Rathaavara (2015) - full transcript

Rathaavara means the King's General who is also the best warrior.

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'According to me,
it's not wrong to do wrong.'

'I lived my life by this principle.'

'I never thought
what was wrong or right.'

'If I wanted to do it,
I have done it.'

'But one incident
taught me what wrong is.'

Boss, tell me who it is.

No matter who he is,
we will kill him.

He works in an MNC,
I want that property at any cost.

Consider the work done!

Hey, who are you?
- Your father!

Oh, no!

Get his laptop!

I have kidnapped him, Boss.

Boss, the project you got us
is being taken by Gaali Ramesh.

His boys have taken away
the laptop and files.

He wanted a share it seems.
- Call him, let me give him his share.

Hello, it's Satya.
From Minister Manikantha's residence.

Return the laptop and the file
you have taken away.

Tell him I won't.

I have domesticated tigers
and lions for people like you.

If I don't get my share

not only Manikantha, even if
Lord Ayyappa Swamy comes, I won't spare him!

Shabarimala Manikantha's vehicle is tiger,
but MLA Manikantha's vehicle is a buffalo.

He is boasting his power
with his punies.

My Ratha is equal
to a hundred tigers.

Where is my Ratha?

"Ratha, Ratha, Ratha, Ratha.."

"Ratha, Ratha, Ratha, Ratha.."

"Ratha, Ratha..
Here he comes.."

Get the documents.

Get lost, man!

I will get the documents
only if Mr. Gaali Ramesh asks us to.

Ask him!

Who else do you want to ask?

I will send them to you.

The documents are
in the operator room.

No one went against Manikantha
for the last fifteen years.

Even if anyone dared to,
no one remained alive.

And the secret behind it is Ratha.

He follows Manikantha's orders
without thinking twice.

"Rathavara, Rathavara, Rathavara.."

"Rathavara, Rathavara, Rathavara.."

Sun is bright,
moon comes at night

but my brother
comes only for fight!

What do you feel
about his thrashing?

As long as Ratha is there,
I won't dare to go against Manikantha.

Shut up, no one can touch Manikantha
as long as Ratha is with him.

"Rathavara, Rathavara, Rathavara.."

"Rathavara, Rathavara, Rathavara.."

Sir, you should
become a Chief Minister.

"Rathavara, Rathavara, Rathavara.."

I am ready to take any risk for you,
tell me what I should do.

- Syed.

Syed, it's Machi.
- What is it, idiot?

If you take punies and kids
with you for rowdyism

you are bound to get humiliated!
Did you get it?

- Shut up!

Instead of chopping him to pieces,
you are calling me after getting thrashed by him!

He is not..
- Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Shut up, rascal!

Go and work as an eunuch,
at least you will earn some pennies.

You scoundrel!

Navami, if you pray to every God,
do you think you will get that book?

I have been watching you since a month,
you disturb all the book arrangement.

Please leave, you won't
get that book here.

It's Navami today,
God even blessed me.

I will get that book today
at any cost, you get lost!

Oh! Welcome, The Unforgettable.

Oh, yes.
It's a very famous novel.

Neither can I forget you
nor that book, ever!

The original copy is lost,
paperback copies might not be there.

The book you are asking for is not available
in any book store in Karnataka.

Please give us a copy
if you find it.

I have a friend in Mumbai,
I have told him to find it for you.

I looked for it everywhere.

Where the heck is it?
- He has said that he will get it if he finds it.

Let's see if you are lucky.


I got it!

Oh, him!
Oh, God!

He has the book!

Why did he find the book
out of all the people in the college!

How can I ask him?

Look at how arrogantly he is smoking
in the college campus!

Still, his style of smoking..
I like it.

Navami, are you done
with your classes? - Yes.

If I ask for the book from him,
he will ask for something in return for sure.

Freshen up, dear.
I will serve you some snacks. - Okay.

What could he ask for?

No matter what he asks,
I have no option but to give it to him.

I want the book at any cost.

What if he proposes to me
taking advantage of the situation?

I am sure he will ask for this,
looking at his attitude.

I am sure he will propose to me.

My calculation
has never gone wrong.

He will definitely propose to me.

I will tell him that I am an innocent girl
who doesn't like all that

and just take the book from him.

There's no witness for any case.

Someone else is committing the murders
and someone else is surrendering.

I doubt Gaali Ramesh's case
will also be the same.

If your area continues this,
things will go out of hands.

So, I have appointed
a special officer for this.

He was my batch mate
when I was undergoing IPS training

and his name is Suryakanthe Gowda.

He is from Mandya.

He has an excellent service record.

I have certain boundaries,
if anyone dares to cross them

I don't care who it is,
I make sure to arrest them.

Suryakanth, every detail related
to this case is in this CD.

This is a highly important case.

If we thrash them
and put them behind bars

they shouldn't even
be able to walk.

I need to know about all the crimes
and criminals in our limits.

Even a single crime in our limits again
will be our biggest failure, understand?

God, what to do now?

How can I ask him for the book?

I am sure he will propose to me
if I ask for the book.

Let him do whatever he wants.

I will tell him that I am an innocent girl
who doesn't like all that

and just take the book from him.

Where did he go?

Darn it!


Excuse me?

Gents toilet!

Darn it!

Navami, what are you doing here?

Ma'am, the book..
- What book?

The Unforgettable.. It's urgent.
- Then go there, not here.

She is always outside the college.

Excuse me.



I didn't see anything.

I am sure he will say
what I think he would.

I will tell him that I don't like it
and just go away.


The Unforgettable book..

This book..

That book..

Can you give it to me please?

I have roamed around the city to find
this book, like JC Road, SP Road, Avenue Road..

What is this?
He didn't ask for anything.

I don't know why,
ladies are smiling at me too.

Okay, okay.
- "Play the game.."

Get down, man.

Okay, I was not
sitting on your lap.

If I am lenient,
he can sit on my head.

They won't score 100 in 10 overs,
I am betting Rs. 2000 on it.

Give me the token.
- Idiot, are you blind?

Hey, get lost! - How dare you chide me!
I curse you, you will lose all your money.

This is additional problem.
Anyway.. Hello? - Give me the tokens.

Do you know who Safety is? - I know Safety
and his father too, get going now.

When did my father meet him?

We should get everyone shocked,
that is how we should play today.

You came like a king,
but now you..

Come on, hit it!

Another boundary!

Who the heck is he?
Why is he staring at me?

It was a boundary, sir.

Ratha, please loan me some money.

Please. - I won't!
Get going.


He is your childhood friend, why didn't you
loan him some money from your profit?

He won't do any good with that money,
he will lose it on the betting.

I know what to give to him and when,
I will give it to him when time comes.

You get the tokens first.

Hello? - Boss wants you
here immediately.

You be here.
- Okay.

He is afraid I will hit someone,
so he asked me to remain outside.

Doesn't anyone here smile?

Oh, a gun!

I am coming.

It's assured the Chief Minister
will change this time

and I am one
of the candidates to replace him.

You know that every prediction
of the Lord comes true.

The Lord has said something.

If we do that,
I will be the Chief Minister for sure.

Only you can do this,
and no one else.

But this is not something you do.

It's okay, tell me.

You know that
I can do anything for you.

I should see the face
of a deceased eunuch.

It's not that easy,
it's one heck of a task.

The eunuch community never shows
the face of the dead to anyone.

For any task, domesticating
a hundred elephants

is equal to having
one person like Ratha.

He has done
the impossible for me so far.

Won't he do this for me?

Since I have heard about it,
I am not able to think straight.

It's like I have had
a complete bottle of alcohol.

Moreover, you have agreed
for the task so easily.

You know it is problematic.

They won't welcome us to their area,
they will thrash us black and blue.

Ratha, it's not an easy task
to kidnap a dead body.

When I never cared about men,
why should I be worried about eunuchs?

This is a small task for me.

Everyone dreams
for a male or a female baby

but no one dreams
of an eunuch child.

What can they do?

They talk like men,
and dress like women.

They earn money by clapping
their hands, they live secretly.

They get married secretly

and also bury secretly.

Do they also laugh?

Do they have the spirit to live?

Do they have the strength
to face problems?

Though they look like us,
they are not one among us.

Sir, please.. - Shame
on you, beggar! Get lost!

They stay between us,
but they are far from us.

I don't understand if God made
a mistake by creating them like that

or God Himself
has taken birth in their form.

Ram, you have named your shop
as Bhagyalakshmi Tea Shop

but I neither saw Bhagya
nor Lakshmi near your shop.

I will kill you.

You.. - Shut up and sit.
Don't act like your lap broke.

Can't you see?
- Get me a bread and a cup of tea.

In a minute.

You are having a bread
as if it is some Pizza.

Hello, check if you have
the money to pay the bill.

Safety, give me some water.

Can't you hear? Get me some water.
- Ratha, he is crossing limits.

Not water, have this hot tea.

Do you think I am a waiter?
- Are you serious?

Be careful, you might die.

Oh, he is definitely going
to propose to me today.

That's why, he is
waiting for me at the gate.

Oh, God!
He is following me.

Navami, relax.
He will definitely propose to you today.

I will tell him that I don't
like all that and just leave.

Control, Navami.
Don't worry.

Let me see how far he follows me.

If he is so eager to propose to me,
I should be really great!

Why do I care what he wants?

I should just say
that I am innocent and leave.


I have been following you.

He is pretending so much
just to propose to me.

The book.. I am not done reading it
yet, I will return it to you.

Why are you following me
for a book?

Oh, did you want to say something?


Yes, I wanted to tell you something.
That's why, I've been following you.

But you are just running away from me.
- Navami, time starts now!

Tell me what it is.
- Actually..

Actually what?


Tell me.


What is it?

Your dress zip is open.

Maybe, he thinks I won't say no
if he beats around the bush.

Maybe, he wants to say it
when I return the book.

Let him do what he wants,
I will have the same answer.

I am an innocent girl.

Still, his eyes are beautiful.

Why do I care
if his eyes are beautiful?

As if he means something to me.

Ratha, there she is.

I won't go.

I have told you so many times not
to hit me on my head, I will go.

Excuse me?

Wait a minute.


Excuse me?

Please wait, I have something
to tell you. - What is it?


I fixed the deal!

Hey, please..
Please don't hit me.

Pal, he thrashed me
black and blue.

Hey, don't go.

He is strong though.

Ratha, be careful.

They have struck the deal.

What did he..
Hey, Ratha!

Wait, I forgot
to tell you something.

There's a hurdle in this.

She is Mahadevi.

I can fool anyone,
but not her.

If she comes to know that someone
is trying to hard our community

she gets furious!

We should be careful about her.

Mahadevi, please don't hard me.
Please, Mahadevi..

I will never mess with your community
again, please let me go.

Please spare me, please..

Please no!

Sir, these are the prisoners
we have caught from all the cases.

Not caught, they have
surrendered themselves.

What is he in for?
- For killing Corporator Gaali Ramesh, sir.

Bring him
to the dark room. - Yes, sir.

I have certain boundaries,
if anyone dares to cross them

I don't care who it is,
I make sure to arrest them.

I will tell you, sir!

I needed Rs. 5 lakhs
for my sister's wedding

so I approached Satya.

He said that he will give me the money
if I confess that I killed Gaali Ramesh.

I didn't have any other option.

My sister is also
specially abled like me, sir.

Who is this Satya?

We want to see Mr. Manikantha,
tell him that Machi is here.

Wait here while I call him.

Sir, someone by the name Machi
has come to meet you.

Tell him that I am not here.
Don't disturb me. - Okay, sir.


He is in Delhi, please leave.

They have made arrangements
as if it is someone's honeymoon night. - Be quiet!

You said there was a wedding, but looks like
someone's dead. - That's why, I called you.

The wedding got cancelled?
- Why? Did you steal the nuptial chain?

The bride eunuch died.

That's why,
the wedding got cancelled.

The groom and Mahadevi
had a huge fight

so she won't
come here at any cost.

You can complete your task,
that's why I called you.

They will get the dead body
outside by 1 AM.

Oh, he is here.
Maybe, he is following me.

He will call me now
and propose to me.

I will tell him that
I don't like it and just leave.

Maybe, he didn't want
to propose to me in public.

Pal, I have fixed
an auto timer in this phone.

As soon as you hear the alarm,
start shooting.

Be careful.

Pal, don't shoot me
just because I tease you sometimes.

That's a gun, not a bun.
Be careful. - I know, get lost!

I will join them,
Mahadevi won't be there.

Your task will be done easily.

Follow us as soon as we step out.

Who wants to be rich now
by looting someone else?

You are so greedy!

You don't let us earn a property

we have only one power,
you want to take that away too!

We are dying
in the middle of everything.

You don't even let
the God Himself live peacefully!

Oh, my God!

Rascals, you like good Gods

whom you offer a few fruits
and that's it.

But you are scared of Goddess Chandi,
so you sacrifice an animal for Her.

We disgust you, don't we?

I will sacrifice you,
only then you will be afraid of us.


Others should learn from you!

Please don't!

I have heard that you don't
like noise while burying someone.

If you don't want any noise,
let them go.

You are like a God for me,
please save my life.

They hit my head with a pot,
they can hit me with a stone too.

Let them go, Mahadevi.
They have learnt their lesson.. - No!

I won't spare them!
- Mahadevi!

Don't blow this matter
out of proportion.

Let them go.
We don't want another dead body today.

Let them go, Mahadevi.

I thought my head was crushed.

We used to execute every deal so easily,
but this is the first time we have failed.

Darn it!

It's not that easy,
it's one heck of a task.

Mr. Satya!

What is it? - Mr. Manikantha is not meeting us
no matter how many times we went to his house.

Please do something
and help us join him.

He has his own problems,
get lost now.

Tell us what it is, sir.
We can do anything.

You should bring a eunuch,
can you do that?

Now, get lost!

If I return the book,
nothing will be left between us.

So, this time he will
definitely propose to me.

I am an innocent..

I don't like it..

I should say it
and just leave.

They are smoking like losers.

Some people smoke so stylishly.

What's good about smoking?

Moreover, why do I care
how one smokes?

I should finish what I have
come here for and just leave.

Moreover, girls shouldn't come here.

What brings you here?
- Actually..

Do you want to smoke?

Your book.

You want to say something
to me, don't you?

That's why, you have been waiting.

You have something to say to me.

Why is taking a U-Turn?

Now, he will definitely ask me.

Since I gave you the book
you so badly wanted, you should say

thanks to me.

Tell me that you love me,
I will make your life hell for sure.

"You are a cute enchantress.."

"You are a love legend.."

"It feels like a slow intoxication.."

"It feels like someone
is pampering me.."

"I lost myself completely.."

"Like a thorn in the feet.."

"You entered my life secretly.."

"I was like a stone.."

"Your touch oozed a life in me.."

"The sun who makes
the buds bloom into flowers.."

"I saw that sun in you.."

"Please kill me with your beauty.."

"Even a moment away from you
is not okay for me.."

"Like the first monsoon rains.."

"You entered my heart.."

"You were like a storm.."

"For me,
you became a cool breeze.."

"You are like a morning dream.."

"Which came true in my life.."

"My heart is dying for you.."

"You will make me lose myself.."

"Like a thorn in the feet.."

"You entered my life secretly.."

Brother Satya..

You were supposed to pay the rest
of the money you owed to my brother.

Get lost, I have paid your lame
brother enough. - Please..

Please don't say that,
I am in deep trouble.

Please, Brother..

MLA Manikantha, sir!

Yes, Control Room? - Give me
the phone number of Minister Manikantha.

Just a minute, sir.


Is this Mr. Manikantha?
- Yes.

This is DCP Suryakanthe Gowda here.
I have arrested Satya.

Who is Satya?

No one by that name works for me.

No, sir. I don't know
anyone by that name.

One more thing, many people
have been misusing my name nowadays.

Please try to find out
who it is, sir. Thank you.

Dharma, come here.
- Yes, sir.

There is a high command meeting
in Delhi tomorrow afternoon.

In that meeting, they will decide
who the next CM is going to be.

My flight ticket is booked
for 9AM flight tomorrow.

Before that, I must see
the face of a dead eunuch.

Is it that eunuchs are not
dying in this city anymore?

They must have hidden them,
so that they fulfil the rituals at night.

What are you thinking about?

Are you also scared?

This is my last warning to you.

If you don't bring me a dead eunuch,
don't show your face to me ever.

Don't worry, sir. I'll get you a dead eunuch
before you start from your house.

Be ready to leave.
- That's like my boy, Ratha!

Ratha! Ratha!

What do we do?

Darn it!
What do we do?

Manikantha is pressurising us.

We used to do something
we didn't know about so far

that's why we were failing.

Let's do what we know from now.

What we need is a dead eunuch,
so let's kill one.

The idea is good,
but who would we kill?

How about Sampige?

How dare you target me!

Then who will we kill?


Mahadevi is the only one
who roams around alone.

So, let's kill her.

Tell me.
- Hello, Boss?

- Where are you?

The Boss is tense, come soon.

I am bringing her along,
ask Boss to start from home.

Hey, what did he say? - He is bringing her along.
He asked us to start from home, Boss.

He will come before
we reach the airport it seems.

He gets me worked up
in the last minute always. Get in.


Yes, where are you?
- I am bringing her along, where are you?

I am on the way to the airport.
- I will get her there before you reach.

Okay, okay.
- What's the confusion?

Boss, Mache is getting one too.
- He has taken an oath to join my team.

I just want to see the eunuch,
I don't care who brings her.


I've been telling you that Mache and Guru
are there, but you didn't hear me.

Can't you see, idiot?
- Hey, Sinthi!

We don't have time to fight.

You both come directly
to the tunnel exit. - Okay.

If you hand her over to me,
I will take her along.

If you resist,
I will have to kill you.

Catch the bag and run!

Hey, pull it hard.

Seenu, pull it.

Run fast!

He is coming after us!

Call him and take updates.
- Okay, Boss.

What happened?
- His number is not reachable, Boss.

We almost reached the airport,
I don't have much time.

"I am an eunuch"

"I curse you.."

"Your life will
become hell everyday.."

"You will die a slow death.."

How dare you beat me up!

I curse you,
your life will be no less than hell!

Take a left and park here.

Get the luggage soon,
it's almost time for my flight.

If I don't get what I want..
- Hello, sir. - Hello!

If I don't get what I want,
I will not spare anyone of you.

Hello, sir.
- Hello.

"I am an eunuch.."

I urged you to stop,
but you didn't listen to me.

You always take my support
to walk, you idiot!

What do you think of me?
Why should I guide you to walk?

If we had gone near the tunnel,
things wouldn't have been this bad.

Why do you talk looking at the sky
as if your father is calling you from there?

Look at me.

Ratha, look at him.
He doesn't want to look at me.

He can't see anyone.

He is born half-blind.

It's known as half-sightedness.

I took him to many doctors
to get it treated.

He is stubborn, he doesn't want
anyone to know about his weakness.

I don't know why,
no matter how hard I try

I am not getting an eye-donor.

I have seen you with Ratha.

He is not coming to the college
since quite a few days.

Where can I find him?

I don't know, please understand.
Don't trouble me during work.

Looks like the whole city
is in the bar. - You are right.

This table looks set for us,
let's occupy it. - Go ahead.

Hey, this chair belongs
to my brother. - Your brother?

He is not only my brother,
he is everyone's brother.

Oh, all of you have
the same father.

Here he is!

I rule this area.

He is not listening to us, throw him
outside before our brother comes.

Take your hands off.

I will go, I will see who he is.
They look eager to bash us up, let's go.

Come on, let's see
who he is after all.

Give way, brother is here.

Who the heck is this puny guy?

Hey, get me a quarter of drinks.

Boss, I am astonished
with your capacity.

You drank it dry,
without any water or soda.

A vehicle should have velocity,
similarly a drunkard should have capacity.

Looking at my capacity,
the liver should get fever.

If liver gets fever,
it means that it is damaged.

He doesn't even
understand that least.

Who the heck is this puny?

The pain in the neck!
- What are you staring at?

How dare he raise
his voice against me!

I should get drunk today!

You look like diseased,
drink carefully or you will die.

Who are you staring at?

I am a one-man-army,
I will hack you to death.

You don't become a don
with few punies' support.

One man like me is enough
to deal with everyone of you.

I have never seen you around,
which area do you belong to?

Have you heard
of Kelaginkere Mithairama? - Which Kere?

I don't belong to any particular area,
the whole city pays me protection money.

Even a beggar gets money if he
extends his hands, you are no less.

Who the heck is he?
Why is he after me?

How dare he argue with me!

Get him here!

Move aside.

I am in a mood to drink.

But I am in a mood
to break your head open!

Come on, break it.
- Control, Boss.

I will deal with you, come on.

I will cut you to pieces.

Come, I will behead you.
Let me go, guys.

Ratha, a mirror shouldn't break.
It is believed to be ominous.

Be careful if you are going outside,
God knows what's in your fate!

Stop the vehicle.

Get me a lunch.
- Coming.

Stop here.

'I was asked to take the blame for killing
Corporator Gaali Ramesh and surrender.'

'This CD contains all the details
related to this case.'

'MLA Manikantha, sir!'


Get in the vehicle.

I don't even attend a function
without any invitation

forget coming to the police station
without a warrant.

It's not you who's talking,
it's the food you just had.

All the cases I am investigating
point at you.

It's okay, sir.
It's not a big deal.

The lawyers and police should shiver
with fear, that's called a case.

I have certain boundaries,
if anyone dares to cross them

I don't care who it is,
I make sure to arrest them.

Let's move.

"Pretty lady.."

"Pretty ladies are.."

Move it, man!

I will slap you.

She is smiling at me,
I better kidnap her now.

It's okay if you try to impress girls
by holding an English newspaper

but at least hold it straight.

Oh, God!

I made her laugh.

How are you, sweetheart?
- Get going now.

I have seen this dark
ugly man somewhere..

Oh, at the bar!

He will insult me
if he sees me.

Hey, handsome.

Here you go.
- Be happy!

She has a good figure, let me impress
the girls by giving her some money.

"Why did my character
shake tonight.."

Hello, brother..
I mean, sister..

Won't you accept my money?

I accept money only from men.

Not from idiots like you.

How did she come to know that?

You shut up!

I have seen him somewhere.

'I don't belong to any particular area,
the whole city pays me protection money.'

Hey, stop right there!

I said, stop!

Don't try to escape,
I will throw a stone at you.

I am here, come on.

I will not spare him today!

Where did he go?
- Come, catch me.

He is looking for me.

Here I am, you ugly dog!

Thankfully, I escaped!

I am a man, not a woman.

Let me go!

Oh, my God!

You shameless man!

Can we get 'Paan' here?
- Yes, definitely.

He is inside,
he has all kinds of 'Paans'.

He will give it to you
and make it red. - What?

Your tongue.

Why is she limping?
- Oh, my God!

Chennai Super Kings who won the toss
and they have decided to field first.

Virat Kohli is my boss.
- What a shot!

RCB will surely win!
- I am sure, we will win.

What's the problem?
- He is disconnecting.

He has taken on
the off-spinner.

What is it?
- Sir, Machi has come again.

Tell him that I am not home.
Go now!

Darn it!

We are going through a bad phase.

Call him again.
- Okay, sir.

He is disconnecting the call.

If Machi is near the gate,
ask him to come in.

Are they the boys who were
with Corporator Gaali Ramesh?

Why do you wait
in front of my house?

What will people say
if they see you here?

Sir, Mr. Ramesh is no more.

Please let us join you, sir.
We will remain your slaves.

We are ready to do
anything for you.

We want to be your support
for at least a day, sir.


Since you are requesting,
let me give you a small task.

Sir, there's a bad news.

Satya has committed suicide.

He has injected himself
with something.

"Your life will
become hell everyday.."

"You will die a slow death.."

Ratha, surprise!

Let's go.

I never felt that I was wrong.

Before I could know the purpose
of my birth and what I am doing

it seems like
life has gone haywire.

How would a born offender
understand goodness and sacrifice?

Just for a person
who provided me with good food

I have committed
innumerable sins.

It's high time I open my eyes.

Where have you been all night?

For the very first time,
I feel like I have made a mistake.

I have beaten up many people,
I have made them feel pathetic.

I have killed so many people.

But I never felt that
it was wrong back then

but now I do.

I feel the way
I lived my life is wrong.

They live with a lot of pain
in their hearts.

We shouldn't have bothered them.

Except Manikantha,
I proved useful to no one.

Now, I realise that a good friend
doesn't try to find a donor

but becomes one!

I should have done this
a long back.

I will donate one
of my eyes to you, come on.

Have you lost it?

I don't want it.

I don't want it.

I don't want it.

I don't want it.

My word is final.

I don't want it.

Don't say a word.

Come near the farm.

I will be there too.

There is a meeting in Delhi
the coming Friday.

The political pressure is so much
that the Chief Minister will surely change.

No one can stop it.

I don't know why you are not receiving
my call, I won't even ask you why.

If you really want me to be the CM,
you just can't make any excuses this time.

I must see the face
of a dead eunuch.

Hope you will fulfil my wish!

I can't, Boss.

What did you say?
- I don't feel it is right.

Showing attitude?

How dare you back answer me!

Are you drunk?

I am not a drunkard like you,
I take good care of my health.

I made a mistake.
A big mistake indeed!

I made you my biggest support,
that my biggest mistake actually.

I have raised you so well.
- That's why, I am still talking.

You know the consequences
of getting me angry.

Shabarimala Manikantha's vehicle is tiger,
but MLA Manikantha's vehicle is buffalo!

Look over there.

Even if I am washing my tractor,
look how many ministers are waiting for me.

Get lost!

Million others will be ready
to work for me if not you.

Don't show me
your face, get lost!

I won't bother them,
neither will I let you bother them.

You cursed rascal!

Check who it is.

Stop it.

Hey, stop the bike.

Hi, handsome.
- Oh, you! Get going.

Check me.

Use your machine.
- What is it?

I am drunk, so check me
with that machine.

Don't irritate me, get lost!

How dare you!

Wait, I am coming.

Stop it!

I said, stop!

Do you want me to drop you
somewhere? - Don't act too smart.

Do you have a license
and RC book? - Yes, I do.

Here, it is the license
and it is the RC book.

Handsome, I am drunk.
Check my breath.

I said, get lost!
Don't you understand? - Come to me.

He looks like a bear wearing a sari.
What's his problem?

He is irritating me to check him
with the machine.

So, check him and take away
all his earning. - Blow in it.

Give it here.
- Blow in it.

Keep it in your mouth.
- Oh, is it?

- He snatched it away.

Sir, it shows nil.

Handsome, why do you get angry?

Hey you, I have
brought some drinks.

I will drink it at home.

Park your bike and come
to the Inspector. - Why so?

Stop arguing and come. - I will tell him
that you took money from me.

Sir, handsome, do you want some?
- Sir, look at him.

Taste it.

Come here.

Hey, come here.
Sir, he is not an eunuch.

He pretends to be one
and collects money for his drinks.

He is a fraud.
- Who are you calling fraud?

Come here.
- I will slap you.

You are fraud, your father is fraud.
- I will hit you now.

Your entire family is fraud.

Everyone in your family..
You are a fraud.

Why did you push me?
I will push you back.

Oh, God!
He pushed me.

Let's have a duel.
- You pretentious rascal!

Touch me.
- I will!

Oh, God!
- What did I do?

Touch me if you have the guts.

Let me go!

Sir, here goes his secret!
I will kill you! - Escape!

Actually, I..
- Actually..

I wanted to talk to you
without getting nervous.

Finally, it's me
who is proposing to him.

God, please make him accept it.

I love your style
of smoking cigarette.

You always are so serious,
but I like it too.

Everyone is scared of you
in the college...wow! I just love it.

Your hairstyle, your moustache..
You touch it proudly..

It's really cute!
I love it.

More than anything else


Your eyes..

I like it the most!

Navami, I have something
to tell you.

First of all, I am not
a college student.

I came here only for you.

I fell in love with you
the first time I saw you.

You were entering
the college one day

and I was doing my job.

I don't know why and how,
my heart started beating faster.

Before sunset that day,
all I understood was

that I have fallen in love
with a girl named Navami!

Yes! - I came to know that you had
been looking for a particular book.

So, I kept it with me
and waited for you.

My expectation didn't go wrong,
you did come.

But now don't ask me any questions,
I won't love you and you shouldn't love me.

I came to the college
only to tell you this.

Forgive me.

"Love is like
a needle and thread.."

"Who weaves this love.."

"Separation became
unavoidable in love.."

"God erased it so easily.."

"Time is the dictator of tears.."

"Only time knows how happiness
and sadness are shared.."

Ratha, I have already told you

that it is a crime to transplant
one's eyes when he is still alive

and even if he permits it.

I have never made a mistake
in my entire career.

Even if you kill my entire family,
I will not agree to this.

When he is not afraid to die,
there's no use threatening him.


Don't worry, Ratha.
There are many other doctors.

There is always an alternative.
We will find someone else.

Doctor, please. I would have done
anything if I was the old Ratha.

I have decided to change.

I have already
promised my friend.

I will do it.

The doctor has agreed,
everything is ready for the operation.

You always wanted to see colours,
come with me. I will show them to you.

I don't want it, Ratha.

I don't want it.

I don't want it.

I don't want it.

"Dreams hurt now.."

"Pain has become a friend now.."

"God, you will not be forgiven.."

"The lovers have cursed you.."

"You only break hearts.."

"Why do you want to do this?"

"Love is like
a needle and thread.."

Ratha, give me some money.

What is he doing in an eye hospital?

Darn it!

He held me by my throat
in front of everyone.

Now, before I see the dead body
of an eunuch, I want to see his dead body.

Boss, can I do something..
- I will slap you now!

Killing Ratha is
not as easy as killing Satya.

One should have fire
in one's heart to kill him.

There is one.

Syed is his name!

Is he the one who shot the lawyer
in front of the court? - Yes, Boss.

He is capable of killing Ratha
if he gets released.

Due to the lack of evidence
to prove his crime

Syed is being acquitted
by the honourable court.

What should we do to woo a girl?

If you want to woo a girl

you should have an account in Facebook
and WhatsApp if not in a bank.

You should have a bike
to take her around

and a car if it rains.

You should have a debit and
a credit card if not a ration card.

You should pick up and drop her during weekdays
and take her on an outing during weekends.

You should take her for shopping
and also for movies. - Is it?

Should we do so much?

But a girl..

"A girl's eyes
are like a loaded gun.."

"A girl's eyes
are like a loaded gun.."

"They shoot at our hearts
one by one.."

"There's a hole in my heart.."

"Still, it beats for her.."

"God, give boys an option
to wear a helmet to our hearts.."

"Let's loan some tears
this evening.."

"Let's sell the heart
in Chandni Chowk.."

"A girl's eyes
are like a loaded gun.."

"They shoot at our hearts
one by one.."

"If you go after girls..
You will be deep trouble.."

"When you are hurt..
Have some beer and console yourself.."

"She kills me with a smile.."

"She is watching me
after pushing me to hell.."

"She haunts me day and night.."

"She is playing with me
while closing my eyes.."

"The lines on the back
are still fresh.."

"The streetlight is laughing at me.."

"Let's loan some tears
this evening.."

"Let's sell the heart
in Chandni Chowk.."

"A girl's eyes
are like a loaded gun.."

"They shoot at our hearts
one by one.."

"Girls make us go crazy.."

"Girls make us go mad.."

"Girls make us drink.."

"Girls make us die.."

"I left the girl
and started drinking.."

"Drinking and sleeping
became a routine.."

"Let's loan some tears
this evening.."

"Let's sell the heart
in Chandni Chowk.."

"A girl's eyes
are like a loaded gun.."

"They shoot at our hearts
one by one.."

Ratha, I love your eyes.


More than anything else,
I love your character!

"Like a thorn in the feet.."

"You entered my life secretly.."

Ratha is the reason Manikantha
has reached this stage

but they have a difference of opinion now,
God knows what's going to happen!

Moreover, the commissioner is going
to change. I don't know his name.

What does he think of us?

If I get a hold of him,
I will hack him to death.

Record everything
he said and kidnap him.

You look good
even with one eye.


Does it hurt?


You are already crying, you should
not come to the hospital tomorrow.

No, it is your birthday.

You took birth around 5 PM.
So, I will come.

Sell the bike to Salim
and get the money.

Dad, it's Ratha's birthday at 5 PM,
so I should reach there and wish him.

It costs only Rs. 10,
please buy it.

Please buy one.

Isn't he Safety?

- Yes?

It's Machi's call.

I will put it on speaker mode,
talk to him.

Go ahead. - We have come
to know Ratha's location.

Ask Mr. Manikantha to come
to the factory bear bypass road. - Okay.

Call Manikantha
and ask him to come.

Tell him!

Tell me, Dharma. - Sir, Ratha is in
the factory near the bypass road.

Machi asked you to come.
- Great! I am coming.

Take the vehicle to the factory.

Please make it soon.

Brother, Ratha is not here.

Hey, who is this?

If we take his friend,
he will follow. - Ratha!

Come on, move.
- Who are you?

Hey, let me go!


Get up!

Get up!



Wake up!

Take off the eye donated by him,
then he will come.

Come on!

I raised him, but he dares
to hold me by my throat!

Kill him!

Take it away!

Come on.

Do you think I am old?

'I lost my parents
as soon as I was born.'

'I lost humanity as I grew.'

'I lost my friends
since I made a lot of mistakes.'



Ratha, what happened?



'Now when I dying,
I am losing my love.'


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