Rattlesnake (2019) - full transcript

When a single mother accepts the help of a mysterious woman after her daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake, she finds herself making an unthinkable deal with the devil to repay the stranger.



Blue sky!







Dog? Where's the dog?

Over there.

Didn't you see it?


What kind of dog was it?

Small dog.


E for...


Elephant? Where?

Yeah. What, did you miss it?

Hey, sweetie. Don't pick at your scab.
Come on.

I was just checking.

Did you make that hole?

It was already like that.

It'll leave a scar.

I wouldn't even have a scab
if Lily Stevens didn't push me.

Lily Stevens wouldn't have pushed you
if you hadn't thrown chalk at her.

She was making faces at me.

We don't hurt people.

Not ever.

She deserved to be hurt.

No, she didn't.

Clara, no one deserves to be hurt,

no one.


Come on.

All good?


I got to meet TJ.
He's a nice, nice gentleman.

Please go in to TJ's
and get yourselves some waffles there.

So that is on the list,
and I'm gonna put it down as number two

because last...

We grow or we die.

So, we're unaware
that we use events as a trigger

to get home back to the patterns we know

even if it's uncomfortable.

So, if you identify where you live,

emotionally, the patterns
that are limiting you,

the second piece is find the antidote.

- Shit.
- We all will face,

multiple times in our life,
extreme stress.

The difference in peoples' lives
is not what we face,

it's what we do with what we face.

Life gives us these events,
these, quote, "horrific events,"

because there's an area of our life
that has to grow.

You can take yourself from a place

where in the face
of absolute total tragedy,

you triumph...

You've gotta be kidding me.

Oh, shit.


why did we stop?

Oh, great.


Where are we, Mommy?

Somewhere, sweetie.

You know,
Poppy taught me how to change a tire.

One day I'll teach you.

In the meantime,
you should probably come over here and...

get a head start and pay attention.

Nah, that's boring.

Yeah, suit yourself.

Maybe you can help

by getting Mommy her coffee.

Come on.

- Mommy...
- Oh, God.

Oh, God.

When we get to Oklahoma, can we...



- Show me!
- Mommy, it bit me!

Let me see, Clara.

Oh, God.

Okay. It's okay, sweetie.

It's okay. It's okay.

Come on, come on.

Oh, it's okay. Clara? Clara?

Come on, baby.

Oh, sweetie.

Hold on, sweetie.



Is anybody home?


Come on, stay with me, baby, okay?

Just stay with me, baby.

Stay with me.

Oh, God. Come on, come on.

I'm so sorry for barging in.

My little girl, she got bitten by a snake,

and I really need your help.

I got a flat tire,
and I can't get a signal.

She's really burning up.
I don't know what to do.

You're in luck, darlin'.

I've worked on many a bite out here.
Let me help her.

Oh, thank God.

- Oh, she's going blue. She's going blue!
- Here, let me.

Please help her!

What can you do?

The nearest town's Tulia.

You'll find a hospital there.

You best get that tire sorted out.

Come on, don't just stand there, honey.
Time's a-wasting.

We'll discuss payment later.

It's okay, sweetie.

Mommy's here.




Okay. Come on, sweetie.

We'll keep her in
for the day, monitor her condition,

but trust me, if a five-year-old
was bitten by a rattlesnake...

you'd know it.

From the looks, it's just exhaustion,
mild dehydration.

You should've seen her.
She was burning up, she wasn't breathing.

She turned blue, for Christ sakes.

Were you feeling
out of sorts at all during the drive?


- Medication? You taking anything?
- Nothing, no.

Listen, Phoenix to Oklahoma
can be a long haul.

Yeah, well, I'm not a very good flier,

so driving was the lesser of two evils.

Were you feeling, uh...

Is this necessary?

...apprehensive or...

stressed before the drive?


No. Uh, yes, I guess.

It's been pretty crazy. Um...

We're starting over,

and the move's been a lot on Clara.

You're a single mother?


Slightly elevated.
Not surprising, but nothing alarming.

Look, I know this sounds crazy.

But there has to be
some kind of explanation.

I mean, that old woman, maybe she had...

I don't know, like an ancient remedy
on her shelf or something.

I'm just...

I'm just telling you what happened.

Your daughter's gonna be fine.

She just needs to rest.

You need to do the same.

Get some sleep.

That's all it is.

God's will.

I know.

Such a pretty little thing.

To think we almost lost her.

You really are lucky.
Things could have ended much differently.

You are?

I'm here to talk about your payment,
Ms. Ridgeway.


Why don't you pull up a chair?

So, we have insurance,
my daughter and I, both.

We're both covered.

Oh, I'm not talking
about your hospital debt.

I'm talking about the other debt.

The one you now owe.

What was done for your daughter
doesn't come cheap.

Her little soul was spared.

And now you owe one in return.

I'm sorry, I thought you said soul.

Ms. Ridgeway, you don't have long
to pay your debt.

You only have until sunset, which is...

now only...

seven hours away.

The soul you take can be
any one of your choosing,

but it must be human.

And it must be paid in full and on time.

Okay, I...

don't really understand what's going on.

I don't know who you are.

I think I'm gonna call security.

I would like you to leave the room,
leave my daughter alone.

Failure to meet your debt, Ms. Ridgeway,

will result in your daughter's condition
returning to what it was.

I'd like you to leave now.

Let me, uh, remind you
of what that'd look like.

Clara? Clara?

- Sweetie?
- She will suffer...

What've you done to her?

...before she succumbs
to the snake venom...

working its way through her tiny body.

No, please, stop it.

She will die, Ms. Ridgeway,
that I can assure you.

Make it stop! Fucking get out of here!
Get out!

Help! Someone come in here, now!

Please, somebody help me!

Seven hours, Ms. Ridgeway.

You best get a move on.


I need help! In here!

Quick, please!

Oh, God!

Okay, I need you to call...

Did something happen here?

- Who do you want us to call?
- Miss?



- Should I call security?
- No, no, no, no! No, don't.

That won't be necessary.

Are you okay?

I've been up since before dawn, driving.

Maybe I need to check into the motel
across the road.

That's probably for the best.

We'll keep an eye on her for you.

Okay, I'll just say goodbye to her.

Oh, my God.

I don't know what's going on, Clara.

I'm sorry, sweetie.

This is insane.

I just want you to be okay.

9-1-1, what's your emergency?


9-1-1, what's your emergency?


I'm fine!

I'm fine, I don't need any help!

She's gonna die, Katrina!

Only one way to save her!

Stay away from me.

There's nowhere to run!

You stay away from me!

Fuck off!

This is the diner in Tulia, Texas

where 47-year-old lawyer Donald Covington
was fatally stabbed in the chest

by 32-year-old school teacher
Michael James Warner just before sunset.

Witnesses say Warner kept repeating,
in a bizarre manner,

"A soul for a soul,"
as he attacked Covington.

Warner is currently in cu...

"The difference is not what we face,

it's what we choose to do
when we face it."

"The difference is not what we face,

it's what we choose to do
when we face it."

Thank you.

Hey, um...

I'm so sorry...

about before.


that was so nosy of me.

I shouldn't have just been peering
into your room like that.

It's fine.

No, I just wanted to offer my condolences.

He's not gone yet.

Oh, no. Uh... Of course not.

- You wanna sit?
- Oh, sure, sure.

Such a...

Such a strange thing...

waiting for your daddy to die.


Anyway, I'm sorry. What brings you here?

Oh, uh...

my daughter, she got sunstroke.

We've been driving all day, and...

she's not feeling too well.

How's she doing?

She's fine. Um...

Doctor thinks she just needs some rest.

Um, I'm Loraine.


Anyway, um, it was nice chatting with you.

I hope you and your little one
get out of here soon.

Well, uh,
actually she's out for the count right now

and I am going stir-crazy
in that silence all by myself.

So I was wondering
if maybe, uh, I could...

uh, keep you company.

With Daddy?


Apparently, they can hear you.

The nurse described it kind of like a...

like a two-way mirror or...

Or was it a one-way mirror?

Either way, he won't be waking up.

But I'm still here, Daddy.

You okay, Susan?

He seems to be at peace.


Oh, shoot.

Hey, y'all here?


No, it's at the, um...

All right, just wait there, I'm coming.

Leave it to my sister to get lost
in a hospital this small.

I gotta go grab 'em.

I should go get Clara.

- Thank you, Susan.
- Sure.

I have to do this, I have to do this.

I have to do this, I have to do this,

I have to do this, I have to do this.


who is this?

I was just using the, um, bathroom.


Oh, f...

Jesus Christ, lady!

Are you all right?

- Wh... What the hell happened?
- Stay away from me.

What were you thinking?

I almost ended you!

Is everything okay?

Hey, you don't...
You don't look all right.

Look, you want me to call someone?


You fucking serious?


Fucking bath salts, man.

♪ I fall to pieces ♪

♪ Each time I see you again ♪

That one's on the house.

♪ I fall to pieces... ♪

Well, hell, Abbie.

What, you gonna put this down
to another roller derby injury, huh?

It's a heck of a sport you chose there.

Just give me a beer, Francine.


Definition of insanity

is doing the same thing
and expecting a different result.

So they say.

I know you?

Come on.

Enough's enough.

Let me stay, please, just a little while.

Get up off that stool, Abbie.

Billy, just let her finish her damn beer.

This don't concern you, Francine,
unless, of course, you want it to.

Can't have y'all getting into it here.

- Abbie...
- All right.

All right.

Let's go.

Hold up.

Apologize to Francine for coming in here
and making a scene,

upsetting this nice customer.

Go on.


Just get out of here, both of y'all.

Go on, get!

Place has gone to shit anyways.

Mm-hmm. Go on.

Go, get out!

Ain't they a pair?

They live near here?

Oh, yeah, Tulia's finest.

Only a matter of time
before she ends up in the obituaries.

Some people are just beyond help.

Get off...

Why you always gotta make a scene?

Get in that fucking truck.

Get in the truck!

I'm not standing here
in the goddamn street!

Come on. Get in!


12 Amarosa. 12 Amarosa.

12 Amarosa.

Well, go on. It ain't gonna bite you.

Lightweight, easily concealable,

but most important: accurate.

Shoots a maximum of 16 rounds
through a flush-fitted magazine.

I'll do you two boxes
for the price of one.

You ever, uh, fire one of those, darlin'?

I'll take it.

All right.

I'm just gonna need to see your license.
You're a Texas resident, I take it.


Well, I'm afraid I can't be letting you
purchase a firearm.

Residents of Texas only.


my daughter and I, we were, uh...

attacked on the road.

I feel like I need protection.

And I don't know what you can do,
but maybe you could just...

just turn a blind eye, or... I don't...

When did it get to be like this?

When did the open roads
of this great country of ours

revert to such savagery?

It's not right, not one bit.

Where's your little one?

In the hospital.

Jesus. What...?

I'm sorry, I can't help you, but...

this man can.

His name's Charlie. Lives here in Tulia.

You can find him here.

It's a cash-only transaction.

I guess you'd call him a private dealer.

What you want?

Hi. Earl, uh, sent me.

He said he'd vouch for me.

Are you Charlie?

Lose the cap.

Okay, Katrina Ridgeway.

I'm gonna have to do a quick body check.

Is that really necessary?


- You want me to fix you up some tea?
- No, thank you.

More of a coffee drinker, huh?

I guess.

My wife, Tracy, she'd stock the cupboard

full of a whole variety of exotic flavors.

Hibiscus was her favorite.

- So, can we...
- You sure you don't wanna try some?

It's no trouble.

I'm sure.

I... I've gotta go.

Tracy is no longer with us.

She took the barrel of a Glock,
identical to the one that you're buying...

and put it in her mouth.

Okay, I am so sorry...

so sorry to hear about your wife,
but I've gotta get going.

Listen to me, just...

rabbiting on.

Yeah, she's... She's all yours.


The piece, that is.

The rounds are another 50.

I... think I've got 40.

I mean, I can rustle up the other ten,
but I've gotta go.

I ain't gonna deprive a woman
of carrying a piece.

Now, what kind of a man would I be?

I'll let the ten slide.

Thank you, thank you.

You ever handle one of them before?

'Cause if you need some pointers...

I offer that for free.

No, I'm, uh...

Who's the unlucky son of a bitch?


They got it coming?

You out to end someone.

I can see it in your eyes, plain as day.

So, I wanna know.

I wanna know, Katrina Ridgeway...

that you're sure...

that they got it coming.

Hi, it's me again, Mr. Glock.

Uh, I thought today, uh, one of the Glocks
I've not demonstrated

or talked about,
is the good old reliable Glock 19.

It's a magazine full of bullets in it,

and it also has one in the chamber.

I'll quickly check that.

So, what'd he say?

What do you mean?

What'd he say?


So, he said nothing?

Billy, I kept my head down, clocked off,

and got the fuck out of there, I swear.


If you say so.

Shit. The towels are all wet.

Oh, I put them in before work.
They're in the drier.

- I'll get 'em.
- You sure?

Can't have my girl drying off
with no wet towel.


We gotta leave at 7:00.


We'll eat there?



Come here.

You know...

You haven't finished your punishment yet.

I'm not feeling so good.

Maybe we can rain check?


You already made a fool of me once today.


Without order, what are we?

Okay. Okay.

What would we be?



You don't wanna be an animal.


Half-hour should do it.

Come on.

I said come on!

Good job by Hardy,

and then she tried to
avoid the kick of Williams,

but Williams was able to score.

Now, what these kicks do
is they allow Williams

to get in punching range
without Hardy stopping her jab.

She wants to kick.

She's in punching range, and she flows.

And Williams mixing up
the punches and kicks

while Hardy is punching wildly!

Eats a couple of stiff elbows.

Mid-point of what has been
a fantastic opening round.

She's vicious, coming out...

Speaking of vicious,

a vicious exchange here
between Williams and Hardy!

Hardy has not found her comfort zone.

She's had flashes of offense.

Certainly hasn't been in the pocket,
where she wants to be.

Williams' composure really impressive...

The fuck you doing?
Get your stupid ass back up there!

What the fuck?

The fuck are you?

Take the keys.

- Slowly.
- Okay.

Nice and slow.

Okay, um...

Put the beer down.

- Okay, I'm putting it down.
- Okay.


- Okay.
- Beer's down.

Okay. Get on the floor.

You get down.

Okay. You stay there.
Don't move, okay?

Thank you.

Okay, get up. Get up.

- If you want the truck...
- Just get up!

I want you to tell me...

how to get to the garage.

Can we get to the garage from the house?


- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.


You're gonna show me.

Turn on the light.

Okay. Let's go, down.

We're going for a drive.

I want you to follow my directions.

I'm gonna take you somewhere.

Okay? You just listen to what I tell you.

So, get in the car.

Just get in.

Just... Just look ahead.

Hey, uh, left at the T-junction.

- Where are we going?
- Just make a left.

Pull over.

Kill the engine.

Toss the keys back here slowly.



Just tell me what you want.

I can get you money.

I can get you anything you want.
Please, just tell me.

Get out of the truck.

No. 'Cause if I do, you'll shoot me.

I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.
Get out of the truck.

Why are you gonna kill me?

Just tell me
what I've done so I know, please.

Please don't kill me.

- Stop crying.
- Please.

- I don't wanna die!
- Stop... Stop crying.

I can't help it
because you're gonna kill me.

Look, I need you to hold yourself together

and get out of the fucking truck, okay?
You hear me?

Please, because, look, I know I've done
some fucked up things in this lifetime.

Okay, I know I have.

But please, if you tell me,
I can fix it, I promise.

Please, 'cause I don't wanna die!

Okay, listen to me, you piece of shit!
I just want your fucking truck.

No, no, no, no, no.

Oh, God!

Where are you, you piece of sh...


you gave it your best shot, Kat.

Stay there. That's good. Hold that.



There has to be another way
to put this right.

She's just a child.

Please, there has to be...

some other way.

Sorry, Kat.

You know what you gotta do.

Promise me...

she'll be all right.

You promise me...

if I do this...

it'll be over...

and you'll leave her alone.

Fair's fair.


I want you to know
that I love you so, so, so much...

from the bottom of my heart.


none of this is gonna makes sense
because it doesn't make any sense.

But I want you to know
that I didn't want to leave you.

And I had to do... I had to do...

I had to do what I had to do
to keep you safe.

I want you to remember me.

And keep me close to your heart

as best as you can.

And, uh, don't let me fade.

I love you so much.

I love you so, so, so much, sweetie.


Come on, you crazy bitch!

Give me them fucking keys.

Now what, huh?

You wanna fucking play?

The fuck you doing?

What the fuck?

Please, no.


Please, just stop...

Why are you doing this?

Please stop. Please...

Please... Please...

Please stop.



Why are you doing this?



It's all right.

It'll all be over soon.

You're crazy, you fucking bitch.

You're gonna burn in hell for this.

You're gonna fucking burn,
you fucking bitch.

You're gonna burn in hell for this!
You'll burn!

We'll see.


Hello, Ms. Ridgeway?


This is Dr. Hayes.
I'm calling about your daughter Clara.

I've been trying you
for around an hour now.

Tell me.


How is she?

She's fine. She's up, ready to go.

She's wondering where you are.

So am I, for that matter.

Tell her I'm on my way.

I'll be there soon.

Okay, will do.
I'll make sure she gets something to eat.

Thank you.

- Mommy!
- Hey, sweetie.

They gave me red jello and ice cream.

Ooh, they did, sweetie?

Yeah, and spaghetti for dinner.

What happened to your neck?

Oh, I scratched it.

Did it hurt?

Yeah, a little.

When are we leaving?
Do I have to stay in here?

No, we don't. We're free to go now.

Yeah. No, you're right, Mom,

I should have called you right back,
but I just didn't want to bother you.

But we're hitting the road now, yeah.

No. Promise you, everything is all good.

What letter are we up to?


What, sweetie?

What letter were we up to?


I can't remember.

You decide.


Hitchhiker, Mommy.

H for hitchhiker.

Did you see him, Clara?

Did you see him?


Where do you think he's going, Mommy?

I'm not sure, sweetie.

Your turn, Mommy. We're up to I.


Come on, Mommy.





♪ Pick me up ♪

♪ When you feel low down ♪

♪ And we'll go moon dawgin'
Round this town ♪

♪ When the situation's aggravatin' ♪

♪ Get yourself to motivatin' ♪

♪ Where the lights are bright at night
When the sun goes down ♪

♪ And let's go moon dawgin', baby ♪

♪ Moon dawgin' ♪

♪ Let's go moon dawgin'
Round this town ♪

♪ The right time ♪

♪ Now hear what I say ♪

♪ Oh, it's nighttime
'Cause that's my time of day ♪

♪ I come alive ♪

♪ Shortly after five ♪

♪ Pick a scene, dream
And scheme my trouble away ♪

♪ I'm ready for moon dawgin', baby ♪

♪ Moon dawgin' ♪

♪ Moon dawgin' round
When the sun goes down ♪

♪ Noisy people dancin' ♪

♪ Swingin', swayin', dashin' ♪

♪ Singin' along with a groovy thang ♪

♪ Oh, lots of fun and laughter ♪

♪ Yeah, that's what I'm after ♪

♪ And I find it in Moon Dawgin' Lane ♪

♪ So, pick me up ♪

♪ When you feel low down ♪

♪ And we'll go moon dawgin'
Round this town ♪

♪ I guarantee ♪

♪ You one fine spree ♪

♪ If you go moon dawgin' with me
When the sun goes down ♪

♪ So, come and go moon dawgin', baby ♪

♪ Moon dawgin' ♪

♪ Let's go moon dawgin' round this town ♪

♪ Oh, moon dawgin' round
When the sun goes down ♪