Raton Pass (1951) - full transcript

The ambitious Ann arrives with the stagecoach in Raton Pass to find herself in the midst of a feud between the Challon and the Pozner families. Ann immediately seeks out Marc Challon, a young man from the richest cattle ranch family, who is in love with Lena Casamajor. Seductively Ann works her way into Marc's heart. Marc marries her and Ann is given deed to half the ranch by Marc's father Pierre. When her husband brings home an even richer man (Prentice), who owns a railroad in hopes of getting him to financially back the ranch, Ann convinces Marc to leave the job to her. Instead, Ann seduces Prentice into falling in love with her also and talks him into buying out her husband. He agrees. Suddenly, Ann and Prentice find themselves totally alone as Marc and all the hands have quit the ranch. So Ann sends for the gunslinger Cy Van Cleave, she met in the past. Cy brings in his fellow outlaws and they begin to take over the cattle ranch.

"Raton Pass"

This is the land.
high, southwest.

From the beginning paradise
for zoo lovers.

And call for achievements.

A country full of history ...
Indians ...

Spanish ..

young hunters

traders crossing, returning
in the New Mexico region.

Wandering and explorers ...

which did not leave the marks
ground under your feet.

And with the cattle that come
in the last frontier of the pasture ...

a new type of men
and women ...

a guy who
vastness of the country ...

It was a challenge
to win.

Mark Chalon and his father.

What is good and looking?

What do you look more than that?

He's a rich farmer.

And I'm Elena Catamir.

You must remember that
Catamarca was governor of Spain.

That was a long time ago.

It will not change her
our family history.

They are coming.

Are you sure you're going?
Is it a friendly conversation?

What matters, under
as long as it's legal?

We have a lawyer.

This is no longer like
old man, with Pierre?

Not even close.

When we had some ...

problem to solve,
we use it!

Not a handful of papers.

- Times have changed.
- We have a lawyer.

I'll be with you at
Wait a minute, Pozner!

Leave Jim!

Hi Lena

- How's the aunt?
Very well.

Why do not you come to the ranch?
to visit her?

He'll be happy to see you.

You did not come to the city.
for months. Something is happening?

Nothing that a few bullets
they can not solve.

I do not think they should
use, but we have a challenge.

Chalon asked me.

The usual call.

Careful, do not start anything.

You made this trip look like
very short, lady.

Thank you.

I could not have anyone
another gentleman for company.

What are you doing here, Van Cleve?

The law took him to Colorado
and asked to give it to him,

only when he would leave
of the area.

This is not an area
you or your house.

Be careful or I'll send you
back to Colorado.

Very warm welcome.

How about lunch?

Can I refuse?


For a minute, I come immediately.


How lucky I do not need to go
at the ranch to see you.


Yes, they told me
you have everything.

There is a job
by a good man?

For a good man, yes.

Not for a killer like you.

Very important, is not it?

And why not, with almost one
a million acres behind you?

But one day someone will
seems to challenge you.

Do not be reckless.

If it is difficult, you can
rent a horse ...

and goes south.

She has a good pasture there.

I like it here.

I believe the sheriff can
to change your mind.

You're not going to put me down.
his private prison.

You're very fast with this.
my son. But it will be better ...

to get the horse.

Silence from here!

No one is so good
as long as your old ...

who they think they are.

Let's have lunch?

No thank you. I changed my mind.

You'll take it back.
when you enter the next ...

coach, and leave the city.

You can not leave a person
just to solve your fight?

I stopped these snakes.
how does he

before you were even born.

The city should not be yours.
made a good impression,

with snakes walking
in the streets.

I saw a large area of
the tram window

and I saw something he did not do.

So you like this?

So far, yes.

You passed many mountains ...

What music do you want?

As high as possible.

I'm going to have a drink for you.

We can go?

Do not forget that we have ...

some issues for
We deal, Mark?

We do not have time to
we wait, Chalon.

I can not leave her
lady to wait.

This seems like an important issue.

You can handle this.
without me.

Are you Mark Chalon?

I've heard of you.

Good or ugly?

Just interesting things.

That was very fast.

I married my wife.
the night I met her.

This seems to be
it is very different.

But she has a cat look.

They all have it.

Mark will know how to take a look.

Let's finish.

The first round is me.

I've always been lucky.
in this way.

You can also come
sheriff. The law does not stop you.

My wife and I
We start from scratch.

With old things and

Never wavering, Bella
Mark and I ...

You can do the same.

if you can sweat
and fight.

Where are the lists?
that Mark did not sign?

The map

Come here shoot
Take a look at this.

Come here.

Here is the pasture next door.
on the other side of the earth.

Here is a quote that
makes a physical connection ...

with my land, east of lava.

I need them.

The lane in lava. O
our last pasture.

Would you like that too?

Mark says yes.

Then he warned him to
Come say it to me too!

Definitely yes.

Whiskey and small talk
It's that I can from you!

You're forcing us to keep
the earth that has only dust ...

no one has the right
do it for others!

We offer you a
reasonable rent ...

and even
our water barrier.

If you were friendly like the others
you may have had better things.

Friendly? Take two
make friends.

Can we have water?

If you want, you can have it.
Whatever the truth about you ...

also applies to

This is not your type.

It's my son's idea.

And I say, take it or leave it!

Define your passage.

Sooner or later, every man
you are making a mistake.

Even a Halloween!

Come here.

Why did Mark do this?
this choice?

I still wonder
Why did you choose Rathun?

It's very simple.

Why are you here.


I have heard that the Chalons
grow and grow ...

and they fight with them.

That sounded good to me.

Do you have a better proposal?


And the first one is for you.
I invite you to see our ranch.

They imagined
big area?

Is it all yours?

Up to this point
you can see.

That's great.

I never imagined anyone
could have either.

Owning is one thing.
To book, it is another.

This does not mean that
is not cool.

You're right to be proud ...

All this land ...

before that
they worked at it.

This will make you great ...


Not everyone feels
girl like this

And you usually bring
many here?


And they do not say the right thing?

It's not what they say.

Is the way
What are you looking at right now.

I never expected
see for anyone ...

This is not Halloween.

I take that as a compliment.

The coolest thing to do is
I've had until today.

Do not do it again.
Our horses have no wings.

With or without wings, never
I did not see a woman ...

ride a horse
like you.

That's great.

What I saw today
it's great here.

Valleys, canyons and meadows
until the end of the world.

The ranch is not
so great ... yet.

Where did you learn to walk like that?

My family had a
Ranch in Peckos.

Many animals and many dead.

So they work there.

A look at the land
as well as do.

So I believe.

I think they're waiting for us, Mark.

My mother built this one here.
a chapel for the workers.

The masses do this every afternoon.

You forgive me.

Running Halloween!

I can go along
- Clear.

You did not see anything from the ranch,
if you have not seen the house.

Get ready

It's a woman's room.

And it's been a long time
without one.

And I hope you're not
you do not understand.

I told you a week ago,
You will find a woman.

Do not leave him hungry,
will get new coffee.


Thanks to John.
You kept my post.

It's the third time
I do this and do not ...

the opportunity to kiss the bride.

Father is preferred ...

You do not want to change them.
customs, is not it?

I do not want to change them
I just want to get inside.

The usual habit.

And I want to continue.

You two, come with me.

Close the door, my God.

It's been many days since
that we had a lot of happiness here.

And I feel even happier ...

to be able to fulfill
a promise I gave to Bel.

I was afraid not
I could do that.

You are my boy, the
gift for your wedding.

My mother and mine.



15 of 1880 MAY

In Marcos and An Chalon,
husband and wife

All Rights and Titles
from Raluca Tallon

I do not want it.

Do not be ungrateful, Mark.

Thank you.

Your wife and you have done
very by the ranch ...

Her father.

Everyone is fighting.
much here.

And keep it up
the grass

It can last forever.

Good morning lady.

How many times did I tell you?
speak English

Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

Good morning my love

I thought you were going to leave
this morning.

I preferred to stay here.

Pierre was an hour ago.

I think it should
we are more active.

Pay attention ... irrigation
work, for example.

What do we do? How is it going to be?
Do you make money for it?

We'll find a way. You can
to end this

Sometimes it seems
We'll never get out of here.

You tried the bank.
from Colorado?

Maybe the railroad?

Why do not you give me that?

I did not get married
an entrepreneur.

This ranch is not necessary
a new manager.

But I need a woman.

Why do not you leave it?

I'm trying to help.

Be part of things.

Everyone is looking ...
Mark Chalon

to ask his advice.

He is not his wife.

It seems that Maria does
more than I.

You're a long time here.

A few weeks in the city
It will do you good.

I'll take you to Kansas City.
with the next cattle with me.

Coming soon.

I ask you to do this soon enough.

I'll start preparing
the load from today.

He will not keep you
with your will

he did.

- Thanks for the walk.

I was here.

I was coming here.

Beautiful place.

Only the best for Halloween.

Tell the lady that she has
a visit ...

invited by Mr. Talon.

A man to see
the boss, lady.

It must be another
a bummer looking for a job.

Send to the dormitory
to wait

But the sheriff is with him.
He is a very good man.

Send the sheriff to
also awaits.

Both wait.

"And you spoke English."
All right, ma'am.

You said yes.
wait in the office.

Just a moment!

We had to wait
in the bedroom.

It must have been done
an error.

His invitation was clear.

It would be better for me
go back to the city.

Mr. Prendis!

I'm glad you came.

Mrs Chalon, no
welcomed you?

Not exactly.

The mistake is mine.
I did not expect you so soon.

I have not told her yet.

Come here.

You may not understand
Sheriff, but I said ...

Mr. Prentice, she
She is my wife.

Mr. Prendis is
of Chicago.

He is one of them.
railway managers.

And I think he's interested.
to give us a loan.

- How are they?
- How are they?

Excuse me please?

A drink, Prentice?


Mr. Prentice ...

you are very smart.

- I do not think ...
- I guess so.

I did not deal with business,
but I'm interested.

Dinner is ready.

Thank you.

Mr. Prendis.

You laughed.

I was late?

Someone has to take care of this
team of this ranch.

What happened to you?

Who died?

Mr. Prendis, he
and my dad.

Mr. Prendis will stay.
for a little while with us.

Welcome, my son.

Not many assistants
this time of year.

Do you have a horse?

I'm not afraid, sir.

He will not be a good assistant.

This gentleman can
to help us.

Have you heard of him?
West Kansas Railway?

I'm sorry for the mistake.

Let's wait until
to dress

Should I get dressed?

Should I look like this guy?

I was already dressed this morning.
Once a day is enough.

I expect to forgive him.

He's a stubborn old man.

I found the authentic among
of the properties I have known.

A good breakfast,
we've had until today.

- Are you okay?

Are you sure?

Yes ...

"If you were not ..."
- I would never forgive myself ...

if something happened to you.


I did not expect you back soon.

We finished the job.
with the eastern herd.

Father is already leading
cattle in the river.

He packed his bags.
We start in the morning.

I'll offer you dinner.
in a week in Kansas City.

I will not come.

You do not come?

We can not let go.
Mr. Prendis here ...

if you want to help us.

"He's our visitor."
- Yes, he is our visitor.

To give the loan,
wants to split the administration.

Chalon does not
share with anyone.

Forget Mr. Prendis ...

and started packing.

Mark ...

You know how important it is.

This is for Pierre,
not for me

Mr. Prendis is willing
give us a loan

and I'll get it.

I'm in a position to do that.

Look from my side ...

it's the opportunity
Do something.

Like your mother did.

It is normal for Mr
Prentice wants ...

talk about jobs
with a man.

But for me ...

Instead of going to Kansas City ...

I'll convince you to
makes this investment ...

with our terms.

It's all right.

You will miss me.

And I.

What do you think?

I was thinking about this.

And so.

Mark will return
in a day or two.

We have to solve this.
problem before coming

and get out of here.

And leave that ranch?

This is nothing to you.

You deserve better.
of these wild frontiers.

I deserve this? I hope so.

I had not thought of that
until I met you.

Sweet, I will be
happy everywhere

where we can live together.

But this place
That means a lot to me.

That means you.
Here we met.

I was very happy
for the first time in my life.

That means a lot to me.

You chase the wind ... unfortunately
You have to give up.

I know Mark
he will never sell.

We should not give up.

Now that I know this
That means a lot to you.

Ann ...

- Why not sell
Mark s'mena / - Can you?

It's going to cost a lot of money.

Good things do not
it is never cheap.

I really want this.

Mark, listen ...

Mr. Prentice and I want to
to buy his share.

The whole ranch.

Snake! Great

I brought her to this house.

The house that belonged to her.

We will not tolerate this.

If I use the weapon,
we're going to fall into her trap.

Trap for Chalons?

Here are the Chalons.

We are part of every
acre of this land.

This is not a ranch,
it's us!

Do you think I do not know?

You think I forgot
all our blood

wait ...

Our whole life?

It seems, however
she got us.

Listen ...

Or are you going to get rid of it?
or for me?

Wait ...

This ranch is not
land, are cattle.

Is the best
part is here.

If we close this passage ...

is part of
can be maintained.

And I'm going to close it.
She belongs to me now.

And just for me.

The other one, I'm going to sell.

Everything except this place.

You will sell?

You can not sell it.
ranch, my boy!

You do not understand?

Let Prentice go
spend your money.

Even Prentice is going
feel in your pocket.

Let them be
stay with the land ...

Let them be
manage the land.

A woman is
a newbie.

A dead ranch.

It will be like moving sand.

I'll buy it back
within one year.

That will hurt her.


How do you do it in a year?

I can not say goodbye
and leave it.

The tradition of the land
we are given.

You were never hurt.
by a woman.

You never fought
with a woman.

I have to hit her
your way.

Not with me.

I know how to fight

And this is not the way.

If you get out of this
door and sales ...

I will leave the other,
away from the whole area!

You want the whole ranch?

It's yours.

One hundred thousand dollars.

Make the transfer
in my bank.

But do not wait.
nothing of me

Go where it loads.

Is that you ...

do not be stubborn
a mule like Mark.

- Be tight, not soft.
"Half a minute, Pierre.

Stay, this will be solved by himself.

You and Mark do not.
You had to get a divorce.

This time it will not happen.

You're wrong, Pierre.

Mark you know this
No one is afraid.

Why did she leave the woman?
take us away?

You will start the carriage,
Or am I going to do it?

We are ready.

And do not think that
I'll regret it.

When I leave here I go
I build a new farm ...

To another. How can I.

When I face this
the problem of this size,

I'll start.

from somewhere.

Well ... goodbye.

"Is he gone then?"
"I thought he would not leave?"

Come here. Say it.

Okay, I think you're crazy.

Will you stay with me or her?

To this day I was receiving orders
by Pierre Chalon.

But I think now it's
from now on ... I'm going to leave you.

And everything will be as before.

That's why I'm counting on you.

Is that you?

Even if we stay in Lava?

In Lava?

You are crazy

Jim Posner, waiting for ...

start a war
against Chalon.

And against us too.

This is your chance.

I'm willing to
to deal with it.

You can go there already.
I'll meet you in the morning.

We have to think about it, Mark.

It offers us a good job.

With you in Lava
We risked our heads.

What do you say, sheriff?

My position is to think

What is better
to the community.

Just do not forget who
He put you in the office.

There's nothing better
to make a fool of man ...

Of a beautiful face.

Proud real estate!

How can you?
Do you fly to all of us?

How could you give?
his ranch.

How do you know it's not
they will destroy everything?

I'll tell you

They will lose.

They will lose and will
come back to me.

And quickly.

Are you going to make this city?

a ghost town, alone and
just because he brought us this woman.

My people say:

"The devil is in
a man who wants revenge. "

Then the devil is inside me.

Good or bad, it happened, it happened.

But in the end it will be
It's good for everyone.

Especially for your uncle
in lava.

My Best Uncle?

How can be
better for him?

You said that I changed ...

things for everyone.

Well, then it goes.
a great opportunity.

I'll do business with him.

This meeting could
be your funeral.

Go to try
you find it and you will learn.

We met again.

You will not do anything to me.

You will see and prove it.

Do you forget that you are not
now the mighty.

With the landowners behind you.

Even your men
they have forsaken you.

If you're serious, let
talking to him first.


I do not want to see anyone
be killed.

Even a Halloween.

Thank you.

And tell your Divine
that only one person ...

go to visit him
on tomorrow's farm: I.




There is no soul in
shed, the pen ...


Damn ungrateful.
They shoved like rats.

Mark did this. Nobody
He was not with us.

Maybe it's better.

We're going to hire other people.
workers. Foreigners

Workers for us? At where?

The people here hate Chalons,
but they hate foreigners more.

We will give them good wages.

If we fail here, we will
we left the area.


May not be necessary
go so far.

I know a man.

The ideal guy we need.

- Van Cleave.

I came with him, with her.
coach in the city.

And he can
to bring others.

Where can I find it?

Every sheriff can tell you.

Incredible, is not it?

In floor!

Get up!

Marc Talal eats powder.

And there's much more
you have to swallow.

You are a great man
Stand up!

Stop this!

All these years, I wanted to
insulting a Halloween.

Then your wife
stole the ranch

and you came to us with a beggar.

All right, he fell to his knees.
and I praise you!

I said, on my knees!

You always had a lot of help.
in their fights.

It's time to try
your own medicine!

You promised to hear it!

It's all right. Arrives

Not for him.

I said enough!

Leave that.

I told my uncle
that we are in love

This will help us.

Are you going to marry her, Chalon?

I have to get rid of
my ex-wife, Jim.

If you want a good woman,
I think this time you found it.

Take the girl away, Jim.

We came to find out
what he wants here.

Is good to have
a reason and a good one.

I have a good one, but I have to
do it my way

You play with your sadness ...

and you wait
we cry with you

I'm not the greatest anymore
landowner Chalon.

None of those
I was left behind.

Nothing, understand?

I finished

I thought you wanted to
come with me.

I thought you wanted to
to come with me.

I want to close this passage.
that I rented from you.

Shut the mouth and keep it closed.

I want to put 1,000 livestock
this side of the lava.

I have legitimate rights.

The law is on our side.

If there's a problem, we're together.

What do you say, Pozner?

It takes a lot of hate.
to do this.

I have more than that.

And when the farm returns
on my hands ...

I will finance it
irrigation work.

You will have water.

And what else do you need?

And there will be enough
for all of us.

Wait a minute.

It's all right.

We will. You go
close the passage.

Come here.

That was close.

Very close.

We will. From now on
then we have to separate.

Take some kids and go
on the other side of the passage.


Is not it too hasty?

Mrs Chalon should not
fight for it.

She is not a woman.
who has been waiting for a long time.

Kids, let's go.

I have a lot to thank for you.

Why did you lie like that?

Why did you do that?

About you and me ...

It was not difficult for
to convince Uncle Jim.

You know, since I was
so high ...

I wanted you to.

Me or him
large property?

Do you think that all women
they are ambitious, are not they?

You forgive me.

You risked your reputation for me.
You did it and you had no luck.

What I've always wanted
was to look at me.

not up there.

But down here.

This is the only
what we will do.

I can do this.

It was because of this
You did not look at me.

Why with this woman?

you looked like a child
with charcoal in hand.

Because of that
woman many men die,

and maybe even a
Halloween because of her.

Jim Posner is not looking

there is nobody
to fool.

Do you want to play a
woman, is not it?

good night

All right, Sam. I'm with him.

For me I go
kill all.

You do this for Elena.

or are you a fool to
believe in Chalon's promises?

I have to believe him.

It's nothing
This is going to happen to us.

And the battle will be with each other.
we'll be after the smoke.

And we can stay
with the 1K thousand heads ...

if it fails, we will accept.

You know how to hit
a man ...

when it's already on the ropes.

I learned from Chalon.

On the other side of the passage,
Van Cleave.

Van Klee, are you sure?

- Van Klee ...
- speech!

Come on, talk!

Van Klee and
many men. Yes!

They came when we watched ...

and without any warning.

- Did something happen?
Very. Van Cleave.

Bring the cattle through the gate.

- They took a lot on the pass.
- There he is the Guardian.

They killed him.

Many left.

I'll follow the tracks.
Van Klee.

A bunch of cowboys
through the gorge.

Some drive the animals.

Go straight to
Ganway Gorge.

"Is Mark Chalon one of them?"
- I did not see him.

Come on!

It's Jim Posner and
his gang.

Stop the fire!

The law will take care of it.

It's Van Klee
circle you!

Because? Not back?

This is our opportunity.
We can end forever.

This will be the end.

Sure, you want to finish?

So he finished ...

with his men.

You did not tell us anything we will do.

We fought with Van Klee and
a band of armed men.

Good evening, Miss Hall.

Thank you Sheriff.

Sheriff, you have to conceive
Mark Chalon ...

for stealing my cattle.

To capture Mark Chalon?

There was an error.

Wrong or not, it was Mark

You have to play.

Do you think that theft
it's a joke

Keep your mouth shut
I'm too far ...

to take orders from you.

Is that true, sheriff?

Mr Van Cleve is
my supervisor.

Chalon is not
now the law here.

We are.

Mark and Jim Posner
they stole a lot

and they will not escape.

You have to conceive it.

I can not win Mark
Halloween just because ...

you want this.

You should do it.
You know what happens to the sheriffs ...

who do not support landlords?

And they still own land.

Are you threatening me?

No sheriff.

Just remember ...

their common sense.

Chalon acts out
law, sheriff.

Land owners trust
law, is under your protection.

To capture Mark Chalon,
I need facts ...


If this is not enough,
What do you say about Poznhere?

He was the boss of the gang.
of Chalon.

Poznhere is not a fool
to risk his neck.

Bring Chalon here, I'll bring
Pozen when he comes back.

And he will speak.

I do not understand Mark.

To participate in something.

The affection is
a serious crime ...

he should know that.

The penalty is hanging.

He will come.

To make sure that you do not
will cause more problems.

It's a bad night for
You walk alone, Sheriff.

My duty.

"And why did you come here?"
- I'm afraid, yes.

I have to conquer you, Mark.

Which category?

Puppies that do not belong
now for you.

I would not do that,
and you know this.

Jim Posner will file
that you did.

He was there with you.

Posner and me?
He said that?

No, but Van Cleve
he saw you both.

He will bring Poznner to the city.

Come on, boys, come with me.

Wait, Mark!

Do not show up with me
threatening my face!

I pay you.

You're not the owner anymore.
of the city, Mark.

And who is it?

No one excludes the law.

I'm not going alone.
Next time, Mark.

You did it!

His kingdom came to an end.
I'll let you know.

The coat is bad.

I do not see it that way.

Why should we hurry?

The Poznices. Have what
Van Cleve, is in front of us.

Get out, Pozner!

Why do not you come?

The light went on.

So Mark stole them
cattle, right?

Do not deny it. I saw you.

I saw you both.

It was a bad deal.

Did you make one according to the loser?

But you may have a chance.

You can be smarter and
to make a better deal.


What you want?

I want you to come along.
in the city ...

and send that mark
Chalon was the leader of thieves ...

then you will clean with everything.

All I want is one
a bow around his neck.

No, they will hang you.
is that you

Do not trust them!

Maybe this will make you
to change your mind.

No no i will
what do you want!

Now you're reasonable.

Now you can understand.

Maybe you understand what we are.
You did Chalon.

What happened here?
Where's Jim?

Jim was taken.

Do not worry, Pozner
will not stop.

Let's meet the kids.

Leave them personal
You out of it.

What do you mean, no?
to move

We'll be next.

Who do you want
Cheats, Cheats?

It was what you wanted
is not it?

Burying in the same coffin?

We will not knock.

We will fight like
should ...

have fought against
you for many years.

Come on!

Just leave.

When we go to the city, they are
the Van Cleve gang ...

You should already have them
have faced.

and our only problem
we'll be burying them.

We're leaving the city.
to become a battlefield?


I'll convince the sheriff to leave.
Posner. Careful here.

Beware of things.

He thinks I can
take care of everything

Not much, do not worry.

Who's going to watch us?

Not even a man like him
can take care of himself.

Pierre could help.

Go to the city.

Help to score as you can.

I'll bring his father.

In the city!

Where's the prisoner?
You, sheriff?

I did not understand.
They hit me ...

and I warned

If Van Cleve does not hurry, he will
Come with empty hands too.

It seems that Van Cleve
doing your job ...

better than you.

If he did not die ...

no one can
stop Mark Chalon now.

It is?

If he tries to save it
Pozner, you have the right ...

kill a man because
tried to run away.

Wait, Ann.
Is not it an exaggeration?

How far will it reach
It depends on Mark.

Okay, sheriff?

Here's your witness, Sheriff.

Speak, sir.

I have to bring the woman.
Are you here to remember?

Mark Chalon is responsible for ...

for stealing them
cattle in the afternoon.

It is not enough?

Chalon has not yet been arrested.

And you have to know that.
He will come back.

If it does, catch it.

Do not need
You, sheriff?

Or do you want to deal with it?
with that too?

All right, men. Clean it
and get the horses.

It will probably come to
Sheriff's Office ...

and I want you to cover the road
on both sides.

Put it on a cross
fire, along with them.

A place there and
another there.


Take your martyr
and locked it.

Stay in your office. You go
I'll take care of the rest.

Now there's a tough guy
of Chalon that never was.

I'll take Mark.

I really do understand this job.

- Leave it to me.
"You're talking about murder."

I'm talking about common sense.

Let's not worry about Mark
Shallow now, do not you understand?

I'm not worried about him ...

I'm worried about us!

What does that mean?
ranch for you?

I'm surprised
what did you do.

Mark Mark died?

He comes alone.

No problem ...

all is well.

Mark, you finally made up your mind.

I was hoping you'd come to deliver.

Rathun's shrewd sheriff,
licks Van Cleve's boots.

Guardian of the law
pretends to be the law.

If we have a problem tonight, let's
You have to review the orders.

Where's Posner?

Listen Mark, Posner
You are my prisoner.

It will cost you
try to catch.

And this will cost you.
also if you do not set him free.

The Posner gang
they go crazy here.

Better to let it go.

first of all Lava, come here.

Listen, Chalon, no.
I did not want to say anything ...

they forced me.

I did not say you stole the cattle ...

You have to get me out of here.

Van Cleave forced me
talk like this ...

hit my husband
You have to believe me.

I know that.

- Let's get out of here!
- Are you serious?

A Chalcon is in danger
his neck to me?

He opened the door.

The Chalons gang is coming here.

I stopped him, let's stop.
and the same way.

Stand out

We define the sheriff's law.

You hold ...

I would like to comfort her.
Widow, if I were in your place.

All this years
we were illegal

Now is our time.

Let's go out for them
give them to understand.

It does not benefit, Sam.

What to do?

Put him on his feet like him
dog with a tail tail?

Listen to all of you!

Van Cleve wants a fight now.

The crossfire did not
is a good choice.

Let's get the guy who
we call men.

We'll be a bunch of crazy people.
if we do.

We will meet and we will
think about how to act.

He is right.

Go with Chalon,

We're in it together.

We have to act accordingly.
in the scope of the law,

is our only chance.

Take Prentice as a shield,
to get out of here.

"They're taking parents."
- Do not shot.


What are the types of anger,

I would not want to be
in Prentice's position.

You have to get him out of there.

Maybe I can try.

Idiot, if something happens to him ...

I do not like to talk like this ...

even if you are.

Do you see this?

This is Prentice's weapon.
It will help you a lot.

Where are you going?

You will not like it.

I do not like it now.

Do you think it will
I'm your supervisor.

knowing what you are planning?

You will keep me in your game ...

and I'll hold you in mine.

He will not have a toy.
to kill him.

And if I kill him, the banker
Your account will also die ...

That's what you're afraid of, is not it?

Okay, I'll bring it back.

- By arrangement.
- Agreement on what?

You'll pass me the ranch.
and some animals.

Think carefully.
With your stillness.

They do not kill quickly.
like you and me.


Over there.

We have to bring a doctor.

They should have
bring to the city.

We've already been lucky to leave.
without a bullet in our body.

I never grew up in my life.

Three hours down.

What's going on here?

Better get in.

What did he do?

Sit down, Mr. Chalon.

If you have something to say
tell me right away.

Mark is dead.

I had on the cell phone Jim Posner ...

Mark followed.

He tried to catch it.
from prison.

Van Cleave stopped him.

You do not know how badly
I felt it, Mr. Chalon.

You, Sheriff Ratun ...

the city sheriff left
kill a halloween?

Van Klee is the supervisor
from the farm.

I just did what I did ...

I supported the ranch.

Mark and I are
the ranch.

Van Klee was with us all
your gang

and I was alone.

You are no longer alone. You go
follow Van Klee.

Both of us?

We will not have a chance
against all of them.

Call my people.

He was here with Mark's body.

Maybe they went to Pozner at home.

Set up new horses
for me and Helena.

We'll leave it behind.

We were close.

We were close, the
Mark and I

But differently.

The difference was a woman.

Your mother.

A woman must have
the pride of her husband.

Most have to
he is proud of his children.

A husband is not perfect.

Was made.

But a child is different.

It was created as an image in mind.

Belle Hall did this
for Mark.

Those ...

They took this out of my hands.
and my God took him.

Some people
they still have no idea ...

what does it mean to offend
a Halloween.

I'll surprise them all.

Careful, please, Mr. Chalon.

This is a stubborn
an old man who does not understand.

- Where's Hank?
- It's at.

It is not good. We could not
to get the ball.


It's a bunch of idiots!

I want to mention bedroom carpets ...

I'm going to enjoy this unit.

Heat a knife on the fire.

I want all the lights
and candles that exist.

Quickly, take care of everything.

I need bandages and towels.

You did a good job.

Now it's our turn.

What business are you talking about?

We're going to have Prentice.
woman and ranch forever.

A place has become
we have Prentice.

Here here.

I want to have a conversation
with this guy.

Give me Prentice.

Will you stay here. Now
It's my turn.

You all have my sympathy ...

when I thought you were dead.

Prentice has escaped!

I know where to find it.

I'm here now, the
Chalons returned

where they belong.

And you will conceive
Van Cleave.

Van Cleve is waiting for her.

This is the lack

They will direct the woman,
regardless of cost.

We're going back to the ranch,
and we will do it now.

I'll tell the kids.

Who gives the orders here?

When are we going to the ranch?
we are going together.

Come on!

Leave the women
fight with him

He prepared a cart.

You know where you're going.

And what you gotta do.

What are you waiting for?

Why do not you go with them?

We will not fight for Chalons.

For Chalons?

Mark fought for Jim
Pozner, did you forget that?

If we stop fighting
among us, the evil days will pass away.

It's our own fight.

Your right, my, all of us!

Come on!

I was so anxious, Prentice.

They stand up, are not they?

That was easy.

What I can not forget

it's running behind the scenes
without warning.

Van Klee did this.

He had the gun in his hand.

This ball told me a lot.

I bought this ranch
just for you, Aw.

I thought I loved you.

You do not love me?

What are you afraid of now?

I'm afraid of what you've done.
for Mark Chalon.

I'm afraid of what
we made it for ourselves.

What I did to myself.

Half a million acres
they do not make me a landowner.

And do not make a lady
like you.

You do not need to prove this.
my point of view.

Pierre Salon returned
and will be here soon.

Now you have a ranch ...

to see what will be tomorrow.

Leave the horses and
stay close to home.

You do not have to worry anymore.

Prentice left
Left everything to you.

If you can book it.

Did you talk to Pierre Chalon?

You already killed Mark,
Why bother with the old man?


Did we kill Mark?

You are very good at being.
You get what others are doing.

Dueling is one thing.

But with Pierre attacking ...

I need more
reasons to fight.

What you want?

I am willing to assume

Did you know you had to
we have been together since the beginning

you know it.

I'm your type.

And do not sit with me.

I know the face of who you are.
when I was coming to town.

Well, is he?

I'll get you Van Cleave.

You mean, you're going to try.

I told you that gun.
will hurt you, my son.

I forgot.

I already killed a Halloween.

And that was not good.

Give me this thing!

Mark and the staff
from Poznhere arrived here!

Welcome home, kid.

I did this to you.

Do not blame yourself,
Van Klee did.

I do not think it's his.
give enough credit.

I should have come with you.

Think what would be best?

Be sure to watch them

not having losses,

and no one suffers.

and be careful
yourself, okay?

My wife made me
biscuits very good.

- Can you do that?
Yes, Mr. Chalon.


I said cookies, not tortillas.

Yes, cookies, Pierre.

I worry because the Spanish
do not make a good breakfast.

My end is coming.

Mark, you should
dealing with things here.

There's something about me.
you have to make a choice.

Our sheriff is going now, vai
it's a halloween.

So, besides the ranch,
you will also take care of the law here.

So a Halloween returns
in the land his mother wanted.

I'm happy, I can now
sleep peacefully.

I felt ...

a little lonely.

- We have to get out of here.
As? We are surrounded.

I know this, so I have to
to catch Van Klee.

Cover me.

You're crazy, you're not going
you do not even do 1 step.

I want you to keep it
Van Cleve busy.

Start getting shot
and do not stop

until I get there.

No one will pass.


Cover it. Joe, come here.

Come on!

"They really do.
I want to try.

Keep away from
the doors and bowed.

Throw the rifle.

He told me you were dead.

Play, Chalon!

Maybe it's better
who is not dead.

Yes, much better.

Now, Mr. Chalon has started
shout their dogs.

I could not have them
Stop, even if I wanted to.

There is only one way
to learn.

Speak with them.

What to tell them.


What do you expect me to do?

Do you want to hurt me?

Be afraid?

Tears in my eyes?

Can I get down on my knees?

I do not do this for anyone.

I told you to leave.


Do you think it's going to hit?
your fingers and I will disappear?

I'm still his wife.
Mark Chalon.

Half of my farm belongs to me.

Do not turn your back on me!


Do not turn your back on me.

Mark ...

I told you my people ...

talk about the man
who wants revenge.

But they also say they forgive ...

It's the best way