Raus (2018) - full transcript

Glocke had a simple plan to set the pimp Hermann's SUV on fire, become an internet star and impress Lena. Instead, he drops into a mobile toilette and becomes a web-fail. He decides to ...

Everything is for everyone.

Do good and good will come to you.

They say, life is what you make it.

Trust yourself and your dreams
will come true.

Be yourself.

Everything will fall into place.

The future is yours.


Our world is fucked.

Because the wrong guys are
pulling the strings. Merciless.

And there is only one answer.


- Goahead!
- Lena says that, too.

She allows me to stay
in her shared flat.


You have a lighter?

- Shit, no.
- I lied to her.

I've never done this before.

My name ain't Glocke.
I'm not from Hamburg.

I never fought with policemen.

I'm not wanted, and never was
on board the Sea Shepherd.

I never freed farm animals
nor supported stranded refugees.

I didn't donate my
university savings to Oxfam,

didn't raise money as
porn activist to save the rainforest,

didn't marry an expellee
to help her stay here.

I didn't even distribute soup
to those in need.

I've never had sex.
It was all a lie.

But that is me.
In theory, that is me.

- The flint is gone.
- There was just no chance yet.

You have to start at some point.

- Sex and drinks all inclusive.
- That motherfucker.

Brothel King Herman the German
proudly shows off his bad taste.

My father drives
a more discreet car.

Hermans snow white Hummer
costs about 400K.

He said in a talkshow.

Herman is on TV all the time.
The people like him.

Joyful whores, 24-7.

- Looking at my ass?
- No.

Lena doesn't like Herman: his girls
get fucked and he bags the profit.

Well, go!

Lena summed it up.

400.000€ divided by 50.

A client pays 50 Euros.

That's 8000 clients,
multiplied by 4 milliliters.

That's the volume of an ejaculation.

Adds up to 32 liters of cum.

That's the real prize for
this fucked up car.


People with more discreet cars
can be much worse.

But I'm not equipped
enough with philosophy

to discuss that with Lena.

Sleep with me.

Come on, go...

Sleep with me.



Ok, enough. Let's leave.

Come, the others are waiting!

Well, won't he be surprised.



Hey, little asshole.

What do you do now?

You're trapped, moron!

Go ahead, break your bones.

What if all renters refuse
to pay their rent next month?

- What?
- 40 million evictions at once?

- Try it! Unite!
- Shut up!

Shut up!

There are no borders between nations,
but between rich and poor.


Herman the German. 120.000 clicks.

The burning luxury car.

This will be a YouTube-Hit!


- It's on Clickmonster.
- Since when?

It's live.

The burning car belongs to
pimp Herman the German.

And first class: the young chef
that grilled the car!

- Our star of the night!
- Who is that?

- Cool.
- Try it. Unite!

Didn't I say so?

There are no borders between nations,
but between rich and poor.

8.000 clicks in 30 minutes.

We say: this will be a YouTube-Hit!

That's how it looks, when idiots...

Wow. Great idea, Lena.

Really cool!

Who keeps an eye on the security?
This is fucked up!

Shit, it stinks like hell.

It's really not okay...

to drag our idea through
the mud like that.

Human dignity is a sick joke.

Everything we are, makes me sick.

We destroy ourselves and the others.
And the world.

For a richer future.
Higher. Further. Faster.

Relax. It's all about me.
More and more and more.

Our existence doesn't matter.
Nothing is real.

Except the slaves on the
other side of the world,

so we can kill our boredom.

On our little imitated suns.
Update by update.

Rare earth. Bulimic tech waste.

Nothing is holy to us,
but our cynicism.

I need to get out of here.
You understand, Pixel Piggie?

Are you mad?

- Because I bombed away your island?
- Nope. Fuck that.

Dude, where have you been anyway?

I just want to get out.

- What's up with you?
- Become reborn.

Start all over.


Like a computer.

- Dude, you sound shitty!
- But in reality.

Did you see this?

Posted by a guy who calls
himself Mammoth Rider.

Been around a couple of weeks.

This guy Friedrich, lives in nature,
looking for followers.

- But in reality.
- A new life in the wild.

Do you know Unicorn?

- You know her.
- Three rules.

- She's coming, too.
- First: don't ever look back.

Pornqueen, whoever that is,
is coming, too.


It's simple. When all
fossile fuels are burned,

the world will be like
it was at the beginning.

Kickstart us. We fuck against it.

She is everything but porn.

No kidding, dude.
If you join, I come, too.

It starts tomorrow. Main station.

- Platform 12. Red cap.
- Red cap...

And the rest is in the link.

Is that real enough?

Why the forest?

Who finds the hut, is welcome.

There are three rules for the journey.

Try it. Unite! There are no borders
between nations...

Mail from mommy?

- Are they shooting?
- Just some idiots.

I mean, this is Germany.

This is Germany...

Spooky, isn't it, dude?

Like in Blair Witch.

Do you even have time for this?

What's up? I thought you wanted this.

Is that a bullet?

- Go down!
- No way.

Rule number 1 - don't ever look back.

Fucking hot.

1.000 likes! 200 participants.

- Shit.
- It's wonderful.

The journey is the destination.

- Hey, Unicorn. What's his name?
- Jackie.

Hi Jackie.

Inherited from my Grandma.

Couldn't let him die, right?

- And you?
- What?

- What's your name?
- Steffi.

I'm Paule. It's a pleasure, my lady.

- I'm Elias, Mammoth Rider.
- Judith, Pornqueen.

- Glocke.
- Hi.

Is that your real name?

Of course.

Great to meet you.

We're not 200, but maybe some
have missed the train.

Yeah, sure.

Rule number 2: no word about
where we come from.

Steffi, your Kitty-Unicorn-Tattoo

looks a bit like a Nazi eagle.

Rule number 2: no word about
where we come from.

I'll cover it with
angels wings, alright?

Rule number 3: forget your prejudices
and embrace the new.

Well then, let's all set up.

Easy up. And you?

- I thought, Friedrich has a hut.
- Yes, he does.

And for the journey...

a precise list with everything we need.

It's not far until the first hint.


Third bridge.

Let's find out tomorrow,
if there really is something.

Cool. I wanted to print that, too.

What was on the list?


By the way, it's not Moskovskaaaya,
as we usually say.

It's Moskovskaya, with short "ov".

You morons, why didn't you read that?


You don't sail the Atlantic,
without checking the route before.

Nor do you take
a fucking doggie along.

So why are you here, sweetie?

Good night everyone.

Hey, Mammoth Rider. Moskovskaya?

To the freak in the tent.

To the freak in the tent.

To the freak in the tent.

I'd rather drink to Friedrich!

Well then, to Friedrich.

To Friedrich.

- To Friedrich.
- Mammoth Rider, Moskovskaya?


- Where is the vodka?
- I threw it away!

- Incomprehensible chatter -

Ready to leave?

In five minutes, okay?

There is a penis on your forehead.


Last chance. Anyone wants some?

- Don't you want to answer that?
- Shit!

Shit! Fuck!

Can we help?


Easy Up.




Well, Friedrich has a hut.

Ok, Mammoth Rider.


Well, if that's the right bridge,
the first hint is here.

Find, Jackie, find.

Maybe on the beam?

- Below the bridge?
- A carving, maybe?

Can you look down there?

A tiny piece of paper or so?

Fuck, it's too hot.

- Maybe it's the wrong bridge?
- I don't know.

You really want to check every stone?
That's idiotic.

- Yes, and you check the bridge.
- I don't see anything.

- They don't do it right.
- Nothing here.

SMS: Glocke, I'm really sorry.

SMS: Fuck off!!!

- Somebody really misses you.
- Unfortunately, yes.


SMS: Police's looking for you.

- What's so interesting. Show me!
- Nothing. No.

- Show me! Come on.
- It's nothing. No.

Come on, show us.


What was that?

Shit, ruined that one.

- I'm sorry, okay?
- Nothing here.

- There! The sign. Look!
- Really?

- Glocke got it!
- Finally. Nice.

10.000 meters to the spring.

A hut, small and alone
in a monster of stone.

- That is really real.
- Of course.

- I don't get it.
- Me neither.

But it's totally clear!

- 10 km along the stream.
- But it doesn't say "stream".

- No, but the stream leads to the spring.
- True.

Elias got it. - Great.
Let's go! - Cool.

What are you doing?

I jump in.

- No, you don't.
- Of course.


Come on, jump, jump!

Three, two, one!


Fucking cold!

What are you doing?

Paule, Paule, Paule, Paule, Paule.

Have you ever build a fire?

Listen. Chapter 6.
Learn how to build a fire.

- Start with using matches or a lighter.
- Enough.

- Coziness and comfort in the wild...
- Hey, stop it.

I'll just try it.

Mammoth Rider, do you have firelighters?

Is that on the list?

- I don't know.
- No.

- Hey, Easy Up, okay?
- May I?

Okay, that's how it goes.

How do you know that?

A fireplace and a mother
afraid of fire.

I'll look for something to eat.

Do we have a vow of silence, or what?

Let's talk about sex?

Not a bad idea.

This vow of silence.

Gheez, suit yourself.

Or don't.

Judith, you as Pornqueen...

What is sexy to you?

Come on, no.

Judith, Judith, Judith, Judith...

What if all renters refuse
to pay their rent next month?

All over Germany.
What would happen?

Don't sidetrack.

Glocke, what do you think would happen?

The clever ones pretend to join in.

The dumb ones would be evicted,

and the clever people would move into
their apartments.

That's cynisism.
Out of frustration.

That is not sexy.

But I like the guy that
came up with this idea.

40 million households stop paying rent.
At once.

Who is going to warn them?

That's a wake-up call for the fat cats.
A real idea. And not cynical at all.

That is sexy.

Whoever thinks of something
real like that,

can have me on the spot
and take home my panties.

Wasn't that the guy,
who fell into the Toi Toi?

The one they want
for a reward of 10.000€?

- Not that I'd tell on him, but...
- Why not?

10K for left-wing scum.

And you do something good.

Yeah, your black eye shows
where that brown shit got you.

What are you looking at?

Where we go, we don't have
to pay rent either.

Somebody thought of that, too.

Yes, Friedrich.

Yes, Friedrich. So what?

- It's real as well.
- That's why I go there.

- So you have a crush on Friedrich.
- He looks good!

- He is too old, anyway.
- Why?

Okay, Judith.

And you, what do you like?



Fuck. Man, where do you come from?

Taking a shit.


Good night!


That wall gives a good echo for sure!

Hello! Glocke has a tiny willy!



Steffi got something!

I didn't even look yet.

A hut - small and alone
in a monster of stone.

Not a riddle this time.

Coordinates, right. Can you check?

Sure. About 30 to 40 kilometers

That's an altitude of
more than 1.500 meters.

- That is high.
- 1.500 meters?

How much higher is that?

- Wait, I'll check.
- That way?

Whereto now?

- This is...
- Not south-southeast.

- There. Up there.
- No way!

- Sure, that's the way.
- Wow!

It's starting!

- Come on, let's go.
- Damn.

To the left!

Where are you going?

- We have to walk down here.
- This way?

- Yes.
- But we can continue here.

My mobile says, that's the way.

This road is in the same direction.

Just come on along.

Dude, if we go in there,
we'll walk parallel to the road.

Through this fucking wet forest.

I swear, if we end up
on that road again, I'll hit you.

- I'm not a cynic.
- No?

No. I believe in this.

You really think that's possible?
Starting from scratch?

- Like that?
- Almost like that.

Well, basically we're still apes.

Even the bone structure is the same.

And our instincts.

Everything will be alright.

That's what I believe.



- I'll get something.
- Come on, no.

I'll get something, too.

Yes, I'll wait.

- I'll wait outside. And you?
- I don't need anything. See you.

- Crisps?
- Yes.


You're really cute.

No bra and such. Really turns me on.

Leave me alone.

You should take a shower.
You stink.


- Fuck yourself!
- What was that, cunt?

- Fuck yourself, bastard.
- What was that?

No. I'm gonna fuck you!

Are you nuts, you crazy bitch?

Minus motorway. Minus faster and faster.

Minus pressure, envy, fear, constraint.

But what has that to do with happiness?

Well, actually, us humans could have
a real beautiful life on this earth.

We could live off the work of machines.

Construct machines that
last a long time. Really long.

That don't need anything,
the sun can't provide.

My uncle had a Mercedes, that drove
one million kilometres.

With oil for french fries only.

- Oh yes, fries would be awesome.
- Fries would be really awesome.

We could live like in paradise.

And concentrate on...

becoming better humans.

But we don't do that.

Actually, we could be happy.

You mean something like this.



Excuse us, please.

- Hello.
- Thank you.

- Do you think they have french fries?
- No, really yummy fried potatoes.

- With bacon, onions, truffle oil.
- No way. French fries with ketchup.

- French fries with ketchup, please!
- Glocke!

To hell with it.

Jackie has to stay here.

Didn't I make that clear already?

Smoking behind the house!
Get lost!

You heard our order of french fries?

- This is no place for you.
- Is it reserved?

- No, no, no. This is not your cup of tea.
- You mean that?

- We just want to eat. That's all.
- No, not here.

- I want to invite them.
- We don't need your damn money.

- Don't you touch me!
- Get out. And don't break anything.

Shall I call the police?
Alright. I call the police.

- You're asking for it.
- We're leaving. Now.

- I don't understand what's happening.
- It doesn't matter.

Do we have to argue?
We can just leave.

Let's just leave.

Hey dude, you're relaxed now?

What a fucking asshole.

- I'll go in there.
- What?

No, we don't go in there. Ok?

No. Come on.

- But be quiet. Quiet!
- Don't be such a pussy.

Stop! Put it back!

- We'll pay for it!
- First we'll wait for my friends.

Put that back, too.

You know what?


You charge 200€ from this card,
and we're done.



No. Here they are.

Get out! Out!

Stop! Stop!

Stay where you are!


Hey, wait!

Paule, come on!

Come back. Surrender!

- Fuck.
- Keep going.

- Shit!
- Get a grip, we'll find them.

- No!
- Then what?


- I know.
- So? Do we have to go back?

No. A dog will have enough food there.

Come on, we have to find the others.

- Between rich and poor.
- Shit.

Are you out of your mind?
We're in the forest.

I had not meant to light it
until we're at the hut.

Great idea, Steffi!

I thought I'll have to die.

I never want to be alone
like that again.


If these woods don't burn off,
I'll become a new person.

Me too.

Me too.

- Bracken fern. The bulbs are edible.
- How do you know all that?

Grandma Hildegard.

Pressing flowers, collecting mushrooms,
keeping bees, all that.

- Steffi, what about this?
- Wait a second.

- Are they ok?
- Chanterelles. Yes, they are edible.

- What's that?
- Wild carrot.

- Smells of earth.
- And that stuffs?

If you eat a lot.

Guys, I see this spearhead and
I think...

I'm hungry.

- Me too.
- Imagine a pizza.

You know what I love?
Corn flakes, man.

Corn flakes is the best ever.

There are all kinds of corn flakes.
With chocolate,

with honey or so, you have milk,
so you're also drinking.

- It's refreshing and yet...
- You should have brought some.

- Sorry, if I had corn flakes...
- A really awesome bread.

A really big slice of bread.

With sausage. Lots of sausage.

- And tomatoes.
- And a lot of butter.

Can we stop talking about food?
I really have... it hurts.

There is nothing worse than feeling
sick of hunger. Bizarre.

I'm so hungry, I can laugh about it.

Rice? You brought rice?

You have rice with you?

Where did you get that rice?

- We make a rice party. Open it.
- We eat that now.

We have to ration that.

You didn't say you have rice.
So we eat it now. To punish you.

No, not now. We have to ration it,
or it won't last.


- Fish, someone?
- Dude!

Glocke caught a fish!


Sounds probably a bit gay,
but your post...

gave new meaning to my life.

I would not be here without you.

Sounds a bit gay for sure.



I never ever want to leave here.

Me neither.

Ok, I think we should move.
We should leave now.

- I really like it here.
- Me too.

We owe all that to Friedrich.
And he is waiting.

- Besides that, winter is coming.
- He told me something else.

- You talked to Friedrich?
- Really?

- Yes, we chatted.
- What did he say?

He told me, we have
all the time in the world.

And something about,
sun makes us rich and...

I wrote it down, wait.

Sounds a bit antique,
but also very cool.

Grow wild. Like nature teaches you.

Let the thunder roar.

Find shelter below the cloud, while
everyone flees to wagon and shed.

Not work, but play shall feed you.

Enjoy the land, but never own it.

To hell with winter.

Find me.


Do you have condoms?


Do you have condoms?

Little Fucker, you. Dude!

- Do you have some?
- No.

- No?
- No.

Does Steffi have some?

Well, I hope so!

But not for you, anyway.

Mr. Mammoth Rider has some.

You have to check his backpack.
It's over there.

If you sell me out, I'll kill you.

Fuck. Why?

I quit everything. Everything!
Do you hear me?

I trusted you. I knocked down
this fucking guy.

I'm serious.

Didn't you chat with Friedrich?

Explain that to Judith.

Tomorrow, alright?


I'm in.

Okay, I want to meet him now, too.



Ok, let's go to Friedrich.

Wherever he is.

Explain that to Judith.

Glocke, what is it?
What's going on?

We owe all that to Friedrich.
He's waiting. - Yes, and to you.

If you sell me out, I'll kill you.

Look, who's opening his little eyes.

- Ready to go?
- Of course.

What is it?

Do I smell bad?

I don't want to lie to you, Judith.

Okay, tell me.

No. That's why I don't say anything.

Come with me.

What a fuss because of you.

Because of me? What's going on anyway?

Glocke stole Elias's condoms.

- Where do you bring us?
- I don't know exactly.

- You don't know where we go?
- I do know where we go.

You just made it up.
Friedrich and the restart.

Yes, I had to invent Friedrich.

But everything else is real.

You're out of your mind.
Are there more people coming?

I don't know. I had hoped so.

Glocke, it's beautiful there. Really.

I found it on Google Maps. Miles away
from everything. Very isolated.

Down in the valley. A hut. Two rivers
nearby. Trees everywhere.

Man, I trusted you. And they did too!

What if more people come? 40, maybe 100?
What will you do?

Exactly. Without Friedrich they would
sit on their sofas forever.

Help me now. Please.

Hey, I thought we're friends.

I thought you want to kill me.

No word!

- Help me now or I'll jump.
- Yeah, sure.

Hey, love birdies!


You can't possibly restart with a lie.

You have to. With an idea.
With anything.

Or there is nothing.


Don't destroy everything.

- And, did you end your fight?
- Yes.

- Great.
- No, we didn't. Wait.


I'm crazy about you.

I love you.

I'm afraid.

I'm happy.

Come. We'll go to Friedrich.

He is too old for me anyway.

Come on.

I can't do that any longer.

I didn't chat with Friedrich.
I lied to you.

To impress you.

Well, that worked.

Please. Tell them.

Tell them.

What did you think, will happen,
when we're finally there?

What do you want to do?

I was sure, I'd think of something.

Can you please explain,
what is happening here?

Here. What is that?

Tell them now.

Here. Tell them.

Tell them.

You're not jumping down here.
You hear me?

You're not jumping!

Tell them. You're telling them now.

Tell them. You're telling them now. Why?

There is no Friedrich?
Fucking shit!

Hey! Stop it! Stop it.

The queen for the king.

- What's this fucking shit about?
- Where is he now? Your Friedrich?

Just tell us, what's going on here.

Did you want to play God?

Fuck you, you dumb-ass nazi...



Say something, Elias!

- Say something! Say something!
- Are we in kindergarten, now?

I have to piss.

Elias. Why Friedrich?

There is no Friedrich.
The photo shows a fucking actor.

- You wanted to play a game with us.
- No, I wanted to restart with you.

The first hint. At the bridge.
How did it get there?

Don't you know?
Didn't you chat with Friedrich?

I believed all that!
I really believed it!

Me, too! Now release me and
we continue our way. You hear me?

Cry, baby. Your answer
is unsatisfactory!

None of you would be here
without me.

At least I dared to dream big.

I thought, if it works, and people come,
I'll think of something.

Yes, I invented all that.
I had no choice.

I had to do it.
You can't find something like that.

Look at you, you're dead already.


- To hell with you!
- Get lost!

Get the fuck lost!

Why do you do that, Glocke?

Why the hell do you do that?

Why, Glocke? Fucking tell me,
why do you do that?

Why the hell you do that? Tell me.

Leave me alone. Damn it, get lost!

I'm your messiah. I'm your messiah,
do you hear me?

Come on now, break my skull.
I'm your messiah.

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!



What did he say?


Say it again.

What is he saying?

I don't understand him.



- Okay.
- Thank you.


- I... I wanted to kill you.
- Yes. And I messed up.

We'll continue. Alright?

We already do.

- Fuck that winter.
- Fuck it.

No! Almost!

Hello! Someone there?



I'm glad that you turned on the light.
We were really lost.

Come in.

- They were no signs anymore.
- Hey.

And Friedrich, is he here?

This is where we all sleep.

There is enough room for you.
Just put your things down.

- Take what you need. I'm outside.
- Ok. Great.

See you.

- I mean, there could be more.
- Fuck.

I have to tell them tomorrow.


We have to.

Well, as you know, it's all a bit
different than you imagined.

Our idea of that was different, too.

But when we arrived here,
we found this letter.

I'll just read it to you.

Dear Friends.
Who knows, if you are real.

Who you are. How many you are.

What you've gone through. Hope,
frustration, fight, reconciliation.

Welcome. Feel at home.
Mi casa es su casa.

To be honest, I don't know whom
this hut belongs to.

I met a shepherd. Pascal.
He came by here. Crazy guy.

I have never done that and can't resist.
I join him.

Take care to have enough wood and food
for the winter. It's going to be hard.

I'll come back.
Maybe this year, if all goes well.

I've never been to the Pyrennes.
Pascal goes there and needs a hand.

I don't know, what to expect.

Anyway, if you made it here,
you'll manage without me.

Make yourself comfortable. If only
a few days, weeks or for the winter.

As you like. But please save me a place.

And get me a big bag of corn in the
neighbouring valley. Or two.

All the best, my friends.
Yours, Friedrich.

And there was this, too.

- You know those.
- Yes, we do.

- Well, welcome!
- Thank you. Thanks.

A bit lower.

- What?
- A bit lower.

If you made it here, feel
at home or travel on