Ravage (2019) - full transcript

When a nature photographer explains to the Police how she fought her way out of the Watchatoomy Valley, they dismiss her crazed and violent story as a meth-induced nightmare. But when they ...

What the fuck?

I got you!



There's a police officer
here to see you.

Just wants to
ask you some questions.

I'll be back in an hour
to change your bandages

and it'll be time for you to go.

Harper Sykes. My name is Slayton.
I'm a state detective.

I gotta be honest. My boss
doesn't believe your story.

Thinks your little trip
through the Wachitumi Valley

is a hillbilly fairy tale.

Sent me down here to
find out if you're just another

mountain tweaker who
burned herself up in a meth lab.

And once you're
discharged she's gonna

lock you up for stabbing
the state trooper who found you.

But I read his report.

And that's the reason I'm here.

See I've been hearing about
Wachitumi Valley

since I was a boy.

Those myths are legendary
where I come from.

I used to love to hear about

cop-killing Catholics
who didn't bury their dead,

runaway slaves still
practicing voodoo,

leftover Chinamen from
the railroad who ate their own.

But they were
just stories Harper.

That's all they were, no proof.

Never any answers.
No evidence.

So I came here

to get some answers
from your story

and you're going to have to
convince me that you got them.

Or we're going to lock you up.

Report says you were
covered in a slimy gauze.

Totally whacked out, you stabbed
a trooper in the arm with a knife.

You were about to
stab him again...

He was one of them one of them.

One of who?

He said plenty
more where they came from.

Who said that, Harper?

Who said that?



Who is he?

He killed Billy.


Billy, right, Billy Harrison,
your missing boyfriend.

They've been ringing
the phone number you gave

for Billy and no answer.


No Billy.

No Billy.
No boyfriend.

Billy's not missing.

Ravener killed him.

Where's his body?

I got guys out there
looking for bodies.

They haven't found a body.
Are you...

Are you batshit crazy, Harper?

Is that what you are?
You're just fucking out of your mind nuts?

Fuck you.

So you're a photographer, huh?

Take pictures
of animals in the wild.

I read your bio.

Pretty impressive.

Credited with
photographing two species

thought to be extinct that...

I guess that means
you're pretty good at your job.

What were you doing
in the Wachitumi Valley, Harper?

Looking for a red snake.

What's so special
amount of red snake?

We're not supposed to be there.



Hey, can I help you?

- ...with something?
- Hey, uh...

Yeah, I need to make a report.


I saw something.

All right.


You okay?

I took pictures on my camera.

All right.

Tell you what,

I'll make us some coffee.

And don't you go get what
it is that you want to show me

and then we can sort
it out, is that a deal?

Deal, yeah.

Oh, don't mind him.

I just hire him every once in a while
to keep him out of his mama's hair.

All right.
Have a seat.

Hey, Harper, it's Billy,
just calling to give you an update.

I just left the city, I got about five
hours until I am in the Wachitumi Valley.

And, um, don't call me back,
I'm sure you're out there in the woods

taking photos,
being super cute, um...

I'm going to head right to the bed and
breakfast, I've got extra clothes for you.

Hey, hey!

What the fuck!

Hey, stop!


Somebody help!

You know, I was
on my way to Horsefeathers.

I was just gonna TGIF it.

You know? But I got a call
from the town retard

who said the sheriff had
had a little shutterbug visit.

You're a little snoop, huh?

He said you've been
putting your camera

where you aren't supposed to.

I'm a nature photographer


- You can have my camera.
- I can't hear you.

You can have the camera.


I don't want the camera.

You can have the pictures.

I don't want the pictures.

I want you.


Here's how it's going to go.

It's going to be super simple.

You and I we're just going
to duke it out right here. Pow.

These boys?

They're just here to make sure
I do my job. Okay?


Come on out when you're
ready, sweetheart.

No rush.

Come on, it's showtime, lady.




You are on the scoreboard.

These boys ain't got shit.

Look at you, huh?

I said I'd give you a fair
fight, getting a jump on me.

Where'd you learn
to shoot like that.

Oh, yeah! Ooh,
I'm falling for you.

- You're a psycho.
- Oh, I'm a psycho?

Girl, you just killed
yourself somebody.

Come here, you are exactly the type
of girl I have been looking for.

You really are.
You got spirit!

I swear to God, I mean, I...

I'm falling for you.

I saw you.

At the tree tearing
that man apart.

That man...

That man was going
to tear my valley part.

That man was a timber
and mineral scout.

We caught him with samples.

You know what that
little fucker was gonna do?

He goes to a big oil company,

he gets a big fat check,

then they go and they lobby

and you know what happens
when the feds get to it?

They sell off the timber and mineral
rights to the highest bidder.

You ever been
to West Virginia?

You see what they've done
to their fucking mountains?

What I did was
preserve a way of life.

That fucker would have
changed everything. Everything!

I saw what you did.
Oh, fuck!

You don't understand, you stupid bitch.
I'm doing what I believe in. Hmm?

Just cause you believe in it
doesn't make it right.

Yes, it does!

You're not listening!

This place is mine!

And I really thought
that you could appreciate this.

We've got the last old-growth
forest on the Atlantic seaboard.

It's just like when
the settlers got here.

Nature girl like you should be
able to appreciate all that.



Don't know why some
photo bitch is up here...

Probably sending her pictures
to some fucking prospector.


Ha ha ha.

You gonna come here...

Force me out of the valley. I ain't
gonna have that, yeah, I'm gonna find it.

I'm gonna catch her...

I'm gonna break her.
I'm gonna break that bitch!

Little cunt.

Dumb fucking bitch.


Come on, bitch!

Where you at?

Little Red Riding Hood,
come back out of the forest, huh?

Where's that devil?



Yeah. Yeah.


You hear me?

What do you think...?


How do we get out of here?

You ain't ever gonna
get out of here.

I took you on that.
Just so you know.

I had...

I had you good.

I had you good.

You ain't nothing.

Jesse, you there?


Harper Sykes.

Guess you'd be off squawking
away. Had to be you.

You left your wallet in the
truck, so I looked you up a bit.

Googled ya.

A month in Arkansas looking for
the ivory-billed woodpecker,

then hunting
tigers in Asia.

You're G.I. Jane with a camera.

You're the real deal.

Now, you're wondering
if I'm going to hear you coming

and try to ride that
rig out of there.

You're wondering whether
it's worth the risk.

Well, here's the thing. There's
only one way out of the valley.

Burning Falls to the north
is impassable.

The gas station
is a 16-day hike to the west.

And it's going
to take you nearly a month

if you try to go through
the national forest east.

The only way out of there

is coming down the river

and you know that's gonna
happen sooner or later...







Good to see you.


Harper Sykes.


Very good. Wonderful name.

Want a bourbon?
Yes, yes, you do.

Could I use your phone?

I don't have a phone, ma'am.

I haven't had a phone
for 15 years.


I just really need
to make a phone call.

Um, let's go in there
by the fire and get you sorted.

Every time I spill
just a little bit.

You know what I mean?

Daytime drinking.

You're wondering.

This is for my heart,
all of this stuff.

One, two, three, this, four.

This, uh, comes with my
supplies once a week.

- Your supplies.
- Mm-hm.

Everything here is delivered
to me once a week.

And allows me to stay here.

Those books there.

They're a document of how
we tamed this valley.

Felled trees
from all around here

Went down to the river

and got big stones
and brought them up here.

And that's when there were
mosquitoes bigger than hummingbirds.

And there were bears running
around killing people.

It was grim, but we did it.

We built this place.

We tamed this whole valley.

- It's a lot of death.
- That there?

That's the progress
of civilization.


Of course.

What do you mean progress?

Societies have long
distinguished themselves

in how they killed their own.

Seems like torture.

No, no, torture's
a whole different matter.

Execution is the measurement

of a country's civility.

Torture is the barometer

of a nation's creativity.

How do you kill people?
How do you keep a man alive

enough to get him to say
what you need him to say?

And everybody had
different ways of doing it.

Proudly named their methods.

The Spanish Donkey
the Iron Maiden.

And there was a cruel,
cruel competition

between the Kings of Pain.

But what do you think scares
man more than anything else?

What do you think
scares him the most?

Mother Nature.

Because Mother Nature
is the true Lord of Pain.

- Want another drink?
- No, thanks.

I'm going to have one,
if you don't mind.

I know you didn't ask for it.
There you go.

You murder it.


Thatta girl.

While I do this can you come over
here and turn this thing off?


Oh, my God.

You motherfucking bitch.





I know what you
saw down at the river.

Where you were taking
your pictures.

What you saw was a hollow cross.

I, uh, came up
with that myself.

You run on along.

They're waiting for you.

...continue to
indicate a severe thunderstorm

capable of producing large damaging
hail up to golf-ball size...

The severe storm...

...capable of producing large,
damaging hail up to golf-ball size.

The severe storm
is located near Presbiet...

or about over Presbiet and moving
southeast at 30 miles per hour.

Further locations
in the warning include

East Mandura
Western Pierce...

This is a dangerous situation.

If you are in the path of this storm,
prepare immediately for destructive hail

which can significantly damage
roofs, windows, siding and vehicles.

Seek shelter now inside a sturdy
structure and stay away from windows.

Report any damage to the
nearest law enforcement agency

for relay to the National
Weather Service.


Hey? Hello?

Darlene, damn pump's
out again. Darlene?

I'm going to take my revolver out
and put it down on the ground.

Billy and I have been looking
for you since yesterday.

Where you been?

That boyfriend of yours
has covered nearly every inch

of this valley looking for you.

It's okay.


Where'd you run off to? Huh?

I found your truck.
I got all your stuff in my cruiser.


It'll be okay.

Let's go.

Can you tell me what happened?

I'm running from them.


I'll show you.

No! No! No!

In ancient times the Slavs
used to get answers from people

by using their cows
for more than just milk.

You see, digesting all the food

that one of these guys
eats in a day,

that requires
a very special system.

So these big beautiful beasts
they have four stomachs.

They're basically
just a big old vat

of the world's most toxic acid.

A long time ago
there were these

two dairy farmers.

And they had overthrown
this horrid king

who was famous
for his most wicked ways.

He just loved torture.

He loved impalements.

He loved Judas cradles.

He loved coffin tortures.
All the good stuff.

Now, these brothers, they'd
sacked the castle, right?

And the king, who obviously has
no idea about his predicament,

he just offers up his kingdom.

Throws the queen and his
children and the village

if they'll just let
his cowardly ass go.

These revolutionaries...

they're just simple

little dairy farmers.

And to them, you know,
this doesn't sound right.

So... they throw a huge banquet
in the king's court.

Everybody's there,
the whole royal family.

The brothers are sitting there and
they're all just having a grand time.

Then somebody leads a cow in.

One of the brothers, he gets up.

He goes to the banquet table

and he takes
out a huge carving knife.

Then the dairy farmer
takes a knife.

He creates a small cavity
just below the anus.

Then the other brother,
he binds the king's feet.

And his hands.

And then to everyone's shock,

they slide the king
inside the cow.

They start stitching up
around the king's neck.

These Slavs had seen it all.

Their king...

with a head sticking
out of a calf.

This was new
this was groundbreaking.

They said it took about three days
for the king's body to decompose.

What are you laughing at?

I saw the picture of all of you
at the old man's house.

That's what you're laughing at?

I killed all of them.

Yeah. I blew that
Kinsey guy's face off.

And the tweaker...

He got shot to pieces.

And then that creepy guy
with the smile.

Lost his head.

And that old sick demented fuck.

He had himself a meth-induced
heart attack.

He was in a lot of pain.

So I shot him.

Yeah, I got your
whole fucked-up clan.

Well, there's a lot more
where that came from.

You're the coward
who couldn't find me.

You get some tired cop
to come pick me up?

Untie me.

So I can claw
your fucking face off.

- Oh?
- Yeah.

I'm going to torture you.

- You are?
- Yeah.

And then I'm gonna kill you.



I'm going to drag you across...

the floor over to that door.

I'm going to watch the pigs

tear you apart.

- Come on.
- You motherfucker!

I got you, you motherfucker!

I got you, you motherfucker.



The doctor is waiting
for you with the lab results.

And it's time for you to go.


I'm almost done.

After he beat me...

And no one cares...

After he stabbed me.

After he fed my boyfriend
to his pig.


After he hung me upside down

and left me for dead.

After he terrorized me.

After he butchered a cow.

And gutted it.

After stitching...

Where are you going, Ginger?

You're gonna miss the best part.

I think you're ill.

I think you are the victim of a
dangerous opioid epidemic and...

you're troubled, and you and
whoever you're hanging out with...

pose a great danger
to yourselves.

Detective Slayton,
shut the door, please.

In your officer's report
it says my patient was covered

in a Vaseline-like substance
and that her burns

- are the likely result of an explosion.
- I know all that.

She wasn't covered in Vaseline.

And it wasn't heat which
created her third degree burns.

What kind of burns are they?

The lab report states
that she was embalmed

in the digestive enzymes
of ox bile.

She was being digested.