Rat Man (1988) - full transcript

A maniac butchers a fashion model on a Caribbean island and leaves the body to be eaten by rats. The model's sister suspects something isn't quite right with the police investagation and decides to go snooping on her own. With her friend, Fred, their investagations lead them to an unknown part of the island where they discover a monstrosity of a rat like man. The creature is killed by Fred, but the true horror of it's nature is just beginning...

Esteemed Professor Carslake:

As previously announced,
I will present at the congress of genetics

the hybrid I created
introducing the semen of a rat

in a monkey uterus

He's got under his teeth

a very powerful poison

which causes a deadly leptospirosis

and a scratch from his teeth

kills a human in seconds

When you are done eating

I will dispose of you ugly beasts

I'll kill you all!

Do not be afraid!

What's wrong with you?

You have to stay in the cage.
You are very dangerous.

Are we not friends?

I'll introduce you to the genetic congress
and you will be famous

You know when I started my experiments
they called me crazy

Why do you want to scratch me?
I like you!

You're alive because of me

You must like me.
Understood little one?

At the congress, I'll call you by your scientific name

No escape ok?

Ah, Tonio

Before the experiment don't forget
to eliminate all remaining rats

Yes, I know

Well, it'll be better
to hurry

Promise me you will give food to him today.
He prefers to eat only raw meat and nothing else

Better that way.
It is the right diet

Ah, I was saying doctor,

But this way wouldn't he become
very strong?

You don't have to be afraid of him.
The important ...

it is to keep away from the poison of its teeth
- I know


Great, do some different pose
It is more fun

Courage Peggy, invents

Now turn around ...

No, I do not like it...
More to the right ...

A mysterious expression

Hope they come well

Here ... hold this
Smile, more courage!

The influence of beauty is a mystery
and I would be more prophet

Smile again ..
Good, very good

Be careful...
I saw you!


Keep turning .. courage

- Will we make more?
- No, I'm changing film and will continue with Marilyn

Do you have something to drink?

Didn't you see in the refrigerator?
It's there, next to Marylin

Marilyn, it's up to you!

- Move!
- I'm going

Did you do well today?

What is there to laugh about?

- Why? Are we forbidden to laugh now?
- But there must be a reason to laugh!

We were talking about you!
And do you know what we said?

- You're a pain in the ass!
- She's saying this?

She's happy for doing it.

Then let's continue.

The client hired us
just because he liked Peggy ...

And we can
earn a lot of money ...

It's true, and money is what matters.
Ok, let's go!

Quite right! You're very good!
Do not stop!

To the left!

Go right!

There are!

Get in the water!

Ok it's good.
Let's stop for a moment now.

Is there anything cold in the fridge?
I am thirsty!

I want to freshen up,
and take a walk right away

It was a great service.

I'll never be able to reach your level!


Come on, it's over now, courage!
I would have been hit ...

Luckily I'll be back tomorrow for New York

You are lucky!

I will stay three more days...
Marc, still with this idea about going to the forest?

Of course, we will leave the hotel
at dawn...

Oh fuck, you want to leave at dawn?
I have a party tonight!

- And I don't want to lose it!
- Really? Then let's leave now!

- Then you are a hunter!
- I'm a photographer, I'll make you famous all over the world!

Marc, shouldn't we
call the police?

- Why the police?
- I'm talking about that body we saw on the beach

Don't talk about it anymore.

We are not in New York
I don't like being questioned by the police ...

- We don't see anything, who knows how long it has been there.
- I wonder what happened...

- How can I know?
- He was completely scratched as if a animal ...

Cut it out! Peggy, please!
let's change subject!

If I remember
What I saw, I faint ...

You go back to New York tomorrow,
but I'm staying here ...

- You heard Peggy? Marilyn is scared to talk about it!
- Ah, don't fool me.

You think there is something
between Marc and one called Monique?

Yes, I've seen it. I heard
he wants to take her as an assistant

I'll take the plane tomorrow and go back to New York

I can't wait!

- Do you miss New York?
- Of course, I love the big city, the busy life, the chaos ...

You are lucky!
What are you going to do tonight?

I have a meeting.

A guy who runs a model agency and controls all of South America
- Great - can you lend me this dress?

- Of course with the purse and the red shoes? Only
for tonight do you mind? - No, take it all!

Hello .. Of Course. Hello Monique.
What are you doing?

What? Lonely? A girl like you can't find company?
It's incredible the world we live in.

Yes, I'm in the dark room.

Where else could I be?

Trust me, I'm working like a slave
to take you to dinner ...

See you after 9

What? Sure
the same restaurant if you want ...

Yes, when you're ready call.

Ok, I'll call you.

- Why are you stopping?
- We got a flat tire


I'm sorry, nothing to do,
but must continue on foot

- On foot?...
- Yes.

Are you joking?
Why on foot? ...

- Isn't it possible to change it?
- This is the third time that happens ... and I don't have a spare tire

Well .. And now,
what do I do?

- You're almost arriving, it's 100 meters away
- Seriously?

- Is it really safe?
- Of course it is!

Miss? ...

- Won't you pay me? - Here
keep the change ... - Thanks

Is there anybody there?

Isn't anyone home?



I'm sorry ... I called the taxi.

- Are you sure?
- How sure? 100% Sure

Since you can't waste time waiting
another we can share this one

- All right! But don't think you picked me up.
- No way

I'm Fred Williams

I must return in the afternoon
don't expect an adventure ...

I don't have much luck today ...
But where should we go?

- At the morgue
- Are you kidding me, or are you serious?

- Yes, can you give me a cigarette?
- With pleasure

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude!
- Okay, forget it!

It's about my sister ...

Did someone kill her?

FBI told they don't think it's murder


- Where do we go?
- At the morgue

The corpse was devoured by
mice unfortunately

You must be strong, miss

- But this is not my sister
- No?

Do you have any idea who it might be?

My father will complain for your
government, you scared us unnecessarily

Excuse me, it was a hypothesis.
A possibility

But how did you come up with
the idea she was my sister?

She had no documents in her red purse,

but it had sign with
your sister initials.

According to the American Embassy, there's one
missing person and we wanted to check

And the hotel?
Have you already checked?

No, the American Embassy informed
us a little while ago, we had no time.

I have the impression that this investigation
it was conducted with great neglection.

Well .. I'm sorry
I renew my apologies, miss.

But where is my sister Marilyn?

Miss Marilyn left here
with his friends?

Yes! Three days ago

- Where they went?
- They went to the forest

They wanted a photo shoot in the wild


- Then the girl is alive.
- You deserve a promotion.

Attention what you say.
This guy is still out there because of you

- Oh really?
- My job is to find the killers, not the girls who venture into the jungle

Mr. Williams, keep writing
your crime novels for TV

and don't mess with the police.
Got it?

Be sure of it.

So, you are a writer of detective novels

Not quite exactly

Are you disappointed?

No, why?

If you were hoping I was an oilman

you had no luck

I got it by hurrying up
quickly this matter

Your father as a senator
of the United States

made it easier for you

Since when...

he saw that Marylin's picture in Playboy
he was obsessed with the idea of stop her

And now he keeps me at home afraid I go to a
a place of pervisions like the Caribbean

Instead ...

I love the Caribbean.

I always com here when
I'm running out of ideas for my work

in short, when my battery is low

Is you empty of ideas right now?

Not now!

Because this morning I found it

You found and inspiration?

I found a good story

The crime of that girl

- Come with me, I'll show to you.
- Where do you want to go?


That poor thing

she took refuge in the closet

She hid

because someone was after her.

But she couldn't imagine

That right here ...

Someone was inside.

Who would have attacked her?

Were there two killers? One inside the closet
and the other outside. Did they killed her together?

Maybe nobody killed her!

But give the numbers, have you seen the body
and it sure is murder!

She died of heart attack

I read the autopsy in the morgue

If it wasn't a animal poison,
the only explanation is a shock

She must have been
attacked by a wild being,

the same who made these marks here.

An animal probably.

Are you serious or are you
making it up for your novel?

Sometimes I like to interpret
facts according my intution,

but this time it may be as I say

Lopes is a competent policeman,
but is deprived of fantasy

so he is inclined to
find logic solutions.

- What do you mean?

Ok, see:a beautiful girl,
elegant and sexy ...

Walks in a place illuminated
only by the light of a lamp

A man see her, he's fascinated
by the magical vision

He decided to follow the girl.
He wants to touch her, talk to her ...

The girl is scared and takes refuge
in the first house that's open


She is afraid and feel trapped,
so she decieed to in that closet



She did not know this house
hides a horrible deadly secret ...

She hear the footsteps, when...

- Have you heard?
- Yes!

What will you do now?

- I was so scared because your story...
- It's nothing


What did you hear?


There is someone!
Let's hide, quick!

He's checking the closet.

He's looking for something

Oh God!


- He is gone
- Who was him?

Someone with guilty conscience

Let's go back to the Inspector.
I want to talk to him.

- About your story?
- Well, it's a good start, no?

The Inspector is leaving
We have a few minutes.

We will explain it right away, you'll see
- If you say so

- Hello!
- I want to talk to you for a minute

Always for the same reason.
Something new?

Where were you?
It's two hours I was looking for you!

Did you miss us?

Can we talk in your office, Inspector?

We found another girl's body

- Looks like a foreigner
- She too have no documents

It's a one in one million chance

- Please.
- Why not?

Something interesting
to tell, Inspector.

This isn't my sister!
She is making a photo shoot in the jungle.

She is alive, alive!
Not dead as you think

- I want to get out of here!
- Excuse me, Inspector!

Your behavior is
is comprehensible

It is not a way to
help to find Marylin


Tell me

I decided to go check it out

I can't stay here
to wait

I have to see her

Did your father tell you?

He is not calm if he does not see her

I have to see her now.

and tell father forgive her


A twist to take the incredible turn


Lay down in the trunk.



Very well!

Let's go there!

- Is the city very far?
- Some 10 miles away.

Let's hope we find a home first

I'll search for a phone

There is nobody! it seems
a ghost village

It's true.
An abandoned city!

I don't like it here
Marc, let's go away.

It looks eerie.

Is anybody here?

There is nobody here.
It's useless, we are wasting!

We have to wait Monique!

Call her and let's go!
Hurry up!

Relax Marylin! There isn't
reason to be nervous.

You're right! But I
I saw some blood!

Everything is clean with a shower.

And I should do it here

In a ghost house?

- I don't go inside.
- And what's the harm, a shower is not hard to take


Hey, where are you going?

I'm going to call Monique

We come back to the car and leave.
Are you happy?

- Yes, I don't want to be here alone
- Yes, let's hurry.


What is happening?


What the hell is going on?

Why Monique is screaming like this?
Take her out?

I can't open this
damn door

She stopped screaming.
Let's go through the window!

It's a labyrinth here.
Our only hope is to be able to open his door.

Wait for me here, I don't
know what's inside

- But I'm afraid. I'm going with you!
- No

It's safer if you stay here


Marc! And Monique?

No, it is better you do not see

- What happened?
- A horrible thing!

A lake of blood!

As if she was attacked
from a beast

- Marc, then the other body we saw,
was also killed by a beast? - Maybe

A wild animal is killing people

What was it?
Have you heard?

It's still here

Oh Marc, let's go, please, Marc!

- What kind of person is your sister?
- The black sheep of the family.

From an early age she had a particular
habit of getting into trouble

She runaway from home to be a model,
and the rest of history you already know.

And you, how you are?

What do you want to know about me?

I am a writer

I don't need to justify my curiosity

it's a characteristic indispensable
in my profession

So I describe myself:
I'm 29 years old

and I live in Washington in a Georgian house
along with the senator, who is my father.

I deal with restoration and radical changes

- I'm not engaged.
- Radical changes of greatness.

I'm almost done

It's not serious
but it is better to disinfect

What a doctor is doing here?

I'm actually a biochemist

I deal with laboratory experiments


Yes. But my family is from
a small Swedish village

I'm glad to be able to give you

Here it is not common
to meet compatriots

The area is completely isolated

After a few miles we saw
your villa and stopped.

Who you think killed the girl?

I do not know.
Monique was alone.

I don't think it's murder.
It's probably an attack by a ferocious animal

In San Martin?

- Do you know that village?
- Yes.

It was completely deserted. There
people will have run away from fear

I don't know anything about it.
I don't listen often to the news.

But if they abandoned the village,
there was some reason.

Don't believe?

Maybe because that beast

As soon you told me,
I called the police.

You and her must have only one worry:

I must have her by now
one concern:

To get to town as soon as possible

She is reticent about this

Loks like there's a a secret
that you want to hide

You know the truth
about all this, isn't that so?

I know absolutely nothing, believe me

all I know, I heard
exclusively from her


Don't get strange ideas

Where is Marilyn?
Is she sleeping?

She's taking a shower.

She's a pretty girl.

I confess I don't see a girl like that
since I have lived in this remote place

You're very kind by offering us your hospitality.
We don't want to bother you.

No bother at all.
It's a pleasure.

I want to get my car
and get out of here

But I have to recover.
I'm very tired.

You don't have to feel embarrassed.
I have a room for you both.

Can I use the phone?

Unfortunately the public telephone is not
easily accessible, it is far from here

and at this hour is impossible.
Unfortunately mine is broken

- There's something here
- Where is it?

Look, that door!

Please, excuse me for a moment

Tonio? What are you doing?

He is wandering
around the House

We may can catch it

Look around

It's not the first time he escape

Be careful not to get bitten

I know what do with him

- How many days to fix the car?
- One week

- Pay in cash?
- No, by credit card

Well, fill out this form,

Hello, rental car?

What is your name?

Fred Williams ...

Yes, a photographer and two models,
they rented a red car yesterday

They went to the forest
and hasn't returned yet

Usually we call the
police after two weeks

One moment, please

- You can go to the garage and get the car
- Thank you

Hello? Are you listening?


No reason to alarm!
Two days delay is normal

Call me tomorrow night.
Maybe they'll be back already.

Marc! Marc!



Marc, something is
moving in my room!

Marc help me please,
I can't stay here

Oh my God!

It was him!
Turn on the light!

Maybe it's hidden in here

Someone turned off the power

I want to know who killed Marc?

I will explain everything
as soon as possible!

But now we must find a
safe place immediately

But tell me, who is this murderer?

I don't have the time for explanations!
Stay here and don't move, ok?

- Did you see it?
- No

Look under the bed, courage,
But don't go too close

- Nothing
- The closet! Let's check

- Nothing
- He isn't anywhere

Go check the lab,
I'll stay with the girl

I'm sorry for the
death of your friend

A horrible death.

At this point, you
deserve an explanation

No, there's nobody

But they was here

It's the only clue we have.

Then we must continue to look.

Sure! I don't see
any other option.

I started experimenting
of bio-genetics thirty years ago.

I was fascinated with the
idea of creating a hybrid.

A different creature that could be born
from the crossing of two different animals

Boston University was
angry when I came here

For more than ten years,
there were a series of failures

But two years ago
I finally succeeded.

I got a hybrid. The semen of a rat in
a monkey's uterus, understand?

A excepcional scientific result

Worth the Nobel Prize

from history of medicine

But the being I created
have a deadly poison


If it bites someone, it kills!

Dead in few seconds

and I'm the culprit.

Those people died because of me

He sowed death, because
escaped from my control

Why you hadn't informed police?
You could have avoided the deaths

For selfishness. I couldn't destroy
so many years of research

But you destroyed the human life.
This doesn't count?

I thought I could capture it without kill it.
I couldn't imagine he would escape and become a murderer.

I couldn't imagine it.

He escaped from my hands

But I can still capture him...

It can kill another person.

Let's make it a second choice.
If we can capture him,

without put anybody in danger

- Kill him is too radical.
- You still want to save him?

As last hypostesis...

If some have to die...
I assume this reponsibility

I implore, we must warn the police

But won't be easy to capture him.
He have a intelligence, superior of others animals.

When we speak he understand. In two years
he showed to have a outstanding capacity to learn

He's almost human, understand?

With the instinct of a rat
and curiosity of a monkey

With his powerful poison
is very dangerous.

You need someone who
knows him to capture

He can analysis the environment
and may even set some traps

Recognizes people and
knows when have to hide

Recognizes people
he already saw

He behaves as if knows to
use tactics of intelligence

He can notice a smell
from kilometers of distance

If he finds a female monkey he
can generate another creature

and this one could generate another.
All of them with this powerful poison.

But with hiw own
poison is possible to kill him

I was doing a new experiment

to find an serum for the poison.

This way he will be a harmless creature.
Then why kill him?

Understand my choice?
What would you do in my place?

That farmer told this village is abandoned for years.
I don't see why Marylin would come here.

Why not? They were looking for a original place
for a photo essay. Here would be perfect.

- What were they looking for?
- Something different of all.

But I think I found the title of
my romance: The Ghost Village

What do you think?

A story of mystery in a ghost village.

Where an old murderer is hiding
after commit his terrible crime

A village with a disturbing history.

A past with celebrations that
involved human sacrifices

The murderer is descendant
of an old villager

To avenge his ancestors
he start killing

But our murderer killed two girls

Then he killed only one and the other the
priest ordered to be human sacrifice

- Have you heard?
- What?

A noise.

Let's go back to the car

- I can't hear anything
- It must have been an animal, come on

Marilyn is not here.
Let's leave! Please!


Just another minute.

OK let's go!

I hope I convinced you
to make the right thing

Ah! I forgot a important thing!
Excuse me. Be back soon.

Where are you going?

I forgot my annotations.
I can't leave it here.

- Get them another time! Now enter in the car.
- Stay calm, it will take only one minute.

There's is no key.
The key is with him

The boy told he saw a red car
going in this direction

- We should see it soon
- I heard there's a doctor living here

In the house
at the bottom of the park

It must be around here.
They probably stopped there.

- And why?
- I don't know... maybe some accident or something.

- Maybe they're already back to the inn.
- Do you think so? - Let's call the hotel.

Certainly Marylin
is in the bedroom sleepping

and I'm getting worried
now without reason

Let's go to the doctor's house. If they're
not there we will call the hotel.

- You're right.
- I'm sure soon we will see their car.

There's the red car. I'm sure it's them.
Let's knock the door.

Is anyone there?

I'm going to check

If you feel there's danger
go back to the car

No, I'm staying here

Oh my God!

Do not look!
Stay away!

- Are you OK?
- Is it like the others?

Yes, attacked by
a ferocious animal.

Look at that hole!

That hole is recent ...
Stay here!


What is it?

- I heard a noise. -Where?
- Here near me.

It was a strange noise,
like a breath of an animal

It is closed from the inside


I assure you we're making
everything possible...

to capture the murderer.

We have a clue

A crazy Indian
escaped from a madhouse

It is a matter of days,
if not hours

I could say we're
catching him soon

Anywhere in the world
the police are the same

Maybe you're right. But also homicides
are same here or in New York

In the end the police
always catch them

Here or in New York

Yeah, but he may kill again.
What are you doingto stop him?

- We're doing out best
- And the killer is doing it too!

Fred, calm down!
It's ok.

Nobody can accuse us of inefficiency.
Entire departament of homicide is in this case.

But nobody is realizing that this manic
do not act as a manic. Haven't you seen?

There's no fetishism or rituals

we still don't know what kind of
weapon he uses to commit the crimes.

Where you want to arrive with all this?

I do not know. but there are many aspects
on this story they don't add up

You are a writer, and work
with the imagination

And I'm a cop.
Facts is what matter to me.

Yeah. Facts.

I want to take the personal items of my
sister found in the scene of the crime

Of course.

No answer, perhaps is off

- Wait a moment
- Ok

May I help.

- Take the bag and the victim's personal items
- Yes, I'm going.

- Here
- Thanks

And that from the young lady

- It's your sister's stuff bag.
- Thanks

They didn't like when I doubt
the efficiency of the Inspector

I know very what to do with a policeman with
a burocratic mentality as his.

Fight with him won't bring Marilyn back.
Forget about the Inspector.

As you wish. Wait here
I'll buy the newspaper

- Ok!
- Be back soon.

- The foreign newspapers are there
- Ok

- How much?
- 1 dollar and 50

- This one also!
- 5 dollars

- Here
- I'll give you the change right away.

- I want a postcard!
- I'm coming!

- Here you are!
- Thank you very much!

- Will you send the purse?
- Yes, thanks!

- All right?
- Yes

My bag.

I brought you a book to read!

After today how can I read it?

You will like to read the news.

- The ticket, please
- Thank you

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