?

Sir, are you doubting me?

As if I ever believed you!
Just stay put here...I'll come back.

Before doing justice to her dad,
you guys seem hell-bent on treating her badly.

The balloon burst,


I don't what happened afterwards.

It was pitch dark after I woke up.
I was in the car,

but the car is on city outskirts..

Then I realized the blood stains on my clothes...

Shortly, the police have arrived...
They thought I was trying to escape after the murder,

so once my phone got switched on...they tracked my location and reached me.

They didn't listen to me afterwards,
just arrested me..

Super Sir, very good.

This appears the version you told the police...

Now tell the truth...
Then we will plan what to say in the court.

Please believe for God's sake.

Your driver confessed that you
asked him to get down from the car and leave

At least 30 staffers in the Resort say
they witnessed you committing the murder.

The CCTV footage also clearly
shows your face in the closeup...

And there's no indication of
any police checking that day...So...

All untrue...
It's all a sketch to frame me..

Please believe me...
I think there is a big conspiracy...

please do something.

Sir...your time is up.

Your man...

Regarding your dad...
we found a great section to exonerate him

What's that?

Section 84



If we can establish that he committed
this crime out of madness...

we can get him out in just 3 hearings.

Ha...Well, madness means not madness...
Split personality...

Remember the scene in the film
'Aparichitudu' where the hero murders...

My father is completely alright...


Why does she deny when his madness is
so obvious, dude?

Is she also a borderline case?

She has crossed the borderline already sir...

Think again if you really want to marry her.

She has a lovely figure, bro..
I will adjust with her.

It looks as if I am crossing
the border in madness.



At Ease.

What do you think about the case?

In this case,
there is something wrong sir.

Why you say that when evidence is crystal clear?

That's the main problem sir...

Someone left the evidence after
committing the murder.

My police instincts never go wrong...

There's a big conspiracy in this case.

ok take charge

Can I just say something?

It must be something that gets me into trouble.

Almost like that.

The girl offered ten crore rupees to the Session
Judge to bail her father out.

Ten crores...
Whose dad's money?

It's her dad's money sir!

Oh my God!

Anyways...One minute

Hello, good morning madam.

10 minutes...
I am near Punjagutta circle.

Okay...Waiting here...

She will take 10 minutes...

Let's talk Peacefully.

where should I stop?

The other day you stopped me
when someone offered me bribe of 25000 rupees

That's okay, where should I stop now?

To hell, he stopped there.

My God...this is how
they are frittering away my wealth.

He is talking like a owner.

If all the assets are squandered like this in
court proceedings,

what do I and my kids have?

Did you say wealth?

All the assets are mine after marriage,

isn't it? By the time, the fellow gets his bail
after paying ten crores and all that,

we will become paupers...

I can't bear this...I just cannot tolerate this...


What man?


She is in Punjagutta, right?

She is in Punjagutta sir,
but here phone is still ON.

Oh no...

Are you still there?

I heard it all.

What dude, why do I get caught
red-handed like this each time?

It is still ON

Oh my God...
this is not getting switched off...What?


I need to buy a new phone with her money.

Looks like it's not going to work out
with her sir,

why don't you dump this godforsaken case?

You seem to be elated, right?

No, no, Sir.

I am committed to her face and this case now.

No question of leaving now.

Give some ideas to make it work,
than break it up.

Can I give a new idea?

Give it fast.

You have lot of verbal diahhroea sir.
So, the lesser you speak, the better.

What I meant was,
why don't you sing a song praising her,

she'll croon for you.

Any references for me?

Plenty of references.
We have a superhit song from Superstar Krishna.

That is from B&W era.
Suggest something from the colour era.

Well, here's a blockbuster song,
remix it and use.

What's that?





Your fame is spread to over
1001 districts!

The entire world is swooning
over your beauty!

Whether it is Hampi's architecture or
Ellora's dancing forms,

You are the role model,
you damsel!

Your fame is spread to over
1001 districts!

The entire world is swooning
over your beauty!

Thank God,
King Ravana hasn't spotted you ever,

The thoughts about Sita

would have created flutter to
even Bhishma in his time.

Had you been born then;
he wouldn't have lived a celibate!

If such a celestial beauty like you were
born in those eras,

All the epic wars would have had a
new history rewritten.

Oh, oh, oh

If such a celestial beauty like you were
born in those eras,

All the epic wars would have had a
new history rewritten.

Surely an error of commission by
Creator Brahma

you are a non-pareil goddess!

Hey girls come to me, follow me,

I am gonna take you to the
Top, come on,

feel I like to chit chat.

you are my cutie cat.

Hey baby come, come.

Hey baby come, come.

Poet Allasani's tastes have gone wrong,

In allowing Pravara, the lover boy desert

His lover Varoodhini in a whiff,
but if it was you,

Who has cast her net on him,

no man would have left you.

No man will stop staring at you if
they catch a glimpse of you.

Would not bat an eyelid but ditch their families.

And run after you, hey!

No man will stop staring at you if
they catch a glimpse of you.

Would not bat an eyelid but ditch their families.

And run after you, hey!

You are the femme fatale who will
ensnare old men too.

Your fame is spread to over
1001 districts!

The entire world is swooning
over your beauty!

Ravi, behave yourself.

Are you watching a movie or what?
Turn the other side.

You are not getting the seriousness of the case.
Prosecutor is waiting, let's go.

Did he really study law or he is still studying?

Again the loose tongue!

Despite strong evidence against him
like 30 witnesses,CCTV footage,

I called you to guide and help you...

it's a lost case.
Why do you waste time? Plead guilty.

Hey...you bugger stop there!


Yes, bugger, you may be a defence lawyer,
I am a different lawyer.

I have come here to clear him,
not to reduce his punishment.

Don't the police records say that

Vijay Talwar had a hand injury at the time of stabbing
the victim with a glass bottle?

Is it right?


So, there should be blood stains of
Vijay Talwar at the site of murder right?

What about Vijay's blood sample?


That means, Vijay Talwar was never there.

Send the clues team again to the place of murder...

if the team can't find Vijay Talwar's blood sample there,

I will draw your blood out in the court...

The fellow got scared...

How did I deal, dude?

All for the baby!

Shut up...you figure out everything dude.

Shall we leave now...

Mister PP,
I will see you in the court of law okay?

Did you notice a grin on her face?

You will see a lot of those in future, bro

You carry on SIR.

Her dad's misery is ushering in
my marriage with her.

Give it off sir.

Come on over

Good morning sir.

Good Morning.
Did you see the case files?

We are looking into it sir.

Every criminal leaves a trace of his signature on
the crime committed.

Analyse all murder cases in the last 2 years.

I want to find a pattern.

Understood sir.

I have the last word on all matters...
Sorry madam


Don't you know to knock on the door
before entering?

Don't you know to bolt the door
when getting intimate?


You have an appointment with the doctor at 1.30.
Don't miss it.

You guys carry on.

Appointment on Sunday?


Harika madam, I have come to meet you..

Wanted to move the bail application in the court.

We can move but do we have any new evidence...

What about the Forensic report?

We will get it today madam..

That report will settle it all in our favour...

Now you don't convene a press meet and acknowledge
the role of Ravindra in solving this case.

No need to give any credits to me.

How can we not give credits?
You finished it all in one single stroke.

As expected

That day, she hugged me
when I gave a small clue.

Maybe she will kiss me now after all this...

You may get more jealous.
Better close your eyes.

Until yesterday,
we apprehended a life sentence...

But now it is confirmed
he will get a verdict of hanging.


The DNA report confirms that
the blood sample on the site belongs to Vijay Talwar.

(Babji: Oh no)

You are really super, boy.

Here, here, girl...

Here, here, girl...Hello Harika...

Hello Harika...
Please listen to me Harika, hello.

Thanks son.

Oh my...I can't see this.

This is what the reviewers call as over-acting.

Whoever prepared this before...

What Sir...Just to ensnare her,
you made a botch of her case and the career of this lady.

In law,
a case can take any turn anytime.

But you won't say,
we could claim victory, is it?

Keep everything aside,

let me ask: If I cut this fellow into pieces,
can you bail me out of this case?

What, even there you need her help is it?

Bloody Babji

Excuse me..


I am A.C.P Hanumantha Rao...

Just 2 days back,
I took charge of Vijay Talwar case.

I just left the case 2 minutes back.

This case needs a competent lawyer like you

and I strongly believe that in this case,
Vijay Talvar is innocent.


I am feeling guilty that I couldn't save
my father-in-law after studying law...

You are not Hanumantha Rao sir...
You are real Hanuman...

I am now sure to get married.

Thank you, thank you sir...
Thank you so much sir...

Sorry...madam very excited


What's your name?


Full name



Ha Sir...

Oh ok ok...

Tell me

Sir, we found a pattern...

I will share the location with you.
I will meet you there.

Yes, I am on my way.

(Okay sir)

Thank you madam

Thank you sir...Thank you sir...

Just can't believe this

Sir, we had a land dispute with Nirmala Angel...

But I didn't kill her sir.

I was driving the car when someone banged
the window at the signal sir...

I wound down the car window and
then fell unconscious...

By the time I woke up, I am on the city outskirts sir

By the time I switched on
my phone to call my brother...

the police arrived and took me on
charges of murdering the lady.

Same pattern...
same mode of operation

Good job.

If the victim was an average Joe,
he would have walked free long back sir...

But Joseph is a Padmasri Awardee.

When he died, the CM ordered state honours for his funeral

That's why he is still behind bars.

After Bandook Pahelwan's arrest, his brother
Goli Pahelwan looks into the business affairs now sir...

How long should I wait?
When is your Pahelwan coming?

Why are you shouting?

Brother is busy inside and will take time.
All of you wait.

Rao: Hello...
just a moment

Hey...what happened?

Sir, they rang the calling bell

Brother has gone for visa interview for London trip,

that Commissioner Narasimham meanwhile
slapped a case on brother out of revenge.

Why does he have to go to London?

They want to install big brother's
statue there sir...

He wants to go there to discuss that.

Where do they put the statue?
In Stuartpuram or Central Jail?

It's the same place where they put all the
statues of celebrities sir?

It's called Madam Tuss Tuss.

Hey, that's not Tuss Tuss.

Brother can't say it fluently...
It is Mussu Tuss Sir..

It's not mussu Tuss.
Madame Tussauds

Yes, that's it

They took his nails and hair, sir...

No response after that.

So, to find out more,
brother is leaving for London.

Madame Tussauds is reserved for people like Virat
Kohli and Prabhas. Is your brother close to that?

How much did they loot in the name of the statue ?

No money sir...
they said they will do it for free.

(Free of cost?)

Is there a CCTV footage?

Yes..but need the operator...

Before I could say the operator
will take half hour to open, they hit me sir...

He is the one.

Yeah...He has come to our house

For what?

He came to take the measurements for
putting dad's statue at Lions Club.

Why is everyone crazy about statues sir?

Dad donated huge money to Lions Club...
so naturally, we believed them



Send this photograph to all the police stations

I want a look out notice against this guy...


Hi Saket

Excellent house and interiors dude...
Wow, artistic and beautiful too.

I am Hanumantha Rao,
Assistant Commissioner of Police

Crime branch

Having beer?

Wow! Same brand as yours, yeah.

Madame Tussauds is famous for exhibiting
statues of celebrities

but I never knew they keep statues of
rowdy sheeters too.

If you had done all this for money,

I would have pardoned you as just another heist
in the name of statues

but now it is clear
you didn't take money.

So what is your motive?

What is your target?

Move..Get inside
(speaking Hindi)

Hey...Can we sit and talk?

What are you doing here?

what are you doing here?


I am asking you..Why are you here?

Hey no.. no

Are you getting it? He played a role in
involving your brother...


Hey, no..stop


Sir is upstairs...

Hey, Park the vehicle aside,
move out of the way.

Hey Ramesh,

Why are you so late sir?
Waiting for you for the past half hour.

One minute...
Let me explain.


I heard you met the Home Minister...

Look, even if the Central Home Minister is involved,
you can't save your brother.

There is enough evidence against him.

Get lost..

Get lost means, 'Get Out.'

Ramu baby...One Coffee!

Didn't I tell you,
Truth is stranger than fiction...

First, you dispose off that phone...
Your location can be tracked as soon as it's switched on.

Commissioner Narasimha Yadav
earned recognition as a tough and honest officer.

The situation near I.G. Office is
quite tense Sneha.

They concluded that the culprit is
old rowdy-sheeter Goli Pehelwan

After this incident, the Chief Minister convened
an Emergency meeting

with Home Minister Mudi Reddy,
according to sources.

That Commissioner warned him and he,
in turn, opened fire...

Why are you firing at me for that?

You are the State Home Minister...

Who else can we ask
when there is a law-and-order problem...

There are many complaints against you...

There you go again!

Do you really believe all the cases fabricated by that
lawyer Kanakamahalakshmi? All false

Our government has ordered
an Enquiry Commission,

let's await the report too.

Sir, I really don't know anything.


He is inside. Sir..

Sir...atleast you tell them
Sir...How can I murder Commissioner?

Last night, I just attended
a birthday bash of my friend's son

where many balloons were burst...
One balloon burst, sir.

When I woke up,
I am somewhere on the city outskirts sir...

the police arrested me sir.

Sir...they didn't hit on my hand sir...
But the body is beaten to pulp.

Sir, the details about Saketh have come...

He is born and brought up in Hyderabad..

Did his diploma in Theatre and Film-making from
New York Film Academy

He lost his father when young
Mother stays in the US with her brother

He made 3 movies last year...
As a makeover artist...

Recently, an FIR was lodged against him in
Banjara Hills station

What's the case about?

The case is filed by actor Brahmanandam

Some dispute over remuneration related to film shooting.
When he refused to come fort he shoot,

Saket reshot the scene with a makeover artist sir.

Hey, is it possible?

I never saw such a case sir.



This is that film footage

The actor here is not Brahmanandam

Doesn't he resemble him sir?

This just can't be true.


come here.


Tell me the truth...

Didn't they take his measurements too
alongwith those of his brother?

Yes Sir...

lawyer Kanakamahalakshmi handled this case too.

I met Ravindra first time
when I went to meet lawyer Kanakamahalakshmi at her office.

What's this brother? Isn't he Brahmanandam?
How is it possible?



It's a special technique of makeup


both a science and an art.

Since then,
Ravindra has met me regularly

... in movie sets, restarurants, pubs...

How do we distinguish from a prosthetic
makeup and a real one?

You can't make out on screen for sure...

Only when you come closer in live
can you make it out with difficulty.


This is my girl-friend Janaki...Jaanu...
This is lawyer Ravi.

So you need to admeasure exactly to match
the prosthetic makeup.

Yes, everything

from the size of the eyes to the
eyebrows and the gap between both to

the length of the nose to the cheek size
everything must match fully to transform perfectly.


Hi Bro

I have some good news bro.


Are you getting married?



I'm having a headache...
Can you make some good coffee please?


Are you stuck here?

That we'll talk later,

let me show you how to make some good coffee.



Coffee powder... 1 spoon...

1 spoon...

Why so early in the morning bro?


I am toiling hard to teach coffee-making

What happened to you, bro?

Your girlfriend is not around for some time...

So, make your own coffee and make for me too.

What are you talking about,bro?

Hey, bloody fellow...
Where is Janaki? What did you do? Tell me.

We are on city outskirts in
a dilapidated and deserted building...

which has a sound-proof room
where your shouts can't reach anyone,

where you are entangled in a big chain
with limbs stuck in it.

Why did you all this?

Today, you will be my personal makeup man.

But after you finish makeup,

I should resemble this fellow, not look myself.

Who is he?

Bandook Pehelwan

I will commit a small crime
and shift the blame on him.

I don't abet such crimes.

A dilapidated bungalow...
Inside a sound-proof room,

having a big chain with a hook on one side and
neck on the other end.

Hey, Remember the Ravana King
who didn't even touch Sita for an year...

but this Ravanasura has no such ethics...

If you are in my control,
I will be under the control of your girl-friend.


When you went for measurements,
you should have asked for a suitable makeup for your face right?

When you are taking measurements,
you will be in close proximity to that person.

One can detect a Mask in such close range.

That's why the police know your face

Now you are a wanted CRIMINAL

You committed the murder and implicated me.

But you killed no ordinary person
he is a Police Commissioner.

Yes, we dealt with this case...

We did an out-of-court settlement with
Actor Brahmanandam...

Ah Ravi...
Is Ravi on the case? He will help you with it

as I have a court hearing...
So I will see you...yaa...take care.

The case of that Brahmanandam?

The producer cleared payment...All problems cleared in 2 days.

Can I see these case files...

Yeah Sure...
Hey Babji give that case file to him.

Hey, what is this blood?

Nothing sir...just a bike accident.

So much blood for a bike accident?

Yes...it's okay sir, small injury.

That's too much,
let me see.

It's okay sir,
it's okay.


Where were you yesterday afternoon?

I am at place where you can't prove
that I am there sir.



Case solved...

Sir, it's not so easy to solve the case...
You must prove in the court...

If you tinker with Criminal Ravindra,
Criminal lawyer Ravindra will emerge...

he knows every flaw in law...

Hey Babji...

I have seen many criminals in
my 30 years career Shanti...

never feared when I put the gun at
point-blank range...

But one laugh scared me...

Any criminal shudders to look straight
into the eyes of a police...

But he doesn't have that fear,

those bloody eyes seem to have
stared at multiple deaths.

What's your opinion on Ravindra?

He is a funny, goofy guy
there's something attractive about him

That attraction is danger sign Harika

There is a monster
lurking behind that mask.

The way you met Ravi at
Kanakamahalakshmi's office,

Ravi persuading her to take up the case,

Giving clues about blood strains to prosecutor team
everything is pre-planned Harika.

Sorry to say,
This includes the love he is showering on you

Ravi also killed Radhakrishna and
framed your dad in the case

He is not a criminal lawyer,
he is a law-conversant criminal,

A professional killer.

Then why don't you arrest him?

Suspicion won't suffice to arrest him.

You need evidence to nail him.

Until stay safe and apart from him.




If it's marriage

I am okay for it.

Let's look for auspicious dates after 14th.

Is it confirmed this time?

Good news Sir

Are you quitting your job?

The breaking news I am giving will make
even you jump and quit everything.


Harika has met me Sir.


Enquiry Sir

She sponsored a coffee for me and asked
about your past, present, future and finance.

What else did she ask?

She seems keen on marrying you sir.
That's why she enquired about everything.

She wants to be a family member,
so she quizzed about your family.

Information is wealth but some
information is injurious to health.

If I knew so much English,
I would have been your senior.

What is the essence?

Well, imagine both our respective dads
have become buddies

and we will soon have a baby boy.
What do you say?

So, give the information she seeks
but don't miss out elevating me on the way.

Don't worry, I will give you an elevation
worth Rs.100 crores.

Hey, I need to take another measurement,
get the malt ready.

Looks like you are set with the girl.

Why not if you kindly co-operate.
Definitely it will be set.

Everything in your hands.
Please, please, please...

Just do me this favour


Your wife's come

What's all this commotion?
Why are you so late?

you've had enough.


It's been 3 years since we got married,
why are you still desperate?

Just wait for 10 minutes after the drink,
will send him.

The fellow will implore you like this...
Don't agree to any of his silly antics,

I am going to sleep.

Okay, good night.

If you can arrange a bail for her dad,
the girl will be mine.

Please sir...please, please, please.
Just one favour.

Hey, stop...
Difficult to give a bail in this case.

Evidence against him is very strong.

I advised her to take up this case after approaching them.

One more time...another...and another.
Let me pour another.

Sir... Shekhar Sir... Shekhar...
Shekhar... Hey, Shekhar...

Shekhar... Hey Shekhar...

Let's forget about what happened last
night... It should not repeat again.

Shekhar, Stop

Shekhar I am gonna call the police.


Not getting the signal?
It won't come

Help... help... help.

Nobody will come to your rescue, I've already
enjoyed you in my imagination many times.

This time, the fantasy is a reality,
and I am so excited for it.

Scream baby,
it is turning me on and on and on and on

Don't fear...it will get over...
get over...get over...

2 minutes...just 2 minutes...
it will be over...

It's over...over..over...

It's over... over... over...

- Suneeta!
- Madam?

- Did sir call?
- No, madam.


Where were you last night?


Where did you go last night?

No response when I called.

Do you know how tensed I became?

I just called DSP Karan also.


Do you know Justice Vikas?

He took us to his
farmhouse after the party.

I had a few drinks there and dozed off.

Sorry, dear. Extremely sorry.

I have a several
headache. Can you order a coffee?

Suneeta, one coffee please.

Excuse me...

Ah, sorry sir.
I called you because he didn't turn up.

You carry on, it's okay.

- I will call the commissioner.
- I've come for sir.

For sir?


We've come to arrest you in connection
with Syncox Pharma MD Harika's murder.

- [gasps]
- What?

Did Harika got murdered?

We have evidence that you have
raped Harika madam and murdered her.

- Two witnesses are also there.
- What?


- [whistles]
- There is some misunderstanding.

- Please.
- I am the Attorney-general of the State.

- What's all this?
- Please move.

Lucky, I didn't send that message.

- I didn't kill her. Godamn it, believe me.
- Please, sir.

I fell unconscious at the party suddenly

and woke up at a hideous place in morning.

- Please believe me, Lucky.
- You please come.

- One second. I am talking to my wife!
- Please... Sir, sir...

You know law better than
us. Don't create a scene here.

Please co-operate with us, please come.

- Please.
- Sir, what happened?

What happened? Sir... Sir...

What happened?

I don't understand
anything. I am going mad.

Sir, sir... Sir, sir, sir,
at least you tell, what happened?

He is the prime accused in
Harika rape and murder case.


Harika murder?
[siren wailing]

- Everything alright?
- Sir.

- What's the status?
- They are doing the postmortem.

- Reports will come in 5 mins.
- Ok... Ok.

Harika is murdered, sir...

Whoever might born whether a boy or a girl
we thought to name Hanumanth Rao, sir.

Hanumanth Rao is no more, sir.

Hanumanth Rao is no more, sir!

- No, more.
- Hey...

You committed murders so
far and escaped from them.

But now you crossed the
line and committed rape.

You would have left a tonnage of DNA

and forensic evidence in
that room over the dead body.

That's enough to get you arrested.

I won't get caught in
that way either, sir.

The weapon used in the
murder has sir's fingerprints.

The bed has sir's hair strands, sir.

The bed sheet has sir's sperm too.

Since sir and madam are
taking treatment for infertility,

the testing sample given
at the fertility center,

is liberally sprinkled
at the site of murder, sir.

Minimum life imprisonment

under sections 307, 456 and 122.


Retirement is 2 months away.
Is this stress needed now, sir?

So, listen to me...

Go home and finish the
homework of your grand-daughter, sir.

I keep an eye on those
who I want to bump off...

But on those who want to finish me,
I keep extra vigil...

You deserted me and left me all alone.


You can take the body
if postmortem is over.

You can gauge the violence in me,

by the extent of postmortem done
by the doctor on her body, sir.

You instigated her to probe me more

She over-did it unnessarily.

Who's responsible now for Harika's death?
You or me?

You unfairly killed my Harika, sir...

- Look at her, sir...
- Hey!

I am already heart-broken as her lover

and now must face the
ignominy of being her rapist.

- Bloody pervert... Yuck!
- Hey!

This is so unfair, sir. At least you
tell him being responsible police...

- How can you talk like that?
- What are you talking?

- Hey!
- Come sir, please.

Look at her... Look at her... Look.

Hey... One coffee for me.

As you said, there's a new ice
cream cart and a coconut cart.

Both of them have walkies.

The police are fully
concentrating on me now.

You be careful, as Mudireddy's
men are looking out for you.

Last time, I covered for you and brought
you safe. It's not that easy this time.

- Stay in touch with this number henceforth
- Okay.

Janu's safety is most important.

Remember, as long as she is in our
custody, Saket will be in our control.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

[TV] In just few days of Vijay
Talwar's arrest under murder case,

his daughter Harika
Talwar got brutually murdered...

- Argh!
- [Telugu news channel tuned on TV]

[door opens]

- Bastard! You killed her unjustly!
- Hey!

I should live with a
life-long guilt because,

I'm also a reason behind so many lives.

Why are you doing this to
me? Why? Bloody pervert!


How can you call me that, brother?

Even your girl-friend is
beautiful and she is in my custody.

I have full access to her that
means I can do anything I want.


But did I do anything? Did I?

You must understand, brother.

I gain nothing out of this murder.

She unnecessarily find out more
about me, I had no other choice.

I murdered her. That's it.

Since I was anyways going to kill her,

so I resorted to rape in order
not to waste her bounteous beauty.

I am not so cruel to have
murdered her because I raped her.

Anyhow I am going to murder her so...

Let's have a drink on
this happy occasion...

Come on, don't bang your head like that...
Join me.

Tomorrow is Janu's birthday...

How much I wanted to
celebrate her birthday,

grandly with
cake-cutting and video calling?

You didn't get it and held by my collar.

Still, it's fine...

I will let you talk to her.
Come on, have it.

[thunders rumbling]

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birth--

Where are you, Bheem?

[groans in pain]

Very bad idea.


[vehicle honks]
[girl screams]

[tires screeching]

[thunders rumble]

Brother... You said you will
arrange a video-call with Janu, right?

Let's see...
First fix the drinks and then come.


What's that blood stain? Huh?

A small dog, cute, white and plumpy,

broke the chain and ran away,

when a car came in opposite direction...

I have to speak to Janu.

Not possible

I need to speak to Janu right now.

I will decide when you get to
speak with her. Do as I say now

She will have a slight disorientation
because she was unconscious.

Just relax.

Doctor, I need your help.

Do you know,
how did that accident happen?

Why don't you tell, dear,
it's the Scorpio which hit you?

She is relatively okay.
I think she's good to go.

- Thank you, doctor.
- Yeah!

- Doctor... Doc...
- Okay, okay, I will take care.

- I will take care, doctor. You come.
- Yeah!


- What?
- Washroom.

Doctor, where is washroom?

Shall we go?

[music mutes voices]

"Ravana... Ravana... Ravana..."

"Ravana... Ra!"


We found an important clue.

Dr. Dinesh called me from Attapur
hospital. It's about Ravindra.

Hey, stop, stop.

I saw this girl somewhere.

I have... I saw her somewhere.

Yes, yes.

So, he has kidnapped Saket's
girlfriend and blackmailing Saket now.

If we save this girl, we can expect
Saket to cooperate with the police.

This is top priority.

[mobile rings]

That doctor tipped off the police.

Hanumanth Rao found out about Janu.

What do we do now?

It's time to pay tribute to him.

"I got the feel in my mind,
I like the way you move"

"I got the flow I am crazy now,
I am going to burn it now"

Is the mask ready?
Why so long?

The task is over. Why don't
you let me talk to Janu once?

I told you that I will arrange a
call with Janu. My love. My lover.

Why are you obsessed only with that?

Can't you see the stress I am going
through? Show some minimum concern.

Let's see after finishing the work.

I am now getting doubts if you
really harmed Janu

because you've been avoiding me
to talk with her for the past week.

What happened to Janu?
What did you do?

What do you think I would have done?

Option A. Murder.

Option B: Rape.

Option C: Rape and Murder.

- Hey!
- Woah! Woah...

Take a chill pill.

There is another option.

'None of the above.'

After I kill Hanumanth Rao,
I will answer to all your questions.

Give me the mask.

Good job.

[mobile rings]

Sir, Dr. Dinesh hasn't
been home since yesterday.

Did you enquire at the hospital?

Yes, sir. But something is wrong.

We are on our way to office.
Reaching in 5 minutes.

Go to office.

[mobile rings]

- Hello?
- Listen carefully,

a murder attempt is being planned on you.

A person called Dr. Dinesh
is going to kill you...

- What?
- Sir, actually...

it's not Dr. Dinesh but someone disguised
as Dr Dinesh is going to kill you.

I repeat sir. A person disguised
as Dr. Dinesh is going to kill you.


Hello, is this Saket?


I know it's you who's talking.

He is using your
girlfriend and threatening you too.

Better, surrender yourself.

I promise to bring your
girlfriend back safely.

Saket, can you hear me?


Saket. Are you there?

Hello, Ravi.

Oh, so figured it out?

[pistol fires]



Sir, why did you shoot Dinesh?

Sir, why are you disfiguring his face?

He is not Dinesh, he is Ravindra.

I shot at him because he tried to kill me.

Why is he trying to kill you sir?

We just checked
everything and sent him inside.

[music mutes voices]

Dinesh... Dinesh.

Look here...

You complained against Ravindra
and landed yourself in a big conspiracy.

The only thing that can save you from this
situation is... Only one Hanumanth Rao.

Leave now immediately.
Here are the car keys. Go immediately.

Hurry up, go immediately.

He just left the place.
We have 10 minutes time.

- I am also leaving now.
- Okay.

He just entered the office.

Climbing the stairs,

reaching near us.Almost there...

He got in.

[pistol fires]

Extraordinary shot!
You saw the teaser only,

still plenty of stuff to watch.

There's only one force which
can stop me on this planet...

it's me.

[door opens]

Brother, I am really sorry.

I was tense and apprehended that you
may harm Janu, so I made the called.

Please don't harm her, please...

Brother... Sorry--

I am apologizing, please...

[laughs] Not bad.

You called Hanumanth Rao
because you got tensed...

If your voice wasn't genuine,

he wouldn't have believed you. So...

I hustled it up.

- Janaki... Call for you.
- [gasps]

Janu, Janu.


- What are those wounds, Janu?
- Nothing. Just a small accident.


Don't worry. I will be fine.

Be strong, dear. Be strong.

I will protect you
even if I have to kill that Ravindra.

I will do whatever it takes
Janu. I will come find you.

What happened, sir?

They kept an enquire on me.
Let them do their duty,

we will do ours.

Have you got any details about his family?

Sir, he has a girlfriend who
works as a teacher in an orphanage.

Ravindra visits her flat
couple of times a week.

Hmm... Let's go.

- Hey, Ram baby, coffee.
- Ready, brother.

You seem to be raring to go today!

Stop... Stop.

Go ahead.

Stop here.

[mobile chimes]

Follow that bike.

Left, left.


- It's my...
- Hey!

[mobile rings]

Hello, who is it?

- Bheems.
- Yes, brother?

Where are you?

You messaged me to come to the
safe house, so I came here.

I did?



[groans in pain]

- Janu...
- [sobs]

Are you okay?

- Where is the key?
- It's with him.

Where is the key? Tell me.

- Where is it?
- Wait, I will give you.

Give me.


Ah! Ow!

Janu, move.


Come Janu.

[girl screams]




If you want to abduct Sita,
just crossing the seas won't suffice.

You have to surpass this Ravanasura.








Let's get back to work.

[siren wailing]

Why are you not picking calls?

Room is locked. What happened?

The police came for you.

He raped and killed a girl.

Now kidnapped a girl
and holding her as a hostage.

They've told so many things.
Actually, I am...

they are the ones who came for you.

Hi, Ravi.

Hi, Keertana.


Shall we go to the police station and
chat there? It is more convenient.

Sure, sir. Darling, let me once...

By the way, is there a warrant?

You need a warrant to arrest.
But we came here for an inquiry.

Oh! Firstly, you must issue summons,

to me to come to the
police station for an inquiry.

Once I receive them, I will come
as per my spare time to the station.

But you have to bear all my expenses
back and forth. As per section 161.

Your grand idea was to drag me to the
station on the pretext of enquiry,

use third-degree methods to cough up
a confession from me, isn't it?

Yes, get inside.

As soon as you arrest me,

the girl will file a petition
for Habeas Corpus in the court.

Darling, remember Habeas Corpus

Then you will need to produce me
in the court within 24 hours...

Do you know how facing a
tiger in a dense jungle...

...a crocodile in water and this
Ravindra in court feels like, sir?

It will be like a third-degree
torture without a drop of blood.

Think again, sir.

Yes, it's true, sir.

It's hard to face him in the court.

Why are you still discussing when you
got to know that he did everything?

Just finish him, sir.

It's our jurisdiction,

waiving the case here is
as easy as eating biryani.

Ah? Huh! Is it? What?

Wanted to shoot, oh?

Hey, Ravi.

What about her, madam?

[hand drill whirling]

I hope you have no doubts
about my capacity to kill, sir?

Because of your
miscalculation, Harika died.

Because of your haste,
Dr. Dinesh also perished.

Another wrong step and you will be
responsible for the girl's death too.

Ravi you are getting yourself into danger.

I am not in danger, officer.
I am the danger.

- Which hospital did you say?
- PRK hospital.


- Update me all the details.
- Okay, madam.


[cooker hisses]


You must be tired after a night duty.

Come, have this hot biryani.


Are you searching for this?

Come, sit down.

[voice muted] A girl should
come as soon as she's called.

Otherwise, I get upset.


Blend it well and eat.

Have this piece.

Have that piece.

- Who killed Harika?
- It's you.

Who is in jail?

Sekhar Mukunda.

If I rape you and murder you...

who will go to the jail?

Shall we implicate your boyfriend?

Or Hanumanth Rao?


Looks like you had a long gap after duty.

Natural acts shouldn't be interrupted.

How about going out somewhere
with your boyfriend for six months?

- Have some more.
- That's enough.

You left so many pieces...

Shall I feed Caesar?

Ceaser! Ceaser!

Is your dog called Caesar?
Then why is it not responding when called?

Caesar! Caesar!

What did you do to Caesar?

I did nothing to Caesar,
while you gulp it down with lemonades.

Caesar. [clicks tongue]

Come on. Come on. Come on, baby.

[dog whines] Caesar... Caesar.

A murder is a crime.

But it is an art to murder
without getting caught.

I am an artist.

Respect my art, baby.

I can't face him, sir.

That is why, I kept six months leave,
I am going to my town.

Ruhi, just listen to me.

Sir, I am sorry.

This is the last help I could do.

Ramachandra Brahma,
BRK Hospital, Miyapur.


Sir, this is Ramachandra Brahma.

Can I talk to him?

You can talk to him, sir...
But he won't talk anything.



Who is Shanti?

She was the doctor who
treated him 2 years back, sir.

Always chanting her name.

Can I meet that doctor once?

Sorry, sir.

Last year, someone murdered Dr. Shanti.

[music mutes voices]

How is your Mr. Whiskers doing?
Is he alright?

He is alright, sir.

How are you dad?

He is fine, Ravi.


What sir?
No gun, no force around you.

What brings you here? Are you missing me?

I haven't come to arrest you.
I need to talk to you.

Five out of these people have
died, four of them are in jail.

They are all different
people, different backgrounds,

different professions,

but not connected to each other.

Whatever it is...

But there is one central character
that connects all of them together,

that is Dr. Shanti.

20 years back,

a pharma company called Syncox filed,

a patent for a diabetes-cure
drug worth Rs. 2 crores.

Dr. Radhakrishna Chennuri,

current FDA Director was a former
senior scientist, am I right?

What if the drug has side-effects?

Clinical trials can't be
permitted for such a drug.

I've already spent 2
crores for the patent,

don't have money for
spending another 2 crores.

There is a plot of 3000
square yards in Madhapur.

- Hitec City is build in the future.
- Nice.

You will get a good appreciation value.

With a few years after the
drug's release in the market,

its long-term usage is known
to lead to Dementia which affects memory.

This was first discovered by Dr. Shanti.

By the way, I am so sorry. Ravi...

Even your dad is a Dementia victim, right?

A complete brain damaged person.

Your sister died
because of your insane father.

I can understand your pain, Ravi.

Your sister's dead body
in front of your eyes.

Your father who is excited
because he doesn't know what it is.

Your mother died of heart
attack as she couldn't take the pain.

I can understand.

I know how your dad's
position deteriorated after that.

Raji... Raji...

- I am not Raji, I am Shanti.
- Raji...

My sister's name is Raji,
that's why he is calling that name.

Shanti. Shanti.

Having treated many
dementia patients like your dad,

Dr. Shanti found a common pattern.

Most of these patients
had dementia because,

they used the diabetes
drug made by Syncox Pharma.

Ravi brother, last 3 years,
I treated several cerebral palsy patients.

Again, one common factor is the usage of
the drug made by Syncox Pharma.

The shocking fact is this drug
is banned in many countries,

but still sold as an
over-the-counter drug.

Recently, an Indian-made cough syrup sold
in Zambia led to the death of 70 kids.

The medical mafia worth lakhs of
crores ensured the news never came out.

Dr. Shanti disclosed this to the
R&D head of Syncox Company.

Vijay Talwar, who is the
father of Harika Talwar,

the R&D head of Syncox Company.

In 6 years of my practice,
I treated many diabetic patients.

Most of them are
suffering from this disease.

All of them have been using your drugs.

I think it's better we re-initiate
clinical trials for these drugs.

Okay, I'll investigate it.

There is a suspicion that
this drug has side-effects.

We need to verify that
with testing and human trials.

Understood. We need kids for the testing.

I have access to that
orphanage school. We can do it.

But the most important thing is,

the news about human
testing should not leak outside.

Orphans sir. Nobody cares for them.

The doctor who was
treating the kids freely,

administered the drug on 35 children.

Seven out of them died.

Four of them had permanent brain damage.

After the drug's
side-effects got established,

Dr. Shanti was called in

and offered Rs. 200 crores
to keep the matter discreet.

But she refused and
filed a case in the court.

We won in High Court, but she will
appeal again in Supreme Court.

The case will drag for
another 5 to 10 years.

What we need is
a permanent solution.

As per the Advocate
General's permanent solution idea,

they paid Rs.20 lakhs to 2 goons,

Bandhook and Goli Pehlwaan.

The girl filed a case against us.
It will haunt us if she is murdered now.

Yes, if it is a murder case.

So, make it a rape and murder case.

Go ahead. She deserves it

[girl screams]

[groans in pain]

Please don't...

Oh God!

Please leave me.

Don't harm me, I beg you.

Please I beg you.

[groans in pain]

[groans in pain]

Please, leave me alone.

So, the rape and murder case
was slapped on two innocents

and then they were shot dead
without being produced in the court.

Commissioner Narasimha Murty,
earned the name as a super cop.

Saw the postmortem report of Harika.

You didn't rape her.

You merely constructed
the minimum evidence,

needed to establish that
Sekhar tried to rape her.

It speaks well of your
culture and sensitivity, Ravi.

I appreciate you.


When are you planning the last murder?

I mean, the former health
minister and current home minister...


This matter will again be dealt by me
when it comes to me for inquiry, right?

If it is proven that so many lives were
lost because of the drug consumed by them,

what will be your position?

Tempt me with a good offer.

I will ensure you won't face any
issues from the government's side.


Transfer 30% of our
company's shares to Mudireddy.

Hey, I like that, you're smart.

Ravi, listen to what I say.

You and I should collaborate as lawyer
and police and ensure conviction to him.


The conviction rate in
our country is very less,

it's almost negligible 2%.

I am telling it out of my
experience, it is easier to eliminate him

and escape our own conviction,
rather than getting him punished.

Ravi, you have some sympathy
for what you went through.

Who wants the sympathy now, sir?

If you want to support me, do me a favor.

Hand over the investigation
files which you made to me, sir.

- No. No, no way.
- Okay, sir.

Okay. You may leave then.

One day, I will appear like
you and bring the files.

You can't kill Mudireddy and
I won't allow you to kill him.

I am Ravana,

who had ten faces,
ten forms and ten heads.

My death must also wait for me
until I accomplish the planned work.

Okay, I will speak to sir.

Okay... I will call you again.

The CM is trying to
side-line you, brother.

The MLA's who supported
us are getting trouble.

You better think
something and do, brother.

What did you guys do when I wanted
to kill the CM during last winter?

- We planned twice, but he escaped.
- Ah? Is it?

Planned twice, my foot!

What else can I expect after
having useless guys around me!

Have to sit inside the
jail in this position.

- Brother...
- Why are you rushing like that?

Someone is targeting every
person involved in the Syncox scam.

Already, 9 out of 10 people are gone.

You are the only one left,
better be careful, brother.

That CM fellow may at
best send us inside the jail.

Leave about that.

Whereas this fellow
will actually finish us.

To get out of this risk,
I must become CM for sure.

You go gather our MLA's to the party.

Okay, brother.

Hey, what's this?

It's not like a birthday party,
but it's like a mourning assembly.

Dear DJ...

Start the music.

Dear Lilly, you start it,
I will join you in middle.


"You are the damsel sitting under
daisy-plant with bright bangles!"


"Those bright bangles combined with
your crazy jacket raise a furore!"


"You are the damsel sitting under
daisy-plant with bright bangles!"

"Those bright bangles combined with
your crazy jacket raise a furore!"

"You are like the speeding truck
causing a flutter in my heart!"

"Those gazing eyes of yours
are more inebriant than wine!"

"When you wear the anklets,
it's time for crazy dance beats!"

"Chill more, chill more!"

"It's a mass song, dude,
raise the volume, dude!"


"Raise the volume, bro,
it's a mass song, dude!"




"When an infant, an evil-protection mark,
and many drops of milk when growing up."

"As you age, it's whiskey time,
Twinkle O Twinkle..."

"At wedding, a black mark on the cheek,
and on first night, a lovely lady besides"

"Which draws out loads of
sweat, Tinkul O Tinkul,"

"The warriors have put rings galore,"

"While the Kings changed colours galore."

"Raise the volume, bro,
it's a mass song, dude."


"Raise the volume, bro,
it's a mass song, dude."






Hey, I told you that's
not possible, right?

- How many times shall I say? Get away.
- Please listen to me, sir. It's important.

What's the fuss?

I have to meet the Minister sir urgently.

Come to the party office
tomorrow. We'll see.

Sir... It's related to the
security issue of the minister.

Just give me a minute,
I will show you something.

Then you will understand.

Why are you shocked, brother?

Won't you get shocked
when you see a bizarre sight?

That Bheemsen must have figured out
the rivalry between you and the CM

and is planning something
on that basis, sir.

That Ravindra has kidnapped my girlfriend,

blackmailed me and
made me do sorts of stuff.

The entire police force is in your hands.

Please save my girlfriend, sir.

You have to ensure he gets tortured the
same manner he did to all of us, sir.

From what you described about him,

he seems one heck of a dangerous guy.

If we have to jail him,
we need good evidence against him.

I have got a brilliant idea, brother.

Tell me, sir.

So far you did all the odd jobs for him.

Now, it's time for him to do for you.

If I have to stay alive and you
need to protect your girlfriend,

do this one thing for me, brother.

It's time for the meeting.
Is the mask ready?

What are you readying the mask? Huh?

[groans in pain]

"Ravana! Ravanasura!"

Ready. Wear the mask.

- All set.
- Good job.

Brother, call for you.

Just wait.

Hey, how is it, dude?

How is it, brother?

He just aced it, dude.

Quite an artist.

We are done with Ravindra.
Tell our guys to bump him off.

You will finish the CM

and in turn take the
responsibility of making me the CM, okay?

I will go inside, assess the
situation and call you. Await my call.


[engine starts]

[crowd hailing] Mudireddy, long live!

[crowd hailing] Mudireddy, long live!

[crowd hailing] Mudireddy, long live!

Some enter politics
seeking power and wealth.

Others enter politics to serve people.

The CM told me I belong
to the second category.

That was more than enough for me.

"Ravana the demon"

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka... Ravana"

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka... Ravana"

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka... Ravana"

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka...
Ravana the demon"

"Even approaching death is
helpless if you go against it"

"All weapons are neutralized when
they touch you, Ravana the demon"

Look there is our beloved CM sir.

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka... Ravana"

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka... Ravana"

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka... Ravana"

"Ten headed Lord of Lanka...
Ravana the demon"

"Lust... anger... love... greed..."

"Pride... Partiality..."

"Mind... wisdom... subconscious..."



Brother, I am leaving now.
Reaching in 10 minutes.

Hey, Deva.

[pistol fires]

Tell me, what's the plan?


There is no way he can escape the city.

Airports, railway stations, bus stands...
All points are under surveillance.

The city is on red alert.

We will catch him in 24 hours.

Not just our police department but,

the neighbouring state police department--

"Ra... Ra... Ravanasura..."

"Ra... Ra... Ravanasura..."

No, sir. Guns down.
Guns down, please. Please.

Hello, my dear brothers and sisters.

This man who's my
lookalike is not really me.

He put on makeup to resemble me and
killed the honourable Mudireddy, sir.

Everyone thinks I committed this murder.

So, they assume that if they finish
me, the case will be closed, he thought.

In such a situation, for self-defence,

I repeat, sir...

Just for self-defence, this man
lost his life in the fight we had.

Who is he really?

Who are you?
You have a bright future, dear.

Watch now.
Hello brother, record this please.

Just zoom in, zoom in, zoom in.

He is the right-hand man
of home minister Devaraju.

- Exactly!
- Stop this drama now.

Does it look like drama, sir?

I have been following this case sincerely.

In the past, you have killed
many people by various disguises.

- Sir, what do you mean I killed, sir?
- Yes.

You have taken the help of makeup artist
Saket to accomplish all this. I know it.

Is this Saket, sir?

Let's get back to work.

As long as I am there,
you will resort to these acts.

- No, Saket.
- No, Janu.

I am going to end all this right now.

- Take her.
- Janu...

I am not committing murders,
I am doing justice.

If you understood my motive earlier,
you wouldn't get scared of me.

I didn't tell you all this earlier.

Or else, you would have long
believed no harm will come to you.

take her and leave.


Let's finish what we started?

According to Bheemsen's information,

Mudireddy is planning to kill CM.

So, use your talent and seed the idea
to kill CM in the mind of Mudireddy.

I will take care of the rest.

It's true that he did it by
blackmailing me keeping my girlfriend,

but the one who made me
do all this is not Ravi.

But this person... Devaraju.

Yes, he disguised himself as Ravi,
kidnapped me and intimidated my boyfriend.

He prepared himself well
besides preparing everybody else, sir.

This is the video where I am seen
as applying makeup as the lawyer.

Please see for yourselves.

Huh! Game over!

Section 100 clause C
says any murder committed,

in self-defence is not punishable.

Am I right, sir?

I applied for 10 days
leave for the marriage.

Who's marriage?


Didn't we decide to
get married on the 14th?

Oh, did I commit that?

Okay, let's get married.

But why apply for 10 days, darling?

What about honeymoon?

Every day is a honeymoon, so why
do we need to go out elsewhere?


You might have already zeroed
in on the honeymoon spot, right?

Come, let's go.