Rats: Night of Terror (1984) - full transcript

One hundred years after a nuclear war has devastated the planet, society has been reborn into two factions; the underground society and the scavangers above in the wastelands. A group of scavangers on bikes come across a town infested with flesh eating rats, and soon the gore is spilling everywhere.

Get off your bikes, come on!

Damn, I'm aching all over!

Your legs are itchy, huh?

Yeah, just like yours!

I'm beat.

Let's go.


Shame, lunch's gotten away.

Here's where that little
bastard came from. Look.

There's a whole nest of them.

It's chock-full of rats.

We aren't going to
starve now, right, Kurt?

My mom was great at
cooking them, you know.

She stuffed them with roots.

That way, they didn't
taste too gamey.

Stop thinking about it, Video.

Maybe we'll find
something better.

Open it.

It's food!

This is sugar!

It's sugar!

What are we waiting for?
Let's dig in!

That's great chow, guys!

So good!

Hey, how do you open this?


We got beans, guys!

I saw this first!

This is flour! It's flour!

- It's flour!
- Great!

- Flour!
- Hooray!


- Dang it!
- Come on, Chocolate!

Look, I'm white!

I'm white!

She's white now!

I'm whiter than you!

Whiter than you!

I'm white now!

I'm white!

We're in heaven, guys!

I'm white!

I'm white!

Enough! Stop screaming!

This is not the first time
we've seen a dead body.

He died horribly. Just
look at his wounds.

The people who came here before us
killed each other over those supplies!

But this man was still in his bed.
How do you explain that?

Whatever happened, it
doesn't concern us.

Enough talking. Let's get going.

- To do what?
- To make sure this place is safe.

Hey, Video, your
little friend is back.

Let's see if he wants a beer!

Sure, one beer coming up!


These filthy things
are everywhere.

Take it easy, Taurus.

Rats are just born
unlucky, you know.

Imagine being a rat and being hit with
a broom by someone as big as you.

It would be annoying,
I guarantee you.

Speaking of rats,
there's another one.

Where do you think you're
going, you bastard?

Hey, Duke! This rat doesn't
believe in your theory!

He acts like a tough guy
and refuses to leave.

You've got no finesse, Taurus.

Strong with the weak and
weak with the strong.

Come on, little mouse, stop
hiding and get out of there.

Uncle Duke is ready
to take care of you.

He's not listening, huh?

Very well, I'm gonna get you.

Careful, those bastards bite.

Oh, they won't bite me.

He got me!

Watch out!

Get it off! Get off me,
you little asshole!

There's someone there.

Relax, Chocolate. It
was only a prank.

Try it again and I'll
blow your head off.

You hear me?

Look what I found, Kurt.

What's the matter with
this damn flashlight?

- Damn, it's gone.
- Shit! I shoul've stayed with Lucifer!

You always screw things up!

Calm down. It's not my fault the
flashlight stopped working.

Stay close behind me
and try not to panic.

Be careful, there's
a stairway here.


I wonder what this
machine was used for.

I'll tell you. To play with.

This, ladies and
gentlemen, is a videogame.

It looks a little different than
others, but that's what it is.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Let's see.

I'll screw you if you
can make it work.

I don't think you've
got what it takes.

Come on, Video.

I'll give you a consolation
prize if you fail.

You shouldn't have
challenged me, Chocolate.

I've already won.

Stop bluffing, Video.

There's no videogame
that could resist me.

Hey, I think I've got it.

Got it!

These plants are in
perfect condition.

And that looks like
a water purifier.

I can't believe it.
It's wonderful.

But why have plants stopped
growing naturally?

It's a long story, Lilith.

It would be pointless
to talk about it now.

But I can tell you one thing.
From now on...

we'll never get
thirsty again.

What kind of a game is this?

Either this thing is broken
or it's impossible to win.

This isn't a videogame.
It's a computer.

Damn it. I'll never be able
to find a real videogame.

Stupid know-it-all
machine. Go to hell!

What's happening?

Maybe that kick caused
a short circuit.

The computer has gone mad.

Unless... Video involuntarily
asked it a question.

Well, I don't like this.

Computers and corpses don't mix.

If I really asked this
computer something...

it's also the only one to
know what the question is.

Total elimination of the group.

What does that mean?


it refers to the bodies.

The bodies we found.

The answer was meant for them.

We found something incredible
downstairs, you have to see it!

The ones who came
here before us...

had found a way to artificially
recreate what once grew naturally on Earth.

Look, there's everything.

Fruit, vegetables, legumes.

There's every kind of plant.

And this is what they used to
distill and purify rainwater.

Come on, Diana, taste it.

It's fresh. And so good.

I've never tasted anything
like this in all my life.

It's incredible there's people
who managed to create this.


They were perfectly
organized, that's for sure...

and yet they got
themselves killed so easily.

That's the last one.

So many of them, huh?

Everyone stand back.

Requiescat in pace.

What did you say?

Only a few words.

Once, they were used
to bless the dead.

- Are you ready, Chocolate?
- Ready for what?

The bet concerning the computer.
You lost, remember?

Oh, come on, I was only joking.

That's not fair, Chocolate. You must
always honour your bets, you know.

A little advance
payment for now.

Good night, Video.

Stop that.

Stop that, you creeps!
I'm talking to you!

Stop making so much racket or just
go outside if you want to fuck!

You ruined the moment, you jerk.

I was almost there.

I'm gonna count to three, and if you
don't stop I'll blow you both to hell.

Stop that. Taurus is right.

Go outside if you want to do it.

Damn it. Okay, chief.
An order's an order.

This damn zipper is stuck.

Damn it, Lucifer,
you're hurting me!

Shut up, can't you
see it's stuck?

What's the matter, Lucifer?
Got your dick stuck in there?

And now you're condemned
to fuck for all eternity.

Well, at least they say
it's the best way of dying!

Stop laughing at us
and give us a hand.

Hey, you were almost there. You
sure you want us to stop you?

Come on, let's get out of
here before I kill somebody.

We can't, Lucifer.
We're stuck in here.

The poor guys are stuck!

Come on, Taurus,
give them a hand.

How did you do it?

Patience is a virtue.
Remember that, Lucifer.

Rotten bastards.

Stop thinking about them.

Let's pick up where we left off.

Those bastards. I don't
feel like it now.

Let me help you, then.

How do you feel?

Like a god. I feel
so relaxed that...

I would start over again.

Don't be greedy, Lucifer.

I'm tired. You're such
an impetuous lover.

I can't keep up with you.

Damn it!

You're making fun of me, too!

I'm not making fun of you. I'm tired,
I told you. I need to get some sleep.

Don't be so mad.

Why are you getting dressed?
Where are you going?

I need some air. And
I want to be alone.

Good bye.

Can't keep up with me, sure.

Hey, this stuff is incredible.

No! Stop tainting our water with
your shit, you filthy beasts!

Get out! Out! This is our water!

Out! Get out! Out,
you damned beasts!

Hey, what's this? A telephone?

A telephone!

You're supposed to be ringing.
Ring! Ring!


Dad, is that you?

It's me.

It's me, your son.

What? You're dead?

You're really dead?

You guys are having
a party, huh?

Where's the party?

Where is it?

Where's the party?

And you are the only guests.

A bunch of fucking rats!

I'm not coming with you!

Fuck you all!

Fuck you!


I've lost my bottle.

But you can't get away from me, baby.
We'll be together forever.

We're lovers and nothing
can separate us.

Come back to your boyfriend.

Fuck! I almost fell down.

Hey, little brother, are you
here to invite me to the party?

What about you?
Wanna grab a drink?

I'm not giving you my bottle!

What the fuck!

No! Get away from me!


It's stuck!


It's Lilith!

Lucifer must have gone crazy!
We've got to help her!



Lucifer! Lilith!

Lilith! Lucifer!

I've found her. He's killed her.
But Why?

No wounds. He must
have strangled her.

We shouldn't have
kicked them out.

We should have stayed together.

We have to find Lucifer.

We must avenge her.

He didn't kill her.

We've been targeted by someone
who wants to kill us all!

I swear I'm gonna
kill that filthy rat!


It's moving! Her
mouth is moving!

It can't be! She's dead!

No! No!

The rats killed her! And
now they want to eat me!

Myrna, calm down! Calm down!

Rats don't eat people,
pull yourself together.

Kill me! Kill me, I beg you!

Get after him!


I don't want to die!

I don't want to die!

Stop it, Myrna! Get
a hold of yourself!

Come out and face
us, you bastards!

Come out so I can kill you all!

Come out and face us!

I'll kill you!
Smash you to bits!

Come out! I'm going
to kill you all!

I'm going to tear your guts out!

You bastards!

You rotten bastards!

Where's Lucifer? What
happened to him?

Back inside, quick!


Taurus, Chocolate, come with me.



This is where they
attacked Noah.

Yeah. Let's get out of here.

Those rats might come back.

You're right. Let's go.

There's somebody in here.

It might be Lucifer.

Stay frosty, guys.

There's thousands of rats in here!

I don't want to die!

I don't want to die! Please,
I don't want to die!

Please! I don't want to die!

We must find Lucifer.

He couldn't have vanished!

Help Myrna.

Let's look outside.

Kurt! Kurt!

I found him.

He's dead.

- No! No!
- Poor Lucifer.

Look what they've done to him!

He's been eaten alive!


The rats have sabotaged our bikes!
They chewed though the tires!

Fuck! Fuck!


Look at that. They've
got them all!

You idiot! You were supposed
to be guarding the bikes!

Stop it, Kurt. And
you remain calm.

Nobody could have predicted it.

If we start panicking,
we're done for.

Get out of my way!

Okay, Taurus.

I was wrong.

How can we get out of
here with our bikes gone?

We're fucked!


It looks like we're
all fucked, chief.

What do you mean by that?

That you should have put
the bikes somewhere safe.

You should have tried using your brain
instead of wasting time with trivial stuff.

Those bikes were our only way to get
out of here and save our butts.

We should have left as soon as we
sensed the first sign of danger.

Yeah, that worked real fine.

No more mistakes from now on. We'll
barricade ourselves in there.

Tomorrow we'll decide
our next move.

Let's go!

Sure, one of your other
brilliant ideas.

Those rats sabotaged our bikes
because they want to kill us all...

and if we go in there
we'll be doing them a favour!

We made a mistake, but
we're smarter than them!

Try to remember that!

Noah, Lilith and Lucifer.
They went off alone.

That's why they're dead!


We're gonna barricade ourselves in
there, whether you like it or not.

I'm not getting killed
because of you.

When a tribal chief makes a mistake,
he's killed by his people...

and his place is taken by
someone who can protect the tribe.

And I'm that someone.

Who agrees with me?

All right.

I know what you want.

- I accept your challenge.
- What's the matter with you? You gone mad?

Listen to me, Kurt,
and you too, Duke.

Thousands of rats are trying to
kill us for who knows what reason.

Yet, you're only thinking about killing
each other over your stupid pride.

Okay, Duke. Let's see if you got
what it takes to be a leader.

Okay, Kurt. You're the leader.

Good. Now let's get to work,
we've wasted enough time.

We've got to barricade
the doors and windows.

Let's begin, come on!

I don't feel safe.

Hurry up with those planks.

Here, take these.

Myrna! Myrna, it
was just a spider!

Stop screaming! Stop
it, for God's sake!

You hear that? Maybe
they're in danger.

That was just Myrna,
that nutcase.

She's with our brave leader.
Let's mind our own business.


I'm going to stand guard.
Better safe than sorry.

You keep working.

Done. We should be safe now.

There's no way those rats
could be able to get in.

Yeah, but I keep thinking about those
people that were here before us...

and how those rats have
been able to kill them.

And how they've been able to
kill Noah, Lilith and Lucifer.

I can't understand it.

But why? What have we done to them?
Why do they want to kill us?

Maybe something reawakened
their instinct to kill.

Of course. Those who were
here before us caused that.

But we'll never be sure
of what happened here.

We shouldn't care about
what happened here.

There's something I can tell you: we'll
make it out of here if we keep calm.

We're going to make it.

Many years ago, when I lived in
the mountains with my family...

our cave was attacked
by a pack of hungry rats.

They didn't attack us.

But they devoured all
the supplies we had.

The rats we have here don't
seem interested in food.

Taurus's right. They haven't
touched the flour or the cheese.

They want to eat us.

Stop talking nonsense, will you?

We're superior, not them.

Once it was like that. Perhaps.

You've gone soft, too?

You're right. Humans
believed to be superior.

They thought they
could rule the world.

And he always thought that rats were filthy
beasts that should stay underground.

In the sewers.

In the sewers?

You mean that, once, rats only
lived in places like sewers?

Before the world
was destroyed...

by the power of
the atomic bombs...

rats used to live
underground, in the sewers.

Beneath the great cities.

I read that in a book.

And what other crap
was in that book?

Something that I
remember clearly.

Their communities are exclusive.

They don't accept
anything or anyone.

If an unknown rat wanders
into their community...

said rat is
swiftly killed...

before being devoured.

And how can they tell
the rat is different?

Rats all look the same.

That's not true. They
don't look the same.

They can tell the difference
by how their urine smells.

Rats knowing each other
by smelling urine...

You know what, I think that whoever
wrote that book fooled you...

despite having a brain
the size of a rat's!

You heard our holy man, guys?

I guess we took too much piss in here,
that's why the rats want to kill us!

Well, even if the rats see us
as enemies, this place is ours.

And we're going to keep it!

We're going to keep it!

It's them! They're
coming to get us!

They'll kill us all!

Kurt, that window! We forgot
to barricade that window!

- Help! They're biting me!
- Diana!

- Help!
- Diana!

- Damn it!
- Diana!

Too many rats!

- Secure that damn window!
- Diana!

Let's get out of here! Quick!

I'll kill you all!

- Let's go!
- I hate you all! Die!

- Die!
- Let's go!

Lay her on the bed, hurry!

- Here.
- She's covered with bites!

Taurus, get me some water. I need to wash
her wounds before they get infected.

- Hurry!
- Ok!


We forgot the water!

We'll have to do without it.

How can we survive
without water?

We'll try to get out of
here as soon as dawn comes.

We can hold it.

We can, but what about Diana? Her
wounds are going to get infected.

All right. Video, you
stay here with the girls.

We'll attempt to reach the
greenhouse to get some water.

Come on, let's go.

I'm staying here, chief!

I'm not risking my life for one of your
dumb plans. Go get the water on your own.

All right, Duke. You stay
here with the girls.

- Video will take your place.
- Stop acting like fools!

It was his idea to barricade ourselves in
here. Let him solve this situation alone.

That's nonsense. We're in this together and
now we should think about saving Diana!

Now listen, you son of a bitch. If
you're looking to make me mad...

you're brilliantly

I'm fucking mad!

The coast looks clear, Kurt.

Let's go.

Myrna, come here.

I'd like to have
a word with you.

Come on, old Duke's waiting.

Don't be afraid.

You can trust me.

Kurt's wrong.

But if you trust me...

I will save you.

Fill the can, Taurus.

Damn it.

- Kurt!
- Hurry up!

The tank is full of rats.

The water's tainted!

Let's go outside. We'll
take some of our water.

Kurt! The stairs are
covered with rats.


They're waiting for us.

Good. They'll see who we are.

We'll start by warming
them up a little.

What's wrong?

This damn thing
doesn't work anymore!

Shit! Shit!

Think of something, Kurt.
They're trapping us!

Taurus, give me your club!

Filthy beasts!

Taurus, be careful! Careful!

There's so many!

Too many!

Kurt, hurry!

There's more of them!

Die, you beasts!


- Die!
- We can't hold them anymore!

Everyone behind me, quick!

Single file, let's
stick together!


Filthy things.

Dirty bastards.

- It's horrible.
- There's so many of them.


Keep moving, guys. Come on!

Quick! Hurry!

Move, move.

Watch out!

- Taurus!
- They're attacking me!

Taurus! Taurus!

Run! Save yourselves!

- Save yourselves!
- There's too many of them!

- Dirty things!
- Run!

- Taurus!
- Go! Go!

- Run, save yourselves!
- We can't leave him!

Kilt. flamingo!
- fanny!

Kurt, hurry!

Quick! Get to the door!

Duke, open the door! Hurry!

- Hurry up!
- Open the door!

- Come on, Duke!
- Open it!

- Open it!
- Open the fucking door!

What's going on in there?

Duke, Chocolate,
Myrna, open the door!

They're about to overrun
us, open the door!

- Open it!
- Duke! Chocolate!

They're ready to attack!

- Open it!
- They'll kill us!

What are you waiting for? Open
that damn door and let them in!

Open it, hurry!

Open the door, asshole!

That damn bastard
must have gone mad.

Tell me, chief, you
got that water?

It's tainted. Open
the damn door!

The rats are going to swarm us!

You heard the chief? No water.
We can't trust him anymore!

You bastard! Open the door!

Duke, stop being an asshole
and open the door! Open it!

Duke, you prick, open the door!
Open it!

Open it, damn you!

The rats are coming, open it!

They're coming at us.
There's thousands of them.

- No water and thousands of rats!
- Duke, open the door!

- Why should we risk getting killed?
- Open the door!

- I'm gonna kill you!
- Open the door, you bastard!

You'll pay for this, Duke!
I'm going to kill you!

- Open the damn door!
- The rats are here, open it!

Back! Get away!

Don't stay there,
it's too dangerous!

I'll burn them to a crisp!

I'll roast you alive!

Get away! Back!

Open that door!

Open the door, for God's sake!
Open it!

- They're going to kill us!
- Don't let us die, Duke!

Your new leader has a
preference for women.

And you three will become
my personal harem.

- Open the door!
- Duke, open it!

Damn it!

Our chief is in a bad position, I
wonder if he'll make it out alive.

Myrna, there's a rat there!

You've stopped laughing
now, you prick.

One bad move and I'll
put you down for good.

Get away!

Get away, you dirty things!

Kurt! Hurry!

Hurry up, the door's opening!


Get inside!

- You bastard!
- No!

Don't kill me, I only did
it to protect the girls!

I swear it, Kurt, it
was the only reason!

There's only a way to deal
with a snake like you.

- No, Kurt! You can't kill him!
- Why not?

You can't have mercy
for this bastard.

He promised he'd save
me from the rats!

He said that he'd protect me and
that I won't end up like the others.

You're even a bigger
snake than I imagined.

He promised me, Kurt. He
promised he'd protect me.

He promised me! Tell him!

- Go on, tell him!
- Yes, yes, I promised her.

Please, don't kill him!

Don't kill him, Kurt!

My instinct is telling me I should waste
you. Thank Myrna I'm not going to.

Next time I won't
show any mercy!

I can't stand it anymore.

We've got to do something about Taurus!
Try to find him!

It'd be impossible with all those rats.
Keep your cool.

Her temperature's really high.
She'll die if it worsens.

Only a few hours before dawn.

We have to hold a little longer,
then we'll leave this place forever.

The rats won't let us.

They won't let us get
away that easily.

What you people are
lacking here is guts.

We should stop moping and get out
of here to face those things.

They're taking advantage of our
fear for them, don't you get it?

That was a man's voice.

Maybe it's Taurus.

Yeah, I thought it sounded
like him as well.

In that case, we'll have to do
the impossible to save him.

Our chief wants us
to become rat bait.

One more word and
you're dead, Duke.

Back inside.

They're smart, but I can't believe they've
pretended to stop to lead us into a trap.

Okay, that's it. I'll try to get
across them, but I'll do that alone.

Not alone. Either all or none.

And I want to be the first.

Let's go.

Chocolate, we're leaving Diana.
She'll be safe in here.

We'll get her before we leave,
if we manage to survive.

Okay. I'll go first.

No, I'll go first.

I don't believe it, they haven't
even tried to bite my shoes!

Come on, guys! The war is over!

Deus, it's your turn.
Go with the girls.

Get going, good luck.

I'll watch your backs.

Wait, I'll tell you
when it's your turn.

You better hope those things
won't jump at you. Go.

Okay, chief, now it's your turn
to hope they won't jump at you.

They'll kill us! I'm scared!

Run! Get out of here! Go!

- They'll kill us all!
- Hurry!

Come on, guys.

We have to get through
the main room.


But, what...

It's time to save ourselves.


- It looks like him.
- Why don't you answer?

Taurus? Can you hear me?




That's Duke! He's fleeing!

One more step and you're dead!

Don't try to stop me, Kurt!

I won't, but let Myrna go!

Your days as a leader
have come to an end!

What's wrong with this thing?
Fire, damn it!


It's over, Duke!

Get out of the vehicle
and take Myrna with you.

Be reasonable, Duke.
You'd better be.

If you care about her, drop
your weapon and let us go!

Let us go or I'll blow
everything to hell!

I think he's trying
to bluff, Kurt.

No. That snake would
do it for real.

We'll play his game for now.

Okay, Duke, we'll put
down our weapons!

Leave Myrna and go!

This is the only
bargain you'll get!

No way, chief!

You're in no
position to bargain!

You've got two minutes to make up your
mind, then I'll blow everything up!

Drop your weapons,
I'm not kidding!

Little bastards!

They're everywhere! Everywhere!

I hate you! I'll
slaughter you all!

If I have to die, I'm
gonna take you with me!

Poor Myrna.

She didn't deserve
to die like that.

They've been lucky,
don't you get it?

Our death we'll be
much, much worse.

Diana. Where's Diana?

I don't know, she was
right next to me.

Damn it!


We gotta find her!

You look over there!



Diana, where are you?

Why don't you answer?
Please, answer...

Please, don't die.

Don't leave me alone!

Diana, I love you! Diana!

I know what you want from me!

You think of us as intruders.

I know you hate me,
I can feel it!

Yes, I know it!

I know what you want from us!


I get it now.

You are the new rulers.

You are the new
rulers of the world.


Yes, we're the intruders,
that's what we are.

That's what we are.

We are! We are!

Diana, where are you?




Are you here, Diana?

Diana, where are you?



Diana, no...

No! No! No!

- That's Kurt's gun! Let's go!
- Quick!

Kurt, you fired those shots?



It shouldn't have
ended like this.

It shouldn't have
ended like this.

She slashed her wrists.

Why did she do that?

She chose suicide.

She didn't make it, but
you have to be strong!

What's the point?

They're stronger than we are.

We can only wait
until they get us.

There's only four of us left. We
can just try to defend ourselves.

We tried everything
to fight them.

And what did it get us?

Nothing. Nothing! They're
stronger than us!

Kurt, don't talk like that.

We're here and
we're still alive.

And we have to keep fighting.

You're our leader, you
have to guide us!


Go! Go!

Open the door, Deus.

Let's go.

- Lilith!
- Stop it, Chocolate!

Pull yourself together! They put
Lilith here to frighten us!

It's like they wanted to
send us a message of death.

Cut your bullshit!

We've got to get the
body out of here.

What the heck is this?

Let me see.

This thing might be
like a magic lamp.

Maybe it holds a magic solution
that will get us out of this mess.

This is an audio log about
operation Return to Light, day 12.

The time is 8:45 on
the federal system.

This is the experimental
Station Delta 82.

We're meeting Omega 3 in three
days, they're coming to save us.

But maybe this meeting
will never take place.

Unfortunately, Operation Return to
Light has been a total failure.

The measures taken
by our scientists...

to overcome the damage caused
by pollution, radioactivity...

and prolonged exposure
to sun rays were correct.

We could have never predicted
what caused our mission to fail.

Our failure was caused by an animal
species we thought to be long extinct.


The common rat that populated
the city sewers before the war.

Rats have proved to be a
deadly, unstoppable enemy.

Their intelligence is incredible.

It all began when the
radiation levels decreased...

and we started to stop wearing
our heavy protective clothing.

That's when rats
began to attack us.

They killed us and
fed on our flesh.

They sensed us to be
their greatest enemy.

Never before an animal
started to act like that.

Perhaps they saw us as intruders who
forced them to flee their natural habitat.

Our new cities stand
where they once lived.

Or maybe they see us as...

My opinion is...

The others are all dead.

The rats killed them.

My time... My time
is running out.

Brothers, when you'll
find this log...

I'll be dead as the other
members of this doomed station.

Brothers, you must stay in
your underground cities.

Man is safe there.

We'll never be able to
live on the surface again.

They rule the surface
of our planet.

Their communities won't
ever allow intruders!

They'd kill and eat them!

They're coming!

There's thousands of them!

It's over! It's all over!

So, there are people like
us living underground.

It's incredible.

They took the rats' place.

That's why the rats
attacked them.

I don't understand. Why
did they attack us, then?

Because they think that the surface
of our planet belongs to them.


They think we're invading
their territory.

But, if I remember correctly,
that book you read said...

that rats only see rats from
other communities as enemies!

What you said doesn't
make sense, Deus.

I think that men returned
to the surface because...

something terrible and unstoppable
forced them to stop living underground.

I think that horrible things are taking
place under the Earth's surface.

Horrible, dreadful things.

The worst thing about this story is
that we got caught in the middle.

It was a matter between rats
and people living underground!

- They'll break the door down!
- We're not going down easily.

- That door won't hold out for long!
- They're gonna get us!

Video, take Chocolate and
create a barricade back there!

- Yes! - No!
- Don't waste time!

- No, no!
- It's useless, Kurt!

Make another barricade will
just prolong our agony!

That's enough! I'm your
leader, so do as I say!

- No!
- Do it! We'll try to stop them!


Fuck! Fucking rats!

Run! Run away from the door!

- Hold it, Deus!
- I can't!

There's thousands of
them behind this door!







- I got to help him!
- Don't! Don't go, Video!

Kurt! Kurt!


Kurt! Kurt!




They'll kill us!


Damn it!

I don't want to die!

Kill me, Video. I beg you.

- Kill me, Video!
- No!

- Don't let them eat me alive!
- No!

- Kill me! I'm begging you!
- No!

Please! Do it if
you care for me!

Please, don't let them kill me!

Do it!

Die, you fucker!

They've gone!

The rats have gone!

They've gone!

It's gas!

It's making the
air unbreathable!

- We must get out of here, now!
- No! The rats!

Don't you understand it, Chocolate? Don't
you understand why the rats have gone?

Our rescuers are here!
They've come to save us!

- Who? Who's come?
- The ones mentioned in the audio log!

Our rescuers! The men
from Station Delta 82!

- The people who live underground!
- Yes!

- Come on, let's go meet them!
- Yes!

I can't do it anymore!

Video, where are you?
Where are you?

You are the ones
from the audio log.

The people who live underground.

Is that who you are?

Thanks for saving us. Bless you.

Thank you.

Yes, thanks for saving us.

You arrived just
in time, friends.

We're your friends.

We're part of the same race.

One of our companions read that, once,
people of Earth called each other brothers.

That book was called the Bible.

It also said that a god created
man and animals, and...

Subtitled by Francesco Massaccesi